zoo siblings

Zoo Siblings

Why did boys always ask me to be their girlfriend? I was with friends from school at the sandwich bar at the mall, as it was hard to find a place where we could be. We were only 11 and the mall seemed to be the safest place for us to be. I liked being with my friends and it was fun when we talked about school, music or teased about teachers. We were both boys and girls, and this usually did not bother me. However when Simon started telling me how beautiful I was, and we would make a good couple… I wanted to puke. I did not even start puberty yet. I still had no boobs so I wondered why he thought I was so hot.

The truth was that I was not ready for a boyfriend. It meant we would need to hold hands and smooch kiss as well as have sex. The idea of a being a girlfriend to someone and especially have sex both made me afraid and think it was disgusting. I suppose I was not mature enough yet. The fact that Simon was flirting with me ruined the day.

It was getting late, and everyone went, except my twin. He is a boy and we get on well enough, but we also have our own friends and do our own things.  All my friends thought he was cute. I will admit that he was fun to be with and at times, he was good to speak with if I felt sad or needed someone to speak with

Everyone went home and it was only Maria and I left around the table. We had no coke left and were forced to start eating the ice cubes. This may look like we were in a bad way, but I must admit I always like eating the ice cubes.

An old man with a very nice suit looked at us and asked us were we thirsty. I was content with my ice cubes but my sister said that we were thirsty. He came back with 3 new cokes and asked if he could sit. I was thinking “stranger alert” in my head but my sister let him sit. I suppose this was polite as he did buy us a drink. He presented himself and said he hardly ever came to malls. He worked for zoos all over the world collecting rare animals. My sister was looking at him with wide eyes and at one stage whispered she could listen to him all day as he had such a cute accent.

I was still thinking stranger alert, and told my sister that we should go home.

We walked out and I was finding my bus card. His car was parked close to the bus stop and so he walked with us. He talked with Maria about how cute some animals are and it’s shameful that so many were now endangered. He stopped outside a very posh car, a Lamborghini Veneno.  This guy must be the richest man in the world.

He said he could drive us home, and part of me wanted to sit in that car. I knew he would probably kidnap us so I said no. It did not help that my sister said yes. I shouted no and said we were not to go with strangers. She laughed and told me not to be so square. She said that he saved endangered animals and was not evil. I shook my head and said I was taking the bus.

Maria sat in the car and warned me not to tell mom or dad. They drove off.

The man’s name was Mr. Sully. He was quite handsome and had the cutest accent anyone could ever have. Simon could learn a thing or two from him. I knew that Mr Sully was not interested in me being his girlfriend. He was just being nice to me. I was not in love with him. He was handsome but mom and dad would kill me if I fancied someone 4 times my age. He was interesting and I liked that he saved animals.

Besides this car was so posh, it was a once in a chance life time. I was never in anything more comfortable. It was like driving in heaven. My twin did not know what he was missing. Mr. Sully was not rude or he did not try to molest me in the car. My brother was so bad to think that all adults are like that. He was asking me if I would like to work at a zoo. I said it could be very important and fun.

Then we discussed what it was like for animals to live there. I thought it would be sad living in a cage all day while little to do while people just looked in. It was like you were owned and on display all the time. Mr. Sully agreed, but said at least they are safe and they could be studied, which meant more could be saved. He said people that come also learns. He asked if I ever seen planet of the apes, where people are locked in cages. I said I seen it on TV. We pulled into his driveway as he asked if I would like to be in a cage in a zoo. I laughed and said no way.

His house was as posh as the car. It had marble floors and lovely rugs. He showed me around and I loved everything about it. The furniture was old and very beautiful to look it. On one wall he had pictures of animals. He said they are his children and they are happy and safe at different zoos. The last picture was of a little cute hamster. He explained this was not a hamster, and there was only one in the world. He promised he would show me as he will not give this cute animal to any zoo.

There was one empty picture and I tried being smart and asking was the animal invisible. He laughed and said he was looking for the next exhibit, but the problem is that it had to be a pair. I nodded. At the moment I did not care, I wanted to give the hamster animal a hug and feel how soft it was. I was so happy that he led me to the sitting room where the little fur ball was in a cage. It was so cute. I begged him if I could hold the hamster. He reminded me it was not a hamster, and does he look sad because he lives in a cage? I picked the little pet up and looked into its eyes. They didn’t look sad. In fact he looks so cute that I had to kiss its snout. 

I screamed.

The hamster bit my lip. I suddenly felt very hot and had to sit down as my mind was blank and I could not move any part of my body.
“What is your name?” He asked?
I tried to tell him, but I simply could not remember my name.
“That is ok. You will soon remember everything, except what we are talking about now. That little animal bit you and some chemicals from it entered your body. These chemicals are now on the way to your brain. They will make your brain think and force it to accept what I am about to say. It is by a miracle I found the power of this bite.
You are a little girl, but you ate also just like an animal. You want and feel safe when you are in a cage and a zoo, and where you let the zoo keepers take care of you. This is where you feel most happy. After all, you were not born to be free and independent. You are a zoo animal. A human animal!
I see the chemical has now reached your brain, so I don’t have much time. Your brother also has to be in the zoo. He will not agree, so you will do everything you can to get him to the mansion.
When you are ready, you are to put this collar on, so I can come and get you”

I was very worried about my twin sister. I also admit I was jealous that she drove off in that car. The problem was if she would come back?

I went down to dinner and told dad we should call the police. Someone kidnapped Maria and she is most likely being hidden in some deep hole. Dad told me to calm down and tell him the whole story. I done this and I could see that dad started to look worried. This was until mom came down and said that Maria was sound asleep and would not be coming down. Dad gave me a stern look.

We still sleep in the same room. I did not sleep very well that night. She kept twisting around the bed and mumbling she “didn’t want to” and shouting no all the time. I was not worried about her, but it was annoying that she could not be silent. She was probably dreaming about some boy nagging her in class. Why did she not just let Simon go out with her? I mean she is pretty enough. Any boy would think so, and she can’t hide behind her Barbie dolls all her life. She was now shouting “please, don’t make me!” and she was sweating

I finally fell asleep.

The next day she was in a great mood. Obvious she was better than the agony she was in before she was the night before. She was hanging around me all day at school and talking about that we should go to a zoo. She must have been thinking about the strange man the day before,

When we came home, she found some animals that I had when I was younger. Then she started making her own zoo. I thought she was becoming obsessed about the zoo thing. There was one caged area where she had Barbie and ken dolls. I told her that humans are not supposed to be in cages in the zoo. She looked at me and smiled, saying some humans should be. This cage was for her and me. I looked at her in shock and she had this weird smile on her eyes were very blank. I crawled in my bed and was thinking my sister was becoming more and more crazy.

Later that night, I was woken up. I saw my sister standing there. She was totally naked. My heart was beating quick as it was not that often I seen her naked. She was flat as she always was and had no hair. Her body was like she was 6 years old. Then why was my heart beating so quickly? She crawled into the bed and I was breathing so heavily. She said that she didn’t like Simon or any other boy in the class. She reached down and took my dick and started rubbing it. I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. I was frozen and breathing hard. I tried telling her she was my sister and this was wrong. She smiled and asked me if it was nice, as it looked like that my body loved it. My mind was confused, but my body loved her and I ended having a dry cum.

That night in bed, I was thinking about my twin sister. She was the same sister but acting so weird. Her eyes were different as if they had no life in them. Then she says her and me belong in some zoo. Not to mention that she jerked me. She was the first girl ever to touch my wiener. Things could not get stranger than this.

I had a weird dream that I was in a zoo with my sister. We were locked in a cage. At least we got burgers and there was PlayStation in the cage.

The next day was weekend. It was weekend so at least my sister wouldn’t be acting so strange. She continued all day building her zoo and giving me these looks only a girlfriend would give me. She asked weird questions like do I want to make out and kiss. I kept saying no as I was afraid mom and dad would hear it.

Before she went to bed, she said she had a question. She asked if I wanted to visit Mr. Sully. It was a relief that she did not ask if I wanted sex. I said sure, we could visit him. Maybe I could see if he gave her some drugs. When I was saying this, she put on this weird collar. I sighed and wondered why I was not shocked?

In 20 minutes, about 10 men were in our house. Maria didn’t fight when she was lifted out. As for me, I kicked and screamed. We were being kidnapped.

Adrian was shocked as we stood before Mr. Sully. He ordered us to strip. I did it without any complaining. Adrian was mad and asking what drug he gave me, as I was spaced out. Adrian said I was never interested in boys earlier and up to a few days ago would never let anyone see me naked.

Mr. Sully laughed, “I should let my little pet bite you, as was the plan. But I do like your bravery. I will not control your mind. It will be all yours. Now I will tell you the truth. You a now the property of Mr. Paul, you are his pets. Do not worry about parents. Thanks to another cute device I have; much similar to what they have in men in black movies, your parents will not remember you, or your friends or teachers. Now enough for talking! Give them the shot.”

I let out a cry as the needle stuck me. We were pushed in a cage. Adrian was crying, but I was fine, despite I was getting very tired. I heard Mr. Sully tell some men to put us in the truck. I looked over at Adrian. He was asleep in the cage. Everything soon went black for me.

 I woke up. I looked around and could see that Maria was sleeping beside me. We were both naked and I noticed my dick was very erect looking at her naked body. Then I noticed some people looking at us and I covered my privates. I looked around and seen we were in a huge cage. There was a toilet and a shower and a sink in a corner. We were on some hay and the rest of it was sand and grass. My heart sunk as I realized we were in a zoo. The people were looking at us if we were animals.

My sister woke up. I tried telling her we were in a zoo, but my voice was gone. The kidnappers must have done something so we had no voice. My sister looked around and was smiling. She looked at the guests and waved. Then she looked at my naked body and had her weird smile on.  She reached out to touch my dick. I pushed her hand away. Then I could hear her voice in my head as she said she knew I liked it. I told her that people were looking. She laughed and said who cares, we are now animals.

I jumped up and went over to the grass and sat there looking at the guests looking and taking pictures, I could not understand a word they were saying.

I was so happy that I now lived in a zoo. I was also so happy Adrian was with me. After I tried touching his cock, he kept far away from me. We could speak to each other through our minds. I heard some twins could do this, but never thought we could. Maybe losing our voices helped us to learn how to do this.

Our Zoo keeper was called Sue. It seemed like she was crying every time she seen us. I don’t think she thought we should have been there; the food was not so bad. We got lots of fruit and vegetables, and at dinner we got some meat to eat.

I don’t know why, but every time I seen Adrian, my tummy started to tickle. I know I was in love with him and I wanted him as a boyfriend. My body wanted his body! That night when he was asleep, I tried kissing him goodnight. He said we had more important things to think about. He wanted to escape, which made me sad.

The next morning, I woke up before he did. I looked at his cock and touched it. He did not wake up, so I started licking the sides and then the top. Slowly I was putting more and more into my mouth. I was now giving my own brother a blow job and I did not feel mad. I loved his cock in my mouth. I moved up and down thinking how much I loved him

I opened my eyes slowly and felt so good. I looked at the guests taking pictures and smiling and pointing. Then I noticed my sister was leaning over me. Now I know why I felt too good. She had my dick in her mouth and was giving me a blow job. It felt like I was in heaven and at the same time, it was humiliating as people were watching. I was thinking on how to shove her off… it felt so good... yet I was mad she was doing this… I never realized before how sexy she is…. Oh yes push her off… how can something like this feel so good. I started to orgasm and didn’t say a word as she cuddled against me.

I could hear Marias voice saying that something salty came out. She told me not to worry, as she swallowed it.

I went over to the other side again and told her to leave me alone.

A few days passed. I was getting used to be locked up. Time went by quickly. At times it was boring. I liked that we had no stress, like no homework or friends telling us how to dress or who has the best cell phone. Sue came with our food, always sad and it was clear she thought we should not be there. The only problem was I had to avoid my sister, as I was still mad she gave me a blowjob. It did feel good.

We were there a week, and I was sitting in the grass making a crown from some flowers. I started to think that I had no plans to escape. I was now accepting I was here for some time, and we were very popular. I think we must have been in the Middle East or some warm country as we were naked all the time. I stopped even hiding my privates.

I looked to see where my sister was. I felt sorry that I was so mean to her. She was taking a shower. I noticed my dick spring to attention as I seen her. She was so sexy! I went over to her in the shower and we both were under the water. It was like slow motion as our faces went closer to each other. Finally I could feel her unsteady breath against my face. We gave each other small peck on the lips.

Anton came in the shower and kissed me. First he gave me a small kiss on my mouth and then we opened each other’s mouths and explored each other. After a few minutes of bliss, he took me over to the mattress and told me to get on my back. He spread my legs and started licking my pussy- I asked him about the people looking. He said lets show what people do when they are in love. I was moaning and groaning as he licked me. He kept on doing this as I squirmed around with pleasure.

I could hear people taking pictures as he put my legs over his shoulders and slowly pushing his cock in my pussy. It hurt at first but then it felt…. So….good!  My pussy was full of his cock as it went in and out. I was moaning and groaning telling him how much I love him. Every time he thrust it in, I loved him more. I didn’t care if the people looking were shocked. I never felt anything so good. It made me a bit sad when he said he was cumming in me. I was tired and cuddled against my new lover.

The zookeeper was nearly in tears as she seen us having sex. I didn’t care. I was in love. I couldn’t understand her but knew she didn’t like us in the zoo and didn’t want us to have sex.

She fed us when the zoo was closed, and on the way out she made sure that we knew the cage door was left open. This was our chance to escape. I knew I could not discuss it with my sister, as her mind was now being controlled. I sat in a state of anxiety. We could escape! This was the chance I was waiting for. I rocked back and forward in deep thought. This would be the only chance we ever had to escape.

I walked up to the door… and closed it shut.

Simon woke up after a bad dream. He dreamt about that girl again. He loved her so much. Why did he always dream about the same girl? How could he be in love with a girl that does not exist?

A teacher sits at her desk correcting papers. Why did she have 2 exams from children that were not in her class? Who were Maria and Adrian?

Mr. Sully puts a picture of Maria and Adrian in their cage in the empty frame on his wall.

Adrian’s dad stumbles over something. It is a Barbie doll. He asks his wife why there was a toy in their house. She does not know. She says maybe it’s time they have children.

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