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Sold by Daddy (Shout series) (Mg, prost) Sydney is abused by her dad and he uses her as a child whore

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Fairyboi (F);†Welcome to Shout! This is where we interview some people that have experienced the taboo of incest and abuse by an adult. The language on this show is very direct. Nothing has been censored. We have done this so nothing is hidden, and you know what really happens. Shout is meant for you to think.

In This episode, we will be speaking with Sydney. She was a child prostitute. This story will shock you, and maybe after hearing this story, you will want to do something about child prostitution, even if is a small prayer for the children.

Before I invite Sydney Out, I would like to present you with a few facts. If Oprah can, so can IÖ.

  • Some estimates have as many as 1.2 million children being trafficked every year.
  • Surveys indicate that 30 to 35 per cent of all sex workers in the Mekong sub-region of Southeast Asia are between 12 and 17 years of age.
  • Mexicoís social service agency reports that there are more than 16,000 children engaged in prostitution, with tourist destinations being among those areas with the highest number.
  • In Lithuania, 20 to 50 percent of prostitutes are believed to be minors. Children as young as age 11 are known to work as prostitutes. Children from childrenís homes, some 10 to 12 years old, have been used to make pornographic movies.
  • 1.2 million Children in the U.S. are involved in child prostitution.
  • At least 300,000 male prostitutes under the age of 16 exist in the U.S.
  • 39% of child abuse images, the possession of which led to arrests in the US in 2000 & 2001, concerned children between ages 3-5, 19% concerned children below 3
  • In 2003, the National Criminal Intelligence Service in the United Kingdom estimated that child-pornography web sites had doubled worldwide;
  • In 2007, there was a 16.4% rise in child abuse images reports processed by the Internet Watch Foundation hotline in the UK compared to the same period in 2006;
  • While victims are increasingly younger, the abuse is proving to become increasingly more violent.

F:Welcome to the show Sydney. This is very brave of you to be here. Can you not tell us a bit about you?

Sydney (S):†My name is Sydney. I am 12 years old now. I like horses and dogs and shopping. I do not have lots of friends. My best friend is my sister Kia.†

F:†What was your relationship with your mother?

S:†Mommy was always sick or something, so she never said much or did much. She spent a lot of time on the sofa sleeping or in bed. She just got up and looked at TV once in a while taking some tablets so she wouldnít feel bad.

Every time I tried to say hello to her or play with he, she just said she is too tired and couldnít. Sometimes I wondered if she even remembered my name.

F:†That meant that your father took care of you?

S:†Yes, he did everything. He fed me and bought me clothes. He helped me with bathing; put me to bed and everything. He always said I was pretty and I would make men very happy, as I grew older. He especially said this when he was buying me clothes or giving me a bath

F:†Why did he say you were pretty when he was buying you clothes?

L:†Daddy always said that I had a nice body, so I should not be embarrassed to show it. This meant that he bought me clothes that were tight or showed my body. You know like small skirts or tops that were too big that you can nearly look down them. He loved spaghetti tops, where the straps always fell down and showed my flat chest. He loved taking pictures of me. Later I found out that he sold them on the web.

F:†He has done this since you were small, even before school. Looking back at this, did you not feel slutty and notice other girls your age were dressed differently?

L:†I noticed that mothers looked at me with their noses in the air. Men would stare at me, and this made my daddy happy. Sometimes if we were walking, he would lower the strap on my top and then smile as men stared at my flat boobs.

I donít know. I was below the age of 5. I didnít understand what being sexual was. I didnít know what sex was. I didnít know why old men would be interested in me. I still think they would want to look at someone with bigger breasts, not a 3 or 4 year old that did not have anything at all.

I didnít notice what clothes I had on. I really loved party dresses that were long, but otherwise I just wore what Daddy bought

F:†Looking back, what do you think about your father putting slutty pictures of you on the web and selling them?

S:†It is embarrassing. But one thing is that I was not naked. In some pictures, you could see my nipples or you could see my pussy through shorts without panties or baggy panties.

I really donít think about these pictures. I know that Daddy made a lot of money. But it was years later that I found out about them, so it was only then that I thought about them.†

F:†You often say that the sex you had as a child was your own fault, why is this?

S:†When I was nearly 6, I was taking a bath with Daddy. I was sitting on him playing with some ducks. But I quickly got bored. Then I saw Daddies cock. Of course I have seen it before. But I noticed that it was big and long.††Donít know why I did it, I just put my arms around it and started feeling it. It was soft and smooth, and hard at the same time. I felt funny in my tummy. He didnít get mad at me so I just continued feeling it. He told me I was so sexy and he liked the fact that I loved him.

I smiled because I was making Daddy smile and happy. I started rubbing his cock and he was groaning and calling me names like slut and whore. I didnít know what they meant, so I just continued. At the end some white stuff came out and hit me on my mouth, that was open and my eyes. It really hurt my eyes and it tasted very strange.

I started crying because I was so afraid of the white stuff. Daddy hugged me and told me that it was love juice, and in time, I would love it. When I saw it, it just meant that men loved me.†

F:†But why was this your fault?

S:†Canít you see that he didnít ask me to do it? I did it myself. This was my first sexual experience. If I didnít do it, then maybe none of the other things would have happened. It was me that wanked him until he came. I could see that he liked it. I loved when my Daddy was happy and loved me. I wanted to be loved because mummy didnít love me at all.†

F:†Could you not see with the slutty clothes and sexual comments, that he was grooming you?

S:†You mean he wanted me to do it. I donít know. I suppose he did. After that when we were in the bath, he would rub my pussy. He said it was a lovely pussy. He liked the fact that I had small pussy lips and a little mound above it. When I spread my legs, the clit came out a bit. He would rub it and ask me did that make me feel good. I just mumbled and said Mmmm.

Then he said that he made me happy, now it was time to make him happy. So I rubbed his cock until he made the white stuff. He told me to open my mouth because it was a game. The game was when he squirted; he wanted to see how much would go in my mouth. At this stage, I learned to close my eyes.

He never talked about it or even asked if I liked it. He said that girls learn how to love it and I was very sexy and he loved me.

F:††Your mother must have noticed something?

S:††She could hardly remember what her name was. She was always sleeping and just sitting on the sofa. If we came out from the bath, she would just say, " I hope you two enjoyed yourselfĒ, then she would tell me to get dressed. If she did know, which I think she did deep down, she did not have the energy or love enough to say it.

F:†So did your games with your father develop?

S:†I was nearly 7, when he got tired of playing in the bath. Then he said he would teach me how to take a shower. I said that I could do it myself. He said who has he to look at then? I didnít understand this, but knew he thought I couldnít take a shower by myself.

When we took showers, it was always the same. He would sit me on the toilet and tell me to sit with my knees up. This meant he could look down my top or whatever I was wearing.††He could also see my panties, and if I was wearing baggy panties, he could look at my pussy. He just looked at me while he got out of his clothes. Then after he took off my clothes. Not that I had much on.

Then we would go in the shower and we would start washing ourselves. I loved when he washed my hair. His fingers would go through it and scratch my head. Then he would hold my chin so I was facing him. He would say that I have to learn and like what men wants before I got married. I used to think that there is at least 12 years before I can get married. Why canít we wait until then? Then he would point his cock at me and start pissing. At first, I thought it was gross. He wanted me to smile, but I didnít want to because every time I smiled his pee would go in my mouth. I know it was not that much, but it tasted bitter. It took me a few months to like it. I liked the warm feeling against me, if I did not think about what it was. I believed him though that girls really liked this. At first I didnít understand why, but thatís what daddy was teaching me and I believed him. After some time I liked when it, even if a bit was went in my mouth.

After he peed, I had to clean his cock. It was not good enough that I have cleaned it with my hands. I had to put it in my mouth, while he told me that I was the worldís best cocksucker and I should be proud that I could do it. I learned how to slowly lick the sides, and then kissed the top lightly. He would go crazy when I kissed the top of his cock. After nibbling a bit, I would put more and more of it in my mouth. It was fat and hard at the same time. He moaned and called me cocksucker and whore as his dick was going in and out of my mouth. After a bit, he would sperm in my mouth. I learned how to swallow the most of it.

F:What was the first time like?††Did you like being a cocksucker?

S:††I was 7 when he peed on me the first time, I thought it was gross. It smelled but it was warm. As I said he kept on telling me that girls like it, so I just let him do it. After some time I enjoyed it. I know that sounds gross, but itís the truth. It didnít hurt or anything. And I wanted to make my daddy happy.

The first time he stuck his cock in my mouth I was very afraid. I was crying. But he told me to shut up because every girl had to learn how to give blowjobs. It was big in my mouth and I was still crying. It was like having a snake in my mouth. He would put it in and take it out and call me names like slut, whore, and cocksucker. At first I thought he hated me when he called me names. But it was to show I was making him happy. I was occupied anyhow thinking about that huge snake in my mouth. I felt like I was going to vomit when it hit the back of my throat.

In the start, I really hated it. I hated the world. I didnít dare to tell anyone. This was the hardest part. I wanted to ask my friends are they also cocksuckers, and do they like it? What if they said no? Then they will all think I was weird, and I would have no friends.

The first time he cummed in my mouth, I started to cough and spit and cry. It was hard to breath. I spat it out while I was coughing and tears running out of my eyes. It tasted like thick salt. At first I hated the taste. But like anything else, you get used to it.†

F:You felt like you were the only girl that did this?†

S:†Mummy came in a few times and caught us. She did nothing about it except say, ďIs that the best you can find?Ē

I couldnít tell friends. I didnít know if this was normal and what incest was. I think I convinced myself that this is how it should be.

When I sucked Daddy or wore the clothes he said that I should, I knew it made him happy. Since I was born, I have learned that it was very important to make him happy.

F:Tell us about the house parties that started when you were 7?

L:†Shortly after he started all that in the shower, he would invite one of his friends over. I would sit in his lap with just a bathrobe or some short dress and they would talk and talk.

While they talked Dad would do something that showed my flat boobs. The men would just say how much they liked flat boobs and mine were perfect. Sometimes they would say that itís a shame that girls grow up. All this time I would sit quiet and smile, except when he squeezed my nipples or twisted them. I would of course scream and beg them to stop. This didnít help. They would explain to me in a harsh tone that I did not decide what was happening; after all I did want to make them happy.

Then their little show would continue when slowly my pussy would be exposed. The visitor of course was drooling and this made daddy smile. He seemed to like when I turned them on.

Then he would start playing with my pussy. It was nearly like a sex Ed class, where he would show the man how tight and small my pussy lips were. Then he would spread my legs and the man would stare in my pussy. I would just look at the manís hair or something else. Then my daddy or the man would put their finger in my cunt and move it around. They would be very happy if I moaned. Daddy told me to beg them not to stop. This always made the men happier and that made daddy happy.

When they left, they would give daddy some money.

F:Was it the same man?

S:†No. There were different men. One was my teacher and one was the priest and there were about 14 others.†

F:So was Daddy always with you?†††††††††††††††

S:†No. After a while, it would start with me sitting on the sofa when daddy was talking with the man. I would open my robe so he can see my body. They would talk. Sometimes I would touch my pussy and masturbate a bit, because daddy told me that this would make him happy. I was a bit embarrassed because the man could see me doing something very rude and private. Especially my teacher because I had to see him the next day at school.

After the man gave daddy money, I would go in my room. The man would take all his clothes off and I just took off my robe. The usual thing was that we would be in the bed and he whisper sweet things in my ear. They would say how pretty I was, and how sexy my body was, especially because I was flat and had no hair. Then they would kiss me while they felt my nipples. Sometimes it was like kissing an ashtray. Other times, they had huge tongues. Sometimes I liked it. I didnít complain. I just let them do what they want.

Their hand would be all over me like I was a Barbie doll. They would feel very inch of my body, especially my nipples and bellybutton. All the time they would be kissing my mouth. Sometimes I would have to struggle to get them to take a break, so I could breathe.

Then some would start licking my toes. Good thing I washed them. They would slowly caress up my legs and thighs. I knew that if I spread my legs, they would be happy. If they were happy then daddy was happy. Of course the men were like in heaven when they saw my pussy. After a while I didnít care who looked at it. I thought everyone seen it. They werenít allowed to fuck me, so they would use their fingers. Sometimes it felt good, other times it hurts if they were a bit rough. Itís a strange feeling having a finger rubbing around your pussy. It feels nice but wrong at the same time.

Then they would usually lick my pussy. I thought it would be gross. But I grew to like their tongue licking around my clit. It felt funny in my stomach, and I groaned and told them not to stop. At the end I would shake.

Then I would rub their cocks with my hands. They were all different sizes, but I didnít care. I just rubbed up and down and smiled as I seen their faces go red. Then I would do what Dad taught me. Kiss the top of their cock and ask them do they like it. Then kiss and lick a bit more. I would ask if they want me to continue. What do you think they answered? Then slowly I would put their cock in my mouth. I would start slowly, sometimes squeezing my mouth in on the cock and trying to lick as much as I can with my tongue. He would moan and grunt trying to push it back in my mouth.

Then I would stop and smile and beg him to cum in my mouth. I donít know if I really believed it, but it made them more pervy. Then I would continue sucking their cock. I would go quicker and quicker and itís true, you could feel the cock when it was ready to explode. When it did I would swallow the salty goo and then stay on the bed while they walked out

F:†Did this always happen in the bedroom?††††††††††††††††

S:†No. Daddy told them that I liked being pissed on. This turned many of them on. So we would start in the shower where they would wash me. They would wash my hair and my chest and my pussy very good. I must have been the cleanest girl in town. I would lift my leg up on the side of the shower and they would clean me. Then I would say, ďI think you forgot a bit down there, can you do it again?Ē

Then they would point their cock at my face and pee. I would smile as the piss flowed over my face. When they finished, I would say, ďI love your pissĒ

Then we would go to my bed.

F:Why were they not allowed to fuck you?††††††††††††††

S:†Dad wanted to be the first

F:So when did that happen?††††††††††††††

S:†He planned for about 10 men to come. They all paid him loads of money. They were all drinking and talking. I was in my room sitting on my bed. I was sitting on a silver tray. There were grapes and other types of fruit around me. This meant I had to sit very still because if I moved, I would be in the middle of squashed fruit. I was wearing this white sheet that looked like a Roman or Greek dress. Most of one of my legs was showing plus one of my nipples.

The men came into the room and I started eating a single. Daddy said to eat the grape slowly and to lick it before I chewed. I could have eaten 10 by the time I have eaten one.

Daddy was naked, and I looked at his cock that usually visited my mouth. Tonight I knew it would be different. He told me I would be deflowered and lose my cherry. Of course I didnít understand a word of this.

The fruit bowl was touched. One of pervs said that the fruit was now holy since I touched it. That made me laugh.

Then they laid me down on my back. I looked up at the ceiling as all their hands were rubbing my body in oil. When I say all my body, I meant all my body. There were rough hands and small hands. One guy put his cock in my mouth. The others stopped and looked at daddy. But nothing was said, so I just started sucking as the other 20 hands were exploring my body. It was hard to concentrate, and I couldnít move my head, so he was in control of pushing his cock back and forth in my mouth. After a while he exploded and I swallowed his cum, thinking the worse is not over yet††

This man that I noticed as the town doctor gave me a shot in the arm. I hated needles. I cried as he put the needle in me, but after minutes I felt numb. I couldnít move a muscle in my body. I also felt a bit giddy. I didnít know what was happening to me. I was suddenly laughing and smiling and feeling as I was on a pink cloud. Minutes before I was afraid of being deflowered; now I didnít care. I was swirling around

Daddy lifted my legs and didnít even bother fingering. Several other men already fingered me, so it probably didnít need to be fingered.

His cock went in my pussy, and I felt a sharp pain. I tried to scream but I couldnít. The drugs made me so that I couldnít move my body. The doctor said, ďDonít worry slut, the medicine I gave you means that this will not hurt.Ē He was wrong. Not about me being a slut, but that it would not hurt. Daddy started groaning as the cock was going in and out of me. I felt like it was never going to end. I found out years later that it was rape. I thought about my few friends. Were they experiencing the same as I was? I hope not. I tried opening my mussels down there, so it didnít feel like a bus was going in and out of me. But I couldnít.

After what seems like a lifetime, daddy was saying that he was cumming. He was exploding in me. I heard this is how babies were made.

The men left me on the bed. No one wiped the tears from my eyes and asked how I felt.

F:That must have been a horrible experience. It must he hard when you are retelling the story again? Is this right?†††††††††††††††

S:†You noticed that I was folding my legs when I told you this. Yes the image of it is going through my head.

I remember afterwards that Mummy came in. She was in her usual daze and started cleaning me. She said I was bleeding. I donít remember that, I just remembered her telling me, ďItís your fault. Why are you so pretty? Why do you act so slutty? I donít understand why you even want to be a whore and sell yourself.Ē

It was then that I knew that what a whore meant, and what I was.

F:†What was your life after this?††††††††††††††††

S:†Every day I would go to school. This was hard, because I knew what would happen when I came home. I really wanted to tell someone or at least ask someone if this was normal. I wanted to tell someone especially when some teachers warned us about pedophiles. It was hard being a normal girl in the day and then going home at night

When I came home from school, I would take a shower with daddy. He would rub me all over, especially my pussy. It felt nice when he did it, and I convinced myself that he did it because he loved me. He would stop when I started shaking and couldnít nearly stand on my legs. Then he would piss on me. I learned to like this part. As I told you, it didnít hurt. It just tasted strange. Then I would suck him and swallow his cum.

After I took the shower, I would do my homework. Daddy said it was very important that teachers thought that I did my homework. I would sit just in my panties or in a robe when I did this. It was hard doing the homework, as I kept on listening if the doorbell rang.

If the doorbell rang, then my heart would beat fast and I would start shaking. I knew it was a perv that wanted to have sex with me.

F:†Did you know that your father was getting money for men to have sex with you?††††††††††††††††

S:†Yes, when they came in, I would sit pretending to do my homework. Then daddy and the perv would be talk and drink some beer or some wine. While they would do this I would move my legs so they can see my panties or pussy. Or I would let my robe open so they can see my boobs.

I was used to men looking at my body now, so it didnít embarrass me. I was just a piece of meat for them.

After the perv gave daddy some money, he would take me in the shower or my bed. Daddy wouldnít come and then I would let him use me until he couldnít anymore. This meant the usual feeling and sucking and fucking. Then I was left on the bed until mummy came and washed the cum off of me reminding me of what a slut and whore I was

F:Were there sometimes when you had more than one customer a day?†††††††††††††††

S:††Yes. There were most two plus daddy. It was hard being a prostitute so many times a day, especially if they wanted to do the same things and fuck me. At the end of the day, I would feel very sore.

F:Was being a whore such a bad experience; can you not give an example of when it was nice?†††††††††††††††

S:††There was this man. He was about 55 years of age. He would take me into my room. He was very slow about taking his own clothes off. But whatever I had was off in a rush. Then he would caress me and kiss me in the sweetest way. We would talk about school and he wished that he was the only one that could see me this way. He would keep telling me how my body was. Like he would say that my pussy lips have gotten fluffier since the last time we have seen each other. It was nice when he gently rubbed his finger in circles while asking questions about school and what music I liked. I would be breathing so hard, that it was hard to answer.

Then we would just be in each otherís arms. This meant that he would rub my back. Not a lot was said here, and as much as I tried to pull down his trousers, he would not let me. I never did give him a blowjob. We would just sit there and he would kiss me all over my face and places I was never kissed before.

At the end, he would be as horny as hell, and to be quite honest so was I. I would be doggy style position while he plunged his cock in me. He didnít call me whore and slut and those words as he called me princess. When I felt his cock come in, I would push back. I found out not to try to squeeze my pussy mussels, as this just meant that he would come quickly. I felt sorry for him and I wanted it to last, so I would push back against him and shout that he was the best. Then he would groan like a bear and say that it was coming. I felt the warm sperm fill me up.

After, besides leaving me there to mummyís insults, he would clean me. He was very slow but gentle. Usually when he did that I would sleep very well.†

F:†And the bad experiences?††††††††††

S:††It was this man that was what I call a pedo perv. When he came in I always just wore some tights.

Then he would take me by my arm and force me and nearly push me in the shower, where he would nearly rip the tights off of me. He would tie me to the back of the shower and then tell me how much he hates girls. Then he would piss on my face while holding my nose, so the most of it went in. I was always so afraid for him that I cried out after my Daddy. But he never came to help. After being treated like a human toilet, I would be dragged into the bed.

There was no foreplay. He sat on the edge of the bed and put me over his knee. Without saying a word, he would put me over his knees and spank me with his hand or sometimes his shoes. It really hurt and I called after daddy and God and everyone that could help me, but it never worked. I was left in there with him.

Then he would throw me on my back. He would turn me around on my knees and legs. Then he would lick my ass. I know most people like this, but when you are afraid of a man, you just want it to end.

He didnít fuck my cunt. He used my ass. It would hurt as he went in. I think if he did it gently, then I wouldnít be as afraid. But I was afraid, and screaming and crying my head off. He would just plow his cock in and out of my ass. Then he would sperm in me.

Then he left me tied on the bed.††Sometimes it took mummy some time to come in and help me

F:So for 3 years, you were a whore.†††††††††

S:††Yes. At least daddy got a new motorcycle out of it.

F:†Did you ever try telling someone?††††††††††

S:†When I was 10, daddy arranged another show.††I was 10 then and my sister Kia was 7. It started with Kia on the floor. She had this strange sheet over that was sorta see-through.

I had leather boots on that went up to my knees and huge sunglasses. I came in with a whip. I was told to whip her pussy. I nearly cried every time that Kia screamed and cried. I rose the whip and slashed it down across her chest and then at another time over her pussy. She cried and screamed.

Then I got on my knees and took the sheet off of her. I started kissing her on the lips. She liked this and her tongue explored my Mouth. This calmed her down and it seemed like she forgot the pain that she was in.

I started licking her nipples. I thought were mine so small when I was 7? Then Kia said something that she was not supposed to say. She said she loved me. I looked up at her worried that she would never forgive me for whipping her. I smiled and continued to lick her chest and tummy.

Then I lowered myself and started licking her pussy. I didnít care that the other pervs that were there where calling me lezbo and dyke. I wanted to make Kia feel better. She did as my tongue went in and out of her pussy. It was like I was tongue fucking her. Then I found her small clit and started rubbing back and forth there. She was moaning and groaning saying how much she loved me.

Then Daddy said that there were now two whores in this family.

I couldnít sleep that night. Over the years, I have thought that I was meant to be a whore, to please other men. No way was I going to let Kia be a whore.

The next day I wanted to tell someone. I went to the headmaster and told him everything. He said just to go home and everything will be OK†

F:So did he save you and Kia??†††††††††

S:†Two Nights later there was a knock at the door. It was my headmaster. I smiled so much when he came through the door. Then he sat down on the chair that the pervs usually sat and then daddy called Kia out

The headmaster called me over and stripped me. I started crying and my eyes were pleading with him, asking if he was not going to help him. I found out when he put me over his knee and started spanking me. He spanked me with a cane. It was so hard that I cried and cried. I couldnít stop crying†every time the cane touched my butt. I heard daddy explain to Kia that this is what happens when you try to tell someone the family secret. As I was caned more and more, I couldnít cry because my voice was gone. Then I blacked out. I thought I was dead as everything suddenly slowly went silent and black

A few days later, I woke up in my bed. I could hardly say anything and I was sore all over. Kia told me that daddy and the headmaster fucked me several times that night. I was on a bloody sheet when everything was over

Then daddy came in and sent Kia out. He sat on the bed and told me that in the next day the doctor will be coming. From now on I would be drugged so high that it will always make me horny and want sex. He said that I would never tell another soul again.†††

F:So what did you do?†††††††††††

S:†I cried that night. The next day I told my friend Janice to chat with me on MSN that night. She said she had to go to Dance. But I begged her to come on MSN.

That afternoon I rushed home and went on MSN. Janice was on MSN and said she had to go to dance. I said thatís OK, but I needed to speak with her mum. Her Mum came on MSN. I turned on my cam and begged her not to turn it off and leave it on until I said to turn it off. Her Mum was confused but said she would and asked and if I OK was? I said no, thatís why I needed her help. I pointed the webcam towards my bed and begged her mum not to turn of the cam.

I heard Daddies footsteps. I turned off the screen so the computer looked like it was turned off.

Daddy came in and said he needed a quick blowjob before the doctor came. I kneeled on the bed as daddy took out his cock. He shoved it in my mouth and starting fucking my mouth like he usually does. But this time it was rougher than he. He said that I could cry all I wanted to, because after I got the new drugs, I would be begging for sex from now on.

I was waiting for the police to come. My plan was that it would shock Janiceís mother so much that she would call the police. But by the time I was swallowing daddies cum. there was no police. I cried on my bed

F:So you were not saved?†††††††††

S:†I cried on my bed thinking that tonight I would be turned into a slut that begged for sex every day. I was sitting on the sofa as usual wearing just panties when the doorbell rang. My heart started beating quickly

But everything happened in such a rush. There were many policemen that came in and pushed daddy to the floor and handcuffed them. They were taking pictures of me sitting there half naked.

Kia was screaming and so was mummy. Mummy was also put in handcuffs.

This social worker came in and took me and Kia out. We were taken to some foster home. She explained to us that mummy and daddy has been doing some bad things to us.

I must have been telling them over and over the next few days what happened, much of what I told you now. They also had me take many medical tests to prove that someone had sex with me. I told them the truth; at one stage this social worker started crying.†

F:†Did you go back to your old school?††††††††††

S:†For one day. The headmaster and teacher were arrested. No one talked with me. They just stared at me and I could hear them whisper. Sometimes I could hear them say, ďwhoreĒ. One boy came up to me and asked ďHow much?Ē and one girl came up and asked me what it was like having sex with my own daddy.

At lunchtime, I ran out of school back to the foster home. I didnít go to school until after the trial

F:What happened at court?†††††††††

S:††Kia and I were interviewed on video. So we wouldnít have to look at daddy or mummy. They were not allowed to see us at any stage. I think Kia missed them, but I didnít.

The Social workers didnít say much about what was happening at court. So I donít know what happened. The only thing they said was that daddy and mummy and all the men that abused me and Kia were in prison for a very long time

F:What about the media?†††††††††

S:††The whole thing was on TV and the newspaper. I had seen some newspapers where they took old pictures of our family. They would cover our faces so no one could see it was us. Thatís good because that would have been embarrassing.

In the foster home, anytime it was on TV or anything, our foster mom changed the channel. She said that we have experienced enough; we do not have to hear what we experienced over and over again.


F:††What is your relationship with boys?††††††††

S:††I donít want a boyfriend now. There are many cute boys. But I want to think about everything but sex. I have had enough sex to last me for a long time. So when boys ask me out, I say we can be friends. I am sure that I will be able to have sex again, but itís when I get married and to someone I love

F:††It took you a lot of courage to be here? Why did you tell us this story that hurts you even to remember? What is your message to the viewers?†††††††††

S:††I am sure that there are a lot of pervs that hoped that I would have been a happy whore and I would grow up and be happy to serve all me. But I am not a sex object. I am a human being. I was being introduced to sex when I didnít even know what sex means. I hope that anyone who thinks abusing a child is OK will hear my story and think about the pain and how it has scarred my life

F:I hope your story will inspire others and especially pedos when they think of a child as you say as a sex object. Maybe they will see the tears on the Childs face

Fairyboi 2008 (rewritten in 2013)

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