it's not, it's not

It's not, It's not

I was a mountain girl and lived remotely with my parents and sister in the middle of nowhere in nature. We hardly ever seen other people, but I do not think I ever missed people. I had my family. We were a happy family that had few problems. My sister, who was two years younger than me was a great playmate. We had the same interests

When I was 9, we moved to the town. Dad and mom wanted to be with humans. We were all exited. For me personally it meant that I would be getting new friends and could play with people my age. Maybe I could do ballet and a girl guide. Moving to town was going to be a whole new life. I knew the bad side would be all the noise and people everywhere. I knew it would be hard to see the stars and hear the birds sing. Despite these sacrifices, I would experience many new things.

One thing was school. I was home-schooled until now. Moving to town meant that I would be in a public school and I would be with boys and girls my age. I knew that I would be shy, but I was also a brave girl. I was afraid the other girls would not like me and I would be alone with new friends. I was certain my sister would make friends as she was not at all shy and not afraid of anything.

Our new house was great and so pretty. I shared a room with my sister. I didn’t mind this as it meant we could share toys. I liked that we had a TV and a computer. I looked forward to having new friends over and having a great time. We had a swimming pool in the back yard.

The first day of school went great. I told everyone we lived in the mountains. At first they asked if I was a hill billy but then they were quite nice and I was enjoying the first day. At break time, I was with all the girls. They all said I was now their friend and they promised to show me what was in town. We played a game of tag, which was so fun. I was so disappointed when the break time was over but then I thought the teachers were so nice. They all made a big deal I was new, and they would do their best to make me feel welcome. It was a huge change from sitting at a table with mom and she trying to teach me. It's was way better that I was not alone.

My parents were so happy when my sister came home and said that it was one of the best days we ever had. My sister’s day was the same. She met a lot of new friends. At night time, we whispered to each other on how good the day was. We both agreed that moving to town was the best thing we ever done. Before we slept, my sister asked how many best friends she could have. I honesty did not know and said that she decided.

A few days later at school, I was eating lunch with a girl whose name was Annie. We have been hanging around the last few days and I liked her. While we were eating lunch, she asked me if I wanted to be her best friend. This nearly made me cry as I was so afraid that no one would ever want to be my best friend. I gave her a hug and said that we would be best friends for ever. We laughed and then played with the other girls. They were using the skipping rope which was fun. When break was over, I said I had an idea. They could come to my house in the weekend and we could swim. They all thought it was a great idea. I was smiling the rest of the day.

When I came home I asked my parents if I could invite friends and we could swim in the weekend. My sister asked if she can swim as well, I said yes and we jumped up and down in excitement. My parents looked very worried but after we begged and begged until they reluctantly agreed. I was wondering why they were so reluctant. We have the pool, it might was well be used. Were my parents shy? I knew this would be the start of my new life.  I would be popular and have more friends than I could count. That is if my sister did not ruin everything.

That night dad was tucking me in bed. He looked a bit sad. He knelt on my bed and stroked my hair telling me, “The only wish I have for you is to be happy. It was a gamble coming to town, as humans can be so mean with each other. This includes children I understand that you want friends and invited them as you want to make friends. Remember princess, that they can also be mean and tease you. If this happens I want you to remember you’re a special angel that God has made. He made us all different. Remember you are unique jewel. Always be proud of who you are and remember good friends would accept this.

Parents could be so sentimental.

The weekend came and there were 6 girls and 2 boys visiting to swim. I was hanging around Annie as she was always shy. She felt much better when she was with me. Things were going great. They loved the snacks that mom made and they even thought my little sister was charming. Then we all took off our clothes as we had swimming clothes under and we all jumped in the pool. It was fun splashing around and we were having so much fun. Annie even whispered in my ear that Zack blushed every time he seen me

We were playing with a plastic ball and it of course went out of the pool, so I got out to collect it and bring it back. When I raised my hands and threw the ball, no one took it. No one said anything and just stared at me. The silence was so strange. Then a girl called Sasha said I had a tent in my swimming costume. Another girl said it was sticking out like boys do. I looked down and just noticed my clit was sticking out. I knew I had a longer one than my sisters, but she is not old as me. I asked them what the problem was, as we all had clitties. The boys of course laughed that I used that word. The girls were silent until Sasha shouted that it was the same tent a boy had and I must have had a dick.

I wanted to hit her. I wanted to cry. I wanted to hide.

The rest of the visit was them harassing me and teasing. They were all asking if I had a dick. I kept on saying no. they wanted me to prove it by pulling down my jeans and showing them. I said I would not show the boys. That did not stop them from dragging me into my room and demanding that I prove I am a girl. I was by now annoyed and decided to swallow my pride and prove them wrong. I pulled down my pants and showed them how I was born. Again there was silence and I smiled thinking it was over. This was until one girl said it was growing and getting hard. Another girl shouted I had a dick and pussy.

Everyone left the house, including Annie, leaving me by myself.

That weekend I locked myself in my bedroom. I cried and cried. Why were they so mean saying I had a dick. Was this the cruelty I was told about? Why did Annie not stand up for me? My sister said we should tell mom and dad what happened. I made her promise and not to say anything and if they asked, she was to say it went fine. I wanted to be myself. I looked in books to see what a dick looks like. It did look like my clit. My sister didn’t have one that looked like a dick. This made me cry more, as I thought I was a misfit… a freak. If I did have a dick and pussy, I would not be a girl or a boy. I would be both. The police would pick me up and put me in some freak show at a circus.

Going to school the next Monday was not easy. I went around Annie’s house as we started walking to school together. Her dad said that she already went to school. This was after he was looking up and down at me in a strange way. I took my sisters hand and walked to school. When we entered the school yard, everyone was staring at me I heard some whispering that the dick girl was here.

I could not pay attention in class. As I seen how people looked and me and avoided me. They probably didn’t want to get to close or their clit would get the same disease. The worse was Annie avoided me. I spent all day alone while hearing whispering that I have a dick and a pussy. Some were brave enough to ask me if it was glued on me. Others asked me was I born in a circus.

When I came home, I locked myself in my bedroom. I took off my clothes and started rubbing the clit. I will be honest that I was thinking about Zack. The clit got big and I started rubbing it back and forth. At that moment, it didn’t matter if it was a dick or clit. It felt so good when I rubbed it back and forth. I had one hand rubbing it and one hand fingering my pussy. After a bit, my body starting shaking and my head was empty. It was silent in my room and I closed my eyes and dreamt of how I felt when I had friends. I prayed to God that it would be better the next day, or at least Annie still liked me.

My prayer didn’t come true, as no one spoke to me the next day. Annie stood  clear of me and I was alone all day again. At break time, I did not play with the other girls. I just stood by the bike shed. My heart jumped when Zack and another boy came over and started speaking with me. I was very shy. Zack was very cute and I was afraid they would just tease me. Zack said that he was sorry everyone was so mean with me, as I was a nice person. This made me relax and smile for the first time in days. We talked about how it was being teased and people should respect each other more. Zack said maybe it would help if I was like other girls. They had no problems showing their panties. This made me blush as I thought that it sounded so rude and why would girls just go around and show their panties? Still I wanted to be like the others, so I asked do they want to see my panties.  They both nodded. I held my breath and opened my jeans and lowered them showing my panties. They gasped when they saw the tent. I noticed Zack had a telephone in his hand and I thought he was looking at some text message. The other boy quickly pulled down my panties and before I knew it I heard a click. I asked Zack did he take a picture. He said no and they were both saying, “She really has one!”

They left me and I was once again alone. It was like a knife in my heart knowing that they just wanted to see under my panties and not be a friend.

After school, I was walking home with a tear in my eye. I just wanted to hug my parents and beg them to go to the mountain again. I would rather speak with birds than the children at school. I heard someone call me. It was Annie. She was begging for forgiveness for ignoring me. She explained that seeing the tent was a shock and she was afraid that others would tease her for being my friend. With tears in her eyes, she said that I was the one that never ignored her and I was the only good friend she has. I was a bit suspicious after Zack and that boy and asked her did she just want to see my panties? Annie repeated she is sorry again and said she wanted my friendship, not my panties. We both gave each other a hug and promised we would be best friends forever. Annie invited me to sleep over at her house that weekend I was so happy!

I didn’t ask mom and dad to go back to the mountains. I was now happy again and was going on a sleepover. This was something I wanted to try for a long time. That night I was once again smiling and content.

The next day at school was the same as the day before. No one was talking to me and people were pointing and whispering. It looked like they were all looking at their cell phone. I didn’t mind, as Annie was once again talking with me. We walked through the school corridors which were quite empty. Then we saw everyone standing around the notice board. When I walked towards the noticeboard, everyone moved and giggled as I walked to the notice board. I nearly vomited when I saw what they were looking at. It was a picture of me, with my panties down. My clitty was sticking up. I didn’t go to class; I ran all the way home. Annie followed me.

I cried on my bed as Annie was telling me she heard that Zack sent that picture to everyone and even put it on the net. I gave her a hug, crying in her shoulders as I thought that 6 billion people were now looking at it.

I heard someone come in the house. It was mom. She rushed up to me and told me she was out shopping when she seen the picture. I told her everything that happened since the party and told her my life was over. She gave me a hug and told me it was time I heard the truth. She explained sometimes a child is born as a hermaphrodite, which means they have both sexual organs. She explained that I had a pussy like all girls, but I did not have a clit. I had a penis! I could have died as mom was telling me I was born a freak. She could see this and in a stern voice said, “Never hate yourself. Never think you were a mistake, and never think you are unloved or alone. Others are like you and they know they are unique.”

Mom went down and Annie and I were silent letting it all sink in. Then she said I am lucky. I can decide if I am a boy or girl. She said unlike a boy, I have a penis and a brain. This made me laugh. Annie was trying to cheer me up saying that she did not care I was a girl with a dick. The only problem is she could fancy me. I told her I already loved her and we gave each other a kiss. It was not just a small kiss; it was one of those kisses where our tongues explored each other’s mouths. We must have kissed like this for an hour. I told her my clit… or my dick was getting hard by kissing her. This made us both laugh.

It was time for the sleepover. Annie just lived with her dad. He looked like a Hollywood star. He was so handsome. Every time, he spoke to me, I stuttered and blushed. He was nice to us and laughed a lot. When we were eating, he told me he was so happy Annie found a friend like me. He told me I was pretty. This made me blush even more.

Later, we were seeing TV and I had to go to the toilet. On my way back I heard them talk. I don’t know why I ease dropped, but I listened through the door.

“Yes, I am definite she is the one you need,” Annie was saying to her dad, “they took a picture of her and all town seen it. Her mom told her how she was born.”

“I am proud of you my little slut. I am sure we can make her a star”

I was confused. What were they talking about and why did he call his own daughter a bad name?

When it was time to go to bed, he told us to take off our clothes. Annie did this in the sitting room which was strange. She was nearly naked just wearing panties. She jumped on his lap and said goodnight. She told me to get ready. I slowly took my clothes as I looked at them kissing. It was the same type of kiss we gave each other the day before. Their tongues were dancing with each other. I also saw his hand down her panties. Was her father touching her there? I thought that was forbidden,

It was my turn to say goodnight. When I sat on his lap, I could feel something poking me. He said it was his cock that was happy I was sitting there. This shocked me and he told me he knew I was a girl with a girl cock. I blushed and waited for him to hate me and say I was a freak. However he told me I was special and put his hand in my panties feeling my dick and at times fingering my pussy. I should have told him to stop but I had a small crush on him. He asked me was it ok he touched me. I nodded as he started kissing me, thrusting his tongue in my mouth. Annie said it’s ok to be a slut

Was I a slut because I let him?

I slept straight away but woke up in the middle of the night. I heard her father whisper to Annie not to worry, because I was asleep. I opened one eye and looked over. I could only see shadows but seen her dad lying on the bed and she was sitting on him, moving up and down. It looked like she was fucking her own dad. This could not be true. I refused to believe it.

Monday came and I did not want to go to school. I knew the pictures would be talked about and people would tease me. I also knew they had a right to tease me as I did have a dick and pussy. I wish the sleepover, despite it was a bit weird would last forever. My sister came and gave me my school bag. She said people ask her to show her panties to see if she was the same as me. I told her she is lucky she was born normal. She hugged me and said she is lucky I am her sister. She said I was a hero, and explained that God made me special and idiots at school did not understand this and this made me so brave. Little did she know! I was petrified of school. I gave her a hug and told her she was the best sister.

Zack met me at school; He told me he was sorry. He was stupid for showing everyone the pictures of me. The fact is that he secretly fancied me and wanted to know if I would go out with him. This was my chance to make friends. This was my chance to be popular. However I did not trust him. I slapped him in the face and walked away. The strange thing is that some girls that seen this clapped. They most likely thought it could be them.

I was invited to a sleepover again with Annie. We were in her room and talking about Zack and other things. I told her I had an embarrassing question to ask and she said I should ask it. I cleared my throat and asked did her dad have sex with her. She smiled and said that she noticed how her dad kissed me and touched me and then she said her dad has sex with her and he takes pictures of her and sells them on the net. She looked down and said she was always afraid people would find out, and that’s why she tried to be invisible at school. I gave her a hug and said we both have something we do not want people to know about.

We changed the subject to Zack and she wondered why I did not say yes to be his girlfriend. I admitted that I did not trust him. She lowered her head and asked did I love someone else? I blushed a lot while she told me no secrets because we were best friends. I whispered that I fancied her dad and wouldn’t mind if he played with me. However I was in love with her. She was more than a best friend. This made Annie smile and shout we were now girlfriends. We started kissing with our tongues and we ended rolling about in the bed, feeling each other all over. I loved when we cuddled and kissed and I never felt so happy. Then she turned around and was rubbing my dick and pussy. I got a shock when she put it in her mouth and started sucking it. While she was doing that she had her finger fucking my pussy. I was moaning and it was like being on a pink cloud. I told her I was so happy now that I had a dick and pussy. She continued as I looked at her pussy that was in front of my face. While she was sucking and fingering, I was licking her pussy. It was great and we both ended up worn out on the bed...

After supper, we were in the sitting room and Annie told her dad we were now girlfriends. This made me blush but Annie said we should not keep secrets from him. She continued telling him that I knew she was a child porn star and I admitted that I fancied him. I wanted the earth to swallow me but he smiled and told me to kneel down in front of his chair. I did this - His cock was out and it was so big. He told me that he loves me and if I wanted to, I could give him a blow job. I slowly put my hands out and touched his cock and licked the top of it. I looked up and he smiled and this made me lick the sides and then slowly put the cock in my mouth. It was huge and I couldn’t get it all in. he was moaning saying I was a born cocksucker. Annie was rubbing my cock while I was giving a blow job. He told me he was cumming and I didn’t have a clue what this meant.  Annie said he would squirt sperm in my mouth and I should swallow it. He did this and I tried to swallow. It didn’t taste that good and a lot was dripping down my body.

Later when I was in bed, I woke up feeling quite good. I was thinking that he was fucking Annie, but then I realized he was sucking my dick. He picked me up whispering that we should not wake up Annie. He carried me to his bed. He told me that he was happy Annie was my girlfriend, but could he be my boyfriend. There is nothing I wanted more. I was on my back and he had my legs up and his cock was against my pussy. He asked if he could fuck me. I nodded thinking he could do anything with me. I screamed and started crying in pain as his cock entered me. He told me I would feel better. He started pumping me and I felt him splitting me in two and my small body was being moved back and forth. The pain subsided and I started to feel good. He told me I was a great slut and a special one. He felt my cock rubbing against his stomach and my pussy was heaven. As he started squirted in me, I seen Annie at the door, smiling. We woke her up.

We all laid on his bed after- I was worn out and imagining all the sperm in me. Her Dad said being a hermaphrodite was special and it made me extra sexy. He said I would be very popular as a porn star. I asked what this meant. He told me I would be letting him and others fuck me. I would also be in pictures with Annie. Maybe I would fuck a boy. This made Annie laugh and said imagine Zack with my dick up his ass. If I was a child porn star, I would be famous and rich.

I said yes. I didn’t know if I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be with Annie and her dad.


I became a child porn star just before my tenth birthday. I am sure millions of people have seen me and will for decades to come. This does bother me as I feel I sold my soul and innocence when I agreed to do this. I did not really understand what it was.

I know now that Annie and her dad took advantage of me. They saw a girl who was unhappy and provided me with people that liked me. They groomed me to thinking that the fact they wanted me to be a slut didn’t matter. At least I had someone to love me.

If people accepted I was born different when I invited them swimming... what would my life have been? It would not be a two sided life, where I was struggling at school and home to be a good daughter and sister and then the secret life where I was having sex and posing nude.

I am not bitter towards Annie. Yes, she fished me in, but I do think she loved me. It was only when she wanted me to invite my sister home to her that I told mom and dad everything. Then the shit hit the fan. That is a different story.

The main thing was that I protected my sister.

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