Anal Threesome: Part VI

Pregnant, Lactating and Arse-Fucked

(Incest - whole family, fist, oral, anal, preg, lact, WS, teen, snow, group (FFm, MMFm, MMFFFfm)

Summer 2003

Kath stood in the bathroom, admiring her pregnant body. She flashed herself a warm smile as she posed nude in front of the tall mirror. She was seven-months pregnant and she looked especially heavy with child because she was so petite. Kath stood at five-foot-two and was slender, with short blond hair and a sweet fresh face that made her look younger than she was. A casual observer would guess the chirpy little blond was in her late twenties, although she was actually thirty-five. Her tits were normally fairly small but now they stood out, round and flesh, the nipples dark red and stubby. Her belly was swollen out and she rubbed her hands over the smooth, taut flesh that stood out in such contrast to her nubile frame.

The child in her womb belonged to her teenaged nephew, Mike. Kath lived with her divorced older sister, Claire, who's son Mike the two sisters had seduced a couple of years ago. A life-long nympho, Kath had been missing sex and had noticed Mike eyeing up her body. He was then aged fourteen, a handsome boy on the verge of manhood. Kath had lead the seduction of the boy with Mike's mum, Claire, following her lead. Mike had not objected in any way, apart from some initial hesitation. Soon they were engaging in the most delicious of threesomes, Mike fucking his mum and aunt whilst Claire and Kath also fucked each other.

Various other individuals had joined in down the line. There was Kath and Claire's younger brother John, who was divorced and who had been enjoying the arse of his daughter Melanie (then aged thirteen). Upon discovering this father/daughter incest, Claire, Kath and Mike had joined in, all five incest lovers engaging in some hot orgies. John and Melanie lived some distance away but visited every few months for steamy family get-togethers. Then there was Mike's best friend, sixteen year old Derek, who, together with his younger brother Simon, fourteen, fucked their divorced mother Alison. The two small families lived just down the road from each other and rarely went more than a few days without getting together. Finally there had been a widow in her forties who fucked her grown-up son, who had been a friend of the family, although sadly she'd moved to France a few months back and they had lost touch.

Kath had read that some women feel an increase in their sex-drives during pregnancy but she honestly wouldn't have been able to tell if this was the case! She was always horny, and luckily she had a well-hung teenaged nephew who was always on hand. Last year, Kath had begun to feel broody, wanting a child of her own. Mike had said he'd impregnate her, but though he'd only been joking, Kath had taken the boy up on his offer. Before long, Mike's young sperm had fertilized Kath and the blond babe now carried her own nephew's baby. She made no secret of her desire for it to be a boy so she could have him fuck her 'as soon as he's old enough' although she'd be just as happy if it were a girl, because she'd fuck her too, and let Mike do likewise! Kath would have to wait and see what sex the baby would be.

Of course, during the time she was trying to get pregnant Kath had been forced to partly give up her favorite sex-act - anal! Kath had loved anal-sex in her wild youth and had rediscovered it a couple of years ago when Mike had fucked her tight arse. Kath obtained some pleasure from being fucked in her pussy, but it was minimal compared to the sheer ecstasy she derived from having a big hard dick slamming into her shit-hole. She was glad when she'd finally fallen pregnant to Mike just before Christmas 2002, seven-months ago, as she could get back to offering her nether hole to the boy's indefatiguable teenaged prick.

It was nine o'clock on a Friday evening and various paperwork for her job, and homework for Mike, had meant that neither them nor Claire had fucked since they'd arrived home from work and school. They were to make up for that now though! It was time for an early night. Kath had just had a nice long soak in the bath and lovingly dried off her body before standing here, now, looking at her pregnant body. She blew her reflection a kiss, turned out the light, and padded naked down the hallway to the master-bedroom, where they all slept...and fucked.

Grunts of pleasure could be heard from the bedroom. Anyone else would have thought the occupants were a married-couple, or at least lovers of the same generation and not, as was the case, mother and son. This had been going on since May 2001 and the incest in the household had the parodoxical nature of still being a kinky novelty whilst at the same time it was perfectly routine.

Kath entered the room and shut the door behind her. It was a brightly lit room with a big King Size bed in the middle, who's springs had been put to the test a great deal in recent years. Currently, Mike was kneeling on it, arse-fucking his busty mother.

Mike was sixteen-years-old and fully grown. At five-foot-eleven with broad shoulders and a lean, sculpted torso, he was taller and bigger than his mother and aunt. Best of all, his cock had enjoyed a growth-spurt too, having gone from eight-inches when he'd first began fucking his mum and aunt, to it's current, fully grown size of nine-and-a-half-inches and of such an impressive girth neither his mother or Aunt Kath could fully encircle the base of the shaft with their fingers. Currently, this thick, impressive teenaged cock was, as usual, buried up his mother's rectum.

Claire was on her hands and knees, panting with pleasure as her son knelt behind her and drove his long cock into her arse. At the age of thirty-eight Claire still possessed all her physical charms. She was a little taller than her sister Kath and though she had the same fresh, pretty face, she had medium-length brown hair. She was more voluptuous too, with a rounder, fleshier bum and child-bearing hips. Her most impressive feature, besides her beautiful round arse, was her tits. Claire's tits were massive and heavy, but best of all were very firm and shapely even now in her late-thirties. These perfectly natural mammoth boobs were far bigger, far more eye-catching, far more mouthwatering than any silicon-enhanced rubbish favored by so-called 'glamor' models. Claire's sex-drive had previously been fairly latent and not something she gave much attention too, particularly after her divorce. She'd always channeled her energy into bringing up Mike, never realizing - until Kath suggested seducing the boy - that Mike would satisfy her desires. Claire soon found that she shared her sister Kath's lust for buggery. Claire enjoyed having her cunt sucked and fucked, she enjoyed being tit-fucked and she really loved having Mike spurt hot semen over her face, but most of all she adored being sodomized.

The busty, buxom brunette Claire and the petite, blond-haired Kath may not have looked very similar for sisters but they certainly shared an identical love of having Mike's big hard cock tickling the depths of their rectums and gushing it's hot incestuous seed. Mike sodomized his mother and Aunt usually once each in the morning before work and school, then once each again when they all returned, then one or two more times each before settling down for the night. At weekends it occured even more frequently with some afternoons turning into little more than steamy all-anal orgies. And then, of course, there were the extra-curricular activities with Derek and Simon and their mum, plus the occasional visit by Uncle John and his daughter Melanie, who was now fifteen and still taking her daddy's big dick in her arse on a daily basis (Mike had deflowered Melanie's cunt a couple of years ago but the girl's father had some bizarre aversion to vaginal-sex and only ever fucked her in the arse, something which Melanie was more than happy with - a love of incest and sodomy ran in the family!)

"Fuck me Mikey, fuck mummy's arse," Claire was grunting, on all fours and bucking her plump arse up against her son's thrusting cock, "Ram it right up me you motherfucker, oh God! Oh fuck yeah!"

"Uuh, mum, I never tire of your arsehole," Mike panted, the sixteen-year-old growing slick with sweat as he deeply sodomized his mother. He was gripping her hips and driving his throbbing tool deep up her clasping shit-canal.

"Fuck me deep and hard in my arse," drooled Claire, her huge tits swinging back and forth under her as her son's prick pounded her crapper.

"Havin' fun?" giggled Kath, getting up onto the bed and kneeling next to the sodomistical mother/son pair.

"We sure are," confirmed Mike, wiping some sweat from his forehead as he thrust away.

Kath sat and idly stroked her swollen belly as she watched her horny sister being fucked by Mike. The pair were really going for it, fucking rough and hard, just as they liked it. Kath began licking her lips as she concentrated on watching Mike's long pole slid back and forth in Claire's gripping anus.

"Pull out a moment," she said to Mike, "I fancy a nice suck of your shitty-stick." She giggled at her slang-term for Mike's cock when it was fresh from a rectum.

"Aw Aunt Kath, I've got a good rythm here," said Mike.

"Don't 'Aw Kath' me. C'mon, I'm hungry. Lemme have a nice suck on that crap-lolly."

Mike smiled and eased his long member from his mother's bowels. It popped out, slick with arse-juices. Kath instantly fell to sucking it, slobbering on that soiled shaft and sucking deeply on the head. Mike watched her, enjoying this but slightly irritated by the interruption. Kath had a serious scat-streak building up these days, hardly surprising for an avowed sodomite. When all Mike wanted to do was to engage in the perfectly natural and innocent (if looked at from a certain point of view) activity of buggering his mum, Kath was always hovering around, pestering for him to give her his cock to suck.

"Finished!" Kath grinned, almost childishly, sitting back up and smacking his lips.

"Can I get on with arse-fucking my mum?" Mike asked, smiling.

"Go for it," Kath replied, "Fuck her arse!"

"C'mon Mike honey," Claire urged him, "It's torture not having your cock plugging up my shitter. C'mon!! Mommy needs sodomizing!"

Mike guided the swollen head of his prick into his mother's gaping anus then, gripping her hips, he rammed forwards, sinking all nine-and-a-half inches up her rectal passage to the hilt.

"Aaah, fuck yeah, that's it," Claire panted, "Mmmm. Fuck! GOD, oh yeah! Ram it up me Mikey, ram that big cock up mummy's arse, by-buggering-Christ that's good...AAAH! YEAH!"

Mike once again found his pace, shafting his mother's clutching anus steadily. Kath made herself useful by reaching Claire and rubbing her clit, adding to the busty brunette's pleasure. She wailed and moaned in pleasure and shortly began climaxing. It was a strong orgasm and she cried out wantonly as her sister fiddled her clit and her son's cock drove hard up into her colon.

"Fucking Christ I'm cumming," Claire gasped, "Oh yeah, yeah...Mikey...fuck mummy's arse. Fuck it! UUUUH! AAAAH GOD!"

Mike buggered his mum throughout her climax. Once it had ebbed away he slid his dick out of her anus. Claire slumped forwards, out of breath.

"Move aside sis," Kath said.

"Okay," Claire replied, rolling over, laying on her back at the side of the bed, feeling truly shattered, her anus burning with electric pleasure from it's recent impalement.

Kath got on her hands and knees in front of Mike, her big belly under her with her arse spread and thrust out. Kath possessed the finest arse you could ever imagine, shapely but not fat, soft but not flabby. A perfectly sculpted pair of buttocks with a superb, deep cleft in which lay her anus which was pink and hairless, and though it was showing a few stretch-marks radiating from the hole itself it was nonetheless cute and tight looking arsehole bearing in mind the frequency in which it was skewered on cocks. Her heavily-pregnant state had not in anyway deprived her posterior of it's magnetic beauty.

"Lick my arse Mikey," she urged her nephew, "Lick and slurp on it, you know just how much having my anus licked makes me even more fired up for a deep bum-fucking!"

"One arse-licking coming up Kath," Mike announced, and he clapped his hands to her buttocks and fell to kissing her anus. He began running his tongue up and down her bum-crack then swirled the tip of his tongue around her anus. Kath purred with delight as the boy began pushing his tongue against her arsehole, which she relaxed so he could started eating out her arse.

"Aaah, that's so gooood," she crooned, "MMMMM!" Mike's tongue was now wriggling up into her rectum, the boy slurping noisily between his aunt's buttocks.

"Lick her arsehole," Claire urged her son, laying back and idly playing with her cunt, "Slurp on it good honey, eat her arse out!"

Mike slurped and licked for a moment or two more before rising up. His enormous teen cock was throbbing erectly, eager to explore Kath's rectum.

"Shove it right up my arse," Kath begged, her voice hoarse with lust, "Right up me! Mikey, baby, fuck your auntie's arse!"

Mike slid his long dick up into Kath's shitter, watching with a lewd grin as his pregnant aunt shuddered with pleasure. This is what the sexy blond slut lived for, having a prick enter her bum. She liked being tongued and fingered too of course, by Claire as well as Mike, and dildos were good too. But nothing could beat a real cock, and especially Mike's long tool. Kath and Claire were, of course, regularly fucked by Mike's friend Derek and his younger brother Simon, just as Mike would fuck Derek and Simon's mother, Alison. However, neither of those brothers down the road packed dicks as big as Mike's and like any genuine fan of anal-penetration, all that really mattered to Kath was size. Mike's nine-and-a-half-inches pleased her mightily as the boy's mushroom-shaped cock-head could plunge right into the depths of her colon and spurt it's seed far, far into her intestines. The thickness of his cock was superb too. At almost three-inches in diameter Mike's cock stretched Kath's sphincter tautly which is, of course, what she wanted.

"Uuuh, uh, Mikey," panted Kath, "Oh fuck yeah! Harder Mikey!"

"Christ your arse is so tight," Mike grunted, "Fuck knows how given the number of times I've fuck it...but it's so tight and hot...Aaah. Uh uh uh uh uuuh."

"Fuck her harder," Claire encouraged her son, "Don't show her any mercy just because she's pregnant with your child my son, fuck her hard!"

Mike smiled at his sexy mother and increased his pace, holding tightly onto Kath's hips, slamming his prick back and forth in her bowels.

"Aaah, I'm cumming," Kath began wailing, "Oh fuck yeah...oh Christ! UUUUH!" She climaxed hard, her body shaking with pleasure. She tossed her head, wailed and gnashed her teeth, ripples of climactic pleasure shooting through her body.

Only true sodomites like Kath and Claire were able to orgasm solely by having their arses fucked.

"I'm cumming too," Mike announced, arse-fucking his aunt harder, "Uh yeah....yeah...GOD! Oh fucking CHRIST! Aaaah, up your arse Kath!" His prick began ejecting hot wads of semen into his aunt's shit-canal. "Uuh Christ...I'm shooting up your arse Aunt Kath...AAAGH!"

"Fill me with it," Kath cried, "Flood my arse...I can feel it shooting up my shit-guts...oh Mike! Oh MIKE! Fucking hell...yeah! Harder motherfucker, fuck your horny aunt's arse...AAAH!"

"Holy shit, yeah!" gasped Mike, spurting a few more pumps of sperm before he began slowing his thrusts, his prick making squelchy noises as it fuck in and out of Kath's flooded rectum. He finally stopped, out of breath. His lean body was slick with sweat and his prick was twitching as it leaked cum up Kath's guts. Finally the boy eased out of her arse and sat back, against the headboard. Kath lay on her side across the bed, getting her breath back. Claire, meanwhile, hurried over and began sucking on Mike's prick, slurping her sister's shit off her son's dick.

"Suck it mum," urged Mike, stroking his hand through his mother's hair, "Suck it clean and it might just raise once more before bed then I can arse-fuck you and Kath again."

This provided the necessary incentive for Claire to double her efforts, She deep-throated Mike, slurping hotly on his cock. Kath soon came over and both women were working with their lips and tongues to bring fresh stiffness to Mike's dick. Those two sexy ladies were very skilled with their tongues and more importantly Mike's youth meant he had seemingly limitless reserves of sexual energy. In no time at all his cock was raging hard once more.

"Fuck my arse again Mikey baby," Kath begged, once again getting on her hands and knees with her arse thrust out, her shit-hole gaping open. She clenched and unclenched her anus. Claire moved aside so Mike could get up and kneel behind Kath. The boy elegantly plunged his cock into the clutching depths of his aunt's rectum, displacing some of the sperm he'd recently fired up there, the gooey white-brown fluid farting out past his shaft and running down Kath's legs. "UUUH, yeah, fuck me honey," Kath urged the youth, "Fuck my arsehole deep and hard again."

"Fuck her motherfucker," Claire purred as she knelt next to Mike, watching him bugger her pregnant sister.

"Not long know until Kath has this baby," Mike smiled to his mother as he fucked Kath's shitter.

"Yeah, I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl," Kath commented.

"Hopefully it'll be a boy," Claire said, "Then as soon as the little rascal is old enough to get a hard-on he can arse-fuck Kath and me!"

"Just think," commented Mike, "if it's a boy and he fucks you Claire, in doing so he'll be buggering his grandmother and aunt in one go."

"And if it's a girl," Kath said over her shoulder, "you can arse-fuck her as soon as she's old enough Mike. Because your cock is so big you'll have to wait a while though...perhaps until she's eight or nine. In buggering her you'll be fuck the arse of your daughter and cousin, and she in turn will be being arse-fucked by her father and cousin! Oh, the delights of incest! It adds an extra delightful flavor to the already beautiful dish that is sodomy! Mmm. Oh fuck my arse hard Mikey, fuck it raw."

"Save some for me though," Claire said, kneeling closer to Mike as her son picked up the pace of his sodomization of Kath, "I want you to give my arse a good fucking son."

"I will mum," panted Mike, ramming his cock repeatedly into the depths of Kath's shit-chute, "I'll make sure you don't go without another good bum-fucking you horny big-titted slut." He leaned in and kissed his mother, a passionate snog where he slid his tongue deep into her throat. Claire reacted lustilly, frenching her horny son, moaning inwardly with pleasure as their tongues squirmed over one another. Mike reached behind his mum and popped a couple of fingers up her dilated arsehole.

A moment later Claire moved away from her son. She sat down at the other end of the bed, in front of Kath, her legs spread and her furry juicy twat right in front of Kath's sweaty dishevelled face. Kath licked her lips and instantly dived into Claire's crotch, licking her sister's cunt, slurping thirstily with her busy tongue.

"Lick her out auntie," grinned Mike, arse-fucking Kath uninterruptidly, "lick my mum's hot cunt. Stick your finger in her arsehole too!"

Kath complied, pushing two fingers up Claire's arse to the knuckle whilst slurping on her pussy.

"Mmm, that's good," smiled Claire, "Oh eat pussy so well Kath...mmm...oh yeah."

For ten-minutes Mike energetically sodomized his pregnant Aunt Kath whilst she in turn licked out Claire's cunt and fingered her arsehole. The three family members moaned and panted and cried with pleasure as they romped on the bed, none of them ever growing in anyway bored of these delightful session.

Eventually, Mike stopped his pelvic thrusting, took a deep breath and slowly withdrew his pulsing erection from Kath's shit-canal, the woman gasping with exhaustion when she was finally allowed to move to oneside, her body slick with sweat. She lay on her back, smiling serenely, stroking her belly and feeling her anus still throb from it's recent impalement.

"My turn!" Claire announced, getting on her hands and knees in front of Mike.

"Just gimme a moment will ya," laughed Mike, getting his breath back. He recovered from his exhertions whilst admiring his mothers spread arse before him, fleshy and delicious. Then he got back into action, inserting his throbbing erection deep into his mother's arse. He held her hips and buggered her with animalistic grunts of lust. Claire urged her son on with wild obsceneties, begging him to fuck her harder. "Fuck my shitter Mikey, fuck mummy in her shit-hole. Ah yeah, yeah, harder baby, fuck mummy's arse harder. NNG!" She clenched her anus round Mike's thick shaft, her huge tits wobbling under her naked body. Mike began panting hotly and fucking his mother's arse harder.

"I'm gonna cum mum," he announced, "Holy fucking shit...uuuh....UUUH! MUM!"

He implanted his tool deep in his mother's bowels to the root and squirted his frothy sperm into her guts. His cock twitched and pulsed in the tight confines of his mother's shit-hole, ejecting his load into her slick colon, his sperm mixing with her shit far inside her body. Mike let out a sigh of pleasure once his climax finally ebbed away.

"The perfect way to end a hard day," he grinned, "Buggering my beautiful mum and aunt! I'm fucking exhausted." He withdrew his soiled cock from his mother's arse. Kath got up and went over to suck her nephew's dick clean.

Finally spent, the three of them settled down under the covers, Mike in the middle with his horny mum and aunt either side of him. They turned out the lights and snuggled together, soon drifting off to sleep. It was Saturday tomorrow and they knew that, as always, there would be plenty of anal-related incest fun over the weekend.

Mike woke at eight o'clock the next morning, yawning as he slowly opened his eyes. He could feel his nude body exposed and gradually felt the sensation of hot lips and tongues working over his waking erection. He smiled and looked down.

The covers had been shoved to the floor and Claire and Kath, both having woken up ten-minutes earlier, were further down the bed sucking on Mike's dick. This was their favorite way to rouse their horny stud.

"Morning mum," Mike grinned, "Morning Aunt Kath."

The two women were unable to reply. Kath had all of Mike's nut-sac in her mouth, rolling the two heavy balls around in her gob, whilst Claire had half of Mike's nine-plus incher jammed in her sucking throat. She bobbed her head, slurping on her son's prick, moaning inwardly with delight. Mike lay back and closed his eyes, enjoying the delightful attention and looking forwards to starting this day the same way he'd ended the last one - bum-fucking his mum and aunt.

For ten-minutes Kath and Claire licked and slobbered Mike's cock and balls. Then they moved aside, grinning.

"Hop aboard one of you," Mike declared, gripping the base of his erection so that it stood up straight. It was rock-hard and throbbing, the end swollen and almost glowing purple, so eager was that impressive rod of steely boy-flesh to skewer the bums of the two women who's tongues had bought it into such an aroused state.

"Me first," Kath declared like a selfish child, grinning as she got astride Mike's crotch, facing towards his torso. She had to raise herself high and manouvre about until she felt Mike's saliva-slick cock nudge at her anus. Then she began to lower herself, her anus briefly resisting it's impalement before giving way to Mike's cock-head. "Aaaaaah," Kath moaned, feeling her nephews enormous weapon slowly sheath itself in her bowels. Lower and lower she went, reaching out and placing her hands flat on Mike's firm chest as she impaled herself. Before long her arse had swallowed Mike's cock completely. Her tight arsehole clenched the base of Mike's erection, the shaft throbbing in the tight confines of the naked pregnant blond's rectum. "Oh fuck that is so good," Kath panted, "Uh, fuck! Fuck! What a way to start the day!" She began to raise up, her arse slowly defecating out the bottom half of Mike's cock. Then she dropped down again, yelping with ecstasy as she once again impaled herself right down. She repeated this at a steady pace, her and Mike breathing deeply with lust. Mike was able to reach out and run his hands over Kath's swollen pregnant belly as she rode his cock. Claire meanwhile knelt between Mike's parted feet, behind Kath, watching her son's cock alternately appear then dissapear from Kath's stretched arsehole as her sister raised and lowered herself. Claire frigged her cunt with one hand and her arsehole with the other as she watched this, knowing she'd have her turn next. The red nipples on her huge tits were sticking out erectly.

Mike enjoyed not having to do much work. He was still slightly sleepy from just having woken up and was content just to lay here and have Kath on top of him, bouncing slowly on his cock. Her arsehole felt so hot and tight - as always - and he began to grin.

"What's so funny?" giggled Kath.

"Even though we've been doing this for so long," replied Mike, "it still strikes me as amusing that most sixteen-year-old boys have to jerk-off to get rid of their morning wood on Saturday mornings. However, I'm lucky enough to be able to sodomize by dear aunt, who's pregnant with my child, and also my mum!"

"You're a lucky boy," Kath grinned, "And your mum and and me are lucky ladies!"

"Sexy ones too," insisted Mike, "You're so gorgeous Kath, especially pregnant with your stomach all swollen and your titties swelling. Have you begun to lactate yet?"

"Not yet, hopefully I will soon then I can squirt milk in your face!"

"The same way he squirts his 'boy-milk' in our faces," laughed Claire, now moving round to the side of her son and sister, "Don't hog my boy's dick Kath, I need a good bum-fucking before breakfast!"

"Don't worry sis, Mikey won't go blowing his load in my arse. The boy has good self-control."

"I sure do," Mike confirmed. Kath continued riding his cock, her arsehole clutching his shaft, her tits - slightly fuller due to her heavily pregnant state - jiggling as she rode the boy. Claire leaned in and kissed Mike lustilly on the mouth, snaking her tongue into his throat. Then she shifted so that her huge tits dangled over Mike's face. The boy loved his mother's huge melons and he sucked on the stiff nipples in turn, slurping hard on them and nibbling them lightly. Claire moaned with pleasure. Kath - still with Mike's dick firmly planted in her arse - reached round and pushed a couple of fingers up her sister's arse, Claire enjoying this digit manipulation of her anus, the perfect prelude to being sodomized by Mike which was the next item on the pre-breakfast menu of incestuous lovin'!

After a while Kath pulled herself up, Mike's did sliding out of her arse and slapping wetly to his firm abdomen. Kath moved aside and Claire knew that her turn had come.

"Climb on mum," Mike grinned.

Claire smiled back to her horny son then swung her leg over his crotch. She reached down to hold her son's magnicent cock - steel-hard and slick with Kath's shit - upright with the head nudging her anus. She lowered herself, grimacing as the thick penis steadily pushed past her sphincter. The hard part over with, Claire let go of Mike's cock, which could stand upright unattended now that it was partially up her arse, and placed her hands on Mike's belly as she lowered herself.

"Nnnng, yeah," she gasped, her anus slowly slurping up Mike's dick inch by inch, "This is the best part...slowly impaling myself. Slowly feeling this big dong filling up my entrails. UUUH!" Soon she had skewered herself completely, her son's dick lodged in her rectum, her sphincter clenching the very root of his cock. She began riding the boy slowly, not wanting to go to fast and having the big spunky firework up her arse blow up prematurely. "Squat over Mike's face Kath," she said to her sister, "Face me as you do so. That way my horny son can lick your arse and I can kiss your belly."

Kath liked this idea! She got into position, squatting over Mike and lowering herself so her arsehole was bought to his lips. Mike quickly pushed his tongue up into his aunt's shitter, working it up there as far as it would go. Whilst riding Mike's dick Claire was able to lean down and run her tongue over Kath's pregnant belly. She licked that stretched bloated stomach, tongueing Kath's naval. The blond woman giggled with delight as her nephew - and her father of her unborn child - licked her arse and her sister licked her belly. Claire shortly moved up and swirled her tongue over Kath's nipples in turn. Then she sucked upon them, slurping deeply. She was shortly rewarded with a mouthful of warm milk!

"Oh wow," she grinned, raising her head, "I got some milk! These titties are full of milk!"

"I should hope so!" Kath replied, "They feel swollen enough! Suck on them some more sis!"

Claire did so, bending back down and sucking on Kath's right nipples, getting a few more squirts of tit-milk. She swallowed it down hungrily. It occured to her how perverse this was, breast-feeding from her own sister! Of course, she couldn't worry about doing something 'perverse' given that, for what must be the three-thousandth time, she was taking her son's dick in her arse. Furthermore, the depravity of a sexual act was what turned her on. In the last couple of years she'd engaged in nearly every possible sexual act with her son and sister, been buggered many times by her younger brother John, had lesbian sex with John's underage daughter Melanie, and been fucked and sucked and buggered by Mike's friend Derek and Derek's brother Simon and mother, Alison. Claire and Kath still labored under the knowledge that there were always more boundries to push aside, more sordid acts to discover and improve upon.

Clarie moaned with pleasure as she sucked milk from Kath's tit whilst she bounced on Mike's dick which was firmly planted up her arse.

After a few minutes, Claire raised her head and kissed Kath hard on the lips, both of them sliding their tongues into each other's throats and sharing the taste of Kath's breast milk.

"I wouldn't mind a drink of milk!" Mike declared from below, taking his mouth from Kath's arse, "Let me suck on Kath's tits."

"Okay son," replied Claire. She raised up and dismounted Mike, his prick emerging soiled from her shitter. Kath dismounted Mike too and new positions were arranged. Kath knelt up and Mike knelt before her, bending down and sucking on his aunt's left tits, sucking deeply and soon drawing milk from her boobs. Claire reached out and masturbated her son's cock with her right hand whilst with her left she lightly fingered Kath's anus.

It took a couple of minutes for Mike to drain Kath's left tit dry. He knelt up, grinning.

"I'm ready to cum," he declared, "I wanna shoot over your face Kath!"

"Go for it," Kath said.

"I want another buggering," Claire said, "Why don't you arse-fuck me son? You can pull out at the last minute and wash Kath down with spunk!"

New positions were quickly arranged. Kath lay on her back and Claire got over her, inverted, in a sixty-nine. Claire propped herself up on her hands, her face hovering over Kath's cunt, her tits draped over Kath's swollen belly. This meant that Claire's knees were placed on the bed either side of Kath's head, her juicy spread arse over her sister's expecting face.

"Here goes," Mike said, eager to unload his heavy balls. His prick felt so hard it almost hurt, a thick hard club of straining throbbing meat. He quickly stuffed it up his mother's arse, Claire squealing with ecstasy at the abrupt way her son had sheathed his cock in her intestines. Mike roughly sodomized his mother, Claire grunting and panting with lust.

"Fuck my arse Mike," she urged him over her shoulder, "Harder! Faster! Fuck my arse motherfucker, you horny big-cocked motherfucker. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fucking God....uuuh. God praise sodomy! Oh's so good!!"

"Don't forget to pull out and drench me in sauce!" Kath reminded Mike. She was still laying back, Claire's furry cunt and arse just above her face so that she had a perfect close-up view from beneath of her nephew's hard erection sliding back and forth in her sister's anus. Mike buggered his mother for a few minutes before he felt his cum begin to boil up.

"Here it is, it's comin'!" he announced, "Fuck! It's gonna be a fuckin' messy one!"

The youth whipped his hard dick out his mother's arse and gripped it in his fist, pumping it hard, angling it down so the swollen head was thrust right into Kath's face which was just below Claire's spread arse. "Uh uh uh...uuuuuh!" Mike gasped, jerking off furiously, "OH FUCK! Here it is Kath, here it is auntie! In your face....FUCK!"

It was an explosive orgasm, a beautifully messy supernova of sperm. Jets of hot cum erupted from Mike's cock as he pumped his shaft with his blurred fist, the white goo lashing across Kath's face. She flicked out her tongue and caught some of the delicious liquid to swallow down, but most of it hit her skin. Mike jerked off until his balls were empty and Kath's face was plastered. He wiped his cock-head over Kath's sticky forehead before moving back, out of breath. Claire dismounted her sister, leaving Kath to sit up, grinning with sperm running obscenely down her sweet visage and dripping to her tits and belly.

Claire turned and licked Kath's face clean, her tongue lapping up her son's cum. They kissed and swapped the sperm back and forth, swallowing it down. Mike watched them both whilst getting his breath back.

There was no better way to start the day, he thought to himself, than arse-fucking your mum and aunt!

It was a couple of hours later, after breakfast. Claire was upstairs having a bath whilst Mike sat downstairs with his Aunt Kath, sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Mike was wearing just his boxer shorts and a T-shirt. Kath wore just a pair of white cotton panties. The household never wore too much when sitting around which meant that they were always ready to fuck at a moment's notice. Mike was always spring erections, especially with his mum and aunt provocatively displaying their charms as they pottered about the house, and those two horny sisters never - never - turned down an opportunity to have Mike's thick cock stretch their arseholes. They enjoyed going around the house in sexy lingerie, or topless or bottomless or just plain old stark-naked so that Mike would get all aroused and stop whatever he was doing and proceed to leap on his mum or aunt and sodomize them to a screaming mutual orgasm.

Mike still fondly recalled his personal record of most-ejaculations-in-one-day from last Summer, when in one Sunday he'd shot ten loads of sperm! Four ejaculations were shot up his mum's arse, three more were up Kath's arse, one load was down Kath's throat and finally he'd cummed once over each of their faces. He'd still had the energy to sodomize them both before school the next morning!

Shortly, the doorbell rang.

"Do you think that'll be Derek?" asked Kath, referring to Mike's friend down the road.

"Probably," Mike replied, getting up, "I assume so anyway!" He went out into the hallway and opened the door.

It was indeed Derek, who was here with his mother Alison and brother Simon.

"Hey dude," the boy said, "Can we come in? We just thought we'd pop round for a bit of"

"Sure, come on in you lot," Mike grinned, letting the three co-conspiritors in the incestuous orgies into the house. He shut the front door behind them and followed them into the living room. Their shared love of incest meant the families were very close and treated each other's homes like their own.

"Hi everyone," Kath smiled from the sofa as the guests came in.

"Hello Kath, fellow mother-to-be," Alison grinned. She too was seven-months pregnant, by her son Derek.

The three guests sat down and chatted amiably amongst themselves, it left unsaid that the morning would soon see a wild orgy of incestuous sodomy, especially when Claire finished her bath.

Alison was a forty-one year old divorcee. She was of medium height and build with short blond hair and bright blue eyes, with a soft pretty face. Her tits were fairly big - not as huge as Claire's but still of a good size. They were even bigger and firmer in her pregnant state. In addition to a blue skirt she wore a white T-shirt which, though baggy, was stretched taut over her firm tits and her swollen belly.

Last November, upon finding out that Kath was trying to get pregnant, Alison had gleefully decided she wanted another child. Having long since been inducted into the delights of incest with her sons it was only natural that Alison should decide that one of her two boys should father her child. Derek volunteered and so, throughout December 2002, Alison stopped taking the contraceptive-pill and had Derek shoot his cum into her twat as often as possible. Her younger son, Simon, fucked her as often as he always did, but during that month he only shot his sperm into Alison's arse or mouth. This ensured that that only his brother Derek's sperm would find it's way into their mum's womb. At about the same time Kath fell pregnant, Alison discovered she was pregnant too with Derek's son. Now she looked in full bloom, heavily pregnant and ultra-sexy...and ultra-sexed-up! She was even more horny than ever, if that were possible.

Sitting next to her on the sofa was Derek himself. He was sixteen, the same age as Mike, but a bit shorter at five-foot-eight. He was a handsome youth and sat up close to his mum, reaching out and rubbing her thigh.

On the armchair sat Simon. He was aged fourteen but looked a little younger as he was short and slender boy with a cheeky face.

"Ooh, we've got guests," Claire said as she entered the living room, stark naked. She'd heard the voices of Alison and her sons from upstairs and so had not bothered dressing. Her huge tits glistened from dampness and her wet brown hair clung to her forehead.

"Hi Claire," greeted Alison with a warm smile.

"Hiya," said Claire, leaning down and giving Alison a slurpy kiss on the lips before she knelt down on the floor in front of the sofa, in front of where Mike sat. The boy reached out and stroked his mother's hair. Like Derek and Simon, Mike's cock was stirring, and the three randy mature ladies in the room were clearly itching for a fuck.

"Wow, I feel so slim being the only woman in the room without a swollen pregnant belly!" Claire shortly announced after some small talk.

"Kath and mum look so horny all pregnant an' stuff," Simon smirked.

"Yeah, who's belly is biggest?" asked Kath, "C'mon Alison, let's compare!" She stood up and stood in the center of the room. Alison got up, taking off her skirt and T-shirt so that, like Kath, she stood in just her panties. They stood next to each other, pregnant bellies thrust out before them. Claire shuffled over and stroked Kath's stomach with one hand and Alison's with the other.

"Well," she concluded, "I'd say they're about the same size."

"I suppose we are both at the same stage," Kath commented. Indeed, her due date was just a few days before Alison's.

"Do you want to come round here and have a look at our bellies?" Alison said, turning and addressing Mike who sat behind them.

"I'm happy enough with this view," he grinned, stroking his prick which he'd pulled forth from his shorts, "I can see your arses from here. Mmm...two beautiful butts! Your arses look so hot, I wanna fuck 'em."

"Me too," Derek announced. He stood up and began undressing.

This was the cue for Mike and Simon to shed their clothes too. All three boys sported very hard dicks. Mike's was the biggest at just over nine-inches but Derek's was fairly impressive too at eight-inches with an elegant upward curve to the shaft. Simon was not too far into puberty, so he had a totally hairless crotch although his dick wasn't too badly proportioned for his age at five-inches in length. It looked even bigger jutting from his bald crotch with no pubes to hide the base of the shaft.

Simon walked up to Kath and stroked her tits.

"These are gettin' bigger," he sniggered, "Normally you're fairly flat-chested Kath but your boobies are all nice 'n big 'cos your pregnant."

Kath giggled. Any adult male would have slightly insulted her with such a comment, but being just a kid Simon could get away with it, especially with his adorable cheeky little face.

"I started lactating a bit this morning," Kath said to Alison, "Claire and Mike both had a nice drink of milk from my titties!"

"Cool," Alison smiled, "I haven't yet, but hopefully I will soon, then I can feed both my boys just like I did all them years ago!"

"Can I have some milk?" asked Simon.

"Go for it," Kath grinned.

Simon bent down a little to suck on Kath's tits. He was barely five-foot-tall and so was just a couple of inches shorter than Kath. He slurped on her right nipples and managed to get a little bit of milk, before he transferred to her left tit and got a good mouth full.

"Mmmm, nice," he grinned. Then he gave Kath a lusty kiss whilst squeezing her tits, a drip of milk emerging from the stubby red nipples.

"Enough of such niceties," Mike declared, stroking his menacingly large cock and speaking with more authority than you would expect from a boy of sixteen, "I'm in the mood for more heavier things, namely some sodomy."

"Absolutely," Claire agreed, "My arsehole is itching for some cock. C'mon ladies, let's get these boy's dicks wedged up our shitters. Let's get in a row on the floor."

She got on her hands and knees, Kath and Alison doing likewise. The three women's beautiful bare arses were thrust out, their anuses winking as they clenched and unclenched them like some sort of sordid warm-up to the anal impalement they were so eagerly awaiting.

"Who shall we do?" Simon queried, stroking his stiff pecker.

"Well," began Derek, "I fucked mum's arse this morning so I think I'll fuck your mum's arse Mike."

"Go for it," Mike said, "I'll fuck your mum's arse in the meantime."

"That leaves me with Kath," Simon concluded.

The boys all got down behind their respective woman and lubed up their arseholes with saliva. They rarely bothered with Vaseline, as it licking a woman's shit-hole was, they all agreed, not only the best way to prepare that tight orifice for penetration but also the most enjoyable. The room was filled with the sound of slurping and licking for a few minutes before the horny teenaged boys all knelt up. Their dicks were rock-hard and eager to plunge into a tight hole or two!

Mike slowly pushed his dick into Alison's shitter, the pregnant blond forty-one year old shuddering with pleasure as the youth's enormous prick plowed into her rectum. Next to them Derek was inserting his throbbing rod into Claire's arsehole and, finally, Simon shoved his hard five-incher up Kath's arse. Kath may have been a size-queen who loved big pricks in her bowels, but that's not to say she didn't enjoy Simon's half-grown pecker. It was still nice to have it up her arse and any detriment in it's size merely turned her on even more because it emphasised that this was just a fourteen year old boy who was buggering her. She loved the idea of underage boys fucking her arse. Mike had been fourteen - but already blessed with a big dick - when he'd first fucked Kath and his mum. Kath sometimes fantasized about having a room full of twelve and thirteen year old boys lining up to bugger her. If the baby she had in her womb was male she vowed to seduce him and have him fuck her arse as soon as he was old enough. Mike had confessed a long time ago that he'd first masturbated and cum when he was eleven, and Kath hoped that if she had a son he'd be sodomizing her when he was that age.

Simon steadily buggered Kath, grunting as he rammed his stiff young dick repeatedly into her arse, the hot blond slut before him moaning with pleasure and urging him on.

Claire was crying out obsceneties as Derek's thick dick rammed home into her rectum. She was normally very polite and softly spoken, the sort of woman who would say 'sugar' instead of 'shit' after a mishap. That all changed, however, when she had a dick up her arse. She'd employ the most sordid profanities which had the desired effect of further arousing both herself and her fucker.

"Fuck me Derek, fuck my shitter," she cried, "Oh fuck yeah...yeah...oh GOD! I'll be cumming soon with your big fucking dick in my fucking shitter! NNNG!" Her huge tits swung to and fro under her in time with Derek's energetic thrusts. The boy was grinning with pleasure as he sodomized his best friend's horny slut of a mother whilst his mother was meanwhile sodomized by his best friend!

Alison was purring with ecstasy, her swollen pregnant belly under her as she remained on her hands and knees with Mike's long erection fucking in and out of her colon. She wasn't as anally obsessed as Kath and Claire - she liked having some attention to her pussy - but she did like anal-sex and, in fact, in the last few months she'd decided that for the sake of her baby it would be safest to stick to nothing other than anal-sex whilst pregnant. Having two sons meant she often enjoyed double-penetration, taking one of her boy's cocks in her cunt and the other in her arse. Now that her pussy was out of bounds for a while she was content to take both her son's dicks in her arse at the same time! Double-anal was something Kath and Claire enjoyed too when Derek and Simon were around and they intended on enjoying some of that treatment shortly.

Right now the three mature sluts remained on their hands and knees on the living room floor, panting and moaning with pleasure whilst the teenaged boys sodomized them. Mike deeply sodomized Alison, Simon sodomized Kath and Derek sodomized Claire. The six naked bodies were soon glistening with sweat as they energetically coupled in this delightfully sordid manner.

"Ah fuck, that's so good," Kath grunted, "Oh yeah Simon...fuck me harder...fuck my tight arse harder you horny young motherfucker! OH GOD!"

"I'm fuckin' you Kath, I'm fuckin'," grinned Simon, the fourteen year old perspiring heavily as he energetically sodomized the pregnant woman who was twenty-two years his senior.

"Jesus fucking Christ be buggered," Claire spluttered, "There's nothing better than having a big dick up your arse...oh yeah...oh Derek, fuck my shitter harder...oh fuck! FUCK! Yeah...I'll be cumming soon...fucking cunting Christ! Fuck me harder Derek, fuck my shitter as hard as my son if fucking your mum's shitter!"

Derek smiled at the busty brunette's sordid words. He held her hips in his strong hands as he pistoned his thick dong to and fro in her anal-tract.

"Having fun Alison?" Mike asked the pregnant blond as he buggered her.

"I am," Alison confirmed, "Oh fucking Christ I am having fun...uuuh! Your mum is right, there's nothing like having a big dick in your arse! Us women are so lucky to have you boys!"

"And we're lucky to have you three ladies," Mike solemnly declared, ramming his prick deep into Alison's colon.

Five more minutes of heavy anal-sex later - with a very loud and passionate climax from all three women - Simon began to feel impatient for more variation. He slid his dick out of Kath's rectum.

"Let's try something else," the freckled youngster suggested, standing up, his erect pecker slick with Kath's shit.

Derek withdrew from Claire's arse whilst Mike removed his prick from Alison's bowels. They also stood up, their dicks throbbing and hard and soiled.

"Look at these boy's dicks," moaned Kath with a childish grin as she turned round, "Tut tut...these boy's pricks are all covered in pooh! Anyone would think they'd been sticking them up women's bottoms! They had better have them cleaned before they stick them anywhere else!" She shuffled over to Derek and started sucking on his prick, licking Claire's shit off of that proud shaft.

Claire and Alison giggled at Kath's silliness. Claire then went to Mike and sucked his dick whilst Alison sucked Derek's cock. The boys stood and smirked with each other as the women used their tongues to clean their crap-coated dicks which, shortly, were sparkling clean.

"Mmmm," Kath declared, smacking her lips, "Nothing like a hot shitty-dick to suck on. Right, I want fucking again. What shall we try this time?"

"I think," Alison began, standing up and rubbing her pregnant belly in her hands, "that I'd like to have my arse-fisted. Cocks are best to have shoved up your bum but I want something thicker for a while, a nice fist!"

"I'll volunteer," Kath declared, clenching her fist and holding it up, "I wanna ram this hand up your arse Alison."

"Hey, don't make our cocks redundant," whined Simon.

"Don't worry," Derek reassured his little brother, "We can still find a place in this set-up. Whilst Kath fists our mum's arse, I'll fuck Kath's arse. You, Simon, can stick your dick in mum's throat so she can suck you off in the meantime. And I'm sure Mike will be content to fuck his mummy up the shitter whilst they observe all this."

The set-up was quickly arranged as planned. Alison got on all fours and, whilst she slurped on Simon's dick, Kath - with Derek's cock wedged snugly in her guts - slowly pushed her fist to the wrist up Alison's anus. Claire was on her hands and knees and eagerly observing this whilst her son Mike knelt behind her and shafted her bum deeply. It went on for five-minutes with plenty of moans and cries of lust. Then fists and dicks were pulled out of arses and mouths and the six sweaty fuckers planned their next activity.

"I fancy a bit of an arse-fisting," Claire announced, "My fucking arsehole is itching for a real stretching! Alison? Your fist is a bit bigger than Kath's so why don't you shove your hand up my shitter? Whilst you fist my arse you can be buggered by Simon whilst sucking off my son."

"That'll leave me content to observe you all," Kath added, "whilst Derek plugs my arse with his dick!"

And so, Claire got on all fours with her arse spread and waiting to be penetrated. Alison got on all fours behind her, waiting until her son Simon had planted his pecker up her rectum before she eased her fist into Claire's rectum. Then she turned and began sucking on Mike's dick which carried the delightful taste of Claire's shit. Their audience consisted of Kath and Derek, the latter fucking the former up the arse.

Both Claire and Kath climaxed during the five-minutes that this fun lasted, but the boys were all still hard and unspent when they broke up.

"I'm ready to cum," Derek declared, "I need to empty my fuckin' nuts so bad!"

"Agreed," Mike said, taking control from the women in organizing things, "Right, us boys are all gonna blow. Let's work this out...hmmmm. I know, let's cum on these women rather than in them! I'll cum on my mum's face, Derek can cum on his mum's face and finally Simon can give Kath a nice facial. Okay everyone?"

Everyone did indeed agree with this suggestion. The women knelt and the boys stood before them, beating off their dicks, desperate to unload their heavy balls, their sperm having built up massively after such a prolonged amount of fucking without cumming.

"Here it is mum!" Mike was soon crying as he pumped his dick in Claire's face, "Uuh...over your fuckin' face...fuck...UUUUH!" He whacked off furiously, his sperm erupting out in explosive gouts. The thick white paste lashed over Claire's face, on her forehead, cheeks, nose and tongue. She moved her head from side to side to ensure she was utterly bathed in her son's hot sperm.

Derek hit his climax next.

"C'mon son, cover me in it!" Alison urged the masturbating teenager.

"I'm cumming mum!!" Derek shouted, "Aaaah, fuck!"

He pumped his dick and began ejecting his sticky load over Alison's pretty face. She was heavily plastered in the thick goo and she lapped up what she could catch on her outstretched tongue.

Simon climaxed next, the boy grunting as he jerked off his hard cock, ejecting fuck-sauce over Kath's face. The pregnant thirty-five year old blond lapped up what spunk she could catch on her tongue whilst the rest of the young boy's cream landed over her cheeks, forehead and in her hair.

"Take it Kath, yeah," grinned Simon, loving the sight of his sperm splashing all over Kath.

With their faces slathered in spunk, the women sucked the dicks of the boys. Then Mike, Derek and Simon sat back on the sofa, catching their breath whilst being treated to the sight of Claire, Alison and Kath all having a group snogging session, licking and slurping each other's cum-splattered faces clean and frenching each other, swapping cum and spitting it into one another's mouths. There was plenty of arse-fingering and tit-squeezing going on during all of this too.

Just watching this delightful show had the boy's dicks all beginning to raise their heads within moments!

"Mmmmm, that's the great thing about teenaged boys," Kath declared as she went over and laid her hand on Simon's stiff pecker, "they're so energetic! No man our mature age could get a fresh hard-on so quickly."

"Oh, I don't know," Derek smirked as his mother stroked his hard prick, "I'm sure you beautiful babes would arouse the cocks of octogenerians!"

"Well, you're not octogenerians," Claire giggled as she rubbed Mike's erection, "You're horny teenagers ready and willing to sodomize us slutty anal-sluts! My anus is itching for more cock. Mike? Would you like to sodmize me?"

"Of course mum," Mike replied, leaning forwards and kissing her as a lover would do, "Bend over you horny big-titted cunt, I'm gonna plug your bum with my cock."

"You can fuck me Derek," Kath said, "No surprises for guessing which hole I want stuffing with that big dick of yours!"

"You'll sodomize me won't you honey?" Alison said to Simon.

"Sure mum," Simon replied.

The women got on all fours. Mike got behind Claire and shoved his cock into her shitter. Derek inserted his cock into Kath's arse whilst Simon fuck Alison's arse. The ladies were soon grunting with pleasure and the boys panting with youthful joy as they once more lost themselves in sodomistical pleasures. As was usually the case at weekends, the living room was filled with the sounds of teenaged boys bum-fucking women more than twice their age!

There would be a lot of sperm spilled into bowels that weekend.

Kath began her maternity leave on the Monday. After waking up extra-early - as usual - Mike fucked Claire up the shitter and ejaculated over her face. With a fresh erection her then buggered Kath and gave her a hot enema of sperm. Then he went to school and Claire went to work, leave Kath in the house alone.

She felt a little fatigued due to her pregnant state and had a relaxing time either soaking in the bath or just lounging in front of the TV naked and munching on various snacks. Her horniness levels were sky-high, obliging her to frequently go upstairs and push big dildos up her arse to satisfy her until that evening.

Mike got home at four o'clock.

"Nice day at school honey?" Kath smiled, sitting naked on the sofa.

"Sure, it was okay," Mike said, sitting on down next to Kath. His frisky aunt turned and gave him a loving kiss.

"I've missed your cock during the day," she smirked.

"I've missed your arsehole, as always."

"Do you wanna get down to some fucking? Your mum won't be home for an hour, I can't wait that long."

"Sure, I reckon I'll be ressurrected in the groin area to give mum a good seeing to upon her return."

Mike stood and began undressing. Kath watched the handsome youth shed his clothes. A porn movie was on the TV, currently showing a well-hung white guy sodomizing a petite nineteen year old Pakistani woman who was crying out with pleasure and urging her fucker to ram his ten-incher up her arse harder and harder. Kath now forgot about the porn movie as she looked forward to some real-life action with her stud of a nephew!

"Suck my cock Aunt Kath," grinned Mike, now nude, standing in front of Kath as the pregnant blond remained seated on the sofa. His heavy cock wobbled menacingly in her face.

"With pleasure you horny fucker," Kath replied, and she gripped the base of Mike's shaft with both her hands and sat up, taking the head into her mouth. She had to stretch her little mouth as wide as possible to accomodate the throbbing purple mushroom head in her throat. She sucked and slurped, swirling her tongue around the head, hearing Mike softly pant with pleasure. Kath usually liked to spend a good five-minutes or so sucking on Mike's dick before getting down to more serious activities, but right now she was too impatient. After a minute she took Mike's dick out her mouth.

"I need buggering right now," she declared, "I want that big dick up my shitter!"

"Then bend over my pregnant anal-slut, I'll impale you like a squealing pig!"

Kath giggled and turned round. She knelt up on the sofa, facing backwards, her hands gripping the back rest. Her arse was thrust out at the perfect height for Mike to stand and bugger her. Mike first bent down and licked Kath's anus, slurping on her tight hole and sliding his tongue up there so it was nice and wet. Then he stood up straight and slowly guided his cock into his aunt's arse. Kath moaned with pleasure as her sphincter was forced wide open by Mike's cock-head. Once the boy had began entering Kath's rectum he placed both his hands on her shoulders to help lever himself as he slowly pushed forwards, his long erection dissapearing up Kath's arse.

"Nnnng, that's it," Kath panted, "That's what I've been waiting for all day...ooooh! Oh fuck...yeah."

"It's all the way in auntie," grinned Mike, looking down to verify that, indeed, every inch of his long pole was wedged up Kath's bowels.

"Yeah, oh yeah," the blond woman was panting, "I feel so full of cock! Uuuuh....Christ....oh fuck me...fuck me hard Mikey my beautiful big-dicked nephew! Don't show me any mercy just because I'm carrying your child in my belly. Fuck my tight shitter hard."

Mike did so, gripping Kath's shoulders as he withdrew most of his cock from her arse so just the first three-inches remained lodged in bowels. Kath felt her colon close now that it had been mostly vacated, the same satisfying sensation of bowel-emptying that she got from taking a shit. Of course, unlike when taking a shit, Kath then had the sensation of her bowels being filled as Mike pushed his prick back into her arse to the root. Kath moaned with pleasure, the novelty of taking a big cock in her arse never wearing off. Whilst gripping the back-rest of the sofa and pushing her arse back against Mike's groin, Kath grunted and moaned with hot lust as her nephew picked up his pace, fucking her up her shitter with slow deep strokes.

Kath had enjoyed a rather wild youth. Her and Claire had enjoyed some sister-sister lesbian sex when they were younger - Kath thirteen and Claire sixteen. It had been mostly for mutual fun rather than out of any rampant lust. Whilst Claire had lead a fairly sedentary life with regards to sex (until she'd started fucking Mike two-years ago anyway) Kath had never held back. She'd lost her virginity at fifteen and at sixteen had first taken a cock in her arse. She'd fallen in love with sodomy there and then, and during college then throughout her twenties she'd indulged in plenty of sex, including gang-bangs, group sessions and even a lesbian fling. Anal-sex had always been her number one desire and she'd dumped several boyfriends in an instant when they'd displayed a lack of enthusiasm for anal-sex. Most men, however, had been happy to plunge into Kath's arse, especially as it was so perfectly pert and shapely. Kath had been without much sex in her early thirties, at which point she'd then encouraged Claire to join her in seducing Mike. When Kath had been twenty-seven she had seduced a neighborhood boy of fifteen, inviting him round to her apartment and encouraging him to fuck her arse. This had gone on for a few months and Kath had considered it a perfect test-run for seducing Mike, which she'd considered doing for a full year before she actually seduced the boy with his mum.

Mike never grew tired of his mother and aunt's arseholes. He loved giving it up the arse. Most sixteen year old boys would now be at home jerking off to porn mags stolen from their father's, or perhaps - if they were lucky - were going out spending money on a girlfriend and trying to be seductive in the hope that they'd get perhaps a feel of her tits, a blow-job or, maybe, a chance to fuck her. Mike, however, was indulging in his favorite after-school activity of deeply fucking his aunt in the arse. He couldn't wait until his mum got back as it was always nice to have two ladies around, although at least with just one lady it meant that he could give all his attention to them.

The boy was working up a bit of a sweat as he fucked Kath's shitter. He hunched over his slutty aunt and reached under her to rub his hands over the pregnant belly beneath her. It felt so horny to be sodomizing a woman whilst she was pregnant. He pounded his cock into the clasping depths of her bowels, Kath shuddering ecstatically and urging him on.

"It's a shame we lost touch with Sarah," commented Mike as he bum-fucked Kath, referring to the mature widow who they used to see (and fuck) with her son up until she moved out the country a few months ago.

"Yeah, she was hot," Kath commented, "I always remember that time I met her in that sex-shop. We went home and licked and fisted each other's arseholes all night, then within a few days you and your mum were fucking her!"

"Then Sarah seduced and fucked her son. Ah, the contagious delights of incest!"

"Mmm. Sarah was so fucking sexy, especially for a forty-seven year old. I hope I'm still that sexy at forty-seven!"

"You will be Kath, I'm sure of it. When you're that age I'll be er...twenty-eight, and still sodomizing you and mum of course!"

"And our child will be aged twelve. If it's a girl you'll be regularly sodomizing her then, and if it's a boy he'll be sodomizing me and your mum."

"Oh, I can't wait until our child is born, and especially for it to grow up and join in our sexual fun."

"It's going to be great. Y'know, I think we should go and visit your Uncle John this weekend," Kath suggested, referring to her and Claire's younger brother John, who was divorced with a daughter named Melanie, "We haven't seen them for a while."

"Yeah, I'm missing fucking Melanie's shitter," sighed Mike. His cousin Melanie was a pretty fifteen year old who'd been taking her father's cock in her tight arse on a daily basis for three years. Mike fucked his mum and Kath purely out of rampant lust, which was the same motivation for John fucking his daughter Melanie and also his older sisters, Kath and Claire. However, Mike and Melanie had real feelings of affection that would have bloomed into love had they been able to see each other more regularly. Living hundreds of miles away though, John and Melanie could only get together with Claire, Kath and Mike every couple of months for the occasional weekend of rampant inter-family sodomy-session. "You're right," continued Mike, "we'll go and visit them this weekend. My mum will be up for it for sure."

"Damn right!" Kath laughed.

After another ten-minutes of sodomizing his aunt, Mike grew tired and so he eased his long cock from Kath's shitter, his prick making a wet slurping noise as it peeled out of her anus and then emitting a sloppy 'plop' as the swollen head emerged completely. Kath's anus twitched closed instinctively before she relaxed it, that previously tight hole now just gaping open with a diameter of an inch.

"Do you want me to go on top?" Kath asked, getting off the sofa.

"Sure, I'm feeling a bit tired," Mike replied.

The teenager lay on the floor, holding the base of his dick so it thrust upright. Kath squatted astride his hips, facing his feet, and lowered herself. She slowly impaled her arse on Mike's dick, taking it right to the hilt in her arse. She leaned forwards, squatting on her tip-toes, hands splayed on the floor between Mike's parted thighs, and she began to raise and lower herself. Once more she grunted with pleasure, her milk-filled tits jiggling above her belly as she excreted half of Mike's cock from her anus only to lower herself and swallow it up again. Mike supported his aunt by cupping her buttocks with his hands, enjoying being able to just lay back and let his aunt do the work.

Five-minutes of this and Kath began to tire, understandable given the extra weight she was carrying. She raised up, shitting out Mike's dick as she got to her feet.

"Ready to blow your nuts honey?" she asked her nephew.

"Damn right," Mike replied, sitting up and stroking his long erection, "I wanna cum right up your arse."

The pair got into their original position. Kath knelt on the edge of the sofa, gripping the back-rest and thrusting her arse out. Mike walked up behind her and planted his cock deep into her bowels. He held his aunt's shoulders as he roughly fucked her. In contrast to the slow deep thrusts of earlier Mike was now ramming his erection repeatedly into Kath's shit-chute with short fast strokes. They both grunted with delight like a pair of rutting animals.

"Uh, I'm gonna cum," Mike announced shortly, holding Kath's hips as he pumped away, "Oh yeah...right up your fucking shit-guts Kath...aaah. AH!" He rammed his pole to the hilt into Kath's tight bottoms and exploded his hot jism.

"Fill me with it you horny stud, flood my fucking arse," Kath urged her nephew, feeling the boy's pulsing prick unload it's sticky load in her rectum, the bubbling fuck-sauce mixing with her slimy shit deep in her guts.

"Fuck yeah...what a cum...oh yeah Kath...uuuuh!" Mike grunted, continuing to hose down the clammy walls of his aunt's bowels.

It took a dozen hard pumps for Mike to fully empty his nuts, Kath's guts now sloshing with teen cum. After getting his breath back, Mike slowly eased his dick out of Kath's anus. The shaft was slick with sperm and shit, but not for long...Kath turned and licked every part of the semi-hard soiled organ.

"I'm thirsty," Kath then declared. She got up and went over to the drinks cabinet in the corner of the living room. Mike smiled as he stood back to watch this...he knew what Kath was about to do, it was her favorite little party-trick. Kath took an empty wine glass and went to the center of the room, where she squatted down, placing the glass under her arsehole. She squeezed and strained until Mike's sperm squirted from her arse. It was a good amount, four thick squirts of sperm firing from her anus into the glass. Licking her lips, Kath stood up and raised the glass to Mike.

"Cheers," she giggled, then bought the glass to her lips and tipped it, pouring the cum into her mouth. The oozing sperm that had been in her rectum just a moment before (and in Mike's balls a moment before than) slipped down her throat and into the belly. Kath smacked her lips and put the empty glass down, sauntering over to Mike and hugging him.

"I fell horny again," she said as she kissed him on the lips.

"Me too," Mike replied, "Let's wait until my mum gets back though, then we'll have a steamy evening!"

That Saturday, as arranged, Claire, Kath and Mike drove up to visit Uncle John and his daughter Melanie. The father and daughter lived in a small, cozy country home in the countryside, far from any other houses. It was a quiet place, very serene and tranquil. It was a pleasant summer lunchtime when Claire pulled the car up in the driveway alongside the cottage.

"There's our little brother," Claire said to Kath as the saw John emerged out the front door of the house. She waved to him and he waved back.

John was thirty-three, tall with dark hair and as always was still dressing like he was a decade younger than he was in his white jeans and tight black T-shirt. He looked youthful anyway and had a trim figure, so he could get away with dressing and acting like a young man rather than a divorced father.

Claire and Kath got out the car and were greeted by their brother. Mike got out too and shook hands with John.

"Hi Uncle John," he said.

"Hey kid," smiled the man, "Your Aunt Kath is looking a bit bloated in the stomach area."

"I sure am," Kath smirked, proudly patting her pregnant belly which stretched the material of her T-shirt.

"You look gorgeous Kath," John said, kissing his sister.

"Where's Melanie?" asked Mike.

"She's inside," John replied, "My my, you look lovestruck Mikey! Are you missing your cousin?"

"No...I mean, sort of," blushed Mike. The others laughed, amused that Mike attempted to act all cool even though it was clear that he was in love with Melanie and that the feeling was mutual. Naturally, Mike felt no jealousy that Melanie was engaging in sexual-relations with her father, and likewise Melanie suffered no envy that Mike fucked his mum and aunt.

"Let's go inside," Claire said. She was wearing a low-cut black top which revealed a lot of her impressive cleavage and was stirring John's cock in his jeans. Like Mike, John was most certainly an arse-man, a pure fanatic to the delights of anal sex, but he still had a lot of appreciation for tits, especially his sister's huge melons!

The three adults and Mike went into the house. It was small and cozy, the living room at the back of the house with a huge stone fireplace, shelves packed with books and ornaments and various knick-knacks taking up most of the wall-space, and a luxurious three-piece leather suite. A 42" screen plasma TV stood in the corner, along with a DVD and video player. A camcorder stood on a tripod in the corner. John liked filming himself fucking Melanie up the shitter and would often post the videos to Mike. Likewise, Claire had recently acquired a camcorder and would film herself and Kath being bum-fucked by Mike and post selected tapes to John. However, this couldn't beat the pleasure of actually meeting up and fucking together. John was usually as frivilous and as laid-back as Kath but Melanie took after her Aunt Claire and was a bit more serious and philisophical, and would frequently lecture her relatives that family units would be best held together more strongly and more lovingly if they all fucked, if incest was to become universally appreciated and even encouraged. The others weren't to sure about the practicality of such a rather extreme revolution in sexual habits, but they certainly knew that incest was, for them, damn good fun, and certainly not something they would ever give up.

Kath and Claire sat down on the sofa, John going to the drinks cabinet to make himself and Claire a glass of wine and a glass of mineral water for Kath.

"Melanie's in the back-garden Mike," he said to his nephew.

"Okay, I'll go and say hello," Mike responded. He left the room and went out the backdoor. The garden was vast, surrounded by high bushes and tall trees, giving it extra privacy which wasn't needed anyway given that the nearest neighbors were over two-miles away beyond a nearby hill. John and Melanie frequently fucked in the garden on hot afternoons and balmy evenings without fear of being seen.

At the moment, fifteen year old Melanie was laying on a large towel in the middle of the neat, emerald green lawn. She was on her back, totally naked, her sparkling round teen bottom capturing Mike's eye as he approached the girl. She was reasonably tall at five-foot-seven with long brown hair and crystal blue eyes that matched Mike's. Her body was elegantly slim and lithe, her tits fairly big - not as huge as her Aunt Claire's but still pretty blouse-bustingly large now that they were fully developed. Melanie had her arms folded and she was resting her head on them, eyes closed, brown hair splayed out on the towel she lay nude upon. A book - 'Nineteen-Eight-Four' by George Orwell - lay nearby along with an bottle of sun-tan lotion. It was almost ninety-degrees even though it was not yet noon, the sun blazing high in the sky.

"Ahem," coughed Mike as he approached his sexy cousin. He'd fucked her a lot in the last two-years, since Melanie was thirteen and he was fourteen, mostly in the arse. He'd and cummed on her face, sucked her tits, even fisted her arse...but his increasing affection for her still made him feel almost shy despite all the lewd activities he'd done with her.

"Oh, hi Mikey," Melanie smiled, opening her eyes and raising her head, "I didn't expect you here this early."

"Mum's a fast driver," shrugged Mike, kneeling down on the grass alongside Melanie, "She must have been eager to get up here!"

"I was eager for you to arrive too," Melanie said, smiling, "We haven't seen each other for a while...I've missed your dick!"

"Thanks," grinned Mike, blushing even more, "I've missed your arse." He reached out and stroked Melanie's firm buttocks. He could understand why his Uncle John only bothered to fuck Melanie in the arse, it was such a fine posterior the girl possessed. Her father, John, had only fucked her in the arse at first because, so he'd claimed, he thought it would only be fair if her cunt was left to be deflowered by someone other than him. In fact it was Mike who'd popped Melanie's cunt-cherry. The girl still preferred it up the arse though, just like Claire and Kath, and it was this tight nether hole that she usually turned to Mike, much to his delight. Her father, John, had fucked her pussy since Mike had deflowered it, but not very often. When he fucked his daughter - which was usually between three and five times a day - it was up the shitter by default. That's how Melanie liked it!

Melanie sighed with delight as Mike stroked her arse. The boy grew increasingly aroused as he admired Melanie's bum, which was pert and firm. He used both his hands to massage and knead those round fleshy globes. Melanie parted her legs and Mike knelt between them, parting her buttocks to reveal her pink puckered anus. It was bald and mouthwatering, Mike licking his lips before he bend down.

"Mmmm, nice," giggled Melanie as she felt Mike's warm wet tongue touch her arsehole. Mike was an expert at arse-licking and he was soon making wet slurpy noises as he tongued his cousin's shit-hole. Melanie, still laying on her belly, rest her head on her folded arms and closed her eyes, moaning gently with pleasure. She could feel Mike's tongue push it's way past her tight teen sphincter and squirm up into her arse. All the while the hot sun beat down on her beautiful young body. This was pure heaven.

In the living room, Kath was standing at the window sipping her mineral water, watching the teenaged cousins outside. Claire was on the sofa, stroking John's cock as her brother sat next to her, naked from the waist down. They were not wasting any time in there either. Claire had taken her top off along with her skirt, sitting in just her panties and bra.

"Look at those dear sweethearts," Kath smiled at the window.

"Are they going at it like rabbits?" smirked John, sipping at his wine whilst Claire masturbated his long thick erection.

"Not yet," Kath replied, turning round, "Mike is licking Melanie's arsehole! I don't blame him, that girl has such a beautiful arse."

"So do you Kath," John replied to his sister, "Why don't you strip off? The last time you were up here you weren't as far down the line in your pregnancy. In fact you were only just beginning to show. I wanna see my sister naked with her proud belly on display!"

Kath was a real exhibitionist who loved this attention from her dear brother. She put her glass down and undressed, soon standing totally naked.

"You look so hot Kath," John smiled.

"Let's all get naked," Claire added, standing up and removing what few garments she had on. John also took off his T-shirt so that now the two sisters and brother were all nude.

"Mmm, let's get this big dick up our arses sis," Kath said to Claire as they both stroked John's cock.

"Me first," Claire announced, "I'm the eldest."

"Shall we go outside and join Melanie and Mike?" suggested John.

"No, leave them," replied Claire as she got on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the fireplace, "We can all have a big five-way fuck-fest this evening. Leave them be for now."

John got up and knelt behind Claire. He stroked her buttocks and bent down, licking Claire's anus. He lapped greedily at his big sister's anus, darting his tongue in and out of the tight hole. Kath meanwhile got on her hands and knees in front of Claire, her arse spread for Claire to lick. Soon, the trio of thirty-something siblings were forming a chain - John licking Claire's arsehole whilst Claire licked Kath's arsehole.

John's prick was throbbing and could not wait much longer! He knelt up and guided the purple head to Claire's anus, which was slick with his saliva.

"Here we go sis, I'm gonna shove my big cock in your arse," he grinned. Claire could not reply as she was busy running her tongue up and down Kath's arse-crack. John pushed the head of his dick into Claire's arse, squeezing it past her ring and into her rectum. The busty brunette moaned with pleasure as she continued eating out Kath's arse whilst her own rear was slowly impaled on her brother's dick. John worked his prick inch by rock-hard-inch into Claire's bottom until he was in to the root.

"Holy shit that's good," Claire panted, raising her head, "Uuuh....yeah! Fuck my arse John, fuck your big sister's shit-hole hard!" She resumed licking Kath's arse, her younger sister purring with pleasure and knowing that it was her turn next.

John held Claire's hips as he sawed away in her bum, panting as he picked up speed, sodomizing the horny woman lustilly. He often felt a little jealous that Kath and Claire had engaged in a bit of girl-on-girl sex as teenagers. John had just been approaching puberty then and he would have loved to have been let in on the secret and to have fucked his teenaged sisters when he was only eleven or so, instead of having to jerk off. Nevermind, he least he was making up for lost time, and besides, he had his beautiful daughter to satisfy his cravings for anal-incest on a daily basis too.

John had once estimated that, in the last three years, he'd fucked Melanie up the arse approximately three-and-a-half-thousand times. Give or take a few hundred! However, he could recall no more than twenty occasions when he'd fucked her pussy. He was just far too captivated by the delicious tighter hole girls possessed round the other side to bother much with their twats. He had wondered whether he might be slightly homosexual because of this life-long fascination with anal-sex. However, he'd never felt any attraction towards other guys. - although ironically the first arse he had fucked had belonged to a boy! John had been sixteen years old at the time and, though he had fucked a few girls, he hadn't tried anal-sex, which he'd been developing an obsession with in his fantasies. He'd sweet-talked a ten year old neighborhood boy named Billy into bending over and taking a cock up the shitter. Billy had been quite happy to do so and John had buggered his little playmate several times. However, he was still eager to arse-fuck a girl. He accomplished this mission a few months later, the girl in question being Billy's fourteen year old sister! John felt proud at having deflowered the arseholes of the brother and sister.

The only occasion John had fucked a member of his own gender since his teenaged years was last year during a week-long business trip to London. He'd been missing Melanie's arse so he'd gone to the red-light district to find an underage girl. Unable to find one, he'd settled for a cute, elfin-faced thirteen year old rent-boy. After handing over some cash John had taken the young boy back to the hotel and fucked his tight arse four times during the course of the night. It had been fun, he had to admit, but all the while he had been pretending the little fag bent over in front of him was Melanie!

It was the female anus that John preferred, and right now, John was enjoying the delights of Claire's anus, fucking his busty sister's shitter deep and hard whilst watching her lick Kath's arse, knowing that he'd have to hold his sperm back to give Kath a good dose of sodomy too. His big sisters were very demanding!

Outside, things had progressed further with the horny teens. Mike had removed all his clothes and was standing up whilst Melanie knelt in front of him on the towel, sucking on his cock. She moaned with delight as she slurped along the shaft, eager to get it as wet as her well-licked anus was so that the boy could sodomize her. She loved having his large dong up her arse. It was a slightly different pleasure than she got from her father. She loved being sodomized by her father because she loved him as her daddy and also because it was extra kinky due the illegal incestuous nature of it - in addition to her simple love for the physical sensation of having a cock in her bowels! However, she truly loved Mike more and more with every meeting, and with him it was almost like making-love rather than just plain lustful fucking.

Mike enjoyed the novelty of fucking outside. It wasn't something he could do at home so it felt strange, but nice, to be nude outdoors with the sun beating down on him whilst he had his cock down his cousin's throat. Melanie was an expert cocksucker, deep-throat all but a couple of inches of Mike's nine-and-a-half incher. After a few minutes she took it from her mouth and got on her hands and knees on the towel, wiggling her sexy bottom.

"Fuck my arse Mike," she begged, "Come on honey, I want your dick right up my shit-hole."

Mike knelt and wasted no time in guiding his saliva-slathered dick-head to Melanie's anus. He carefully pushed it in, feeling her arsehole part and allow him entrace.

"Uuuuh, Melanie, you're so tight," grunted Mike as he slowly worked his way in, soon sliding the first half of his cock into her bum.

"Shove it right up me Mikey," Melanie panted, "Please...right up my arse. Shove it all up me...uuuh! That's so good!"

With a hard thrust, Mike rammed his dick home, his pubic hair bristling Melanie's anus as his cock was fully buried up her shitter to the root. The well-hung sixteen year old youth remained motionless for a moment, just savoring the tightness of his fifteen year old cousin's arse round his thick erection. Then he began easing back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Melanie's shit-chute. The girl quivered with ecstasy, humping her arse back onto the pistoning prick on which she was anally impaled.

"Harder, deeper," she urged her cousin, " feels so good! Your dick is so big it feels like I'm being deflowered every time you sodomize me!" She recalled the time she was actually deflowered in her bottom by her daddy. She had only been twelve at the time, a month shy of her thirteenth birthday, when her father had seduced her. It hadn't been that hard for him to do so; Melanie was a real 'daddy's girl', always affection with him, often doing the housework and kissing him when he got home from work and asking 'How was your day?' in a obvious way to replace her mother, who now lived in Spain with a new man. She had loved her daddy and often thought about him when masturbating. Her father had talked her into bed, where Melanie had asked him to have sex with her. John had given his little speech to his daughter that her vaginal cherry should be left intact for a lover, rather than a father - which he partly believed, although as he admitted now it was mostly because it was a convenient excuse to take his daughter's back-entrance. Melanie had not been bothered, she'd just wanted her dad's cock in her somehow! On her hands and knees, she'd gritted her teeth and yelped in shock as her father's eight-inch cock had bust through her tight pre-teen arse. The pain turned to pleasure quickly, however, and Melanie was soon egging her father on. John had spurted his cum deep up Melanie's rectum after just a few minutes, but it hadn't taken him long to recover, and he'd buggered her a three more times that evening.

Right now, even at the age of fifteen and with plenty of arse-fucking experience behind her, Melanie still had to grit her teeth a little as her sphincter got used to being stretched wide by Mike's cock, which was a little bigger than even her father's big tool. Mike picked up speed, ramming his dick energetically into Melanie's bowels, both of them moaning with pleasure as they fucked in the sun.

That morning, Mike had fucked his mother and aunt up the arse for a few moments each before breakfast, but in order to hold himself back for the family reunion today he had not spilt his cum. Not having ejaculated all day meant it was impossible for him to hold back.

"I'm cumming Melanie," he grunted, "Oh fuck....uhh...I'm cumming up your shitter....fucking hell YEAH!"

"Squirt it up me honey, fill me with sperm," urged Melanie, "Fuck me hard and cum in my shitter, NNNNG!"

She had her own orgasm, her arse muscles spasming and charges of ecstasy running up her spine. She wailed and panted with lust, as did Mike who began spurting his cum. The boy's climax was powerful and he hunched over Melanie as he blasted his spunk far into her shitter.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Mike gasped, his cock twitching as it leaked the last of his sperm into Melanie's guts. He finally stopped thrusting and withdrew, the teenagers collapsing in each other's arms and kissing lovingly.

In the house, John was firing his cum too. His prick was lodged in Kath's bowels, the pregnant blond on her hands and knees in front of her brother and grunting with lust as John's dick sawed back and forth in her anus whilst spurting cum deep into her rectal passage. Claire was kneeling next to them, reaching under Kath and frigging her clit. Kath orgasmed hard under this dual attention.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," Kath shrieked, "Oh fuck...ah God...cum in my arse John, cum in your sister's arse...shit! Shit yeah, Holy cunting buggery!"

"What a wanton anal-slut you are sis," John grinned as he finished emptying his nuts into Kath's bum. Claire shuffled up and clamped her lips to John's, sliding her tongue down his throat. John kissed his big sister lustilly, her big tits pushing against him, whilst his cock twitched in Kath's shitter, oozing the last of his spunk.

The three of them finally moved apart. They were tired, but only temporarily. There was plenty of fucking to get up to that sunny weekend!

"Let's go outside and see the kids," Claire suggested.

She and her brother and sister went outside into the garden, approaching the towel in the middle of the lawn on which the naked Melanie and Mike were kissing each other, slightly fatigued from their hard sodomy session but clearly up for more, given that Mike's prick was re-stiffening thanks to his cousin's delicate touch with her fluttering fingers.

They moved apart when they saw the adults approach. Melanie stood and embraced Claire and Kath, kissing both her aunts far more passionately than most nieces would!

"I take it you've been up to some anal-fun," Kath smiled to Melanie as she stroked the teenager's tits.

"We sure have," Melanie replied, "I've got a bum full of spunk. Would you care to suck it all out? I know you love felching!"

"I sure do," Kath replied, "Stand there honey, I'll suck all that lovely spunk out your bum."

Melanie remained standing whilst Kath knelt behind her, parting her niece's buttocks and sealing her lips to the girl's anus. She sucked and slurped, darting her tongue into Melanie's rectum and slurping out Mike's jism. Claire meanwhile knelt in front of Melanie and licked her wet teen slit.

"Oh my, that's good," Melanie sniggered, "Mmmm...licked from both sides!"

As Kath and Claire lapped their niece's cunt and arse, they were kneeling with their butts thrust out. John's cock was erect already and he quickly knelt down behind Claire and pushed his dong up her shitter to the root. Mike meanwhile got behind Kath and rammed his tool up her arse. Melanie moaned with pleasure as her bum-fucked Aunt's worked on her with their tongues, Claire eating out her pussy whilst Kath felched the sperm that Mike had so recently pumped up her shit-chute.

Five minutes of this delightful exercise took place before John and Mike pulled their dicks out of Claire and Kath's arseholes, the two sisters moving away from Melanie.

"I'm all itchin' for another bum-fucking," Melanie declared.

"But first," Kath declared, "I've got what seems like half-a-pint of your dad's sperm in my bowels Melanie. Would you care to felch it out?"

The girl most certainly did! Kath stood and bent over with hands on her knees. This enabled Melanie to kneel behind her pregnant aunt and suck her dad's spunk out of her arse. John wasted no time in getting behind Melanie and sticking his cock up into her shitter, which delighted Melanie a great deal, her moans of pleasure muffled as she buried her tongue up Kath's arse. John held Melanie's slender hips and sodomized his daughter with long, slow strokes of his erection. Mike watched this delightful set-up whilst his mother knelt and deep-throated his prick.

Another five-minutes and the five incestuous anal-fanatics moved apart, their naked flesh glistening with sweat in the mid-day sun. John and Mike's pricks were sticking up straight, furiously hard and throbbing. Melanie, Kath and Claire eyed up those lovely big dicks, feeling their anuses itch, hungry for more sodomy.

"I feel like being fucked from both ends," Kath declared, squinting in the sun, "I want a cock in my mouth and one in my arse."

"Then get down sis," John smirked, pinching Kath's bum, "Mike and me will do the honors!"

Kath giggled and got on her hands and knees, the grass warm and springy under her. Mike knelt in front of his aunt and shoved his dick into her throat, Kath supressing her gag-reflex to deep-throat nearly all of the teenager's long erection. As she sucked on her nephew's cock, her brother got behind her.

"In we go again," grinned John, who then proceeded to slowly slide his throbbing erection up into Kath's shitter. With a single heave of his flanks he buried all eight-inches of his cock up her rectum, Kath's emitting a stifled moan of pleasure as she was now fucked at both ends, just as she'd requested.

Nearby, Melanie and Claire knelt opposite each other, kissing passionately and reached between one another's legs to finger each other's arseholes. They snogged like wanton lover's, Melanie's sizable teen-tits squashing up against her Aunt Claire's enormous ones. They each had two fingers wedged up the other's shit-hole.

Mike and John double-ended Kath steadily, the pregnant blond woman between them bobbing her head as she gobbled Mike's dick whilst John held her hips firmly and pounded his prick in and out of her poop-chute.

Kath was having the time of the life having her nephew and brother's hard dongs rammed down her throat and up her arse. She knew, however, that it would only be fair that her sister and niece have their share of this fun. After a little while she disengaged herself from the two pistoning pricks and moved aside. Claire hurried over and adopted the position - on all fours, plump arse raised and spread and her huge tits dangling underneath her. Without any delay, Mike stuck his dick in his mother's wide-open mouth whilst John buried his cock up her arse. Claire was soon bucking and writhing in ecstasy, the thirty-eight year old brunette eventually shaken by a powerful climax as she was mouth-fucked and arse-fucked by her son and brother respectively.

Soon enough, if was Melanie's turn. With Claire and Kath watching and fingering one another's arseholes, Melanie got down and sucked on Mike's dick whilst her father sodomized her. She was dealt in this manner for ten minutes before she emerged, grinning from ear-to-ear, panting for breath and her nubile teen body glistening in the sun with sweat. She brushed some of her long brown hair out her face as she got to her shaky legs.

"Fuck, I'm exhausted," she announced.

"I'm tired too," Mike added, "I'm just about ready to blow my nuts now."

"Me too," John declared, "Let's shoot our cum then we can all go inside, cool off and have some lunch."

"I want you to cum all over my belly John," Kath said to her brother, "I love it when Mike sperms up on my pregnant stomach. I want you to do it now. Perhaps Claire can take responsibility from firing the cannon."

"I can do that," Claire smiled, flexing her fingers, "I give fucking great hand-jobs. Just ask my son!"

"Go for it mum," Mike encouraged his mother, before he turned to Melanie and asked "Would you like a sticky facial?"

"Why certainly honey," Melanie giggled. She knelt down in front of Mike, tilting her head back, her pretty face just begging to be splattered in fuck-sauce. Mike gripped his rock-hard shaft and began pumping, sensing that it would be long until he came.

Nearby, Kath was kneeling on the grass. John knelt in front of her, raised slightly so his big wobbling erection was thrust out with the head nudging Kath's swollen stomach. Claire squatted nearby and gripped her brother's cock, jerking him off. Her grip was firm and her strokes fast, the horny woman working hard to pump John's cock to it's climactic explosion. It didn't take long! John cried out with pleasure as he began spurting his sperm, his cock - being furiously pumped in Claire's fist - spraying salty cum all over Kath's belly. The horny lady looked down with glee as she watched her brother's cream splattered over her stomach. When the flow had ended Claire rubbed John's cock-head all over Kath's flesh, rubbing in the sperm.

Mike was in the meantime reaching his climax too. He masturbated hard and gritted his teeth as his sperm boiled up and shot forth from his dick. Melanie closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue as her cousin's jism began splashing over her, slashing over her cheeks and nose, over her tongue and lips and landing in her hair. She was utterly coated! By the time Mike's geyser of cum had ended the girl kneeling before him was dripping with spunk, some of it oozing down and hanging off her chin before falling to land on her tits and thighs. Mike stuck his dick in Melanie's mouth and the teenager happily sucked out the last of Mike's spunk. Mike was able to glance over and see his mum licking John's spunk off Kath's belly.

Finally, tired out and hot, the three adults and two teenagers staggered into the house for some drinks and some lunch. They had to get their strength back for the afternoon orgies!

Sodomy filled the rest of the day for the sordid family. Kath, Melanie and Claire's arseholes were repeatedly penetrated by John and Mike's cocks. The females also licked, felched, fingered and fisted each other's arses. It all took place in the garden in the fine sunny afternoon. Mike fired two loads of sperm up Melanie's arse and third load up his mum's arse. John also shot his load three times - once up Kath's arse, once up Claire's arse and finally once over Kath's face whilst Kath had Melanie's fist wedged up her arse.

They had a long rest and a bit of a snooze before bathing and freshening up for dinner.

Now it was the evening, almost nine o'clock. The incestuous fivesome were in the living room, watching some light-entertainment on the TV. Outside the large bay window the sun was turning blood-red as it approached the horizon and causing the Evergreen trees round the back garden to cast elongated shadows across the lawn. Naturally, John, Mike, Claire, Kath and Melanie had removed all their clothes. They were not fucking yet but that activity was inevitable, and besides, even when not screwing the fuck out of each other they all just enjoyed lounging about in the nude.

"Are you going to make your little announcement John?" Claire shortly asked her younger brother, reaching out and stroking his bare thigh.

"What announcement?" asked Mike, who was sitting on the floor in front of the armchair, on which Melanie was sitting, idly reaching out and stroking her cousin's short dark hair.

"Oh yeah," John smiled, remembering, "Claire and me have a surprise. We've been discussing a few changes. Basically, Claire has been thinking of ditching her job and I've offered her a job with me?"

"With you?" quizzed Melanie.

"That's right," John confirmed. He had worked as a computer-programmer and recently started his own company, which basically consisted of just himself working freelance in his office in the house, which consisted of a large room filled with computers at the back of the house. "I need some help as my workload increases," he explained, "not necessarily a secretary, but certainly someone to help with some of the paperwork and to help manage things. I think Claire would be perfect and besides, things are picking up a great deal so I can certainly afford it."

"That'll mean we'll have to move up here won't it?" Kath said.

"That's right," Claire confirmed to her sister, "I know you've been telling me you don't really want to return to work after you've had your we'll move up here."

"With me and Melanie," said John, "You can live here."

"Cool," Melanie smiled, "Does that mean Mike will be moving here to?"

"Of course," Claire said.

"Whoa, cool," Mike grinned, "What about school though?"

"Well, you've only got a month or two more haven't you?" John asked.

"That's right," Mike confirmed, "I just have to finish my exams then, as a sixteen year old, I can leave if I want. I could stay on but I don't want to, I want to get working, maybe in computers."

"Then you can work for me too, along with your mum," John said.

"Really?" Mike gasped.

"Sure," shrugged John, "You're good with computers...I'll teach you a bit more about them, tricks other than just zapping people in Duke Nukem! You can be my assistant programmer."

"So Mike and his mum and Aunt Kath will live with us?" Melanie asked her father, growing very excited.

"That's right honey," John replied, "We have plenty of room here. We have two spare bedrooms but I don't think we'll need them. Kath and Claire can sleep with me and Mike can share a bedroom with you."

"Like a married couple," giggled Mike.

"We'll miss Alison and Derek and Simon," Claire said, "But they can come and visit. Besides, we won't be moving for a while. We'll have to sell the house, which'll take a month or two, and by then you'll have finished school Mike."

"I've got another year of school to go," sighed Melanie. She wouldn't be sixteen for another eight-months.

"Nevermind, school isn't that bad," Mike shrugged, "Besides, you'll have me living here to help you with your homework."

The whole family began chatting and gossiping about how much fun it would be all living together - John, Claire and Kath living together with Melanie and Mike, along the new addition growing in Kath's belly.

There were plenty of incestuous times ahead and they promptly celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne. It wasn't long before passions were raised.

"Bend over mum," Mike said to Claire, lightly smacking her buttocks, "My cock is big and hard and wants to pay a visit to your shit-factory. I wanna sperm up in your guts."

"Do it sweetheart, do it," Claire grinned, getting on her hands and knees on the floor. Mike took the half-full champagne glass his mum had been drinking from and poured some of it over anus. Claire giggled at the cold fizzy liquid running down her bum-crack. "Bollinger for lubricant," she remarked, "How posh!"

Mike smiled back and got into position, kneeling behind his mother's upturned rear. With well-practised skill he slid his long pole up into her arse, swiftly burying it in to the root.

"Yeah mum, take it right up your shitter," he panted, sodomizing her with heaving thrusts of his hips.

"Harder Mikey, uuuuh!" Claire cried, "Holy fucking God-shit! If there's an activity as pleasurable for a woman as taken her son's dick in her shitter, I've yet to hear of it! Oh Christ, yeah! Yeah. My God, Kath, I swear, if that baby of yours is a boy you must have him fuck your arse as soon as possible!"

"I intend to," Kath laughed, watching whilst fingering Melanie's arsehole as well as her own, "If I have a boy he'll sodomize me as soon as he's capable of getting a hard-on!"

"Every mother should do this," declared Claire, "Every mother should let her son fuck her arse, and every girl should let her daddy fuck her arse! Oh my God that is good! Mikey, baby, harder! UUUUH! Fuck mummy's arse son, impale me on that big cock."

"Uh uh uh...I love fucking your arse mum," Mike sighed, "I adore your shit-hole! Mmm..,ooh I can feel some shit up there, some nice soft shit up your rectum. It's all soft and oozy around my prick. My dick will be nice and soiled soon so Kath can have fun licking it clean. Oh God mum...take it in your fuckin' arse...aaah."

Watching this rampant mother/son sodomy, Melanie was feeling horny too - and excited at the prospects of living with her two aunts and dear cousin Mike - and so she stroked her father's erection whilst begging him to fuck her arse. Needless to say, he did not decline her request!

"First of all though," John said, "go and get a strap-on dildo so you can fuck Kath's shitter in the meantime."

There was a strap-on lying around in the living room that Kath had bought up with her. It was her favorite device, a ten-inch long silver dildo, very thick and slightly curved so it journeyed into the bowels a bit easier. It was attached to a leather strap. Melanie quickly strapped it on to herself. When the fifteen year old beauty had done so, she saw that her Aunt Kath was already in position, on all fours on the floor near to where Claire was being sodomized by Mike.

Melanie slathered some Vaseline on the dildo and knelt behind Kath. She guided the greased head of the shiny chrome dildo to Kath's tight pink arsehole. She pushed it in, slowly easing it past her pregnant aunt's sphincter until the slippery shaft of the phallus began gliding in all the way. Kath moaned and panted as her bum was slowly filled with the huge strap-on until, finally, it was lodged in to the hilt.

"Fucking hell that's good Melanie," Kath cried, "Oh yeah, ram that big dildo up my shitter. Fuck my arse. Fuck me! Uuuuh!"

John hurriedly got into position too, kneeling behind Melanie and pushing his dick into her arse. Before long Melanie was in a delightful sandwich, her dad's prick up her rectum whilst she sodomized Kath with the strap-on. The trio thrust and fucked and panted in their little sodomy-train.

Mike fucked his mother's shitter nearby and dreamt of the fun to be had. It was good having his mum and aunt around to sodomize, but living here would mean he'd have Melanie to arse-fuck each day too! He liked the idea of sharing a bed with her as well, as if they were a couple. He was keen to develop the non-sexual side of his relationship with his beautiful cousin - whilst stick sodomizing her a lot too of course! He even wondered if he could have a child with Melanie. He liked the idea of his Aunt Kath bearing his child but was particularly turned on by the idea of having a child with Melanie. He had seen how broody the girl had seemed around Kath with her big pregnant belly!

Mike shafted his mother's arse for twenty-minutes before he released his orgasm, crying out ecstatically as he fired his spunk far into Claire's arse. His mother looked over her shoulder and urged her son on with rampant obscenities. Mike's long dick pumped a huge amount of slimy cum into Claire's lower-intestines.

Melanie soon climaxed, ramming the dildo fitted to her groin up and down in Kath's bowels.

"I'm cumming, oh God," she wailed, "Uh...aaah fuck I'm cumming! Fuck my shitter daddy...yeah!"

John came a few seconds later, slotting his dick up to the root in Melanie's arse and filling his sexy daughter's rectum with spunk, the girl meanwhile fucking Kath to a hard anal-orgasm with the strap-on. They all cried out in unision as they climaxed as one single humping organism. They soon all moved apart, tired and in need of a break. There were some post-sodomistical activites though. First of all Kath sucked Mike's shit-smeared dick clean whilst Melanie licked her own bodily-waste off of her father's penis. Then Kath lay on her back and Claire squatted over her, Kath sealing her lips to her sister's anus and sucking out Mike's sperm. Once Claire had moved aside her place was taken by Melanie, Kath sucking John's sperm out of her niece's well-fucked shit-hole.

Finally, Claire poured some more champagne and they drank a toast to all the incestuous delights to be had in the future!