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Kidnapped Twin (Mg,Mb,cd) My daughter is kidnapped and I who is left alone with my son knows what she is doing

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Life is full of challenges and twists and turns. I had a very happy childhood. I studied at university and then I programmed a computer program that made it possible for virtual sex, where a person can be a celebrity and have sex with another celebrity. Needless to say, I have earned millions on this. About the same time that I was starting to make money, I got married with my assistant. Within no time, she was pregnant. I was so happy when she told me that she was pregnant. Things could not be better in my life. This was until she gave birth to twins that were too much for my dear wife that lost her life giving birth. I was alone with two twins. I could have hired a nanny, but I decided to devote my life to my children and give them a good life. I was a millionaire, so we could live in the middle of nowhere.

The years went by. In fact the twins were now 9 years old. The girls name was Ruby. She was a hyper child, always talked and always happy. She reminded so much of her mother, especially her black humour. She had long blonde hair that she always had in a pigtail. She was not that interested in girl things. She was a bit of a tomboy. My son on the other hand was a quiet boy. He was very shy and careful when he spoke. His sister would protect him, and he allowed it, although she could be at times dominating. My sons name was Corey. Corey and Ruby were home-schooled. In a way, I was happy that they were home schooled. Corey would have had a hard time with other children as he was very quiet, and he had girl features that people often didn’t believe that he was a boy. Despite this, we were a happy family.

This was until 6 months ago. It was on the twin’s birthday. We had some family over and had a fun party. I drank a bit too much, and then argued with my brother about the Lindbergh baby. I was arguing that the parents should have hired bodyguards, as they were famous, and their boy was a target. My brother asked why I did not have bodyguards or a reliable security system, as I made a lot of money already. I thought that he had a point and promised that I would look at the security system the next day.

The next day, I woke up with a bit of a hangover. I went to wake up my children. Corey was very sleepy, but after a while. I got him up. I told him that he could stay in his pyjamas until we woke his sister up. When we went into Ruby’s room, the bed was empty. She must have woken up to make breakfast. After searching the whole house, I could not find her. I shouted and screamed her name, but she had just vanished. It didn’t help that Corey was the first to understand what had happened. He was cuddled on the sofa crying. It took me an hour to realize what was happening.  Someone had kidnapped Ruby. The next thing I knew is that I was involved in a circus. First the police came and spent a few days here. Then there was the media. The whole kidnapping was in the media.

It was hard being me. I felt so guilty that I did not have an adequate security system. I felt so bad that I couldn’t save Ruby. I was unaware of the media and the police. I spent most of my time next to the telephone waiting for the call. I already arranged with the bank to have some money ready. However, there was no phone call. After a few months that included a national search with helicopters and everything, the media and police disappeared. Ruby was now just a statistic and a picture on a milk carton. The missing posters that were put out through the country now had a new poster over them, maybe with a missing dog. I really missed Ruby. I felt like screaming and crying all the time. Slowly and slowly, I tried to convince myself that I would never see my daughter again. After a few months, I had to pull myself together. I had to be there for Corey, that I nearly forgot in the middle of the circus that we were involved in from the police and the media. However when the police gave up and our 15 minutes of fame was over, it was time to pick up the pieces and take care of what I had left, which was a broken and empty heart, and Corey that was forgotten in the last few months.


It was hard. The smiles were gone. Corey was sad and depressed. I found him often looking in the mirror, and I could never understand why. However life was continuing, although Ruby left a massive hole in our lives.

One night, I put Corey to bed. I read him a good night story and nearly gave him a hug. A tear came to my eye when we said our good night prayer and prayed that Ruby would be happy in heaven. I rushed into my office and with tears running down my face. I decided to read my e-mails and then go to bed. There was one e-mail with a video attached. Under was a message to delete it after or else….

I opened the video file and I got a shock. It was Ruby’s face. At the start she was holding a newspaper, so I could see that it was recorded yesterday. I smiled as I seen Ruby. She did not look hurt, and she looked very healthy. Most important, she was alive! The kidnapper asked Ruby some questions; I could not hear the questions, as the kidnapper edited them out.

Ruby started speaking, “I am happy here. You have been nice to me. I know that you love me because you say I am pretty. You even say I am sexy (giggles). I know my daddy didn’t love me. He never said I was sexy. If I walked around the house like I do here, he would get mad. You like looking at me naked. You think that I am pretty. I know that you love me. I know that you love me more than Daddy does. I am happy when you smile when you see me. I know that it makes you happy and I want to make you happy”

The film then started moving down. I was a bit surprised when I saw that Ruby was naked. First, I saw her chest, which were two nipples that showed no signs of development. They were as flat as a boy. The filming did not stop there, it continued down her body and I could see her pussy. It was a plump pussy and was as hairless as it was when she was born. I didn’t know what to say. I just seen my daughter naked and telling the kidnapper that she liked when he could see her this way. She just wanted to make him happy. My eyes went very wide when she held her pussy lips apart, so it looked like a juicy cave. At that moment, a thought went through my head that it was years since I have had sex. This thought only lasted a few minutes watching Ruby stretch her pussy without shame. The shame did not stop there. Ruby started rubbing her pussy, this was tender rubbing at the start, but slowly she started going faster and faster. After a while, I could see that she started putting a finger in her pussy. It was going in and out like a small cock. Ruby had no shame, She knew she was being taped and she knew her kidnapper was there watching her openly masturbate. She even asked him did he like it. She admitted that she loved playing with her pussy and she was happy that it made her and him happy. I gulped when she told the kidnapper that she loved him. Then she went silent, as her finger continued to assault her pussy. She was breathing harder and harder and even moaning. At the end the video showed her exhausted, but with a smile on her face.

I did not delete the video. It was the only thing I had of Ruby. I was not going to show Corey the video for obvious reasons. I was not going to show the police as that would put my daughter’s life in danger. The fact is that it was the first contact from the kidnapper, and this was hope that she would come home to me one day. I must have looked at the video several times that day. I knew every part of my daughter’s body, and remembered what she said by heart. That night, I read my e-mail again. There was an e-mail from the kidnapper.

“I hope that you enjoyed watching your daughter last night on video. You can see that Ruby is very healthy and happy. Maybe the video nearly gave you a heart attack. Ruby was naked and even felt herself. Did you think that she was a slut? Did you think that she only wanted to make me happy? The fact is that she is happy. She does not think you love her. She does not think that you think she is pretty. At the same time, she was open and not afraid to masturbate while I looked at her. It gave her good feelings. I bet that you have looked at the video several times. Why did you see the whole video and not turn it off? I bet that you had a hard on. I wonder why? It is good you did not show this to the police. The e-mails I send are encrypted. No one will be able to find me. Do not worry, Ruby will be returned once you prove that you deserve her. Until then take care of Corey. Being identical, he must remind you a lot about Ruby. Do you think he is sexy? Does he think that you love him? Be a father, and take care of your son. When you are a good father, Ruby will come home”

Ruby would be coming home! However, the e-mail was confusing. It raised more questions than it answered. Why did I look at the video so many times…. and the whole video? Why did I get a hard-on and deep down wanted to jerk off while I looked at my daughter? Did I show Corey that I loved him? Did I ever consider how much he looked like Ruby?

The more I looked at Corey, the more I can see that he was identical to his sister. The words that Ruby she said in the video were haunting me. Did she think that I really did not love her? How did she think that love is only thinking that she is pretty? At first I thought she was rehearsed to say this, and then I thought that it could have come from her heart. I started thinking this as I thought about Corey. We really did not talk that much about the kidnapping or what life was like since. I did not even tell him about the video. I just told him that I am sure that Ruby is alive. One day I nearly hit myself when I thought that I never gave him hugs or never praised that he was a smart and intelligent boy. I thought that this was child abuse and I was not going to molest my child. However Ruby’s words kept going through my head. She liked being naked…. She liked her body… she liked masturbating…she liked when she pleased the kidnapper when he seen her… she thought the kidnapper loved her. As usual, I searched this on the Internet and read about someone called Kinsley say that children were sexual, and needed guidance and stimulation.

I was looking at e-mails several times a day and waiting for the next e-mail. I was looking forward to Ruby could come home. One night when I was reading my e-mail, Corey shouted that he was taking a bath. I remembered the man’s words; I would get Ruby back when I showed that I proved that I loved Corey. After seeing Ruby’s video and reading the internet and in despair, I was confused. I did something that would change me and my family. I walked into the bathroom and took off my clothes and went into the bathtub. Corey was confused at first as I have never done this before. Then he smiled a nothing ever happened. I looked at my son. He needed a haircut, but it suited his face. He had very long eyelashes and nice lips. As I looked down, I think my mouth went wide open as I seen his nipples. They were sticking out as cute bumps. I couldn’t believe it. My son had bigger boobs than his sister. Corey must have noticed me looking because he covered them.

“Do not cover them, you look very pretty” I said

“You think I look very pretty?”

“Yes. I think you are extremely pretty and sexy. You will make some girl happy one day!”

“The boys I know say I look like a girl. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I pretend that it’s Ruby looking back at me.”

I smiled at Corey as he talked about the few boys he knew. Maybe it was time to send him to a public school. Corey and I walked out of the bathtub, and I said we can continue to talk in my room. I sat on a chair and asked him to sit on my lap. He asked if he should put some clothes on him. I said that we can be naked. I don’t know why I said this but maybe deep down I had images of Ruby in my mind. As he sat on my lap, I could feel him wiggle. My cock was very hard. It was hard as soon as seen his eyelashes. Corey looked in my face and told me that he could feel my stick under his bum.

“It’s not a stick. It’s called a cock son”

 “Mine is small…”

“Do you ever play with it?” I heard myself asking, not believing that I asked him!

“I-I really don’t play with my stick… I mean my cock. I do find a candlestick and put it up my bum hole. It’s embarrassing to tell you”

“Listen son. I know we haven’t talked personal before. It’s about time we do. Let’s have no secret from each other. What do you think of when you fuck yourself with the candle?”

“I dunno. I just look at my posters.”

Corey had pictures of One Direction, a famous boy band. It was then that it occurred to me that my son could be gay. It explained why he fucked himself with a candle. I put my hands around him and started hugging him. I had weird sensations going through my body. Here I was naked with a 9 year old boy on my lap, and he was naked wiggling around on my lap, driving my cock crazy. I started kissing him on the cheeks, and he didn’t pull away but whispered that he loved me. Before I knew it, I was kissing him on the lips. It was years ago since I had sex or even kissed anyone. The sensations were taking over my mind. I was now thinking with lust. I told him that he had the perfect body. It was so smooth and my hands explored it. I even told him that he had the chest, the face and a round bubble ass, just like a girl. This made him smile. As his mouth opened, I stuck my tongue in.  At first he tried mumbling that this was wrong, especially when my fingers found his ass hole, and I started exploring his ass cave. But lust also took him over. He kept asking me to stop, and then begging me not to stop. I didn’t care what he said. I continued exploring his mouth with my tongue while my finger was going in and out of his boy pussy. This continued for some time, but the fact we were kissing and fingering him, and not to mention him wiggling around, I started to sperm. I was out of breath as I explained that the sperm was my baby juices. Corey just scooped it up with his finger and tasted it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I told him that he should wash himself again. Before he went out, he asked me would we do this again. Despite I tried explaining it was wrong, He was smiling. Before he left, I gave him a vibrating cock that my wife had when she lived.

That night when I was in bed, I felt like I was going to hell! I couldn’t believe that I French kissed my son as well as felt him all over his body, not to mention finger fucking him. The boy was 9 years old, and I molested him! I lusted after his body, even when he was confused to if I should continue or not. He must have been confused. I hardly ever hugged him before and now I played with his naked body. Every time I would see myself in the mirror, I would see a child molester… a boylover… a paedophile. I was doomed to hell. My bad conscience didn’t stop me from dreaming about him or kissing, masturbating and fingering him every day after.



One evening, Corey and I were sitting at the computer. We were looking at Youtube at his favourite boys from One Direction. I was teasing Corey and asking him did he think they were cute. This made him blush, plus the fact that I was feeling his nipples, rubbing my fingers around them and sometimes even pinch them. This was when I heard the beep showing that I had a new e-mail. My heart jumped as I seen it was the same e-mail address as the kidnapper. I had a problem now. How could I get Corey out so I could read the e-mail? On the other hand, after I have been abusing him, then seeing his sister naked and masturbating would be nothing. At least he could see that she is alive. I opened the e-mail and read the message first, “Here is a new video with Ruby. I thought it would be nice for you to see what she has learnt and what she likes. You will see that she is a very happy girl. However, do not worry. You will get Ruby back when you are ready to love her. I wonder how it is going with Corey. Did you show him that you love him? Or do you still consider it molesting? Maybe he is sitting naked on your knee at the moment. If he is, I bet it’s hard not showing his body that you love him. I should tell you that this video was done when Ruby did not know I was recording her. It is so you do not think she is forced to do or say anything”

I explained to Corey that the kidnapper has taken a video of Ruby, so that we know she is doing well. I also read up the bit where he promised that she would be coming home. I turned on the video. The video started at Ruby’s pussy. At least she was not playing with it. Then I could see that she was just doing what a 9 year old girl would. She would walk around and play with dolls, or watch some TV and at one stage she was in the kitchen where she was cutting some oranges. She was naked or just wearing panties. There was one clip where she wore cut-off jeans and a tube top. While she was doing all these things, I was staring at her smile and of course her body. My cock was becoming very hard as my hands started to feel Corey’s little cock and his ass. At one stage Ruby was sitting on the kidnappers lap. His face was slurred. He asked does she like it there and does she miss me? He also told her that she would be going home at one stage. His voice was distorted as well as his face blurred. I don’t think I was paying much attention to him as I was staring at Ruby. Ruby answered his questions “I do not want to go home! I am so happy here! I love making you happy. I love that you think I am sexy. I told you that my dad never loved me. He never let me please him like I please you. He never thought I was sexy. I wish that you would kidnap Corey so he would also be happy here. You can be our new daddy.”

Ruby leaned forward and kissed the man’s lips. It started as an innocent kiss, but then I could see her tongue play inside her mouth. Once in a while she would pause and ask did he like it or was she making him happy? The sight of my tiny 9 year old daughter sitting on a hairy man’s lap kissing and hugging him was driving my cock go wild. After a few minutes the scene finished while the video once again recorded them on a bed. They were both naked and he was laid back, while she hovered over his body. His hands were caressing her flat chest as she sat on the bed beside him. She was sitting Indian style so I could see her pussy slightly opened. This did not last for long as his big hands found their way to her pussy and starting molesting it. Then I saw her hold her long hair back while she lowered her head to his cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked the side of his cock that was a nice sized cock. Ruby then gave the top of the cock some kisses while she slowly let it go in her mouth. She quickly had a routine in letting the stiff cock go in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. My 9 year old daughter was a cocksucker and it looked like that she enjoyed it. At one stage she stopped sucking and asked the kidnapper if he would cum in her mouth. My daughter was begging for sperm! In a few minutes, she also got some sperm in her mouth. I could see this as she just had the cock in her mouth and no one was moving except her throat. While she was doing this, the kidnapper showed her video that was recording her slutty actions. Ruby just smiled and looked at the camera, opening her mouth showing the white coated cum in her mouth. The film stopped.

Corey didn’t say a word while he seen the video. He must have been shocked that his sister wanted to please an older man. I don’t know why he was quiet, maybe it’s because he never seen a porno film before, and especially one with his own sister. After a few minutes Corey turned around facing me on the chair. At last he spoke and said it was good that Ruby was alive. I nodded. Corey then whispered asking did he make me happy. I nodded again and told him that I love him. I should have asked if he wanted to make me feel happy but I was afraid of the answer. Corey then put his arms around my shoulder and started kissing me, where our tongues started dancing with each other. My hand found its way down to his ass hole and I started finger fucking him.

I went to bed with images of Ruby sucking the kidnapper as well as the harsh things that she said. The images of her kissing and sucking a cock were what I dreamt of that night. The next morning, I rubbed my eyes thinking of what I would do today. I would most likely look at the video of Ruby several times, and most likely masturbate while I have done this. My bedroom door opened. I nearly got a heart attack. I thought that it was Ruby coming in. All I could see was the beautiful face and the hair in a ponytail. As I looked down, I could see panties. Then I realised it was Corey. He put his hair in a ponytail and put one if Ruby’s pair of panties on. You would have to look close to see that he was a boy. Corey climbed on the bed and gave me a good morning kiss. I hugged him close and let our mouths explore each other once again. Then he broke away and asked me did he look like Ruby? I just mumbled as he pulled the sheet down. He could now see my cock that was as hard as it could be. Corey put his arms around it and started masturbating my cock. I was in heaven. Then he lowered his head and kissed the side of mu cock. I wanted to tell him to stop, but when he started licking my cock, I was on another planet. I could no longer reason or see what was right or wrong. Corey’s mouth went down over my cock. My cock was now in my sissy son’s mouth. He started sucking my cock slowly and after a while he found a rhythm. As my cock was going in and out of his gay mouth, images of Ruby doing the same were going through my head. I wondered was she doing the same with the kidnapper? My mind was quickly back to Corey as I felt his wet tongue play with my cock as he continued fucking it with his mouth. At the end, my cock could no longer take it. I started to sperm in my own son’s mouth. He started coughing and spitting it out. I could see that he was a bit tired as he tried to kiss me again and asking does he look like Ruby. I tried not kissing him with my tongue, as I did not want to taste my own sperm

At breakfast time, Corey came into the kitchen wearing one of Ruby’s summer dresses. I had to look twice, as the first time I looked, I thought it was Ruby. I didn’t say anything to him about the dress, just said he was pretty and gave him a hug. From that day, Corey was dressing as a girl. I should have told him that it was ridiculous and he would be teased, but I kept it back, as I knew at one stage he would kiss me or play with and suck my hungry cock. The thought of his wet mouth engulfing my cock and sucking unto it gets filled with sperm made me very horny.

One afternoon my brother came. I was a bit embarrassed at the fact that Corey was in a white miniskirt and a tank top with Minnie Mouse. My brother just smiled as we sat down to have some beer.(Corey was drinking coke)

“Corey, I have to ask, where did you get those clothes from?” my brother asked

“They are Ruby’s”

“And you want to wear your sisters clothes… you are a boy”

“I just feel comfortable in them, more like myself. Sometimes I even go around naked”

“So you feel like a girl”

“…yes and I know it pleases daddy and I like pleasing others”

I blushed as my son admitted this. I had to speak to him about keeping secrets. In the meantime, I interrupted the conversation and offered my brother another beer. He said no as he had to go home, as he promised he would not be away for a long time. This confused me a bit, as my brother didn’t live with anyone. After he went, I took Corey to my bed where we could explore each other’s body, where I tried to put my mouth around his little cock. He pushed me away and then lowered himself to my cock. I once again was used to my sons wet mouth around my cock, and after some minutes in ecstasy, I spermed in his mouth. He now swallowed it.


The next few weeks, Corey was now turning into a girl with girl clothes and the way he done his hair. I could have said he was a sissy, but that would be mean. He was also becoming a top class cocksucker. My cock found its way in his mouth every day and I would bet that my sperm was in his stomach all the time. I was now realising that I was a paedophile and one that molested my own son. I became horny when I looked at his body. When I saw the video of Ruby, I would also be admiring and lusting after her body.

One day, I got an e-mail from the kidnapper. I was a bit disappointed that there was no video attached. I read the e-mail, “Hello… I just want you to know that you will be getting the last video tomorrow. I know that you are now learning to love your children and give them the sexual education that they need. I know that Ruby enjoys it. She now loves the taste of my sperm and wants to please me. I know you do things with your son, and I bet you consider him a good slut. I do not consider Ruby a slut. It’s as if she wants to please men. It’s as if she thinks that she was put on this earth to serve men. In fact, she knows that many perverts and paedophiles can see her pictures and videos that I put on internet. I had a few of my friends over, and she had no problem servicing them. You will see tomorrow when I filmed this afternoon… well I am sure that you want to go into your son and let him suck your cock. Enjoy. I am sure that Ruby will be begging me if she can please me while you are doing this.”

I couldn’t wait until the next day to see the video. It surprised me that the kidnapper put the videos and pictures on the internet. I suppose it did not bother me that much. I just wanted to see the latest video of her. I passed the time away by going into Corey and sticking my cock in his cocksucking mouth as he was half asleep. I slept that night thinking that I was becoming a monster

The next morning, Corey crawled on my bed. He was now used to this, as he sucked my cock every morning to wake me up. I pushed him off today, making an excuse that I let him suck me last night when he was half ways asleep. I told him that I needed to recover. The fact was that I needed to save my sperm for when I saw the video that was expected to come. Corey whimpered and we snuggled in bed, until I thought that maybe the video was in my e-mail box already. I rushed and turned on the computer. There was no e-mail. I must have checked 50 times that day. I thought I was going crazy. Just before supper, Corey was sitting watching the Simpsons in some white shorts with a ballet dancer on them and a tank top with the same ballet cartoon.

I rushed into and looked at the e-mail. There was a video. My hands were shaking as I opened the file. The film started when I could see the back of Ruby. She was looking at a computer screen, where I could see different pictures of her. The film went closer to pictures, and I could see that Ruby was in various poses. The first ones were with different dresses, or shorts. Some of the pictures had her putting her hand down her panties or simply flashing her panties. I could see some pictures where she moved her panties so we could see her 9 year old pussy. Then there were pictures of her naked crawling around the bed and sofa as well as some in the bath. Then there were countless pictures of her sucking a cock, where she ended up showing sperm in her mouth. In some pictures she swallowed the cum, while in other pictures you could see it falling on her body. Ruby was asking if I really thought she was sexy, and was it true that she wanted to please them. The kidnapper said yes (which was the first time I heard his voice). I could see Ruby turning around smiling. The kidnapper then said that she would be going home in a few days. Ruby said she already knew that and didn’t want to talk about it. She then begged the kidnapper if she could please him. He tried explaining that he had a friend here. Ruby obviously didn’t care, as she said that she could please him too. I expected her to suck the kidnapper, but she just took of her robe and kneeled on the coffee table in a doggy fashion. I could see her smiling as a cock went close to her mouth. She opened her mouth and starting kissing the top, and slowly letting the cock go into her mouth. I moaned as I seen the pleasure in her face. It was obvious that she enjoyed a cock in her mouth. Then I saw another cock come from behind. My eyes were very wide as I seen a cock push into her pussy. I could see that she was slightly closing her eyes and her face was in some discomfort. This did not stop the cock from invading her pussy. I never thought that a cock could fit in such a small child pussy. However it was plunging in and out, nearly rocking her body back and forth. My cock was as  hard as possible as I could see that my 9 year old daughter was acting like a whore, pleasing two cocks at once. I could see that her face was getting wider and wider. At first I could see the man fucking her pause and mumble that she was now about to get his baby cum in her womb. Shortly after I could see that she was swallowing the cum in her mouth. Ruby collapsed on the table after being abused. She didn’t have much energy or much of a voice left, but I could hear her asking if she pleased them. There was no answer as the film stopped.

I was in another world, and was not thinking clearly. I just stood up and walked out to the sitting room where Corey was and ignored him when he asked if we would eat. I carried him to my bed and starting stripping his sissy clothes. He must have thought that I wanted to service him and he moved as if he was going to suck my cock. I just shoved him back on the bed and lifted his legs over my shoulder. I put some lube on my cock while I was looking at his boy pussy, and decided that the best way to break his virginity was to do it fast. It was good that we lived in the middle of nowhere as I pushed my cock in his ass. My son was no longer my son. He was no longer a boy. He was a sissy that would be fucked the rest of his life. He screamed telling me that it hurt him. I tried explaining that he will get used to it and it time beg for me to do it… just like Ruby does. My cock felt so good in his ass, as it worked its way in and out. At the start, Corey was telling me that I was raping him, however after a while, he stopped complaining and even made sounds of pleasure. It was too late for me. My cock was now deciding. My cock wanted a child’s pussy. After I spermed in my sons ass, I collapsed on the bed. He was too tired as well. We ate some cold Pizza on bed, while watching the video of Ruby and Corey fell asleep; most likely wondering if I raped him or was it what fathers should do…..

I couldn’t sleep. It hit me at one stage that when I was looking at the video of Ruby, I didn’t think about the kidnapper’s voice. I didn’t think about the house that she was in. The whole thing looked familiar, but I couldn’t think of where I have seen it and who the voice was. On top of this, I realised that when I looked at the video, I was just staring at Ruby, and being aroused over her slutty actions. I knew I abused my son. I knew I was now a paedophile. I knew it was against the law. I needed some help. I needed to tell someone what was happening, without that person running to the police or child services. I had a friend that was a child psychologist, but no longer worked as one, because he was in the media for not telling the authorities about a child that was being abused by her parents. The friends name was David. I knew that he didn’t do it because deep down he wanted to save the family. While Corey was asleep, I wrote him a long e-mail telling him that I could trust him. I sent the videos and the e-mails that I got. I explained that Corey was now a sissy and we had a relationship. I begged him to tell me what was happening and what I should do?

The next day, Corey woke up. I asked him if he was Ok. He said he was a bit sore but it was fine now. Otherwise he didn’t say much as he found some of Ruby’s old clothes to wear. In the afternoon, I looked at my e-mail hoping there was some news about Ruby. There was none, but there was an answer from David, “Hello my dear friend. I was shocked by your e-mail and the videos. However, I am delighted that Ruby is still alive; despite she has become a fucktoy. I have contacted a friend at the police station. They are aware that there are pictures and videos of Ruby on the internet. She is extremely popular. The problem is that the pictures are being spread and when one site is closed, the pictures appear somewhere else. They cannot identify where the location is. They did not tell you as they thought it would break your heart to know what she has become. This is indeed a strange case, as it is obvious that she will be sent back to you. I have noticed that she keeps saying that you do not love her because you do not abuse her. I also noticed that she begs to please other men. In fact, she thinks she was born to please men. It does look like she enjoys being used by men. However, she has been groomed to do this. When she was kidnapped, she was most likely afraid of the situation and thought she would be hit or killed. The kidnapper most likely started giving her hugs telling how pretty she was and how he loved her and she would have a good life. I know you really never gave your children hugs, so this experience most have confused her. She expected to be killed and was now being praised and hugged. It most has been a new experience for her that she could walk around naked… even exciting. After a while she could see that she pleased the kidnapper back by servicing him. It can be seen that she now gets happy when she makes a man happy. This is what we call grooming. It is sort of brainwashing a child to believe something and accept it. Children are very adoptable, so Ruby now believes that she is basically supposed to please men. As for Corey, he has started acting like a girl and even looking like a girl. There could be several reasons for this. It could be because Ruby’s kidnapping has occupied your mind and thoughts, and he felt left out. In other words, it could be to get attention. It could also be because he misses Ruby and can identify with her when he is like her. Another reason could be that he is simply a transgender. It seems like as if he got attention from you, and has let you have incest with him. The fact that he has seen Ruby in action in the videos have probably influenced in him. In other words, while Ruby was being groomed, you were grooming Corey. Yes, you are a paedophile and your children are being groomed to believe they should please men. You have to think if this is the type of love children should get. There is a difference between parental love that raises a child, feeds them, prepares them for society, and protects them…. Compared to lust. What will you do when your children develop, enter puberty and your pedo mind no longer thinks they are attractive? This is why I prefer parental love. Maybe you should consider some counselling and help for you and your children.”

After I read the e-mail, I felt like a monster. I have scared my children and have hurt them. At the same time parts of my mind were fighting this and telling me that they enjoyed the molestation. I was normal for a day or two. I gave Corey hugs and kissed him on the cheek. I could see that he was waiting for more, and confused that it did not happen. However, I was really trying to get rid of the monster in me.

About two days later in the afternoon, I was sitting watching some TV. Corey was wearing this miniskirt and training bra. He came over to me and sat on my lap. He started taking the training bra off. I was silent as he said he wanted to please me. I tried explaining that he always pleased me, and he didn’t have to use his body to do it. Corey continued stripping and telling me he wanted me to fuck him again. Once again, my cock took over and when he was naked, he lowered himself on my cock. I could see some pain in his face, but did not complain and whispered that he felt full. My cock was now surrounded by a 9 year olds ass muscles. He started moving up and down me, asking me if I was happy. I just smiled and let his ass abuse my cock. The feelings were overwhelming and this must have been the monster in my sticking my middle finger up at what David said. At the end, I could feel my body tense. My sperm was now in his boypussy. When I opened my eyes after climaxing, I could see someone stand next to me. It was Ruby! She was home! She was staring at my cock in her brother’s ass. She was not smiling, nor did she jump to give me a hug. She just asked if we missed her. I told Corey that we should give his sister a hug.

The next days were celebrating, and of course we were once again in the media. However I decided to keep away from them, as I knew they only wanted Ruby to tell the experiences she had. I honestly did not want the whole world to know that she was a sex toy. The people that seen her pictures on the Internet already knew that. I released a statement saying that she was treated well and happy to be home. I also wrote that it was important that we were left alone. The Press did not respect this, as they were camped outside our property. However they got tired that we were locked in the house and they could get no good clips. After a week or two, we were left alone. There was a new sensational story somewhere else

We were left alone. Ruby did not smile that much. I tried to hug her as much as possible and tell her that she was very pretty. This made her smile, but she must have been confused and most likely wanted or needed to please me the way she pleased others the last few months. She didn’t wear many clothes, but I didn’t complain. I really loved her body and when she pranced around in just panties or something like that, and then I could feel my cock going hard.

Last night, I hugged the children goodnight and put them in bed. I went to the sitting room to see some TV, but I was thinking that it was great everything was over. I realised that my children experienced sex before they should, they were abused and as my friend said groomed. Ruby has not been herself since she came back home. She smiled, but she didn’t say much. In fact the only time she smiled was when I hugged or kissed her. I noticed once she moved her head so that I kissed her on the lips, and occasionally she would push her tongue in my mouth. I was proud that I would innocently stop the kiss; of course after I let our tongues explore each other. When I was watching TV, I thought would Ruby be happier if she was allowed to please me. Maybe she liked when she played with a cock. It surely looked like that on the videos. Why did she only smile when I gave her hugs? I decided to go into her room and give her an extra good night hug. However, she was not in her room. I went to Corey’s room and could see that Ruby was playing with her little brothers cock. He was not interested

“Stop it Ruby!” He shouted at her

“Please, let me, I need to.”

“No! I don’t want to”

“Please I just want to make you happy”


“You just want to play with daddy. You are just like a girl. You wear my clothes and like cocks in your mouth and ass”

“Get out!”

Ruby stood up, with a tear coming out of her eye. She seen me and she had a frightened look on her face, as if I would spank her or something. I lifted her up as she was apologising for being slutty with her brother. I tried to shush her as I laid her back on the bed. She was already naked and I studied every part of her body, first with my eyes and then with my hands. It was much better than what I had seen on the videos. Now I could caress and feel her body with my hands. When my finger entered her, she asked me was she pretty. I reassured her that she was extremely pretty and sexy. Ruby smiled as I said this and I started taking my clothes off. My cock was already standing to full attention as I kneeled over her stomach. I saw her cute face look up at me. She did not know what to say. I smiled as I moved up her chest, so my cock was just over her mouth. I could see Ruby’s eyes wide as if they were pleading. I said nothing, but just smiled. Ruby slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the top of my cock. She stopped and looked up at me. Again I said nothing but smiled. Then it was as if she became greedy and lifted her head so the cock was in her mouth. My cocksucking daughter was slurping and sucking as well as she could, which is better than any woman that has tried it. Her wet mouth felt so good around my cock. If her main aim in life was to please men, then she was good at it. After a few minutes, I lifted my cock out of her mouth. She looked confused as if she thought she did not do a good job. We switched positions and I laid her on me. She was sitting on my hard dick and laughed, saying she could feel it against her bum. This made me laugh as well as she lifted herself and held my cock, which entered her pussy as she came down. I held my breath and couldn’t believe that my cock was in my own daughter.  She started going up and down slowly, as her eyes were closed. At one stage she muttered that she loved me, and then started going up and down quicker. Her pussy was very tight and it was choking my cock. I didn’t last long as I started cumming in her. Ruby collapsed in my arms, where we slept until the next morning.

My daughter was smiling the next day. She was back to her old normal self…. smiling, laughing and non-stop talk. She did not have any clothes on and walked around naked, giving my cock a problem all the time. I decided that we should have a family meeting, as our family was now not very normal.

“Ruby and Corey, you know that I love you both”, I started, “however we must talk about the future. Our family is no longer a normal family. We have incest, we are sometimes nudists and Corey is a sissy. Corey, Ruby and I will respect your wishes to be a girl. You will get your own clothes that you can wear, although I doubt that Ruby will be wearing many of her clothes. As for the sex, we can have sex with each other. However it is not just so you will to please me. You also have to want it and be pleased. Now I know that Corey doesn’t want to have sex with a girl. However, there is only so much sperm in me. You both will have to have some patience.”

“Maybe Uncle can help us” Ruby suggested

“It is very important that we do not tell others. Many people do not like incest and especially sex between children and adults. The Police do not like it. After Ruby came home, I have been getting some e-mails from men and fathers all over the world. They want to meet Ruby. I am also sure some wants to meet Corey. Some of them even have children. We can invite the ones that we like and trust”

Ruby finished the discussion by saying, “I still think we can also invite our Uncle. I miss living with him”

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