Doctor Gamble's Stories

I started writing these stories back in the early 1990s although I can't actually say why. They comprise a collection of related fantasies which deal with rape and violent torture of a non-consenting nature. Basically they deal with some pretty sick people. While some relatively graphic events occur in them, fantasy is the key word here and none of these tales should be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted. While some of the stories contain characters who are subjected to various situations including slavery, abuse, and an assortment of other unspeakable acts against nature, remember that both the victims and perpetrators are only imaginary characters and not real people.

If you are under the age of twenty-one years or are offended by such materials do not read these stories. These stories are exclusively intended only for consenting adults in locations where such subjects, materials, messages and other communications do not violate any community standards or any federal, state or local law or regulation of the United States or any other country. All of these stories are for the private use and enjoyment of the authorized visitors to ASSTR and any resale or other use of any kind is strictly forbidden, particularly their distribution to minors. Finally, any similarity between any of the characters in any of these stories and anyone, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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I tried to be thorough in listing the subject matter contained in each of the stories and although I may have missed a few things, hopefully you won't encounter something severe about which you haven't already been warned. A common theme to these stories is that all are written in the first person. Generally, but not always, the narrator is the unwilling victim of a series of sexual perversions which she somehow survives. The characters in the stories are all sort of connected in some way, a character in one might turn up as the narrator in another or even as the parent or grandparent of a character from a previous story.

1.  All In A Day's Work (M+f nc rape Mdom bd fist violent tort lac f-1st slow)

The first of the stories in this series is about a young runaway who is sold into slavery. White slavery is always a titillating perversion and is common to most of the stories. This story is the basis of all of the stories in the series, it relates to some more than others, and deals with the decisions many of us face when forced to prostitute our minds and bodies in order to survive. The narrator is taken to an island in the Caribbean where a depraved doctor enlists her in his laboratory projects. It starts somewhat slowly but soon enough the runaway becomes the victim of intense rape, bondage, and several other unpleasant indignities.

2.  My Day on the Farm (M+f nc rape Mdom bd violent tort lac f-1st)

This piece is a close companion of the first one. It consists of a narration of a portion of the first story from the point of view of one of the male participants. The man narrating the story has a brother who works on the island who has invited him to come to live in paradise. 

3.  My Time on the Island (M+F nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort lac)

The third story in the series is that of another woman who finds herself imprisoned on the island. She has similar experiences as the narrator of the first story and at one point they meet for a short time. 

4.  The Doctor's Little Girl (M+f nc rape Mdom Fdom bd sad violent tort f-1st hist snuff ws)

This story takes place during the Second World War. The narrator, a young American girl, falls into the hands of an evil Nazi torturer. Unpleasant things happen to the American girl and most everyone else who encounters the Nazis in their chamber of torture. 

5.  My Laboratory (MF caution nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort lac)

We have met the degenerate doctor, we have met his evil father, and now we get to hear the doctor tell his own story. I must warn you that the "doctor" is a pretty sick puppy himself, and his sense of right and wrong tends to deviate somewhat from the norm. However, if you have made it this far in the series you should be pretty much aware of what he is capable of doing. 

6.  How I Spent My Summer Vacation (M+F nc rape Mdom bd violent tort oral enem lac 1st slow snuff)

The lab is torched by a young woman who is sent to the island but who isn't reformed by it. She experiences many of the doctor's depraved sexual experiments before being sold off and eventually meets the woman from the first story in the series. 

7.  A Letter to Lou (caution)

This was, for a while, the last story of the series where in a letter to one of his superiors, the chief explains his actions. 

9.  New Beginnings (M+f nc rape Mdom bd sad violent oral tort 1st lac)

The text of the story is told by a young woman who is first kidnapped and then sent to the casino on the island for training.

10.  Spring Break (M+F mf nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort fist enem 1st lac)

A young college girl looking for a summer job accidentally runs into the villain from the ninth story and finds herself enlisted as a sex slave to be exhibited in a public sadistic bondage show. 

 11.  My Time as a Comfort Woman (M+F hist group nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort 1st)

During the Second World War the Japanese army "enlisted" hundreds of women, mostly Korean but from throughout all the areas they occupied, including some English and Dutch women from their former colonies, to work as prostitutes for their soldiers. This story concerns one Dutch girl who is interned as a comfort woman and eventually meets up with the same depraved and deranged Nazi colonel from the fourth story. 

12.  Dreams (M+F nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort lac)

This is the story of the daughter of the narrator in the eleventh story who is also the mother of the narrator of the first one. The narrator is abducted and then is forced to endure a series of rapes as a part of her training process toward becoming a subservient prostitute. During her training she experiences a series of unreal erotic dreams which parallel the horrible reality of her waking world.

13.  Twins in Trouble (M+F nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort)

A pair of twins are the unfortunate victims of a kidnapping. Their captors subject them to various tortures and abuses before they are eventually rescued. 

14.  The Twins and the Doctor (M+F nc rape Mdom bd sad violent tort lac)

The same twins from the last story find themselves in trouble once more when they fall into the hands of some intensely evil men and are sold as laboratory specimens. 

15.  Private Property - A Boy's Story (MF+ nc rape Fdom bd oral cbt)

A short story about a young man who finds himself the captive of a group of women. They only need him for the product he can create for them. 

16.  Blind Date (M+F nc rape Mdom violent tort bd oral 1st)

This story is a return to the "young woman in trouble" scenario. A poor little rich girl is kidnapped, raped, and then sold to our old friend the evil doctor. She eventually meets up with the same guy named Dieter who we met in story 14. 

17.  Father's Day (MF+ nc rape Mdom violent tort bd inc 1st)

A story of a father who unknowingly has dinner and a little more with his two daughters. They are sold to a white slavery auction and end up in a bizarre experimental laboratory. 



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