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Story Brief description My best attempt at coding the story
The Changing Room The first story I wrote with publishing in mind. I am trying out dresses in a changing room when I notice a stranger watching me...

Note: This story has been proofread and resubmitted 19-jan-2000

MF, exhib, wife
Island dreams Unfortunately only fiction. Written during a boring conference on a Greek island. M+F, exhib
On the Terrace Inspired by a night in town and dreams of the neighbour's son. M+F, exhib, wife
Tied and Tried A true, very strong, very personal experience. Sorry, no introduction. You just have to read it for yourself. MF, bondage, nc? Not very easy to code!
The Milkman After a long time of no sex I rediscover the pleasures MF
The electricians After a party and a close encounter with the host I dream about what could have happened if I accepted the invitation to return. M+F+
US encounters My first, and only time where I enjoyed it, experience with other girls. FF
One for the husband My husband dreams of watching me with another man. What would it be like? An old story revived. MFM, exhib, voy, wife
Remote Controlled I am given a cordless remote controled dildo and dream of how it might have been used during an actual evening in town. F/M+M, exhib. voy. toys
From Poul's Viewpoint As a writing experiment, In this story I get my husband Poul to have a sexual experience with one of my good friends. F/M, voy.
Not So Proud Back to an old story, which was revitalised by a recent call. I meet an old love, and during a week-end at a cottage we finally have the sexual relationship which we never had when we first met. F/M
A Boating Experience At the age of 19 I go sailing with a friend of my father and his sailing friend. F/M, Exhib
The Wonders of Hypnosis I am hypnotised to stop smoking by converting my desires for cigarettes into increased desire for sex. Please read these comments first! FF/M+, Voy, Exhib, mild SM
Anniversary night My husband and I go to a local amusement park on our anniversary night, and end up making love within sight of some of the other guests. F/M, Exhib
Horsing Around A recent visit to a farm makes me think back on my riding days and I dream of riding naked in the forest on a horse with a mounted dildo. I find out I have been set up by one of the hands at the farm, and end up having sex with him. F/M, Exhib, Toy
Initiation My first sexual experiences. Three guys in 6 weeks of summer vacation. Dug out from some of the first pages of my diary. F/M, F/M, F/M, exhib.
Ethnic persuasion Another experiment with my own limits. During a party I get turned on by the idea of re-experiencing teen-age sex, and submit myself to sex with three young boys of "other ethnic background"  Fmmm, exhib
Third party liability Last night of a conference we share our room with an old friend, who ends up as more than just a friend! F/MM, wife
Hawaiian Weekend We spend a weekend at a Hotel Resort Area where they have a Hawaiian theme evening. I take the opportunity to dress very lightly exploring the limits to my abilities as an exhibitionist.  F/M, exhib
Summer 2001 Just a small story from our summer vacation, where I enjoy being spied upon. Exhib
An Erotic Video A summer experience with two friends as we shoot our actions on video MMF, Exhib
An early morning run While renting a cottage for the summer I begin jogging in the morning. One morning I meet Jake, the local barman, and knowing he is following me I let him watch as I have a nude swim in the lake and play with myself afterwards. Now with picture (courtesy of Teddy). F, Exhib, MF
Anniversary 2002 As usual we go to the amusement park Bakken for our anniversary, but this time an old friend joins us. MFM, Wife, Exhib
Castle Showdown We visit a castle converted to a hotel for some public sex and I end up having sex with one of the hotel owners. Exhib, MF, Wife
Prison Exposure I visit a friend in an open prison. Inmates spy on the visiting rooms, and if you have sex with a visitor without closing the curtains, you are the hero of the day. I simply must help my friend... Exhib, MF

A note for reviewers (added after Celeste's review of "Initiation").

Communication with Teddy.  See Teddy's pictures where he tries to imagine what I look like and my comments on pictures of dicks which he sent me. Read Teddy's story where he imagines a night with me in his home town of Aarhus Denmark!