Stripping For Grandpa

By Dudester
(M/f(12), cons, 1st, alcohol)

Several years ago, I experimented with writing different kinds of stories, this is one of them. The story contains a story about sex between a man and minor female, and there is alcohol involved. The story is entirely fictitious. I would not advise trying anything in the story.


I was sitting in my bed, playing solitaire by myself, totally bored silly. I'd agreed to look after my grandkids for the weekend, blowing any chance of having a fuck from one of the many women I knew. But my daughter had needed a break, so I'd said yes when she'd asked me to baby-sit for her.

The younger kids were already in bed fast asleep and Jessie, the eldest, was in the kitchen finishing the dishes for me. I felt this way and it was only the first night!!! I still had them for tomorrow night as well, until their mother returned to pick them up.

Jessie came into the bedroom, wiping her hands on a T-towel.

"Granddad, would you like a coffee?" she asked with a grin.

I'd always gotten on well with Jessie and at 12 years of age, she'd started to change from a little girl, into a very nice looking young woman. True, it'd be a couple more years until her body fully developed into womanhood, but already her tiny breasts were beginning to take shape beneath her short nightie. I could see her small nipples pressing against her nightie. They were no bigger than small apples just now, but I could tell she'd have beautiful breasts when she finished growing.

"Yes please, Jessie. Coffee would be nice, thank you."

Jessie turned to leave and as she did so, she dropped the T-towel onto the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, the back of her nightie rode up her backside, leaving her white panties exposed to my view. I'd seen Jessie in panties before and I'd never thought anything of it, however this time was different. My eyes went straight to the bulge of her vagina lips pressing against the material of her panties. I could clearly see the groove between her outer lips impressed on her panties. I felt my cock stir inside my shorts.

Then Jessie stood back upright after picking up the T-towel. Without a backward glance, she left the bedroom and headed off towards the kitchen. The sight of her bulging vagina stayed in my mind's eye. I felt my cock stiffen even farther. I was surprised at this reaction to seeing her vagina pressed against her panties like that. I couldn't believe that I, (a man quite able to pick up any woman I wanted as a rule), had become highly aroused by the sight of a young girl's vagina lips pressing against her panties. But aroused, I'd surely become.

I pushed my cock downwards, just in case Jessie walked back into the bedroom and saw it making a tent inside my shorts. She'd think I was nothing but a dirty old man. "And she'd be right too." I thought to myself, willing my cock to become soft again.

By the time Jessie re-entered the bedroom, this time carrying a cup of coffee for me, I'd managed to get my cock under some sort of control again. Though not completely erect, it was starting to go down again. Now it was only semi-erect.

Jessie leaned forward to hand me the cup and as she did so, I saw down the front of her nightie and there, totally exposed, was one of her small, but firm breasts peeking out at me. I felt my cock again threaten to become fully erect again. Jessie stood back up and the sight of her breast left my view. Thankfully, my cock didn't become fully erect.

"Granddad?" Jessie asked.

"Yes, Jess?" I answered.

"Can I play cards with you?" she asked.

"Sure sweetie." I grinned at her, wondering if she'd ever want to play cards with me again, if she knew what I'd been thinking moments before?

"Goody." Jessie answered smiling at me.

That single word reminded me that she was only a child after all, and not the sexual object my mind had made her a short time before. I felt ashamed by my thoughts, ashamed and disturbed. Why had this 12-year-old little girl suddenly become an object of sexual desire? I couldn't quite figure that one out, so pushed the whole matter to the back of my mind.

Soon, Jessie and I were again, grandfather and granddaughter, happily playing cards again in an air of innocence. We were joking and rubbishing each other as we'd done for many years. I'd long finished my coffee and felt thirsty.

"Sweetie, would you like to get your poor old and feeble grandfather a southern comfort and coke?" I asked her with a smile.

"You're not old and feeble, granddad. Far from it." She grinned back at me as she slid off the bed on her way to get me my drink. Just before she left the bedroom, she turned to me and asked, "Can I please have a drink too, granddad?"

"Sure, love. Have anything you want." I replied.

There was heaps of coke and orange drink in the fridge for the kids, and there was even Milo or chocolate in the cupboard. Jessie returned a few minutes later, carrying two glasses filled with coke. She handed me mine and I tasted it to make sure she'd given me the right one. Yes there was southern in it. I took an even bigger drink and placed it onto the bedside table. Jessie took a drink of hers and her whole body shook.

"What's the matter, Jessie?" I asked, confused by her reaction.

"I don't know granddad, someone walked on my Grave." she joked.

I laughed at her silliness and put the matter out of my mind. I finished my drink before Jessie and asked her to get me another. Jessie finished the rest of her drink as she was walking out of the bedroom and again I saw her body shudder.

"Another one of your ghosts walking on your grave, Jessie?" I laughed.

Jessie heard me and poked her tongue out at me as she left the bedroom. Jessie took a little longer this time to return and I figured that maybe she'd gone to the toilet on the way. She again was carrying two glasses filled with coke. She handed mine to me and once again I took a sip to make sure she'd given me the correct one. She had.

We played our game for a few more minutes and then Jessie said to me, "Granddad, can we please play another game? This one is as boring as you." She giggled at her own joke. I played along with her.

"I'll give you boring, you little shit. I'll bite your arse for you one day." I laughed to let her know that I was only joking.

"Yeah, sure you will." Jessie cracked back at me with a big grin on her face.

"What sort of game do you want to play, Jess?"

"Well I heard some of the girls at school talking about a game they love to play." Jessie replied.

"And what sort of game would that be?" I asked her.

"They called it "strip jack naked" Jessie said with a straight face. I was shocked at her suggestion.

"Ahhh, I don't think we'd better play that game, Jess." I told her.

"Why not, granddad? What's wrong with it? All of the older girls at school play it, why can't we?" she asked puzzled.

"Well Jessie, it a game where if you lose, you have to take off one piece of your clothing until in the end, you or both of you are totally naked." I said, deciding to be honest with her.

"Gee, that sounds like a great game, granddad." she giggled.

"Yes, no doubt it is a great game, Jess. But one we won't be playing." I replied with a laugh.

My mind went back to when I'd first started playing that game myself. I'd not been much older than Jessie was now. Then, my mind's eye brought back the memory of Jessie's bulging vaginal lips pressing against her panties. I felt my cock start to re-awaken inside my shorts.

"Oh, come on, granddad. Don't be such an old man." Jessie giggled.

"Jessie, what if you lose to me, then you'd be naked in front of me." I asked her.

"So? You've seen me naked before, granddad." she giggled again.

"Well, yes I have Jess, but that was a few years ago." I laughed with her.

"Well then?" she asked looking me in the eyes.

"But what if I lose, then I'd be fully naked in front of you." I informed her with a grin.

"I've seen you naked before, granddad." Jessie laughed out loudly.

"When?" I asked her, puzzled.

"When I've come in here in the mornings and you're spread out totally naked asleep." she giggled. Knowing that she'd seen me naked while I'd been asleep, made my cock twitch inside my shorts again.

"So?" Jessie asked, pressing home her attack. I thought that she was bluffing with me.

"Well, if you're game enough, then I suppose I am too." I said to her, wondering if she'd now pull out seeing that I'd called her bluff.

"Great." was her only reply. Well, she'd called my bluff, so now I was about to play Strip Jack Naked with my granddaughter.

"OK Jess. We'll play poker, which I know you know how to play, the loser of the hand has to take part of his or her clothing off." I informed her.

"OK, granddad." Jessie giggled again.

"Oops, I need to pee first, granddad." Jessie giggled. Jessie got up and walked a little unsteadily towards the hallway. I wondered what was wrong with her, if I didn't know any better; I'd have said she was half drunk!!!

With Jessie gone, I looked at her half-filled glass of coke and became suspicious. I picked up her drink and smelled it. Jessie had been drinking southern comfort too!!! I wondered if that had been the reason her body had shuddered when she'd first taken a drink of her so-called Coke? I was sure it was the reason.

I took a snip of her drink and found that hers was even stronger than my drink had been. I'd just replaced her drink where she'd left it, when Jessie returned to the bedroom. I looked at her eyes for the final answer as to if she was half drunk or not? Yes, her eyes were not fully focused.

Jessie was sitting on the bed with me, with her legs crossed. I was lying down on my side on top of the bed. All I was wearing was my shorts and underpants. Jessie I knew only had her nightie plus panties on. So, we were even in the amount of clothing we wore. I dealt the first hand and Jessie took three cards. Because I held two pairs, I needed only one card. Jessie placed her cards face upwards on top of the bed. She'd managed to get three of a kind. I held a full house and placed my cards face up on top on the bed next to hers.

"Ha ha, you lose." I told her with a grin, wondering if she was drunk enough to really take her nightie off in front of me.

"I'll get you next hand, granddad." Jessie giggled as she stood up to remove her nightie.

As she raised her nightie above her head, I saw for the first time clearly, her small but firm breasts sticking out from her chest. I felt my cock start to stir inside my shorts again. I wondered if my cock would behave itself long enough for me to finish playing this game with Jessie? Jessie's nipples stood out from her breasts like hard little raisins.

She sat back down on the bed and leaned over and picked up her drink. She took a long snip this time and I noticed that she no longer shuddered as she drank it. She was either getting used to its taste and strength or she was too drunk to care. I dealt another hand and this time I had nothing, I threw out four cards and waited to see what Jessie wanted. She kept three cards and threw out two.

"Ah ha, I've got you now, granddad." she grinned with a twinkle in her eyes.

I dealt two cards to her and Jessie picked them up and looked at her hand. I dealt myself four cards and picked them up. Yes, she had me for sure, even if she had a pair, she'd win. I had nothing.

I threw my cards down face up so Jessie could see that I had a losing hand. Jessie laughed loudly as she placed her cards next to mine. She had three tens. I stood up on the bed and slipped my shorts down my legs and kicked them right off. Jessie's eyes went straight to my crotch, where my semi-erect cock was pushing my underpants away from my body. Jessie started to giggle then, covering her mouth with her small hand.

"What's so funny?" I asked her smiling.

"Nothing, granddad." Jessie replied, not taking her eyes away from my bulging penis inside my underpants.

My own eyes had been drinking in the vision of her small, but beautiful breasts. I then dealt another hand and Jessie picked her cards up. Once again I had two pairs. Jessie threw three cards away and I dealt her cards for her and one card for myself. Jessie giggled as she threw her cards face up. She had only one pair. I threw my cards down so she could see that she'd lost.

"Bugger." Jessie muttered as she reached over and picked up her drink.

She took another strong pull at her drink and then, just as I'd began to think that she was going to chicken out of the game, she slipped her panties down her legs and then kicked her away from her feet. Now, she was totally naked in front of me. She showed no embarrassment at being naked in front of me. Instead, she stood there proudly in front of me, letting me see her completely naked body. Then after a few more seconds of just standing there with her hands on her hips, Jessie again sat down onto the bed in front of me.

She was sitting there with her legs crossed in front of her, allowing me to see the soft pink of her inner flesh sticking out between her lips. I couldn't take my eyes away from her vagina, which seemed to be staring straight at me.

"Are you going to deal the cards, granddad?" Jessie giggled.

I tore my eyes away from her crotch and dealt another hand for the both of us. My cock was starting to respond now and I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to control it. I had a full house straight away.

"Shit." I thought to myself. I had wanted Jessie to see my cock.

Jessie grinned at her hand, here eyes flicking towards my crotch. She threw two cards away and I decided that I'd throw three of my cards away, destroying my winning hand. I did so and dealt our cards. Jessie threw her cards down, showing me that she had three Jacks. I looked at my hand and found that I'd dealt myself three Kings.

"Bugger, I lost." I said, throwing my cards face down so Jessie couldn't see my hand.

Jessie was so pleased that she'd won; she didn't think to pick up my cards and check. I stood up and with Jessie's eyes focused on my crotch; I slipped my underpants down my thighs. Jessie's eyes widen in surprise when she saw that my cock wasn't as small as she'd remembered it to be. I too, stood there in front of her, allowing her to see my semi-erect cock in all its glory. I then sat down in front of her, knowing full well, that Jessie could still see my cock clearly.

"OK, granddad. What do we do now?" she asked, tearing her eyes away from my cock regretfully. I tried to think of an answer. I didn't want this game to finish just now. Then I had an idea.

"Well, we could always play a game that I used to play when I was your age when we played Strip Jack Naked." I informed her.

"What was that?" She asked, finishing her drink in a single gulp.

"Well, when we'd finished taking off all of our clothes, whoever lost the next hand had to do whatever the winner told them to do." I lied to her.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good game, granddad." Jessie giggled. I dealt another hand and Jessie lost that one.

"OK granddad. What do you want me to do?" Jessie asked with a grin.

"Humm... you can kiss my knees, Jessie." I told her with a smile.

"OK." she answered. Jessie leaned forward and kissed both of my knees. I knew full well what her eyes were seeing, and my knees weren't what she's been watching. I bet her eyes were full of my thick cock.

She sat back and I noticed her eyes had still not left my cock. I dealt another hand and this time, I let her win.

"Ah ha, granddad. This time you can kiss my bum." she giggled.

"OK then, bend over, young lady." I laughed, knowing that this game had a way to go yet.

Jessie stood up beside the bed and faced away from me. She placed her hands on both knees and bent over in front of me. Her vaginal lips were sticking proudly out between her thighs. I placed both of my hands both side's of her backside and leaned closer towards her. I could smell her vaginal odors drifting up from her opening. I then pressed her cheeks apart as much as I could without being obvious about it and saw her vagina spreading apart between my hands. I let her feel my hot breath on her crotch for a couple of seconds, before leaning just a little further and lightly kissing her anus, my chin actually brushing up against her opened vagina as I did so.

"Mmm.." Jessie moaned softly to herself as she felt my chin brush her vagina. Then I moved my face away from her crotch and Jessie stood up unsteadily. Jessie's face was flushed with sexual excitement, as I knew it would be. She sat down and looked at my eyes as if trying to see what I was thinking right then? If she'd been able to read my mind right then, she'd have seen that I'd been thinking about shoving both my cock and my tongue as deep inside her as they'd go. I wondered if she'd have been shocked? Somehow I don't think so.

I dealt another hand and again I let her win. She was no longer concentrating on the cards.

"Ok, granddad. This time I want you to kiss my tits." she giggled.

I grinned at her and leaned forward until I felt my lips brush against her right nipple. I opened my warm mouth and took her hard nipple inside my moist mouth. Jessie groaned loudly this time, making no attempt to disguise that fact that she was getting turned on by what I was doing to her. I gently suckled her nipple inside my mouth and Jessie was moaning softly the whole time. Then I moved my mouth to her other nipple and began to suckle on that one. Again, Jessie moaned in pleasure as wave after wave of pure pleasure shot from her nipple to the pit of her stomach, making her feel like she needed to pee or something.

I took my lips from her nipple and stared at her. Jessie sat there with her eyes closed and with a big grin on her face. I waited for her to open her eyes and then I dealt another hand. This time I won and looked at her sitting there across from me. Jessie waited expectedly for me to tell her what I wanted her to do to me. I lay down on my back and placed a finger on my groin, right beside my cock.

"I want you to kiss me there, Jess." I told her with a big grin.

Jessie didn't say a single word; instead she leaned forward and moved my cock away from the spot I wanted her to kiss with her fingers. She released my cock and it hit her with a soft bump across her right cheek. Then she kissed me where I'd asked her to do. Either she was too drunk to realize that my cock was now touching the side of her face as she kissed me, or she did realize and didn't mind. Jessie again sat up, my cock standing proudly in front of her.

I dealt yet another hand knowing as I did so, I was going to let her win again. When she won again, Jessie giggled. I wondered what she'd thought of for me to do to her this time?

"I want you to kiss me right here." she said, pointing directly at her opened vagina.

I got up on my knees in between her spread thighs and gladly leaned forward to kiss her vagina. As I drew closer to her vagina, I noticed that Jessie's breathing had quickened quite a bit. I couldn't believe that a 12-year-old could get so turned on? My lips touched her opened vagina and Jessie's whole body shuddered as she felt my lips press up against her vagina. Instead of just kissing her there, I decided to tease her clitoris as well while I had the chance.

"Oh shit." Jessie cried out as she felt my tongue begin to tease her clitoris. Jessie grabbed my hair and pulled me hard into her vagina as I teased her clitoris. Then before she knew what was happening, I rammed my thick, hot tongue as deep inside her moist vagina as it'd go.

"Fuck me." Jessie cried out in pleasure. I knew she didn't really want me to fuck her, but the thought was nice anyway. The taste of her juices coating my tongue was fantastic. I couldn't quite believe that I was tongue-fucking my granddaughter!!!

I felt Jessie's whole body shudder as she reached her very first orgasm. I felt the walls of her vagina gripping my tongue and it felt as though she was actually trying to pull my tongue deeper and deeper inside her vagina. I felt her juices coating my tongue as I tried to ram my tongue right up inside her, but alas, it couldn't reach any further. Finally Jessie's body started to relax as her orgasm started to recede.

I finished licking what juices out of her that I could find with my tongue, and then I moved my face away from her wet vagina. Jessie looked up at me kneeling between her thighs. She smiled lazily as she ran her fingers up and down the groove between her vaginal lips.

"Wow, granddad. That was incredible." she smiled at me.

"Thank you, Jessie. Still want to play this game?" I asked her with a wicked grin on my face.

"Oh yes please, I love this game of ours." she grinned back at me.

Jessie sat up as I again dealt another hand. This time I won.

"OK Granddad, what would you like me to do to you?" she asked with a grin. I saw her eyes drop down towards my fully erect cock and knew she wanted to kiss my cock.

"I want you to take the head of my cock and place it inside your mouth." I told her with a grin, wondering if I'd shocked her by my choice of words?

Jessie didn't say anything but instead leaned forward and gripped the shaft of my cock just below the head of my cock. Feeling her hand around the shaft of my cock nearly made me climax there and then. Jessie opened her mouth as wide as she could and leaned forward and placed her hot mouth down around the head of my cock. Watching my cock disappear inside her mouth was way too much for me to take and I exploded inside her mouth. Jessie gagged at first as she felt my hot seed shooting inside her mouth and she swallowed some of it before she could take her mouth away from the head of my spurting cock. The first and 2nd rope of my warm cum had gone down her throat, but the 3rd and 4th ropes of cum shot over her face. Jessie coughed as she wiped my cum from her face with her hand.

"I'm sorry about that, Jessie." I told her, hoping she wasn't mad about me cumming inside her mouth. I wasn't sorry at all, but I had to say something.

"That's OK, granddad. I know you didn't mean to do that to me." I handed her my shorts to finish wiping my cum from her face. Jessie's eyes dropped towards my now limp cock and she giggled.

"What's so funny young girl?" I joked.

"Your co...penis looks funny after being so huge before." she giggled.

"Well, that's what happens when a certain young lady tries to eat my cock." I laughed.

"I didn't get a chance to "eat" it, granddad." Jessie laughed. I could feel my cock starting to respond once again and I wasn't really surprised. Having a naked 12-year-old naked girl in front of you would make any man regain his erection. Jessie's eyes fell on my cock as it again grew to its full size.

"Ok, do you want another hand, Jess?" I asked, hoping she wasn't yet ready to call a halt to our game.

"Yes, OK Granddad." she replied with a grin.

She tore her eyes from my erection, just long enough to pick up her cards and look at them. I let her win once more, wondering what she'd pick this time.

"OK, Granddad. I want you to....Humm.... touch my thing with your thing." she said, this time she was unable to stare into my eyes. This is what I'd been hoping for all along!!!

"Are you sure about this, Jess?"

"Yes, Granddad. I'm sure." she grinned at me.

I placed a pillow under her naked backside; bring her hips level with my cock, which was pointing straight at the entrance to her gaping vagina. Taking the shaft of my cock in my hand, I moved forward on my knees until the head of my cock was touching the wetness of her vagina. Somehow I managed to resist ramming the head of my cock up inside her. While we'd enjoyed everything so far, I hesitated to actually have sex with her. True, what I'd already done could have me sent to jail for a long time, I knew that if I were to actually have sex with her, there'd be no way that I could even try to lie about what we'd done if someone else found out about our little game. Her broken hymen would hang me for sure.

So all I did was to rub the head of my cock up and down the wetness of her parted lips, also teasing her clitoris with it. Jessie had her eyes closed and was moaning softly to herself as she felt the head of my cock touching her vagina. Then I felt her starting to push herself up against the head of my cock as if she wanted it inside her and not just on the outside of her vagina!!! I quickly pulled away from her vagina, making sure that I didn't actually penetrate her.

"What's wrong, Granddad?" Jessie asked, opening her eyes to see why I'd pulled away from her.

"Nothing's wrong Jessie." I lied. As much as I'd been tempted to have sex with her, I knew that if I started, I'd finish up ramming my cock all of the way up inside her vagina.

"Maybe we'd better stop this game, Jess." I told her, knowing as I did so, that it wouldn't take much more of this to make me change my mind. I looked down at her, still lying on top of the pillow, her vagina was spread quite a way apart by the rubbing I'd done to her with the head of my cock. I could actually see inside her hole. There before me, lay her hymen, the only thing stopping me from fucking her right now. I hated her hymen right then with a passion.

"Why wouldn't you put it inside me, granddad?" Jessie asked, puzzled.

"Because you're only young, Jess, and maybe one day, you'll regret having sex with me and I could get found out and go to jail for a very long time."

"I'd never tell on you, Granddad. I promise." She looked at me, and I knew that indeed, she wouldn't be the one to tell on me. But just maybe, she would regret me making love to her and I didn't want her to finish up hating me. Jessie seemed to sense my determination so she changed tack.

"OK, Granddad, can we please have just one more game of cards?"

"Sure, ok Jess. Just the one more then." I told her.

I was determined not to just let her win like I'd done so many times tonight. As I went to pick up my cards, Jessie stopped me.

"Granddad, whoever wins, the other person must do as the winner wants, agreed?" I felt safe enough that I'd win and then I was going to stop this little game of ours.

"Ok, Jessie. I agree."

I picked up my cards and saw that I had three nines. I was sure that I'd win this one. Jessie threw out three cards. I dealt her three cards and myself two. I saw that I hadn't improved my hand. I placed my cards face up and Jessie grinned when she saw what I had. Jessie placed her cards beside mine and I saw with a sinking heart, that she had gotten three tens.

"I win, I win." Jessie sang happily. I knew what she wanted and also knew that I'd given her my word to do whatever she had wanted me to do to her. I could have just refused I know, but she'd hate me for sure.

"OK, Granddad. I want you to put your cock inside me, please." I knew that I'd do what she wanted me to.

After she'd lain down again, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her gaping hole. Jessie was looking directly at my face as I began to slowly push the head of my cock against her vagina. She was very tight, despite being so wet. I was unsure that I'd even be able to enter her even if I wanted to. Jessie was doing her bit by pushing harder against the head of my cock. I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to penetrate her and was glad about it.

Suddenly, Jessie cried out in both pain and shock as the head of my cock disappeared inside her, busting her hymen at the same time. I nearly fell on top of her as my cock plunged deeper and deeper inside her. I knew that no matter what I did now, I'd go to jail for sure if I were found out, even if I didn't cum inside her. The time would still be the same even if I pulled out of her straight away. So instead of pulling out of her vagina, I kept it inside her until the pain of her breaking hymen began to recede.

"Oh god, Granddad. You're so big inside me. It feels as though I've gotten a pole buried inside her." She giggled a little, so I knew that she wasn't badly hurt by my cock busting her hymen.

"Want me to take it out, Jess?" I asked her, hoping she'd say no. Jessie thought about it for a few seconds and then shook her head no.

"No, Granddad. I've always wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by a man." she told me with a grin.

"Well, sweetie, you're about to find out." I grinned evilly at her. I pulled myself part of the way out of her and saw her vaginal lips gripping to the shaft of my cock like a second glove. Then Jessie grunted in pain as I rammed myself as deep inside her as it'd go. I didn't mean to be so rough with her; it was just my hormones taking over. Then as I began to slowly fuck myself in and out of her, Jessie's vagina began to loosen enough for it not to be so painful for Jessie.

Soon, Jessie was pushing her hips upwards to meet my downward thrusts. Because she was so tight, I knew that I wasn't going to last too long and I could tell that Jessie wasn't all that far away from having her 2nd orgasm of the night. We fucked harder and faster as our climaxes approached. Now, my cock was sliding in and out of her vagina easily, her vagina had stretched enough for my cock to plunge in and out of her by this time.

Suddenly, I felt my hot cum shooting out of my cock as I buried myself as deep inside her as it'd go. That seemed to trigger Jessie's own orgasm as she wrapped her heels around my arse and pulled my cock harder into her, screaming out as she felt her orgasm overpowering her senses. Finally, I lay on top of Jessie's small body, totally drained of cum. The walls of Jessie's cunt were squeezing my cock as she finished her own orgasm. I couldn't quite believe just how good this lovemaking had felt to me. I hoped that Jessie felt the same way.

Looking into her eyes, I saw her begin to smile. "Granddad, thank you so much for doing that to me." She leaned forward and kissed my lips. Though she didn't quite know how to French kiss yet, I knew that in very short order, I'd soon teach her how to.

"That and a couple of other things too." I thought to myself, looking at her cute arse that screamed out to be fucked by my cock as well. Jessie slowly pulled herself away from my limp cock and our mixed juices flooded out of her when she stood up.

"I'd better go and have a shower, granddad." she giggled, holding her hand cupped over her vagina to stop our juices from escaping.

"Yes, you'd better, sweetheart and then I want you back in bed with me again. OK?"

"I'd be glad to come back to your bed anytime, Granddad." she laughed as she walked out of the bedroom.

I knew that soon I'd be fucking her again and again.

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