Fame Fame Fame 2

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Fame Fame Fame

Act 1, Part 2

Mom tucked me in and prayed that God will protect me and our family would also be safe and happy. It was a bit hard for me to sleep as I was thinking about Dad taking pictures of me. Why would anyone even want to look at them? Why did he want me to be in pictures and why not Kieran?

It was also hard to sleep as I could hear Mom and Dad argue. Dad was telling her that I could be famous as the goal was that I would make millions as an actor in films. The pictures were just to get me noticed! I would be secure for life and I would be happy. Mom responded by saying I was too young to work, and I would be exploited. What if I did make it and started making films? It would mean a lot of work! What about my education? What would happen if I was told to be in a film that promotes the devil? Mom thought we should pray about it first.

We didn’t pray much as Dad told me a few days after that we were going to take pictures. I was wearing an overall and my hair was not even brushed. I spent the next hour playing with swings and monkey bars and finally in the sand. Dad never told me what to do or how to pose; he just smiled and took one picture after another one. The only thing he told me was to be natural. I didn’t have a clue as to what this meant, so I just kept playing and in time I even forgot the camera was there. This went on for a while; when at last Dad said it was a wrap. That was another word I did not understand. I asked if I could continue playing.

Dad worked all afternoon in the basement, where he had a dark room that he could develop the pictures. After supper, he showed mom the pictures. She was smiling and telling us how lovely the pictures looked. She said others could see the joy of a child playing as if the child had no worries about the depression or problems in life.

Dad smiled.

The next day, I had on some shorts and long socks as well as sandals and a shirt. We were driving to Hollywood to see the agent. On the way, Dad was more excited as I was. He told me to smile and look cute, to be polite and to do as I was told. I smiled back at him. I was still confused about what an agent did and why I had to speak with him.

As we came in his office, I coughed a bit as it smelled of cigar and ashtrays. The room was dark with paint peeling off the walls and at some places; it looked like the walls were sweating. The agent was a middle-aged man that was bald. The bald patch shined, which I thought was funny. He obviously did not know how to dress, as there were stains on his shirt and it was not tucked in. It looked like his shaver was broken as his face was full of stubbles.

So this was an agent?

Dad and I sat on a chair which has newspapers as cushions. He looked at them and then spoke to dad. “This boy is amazing, but there are thousands of boys that are amazing in this town. There are several things you need to think about and accept before we agree on anything….”
“As you can see Shirley has talent,” My dad said.
“If talent was also enough, Hollywood would be different. I will be honest. Your son was in the newspaper first when people thought he was a girl, and people think that he is a girl! This makes him special and could make him a star!”
“I understand.” My dad said. I didn’t understand. He was saying I looked more like a girl.
“I don’t think you understand,” he said, “Even his name is feminine. Shirley come over and sit on my lap”

Without thinking I went over and sat on his lap. The agent told me his name was Mr Gordon and he will open the doors of Hollywood for me. However, it will take a lot of sacrifices. As he said this his hands were touching my thighs. He continued telling me I would be doing things I liked and I did not like. He was now unbuttoning my shorts and taking them off. My briefs soon followed so I was now half naked. I was embarrassed as this felt so wrong. Dad was just looking as he allowed this stranger to molest me. He was fondling my penis which was now erect. I was breathing hard as there were strange feelings going through me. Just as I was feeling all tickly in my body, he stopped and told me to put my shorts on.

He told Dad, who by now was very silent, that there were two different sides of Hollywood. One was the movies and living as a star. He could not promise I would be a success and the odds were that I would never be famous. He could guarantee I would be considered a sex object. I would be used like a whore, as the big men in Hollywood would want to play with me. These same men would promote this sexuality in films, so every man in the country dreamed about me.

Dad responded that to succeed, one needs to make sacrifices

Mr Gordon finished by warning Dad that by signing a contract, he was selling my body and soul to Hollywood. Nothing would save me from the dark sides of it, not even my religion. He said the pictures were cute, but he must understand that there had to be cute pictures and others. These pictures would wake people up and tell them a new boy is in town.

Dad signed the contract.

On the way home, he told me not to say anything to mom, especially about sitting on the man's lap half naked and being played with. This could only mean one thing. It was a bad thing to do, and Dad didn’t stop the man from doing it with me. Would Mom have stopped the agent from playing with my dick?

Nothing was said to mom except Mr Gordon was quite professional and told us the chances of being a star were very slim. It would take a lot of work!

We started the day after. Dad now set a studio up in his basement.

Over the next week, we continued taking pictures. There were the so-called cute pictures where I looked like a normal boy. One set was of me cycling my bike and another one was me baking. I was still confused about why people would want to see these pictures. There were also pictures of me with fewer clothes on. One set I remember is where I was dressed as Tarzan and was playing in the forest with just a loincloth on. This was so fun, although I did not have any muscles and was not like Tarzan. I was careful at the start, thinking the loincloth would show my bum and dick. However, as time went by, I totally forgot about it.

I had a rest for a few days while dad was developing the pictures. Then he went to show them to the agent. I didn’t mind, as I did not want to be sitting on anyone's knee while they played with me. So I stayed home with Kieran and played some games.

I was in bed before Dad came home. He tiptoed into my room. He knelt down beside me and whispered. “He loved your pictures Shirley, but we need more that will really be noticed. He gave me ideas, so I have shopped for what we need. He told me that you had to show your girly side. I know it can be hard, but you are a pretty cherub that many would just love to hug. I don’t want you to be hurt or sad. However, you can be the most popular child in the country and what parent would not want to help you to be famous and have no worries about the future. There will be things that shock us and even be hard to do. There is an old saying that the end justifies the means. So I guess we will just have to do what is needed to get to the top. What I am saying is Mr. Gordon does not want to see you are a boy in the pictures”

I pretended I was asleep as Dad said all this. He kissed me on the lips for a long time and then walked out. He did not even say goodnight to Kieran. I did not understand a word he said. Would I be famous? What about Kieran? What did he mean by not being seen as a boy? There were so many things I did not understand. There is one that I did understand was that I would always take care of Kieran!

The next day we were down in the basement again. This time I had some school uniform on that were and a blouse and a tie and a skirt. Under Dad told me to wear panties. I am not joking; he wanted me to wear girl’s panties and even a skirt! I then started posing around in the girl's school uniform. I did not want to make dad mad. I thought he would be impressed how good I was at acting as a girl.

Then he told me to go to the wall. I did this and there was a dress. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a light blue dress with a white apron. I was told to smile while I looked at it. Who would smile looking at a dress? I put the best smile I could on me. Dad said cute and clicked some pictures. Then he told me to put the dress on. I totally refused and this made Dad mad! He said I already tried with a skirt, what is the difference?  I was told to do it for the family and he knew it was a sacrifice, but it would make so many people happy. I think I had a tear in my eye as I put it on. Then he took more pictures of me in the dress while I was holding a teddy bear.

After, we took pictures of me in other dresses and nightdresses.

He was done with the pictures, and I just wanted to go upstairs to Mom and Kieran. Dad warned me not to say what we did. Why did I always have to keep secrets from mom?

I was silent that night and mom asked if I was sad. I did not say a word. Then she asked me was I tired of being a model. I was about to say yes, but Dad told me to sit on his knee. He asked me once again did I want to be famous and help the family. I nodded and told mom that I was happy. It was fun being a model. I would make many people happy.

A month later, Dad came home with a big smile on his face. He said that they made a book out of the pictures that we did, and the book was now at the top of the best-seller list. This meant dad was a success as a photographer and I was a model that was number one on the bestseller list.

The next day… Mom, Kieran and I were walking downtown. A lot of people were looking at me and some even pointed their finger. Is it because they had the book?

I soon found out when Kieran asked me was that me in the bookstore window. It was a life-size cardboard photo of me standing in panties and looking at the dress. It showed my chest but you could not see any bulge in my panties. It looked like I was admiring a dress. The books were around it and I blushed as I read the title was “American Princess”. People could not see it was a boy in the pictures. It was only pictures of me in girl’s clothes.

Father Sheehan suddenly stood there and told mom that at first, he thought it was a girl, but he could see it was me. He asked why I would pretend I was a girl. Was I a sissy? I did not say anything. He looked at mom and he was not so sure he would approve. Mom was staring at the book in shock and did not answer. Father Sheehan told her not to worry, he would visit soon.

When we got home, Mom sat down and looked at the book. She was moaning and groaning while she looked at it, whispering “Dear God”. When Dad came home, mom was very mad at him, saying these pictures were Satanic, as they showed me in everything a girl would wear. Why could I not take pictures as a boy?

Dad explained the pictures were art. Mom was mad and this meant an argument started. Kieran and I were there for the first hour, but as it grew late, we decided to go to bed.

The arguing became worse and I felt guilty that I was in these pictures. I was a sinner!

Dad came in and asked was I awake. I nodded and he said, people must have loved me, as the book was on the best-seller list. His hand was now under my blanket and he was doing the same as the agent done. He was fondling my dick and rubbing it back and forth. I looked at him confused. Dad just told me to enjoy it as he was giving me a message. It did not feel good in my mind, but it felt good in my body. I was breathing harder and harder until at the end I was shaking.

Dad then asked if I could give him a massage. He took out his dick which by now was huge and very stiff. I didn’t know what to do. He told me to lick it and use my mouth. I did just that. I put his dick in my mouth and started massaging it with my mouth. I do not know if I liked it or not. I did know it was strange having someone’s dick in my mouth. Were boys even supposed to do it? Did Kieran do it? Dad was calling me a cocksucker and sissy and faggot. I did not understand any of these. In the end, he said he was coming. I wanted to know where he was coming. Then he peed in my mouth. I started tearing up thinking of it and spit it out. He told me it was not pee, it was his love juice.

After that Dad sat beside my bed and cried. I never saw him cry before. He told me that since he seen the pictures of me that I reminded him of a girl. No one who had the book knew I was a boy with a dick. He wanted to have sex with me. He whimpered as he said many men were now masturbating as they looked at my sexy pictures. He told me he was sorry for corrupting me. I asked for a glass of water because I had a strange taste in my mouth.

Dad went out, but he said at the door that I was invited to a Hollywood party

He did not say goodnight to Kieran.

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