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I mostly write short stories about mostly-non-consensual torture of women. I like unusual sequences (please, no more padded leather cuffs, hoods, whips, and spanking) perhaps with things not intended for torture, and especially where the victim somehow adds to her own torture (see Self-Fulfilling Torture), or when the victim is tortured in public without anybody knowing (see Unseen Torture). Putting it in the most positive way, I like to read/imagine/write stories where the heroine achieves the greatest victory by facing (though not always overcoming) the worst situation. It’s “damsel in distress” (that phrase just gives me thrills) but without the total helplessness. Putting it in the worst way is the story codes (f nc tort) but not BDSM (which really mean domination-submission or master-slave while bondage [as in restraint, which I like] and sadomasochism are just means to achieve D/S), not for pleasure (as in S/M: pleasure from giving/receiving pain), and not for snuff (?pleasure from killing/dying).

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