Welcome To my stories website. I hope you enjoy you stay.

All of these stories are from my own sick mind. Please do not beoffended, If you don't like it then it it up to you not to read it.

Dead One

Taken Part 1

Is a story about a college girl who is "taken" on her way home from school and dominated by an unknown person in her own apartment.


A woman is visiting a friend and her friend has some plans for her that shewas not expecting.

a nice drive

Is the story of a Dom (M) and sub (female) spending a very kinky daytogether in the country.

nights fun

I woman is raped in her bedroom in the middle of the night .

the game

This was a idea I had for a game to play.

On Display

Reminding a slave of her place after she has been a wife for too long.


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