carlee: a thing of beauty...

stories by carlee
early stories
carlee was a naughty girl when she was younger, as tammy, david, amanda and others find out...{short description of image}
carlee and jayney
young carlee's friend jayney gives carlee some useful tips, which she happily puts into practice...{short description of image}
carlee in law
i always knew i wanted to get into the law. i knew little about it when i entered college, but through books, movies and personal research, there was little doubt in my imagination the the law was for me...{short description of image}
carlee in louisville
series in 25 parts, in which carlee's attempts to start a new life end up in murder and revenge, featuring robberies and break-ins, shootings and murders, a beautiful horse and a cute kid, the incomparable pork pie anderson, captain zimmerman, the wicked leroy and the delicious lissell. and of course, carlee...{short description of image}
carlee after louisville
following the drama of louisville, carlee escapes to the serenity of green river. and makes a fortunate discovery in the very willing and very able harlen. not to mention his delicious sister, emerson. carlee starts to have fun, as only she can...{short description of image}
carlee: a thing of beauty
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louisville revisited
a year on and, worried about little sidney, carlee returns to her old haunts in louisville. a whole new adventure begins...{short description of image}
louisville three4th may 2004
pork pie calls on carlee once more, and who could resist that cussed old fool??? especially when he introduces the intriguing simpson...{short description of image}
carlee and harriet at halloween
inspecting the derelict weaver morgan house as part of a halloween dare, carlee and harriet uncover a horrifying secret. gradually, the malevolent ghost of weaver morgan draws the women into a deadly game and a timeless battle between good and evil begins...{short description of image}
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