See-Thru Blackmail - a Photographer Story
    by Delta Venus

 ©  Copyright 2009

I own a photography studio, and I frequently use it to do things that aren't exactly ethical or moral. In fact, I do just enough legitimate business to cover up my terrible secret - I exploit and sexually prey upon women. This particular scam took a little set-up, and I'd been saving it for a special occasion. When I saw this sexy housewife, I knew the time was right. She was a stone fox! In her mid thirties, she had long wavy red hair, brilliant green eyes, milky white skin as smooth as alabaster, and a shapely figure to drool over. This gal had a nice pair, too. Not too large, but well formed and firm, riding high with a perky set of nipples you could just see poking through her blouse. When I asked, she told me her name was Sandy.

She had answered one of my many always running advertisements, this one for beachwear models. That was also perfect for the scam, as the main component of this scam was a swimsuit. A very special swimsuit. I had this special swimsuit made specificly for me. While it cost quite a bit more than your typical suit, it would prove to be well worth the money I spent. A conservatively cut one-piece, it was made of a particular nylon cloth - much the same as the cloth used for photographic light filters. The end result was that this particular swimsuit appeared normal, but it would only block a specific wavelength of light. To the normal eye it appeared to have a deep blue color, but all other wavelengths of light would pass right through. Using an appropriate photographic filter to block out the blue, the wearer of the suit might as well be completely naked, because that is how they would appear on film.

Now most folks don't have the appropriate filters, even blue blocking sunglasses aren't quite right for the job, so they would never know just how revealing the suit actually was. However I just happened to have exactly the right filters for my cameras, imagine that! The result of this is that anyone I had pose in the swimsuit would, when captured by my properly equipped cameras, appear to be quite naked in any of the photos I took. Ah, the possibilities! I quickly put the plan to work. I went throught the usual pre-modelling spiel about who had rights to the photos taken at the shoot (me, of course), how much I would be paying the model (sexy Sandy!), and had her sign an iron-clad release form. Then I showed the way to the dressing room (well equipped, but that is another story...) and had Sandy put on the suit. When she came out we went into the studio and began what would appear to most folks to be a quite standard and boring modelling session complete with ocean backdrops and beach props.

I had worked through what I would do when this situation presented itself a thousand times, and I kept an even keel, even though I was almost trembling from excitement. God she looked awesome! I could not help thinking that I was already fucking her as I snapped away, even though she didn't have a clue how intimate a relationship we were having. The beach shots would have been great even without the special suit, she was really cute and obviously having a fun time posing for me, which made the naked results even better than I had hoped. The swimsuit held her already firm tits up nice and high, so she looked more like a perky teen-ager, and the tightness in the crotch made her pussy mound more pronounced and actually spread her pouty lips just a little bit, revealing some pink. It was difficult to concentrate with my dick about to burst through my pants, and I didn't want her to see the effect she was having on me and end the session in disgust.

I directed Sandy through a series of poses, almost all of them quite "innocent", making sure that many of the poses were quite revealing. Hell, tucked into the middle of the boring beachball and seashell routine she posed with her breasts thrust out begging to be fondled. Bent over showing off her lovely ass, with just a peek at her pussy. I even got several shots with her legs spread wide apart, her mound proudly displayed for the camera, looking purposely ready to take a hard cock between its slightly parted pinkness. The light, airy smile on her face as we went through these poses gave an extra sexy edge to the results. It was all I could do to not tear off my clothes and have at her lucious bod right then and there. Patience, I thought. Patience! That time will cum!

I kept my cool, let the session happen as if it was a normal beach shoot, thanked Sandy when it was done, paid her the nominal fee that we had agreed upon, and let her go. I had a hard time keeping myself from drooling, but I managed it. I developed the shots the next day, and they were smoking! You would never know that Sandy had been dressed quite conservatively for the photo shoot, the results looked like a typical shoot for a mens magazine. The pictures smoldered with a sensual intensity heightend by her smile, which in this context seemed to becon the viewer to join her and revel in carnal pleasures. Many of the shots were quite explicit. Sandy was sexy as hell! I waited several weeks before sinking the hook, just enjoying the pictures themselves and the anticipation of what I would be doing with Sandy before too long.

Finally I decided I was ready to rock and roll, finish the scam, and get my dick inside this wonderfully sexy redhead. I pulled several of the most explicit shots and got them ready in a portfolio to show to Sandy when it came time to seal the deal. I called my victim on the phone, told her I had some follow up work for her, and arranged an appointment. She showed at my studio right on time, and I quickly proceeded to set my evil plan in motion. She looked like a million bucks. Her hair was perfectly arranged in a tossed curly look. Her face was made up like a high society gal ready for prom. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle with intensity, almost as if she already knew where events would be leading. Her outfit was quite sexy, a lowcut blouse that was revealing but not slutty, and a tight sheath skirt that went almost to her knees. She revealed a lot without revealing too much, and the effect was quite striking and incredibly sexy without coming off as too much. She couldn't have been dressed any better if I had deliberately instructed her on what to wear. Wow!

I told her she could model in what she was already wearing, the outfit was perfect. I didn't spring the explicit pictures and blackmail Sandy until I had to, and I was surprised at how long it took until it became necessary. I did start out the session slowly, but progressed much further than I thought I would before I had to go to my hole cards. I posed Sandy every which way, asking for buttons undone, and then things to be removed, enjoying every sensual minute. Sandy seemed to come alive in front of my cameras, she smoldered with sexual energy. Eventually, stipped down to her lingerie, I asked her to remove her bra, and she finally balked.

"I can't do that. I can't pose in the nude, or even topless. I am married."

"But you already have..." I said.

I let her see the portfolio shots I had prepared, her pussy explicitly on display, her proud tits pushed out towards the lens. Her reaction was much different than most of the women I have coerced or blackmailed over the years. She put up absolutely no further resistance. A degree of embarassment was obvious, and she seemed a little subdued. At the same time she still radiated an intense sexual energy. The shots I took after that were art. The bra came off, the panties came off, and a totally naked Sandy showed the camera exactly how sexy a woman in her prime could be. Now that she knew she was nude, her sexuality was much more pronounced than in the pictures I had tricked her into posing for. When I took things beyond posing solo, and entered the realm of hard core pornography, the pictures were no less art. Her puffy swollen pussy accepting the tip of my hard cock, the sleepy expresssion of total sexual arousal on her face, her swollen tits with nipples hard and erect like pencil erasers, the flush and blush of orgasm across her chest and neck, it was all magical and wonderful. I almost hated to spoil it by spraying my cum all over her pretty face, but I drenched her with shot after shot, and then wiped my cock off in her sexy curls.

I fucked her mouth, her pussy, her ass, I couldn't get enough of her sexy body, and I caught it all on film, both stills and video. Afterwards she seemed resigned to a repeat performance, and I didn't have to threaten exposure or put the hooks to her. All I did was set up another appointment for the next week, and she looked at me with those incredibly sexy green eyes and said "I'll be here".