curse of the ancestors

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curse of the ancestors

Part 1

It was finally weekend, and Chris was on his way home from school. He was a 16 year old boy that was good at sports and very handsome. He was very popular, although some people said that he could be mean, especially to little girls. Some of his friends told him that he was pervy at times with them.

He saw a group of girls that were outside the school that were talking about that they needed money. He walked up to them and told them the easiest way to get money was to give someone a blowjob. The girls said that they were only 11. Chris laughed and said that it did not matter; girls were meant to please men, no matter what age they were. The girls were in shock, and ran away when they saw Chris start to lower his zipper in his pants. He wasn’t going to take his dick out, he just thought it was funny the way that girls screamed and ran away.

Later that night, he was speaking with his cousin on Skype. Her name was Melissa and she was 11. He told her about the girls at school thinking that she would get a laugh. Melissa sighed and told Chris that his problem was that he was an only child and his problem that he did not respect women, especially girls. He would most likely end up being a paedophile. Chris laughed at this and told her that he believes that girls are just toys that men can use. He tried explaining to his cousin that a man gets horny all the time, and girls should relieve them. He then asked if she would not flash her pussy on webcam and he would show his dick. His cousin went quiet and then explained she was not that type of girl. Chris was just going to show her his dick when his mum came in and asked if he was going trick and treating the day after? Chris shouted no to his mum, and how can she be such a dumb bitch thinking that he would do such a childish thing when he was 16! His mother sighed and walked away. When was the last time he spoke nice to her?

Chris slept and woke up the next day, Halloween. He was tired of all the spooky things around. Christmas was much better; at least he got a present. It was the weekend, and there was very little to do. He thought it was annoying that his mother was walking around doing housework and finding candy for the children that came trick and treating. She got mad when Chris took some of the candy, but he did not care.

At 7 pm, there was a text message from one of his friends, Trevor. Did he remember that he agreed that they would meet them at the park? Chris totally forgot about this. They all agreed that they would meet at the park and then get drunk. They were to wear a Halloween costume, just in case they met some cops. They could just say that they were trick and treating. How could Chris have forgotten?

He had less than one hour, however he did not have any costume. He begged his mother to help him. This made his mom sigh as how could she create a miracle in such a short time. Then she smiled. This would probably the only chance she had to… well I don’t want to tell you know what she thought. She brought out a box that she had in her wardrobe. She told him that this was the only Halloween outfit that she had. Chris opened it and seen it was a ballet costume with a leotard that was the colour of skin, and tights and a tutu. He nearly threw the box at his mother. She was prepared and told him if he can find anything else, then he can wear that. Chris looked at the clothes and looked at the time. He struggled to get them on. Now he looked like a total twat, but who cared, it was Halloween. His mum told him to be an obedient little girl.

All the way to the park, the words “obedient little girl” were going through Chris’ mind. He was getting annoyed that his mother’s words could stay so long in his head. When he met his friends, they agreed that he had the most daring and best costume on. Chris smiled and they offered him a beer. He looked at the beer and asked them if they had a coke. He was not in the mood for a beer. His friends thought he was strange and must not have been feeling well.

Trevor, a 19 year old said, “You know that you are a little ballerina girl dressed like that, and you know little girls are only supposed to be cumdumps. I think that you should just get on your knees and suck our cocks!!

Chris kept on hearing the words “obedient little girl” in his head. It took everything in his head not to go on his knees and suck the boys off. Chris tried to change the subject and ask the boys would it not be nice if they went trick or treating. After he said that, he realized what a stupid thing he said. He sat in the corner of the group and didn’t say a word after that outburst.

He got a text message from his mother at 9 pm, telling him to remember to be home at 11 pm, so the costume doesn’t get dangerous. Fuck her! She doesn’t decide when he goes home.

A few hours later, Chris could hear what sounded like flutes. It was the sweetest music, but the more that he heard it, the itchier he was in his body. It seemed like the leotard he was wearing was melting, it was so hot! The itching was suddenly pain. He opened his eyes while he was crumpled on the ground in pain. His friends were standing above him but did not have a clue what to do. It’s not as if Chris would hear them, as the words, “You are an obedient girl that wants to make men happy and be their toy,” went through his head over and over. Chris however could hear one of his friends shout to look at the leotard, “It’s sinking into your skin!” Chris felt himself levitating in the air. The only words he could hear were in his mind, “You are an obedient girl that wants to make men happy and be their toy.”

Part 2

“Madam, your daughter must have fainted while she was out trick and treating. It seems like she is fine now, and you should be able to take her home. I would advise that you do not let your 10 year old out alone the next time.”

Chris opened his eyes and wondered why the doctor was speaking to his mother about her daughter. He had no sister. He then looked around and noticed he was in a hospital bed. This confused him but the he remembered the pain. He then felt long hair that came down over his shoulders. What happened to him and how long was he here?

Chris had enough, he had to get up and get home. He sat up on the bed. Why did they make hospital beds so high? Chris jumped down and seen this girl standing in front of him. Why did he have to share a room with a little girl? The girl was pretty with long nice hair, and nice eyes, but she was only a small girl. Then he looked down and without thinking, he lifted the hospital gown. What he seen caused anxiety that he never experienced before. His dick was gone, and he had a pussy. He was the small girl in the mirror. He looked around and saw that his Halloween outfit was on the chair… everything except the leotard.

The doctor tried to give Chris a hug, but Chris had seen the bulge in the doctor’s pants and he refused to accept that he was now a girl. He jumped over the bed and shouted that he was no girl and would never give any pedo doctor a hug. As he said this he felt the heart in his body go warm and he started feeling like he was on fire. Chris fell to his knees in pain and agony as he heard hundreds of voices tell him at once that he was now a girl and just a slut that had to please men. The more that she would not accept that, the more pain she would get. Chris lasted a few minutes and the shouted “OK. OK. I get it”.

The child got to her feet and went over and gave the doctor a hug, feeling the doctor’s dick against her.

Chris’ mother then told the doctor that she had to speak with her daughter. The doctor left and the little girl and her mother sat on the bed.

“Please don’t call me daughter! Ask the doctor what is wrong with my body!” Chris pleaded.

“I already know what is happening. Let me explain. Although you will not remember much of what I tell you now, but what I will say will stay somewhere in your mind. I made the leotard that you wore last night. It nearly took me a half a year doing it using the instructions our ancestors wrote in 1774. Our ancestors knew a lot about magic and how to make your mind believe something else. The leotard becomes part of your body. Sort of like new skin. On top of all this, the leotard is a spirit catcher. The spirits of your ancestors are in it. One day I will be and one day you will be. The spirits guide the person until that person is a value to society. The leotard is used when our family’s men become so perverted that they are a danger to women and girls.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Simply these, because of your attitude of girls, your ancestors now have cursed you to be a girl. The leotard is gone, because it is part of your body. You are no longer 16. You are a 10 year old girl. You will have to live and think as a girl. The spirits in the leotard will guide you. You may hear a lot of voices and you may feel pain, but at the end you will be a better person. So accept it, from now on, you are a 10 year old girl and your name is Christina.”

Christina repeated that name to herself, took another look at her pussy while she heard voices in her head that the pussy she was looking at will please many men, as she was a toy for men after all. Christina sighed and fell asleep. It was a long day and she was now getting used to her new situation.

The next day, Christina was home. Her bedroom was now a princess bedroom, her clothes were replaced by girl clothes and her toys where now dolls and paints and teddy bears. The fact is that no one remembered that Christina was once a boy. They all thought that she was always a girl. If Christina tried to tell someone, she felt her leotard that was now part of her skin get warm. She knew that if she did not listen to the voices, that she would get pain.

In fact, the voices were a pain at the start. That always reminded her that she was a girl and she was to be a slut for men. It seems like that they were always whispering to her, and she could not get them out of her head. However, the more she accepted she was a girl and acted like a girl, the less she heard the voices. Christina even started enjoying the pretty clothes and playing with dolls.

One night, Christina was on her laptop. She was surfing the Internet on curses from ancestors. Her skin was getting warmer and warmer as she was doing this and the voices were once again getting loud. She knew that deep down she was a boy and she had to know how to get her old life back. Suddenly someone wanted to add her on Skype. It was Trevor. Christina’s heart jumped at this as maybe he knew about the curse

They went on webcam. Christina was wearing a pink Barbie nightdress. Trevor was just in his boxers. He started telling Christina that she was very pretty. This made Christina blush as no one ever said this before. Trevor started getting more and more daring, saying that she had nice hair and eyes, and for a 10 year old, she was very sexy. Christina knew that all this seemed familiar, but forgot it was what she used to tell girls when she was a boy. However now, she just blushed and said thank you.

Then Trevor asked Christina to lift her nightdress so he can see her nipples. Christina went white, and said she couldn’t do that. She tried making an excuse that they were flat. This did not satisfy Trevor and called her a slut and he wanted to see them. Christina said no. Then she felt her skin get warm again and she started shaking her head. The leotard in her was now burning warm and the voices were starting to fill her head. She managed to tell Trevor she would be back and turned off the webcam. She then collapsed to the ground and wriggled around in pain. The voices were telling her to accept that she was a special girl that wanted to make boys happy by being a slut. Christina shouted no and this only made the pain worse. She didn’t know if the pain was the worse or the voices, as she could hardly think when the voiced were in her head. She was worried that the voices were her own thoughts. The voices told her she has to make Trevor happy. Would she accept that or did she want more pain? Christina could no longer accept the pain and whispered in defeat, “I will make him happy”. The pain vanished.

Tired, Christina turned the webcam on again making an excuse that her mother called her. Trevor once again begged to see her nipples. Slowly, she lifted her night dress and she could see that her panties were now showing and after a few minutes so were her nipples. Trevor started jerking off as her body was now being exhibited. Christina could see that he was happy and although she was confused she felt a rush go through her. It was like a wave of happiness hit her and as if she was high on something. She didn’t protest when he wanted to see her hairless pussy. She just lowered her panties and stared at him while he jerked off. At the end, he put a towel over it and said he was tired, he would speak with her another day.

The next day at school, Christina decided to wear some shorts so tight that they looked more like paint than shorts. Her top was the size of a sports bra. She wore no panties. The first person that seen her was the school nurse, that asked if it was not too cold to be wearing so little? Christina could see some boys staring at her and the rush of happiness hit her again. She smiled at the nurse and walked on.

Another girl came up to her and said that everyone was talking that she was a slut. Christina just looked at the girl and shrugged her shoulders. She did wonder why people were saying that. She found out as she walked towards the classroom. She saw an older boy looking at a print out. It was a screen shot of Christina’s webcam show. One hand was holding her nightie up, and one hand was pushing her panties down. Trevor betrayed her by showing it to the whole school. At first Christina felt mad and she could hear the voices again and her skin getting warmer. This only lasted a few seconds, as Christina smiled, knowing more boys will want to be her friend on Skype.

Part 3

The same evening, Trevor was back online. He asked if I was mad that he spread the pictures. I didn’t answer. He explained that he wanted people to know how pretty I was. I just smiled and said that everyone thinks I am a slut. Trevor explained the fact I was 10 and I knew what that word meant showed that I was one. He then asked me to get naked and without second thoughts I took off all my clothes. I then did as he commanded. He wanted me to rub my pussy. Something was not right though. I knew that little girls should be innocent princesses; could they also be sluts at the same time? I knew straight away that I shouldn’t think this as my skin became warmer. I then begged Trevor to see his dick. He took it out and started jacking off while I was fingering myself. He even asked me to use a hairbrush. He liked when I put the hairbrush in my pussy and then put it in my mouth after as if it was a dick. I was on a pink cloud: I knew that he was happy and I knew it was my body that was making him happy. I finished by dancing around the room and lifting my legs. He used the towel when he was finished and asked me if I would meet him in two days.

I agreed. After all it was a Saturday, what else would I do?

I went to bed tired that night as 3 other boys and 1 teacher added me to Skype and they all got a show.

Saturday came and I told mum that I was going out to play. She sighed and asked did I not see how much housework she had to do? I then put an apron on and helped my mum dust. She asked did I have a date? I said not exactly. Mum then smiled as she knew I was going to meet a boy. This confused me, as most mums would be raging mad if they knew an older boy was meeting their 10 year old. After I finished helping mum, she fixed my hair. I loved when she brushed my hair as it looked so smooth and shiny. She then explained that our family always had a special task, and that was to make men happy. If we didn’t do it, some innocent girl would be abused.

I then remembered that I was cursed. I was not always a girl. I asked mum was she cursed as well. She just smiled and told me to go as I was already late.

I cycled to the park and met Trevor. He was there with the teacher. I knew that I was not in trouble, as I had seen the teacher on Skype as well. Trevor told me I was late and he thought I chickened out. I just smiled and said I had to get ready. The teacher commented that he hoped I would have worn something sexier besides jeans and a top.

They led me into the woods and told me to strip. I did this slowly as to be quite honest I was a bit shy. Then the two males started feeling me all over. I was once again feeling as if I was high on something. The teacher told me to get on my knees and before I knew it, I had a huge dick in my mouth. I started sucking it and playing with it with my tongue when Trevor put me on my hands and knees. Then I felt this sharp pain as I felt his dick go in my pussy. So here I was being used by two males and I was so happy. They couldn’t believe this either, saying they never met a 10 year old that offered her body so easily. I was making them happy. I knew this when the teacher put his baby juice in my mouth, and as I was swallowing this, Trevor was putting his baby juice in my womb.

They played with me for an hour and a half, and wanted to meet me again. I agreed.

That night, I was somehow tired, so I just sat on my bed looking at pictures. Then I saw one picture, it said “Christopher’s 16th birthday!” under the photo. The boy looked like me, except he was a boy. I stared at the picture for 10 minutes then tore it up.

I am not a boy! I am a girl and I am a slut that makes men happy!