London Shadows

London Shadows

Queen Victoria was our beloved Queen and I lived in the richest country in the world. We had colonies all over the world and we had the best industries and the best brains. It should have been a privilege to be born in London. It should be a gift from God. However, some of the people that lived in our colonies had a better life than we had in London. If they ever visited London, they would wonder how a government who lets its own people live in dire conditions can rule the world? 

Life in London was good if you were in the upper class. You had enough money and luxuries. The upper class was a minority that had most of the wealth. Most people were poor and lived in dire conditions. London was a dark and smelly city, and very dirty. Animals lived better than us. We had no luxury, in fact, many families had more than 10 children, so all 10 children could work to get money for the family. Life was not fun; it was something that was survived.

I was happy. The only problem I had was that my name was Jamie, which was very girly. I was 12, but because of the living conditions, I was small for my age. I knew we were poor, and I knew some had all the money. I enjoyed life and I was not a pessimist. I had a great family. We may not have been rich, but we had enough food and most importantly, we loved each other! This was until my dad died in an accident at the factory. It meant that we had no income and unless we all worked, we would be put in a workhouse! This was not an option as it was the worse place to be!

My brothers and sisters all got some work. However, when I asked someone for a job, the first thing they would ask if I was really a boy or a girl dressed as a boy. They would put a hand through my long hair and say I looked too fragile. I would, of course, beg them to give me a change and they would chase me away. This was beginning to worry my mother.

I came to our little dark room after being turned down again. My face was wet from tears, I was so frustrated. A woman that was very posh was sitting speaking to my mother. I looked at her. She had the cleanest skin and the most beautiful dress that I ever did see. It was obvious that she did not live here in the slums and was rich as could be. I bowed to her.

“This is Madam Miserby. We are so honoured to have her visiting us.” Mum explained, “The fact is that we both went to the same school and were best of friends. Life had different things in store for us. I got to marry your dear Papa, and we moved to this part of town, and my dear old friend got married to a landlord that has an enormous estate and responsibility. Our friendship drifted as we were in different social classes and had different lives. Now Madam has found some time to visit me, in my time of despair.”

I smiled and bowed once again and ensured her I was so happy to see her. She looked at me and without smiling told me that she heard that I was a good singer. I asked her if she wanted to hear a tune, to which she nodded. I cleared my throat and sang a church psalm that was very dear to me. It was like the noisy slum became quiet and everyone was listening. I even noticed a crowd gather around our house outside. The song was some entertainment and relief in their daily toils. After I sang, everyone clapped. The rich lady controlled herself and clapped her two fingers together.

She then looked at me and said in an utmost serious tone, “I hear that you need a job and you are unable to find someone to give you a chance. I am offering you a job as a page boy at our manor. You will be doing odd jobs around the house or standing and waiting to be of some use. We will give you an education as a footman and your wages will be sent to your dear momma. Does this arrangement suit you?”

I nodded and gave her my gratitude for this chance of a lifetime. She told me to give my momma a hug goodbye and come with her. I looked at my mum in despair, would I not be allowed to bid goodbye to my sisters and brother and people I knew. I would be leaving the security of my mother. I wiped a tear and followed the Madam. Her carriage was very comfortable and it was amazing watching the bleak and dark town change to the paradise of what the countryside could offer. The air was so fresh. The sun was so friendly. I was in awe and amazement, but Madam told me to be quiet. She explained that I was a servant and should never assume I am worth more than that, which means I should only speak when told to. I looked out the window.

Within a week, I was now used to my life at the manor house. I wore these white tights and shorts and black top with a huge lace collar around my neck. I looked like a spoiled prince. Madam wanted to cut my hair, but the landlord said not to. He liked when people looked at me and asked how a boy can be so feminine. My job was just to stand there and look cute and sometimes do a small chore. It may not sound hard, but my feet got so tired, and I could not speak. When I was given a small job to do, my heart jumped with joy as I could move!

The others were above me in the hierarchy. They called me little Miss and when no one was looking they taunted me, asking if I had a dick. They would feel my bum and ask if I was one of those street boys that liked being of service to men. I was always confused about this, how could I please any man, especially the landlord that smoked or read a newspaper, although once in a while he did stare at me.
There was a girl there that done chores in the kitchen and took care of the fires. She was the only one that did not speak. She was my age and ever so beautiful. It's like the whole room lit up when she walked in. I must admit, I dot speak with her, as she made me so shy. I do know her name was Katie.

The lady of the house had a headache one night, so she went to bed. I just there, looking like a statue. The landlord was reading his newspaper. It was ever so quiet! I could hear the grandfather clock ticking. I was doing my best not to fall asleep. The pains in my leg helped.

The landlord called me over. I asked how I could be of service. He told me he needed relief and he trusted that I knew what to do. I looked at him with a confused face, only to be told to get on my knees in front of him. I did this and seen him take out his organ, in which I was told by him that it was called a cock. Everything went so fast and before I knew it, I had a cock in my mouth. It was huge and hard. It took me some time to learn how to tame it, as was like a snake in my mouth. I learned that if I licked the side of it and especially the top, he would moan out loud and say I was a born cocksucker. I had a suspicion that this was wrong and even a sin. Men should not do such things with each other. But he told me to, so I decided to make the best out of it. His breathing was erratic and he was calling me a cocksucker and a faggot. I heard these things on the street and they were not good. I didn’t have much time to think, as he squirted in some stuff in my mouth. He told me that it was cum... his baby juice and I was to swallow it. I stood up and he told me I was now his boy toy. He owned my body and could do whatever he wanted with it. I was then told to go to bed.

I saw Katie on the other side of the door. I blushed as she must have known what I just done. We didn’t speak with each other, but I bet I was so red. It was hard to sleep as I wondered why I was not ashamed or crying because he made me suck his dick. I suppose it didn’t hurt me or kill me. It was sort of nice. Maybe I should be ashamed of liking it. He did the same the next few days, except it was in his office, where he had a bed. He would get me naked and kiss and feel me all over. Then I would suck him until I would swallow his sperm. He also started putting fingers in my bum and was very proud the more he could put in. He told me that I was soon ready to get cocks in my boy pussy.

A few days later, they had some guests. I stood inside the door and welcomed them as they came, then the butler took their coats and then they just had to see how cute I was. Sometimes someone would ask me to do a small thing. I would do it without a complaint. They all told the lady that they had to get a cherub similar to me. The lady smiled and whispered that her life was so easy since I came. I took care of all his needs… all his needs. One old woman looked up and down me and asked if I was one of those boys? It explained my curly hair that was far too long for a gentleman. I bowed and was about to go back to my place when the lady asked me if I would not give a song. I stood in the middle of the floor and sang a song mum taught me about a woman that owned nothing except four small fields. The old woman missed her sons. Everyone was crying as I sang the song. The house was so silent. The best was when I saw Katie peak around the corner and clap like crazy when I was finished.

The landlord came up to me and whispered that one of his good friends needed some relief. I was to go with him and do what he wanted. I followed the man into the office and he told me to strip. He told me that he heard that I liked cocks. He told me I could please him, and he would not have to worry about having a bastard. I stripped naked and he started feeling me all over.  I smiled and moaned, so he would think I liked his hand. I also asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. A few minutes later, I was busy lapping it in my mouth. I was going to make it squirt, but he had other thoughts. He told me to lay on the bed, where he picked my legs up and put them over his shoulder. I was very confused to what he wanted to do, especially as he was poking his cock at my bum. I found out soon enough, as he pushed his cock into my bum. I was now being fucked and fucked hard as if it was a pussy. He kept on asking me if I liked it. I did not hate it as it was a special feeling having something like that lodged up my bum. I didn’t say much as I was breathing fanatically feeling his cock hit my prostate and sending electricity through my body. I was not ashamed. I liked a cock in me.  I was born to please men. I begged him to fuck me and this only made him fuck me harder. We collapsed on the bed after he filled me with his cum.

I struggled to my room, feeling his sperm go down my legs. As I was going by Katie's room, I heard some crying. I walked into her room and seen her on her bed in tears and pain. The girl was very hurt. I would also be hurt if someone saw me in her room, as that was forbidden. There was blood all over her face. I took a cloth and wet it and started to nurse the cuts and bruises on her. She whispered in pain that I should not be there. I told her that I wanted to make sure she was ok. While I cleaned her, she told me her story. Her real mum was single and got pregnant with Katie my mistake. No one ever loved her, and she never really had any friends. Her mum was now dead as she drank too much. The lady of the house came to her orphanage and hired her. Now she worked here. Nothing has changed in her life. No one liked her. She was beaten up today by the landlord because he saw her peeking to watch me sing. I told her that I was now her friend and started to sing a lullaby. She was smiling as she drifted to sleep.

I heard the landlord call and quickly went to my room. I made it just on time as he told me to get naked. I was so tired that I wanted to sleep. That was not to be the case as he caressed me all over. I could see that he was half drunk. He told me how soft my skin was and how girly I was. His mouth was aggressively attacking my mouth and we were kissing like two new lovers. I then put his cock in my mouth enjoyed it with my tongue. He loved it when had his cock in my mouth. He tried teasing me by saying I was born to have cocks in me, and ever so willing. Then he pulled on my hands and knees, proclaiming that I had a better pussy than anyone he ever knew. I was now being fucked, which meant at the start I was getting used to it, as it was still sore after his friend used it. Despite this, I was breathing hard and admitted to him I like when he fucked me. He told me I was a boy slut and I would please him and many of his friends. As he said this, he collapsed on me and cuddled me. He whispered that he cared a lot about me. He then rushed out.

I was so tired the next day and my emotions were boiling. Everyone went by Katie and not asking if she was in pain or needed any help. During the hour I had to myself, I sat beside her and we spoke about normal things.  She was smiling today, and that was nice to see. She admitted she never had a friend, and didn’t know how to be a friend. I laughed and said that we were friends forever.

Then we heard the lady shouting. She wanted to speak with me. She told me she knew I was taking care of her husband's dick in her bed. If I wanted to stay being employed in her house, I was to accept my position as his sex toy. I was warned not to attach any feelings to my job as her husband's slut. He loves his wife, not some boy that likes dicks. I bowed and nodded and she said she had one more thing… she did not think it was wise that I was friends with Katie. I looked confused only to get an answer that Katie is not all that normal. She could be evil; after all, she was a bastard

Katie and I were good friends. I consoled her as she was beaten a lot. She also knew that the landlord used me as his own sex toy. She thought it was abuse, as she thought it had nothing to do with love. I tried telling her it felt nice and much better than standing like a statue all day. I would hate to be hit like she was. Katie and I were there for each other, not romantically, but more like we were a brother and sister. We promised to always be there for each other.

She was the only one that was there when I was told my mum died from some sickness. No one gave me a hug or told me that they felt sorry. However once again Katie gave me a hug and did not say much. If I did not have her, I don’t know how I would have survived. I still felt like I had a family with Katie, as I told you, I felt like she was a sister.
The landlord did not love me. I know that he loved my body. He used it every day. He could spend a lot of time caressing me and kissing me, telling me how sexy I was. I was getting used to taking care of his dick, be it in my mouth or boy pussy. To be honest, I considered myself gay. I definitely thought that women were beautiful. Maybe I was lucky, as I liked both male and female. I was getting confused about some of the landlord's messages like he had fallen in love with me and was considering me as his heir. I felt so secure when we cuddled and loved when he was so sentimental. I was confused because I did not understand if he loved me so much, why he would let his friends have sex with me.

One day, I was tired as I was in bed with two of his friends from the night before. I put on my strange sailor clothes and went down to the kitchen and asked the cook to brush my hair. She usually loved doing this as it reminded her of when she brushed her daughter's hair so many years before. However, she was not in a good mood. I asked her was she mad at me, where she cried and told me Katie was kicked out of the house. The landlord saw the stable boy with his hand up her dress fondling her pussy and the landlord told the little girl to get off his land, as she was corrupting everyone!

I told the cook that I needed to rush to the outhouse before I started my job. I did not go to the outhouse, I ran as far as I could along the small road to town.  Katie was like a sister to me, and I had to find her. How could the landlord accuse her of corrupting someone when he had his big dick in me every day! Katie could not survive the harsh town life. I needed to find her and to protect her.

When I came to the town, I noticed it was far dirtier and there was no fresh air. It was like breathing smoke from chimneys. I was not dressed for the occasion as I had my page boy clothes on. How many boys wear tights and a lace collar around their neck? I lost the lacy collar when a rough boy snatched it from my neck and remarked that my clothes were very posh. He told me to strip. I knew what he wanted. He wanted my clothes to sell. I ran as fast and far as I could. I was lucky that I could run faster than him.

I knew that Katie was close by, as I could feel it in my heart. I searched all the streets and even under the bridge. I could not find her. I was hungry and I was tired. I knew if I was to find her, I would need to get some rest and something to eat. I sat under a tree crying my heart out. I had my eyes shut when I heard a voice asking me if I was ok. It was a gentleman that had the finest clothes I ever saw on a man. He asked me was I lost as a boy of my status should not be alone in town. He explained he could see that I had fine clothes on.

“I am a page boy, I have run away,” I explained
“Not good, but I suppose you have a good reason. Let me introduce myself. I am the Duke of xxx. I have some food here that we could eat.”
“My Lord, I will offer you my body and please you if you can find it in your heart to give me some money.”
“I fear you were treated more than a pageboy. Here is some money, but I do not want your services. I am here with my wife. She cannot have a child, so she is here to adopt a child.”
“I can see the bulge in your pants. You want me!” I said as I touched it

I had one hand holding the money and opened his pants and took out his cock. It was much larger than the landlords. I slowly jerked him back and forth making him lose all his ethics and morals. He whispered telling me that prostituting myself was a bad life. Then he could say no more as I lowered my head and slowly put it in my mouth. Despite his morals, his cock was now doing all the thinking and loving the way my mouth was servicing him. Unlike other cocks that were in my mouth, his was as if it fit best and a part of me wanted it to have him fuck me. He ended up by coming in my mouth and surprised when I swallowed it. He whispered that he wanted me to meet his wife.

I ran as fast as I could get away from him. His wife wanted to adopt a normal child, not a harlot tart like me. Besides that, I had to find Katie. As I sat below a tree, I started crying. I remembered the innocent days I had at my parents. What would my mum say if she saw me now?  I was of no use to society besides men thinking I was pretty and allowing them to use me. I had nothing to my name except my body!

Three boys suddenly stood next to me. They started telling me that they saw me suck of the gentleman and noticed I got money for it! They took my money! They told me I was a faggot and scum and detestable. They started beating me up with their fists and sticks. I tried hitting back and shouting for help. This did not help as the punches continued. I ended up on the ground curled up so much as I could, trying to avoid the kicks and verbal abuse. I do not know what was more painful, the punches or being told I was a slut.

Everything went black.

I woke up in a room with a woman looking down at me. She was smiling and praising God that I have survived. She told me that I was badly beaten up and have been asleep for days. I was fed some soup and she told me that I would be living with her. I mumbled that I had to find Katie. Then everything went black again.

I woke up later and I thought I was in heaven as Katie was looking down at me. Did I die? She was smiling and asked me what happened. I told her everything and this just made her smile and say it was nice that someone cared so much about her. Then she told me when she was kicked out, she made her way to the town and this woman told her to come with her, and that is how she got to be in an orphanage. I was told that Mrs Pimberly ran the orphanage and we had to help her raise money, so it was no rich hotel. I closed my eyes thinking I was used to helping others.

Orphanage life was not that bad. Mrs Pimberly was strict and always gave orders. We had to do a lot of cleaning and helped with cooking and taking care of the small ones. I liked cooking. It was fun. The important thing was that I was with Katie and even Miss Pimberly thought we were brother and sister. Sometimes when we were cooking, she had to help Miss Pimberly with something.

She heard I could sing and said she was having a dinner party with some patrons. She told me I would be singing. So the next thing I knew was that I was singing at a dinner party. Everyone was quiet when I was singing and I could see the ladies were affected as they thought they were listening to an angel. I stopped singing suddenly and felt very faint when I saw the Duke and his wife. I swallowed and then continued singing until I saw the landlord on the other side of the table.  I stopped singing and ran out while an embarrassed Miss Pimberly was demanding that I come back.

I needed to find Katie. We needed to escape as the landlord was here and he would want to take me away. When I rushed into her room, I just stood and stared at her. She was naked on her back with a guy shoving his cock in her pussy. Another man was on the other side of her and had his cock was in her mouth. This was how Mrs Pimberly was getting money. She was pimping my Katie out. Tear's were going down my eyes as I observed my new sister as a prostitute. It was hard to know if she liked it. She was moaning and groaning and begging for more when a cock was not in her mouth.  I looked at her wanting to save her. I saw her eyes turn and looking at me. I ran to my room.

I wanted to escape as I knew the landlord knew I was here. I needed Katie with me, but every time I tried to speak with her, she walked away from me. She must have been so mad at me that I saw her have sex with the two men. It explained where she was every night. No matter what I tried, she would not speak with me.

Mrs Pimberley called me into her office. She told me that the Landlord was offering me a job. She knew I was his page boy and thought it was wrong of me running away when he invested so much in me. I begged her not to let him. This was to no avail. She told me that he would collect me the next day.  I was about to leave her office when she told me that I would be going alone as the landlord did not want Katie.

That night, I packed my little bag and waited to midnight. I walked slowly down the corridor and snuck into Katie’s room. I gave her a kiss on the forehead.
She woke up and said, “What are you doing, where are you going?”
“I am running away. The landlord found me and is collecting me tomorrow.”
“Please take me with you,” she pleaded
“I thought you were mad at me. You didn’t speak to me for days!”
“I was embarrassed. You saw me being molested and used. I have been a whore every night. Miss Pimberly says I earn a lot of money for the school. I felt ashamed when you saw me”
I gave her a hug and whispered, “You saw the landlord and some of his friends have had sex with me. I was a bit jealous it was you being molested. We are both whores.”
“Take me with you!”

We did not go anywhere. Miss Pimberly stood at the door with a man. He carried me to an empty room without windows and locked me in.

There was no way to escape.

The next day the man dragged me to the office and shoved me in. I was about to tell the landlord I would not go with him, and would run away. He was not in the office. It was the Duke and his wife.

The Duke explained, “There has been a change of plans little lad. You once told me about the landlord and when Mrs Pimberly told me he would be collecting you, my dear wife here told me no, it should not happen. We have after some financial costs and threats persuaded Miss Pimberly you should come with us. Do you agree?”

“Yes my lord. I would be delighted to be your page boy or whatever you desire.”

He laughed and said, “My dear lad, we are adopting you. You will be my son and not a servant”

“I am so happy, I will just miss… “

The door opened and Katie came in. She was in a new dress, the most expensive dress that I ever saw. She looked like a real princess!

The Duchess spoke as Katie gave her a hug, “We know you will not protest, but we also decided to adopt Katie. She is now your sister.”

2017. Alexander Angel
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