junior elite hero's - part two

Junior Elite Hero's - part two

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We could see Vika’s ship about to attack us. Madiso told us to raise the shields. Simona was smiling as she said that the small enemy ship was not a match for us. I was quiet and wondered if Vika was on that small ship. My dick started getting hard thinking about him. It was good I was sitting at the engineering seat. The enemy ship started firing but it just bounced off our shields. Everyone cheered except Madiso and me. He told the others that I was wise for not cheering, as the enemy must be up to something that made him worry. At the moment the weapons just bounced off of us.

The junior hero at the communication desk started shouting we were being hacked and someone was trying to turn off the shields. Madiso said not to worry as they needed the security code to lower them. I could see the communication boy was in a panic, especially when he shouted that they guessed the code. This meant that the shields were lowered and their hits were now effective. Madiso shouted how did they get the code and told us not to worry, we can hit them with everything we have. So we started hitting them again and again

My eyes winched every time I seen an explosion on the enemy ship. What if one of the explosions killed Vika? I had tears running down my cheeks imagining Vika suffering. Madiso told me to get myself together. I looked at the engineering screen and concentrated putting all energy to our weapon system. A red warning button came up and Madiso asked me to hurry and find out what the problem was. I nodded but it was too late. The weapons system exploded. When the dust settled, Madiso told us to get out of the area, before they boarded the ship. As he said that, all the engines suddenly went quiet. I made that look like a mistake

We were now sitting ducks.

The ship was badly damaged and we were tired. When the enemies came on board our ship, we fought as well as we could. When I shot at the enemy, I always seemed to miss… somehow. I was looking for Vika, but I could not see him. It seemed that everything was going in slow motion around me, as I seen one junior hero after another fall to the ground. This should have made me feel something, as I trained and fought with these people and now they were dead. I felt nothing. The only thing I had in my head was to serve Vika.

At the end, Simona, Madiso and I were surrounded by the monster alien enemies. The other heroes were dead. We surrendered and were taken back to the Scandivo mother ship and we were locked in a prisoner cell. Madiso was in a sad mood. Not only did this loss mean the end of the junior heroes, it meant Earth would be invaded within months. Madiso was wondering how they could hack the password so easily and how unlucky we were that the motors and engines burnt up. Simona tried to cheer him up saying there was still hope. She was told that the junior Heroes were the last hope.

Vika came into our cell and Madiso and Simona tried to struggle against the chains. This made him just laugh as he said, “The great Junior Heroes are finally defeated and earth will be invaded in a month. In a few weeks we will send the final blow to earth and make everyone there our slaves. I am inviting all the generals here so we can plan the last details and eat a good meal. Madiso, you will be our waiter at this meal and hear how we will take of Earth and especially your family. Simona and Chrissy will provide other relief and entertainment with the sexy bodies they have. Oh Chrissy, the hope and pride of the Junior Hero’s. Without your help, we could never have defeated the junior hero’s. You did your job as one of my whores.”

Vika stood before me and lowered his trousers and I saw his huge cock. Simona was telling me not to do it, but it was too late. I had his cock in my mouth and I felt like I was where I belonged again. Let the others fight over earth. I just wanted to please men. Vika told the others I was no longer a soldier, but a whore that wanted a cock in my mouth or bum. I did not argue as I just licked his cock with my tongue and enjoyed it going in and out. At the end I was rewarded with his sperm that was once again in my stomach.

Simona and I were then moved to another cell. We were told it was here where we would work pleasing men. Simona struggled as I sat in a corner accepting and welcoming my fate. There was a screen between our beds, most likely to give privacy when we were pleasing men.

When we were alone, I did not say anything. I still loved Simona, but I also knew my purpose in life was to be a boy whore. Simona finally came over to me and slapped me in the face. She was yelling that I was a traitor and I would always be remembered for the final invasion of earth and the destruction of the junior heroes. I did not respond and as I knew what she was saying was true. She sat beside me and told me she would always love me, but how could I be a traitor? How could I help the enemy destroy the earth? She looked into my eyes and starred for a long time. She said I was not really there. It was like my eyes changed for her. They no longer had ambition and pride. They no longer had life in them- She said my soul was gone. She gave me a hug while crying, asking what they done with me. I tried telling her I was happy.

She begged me to fight whatever is in me. She told me there must be the old me hidden somewhere. She did not want me to be a shell. I looked at her in a confused way. What does she mean fight? Did she not know we were born to serve and please these aliens? She was luckier than me; she could get a baby and save their race.

What did she mean by finding the old me?

A Scandivo soldier came in and told me to get on my bed. He pushed Simona to her side. He then looked at me and asked me was I ready? I took off my clothes and told him I was ready to be his sex toy. He laughed at me and told me humans are so weird. On his planet, being a boy whore is the lowest a person can be. It must be so humiliating for me. I told him I wanted his cock and I put it in my mouth. I was smiling and trying to taste as much as his cock as possible. I was looking forward to eating his sperm, but he pushed me back and told me to get on my hands and knees. I felt his huge cock slowly enter my boy pussy. I let out a help. It was hard to stay on my hands and knees while he was pushing me back and forth. I was moaning and begging for his cock as he slammed in and out. I felt him squirt and he spermed a lot in me. As he was doing this, I could see Simona looking around the screen. She had tears rolling down her cheeks. I smiled back.

When he went, I told her that she will also be a whore. She shouted never on her life. This made me sigh and tell her once I only thought about being a hero and saving the world. Now I found out the best is taken care of men and their cocks. You do not know it, but cocks are so nice and we can make them happy. We are not good enough to be soldiers, but we can be sluts.

Simona told me to leave her alone.

Another soldier came in and had his cock already out- He said that he do not have much time and told me to get on my side. He wanted Simona. She had no intention of being a cum-dump for anyone. In the next half an hour, I heard her hitting and fighting. She still had it in her as I could see the soldier flying across the room. He was telling her she was a whore but she just kicked and hit him, saying she would kill him as he is an enemy. The soldier must have tried to get her to suck him, as the next thing I knew was that the soldier was hopping around saying that she bit his dick. I was a bit confused. She was being offered a cock, why did she not accept it with the pride of a whore?

An hour later, Vika came in and told me he was proud that I was accepting my destiny as a whore. He looked at Simona and said that she would accept it soon-She shouted never which made Vika laugh. He then showed us a few pictures. I noticed one of the pictures, it was my old house. Where I lived with my mom. It was burnt down and now in ruins. Simona must have noticed the other house as she shouted that she would get revenge. Vika looked at her and then me and said that he had bad news. Both our families were killed in the war. He then left laughing.

Simona was silent on her bed. I could hear her crying and calling after her mother. I knew she was mad at me, but I went to her bed to give her a hug. She cried and cried more saying they killed her family. It was then I realized that they also killed my mom. Simona stopped crying when she seen a tear go down my cheeks. She told me the old me was still there and to fight, as she needed the junior hero part of me, not the cock hungry whore.

Some soldiers came in and dragged Simona out. She was screaming and hitting and calling the soldiers bastards. They did not take her far as I could see hear her screaming in the next room. If I put my ears close to the wall, I could hear what was being done. They told her to look at the screen- She was mad and screaming and struggling. However she became more and more quiet. Then there was silence and I was wondering did they kill her.

I heard a soldier say that it was time and then more silence, except I heard some cries from Simona. These cries became to moans and groans and I could hear the springs on the bed. She was being fucked and she no longer was fighting. I could hear her begging for cock, saying she needs to be fucked and she needs to suck. This must have been going on for an hour. I felt a bit lonely and wished that a soldier was visiting me.

When they bought Simona back again, I noticed she was different. She was naked and her hair was a mess. She was on her bed resting after having sex. She was different now. She was no longer crying about her mother or promising to get revenge. She was whispering that she wanted a cock. She now accepted she was a slut and whore. I starred at her, as there was something different about her. I remembered when she said I was a shell of my formal self. I looked in her eyes and could see that they were blank.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I could only see my mother. I was crying thinking she was with my dad in heaven that was a real hero.

Two generals came in. They were discussing who they would. Simona was begging for a cock. One general said he would take the slut and the other one said he would have the sissy faggot. Once again, a man was in my bed and I was now trying to please his cock. I begged for him to fuck me, and he said that was all he had time to do. I was on my back with my hands over his shoulders. I was begging for him to fuck my boy pussy and he was saying I was tight for a whore. I was breathing hard and moaning as his cock was filling me and giving me the great feelings again. I heard Simona beg for more and shout that she loved it. The general on me filled me with his sperm. Simona was full of sperm shortly after. The two soldiers got up and said he left the room.

Simona was still saying she needed cock. So did I, but I was also confused. In my hands I had the general’s keys. Where did I get them? I don’t remember taking them or him dropping them? I must have taken them when he was pumping me.

The door opened. It was Madiso. He told us that he knew what we were doing, and he would do his best to save us. The problem was he had this collar on which meant the enemies could control his body. I asked him, did he want to fuck me as I needed a cock. I said I was also a good cocksucker. Simona was also begging for his cock. Madiso sighed and thought we were goners. I showed him the keys I found, thinking that may persuade him to fuck me. He looked at the keys and with one of them he took off his collar. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss saying I was still a hero.

He told us to keep the generals busy with our bodies as he had some work to do. He would be back.

Simona did not understand a lot of this and to be honest neither did I. I just wanted some man to come in and have sex. All the generals were at the ship and they all wanted sex before the final meeting on the final invasion of earth. Simona and I were kept busy. I loved when we had several men a once, as I could suck on man while another fucked me and I could jerk another one. For the next day, we didn’t get so much sleep as generals kept coming and going. Simona did not even have time to beg for cock. I don’t think I was ever so happy than I was then.

Madiso came to visit us again. He put collars around our necks and held us with a leash and a ball gag in our mouth. He told us he was sorry he had to do this, but sluts were unpredictable and only thought about dicks. He led us through the space ship and we met no one along the way. He whispered they were all getting ready for the meeting. We then boarded a small fighter space ship. We were now in the open space and Madiso said we had to get far away from the mothership as possible

Simona and I were asking was it time we could suck his cock?

Madiso smiled and said look out the window. He explained that they keys I gave him were master keys which were the best thing that even happened in the war. He told us hat about now, Vika was being told that all the equipment they had on earth must have got a virus, as they were now destroying each other. Madiso smiled as he said a security guard just was telling him that we escaped. On top of all this, some general is wondering how to tell Vika that he lost his master keys. Simona and I could not see how this was funny.

Madiso now had a huge smile on his face saying that Vika now knew something was up and cursing the junior heroes. We then see a huge set of explosions as we see the mother ship blowing up. Madiso does not have time to talk more as he is trying to avoid the debris that is all over space. As soon as the ship was destroyed, Simona and I collapsed on the floor as our heads were in turmoil. We were squirming around holding our heads and crying. I thought I was dying.

Simona was the first one that recovered and was weak as she told Madiso she was sorry she begged for his cock. I recovered and gave Simona a hug and told them I was sorry for being a traitor. They could arrest me and I will accept my punishment. Madiso said we were both under some mind control and it was not our fault- Despite that, we had a lot of work to do.

The next few weeks, we fought the enemies left on earth. With no central command and no communication, this was quite easy. The few that was left surrendered. The junior heroes were heroes as we saved earth. I was a hero. If mom and dad could only see this, they would be so proud.

But deep down I knew I was a traitor.

There was supposed to be huge celebration for the junior hero in the ruins of the United Nations building. I could have seen it on TV. The president was celebrating that we survived, and it was because the three junior heroes. I was not there. I was in a slum part of town looking at TV in a shop widow. A man said that the junior heroes saved us and is heroes. I told him that the thousands that have fallen are just as much heroes. Everyone contributed something to the war.

The president gave Simona and Madiso a medal. Simona thanked everyone and explained that they did not know where I was.

I was in a street corner and just agreed with a man we could go to his apartment where I would suck him and he could fuck me for some money.