This is a collection of erotic stories that I have selected and formatted as MS Reader eBooks.


They are by authors whose work on ASSTR and ASSM have particularly impressed me and I have formatted for my own reading pleasure. I like eBooks because I can download them onto my PDA and read them on the train, the aeroplane and wherever else I might be.


All stories and novels are presented with the express permission of their respective authors.


If you have the Microsoft Reader software, which you can download free from Microsoft’s site, not only can you easily view these novels from your computer but also from your PDA (assuming it uses Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system).


It is customary to warn readers that the contents of the stories are of an adult nature and should not be read by children. Although this is unlikely to dissuade anyone who wants to read such fiction, some of the fiction may disturb those who find erotica offensive or those who wish to protect their children from exposure to such stories.


Jane's Sex Guide for Quality Original Erotica

This site was rated "QUALITY" and "ORIGINAL" erotica on Jane's Sex Guide, just look in the category words erotica dated 01/05/2004. Jane should be your first stop for porn and sexuality on the internet.


If you wish to see what eBooks are available and are not easily offended then (by all means) please




Otherwise, why not have a look at what other (Non-Adult) MSReader eBooks you can download?