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Welcome to Dr. Wu's Story Site.
     My name is Dr. Wu, a name I borrowed from an old song by Steely Dan. I started writing stories  after reading a number of tales that turned me on, as a way
of giving something back to the ASSTR and Usenet communities.
     My stories are generally about teenagers. I don't know why. Maybe a shrink would have a field day with me. I like the line from novelist Tom "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" Robbins, that when it comes to sex, teenaged girls just have "that new car smell." It works for me.
     The stories are varied. Usually young girls are dominated by males, but sometimes boys are dominated by girls. Some are consensual, some are non-consensual, some occupy a gray area of coercion and reluctance. In various places you will find all
kinds of sex, public humiliation, drugs and blackmail. I generally don't like a lot of violence, but sometimes it creeps in, and if you are sensitive to violence, maybe you should look elsewhere. Frequently I use song lyrics from all sorts of pop and rock
songs, everything from show tunes to rap. Again, it just works for me.
      You will notice the stories divided into two categories. The Tiffany Danlels saga is easily my most popular bit of depravity, a multi-story, novel-length work about a high school girl who is blackmailed, drugged, videotaped and put through a never-ending
array of sexual adventures, many of them dealing with humiliation. These stories are in chronological order and work best when read as presented here. The other
column of stories are all stand-alone tales of various sorts.
      Of course, all of these stories are fiction. If anyone were to attempt anything I've written about, that would be a really bad and stupid idea.
      In my real life, I am a middle-aged professional writer with two published books and a small amount of name recognition in certain circles. I am happily married with a family. No one in my real life knows that I write Dr. Wu stories.
      I am always happy to hear from readers, so feel free to e-mail me.
      Finally, I encourage anyone who comes here to make a donation to asstr.org. Although there are other story archives on the Net, this is the granddaddy of them all. It is free and non-profit. I have never made a dime off my stories; they are presented here for your enjoyment. If you have enjoyed them, click on the link below and make a donation so asstr can keep improving this site and its search engine.
   Happy reading.
   Dr. Wu
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