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Blanket Disclaimer: I, the author of this story, do not in any way condone,
encourage, or intend to glorify any of the sexual activities contained in this story.
This is a work of fiction only, the product of an overactive imagination and too
much spare time on the part of one who simply loves to write. Keep this kind of
stuff in your head, folks.

Blanket Warning: The stories I write feature sexual acts far outside the
accepted "norm" of society. They quite often feature children, animals, slavery,
incest, and other things that "normal" people will find...letís say, distasteful. If
you are offended by anything of this nature, or if it is illegal to read or possess
such things where you live, then I suggest you close the file right this minute, and
go have yourself a nice cold lemonade (or a hot chocolate if youíre already cold).

Safety First: I do try and make my stories as realistic as is plausible. I donít like
stories where every guy has a massive cock and is an unstoppable fucking
machine, or every girl has gargantuan tits and wants to fuck everything in sight. I
keep a bit more realism in my stories. However one thing I loathe is having to
always be safe. It sometimes steals the mood from my own real life encounters,
and so I do away entirely with the need for safety in my stories. In the worlds I
write for, there are no STDs, and pregnancy is not a danger. In the real world,
there are a lot of STDs, and pregnancy is unquestionably there. Always have fun
folks, but when you fuck, do it safely.

And now, on with the show...

My Story

(food, mast, scat, true, vomit)

New Horizons

As an author, Iíve written about a lot of things that Iíve never done before. As a porn author, Iím no different. The only real difference between the two is that when I write porn Iím usually writing about things that I would very much like to do (within legal and safe limits, of course). Today I took a step that Iíd never had the courage to take until now, and I donít know exactly what triggered the progression.

Last night my roommate and I went grocery shopping, and among the items purchased I got some hot dogs. I like hot dogs, theyíre quick to microwave and taste good pretty much any time of day. So there were genuinely no ulterior motives for buying the hot dogs, and I put them in the fridge without a second thought.

My day today was as most have been lately; boring and depressing. I returned to the shitty little apartment I live in with the same lack of energy I have for the past month or more, I canít tell. The key would barely turn in the door as I growled at it, frustrated at yet another thing going wrong. Finally though, I got the door unlocked, walked into my shithole apartment, and slammed the door shut behind me. I locked both the handle and the deadbolt, as I always do; this part of town is the last place for someone like me to be caught unawares.

Dropping my backpack on the floor where I stood, and my leather trench over the bag, I surveyed the depressing sight before me. A flat and round cushion for my bed near the wall, piled with several pillows and a big fluffy blanket. I donít mind sleeping on the cushion & pillows, itís comfortable. It just irks me that I have to sleep in what would be this studio apartmentís living room, as my roommate has the bedroom half (he was here first, after all, so I donít hold it against him).

My PC sat quietly on the floor next to my sleeping area, all beautiful and sexy as it is. I love my PC, itís my baby. Piled high next to where I sat was the usual mountain of books that I always have on hand, and a lamp that I use to read by when doing research for my writing. I hate turning overhead lights on, they make me uncomfortable.

As hoped, nothing had changed while I was out for the day. I wandered around aimlessly for a while, ate a hot dog and some beans, watched one of my favorite DVDs, and essentially tried to figure out what I wanted to do for the evening. Not finding anything else to distract me, I thought I might sit down and get some writing done (Iím behind anyway, as is my standard). Turning on my PC, I flipped through various directories until one of my projects caught my eye, and started working. It only lasted a couple hours (which for me, is extremely short).

During the course of one calculation or another (the particular project I had chosen involved a bit of math), I shifted to a more comfortable position. Now what you have to take into account here, is my wardrobe...and I suppose I had better go ahead and describe the rest of me in the process.

Iím five feet ten inches tall, give or take Iíve never measured to an exacting amount itís just what my ID says. I take their word for it. My weight fluctuates, but not too greatly, between 130 and 140 depending on how much walking I have to do for whatever job I have at a given time of year. I tend to dress a bit androgynously, with both the feminine qualities I like to have and the masculine qualities that make people leave me alone. Let me give you some examples...

The shirts I wear are soft and delicate black satin or silk, and when I choose to wear a skirt I always wear skirts that show a good bit of my (rather nice, if I may say so) legs visible under black stockings. On the other side of the coin, however, I wear heavy boots that, while sexy in my opinion, can be (and have been) used to stomp peopleís faces in rather nicely. I also wear a very large and heavy black leather trench coat that Iíve learned to use to maximum effect (Iím good at catching a breeze with the edges to make it seem like Iím bigger than I am). Yes, everything I wear is black.

Today I am, as usual, wearing my boots. I also happen to be wearing a pair of pants today as I was job hunting, and a nice shirt that accents my figure but doesnít go overboard.

Now as I had mentioned earlier, at one point during my work I shifted position to get more comfortable. In the process the heal of one of my boots rubbed across my sex for the briefest of moments, but if Iíve been without sex for any period of time (and I have), thatís all it takes. The heavy boot grating across the fabric of my pants sent a great wave of horniness through my crotch that spread through the rest of my body in a suddenness that made me shiver, and dirty thoughts immediately began to flit through my pretty head. Yes folks, your favorite author really does immediately begin thinking about filthy things the moment sex enters her brain.

I considered watching some of my videos; Iíve got girls being fucked by dogs & horses, men being fucked by horses, t-girls fucking women and men alike, and a few bukkake videos that Iím rather fond of. Mmmm...one of them is a video of a beautiful Japanese girl who is literally caked in cum like frosting, and sheís on all fours in a cum-puddle thatís got to be at least four feet wide and just as thick as can be. That video gets me so fucking hot.


While the video idea appealed to me, I just did that yesterday. So I thought about the photos I have, of which there are a couple hentai, some yiffy pics (I love yiff), and some watersports. Again, though, I went through my pics not too long ago and pleasured myself very nicely. I like variety, and so my mind began to wander around the apartment even as I was attempting to continue my work.

Out of nowhere, I thought of the hot dogs. I donít know why; maybe it was because Iíd had one to eat earlier, but they just popped into my head. The instant they did, I knew I was going to use one to pleasure myself. I like using weird things to fuck myself with, I think itís more fun than just a plain dildo or vibrator (but donít get me wrong, I use them quite a bit, too). As is my usual, I decided to sit and wait for a bit to get good ní horny so I could really enjoy myself.

So I waited, continuing to work, even had a powdered donut and a glass of milk (I loveses milk, mmmm) as I wrote. For two hours I kept working, every now and then catching my hips grinding where I was sitting, my lust was building up so nicely. Finally, I couldnít take it anymore. I saved my work where it was, and closed all my programs.

Heading to the fridge, I kneeled down to get at the hot dogs that were on the bottom shelf. Even kneeling, in the tight pants I was wearing, made me hornier as the material of my pants pressed up against my crotch and ass, causing my panties to stretch tightly as well. That's always a pleasant feeling I enjoy.

I reached back into the fridge and pulled out the hot dogs, taking them out of their bag and pulling out one nice-sized frankfurter. I examined it for a minute and then placed it in my mouth to hold gently with my lips while I used my hands to close the hot dog back again. Just holding the hot dog in my mouth like that turned me on, I love the feeling of something in my mouth; itís just one of those things.

Walking to the bathroom with the hot dog in my mouth, I closed the door behind me (Iím terribly cautious when I have roommates, as Iíve never had one yet that knew about my perversions) and turned on the light. I caught my reflection in the mirror and, as much as I hate it most of the time, I was pleased with what I saw. Now, while I may loathe my appearance with every fiber of my being, I realize that to most standards I am pretty attractive. Iíve got dyed black hair, pale skin (not as pale as Iíd like, but...meh), big brown eyes with long lashes, and full lips. Full lips that currently had a hot dog gently hanging from them like a limp cock; it was a nice sight.

On an impulse I took the hot dog in my fingertips and began to fuck my face with it. I watched my reflection as I did so, admiring watching my lips pull in and out as the hot dog fucked deeper and deeper. It was an arousing sight, and I began to enjoy myself a bit more than Iíd expected. I started fucking faster and deeper. Now Iíve sucked my share of cock in my day, but unfortunately Iíve never really had one all that big, or had a man whoís as commanding of me as Iíd prefer, so Iím not used to taking very much in my mouth. With my rigorous face-fucking with the hot dog, I suddenly hit my gag reflex.

It caught me by total surprise, but I closed my throat and stopped myself short just in time before I threw up all over the bathroom mirror (boy that would have been hard to explain to my roommate). Again, out of nowhere, a thought flashed through my mind. Like the characters I write about, when a thought crosses my mind it isnít going to go away until I go through with it. This is, basically, exactly why Iím as filthy as I already am. I used to try ignoring the filthy thoughts that crossed my mind, but eventually I learned to just go with them.

So, going with it as Iíve learned to do, I opened the toilet and knelt before the beautiful white bowl. Now Iíve done some fun things around a toilet, but this was a first for me. Iíve fantasized about vomit before, Iíve written about it and even talked about it, but Iíve never had the courage to do it. Today, I did, and I donít know why.

My fingertips still holding the hot dog, I began fucking my face again as deeply as I could. I shoved the hot dog straight down my throat and kept fucking in and out of my face with it for a few moments. It didnít take long and suddenly I was dry heaving, forcing the hot dog back out. It was pretty much as I had imagined it would be, and Iím proud of myself for having been correct. Getting even more aroused, I kept going.

I shoved the hot dog back down my throat, and kept fucking myself. I gagged three times straight, each time immediately shoving the hot dog back down my throat after it was forcibly ejected. My eyes began to water now, and I could feel tears running down my face.

On the fourth time, it was more than a dry heave. Quicker than I expected, I vomited all over the hot dog and my hand. It wasnít much, but it was pure vomit and I could smell it very well. It had white chunks in it that I think was powdered donut, and it was as disgusting as Iíd hoped. Fuck I was hot. I shoved the hot dog back in my throat and kept fucking myself with it, the taste was horrendous. I gagged again, both from the fucking and the taste, and then vomited once more on the dog and my hand.

Gasping for breath I pulled the hot dog out and sat over the toilet bowl for several moments, just looking at what Iíd done and reveling in my lust. Iíll be honest with you, thatís all the courage I had for vomit today. The way I work though, dear friend, is that I take little irrevocable steps that, once taken, I never go back on. Itís only a matter of time until I go further.

For the time being though, I was sated of my curiosity about vomit, and I tossed the hot dog into the sink, not done with him yet. I flushed the toilet, washed my face and hands, and washed my hot dog. Pulling my belt loose and dropping my pants, I squatted down and lay on my back on the bathroom floor. With my left hand I pulled my panties to the side (theyíre very pretty, black with red trim, I love them), and with my right hand I shoved the entire hot dog up my ass in one long, powerful, smooth stroke. It was heavenly. With that, I stood up, pulled my pants back up, and walked out.

Now, dear reader, this hot dog in my ass is telling me most forcibly that it wants back out. Heís been in there this entire time, and Iíve been holding him for you as I wrote this. I love the feeling when I have to shit, itís just such a wonderful feeling I wish I could have it all the time. I sometimes do things like this just to enjoy the feeling.

So here we are, youíre caught up to me on my day and, I hope, my sexual excitement. I think Iíll go back to the bathroom now, and maybe when Iím done Iíll tell you about it. Maybe.

Fun in the Bathroom

Well, lucky you dear reader, Iím in the mood to finish telling you about the evening I had.

Immediately after finishing the section above, I headed for the bathroom rather eagerly. I needed to shit very badly, the hot dog was filling my ass quite nicely and the feeling was absolutely exquisite. Heading into the bathroom I immediately dropped my pants and, though I would have preferred to soil my clothing, I sat on the toilet just in case. I was being particularly cautious since my roommate would be home any minute.

Leaning over and spreading my legs so I could see into the toilet bowl as I shat. To be honest, I do this almost every single time I shit, even when Iím not doing anything sexual...I just love to watch it. Focusing on my deliciously full rectum, I held my breath and tried to release my bowels slowly. It didnít work quite as I was expecting.

At first a stream of thick liquid came out, and Iím pretty sure it was juice squeezed out of the hot dog. I shivered at the feeling, and suddenly in a rush out came the hot dog in its entirety. The entire thing slipped by so quickly I actually didnít even notice it, and suddenly I was dropping several lumps of shit in quick succession. I moaned at the feeling (as I usually do), and enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

I hadnít noticed the hot dog leave my ass, and so I kept trying to shit it out but to no avail. Curious, and thinking perhaps it was turned at an angle that it couldnít come out, I reached between my legs and gently pushed a finger in my ass (okay, so Iíll take any excuse to put something in me, Iím a filthy bitch what can I say). Pushing deeply into my ass with my middle finger, I felt what I thought was a turd but couldnít be sure. I fingered myself for a while to get my anus nice and ready, then pulled my finger out and clenched my rectum, emptying it of the last few bits of shit Iíd felt.

As habit, my finger went directly to my mouth, and I noted that the usual flavor was overpowered by the taste of hot dog. This was just funny enough to me I couldnít help but giggle; I mean my own ass tasted like a hot dog. How could that not be funny? I still, however, hadnít found the hot dog. I was getting concerned.

Just to check...oh, youíve probably figured me out by now so I donít have to lie. Partly to check for the hot dog, and partly just to play in it, I stuck my hand down into the toilet bowl where my shit was. Quite literally, I shoved my hand directly down into the shit and pushed my arm down the toilet bowl until my hand was sliding down the toilet bowl chute. My hand was squishing through my shit, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I stopped for a few moments to play in it, to bounce the more solid pieces around in the water and squeeze the softer ones.

Finally, after some digging, I found my little friend. Amongst the squishy shit and the harder chunks I felt the solid and cylindrical object of my lustful desire. Relieved that I hadnít inadvertently gotten a hot dog stuck in my ass (I was already envisioning the expressions of hospital people), I couldnít help but giggle again as I pulled my hot dog out of the toilet bowl. It was clean of pretty much anything, but regardless I immediately shoved it in my mouth and savored the taste of hot dog and my own ass. It was just as filthy as I like it to be.

While sucking on the hot dog, I put my finger back down into the toilet bowl and shoved my middle finger right up my ass. My left hand, meanwhile, went straight to my crotch and started working away. I enjoyed the sensations for several minutes, even clenching my ass like I was trying to shit out my finger (or shit on it, that would have been nice too), and knowing thatís what guys must feel when they fuck me. I love to clench muscles with a finger inside myself, imagining thatís what a guy feels while heís pounding into me. Multiple guys have told me that my ass feels particularly good (yes, Iím bragging, sue me Iím egotistical).

After a few minutes of this, I pulled the hot dog out of my mouth and, with my left hand still going away at my crotch, I shoved the hot dog gently back up my ass. Enjoying the feeling for a couple moments, I shit it back out into my hand, and then pushed it right back in. I did this quite a few times; I donít remember how many I wasnít exactly in the mindset to count them. I was thoroughly enjoying myself; the feeling of shitting was exquisite, the feeling of shoving the hot dog in my ass was delicious, and of course my hand in my crotch was eliciting its own wave of pleasure.

Soon enough though, my position on the toilet began to become annoyingly uncomfortable, and I knew Iíd never cum like that. Putting the hot dog back in my mouth (so yummy), I untied my boots and pulled off my pants as quickly as I could, cursing myself the whole time for not thinking ahead.

Finally I had my boots, pants, and shirt off, but I left my bra and panties on because, well, I enjoy soiling them. Itís much easier to hide soiled underwear from roommates than soiled outerwear. Quickly I stepped into the little one-person shower stall right next to the toilet, and turned it on as hot as it would go. I love hot showers, they scare my roommate.

Sitting down with my knees in the air and legs spread, my left hand continued at my crotch inside my panties as I immediately reached down and shoved the hot dog back in my ass. The hot water cascading down on me felt wonderful and as it got to a level that started to become painful my moans only increased. After several moments I squeezed my muscles and shit the hot dog out into my panties, enjoying the feeling more than I can describe. Honestly, I simply canít describe to anyone just how fucking hot it makes me to fill my panties with anything. The feeling I get when the weight of my panties increases and I feel something spreading in there just...itís making me shiver just writing it.

Moaning quite a bit now, I pushed the hot dog back in my ass and shit it out, again filling my panties. Like before I repeated this, shoving it up my ass and shitting it back out again, and I canít tell you how many times I did it. Finally I shoved the hot dog up my ass entirely and, needing to cum very badly now, brought my right hand to help my left one at my crotch. I worked hard to cum, planning to shit the hot dog out either as I came or right before, but it hit me too soon. Before I was ready, my orgasm came out of nowhere and I had one of the best orgasms Iíve had in weeks.

The walls of this crappy apartment complex are rather thin, and if my neighbor didnít hear me moan as I came, Iíll be very surprised. Considering heís the landlord, that could be interesting, but I didnít care at the time. All I knew was that my head was spinning and suddenly my hands didnít work anymore, the only thing I could understand was the pleasure and the extremely hot water of the shower.

Breathing heavily after my orgasm, I had to focus hard in order to shit out the hot dog. I think my muscles contracting during my orgasm must have shoved it further back up my rectum, because it was a bit of doing to shit it out again. Not that I minded, it was nice, and as always I enjoyed filling my panties. Bringing the hot dog up to my mouth, I sighed contentedly as I sucked it clean and, with deliberate slowness, ate the whole thing.

So now here I sit, dear reader, having finished my shower and then watched a movie to relax even further, writing this second bit of the story. My underwear is still damp from my shower (a shower always feels so good after an orgasm...the better the cum, the better the shower I think), and so are my clothes over them as a result. I love wearing my underwear in the shower and then keeping it on when I get dressed; especially when I then go places, it turns me on for some reason. I must say, I am quite sated after the eveningís activities.

I hope youíve enjoyed this story dear reader, I genuinely do. I know itís nowhere near as disgusting as my other stories, but it was only a bit of fun with a hot dog and some experimentation with vomit. I can assure you that, if I get enough of a positive response from this story, two things will happen. One, Iíll write more true stories about me (and I usually have quite a bit of fun with my shit). Two, Iíll be more inclined to experiment with vomit some more and see if maybe I can even push myself further toward my ultimate goal (at least in terms of puke) of actually puking during orgasm.

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