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Breeder World (html page) - - Breeder World (rtf file)
Breeder Ships 01 (html page) - - Breeder Ships 01 (rtf file)
(M~F+ action)
A bio-weapon released in a world wide war has killed off 70% of the world population and rendered most of the population sterile. A new world government and world order has arisen. The rarest commodity on the planet are fertile men. Miscarriages are frequent. The majority of children conceived are female and many children are born sterile as well. Social upheavals occur and many adjustments are needed. The continuation of the race is at extreme risk, but humanity and society evolves to meet these new challenges as every aspect of society changes. Please read the prologue titled Breeder World before reading any of the stories.
Breeder World gives the background and sets the scene. 2,170 words written March 2008.
Breeder Ships 01 is the first story and the start of a journey. 2,752 words written in March 2008.

Come the Dawn (html page) - - Come the Dawn (rtf file)
(M+~F+, non-con, drug, some incest)
The night before the solstice, a drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been destroying his experiments, $250,000 worth of damage done. Using the results of his work, they make them into sex slaves.
6,777 words. Written December 2007.

Debt Collection (html page) - - Debt Collection (rtf file)
(M+~F+~f+~m+ in all combinations, harem, 1st, cons, non-con, reluc, coer, slave, inc, mother, son, bro, sis, dau, cous, niece, aunt, in-law, bi, het, D/S, Mdom, span, rough, BDSM, humil, wife, swing, gang, group, orgy, exhib, oral, anal, mastrb, size, fist, toys, beast, creampie)
A man is talked into loaning his ex-wife some money. When she can't pay on time, he takes it out of her hide as the star for his own home porno flick and humiliating her. He's surprised when the rest of her family want in on the deal, but they have many more surprises for him as well. And he has some extra surprises for them,too.
54,041 words. Written May / June 2007, revised January 2008.

New Slaves? (html page) - - New Slaves?(rtf file)
(M~F+f+ f~F f~f Mdom 1st cons oral voy anal : some M~m mild viol nc inc)
An older man, enjoying the 'flashing' game of some high school seniors, is happy when they allow him to take it a step further. An annoying teenage boy is put in his place when he tries to hassle the girls.This encourages the girls to go much further. Things take an interesting turn when he takes them home, and the developing situation soon involves their sister, mother, and friends.
32,539 words. Written Sept 2006, revised April 2007.

Power Tool Prelude (html page)
Power Tool Week 01 (html page)
Power Tool Week 02 (html page)
Power Tool Week 03 (html page)
Power Tool Week 04 (html page)
(M~F+f+ f~F f~f M~M Mdom Fdom 1st cons oral voy anal bond viol nc inc)
A man in his mid 20's is all but killed at work. His company use him as the human element in their cyborg project. He final comes home, to find out his niece and her friends are young women, not little girls. He has only human emotions, and inhuman skills. Her 16th birthday party is in several days time and it's a holidays long sleep over pool party, no clothes allowed. With plenty of developments. The characters are diverse as they grow and develop in the story. The story is in the files Week 01 to Week 04 and now covers 30 days and over 270,000 words. First started in 2006 it under went a couple of major revisions in 2008 to improve the writing and add some more actions and two days at the end.

The Prelude gives a bit of background information that some may not notice in the story, and a bit about my writing style - responses to earlier feedback.
Prelude - 3,063 words. Written mid 2007, revised and updated Dec 2008.

The story is available as a printed book or a single PDF download from www.lulu.com
NB: The current narration of events ends in Week 04. More may be added later as a separate story of later events.

Sorority Staff (html page) - - Sorority Staff (rtf file)
(m~f, f~f, m~F, 1st, cons, oral)
A high school student recounts some events that changed his life when he turned sixteen.
16,850 words. Written February 2008.

Teacher's Education (html page) - - Teacher's Education (rtf file)
(M~F, F~F, Mdom, 1st, cons, oral, bond, anal: some viol nc)
A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how they used her, and how she turned it around with some family help.
6,286 words. Written March 2007.

Teacher's Pets (html page) - - Teacher's Pets (rtf file)
(M~F, F~F, M+M, Fdom, 1st, cons, oral, bond, voy, anal: some viol nc)
A high school teacher recounts her meeting some ex students and how she made them her slaves. It includes a few incidental things as well.
8,000 words. Written March 2007.

Wet Bushes (html page) - - Wet Bushes (rtf file)
(M~f, cons)
A young man goes to meet his sixteen year old girl friend, but her friend turns up to explain she can't make it. A rain storm is approaching and he comes up with a novel way to keep her warm and dry - except for one area.
995 words. Written April 2008.


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