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by dotB
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The following stories are ADULT in nature and are about people who sometimes find themselves in SEXUAL situations! If you are not an ADULT or if there is some other LEGAL REASON you really should not be reading about EXPLICIT SEX and ADULT SITUATIONS then you should NOT read any further.

Of course, if you are here legally then I hope you enjoy my tales.

What I write are works of fiction, words on a page, bits and bytes on a hard drive, images on a screen . . . . Each story is a figment of my imagination and any semblance of reality that you give them is a result of your imagination. Whereas some of the places I describe may exist, none of the people do, their existence is as fleeting as the medium on which they appear. So if in some way, you recall meeting one of the characters I describe, then your imagination is even more active than mine.

In the worlds that exist in my flights of fancy, laws may change, reality may shift and the sane may be regarded as fools, but to the best of my knowledge, no animals were injured, no endangered species threatened, and no underage persons harmed. Since these are flights of fancy, I do not recommend that any person attempt to duplicate any of the actions described, any such attempt might be found to be illegal, painful, or downright impossible, after all, the story is fiction. Please accept my words as they are meant to be, entertainment and only entertainment.

These stories may not be reproduced in any form or medium without the written permission of the author; dotB at .B

Copyright © 2007 by dotB. All rights reserved.

Restricted reading, Adults Only!

Hopefully, any unfinished stories posted on this site will be completed in a reasonable length of time.
That usually means updates will seldom be more than 30 days apart, unless no stories are in progress.
Unfortunately, real life occasionally intrudes and there will be times when that will be impossible.

The Short Stories

The Fir - A simple tribute to a friend.                                                          [Complete]        No Erotic Content.

Black & White Dreams - It pays to help out friends in need                      [Complete]          MFF Rom. Cons.

Multiple Chapter Shorts
(Short stories that just grew)

That's What Friends Are For - They loved each other, and yet ..?            [Complete]     MF Rom Cons 

Things Change - They want kids, but sis has one, doesn't she?                   [Complete]  MF FF Rom Cons Inc

Prickly Situation - His cactus plants are gone, but where and why?             [Complete]        MF Mf Rom Cons

Stories in a Series

Purple Martin Tales
(Short stories related to and about the Purple Martin Pub)


A Poet's Tale - A poet, a friend, and a fan, meet in a pub                            [Complete]          Mf. Rom. Cons.

The Longer Works
(Novel or novelette length pieces.)

Portrait of Need - A klutz who tripped, fell and wow, where he landed       [Incomplete]     MF Rom Cons Oral.

Car 54 - Three young guys who grow up, meet gals, work, and race cars      [Complete]     MF Rom Cons Oral.

Lisa Marie & Unca Tom - Farm kids whose lives got complicated             [Incomplete]    MF+ Rom Exh Cons

AfterShock - A man, friends, and family - post earthquake             [Complete]   MF FF Rom Cons Preg Rape

Please respect my copyright.
You may download any story, or any portion, to your hard-drive for your own enjoyment
but don't repost any portion, place it in a collection, or distribute it without my permission.

I would like to say thank you to those who have e-mailed me with regard to my stories.
Due to the many pressures of my life, I'm notoriously slow about responding to e-mails,
however, I really do appreciate your input as well as your comments and/or corrections.
Please accept this as a thank you for your attention and thanks for reading my words.

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