Virtual expectations

Virtual Expectations

“Children today are now made into zappers.” My dad ranted on, “they not only have 100 channels, and they can stream music and films. They do not need to meet people. They just have to use their cell phone. I mean have you ever noticed a child that could go a day without their cell phone? When I was a child, we played outside….” I answered some text messages I got, while he ranted on and on… and on.

I was 12 and an only child. I am not going to complain, I was an ordinary boy that had an ordinary life. Mum says I looked like Aaron Carter, whoever he is. I was liked at school and didn’t get teased or bullied. I had friends, although I was shy when it came to girls. At home, my mom nagged me and my dad sat and watched TV in his boxer shorts.

I am embarrassed to say this, but many of you are probably thinking what my body looked like when I was 12. I didn’t look like any other boys in my class. I was not as tall as them and I didn’t have a six pack and I have no hair, just the mop on my head… but you know… no hair… down there. I know some of my friends had hair, I seen them in the showers, this does not mean I fancied them. I was no way a faggot. If I was, I don’t think I would like school because I would be bullied.

This story starts when I was at school like any other day. I was wearing jeans and a top. It was autumn, and yet it was like it was summer. It must be the greenhouse effect people always go on about. I didn’t mind, as it meant we had a long summer. School was the same, no matter how sick earth was.

After school I was home walking with friends. I was in a great mood as some of them were saying I dressed cool that day. They saw how some girls looked at me. Richie did not even ruin my good mood when he said I would get a girlfriend if I cut my hair. I waved my middle finger at him. They asked me if I wanted to skate, but I said no. I was too lazy because it was warm.

I walked through the door at home and threw my bag in a corner.  Mum was standing there and started telling me I needed to clean my room and do this and do that. To be honest, I lost concentration quite quickly and gave her some cheeky answer.

Dad was sitting on his recliner chair and looked like he had a hard day at work. He tried being nice to me, asking me how my day was and did I need help with my homework. I think my answers were some grunts as if I was telling him to leave me alone. I heard him sigh as mom was complaining how rude I was, as my dad was just trying to be nice.

I took out my cell phone and went on a kids chat. It didn’t take long before some perv asked me how old I was. I lied and said I was 13 because you had to be 13 to be on the chat. Then he started asking how big my dick was and did I ever suck a friend?  I blocked him telling him I was no fag.

Then a girl wrote to me. She told me her name was Gloria and she was 13. She was happy when I said I prefer a clean chat. She also spoke with that perv. I wondered how she knew I spoke with him. I didn’t have time to think as she started to talk about school and friends. We liked the same subjects. We also liked shopping and the same TV programs. The only thing that was different was she thought her dad was cool. We must have been talking for two hours. I was happy I met her despite she was a girl.

She asked me for my cell number. I gave it to her and then made my way to bed. Of course mom was complaining why I never said goodnight anymore.
Before I slept, Gloria sent me a text saying goodnight.

The next day, I was in a great mood. I think I dreamt about Gloria, but I forget what. I am bad at remembering dreams. I was happy when she sent me a good morning message.

In fact during the whole day, we have been sending messages back and forth. They were not important messages, but I knew what she was doing and she knew what I was doing. She messaged me every half hour and I was afraid that she would get in trouble during class. When I got home the messages continued. Of course mom was telling me to put down my smart phone and so something productive. I was! I was speaking with a new friend.

This continued for a week, where we would send messages back and forth. The more that she wrote, the more I seen we had the same interests. The more I like speaking with her. In fact after a few days, I was sitting and waiting for her messages to come, I started sending her just as many messages.

After knowing her 4 days, I was chatting with Gloria on skype. I asked her if she wanted to see me. She said yes so I cammed to her. I must have blushed when she said I was cute. Then she asked if I liked girls or men. I thought this was the weirdest question she asked so far. I made it clear that I liked girls. Then I asked if I could see her. Then she went silent. I tried joking saying it was only fair I seen her, as she seen me. I bet she was not ugly or anything. She went offline.

The next two days were silent from her. I have sent her text messages asking if I annoyed her or if I made her mad. There was no answer. I don’t understand why, but I was heartbroken. I shouldn’t have been as I never met the girl and only chatter with her. But it did hurt. It was like I met a friend I could say anything to and now she was gone. It was like my heart had an empty place.
I wish I could speak with mum or dad about it. Dad would only take my side and mum would ask if I did my homework.

Six days went and I was doing my best at getting Gloria out of my mind. I dreamt about her but during the day I tried to forget her. Then I got a text message from her. My heart must have jumped a mile as I read the message. It was a short one saying she was not angry at me, and if I really wanted to meet her, we could meet at the park next to the church.  I was so happy and I was jumping up and down. Another message came and she giggled saying that she forgot to write the time. It was in one hour!

I picked up by backpack and ran out of the house. Mom was asking where I was going and about 20 other things. I grunted as I left the house, and rode my bike to the park.

When I got to the park, I sat on a bench and made sure my hair was ok. Maybe I should get it cut, so it didn’t go to the shoulders. Or maybe I should have worn a cap; it would have made me look manlier. There were no girls around the park, at least not Gloria’s age. I sat there for twenty minutes, which was like a life time. I was about to get up, thinking that she stood me up. Maybe she was afraid to come. I was sure that was the case.

A man sat down on the bench next to me.
“Is your name Cody?” he asked.
“Yes. How do you know?”
“I am Gloria’s dad; she could not come as she suddenly had to visit her grandmother at the hospital. She asked me to come and let you know”
“She could have sent a text message”
“That is right, but I also wanted to meet the cute boy she has been talking about. We are very close, and I would do anything for her.”
“My parents are so lame”
“I doubt they are. She tells me that you like girls and is not gay”
“It is embarrassing she told you that. I am not mean to gays. It’s up to them; I just do not fancy boys or their body. I like girls.”
“What about men? Maybe your dad?”
“Ewwww… I like girls”
“Did you ever hear about subliminal brainwashing?”
“What is that?”
“It’s when a person puts a thought in your mind. He screws with your brain so your brain can’t fight this thought and in time the person will believe it”
“Look into my eyes…. Do not be afraid if they suddenly look bright pink…. That is good… now I see I have your attention…. Deep down you know you like men, and want to serve them sexually. You are gay and you will slowly accept this. This means you want to show yourself to men. You want to show as much skin as possible. You want to look gay…. As for your dad, I want you to be nice with him, and show him your body is for his pleasure.”

It was like I was in a trance when he said this. When he finished, I found myself standing in front of him. His hand was down my pants and his finger was rubbing my bum hole and sometimes he would put his finger in it, which made me gasp a bit. I whispered that I was not gay, but he told me that he can see I loved his finger in my bum, and my body does not lie.

He asks me if he can take a picture for Gloria. I nodded and he asked me to show him my dick. I lowered my trousers and he took a picture with his cell phone. He then stood up and went, leaving me in a daze.

I cycled home and was very confused. How did he do that with the pink eyes? That would be handy at times. Why did I like his finger in my bum? Why—why the hell did I show my dick to him? What would he do with the picture? I knew that I was not gay. Showing a man my dick and letting him finger me meant nothing. I also knew that Gloria was a fake. That man was Gloria. No wonder why she didn’t want to show me what she looked like. It was him all the time. I should be mad, but deep down I thought seeing those glowing pink eyes made it worthwhile.

I arrived home and plopped myself on the sofa. Dad was asking me how I was. I asked where mom was, and he said she was at the church club and would be there late. I nodded and looked at my dad. I never realize it before, but he always had been nice to me. It was like he wanted to be part of my life and I never let him. I always thought it was funny how just sat on the chair in his boxer shorts. It was weird that he sat there half naked. Now I was looking at him and I thought he looked cute. His belly was not that fat or hairy and I could see his muscles.

I went to my room and took off my clothes. I searched my dresser for the right underwear to wear and finally found some speedos I had last year. They were neon green and very tight. I must have blushed when I saw the buldge in the front.

I went back out to dad and he smiled when he saw me. I said if he only wears boxers, then I can wear these. He looked a bit worried but I smiled and asked if I could sit on his lap. Of course I could. I sat on his lap with a leg on each side facing him. We must have looked at each other for ten minutes without saying a word. Dads hand slowly started stroking my back and saying this was very nice. I said “I love you daddy” and while he was smiling that I called him daddy, our lips met and we kissed. He told me that he loved me too, and this was a change from the moody teen I was. I told him I was not 13 yet and still his little boy.

We continued hugging and kissing, slowly the kisses meant we were exploring each other’s mouths. I kept saying to myself that I was not gay; this was him and me bonding. I did like his hand going up and down my back. I loved him exploring my mouth. I loved when his strong hands held me. I felt safe. I also felt his hard-on under me.

Bodies do not lie

The next few days, we continued to do this. There was nothing sexual. Unless you consider tongue kissing and daddy rubbing me in the back and sometimes bum.

About a week passed and I got a text, it was from Gloria.
Gloria: hi, do you want to chat?
Cody: (should I tell her I know she is fake?). Ok
Gloria.:. Sorry I couldn’t see you, I had to go to hospital. Did you like my dad?
Cody: He was cool, how did he do that with the pink eyes?
Gloria. I don’t know. I saw your picture. I like your dick. It’s small but cute.
Cody. Blushes.
Gloria. Dad thinks you like men. He says your girly dick will never pleasure me. He asks would you rather meet me or him today
Cody. (This was hard, if I met her then she is not a fake, but deep down I knew who I wanted to meet) I would like to meet your dad; I have to ask him some things. But you can also come.

I was told when we would meet. I was about to leave the house when I figured that had too many clothes on. I want up to my room and searched all my clothes. They were all so boyish. I found some denim shorts that was too short and put them on. They looked like they were painted on me. I then found a top that showed my belly. It was a strange top as it looked like it was mad from a fish net,
Her father was waiting for me and he smiled when he seen me. He said I looked like a faggy whore. I walked up to him as he put his hands under my net top. As he was pinching my nipples, he told me that I was slowly accepting things that were planted in my head.


He then asked me was I gay? I was silent for some time and then nodded my head.
He lowered me to my knees and took his cock out. It was huge. He told me I knew what I had to do. I spent the next 20 minutes with his dick going back and forth in my mouth. It was not all that bad, and I fact the more I done it, the more I liked it. He called me a born cocksucker, which was hard to argue against with a dick in my mouth. I felt it swelling and suddenly he flooded my mouth with his sperm. It was salty and a bit bitter. I spit it out.

“Faggots do not spit out, they swallow” he said.
“(cough, cough) next time… next time I will swallow”
“So you now admitting you are gay?”

He laughed and said that it could also be that he brainwashed me. I didn’t answer. I never thought I like men, it was something I thought in the past few weeks. I told him that dad and I cuddled.  He was a bit disappointed it didn’t go further. I felt a bit disgusted when he suggested dad should have sex with me. He told me the next time he would visit us. This gave me a bit of anxiety.

As I came home, I saw moms speeding out of the driveway. She did not even nag me. I tried waving to her, but she gave me a mad look and sped down the road. I shrugged my shoulders and walked in the house.

Dad told me to sit on his lap as we had to talk together. I took of my clothes, except this time, my briefs also fell down by mistake. I was pulling them up, but dad said not to bother. He smiled and said that he could see I grew a bit. I blushed and sat on his lap. Did he know I sucked a man a few hours earlier? It made no difference, we were just cuddling.

Dad told me he bad news. Mum left us. She was unhappy and met another man or something like that. The bottom line is she came home and packed her things and went. He did not know where she was or if we would ever see her again
I asked him if he was sad?

Dad said no, after all he had me and that’s all he needed.

Another week went after that. I loved sitting on dads lap and French kissing him. Sometimes I could feel his dick poking my bottom. I never considered it gay as he was my dad.

Gloria sent me a text message, and said her dad would be visiting us the next day. He was looking forward to seeing my dad. I panicked. I had to tell dad who this man was

That night when dad and I was cuddling, he told me we would be getting a guest the next day. It was Gloria’s dad. Dad said they met at a café and they had a lot in common. He also had a boy at about my age. I sighed. I knew Gloria was a fake.

I told dad that I knew the man, and I was told he has a daughter, and I bet it would only be the man that visited. Then I took a deep breath and told dad that I was gay and I sucked the man. I thought dad would explode and spank me and kill him. Dad smiled and said that there was nothing wrong in being gay and exploring. He doubted he would do anything to me the next day.

The next day came and I dressed in a long tank top and speedos. I don’t know why I didn’t wear shorts or pants, something was telling me to show as much skin as I could.

Gloria’s dad was sitting on the chair chatting with my dad. He smiled when he seen me. He called me over to stand next to him. Before I knew it, he was playing with my nipples. I looked at dad and he seemed to be getting a bit upset, but when he looked at Gloria’s dad, he just smiled. I was so embarrassed.

I looked at Gloria’s dad and could see his eyes were glowing pink while he looked at dad as he said, “As I said it’s so nice to meet you. Your son and I already know each other. In fact your son has sucked me. You see, he is gay and he has now accepted this. It is a good thing for two reasons. First he won’t spend years wondering and wondering if he is gay or not. At 12 years of age, he already knows his place in the world. The second thing is we can enjoy him. I know that you would like to put your cock in his boy pussy. You see I think he is more than gay, I think he was meant to be a whore, to service other men.”

I was then told to go over to my dad. He gave me a hug and said being a whore is the oldest job in the world and nothing wrong with that. He then put his hands down my speedos and quickly felt my dick and then started my bum.

Gloria’s dad continued, “I have some boys and their dads that live with me. We live in a nice mansion that is discreet. We live in love and lots of sex. The boys who want to also serve other men, so we get some money to eat and things. It’s a nice life and the boys are very happy. I would like to invite you both to live here. Your son could be a boy whore and be accepted and love for the role he has in life.”

Dad nodded but by now he had me on the hard floor with my legs over his shoulder. His dick was now deep in my bum and he was going in and out. It hurt like hell and tears were flowing down my cheeks. I didn’t mind, I could see that dad was happy and he needed me this way. His cock really filled my bum and after a while. I wanted it to stay there. All good things come to an end, and I felt his warm juice being squirt in me. He collapsed next to me.

I didn’t have time, as I had to let Gloria’s dad fuck me. He was not as gentle as dad. He pushed in hard and then went in and out quickly. My whole body was going back and forth. I was now moaning and groaning and it seemed like I could see stars. I nodded when he kept calling me a faggot whore and a pussyboy. It took a while for him to squirt his juice in me

I had to be lifted to bed.

The next day, he sent me a text message saying not to let dad fuck me, as a man was visiting me that night and I was to make him happy.

I told dad, and dad said it was good as he didn’t have time. He was packing. Dad reminded me to make the man happy, after all that is what he paid for. I wanted to ask what he thought about Gloria dads shining pink eyes. Instead I asked dad if he wanted a blow job. While I was sucking, he told me he had a good son

The man came that night. He was a business man that looked like he should have 20 girlfriends. He was very handsome.  I took him to my bedroom and we spent ages just kissing and cuddling. While we slowly took off our clothes. It was like time stood still and he told me to go on my hands and knees while he slowly fucked me. I was smiling once again as a cock was inside me. I started to move with him as he went in and out. He spermed in me and then collapsed on the bed. He smoked a cigarette as he said it’s a shame I am a whore, but at least that means he could see me again.

I didn’t quite understand why I was a whore, as I never seen the money.

A few days later, we arrived at the mansions door. We were now going to live there.
A girl opened the door, or was it a sissy boy?
“Welcome, my name is Gloria”

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