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  Long Stories
    13-Apr-2004 Adam & Vivian
Naked At School
A group of high school students get ready for their senior year. Being naked in public has become common and acceptable, but far from universal. Of course, progress leads to problems... mf, ScFi, teen, humor, cons, group, exhib, voy, size
    25-Jul-2004 Adam & Vivian
Naked In School:
Opening Week
Adam, Vivian, and the gang eke their way through the first week of a new school year. Clothing, however, isn't much of a problem... mf, ScFi, teen, humor, cons, group, exhib, voy, size
    3-Oct-2005 Adam and Vivian
Naked In School:
Week Two,
The Program
Our favorite pair test their new relationship, the rules of The Program, and a few odd gadgets along the way. mf, ScFi, teen, humor, cons, group, exhib, voy, size
  Short Stories
    9-Apr-2004 Big City Life A fellow searching for better tools gets more than he bargained for. MF, ScFi, size
    9-Apr-2004 The Implant Two guys react to a wife's latest acquisition. MF, SciFi
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