Daphne Conrad's erotic stories

I write stories which involve exhibitionism, sometimes involving multiple people. The sex in my stories is always consensual and I like to think of sex as a positive experience. I am also interested in the power of the narrative itself, so in my tales people are often seduced by stories.

I tend to write longish stories divided into chapters, with a strong female character. I like to think they are mature and literate in nature.

Anyway, enough gabbing, here's the stories:

A New Dawn

This story introduces Dawn, who appears in lots of my stories. In it she recounts her formative sexual adventures which occurred during a European rail holiday when she was nineteen. She tells them over a number of nights to a sexy young colleague, Lisa, who Dawn and her partner Phillip are hoping to seduce.

Chapter 1 (MMF, exhib, public) - Dawn tells Lisa of her first unusual sexual experience. She has embarked on a rail holiday around Europe at the age of nineteen. In a rail carriage heading for Florence she meets two Italian men who take a particular interest in her...

Chapter 2  (MF exhib) - Antonia takes Dawn shopping in Florence and there she introduces Dawn to her lover, Frederico. He teaches her the power she has in her sexuality.

Chapter 3 (MF exhib mast) - Antonia takes Dawn to a shop where she tries on a range of sexy clothes in front of  a man and woman. She leaves for Naples the following day and gives Marcello a thankyou present.

Chapter 4 (M+F+ exhib public) - Dawn starts working in a bar in Naples. One night she is working with the large landlady, when the local mafia boss comes to visit. In order to keep him happy Dawn becomes increasingly exhibitionist. The other customers in the bar are keen to join in too...

Chapter 5 - (mF, FF, FF, exhib, voyeur) - Lisa turns up wearing a flimsy dress. They all go to a pub together and there Dawn encourages Lisa to flirt with some men. Then Dawn tells the story of when she went to the Greek Island of Paros to work. There she notices a beautiful barmaid called Abbi. Seeing her disappear to the beach with an Italian woman, she decides to follow and see what they are up to. A teenage boy also follows them. Later, the bar owner calls Abbi and Dawn into his office to reprimand them.

Chapter 6 (MF, M+/F, exhib, public, size) - Dawn tells the story of when she visited a beach on Paros with Matt, Abbi's flatmate. When a German couple turn up and start getting intimate, a sexual competition begins between the two couples. Then Dawn tells of her last night in Paros. She wears a very revealing outfit in the bar, where she meets Ruth and Clive. Ruth boasts of the size of her husband's member and Dawn is persuaded to put on a show...

More Dawn stories

Making new connections - (MF exhib mast). This story takes up when Dawn has returned from the summer holiday detailed in A New Dawn. She starts back at university and shares a house with a shy boy called Alex. One day she surprises him and finds him masturbating. Their adventures begin from there...

A Pub Game (MMMF exhib public). Dawn is feeling a bit down before Christmas when she meets Vic, the elderly, lecherous friend of her neighbours. He persuades her to play a card game for money, in exchange for clothes.

Christmas Treats (FF MF exhib food). It's Christmas and Dawn pops next door to try on some new outfits. She realises she has an observer and makes a new friend. Then at the Christmas meal with her neighbours they indulge in some Christmas games.

Sexual Chess

This is another Dawn novella. It focuses around her relationship with Vic, who she met in A Pub Game above. I think it shows Dawn really beginning to understand what she is doing and having a lot of fun with it. I like the dialogue best in these stories.

Part 1 - (MF, exhib, grope) Dawn is round her neighbours Gladys and Alfred for a meal, wearing a typically revealing outfit, when Vic turns up unexpectedly.

Part 2 - (nosex, exhib, dialog, mature) Dawn walks to the football game with Vic, wearing something sexy and they talk about, well, sex.

Talking with Debbie

This story is about a man's obsession with seeing his wife, Debbie, have sex with another man. Discovering his fantasy Debbie is first angry and then as he tells her some of his fantasies she becomes intrigued.

Part 1 - (wife, exhib, nosex) While watching a TV chat show one evening the issue of men fantasising about their wives having sex with someone else comes up. Gradually Debbie tests the limits of Dave's fantasies and finds he shares this one.

Part 2 - (MF wife exhib size). During a restaurant meal Debbie reveals something and then Dave tells her of one of his fantasies involving a well-endowed friend.

Part 3 - (MF wife exhib). At the pub Debbie realises that Dave is fantasising about her and the landlord. She challenges him and so he creates a story for her.

Part 4 - (MF wife exhib size public). While getting intimate with Dave on the sofa one night, Debbie asks him to tell her a story involving a big cock. He tells her of a story where they exhibit her in the park and then meet the dirty old man from part 2, who has something to boast off...

Part 5 - (MF wife exhib public work flash). Dave finds out that Debbie has been having fantasies. She recounts one to him about a day at work where she wears a short dress and engages in some knickerless exhibitionist fun. Dave begins to wonder what is real and fantasy now.

Part 6 - (MF wife exhib size voy). It seems the time for talking may finally be over as Debbie has an interesting suggestion...