Girl Scout Nookies
An Erotic Story

Frank McCoy

cookies, WA

I always thought that the stories posted to newsgroups were just that: Stories, wild tales of fantasy. Erotic fantasy, and sometimes funny fantasy like Kenny N. Gamera's Got Beer? but still fantasy. That doesn't keep me from having a Thesaurus handy in the front room ever since reading it though. After all, why take a chance? Yeah, just a funny story; but what if it WAS true? After reading Kenny's follow-up story about sexy young Girl Scouts "selling" their little playmates for bondage (Girl Scout Nookie Sale), I had to giggle. Everybody knows girls in that age-group aren't interested in old men. Sigh. Especially old perverts like me, old enough to be their fathers.

Still, the idea was erotic. That's why, when a large fraction of the troop of Girl Scouts my daughter belongs to came up the drive, dragging behind them a little red "Radio FlyerT" wagon like Kenny had described in his story, I paid a little more attention to exactly what the girls said than I might have otherwise. Karen wasn't in the group of six. From what my daughter told me earlier I understand the troop of 26 girls had split up into five groups of five ... or in this case six, and similarly divided up our small town, so none of the girls got to have their own parents in their area ... and the girls were quite protective about which area they could sell in. Thus we weren't even allowed to buy cookies from Karen; but were told to expect our "representatives" to be around later that week. It was only later that I learned exactly why the girls had this limitation.

So, about midweek through the "sale", up the drive come six cute and sexy teenaged girls, all wearing uniforms so short that most cheerleaders would be envious. I know ... I know: The Downtown Council doesn't sell the uniforms with dresses that barely reach to cover their matching panties. The girls themselves in the local district of five troops had all gotten together, decided they would fix their own versions; modifying them by removing almost half the material in the already short skirts and otherwise adjusting the tops so that each girl was fitted until the shirt/blouse fit like a second skin. In between the short skirt and blouse, the top itself had been shortened until you could see at least two inches of bare skin and bellybutton of each teenager.

Several parents (including my wife) had objected until the girls pointed out that their new uniforms, even as modified, were much less revealing and sexy than what all the kids wore to the mall and even to school these days. Karen kept pestering me and the wife take a trip to the mall and LOOK at what the girls there were wearing, before Sarah was finally convinced and stopped objecting. Looking back at it, I suspect that most of the girls we saw down at the mall that day were fellow Girl Scouts and schoolmates of our daughter, all helping each other convince various parents that their new "uniforms" weren't any more extreme, erotic, or showing a bit more skin than what all the other girls in the mall were wearing every day. Yeah, a conspiracy.

Still, I never objected. I like looking at little girls in sexy clothing. Yes, even or especially my own daughter. Over the years Karen has gotten quite a few kinderslut and "fuck me" outfits; and I at least, have never said a word. I even used to buy her a few myself when Karen was just a little girl; sometimes convincing my wife to buy our daughter tight and short little outfits that a street-hooker might be embarrassed to wear in public. Since she's been old enough to select her own clothing I've often encouraged my daughter to buy short little micro-minis and tube-tops that show lots of skin, bellybuttons, cleavage (what there is of it), long sexy legs, and even peeks at little-girl-panties where a camel-toe shows through if you look. Or sometimes more than just peeks, with some of the more extreme outfits. This attitude has gotten me more than a few hugs and kisses from the girl that I treasure; the child wriggling in my arms and giving me a hard-on that was difficult to hide from my little girl. Yeah, I'm a pervert. Not that I'd actually seduce my own daughter; but still a pervert who got hard at the idea of doing so ... of having her firm little body squirming around mine in orgasm while I filled my little girl's tummy full of baby-making seed.

Most people in the neighborhood know I'm a pervert too; even including my own daughter. I write sex stories of horny little girls who seduce older brothers, grandparents, and sometimes even their own parents. Now mind, I've never approached my own daughter for sex; and while Karen probably knows all about the stories I write, she's never actually asked me about any of them. I assume, but don't know, that she knows where all those stories are archived on the net as I've never made it a secret; so she can read any of those I've posted if she wants to. They're often also left around the house in unfinished form when I'm working on some of them. In a similar manner I know the girl knows about sex and how babies are made; even though I've never had the nerve to teach her "up close and personally" like some of the horny men in my stories. She has full web-access on her computer; and I know (yes, from snooping around and checking her "history files" and "favorites") that my daughter is no innocent when it comes to what men look like naked and how men and women fit together for sex; a couple of movie-files she's had on her computer showing such things in full glorious detail. I ass-u-me that Karen has seen many more; but I'm not enough of a snoop to check all the time to see what porn she's downloading. I know it's more than enough for my daughter to know exactly how babies are made without doing it herself. Yeah, she's also fully as sexy as any of her classmates or fellow Girl Scouts; and I'm pretty damned sure she knows it too. The last time my daughter sat on my lap ....

Never mind. Still, I was fairly sure Karen was still a virgin; even though she's thirteen already and blossoming in ways to give horny old goats like me heart-attacks ... or more precisely, hard-attacks like then. Oh, not because Karen was afraid of what either the wife or I might say if our sexy young daughter came home with thick wads of gooey male cum up her snatch and oozing into her tight little panties; but mostly because boys her own age were such dorks. That she might be turned on and having affairs with older men hadn't occurred to me. Joining an "innocent" group like the Girl Scouts, most of whom I also assumed were similar virgins, fit my mental image of both to a `T'.

Which just goes to show you what ASS-U-ME does: Makes an ass out of you and me.

So ... Six sexy young girls, ranging in age from twelve at the youngest to sixteen at the oldest, show up at my door in Girl Scout uniforms, with a wagon full of cookies and brochures and order-forms, and other boxes of goodies. I figured I was going to likely buy at least one box of everything they had to sell. I did.

"Would you like to buy a box or two?" asked one of the SYTs (Sweet Young Things) in a voice that ran shivers up my spine. I looked the girls over and thought of the boxes I'd LIKE to buy, and then made my mistake, somewhat similar to the one Kenny made when girls came to his door.

"Why don't you girls come in?" I offered; opening the door and waving towards the living-room. "There we can discuss what you're selling and what I want to buy, more comfortably."

"Oh gee! I dunno," replied the chocolate one.

"Yeah. Mom says you're a prevert who writes stories about men fucking little girls, and we shouldn't accept invitations into your house, or you might try to have sex with us," added one of the younger girls ... obviously a twin about thirteen, as the matching girl nodded in agreement.

"Still," decided the oldest girl, a brunette that closely matched my wet dreams of the perfect sex-partner in bed, "There's six of us, and only one of you; so it isn't likely you'll make any of us do something we don't want to. Right, Girls?"

Oh God. I'm about as far from a rapist as it's possible to be without being a complete virgin. If any girl ever got in bed with me it was because she wanted to or I'd convinced her to, not from any force or even heavy persuasion.

"I guess," at least one of the girls agreed; and then all six giggling girls were crowding into the room beside me, without even letting me get fully out of the way. There's something extra sexy about girls in that age-range; when they have reached puberty but aren't yet old enough to have that "adult woman" shape and smell. Did I mention smell? The aroma of hot sexy young women in the prime of their fertility gathered closely around you is enough to arouse any man. I'm no exception. My prick went from half-hard to hard as a brick; and at least one of the girls couldn't help but feel it against her thigh as she pushed by me with a giggle that added to the strain the member was under.

Somehow I knew that all six girls were now aware their host ... the "pervert who wrote dirty stories about little girls having sex" was aroused and had a hard-on for them ... if not from feeling it personally, then by another horny giggle of the one girl who had. "So what is it you girls are selling?" I asked; visions in my head of the Girl Scouts Kenny had met. Girls just don't sell their classmates into bondage!

"We're selling Girl Scout Nookies, of course, Silly," giggled the Asian. "We sell by the box, twenty nookies per box, and twenty dollars a box."

Uh ... I couldn't have mis-heard what I just thought I had. "Twenty dollars a box?" I asked; sweating. If the girls knew what my fevered mind had thought they said, they'd all be gone in seconds, and likely none would even be allowed to visit my daughter in the future, as they previously had. "Isn't that a bit expensive for cookies?"

"Not for cookies, Silly," giggled the younger girl. "Though we sell them too. Cookies are only three dollars a box."

Now I really WAS sweating. "You mean?" I asked; not daring to put the thought running through my horny mind into words.

"Uhuh. As you see us," confirmed the brunette. "Six boxes here, and for twenty dollars you get twenty nookies from each box you buy at twenty dollars per box."

Oh God. They couldn't mean what they said. If nothing else, why so cheap? A dollar a lay from sexpots like these ....

I put the question into words. "Why so cheap?" I asked. "I'd think you'd charge much more. Girls like you are priceless." Dumb, I know, to be admitting that and driving the price up.

More giggles this time, from the whole group. "It's because we're young," explained one of the twins. Her sister carried on, "Most of us are only thirteen or fourteen," she explained. "Even the oldest of us is like only 16; so we aren't all that experienced. Besides, I thought you liked the idea of having sex with young girls. Isn't that what your stories are all about?" More giggles from the rest of the crowd.

Oh God. How to explain to these young sexpots that my fantasy stories are about horny young girls their ages, in the prime of their fertility, seducing older men, not horny old men forcing their attention on innocent young girls? Then I suddenly realized that was exactly what I had here; and if I didn't act quickly I'd be in Kenny's predicament of watching the girls vanish in disgust. "Uh ... Can I buy more than one `box' of nookies from each of you?" I asked.

"Well ...." The six girls looked from one to the other. "I suppose so," the chocolate one admitted finally. "Usually though, when more than six boxes are sold, we planned to split it up among the rest of the troop. Fair's fair, you know. The other girls deserve to get in on things too."

"Oh." My mind went wild at the thought. "How many girls are in on the deal?" I asked.

"The whole troop. That's twenty-five girls," was the answer.

"Twenty-five? Why not twenty-six?" I asked; wondering because I knew how many girls were in the troop.

Another giggle. "Because you can't buy one of the boxes," explained the brunette, who seemed to be the main spokesperson for the group. When I started to ask why, she explained, "That would be incest."

Oh. OH!

"How many ... uh ... `boxes' have you girls sold so far?" I enquired; expecting most of the horny men in the neighborhood to have already taken the girls up on the offer. After all, they were supposedly already halfway through their sale.

There was a stirring, and blushing of embarrassment. "Uh... None ... Yet," admitted the brunette.

"We just decided to try yesterday," explained one of the twins. "And your daughter said you'd be a good one to try FIRST," continued the other. "You being such a known pre-vert and all." More shy and embarrassed giggles.

"That's okay," admitted the Asian, when I stared at them; her face falling. "It was only an idea. We all agreed that if you didn't go for it, already being a pervert, it would probably be a mistake. Sorry we bothered you. You won't tell on us, will you?" The whole group looked disappointed; but not ready to press the point.

"Wait!" I yelped; holding up my hand. "I didn't say I wasn't interested." The girls brightened.

"Uh ... Just how many `boxes' did each of you girls expect to sell?" I asked; now bringing out my wallet and counting the twenties inside. Thankfully I'd just been to the bank and had close to a thousand on me, in preparation for going to the electronics swap-meet where cash speaks far louder than checks or credit-cards. This sounded like a far better deal than any swap meet!

"Uh ... Only about one apiece," admitted the girls. "We thought we'd see how it went first," explained the brunette. "If things went well, then we planned on branching out next year."

I did some fast calculation. "Uh ... How about if I buy your entire stock?" I offered.

"Oh ... WOULD you?" squealed one of the girls, the youngest I think, happily jumping up and down and clapping her hands together.

"Uhuh," I promised. "But if I DO, I want each of you girls to promise I'll be your only customer this year. I want to buy your entire output."

The girls looked each other over. "I suppose that's fair," conceded the brunette as each of the other girls nodded.

"Lessee," I decided; looking the delicious sextet over. "I think I'll buy TWO boxes from each of you, and one box each from each of the other girls in the troop."

"Except Karen, of course," agreed the brunette.

"Except for Karen," I agreed. "I'll buy SIX boxes from her, since she's my daughter and deserves a bit of extra business from her own father, if you get what I mean. At 720 nookies, twenty per box, that will give me just a hair over two nookies a day for the next year, or about two a month from each girl in the troop and a little over two nookies a week from my daughter."

"But ...." The girls looked at each other and finally agreed. "You really are a pervert, you know," one of them added, but without any steam in the accusation; instead grinning at me while making the charge.

"Yeah, I know," I agreed. "When will I expect delivery?" I asked.

The girls again looked at each other. "Well ... We have chits here for each of us," they explained; showing what looked like business cards with signatures of each girl on them in small cookie boxes. "We only have one box of twenty for each of us right now. We'll have to bring back the others tomorrow. Then you only have to give one to the girl who signed it and she'll supply the Girl Scout Nookie. We'll have to make up the extras for each of us and your daughter too."

"Don't tell Karen I'm buying up her stock," I cautioned. "Just let my daughter know that you got an order for more than one `box' of her nookies. Let her lord it that somebody likes her so much that she sold more nookies than the whole rest of the troop, without even being there personally. Okay?"

"Okay, Mr. Jenkins." The girls all nodded and agreed to keep it a secret from my daughter who they had sold her "services" to. It wasn't as if I was somebody horrible who would beat her, rape her, treat her badly, or even as if it was something painful like selling my daughter into bondage similar to how the Girl Scouts in Kenny's neighborhood had been marketing their playmates "services". Sex, after all, is fun, or at least should be.

"Uh ... Before I pay ...," I started.

The girl looked at me suspiciously.

"Usually before I buy cookies, I at least get a taste of what I'm buying," I haggled. "And I'd like to sample at least two nookies before I buy, in the same manner, just to be sure I'm getting my money's worth. Over seven-hundred dollars is quite a bit of money to spend without at least sampling some of the goodies first, don't you agree?"

Again a shared look, a nod, and a shrug from each girl.

"So ... Line up there on the couch and take off your panties, so I can get a good taste of each one of you," I directed. "Once I get a taste, I'll know better which ones I want to sample first." A canard. I already KNEW which two girls I was going to "sample" with my prick that afternoon. I'd had my eyes on the little twelve-year-old and her chocolate partner ever since they'd walked in the door. Oh not that the older teenager, the Asian, or the two twins weren't delectable pieces of tail in their own manner. It's just that I've had dreams about two such girls for years.

To my surprise, and confirming that I would be getting exactly what the girls had been promising, all six girls hurried to remove the sexy cotton panties that were part of the uniforms, underneath the short little skirts that they all wore. Then all six liked up side-by-side on the couch; each proudly or embarrassedly, as appropriate to each, spread her legs and displayed bare little cunny or furry snatch to my horny gaze and soon to my licking tongue as I "tasted" each girl and compared her scent and flavor to each of the others; going back and forth between each of them as I supposedly "made up my mind" as to which girl would get to feel my prick instead of my tongue inside her tight little snatch.

To my surprise, each girl not only felt different to my probing tongue, from bare preteen cunny to full-furred teenaged twat; but each also tasted entirely different. The 12-year-old tasted soft and sweet, while the twins were almost but not quite the same. The chocolate sweetie was slightly musky but not objectionably so; and the 16-year-old tasted and wriggled around my tongue like the woman she was; while the Asian girl tasted indefinably different from all the other girls. I could have lapped and sucked teenaged pussy all afternoon long; and I don't think a single one of the girls would have objected in the slightest if I had done so. However, something else had other ideas: My swollen and horny prick. If I didn't get it IN one of these horny young sexpots, I would be wasting my cum down my pants' leg and all over the carpet instead of up inside one of the girls' tight little boxes where it belonged.

"Are you ready?" I questioned the little twelve-year-old spread out before me, while her companions watched wide eyed as my big (to them) prick approached the youngster's tiny slit.

Wordlessly the child nodded and spread her legs until she was almost doing the splits; her eyes wide and perhaps even a little bit frightened at the enormous (to her) dong approaching her tiny slit. Now I'm not one to compare dick-sizes in macho displays of "I'm bigger than you;" but had once measured my prick in a moment of curiosity. I'm not big ... but I'm not small either. A hair over six inches puts me pretty much smack in the middle of the "normal" range for White Anglo-Saxon Males. Still, even 6" probably seems a bit large to a young virgin who isn't even a teenager yet, and likely won't be for six months or so. Thankfully the girl was completely wet inside, both from my tongue lapping her genitals and from her own natural lubrication at the thought of having a real man's prick inside her for the first time. Though not exactly a virgin, what with tampons, hot-dogs, and even one rather long candle, Tina had never had a real MAN'S prick inside her before; stretching her tight little baby-hole with real cum-squirting male meat, the way nature intended men and women to procreate. Twelve years old or no, Tina, like all the other girls in the troop, was a real woman in the way that counted most: Having periods for over six months by then,

Yes, I now knew the names and ages of all six girls. Tina was the blond twelve-year-old. Tammy and Sammy were the twins at thirteen. (Tamara and Samantha) Melissa was the sixteen-year-old brunette that had done most of the talking, Char was the chocolate dream at fourteen, and Tika was the fifteen-year-old Asian girl. It isn't polite to have sex with somebody you haven't been properly introduced to. Though ... Having sex, full vaginal intercourse with somebody, is sometimes the BEST introduction you could ever get, I've found out on occasion. In the next few months I would be so-introduced to not only each one of these girls, but all the rest of the girls in their troop. Or at least, so it seemed anyway. While of wet-dream quality, I wasn't worried about this being a dream; because if it had, I'd have long since woke up with the wildly spurting "solution to my problem" making a sticky mess of my hand. Now if it could only last without my wife interrupting or the girls deciding later to back out of the deal ... I'd worry about that when it happened.

I rubbed my precum-leaking prick up and down the child's slit, so it would be easier getting inside her ... and slid it up in the girl to the root; only pausing halfway in to pull out about a half inch or so to help lubricate my entrance before bottoming out with the head of my penis prodding the child's hard little knob of a uterus and her bare little cunny-lips splayed out around the base where it rubbed against the black fur of my pubic hair.

"Oh GOD, that feels good!" I moaned.

Tina just whimpered back at me; not pulling away; but not yet pushing back at me either. It took three strokes in and out before Tina was whimpering, "Oh Mr. Jenkins ... Oh ... Oh ... OH!" while wrapping her legs around my body and pulling me into hers.

I wanted to fuck the little girl for two or three hours at least before filling the kid's barely maturing little womb with my seed. Only Tina's already tight little baby-hole began cramping around my swollen penis; milking it for the sticky cum the girl knew I had inside, as I fucked the first preteen of my life. It seems the youngster was just as turned on by finally fucking a real MAN, as I was by finally fucking a little girl like I had so often dreamed of being in my fantasies.

It was way too exciting. "Here it comes," I warned Tina, as the first thin spray of sperm-laden liquid spat from my bulging prick into the warm wet depths of the sexy little preteen's developing fertility.

Tina's eyes widened as she felt the first jerk of my penis inside her. "Be careful when you cum in me," the girl warned; but not pulling away from me. "I'm not on the pill, and my period was just last week."

Oh God! The warning was too late. I was already spurting wildly inside the girl; swamping the child's developing womb with spurt after gooey spurt of baby-making cum as I emptied my prostate in her belly. Squirt after squirt and jet after thick sticky white jet spat into the girl's belly as my prostate pumped, throbbed, jerked, and forced glob after thick pearly-white viscous glob of sperm-filled baby-goo into the warm, welcoming, and fertile young depths of Tina's most intimate and private parts.

Not that I could have pulled away, even if I had wanted; as Tina was humping madly back at me, both arms and legs wrapped around my body like a baby monkey hangs on to its mother. I had no choice where that load of baby-juice was going but right into the child's body where my firing penis was determined to put it.

"How come you're not on the pill?" I finally gasped, as the incredibly delicious sensation of ejaculating inside the belly of a fertile little girl, actually breeding a preteen like I'd often dreamed of doing, finally started to fade. `A good question,' I thought, as my wilting prick oozed a few last sticky drops of dangerous sperm-filled semen inside the child's tiny vagina. Heck, even ten and eleven-year-old little girls these days are usually on the pill; if nothing else, as precautions against things like what just had happened between the two of us, with me ejaculating inside her unprotected vagina before I even realized the girl was fertile and could pull out. Not that I would have mind; since Tina didn't really seem to expect me to. But if she was worried about it, the kid should have let me know before I was already pumping thick gooey sperm-filled cum inside the girl's tight and unprotected little baby-hole.

"Mom and Dad are Catholics," explained Tina; still working against me to get her own last twinges of sensation out of my now half-hard prick still leaking sperm-laden cum deep inside the soft pinkness of the youngster's smooth young pre-teenaged belly.

"But ... But what if you get ...." I couldn't say it.

Tina shrugged. "... Pregnant?" she finished for me; squirming against my body to extract each last drop of precious seed I had in me; as if such a situation wasn't in the least bit worrying to the girl. "To Mom and Dad it's better if I come home with a big belly than if they find an abomination of birth-control in my room." She shrugged again; as it became obvious I had no more to give. "It's NOT as if they don't know about kids my age having sex these days," she mused.

I looked around at the other five wide-eyed watching girls. Watching me breed their young companion had been quite an eye-opener to the older girls. "Are any of the other girls in the troop not protected?" I inquired; curious if I might "get lucky" with one of the other Scouts as well. Breeding even one little teen or preteen was something I'd never expected. Could it be possible for me to get two or more? As far as I knew, there weren't all that many Catholics in our neighborhood except for my wife and me, and about two neighbors.

"Just Char," replied Melissa; looking over at the chocolate girl waiting for her "turn". "Her and your daughter, of course."

Oh God. I couldn't help it. I didn't even TRY to resist the sudden obscene urge that overtook me. Yanking my suddenly re-erect prick from the belly of the child I had been fucking, I sheathed it in the soft young vagina of the mixed-race girl. Within seconds I was spewing even more cum in the older girl's belly than I had in her companion. No work-up, no in-and-out, only jam my swollen cum-spewing prick to the hilt in the teenager and flood the girl's womb with baby-making seed. Ever since I had been a barely pubescent boy who spent hours each day visiting with dark colored neighbors and one particularly sexy girl; putting in hours sitting, watching TV with her wearing little more than a sun-suit while our parents gabbed about who-knows-what in the other room, I'd had quite a few daydreams and even wet-dreams about porking a chocolate colored little girl and filling her womb with my seed ... like I oh-so-wished I had that other girl back then. Hell, I would gladly have married the girl if I'd knocked her up ... or even if I hadn't, just for the chance to feel my prick inside her, stretching her tight little baby-tube and squirting even once inside her like nature intended a boy and a girl to reproduce.

Many's the time since I've kicked myself mentally for not even trying. I think now, that the slightly older girl was trying to seduce me; and I was just too dense to get her offer. Perhaps not; but I regret never making a move; being too scared of what might happen if she objected, with both of our parents being in the next room. I've often wondered if my mother and hers didn't put the two of us together like that, alone and her barely-dressed; just so us kids would have the chance to do something sexy together, even if the two of us weren't brave enough yet to have full penetrating vaginal sexual intercourse with each other. One night my mother and I slept over at their house ... the girl's room just down the hall from the closet I slept in that night. When I got up to pee, the girl's door was wide open on the way back; while I'm fairly sure it had been tightly closed when I went by the other way. That I never got up the nerve to poke my head inside; likely leaving the poor kid to jack off in her lonely bed that night, imagining it was ME sliding my stiff young prick in and out of her tight and horny little cunny instead of her own lonely finger, when we BOTH could have had enormous fun relieving the pressure each of us had between our legs by my emptying my prostate in her loins and her feeling me get off inside her to bring her own orgasm around me, if I'd just been brave enough ....

Well, I made up for it THIS time; spurting and jerking and thrusting inside Char's delicious chocolate body while the girl patted me on the back and comforted me as I spewed jet after pearly white jet of sticky sperm-laden cum deep into the warm welcoming recesses of the girl's developing fertility. I guess the little Girl Scout knew just how much I needed that relief; as she never asked for anything in the way of sexual stimulation in return, other than my swollen prick pumping and jerking madly inside her tight little vagina as I spilled gob after sticky gob of potent seed in the kid's sexy young tummy.

"Thank you," I breathed sincerely; for a moment wondering if Char could possibly be the daughter of that same girl; then dismissing the idea as improbable. Still: She was almost exactly the same color. Another possibility appeared in my mind that I hurriedly tried to forget. Her mother wouldn't ... would she?

"You're welcome," Char responded; holding me close and tenderly while my prick wilted and finally oozed out of her tight little slit. Not a word was said by either one of us about the possibility (probability?) of my wriggling sperm combining with her current egg, and the possible consequences thereby. We both knew where babies came from, that I was virile, having had at least one daughter, and that Char was open, fertile, and completely unprotected against the baby-making effects of the vigorous sperm now squirming their way up inside her body; seeking the girl's egg to fertilize. It's just what we both knew were the normal consequences of a girl in her position and fertility making an offer like the one I had decided to accept from her and her sexy companions. If there were long-term effects from that coupling ... well, there were. I wasn't going to worry about it; and (quite obviously) neither was Char.

I was done ... with sex anyway ... for the moment.

"WELL worth the price," I commented, as I peeled off 38 twenties from the roll in my wallet.

"Uh ... Mr. Jenkins," objected Melissa, offering me one of the twenties back. "That's more than the price we asked." The girls were honest.

So was I. "You ARE selling cookies too, aren't you" I asked.

Nods all around.

"I'll take three boxes of those thin-mints," I explained. "Plus three more boxes of cream-fills. As for the two extra dollars ...." I looked over at the two panting children still oozing white goo from their bare little slits. "I think I got my money's worth there too ... Don't you kids agree?" A dollar a nookie was an incredible low-price. High for cookies maybe; but incredibly low for "service" like that. Still, I wasn't one to object to a bargain.

The girls again looked at each other and nodded.

"I'll bring over the rest of your chits later today," promised Tika, "since I'm the closest." The hot little Asian girl looked at me hopefully; obviously wishing I would redeem one of hers when she returned. Sadly, I knew there wasn't a prayer of that; as her two sexy young companions had drained every drop of sperm I had in me that day. Besides, I was married and had other obligations.

Over seven hundred dollars poorer in money, but incredibly richer in experience, I watched the last of the girls go out the door; still buttoning their clothes up after that incredible sexual experience of being fucked or watching their compatriots mating like minks. A final Click! of the door announced their final departure. I sighed at the memory.

Still ... over two Girl Scout Nookies a day for the next year would be quite something to look forward to. I looked at one of the chits. Yes, besides the signature, each had the girl's phone number; only Char's having a note that hers was the Family Phone, not her own private cell-phone like the other girls had. If the Scouts ran this same special next year ... AND I was still alive and not dead from sexual exertion, I planned on buying out the whole troop's "services" then, just like I had today. I didn't want any of the other horny men in the neighborhood even finding out the Girl Scouts were selling Nookie.

"Who was that, Dear?" asked my wife; hearing the closing door. Sarah gets so involved in her projects she rarely pokes a nose out of the room she has her business in.

"Just some girls from the local troop selling Girl Scout Nookies," I replied.

"That's good. Did you buy any?" she asked.

"Uhuh. I bought several boxes."

"That's good. Don't get greedy though, and use them all up at once," she warned. "You could get a heart attack that way." Sarah knows how I like sweets, and that I'm what they call "borderline" diabetic. Not enough to need medication, but enough to watch my diet.

"Yes, Dear."

As promised, Tika showed up about two hours later with a cookie-box full of chits ... seven hundred twenty of them, when I added in the one-hundred-twenty the six girls had left earlier. I wasn't able to give the poor girl more than a hug; holding her horny and eager body against mine, a kiss where I licked her tongue, and a promise to redeem one of her nookies the next day when I'd recovered. Still, the girl squirming her eager body against mine almost tempted me to redeem the chit right then. Almost. Tika, like all of the Scouts in my daughter's troop, WAS a sexy little thing; and fully as erotically tempting to my horny and already cum-dripping prick as a scoop of "Peaches and Cream" Ice-Cream on a cone was to the palate. Still, I had other uses for where that hard-on needed to go, that evening. I wasn't Superman. A Horny old goat of a pervert, yes. A superman who could fuck all night and day like some of the stories I wrote, no. I wonder sometimes if such men really exist outside of authors' like Kenny and mine's fevered imaginations.

That night, after Sarah and I watched the news and then retired to bed, the wife snuggled down and turned over. No sex from my wife tonight. Not that Sarah would have turned me down if I had been insistent or obviously horny. She's too nice for that. But a long hard day cut into her interest; and she wasn't going to arouse me if I didn't look like I needed it. How could I claim that, after the two rousing ejaculations I'd had into two sexy and fertile teen and pre-teenaged bellies that afternoon? I still felt a little guilty about that ... But not a lot. After all, each of the sexy and cute young sluts (and I call them "sluts" as the purest of compliments), including my own cute and sexy young slut of a daughter, knew exactly what they were bargaining for, once the girls gave up their more "usual" Scout enterprises and started selling "Girl Scout Nookies" instead of cookies. Thinking of which ....

Hearing Karen flush the toilet when I came back from the kitchen with a glass and a thin-mint, I decided it was time to collect.

"Daddy!" objected Karen' holding her see-through nightie in front of her in vain attempt to hide her developing body from my view. I'd previously encouraged my daughter to buy the filmy little baby-doll, which she sometimes wore around the house, to my delight; as the thin material didn't hide a single one of her charms from my interested gaze. Even the bottom of the top didn't cover the crack of the child's pouting young vulva; and Karen rarely if ever wore panties underneath. "What are you doing in here," she lowered her voice to a whisper to ask. "Mom will have a fit if she finds you in here, with me naked."

Possibly ... You never know. I'd worry about that when it happened. In explanation I held up the chit I'd pulled from my supply; handing it to Karen with her signature up where she could see it.

Karen's eyes widened slightly in surprise; but didn't say a word. Instead, my daughter dropped the filmy nightie and lay back on the bed, legs spread and waiting. No more than her comrades in the Scouts was Karen going to back out on a deal ... even if it was her own father sampling her charms, instead of some neighbor pervert like she'd likely expected ... Or, thinking about it ... Had she? Karen was the person the other girls said to try ME first, to see if the new sales worked ....

I decided to wonder and worry about that later. Unless Karen started screaming, "Rape!" or pushing me off, I was going to fuck the hell out of the kid, just like I had fucked her troop-mates earlier that day. Only, this being my own daughter, I wasn't about to just climb on top of the girl and stick it in like I had with her two comrades. I wanted Karen to enjoy every affair and use of her body that I made; not just put up with the sex from her father because she had to, and a deal was a deal.

Moving between my daughter's legs, I motioned for Karen to lift them so I could get my face down between her thighs and taste her liquids to see if she was as tasty as the other girls had been.

"Oh Daddy," she objected for a second, "You don't have to...."

Then Karen's plaints became more quiet and sensual. "Un ... Oh Daddy," she moaned. "Please? Oh Daddy." My daughter's whines and whimpers became more and more just moans of excitement until she was making almost continuous mewling sounds of sexual pleasure as I ate my little girl through one, then two, and finally three orgasms; the last with her mashing her pubic bone against my nose until we both were almost bruised from the contact. Only when Karen was gasping with relief from the third climax, her tight little hole clamping around my now-probing forefinger, did I move up the girl's body; lick her soft young navel like I'd longed to so many times before; tongue her firm young breasts like I'd dreamed about; and finally nuzzle into the smooth nape of her neck while fisting my penis into the now soft, wet, slippery, and silky entrance to my daughter's welcoming young body.

"Oh Daddy," moaned Karen into my, "Oh Karen," as my prick finally felt the soft wet ring of my daughter's vagina clamping around the head like I'd so often dreamed about before. "Why didn't you ever do this before?" she asked in wonderment, while her legs wrapped around my ass and pulled me deeper inside. "I've waited for you for SOOO long," she complained, "but you never came. I was beginning to worry I'd have to do it with somebody else, first. That's why I decided to go in with the rest of the girls on this sale," she explained; working on and off my prick now, until the head was prodding her cervix and leaking precum and some sperm into her waiting womb.

"You never invited me before," I responded; motioning with my head to the chit beside her bed. Well ... The chit WAS an invitation of a kind, wasn't it?

"Ooh," she responded to the probing of my prick at her innards, while working back at me to get the last few inches inside her vagina. "I guess I'll just have to invite you in my bed a little more often, won't I?"

I giggled. "About a hundred nineteen more times, by my figures," I agreed; thinking of the rest of the chits hidden down in the living-room.

"Oh ... Oh MUCH more often than that," objected Karen; now milking my prick with her internal muscles until I was about to scream ... or fill the girl's belly with incestuous cum. "At least once a night," she affirmed; working back at me in a copulating manner I hadn't even suspected my daughter knew about. "Once a night, from now on, at the very LEAST," she informed me greedily. Suddenly the slightly-more-than-two nookies a day I'd already bargained for began to seem like way too much for an old man like me. Damn, I wasn't THAT old. Here I was used to jacking off as often as five times a day. Certainly I could handle two horny girl-scouts, my sexy young daughter a couple of times a day, and my wife and ... Oh God. I was sunk!

"Oh Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Please, Daddy?" whined Karen; now working back at me as I slid in and out. Suddenly her vagina went into squeezing cramps around my prick and I lost it; ejaculating screaming jet after aching jet of pearly white cream deep inside the fertile young depths of my daughter's body where it belonged. Spurt after spurt, and glob after aching glob rippled through the base of my penis, along the tube on the bottom, and spat forcefully into the deepest part of my little girl's hot little hole, where it splashed wetly and obscenely onto and into the tight little knob of the sucking uterus leading to my little girl's fertile and completely unprotected young womb. Each thick white squirt of family seed painting the inside of the child's belly with incestuous seed and pooling wetly and messily in the hollow of her vagina, next to my daughter's cervix, which drank in the gooey mess as Karen's own orgasm made the muscles of her developing uterus suck each precious squirt and splatter of my potent semen even further inside her, towards the center of her body and waiting young womb.

"Do it, Daddy," encouraged Karen; now milking my prick with her strong vaginal muscles, once the girl realized I was cumming in her. Having already had three good orgasms, (or was it now four) my daughter now worked against me to extract every precious drop of seed my prostate had manufactured since being emptied earlier this afternoon in the soft young bellies of her fellow Girl Scouts. "Cum. Cum. Cum," she encouraged, while my dick jerked, spurted, and then finally oozed the last sticky drops of semen in her now-flooded crack. "Oooh, you must have needed that bad," she finally commented as my thick gooey ooze started seeping out of her body. "I'm all goopey down there."

She was. Karen's cunny slowly closed after I managed finally to extract my prick from inside her; white globs of gooey cum coated the lips and more white goo slowly seeped from inside her body in a flow that didn't seem to want to stop, even though she kept mopping up the overflow with tissue after tissue from beside the bed. How could I tell my little girl it wasn't so much sexual need after boinking her two fellow Scouts that afternoon, but a more mental need to feel her body squirming around mine and milking my prick with her vagina ... a need I'd had for thirteen years now, ever since she was born, that made me cum so hard and so excitedly once my prick was surrounded by my own daughter's body and her tight little baby-hole was milking for my sperm like I'd so often dreamed about while she was growing up. I just couldn't, not without making Karen feel guilty about not taking my prick inside her years earlier; and it wasn't HER fault we hadn't gotten together before this. Oh, I could have approached the girl many times while she was growing up; and I know Karen would never have turned me down if she'd known I was even slightly interested in having sex with my own daughter. What little girl WOULD turn her father down if she knew the man she loved was aching to get his prick inside her body? And that, of course, was exactly why I hadn't done it. It would have felt to me to be too much like rape; forcing her by parental pressure to fuck her own father. And just knowing I wanted to have sex with her, would have been force, or at least strong pressure on my part to make her do it.

However, once it was clear to me that Karen was willing to give her body to somebody equally willing to support her Scout Troop with a few dollars donation ... Well, why shouldn't that "somebody" be me ... The man who had worshipped her body and ached to feel his prick inside his own little girl's tight little cunny-hole for years?

"Mmmmm, Daddy?" Karen interrupted my musing as she looked down at her hole, still oozing thick male cum after several minutes.

"Yes, Hon?" I felt right now to call my daughter "Hon" or "Honey" just like I called her mother, now that we'd finally had sex together.

"You're going to have to stop cumming in me like that," she explained; not complaining exactly; but looking pointedly down at the curdled mess I'd made of her privates. "Mom is going to have a fit if my panties get tight," she added for emphasis.

Now THIS I didn't think was really my problem. Each of the girls had likely discussed such things with each other BEFORE agreeing to sell "boxes of nookies" in addition to the "usual" wares Girl Scouts sold.

"You're going to back out of the deal?" I asked; somewhat disappointed; but not one to either rape my little girl or force her into an unwanted pregnancy. "I guess I could return the chits to the girls, and ask for my money back," I decided.

"Dad! I don't mean that, and you don't need to ask for your money back," she stopped me. "It's just that Mom IS going to have a fit when I come down to breakfast with a swollen tummy, since it seems you WANT to do it in me like this." Almost unnoticed was Karen's change-of-attitude from "if" to "when" she got pregnant with my baby.

"I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Karen and I spoke the old saw almost in unison; then grinned at each other. I was thrilled! My little girl had for all practical purposes agreed to let me get her pregnant ... and didn't seem to be annoyed at all about the idea! In fact, she was grinning at me when she saw my delight. How was I EVER so lucky as to have such a wonderful girl for a daughter?

If, no when the three girls' sexy young tummies started getting big, I knew none of them planned on getting me in trouble over the issue. Even if I did, it would likely be six months or more before any of the girls got so big in the belly that anybody was forced to notice; and likely all three would have given birth by the time anybody fingered me and tried to cause trouble for the local pervert. I figured that anywhere between nine and a dozen months of full unprotected vaginal intercourse several times a day with over two dozen teen and preteen Girl Scouts in the prime of their fertility, even though most would be on the pill, would be well worth the risk, even if I did get caught somehow. Though, with two or three sexy teen and even preteen young girls visiting the house of a pervert every day; spending sometimes hours a day "visiting" in his bedroom with the horny old goat (me) and then emerging anywhere from half an hour to several hours later from my house well-fucked and with sticky man-cream in each of their bellies and soaking into their sexy little-girl-panties, it would probably be close to impossible to keep our liaisons a complete secret from everybody in the neighborhood. Still, I knew all the girls would do what they could to help me, even if something did go wrong. In any case, I knew I would be saving my chits for those two particular girls for the days they were between periods and likely close to ovulating until each one finally "caught". All the rest of the girls in the troop I'd take on and yes, fuck, with thick white gobs of baby-goo squirting wildly in two or three of their pill-protected young bellies every day during the rest of the year. Yes, I planned on getting all of the fertile-three pregnant with my babies; and I'm pretty sure Tina, Char, and Karen were all quite aware of that ... including most especially my own sexy, horny, and yes, fertile young daughter. I was pretty sure it was Karen who had been responsible for the Scouts sending the only two unprotected girls in the troop along to "help take my order" in their tummies this first time. It would be a fun year, or however long it was, while it lasted. With the whole Girl Scout troop continuously chasing me for the next year, nobody could accuse me of raping the girls, or forcing them into something they didn't want ... Laws against having sex with little girls their age to the contrary.

Fuck the law.

A kiss, a mutual, "Thank you," and "Thank you, Daddy," and I headed back down the hall to where my wife was sleeping ... I think, anyway. On the way I picked up the remains of the milk and thin-mint.

"What took you so long?" asked Sarah, sleepily, as I crawled into bed with her; my prick surprisingly still half-hard after pumping what felt like gallons of sperm in our little girl. "I expected you back sooner."

"I was just getting some milk and a little Girl Scout Nookie that I bought earlier. Karen's troop sells them," I explained; chewing noisily on the remains of the mint before rinsing my mouth out with the last of the milk. "Nookie" sounds so much like "cookie" that I knew my wife wouldn't notice; especially since the second word was what she would be expecting. People hear what they expect to hear. And, at least with milk and thin-mint cookie in my mouth I wouldn't taste of little-girl if Sarah wanted her usual Goodnight Kiss.

"It was really good, I hope?" she asked me; snuggling down and pulling the cover over her head. No kiss after-all. Not that I needed it to know my wife loved me. We didn't sleep together in the same bed just because it was cheaper.

"Huh?" Somehow I had lost track of the conversation. Sex tends to knock a man out; most falling asleep soon afterwards; and I am no exception.

"The Girl Scout Nookie you got from Karen. Was it good?"

"Oh yeah," I agreed with a contented sigh; thinking of how wonderful Karen's tight little tube had felt, squeezing on my prick and milking my baby-making sperm deep inside her belly where it belonged. "Oh yeah!"

"... Her period's due in a little more than a week you know," my wife added sleepily, before turning over and completely ignoring me.

Suddenly I was wide awake again and sweating to beat the band.

cookies, WA

© 2005 Frank McCoy

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