A long time ago, this site existed. Now it's back. It took a long time and much careful thought before I decided to bring it back. Contact information for the author is forthcoming... In the meantime, you can post comments to The Mind Control Stories Forum. All posted stories have been revised from their original editions.

This is a temporary, very rough outline of a site. I know it's not pretty yet. Bear with me. In the future, there will be more stories and rants, personally created .mp3s and other goodies here. Right now, I don't have any HTMLized files of my revised stories. Sorry. They should still be fairly readable!

This is my current project:

"The Audience: Preludes and Prologue."

If you wish to comment, post here.

Here's what's up so far:

And my first new, complete story in a long time!

Here's the workbench. Most of these are in .rtf format. I'm not about to HTMLize them right now. That comes later:

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