A Fetish-Categorized List of the Chaos Grey Story Collection
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December 28 - I'm later then I wanted to be on getting the contest winner up on the site, but I did manage before the New Year. I just hope it was worth it for all of you who voted for this one!

To everyone who voted, thank you so much. I appreciate the support and involvement.

Without further rambling from me (shocker!), here it is, the contest winner: Why She's Still Dating Him on Single Story.

October 11 - New story: Lara and the Bedpost on Single Story. It's the first story to introduce some characters which will appear in another story. Whether or not there are ever more than 2, I just don't know, but I definitely have plans for another one.

October 4 - If, somehow, you got down here and missed the annoucement above this, there is a bit of a contest going on, and I think you should have your eyes and/or monitor checked out for some really sever problems. No new story just yet - hopefully by the end of the week.

September 7 - New one on Single Story called Lover's Lane. I'm sure a great part of my fan-base has been disappointed by the lack of filth and depravity for which my stories have been previously known. Well, all you fans of the diriest side of sex will be happy with this one, I hope, cause it delves deep into the fouler things.

Working On:

I usually have a few things in the works at any given point. I get a lot of ideas in my head, and they just sit around for a while, slowly leaking on into a story. If anything on this list appeals to you, let me know. If I am hearing from people that one piece is favored more than others, I'll direct more attention to that one to get it up sooner.

This is what I am currently working through:

  • Wicked StepSister 3- while the parents are away, the stepsisters will play. And now that Morgan has control, well, she'll be taking this up a notch!
  • Fantasy Resort: Day 1 - Sandra and Jason have only just begun their vacation, and boy, it sure has started with a bang!
  • Wrong Bus Stop - Lorrie is having a bad day. Teased more brutally at school then usual, she gets on the public bus to ride home, only to sit and wallow and miss her stop! She gets off, sure she knows the way, and ends up going down a dark alley in a bad section of town. The people she meets there sure aren't going to give her directions, if they ever let her go at all!
  • EvilSadist 2 - Monique flies out to begin her life with EvilSadist. Wonder how that goes, don't you?
  • A Boob Story - Maybe the title if I can't think of a better one. I keep saying I'm a tit man, but I don't have any real tit stories on the site. Well, I got a good one involving huge boobs, suctions, tie, lactation, and all kinds of other fun tit-play without hard-core torture. You can find that in other stories.
  • Sorority Abduction - A couple of sorority girls seduce an older man from a bar with tantalizing teases of wild sexual debauchery. Little did he realize their plans involved kidnapping him and keeping him chained in the sorority house basement to be used as a toilet slave by all the sorority sisters!

You can, if you so choose, make other suggestions. I may not drop everything I'm working on to take up that idea (though I may!), but you might find your suggestion on this list as soon as something else is completed!