Honesty Abortion Clinic

Your child, your body, your choice


This is not a real abortion clinic site.
It is an abortion and pregnant snuff sexual fetish site.
The procedures described are FANTASY ONLY.
There are numerous factual and procedural errors, because the goal of the site is sexual excitement, not abortion instruction and resources.

If you are a woman seeking an abortion, go back to your web search and look for a provider near you. We wish you good luck and a happy termination! Please write and tell us how it went, with as much detail as possible, especially about how you felt when your baby died.

If you are an abortion opponent, you may quote from this site as much as you want, to show how sick abortion is. Please do not try to make anyone think this site is a real abortion clinic, though, because it will just make you look stupid when they visit. We would also like to hear from you, because telling us that you are disgusted turns us on.

If you want to read detailed, graphic FANTASY stories about abortion procedures, infanticide, pregnant murder, and other bloody messes, please enter the clinic. We are always open.

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