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Nov. 13/2005 - Gigi
*Poof* I was gone. Lurking in my own yahoo group and writing stories but always too lazy to proofread them. I read some requests today in the Group for some new work to be released and decided to post a story before I hit the 1 year mark of no updates. Gigi is the girl and the story located in Short Stories 2. I hope you enjoy it!

December 10/2004 - Yahoo Group
Yahoo has deleted my yahoo group and email account. Please join the new group here: YahooGroup. My new Email account is Please Email me if you have been in conversation before so that I will have your address in my book. For those who have been wondering, Yes, I still write stories and I have one or two new ones on the way.
September 18/2004 - Katie The Cocktease
Been slow going this summer, here's an update to make up for it. This story was completed back in July, but I didn't get around to posting it until now. It's located in the 2 Chapter short stories section. Enjoy :)

July 25/2004 - Kristin's Conversion Part 2
Kristin's Conversion didn't get much of a response but I decided to throw out the fairly short second chapter anyway because it does the title of the story justice ("Conversion"), and because it's been more than 2 months since the last release... Enjoy :)

May 21/2004 - Kristin's Conversion
I wrote a short story to tide everyone over while I work on a much larger project. It is in the Short Stories section, but it may have another chapter added to it soon depending on the response and requests I get.

April 22/2004 - Teen Katie's Diary
Two stories in as many days. That's a rare occurance for me indeed. This new story is one of my personal favorites, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The story is 3 full parts, and should keep you all busy for a while. Have Fun!

April 21/2004 - Contest Winner
The requested story from the Contest Winner all those weeks ago has finally been released. It's located in the Short Stories section and called Hope's Initiation. Enjoy!

March 21/2004 - Updates!
Destiny's Draw chapter 2 is now posted. Enjoy! A couple of new stories are coming soon so check back often. Join the YahooGroup to see pictures of the stars of my stories as well as previews of stories to come. Your AGE and GENDER must be displayed in your Yahoo Profile to join.

February 3/2004 - Long Delay
Another Long Delay between updates, but hopefully it's worth it for you all. A story I had in the works started out as a short story, but ended up rather long. The first chapter is posted in its own section. New requirement for the YahooGroup Your AGE and GENDER must be displayed or I will not approve of you joining. This is to prevent Yahoo from closing the group. The website has been online for over a year, and I've brightened it up a bit due to a few complaints.

December 8/2003 - Marisa
A new story called Marisa the Horse Trainer is now in the Short Story section. Hope you all enjoy! Don't forget to join the YahooGroup if you haven't already. The Photos section of the group contains pictures of the girls I imagine while writing the stories. If you don't share my taste, find some pictures that suit you on the net. My stories are intended to be read with pictures!

November 26/2003 - - I'm Alive
Yes, it's been a while, I'll give you another update very soon to make up for it. This update will be Star Trek Insertion Chapter 4, which has been waiting to be released for some time. Enjoy!

September 21/2003 - Quick Update 3
Carmel's Nightly Jog is another short story I wrote while on the road. Photos posted in the group as usual. YahooGroup.

August 18/2003 - Quick Update 2
Krista's Mistake added to the Short Story section. Photos are posted in the YahooGroup.

July 20/2003 - Quick Update
A new section was addeded to the stories area that has now been updated with a short story based on the recent Hulk movie. It should satisfy a few requests I've had for some extreme size. Yes it's fake, that's the point.

July 5/2003 - Fourth of July Update
Well I'm hoping one single update per month isn't going to be my regular routine but here it is anyway. Star Trek Insertion Chapter 3 is on. Enjoy and don't forget to comment, vote in polls and view pictures in the YahooGroup. We are entertaining over 650 members now.

June 3/2003 - What's this? An Update? No way.
Sorry for the long delay between updates again folks, but here it is. Star Trek Insertion Chapter 2 - The Holodeck is online. Special thanks to Hobo for proffreading and corrections. He will be proofreading most or all future stories :)

April 22/2003 - More stuff!
I've posted Star Trek: Insertion Chapter 1 to give you a sample. Some photos of the girls have been posted in the YahooGroup. Hit the new button at the top to open a new browser window to the YahooGroup. As stated the Star Trek story contains NO celebrity Star Trek characters, just alot of huge Klingons and holodeck stuff. Please continue voting in the YahooGroup, so far it's going well.

April 18/2003 - Easter Special!
I've posted Wild College Girls Final Chapter 8 to end the story. Reluctantly Willing Chapter 03 - Ravished is now online as well as tons more pictures posted in the YahooGroup to go along with the story. I ended up going beyond 3 chapters as listed in the Stories section, but I'm sure you won't mind.

My current project is finishing up Reluctantly Willing and a new story, Star Trek: Insertion. This story takes place in the futuristic Star Trek universe but does not contain any celebrity characters. I may post Chapter 1 in a few days to give you a sample.

April 7/2003
The website has had approximately 33,000 hits since I put it Online Jan. 23rd. Unfortunately the week in Februrary in which I had tons of updates, asstr had some trouble and I never received my weekly usage report in Email. Small updates have been met with approximately 8,000 hits each so I will guess that major week would have received 10,000 to get the above total.

Please visit StoriesOnline and cast your votes for ratings on Reluctantly Willing and the WCG series if you haven't already.
Don't forget to join the YahooGroup 'direwolfstories' so you can see photos of the girls I imagined while writing each story. Photos for WCG, RW and Margot's Story are all there.

April 5/2003
Reluctantly Willing Chapter 2 posted after many requests for an update. Sorry I don't have more to post right now. It usually comes in spurts (pun intended).

February 22/2003
I just posted the Continuations section. You now have some of my oldest stories, and pretty well my entire collection. I know I have written more, I just can't find them anymore.

February 20/2003
WCG Chapter 7 - The Gang, Margot's Story, and the Celebrity stories that were previously unavailable are now all online. Enjoy, and please comment either in Email or in the Yahoo Group.

January 27/2003
I had a number of requests to set up a Yahoo Group where people can converse about my stories. I'll try it out and see how it goes. You can join the group if you wish to discuss your thoughts. Visit DireWolf's Stories group.

January 24/2003
I skim the newsgroups constantly looking for that perfect girl. If you find one whom you think is perfect and would like me to write a story about her, please email the photos and I'll let you know if I can. I'm currently looking for more photos of the girl on the left of your screen. She's hot, and I've got plans for her :).

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