To Become a Fuck Toy
Part 1 - Michael's Story

Mrs. Donna Connily had a degenerative bone disease, or so all the neighbors thought. That is what they were told, after all, by both Donna and her husband, Dr. Jacob Connily. He was a surgeon at a local hospital, and one of high regards at that. Most of the families in the lovely little suburbs in which they lived had sought him out on numerous occasions for medical advice. He was always very patient and kind, and Donna was the same. Everyone thought well of the couple and their two children, Mike and Lisa; The neighbors looked out for Donna with her troubles and often whispered to each other how horrible it was that such an affliction would settle upon such a wonderful mother and beautiful woman as she. No one suspected that her condition was anything but that: a serious medical illness.

It started right after Lisa was born seventeen years ago. She was two years younger than Mike, and everyone always said had wonderful it was that Donna had been able to give birth to two such bright and beautiful children before her condition set in and made it impossible for her to have any more children - the strain of pregnancy was too much for her bones to bear at that point.

Lisa's birth had been hard enough, and it was a few months after she was born that Donna's left leg beneath the knee had to be amputated, the bones having been strained during the pregnancy. It wasn't long after that, maybe a year or so, that she would loose that leg altogether.

And the neighbors watched as the children grew up and as Donna's body slowly wore away. She seemed so young and full of life and happiness, even after she lost her right leg, first below the knee and then, like the left one before it, having to have it removed at the hip, leaving her forever in a wheel chair. The children took it well, though, and everyone agreed on just how great and loving Mike and Lisa were, helping out their failing mother, doing everything for her. Jacob, being the successful doctor, was more than able to foot any bills that came up and have the house altered suite his wife's new complications. He supported her and stood by her through it all, the model of the loving husband, even when Donna lost her right hand, then forearm, then the rest at the shoulder.

Nothing ever seemed to get the family down, nothing. They were full of life and happiness, and it seemed that they spend every moment they could together. Often the children, now in their teens, would wheel their mother into the yard and they would lift her down to the ground so they could all weed the garden together. Donna was there for ever baseball game Mike was in and each of Lisa's soccer matches. The model of the perfect family, that is what they thought. No one suspected the truth of it.

* * * * *

Lisa hugged her mother, trying her best to hold back the tears, knowing it's not what her mother wanted to see. Donna held her daughter close with her one good arm, wishing she still had a hand with which to caress Lisa's hair. "It's okay," she whispered to Lisa. "I'll always be here for you. Always. You knew this was going to happen."

Mike signed and shook his head. This whole thing was ridiculous, and Lisa's blubbering only made it worse. She took it oh so seriously; it didn't deserve that kind of attention. It didn't deserve any. They weren't loosing anything - if fact, it would be better when his mother was gone. He wouldn't have to wait on her anymore, serve her like her bed nurse. This was a moment to be happy - this was the moment of freedom at last. Lisa just couldn't get over it.

"I know, I know," Lisa whispered. "I'll come see you. Every day. I swear!"

"You don't need to do that, Sweety. I'll be fine! You have to go on with your own life. I'll be there when you need me, but you don't need to take care of me anymore. You shouldn't be. That's not the point."

"I know, I know. I just - I don't want to loose you!"

"That can't be helped," Donna told her daughter.

Dr. Connily walked into the room, dressed in his surgical scrubs. "It's time. You sure about this, Donna?"

"Yes," Donna replied, letting go of her daughter. "I'm sure. This is what I want."

Jacob nodded and began to wheel her out of the room. "I'll be finished up before dinner, kids. Lisa, you'll be able to see her tonight. Just try not to think to much about it."

As she disappeared down the hallway, Donna yelled back to her kids. "I'm no longer your mother, kids. I'm no longer your mother."

Lisa began to cry in earnest upon hearing those words, but Mike just sighed. "Not like she was much of a mother to begin with. Sick freak, she'll be more useful after this then she ever was before. Probably like her more, anyway."

"Shut up!" Lisa screamed at her older brother and rushed from the room.

* * * * *

Donna awoke on the bed, naked save for the bandages on the stub of her left shoulder. There was only a little pain, and she was well used to that at this point. She was a little high on pain killers, she could tell, but even higher on the elation of the moment. No arms, no legs, she was nothing but a truck with four stumps where her limbs had once been.

Her husband was standing over her, looking into her eyes and smiling as she awoke. He was cleaned up after his surgery - she had been out for a while, no doubt - and watching over her. When her eyes were on his and she seemed focused, he held up for her to see a chain with two beautiful rings dangling from it: her wedding band and her engagement ring. When she had lost her left hand a year ago, she had them put on a chain for her to wear around her neck. He had them now.

"You sure about this?" he asked.

"It's a little late to go back, now," she said smiling up at him. He was about to protest that statement, but she cut him off, "Yes, Jacaob, I'm sure. More sure then I have ever been. I love you!"

"And I love you," he said as he leaned in to kiss her.

"You shouldn't love me," she replied. "You should want to fuck me."

"I do," Jacob stated empathically. "I do."

"Then do it," Donna purred, licking her lips.

Jacob grinned. It was like this after all of her surgeries; as soon as she had something removed, she was horny as hell. He was amazed to find that this lust in her didn't die out, and grew with every operation. After her last amputation the loss of her second hand, she had pretty much become a compete nymph, wet and lusty at the mere thought of sex. Now that she had her final amputation, the last bit of her limbs removed, Jacob figured she would be damn insatiable.

He pulled off his cloths and climbed on the bed, his body easy enveloping her own. He didn't kiss her, didn't caress or touch her body. He just shoved his rigid cock into her slick cunt and began to fuck her.

Donna cried out in pleasure as he fucked her. She could hold him, touch him, she couldn't even raise her face to kiss him anywhere. It was impersonal; they could no longer make love like they had when they were married - there was no tenderness, no gentleness. She was a fuck toy now, not a human being. She was tits and cunt and ass and mouth, now, and little more than that. And that thought drove her wild. Already her body was mounting towards an incredible orgasm, fueled many on the knowledge that she had become a thing, an object.

And Jacob told her so, knowing that that was his wife's wish. "Look at you, you fucking slut," he said as he banged away at her, her body jerking up and down on the mattress from the force of his thrusts. "Nothing but a receptacle for cum. That's all you're good for now: fucking. Can't do anything else with you, can we? Just cum in you."

"Yes, cum in me," she cried out as her first amazing climax rippled through her body. "I'm your fucking cum sponge; use me! God, please, use me!"

Jacob kept fucking her, twisting her light body as he see fit. He flipped her on her side, first, and then onto her stomach. She offered no resistance, could offer no resistance. Even if she wanted to get away, she was powerless to do so, and that knowledge made it all the more exciting for her.

Jacob pulled out at least, nearly expended, but not quite. He rested a few moments, letting himself cool down. He slapped his wife hard on the ass, then spread her cheeks. "I think it's time we give this ass the fucking it deserves," he said, grinning. When she had limbs, she had never let me fuck her ass. Up until the end, she had insisted: no anal sex. But now he could do as he pleased, and she could not stop him.

She didn't even protest. It would be futile to do so since he would simply shove his cock in her ass and fuck her anyway - how could she stop him.

He spit on to her anus a few times, just to slick her ass up. Whether it would ease her discomfort or not, he had no idea, but it was worth at least that little to try. He aimed his cock up with her little puckered hole and pressed the tip of his head against her anus. He reached up and grabbed her shoulders with his hands.

"Ready?" he asked. Without waiting for her response, he pulled down on her body with his arms and pushed up with his thighs, shoving his throbbing member deep into her virgin ass with one quick thrust.

She cried out in pain, but it was wonder, exhilarating agony. She had deterred anal sex, not because she objected to it, but because she thought it would be better for Jacob to take her anal virginity from her rather than have her give it up. From the beginning of their relationship, they both knew that one day it would come down to this, when she was nothing but an object for pleasure.

And it was well worth it. That he was cruelly forcing his thick cock in her tight hole, fucking her ass without her consent, without even caring about her consent, that made this one of the hottest moments of her life. The pain was intense, his every thrust inside of her was hot, searing agony, but it made her cum over and over as she flopped helplessly beneath his humping body.

At last he pulled out and flipped her over roughly. He hastily mounted her chest, shoving his cock to her mouth. She opened for him, willingly accepting his dick straight from her ass. She could taste the earthiness of it, the foul dirty taste of her rear, and she found herself overwhelmed by it, high from it, because she was forced to acquiesce to the bitterness without question, without complaint. She sucked and licked at his dick as he thrust a few times between her lips. With a grunt, his cum spewed into her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed it all down.

He pumped several long shots down her throat; Donna could tell he had enjoyed that fucking, that his own climax had been incredible and intense. He moaned a few times as he gained his breath back, and she continued to suckle his penis, even as it shriveled in her mouth and the last of his cum flowed down her throat.

"That was great," he murmured, grinning down at her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"How's your ass?"

"Stings like a bitch," she replied, still grinning.

"Good. Get used to it, cause I think I'm going to be fucking that ass a lot from now on."

"Anything you want."

"I know," Jacob replied. He scooped up the rings from where he had dropped them and looked at her, his eyes asking the question his lips did not form.

Donna nodded. "Get rid of them. Sell them, get yourself a new car or something. Buy something for a girl friend. I'm not your wife any more, Jacob. I'm your toy. Use me as you want to, for whatever you want, but that's all I am: a fuck toy for your cock."

"Just my cock?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

She smiled back. "No. For any cock, for any cunt. I'm just a fuck toy for your pleasure. Anything you want to do to this body, it is yours to do so."

Jacob's hand slid across her cunt; she was still soaking wet, and she shivered with pleasure and desire at the touch. She was ready for more, longing for more, and he knew it. But he wasn't going to give her that satisfaction, not yet. He knew he would be back at least once more before this evening was over; seeing her armless, legless body open and naked on the bed was already getting his turned on again, but he wanted her to stay horny and frustrated a little longer before he sated his own rising lust.

"I'm going to go have dinner now," Jacob declared, starting to put back on his cloths. "I'll tell the kids you made it through okay and everything is going well."

"Thank you. I'm sure Lisa is still having a hard time with all of this."

Jacob nodded. He had seen his daughter just before coming in to check on Donna - she seemed to be in shock. She would get used to it, soon, but for now, it kind of helped to have her in such a state. After all, with Donna's death to fake and a funeral to attend for her, Lisa would be very convincing as the grieving child.

* * * * *

It had been a little over a week that she had been lying in bed, naked and helpless. She was alone most of the time, as she knew she would be. The exceptions were the two nights her husband - no, she had to stop thinking of him as her husband, that was over now - Jacob had come to fuck her and when her nurse, Isabel came in to care for her. Isabel was a middle-age woman, dark skin, skinny, and quiet. Sometimes she chatted casually to Donna as she cleaned the room, changed the sheets, and feed the limbless woman ever day, but it wasn't often. Usually she went about her work silently, a pleasant little smile on her face for no apparent reason. Isabel was in charge of Donna, keeping her clean and healthy and somewhat comfortable - she washed the woman ever other day, taking care of the wound from her latest surgery. Donna did not know where Jacob had found the able nurse, and one he trusted to keep quiet about what went on in the house, but Isabel, so far, had done a great job.

There was little for Donna to do, limited as her movement was. She could twist herself and wiggle a bit on the bed, her small stubs gave her just a little push. Jacob had a TV for her with a remote she could control with her mouth and a computer by her bed so she could read or surf the web. She was a bit lonely, but more than that, she was crazy horny. Two times with Jacob since the day of operation was not nearly enough! Two times a day wouldn't be nearly enough! And in her turned on state, she couldn't help but read sex stories on-line and look at porn sites all the time, which only made her worse. She was barely sleeping at night, the hot, burning lust so maddening wild she couldn't relax enough to slumber - and those few hours she did brought on crazy dreams of wild sex parties where she, limbless, was passed around from person to person to do with as they pleased - when she awoke, she was soaked with sweet and her sheets drenched with her over-flowing juices.

It was on such a night, as she drifted off into a light sleep, the visions of wild, rampant sex starting to form in her mind, that the door to her small chamber burst open and the lights above her exploded to life. She was started at the sudden intrusion, and stunned by the rude awakening to bright lights. Someone was in the doorway and approaching her, but it was a blur, a misty form she could not identify.

She blinked a few times; a little afraid at first. Her room was a small addition to the house in which she had lived, one door from the outside and another through the house. Her fear fled her when she realized this person had come through the house - she figured it must be Jacob. But as her eyes focuses, she saw it was not the man she had been married to, but rather her son, Michael.

He was sneering at her, glaring, wearing only his boxers, which where tenting out in front from the hard-on barely concealed within. He was at the side of her bed and shoved his boxers down, kicking them off. He was hard, alright - his young cock jutting from his groin. Seven inches, maybe a little longer, he was nearly the same length as his father, but his cock was curved more and seemed much harder.

"I was jacking off up stairs," he started, seeing her eyeing him up. "And I thought to myself, what the fuck am I doing when I have some helpless slut down in the basement who probably needs a hard fucking anyway. I might as well fuck a cunt then use my hand."

Donna couldn't believe the language he was using in front of her, he never had said anything like that before in her presence, but she didn't say anything to him about it. He climbed into the large king-sized bed, his hands going right for her tits. He squeezed them hard, mauling them in his rough grip, pinching and twisting at each nipple. He pulled them, lifting her torso from the mattress by her boobs. She winced, the pain agonizing, but she did her best to not scream. She was sure the walls were sound proof, so waking anyone in the house wasn't a problem.

He mounted her body, sliding his cock up and down her cunt a few times and then jabbing at her. He was inexperienced - Donna figured her must be a virgin and most of his sex ed having come from porn movies, he figured he could just shove it in. But it was not so easy, and he ended up stabbing her thighs several times before he rammed his cock home into her cunt.

He humped away, once more showing his lack of experience, but Donna didn't care. She was so lusty now, that being even his clumsy stabs had brought her close to rogasming - now that he was actually in, his fumbling thrusts were pure heaven, and her body rocked instantly into an incredible explosion of climactic delights.

Michael was rough with her, slamming her down on the bed, brutally attacking her with his whole body. He had never taken it well, her operations. She and Jacob had been very forward with their children, always wanting them to understand what was happening and why. They both had known from and early age about sex and kinks and fetishes, how Donna's driving goal in her existence was to become what she was now - the limbless, powerless, living fuck-toy. They both knew that she had no disease, that she lost her limbs for the pleasure and sexual desire it stirred in her. Michael had always resented it - resented the fact that he had to take care of her, that he and his family were pitied, that he was loosing his mother all for her selfish sexual needs, and he was taking all that anger and frustration out on her body right now. And it only excited Donna more, knowing that. Her body quivered and shook beneath his as she came again and again from his savagery.

He did not last long at all, and when he came, he stopped and shook, moaning softly as he shot his seed into his mother's womb. She was infertile, now, so Donna had no worry about become pregnant. She silently regarded her son, watching his face as he came. She felt bad that she had but him through so much in her life, but at least now she felt like they had a connection, one that had never existed before between them. It wasn't love, not like that shared between most mothers and sons, but at least it was something.

He was still for a few moments, letting his balls drain into her body, and then he pulled out and climbed off the bed. "Fuck, at least now you are good for something," he mumbled. "That's about the most useful you've been in years."

The words stung her, but she didn't let it show. He was scooping up his underwear from the floor, and Donna suspected he was done with her for the night. And it wasn't that she was not ready for him to leave, because being just a fuck toy, she had no say in such matters - it was more a validation of her new exsistance, maybe even an invitation to him to keep him coming back for more, that made her say, "I can suck you off, if you want."

He turned back to the bed, his eyes meeting hers, and she did her best to look hungry for his cock, to suggest to him that she dearly wanted to suck him off, that she was a total slut for his amusement. It seemed to work. He was grinning as he climbed back on to the bed.

Michael climbed up to the face and sat down on the mattress. He flipped her over onto her stomach, shoving her face into his lap. Donna moaned loudly and she took his flaccid dick into her mouth and started to lick and suck it back to life. Her horniness was no act of her part, and she made sure that she was loud enough for him to hear. Her every action, every noise was to convey her desire to please him, and he liked that feeling of power. As his cock grew hard between her lips, he took her head in his hands and began to pump her face up and down on his shaft, fucking his tool deep into her mouth and throat, and she moaned louder as he took control, her own pleasure increasing at her display of helplessness.

Once fully hard, he was forcing her up and down rapidly, groaning as she sucked hard on his cock and licked his shaft. He was just fucking himself with her face, but she was getting so turned on by it.

It took him longer this time to finally cum, but her kept a steady, if quick, rhythm, never slowing, never giving her a moments break until the moment he flood her mouth with his cum. Even then, he just pushed her face down, shoving his cock as far into her throat as he could and just held it there as he came.

He was quiet and still for a few moments as his cock softened in her mouth, and then Michael pushed Donna off of him, tossing her aside like she was nothing more than a blanket that had been covering him. She landed on her back with a grunt, the rough mistreatment sending a shiver of delight through her body.

Michael didn't say anything for a time, then he looked over at her. "You were a horrible mother," he muttered to her, a tinge of anger still coloring his voice. "But you make a damned good fuck toy. This is so much better than jacking off. Think I'm going to enjoy seeing you now."

Donna didn't say anything, did not even smile at his words, but a warm, happy glow was filling her. Those were exactly the words she had wanted to hear.

"That's what you want, isn't it?" Michael said, a bit of aggression creeping into him as he turned towards the sack of flesh that use to be his mother. "That's what you always wanted. To be used like a piece of meat, fuck like some worthless whore. That's what you always wanted, isn't it? Just to be a thing for other people's pleasure. That's what you want, that's what you'll be."

His words, his accusations, they were all true, and they were stirring up the wild heated lust inside of her. She had not had enough yet, not by a long shot, and now he was teasing her with his threats. "Yes, use me. Fuck me. God, please fuck me. I need it so bad. I need your cock so bad!" She couldn't help herself, she had to beg for more. The words were spewing from her mouth without her even being aware what she was saying. She just needed relief, and she was no longer capable of getting it herself. So she had to beg her son to help her. "Oh, Michael, you're cock felt so good. Please fuck me again. I want more! Please, fuck me with that wonderful cock."

He rolled on top of her, looming above her, sneering. He slapped her hard across the face - it made her gasp with pleasure. "Shut up, slut. If and when I fuck you, it's because I want to fuck you. Not because you want it or need it. You never get to want or need anything again. And I never need to do anything for you again. Not like the last ten years of my life, waiting on you because of your sick little desires."

His cock was hard for the third time that evening and his hot shaft bobbed against her tight stomach as he scolded her. He reached down and grasped it in his hand, jerking it slowly, teasing her with the motion. Donna licked her lips in eager anticipation of what he was going to do. His eyes were hungry as they scan her naked form, and she could see his mind at work.

"Ah, I know. I've fuck your cunt and your mouth. Let's go for all three holes, shall we?" He didn't wait for her to reply, didn't care what she would say anyway, he just flipped over her body and spread her ass with his hands.

The pain of his cock invading her tight hole made her cry out. She screamed into the mattress as he brutalized her with his cock. This was only her third time taking a cock up her rear passage, and Jacob had at least been considerate enough to lube up a little first and press in slowly. It hadn't been much, but this was a devilish, burning sting in her anus, a hard throbbing pain. Michael had shoved his dick in, one hard thrust, and had been completely dry when he had done so. This was torturous!

Donna bite down on the mattress as he continued to fuck her, not even pausing an instant when she cried out. Tears streamed down her eyes as he savagely forced himself in and out of her spazzing asshole.

Michael moaned with the pleasure of having his mother's hot shitter clutching so tight against his young cock and plunged into her again and again, bouncing her light, limbless body up and down on the bed. "God, this is good! Fuck! I'm going to fuck you like this all the time!"

He fucked her hard and fast for a few more minutes before he quite suddenly pulled out of her ass, leaving Donna gasping for breath between her pained sobs. Michael shifted around again, once more sitting at the head of the bed, his back against the head board. He lifted Donna's body from the bed and held it before her. She seemed so small now, he though, as he held her. Her torso was shorter then his, thought not by much, but some how she seemed so little and inconsequential, it made Michael chuckle. She was sniffing and crying, but she did not turn away as he peered into her face.

She didn't move, couldn't move in his grip like that, and her being utterly powerless in his hands made Michael feel very powerful indeed. He lowered her body down to his pole. His cock jabbed into the flesh of her ass cheek, but it wasn't difficult for him to wiggle her around until his cock found her asshole again. Her anus was still opened slightly, and when his head found the puckered ring of muscle, it slid right in and her weight crashed down onto his thighs.

Keeping a firm hold on her waist, Michael pumped Donna's body up and down on his cock, using her body to jack off his cock. His pleasure was obvious on his face, the tight ring on her asshole was more sensational around his shaft then anything he had ever felt. It expanded slowly around the girth of his rod as he pushed her down to his thighs, and then closed back up, keeping a tight grip on his member as he lifted her until only the head of his cock was inside of her. Time and again, pushing her down and pulling her up like some fake rubber cunt sold in sex toy stores.

And though still painful, Michael was pumping her much more slowly then he had been when on top, fucking her ass, and the sensation of her ass opening and closing around the girth of his cock was driving her wild. Through the pain, or maybe because of it, her orgasm was swelling quickly.

When it struck, she shouted out in wild lust, every muscle left in her body tightening and twitching as lightning exploded up and down her spine. Her head jerked from side to side in her wild undulations and her ass pulsed around Michael's tool buried inside of her, making the pleasure more intense with ever contraction of her anus around his shaft. And through it all, as if unaware of her climax, Michael steady pumped her ass up and down on his cock, steadily working himself to another orgasm.

Donna's orgasm never truly stopped as Michael used her body on his cock. The rumbling pleasure peeked and abated several times as he fucked himself with her ass, but for every moment of it after that first explosion, the gently delightful quivering in her body never fully disappeared.

It was not small amount of time for Michael to reach this third cum of the evening, but when he did, it was explosive. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he blasted his load up into Donna's rectum. Shot after shot of cum erupted from his balls, spewing hot spunk into her used ass. She couldn't believe how much was shooting up into her, especially after having cum twice already.

He held her still on his cock, and she was utterly silent as she basted in the glow of her lingering pleasure. Cock wilting, Michael lifted her off of him and tossed her body aside. He shifted his body up to her mouth and, grabbing her head by her hair, he forced her mouth down onto his cock so she could suck away the last his cum and lick his shaft clean.

Or so she thought, but as she sucked his cock clean of the bitter taste, her mouth was suddenly filled with hot, salty fluid. She was shocked at first when she realized he was pissing in her mouth, and she lost some of his urine through her lips before she could swallow. She tried to keep up with the flow, drinking it down as fast as she could, but there was just too much for her, and the golden liquid spilled from the corner of her lips and down to the bed below. The flow kept coming, swallow after swallow, there just seemed to be no end to it for several long minutes. Then the flow of urine slowed and stopped completely. Michael withdrew his cock from her lips and crawled off the bed.

Scooping up his boxes, her turned back to her, "Yeah, I like you much more like this. I think we are going to be spending a lot more time together." He slipped into his underwear and left the room.

Donna's head spun. This first week had been more wonderful then she could have imagined. She felt like nothing more than a mere object, a toy, holes for the pleasure of whomever walked through that door. Sometimes in the past, the idea of the loss of freedom, the loss of humanity, had scared her, but after Michael's harsh treatment this night, she knew this really was what she wanted.

Before, drinking someone's piss would have turned her stomach, but now, she felt a pleasant warmth in her belly that was spreading slowly through her body. Her ass was sore and throbbing, and somehow, it was an incredible high for her, feeling Michael's cum leaking from her sore anus into her sheets. She longed to have her ass used again, to have Michael walked back in this instant and resumed pounded her up her abused shitter. God, how that would make her cum.

She was still completely horny, and as her imagination ran wild with the ideas of being used by her son again and again, she was making herself even worse. She wasn't going to be sleeping again, not any time soon, as she eagerly awaiting someone, anyone at all, to walk through her door and ravish her helpless body. To use her as the worthless cum bucket she was now.