Dark Soul's Stories

I am a middle-aged man who has some fairly extreme fantasies. I'd like to share those with you here. I haven't written in some years, but I think I'll start writing again.

If you have someone you'd like me to write about, contact me using the web form and let me know what interests you.

Stories about my ex-wife

Slut ex-wife, chapter 1 [M+F, NC?, bondage, S&M]

New 10/7/2013! Slut ex-wife, chapter 2 [MF, NC?, bondage, S&M, blackmail]

A story about my slut ex-wife. If there's enough interest, I'll keep adding to the story. Several people have written me expressing interest, so I'll keep going for now. If you have ideas of what should happen to Loretta, let me know via the form below, and I'll try to work your ideas into the story line.

Her first time with Nick

My wife fucks a friend for the first time.

Wife Submits Pt. 1

My wife submits to unknown men in a dark, abandoned building.

My daughter

Daughter At The Photo Shoot

My daughter gets more than she expected at a photo shoot.

Daughter Raped and Tortured While Backpacking

My daughter is used violently during a backpacking trip.

Other people

A Roman Slave

A young roman slave's experience on an average day.

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