Fame Fame Fame 3

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Fame Fame Fame

Act 1, Part 3
Hollywood Pizza

I was so excited about the pizza party. Dad told me that the people there seen my book, and they thought I was a star and wanted to meet me. I wondered what a Hollywood party was like, was it looking at a new movie, or was it with lots of clowns and pizza. Would there be boys my age? I was 10 but had very few friends. Maybe I would get some friends at the party. It was a shame that Kieran was not allowed to go.

Mom put me in a suit, which I hated as it had a tie that I felt like choking on it. The suit was black and I was thinking how I would eat pizza! Mom was brushing my hair as she told me this party had many stars and important people at it. It was an honour that I have been invited, and remember to be a polite boy and not disgrace the family. I smiled at mom and said I would not get in any trouble. Then mom talked about all the stars I could meet. It was obvious that she wanted to be there herself. I felt so lucky that it was me, although I knew they all seen pictures of me in the book. What would they think of me that I was not a girl, but a boy?  I hoped they would not tease me.

Daddy drove me to the huge mansion where the party was going to be held. We met the agent outside the gates. He told me this would not do at all. He was talking about the way I was dressed. He looked up and down and sighed asking himself who would remember me wearing these clothes. He told me to get stripped. This was embarrassing as it was on the side of the street. He gave me some panties; so once again, I had a pair of girl panties on. I was also to wear white cotton tights. Then I wore a sailors dress. To finish me off he put a bracelet on my hand. I am glad I had no mirror as I would cry.

There were a lot of people at the party. Funny enough they were all men. There were also a few boys and girls. The boys were dressed in suits, others were in shorts and even a few were in swimming shorts. The girls had dresses on that was very short and some were even in panties! This was going to be some strange party.

A man took my hand and smiled. Dad was whisked away by the agent telling Dad to let me do my work. This caused me to get a small anxiety attack as I did not know what my job was! I found out that the man was the owner of the studio. He picked me up in his arms and told me I was surely a wonder of God. I was both a sexy boy and a pretty girl. Once again I wanted to cry at someone calling me a girl. He must have seen my watery tears because he told me that he was not teasing me and it was actually a blessing that I looked so pretty.

The man's name, who was Mr Short, was the owner of a Hollywood studio. He presented me to the others as “the cute sissy we all seen in the best-selling book... the boy who looks prettier than any girl in a dress. The normal person does not know he is a boy and they never will! This is only a privilege we have”. I put on my best smile and looked around at the others.

It was strange. The boys and girls were clinging to old men. It seemed like they were wearing less and fewer clothes. Some boys and girls were wearing see-through togas. Some were sitting on men's laps while the men's hands were all over the children. I even saw a girl on her knees behind some statue. She was obviously doing the same as I did with dad. She was sucking some man's thing. Was that her dad's thing in her mouth?

What sort of party was this?

Where was the pizza?

Mr Short put me down and told me to go around and meet some people. I walked around and felt like I was alone in some movie. I recognised some men and some children from the movies, so it seemed strange that they were all in the same place. There was one actor who was Cowboy Jones, but it seemed so strange to see him in swimming trunks and not a gun or even a hat.

I finally found my dad. He was at the bar drinking. I ran up and gave him a hug. He asked me did I ever imagine so many rich and famous people in one place. I whispered in his ear that they surely should have enough money to buy more clothes. Dad could see how funny this was. He told me about the famous people there, and who they were. There were directors and actors, as well as producers (whatever they were). I asked Dad why the children were crawling over the old men, and some of them even kissing. Dad did not answer but told me to taste some of his cocktails. It tasted quite strange. I was not happy he avoided my question, so I told him I saw a girl suck a man. Dad told me she was one of Hollywood’s sluts and whores, and just wanted to please men.

More words that I did not know.

He told me to go swimming. I told him I had no bathing suit. Dad smiled and said just wear panties. I tried to protest but he gave me a stern look and I knew it was a waste of time arguing with him.

I met the girl that sucked the man earlier. She was just wearing panties as well. She was a girl, so there was nothing weird about that… or was there? I thought that mom always said it was rude to walk around the house just in undies and I should be properly dressed when people saw me. Yet at this party, people were half naked and doing things that must be forbidden.

“You are staring at me,” she said

She told me that her name was Lourdes and she was going to be famous. I smiled and said that my dad wanted me to be famous and I was in some book people buy and look at. She said she saw the pictures and I was very pretty. This made me blush, so I told her I seen her suck a man. This made her giggle.

“There are films where I have sex with men,” she told me proudly. “I am only 9 but men like having sex with me. I do not know how much I like it. It is, in fact, embarrassing that there are films with me doing those things.”
“Then why do you do it?”
“I want to be famous. To be famous you have to do things that you do not want to. You have to make these men believe that they can use your body the way they want. You have to be a slut and a whore. If you do this, they will like you and you can be famous.”
“I do not know what a whore is. I did suck Dad which I did not like a lot”
“First,” She whispered, “never tell who you been with. Never tell which man molested you. I think you will be one of the Hollywood whores, as you are so pretty. It is harder for a boy, but I am sure you will make many so happy as you are a sissy”

I am not so sure I wanted to suck any more or even be famous. I had no problem just being with Kieran. I felt safe when we played! I was not so confused and scared. I asked Lourdes if her priest ever got mad because she was a Hollywood whore. I whispered that I was sure that God did not like it. This made Lourdes laugh and say who cares about God.

She told me that she had to show me something. She took my hand and we skipped through the house dripping wet. We went down to the basement which was very dark. It had an altar and there was a red star in front of it. There were red candles everywhere. Behind the stage had a statue of what looked like to be a goat standing up. There was also a cross that was upside down. I told her that it was scary.

“God maybe does not like what we do, but our dark lord does. While God controls earth, Satan is the boss in Hollywood. There is no need to be scared, as he is not evil like anyone says he is. Our Lord thinks there is no sin, and the reason why we live is to be happy. I am a child of Satan and will do anything for him.”

I looked around trying not to be so afraid. I suppose I could consider it like a cave full of adventure… and a goat that can stand.

Lourdes went quiet for the first time since we met. She said she had to ask me something, but it was hard. “I do not really have any friends. I know I make men happy, but they like my body. Would you… I mean… do you mind… would you be my friend?”

I heard Dad calling.

I told her I had no friends either, except Kieran. We could be best friends! This made her smile and say that she never was happy.

Before I left her, I asked, “You said that men like you being a whore and men like sex with you. You never said if you liked it”

Lourdes did not answer.

Dad called again.

I ran up to him. He was speaking with Mr Fallen who was the top director in Hollywood.

“So here he is!” Mr Fallen said as I gave dad a kiss. He told Dad that the pictures did me no justice; I was a real princess in person. I wanted to pout as he called me a princess, but I just smiled. For the next 20 minutes, he was talking how pretty I was and how nice my body was as well as how nice my skin was. The way he was looking at me was very strange. He was looking at me like I was something on a shelf in a shop. Lourdes was right. Men did all the talking and did not care what I was thinking. His hands started feeling me all over and once again I had to hear how nice my skin was.

“So princess, do you want to play some games with me?” He asked.

I did not have time as his hand went down to my dick and smiled and said that my dick wanted to play. I looked at Dad and tried to move back. He held on to my dick and promised me I would have some fun. Dad looked worried, but he told me in a low voice to go with the man.

The man took my hand and we went into a bedroom with a strange bed. The bed was in the shape of a heart. He started to strip and was soon beside me. He asked was I gay or was looking like a sissy just an act? I just looked up at him with confused eyes. I told him I was only ten. Then he said I must be a virgin prostitute, but he was proud that he would introduce me to my destiny. He told me to take this tablet that would help as well as a cocktail drink. While I was drinking, I started to feel comfier and very weird, as if I was on a pink cloud. I told him all about my family and how they wanted me to be famous. While I was doing this, he was feeling my skin and telling me how beautiful I was. He was breathing in a strange way. Before I knew it he had me pinned me down as he started to kiss me. His tongue was in my mouth and at times it was hard to breathe. Still, I didn’t mind kissing, although he was a man. So we tumbled around in bed as we kissed and his hands were all over my body. I was thinking that he must be a lonely man!

Then he asked me if I could suck him. He said it would make him very happy. So I stumbled down on my knees and felt his dick with my hands. It was not as big as Dads, but I started licking the sides and wondered how my tongue felt on him. Within no time, my mouth surrounded his dick and I was going back and forth. I began to lick as the thing grew in my mouth and Mr Fallen was groaning and moaning. He was, of course, telling me how good of a cocksucker I was, especially as a starter.
“I knew he would be one of our whores!” a voice said. I jumped as Mr Short came in. He asked, “If the faggot whore” was good. Then he was invited to join in the fun. I felt so embarrassed as I went back to sucking, while Mr. short got naked and was now putting some cold cream on my bum. Without asking, I felt a huge pain in my bum and felt something like a log go in it. I could not turn my head to look as there was a dick in my mouth, but when Mr Small said my boy pussy was tight, I knew that his cock was in me. So this was sex and it hurt so much. I didn’t want to admit it, but after a few minutes, the cock in my bum started to feel good. It was like it hit something nice once in a while.

Mr Fallen squirted into my mouth and I still thought it tasted vile so I spit it out. I heard him say I should swallow, but it was hard to understand as Mr Small was also cumming in me. The two men lay down and lit a cigarette. Once in a while, they would put it in my mouth, which made me choke to death. They were pleased with the sex and still kept telling me how beautiful I was and they wanted to see me again.

I ran out to Dad and sat on his lap. He asked me did I have fun, but I said I did not want to talk about it. He must have felt something run down from my leaking bum as a tear came to his eye and he said that he did not believe that he sold his boy to some pedos. Dad did manage to tell me that I was to keep everything a secret.

When we came home, I rested on the sofa. Mom asked me how the party was and I said it was fun but there was no pizza! Dad was saying that it could be the last party we went to, as I was only 10 and should not worry about fame or working. Mom did not understand the sudden change in Dads attitude. I think I did. Dad had second thoughts about the price I had to pay if I wanted to be famous.

I was split. I did not know I wanted to be in films or not. I don’t think I had a choice. My job was to do as adults wanted me to do. They had the wisdom to know my place in the world. They knew if I was supposed to be a prostitute, then they would know. The only thing that I thought was that I would never see Lourdes again and she was a new friend.

Mom said that fame was not the most important goal to have. It was false and a dangerous path for a God fearing person to be on.

I fell asleep but woke up when I heard Dad on the phone. “Yes, he will be there. Thank you for this job!”

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