Nazi Lolita

Nazi Lolita

My name is Anastasia. I am 10 years old. I live in a typical German family. My father is a secretary for the local Nazi’s, and mother is a house Mommy. I also have a big brother. His name is Hans. He is 13 years old. He is a bit of a moron. He likes to boss me around and think he is superior to me. He wants to go to war. Even though it's 1944 and the enemies are getting closer and closer every day. I am sure that the Führer has a plan. Anyhow, this is the story of how I contributed to the war. Women had a very important job during the war. It was us that worked in the factories and farms making sure that there were enough arms and food for the motherland. My story starts when a general was visiting Daddy.

They were talking about the war and how quickly things will turn around. Sure things were going bad now, but Hitler would have a plan to bring us more victories. We just had to have hope and do our duties. The general was a little fat man that spoke in a high pitch voice. I felt like laughing every time that I heard his voice. It sounded like a mouse’s voice.

He called me over to sit on his lap.
“Even Anastasia has a job in this war,” He said. “Tell me child, have you a boyfriend?”
“Oh, did you ever show your body to a boy without any clothes on?”
“No sir!”
“Are you a member of Nazi Youth for girls?”
“Yes, sir. We learn how to sew and help gather metal for the war. We also learn to take care of babies”
“That is important, as you will learn later….hopefully sooner or later. Now tell me young one, have you started getting periods?”

I looked puzzled. I have learnt in the club what periods were, but his questions were getting more and more personal. I had to answer them, and it was embarrassing when Mommy and Daddy were there listening. I answered no.

“That’s a shame. Do you ever feel your cunt?”
“My what?”
“What do you call the place between your legs?”
“M-M-My slit”
“Such childish language….. From now on you are to call it your pussy or cunt. So tell me, do you touch your pussy?”
“You have to tell me, young girl. I want to know. “
“Yes. It feels nice when I do it. You know, it tickles in my belly and if I do it for a long time, I start to shake a bit”

“Now, I bet your parents are wondering why I am taking off your clothes. I want to see you naked. Have you any problem with this father?”
“Not when it’s you, sir. I was just thinking that it’s strange seeing my daughter sit on a man’s lap without any clothes on.” My Daddy replied.
“I bet that you have an erection seeing your naked child”
“Yes, it has been a long time since I saw her naked. She is so sexy and beautiful”
“One day she will be pregnant and give our motherland a soldier.”

When the general started to pull down my skirt, I was very confused. I felt cold when he took off my blouse and the rest of the clothes. I felt so exposed. Daddy and Mummy could see my bare chest as well as my privates. The general spread my legs, so everyone can see up my slit. He told me not to call it a slit. It was either pussy or cunt. One of his hands started feeling my chest. I could feel my nipples stand up to attention. I saw my Daddy’s tongue hang out when he did this, and a tear was coming out of Mommy’s eyes. The general then started rubbing my pussy. I tilted my head back because it felt good. In fact, it both felt good and bad. It was like he was doing something forbidden and I was letting him.

He explained to me as he was rubbing my pussy that my body belonged to Hitler, and my job was to please the boys and at one stage give Hitler a baby that would one day be a soldier. I didn’t understand this very much. I was more concentrated on the feelings that I was having. He started putting a finger in my pussy. It hurt a bit as well as sending new sensations through my body. I spread my legs as wide as possible. He told Daddy that I was very tight. Daddy just moaned. I was starting to shake and I felt very wet in my pussy. The general stopped and told me to go over and sit on my Daddy’s lap. I picked up my dress, but the general took that from me, explaining that my Daddy wanted to see me naked for a while.

I sat on Daddy lap while the general and he chatted about politics. Daddy’s hand slowly went to my chest. I tilted my head back once again and told him that I love him. Daddy smiled and kissed me softly on my mouth. I kissed him back.

The following week, I was in the Nazi youth for girls. We were sewing and listening to music when the leader told us to stop. She told Adrianna to come to the front so we could see her. Adrianna was 13 and she was very pretty. She showed us her stomach. It was big. She looked very fat.

“All of you look at Adrianna. She met a boy in the boys Nazi Youth and they started having sex. Now she is pregnant with his child. This child also belongs to Hitler. One day he will grow up and serve Hitler and the Nazi party by destroying our enemies. It is your job, like Adrianna to serve Hitler. Give him your mind, and soul as well as your body. Now you may have free time. My advice is to go over to the garden shed. Sometimes the boys are working there.”

We were confused. Did she want us to be pregnant? We walked slowly over to the shed. We could hear some voices and true enough; there were a few boys there. The other girls started speaking with a boy, while I was a bit shy. I just sat on a log by the shed and looked at all the lovebirds. Some girls took the boys by their hands and disappeared. I felt sorry that no boy was picking me. Maybe it was because I was smaller than the others. I had no boobs and no hair on my pussy. Maybe they didn’t think I was good enough.

“Well what have we here?” a voice asked. It was a boy that was feeling my hair and on the other hand, he was opening his trousers.
“You are very pretty. Is this the first time that you are here?”
“Let’s have some fun. I will put my cock in your mouth and you can suck it like it is a lollipop.”
“I never tried it”
“Sometimes has to be the first. I am sure that you will like it. Your mouth looks big enough that you were born to be a cocksucker”

With that being said, he put the head of his cock in my mouth. I licked the top. There was some liquid that was bitter and tasted like salt. I licked the side of the cock and it tasted like… skin. It seems as if the boy got horny because of my pre-games because he just started to move the cock in and out of my mouth. Sometimes it hit my throat and made me gag.  This didn’t bother him; he continued shoving his dick into my mouth and back again. It was hurting my lips as I never had a lollipop that was this big. At the end, he started to squirt some stuff in my mouth. It was horrible. It tasted like slime and salt. I spit it out. No way was I going to swallow that.

“So sexpot, how was that?”
“It hurt my lips”
“You will learn to like it. You are a good cocksucker”
“What came out of your dick?”
“Listen sexy, you have to learn, it’s called a cock. Boys love when girls talk dirty. You have to learn that a cock is a cock. If your mouth is big enough to suck, then your mouth is big enough to talk dirty.”
“Ok, what was that stuff that came out of your cock?”
“That was sperm, it’s what makes babies. Sometime, someone will put sperm in your pussy and that makes babies.”
“I know, so Hitler can have soldiers”
“Heil Hitler”
“Heil Hitler”
“I think you are too young to have babies now, but you can practice having them.”

The following weeks, I met more and more boys. They all liked to be sucked. It still hurt my lips, but I was getting used to it now, Even when boys squirted in my mouth. I swallowed a bit of it but sometimes there was so much that I had to spit some out. They began calling me the little cocksucker or the little whore. I didn’t mind, I was doing what Hitler wanted me to do. I was practising for the day where I would be pregnant with a baby for Hitler.

One night, my father came into my room. He did this quite often now. He would talk how the war wasn’t going so well now, and Americans and Russians were on their way to Germany. He said that he was worried what will happen to him and his family. While he was doing this, he was feeling my chest. He did this quite often after the general came. I could see that there was a tear in his eyes.

“How is it going with the boys?”
“Are you a popular girl?”
“Yes. Very popular now.”
“Do they fuck you?”
“No, I suck them”
“What a world we live in, when Hitler expects children to have babies. What a world we live in when boys abuse small girls that should be worried about dolls and play. What a world we live in when fathers wants to rape their young daughters”

I didn’t understand what he was saying. But I did understand him taking off my night dress. His hands were now all over my body. His hands were now going down around my pussy. I spread my legs. I was unsure if I wanted him to do this. I just wanted my Daddy to be my Daddy, nothing else. His breathing was getting harder, and this was worrying me. I was afraid when he breathed hard and saying that he was sorry. He told me to go on my hands and knees. I felt like a dog. I looked at a spider in the corner of the war, and then screamed when I felt something hard enter my pussy. The pain was too much. I felt like a snake was in me, and my body was splitting into two. Once again Daddy said that he was sorry and explained that he was now fucking me with his cock. I cried out in pain. I begged Daddy to please stop. He didn’t. His cock went in and out. First it was slow, but then he started going faster and faster. I tried squeezing his cock with the muscles in my pussy. But it didn’t help. He just pushed harder. I tried to spread my legs. After a bit, it didn’t hurt too much. I tried moving my pussy against his cock. I knew that this would change the relationship with my father forever. He cummed in me. Without a word, he left my room. I think I was bleeding a bit. Mummy came in wiped the blood from me. She didn’t give me any hug, even though I was crying. She said nothing.

After a few days, I wasn’t sore anymore. A few girls went to the shed where the boys were. I went with them. This boy called Hans came over to me.

“So, are you ready to suck my cock today?
“No. I want to be fucked.”
“Are you sure? You’re still a virgin.”
“I am sure and I’m not a virgin!”
“Come here, Niels. We have a real Lolita here. If I fuck her, she can suck you at the same time. That would be so hot”

I knew what was going to happen. I threw off my dress and stood naked before the boys and girls. Then I went on my hands and knees. I could see boys adjust their cocks in their trousers, and I could see girls stop what they were doing. Everyone was looking at me. Could I take care of two boys at once? Hans stood behind me and forced his cock into me. It was a good thing that I was not sucking, as I clenched my teeth as far as possible. He shouted that he never fucked anything so tight. I tilted my head up and opened my mouth. I was ready for the next cock. I closed my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I was sucking and being fucked. I must have looked like a real slut. I felt my pussy being full and I felt my mouth full. It didn’t hurt as much as it did with Daddy, maybe because Hans did not have a big cock. I must admit, that I was experiencing some good feelings, but it was not love. Pretty soon, there was cum in my mouth. For the first time, I swallowed. Then I heard Hans moan load and I knew there was sperm in my pussy.

When I came home, there were American jeeps outside our house. I walked in past American soldiers to the kitchen. There was a body on the table. Mummy was crying above it. I started shouting “Daddy… Daddy where are you” I ran through the whole house. I couldn’t find him. Then I realized that it was him that was on the table. The Americans have killed my daddy.

An officer pulled me back and tried to console me in broken German, “Young girl, your Mum has told me where you were. You are free now. You are no longer Hitler’s whore”

I was no longer Hitler’s whore, but an Americans toy.

Alexander Temple 2011,2018

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