I am currently working on a multiple choice adventure in the style of Arthur Saxon currently called A Dirty Screw
It is far from complete but I have posted this so that anyone who wants to contribute an idea can.  Just write to dirtiestsecretz@outlook.com and I will try and put your suggestion in.

The Intervention

I have only one other story that I have written.  It is the tales of a girl who is concerned about her nympho friend, so she takes matters into her own hands.

Favourite Stories

Favourite Author is Arthur Saxon so check them out here.  Particularly Physical Geography,Supervising Alice and the Hunchback and the Maiden.
I loved "Ivy League Sluts" by Harry Berg.  He is not on ASSTR so I am not linking him.
The same with "owning a dominant bitch" by Rebelman. 
One of my favourite themes is naked in school or work, so here is a fantastic collection.  Definately check out Nightwolfs Human Sexuallity 201.
For something completely different, check out John K Pe-ta's Manga work. That is pretty extreme so be warned. That is not a complete selection so you may have to hunt around for it.  There is a fair amount of it and most of it is pretty interesting.  2