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I like to write and text-roleplay stories featuring realistic (non-BDSM) humiliation, cruelty and injustice towards innocent female characters. Can be only psychological humiliation, but can also include any degree of violence or physical harm. I like to roleplay with a great deal of detail, and usually with long build-ups, of which the descriptions I will post here are just a part of. Roleplays are also long (from 1 hour to many), sometimes split over different sessions. I normally roleplay the victim, though in some occasions I have successfully played the other side.

In this website I post short texts that describe scenarios where this kind of stories can take place, rather than writing specific stories alone. I also post a list of more abstract topics that I like in stories.

Before that, this is a list of the elements that are most important for me. You should read it before deciding whether you are interested in my stories:

Other important remarks:

I normally like stories with a fair degree of realism (in the sense of plausibility), and set in times no further away than 100 years from the present, but I make exceptions. I may go into historical periods like victorian, medieval, or roman, if my co-author has a very strong preference towards this. I may also go into fantasy and sci-fi occasionally, as long as the new laws of nature are bounded, consistent and make sense, and the psychology of the characters is realistic.

I usually prefer that the characters that are played by different people, do not significantly know each other before the story starts, because otherwise, roleplaying them with a satisfying level of detail would require all their previous context being agreed before the story, and this is usually not practical. However, I can make exceptions for stories that are particularly good, with people willing to create that previous context.

If you are interested in roleplaying by text a story set in one of the stories I post below, or if you like some of the topics listed -or something in the same line- please mail me, or use the form below. You are welcome to propose changes in the stories, as long as they go along the lines I have described above. My email address is "doppel gangSTer (symbol with a circled a) vfe mail (point) netWORK", after you substitute the text between parentheses with the appropriate symbols, and you remove both spaces and uppercase letters. From there, we can arrange to meet over IRC or some messaging system that suits both of us. I also appreciate mail-only feedback, though my primary interest is roleplaying in real time. Of course, you should be 18 years or older to do any of this, and over the age of majority in your country. If you are not, you should have left this website already.


This is a detailed but non-inclusive list of topics that I like. The first contain mostly humiliation, and different degrees of physical harm can be added. The latter ones are specifically about violence, but should also contain humiliation. Many can be combined.

  1. Situations with sexism and misogyny in general (this can be combined with almost any other scenario).
  2. Situations where a girl is given a "worse deal" (whatever the context may be) for not being hot enough. The relation between the two things can be direct or more subtle (this can also be freely combined with almost any other option).
  3. Situations where a girl is has to dress too sexy or slutty, even though it makes her uncomfortable morally and possibly physically too.
  4. Racism (often white victim, but dark-skinned victim works sometimes too).
  5. Bullying, for example against smart and bookwormy girls with low self-esteem, or a handicapped girl (for instance blind).
  6. Embarrassed Nude Female (ENF), Clothed Male Nude Female (CMNF).
  7. Exploitation and classism. Situations where a girl of humble background is exploited and must carry out a hard, and possibly dangerous task for a miserable wage. There are many possible specific scenarios:
    1. "Between locals". Capitalist scenario with huge class divide miserable wages and reduced worker rights (normally dystopic near future or victorian-era past), or corrupt caste-based socialist state.
    2. "Between different cultural backgrounds". Again different options.
      1. "Powerful foreigner". For example, western rich man in vacation in poor socialist country, he can abuse and humiliate (not just fuck) local women. Or more complex: foreigner with specific expertise stays in corrupt socialist country, which urgently needs his expertise on a topic, which is irreplaceable or gives them enormous benefits, and because of that enormous value there could be an agreement (implicit or explicit) that the authorities would overlook a fairly generous share of excesses with local women, or even offer it a a perk for him to stay there. In cases like this, I like nuances, not just physical action: complex and nuanced dialogs, broad humiliation, etc.
      2. "Poor immigrant". Powerful man from rich country "helps" desperate woman from a poor country with immigration papers and maintenance money . This scenario is less prone to high levels of physical harm and more to bare humiliation.
  8. Situations where a girl has to negotiate in situation of inferiority about something that has important implications for her (debt restructuring, dangerous/humiliating job conditions, abusive terms for a peace treaty between to parts, etc.)
  9. Forced labor, hard or dangerous work.
  10. Certain common fethishes like zoo, scat, cannibalism, etc. are welcome as long as they are understood by you as a realistic vehicle for humiliation, that really and naturally fits into the story, and not as an isolated and exclusive porn fetish artificially overtaking every corner of the story at the expense of realism.
  11. Hitman jobs, either mafia or black ops, normally at the victims place.
  12. Mexican cartel or terror executions. They could film it, and make her first talk on camera, introduce herself saying she is going to die, and plead guilty to some ridiculous charges. The way in which they make her do this would be part of the story.
  13. Executions during a dictatorship.
  14. Police brutality under authoritarian regime, specially anti-riot police.
  15. Street beatings by criminal gangs.
  16. Using innocent women as guinea pigs in experiments (experiments with a purpose, no BDSM).
    1. Using political prisoners as guinea pigs in experiments with new military equipment and techniques.
    2. Using heavy indebted (or similar) woman for medical experiments in civilian but oppresive situations. For instance inducing cancer on a healthy woman, etc.
  17. Mass extermination and war crimes.
  18. Situations where a girl is attacked by a wild animal (alone or with human observers). Normally realistic, but mythological creatures are possible too.
  19. Certain post-apocalyptic scenarios can be interesting, if done realistically and not too far off in the future, so the perception of things is still similar to the current one.
  20. Situations where two men discuss, based on pictures and short biographies of several young women, which one should die. They can be planning a politically-based attack, deciding a snuff movie, etc
  21. Other options and proposals are possible if they are detailed and have some degree of cruelty or injustice (violence of any degree is welcome but not always necessary). I normally like realistic scenarios, but I may accept some unrealistic (fantasy) or highly hypothetical (sci-fi) scenarios if they are done with detail, and the deviations from reality are well defined (no "everything is possible").

Besides, I did my best to be properly indexed with ASSTR's story codes:


These are some scenarios I like. Some of these short texts take a size and level of detail that could be considered "impersonal" short stories on their own.

Text/HTML version Comments and defining story codes. The codes are not by far the only ones, just the ASSTR tag that is most significative. But there may be many more, and depending on how the story progresses, the ones here may even not appear.
Reatcher World Near-future dystopia. It is used as setting by other stories. It contains mostly politics. (humil, ...)
Cancer Research A healthy but heavily indebted girl has no option than participating in a medical experiment where she is subject to cancerigenous factors. Other experiments would be possible too. Set in the Reatcher World (job, viol, ...)
The Work Trip (job, viol, ...)
The American Dream A foreign young woman is offered nothing else than a horrible, denigrating and dangerous job.
Controlled Speech Some young women are given the right to protest, but under certain conditions.
The Hammer A male chauvinist paramilitary group commits random "trials" and acts of violence. Set in the Reatcher World (viol, ...)
Serve and Protect Riot police charge brutally against peaceful demonstrators. Set in the Reatcher World (viol, ...)
A Democratic Leader A girl has to choose whether to sacrifice herself for the common good. Near-future post-apocalyptic dystopia. (viol, ...)
Safe Haven Same world as A Democratic Leader, but different situation. (viol, ...)
Polaris (HTML version)
Poor countries get their revenge. (interr, WF, BM, ...)
A Noble Princess A princess has to deal with a very dire situation. Similar to "A Democratic Leader", but set in a romantic medieval setting. (viol, ...)
Hell's pavement Bookwormy librarian is targeted by hitman. Can be set in the Reatcher World, but other options are possible. (snuff, ...)
Helping Science List of experiments to be conducted with female political prisoners. Can be set in the Reatcher World, but other options are possible. (viol,snuff, ...)
Psychology A man finds a suitcase with sensitive information about a young woman's psychotherapeut, detailing all her weaknesses, problems and complexes. (humil, ...)
Castaway Women and men get stranded in a desert island. Reatcher World, but other options are possible. (viol,snuff, ...)
To Kill a Swan A very powerful man in a corrupt authoritarian country attends a ballet dance. He can pick a ballerina and do anything to her.
A Post-war Tale The winner takes it all.
Troubled Times Context for hard political negotiations. Similar to Reatcher World, but not necessarily equivalent, and more expanded in the details regarding polics. (humil,viol, ...)
Cinderella A cautionary tale about the oldest, most sexist and romantized form of social mobility.
The Intern Girl The director of a small but profitable company, together with his lawyer, devise a plan to beat up a girl that has been working as an intern, so she can no longer perform her duties, and she can be fired in disadvantageous conditions. Set in the Reatcher World (job, viol, ...)
The Last Post Idealist nosy journalist is killed by mafia.
An expensive gym A bellgirl in an expensive hotel is forced to work as punchbag for a client in the gym. Set in the Reatcher World (job, viol, ...)
Unlucky Waitress A waitress is so unlucky to spill a drink on the shirt of a mafia boss.
Cosplay girl A girl has to work as a hostess in a comic-con stype event, puting up with a lot of humilliating things.
A Small Workshop A course is organized for businessmen about how to humilliate female workers, either prospective, present or past ones.
License to Kill What happens when a normal girl crosses paths with James Bond?
Stubs These are just stubs that are not long or developed enough to qualify as stories, though some can be used directly as scenarios. Some are also variations of other stories.
The Republic and The State. Ultra male-chauvinist dystopia. I wrote it a long time ago. I have mostly deprecated it in favor of the more realistic Reatcher World (humil, ...)


Maybe you don't know what text-roleplaying is. If you are literate, though, you will understand it very quickly. It is a way to write stories interactively between 2 or more players (I normally only engage with a single one). First, a situation is first described, including the scenario, the characters, any any other thing deemed necessary. Then, starting from a specific point in time, each player describes by turns what his/her character does, says, and sometimes also, thinks. If you want to classify it academically, it boils down to an hybrid between narrative fiction and improvisational theatre. This is the only thing that can be said in general; on top of this, there are multitude of styles and ways to play.

I personally roleplay using chat or instant messaging (no forum-based), and using third person narrative because characters are imaginary. I depend mainly on text, but I use third-party pictures for the description of characters and some other things that I consider they benefit from visual media.


Besides my mail given above, you can use this form to contact me. But if you expect a reply, you will have to provide some other means of communication, and I cannot promise I will use it (IRC or text-only skype are OK, for me setting up accounts in other places, your message would have to look very interesting).

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