Fame Fame Fame 4

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Fame Fame Fame

Act 1, Part 4
Curly Top

There was excitement around the house and the all the talk about that I should forget about Hollywood was forgotten. I did not really understand what fame was. I just knew so far that men wanted to play with my body. It was the same with that girl I met. She even allowed men to have sex with her on films. Being famous meant that men in Hollywood wanted to have sex, and we were just to say yes. I was not allowed to talk about it.

Did mom know?

The old sweaty man who was my agent visited one day to tell about the job I had. I stayed close to Mom as I did not want to be near him.

“There are a few things to discuss. First Shirley has got a job to be in an advertisement. It will be a large campaign, so we are quite lucky.”
“What will the ad be for?” Asked mom
“It's for shampoo.”
“I do not think that will be wise…”
“Of course it is. Anything that gives him exposure is great. It is an easy job. He just has to sit in a bathtub and smile. “
“I suppose he can do that”
“It is huge exposure and I expect that movie offers will be coming in. So the studio is offering Shirley a place at the studio school.”
“We have to think about that,” Mom said.
“It’s already decided. When you signed the contract, you gave the studio the right to decide many things. Another thing is not to cut his hair. Many think he looks like a girl, and we want to see what people think.”
“What do you mean think?”
“We want to know if they think Shirley is a boy or girl!”

When the Agent went, Mom and Dad started arguing. Mom was mad because Dad signed the contract that gave the studio a say in everything. Now I would be going to their school and they wanted to know what people thought If I was a boy or not. Mom was worried what they would do. Would people believe I was a girl? Dad said everyone thought I was a girl in the book. This did not impress Mom. Finally, Dad said they should not fight when I was there. He suggested we drive down to the shop and buy a cake to celebrate.

We drove downtown and found a place where they sold cakes. The baker was a happy man that showed us all his cakes. He was smiling as he said that I was pretty and behaved girl. He loved my curls! He told me to come to the counter where I could help him pick a cake. Despite the fact that he called me a girl, I smiled and went back to him. He lifted me up and I was looking at the different cakes. I could also feel him pressing against my bum. I felt his thing poking and smiled, thinking it was good I was wearing clothes. He whispered in my ear that he would love me in a dress the next time I came. He was now breathing strange, so I quickly picked out a cake.

On the way home, Dad stopped the car in a wooded area. He said he wanted to have a chat as lots were happening lately,

“It seems likes lots of men likes you.” He started.
I nodded.
“Some thinks you are a girl. I notice that you do not protest when people say you’re a girl. I think this is the best, Let them think what they will think.”
I nodded
“If they want to have sex with you, let them if you get something for it. Like if it gives you a role in a film or something”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Dad was telling me to use my body to get parts in films. Of course, I was not allowed to tell mom or anyone. I was just to smile and wait until someone else wanted to use me. I started to think if Dad loves me or just loved my body.

He took out his dick and told me I could suck it as a treat, so I leaned over and slowly jerked it with my hands. Then I slowly put his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. He moved his hand behind my bum and started feeling it. He said he was happy I was enjoying it and I was a great cocksucker! I could not answer as his cock was filling my mouth. I suppose this was a way of him telling me that he loved me. He loved me especially when he squirted in my mouth. It tasted salty and bitter, but I did my job and swallowed as I was told.

When we came home, we ate the cake. I forgot all about being famous and being a Hollywood whore as I sat next to Kieran. I felt sad that Dad did not love him as much as he loved me. We played with his toy cars. I quickly forgot about ambitions, making people happy and what fame was, and had fun with Kieran.

Father Sheehan came for a visit. He was in a good mood, telling my mother the book of me was now taken down from the shelves. He was sure that people who owned it would have it hidden someplace on their shelves. No one would notice me anymore. Mom smiled at this and told the priest I would be in an advertisement. The priest took my hand as I was playing with Kieran and put me on his lap. He wasn’t happy that I sat on one leg, he moved me so I sat in the middle of his lap. I think I knew why. I could feel a huge lump under him. He told me to make my parents proud of me, and do my best when I was doing the ad. I nodded my head as I squirmed around on his lap. It didn’t help, no matter how I sat; I felt his lump poking me.

The next day, I dressed in shorts and a sailor shirt and Dad drove me to the Hollywood school. There were only a few other children there. When I saw Lourdes there, I smile and sat down next to her. She was also happy to see me and gave me a hug.

The teacher's name was Mr Briggs. He told everyone I was a new girl in the class. I was going to protest but he gave me a stern look.  Nothing much happened at school. I thought the other boys would tease me, but they were just as friendly as the Lourdes. I talked a lot with one boy whose name was Shane. I saw him in a film before, but that did not bother me. I thought he was still nice.

At lunchtime, it was Lourdes, Shane and I that played together. When we were eating lunch, Shane told me how hard it was being a child star. He said movies were hard, as a scene had to be taken so many times and directors get quickly annoyed. Even in public, people did not look at his personality. They looked at him as a child star. He was supposed to be cute and smile. I was shocked when Shane said he could not wait until he was older, as then Hollywood would not want him.

I wanted to ask him about men but was too afraid to.

When I came home, I played with Kieran-. He was full of questions. Did I do well at school? Did I meet other children? Were they nice? Was there a playground? I told him what I was like, and a shame he could not go to the same school. I also told him it was hard being famous. He smiled and said he would never wear a dress to be in some book. I really wanted to tell him that was the easy part. The hard part is when people ask you if you’re a boy or girl, and just want your body!

That night, Mom tucked me in bed. We said prayers that God would bless everyone.

As I was trying to sleep, Dad came in and showed me his dick. He told me that he knew what I had to do. I sat up on the bed and started sucking his cock. I was half asleep, so I was hoping he would cum as quick as he could. I found out that he moaned a lot more if I rubbed his balls at the same time. Kieran must have heard this as he asked what the noise was. Dad told him in a strange voice to go back to sleep. Thank God it was dark and it was also good that Dad squirted so quickly. I was swallowing it while he said good night to me.

The next day, Dad drove me to the studio. Mr Gordon (our agent) was there with another man, who was the photographer. I was also presented to Mr Seville who would be my assistant. I didn’t even know what an assistant was, so I asked what Mr Seville did. They all laughed and I was told to follow Mr Seville to the changing room.

I was so happy to see Lourdes there. She was also happy saying that she waited two years to do something like this. I suppose I was very lucky that I was offered this job so soon. Mr Seville told me it was time to get changed. I smiled thinking of what should I be wearing in a shampoo ad.

Lourdes assistant was slowly taking her clothes off. She was soon naked like the first time I saw her. I still could feel my heart beating harder as I looked how beautiful she was. Her skin looked so soft and her pussy looked so pretty as it had fat small lips. I was distracted by Mr Seville that started taking off my clothes.

“The studio sure knows how to find them. Look at this one with his cute curls and dimples. Look at his cute clit! It’s a shame we cannot tell anyone that Shirley has a clit.” He started fondling me. I looked at his face as he was feeling my dick. He called it a clit. That must be another name for it. I looked over and Lourdes had her assistants cock in her mouth while he was calling her lots of names. She had her eyes closed and I could see the shape of his dick at times through her cheek. I also felt my assistant’s finger enter my bum. I let out a moan and wonders if Dad knew what was going on. He was in another room most likely drinking some wine. Mr Seville said that I was properly trained for Hollywood, as I surrendered my body. It did feel good with his finger in me, but embarrassing that my best friend Lourdes could see some man I didn’t know molesting me.

A knock came at the door, in which they said 5 minutes. This upset the two men that were playing with us- One assistant started to put panties on Lourdes. He told my assistant I would look cute in panties. I wanted to protest when I saw white panties with red hearts. Mr Seville told me that I would be sitting in a tub, so no one would know. Lourdes and I had matching panties on.

We were led to a big warehouse with a tub set up in the middle. They told us to sit in the tub in the middle. We were told to get in the tub while someone put Shampoo in our hair. The next hour was us smiling in the water and splashing water at each other. The photographer was not happy. He told my assistant that he needed to see my curls. I needed to look more feminine. So my hair was rinsed and then dried. This was not good enough. He told the assistant to put something in the tub so we were higher. He wanted to see our nipples.

“While they are small girls, and are flat as could be, we may as well show them to the world.” So we sat on some blocks that were put in the bathtub. We smiled once again and the photographer said it was still not good enough. He told us to take off our panties. It's more normal to bathe naked. No one complained. I noticed he was taking pictures of us when we were taking off our panties. He took a few more pictures. Somewhere we were looking at each other's privates and more of us splashing water. Then he asked me to lean over and wash Lourdes' hair. My heart was beating quickly as I carefully done this.

The pictures of the ad were done. He told us the studio needed some private pictures. I looked around to see Dad was slumped over a table with a beer in his hand. We did not have a chance to answer as he told me to stand up. When I did this, he told Lourdes to suck me. She was so used to doing what she was told that she slowly put my dick in her mouth

Click- Click

So this is what it felt like to be sucked. Her lips were so soft and a wet sensation massaged my dick as she played around it with her tongue. Instinct made me hold her head and move as close to her mouth as possible, as I told her I was happy she was my best friend. It felt so nice, but that must be because it was her doing it. The photographer was calling us hot sluts as he kept taking pictures from different angles. I looked at Dad; he was too busy looking at a magazine.

I felt my whole body shake and it felt like I wanted to pee, but nothing came out. I was so exhausted. The photographer told us that was all for today and went back to the changing room. The assistants asked did we have fun. We just smiled at each other and looked at our clothes. Lourdes assistant told her that they had to finish the fun that he started with before we had to work. My assistant didn’t say anything. He pushed me on my back and raised my legs. Then I felt his dick in my bum. It was big and it hurt as he put it. He was grunting as I closed my eyes as much as possible to avoid the pain. He told me to accept his dick. I nodded my head. Then he wanted me to talk rudely to him. This was something that I did not want to do so I just spread my legs a lot. It didn’t bother him. He told me that I was a sissy and a faggot. I glanced over at Lourdes and seen her get fucked as well. She was smiling, but I saw a tear come down her face. My assistant moaned as he squirted in my bum.

I was about to get up, but then the photographer was there. He asked if the bitch boy was ready for more. I did not have a chance to answer as I had the second cock was in my boy pussy. This is what a Hollywood whore was like… to be shared and used. I started to like his cock in me, as my body surrendered to him. I met his thrusts as he moved back and forth. He told everyone I was the best fuck he had in a while. He did not last long, as he spermed in me.

We were finished for the day. On the way home, Dad told me I did a good job. I smiled and shown them my charm. I also did what they told me, in other words, let them play with me. He warned me not to tell anyone.

Mom gave me a hug and asked how the day was. I told her it was very hard but mostly fun. I also admitted that I found a new friend, and she was now my best friend, although she was a girl. I sat down next to mom and we listened to music on the radio. I was once again just a normal child. When the ad was made public, everyone would know me, so I enjoyed cuddling with mom. I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to tell her about seeing Lourdes naked, about the photos and being a whore. I just shut my mouth and was her child.

A week or so after, my mom was reading the newspaper, “Your ad is in the newspaper!”

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