Anais Ninja


The first thing you notice about Anais Ninja is the cheekiness of her chosen pseudonym. How can anyone treat the great Anaïs Nin (author of the classic “Delta of Venus”) with such disrespect? But this is indicative of the humour underlying her fiction.


In some ways, Annie writes exactly what you’d expect sex fiction on the internet to be. It breaks all the conventional taboos and is unlikely to be available from Barnes & Noble or WH Smith for a long time in the future. She is also unafraid to be rather detailed and explicit in her many descriptions of sex. And remarkably adventurous in her choice of sexual scenarios. But what makes Annie worth reading isn’t just that she delivers where most authors either tease or squander in poor prose, it is in the quality of her writing and the very real psychological realism.


There is a lot of sex in Annie’s world. But the reader can really believe that it actually happened. She captures innumerable details which lesser writers have either never noticed or have never been able to capture. But even while she packs in the sex, her stories, especially her later ones, tackle many very serious issues. However, she never preaches and her wry sense of humour is always present.


If the purpose of the Internet was to give readers access to erotic literature that they would never be able to read otherwise, then Annie is the ideal erotic author for our time.



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It’s not just Jolene’s heart which is open, but her mouth is open too. And it’s this openness which is her salvation when she acts to protect her brothers and herself from the abusive attentions of her father.


This is a dark and disconcerting story about sexual abuse, which Jolene tries desperately and unsuccessfully to fend off. But at last salvation arrives, but not before a terrifying struggle.


This was the first novella that Annie has written that demonstrates her ability to shock (in a real sense) whilst still remaining disturbingly erotic.







Annie describes her novel as follows:


This is my story.  The names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.  Some of this account has been reconstructed from memory, but most of it has been based on a journal I kept during these years.


However, this isn’t an ordinary type of autobiographical novel. Annie’s account of her life as an early teen is rather less innocent than most you would ever read, and a challenge to the preconceptions of any reader who believe that a girl’s desire for a full and active sex life begins only at the age of consent.


This is the first part of the trilogy of Annie’s life, and is deliciously romantic, poignant and vividly erotic.







Annie is an exile on main street: the idyllic past described in Wanderings now just a memory.


This is the second part of the trilogy of Annie’s life, and her most unsettling novel yet. Her life follows many Dickensian twists and turns, which leads her into the life of a stray, a prostitute and a fugitive from the law. Life is no longer so sweet for Annie, and her salvation comes from the most unexpected of sources.


The second part of the trilogy of Annie’s life is bleak, distressing, but as always Annie’s erotic encounters are very real and often surprisingly reassuring.





Phoenix Rising


Just like a phoenix arising from the flames, Annie also arises and discovers things about herself and her sexuality that are both erotic and disturbing.


This is the third part of the trilogy of Annie’s life, and one which resolves the issues raised in the previous two novels. She discovers her father and in the process brings her family together more closely and more intimately than she or anyone else could have imagined.





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Phoenix Rising



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