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Once upon a time, way back in the year 2000, Kenny N. Gamera forgot to take his medication. As a result, he wrote the story "Got Beer" based upon the old joke, "How does a woman please a man? (1) Show up naked. (2) Bring beer." But Kenny added his usual unusual twist to the story. What does this have to do with a collection of Girl Scout Nookie stories? Everything.

In the year 2005 Kenny again forgot his medication. The result was the story, "Girl Scout Nookie Sale," which includes the twist in "Got Beer." When Kenny received unwarranted praise and acclaim for the story, other writers realized Kenny had blindly stumbled into a gold mine and immediately ripped off... that is to say, they built upon both Kenny's latest idea and the ideas of each other. Vivian Darkbloom noticed the sudden influx of what had become known as "The GSN Stories" and reposted her 2004 story, "The Invasion of the Bawdy Snatches," which caused some less-than-charitable individuals to accuse Kenny of ripping off Vivian as well as himself.

The Girl Scout Nookie Collection

At the request of almost a handful, more or less, of people who are too lazy to search for the individual stories, we have collected all of them in this site for easy reference. We have ordered all the stories, plus "Got Beer", according to our own system after a quasi-scientific survey revealed the following scientific fact:

n people have 2n+1 systems

Our system is the order in which we think they were published. If you don't agree with the story order in our system, tough cookies. You should have done this site yourself.


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