Our Little Sisters Are Anal Sluts!

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After my mother died when I was young, my father was left to look after me and my sister, something he found hard to do with his work-schedule. I was ten years old then and my sister, Zoe, was five. My dad worked a lot and me and my sister were left on our own frequently. It didn't bother us. We were inseperable, always getting up to mishief together around the neighbourhood. I always looked after Zoe and she always looked up to me, Ken, her big brother. She thought I was great because on the many occasions I had to look after her I'd let her do what she wanted so long as it didn't disturb me.

One afternoon, when dad was out, I was sitting at my computer playing games and Zoe was mucking about downstairs. Feeling hungry, I went to the kitchen, only to find that Zoe, then aged six, was sitting on the floor with a few pots of paint next to her and was finger-painting the cupboard doors!

"Isn't it great Ken, that's you and me?" Zoe declared, pointing to the cupboard door on which she'd done two match-stick figures. The taller one had 'Ken' written above it in childish handwriting, whilst 'Zoe' was written above the shorter one that appeared to have pig-tails.

I complimented my sister's artistry before hurridly cleaning up the mess. The paint was water-based so it came off easily. However, Zoe had blue and red paint all over her hands and face.

"Time for a bath," I declared, Zoe giggling as I picked her up and carried her upstairs. In the bathroom she decided that baths were out of fashion and being covered in paint was the 'in' thing. I deigned to disagree and demanded Zoe undress, using a few reminders of how dad would be annoyed at us both if he got home and saw Zoe in such a mess. Zoe removed her clothes, singing some childish song as did so. I had intended to leave the room and give her privacy, but I was eleven years old then and had recently started to jack-off. I'd never seen a naked woman in the flesh, and though Zoe was only a six year old child, she was still female, and that was good enough for me. Seeing that Zoe had no sense of modesty - she'd been extroverted since she was a toddler, counterbalancing my rather more introspective demeanour - I stood and watched her strip whilst I ran the bath. Zoe was quite pleased at my interest and giggled as she flung her panties at me. I caught them and put them on the floor, watching Zoe dance about and sing whilst waiting for the bath to fill. She started skipping across the white-tiled floor of the big-bathroom, back and forth, hopping between the tiles and avoiding the cracks, her delicate face a picture of concentration as she indulged in her spontanious childish game. I was captivated by her skinny young body, her hairless puffy vagina, her little belly and her cute bottom. My young cock had soon stiffened in my pants.

When the bath was ready, I ordered my sister in. Another battle of wills occured when Zoe decided that refusing to get in the bath was a great game. She stepped away from me, daring me to catch her. I chased the giggling naked child around the room and eventually scooped her up in my arms from behind, sweeping her off her little bare feet that were still kicking in the air as if she were still trying to run even though she was no longer in contact with the floor. Zoe squirmed and giggled in my arms, her bare bottom briefly rubbing against my crotch, sending a tingle of pleasure through my stiff dick, giving me a real thrill. Then I plonked her into the hot soapy water.

Whilst Zoe got on with washing herself clean, I nipped into my bedroom to jack off. I put aside thoughts that I might be a pervert and conjoured up the image of my nude baby sister whilst pumping my small hairless pecker in my energetic fist, eventually shooting my pre-teen cum all over my belly.

Everything was cool when my dad got back, with both the kitchen and Zoe scrubbed clean of paint. However, Zoe's mischievous antics - if not encouraged, then at least unhindered, by my apathy - were normally discovered by our father, and though he didn't go mad at us, he soon began to feel weary at dealing with two kids on his own.

So, eventually, dad sent us to live with his younger sister, Wilma.

Zoe and me have been living with our Aunt Wilma for almost a year now. I'm aged fourteen and Zoe is aged nine. It's great living with our Auntie. She was only twenty-eight, a lot younger than dad, and was single and living in a flash apartment in the city. Being a career woman meant she hadn't had time for any long-term relationships, let alone kids, so she let loose her caring maternal instincts on me and my sister. Aunt Wilma spoilt us rotten with attention and a lavish lifestyle.

I've always had a bit of a crush on Aunt Wilma too. She's a petite redhead with a very delicate, pretty face sprinkled with freckles. Aunt Wilma often wore low-cut tops and I could see that she had freckles all over her shoulders, upper chest and even on the swell of her firm round tits. I'd once caught sight of her in a bikini, one that she was trying on after a shopping-spree downtown. She came into the living room and struck a pose, asking me my thoughts.

"Um, nice," I stammered, trying not to drool, "You look hot."

"Thank you Ken," Wilma had smiled to me. She had a nice petite body, a flat belly, slim legs, a cute round arse and tits that were fairly big and round, especially on her small frame. She had sauntered back to her room after giving me a twirl and only with hindsight do I realize the thrill she'd obtained from being drooled over by a charming teenaged boy like myself.

Naturally, my hormones were kicking big time now that I was fourteen. A recent growth spurt had pushed my height to five-foot-six, a good four inches taller than Aunt Wilma. I had short black hair, big brown eyes and was slim and in good shape thanks to my position on the school athletics team.

Another result of my adolescent hormones was, of course, raging horniness! I jacked off half a dozen times a day, my mind swirling with images of naked women, ranging from female teachers, girls in my class, sexy celebrities and, naturally enough, Aunt Wilma.

Wilma was quite an extrovert woman, talkative and affectionate, and in that respect she was more like my sister, Zoe. I was more quiet and stoic and therefore I sometimes felt a little overwhelmed as the only male in the household with these two noisy, chattering females. Aunt Wilma had a highly responsible and demanding job and I guess that's why, at home, she liked to let her hair-down and act quite immature, usually cuddling up with Zoe on the sofa and watching cartoons with her.

"Where's Aunt Wilma?" asked Zoe as she walked into the living room.

"She's gone out," I replied, sitting on the sofa.

"Where?" asked Zoe, hopping up next to me and playfully - and annoyingly - prodding me in the shoulder, "Where Ken? Where's she gone?"

"Out with friends. She won't be back until about midnight."

"Cool! No adults around. It's Saturday night, we can stay up late and watch loadsa telly."

"Not you Zoe. Aunt Wilma said you're to be in bed by nine o'clock at the latest."

"Aw." "Don't whinge."

"But nine o'clock?!" whinged Zoe, "It's only eight now!"

"Well, Aunt Wilma said you're to be in bed by nine and that's final."

"You old meany."

"Yeah yeah, Whatever," I sighed, getting up, "I'm off for a bath. You're in control of the TV kid."

Zoe eagerly grabbed the remote-control and started channel-hopping. Knowing that it might keep her occupied for as long as five-minutes, I made my escape and went to the bathroom. I ran the bath, stripped off and climbed in, settling back in the hot soapy water.

After ten-minutes, Zoe opened the bathroom door and strolled in.

"Zoe!" I gasped, sitting up and cursing myself for not locking the door, "I'm in the bath."

"I know, I can see that," declared Zoe. I thanked myself for putting a lot of bubble-bath into the tub, the froth covering my modesty.

"Whaddya want?" I asked.

"A bath," Zoe sighed, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She was a pretty girl, four-foot-eight-inches of mischief, very slender and with long blond hair. She had bright green eyes, a cheeky grin and currently wore a pair of tight white jeans and a pink T-shirt. She was wearing a pair of white cottons socks, but not for long...she swiftly took them off.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting undressed," Zoe replied, now undoing her jeans, "I need a bath, and I'm not waiting for you to finish, especially as you're making me go to bed at nine o'clock. I'll save time if I get in with you."

"There's...not enough room," I stammered, transfixed at the sight of my pretty little nine year old sister as she whipped off her jeans. She took off her T-shirt afterwards. Naturally, she didn't have a bra. Her chest was completely flat, the bright red nipples looking small and stiff. She had the cutest little belly on her.

"There's enough room in that bath, it's dead big," explained Zoe, now removing her frilly lemon-yellow panties. She tossed them aside.

"Okay, er...get in then," I said, shifting up the tub and kneeling to one end of it. I was fixated on Zoe's hairless young cunt and her cute round arse which was slightly rounded with puppy fat in contrast to her lithe pre-teen body. I'd had a few kisses from girls at school, but until now, seeing Aunt Wilma pose in her bikini was the nearest I'd been to seeing a naked female - of any age - since bathing my sister all those years ago. Naked and totally lacking any sense of modesty, Zoe eagerly scampered over the tiled bathroom floor and clambered into the bath, splashing about as she did so.

"Careful," I said, wincing as bathwater splished and splashed around in my face.

"It's only water you big whuss," teased Zoe, kneeling opposite me. The bubbled surface of the water came up half-way up our stomachs as we sat kneeling in front of one another. It hid her cunt and, thankfully, also managed to hide my dick. Or at least, it did at first. My cock was rapidly getting stiff and I peeked down and saw that the shiny purple head was breaking the frothy surface of the water. I glanced at Zoe, who'd clearly been looking down at my exposed cock-head.

"You've got a stiffy," she giggled.

"Shut-up," I moaned.

"'Ken's got a stiff-ieeee'," sang Zoe, "His pecker's all haa-aard.'"

"Shut up," I moaned.

"Let's see your weiner Ken."

"What?" "C'mon," urged Zoe, "I wanna see it. You can see my bits," she continued, and then promptly stood up. I looked up at her as she stood there, the water reaching half-way up her shins. I gulped nervously, but excitedly, as I stared at her beautiful hairless slit, now glistening wet with water, as was her slick little belly.

"Um...nice," I commented.

"I wanna see your bits," Zoe said, kneeling back down in the bath, "C'mon, it's only fair. I've seen them in magazines, even hard-ons, and I wanna see one in the flesh."

Without bothering to question how my sister had got to view a magazine showing hard-cocks, I decided that, as she's shown me hers, it was only fair I'd show her mine. I stood up, knowing there was no point in protecting my modesty. Standing there, I suddenly felt quite proud of my lean fourteen year old body, in particular my stiff slender prick which jutted out from my sparsely haired groin. Zoe shuffled up closer, eyes glued to my cock, a look of childish fascination in her face.

"Cool," she concluded, and then she reached out and wrapped her little fingers round the base of my shaft.

I gasped in shock, this being the first time anyone had touched my erection. Zoe began stroking my cock, gently masturbating me, her actions actually quite skilled. It was like she'd done this before.

"Is that nice?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah," I murmered, "It's nice. Where did you learn to do this?"

"Round at Emma's house," Zoe said, casually. Emma was her best friend, a pretty blond girl who lived elsewhere in the apartment block. "Emma knows loads about sex because she's been having it for quite a while, and so have I," she continued, pumping my cock steadily as she spoke, "Emma is ten but she's been doing it with her brother Larry, who's twelve, for almost a year now. They say they screw all the time. Larry started doing it with me a few weeks ago, it was fun," continued Zoe, whilst I knelt their shocked that my sister, despite being four-years my junior, was - unlike me - sexually experienced. "Really good fun!" added Zoe, "His dick isn't as big as yours, only about four-inches, but it's good enough. He put it up my cunt a few times and he came. And Emma showed me how to suck a dick too, that was cool, I sucked her brother's dick and he came in my mouth. And I swallowed."

"Um...sounds exciting," I commented, my cock achingly stiff in Zoe's pumping fist.

"It's great," Zoe confirmed, grinning up at me, "I had sex with Emma too...sort of. We licked each other's parts. Y'know...our pussies. That was nice. Larry licked my cunt but he's not as good as Emma at doing it. Do you want to have sex with me Ken?"

"Huh?" I stammered, somewhat knocked back by my kid sister's casualness, "Er...sure."

"Whaddya mean, 'sure'?" said Zoe, "You don't sound enthusiastic. Aren't I pretty enough?"

"Of course you are sis. You're gorgeous...for a kid."

"Hey, I might be a kid but I've had more sex than you. I bet you're a virgin aren't you Ken?"

"Yeah...I s'pose I am. Um...anyway, yeah...I'd like to have sex with you."

"Cool! This is gonna be great, much better than watching TV."

Zoe stopped jerking off my cock and turned round onto her hands and knees, the water level up just passed her elbows and halfway up her thighs. Her dainty tender bottom was bared and spread, her buttocks shiny and wet, her pink anus winking out at me from above her neat slit.

"Do me up the bum Ken," she urged me, looking over her shoulder, her big green eyes full of mischief and lust.

"Up the bum?" I asked, kneeling behind her, licking my lips as I admired her lovely little arse.

"Yeah, go on," urged Zoe, "I haven't taken it up the bum before. Larry has bum-fucked Emma a lot, he did it in front of me a few times. It was cool, Emma bent over and her brother stuck his pecker up her pooh-hole and shot his stuff in her the place where her shit comes from. He wanted to do it to me and I was gonna let him, but by then I'd planned on having sex with you, so I thought I'd leave my arse-cherry for you to bust, although I did at least let Larry jack-off on my bum. He squirted his cream all over my arse and Emma licked it off. It tickled when he tongue flicked over my pooh-hole!"

Zoe giggled and I suddenly felt eager to fuck my cock up her tight pre-teen arse, not just because of the overwhelming desire I had to screw this young nympho but also because I was incredibly jealous of all the sex she and her young friends had indulged in.

"I'd better us some lube," I commented.

"Larry used KY-Jelly he got from his mum and dad's room when he did his sister up the arse," Zoe informed me.

"Well, this'll do me," I said, grabbing a small tube of expensive Christian Dior moisterizer that was among the designer beauty products Aunt Wilma kept on the shelf above the bath. I squeezed some of the mint-scented white goo onto my fingers and slathered it up and down the shaft of my iron-hard cock. After pasting some onto Zoe's soon-to-be-deflowered arsehole - making her shiver and squirm - I put the tube back on the shelf and prepared to sodomize my sister.

I placed my bulbous cockhead to her anus and began to push. Zoe quivered a little as I began to enter her shitter but to her credit she didn't cry out at all. I could hear her sucking air through her gritted teeth, bravely holding firm as her anal-cherry was incestuously popped.

"Uuuuuuuh," moaned Zoe as my prick slid halfway up her pre-teen arse with one single, abrupt motion.

"Yeah, it's up there sis," I grunted, holding Zoe's slender hips.

"Ooooh, it's good," Zoe purred, "It was a bit more painful than losing my cunt-cherry but it feels okay now. Mmmm. Stick it all up me Ken! Go on! Right up my pooh-tube."

I obeyed the horny blond minx! Carefully, I eased my way further into her bowels, sliding my cock inch by inch into the clutching grip of Zoe's rectum. Soon I was buried to the hilt and I remained still for a moment, just trying to take in the novelty of having my cock buried in another person's body. Zoe soon began to encourage me to fuck her arse and so I did, sliding my prick back until it was almost out of her arse before slamming it back into her.

"Aaah, that's good Ken, that's so good," squealed Zoe. I began to hump her arse with slow steady strokes, the water sploshing about around us as I sodomized my nine year old sister in the bath. Her arsehole felt so wonderfully tight around the base of my cock and as I hunched over the pre-teen slut I delighted in the feel of her tender young body against mine as I invaded her most intimate hole.

"You're such a sexy little babe," I murmered to Zoe as I fucked her arse. She responded to my compliment by humping her arse up against my groin, meeting my lustful thrusts.

Zoe's arse looked so delicate compared to my thick six-inch prick, the hard veiny cylinder of flesh sunk deep into the taut hole between my sister's buttocks. However, the slutty child was not only capable of withstanding my increasingly hard thrusts she was enjoying it! The deeper and harder I rammed my cock into her rectum, the more Zoe squealed and writhed beneath me, on all fours with her arse exposed to my lustfull assault. The hot soapy water we were fucking in added to our body heat, our young bare skin wet with both sweaty and soapy water and glistening in the bright lights. My boyish grunts of lust and Zoe's girlish squeals of delight echoed off the marble-effect blue tiled walls.

"Oh Zoe..." I was soon panting as my sperm began to boil up from my balls, "Oh Zoe...I'm gonna cum....I'm gonna shoot in your arse sweetheart...uuuh."

"Do it Ken, do it," urged Zoe, her childish voice full of ecstatic pleasure, "Shoot it right into my poop-chute. I want you spunk in me."

"Uh, uh, uh, fuck!!" I gasped, holding Zoe's hips tighter in my hands as I anally fucked her even harder, "Oh fuck, here it...is...uuuh...GOD! I'm fucking cumming sis!!"

I drove every inch of my throbbing hard dick into my younger sister's rectum and began blasting out my hot spunk. Zoe's arsehole grew tighter around the base of my cock and I realized that she was actually clenching her sphincter like a vice round my throbbing shaft in order to milk me of my cum. Spluttering barely coherent cries of lust, I remained deeply lodged in Zoe's bowels as I emptied my nuts, shooting hot wads of fuck-sauce into her clasping shitter. Zoe was writhing beneath me, arching her back and crying out with pleasure, getting off on this as much as I was.

"Mmmmmm, yeah, I really enjoyed that," she laughed, a long and drawn out cry of satisfaction following this statement.

"Christ, that's the best feeling in the world," I panted as my cock finished shooting it's load. The last of my sperm ran out of my dick into Zoe's flooded guts. I slowly eased my wilting erection out of Zoe's arse, my slick pelvis peeling wetly from Zoes buttocks. My cock emerged from my little sister's arsehole with a wet soapy 'pop'. I knelt back in the bath, out of breath. Zoe turned to kneel facing me, grinning mischieviously and brushing a damp lock of her blond hair out of her cute face.

"That was so much fun," Zoe giggled.

I smiled, making it clear I agreed with my sister's evaluation of the incestuous sodomy we'd just indulged in.

"Shall we fuck again?" asked Zoe, who then sniggered and held her hand up to her mouth as if to 'gag' herself. I laughed out load, amused that Zoe that it was so naughty to use the 'f' word, despite what she'd just been up to!

"Sure," I replied, "I'll be hard again in no time. Aunt Wilma won't be back for hours."

"Yeah, but I have to be in bed by nine," Zoe reminded me, "Remember?"

"Ah, fuck that," I grinned, "In fact, you can go to bed now. I'll come with you."

Zoe leaned over and gave me a hug, and then she kissed me. It was a full on snog, Zoe sliding her tongue into my mouth, and I correctly guessed that she'd learned this very adult manner of french-kissing from Larry and Emma. The thought of watching her snog her friend Emma turned me on no end, my cock was already getting hard again! I responded in kind, shoving my tongue into Zoe's throat.

We eventually got out the bath, drying off very quickly before scampering out of the bathroom like the horny underage siblings we were.

"Let's do it in my bedroom," Zoe said, grabbing my hand. The naked nine year old practically dragged me, her big fourteen year old brother, into her room. It was a very girly room with pink walls, pink Barbie bedcovers and cuddly toys stacked up against the headboard. Zoe bent over, her cute bare bum wiggling at me, and shoved the teddy bears off her bed. I watched a dribble of cum run out her anus and down the inside of her left thigh. Then she got onto the bed and patted the mattress in front of her.

"Come on bro, get over her and gimme that dick to suck," she ordered me.

"Okay," I said, rather stoicaly I thought.

I got onto the bed, kneeling there with my erection nodding in the air. Zoe leaned over and clamped her small lips round my dick. Once again proving her sexual experience with Emma's brother, she began giving me an expert blow-job. Obviously I'd never received a blow-job before but a boy just instinctively knows when his cock is being sucked perfectly. Zoe slurped noisily and greedily on my pecker for a few minutes. I was beginning to worry that I'd shoot my second cum-blast already, but, seemingly sensing my impending orgasm, Zoe took my dick out her mouth and sat back up.

"Thanks sis," I grinned.

"You're welcome," Zoe smiled, laying back and flinging her thin legs apart, "You do me now. Lick my cunt then fuck my cunt!"

Without hesitation, I bent over and began lapping at Zoe's hairless cunt, running my tongue up and down her puffy lips. She squirmed and moaned pleasurably as soon as I began working on her cunt.

"Mmmmm, Ken, that's nice," she purred, running her hands through my hair, "Lick me Ken, lick me out. Mmmmm. That's it! Uuuuh. You lick my cunt even better than Larry. Almost as well as Emma...but not quite."

Feeling jealous that I was apparantly being judged not as good a cunt-eater than Emma - a girl of ten - I began working even harder on Zoe. I slurped deeply on her twat before sliding my tongue into her, pushing it deep into her tight cunt-channel. Zoe humped her arse off the bed, rubbing her quim into my face and panting sweetly with childish pleasure.

"I'm cumming Ken, I'm cumming," she declared a few moments later, my tongue buried in her cunt. Zoe squirmed beneath me so much that I had to clap my hands to her upper thighs to hold her still whilst I shoved my tongue deep into her twat. Zoe panted and moaned with pleasure during her climax. When it died away I raised my head and flashed a grin at Zoe. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to stick my cock right up her tight twat.

"Fuck me," she urged, "Come no Ken."

"You're such an impatient little slut," I told her. Zoe laughed. I then mounted her, guiding my pulsing erection into her pre-teen cunt. I sank in to the root in a single thrust, both me and my sister gasping with pleasure as out bodies pressed together. Zoe reached round and clapped her hands to my arse-cheeks whilst I placed my elbows on the mattress either side of Zoe's head as she lay there underneath me, legs apart, her cunt-lips clenching my stiff erection. I humped my sister with long and slow strokes, gliding my cock in and out of her cunt. My arse rose and fell between her spread legs. I settled down a bit, my torso flat against hers, our warm damp flesh pressed together. We kissed like lovers, Zoe content to let me get some kissing practise in as I explored her mouth with my tongue. All the while I was fucking her cunt with steady thrusts of my cock.

The first orgasm had taken the edge off of my adolescent, hair-trigger libido. For over twenty-minutes I leisurely fucked my horny little sister's cunt, making her climax twice more before I shot my load. I fucked my prick back and forth in Zoe's tight twat and squirted out my thick creamy jism into her womb. Zoe clamped her lips to mine as I began climaxing, drinking down my sighs of pleasure as I blew my nuts in her twat. We kissed passionately once more, all throughout my orgasm, our tongues squirming over each other's as I spewed cum into her womb. Eventually, my balls emptied, I dismounted Zoe, my cock softening as it slipped out of her sperm-leaking bald cunt. We lay next to each other for a few moments whilst we got our breath back.

"I'm tired," Zoe announced shortly. She yawned noisily and stretched her limbs as she lay across the bed, extending her slender arm intrusively across my chest.

"Oi," I whined.

"Shuddup," sighed Zoe, "I'm so tired. I'm gonna go to bed now. You've screwed me to exhaustion."

"Glad to have been of service sis."

"We'll do this again right?"

"Sure Zoe."

"Cool. Sex is fun. We can do it loadsa times coz Aunt Wilma goes out a lot. Will you come in and fuck me again tonight?"

"Sure, but it'll be a while until I'm ready again. I'll pop in and fuck you in an hour or two if you're awake."

"If I'm asleep just wake me up," Zoe ordered me, "I don't mind. You can wake me up, fuck me like a little whore and then let me get back to sleep."

I grinned and gave Zoe a kiss. Then I got up and, leaving my sister to put on her pyjamas, I bid her goodnight and went off to the bathroom to get my clothes.

I watched TV for a while after Zoe had settled down to bed. I felt horny again quite quickly and I watched some soft-porn flick on the movie channel whilst jerking off slowly, thinking about the developments of that night. I was intensely aroused at the idea of sex - like any boy - but having done it with my own kid sister was an even bigger turn-on. Zoe was one slutty little minx! She was as eager as I was to fuck on a regularly basis. I also though of her fucking Emma's twelve year old brother Larry, the idea of that kid ramming his small pecker into my sister's twat turning me on a great deal. Far more arousing, though, was thinking of Zoe and Emma licking each other's hairless pre-teen cunts. Ten year old Emma had slept over our apartment a few months ago and I'd caught her scampering off to the bathroom late at night down the hallway, just in a vest and pink panties. She was an incredibly cute girl, blond-haired and blue-eyed, very slender and with a face so pretty she'd have had a successful career as a child-model if she'd pursued such a course. My God, what a fantastic trio of kids! Larry, Emma and Zoe...all younger than me but all more sexually experienced than me. Not that that would be the case for long! I was going to make up for lost time. In fact, I quickly decided that it was stupid to be jerking off on my own in the living room when I had a slutty sister down the hallway.

I got up and stripped off, slinging my clothes aside and strolling naked towards Zoe's bedroom, my hard cock jutting out in front of me. I knocked softly on Zoe's door and opened it.

Zoe's bedside lamp was on and my blond sister was laying on her side, eyes shut. It had been over an hour since I'd left her and I figured she must have fallen asleep. I was debating whether to carry out her instructions to wake her up when Zoe's eyes opened.

"Hi Ken," she said, sweetly.

"You're awake," I commented, standing in the doorway with my erection sticking straight up in the air.

"Yeah, I was only half-asleep, I was waiting for you."

"Well, I'm here now my horny little sister."

I walked into the room, Zoe's eyes full of horny lust as she gazed at my cock. She licked her lips. This was one horny little slut.

Zoe pushed the bedcovers off her. She was wearing her pink "Powerpuff Girls" cotton pyjamas. Zoe quickly whipped the pyjama bottoms off and, naked from the waist down, she got on her hands and knees with her cute arse in the air. Her beautifully soft childish skin looked so sweet and tender in the soft glow of the bedside lamp.

"Do me up the bum again Ken," Zoe demanded.

I knelt on the bed behind her, lifting the hem of her pyjama top to fully expose her delicious behind. I'd enjoyed cunt-fucking earlier but sodomizing her up the shitter had been even better. It had been tighter and more kinky, and furthermore it seemed Zoe had quickly developed a taste for anal sex too.

"I'd better lube you up," I commented.

"What with?" asked Zoe. She then yelped with shocked as I leaned over and, without warning, began licking her arsehole. Zoe then giggled and began purring with pleasure once she'd grown accustomed to the feel of my tongue working over her anus. When Zoe's anus began to loosen up a little from my energetic oral-work I began to slide my tongue into her rectum. Slowly but surely, I slid my way in up her tight arse until I'd shoved as much of my tongue into her shit-chute as possible. My slutty little sister was yelping with pleasure at this intimate invasion of her bowels. I gave her a damn thorough rim-job, swirling my tongue round in circles whilst it was buried up Zoe's arsehole, slurping at the soft clammy walls of her rectal passage. Originally I'd intended just to do this to lube Zoe up but I began to enjoy it. For five whole minutes I licked and tongued her anus. When I finally moved back, I admired the state I'd put Zoe's anus in. It was yawning open, the sphincter slick with saliva.

"Was that nice sis?" I asked.

"Is was great! Fantastic! Now stick your dick up my bum Ken. Give me a spunky enema."

"Comin' up you anal-slut!"

Zoe giggled at my new petname for her. I shuffled up behind her, Zoe still bent over on her hands and knees, and I guided my cock slowly into her arse. My saliva was a perfect natural lubricant and in one swift stroke I buried my throbbing cock to the root in Zoe's bowels. I held her hips and began to work my cock back and forth in the vice-like grip of her stretched shit-hole. Zoe really was an anal slut! She fucking loved this! The nine year old blond was soon panting and moaning with lust, urging me to fuck her harder. I solidly pounded her bum, fucking her arse deep and hard, enjoying it as much as Zoe was.

After ten-minutes my orgasm overcame me. With a long groan of release I sank my prick deep into Zoe's rectum and fired my fuck-sauce out. I almost doubled-over with the strength of my climax, clutching Zoe's skinny shoulders as I hunched over her, my cock pumping slimy spunk far into her intestines. The pre-teen sodomy-addict that was my sister pushed her arse back onto my invading prick, letting out a groan of pleasure as she felt me fill her belly with semen.

We were both tired after that. I slipped my dick out of Zoe's arse and helped her put her pyjama bottoms on. I kissed her, tucked her up in bed and turned out the lamp.

"G'night Ken," she yawned.

"Night sis," I said, and I tip-toed out the room, Zoe already asleep and quietly snoring by the time I shut the door behind me. I went to the living room and put my clothes on. After all, I had to look respectable for when my unsuspecting Auntie Wilma got home!

As we'd promised each other, Zoe and me fucked again after that. And again and again...

It was not a case of one of us doing the other a favour, both of us loved fucking as much as the other. With Aunt Wilma working late most evenings, we had plenty of chances to fuck. Even if Zoe and me only had a couple of hours alone, my youthful stamina meant I could fuck her two, three or even four times in that time period. Aunt Wilma went out on Friday and Saturday nights quite frequently too and she'd be sometimes baffled that Zoe and me seemed to lurk around, wishing her a good time and almost impatiently urging her to clear off. We'd be screwing like rabbits by the time our Auntie had even left the apartment block!

Zoe in particular loved anal-sex, and fortunately, so did I! Her cunt was nice and tight and she gave damn good blow-jobs for a girl of nine. However, it was in her tight rectum that I found my greatest sexual thrills. The way her sphincter clasped my cock drove me wild with delight and I loved the sordidness of screwing my pre-teen sister in her shit-hole. Likewise, Zoe couldn't get enough of feeling my long prick sliding to and fro in her arsehole and she'd squeal and yelp with orgasmic delight when I sodomized her real hard and fast and deep, eventually firing my sperm far into her bowels.

Seemingly possessing no inhibitions, Zoe was quite happy to lick my dick clean after it'd been up her arse. I'd fuck her up the shitter and she'd repeatedly invite me to tug my cock from her bowels, Zoe then turning round and licking and slurping my soiled cock clean. Then she'd turn back round, bend over and once again I'd sheath my weapon in her bowels. My kid sister loved the taste of spunk too, often she'd have me work up a good load of jizz by steadily sodomizing her for up to an hour and then she suck my prick and gulp down the hot jets of sperm I'd fire into her throat. The little slut would guzzle the lot! I enjoyed giving her facials too, pumping my cock furiuosly and spraying cum all over Zoe's delicate childish face. Sometimes I'd cum on her flat chest or her belly. Other times I'd whip my cock out of Zoe's arse at the last minute and empty my balls over her spread buttocks and her slender back. Seeing the child drenched in cum would often make me get stiff immediately and I'd sink my dick back into her arsehole.

Usually, though, I'd prefer to shoot my load with my prick safely and firmly lodged to the root in my sister's rectum. It was best to shoot my sperm in her arse directly. As well as being more pleasurable for us both it was also a lot less messy too! Frequently Zoe and me had almost lost track of time and had to quickly clean up before Aunt Wilma arrived home. Once our Auntie came home from a late evening at the office just sixty-seconds after I'd finished getting dressed. Zoe, meanwhile, had been in her bedroom using a tissue to mop up the sperm I'd squirted all over her belly and chest moments beforehand. She'd emerged clean, dressed and seemingly innocent moments later. Aunt Wilma never suspected a thing (or so we thought...more on that later!)

One evening Zoe invited me to piss all over her whilst she was in the bath, and I did so, hosing her down with urine whilst she squatted in the empty tub and fingered herself to a climax. Then I took her place, laying down in the bath whilst Zoe placed her feet on the side of the tub, balancing precariously over me whilst emptying her bladder. I then fucked her on the bathroom floor, shafting her twat and filling her womb with cum with our piss-drenched bodies pressed together. We never went so far as to indulged in full-on scat-sex, although on a couple of occasions Zoe invited me to watch her take a shit. The pretty nine year old girl would squat on the toilet pan and, stroking my cock, my eyes full of curiosity and perverse desire, I'd observed my sister squeeze turds out her arse. Like I said, I never got off on the idea of eating or handling shit, but I liked the depravity of watching my sexy pre-teen sister performing this most intimate bodily function. I would then sodomize Zoe lustfully and fill her freshly vacated rectum with cum. Sometimes Zoe liked to lick my arsehole. Though I got a thrill out of her tongue busily working round my tight teen anus, I infintely preferred to lick Zoe's arsehole. Her anus was delicious! I'd feast on it for a great deal of time before I'd fuck my cock up it, sodomize her hard and give my cute anal-slut of a kid-sister a sperm enema.

Naturally, I'd soon become keen on the idea of meeting Zoe's little fellow-slut friend, Emma, and also her brother, Larry.

One Saturday, three-weeks after Zoe and me had begun fucking, our Aunt Wilma went out for the whole day. Zoe phoned up Emma and told her everything that had been happening recently and invited her over.

A short while later, Emma and Larry were in the main living room of my Aunt Wilma's apartment, just us four kids alone for a whole day!

Emma was ten years old, a charming girl with bright blond hair and big blue eyes. She had a very serious and introspective look about her. She was fairly tall for her age, about four-foot-ten. The tight T-shirt she wore showed that she had no visible breast development, although in the skimpy yellow shorts she currently wore showed that her tender bottom was rounding a little as she began to tentatively approach puberty. However, she was otherwise pretty much just a slender pre-adolescent girl, albeit one who, according to my sister, was a sex-mad slut!

Emma's brother Larry was a cheeky little boy of twelve. He had short spiky black hair and dark eyes. It was interesting that, whilst Zoe was the extrovert chatterbox and I was the quiet one, it was reversed in our two visiting siblings. Namely, it was Larry who was talkative and outgoing whilst Emma was more reserved and even seemed shy. From Zoe's tales of Emma, I knew the pretty ten year old blond certainly wasn't shy when it came to sex!

In the living room, we had soon stripped off our clothes.

"Let's have a look at you Emma," I said, sitting on the armchair, "I wanna see your hot little body."

"Go on Emma, show off your charms to my brother!" urged Zoe.

Emma gave me a dainty little smile then walked over to me, her beautiful young pre-teen body captivating me entirely. Zoe had seen Larry naked of course, and fucked him, but she nonetheless sat down on another armchair and asked him to submit to inspection.

"Whatever you say Zoe," Larry grinned. He stepped up and let my sister fondle and stroke his hairless cock and balls.

I was busy with Emma, stroking her slender thighs and tickling her bald cunt. She was enjoying the attention I was giving her, murmering happily when I span her around and started fondling her lovely pert bottom. I parted her cheeks and spied her hairless pink anus.

"Bend over Emma," I said. The girl was more than happy to do so. She bent right over, hands on her knees, her arse thrust out with the cheeks spread. I stroked her anus, my finger-tips fluttering around that tight looking hole, making the ticklish girl giggle. Then I sucked on my forefinger and lightly fingered Emma's arsehole, just sliding the tip in and out, Emma sighing with delight as I did so.

I glanced over at Zoe and saw that my sister was now sitting on the edge of the sofa and sucking Larry's cock. The twelve year old boy was quite content to stand there whilst my nine year old sister expertly deep-throated his hard four-inch pecker.

"Yeah, suck it Zoe, you pretty little cocksucker!" the boy urged her, running his hands through her long blond hair.

Emma shortly asked, very politely, if she could see my cock.

"Of course," I smiled.

I got up and Emma took my place on the armchair. I stood before her with my long erection wobbling in her face. Emma stroked and fondled it, marvelling at my prick which was obviously bigger than her brother's, what with me being two-years older than him. She may have appeared fairly shy but she certainly wasn't inexperienced with handling a cock. She gripped the base of my shaft and began skillfully masturbating me. Soon enough the child placed her wet lips over my cockhead and, whilst jacking off the base, she sucked on the end. It was a great feeling and I exchanged grins with Larry, both of us adolescent boys being wonderfully sucked off by each other's sisters.

"Now it's time to fuck these little ladies silly," Larry purposefully announced a moment later.

"You can fuck me Ken," Emma said, taking my dick out her pretty mouth.

"Superb," I grinned.

"I want your cock in me," Zoe said to Larry after removing his pecker from her throat.

"Up the arse?" asked Larry.

"Hmmmm," pondered my sister, "Maybe later. I love being fucked up the shitter, as Ken can certainly confirm, but I fancy a bit of attention to my cunt first."

"Same goes for me," Emma added, "I want my cunt to be given a good seeing too. After that, I'll join Zoe in getting a good bum-fucking from you two horny boys."

Zoe sat back on the armchair, spreading her legs, her skinny thighs parted and exposed her neat hairles slit. I was pleasd that her shy demeanour had melted away now that we were getting going! Nearby, Larry knelt down and quickly guided his stiff rod into my sister's pre-teen snatch. He buried himself right up her cunt and, with great enthusiasm, began fucking Zoe with energetic thrusts, his cute bare bottom clenching and unclenching as he fucked her.

Emma adopted a similar position, sitting back in the chair, legs apart, her beautiful blue eyes full of childish excitement as she eyed up my imposing teen cock. I knelt down and carefully guided my throbbing erection into her cunt. It was lovely and tight and, though she'd only been fucked by her less well-endowed brother, Emma was easily able to take my full length in her tight cunt.

"Uuuuh, that feels so good," gasped the ten year old, "Ooooh, Ken, fuck me. Hard!"

I clapped my hands to Emma's parted thighs and pulled half my dick out of her clutching twat. Then I shoved it back in, making Emma quiver with pleasure. I began repeating this, slowly at first, then faster, building up pace. Before me, Emma lay back, eyes shut and purring with delight as I fucked her. Across the room, Zoe was being a bit more vocal.

"Fuck me Larry, fuck me...uuuuuh," she wailed.

"Yeah, yeah, take it you slut," Larry grunted, grinning as he did so, having great fun fucking the shit out of my sister, "Uh, uh, uh...fuckin' hell, what a tight little cunt." He shafted Zoe harder and faster, leaning in and kissing her passionately. I decided to emulate him, and I leaned over Emma and clamped by lips to hers. Having practised snogging with her brother and my sister, Emma was an expert kisser. The horny minx slid her tongue in my throat and I returned the favour, both of us frenching passionately whilst I cunt-fucked her. Whilst Larry was banging Zoe with energetic thrusts of his pelvis, I was taking things a little slower, gently sliding my prick to and fro in Emma's hairless snatch. This was mainly because I didn't want to blow my nuts too quickly. Emma was a sexy pre-teen slut with such a perfect slender body and pretty face that I felt like I'd blow my nuts as soon as I'd entered her cunt. I held myself back, fucking her twat at a steady pace.

Larry's rampant fuck-thrusts soon paid off, meanwhile, and he bought Zoe off to a good climax.

"Fuck me, harder, faster," my sister wailed, "UUUUH! I'm cumming!"

"Me too," gasped Larry, gripping Zoe's thighs to part them further as he drilled her twat with his boy-cock, "Fucking hell, I'm gonna...blow my load...uuuuh!!"

Larry shafted Zoe throughout his climax, which in turn prolonged Zoe's orgasm. The pair came together, crying out and moaning with lust as they did so, Larry pumping my kid sister's twat with his young sperm.

I took my lips from Emma's and knelt up straight, shafting her at a quicker pace. My orgasm wasn't far off and I knew it wouldn't be easy to fight it off. I fucked faster and harder, Emma jolted up and down in the armchair as I did so. She soon climaxed herself, wailing with ecstasy and spluttering out obsceneties that sounded odd from such a delicate and pretty child!

"Fuck, yeah, I'm cumming," she cried, "I'm cumming Ken....oh, oh...oooooh! FUCK!"

Emma was just coming down from her climax when I hit mine. I rammed my cock deep into her tight snatch and unloaded my balls in her, letting out a long sigh of satisfaction as I shot what seemed like a pint of sperm into her juvenile womb.

"Uuuuh, Emma, yeah," I gasped, my cock throbbing in the depths of the girl's cunt as it jetted out my fuck-sauce. It took a dozen pumps for it to fully complete it's ejaculation. I then slid my dick out of Emma's twat. Larry had done likewise with Zoe.

"Mmmm, fresh cum," grinned my sister, looking over at the white fluid oozing out of Emma's well-fucked cunt.

"Come and suck it out," invited Emma.

My slutty sister hurriedly scampered over and, to the delight of Larry and me, before our eyes, Zoe began licking my sperm as it dribbled from Emma's cunt. She licked and slurped it all up then sealed her lips to Emma's snatch and sucked, removing a fair amount of jism and gulping it down.

"My turn," Emma announced once Zoe had slurped the spunk out of her cunt. The girls swapped places, Zoe sitting back, her legs flung apart, Emma on her knees and lapping up the hot fresh cum that Larry had pumped into Zoe's twat just moments before.

As you'd expect, such a show soon had Larry and me hard again. We knelt on the floor, reaching over and jerking each other's pricks as we watched out sister's sordid, cum-felching show.

"It's time for some anal-fun," Zoe declared, reaching round and stroking her tender buttocks, "My arsehole is itching for a fuck."

"Same here," Emma added, "I need in a dick in my pooh-hole, quickly. Anal is so great!"

"It's my favorite," pointed out Zoe.

"We know that you crazy young kids," I grinned to my sister and Emma, "Come on then you dirty anal-sluts, get on your hands and knees."

Ten year old Emma and nine year old Zoe promptly obeyed, both of them on all fours with their cute bottoms thrust in the air, their pink assholes crying out for attention.

"I haven't had a chance to fuck Zoe in the arse yet," Larry said to me, "She always wanted to save her arse-cherry for you Ken. And you haven't arse-fucked my sister. So, shall we do each other's sisters again?"

"Sounds good to me," I smiled. I grabbed a jar of Vaseline and pasted some along my shaft. I then pasted some on Larry's hairless pecker, greasing it up nicely.

With our dicks as stiff as iron bars and lubed up, Larry and me got down behind the bent-over arse-slut girls. I had Emma's cute arse before me and Larry had Zoe's arse. Zoe had been taking my thick cock in her shitter for a month now and it didn't take much effort for Larry to slot his cock up Zoe's shitter. My sister moaned with pleasure and Larry grabbed her skinny pre-teen hips and began to sodomize her lustfully. Meanwhile, I was pushing my cock deep into Emma's rectum. The ten year old was damn tight back there, she wasn't as used to taking a cock larger than her brother's in her arse, but she was bravely withstanding my anal-assault. After a bit of pushing and thrusting I'd soon buried my whole shaft up her shitter. After waiting a moment to let her sphincter grow used to the obscene diameter it was obliged to stretch to in order to accommodate my cock, I began to fuck Emma's shitter gently, gliding my cock in and out of her bowels. Her arsehole was so perfectly tight and I loved stroking her cute round arse-cheeks as I fucked the tight-hole between them. Larry was going slow as well. Alongside each other, Larry and me steadily buggered the pre-teen sluts bent over before us. We could see Emma and Zoe glancing across at each other and exchanging grins, each of them clearly enjoying the deep arse-fucking they were being subjected too.

"Fuck my arse harder, fuck me," Emma begged, "Ram it up my shitter Ken, mmmm. Oh yeah!"

"You're sister's arse is so hot and tight," I told Larry as I sodomized Emma.

"So's yours," grinned Larry, energetically shafting Zoe's tight bum, "So hot and tight. Mmmm. What an arse!"

"Fuck her hard and deep, that's how the little anal-slut likes it," I informed Larry.

"Yes, yes," confirmed Zoe, enthusiastically, "Yes, deep and hard! Ram your dick right up my poop-chute Larry. UUUUH! Oh GOD that is so good!"

Larry and me increased our pace, really going for it, ramming our tools in and out of the girl's rectums with fast thrusts.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Emma wailed, the slender ten year old bucking and squirming beneath my rough sodomistical thrusts, "I'm cumming Ken, do me hard. Make me cum!! AAAAAH! YEAH!"

"Yeah slut, fuckin' cum you slut," I grunted, drilling her tight arse. Her anus spasmed round the base of my cock, her clammy turd-tunnel seeming to ripple around my pumping shaft. I was fighting back my climax. I wanted to enjoy this arsehole for as long as possible. Fortunately my first climax had enabled me to hold my cum back despite the extreme pleasure the tight grip of Emma's anus was giving me.

Zoe climaxed a moment later, my little sister crying out as her lithe pre-teen body shivered with ecstasy.

"UUH! Oh Larry, Larry, I'm cumming with your dick in my bum, aaah! AAH YEAH!" Zoe spluttered, humping her arse back onto Larry.

"I'll be cumming in a minute," Larry panted, the young boy holding Zoe's hips tight as he fucked her up the arse, "It won't be long you little whore."

"Fucking cum in me, up my bum," Zoe urged, her face flushed and her long blond hair dishevelled, her climax prolonged thanks to Larry's continuing fuck-thrusts, "YEAH! Oh God I'm still cumming, uuuh!"

"Here it is!!" announced Larry, and I glanced over and watched the twelve year old ram his cock one last time into the depths of my sister's arse. "UUUH, yeah, I'm shootin' up your arse!" the boy cried, his cute face a picture of ecstasy as he began climaxing, his body bucking and twitching as he evidently unloaded a huge amount of boy-cum into my sister's rectum.

"My turn to I think," I grinned, turning my attention back to Emma, bent over before me and moaning with pleasure as her prolonged climax finally ebbed away. I didn't relent in my thrusting. My sperm was beginning to boil up and I just went for it, ramming my dick to and fro in Emma's arsehole. "AAAH! Emma, I'm cumming, right up your arse!!"

I planted my whole shaft right up Emma's tight anus and began spewing my sticky sperm into her bowels. Emma tightened her arsehole round the base of my cock and looked over her shoulder.

"Shoot it up me Ken, right up into my belly," she urged me.

"OH FUCK! Oh fuck, what a cum, nnnngggg!" I stammered, my cock twitching as it send a slimy river of spunk into the depths of Emma's shit-guts. I could feel the ten year old girl squirm beneath me, enjoying the sensation of her bowels filling with semen. My climax finally began to die away and, with my dick still lodged in Emma's cum-filled rectum, I felt suddenly overcome with fatigue.

"Mmmmm, that was good," Zoe grinned, my slutty nine year old sister beaming with happiness.

"It sure was," agreed Larry, popping his soiled, wilting cock out of Zoe's anus.

I withdrew from Emma's arsehole.

"Let me lick you clean Ken," Zoe said, turning and crawling over to me on her hands and knees. She quickly took my softening prick into her wet mouth and began sucking me off, her hot tongue busily working over my cock which was slick with sperm and Emma's arse-juices.

Not to be outdone, Emma went over to Larry and did him the same favour, licking her brother's little pecker clean, slurping off any traces of shit it'd picked up from being in my sister's bowels. Larry and me once again grinned at each other, silently conveying the agreement that we had the best kid-sister's in the world!

Larry and me were a bit spent at that point. We dragged ourselves onto the sofa and sat back, catching our breath with our saliva-slick dicks wilting slowly over our flat bellies.

Zoe and Emma were only just getting started! Those pre-teen nymphos had plenty of stamina left and, seeing that their brothers were requiring a quick breather, they set about satisfying each other's desires!

"Let me lick your arse Zoe," Emma said to my sister, "I want to suck out my brother's cum."

Zoe giggled at this sordid suggestion. Emma lay on her back and Zoe squatted over her face, reaching down and pulling her tender buttocks apart. A long dribble of sperm oozed obscenely from Zoe's pink arsehole, dangling down, white and slimy looking. Emma opened her mouth and, a few seconds later, the oozing spunk detached from Zoe's shithole and fell onto Emma's tongue. Larry's sister gulped it down and then sealed her lips to my sister's anus and began sucking. Larry had seen the girls engaged in pre-teen lesbian lust before, but I hadn't, and I was transfixed at the sight! Emma was making noisy sucking noises as she felched her brother's cum from Zoe's bowels.

After a few moments Emma had drained Zoe's bowels of cum. The girls switched positions quickly, so that Zoe was laying on her back and Emma was squatting over her face. Emma snickered childishly as she squeezed my sperm from her anus and into Zoe's mouth, my sister laying prone on the floor slurping noisily as she feasted on her my cum straight from Emma's rectum. Emma was facing me and she looked straight at me, her beautiful childish face full of more than lust. She had a look of desire, her big blue eyes full of the sparkling intensity of a schoolgirl with a crush. To my embarrasment, I blushed and looked away for a moment. Here I was, at fourteen the eldest person in the room, and I was going all shy and embarrassed at the look of infatuation from a girl of ten!

"That was nice," Emma concluded once the operation was finished. She stood up and Zoe invited her into a sixty-nine.

"Let's eat each other out," my sister suggested.

Emma was naturally up for this. She got on top of my sister, upside-down, so that their pussies were against one another's mouths. The girls got straight to work, busily lapping at each other's tight hairless twats. They slobbered and sucked noisily, as much for the benefit of us boys as for their own.

"Damn those girls are horny fuckin' nymphos!" grinned Larry.

"They sure are," I agreed.

"Look at 'em, licking each other's cunts! Sometimes I watch them and wonder if I'll be made redundent, they seem to do quite well on their own."

"I'm sure we won't be redundent. My cock's beginning to get hard, what about you?"

"Likewise dude," grinned Larry, his hairless cock sticking straight up in the air. My dick was also fully erect, despite a couple of orgasms already, a testament to how arousing Zoe and Emma's cunt-lapping activities were.

"Let's fuck 'em," grinned Larry, getting off the sofa.

"Okay," I agreed, also standing up, "Let's fuck their assholes whilst they're still in a sixty-nine. We can do our own sisters this time."

"Good idea Ken."

I knelt down in front of the sixty-nine the girls were in, between the spread legs of my little sister, who was underneath Emma. Zoe's arse-cheeks were spread, her anus winking out at me, and between her parted thighs was Emma's head, her golden hair draped over Zoe's groin as she lapped her cunt.

"Let me suck your cock Ken," Emma said, raising her head from Zoe's cunt.

"Go for it," I urged her, feeding my dong into Emma's mouth. She closed her eyes and sighed inwardly with pleasure as she sucked deeply on my tool.

Across from me, Larry was kneeling at the other end of the two girls. He was sliding his dick up into Emma's arsehole, which was just above her cunt which Zoe was busy licking with noisy, wet slurping noises. Emma sighed again as she continued to suck my cock whilst her brother's cock entered her bowels.

Finally, I withdrew from Emma's mouth. The girl got back to tongueing Zoe's cunt whilst I placed the head of my dick to Zoe's anus. I pushed, easily sliding half my shaft up my sister's arse. I waited for a moment then shoved the rest of my throbbing cock into Zoe's rectal passage. Both girls were now moaning with pleasure as their own brother's sodomized them, their groans and sighs muffled by having each other's twats pressed to their mouths. Across from Emma's bare slender back I could see Larry, grinning with childish enjoyment as he sodomized his sister. I looked down and was able to see the back of Emma's head bobbing as she slurped on Zoe's twat, and also the sight of my cock running back and forth in Zoe's anus. The four of us naked youngsters forming a compact mass of slippery squirming flesh.

After ten-minutes, we opted for a change of position. I tugged my dick from Zoe's arse and Emma quickly grabbed my tool and sucked it clean. Likewise, when Larry slid his cock out of his sister's arse, Zoe sucked all the arse-juices and pre-cum from it.

"What now?" asked Emma once we'd untangled ourselves from our previous position.

"I want to try double-fucking," Zoe said, excitedly, "I want both Larry and my brother to fuck me at the same time. One in the cunt, one in the bum."

"Whoa, that sounds cool," giggled Emma, "I'll have some of that too."

"Let's do it," I said, "Zoe can go first as seen as it was her idea." I lay back on the living room floor, holding my prick upright. My sexy nine year old sister knelt astride me and impaled her tight cunt on my dick. She quickly took my pulsing shaft in her snatch to the hilt.

"Mmmm, nice," she purred.

"It'll be even nicer when I stick this up your arse," grinned Larry.

"Let me suck on that a moment," Emma said. She knelt down and slurped on her brother's pecker. After a moment, she moved aside and Larry knelt behind Zoe, who leaned forwards, her flat chest pressed against my torso, her face above mine. I reached behind my sister and spread her cheeks for Larry. The boy quickly and efficiently buried his dick into Zoe's anus, my sister letting out a long moan of pleasure.

"Aaah, shit," she gasped, her breath warm and sweet on my face, "Yeah, I'm double-fucked! Wow! Yeah."

"Let's fuck this horny slut," giggled Larry as he held Zoe's hips and began to sodomize her with lustful thrusts of his pecker. I began to thrust upwards, ramming my cock up into Zoe's twat. My sister placed her hands flat on the carpet either side of my head and raised herself a little, looking forwards, her face contorted with ecstasy. Her eyes were shut tight and she grit her teeth.

"UUUUUH, OOOOH!" she was groaning, her pre-teen body evidently wracked with intense pleasure, a cock pumping in each of her holes. Emma was kneeling nearby, watching intently and fingering her hairless cunt and clearly looking forwards to her turn.

"Your cunt feels even tighter with Larry's dick up your arse sis," I told Zoe, "Wow, I can feel his cock moving in and out of your rectum." This was true. Only a small amount of flesh seperated the cunt-channel and the rectal passage, and I could sense the motion of Larry's dick as he sodomized Zoe whilst I cunt-fucked her.

"I'm totally stuffed with cock," Zoe declared, proudly, "UUUU! YEAH! You've gotta try this Emma, it's so good!"

"I will do!" Emma grinned, two fingers buried to the knuckle in her cunt, "Oh yeah, I will do! That looks like such fun."

"It is...it is..." panted Zoe, her body bucking in the sandwich Larry and me had her in, "Holy shit...I'm gonna cum...AAAAH YEAH!"

Larry and me increased our thrusting, alternately ramming our dicks into my sister's tight holes. The child orgasmed powerfully thanks to the simultaneous vaginal and anal assault, and it took over a minute for her to finally emerge from her climactic ecstasy. Larry and me were out of breath and we stopped fucking Zoe for a moment.

"This is a good time for a change-over I guess," Zoe said, "Release me boys...it's Emma's turn!"

Larry popped his dick out of Zoe's arse and allowed the girl to tug herself off from my cock so she could drag herself off to oneside, tired out and satisfied. Emma didn't waste anytime in scrambling over and swinging one of her skinny legs over me and kneeling astride my hips. I held my cock upright and placed the head to the blond child's hairless slit. She sank down, slowly, moaning with joy as her cunt swallowed up my thick cock inch by inch. Soon she was fully impaled on me.

"Mmmm, I can't wait for my brother to fuck my arse now," Emma smiled, leaning forwards and giving me a kiss on the mouth.

"You heard your sis," I said to Larry over Emma's shoulder, "Fuck your cock up her arse. Let's make her cum."

Larry eagerly slid his pecker up Emma's arsehole and I felt the beautiful ten year old on top of me shiver and squirm.

"Oh, oh, oh," Emma gasped, her head resting against my shoulder, "Yeah, oh yeah...that's so good. Fuck me you two. Do it slowly at first, then faster. Fuck both my holes!"

I began to steadily hump my cock up and down in Emma's tight cunt whilst Larry sodomized her at a gentle pace, a look of concentration on his face as he set aside his normal youthful eagerness and carried out his sister's instructions to fuck her arse slowly. My sister sprawled naked on the sofa, tired out, her hair flopping over her delicate face as she happily watched her friend undergo the same treatment as she had not long ago. Emma was sprawled atop me, her lithe naked body warm and shaking with pleasure as Larry and me fuck her cunt and arse steadily.

Eventually Larry began to fuck his sister's shitter harder and faster. I emulated his increase in pace. Emma placed her hands flat on my chest and sealed her lips to mine, kissing me deeply and passionately whilst I shafted her cunt from below and Larry fucked her arse from behind. The girl matched our efforts, humping back to meet our thrusting cocks, grinding her holes down on the two weapons she was impaled upon.

"Oh fuck!" Emma suddenly wailed, taking her lips from mine, "OH FUCK! I'm cumming, I'm cumming...fuck meeee!"

She shuddered as she came, hard, climaxing powerfully under the dual-assault of pistoning boy-cocks.

"I'm cumming too," I stammered, the tight grip of Emma's cunt round my cock shaft taking it's toll, "Oh fuck...uuuuh!"

I held Emma's waist and pulled her down onto my cock so that my cum-spurting prick-head was buried deep in the her womb. Larry rammed his dick fully into his sister's bowels and, with a long groan, he also began firing his cum. Us two boys emptied our nuts into the climaxing girl at the same time, Emma wailing with ecstasy with a spunk-jetting cock lodged in each of her lower holes. Her womb and rectum were flooded with jism. Emma's face looked so pretty as she came that I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her down so that I could kiss her. I snaked my tongue down her throat, Emma reacting with delight and moaning into my mouth, her tongue slipping between my lips.

"Holy shit, what a cum," I could hear Larry conclude, happily, his climax ebbing away. My sperm was also pretty much spent by now too. Larry slid his dick out of his sister's arse and, after a moment or two of kissing me, Emma got up and pulled herself off my dick. As I lay on the floor on my back, Emma lay alongside me propped up on an elbow, her eyes once again full of childish infatuation. She ran her hand over my chest, her fingers fluttering across my torso as she leaned over and continued kissing me. Our tongues explored one another's mouths.

Larry evidently thought that two could play at that game. He invited Zoe for a bit of "smooching", something my horny sister was only to happy to indulge in. She and Larry sat together on the sofa, naked and sweaty, hugging each other and kissing like lovers.

Aunt Wilma had left Zoe and me some cash for a burger that afternoon, but there was enough to feed four hungry, shagged-out kids. Zoe, Emma, Larry and me all popped out to a fast-food joint and stuffed ourselves with junk food. I was sitting next to Emma and the pretty ten year old snuggled close to me like an affectionate puppy. Zoe teased her friend that she was 'in love' with me, Emma denying this despite it being evident that she had a major a crush on me. I was quite happy about this, I really liked the sexy blue-eyed girl in return. I obviously still thought Zoe was incredibly sexy and I had no intention of ever letting up on my sexual-relations with her, but I felt myself smitten with Emma, growing quickly in love with her. Her introspective demeanour complimented mine and I was quickly beginning to view Emma as more of a potential lover, rather than just a cheerful fuck-buddy like my sister was. Larry and Zoe seemed to act like a couple too - even if it mostly consisted of bickering over who pinched who's french-fries.

When we got back to the apartment we decided to split up. I took Emma to my bedroom where I lay her on the bed and mounted her, sliding my stiff cock deep into her tight cunt. In contrast to the rampant fucking earlier, we made love slowly and passionately. For half-an-hour I steadily shafted her cunt before I unloaded in her cunt. Emma quickly sucked my dick until it was erect once more.

"Do me up the bum," she begged, getting on her hands and knees with her mouthwatering little arse wiggling under my nose, "I'm just like Zoe, I love it up the arse. I prefer it up the arse. Butt-fuck me Ken!"

Naturally, I was more than happy to obey. I sank my pole into her rectum and sodomized her deeply and gently. For another half-hour I fucked my pre-teen beau, who climaxed several times with my thick teen cock ploughing into her shit-chute. When I was approaching my orgasm Emma demanded I withdraw. I did so and the girl flipped over onto her back and demanded I give her a facial. Once again, I obeyed, kneeling astride Emma's slender flat chest and pumping my erection in my fist. My sperm welled up then exploded out, spraying all over Emma's face. She looked so gorgeous with a thick coating of semen over her. I licked her face clean, repeatedly sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeding her my spunk.

During this time, Zoe had dragged Larry off to her room, and she later confirmed my assumption that she'd had her young stud fuck her insatiable little arse twice in a row.

Finally, it was time to bid farewell to our guests. Larry and Emma kissed Zoe and me good-bye and left to return to their own home. It was five o'clock and Aunt Wilma would return any minute.

"No chance for a final fuck then?" asked Zoe.

"I'm afraid not," I shrugged, "I'm a bit spent, and Auntie Wilma will be back shortly."

"Aww," whined Zoe.

"Fear not my horny little sister," I laughed, reaching round and patting her bare bottom - she was wearing nothing but a pair of white socks and a vest - "We can't risk getting caught."

"But I need a bum-fucking."

"Haven't you had enough today?"


"Hmmm, didn't think so. Well, Aunt Wilma will be tired when she gets back. She'll probably go to bed early then I can sneak into your room and give you one up the bum."


"Now go and get dressed you anal-slut."

Zoe giggled and, after giving me a kiss, skipped off to her room, my eyes fixed on her bare behind as she did so. What a great sister I have! And what great friends she has!

Aunt Wilma was around the apartment the next day, Sunday. Zoe and me sat around, watching TV on the sofa whilst Wilma cheerfully sat on the armchair working with her laptop. Zoe and me kept nudging each other and giggling, Aunt Wilma not in anyway suspicious at our seemingly private joke. When our Auntie wasn't looking, Zoe would reach over and squeezed my crotch, breaking into giggles when I tried to push her away. Aunt Wilma would look round just as Zoe whipped her hand away from my crotch.

"What are you doing to your brother?" Aunt Wilma would ask.

"Nuthin'" Zoe and me would reply in unison. Aunt Wilma would smile, amused at the antics of her excitable neice and nephew, and turn back to her laptop.

However, Zoe and me were bored and feeling horny. We eventually went out and strolled around the neighbourhood. On a piece of wasteland we found an abandoned shed. Deciding it at least afforded us a little privacy, we sneaked inside. Zoe pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and bent over a large cardboard box. I unzipped my flies and pushed my cock up my sister's arse. We had no lubricant but that didn't matter, Zoe could take my cock in her arse dry without much effort. We humped quietly in the shed, listening out in case anyone approached. However, we were left undisturbed, and eventually I fired my fuck-sauce far into Zoe's bowels. We tidied ourselves up and emerged from the shed, having found that the sneaky manner of our incestuous fuck was a great turn on. We returned there later that afternoon where I arse-fucked Zoe again.

The weekend finished and it was back to school on Monday. On Tuesday, Aunt Wilma worked late and by the time she'd arrived home at eight-thirty I'd sodomized Zoe three times. The next day Wilma went out with some friends in the evening, so Zoe invited Larry and Emma over. We all fucked together in the living room, Zoe and Emma naturally turning their arses round for attention. Each girl received a load of cum from both of us boys in their butts. For the climax of the evening, the girls sat next to each other on the sofa and Larry stepped up and masturbated all over them, shooting his cum across the pretty faces of both his sister and mine. Once he'd finished it was my turn and I unleashed a geyser of slimy cum across the girls. The two blond pre-teen nymphos were dripping with spunk and they happily licked one another clean afterwards, spitting osbcene wads of cum and saliva into each other's mouths and gulping it down.

We needed a wash after the steamy evening of sex. The shower in the bathroom was large and enabled all four of us youngsters to get in at the same time. We scrubbed each other clean with the expensive range of designer shower-gels, shampoos and fragranced soap that Aunt Wilma kept. Emma and Zoe wanted sodomizing again, but Larry and me had drained our nuts of cum earlier and were in no state to fuck our sisters. However, Larry had the initiative to improvise. He bent Emma over and, with hot water cascading from the shower nozzle above, the boy used a long thin can of hairspray to anally penetrate his sister, sliding almost eight-inches of the can up into Emma's rectum. Zoe bent over in front of me, reached round to pull her little buttocks apart and asked me to 'find something to stick up my arse...anything!'. I looked around then grabbed a long tube of body-moisterizer and pushed it deep into my sister's arse. Larry and me both pumped the foreign objects in and out of our sister's shitters whilst the girls reached down and frigged their pussies. When both girls had climaxed we resumed the more innocent activity of washing ourselves.

When we all got out of the shower our naked young flesh was sparkling clean, steam rising from our glistening, splippery limbs. We dried each other off with fluffy towels and were all dressed and looking as innocent as possible when Wilma arrived home.

Larry and Emma lived with their divorced father. Their dad often went out in the evenings and stayed out all night, knowing that his children were mature enough to look after themselves (but not konwing that they were fucking like rabbits, just as Zoe and me now did when our Auntie was out). On one weekend, with their father away from Saturday morning until Sunday evening, Emma and Larry invited Zoe and me over to stay with them. Aunt Wilma was happy with this - she liked having us kids around but, as a young single urbanite, she would surely appreciate a weekend break without us. And so, Zoe and me hurried over to Emma and Larry's apartment for a thirty-six hour fuck-fest!

We lost count of how many orgasms we each had. It was pure, unadulterated sex. For most of Saturday afternoon we screwed in the living room together. At one point Zoe and Emma took turns taking two cocks at once, first in their pussies and then in their assholes. My sister introduced Larry and Emma to watersports. She didn't let on what she was doing at first, she just lay a big towel on the floor and invited Larry to lay down on his back. Then my sweet kid sister squatted over the twelve year old boy and released her bladder, sending a golden stream of piss over Larry. The boy loved it, and though he'd shot his sperm into Zoe's arse just moments before, his cock was soon erect as he showered in the girl's pee. Emma was keen to try it out and soon took her brother's place laying back on the towel. I stood and pissed all over her whilst she frigged her hairless snatch. Then our hosts took their turns together. Zoe and me lay back, side-by-side. Larry stepped up first and peed all over us, Zoe and me catching some in our mouths. Then Emma took her turn and emptied her bladder on me and my sister. It fired us up to another bout of steamy, hard fucking.

In the evening, after a rest and a bath each, we had something to eat then went off as couples. Emma took me to her bed where I fucked her passionately throughout the night, mostly up the arse at her request! Larry took Zoe off to bed and treated my sister to a similar night of anal passion.

We all got back together in the living room in the morning and spent most of Sunday indulging in group-sex once again. Taking the watersport fun of yesterday one step further, Larry stuck his cock up his sister's arse and took a piss, Emma giggling at the enjoyable sensation of her brother's urine filling her bowels. After Larry had withdrawn his cock, Emma squatted over Zoe and squirted the pee from her arse all over my sister's face and in her mouth. Naturally, I was inspired to copy Larry's antics, and I soon shoved my dick up Zoe's arse, flooded her guts with piss and then sat back to watch Zoe squat over Emma and squirt my piss over the girl's face. We then repeated this activity, except with spunk instead of urine.

By the time Zoe and me returned home that Sunday evening we were exhausted, although I still had the energy to sneak into Zoe's room late that night and fuck her up the arse. Whilst I pounded my cock in and out of my sister's rectum I had to reach round and clap my hand over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure as she came. We didn't want to wake our Aunt Wilma who slumbered behind her bedroom door down the hallway.

Sometimes Zoe would wake up early in the morning and sneak into my room for a pre-dawn arse-fuck before Aunt Wilma woke up. I didn't mind being woken up, usually with a case of morning-wood, and finding my sister standing in her pyjamas and itching for a bum-fucking. She'd soon be stripped, bent over on the bed and taking my big dick up her shitter. I'd spunk up in her bowels and, after quickly putting her pyjamas back on, Zoe would scamper out the room and I'd try and get a little bit of sleep before my alarm went off.

One Sunday morning Zoe came into my room early and, after I'd fucked her up the arse, we lay together on the bed, catching our breath. I'd fallen asleep and Zoe - too lazy to go back to her own room - had just dragged the covers over us and also fallen asleep. Our Aunt Wilma came in to wake me up and caught me lying there with Zoe next to me. She had no reason to be suspicious though. After all, Zoe and me had tops on and the bed-covers over us covered the fact that we were nude from the waist down.

Zoe was a better liar than I was and she casually explained that she'd had a nightmare in the middle of the night and came in here to sleep in my bed. Aunt Wilma thought it was very sweet, said that I was a very protective big brother, related the time when she was a child and had suffered a nightmare and gone and crawled into bed with her big brother (mine and Zoe's father, of course) and then she sauntered off to make breakfast. Zoe and me breathed a sigh of relief and got properly dressed. It was a close-call!

Emma rapidly grew more besotted me with me, and the feeling was mutual. Naturally I still loved Zoe and indulged myself in her tight arse as often as possible, but I longed for the two or three times a week I'd get to fuck Emma. Because Zoe and me lived under the same roof I had obviously more opportunities to fuck her than Emma, and I didn't let a day go by without fucking my sister up the arse (I did cunt and mouth fuck her too, but not as often as I buggered her - we both utterly adored anal-sex, as did Emma and Larry). But I was besotted with Emma. She was such a beautiful child, so sweet and delicate.

Larry and my sister were falling in love too and I was happy for them. Zoe was great fun because she was an energetic little minx, cheeky and horny and embracing the pleasures of sex with childish enthusiasm, but that was more of a match for the outgoing Larry. Likewise, my quiet personality was more perfectly matched by Emma's sensitive, gentle and loving demeanour - although once again Emma and Larry enjoyed their frequent fucks as much as Zoe and me enjoyed ours. The incestuous nature of such couplings added to the spicy fun of it all! Emma and Zoe loved having sex with each other too, licking and fingering and kissing one another, but this was just sideshow, a bit of fun between girlies, usually when Larry and me were obliged to take a breather during the prolonged orgies.

When we got together as a foursome for an afternoon - or whole night, when we lucky enough for either Larry and Emma's dad or mine and Zoe's Aunt Wilma to be out all night - we'd spend half the time screwing as a foursome and the other time in couples; Larry and Zoe, Emma and me.

Weeks turned to months without any let up in our activity. The novelty wasn't wearing off. In fact, it was just as great as when we'd started.

On a hot Sunday morning, with Zoe round at a friend's house (someone other than Emma), I was sitting on the sofa in the apartment, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, watching TV.

Aunt Wilma had gone to her bedroom for a 'lie down' a few moments ago and I was therefore surprised when she re-emerged so soon.

I was even more surprised that she wasn't wearing quite as much as she had been earlier! She was barefoot and wore just a very, very short black skirt and a sleeveless white top. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra as could make out the pointy nipples atop her firm round tits trying to poke through the thin cotton of her top. Her hair was pulled back in a tight-bun, which gave her a very formal look in contrast with her very sexy appearance.

"Hi um....Aunt Wilma," I stammered, looking her up and down. I admired her legs which were well toned and lithe.

"I think we need to talk sweetheart," she said, smiling. She sauntered over to me and sat on the sofa, right up close to me. I could smell expensive perfume on her. My Aunt placed an arm round me and she snuggled up quite close. My cock began to stiffen.

"What's up Auntie," I smiled, trying not to sound nervous.

"I just want 'in' on your little games," Aunt Wilma said, seductively.

"Um...which games?"

"The ones you and Zoe play. And Emma and Larry."


"I'm not daft," grinned Aunt Wilma, spreading her legs as she sat at an angle next to me. My eyes naturally darted down and I saw up her short skirt, making out the red-furred cunt that lay between her parted thighs. "I know what you kids get up to," she continued, "I come home and catch you and Zoe acting all innocent, but I can make out the smell of cum and sweat, the aroma of sex! You kids think you're super-sneaky but I hear you tip-toeing into Zoe's room at night...but you don't hear me tip-toeing out of my room and listening in at the door. I can make out your sister's moans of pleasure and the sound of you fucking her. Fucking her up the arse, if I'm not mistaken. The other week, when I caught you and Zoe in bed together in the morning, you were both making out is what all very innocent, but I noticed that your pyjama bottoms were on the bedroom floor, meaning you were naked from the waist down in bed together. Naturally, it doesn't take a genius to realize that your friends Larry and Emma are in on it too."

"You're not mad?" I asked after a moment.

"Not really...I'm just a little pissed that you didn't invite me to join in earlier!" Aunt Wilma grinned. She gave me a long and passionate kiss on the mouth before pulling back. "I'm too busy to have a relationship, and besides, I've always found men my own age just bore me. I've always fantasized about teenaged boys, young adolescent studs with tireless cocks. You'd be perfect for me Ken, and I hope I'd be perfect for you. Although, of course, I wouldn't for one minute expect you to neglect the evidently insatiable sexual demands of your sister and Emma."

"Do you want to...er..."

"Fuck? Sure! Let's do it!"

My sexy red-head Auntie got up off the sofa and removed her top. Her skirt came off a second later, and Aunt Wilma soon stood there naked, her sexy petite body unashamedly on display for my appreciative gaze. As you would expect for a health-conscious twenty-eight year old woman who visited the gym three-times a week, Aunt Wilma had a nice body. She was five-foot-two and slender, and the freckles across her upper-arms, shoulders, face and tits stood out vividly against her pale white skin, as did her stiff red nipples and and her neat red triangle of dense pubic hair. Her breasts were above average in size and very round and firm looking. Her belly was perfectly flat and her arse - when she gave me a twirl - was an object of utter beauty, two white globes of firm flesh perfectly and deeply cleft. I longed to see her arsehole and I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. This babe was up for it!!

"Let's see your cock," Aunt Wilma purred, her voice heavy with lust. I obediently pulled off my T-shirt and shorts so that I was sitting naked on the sofa. My Aunt Wilma knelt down in front of me and gripped my long throbbing erection and stroked it, her eyes wide with admiration. "So beautiful," she murmered, "So gorgeous! I can see why your sister seduced you. It was Zoe who seduced you wasn't it?"

"Yeah," I replied.

"I thought so. She was always the most outgoing of you two. How did she do it? Tell me everything Ken, whilst I suck your prick."

Aunt Wilma opened her mouth and fed most of my shaft into her throat. Whilst getting a blow-job from my father's sister I related the events of the last couple of months in detail - Zoe seducing me in the bath and begging me to fuck her arse, our love of sodomy, the times I'd given her sticky facials or watched her take a shit, indulged in watersports. Then there was the time we met up with Larry and Emma, the magnificent foursomes we'd have, Zoe and Emma taking a cock in each hole, more watersports, golden enemas, Emma and Zoe having lesbian sixty-nines, all-night orgies...There was a lot to tell and my voice often grew shaky as Aunt Wilma, whilst listening attentatively, deep-throated my cock.

"Mmmm, what wonderfully liberated kids you are," she concluded when I'd finished my tale, taking my dick out her throat, "I want you to fuck me now Ken!"

"I want to fuck you too Aunt Wilma!"

My Auntie grinned and then got on the sofa, kneeling astride me as I sat there, my dick so stiff it ached! She reached down and held my prick upright, the tip against the glistening cunt lips that shone wetly from her tangle of curly red pubic hair. She slowly lowered herself, swallowing up my cock with her twat, both of us sighing with pleasure. Once she was fully impaled on my dick, Aunt Wilma placed her hands on my shoulders and levered herself up until my cock was almost out of her cunt, and then she dropped down, groaning as she did so.

"Oh wow, that's so sweet," she cried.

"Ride me Auntie, ride my dick," I urged her.

She did so. Slowly at first, then a little faster, she began to move up and down, up and down. Her twat felt so tight, her lips clenching my shaft. I had her firm round tits in front of me and I began licking and sucking on them. I reached round and clapped my hands to her buttocks. I was in utter heaven being ridden by this sexy redhead that was my obviously sex-starved Aunt Wilma! Being little more than a kid myself, I couldn't really say if I was a pedophile, but with fucking Zoe and Emma I certainly appreciated the beauty of pre-teen girls - their flat chests, their tender bald pussies, their cute little bottoms. However, it was also great to be finally fucking a fully developed adult woman with well-formed tits, a furry cunt and a nice round shapely arse. Also, as a humble fourteen year old schoolboy, being seduced and ravished by a woman exactly twice my age also boosted my ego a great deal too!

"Oh yeah, oh Ken, your cock feels so good in my cunt," panted my Auntie, bouncing up and down on my rod, "Fucking hell, yeah! I need this, I've needed a damn good fuck for so long."

"You're cunt is fantastic Auntie Wilma," I told her, still reaching round and groping her bum, "Ride me, ride my dick you sexy babe."

"Yeah, yeah, oh fuck. I'm gonna cum soon."

"Me too! Me too! I'm gonna shoot right up your cunt!"

Aunt Wilma bounced faster and faster, her knuckles turning white as she gripped my shoulders tightly. I could feel my cum beginning to boil up from my nuts. Shortly, the sexy redhead riding my cock began to cry out orgasmically.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Aunt Wilma wailed, "OH YEAH! FUCK! UUUUH!"

"Me too," I gasped, my cock suddenly unleashing a hot jet of spunk into the depths of my Auntie's womb, "AAAAH, YEAH!"

My Auntie impaled herself fully on my erection, grinding her cunt down onto my spurting tool. Aunt Wilma hugged me to her chest, my face against her firm tits, both of us gasping with pleasure during out mutual climaxes. Buried right up her cunt, my prick spurted slimy wads of spunk up into my Aunt's womb, the base of my pulsing shaft gripped by her tight cunt-lips.

After a moment or two, my prick spat the last of it's jism out. My Aunt dismounted me, her red-furred snatch leaking teen cum which ran down her pale thighs. We sat next to each other, grinning and panting for breath. "That was fun," Aunt Wilma concluded.

"It sure was!"

"I haven't had sex for a year...until now. Wow! That was fantastic. I needed that Ken!"

"You're not planning on waiting another twelve-months for your next fuck are you Auntie?"

"Hell no! Let's fuck again now, you look up to the job."

"Yup," I confirmed, stroking my re-stiffened cock, "Zoe loves it up the arse. So does Emma. What about you Auntie? Do you like taking cocks up your shitter?"

"Oh, most certainly," she giggled, giving me a hug and a kiss, "Let's go to my bedroom. You can do me up the bum there. I want your big dong up my fucking shit-hole. I want you to bugger me like you bugger your sister."

"Let's do it!"

Like a pair of horny lovers, we hurried off to the master bedroom. We got on the huge bed, which had lovely soft red covers, and got into position. Aunt Wilma got on all fours, arse thrust out. Her behind was fairly pert, but being used to the tender little pre-teen arses of Zoe and Emma, Aunt Wilma's arse seemed plumper by comparison. I stroked her cheeks and admired her pretty anus. Whilst Emma and Zoe had perfectly hairless assholes, Aunt Wilma's was lightly bordered by a few stray red hairs. It turned me on a great deal. She even had some freckles on her buttocks.

"Hurry up and fuck my arse," she urged, impatiently.

"Sorry Auntie," I smirked, "I was too busy admiring your arse. It's fantastic. It's gorgeous! Mmmmm." I sucked on my forefinger and slipped it up into the sexy redhead's arsehole, making her squirm. She sighed with pleasure which encouraged me to push my digit up her rectum to the knuckle. Then I removed the finger and sucked it again, savoring the musky taste. I then resumed fingering her anus, sliding it back and forth in her shitter. A moment or two of this and it was time to replace my finger with my cock.

I shuffled up to Aunt Wilma's bum, gripping my cock, the swollen head pointing like a dart at the target, the bullseye being my dad's kid-sister's arsehole.

"Stick it up my arse honey!!" begged Aunt Wilma as she felt my knob-head tap at her saliva slick sphincter. I went gently at first, just slowly squeezing the tip of my cock into her anus. Then I held my Auntie's hips and thrust forwards, hard, sinking four-inches of my cock up into her bowels. "UUUUUH, yeah, Ken," she cried, "Oh fuck, that's so good. NNNNG!"

"Yeah, up it goes," I grunted as I drove my whole shaft up Aunt Wilma's rectum. Her shit-guts were tight and hot, gripping my shaft like a pulsing wet fist. Her anus nipped the base of my shaft just as tightly as Emma or Zoe's did. I began to fuck my Auntie, steadily sodomizing her, both of us moaning and sighing with pleasure. Her obvious joy at being fucked in her shit-hole made it clear that, like me and Larry, my father also had a younger sister who was addicted to sodomy!

"Mmmmm, that's good Ken. Fuck my arse. Fuck me deep and hard in my fucking arse."

"Holy shit Aunt Wilma," I grinned, ramming my cock back and forth in her clutching shit-ring, "You sure swear a lot more than you usually do."

"Well, I'm not usually being fucked up the arse by my beautiful nephew! Nnnng, fucking damn, yeah! Yeah! I gotta lot of tension to hump off me from work. I get stressed and horny at work sitting at my desk, I used to just frig myself in bed but now I think I'll have you fuck me up the arse instead."

"Sounds like a fine idea Auntie. You'll have to share my cock with Zoe too of course. And Emma."

"That'll be okay, I'm sure you've got a lot of stamina Ken. Then there's Larry too, remember? That horny little lad is such a sweetie and I'm sure he'll help you in your fucking-duties Ken. I want that pre-teen stud to sodomize me the next time he comes over here."

"Larry will fuck you, don't worry Auntie," I reassured her, "He's often told me he thinks your really pretty and that you have a nice arse. We'll get him over here sometime and he'll fuck you. Right now Auntie, you just fucking remain bent over and take my fucking cock up your arse you horny slut."

"Uuuh, yeah, fuck my shitter," Aunt Wilma urged me, "Fucking hell! Oh God that's good!"

I increased my pace, slamming my cock hard into her colon. It was clear that she shared Zoe'd - and Emma's - love for sodomy.

Five-minutes later, I was still bum-fucking Aunt Wilma when, rather amusingly, Zoe arrived home. Or more specifically, she arrived home, took off her shoes, came down the hallway and strolled into the bedroom without knocking...before Aunt Wilma or myself noticed.

"Holy shit," was my nine year old sister's rather stunned response upon seeing me with my dick lodged in our Aunt's anus.

"Hi sis," I grinned, not pausing in the deep arse-fucking I was giving the sexy woman bent over in front of me.

"Wow, whaddya doin'?" asked Zoe.

"What does it look like?" I replied, "Aunt Wilma knows what we've been getting up to recently...us two, Emma and Larry. And she wants 'in' on it. So she's 'in'! C'mon sis, join in."

"Yes, join in," urged our Auntie, "Get naked you pretty little slut, come up on the bed."

Zoe beamed with joy. Like me, she obviously realized how much more freedom our sexual relationship would have with our legal-guardian joining in, not to mention the fun of fucking Aunt Wilma. My kid sister stripped naked quickly, Aunt Wilma eyeing up with lust her beautiful young neice.

"You're so beautiful, so sexy," she said to Zoe, "Come here sweetheart, I want to devour you honey!"

Zoe scampered over and got onto the bed. She bent over and kissed her Auntie, the woman and child frenching lustily. Then Zoe moved back and lay down. She slithered under Aunt Wilma until she was fully beneath the redhead. I couldn't see my sister but I could hear her as she began slurping on Aunt Wilma's cunt. The favour was returned, Aunt Wilma burying her head between Zoe's slender thighs and lapping at her cunt. I'd fucked Emma and Zoe up the shitter whilst they were in sixty-nine's quite freqently (usually with Larry sodomizing the other girl) but it was obviously more exciting with the novelty of Aunt Wilma being involved. I was the luckiest teenager in the world, bum-fucking my gorgeous young Aunt whilst she was in a sixty-nine with my horny nine year old sister. I pumped my cock to and fro in Aunt Wilma's shitter, listening to her and Zoe give muffled moans and sighs as they slurped on one another's pussies.

The pair of them climaxed together after a few minutes, grinding their faces into the other's cunt, their sweat-slick naked bodies shaking and shivering with ecstasy. It helped trigger my orgasm too. I rammed my cock to the root in Aunt Wilma's rectum and fired my load, hosing the clammy walls of her shit-guts with sperm which blasted out of my pounding cock with astonishing force.

"Oh fuck, yeeeaaahh!" I gasped, hunched over my Aunt Wilma, my hands splayed out flat on her slender back, my prick spasming in the depths of her rectal passage as it ejected it's sticky load.

When my climax was finally over I popped my soiled cock from Aunt Wilma's anus and allowed her to get off of Zoe. The two of them kissed and hugged each other before they embraced and kissed me.

"We can have so much fun, us three," I grinned.

"Don't forget your girlfriend, Emma," giggled Zoe.

"She's not my girlfriend," I whined, blushing.

"You fuck her a lot."

"I fuck you a lot!"

"She is your girlfriend," Zoe insisted, and she turned to Aunt Wilma and said "Emma is Ken's girlfriend. He's in luurve."

"Okay, I'm kind of in love with her," I admitted.

"That's very sweet," smiled my Auntie, and she gave me a lewd kiss.

Zoe bent over and, as I knelt up on the bed, the randy pre-teen slut took my limp cock into her mouth, slurping on it deeply, sucking and licking it clean of Aunt Wilma's shit and the traces of cum that leaked out the end. Aunt Wilma got down behind me, spread my arse-cheeks and then began tongueing my anus. It felt damn good, my sister sucking on my prick and Aunt Wilma's tongue sliding in and out of my hairless teen arsehole. My penis soon began to react and slowly pumped itself up to erectness in Zoe's throat. These two lustful females were clearly determined to wring another orgasm out of me, and they were likely to succeed.

"Are you ready for more fun yet Ken?" asked Aunt Wilma a few minutes later, taking her tongue out my arse and looking round to my groin.

"He sure is," grinned Zoe, taking her lips from my throbbing erection.

"Let me see you fuck your sister," Aunt Wilma whispered, lewdly, in my ear, "I want to see you fuck the nine year old slut deep in her tight shitter."

"Glad to oblige Auntie," I smiled, kissing her on the lips.

Zoe had heard this exchange and quickly assumed the position, on all fours with her cute bum thrust out.

"Let me lube you up," Aunt Wilma said, and she leaned in and started lapping at Zoe's anus. My sister purred with childish joy as her arsehole was licked and tongued. I was watching nearby, stroking my hard cock and, despite a couple of ejaculations already, I was keen to indulge in some more delicious, incestuous sodomy.

A moment later, Aunt Wilma moved aside, smacking her lips and admiring the state of Zoe's tender arsehole, which was slightly gaping and slick with saliva. I moved up to Zoe and guided my cock slowly into her rectum. The pre-teen blond tensed and let out a long groan as her guts filled with hard cock-meat. I soon had my whole shaft lodged in my sister's arse, her sphincter tight round the base of my dick.

"Fuck me Ken," begged Zoe, "Do me up the arse, hard! Deep and hard! Just like you did with Aunt Wilma. Mmmm, I love having a cock up my arse."

"Hold still you hyperactive slut," I smiled, holding my squirming sister firmly by the waist. I began to saw my cock in and out of her rectum, both me and Zoe groaning with pleasure as I arse-fucked her steadily. Aunt Wilma was fingering her dripping cunt as she watched, her lovely eyes wide with awe as she watched her young niece take a big dick up her shitter.

"Fuck her arse," my Aunt urged me,"Give the little slut what she wants Ken, fuck her arse hard."

"I will, I will," I grunted, fucking Zoe's shitter faster. The horny slut was gripping the duvet in her tiny fists and yelping with delight. My pelvis went CLAP-CLAP-CLAP as it contacted her tender cheeks with every sodomistical lunge of my hips.

My sperm was a long way off erupting, thanks to the previous expenditure of energy, so even after ten-minutes of energetically arse-fucking my sister my cock was still rock-hard and ready for a lot more action. I could tell my Aunt Wilma was getting an itchy arsehole by then, watching this sordid display of sodomy before her eyes, so I slid my pole out of Zoe's shitter and invited our Auntie to bend over. Aunt Wilma did so, bending over alongside Zoe.

I had a delightful display of contrasting behinds before me - Zoe's pert, tender pre-teen arse, and then our Aunt's slightly fleshier, pale freckled arse. Even their buttholes were different. Zoe's was pink and hairless. Aunt Wilma's was light brown and had a small amount of red hair around it. The main thing their orifices had in common, though, was that they both gaped open and were twitching impatiently, hungry for more cock-impalement.

Aunt Wilma cried out with pleasure when I abruptly shoved my long erection into her arse. She urged me to fuck her hard, which is what I did, slamming my prick back and forth in her rectum. I reached across and slid two fingers up into Zoe's greased arsehole, ensuring she wasn't left out of the fun.

Ten-minutes later I switched over, fucking my cock into Zoe's shitter whilst fingering Aunt Wilma's. Then it was back to sodomizing Aunt Wilma, then Zoe...

Back and forth I went, switching assholes every few minutes. I impressed even myself with my staying power!

Finally, after over an hour, my cum couldn't be held back anymore. I was sodomizing Zoe when my climax hit me and I shoved my dick to the hilt in her arse, let out a long cry of ecstasy, and flooded my little sister's shit-guts with boiling fuck-sauce.

Needless to say, after dinner and a bit of recovery time, Zoe, Aunt Wilma and me all went to bed early, our clothes soon stripped off and hurled to the floor. We primarily engaged in anal-sex and I lost count of the number of times I came in my horny sister's and Aunt Wilma's assholes before we collapsed in a sweaty exhausted heap on the bed sometime after midnight.

The following evening I invited Larry and Emma over. Naturally, they were quickly told of the new member to our little sordid circle! They were delighted. In the living room, we all stripped and Larry and Emma hurried over my Aunt Wilma. They stroked and fondled her, Aunt Wilma hugging them in turn. Larry soon fucked the sexy redhead in the cunt, whilst I amused myself by sodomizing Zoe. Then Emma and Aunt Wilma had a sixty-nine. I sodomized Emma during it and Larry sodomized my Auntie. Zoe busied herself by squatting and taking a piss, aiming the arc of golden little-girl-piss over the rest of us. Larry and me each climaxed in the rectums of our respective ladyfriends. Aunt Wilma had bought a strap-on dildo with which she used to fuck Zoe and Emma in their tight pussies and assholes. She even sodomized Larry with the strap-on, the twelve year old enjoying being fucked in his cute boy-arse by Aunt Wilma, who I in turn sodomized throughout this operation with my tireless cock.

That Friday, Emma and Zoe had to go away on a school trip overnight and Larry's father was happy to let his son come over for a 'sleepover' with me. Aunt Wilma was therefore lucky enough to have Larry and me to take care of her all night. We fucked her mouth, cunt and arse repeatedly. At one point we both fucked her cunt at the same time. Aunt Wilma climaxed hard under that treatment. I dared her to try and take double-anal. My Auntie swore it held no concerns for her and, sure enough, she quickly and effortlessly took both mine and Larry's stiff erections in her tight shitter at the same time. We both left our salty, slimy fuck-sauce in her guts before withdrawing from her yawning anus.

Every night, Zoe and me would sleep in Aunt Wilma's bed and I'd fuck my Auntie and little sister in their assholes late into the night. Naturally I still looked forward to seeing the beautiful young Emma, who's arse I would endlessly fuck, Emma often climaxing several times before I'd give the child a hot spunky enema. With Aunt Wilma 'in' on the fun too, Emma and me had even more opportunities to see each other, as did Larry and Zoe.

Larry and Emma even suggested getting their father involved too. He was a relatively young man, thirty-three, divorced for almost four-years now and still single. Emma, although professing her love for me, confessed her desire to fuck her father, and I admitted I'd love to see her take her daddy's dick in her shitter. Aunt Wilma thought Larry and Emma's father was quite a good looking guy too, they got on well when they met eventually, and we soon discussed how fantastic it would be if Aunt Wilma married Larry and Emma's dad and we all lived happily ever after in a big house together...

Such ambitions were a bit wild and nothing more than a fantasy, at least for now. But who knew what would happen in years to come?