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October 2005

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 Having Some Fun (f/ff) - Anonymous 
 Everything Going Awry (m/f, f+/m, f+/fm) - The Walskter *** 
 Discussion on Bondage - Age21 
 A Sock Torture Story (m/m) - Mark 
 Camp Tie-Up Pt. 3 (End) (m+/mm) - Mr E 
 My Babysitting Experience (m+/f) - Brooke 
 My First tie-up game with Emily . concluded (m/f, F/mf) - graham uk 
 5 on 1 Part 1 (f/f) - Sandra Davis 
 5 on 1 Part 2 (ff/f+) - Sandra Davis 
 A Torture Worse than Tickling (m+/m) - evil monkey 
 My Most Terrifying Night! (f+/f) - Brooke 
 On a Mission (m/f) - bob 
 Captured for a game (m/f) - anonymous 
 Defending My Morales (m+/m) - Byrd 
 Making the Movie (ff/m) - milly 
 Hotel Hostage (mm/f) - Hillary 
 A promise is a promise (f/m) - Batista 
 Part 1 (mf/m) - Anonymous 
 Summer of fun (ff/m) - Long time reader * 
 Birthday Tie-Up (m/m) - Mr E 
 Heather's Bondage Lesson 101 (m/f) - Bondage Heather 
 Dena's Helpless Victim (f/m) - Kidnap Boy 
 Summer of fun Part 2 (mf/f) - Long time reader *** 
 Tied Up at School (m+f+/fm) - Daniel 
 Scared to Death (ff/mf) - Daniel 
 Summer story (m+f+/m+f+) - Daniel 
 9th day at school (m+/m) - Daniel 
 Georges house (m+/m+) - Buzzbuzz 
 My dream 3 (m/m) - Aussie roper 
 Another Incident (mm/ff) - Hillary 
 Custom tied (mf/m) - JD 
 A Bet (m/m) - Tadrinn 
 Christmas Eve (mf/m) - Daniel 
 Babysitter Tied Up (m/f) - kid g 
 Seth and I's revenge on Mike (mm/m) - Mr Braggadocous 
 Babysitter Tied Up part 4 (m/f) - kid g 
 Observation (m/m) - Tadrinn 
 Revenge part 1 (f+/m) - surfer15 
 Strange way to meet each other (mm/m) - Daniel 
 An accident leads to my first bondage experience (m/f) - Stacy 
 I tied Up My Baby Sitter (m/f) - David 
 Hunter (m+/m+) - David 
 Summer of Fun Conclusion (mf/f) - Long time reader 
 Self Bondage (discussion) - Malcolm 
 Abducted Part 1 (m+/f+) - Alysha & al 
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 Abducted Part 2 (m+/f+) - Alysha 

Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 01:01:55 PM
The Tick or Tick

Just wanted to comment on how fantastic i think the tick's stories are and i would love to heard more from you/him.

fantastic writing

P.s if you get this, email me if you like, my email is included


Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 05:25:24 PM
Having some fun
One day a about a month ago I was hanging out with a few friends Michele and Jeniffer we were in Jeniffers room watching TV when Jeniffer mentioned that she was gettting bored. Jeniffer asked if I wanted to play a type game I was like sure why not Jeniffer left and said she will be right back and that she wanted to get something to make tye game more fun. I was like sure so me and Michelle sat and talked about school. Jeniffer came back a few minutes latter and was holding what looked to appear as a white shirt with straps me and Michelle looked at each other weird and I then asked Jeniffer what is that thing I though you said you were going tie me up. Jeniffer replied saying we are and told me to stand up and hold out my arms. Jeniffer asked Michelle to help she said okay and then smiled. They then slid the shirt over my arms as they were sliding it on my arms Jeniffer told me that they wer putting me in straightjacket in its just a way to tie people up Jeniffer thought it would be a cool thing to use rather then the regular ways of tying people up . Then the crossed my arms and tied the straps up my back and one between my legs. There Jeniffer said doesnt he look cute Michelle agreed and said now what. After they finished strapping me i tried to get out Jeniffer and Michelle just watched and laughing and joking around with me for about a half hour. They were like you can't get out can you i said no it was impossible. We then talked a little and they let me out and went out to eat. 

Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 11:52:50 PM
An observation
Have any of you noticed that the crossdress the boys seems a fairly recent trend, I haven't seen it before Jan of this year except in very rare occorences. Has anyone else noticed this observation?

Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 11:59:51 PM
RE: An observation
Only a little... but then again, I thought it was semi-normal for the site... after all, I saw it once or twice in the archives... somewhere...

Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 02:51:56 AM
Might comes as a shocker to you... but even i think the crossdressing stories have played there self out... Now underwear stories... bring them on.

PS. Mr. Braggadocious, yours was a good one. Keep up the good work. I will try to call ya this week

"The Boss" Jerry Burns

Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 05:23:24 PM
Re: Crossdressing stories
Every now and then, you get little spurts of stories that are either helped to surface in the memory by seeing one, or the fiction writers get inspired by them and decide to add their own. It happens. Played out? This is a board for tales of tie-up GAMES, not people's personal fetishes, aside from the one this site is about. I see no reason for people not to tell their stories on the say-so of someone who wants to make up aliases to tell his own rather poorly-written fiction.

Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 05:49:04 PM
Everything Going Awry
Alright, this just occured last friday night. My sister was having an overnight party, and inviting five of her friends. Inspired by the stories on here of tieing everyone at siblings parties up, I got one of my friends to come over and help. I had him arrive two hours prior to help triple check out setup. We had it all planned out. Oh, and my parents were of course out until late at night, to give my sister and her friends the house.

We waited until all of the guests arrived. Now we just had to wait for someone to come upstairs. We put a note on the toilet claiming it was broken and to use the one upstairs to lure them up. After a good hour and a half or so we finally heard someone coming up the stairs. It was my sister. Knowing my sister to be a b****, my friend didn't come out. I lunged out of hiding at her, and tackled her, trying to tie her wrists. When I realized my friend was still in hiding, I knew I was in trouble.

My sister, being older but not as strong, managed to pin my arms and hold me to the ground while calling for her friends to come up. She had seen the duct tape I rope I had, so she was already pretty p.o.'d.

Her friends came up and after they giggled and made some jokes, picked me up, still holding my limbs tight, and began to carry me downstairs along with all the rope and tape. I was careful not to look to my friends hiding spot, since he was right now my only hope of escaping.

Once they had me downstairs, they took off my shirt, jeans, and socks, and tied me on my back with my hands above my head, which went around a pole. Then they tied my legs stretched out, much like they would be in a spread-eagle, on two chairs they pulled up and covered with heavy objects. By now I was terrified, but aroused, and in nothing but my boxers, I couldn't do anything about them knowing it. They giggled, took one of my socks and a lot of duct tape and gagged me. By the end I could barely make a sound out of it.

Since not all of my friends were as ruthlessly mean as my sister, one of them tried to coax her to let me go, but since she was outnumbered, I remained their prisoner. At first they left me their and went back to their gossiping or whatever they do. Then they came back over to me, but with all kinds of makeup kits, plus face paint, markers, and some tickling tools. I was embarrased at my 'excitement' as one of my sisters friends, who is very good looking I might add, sat straddling my chest and began to slowly run her fingers over my arms and face. They were taunting me, in more ways than one.

Finally the girl on top of me pulled out all the proverbial stops and began mercilessly tickling my defenseless armpits. Since she was on top of me, I could hardly even move. I mmphed like a madman, and she must have gone ten minutes straight before stopping. I could hear one of my sisters friends still bickering about letting me go, and I prayed that they would listen to her. They all walked away to who knows where. After a few seconds I saw my friend slowly peak his head around a corner. I started motioning with my head to come over quickly.

He made his way over silently, but as soon as he was over we heard the girls coming back. He quickly dashed under a sofa that was high enough off the ground to fit and still hide him as the girls returned. This time, I knew I was in trouble: The only girl who wanted me to be let go was being restrained and dragged in by the rest of them. They stripped her to her underwear and tied her the same way I was, but on the other side of the pole. They even interlocked her arms through mine to make escape even harder. I was even more turned on by the sound of the other girl "mmmph'ing, and they could tell. Boy, was I embarrased.

They took out their tools and went to work on us. Luckily they had forgotten about the face paints and makeup, and unfortunatly they were now 100% focused on the tickling tools. I don't know what the girl "above" me was tickled with, but I got two girls with electric toothbrushes, one on my chest and one on my feet, at the same time. They put the toothbrush at one foot/armpit, and used their fingers and fingernails to do the other. And they were sitting on me, so I could hardly move. It was agony.

This continued on and off for a good hour and a half, until finally they must have gotten bored. They untied our arms one at a time, and the same with our legs. We were re-clothed, but they made sure we couldnt escape. We were then retied in the traditional fashion: legs together, wrists behind the back. They took our gags out, and replaced them with the other sock, then regagged us.

They blindfolded us and started walking all over creation. Finally, the sound of my parents returning stopped their games. They ripped the blindfold off, but then decided better. They untied my sisters friend, but hurried me up to my room, untied me and retied me with duct tape in a way that could have been mistaken for self-bondage, and left me lying on my bed, closing the door on their way out. They didn't know my friend was over, luckily. After about fifteen minutes he opened the door and untied me. Needless to say I was more than a bit mad at him, but he reassured me that if it was any consolation, he was bored the whole time.

I didn't mean to hit him as hard as I did. Luckily we're still friends, but we know now that you need more than two people to pull off a "party kidnapping".

The Walkster

Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 08:58:34 PM
Tied and True Tales updated
Well, it's history now that Sydney won the flag last week (but it was so close, could've gone either way) - after beating my beloved Saints the week before… On a happier subject, Melai and I are busy now working on her visa application… yeheyyyy! It's also my first update since changing address (please note that my new address is and I've finally caught up on a major backlog of stories - 20 in all including more fiction from Rohana, Andrea and Limey. Now that I'm up and running again, I'll try post regular updates on a weekly basis. 

As usual, click on the link to find out what's new at


Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 10:33:17 PM

I hear what you're saying, but if we keep surrendering ground to the enemy, they win. Obviously it's your decision whether or not to post, but I encourage you to do so.As far as Canuck goes, I've been reading this site for several years, and he has a way of suddenly reappearing and knocking trolls for a loop, and now that he is back from vacation, I suspect they will be on their best behavior for a while. You are one of the two or three authors I look forward to seeing a new story from the most. Thanks,


Larry Thorne

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 04:37:38 AM
My hubby and I have a good friend who is a police officer. He told us where we could get good police style handucffs at a reasonable price. We play with them all the time and have loads of fun.

My hubby even dresses up in a police uniform, has me spread eagle and has a ton of fun frisking me as I do to him when we reverse roles.

Our most interesting experience was on a bus trip from Wheeling, W. Va to Sharon, Pa. I posted that story on the college board if you care to read it.

And I am glad that Canuck is keeping this board clean.


Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 07:12:17 AM
This site is for childhood stories, a place to post your stories when you were a kid or teen. I realize the these people are in need of stories...

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 08:27:35 AM
3 girls tied at my house
hello again!
i am glad i found this site,so i hope other people want to hear a story from the king.anyway,to start this story off,these girls,alex leopold and leighann whatshername were being *beeps* and trying to break me and my girlfriend allison i conjured a plan with allison, who has been tied by me once to make alex leo and leighann involves tape and torture .i invited both girls to come over to my house(my parents and brother were out again).i had positioned allison downstairs behind the laundry room door with duct tape,i had a roll in my pocket as well.and as the doorbell rang,i knew it was time
hail to the king baby

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 08:57:05 AM
Wedding Bondage
We just had my cousins wedding this weekend and wow what bride they tied her hands and legs to the chair and the groom took off the garter with his tongue after he got it off they would leave her tied for awhile longer it was hot to see

bondage brian

Bondage Brian

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 11:36:12 AM
Hey, i'm new to this site, i was just looking through the archives and i was just wondering, who are the best writters here, which are the best stories.
New Guy

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 01:40:24 PM
how come people are always tickled? why isnt anyone tortured in other ways?

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 05:44:16 PM
Hey I was wondering if anybody had any links to G rated bondage sites that have photos. Also, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to send me some of your G rated pics.
United States

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 06:59:58 PM
OK this is my first post to this board, and it is going to be a bit heavy, but seeing the content that is allowed to pass in other stories despite the stern policy, don't see why this should be censored.

I have enjoyed the thought of being tied up from an early age, and by enjoy you know what I mean. The problem is, this is the only thing I enjoy. I am not attracted to either sex. I know for some people this is difficult to comprehend, and will be inflamed by this suggestion. Most believe there are only two or three sexual orientations; a more "enlighted" subset believes (incorrectly) that the number of orientations is in the single digits.

People who enjoy TUGs seem to fall into one of the following categories:

1. Those who do it "just for fun," like basketball or water skiing. There is no sexual component whatsoever. Nobody knows why they like basketball or water-skiing, so it is with the people and their TUGs. This seems to be quite rare, but I am not able to tell as many people do not always explicitly reveal their "motives" on this board.

2. Those who do TUGs in the context of a romantic relationship (or fantasized relationship), but with the focus on the person they are playing the TUG with. It serves to enhance emotional ties (no pun intended). This seems to be at least half the posters here.

3. Those who derive arousal from their TUGs but are still able to become aroused without them. This differs from (2) only insofar as there need not be a relationship component in order for the TUG to illicit arousal.

4. Those who derive arousal EXCLUSIVELY from participating in TUGs of one form or another, and have known this since their preschool years or earlier (contrast this with common arousal patterns, which normally do not develop until adolescense). To these people, it doesn't really matter who or what does the tying, they just know that they want to be tied and that is the only thing the can "get off to." These people are in a dire situation, because they will never be able to experience romantic relationship; it is not that they are unwilling but uncapable. It is like a gay person trying to be attracted the opposite sex or vice versa. They simply have no interest in a romantic relationship, because the sexual component is not a motivator for them. This is really distict from the other three, and is what psychologists might term sexual masochism (or sadism), that being the actual disorder, not simply the behavior.

As I stated at the start of this post, I fall into the latter category.

I was raised in a quite traditional household, but I have gotten past that. If I have to engage in what are considered for many people unusual behaviors in order to enjoy myself, I will not hesitate to do so. However, I know that by continuing in this path I will never be able to experience the joy of a lifelong relationship OR having children. From the research I have done the consensus seems to be that fetishes are learned behaviors, and therefore they can often be unlearned through proper psychological conditioning. 

My hypothesis is that the linkage between being tied up and arousal occured at an early age due to my experiences of being tied up by my older brother and cousin for extensive periods of time. It was a coping mechanism. In fact, I would call what I experienced physical abuse, although I do not remember it very distinctly. But of course there is always a blurred distinction between abuse and "normal childhood behavior," a distinction which for whatever reason does not exist for adults. In fact, all the people on this board who have posted stories about being tied up against their will (not consenting even implicitly) during their childhoods, even if they now look back on those experiences with delight, have been assalted.

But I digress. My question is what am I supposed to do. I probably will enjoy being tied up for the rest of my life - that is not the issue. The issue is, what is there besides this? Should I try going to a sex therapist? It seems most likely to me that whenever I developed my tie-up fetish it became dominant and thus I have never been able to find my "biological" sexuality. This is where I believe therapy would be helpful. Otherwise I will be able to enjoy my sexuality but never a relationship, which they tell me is what really matters in the end. Any rational advice at this point would be helpful.


Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 10:12:07 PM
Age21, yours is the first account I've seen on the Net of something that approximates to my own condition. 

I don't know whether my fetish came to dominate as a result of strenuous parental discouragement of interest in all matters sexual (dirty, filthy, wicked, depraved - you name it!) or simply through genetic programming and an absence of sisters, but I remember being aroused by images of people being bound and gagged in books (all we had back in the early 1950s), and eventually graduated to tie-up games with other kids. Tying or being tied, it didn't matter. 

It was the only thing that aroused me, and it still is, though it has become focussed on females gagged tightly over the mouth. I have nothing against women whatsoever, and they account for at least half of my friends, but that friendship can only ever be intellectual and platonic.

As you say, there was never any possibility of any intimate relationship, mainly in my case for fear of my perversion being discovered and gossiped about. Sex was a strictly private thing. Traditionally "sexy" behaviour, and nudity, leave me absolutely cold, to the total bafflement of many of my friends, past and present. Perhaps witnessing the incessant arguing, and occasional violence, in my parents' relationship also helped to incline me against marriage, or even getting too close to another person.

Occasionally over the decades I've happened on women who expressed an interest in "bondage", but I could tell that if we explored it further together, they would be getting something slightly different out of it. Ultimately, they would probably want to do something I couldn't do, and would actually run away from, leaving the poor lady hurt and confused. It's only now, since the advent of the Internet, that I can even find out for certain who is interested in the subject, and discuss it with any freedom.

Sorry, mate, but I have to agree; you're probably in for a long haul :-(


Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 10:48:23 PM
>Age21, yours is the first account I've seen on the Net of something that approximates to my own condition.<

I think I have maybe heard of something similar once or twice. Also if you read the DSM of Mental Disorders there is a reference to paraphilias (fetishes) being "the prefered or _exclusive_ mode of arousal" in the individual afflicted. So we are not alone, just unusual.

>an absence of sisters,<

Me too, but I don't think that was a factor. Plenty of people grow up with members of the opposite sex as playmates.

>but I remember being aroused by images of people being bound and gagged in books (all we had back in the early 1950s),

If you don't mind me asking, What was the earliest age at which this occured? 

>and eventually graduated to tie-up games with other kids.<

I guess I was always too self-conscious about being "found out" that I never suggested playing TUGs with any other kids, and even if they suggested it (which, among the mainly one friend I had, he only ever did once) I mainly rejected it for that fear.

> Tying or being tied, it didn't matter. <

Me it is only being tied. I get aroused by seeing pictures of other people tied, but mainly because I identify with their situation.

> As you say, there was never any possibility of any intimate relationship, mainly in my case for fear of my perversion being discovered and gossiped about.< 

I'm just not interested in sex. You normally have to be interested, at least sub-consciously, in sex in order to want to seek out a romantic relationship with somebody.

>Perhaps witnessing the incessant arguing, and occasional violence, in my parents' relationship also helped to incline me against marriage,<

I can attest to that in my childhood to, my father being a level three alcoholic (he still is) and my parents' divorce at age 4.

> or even getting too close to another person.<

Platonically, or romantically? I actually have trouble even forming ever platonic relationships with other people, though that was not the original point of this post. I mean, I talk to people and have deep discussions about philosophy and world events, and tell jokes, but I just don't feel like I'm connecting. I never have. When I was about 11 years old I noticed that for whatever reason I didn't have emotions anymore. I knew in the past I did. I went through all my grandparents funerals, and never felt a thing. I was more concerned about myself thinking I was crazy than their deaths! I couldn't cry... I haven't cried in > 10 years. I relocated to a new place to attend college, and I have literally no friends, and don't know how to make any. Not as if I ever had any of significance. I do nothing, know nothing. 

The world sucks.


Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 11:09:21 PM
>Traditionally "sexy" behaviour, and nudity, leave me absolutely cold, to the total bafflement of many of my friends, past and present.<

Me too, see nudity in either sex does nothing for me. Though I have found ways to "fake" it. I have to fake it. I have tried to tell a few people, but they either don't fully understand the concept of me absolutely not being sexually attracted to other people, or they have no place to accommodate that kind of information in their brain so they promptly forget what I told them. I went through a period of counseling where I told my parents about it, but they seem to have forgotten - they still ask me if I have met any cute girls! 


Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 11:56:49 PM
Age 21,

I suggest you seek some kind of counseling, either from a psychologist or a religious leader or both to help you through this. 

My first advice is to pray. God can help you through anything. 

My second advice is to realize that there is a lot more to life than sex. I'm a virgin and plan to be until I am married, if I get married. I have a lot going for me in my life, and realize that sex isn't that important. So find yourself some hobbies that you enjoy, then make some friends who enjoy those same hobbies. 

My third piece of advice is to write out a list of things that you like about yourself and your life. You may find it to be longer than you think. If not, work on ways to make it longer. 

Hope that helps,

P.S. I am in no way a professional in any field. I am simply giving advice based on my human experiences. If you are an atheist and offended by me mentioning God, I apologize. I believe in God and believe he can and will help you, but my intention is not to force my beliefs on anyone.


Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 01:23:34 AM
What Anonymous said.
Mr. E

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 01:54:06 AM
I second all of that.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 04:09:57 AM
New Group
I am from australia adn i have started a new group for pics of teens tied that are tied up on our screens. Feel free to visit, join, and post stories. ONLY pics of teens on tv but as i do not want this group to be deleted.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 04:10:59 AM
New Group
Sorry the address is :-

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 12:07:20 PM
Hi again everyone.I will be posting my next story sometime this week.I am sorry i have just been busier than i thought i would be and i have not had the time to post it.
I hope people are still interested in reading it but i promise it will be posted by the end of this weekend. 

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 02:32:06 PM
A sock torture story
Before you read this, yes it includes being tied up. But you know how most people tickle their "prisoner"? Well that doesn't happen in this one, instead they are torurted with dirty socks, so just a fair warning. Also the "D" word is used once in here.

Someone asked a while ago for a story that involved being tied up and tortured with socks, well I got one.

About two weeks ago Matt and I were sitting around my house just watching TV. My parents had gone out for the day so we would have about eight hours to just do what ever we wanted. Matt was 15, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing black jeans, black sketchers, solid white socks and a Texans (NFL football for those who don’t follow sports) Jersey. I am also 15 and was wearing blue jeans, black shoes, white socks and a black shirt. We got bored after a while and in the past we had done some tie up games, but it was mostly just “let me tie you up and see if you can get out” type things with nothing else involved. This was going to be a little different, Matt suggested to me that we go play a game of pool, seeing as how I couldn’t think of anything better I agreed.

So we went into the garage where the pool table was set up and we started playing, half way through I got the idea to make a bet. My first idea was to just wager money but it turned out he had no cash on him and even if he did all I had was $20. So we agreed the winner could tie up the loser. That was suppose to be it, no torture or anything involved, so we continued playing. I’ll spare you all the boredom and just tell you I lost the game

So we headed back upstairs to my room where I had about 70 feet of rope (cut into 8 unequal peaces). Now one thing you need to know is that Matt and I can escape easily if the ties are not complex…normally. This time would be different, and wasn’t what I expected. He has me lay on the floor right in front of my bed. To give you more of a visual picture a wall with a bed set up running along the side, my head was facing the wall so it was like a T shape, my body being the long part and the bed being the top part. He took one arm and wrapped some rope around my wrist making sure none of my fingers could reach a knot, then he tied the other end to the bed post. He then proceeded to do the same with the other hand so my arms were spread. He then went down to my right ankle and tied that to a desk near by and my left ankle to the dresser so I was effectively spread eagle on the floor. 

I thought I could escape but realized after about a minute that my only way of escaping would either be through him or hoping sooner or later the ropes break. Given the latter would take hours and maybe days I patiently awaited for him to untie me.

“Can’t escape can you?” He said

“Nope, you did this good” I responded

“Well then I’m going to go for a jog since I didn’t get to today, is any circulation being cut off?” He asked concerned.

“No its tight but its not killing me.”

“Alright I’ll be right back in about twenty minutes, have fun.”

“At least its not tortures” I stupidly said. He smiled evilly, though at the time I just took it as a smile

“I’ll be back in a bit.” And with that he proceeded to leave. 

I tried to escape but slowly got tired and just laid there and I guess you can say rested, I could see a clock he left at about 11:23 and the clock now read 11:55 and just then I heard the door downstairs shut so I knew he was back. He came back upstairs.

“Still haven’t escaped, well how about I give you an incentive if you don’t escape within 5 minutes something bad will happen. I won’t say anything more, you got 5 minutes” he said.

Not really leaving me much of a choice I again tried to reach a knot or two but failed. 5 minutes were up and he sat on the bed.

“I was thinking as I was jogging what would be a way to torture you that wouldn’t hurt you and you would remember for a long time. I really had to think cause I would never hurt you, then it hit me.” He stopped and I just looked up since I couldn’t really do much else. He got up and got 2 boxes and put one on each side of my head so I couldn’t move my head.

He sat back down on the bed.

“How do you like my shoes Mark? (which is me.)” he said.

“Kind of dirty but nice I guess.” I said back not knowing what was going to happen.

“You want to see dirty, then see this.” He said as he slowly pulled off his shoe and revealed his white crew sock, the bottom was a little brownish and smelled awful.

“Here have a sniff” and he slowly lowered his sock foot onto my face. The smell was awful and I couldn’t do anything about it. He pulled off his other shoe and lowered that socked foot onto my face. I had no choice but to smell his dirty sweaty socks.

“Let me tell you about these socks so you know what your smelling. I wore these socks for three days, walked in them outside, inside, went jogging in them, even walked in dirt with them. That’s what your smelling.” As he said that he put one of his socked feet over my mouth and the other right over my nose so if I opened my mouth I’d taste his sock.

“Alright I’ll let you go but you have to do something for me first.”

I feared what it might be…

“You have to lick my socks, spotless before I untie you.”

I sat there for about a minute not doing anything but then realized that he had about 6 hours that he could keep me like that and that licking his socks would probably not take 6 hours. So I slowly began to lick the bottom of his right sock, as I did this he kept his left socked foot right by my nose. The sock tasted horrible and I was able to taste the dirt and sweat of it. After about 20 minutes I had to do the same with the other sock. After that…

“Almost done, just one more thing I want you to do before I let you go.” After he said that he pulled off both his socks and put them in my mouth.

“Suck on those for 40 minutes” as he said that he used a remote on the bed to turn on my TV that I had in my room. So for the next 60 minutes I was left sucking on his 3 day old sweaty socks.

He later untied me and I plan to get revenge on him in a few days. Just thought I’d share that since someone kept asking and never got what they were looking for. 


Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 02:39:19 PM
Very good story Mark you posted a rareity of a theme.

And yes I agree, lets stop arguing and just keep up the stories.

Zack V.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 02:57:42 PM
Thanks, and yes i noticed the typo in the last line, it wasnt 40 it was 60

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 04:13:13 PM
I have been aroused at the thought of being tied up since the age of 4 -- no reason for it; have never been tied in my life (or at least have a memory of it..) nor have I tied anyone or had any contact with bondage of any kind. 

However, the point is, throughout my childhood, puberty and young-adulthood, I never had a girl-friend (or boyfriend) and nor did I want to. I was turned on at the thought of being bound, and like yourself age21, it didnt not matter to me who was doing the tieing.


I'm 26 now, and the reason Im writing this is that I feel my situation is changing. My desire for bondage, whilst still present, is wearing off. Im becomming more attracted to people -- women in particular, and the thought of a sexual relationship is far more appealing to me than I ever thought it would be.

Having said that.. I have not had yet! I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 04:50:59 PM
To Bored.....
My bondage experiences started as a young gal, accelerated in college and went into warp speed when I got married. However, my interests in the opposite sex, has never wiltered or changed on the weather of her marital life.

I wish you the best in finding your mate, but trust me, if bondage is truly in your blood and not just a once in awhile fantasy it will never go away, especially after you have actually experienced it!


Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 05:04:47 PM
Does this happen often?
Regarding my last post, I was trying to covey that a true bondage lovers desire for bondage never wilters or dies out and my love for the opposite sex has never changed despite the weather of the storms with my partner which was supposed to come out as him (my mate) but came out as her. Didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I thought I typed it in correctly. Maybe my fault.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 05:22:41 PM
I was wondering if anyone had photos of yourselve's tied up? If so could you send them to me. Also I was wondering if anyone would like to talk to me about tieing yourself or other people up. If so you can IM me. My AIM name is SFGAfan17. Also I need help with tying myself up if you have any tips just E-mail me. Thanks alot and Ihope that you will e mail me.

Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 11:56:12 PM
Camp Tie-Up Pt. 3 (End)
Hey all, sorry it took me forever to post this last part. But this happened while I was at camp for 1 week. None of these 3 instances were at all related, and had basically no plot or reasoning. It was just 17 crazy guys, bored or whatever and got a little crazy.

Ok, before I go on, I need to explain some things. At camp, everyday we have what we call "Cabin Clean-Up", and we clean up our cabins and get graded on a 1-50 scale. You may also do a display/decoration thing/theme that can get you up to 5 bonus points. This score determines when you eat for lunch and dinner, and if you want to win the competition. 

Alright, so since all of our guys were lazy bums, naturally we didn't really clean up very much. However, we wanted to eat some what early. So some of us cleaned, however day after day, this 1 guy would not clean up AT ALL. His name was Cody. He would leave his stuff out all over, and becuz of him we made scores of 19 and the like. So we weren't really peticuarly fond of him. 

Cabin clean-up comes around. It's the last day of the last week. So everyone's really lose and nobody cares about the rules. However, we still don't want to eat last. So one of the guys suggested that we do a display to make up for the points lost by Cody. 

"What did you have in mind?" was the all-important question.

"Well, there's a scene from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", where the guy is left standing on the back of a chair with a noose around his neck and his hands tied."

"Yeah...and?" was Matt's reply.

"Cody has cost us lunch like a ton of times, I think we should return the favor." 

"Oh, so you're saying that we..."

"Yep. We'll use the duct tape to do it too," he said as they all laughed. 

So we were all in accord. When we were cleaning after breakfast, we all got the plan. And we were ready. Dusty blocked the door, so there was no escape, while the rest of us were ready to pounce. 

"Cody, we have beef with you." said one of the guys, as some of the others left out muffeled laughs. 

"What?" he said, looking at all the guys standing together. 

"We're tired of your sloppiness, and making our cabin dirty, so we're going to make it up with some display points." 

"So? I don't care." Cody said. 

"But you should, cuz you're going to a part of it."

And before he could say anything, the guys were all over him. He was so stubborn, so he struggled against them, but there were like 6 of them, and Dusty had the door. There was no escape. Stephen brought out his duct tape, and he started to yell "No, you fags!" and other meaner and more...profane slurs. But it didn't matter. We stood him up and we put him on the chair, holding his arms up so that Stephen could tie his hands above the rafters. 

Stephen worked fast and he taped his hands so that it held him up. Even if Cody wasn't on the chair, he would dangle from the rafters. He continued to try and kick us and yell profane slurs at us. And as such, we decided that he shouldn't be cursing and we used duct tape to gag him. Of course, we payed for it with a kick first. So we also decided to tape his legs together. Lucky for him, he was wearing long jeans. One of the guys held up one of his dorty socks and suggested that we use that to gag him, but we already did that. So we blindfolded him with it. 

After he was all tied up, we put a FAKE noose around his neck and we just left him there. And then the question rose:

"What if they don't know what it's supposed to be?" one of the guys asked. 

"We could always write it down," one suggested.

"Orrr.....we could do another display." was the premeditated answer. 


"Like....a mummy."

We all thought it was a great idea! Only, nobody wanted to be mummified. And especially not with duct tape. So then we decided to that we wouldn't mummify with tape, but with toilet paper. That got a few laughs, but we the truth was we didn't have enough tape. But still no one wanted to do it. So we decided to draw straws, and Matt was the loser. He tried to get out of it by running, but we got him and used a little tape. 

"You said you wouldn't use tape!" Matt yelled. 

"Well, you tried to run away," was the answer as the taped just the key areas. You know, his ankles, knees, wrists together and tied to his chest, and to shut him up, we gagged him and used the rest of the tape. We all laughed really hard, but Matt was just making noise, just like Cody. So then, we stood him up as some guys went and got the toilet paper and we mummified him. At first the paper kept on ripping, but we got enough of it to do the job. 

After we were finished, we looked at the 2 guys and realized that we were late for the morning meeting and activity. So we ran, all laughing at the thought of those 2. Later in the activity, Cody and Matt would meet up with us. They told us that the unit leaders (who inspect and grade the cabins) let them loose. And Cody and Matt weren't very happy with us. But when we got back, we looked at our score chart, and we got a 55, the highest possible, even with a display. So we all counted it worth it. 

And thus ends the camp tie-ups.

Mr. E

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 02:12:32 AM
Sorry about not putting my name on my last posting about me babysitting Jake, Toby, and Ben and their 2 friends. Since I like tube socks, is there anybody that has stories that involve babysitters being tied up wearing tube socks or leg warmers. Even though I'm a girl I like to read stories about girls being tied up!

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 03:29:44 AM
My babysitting experience
Hi, my name is Brooke. My friend Laura told me about this site a week ago and I've been reading some of the stories on here. I, myself, have some stories that involve some rope and tape, too! Now, I've been interested in being tied up for a long time. Oh I almost forgot, I love sports(VOLLEYBALL, basketball, and softball) so naturally, I'm fit and athletic. I'm about 5'10", 135, tan, green eyes, and light brown hair. The story that I'm going to tell happened during my volleyball season during my sophomore year of high school.
I was babysitting three boys, Jake 13, Toby 12, Ben 10. I just arrived at their house and I was going to be babysitting them from friday night until 3pm Saturday.
Mrs. Williams, she is a divroced mother, left and it was just me and the boys.
I should tell you that I had just got out of volleyball practice but I did change into some of my tight, short shorts and a clean t-shirt from one of my previous club volleyball teams. I was also wearing two pairs of tube socks. I love tube socks!! I wear them all of the time! 
I was kind of tired, so i told the boys that I was going to watch some tv for a while. They just went down stairs for an hour or so. Jake came upstairs and asked if 2 of their friends could come over for a while. I said sure. The two friends arrived 10 minutes later and went directly to the basement.
Every now and then I would go down and check on them. They thought that it was annoying that I was always checking on them. They told me to stop checking on them.
I said,"I'm paid to look after you guys, so I'm going to keep doing it." and I went back upstairs.
At about 8 P.M. they came upstairs and asked me if I wanted to play hide and seek in the dark. I didn't think anything of what I was getting myself into and I unknowingly said sure. They told me that I was it first. I had to go outside and count to 100. I came back inside and the whole house was completely dark, plus it was dark outside. The boys must have known how to turn off the power to the house because it was totally off. But, it just added to the excitement.
I checked the first floor and found nobody, then checked the second floor and still found nobody. Now I knew that they were down in the basement. 
I opened the basement door and I was kind of afraid because it was so dark that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. They must have seen my tube socked legs as I was coming down the stairs because I heard a voice say "she's coming down." I told them that I knew that they were down there but one of them said that I had to come down and find all of them.
I made my way to the other end of the basement and I still found nobody. I just stood there in the dark for a little bit. Suddenly, I felt 2 pairs of arms wrap around my upper body and then another grabbed around my thighs and another grabbed my socked legs. They tackled me to the ground and flipped me over onto my stomach.
They sat on my legs so that I couldn't move them and all of them grabbed both of my hands and tied them behind my back and then they tied my elbows together, then tied my arms to my sides above and below my breasts, making them look even bigger than they already are. After that they all made their way down to my socked legs. They tied my ankles together then tied above and below my knees. They must have ran out of rope because they used duct tape on my thighs. I was pleading with them to let me go. I was sort of afraid because there were five of them and only one of me and I couldn't see any of them! I couldn't over power them so my only choice was to be tied up, and tied up well! I couldn't budge a muscle. 
They told me that they needed to keep me from always checking in on them so they decided to tie me up and put me someplace where I wouldnt bug them. They all picked me up and carried me upstairs. I thought they were going to put me in the living room but they kept on going up to the second floor. 
They came into a room and threw me on a bed. One of the boys went and turned on the power to the house. The light to the room turned on. I was in Mrs. Williams bedroom. I then noticed that all five boys were staring at me while I was tied up on the bed. I noticed that Jake was staring directly at my tube socks. I kind of figured that Jake just wanted to tie me up while I was wearing my tube socks. It was kind of awkward with them all staring at me like they were doing. 
I kept asking them to let me go. Toby finally said,"Enough is enough, I'm gonna gag her to keep her quiet!" he went over to his mothers sock drawer and pulled out a pair of white, thick, knee high aerobics socks and a pair of leg warmers. There mother was an aerobics instructor at a local gym, so she had to have tons of those types of socks. I definitely knew what the socks were for, but not the leg warmers. I clamped my mouth shut. They tickled my thighs and Toby quickly shoved the 2 aerobic socks in my mouth. Now your thinking, how the heck can 2 thick, knee high aerobic socks fit in my mouth, well I have a big mouth, lol. After the socks were in he took one leg warmer and tied it around my mouth so that I wouldn't spit the socks out. Then the second leg warmer was used to blind fold me. 
I was trying to tell them to let me go but all that came out was soft MMMMMPPPPHHHHIIINNNNGGG!
They said goodnight to me and I heard them turn the lights off and shut the door. Suddenly, all of them jump onto the bed. They said that they were going to sleep with me for the night. One wrapped his arms around my tube socked legs and used my socked feet as a pillow. Another used my thighs as a pillow and the rest of them just kind of feel asleep around me. But before they fell asleep they took out the socks so that I wouldn't choke as I slept but they did cleave gag me with the leg warmer. Again, I felt alittle awkward that they were sleeping with me. But I eventyally fell asleep.
I was tied up all night but I was alright with it. I was kind of excited about it just because I liked to be tied up!! So it didnt really bug me at all that they didnt untie me.
Saturday came and one of the boys came in the room and woke me up. It was Ben and he told me that it was 2:45pm and he started laughing because he knew that his mom would be home anytime. My heart began to beat rapidly. I was struggling and MMMPPPPHHHing loudly into my leg warmer gag. Suddenly, I heard a car door shut from outside and I began to struggle even harder. Then I heard the bedroom door open then shut. I immediately stopped stuggling and I just laid there breathing hard. 
I was totally embaraced because I had a feeling that it was Mrs. Williams. I didnt know how she would react to this situation.
Mrs. Williams said,"Well, well, I have the greatest boys that any mother could ask for, they gave me a welcome home present!!" Even though I couldn't see her, I turn my head in her direction and MMMPPPHHHED?!?! into my gag (meaning What!?!?) She came over and sat next to me on the bed and she told me that she enjoyed tieing up other women and that she, infact, like to be tied up too! By hearing this, I became less embarraced, because we both had the same interest of being tied up. She asked me if i like to be tied up and if i like the situation that I was in at that moment. I shook my head yes and she said, "Oh, great!! Do you want to be untied or do you want to be tied up a little bit longer?" I felt more comfortable with her and I shook my head in a no motion meaning that I didnt want to be untied. she told me that she was going to call my mother up and ask her if I could stay for another night to babysit the kids again. My mom said sure. Mrs. Williams came back into the room and sat at the end of her bed and she put my feet in her lap and started to massage my tube socked feet. She said,"Brooke, we're going to have a fun night!!" and I just mmmpppphhhed into my leg warmer gag. 
I'll save this story for another time!

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 06:18:56 AM
My First tie-up game with Emily . concluded
Sorry to leave it so long before concluding this story, but you know how things are; I've been a little tied up lately! Any way, when I left off I had just tied up my cousin Emily, when she alerted me to look behind:

I was completely stunned and speachless, I had no idea of how my Aunt Kay would react:

But there she stood, commanding, in a crisp white shirt, beige riding jodhpurs, an eye-catching black patent waist-clinching belt, and black leather riding boots, into which was tucked a riding crop. To complete her equestrian attire Aunt kay wore black kid gloves, and had a black silk scarf around her neck.

The awful silence was broken when Emily blurted out "how come you found us here Mummy?".

"You don't appear to be in any sort of position to ask questions young lady" came the curt reply " I think it is me that deserves an explanation".

Between us, Emily and I explained about our game. I went to release Emily, but Aunt Kay told me to remain where I was. " Ah, a tying-up game, don't object to me joining in, do you?".

At this stage, I wasn't certain whether Aunt Kay was angry, or being sarcastic, or genuinely wanting to join in.

" Graham, come with me" she said, inviting me to follow her out of the shed, whilst ignoring Emily's protestations to be freed.

We went into a barn, where Aunt Kay got a ball of string and a knife. She enlightened me that she had drove to the stables for some riding practice when she had spotted Emily and me sneak into the unnused shed and decided to investigate.

Aunt Kay then swiftly left the barn with me following her, and returned to the shed.

" Haven't got free yet?" she teased " dear dear dear, I think that teaching you judo has been a waste of time if this is what you allow to happen to you".

Emily looked delightfully embarrased, and I laughed, but somehow I just knew that I was in for it, I just can't begin to explain the sense of teenage anticipation.

" Right Graham, remove your shoes and socks please, and stand right in front of this post" Aunt Kay ordered.

The post she refered to was a 6 inch square roof support right next to where Emily was tied up. " So nice of you both to allow me to join in your little game, as I'm sure you know by now, I'm something of an expert at rope work and tying knots, I'm an ex senior girl guide you'll be reassured to know" Aunt Kay seemed to be relishing this situation.

She knelt down, and with the string tied my big toes together, and then looped the string around the post before cutting it. I could manouvre my feet a litle but obviously could not go anywhere.

" Arms in front of the post" was Aunt Kay's next command. I complied, and felt her tying my thumbs together tightly with the string, she then secured them to an eye-bolt in the post at just about my head height.

Aunt Kay stepped back, "That's a little Japanese trick you'll be pleased to know. Thumb and toe tied, absolutely impossible to escape from. Still, you can amuse yourself trying whilst I go riding".

She then looked at Emily, who was still moaning that she should be released. Aunt Kay checked my ropework and commented "Hmmm, not a bad job for a beginer, you'll not be getting free in a hurry, however, something is missing" and with that , she removed her scarf, knotted it in the middle and gagged poor Emily " There, that'll stop your whining".

" I don't know " she continued " this still seems a bit one-sided, someone else needs a gag I think, and I know just what to use".

Aunt Kay then rolled one of my socks up into a ball and thrust it into my mouth. She secured it by wrapping the remainder of the string around my mouth and the back of my head several times. I was properly gagged.

Before she left, Aunt Kay addressed Emily and me; " Since this is a game, and you've accepted my involvement, here are the rules for whilst I'm riding; I know you will not be able to free yourselves so there is no point in me telling you not to escape, but under no circumstances are the gags to be pushed out, you will both remain gagged for the entire time I am riding. If you should be so disobidient as to push the gags out of your mouths with your tongues, I will know because you wont be able to put them back in again, and as a punishment, you will remain with a gag in for the remainder of the day" and with that she turned and left.

Emily and I tried to talk to each other in mmmmppppphhh type gag-talk, and where I was tied facing the post, the effect of feeling my 'private parts' rub against the post combined with being tied and gagged and the fantastic sight of Emily was all getting too much, I had never been so excited.

But all good things come to an end, and after what seemed like ages, Aunt Kay returned.

She untied and ungagged the pair of us, and we went back to her house in her car.

Although this particular story ends here, the consequences of that afternoon in the shed led indirectly to my next 'experience' in female domination and bondage. I will post that story asap.

Any comments/observations will be appreciated. Thanks. 

graham uk

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 02:12:57 PM
5 on 1 Part 1
This is a story of how I attemped to play captor, but it didn't work out. This was still during my first bondage summer at my cousin's. Kelly and Christa were coming over for another sleep over. Now since the begining of the summer I have always been the victim. Don't get me wrong I liked being tied up, but I wanted to know what it was like to have another person on the recieving end for once.

It was about 11:00 am, we all met at the local soccer feild. I was wearing my usual jean shorts, a jersy of my favorite football player at the time, Marcus Allen (these days my favorite player is Dante Hall, GO CHIEFS), and I was also wearing a pair of tennis shoes. Kelly was wearing a short sleaved shirt, a pair of jeans, and shoes. Christa, in her yellow sundress and a pair of sandles. We played catch with the football for a while before heading back to my cousin Lisa's place.

We got there and made ourselves lunch and after an hour of watching TV I suggested a tie up game. "Shouldn't we wait until your cousin gets home?" asked Christa.

I said that I wanted to tie them up, and that my cousin and her roommates would have me trussed up before I could even ask. Kelly was game and Christa reluctantly agreed. I took them to the room I was staying in and got some rope from the drawer, and started tying their wrists and ankles. I then gagged them with cloth. The ropes were very loose, but I didn't notice, because, finally I was the captor, and my captives were bound gagged and barefoot (before I tied them I had remove their shoes).

I started tickling Christa, and Christa started laughing into her gag, and I laughed with her, (or rather at her). It felt great to be the captor. And it was all going well until I started tickling Kelly. While I was tickling Christa Kelly had untied her hands. And just how crappy was my handy work, well lets just say that also while I was tickling Christa, her feet got loose.

I knelt down by Kelly's feet and scratched my fingernail down the soul, and withing seconds her feet were loose. It happened fast that I hardly knew what happened. Kelly sat up, grabbed me and pulled me down. No matter how athletic I am, I can never seem to over power Kelly. We wrestled until she had me right where she wanted me, she tied my wrists behind my back, and ankles together. I realized how bad I was at tying people up when I looked over and saw Christa untie her own wrists.

Kelly then gagged me with her own gag (gross). Needless to say, I was mad. I thrashed around and grunted "Mmf, mmf," into my gag. This was the day Christa & Kelly made an unwritten rule for bondage; the shortest and youngest always gets tied up, and I was both. Christa was older than me by five months and Kelly by a year and both were (and still are) taller than me.

They saw how angry I was so they gave me a few minutes to cool down. It didn't take me long for my anger to subside, I was always a good sport. Besides, I found that I enjoyed being the prisoner much better than I did kidnapper. Christa ungagged me and we talked it over, in the end I didn't mind at all, though I was still upset that I didn't tie them good enough. Kelly apologized by giving me a new gag, that HAD NOT been used.

Just then we heard the door open, and then footsteps on their way up the stairs. My cousin Lisa, was the first to walk in. She surveyed the situation and asked, "What's going on here?"

To Be Continued...

Sandra Davis

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 05:57:50 PM
You're keeping us in suspense, Sandra! :)

Wednesday, October 5th 2005 - 09:37:05 PM
I didn't find amanda black's story overtly sexual. Evidently neither did Canuck, since it's still there. It contained nudity, but if someone finds that sexual I'd say that's on them.

Age21, if in fact being tied up is the only thing that turns you on, and you feel you're therefore incapable of romantic love, then yes I would suggest that you seek therapy for that part of it. But I'd say that there's another category of TUG fan, since I don't fall into any of the ones you mentioned. I'm in the category of people who are turned on by bondage and related things, and who find "vanilla" sex deadly dull, but who are perfectly capable of romantic love.


Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 03:08:01 AM
Does anybody have any stories that have girls wearing socks or leg warmers? 

Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 03:07:10 PM
other sites to see
feel free to write anything on these sites no limit on the stories you write

tie up sites to check out

Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 03:13:21 PM
3 girls tied at my house continued
sorry i haven't been able to continue this story anyway,i knew it was time.i went to the was alex leopold with her miniskirt and she asked why i was asking her over.i took her downstairs and said. well,you've tried to break me and my girl up for the last time.then allison ran up and handgagged her.alex went "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH". allison slapped her on the ass and grabbed some duct tape.she tape alex's hands feet and elbows.then allison,to my surprise, took of her panties and gagged her with them,then taped them inside alex's mouth. alex mmmmphd even lous=der than before.then another doorbell ring.i had allison hide alex in the laundry room. then i went to get the door.
sorry,i have to go.say hail to the king if you want the rest .or type it
hail to the king baby

Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:44:54 PM
I've been a long time stalker of this site, but never had the guts to post. I enjoy seeing girls tied up (and would LIKE to tie one up.... i guess you could call me a tieup virgin)but do not like being tied up. (group 3 on age21's chart thing) I've enjoyed the stories here for somtime. But i would like some advice. How should i aproch a girl who i want to tie up? I am far from timmid and am rather outgoing, but this is such a delicate thing for me. Noone nos about my eroticy and i want to keep it that way. I have a couple chicks who are my good freinds. Would tieing one of them up be the way to go or should i go with any girl who i'm lucky enough to catch alone? Again, i'm very personal about this and somtimes even wish i just had sexual tastes like everyone elses. I have a good life: good grades and semi-popular and i don't want to mess it up. So how to i takle my sexual fantesy of tieing a girl up?

And the name... I'm not age21 or age56 in hidding, i jsut couldn't think of a name and the age-- seems to be the motif of recent.


Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:46:52 PM
btw i like the "2 girls tied at my house story" so i guess "hail to the king".

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 12:40:56 AM

Yo all, let's continue the stories. Sandra, how about yours?

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 01:08:13 AM
yes, sandra, by all means do continue- i have meant to comment favorably on your previous posts but have not until the present. post all the stories you have to share, please. 

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 03:48:07 AM
As the peasants in "The Wizard of Id" say:

"The King is a Fink!!!

Just Me

Just Me

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 01:16:08 PM
5 on 1 Part 2
5 on 1 Part 2

After Kelly and Christa explained to Lisa my failed attempt at tying them up, when they had finished Lisa started cracking up. She couldn't believe that I was that pathetic at tying people. Laura and Tammy got home a few minutes later, and after hearing the story, they themselves started laughing.

Laura walked up to where I was sitting, and told me that because of this, I would never be allowed to be a captor for as long as I live. I think she put I curse on me, because I never did tie anybody up again. Laura then untied me but leaving the gag in. She held tightly onto my arm while pointing toward Kelly and Christa saying, "I think these two should join us in showing our little Sandra here where her true place in society is."

Meaning, Christa and Kelly were going to be my captors again, but this time they were going to taken under my cousin and her roommates' wing. I wasn't sure if I was entirely glad with the situation. They escorted me to Lisa's room, where at the request of Kelly I was stripped to my underwear. Now before all you perverts (and you know who you are) start tuning up, nothing sexual was going on here. Need I remind you from one my previous stories that Kelly's logic was, if I some how got untied I would be too embarrassed to run outside and escape. And besides, I was 10 years of age at the time. SO STOP JERKIN' IT THIS INSTANT YOU SICK, SICK, SCUM BAGS!!!

So I was in my underwear and Laura took some rope and tossed me on Lisa's bed where I was tied eagle-spread. As I tested the ropes, I took a look at my position. Being eagle-spread; as always they took my shoes off so obviously my bare feet were easy targets for tickling. Let's see what else is exposed? Stomach, armpits, oh no. At this moment all five of them gathered around me...Oh crap.

Simultaneously, they started tickling me. Laughter erupted from me like fire from Mt. St. Helens. They tickled me for five minutes, but with that many people tickling me, it was exhausting enough to be five hours worth. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I was breathing heavily. I was untied from the bed and the gag was taken out of my mouth, a new one with a knot in the center then replaced it.

Tammy took my wrists, handcuffed them behind my back, and led me down stairs. I was laid down on the floor where Lisa took another pair of handcuffs and cuffed my ankles together. Lastly, took one more pair of cuffs, and with them attached the wrists to the ankles.

Tammy grabbed her car keys and said that they going to get fast food for dinner, "Will you kindly watch our prisoner while we're gone?" she asked Christa and Kelly. My friends nodded, and with that my cousin left with her roommates. And I was left alone, restrained and at the mercy of my Christa and Kelly.

To be Continued...

Sandra Davis

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 03:43:51 PM
I Like the Name "King"
"The Boss" Jerry Burns

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 06:31:24 PM
Who else has clean stories to post? J. Constantine, you got more of yours? Anyone else as well?

I normally like Sandra's stories, but the "underwear" thing here, I admit, is bothing me a bit. But we'll see what Canuck thinks, so let's not argue on that.

Friday, October 7th 2005 - 07:07:54 PM
any more sock stories?
sock boy

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 01:43:24 AM
I personally don't think of to being in your underwear a sexual thing, but I'm aware that some people do.

If the moderator does find what I'm writing about to be sexual then yes he should delete it, because it's his site and his rules.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who feels uncomfortable with what I've recently posted. That's all I'm going to say on this matter.


Sandra Davis

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 02:40:09 AM
Hey, this is a little wierd...
How come I only see pop-ups here now? Why are they suddenly appearing?

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 05:04:53 PM
great stories gram and Sandra Davis please post more

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 07:35:29 PM
Wintering with my Niece
a few days ago i was winterizing my house for the up coming winter season and my little Niece Emily Ann Johnson 
wanted to help I said sure come over and we will have fun 
After school she came over and i told her to hold the duct tape and i will start to take the pastic wrap and i wraped her and tied her with duct tape instead of the windows. I let her stay wraped and taped for a while till i felt i would untie her and unwrap her after i watched her squrim for awhile and with her mouth gagged by the duct tape she look like a little wraped mummmy 

i love to wrap and duct tape her up 
more stories to come later

Mr. Frostbite 


Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 07:49:58 PM
More detail, Mr. Frostbite? However, if you got into tie-up games and scenarios, like play-acting a kidnapping for instance, I'm very interested. What other stories have you got?

Btw, how old is your niece?

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 09:01:23 PM
reply to btw 
I know about plots about making the story more interesting but i am in hurry to go to work i will write more soon my niece is 14

Saturday, October 8th 2005 - 10:25:28 PM
a torture worse than tickling
this happened to me over the summer. ME( who is 14) and my cousins(ill call the oldest one drake and the youngest one james) had just gotten to my house from the movie theater(we saw sin city if anyone cares) about 5 minutes after we got home my little brother(ill call him jon) had came home with a 12 pack of sodas and had suggested that me and him have a drinking contest, whoever drinks 6 cans of soda first was the winner. It seemed like a stupid idea but i agreed to just because i like beeting him at stuff. I drank all 6 cans before he finished his 3rd. about 5 minutes after i beet him i got up and started walking toward the bathroom. james asked me where i was going and right after i told him, both of my cousins and my brother tacked me to the ground. drake held my hands behind my back while jon wraped duct tape around my wrists, then around my ankles. james then took one of my socks of and stuffed in my mouth, while drack put a long piece of duct tape around my mouth. after they were done tying me up, they decided to leave me there and go to the park. so they just left me there. i never had to pee so badly in my life. i thought about going in my pants, but i didnt want to be laying on the ground covered in piss. i was laying on the ground for about a 10 minutes, then i got an idea. i pulled my cell phone and did the best i could to text message my friend(who ill call sam) to come over and untie me. sam got to my house about 15 minutes after i called him and untied my hands, then my feet. right after he untied me i went strieght to the restroom, i didnt even take off my gag till i was done "taking care of buisness". after that me and sam grabed the duct tape, and some socks(for gagging) and put them in a bag. we then got onto our bikes and started ridding toward the park.

ill tell you what i did to my brother and my cousins later.

evil monkey

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 12:49:38 AM
note for evil monkey
A good story. Did you get revenge?

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 12:57:01 AM
Here is a pic of me! 

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 02:26:11 AM
My most terrifying night!
Hey its me again. Thought I'd tell another story. This story also takes place during my sophomore year in high school. It was a Friday, and I was hanging out with some of my girlfriends at school, just talking about what we were going to be doing this weekend. All of them were going to go tp some of the guys and they asked me if I was going to come. I said that I couldn't because the previous weekend I got in trouble for coming home at 4 in the morning and not calling my parents. So they grounded me for the next weekend. So I was stuck at home. The girls were bugging me to come but I just couldn't. They were kind of upset with me, but what could I do? One of my friends, Laura, said that I'll regret it for not coming with them that night. I didn't really think anything of it and just figured that she was just messing around. 

I came came home from basketball practice and I took a nice hot shower. My parents were going out for the night. They must have left while I was in the shower because when I got out of the shower they were gone. My parents left a note that told me not to go anywhere. I wasn't planning on it either. That's the last thing that I was going to do was get my parents more mad at me. They left at about 8 pm.

When I got out of the shower I changed into my normal night time wear. I dressed warmer tonight though because it was cold in my house! I was wearing a thick wool sweater, some of my short boy shorts, and a couple pairs of my tube socks. After I was done changing I went downstairs and started to watch tv. I was flipping through the channels and I came across Charlies Angels, so I started to watch it. After about an hour it came to a part where Drew Barrymore is tied up to a chair and tape gagged. I said to myself, "Atleast she's having some fun." I was so bored that I fell asleep right there on the couch after the movie was over in my basement, which was where my friends and I hang out. 

At around 12 am I heard some noises upstairs but I figured that it was my parents so I just laid there on the couch and tried to keep on sleeping. But, something didnt seem right because I was hearing voices of more than 2 people. So I quietly mad my way up the stairs and I opened the basement door to the kitchen. It was completely dark in the house. I knew that the light switch was on the other side of the kitchen so I quietly tip toed over to the light switch. As I was about to hit the light switch I was grabbed my 2 people. I could barely see them. One of them put their hand over my mouth and I was yelling into their hand. They carried me into the living room where 4 more people jumped on me and took me to the floor. I was on my stomach and all of them were on me. I was putting up a good fight with them and struggling really hard to get away. I was away from them but 3 of them grabbed my legs and immediately pulled me back to them and that when they had me subdued. I had used all of my energy to try to get away but I was just outmatched 6-1. totally not fair. 

I was on my stomach again, they had me pinned. I was screaming my head of until one of them clamped their hand over my mouth to silence me a bit. All of a sudden I felt rope being tied around my tubesocked ankles, then above and below my knees and thuroughly around my thighs. my legs were completely immobilized. I wanted to kick them but I just couldnt move my legs at all! They grabbed my wrist and I resisted but after about 5 minutes they had my wrists behind my back and rope was tied really tight around them at the wrists, and elbows. That hurt the most, having my elbows tied together. I could've gone with out that. After they had my hand tied behind my back they then tied my arms to my sides above and below my breasts. 

To that point I still didnt know who was doing this to me. But my eyes were getting more used to the darkness and I could finally see what figures were tieing me up. All six of them were dressed in dark clothing and had ski masks on. I was begining to become really afraid now because I seriously thought I was being kidnapped by a bunch of guys who I didn't even know and not know what they were going to do to me. 

I still had that hand clamped over my mouth. I saw one of them leave the room and head up the stairs. I figured that they were checking for anyone else. The person came back down with their hands behing their back. I was wondering what the person had and they revealed 2 pairs of my tube socks to me. My eyes opened really wide at that moment. The person flipped me over on my back so that they could shove the socks into my mouth easier. They rolled 2 tubesocks up together and they forced my mouth open and shoved the socks in and immediately used another tubesock to tie around my mouth so that I couldnt spit them out. They then tied the last tube sock around my head as a blindfold. Now I was completely helpless and at their mercy. I was tied up head to ankles, in my thick wool sweater, boy shorts, and my 2pairs of tube socks, while being gagge and blindfolded with my own tube socks! 

I felt them pick me up and carry me out of the house. I was definitely terrified now. I heard the a trunk pop open and I was immediately put into the trunk and it was shut on me. we had to have drivin for what seemed like 25-30 min. when the car stopped. The trunk was popped and I was hauled out of the cartrunk and carried into what I think was a house, considering I cant see a thing. 

I was thrown onto a bed where I was laid straight out and handcuffs were attached to the rope that was tieing my ankles together, and the other end of the cuffs were probably cuffed to the end of the bed, because I was unable to lift my bound legs up to squirm and struggle. Thats when they started to tease me. I began screaming into my sock gag but all that was coming out was a quiet moan of mmmmpppphhhhh!!!!! 

I didnt know what they were going to do to me so I was just petrified. They began to ease my boy shorts down inch by inch. Luckily they didnt go down to far because of the rope that tied my thighs together prevented them from going any lower. They were tickling the Inside of my thighs and all of that stuff. Another person was down at my tubesocked feet tickling them and massaging them at the same time. It made me scream deeply into my sock gag, again all that came out was a quiet mmmmpppppphhhhhhh!!

The torture went on for a few hour and I was hating every second of it. Finally one of my kidnappers said, "Hey Jordan, do you think she regrets for not coming with us?!" and they all just laughed. I immediately knew who they were but I was still terrified because what Laura said earlier about be regretting not goin with them was really happening! They told me that they were going to keep me tied up all night and keep on tormenting me. After they had told me all of this I wasnt that afraid anymore and it was all really a matter of me just going along with their torture of me. They told me that they had called my parents earlier and told them what they were planning on doing to me. My parents agreed to what they wanted to do to me! So my parents were behind it too. They also asked if I could stay the night and they persuaded my parents to let me stay. The only thing is that they didnt tell my parents that I'd be spending the whole night tied up sock gagged and blindfold by 6 of my girlfriends! 

So, there I lay all night tied up, sock gagged, and blindfolded in my tube socks, boy shorts, and wool sweater, completely at their mercy!


Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 03:29:09 AM
brooke's pic you have to have some kind of permission to see that pic? i clicked the link and it said i wasn't authorized..... just wonderin'

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 10:05:54 AM
The other day i was sitting around watching TV when i heard a cal from my mum that a friend that i knew since childhood was coming over.

I hadnt seen her for about 3 years now and we always used to play tie up games, and i was in the mood for another one.

her name is keziah she is a year older than me (im 15) and fit as hell, cute face and gr8 body.

anyway she came over a about 7 and was stayin the night, plenty of time.

so ne way, when she came over and i saw her i made it my mission to get her tied up b4 she left.

So l8r that nite i recommended that we go and play a game on my ps2, she agreed (good start), we were playin a kareoke game (not my style but she wudda sed no otherwise) and i got her into a conversation about what we did as kids and the tie up games, she went with this btw, and fuled on adrenaline and memories i sed that was fun, i miss those days, we should do it again, sounds dorky and i knew that but it worked and she sed ok dat would be fun. angels sang allaeluya (i cant spell btw).

So i sed sod da game, i bagsy going first, she sed ok agen

So she put her hands behind her back and sed do ur worst, i tied really tight, with clothes, both hers and mine, in the end we were both down to underwear. but we didnt care it was all in the name of fun, ne way i tied her at ankles knees, thies, hips 2 hands, hands elbows, shoulders, gag and blinfold, b4 i put the gag on she sed, uv gotten betta. lickily i then found sum duct tape and went over the bonds again, with a bit more.

So she was tied up bt then i ungagged her and sed wot now, she sed use ur imagination. of course the imagination of a 15 yr old boy is not fit 4 this site, so i sed how bout a bit o tiklin. i regagged her with tape and tickled her 4 ages by the time i untied her i she 4gt bout me and we carried on with our game.

all in all it was a gr8 nite, i tied up a beautiful girl and didnt get tied myself.

but then i realized.... she was nearly naked!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 10:10:20 AM
hey brooke
kool pic and nice story, keep um comin

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 11:56:22 AM
btw way is it possible to post movies on here cuz if so i may jes post 1 of my tie up games, lets take it up a notch!!! lol
clean bondage dude

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 11:59:23 AM
sz bout da underwear fing but it woz all in da name of fun, and dats wot happened bt sz if u took offense

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 02:19:01 PM
Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 12:57:01 AM
Here is a pic of me! 

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this figures

Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 04:21:15 PM
Copy and paste the link into your browser, you silly douche.

Nice pic. 


Sunday, October 9th 2005 - 05:37:05 PM
hi all what can i say about brooke, your a real honey i liked your photo but the next photo you show us could you be tied up in it.
i know the rest of us would like to see this stunning girl all tied up on a photo.
hey brooke come to my yahoo site and join you will be very welcome especially if you put tied up photos in.
please make all our dreams come true.
a tied of handcuffed photo brooke please please please.
your well worth asking for.
best wishes to you all

Monday, October 10th 2005 - 07:41:55 AM
Tied and True Tales updated
We're reaching the pointy end of the year and my stress levels are rising fast while I continue working on Melai's visa! In between everything, Priscilla and I actually found the time for another update… (working on Tied and True Tales helps keep me sane!) and it's another biggie with Part 3 of our "Rubber Bondage" gallery along with 'A Suitable Girl' (written in a "mirror" format for both bondage and rainwear fans!) from my pen along with the arrival of Brian Sands as well in-depth reviews of Lorelei's 'Bedroom Bondage' site and Sax leather from Down Under! 

As usual, click on the link to find out what's new at


Monday, October 10th 2005 - 01:12:42 PM
Captured for a game
This is a short one, but a quick one. In the hopes of spurring on other writers, I'll tell you a little story of my own.

About ten years back, when I was 18, my younger sister Amanda, who was 8 at the time, had some of her friends over, Lisa (who was 10), her brother (8 I think), and a friend of his. My parents were out and had left me in charge of the kids.

They weren't bad, they didn't act up or anything and really just kept to themselves, playing this or that or just pretending. Well, this day they were playing some sort of Power Rangers type game in my sister's bedroom, and I was in the living room watching TV.

One of the kids left the room to go to the bathroom or something, and I asked him what they were up to (not like I cared that much, but I was just being nice, asking the usual friendly questions that older people ask kids). He said they were playing something Rangers (not Power Rangers, but something they made up), and I asked him if anyone was the bad guy. He said no, since they didn't have one. I asked if I could be the bad guy.

He said he'd ask everyone else if I could join in, and when he went in the bedroom, I heard him asking if Amanda's brother could be the bad guy. They argued about it for a while, then one of the kids opened the door and told me they said I could join.

So I walked in, and gave some stupid maniacal laugh, and said I was going to take Lisa hostage (which was the plan I was forming at the time once I decided to get involved). The kids said stuff like "no you won't" while some got confused about what I mean. I said to just pretend that I was the villain, and that I had captured Lisa and taken her hostage, and then later I'd come into their room as the "messenger" and tell them that I'd taken her captive, and that's when they'd come in and rescue her. (note that I invented the whole "wait for the messenger" idea so that I could have time with Lisa uninterrupted) Some of the younger kids needed it explained for them a bit better, so I explained it, and once we all agreed to my plan, I took Lisa's arm and gently pulled her out of the room and shut the door.

This was my chance, a chance I'd probably never get again. I took Lisa upstairs to my bedroom and told her to sit on my bed and close her eyes, and wait a bit. She did just that.

Lisa was a cute kid. She had short brown hair, and was dressed as I recall in a green shirt, blue pants, and socks without shoes (no-one wore shoes in the house).

I tried to think up a plan, since I was making this up as I went along, and I didn't want the kids to get restless and "rescue" Lisa before I had even done anything. So as she sat there with her eyes closed, I left the room and retrieved a couple of relatively small sheets. I went back to Lisa, and tied a sheet around her eyes, and behind her head. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her that I was blindfolding her, since she was my prisoner now and she shouldn't be able to see anything.

That explanation seemed to satisfy her, and she played along. I then took both of her hands, and put them behind her back. "You're tying me up?" she asked. "Yup," I said, "but just play along. I won't make it tight or anything." She did, and I used another cloth to tie her hands, wrapping it around her wrists, then wrapping it around again, basically trying to tighten it as much as possible so it would be effective before I tied a knot in it.

I then picked her up and put her on the bed so she'd be laying down, on her chest. I took another cloth and wrapped it around her legs, just above the ankles, and again, wrapped it around several times before tying it off. I then made her sit up again, and took another piece of cloth and tied it around, not in, her mouth, to resemble a gag seen in cartoons. She mumbled "I can talk through this real easy," and I told her to just pretend it worked. Pretending was the order of the day here.

I then tried to think about what else I should do, if anything. I debated pulling off her socks so I could see her feet, and come up with an excuse to do so, like tying her big toes together, but I couldn't see any way to do that which would fit in the story we were enacting. I didn't want to seem like I was doing stuff just for no reason. Then I thought maybe I could do some "foot torture" as an excuse to pull her socks off. Suddenly I had an idea.

I told Lisa to sit on the edge of the bed like that, and just stay put, but to go "mmmph" as if the gag actually worked. I told her that her friends would spot her that way.

She did just that, and I went downstairs. I entered Amanda's bedroom and announced that I was the villain's messenger, and that I had a message from him. That if they wanted to see Lisa alive, they'd have to come and get her themselves, and I told them to wait 20 seconds before they did. I then ran back upstairs and re-entered my bedroom.

I sat next to Lisa and told her that her friends would come looking for her, and to "mmmph" to try to get their attention. True enough, she did. I then pulled on her socks to loosen them, particularly the tops, but did not take them off.

I could hear footsteps walking around upstairs, and one of the boys said "I can hear her! She's in [my name]'s room!" I pushed Lisa back a bit and raised her legs at the edge of the bed, and put one arm underneath her legs. One of the kids then entered the room.

"Oh my gosh! He has her tied up! And gagged! And blindfolded!" he said. 

"Don't make another move, or else the girl gets it!" I growled in my best villain voice. "I got just the torture for her," as I whipped off both her socks. I then put one hand right in front of her feet and tickled. Lisa laughed behind her non-working gag, and one of the boys said "we need to stop him!"

I decided I didn't want this game to end so quickly, so I sat behind Lisa and pointed one of my hands to her head in the shape of a gun. "One more move, and she gets it," I said.

"Don't kill her," Amanda said. "We'll do anything!" The boys echoed her sentiment.

I didn't have enough sheets to tie them all up, and I didn't want my parents coming home while I had four tied up kids, so I told the kids to exit the room or else I'd hurt Lisa. It took some coaxing, but they eventually agreed (they were annoyed at first that they'd come into my lair for nothing).

I still had some sheets left, so I basically tied Lisa's knees and torso in the same way, and then I put her in my bedroom closet. I then left my room, and saw the kids waiting outside.

"What did you do with our friend?" one of the boys asked. I told him that he'll never find out, and then I watched as the kids all entered my bedroom and quickly discovered Lisa in the closet. They started untying her, and I watched as one of the boys fetched her socks, which she put on once she was free. I left. My work was done, and I couldn't think of any way to stretch it out further. I certainly didn't want the kids telling their parents (or Amanda telling mine) about the tie-up game, so the less involved it was, the better.

And that's it. No more tie-up games since, but it was a nice one while it lasted. It's the only true story I have, but I've told it.

That wasn't so bad. Now if only other writers will tell stories as well. Let's take this board back to storytelling again.

Monday, October 10th 2005 - 01:24:28 PM
Enough with the videos
Alright, I've been coming to this site to read stories for quite a long time. I don't recall ever posting here, because I've only had a couple of experiences, and I didn't feel that I needed to share them. I also stayed through the long arguements between members, but never felt the need to add to the spamming. However, unless I'm brain dead, I seem to remember *several* videos posted by "Cristine Rix". It's clear that "she" was not testing to see if videos could be put up, as it was done several times before. Before, you might have had the excuse (a lame excuse, but one nonetheless) that Canuck hadn't told you to stop. But you know what? When he came back, he not only deleted them, but he *did* say to stop, and now you are in direct violation of his wishes. 

Canuck, I would implore you to simply get rid of the troublemakers. I don't know what your reasons are for not doing so in the past, and I won't question them, but Jerry Burns and his "supporters"/alter-egos are being highly disruptive to the forum, and clearly your previous slaps on the wrist were not effective. 

Long time reader

Monday, October 10th 2005 - 02:07:25 PM
Long Time Reader, since you had "only a few" experiences, it would still be cool if you posted them. Even simple stories can be good ones. I'd love to hear what your experiences were like.

Besides, stories are signal, everything else (except discussion of them and tie-up games in general, unless it goes on for too long) is noise. Let's raise the signal-to-noise ratio in here.

Monday, October 10th 2005 - 05:56:43 PM
Defending My Morales
Although I don't normally go to things like this, I got a cordial invite from my neighbor. When my Mom found out that Ben (13) down the street invited me (16) to some over night party, she guilted me into going.

When I got to his house at about 7 pm, we ate and played some football game until about 9 o'clock. Thats where this story begins...

Ben and I stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for the rest of his party to join us. Ben was wearing a short-sleeved cotton shirt and blue shorts with long white socks that had rolled down to his ankles, on his feet. "Last one upstairs has to sleep in the closet!" Yelled Ben as a stampeed of kids ran up the stairs, all dressed in t-shirts and shorts. When I got to the room, they were all sitting around chatting excitedly. I sat down in a bean bag and watched the TV.

Over the chatter, I heard Ben's voice. He was talking to a couple of the other more dominant kids and they were looking at someones cell phone. I took it upon myself to spy on them, for the malicious looks on their little faces didn't seem right.

I moved closer so as to hear his conversation.

"... that'll make her pay. If she believes I'm Jordan and comes out to meet us..." whispred Ben.
"Her hair will be green for 3 weeks. It's gonna be so funny." continued Zack.
"Plus, I hate the stupid fat cow, she always tells on me... I realy hate Kristina Lexin." Josh said through gritted teeth. They all laughed.

Kristina Lexin (13) was another neighbor of mine... a sweet little girl although a little plump and a know-it-all. I had to stop them.

"Whoa Ben... don't mess with her. What did she do to you?"
Ben looked startled. "Well... she always tells on us and shes ugly and fat."
"Ben you can't do that..."
"Watch me."
"I'm not staying if you do that to her."
"I'm doing it anyway."
"Fine," I picked up my bag. "See ya later."
"Wait, you can't tell her!"
"You can't stop me." I say as I walk away.
"No!" Ben yelled as he dashed out of bed and tackled me to the ground. He sat on my back and said, "quick, someone get rope." No sooner had he said it then Zack ran downstairs.

"Ben let me go!" I said forcefully.
"Only if you don't tell."
"I have to tell her."
"Then your not leaving."
Zack came back upstairs with rope and the kids piked me up and put me in a wooden hard back chair. Ben tied my ankles to the chair and then my upper body tight enough so that I couldn't escape.

The whole party, minus me, went to the computer on AIM and talked with Kristina. So I did all I could, preach to them and try to make them feel guilty.
"Guys, she hasn't done anything to you. Please don't do this, she'll feel so bad about yourself. The kids at school will pick on her even more if you do this..." etc.
Zack got sick of it. "SHUT UP!!!" he yelled. "Ben. Where'd the duct tape?"
"We don't have any." Ben said, "But he needs to be gagged."
"You don't have like a ballgag do you?"
"No. Why would I?"
"I don't know..."
"Just put a peice of cloth in his mouth and tie another one around." A blonde kid called Drew said.
"Good idea! We'll use my socks!" Ben said as the boys shrieked with laughter. So Ben gagged me with his dirty socks. I was then powerless.

After a while, they carried their plan out, at least all of them save Ben, who offered to watch me. They went and poured on poor Kristina but missed. Needless to say they got in trouble. Ben hasn't thrown a party since.



Monday, October 10th 2005 - 06:33:32 PM
making the movie
hi, i'm milly, female, age 24. one of my friends told me about this site and 
it's very interesting. story I want to talk about happend hust two days ago.
my and my friend monica aalways loved to make our own movies with our friend 
since we where kids. so one day Monica, my boyfriend Ben and I was watching some
Spanish film called "Tie me" with Antonio Banderas. In that film Banderas
was tying some girl during whole film. After it finished, Monica said 
"Let's make the movie with tying & stuff"
I felt little wierd and I was hestiating, but when Ben said "why not"
i tought - why not it could be fun.
"So what would be a script?" I asked
"hmmm I don't know, but I'm sick of films where guy's are tying girls up"
After she said that she looked at Ben.
"Are you proposing to tie me up" he said
"yes, i don't see any reason why not to"
"What a hack" Ben said jokingly
"So what should we do"
"lets first go to store and by ropes and stuff" Monica said
so we went to store, and start searching for something with wich we could tie Ben up
"let's byu duct-tape" monica said " it looks kinda sexy"
so we bought 2 rolls of duct tape one silver and one white
sorry but i had to go, if someone want to hear the rest-let me know i'll finish it

Monday, October 10th 2005 - 06:55:08 PM
Hotel Hostage
Hi, I'm Hillary and i'm 15 years old. I am 5'6, white skin, skinny and I have brown hair with blonde highlights.
The following is a story that happened to me a week ago.

Me and my family, (Mom, Dad, Brother and Cousin) went to Atlantic City for the weekend. I was wearing a pink tank
top, a denim mini-skirt, and flip-flops. When we got there we checked into our room and I kicked off my flip-flops
and laid on the bed.

My parents then left me and my brother Jay and Cousin Mike alone in the room to go gamble. I din't think nothing of it.

So then I notice my brother and cousin bring there backpacks into the bathroom, I then walk up to the closed door and when I did, the door slammed open and I fell backwards.

Then I saw my brother grab my barefeet and drag me in the bathroom. I went to scream but Mike jammed a towel in my
mouth that literally made me gag.

I tried to scream through the gag but all that came out was "MMPPHHH". With that, Jay began to tie my ankles with cords and Mike bound my wrists behind my back.

They than sat me on the edge of the bathtub and took the towel out of my mouth. But before I could scream a sock
took the place of the towel. They than placed several layers of duct tape over my mouth.

After that they placed a blindfold on me by using a black bandana. They then left me in the bath tub for 3 hours.
I struggled rigoursly hoping my parents would return but they didn't.

Then Mike picked me up and sat me on the edge again. I continued to MPH. Then he paced my barefeet in a container
and duct-taped my barefeet to the bottom. He then dumped ice in it. It was pure torture.

Finally after 3 more hours, my parents came up and freed me. Yet, they laughed at it.

Well, theres my story, hope you enjoyed it.


Tuesday, October 11th 2005 - 06:19:28 PM
Hi there. I promised my next story before the end of this weekend and so here it is.
If you want to know what happened in my previous stories look in the archives (Feb 05 and July 05)
That ended with me having to promise my sisters friend Sophie that she could tie me up anytime she wanted to.
Well it was about 3 weeks after my last story and I hadn’t heard anything from Sophie.
I even asked my sister Tara if Sophie had said anything to her but Tara said that Sophie had not said when she was planning to get me.
Well one Friday after school I was walking home and I walked past Sophie’s house.
Sophie was in her garden and she said hi to me and asked if I wanted to get a drink. I was quite thirsty as it was a warm afternoon. Sophie led me into her house and into her kitchen. 
She got me a drink and I sat down on a kitchen chair. Sophie then said she just had to go upstairs to get something and she would be down in a minute.
A couple of minutes later I heard a crash from upstairs. I got up and went to the bottom of the stairs.
I shouted up to Sophie to see if she was alright. She shouted back that she had hurt her ankle and she needed me to come up the stairs to help her.
I ran upstairs and I heard Sophie shout from a room on my right. I went in and I was immediately pushed to the ground. I tried to get up but Sophie had sat on my back and I couldn’t get her off my back.
She said not to struggle and just accept what was happening as I had agreed last time.
She grabbed my wrists and started tying them tight behind my back with some rope. She then got off my back. I tried getting my hands free but Sophie had expertly tied them well.
She then went down to my feet and started tying my ankles tightly with rope as well. She then got another rope and used it to hogtie me with. I asked what she had planned to do
to me but she just said that it will be torture.
I then saw her go into a drawer and pull out some panties. She then comes over to me and says that I talk too much and she shoves the panties in my mouth. She then gets some duct tape and wraps it over my mouth and around my head about 5 times.
“There, that should keep you quiet” she said.
She then said she had to go downstairs and she would be back up in about 10 minutes. Before she left though she took my socks off and threw them onto her bed.

She left the room and I then decided to try and get free.
I struggled with all my strength but Sophie had tied me real good.
I eventually just gave up and lay on the floor and awaited whatever torture Sophie was going to do to me. 15 minutes later Sophie came back into the room and said that the torture would now begin but that I had a choice of what the torture was going to be.

……to be continued


Tuesday, October 11th 2005 - 08:06:44 PM
Great story hillary.

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 01:44:00 PM
I posted a story a few weeks ago of how my friends Jen and michelle tied me up. A couple of days ago me and Jen were walking home and talking and she asked if I wanted to come over a while it was a rather warm day so i said why not. We went to her room and we began watching TV she mentioned last week of how she and Michelle tied me up. She said she had some new ideas to tie me up I was up for it she then got the straightjacket and strapped me in. Pete buddy comfortable i was like i am okay she then said that she bought espicially for me she shove a red ball in my mouth and told me that it was called a ball gag she told me to bite down as I did she tighten behind my head. Good boy Pete she sat me on her bed and debated what to do with me as we sat their Michele and my friend Rob stopped by. They asked what we were doing Rob just laughed Michele was like havin fun Pete. They then decided to go to the basement and watch a movie Michelle said what about Pete Jen wanted to see if she could keep in all afernoon and part of the night Jen said 
Mor next time Part 2

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 03:06:58 PM
Great story Hillary! Was this something your brothers did to you a lot, or was it an isolated incident. Also, have you ever had your bare feet tickled while you were tied up? I bet that'd be a great torture method too!

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 04:43:30 PM
i am not 12 pitty and you should be a bit nicer or i'll tie you up.
hail to the king baby

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 04:45:14 PM
i am not 12 pitty and you should be a bit nicer or i'll tie you got it?

hail to the king

hail to the king baby

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 05:12:19 PM
the full continued story of 3 girls tied at my house
so i was once hail to the king,but you act nasty to me....except the one guy so i changed it.THE FULL STORY PITTY.and by the way,i appreciate your opinion and i will for now on,when i send a story,i will send all of it.but don't give me a good reason to have a grudge against you .now siddown and as i recall,these girls bugged me ,yadda yadda,me allison tied the first one and then the other one showed up.I however,was getting tired of allisons dumb attitude that she would be the girl on top of it all.but instead,i decided to take control of the and allison pulled leighann inside and closed the door. we dragged leighann downstairs and started wrapping her with tape.we put tape around her mouth,wrists and ankles. then we dragged alex from the laundry room and put them on the couch.then allison started saying"well,now that that's done,how about we go get a pi-mmmmmmmmmpppphh"
i handgagged her and wrapped tape around her wrists and her ankles,tying her in a hogtie.then i put tape over her mouth.ten minutes later,i released'd better be happy now pity.
if anyone liked or disliked my story, then tell me.however,i do not want any rude comments from pitty.
keanu reaves sucks.

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 05:20:36 PM
Hey, just wanted to say sorry for not continuing my stories with Mike but i have been busy and by next Friday i swear the next story where Seth and I get revenge on Mike will be up and posted. Untill then.

Mr Braggadoucous

Mr. Braggadoucous

Wednesday, October 12th 2005 - 08:24:18 PM
hey i have been looking for a place where i can find stories of girls tying guyes and puting makeup on them. if you know of one please post.
bond 13

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 12:30:43 AM
Doesn't it annoy you when you read a story on here you like, but is never finished. I found like 10 of those in the Acrchivies.
Ben N

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 01:07:55 AM
Summer of fun
Well, in all my time reading here, I've not posted a story, but since I have a request I will put one up (names have been changed). Hope you guys like it.

Back when I was around 12, my parents divorced, and my dad and one of his good friends moved into a house together as roommates. Every other weekend, my brother and I would visit my dad, and in the summer I turned 13, we stayed with him for 2 weeks in July, and 2 weeks in August. Now, my dad's roommate had 2 daughters Amy (14) and Heather (12) who visited at the same time as we did. There were a few other kids in the neighborhood, but most of them were on vacation, and the ones who weren't I didn't know very well. So, being that summer had just started, I was feeling too lazy to do much, and for the first few days I slept a lot and watched tv. However, I soon began to get restless, and began to play with the girls more. My brother was 3 years younger than me, and he knew more kids in the neighborhood than I did. So he was always out with them, which left me alone with Amy and Heather.

One of the days of my vacation, I woke up to find my brother already gone, Heather still asleep, and Amy in the dining eating breakfast. Now, Amy was a year older than me, and I personally thought she was pretty attractive. She was about 5'5'', had brown eyes, brown hair, and a nice tan. She wore glasses, which I thought looked nice on her, and her chest was pretty well developed for a 14 year old. As I entered the dining room, I opened my mouth to say good morning, but all that came out was a long yawn, so I sufficed with a simple wave. "Morning, slacker." She said laughing. "It's about time you got up." 

"Yeah yeah." I responded, walking to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of juice. "Just cause you wake up at 8 in the summer doesn't mean the rest of us have to." Re-entering the room with my juice in hand, I pulled up a chair and sat down just as Heather entered the room. Heather was about as tall as her sister, with brown eyes as well, though her hair was black and not quite as long. Though younger and less developed than her sister, she was still pretty cute. "Good morning you two." She said, pulling up a chair next to her sister. "Nice day outside." Grabbing Amy's cup of what appeared to be milk, she took a large sip as Amy glared at her out of the corner of her eye. "Gee, thanks for asking." Amy said sarcastically though Heather just ignored her. 

"So Dave, do you wanna play that game we made up last night?" Heather said, addressing me and looking excited. "What game is this?" Amy asked, looking between the two of us for answers. The game we had made up was called Super Spy. Heather and I had been watching a James Bond movie (though I can't remember which one, there's been so many), and afterwards, she had wanted to make up a spy game to play. It was a 3 person game, and the 3 roles were the spy, the guard, and the prisoner. The spy's job was to recover a hidden item (to be chosen by the guard), find the prisoner, and escape with the two of them back to his starting point. It was the guard's job to choose a holding spot for the prisoner, and to patrol around to give the spy a challenge. Of course the prisoner's job was self explanatory.

After explaining the game to Amy, she seemed intruiged. "Well, how about the 3 of us play a game?" She asked. Heather nodded excitedly, and I agreed as well. Heather excused herself and ran upstairs, coming back down a few minutes later with a baseball cap. "Ok, I put 3 pieces of paper inside, each has a role written on it. We'll draw from the hat." Shaking up the hat, she held it out to Amy, who reached in and drew a folded slip of paper. "Your turn Dave." She said, and I took my slip as well. Heather picked up the last piece, and at the same time we unfolded them. "Looks like I'm the spy." I said, showing them the writing. "And I'm the guard." Heather said. 

"Well guys, looks like I'm the prisoner." Amy said, holding up the paper before sticking it back into the hat. "Alright!" Heather said. "Let's get this game started! Since I'm the guard, I get to choose the item, and I'll just use this hat." She said. "Now Dave, go to the garage, I'll come get you when I've hidden the hat and Amy's in her cell." I nodded and stood up from my seat to head to the garage to wait. After about 10 minutes, Heather poked her head out the door. "Alright, count to 20, and then the game will start!" She said. I turned my back to the door and counted as I was told. As I hit 20, I slowly opened the door and snuck back inside. Time for the fun to begin!

Well, it's late where I am, so I've got to head to bed now, but I'll check back in the morning, and if you guys want to hear more, I will continue then.

Long time reader

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 12:04:45 PM
Nice story Hillary
I would like to read more of you tie up stories if you have any more send them over. If you have pics i would like to see them too

Coming soon
Heather's Bondage Lesson 101

Bondage Heather

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 03:23:36 PM
tie up story hey well one day wen i was drunk to my house you have to go through a woods it was me, the guy i was seeing at the time and my mates anyway i was so drunk that they thought it would be funny to tie me to a tree and leave me running off laughing lol so when i woke up i was tied to a tree and the worst of all was that they nicked my clothes so i was left with nothing i had to walk home with some card i found on the ground hahaa they never let me live it down till this day even!!!

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 04:07:34 PM
Birthday Tie-Up
So one day it was my friend, “Michael’s” (an alias’), birthday. And I wanted to do something before/after his birthday. But I didn’t know if I should be tied, or he should be tied. After asking a friend, I decided to follow his advice and be tied. Oh boy, right? 

Anyway, I had to get myself tied, but let him know that I was his to tie up for the day. I picked a day when I knew everyone in his or my family would be gone for a while. So I snuck into his house, and then into his room, with my supplies. I wrote a note and put it outside the large TV box that I would be in. So I tied my feet with duct tape (I had long jeans on), and then wrote “Happy B-day” on a single strip of duct tape. I gagged myself with that strip, and I also blindfolded myself with a bandana. I got into the box and crouched down as I shut the top of the box. I then used a pair of souvenir handcuffs (they were metal and from Alcatraz) and handcuffed my hands behind my back. The key was in the note that was taped to the top of the box. I could’ve gotten out of the gag, and stand up, but there was hardly a way for me to get the key. So now there was no going back now. I was in for the day. 

It got hot in there, which made it seem longer than it really was. I waited inside the box for a while, and then finally I heard noise. My heart jumped at the noise. I heard him mutter something, so then I thought that he wasn’t alone!!! What would another person think?!?! I briefly started to try to get my arms to go under my legs, bringing my hands in front of me, but it was no use. So I stopped, praying that he was alone. He then came into his room. 

“What the…?” was his reaction. I could hear his footsteps as he came closer to me in the box. He ripped off the note and read it. 

“Oh my go(sh),” he said as he opened the box. I couldn’t see his face, but he laughed for a second. He kept on saying “Oh my go(sh)” over and over again as he laughed. I was kinda laughing under my gag too but it was not understandable. He then said some things like: “Ah man, this is going to be great. Thank you so much (my name)! This is going to rock.” A brief pause followed. “OK….ok.” He examined what I brought him. I had some white rope, (some 40+ feet) and 2 giant rolls of duct tape. So then, I gave up trying to understand what was happening and just did what he told me to. So I stood up, and he picked me up out of the box. So I was just standing there. He got the thing out of the box and then started with the duct tape. He taped my upper arms/biceps to my sides, so I could move them horizontally. He then used duct tape to go over my shoulders and under my thighs so I couldn’t move them vertically either as it would just pull my crotch up like a harness. He thanked me for the gag, but said that it could be better, so he reinforced my gag with several strips of duct tape. All this happened while I was standing. He then wrapped a few rounds around my knees, to reinforce what I did to myself. Then he laid me down on the ground.

He said something among the lines of “Hey, I’m going to get a few things, for the next tie up. Obviously, you are going to stay here. (laugh)” But before he left he said “Oh yeah, and I was wondering if you included my favorite present.” He came over and lifted up part of my shirt to see the trim of my boxers. He sounded disappointed, but there was no way I was going to let that perv tie me up in my football brief/jockstrap (it had a back, but it was used for sports). I was his friend, but not THAT good of a friend. I hated those things, and he knew it. So no way was I going to “include” it. He sounded upset, and said “Well, I’m going to get those things I said. Don’t go anywhere,” with his unappreciated and lame sarcasm. He hit me hard on my chest as he said it, and then left. 

I knew there was no use in struggling, but for the fun of it I did. Then an idea came to me, maybe if I got out, Michael would honor that and let me not be tied up. So I tried to get out, but not frantically or anything. It was getting hot inside, and being tied up didn’t make anything cooler. I probably could have gotten my gag off as the human jaw is very strong, but the gag was my favorite part with it saying “Happy B-day”. 

After a while Michael came back. He saw that I was a little warm and told me that he was going to turn the AC down to very cold. At that time, I had to go to the bathroom. After trying to Mppph the message to Michael, he didn’t understand. So I eventually got my gag off and said “Bathroom! I need to go to the Bathroom!” Michael was like “Woah! Ok, ok. We can handle this. Ok, I’m going to pick you up. Oh, and if I want you to talk, I won’t gag you.” With this, he put my gag back on. He carried me to the bathroom, where he cut ALL of my bonds off, except my ankles and my handcuffs, and of course the gag. He took me over to the toilet and then left. I used my hands in the back to do all of my business. I won’t go into gross details. Sufficient to say, we got through it. And boy was I relieved. I mphed for him to come in. Michael came in and said “Boy that stinks” He was laughing, and I was kind of laughing under my gag. But he took that to a wrong extreme. He took me over to a rack and tied me to the rack in the bathroom closet with the white rope. He wanted me to be there until I “smelt that which I had most foully dealt,” with the same unappreciated and lame sarcasm. He said “I gotta go get a few more things. I should be back somewhat soon.” And with that he left.

The smell wasn’t that bad….ok so it WAS that bad. But what was worse was that there was no AC in the bathroom! I was so hot, let alone in the closet. I couldn’t even sit down either. That totally sucked. 

When Michael finally returned some 10+ minutes later, he said something like “I think you learned your lesson, but I think you’re getting too hot.” He then untied me and put me in the shower/bathtub. I started to struggle madly, but I was still handcuffed. So then he turned on the water to its COLDEST. And let me remind you, I was still wearing ALL of my clothes (except shoes and socks). He showered me in freezing water fully clothed. I just accepted it, but after the water stopped, I was still a little hot. He untied my legs, and told me I could take a shower, as long as the handcuffs stayed on. So I took off my soaking wet clothes and Michael left. I couldn’t handle the cold water, so I put it on hot water. Michael came in and said “Tell me when you’re out!” I told him ok. 

After I went to the bathroom again, (you know to make sure in case I was tied for a while), I got out and stood at the closed door and yelled “I’m out, but I need some clothes. There are not even any towels in here.” He said back “I know, I’ve got it taken care of. Here’s your clothes, it should keep you cool,” And he opened the door slightly and threw in a football brief/jockstrap. He had to be kidding. That was so retarded. He took my (wet) clothes and took all the towels when he came in. I yelled at him to get me some clothes from his closet, but he told me it was that or go nude (no way!). When I asked him for his clothes, he said that I was too big for his clothes. (This was kinda true, but still, c’mon!) He threatened to come in there and make me wear it, as my hands were still handcuffed. But then he changed his tone, and said “Hey, it’s my birthday gift, do it for me. Otherwise, I’ll either come in there and force you to wear it, or you’ll go nude (again, no way). I slowly and grudgingly said ok and put it on. However, I was in fact bigger than Michael, so his brief/jockstrap was tighter than mine. What was I doing? But then again, I had no other choice. I managed to open the door despite being handcuffed, and he stood a few feet away and told me to follow him into the family room, where my doom awaited. 

He took me to the family room, to the computer. He told me to sit on the computer chair, and I did as I was told. He finally un-cuffed my hands but just used to rope to tie my hands to the arms of the chair. He continued to use the white rope to fasten my bare stomach to the back of the chair, as well as my upper torso. He then bent over and tied my bare feet to the part of the chair that holds the seat up. So my legs were bent, and my arms were tied to the arms of the chair, and my chest to the back, but at least I was sitting down. I thought that this was it, but it wasn’t. He used some more of the white rope to wrap around my neck, and tie it to the back of the chair, almost like a noose. I couldn’t even lean my head forward. Michael used the rest of the white rope to secure my thighs to the seat. For a change of pace, he gagged me with more duct tape. 

Michael then explained a key part in his little game. In each tie up, he will give me the instrument to get free, but it’s up to me to get it and use it. So this time, he put a long kitchen knife on my lap. While it could potentially set me free, all it did was give false hope and make me struggle. 

He sat down on the couch and said that he was going to watch some TV. However, I couldn’t see the TV from where my chair was, and that was exactly what Michael wanted. I started to “mmpphh” to annoy the crap out of him. After a while I was annoying him, so he stood up and told me that the more noise I made, the more severe he would make my bonds. So the punishment was the in the gag. He used a little bit of saran wrap to cover my head, and then used duct tape to wrap from the top of my head to under my chin, keeping my mouth closed. 

I still made noise, and struggled to get the knife that lay just on my lap. It was no use, I couldn’t even get a hand lose. So I made noise, both to call his bluff and try to annoy him to stop this part of the game. However, every time I made noise, he just put tape over my rope bonds. So when he sat down, he said he was going to watch a quick movie. So he pulled out ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’ Special Edition. That movie was nearly 4 hours long! There was no way I wanted to stay like I was for 4 hours. He did that just to tease me though. But he never blindfolded me, because he wanted me to see the knife, and my potential escape. And it never got really hot, thanks to the AC. 

At any rate, the time expired, and he said that I had failed to get out. But like I had a chance? Michael said it was time for the next one, and so he went upstairs to finalize some things. I sat waiting, tied up in my chair, hoping for an easier situation, but expecting the worst. 

He took me upstairs, to his room. I was untied, but not ungagged. I knew things would get bad up here. Michael had taken off the mattress exposing the springs at the bottom of it. Even though my hands still had the marks from the rope, he handcuffed my hands to the posts on each side. He then undid my gag, which took a few minutes, and told me not to say anything. He then gave me some water. 

“Thanks,” I said. 

He looked at me and said, “I told you not to say anything.” He pulled out a HUGE jawbreaker, not average, like snowball sized. 

“Open up,” he said with an evil grin. I eventually let it in, even though I could hardly get my mouth around it. He kept my mouth shut with yet another several rounds of duct tape, our favorite. He then used the duct tape and rope to go in and out of the springs, strapping me down to the springs. Rounds strapping my biceps, stomach, upper torso, thighs, ankles, and neck, all in a similar fashion like the chair. It wasn’t very comfortable at all. The springs actually kind of hurt. But that was the least of my concern. 

“Is that good?” he asked, with his lame attempt at humor. Of course all I could manage was the infamous “mmmpphhh”. And I did it quite a lot as well as struggle. 

“Oh yeah, your escape instrument is here,” he said as he placed the keys to the handcuffs (that kept my hands in place) on my chest, not 6 inches from my face. “Go for it. You have only a few minutes this time, before…” then he stopped. “Only a few minutes.” I struggled madly, making the springs shake and make noise as well as mpphing loudly. He kind of laughed as I did this. You think that my jawbreaker could go away, but it didn’t. I could barely swallow. 

Eventually I slowed down, and noticed that rather quickly that it got cold. I knew that Michael had turned up the AC, but I didn’t think it could be that bad. Of course, I only being in my football brief/jockstrap contributed to making me cold. As I struggled against my bonds, it just got colder and colder. 

After a little while of struggling, Michael said that my time was up. I looked at my bonds and the key, and I was nowhere even close to being free. He said that I have been given a chance to be free twice, and now he would what he wanted. Basically implying torture. So he went and got (of all things) ice. 

“I knew you were hot, so I brought some ice to cool you down.” What a lying jerk. He probably saw all of my goosebumps all over my body. He blindfolded me with a long sock, so I wouldn’t know where he put the ice next. He rubbed the ice on my arms, and on my legs, and now I was freezing. It was so cold, and all I could do was struggle against my bonds and make a little muffled noise. Lastly, he took the ice, and as he was done, he poured the remaining ice down my brief/jockstrap! I was already cold! Now I was freezing everywhere. My only protest was “mmphing”, and quite loud by now. 

So then he brought out…clothespins. I couldn’t see them, as I was blindfolded, but I knew it when he put the first 2 on my nipples. So next, he put them wherever he could, on my knees and ears, and abs. But he put the last one on my nose. So all of the sudden, I could not breathe, as I was gagged. So I struggled and I made noise, and I was afraid that I would suffocate, and the rope around my neck wasn’t helping. After several seconds, he took off the clothespin on my nose, but left all the rest. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, so I kept on struggling, but the bond were too good. 

So then he took some lighted candles and poured the hot wax on me. All the while, I’m making noise, and struggling. He wouldn’t stop; he proceeded next to tickle me all over. I am ticklish, so I was screwed. That wasn’t appreciated. On my bare feet, under my arms pits, on my abs, all over. And then he stopped left me for a while. It must have been some 30 minutes. All the while, I was struggling madly at my bonds, hoping that I could escape before any torture resumed. 

When he returned he untied me and said, “That’s the end of it.” It was earlier than I thought but he told me that was because he parents would be home earlier than he thought. It made sense, since the entire last tie up was completely rushed. Even the torture was rushed. He said that we had 20 minutes, before they would be here. So I took another WARM shower, and he cleaned up. 

And before I left, he thanked me, and eerily said “Let’s just say I have a few ideas for your birthday.” And my birthday is late October….so there’s no telling what that might hold… 

Mr. E

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 04:53:03 PM
Heather's Bondage Lesson 101 
I am Heather a 15 year old high school student I want to tell you about my first bondage experience. After school I was waiting in my home room and walked in Mr. Johnson she was a handsome teacher. I asked why am I here? He said I want to play some games with you if you don’t mind I would like to see what it looks like when you are tied up! I asked why me? You’re a beautiful young lady. He said in a deep sexy voice. I said in a trembled voice, I suppose so, What do you want me to do? Come up to my desk and sit in my chair, He then taped my legs and hands behind my back and taped my mouth with a white cloth in it. I tried to speak but only MMMPPPHH!!! I then tried to wiggle lose but the tape was to strong, He then took my shoes off and nylons and tickled my feet I tried to laugh but the gag stopped me from that too. After he was done tickling me I tried to speak but he told me he would be right back. I waited and waited for hours and no one showed then he came back I am sorry about this I forgot to come and untie you so he took of the tape off my legs hands behind my back and my mouth told me that he would take me home. He said that is you first lesson in bondage 101 we will start again tomorrow where we left off 

Story to cont……

Bondgae Heather

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 06:22:22 PM
well,i would understand why you would think that i was 12,but don't say anything bad anymore.thank you.and thanks for the nice comments too.
hail to the king baby

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 10:05:24 PM
Dena's Helpless Victim
“Hi Mike? It’s Dena – Jeff’s friend….(laughs ) Yeah, the karate girl. Hee hee. Hi! Look sweetie, Jeff’s Mom just called me. I know you guys are supposed to go to a movie tonight and then have, what, a sleepover with the other guys too? (pause) Right. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I guess Jeff has food poisoning. (pause) Yeah, he’s, like, REALLY sick. He’s pretty out of it now and his Mom didn’t have your number so she asked me…yeah, I guess he’s in bad shape. I’m so sorry!!! (pause) Oh, Mike, I’ve known Jeff all his life and he’s like my best friend ever – I hate to see him sick. Well, I’m glad you understand. Well, I’m going over their tomorrow – I’ll make sure he calls you, OK? (pause, then laugh) Oh, you’re such a sweetie!!! OK Mike, talk to you soon, OK? Bye!”

Dena hung up.

Slowly, a very sly, evil grin moved across her face as she moved her eyes down to me on the floor. That’s where I was – tied up and gagged by my evil kidnapper!

I had tried to scream my head off to my friend Mike as Dena broke my much-awaited plans, but I couldn’t because Dena’s very smelly socked foot was clamped over my mouth. She wore her dark grey knee socks, which stank to high heaven and I had been tortured with before, and they helped Dena’s merciless foot form a seal over my mouth to gag me and prevent me from crying out. Dena practically purred as she taunted me from her position above me on the couch.

“I’m sorry, Kidnap Boy! Did you have something to say?” Dena, for those who don’t know, was my oldest and best friend. She was also blonde, beautiful, a black belt, and my frequent kidnapper. She was 18 and I was 15. She called me “kidnap boy” whenever she tied me up and prepared to torture me, which was quite often.

I “MMMMPHED” into her socked foot some more and begged her to let me up. But Dena had me as a hostage and I wasn’t going anywhere. She had tied my hands behind my back and my feet with rope and I was her prisoner and her torture victim once again. I pleaded into Dena’s foot-gag for a small show of mercy, but I got none.

“I think I’ve definitely taken kidnapping you to a new level, haven’t I?” Dena said with a giggle. “I’m actually forcibly restraining you from leaving to go somewhere else, aren’t I?”

I screamed silently some more into her awful sock. Dena wore a red Izod short sleeved shirt and her customary grey cargo pants. I had only a white T-shirt and sweat pants on. This time Dena had seized me when I was getting ready to shower and go out with friends. I was barefoot because she had taken my shoes and socks off after tying me up.

“I know you and the boys had a fun night planned, but I think your favorite kidnapper Dena can show you a good time too!” Dena said, bending down to pat my face while her socked foot gagged me and my hands and feet were helplessly tied. I again tried to beg for mercy and she picked up on that right away.

“You’re not begging me to let you go, are you Kidnap Boy?” Dena said with another evil giggle. “Because that will only make the torture worse!”

“I know my feet stink,” Dena bragged, “because these socks haven’t been washed for a while! But once I start tickling you, it will take your mind off the foot odor!”

I screamed some more as a worthless gesture into her foot, begging her not to because I was insanely ticklish and Dena was the world’s most expert tickler, and Dena just grinned and shook her head.

“I’m going to tickle you to death tonight, Kidnap Boy, and you’ll be tied up the whole time and won’t be able to do anything about it. And you’ll think of Mike and your friends out having a good time without you, and no one will know that you’re tied up at my feet and being tickle-tortured by your sadistic kidnapper!”

I screamed more and pleaded with my eyes, but it didn’t work. Dena finally took her foot off my mouth and at the same time came down off the couch and straddled me, pinning me, before gagging me with her hand over my mouth.

“Shhhh. I haven’t even started tickling you yet!” Dena taunted. 

Then Dena freed my mouth from the handgag and started wiggling her fingers over my bound body. I could barely even scream anymore – I just kind if whimpered like “no-dena-no-please-god-no-don’t-do-this-oh-god-please-untie-me-and-let-me-go-don’t-tickle me!”

“Hee hee hee hee,” Dena taunted, “this is what being tickle-tortured feels like!!!!!”

And with that Dena began to tickle me to within an inch of my life, laughing as she pinned me and tickle me without mercy as I laughed so hard I cried.

Gotta go for now. I’ll continue later. Hope you're enjoying it.

Kidnap Boy

Friday, October 14th 2005 - 12:37:16 AM
stop acting like your 12 then.

Friday, October 14th 2005 - 01:30:49 AM
Summer of fun Part 2
I apologize for the delay in continuing my story, but I was busier today than I thought. So, when I last left off, Heather had just started up our game of Super Spy, and I had snuck inside.

As I entered the house, I pondered where to go. Heather could have been patrolling anywhere in the house, and the rules said that if she caught me, it was game over, and a win for her. Not wanting to be beaten, I decided to hide in a closet at the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor. The stairs had one spot the creaked a little if you stepped on them, so I knew I'd be able to hear her when she came. Cautiously opening the closet, I stepped inside and closed it behind me. I only had a couple of minutes to wait before I heard footsteps from above and creaking of the stairs. I could hear Heather humming to herself as she walked past the closet and into the living room. After another minute or so, I heard the door to the basement opening, and Heather's humming faded away, so creeping out of the closet, I headed upstairs, being sure to avoid the creaky stair.

When I got upstairs, I saw that all of the doors had been closed, so I started with my room. I did a quick search, being as thorough and quiet as I could, and didn't find the hat Heather had hidden, and Amy wasn't there either. Next I went into Amy's room, and nothing there either. The only rooms left on the floor were Heather's room, their dad's room, and a bathroom, and we weren't allowed in their dad's, so I opened the door to Heather's room, and there, laying tied up on her bed, was Amy. 

She was laying face down, making small grunts as she heard the door open. A long black dress sock was tied over her eyes as a blindfold, and ever her mouth was a folded up pillowcase, tied tightly behind her head. I thought it was odd that a pillowcase would keep her so quiet, but I moved forward, shutting the door behind me so I could free her. Her hands were bound behind her with duct tape, wrists crossed. There was also ducttape binding her ankles, and a robe belt ran from her feet to a bedpost, keeping her from standing. "Mmmph mmph!" was all I could hear from her as she realized someone was there, and as I bent forward to untie her, I heard creaking from the stairs. Thinking fast, I dashed backwards into Heather's closet. Just as I was shutting the closet door, the door to Heather's room opened, and Heather stepped inside. "Hey Amy, how ya doing?" She asked her sister, stepping forward and checking all of the bonds. "Looks like I tied you pretty good, wouldn't you say?" 

Amy made some small noises underneath her gag, and Heather laughed. "Well, don't worry, I'm sure Dave will rescue you soon. You'd like that, now wouldn't you?" She said, giggling to herself as she exited the room. I waited in the closet until I heard Heather head downstairs again, and then I emerged from the closet. Walking back to the bed, I removed Amy's blindfold and she blinked several times, getting used to the light. I then began to untie the gag. As I finished, I soon realized why Amy was so silent. Underneath the pillowcase, Amy had been gagged with 3 strips of ducttape. I slowly peeled them off, and Amy smiled at me. "My hero." She said, giggling a bit. "Well, you know me." I said, sticking out my chest. "I'm a super spy!" As I bent over to untie Amy, a thought occured to me. I still hadn't found the hidden item. If I freed Amy now, then the both of us would have to sneak around looking for it. "Wait Amy." I said. "I still haven't found the hat. If I free you, we'll both have to sneak around, cause if Heather finds you untied, she'll just capture you again. Let me blindfold you again and retape your mouth, and I'll come back for you when I find the hat."

Amy did not look thrilled at the idea, but I think she wanted to win the game as well, so she nodded her consent. "Alright." She said. "Heather left the ducttape over there." She motioned to a bedside table with her head. I picked up the roll of tape and quickly retaped her mouth like Heather had done. Then I reapplied the pillowcase over top and blindfolded her again. "Don't worry, I'll be back in a jiffy." I said, and with that, I snuck out of the room, and back into the closet at the base of the stairs to wait for Heather to return.

Sorry, but I must be off again, the conclusion to come tommorow.

Long time reader

Friday, October 14th 2005 - 01:44:14 PM
Awesome story, Hillary!



Friday, October 14th 2005 - 04:12:48 PM
Long Time Reader, good stories! Keep them coming!

And Bondage Heather, that sounds an awful lot like fantasy.

The Walkster

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 02:59:03 PM
Tied up at school
It all started when Me, Dennis and Charlotte start throwing pieces of chalk.
It happened on a Wednesday not too long ago, when I had PE. Me and 2 other classmates ( Dennis(14 like me) and Charlotte(also 14).) Before the teacher arrived they(my other 24 classmates put us 3 in the broom closet (is it called that way???).
2 of them took duct tape out of their bags and tied us up once at a time.
They needed 4 14-year-olds to get me to the ground(because I can run fast and I am pretty strong). They got Dennis with 4 classmates and Charlotte with 2 ( She’s not so strong). They gagged us with duct tape and tied our wrists tight together and they did the same at our ankles. They put us in the closet and went to the drawing room.
I heard the door slammed in to the frame. The lesson started and the teacher handled our absence as usual. The whole class kept their mouth shut about what they did(they told us later on). When the lesson was finished, they all left and we started to smash against the door. The teacher thought the noise was to loud for a broom that fell to the ground so he opened the door and found us laying down there. He untied us and we went to the next lesson. Later on that day our mentor can into the classroom and she had a word with the whole class.

Please post some comments because i got lots of other stories to tell.

The Netherlands

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 03:32:30 PM
Scared to death
It happened yesterday evening when Reina (14) and I were going to watch White Noise.
When the movie played for about 30 minutes, at the scaryest moment, someone pressed the pause-button. 
A second later Reina and I scared to death when 2 neighbour-kids Esther(14) and Tess(12) suddenly gagged us.
They laid us down on the ground and taped her and my hands all 4 together very tight.
Just seconds after that they did the same with our legs and there we were laying down on the floor.
My parents were to the cinema and they wouldn't come back before 12.
Before they came we put all the lights off to make it scaryer.
Because winter's coming here it is already dark at 7.30 pm.
So they only thing we could see was the TV.
Well, Esther and Tess left.
We have a Pioneer 5.1 surround system which goes in standby after 15 minutes on pause.
Then it was totally dark.
Esther and Tess came back at 9.30 and released us from the painfull position.
(Afterall Esther loves me, so she didn't want me to suffer too much.)

By the way I've written a true story which containes 8 days of real life. Maybe I can post it 1 day at a time??
Please respond on this.

Daniel (14 years old)

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 03:37:23 PM
Great stories Daniel. Looking forward to reading your 8-days adventures

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 04:04:32 PM
Mark, how should i post them? It's the first time i posted something here. I could do it day by day or 2 or 3 days at once. BTW, the story does look like its not true, but it really happened!

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 07:10:27 PM
Daniel, for a lot of our sanity just post it all at once instead of day by day. That way its all just here and doesn't take up 8 posts.
Zack V.

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 08:56:49 PM
i really want to hear the rest of summer of fun.hope you get back to it soon
hail to the king baby

Saturday, October 15th 2005 - 08:57:18 PM
And all at once we won't have to wait for you to put the next part up. I've read plenty of part 1s that have never been finshed, even months after the original post.
The Walkster

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 03:25:59 AM
Summer story
I have to say, it's real long.

Hello i’m Daniel.

This story might be a bit long, but it really happened and 8 days go by.

Last summer my parents and my 3 sisters went on a 2 week holiday.
I spent that time at my neighbours house who live 3 houses next to me.
I am 14, the neighbours are called Esther(became 14 last week), Tess(12), another Daniel(9) and Sam(10 (a boy!)). So, their parents leave them home pretty often and so it was this time. Their oldest daughter can cook already.
Their parents decided to go to a bungalow for a long weekend. (You know parents of 4 kids want a couple of days for themselves)
Well, because they are all brothers and sisters I knew that they were going to do something with me.(they do that more often)
So I was already there when their parents left(that was a Fridaymorning, I was still asleep) They set up a plan to tie me up in Esthers bedroom.(I heard later)
Her bedroom is the biggest (6 x 8 meter).
At 9.30 am we were having breakfast and everything went well until when we finished… Esther and Sam went away and 3 min. later or so, she came back with duct tape and some rope. Sam came down with a fake gun.
Sam pointed the plastic thing at me and I listened because a tie-up game is a thing that we do once in a while. I cooperated and went upstairs with them.
Tess grabbed a pair of socks out of the closet and pushes them in my mouth.
Daniel tears of a piece of duct tape and sticks it on my mouth.
Because I wanted to go downstairs, they kept me inside and Sam grabbed the duct tape, crosses my arms and ties them together. Tess did the same with my legs and then I was stuck in Esthers room.
Daniel says: Can I do the ropes? Esther said: No! I don’t want him to escape! (a couple of hours later she said to me that she wanted to do it because she kinda likes me…)
So she takes the 5 mm rope and ties my crossed hands in front of me. She also did this at my elbows. She ends with a tight sailing knot, and I couldn’t move my arms in any directions. She takes a new rope and starts at the ankles, under my knees and above my knees. Again with the same knot as my arms. Sam and Tess came up with the same idea at the same time: Let’s hog-tie him and hang him up with his hands and feet onto the hook on the sealing. (There had been hanging a swing arm up there but she grew out of it.)
So Esther makes an eye in another rope she puts it through my arms and legs, the hook of the ceiling and the eye she made. Then they start pulling all 4 to get me up. About 0.5 to 1 meter off the ground they stop and Esther pulls it through my arms and leg again and she finishes up with a tight knot. See you in a quarter sweetheart she said and they all left the room. They left the door open for me.
Then I tried to get out but there was absolutely no way of getting out.
After a long 5 minutes or so Tess comes upstairs to check me. My hands were becoming red so she decides to let me down. (She was able to do that alone)
She didn’t move me out of the hog-tie position but the pressure on my hands was gone and they were returning back to their original colour.
The same Friday a classmate of Daniel called Hidde (also 9 years old) came to their house. He was going to sleep there that night. (That is what I heard…)
Then they all came up and untied me because they thought that 45 minutes was enough for me. So time flies and after watching TV it already was 5 pm, so time for dinner. They came up with the idea to play mommy and daddy. Esther was the mom and I was the dad. (We were the oldest 2…)
Esther and I have both cooking experience, so we decided that we would make dinner. While eating the conversations became interesting. Sam said: Well, I kinda like what happened last morning. Daniel, Tess and Esther agreed. Hidde asked: What are you guys talking about? Ooh, you’ll see in an hour or so.
Well, we finished dinner, put everything in the dishwasher and went upstairs.
Off course I want revenge for what happened this morning… I thought
After a 30 min. or so I stood up and said: Well, I uhmm, I need some volunteers.
No…, I know something better, You’re all my volunteers. So I got the duct tape from upstairs and I started. (I had not that much experience with bondage or whatever, but that is what the World Wide Web is is for…)
So, I started with Esther. She’s the strongest of all and the tallest so I stacked some duct tape on her mouth and crossed her arms behind her back and taped them in. Her legs were tied together and then Tess came. I did the same to her and I connected the 2 girls at the arms, just by crossing the tape as I did at one person. The same is for the other 3 boys. Arms crossed behind the back and legs tied together at the ankles, under their knees and above their knees, duct tape on their mouths and then the trickiest bit came. I ordered the boys to sit down on the ground with their legs straight. Daniels left arm was attached to Sams right arm. Sams left arm connected to Hiddes right arm and Hiddes left arm to Daniels right arm, so that they formed a triangle look-a-like. Then I said: Well does this hurt? They did mmmmmmppph because there was tape on their mouths. At once Esther did ngngngng geg ig off. I didn’t understood so I took the tape off her arms and asked What’s wrong Es? Can you pleeeeeaaase get that tape off me ‘cause it hurts like hell! So I untied her and Tess with a scissor
Shortly after that the boys started to mmmph and gmgmgmg so I untied them as well. They were all 5 pretty mad at me because I teased them while they were tied up. It was then already 8.30 pm and we decided to go to bed early.
Well I did for sure. We all went upstairs and I fell asleep pretty fast. At 4 am I went to the bathroom to pee. Next morning I woke up and I wanted to move my body but I couldn’t.
They attached me to a ladder, legs and arms straight, With those plastic things called tie-rips or something. They could easily move me because when I sleep, I am in a deeeeeep sleep. I won’t wake up by some movement. So there I was laying down on that ladder and they didn’t get me off till 11 am. So I laid there awake for 5 hours or so. When they came up they said: ‘Well, we will get you off the ladder, because you can’t do that yourself, but if you try to tie one of us up, we will put you in my swimsuit(Esthers) and we will take you on the street that way.’ That would be kinda embarrassing because it’s the busiest street in town. That’s why I decided to NOT tie them up for the rest of those 2 weeks. Hidde left after it. Later that day Reina(14), Charlotte(14) and Janneke(14) all three my classmates came to us. Now there were 5 girls, 2 boys and me. The boys went watching TV, leaving me and the 5 girls. Because the 3 girls named up here like a tie-up game, they decided that I would be their victim and it was going to be a rough day for me they said. They started with laying me out on the bed one arm or leg in every corner of the bed, they gagged me with socks and duct tape.(There is a lot of duct tape in the barn ‘cause their father has a construction company) They left me in that position for an hour. We went downstairs for lunch. After lunch we went all 8 upstairs into Esthers room. While lunch Esther and Charlotte got 3 roles of duct tape and smuggled it upstairs. I was as tall as Reina, Janneke was as tall as Daniel, Tess was as tall Sam and Esther and Charlotte did the tying. They started with me and Reina. Our backs together, a gag on my mouth, behind me on her mouth and back to me. They tied our wrists together, our upper arms, and our chests.(hands behind our backs) And just under our belly’s they did the same. Then we had to stand up and they tied our ankles, lower legs and upper legs together. They did exactly the same to Janneke and Daniel. But Tess and her little brother Sam were tied a different way. They were facing each other.
They got gagged and tied to their wrists separate. They were tied together at the ankles, upper legs, at their but, shoulders and their gagged mouths together with an awful lot of duct tape. Probably more than they use on me. Then Esther whispered in Charlottes ears: Hey, I think we could wrap them in that transparent foil. I read that on the net yesterday. They took it from the kitchen and started wrapping from top to bottom. Me and Reina first, than Janneke and Daniel and at last they decided that they would wrap Tess and Sam in duct tape and foil. Esther wanted revenge on those two because they tied Esther up on a tree a week ago or so. It already was 6 pm so they called the pizzaphone.
We had been in foil for 15 minutes, and we were getting pretty warm, so Esther and Charlotte decided to untie us completely so we could dinner normally.
After dinner Reina was tied down to the kitchen floor. We gagged her and blindfolded her. She actually couldn’t move AT ALL. She mmmpphed for minutes.
After 5 minutes we took her gag off and she said that it hurt like hell. She begged us to untie her, so we did. (She is after all our friend…)
She said: okay now I want to tie you all up. Everyone said okay, but only because it’s you. The dinner chairs have arms and legs and she decided that those chairs would be ideal. Esther first, then me(cause it was Esther and my idea to tie Reina up on the floor), Charlotte, Tess, Daniel, Sam and Janneke.
She tied our wrists and elbows to the chair arms. Our ankles and knees to the chair legs. She gagged us all with a circle around our heads. She asked: Esther where are the tea-towels? Esther mmphhed and shaked her head to the left and right. Then she took 7 towels out of the cupboard and she blindfolded us all. She closed the curtains and went upstairs. Then Charlotte screamed through her gag. Reina came down and ungagged Charlotte. She said can I call my mom if I can sleep here? Okay but I’ll hold the phone, then I don’t have to untie you. Then Janneke did the same scream. Reina ungagged Janneke too. Me too. I will call my parents too Reina said. So they all called their parents and Reina and Janneke were allowed to sleep here that night. Charlotte didn’t. Reina regagged Janneke and let Charlotte go. Reina went back upstairs. 15 minutes later she came down and untied and ungagged everybody. So, I hope you learnt from this. This was my punishment for you tying me up.
We all went upstairs to watch TV. Esther and Reina stand up and went to the kitchen were the duct tape still was. They fake-flushed the toilet and came back up. Reina walked back to the couch but suddenly Esther gags me with a quick move. She tears the piece of tape of the role and comes round the couch.
She ties up my arms straight in the air and she tied my legs together very tight.
Reina went upstairs to get some rope out of Esthers room. Reina tied my legs with it and pulls the rope under the couch to the other side. She slides it between my arms and Esther made a very tight knot around my arms.
Every 30 minutes they took my gag off to give me some water and I was forced to watch their programmes on TV. I wasn’t mad at them because I like them and they didn’t untie me till 10.00 in the evening. Before they untied me they prepared a sofa for me were they could tie up for night. I was tied up pretty strong and very strong at my hands. They did the same with Esther. We sat right next to each other tied up on a sofa in Esthers room. They circled a couple of times around the back of the sofa and our chests. Now we were trapped there! Esther had a plush heart-formed pillow which they put on our laps. They shot a couple of pictures. Then they left us there and they went to sleep themselves.(same room) The next morning Reina, Janneke, Tess and Sam wake up and they couldn’t move their hands and feet. Daniel did this. He was looking at how I was tied up to the ladder. He got some tie rips out of the barn and hog-tied them (behind their backs). After that he went downstairs and watched TV. Janneke crawled to the desk to get a scissor. She cut herself loose and then she helped Reina, Sam and Tess out. I begged them to cut me loose too but they wouldn’t. Esther was still sleeping. They went downstairs but they dropped the scissors in front of my feet. I grabbed them with my toes and cut myself loose.
Then I cut Esther loose. I tickled her, but she didn’t move at all. I lifted her up and took her downstairs.(she’s only 55 kilo, well only isn’t the right word) I layed her down on the couch with her head on my lap. I said: What did you do to her!? We gave her 2 sleeping pills, because she probably couldn’t sleep while tied up, Reina said. I caressed her hair and about a minute later she woke up and she embraced me. That was my first love! Later that day Reina and Janneke left and Esthers mobile phone rang. It were her parents. They asked if everything went well. She said yes. Oh good! Can I send my brother with his boy and 2 girls from Germany? Yes sure she said. Is Aunt Petra coming too? No she said. But your uncle is. The big Daniel can speak pretty good german right? Yes she said, don’t worry everything will be okay.
Well honey, mom and dad will be back Friday okay? Yes mom. By the way, me and Daniel are in love! See you mom! TUUT TUUT TUUT, she hang up. That afternoon around 4 pm Uncle Rob(35), Justin(13), Sarah(13)(Those are twins) and Suzie(10) appeared in their black Chrysler Grand Voyager. They came in and they said: Hey, wie geht es mit dir Esther? Und Tess, Daniel und hé, guck mal wo da ist… Sam! ( Transulation: Hi, how are you Esther? And Tess, Daniel and hey, look who we have here… Sam!)(I will tell the rest of the story in ENGLISH)
Uhhm Rob…, an informal chat…, do your kids tie each other up? Well do you really want to know? Yes please. Well Justin and Sarah tie their little sister up pretty often. She cant do anything about it because her brother and sister are much stronger. So would it be a good idea if Me, Esther, Tess, Daniel, Sam and Suzie will get them back? Well that could be a pretty good idea! What are your plans? Well I thought if we help Suzie with tying up Justin and Sarah. Yes I understand, but what did you have in mind for the way of tying? Don’t know but I’ll throw it into the group to discuss. So we got some rope and 2 rolls of duct tape, went upstairs and pinned Justin and Sarah to the ground. Justin is very strong so Me and Esther pinned him to the ground and Tess, Daniel, Suzie and Sam pinned down Sarah who is also pretty strong. But it worked. We taped their hands in front of them and taped their legs together. We placed their back against each other and tied a rope from their hands to the hook on the ceiling in Esthers room. Tess grabbed a piece of iron and tied it to their legs so their legs would stay grounded. Then we started Wrapping them in duct tape first their arms an work the way down. We left the head area clear but we did gagged them with socks and tape. We left them hanging there for about 1.5 hours, cause then it was time for dinner. After dinner we went playing Hide and Seek our way. The german kids against us. We were hiding, they were seeking. If one of us was found, that person has to be tied up so that person isn’t able of leaving the room. So we started. They counted till 30 and we were gone. Suzie found Daniel first, Then Sarah found Sam, and Justin found Esther but she was too strong for Justin to hold her down. So Sarah came and helped him. They tied her up to her desk chair. They gagged her, blindfolded her and tied her up very good. Arms behind her back, legs bend backwards under the chair(she later told me). Now Suzie found me but she’s way to small to hold me in place, so she called her brother Justin. Sarah was still busy on Esther. But both Justin and Suzie couldn’t hold me. But when Sarah was finished she also came and help. Then it was too much for me but I didn’t gave up. They tied my arms crossed in the hallway and tied my legs straight together also in the hallway. They dragged me into Esthers room where they tied me up to the hook on the ceiling, gagged me and blindfolded me then they took Esther off the chair and tied her up against me on the same hook. They taped us together. They already let Daniel and Sam free, but they wanted to give us back what we did to them before dinner. Suzie went down the stairs with the smaller boys. They said to us: Wir sind bis jetzt noch nicht fertig mit euch! ( We aren’t finished with you two yet ) They cut us loose but they didn’t let me and Esther go. They gagged us again. Esther and I are about the same length and they know we love each other so they placed our gagged lips together and wrapped us in that way with duct tape. A bit the same as we did with them. It already was 7.30 pm now but they closed the door and went down. Nobody could hear us, because windows were closed, the house is well isolated and we were gagged. Uncle Rob asked his kids at 9.00 pm were they left (Big) Daniel and Esther.(big because there is a small Daniel as well). Justin and Sarah shut their mouths and said nothing, I heard later. At 9.30 pm their father asked it again. Still no answer. They kept their mouths shut till 11.30 pm. Esther was already sleeping with her head against mine so I had twice the weight to carry than normal. Uncle Rob came upstairs and cut the ropes from our hands to the hook.
He unwrapped us and I carried Esther to her bed and I felt down on her bed next to her. That’s how TIRED I was. She was more tired cause she already was sleeping. The next morning we woke up at 9 am. We went downstairs and everyone was there already. Esther en I were finished at the same time. As we put the last slice of bread in our mouths, Justin grabbed me and Sarah grabbed Esther. I couldn’t do anything because they hold us so tight that it almost hurt.
Because we protected Suzie, we now had to pay for it. That’s easy because they are almost as strong as Esther and me. In Esthers room there is a beam from left to right Justin and Sarah had seen that. That beam is 6 meter long so we both fit on it easily. Justin hold Esther horizontally with her back against the beam, while Sarah wrapped tape and rope around her and the beam. She was fully stretched with her arms and legs taped to the beam. We were also gagged. They did exactly the same to me. But they had it tougher with me than with Esther, because she is 55 kilo’s and I am 63 kilo’s. at 10.10 am they were finished. That rope was f***ing hurting me and Esther cause she was trying to scream too. We wanted to scream it out but we couldn’t. The only thing coming out was mmmmmmmph, aaaaaaaah, mmmmmmmmmmm. And because the room was isolated with Fiberglas wool or something, they couldn’t hear us screaming. And if they could hear us they wouldn’t get us off. We noticed that screaming didn’t help so we shut our mouths. At 11.00 am ( there was a clock in her room ), Justin and Sarah came back. They saw that our heads were red and we started ‘mmmmmm’ing again so they took off the gags. We begged them to get us down.
PLEEEEEEEEEAAASE! We both screamed.
All right we will get you down both if we may do something else with you this afternoon. We had to say yes because the ropes were cutting like hell at this time. So they got us down and we were asked to jump up their backs. We ate something and immediately after that we were forced to go upstairs again. We didn’t knew what they wanted to do this time so we did what we were asked to.
They had taken those big bags with a zip where their clothes should be in.
They tied Esthers feet together. So they did with her wrists. She was gagged again. They zipped the bag and then they did the same with me. After a while I heard Sam, Daniel, Tess and Suzie enter the room. Immediately Justin asks Esther: Where do you got more bags? Mmmmmmpphhgg she said. O yes we gagged her. They opened the bag and put her gag off. DownstAAAAHHHairs. That hurt! In the basement are 30 bags laid down on the floor. Justin got away. Esther was probably gagged again and put back in, cause I heard her mmmmph and I heard a zip closing. Sarah yelled down to the basement: Hey Justin, Come back please! Leave the bags and come baaamaphphh.
Esthers hands were tied bad so she ungagged herself, opened the bag, untied her feet and let me out as well. Then she grabbed Sarah at her mouth. Esther got a role of duct tape and turns it around her head for 12 times I guess. We put her arms behind her back and around the pole and Esther taped them aswell.
Then we grabbed her legs and tied them up very tight so she couldn’t get out.
When we just finished Justin came in and we jumped on him.
He fell on the ground and we told him that he could do two things: cooperate or don’t cooperate. He chose cooperate because he knew that we weren’t letting him go. We hogtied him on his back and put a rope to the ceiling so he came 15 cm off the ground. We untied Sarah and tied her against the same pole but now standing straight up. We taped her to the pole and she couldn’t move in any direction anymore. I gagged her with socks and tape. Esther gagged Justin and we all went down letting them stand and hang there till dinner. That is 4 hours standing still for her and 4 hours hanging for him! Well he managed to get to the floor pretty soon… still hogtied. At 6 pm we took them down the stairs.
While we were having dinner Esther said: Would you 2 PLEASE stop with kidnapping us immediately after we ate? After dinner I called Reina(14)(same girl as before) if she wanted to come and sleep a night here again. She agreed because she liked it last time. So she came at 7.30 pm. We first let her meet Justin, Sarah and Suzie. They told her that they like tie-up games as well.
She didn’t believe them so she said come on then, show me what you can.
Justin grabbed her very tight with his right arm and hand-gagged her with his left hand pulling her into Esthers room. Sarah had duct tape and started at her shoulders and work her way down while Justin still hand-gagged her. She was now totally wrapped in duct tape and they decided to gag her with socks and tape. Now they attached a rope from just under her shoulders to the hook on the ceiling, got back down under her hips and back up again through the hook and back down to her ankles. And there she hang, mmmmmming and mmmhping because she wanted to get out. They took her gag off, to listen what she has to say. Could you PLEEEEAAAASE get me out of here, it hurts very much!
Just before they wanted to untie Reina, Esther came upstairs. She went into her room and Justin jumps from behind the door, tapes her mouth shut immediately, and ties her arms and legs together at one point, so she was hog-tied on the floor. They released Reina from the duct tape and connecting her arms and legs just like Esthers, but Reina got trapped with tie rips as well as Esther, but at that moment they noticed me watching around the corner and Justin, Sarah, Tess, Suzie, Daniel and Sam, all wanted to tie Me, Reina and Esther up.
We begged them to let us go but they were with 6 kids with ages:13,13,12,10,10 and 9 against 3 14-year-olds. You can guess what happened. They were much stronger and they pushed us against the ground. They ordered us to go downstairs, close the curtains and sit on the couch or else they would tickle us for 2 or 3 hours. So we obeyed. They tied us all 3 up the same way. With duct tape. Legs together taped in from ankle to knee, hands behind our backs taped together with an awful lot of tape. They gagged us and than blindfolded us. They left us in the livingroom tied up till next morning. Before we waked up, they lifted us to the kitchen and set us on a chair. Still tied up, gagged and blindfolded. They only removed our gags and they fed us bread and cornflakes with yogurt. They brought us back upstairs where they tied our hands together with some tape and rope. We were still gagged and blindfolded. After half an hour of sitting and being tied together they untied us and let us drink something and take a shower. They let us pee and then we were tied up again, gagged, blindfolded and put together in a space under the staircase. As usual there was NO WAY of getting out. We have been there for 3.5 hours! Around 1.00 pm the opened the door. We were allowed to get a quick fresh-up, we ate something, and we wanted to go upstairs But Justin, Sarah, Tess and Sam forced us to stay here. They grabbed the tape from I don’t know where and Justin grabbed Esther, Sarah grabbed Reina, but Tess and Sam weren’t strong enough for me so they taped my hands behind my back. Then I realised that they got us again and there was no way of getting out… They brought us to Esthers room and they tied us next to each other on the sofa. Hands in front of us, me in the middle and they taped our chests to the back of the sofa and they tied our legs to the legs of the sofa. Don’t ask me how but it hurt! They surprised me because they didn’t gagged us. They said: If one of you tries to escape or does escape somehow, or someone screams, it will be a long day for you. While dinner Reina called her parents if she was able to stay her for another 2 days. Her mom surprisingly agreed. Wednesday evening after dinner Reina went home to get clothing and came back 30 minutes later. Esther said: Oh, I’ll get your clothes upstairs.
She went upstairs and Justin also sneaked up the stairs. Justin came back 3 minutes later but Esther didn’t. So after 10 minutes I went upstairs to check her. I was shocked! Justin gagged her, He tied her hands very strong with tape and He tied her upside down, with her feet to the hook on the ceiling. I first cut her feet loose, because her feet hurt she said and she fell down on my hand, which bend totally 180 degrees. I seriously bruised my hand and I had only one hand to cut her loose. I got her loose but it wasn’t easy. She put bandage on my hand and now were going to shock Justin okay? I said. So climb up over my shoulder and act like you are unconscious. And so she did. We went down and Justin said: W…w…w…wwhat happened to her? I don’t know I said. Justin lifted her and laid her down on the couch. He checked her pulse and then Esther shocked him to death when she suddenly pinches his hand. Everyone was laughing at him. Then we went to bed. Next morning I went down the stairs but I fell off the 6th step and because I could only use one hand, I fell down hard. Now I got a left arm and a left ankle bruised. Esther bandaged it and gave me one crutch. It was bruised not broken!!!
They decided that they couldn’t tie me up if I was hurt. Esther gave me everything I needed: She helped me down the stairs, she prepared breakfast and lunch for me, she let me know she still loved me and she asked every 15 minutes Are you okay? Can I do something for you? Everytime I said Yes I’m fine, thanks. Now go and play with your cousins now you still can. Around 1.00 pm I went upstairs (don’t ask me how, but I did it), laid down on Esthers bed and I fell asleep. At 4.00 pm or so, I woke up because Esther kissed me on my cheek.
Because I wasn’t going to be tied up anymore, so I’ll tell what I have seen. Then we were going to a restaurant with all 10 people in the house. I struggled to get there and around 8 pm I got back home on Justin and Esthers backs. We went upstairs to Esthers room and Esther and Reina said to me: Watch and learn Dan.
Reina picked up a super soaker from the barn and filled it up. She pointed the thing at Justin and Sarah’s heads and said she would pull the trigger if they didn’t do what they said. They did what the 2 girls wanted and Esther blindfolded and gagged them both. Esther also tied their hands behind their backs and their feet very tight (I know because Sarah did mmmph when her legs were tied up). Now Reina pointed the water gun on Tess, Sam, Suzie and Daniel.
They were also gagged, blindfolded and tied up the same way. Now Reina had put the water gun away and asked me if I would be able to tie Esther hand her up the same way. I said: I’ll try, but you have to help me a bit. And so they did and I did what she asked, I tied them up pretty tight, not as tight as they tied, but it was enough to make them unable to remove it. Then Reina asked if I would gag her and Esther and go downstairs alone. Easier said than done but I succeeded and I left them alone. One way or another 5 minutes later I heard Esther scream my name very loud. What happened: Reina stood up and ripped the gag from Esthers mouth. So I struggled up the stairs and fell forward over the last step( it isn’t easy to walk with one leg and one arm free, so up the stairs is rather difficult) and I smashed into Esthers door with my head, so the door opened. I handed the scissor to Reina and she cut herself loose. She helped me up and took me onto the bed. Then she untied and ungagged everybody. Justin and Sarah didn’t do anything back, because they cheated us Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. You know?... the thing overnight in the living room. After that we went to bed. The next morning Justin wakes me up at 6.30 am. He said he was going to tie up Esther and Reina together. He tied their hands in front of them and taped them around their chests, with their backs together. He connected Reina’s right leg to Esthers left at 3 places and the other way around.
Now he gagged them both. He started at Reina’s lips to the back on Esthers lips and back to Reina’s lips again. He did this 5 or 6 times. He also taped their shoulders together. He laid them down on a mattress on their sides. Around 7.30 Esther tried to turn her body to the other side, but she couldn’t and she awake.
Reina also awake because of Esthers movements. After 10 minutes the realized that they were connected. They struggled and they managed to stand up. When Justin came in he started laughing. This looks kind of funny, he said. They started mmmphing and I trudged over to them and got the tape off their mouths. Esther said: Well it isn’t as funny as I thought to be tied up together, it’s hurting me too! And Reina said: Could you take the tape off please? Cause it hurts! Pleeeeaaaase? She said with her sad lips and a sad voice. Well lets do that I said to Justin. Cause when they would do this to you and didn’t remove you, you wont be so happy too I guess.( and because I didn’t want to let my sweetheart stand there) Then at 12 pm Esthers parents came home and Reina and the German family went home. THE END.

Sorry if there would be incorrect words but I AM NOT ENGLISH!

Daniel (14) from The Netherlands


Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 04:21:07 AM
9th day at school
I have been in class with those same 26 kids for 3 years now.
This happened on a Thursday, the 9th day of school, just after summervacation. We had just started with Physics.
The teachers have a chair on a step. Their chairs are the same as ours.
I don’t know what it is, but they have something against me. I am always the scapegoat.
So, the teacher went away to the copier and 6 classmates forced me to sit on the teachers chair.
Someone got a role of duct tape out of his bag, (that person is always carrying duct tape I don’t know why) and they taped my hands behind the back of the chair.
They taped my legs to the chairs legs and they gagged me. (They first all grabbed one limb and hand gagged me.)
The teacher came back, rubbed his eyes and gets angry. (not on me!)
He untied me and says to me that I could go and see my mentor.
He kept the whole class (except me) an hour after school.
This was PRETTY EMBARRASING. Cause the whole class laughed at me.

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 10:41:29 AM
I made a little mistake.
At the end of the long story i wrote that her parents came hom at 12 pm. Well they didnt came home at night. It has to be 12 am...

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:45:13 PM
Georges house
This is my latest, his happened on the 10th October.

As you all know, Me, Mike, George, and Ben (And now Johnathon) now play our games of tie up.
This was our first game with Johnathon, so he was an easy target.

But moving on...

This time we were playing around George’s house instead of in the garden. We started at about 7:00 pm, so it was dark. Again, we set up an alarm clock to tell us when to start, stop, all that crap.

At 7:00, we split up. At 7:30, the bell rang to tell us to start. So we did. (Just to say, I was with John, George was with Ben, and Mike was on his own.)

We were armed with the usual stuff, Tape, Rope, Towels, Scarfs, all that. It was 8:00 when the bell went to hunt. We knew that Mike was in the Cellar, so we went down to the Cellar to make an alliance.

When we got there, the door was locked. We went through the trapdoor under the rug in the lounge (Don’t ask why the door’s there, I haven’t a clue).

After we got down we pushed the door back up and locked it. We looked everywhere for Mike, he was nowhere. We checked some crates to see if he was hiding. He was KIND of hiding. We saw a VERY small chest, about 1.5 meters long by half a meter wide. We opened it and found mike.

Tied up. And gagged. He was VERY uncomfortable. He looked it anyway. He was also mphhing very loudly. He was kind of nodding. We thought we could try and capture him like the opposition had, so we closed the trunk again and locked it.

We went to go and open the door to go out, but the key was missing. We know we were not alone. We armed ourselves. We were ready.

George and Ben immediately jumped out at us. We jumped back at them. We banged our heads. That made me an easy target, and you can imagine what happens now. I get shoved into another chest and that is pushed under a pile of crates and the hole was filled in.

At the time I didn’t know what was happening, but I’m told that my partner had won the opposition and shoved him in the same crate as Mike. Since John was busy while I was being taken, he didn’t know where I was.

After a lot of searching, John lifted the crate and untied me. He told me the opposition was both in one, tiny crate. So I could hear. We flung open the crate and dragged them out onto the floor. As usual, we took pics, video, that kind of crap.

This story hasn’t been too interesting, but it would have been if you were there.

This is where I’m going to end, you can see the other stories in my series at

See ya all soon :)


Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 05:19:45 PM
My dream 3
My dream 3, 

I knew from previous self bondage sessions how long it could take to cut oneself free using an ordinary table knife, however I only wanted to free myself from the fireplace and lounge which was stopping me from obtaining a better instrument to cut the ropes from my body . I thought that I could achieve this with the table knife. I rolled around 
until I felt the ropes tying me to these objects and with a big and tiring effort I managed 
to cut free from those fixtures. The effort exhausted me to the extent I dozed of to sleep,
for how long I don’t know .I was awakened by the presence of someone in the room I assumed it was my friend, if it wasn’t I was in big trouble. Whoever it was proceeded to put me in a firm hogtie using the tails of the ropes from the fireplace and lounge. This put paid to any idea I might have had of getting to my feet to find a better instrument to cut my bonds. My blindfold was then taken off and to my relief it was my mate. He asked me how I was, to which I nodded ok , I was still gagged. He then left me. I was in a pretty hopeless situation tightly bound, gagged, with no obvious means to escape. Without the blindfold I was aware that the sun was coming up shortly and in a short time I would be able to see my surroundings. There was nothing I could do about my predicament, so I settled down to enjoy my dream, which now seemed to be coming true.
When the sun came up I was able to see that the ice timer had been replaced and my sharp escape knife was hanging there, where I had put it when we started this session ten hours before .I had no idea how long it would take for the ice to melt and drop the knife to where I could get it to cut myself free, so once again I relaxed to enjoy my bondage.

Aussie roper

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 06:42:36 PM
Another Incident
Thanks Ryan/Heather! ^_^ Ryan, this should answer your question....

One time about a month before my AC incident I was forced to babysit my younger cousin Jenna (12 years old). Mike and Jay were also home.

Jenna and I were upstairs playing Monopoly while Mike and Jay were downstairs. In the middle of our game, Jenna went downstairs for a glass of water. Jenna was wearing a tank-top and shorts.

I waited for a while until i heard a loud bang. I rushed downstairs and none of them were down there. I looked around
for a while. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and socks.

A half hour later I was about done looking till I heard a small muffeled cry from the basement. I went down and saw
Jenna bound and gagged with duct tape. Here shoes and socks were also missing. 

I went to help her until she Mpphed into her gag. Then I felt a hand clapped over my mouth. Before I knew it I
was bound with ropes and cleave gagged with a bandanna that was duct taped in place.

Jay then removed my socks and tickled my barefeet without any mercy. I was soon blindfolded and bound back to back
with Jenna. 

Finally 4 hours later, I was able to untie myself and jenna.

Well please feel free to comment!


Monday, October 17th 2005 - 04:10:40 AM
Tied and True Tales updated
It's October and we're well and truly into Spring Down Under... The excitement is building with the annual Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival when young men's thoughts turns to pretty fillies and... (What? There's horse racing on as well?) Spring also sees the start of the annual snapper migration into Port Phillip Bay so I'll be dusting off my rainwear and fishing rods before foraying out into the wild blue yonder in search of "Big Red"… Anyway, it's time to crack a coldie (or two or...), settle down and enjoy our latest update with Part One of our "Asian Bondage" picture gallery, along with more fiction from Brian Sands, Rohana, Andrea and Limey 

As usual, click on the link to find out what's new at or navigate straight to our Updates page at:


Monday, October 17th 2005 - 01:41:24 PM
Another awesome story, Hillary

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 04:57:58 PM
Custom tied

On the last Monday I was doing a theater practice. I was wearing the clothes of a jungle guy. I was barefoot and wearing a loinclothe. In one of the scenes I was tied and taken by a hunter. In a usual practice the ropes would be tied in a mild way around my shoulders just to show I was captured. This time Dan (The guy who was doing of hunter) tied my hands so hard that I couldn´t release myself. He put them behind my back and then also tied my feet.Then i was complaining to much, so he put a bag of plastic in my mouth and tied it behind my neck. After that he left me there and the practice continued. When it ended he took me to a room and a girl came. It was Jane,a girl to who i did a joke last week by throwing water to all her body after school. She was upset and wanted revange. I´m sure she asked Dan to do her the favor of capturing me.
So Dan took me to the car of Jane and put me in the trunk. I was scared that the revange would be very painful. When the trunk opened there was only Jane. She untied my feet and forced me to walk into the house. She took me to a dark room and layed me in a bed. She tied my feet again and left the room.

Will continue later


Monday, October 17th 2005 - 05:53:54 PM
Hey, Sandra Davis, you still around? You got any more stories?

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 09:24:00 PM
i want some more sock stories

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 11:11:56 PM
A Bet 
This does involve sok torture for you fanatics.
"Wanna bet?" He asked me as we were walking down the little path to his back porch. Randy was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt this early fall day, although he wore flip-flops when he could, this morning he wore his black vans and a pair of white sport socks that slid down his leg and rested at the top of his shoe, cuffing his ankle. Randy is three years younger than me, and when neiter of us had anything better to do, we hung out.

"No... I'm sick of losing money to luck." I said. I am a tall rather thin 16 year old wearing the regular jeans and a t-shirt, my jacket unbuttoned, my blue and white DCs were greyed now with use as we sat on the porch.

"So your scared you'll loose then." Randy said promptly, "I knew it."

I sighed, every time he didn't get his way he pushed it and usually pushed it so it affected a man's honor.

"No, you just have insane luck and the odds always seem to be against me." I returned.

"Excuses excuses..." he said with a mock sigh. On his lap rested his paintball gun. We just spent the last half hour in the woods shooting it off and I watching him aim for birds and other animals, always hoping he'd miss. Generally he did.

"Randy I'm not putting valuable money on the line because of some little contest with climbing trees. Maybe it if were a test of intellect..."

"You know your smarter than me! Duh! Your only 3 years older."

"And your three years younger and more nimble than me."

"Let's just do it. Loser. We don't have to bet money."

"What do you mean not bet money... what else could we bet on?"

"The loser does what the winner tells him to for a like three hours."

I gave the matter some thought, we had nothing better to do. "Alright fine. We'll do it."

So we walked back out to the woods and climbed as many trees as we could in 5 minuets and reach the top. Needless to say, I lost.

"Yes! Haha! Loser! You have to do what I say!" he gloated.

I wasn't expecting any diffrently, "Alright let's get this over with, what do I have to do," I said.

"First we're gonna go inside and watch ESPN to see the scores for football, after that I'll make you do stuff."

So we went inside, I took a seat on a couch and he a chair. He kicked his shoes off and ate crackers and drank lemonade while I had a water. As soon as Sortsline was over, he looked over at me. "Hmmm... lets see... what do you have to do... I know!"

He ran out of the room and came back with a few peices of rope.

"Just in case you wanna run away, I'm gonna tie your wrists." And so he did with a tight not.

"Alright... it has to be nasty... hmmm... I know! You have to smell my socks! Go on! Have a whiff!"\

He shoved his flat foot in my face. The white socks were a little darker on the bottom with gray toes and heels, with little other choice I smelled them and made a face. This brought him great joy and I complained.

"Hahaha!" he laughed.

"It's not funny! It's disgusting! What a stupid idea!"

"Oh... Shove a sock in it! Thats it! Open wide!" he said as he pulled his socks off and held one up to my mouth. My closed mouth opened a little... I did agree.

When the warm peice of cloth was fully in the mouth my cheeks bulged and the taste was as bad as the smell. I gagged once but became used to it. He then sealed it with a peice of duct tape and laughed at my expression.

"Hahaha!" he laughed, "Alright... alright now what about the other sock... I'll tie it around your nose!" and so he did. The part that was actually at my nose was the gray heel and it smelled awful.

I was kept like this for 20 or so minuets before he got bored and we went outside to shoot paintball again.

So goes my first tie up experience. Considering the joy he got out of torturing me, I'm sure it will not be the last time.

I have AIM, so if you leave yours I'll IM you.


Monday, October 17th 2005 - 11:22:17 PM
If you ever wanna chat about whatever, you can drop me a line on AIM at IrishNCream

Tuesday, October 18th 2005 - 12:28:02 AM
Tadrinn do post more. :)

Tuesday, October 18th 2005 - 11:06:14 PM
Is J. Constantine around too? Where you been, man?

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 02:57:55 PM
Christmas Eve
Hey all.

This one happened last christmas eve, 23-12-04.

We (my parents, 3 little sisters and the neighbours 3 doors next who have also 4 kids) went on ski-holiday in the Czech Republic. The neighbours own a house in the northern part of the country called Krkonose.( dont ask me how to say it, cause i dont know.)

But ehhh, i'm not here to tell how great the holiday was so lets start with the story...

On the 3rd day or so, Tess(12) and Sam(10) (same 2 as the summer story) jumped up from behind and gagged me with socks and some clothes.
They tied my hands crossed with a pyjama shirt. I could move my hands but it was real tight.
They took a pyjama pants and tied my ankles together. They grabbed a towel from the bathroom and hog-tied me with it.
They put me 2.5 meter up into the air on the garret full of spiders AND THEY KNEW i am arachnophobic (fear for spiders).
Esther(14) found me mmmphing 2 to 3 hours later. She got me off there and removed me from my already hurting position. After that we went downstairs to decorate the Christmas tree.
Whole day long we (Esther and me) ignored Tess and Sam.

I hope you like it and if not, just place a comment.

The Netherlands

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 04:35:26 PM
babysitter tied up (The Trap)
So here it was. I was 14 and a boy. My parents were going out of town so they said I could have a friend over for the week. I chose my old babysitter. She was 16 at the time. Lets call her Emily. I invited her oer because she was the only nice babysitter I ever had. Plus she was HOT! When she walked in well......... She had a blue jean skirt, goldish blonde hair that went down to her back, a white sweater, and pink sandals. When my parents left I knew what I had to do. I have had the fetish for a long time. I went over to her. She was laying on the coach watching T.V. I asked her if she could come in and help me with some homework. She looked confused. (It was Summer.) She said slowly "Okay." I hurried to my room before her. I had all my stuff lined out. One 50 ft. rope, one 60 ft. and one 5 ft. and two rolls of duct tape. I took the two rolls. She was now at the door. I imetaly pushed all my stuff off the bed. "Where is it?" She asked. "On the bed." I said. She sat on the bed and I pushed her genly on her stomach. not hard. I grabed a roll of tape. I fliped her on her back. She wasn't strugling, she was just confused. I pulled her arms behind her back and wraped them in tape. She was not strugling, but now she looked worried. I wraped her ankles in tape and pulled her on her back. "What are you doi----?" She asked. I pulled a piece off and put it on her mouth. Then another, then another, soon there was 10 pieces. All I could hear was a MMMMPPPHHHH. I smiled. This was going to be a fun week.

Perfect. I had a beautiful babysitter tied up. I thought that it was not good enough so I wraped her thighs, and torso in tape. Now she was MMPPHHHing as loud as she could. Her eyes shone with fear. I reasured her I would not hurt her, that I was just living a fantasy. It took a few minutes but soon she seemed to relax. I thought what to do now. I knew it! I looked at her and smiled. I ran to the kitchen and got a paintbrush. The minute she saw it her eyes were wide. I carried her to the floor. I streached the tape and sucured her to the floor. I put a pillow under her head. I took off her sandals. I started to brush her feet gently. But the she laughed was loud. Again and again I stroked her feet. Each one for ten minutes. I looked at her. She had tears but I could tell she liked it. I put a piece of tape over her eyes. I lifted her sweater and white T-Shirt enough just so I could see her ribs. (I'm not a pervert.) Just like her feet I took my time. I stroked each one for 15 minutes. Finaly it was 10:00. I started to untie her but she shock hr head no. I was surprised. I asked and she shock her head no. I shruged. I put a sleeping bag next to her so I could see if she was in trouble. I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up. It was 6:00. I looked at Emily. Still as I left her. At 7:45 she woke up. I started to untie her because I thought she would want it now. This time she let me. When she was free she went to the bathroom. When she came out she had new clothes on. We made breakfest. We talked. "You won't tell my parents?" I asked. "No." She said. It turns out that she had the fetish too. She played tie up games with her cousions all the time. When we were done she asked "Do you want to do that every day?" I coud not contain my glee. "Sure. But we will need more tape." She left at 1:00. When she came back she had bought 6 rolls of duct tape. We wnet to bed without doing anything. The next day was a difernt story.

kid g

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 05:14:09 PM
Seth and I's revenge on Mike
It was about a week sinceMike had tied me to his bed and hes dad finding me in my boxer briefs. Mike and I had hung out a few times that week but no TUG's ever happened. ON Saturday I invited Seth over again. We never saw Mike but we had been planning out revenge for some time. Mikes's parents were gone and finally Mike arrived home from a football practice. Hiding in the shrubbery of my house we waited untill we knew that Mike had his football stuff off. Seth and I crept through the back door and hid in the closet downstairs next to his room. Mike walked by and we punced out. Seth being a wrestler grappled with Mike while I got some rope. Then we both held Mikde down while tying hes wrist. What are yo doing get off me yelled Mike but his rest were criss cross in front of him. Then we tied his feet and thought about what to do. I have venver tied Mike up so this was knew and Mike was ticked.
Since he had just changed out of his football gear, Mike was only in his white jock strap. Finally Seth and I thrust Mike up, pulled his hands above his head so his feet wre barely touching the ground and gagged him with a sock. MIke struggled and tried to make sounds through his gag but it was useless for him to try. Being hung like he was today, I noticed for the first time how strong Mike really was. Six pack and huge biceps Mike was pretty intimidating but he was completely immobolized. We watched him struggle for a while then Seth put clothespins on his nipples, he jerked and mmmpheed through his gag but it just made Seth and I happier at his sufforing. 
Seth and I then tickled Mike for about 40-45 mins if Im correct. Mike was already sweating from football but was drenched in sweat and could barely make sounds out of his gag by the time we were done with hi. The next part of the torture we did was the best torture I've ever done to anyone. We untied Mike from the ceiloing beam and into a tight hogtie. Seth ticked him more while I went and got something from my house. My dad has realy bad back problems, so bad that he has his very own personal shock treatment therapy set. It's not extremely painful but like clothpins to the chest. I ealked back sown and seen Mike in the exact same place. Seth seen what I got and said you're brilliant. We retied Mike once again to a bench, feet to one side and hans to another. I hooked up the little patches to Mikes six pack. He looked at me with fear. I put it on low at first and turned it on. He squirmed and mmmphed untill i turned it off like 10 secs later. I soon got bored and Let Seth have control of Mike for a while. What i had forgotten about is how Seth wanted big time revenge on Mikefor waht he did. Sethput it one high and shocked him periodically for a good 15 minutes untill i finally notices all the noise Mike was making and took the divice away from Seth. I put it away and asked Mike if he was ok. He said yes and i reaplied the gag. We wathched tv and played games for a while periodically torturing Mike( not with the device). About two hours of that and we let him go, of couse not without talking pictures and i burnied the ones he took of me after i found them. Mike wasn't mad at all with Seth, he said it was pretty cool and that he wanted to play games with all three of us next time but that is another storie.

Mr. Braggadocous

Mr. Braggadocous

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 05:50:35 PM
Cute story Daniel. To put things in perspective, how old are/were you when this happened?

Also, did you ever get to tie anyone else up?

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 06:50:36 PM
babysitter tied up part 4 (The second, third and forth day)
I woke up at 7:00 ready to begin todays events. Emily came in wearing blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek (Man I loved it.) and said breakfest was ready. After we ate I asked what we were going to do today. Emily smiled. "What do you think?" We chuckled. Finaly it was time. I warned her. "This time I will not untie you." "Perfect." She said. "I'm also going to tickle you for hours on end." She threatend "Then I'll tell your parents. I'll tell you when to stop. I'll shake my head four times." So the second day began. I got the rolls of tape. I wraped her up from her ankles so I could tickle her feet. I stoped at her hips. I then began under her breasts to her sholders. I wraped the roll around her mouth 7 times. I sucured her shoulders, hibs, and knees to the floor. I put the pillow under her head. I grabed a video camra, and a feather. I put the camra in place, put a piece of tape over her eyes, and began. I was merciless. The hours passed by. I stoped a few time to let her catch her breath. Tears were going down her eyes. She MMMPPPPPHHHHed loudly. Finaly I felt her stifen. She shok her head four times, but I could'nt help myself. Five minutes later I herd water runing. She wet herself! I slowly took the blindfold off. She was crying from the tickle tourtre. She did not look mad though. I put the blindfold on and started again. I should say that she was very, VERY ticklish. Five hours later, and two wettings later I thought I should stop at her feet. I moved to her ribs. I folded the shirt up to where the tape began again. Five hour later it was 11:00. I kissed her on the cheeck and went to sleep. On the thid day I woke up and herd her MMPPPHHHHing loudly. Her face was drenched in tears. "Aw crap." I thought. I quickly untied her. The top part of her jeans were black with urin. "I am so so sorry." She went into the bathroom and changed. "If you don't want me to tell your parents, lie on the floor right now." She said angerly. I did. To make a long story short she did the same thing to me. I did not wet myself, but I did cry. The next day I was untied and was reasured that we were even. We watched the video I made and went to sleep.

On the fifth day we decided to do somthing to a friend of mine. First I tied Emily's hands behind her back, and ankles.I got a Haloween kit. I painted scars, and blood with the kit. I called my friend Emma over. She said okay. I gagged Emily. (She agreed to all of this.) When Emma came (14 cute, white t-shirt, blue jeans, long blonde hair.) I took her to my room where Emily was. When she saw Emily with the fake blood she gasped. I quickly grabed her and handgagged her. I quickly gagged her with tape and wrstled her so I tied her the sme way Emily was. Her eyes were wide with fear. I went back with Emily and draged her over to a chair a tied her to it. It's working I said. She winked. I brought a now crying Emma to my room. I tied her to a slimler chair. She was now begging with me. We could not take it anymore. Me and Emily laughed our heads off. She looked at Emily and looked mad. I took the gag off. "You $&%* I thought you killed her." I put the gag back on and wraped the duct tape around them. I tickled them. An hour later everyone was untied. We watched T.V. That was a really fun day.

Emma left. On the sixth day we decided it would be our last time for tie ups. I was sad it would be over. I found a pole in the basement. I mummfied her from shoulders to toes to the pole. I left out the gag. We talked. Finaly I said that I loved the week. She said she did to. I grabed a piece of tape and drew a pair of lips, just in Charlies Angels. I tied her hair in a ponytail and brushed her cheecks. Finaly she was sweating. I took off the gag. I walked over. I kissed her. She wentt with it. I untied her and she became my girlfriend. The End

kid g

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 11:05:43 PM
To Mr. Braggadoscious
Great Story. Please post more! 
Mr. E

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 04:47:05 PM
To Observer 2
Are you going to post anymore stories man? If so please do becasue you stories are good. 

Mr. Braggadocous

Mr. Braggadocous

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 12:12:46 AM
One of my greatest fears had come true the next Tuesday after my last story. Randy wasted no time in telling people what happened and, although many laughed and disregarded the story, it mourtified me.

That afternoon, I went to work. I was scheduelded to work with Jeffery, a senior who was a year older than me, had a good 3 inches on me and possibly 50 lbs as well. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with the store logo and black shorts with black vans shoes and white crew socks rolled down to the top of his shoe.

After some small talk, Jeffery went for my most sensative subject.

"I head that little Randy (Last Name) was able to capture you and hold you captive for 3 hours." He said with a big, stupud smile.

I sighed, "Such exagerations...he tied my wrists behind my back after I lost a bet. I was only tied up for like 20 minuets."

Jeffery, although he knew it was true, continued to make fun of me for being so easily taken.

4 days later...

I hadn't heard from Jeffery since that day, but right after school on Friday, he called me.

"Hello?" I answered the phone.
"(My name?" he replied.
"Yeah. Hey Jeffery. Whatsup?"
"Nothin, I just wanted to know if you could come over and hang out for a while."
"Right now?"
"Ok, I'm on my way." I said as I shoved the phone in my pocket and walked to his house.

When he answered the door he was dressed pretty much the same way as Monday, except his shirt was plain and white. He invied me in and led me to his bedroom. When I got in, he shut the door which made me feel a little uncomfortable...

"Turn around." He told me in an imparative voice. I was scared... I didn't know what he wanted but I did as I was told.

He seized my hands and tied them with rope behind my back and, when I realized what he was doing, I sighed half-relieved half-annoyed. He then pushed me down and tied my ankles together and then put me in, what he called, a pig tie.

"Jeffery... honestly... whats the point of this?" I asked him with irritation.

"To see what this was like and why little Randy likes it." Jeffrey's main question of life was what other people were thinking and why. "Now for a gag... What did little Randy use for a gag?"

"No, I'm not telling you."
"Come on, if its bad I won't use it."
"Alright... fine... he used the socks off his feet."
Jeffery smiled and said, "Socks are a good idea... but I'll use clean ones." and so he did, pulling a long pair of white socks from his drawer shoving one in my mouth and tying the other around my head.

Jeffery kept me tied like this for maybe 10 minuets, mostly obserbing me... I did enjoy it, but I could tell he enjoyed it more.

There are a few more as a result of that first one.
I'll IM those who left Screen Names when my personal computer is repaired.


Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 07:39:08 PM
any more dirty sock experiences?

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 10:20:02 AM
Enjoy reading stories/experiences of guys that are tied up/gagged who are surprised when they find their shoes are removed and suddenly feet are tickled. Does anyone know of any tales they can post describing a scene like this?

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 01:11:59 PM
I have a question. like some of you I have a craving to be bound and gaged. I have no Idea why. So If you have any replies to this please email me. Thanks!


Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 01:23:35 PM
Me And My Cravings
I have a question,like some of you I have a craving of bieng bound and gagged. If you have a answer as in to why. then please email me.



Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 06:51:55 PM
I am just posting the link to a group of mine that is based off this website. Please come by and post stories, pictures, or whatever, the link is or search for CanucksTUG on

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 09:34:31 PM
I have not started the game yet.(This bondage game) But it sounds interesting and I will start sometime. Don't know when... But sometime THIS YEAR! lol And i like the stories. they are interesting!

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 10:05:54 PM
Tied and True Tales updated
If I seem slightly distracted, it's because your webmaster is now nervously awaiting the Immigration Department's decision relating to Melai's visa… *sigh* Between chewing my fingernails, looking for four leaf clovers, avoiding black cats and so on, I also managed to bang out another update featuring Anna Fabuka outdoors in Part Two of our 'Asian Bondage' picture gallery, along with "No Return" from my pen as well as more fiction from Brian Sands, Rohana et al. 

As usual, click on the link to find out what's new at or navigate straight to our Updates page at:


Monday, October 24th 2005 - 04:25:57 AM
Hey Brooke
Hey that was a pretty neat story. Do you have any others? If you'll drop me an email, I have some pictures you'd probably enjoy or just drop me an email for the heck of it :)

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 05:52:59 AM
I plan on starting this game, (Bondage games or tie-up games), sometime this weekend. I will tell you what happens when it does.... See ya!

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 11:12:35 AM
brooke we want a photo
hey guys ever since brooke supplied us with her photo , are you just like me and are jumping up and down with exitement of a photo of brooke all tied up?
come on brooke lets have a photo your way pretty and we all wanna see you.
come over to my yahoo group and you will see lots of pretty girls all tied up but brooke would fit right in.
united kingdom

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 12:12:29 PM
my sister hand gagged me
i have always enjoyed being hand gaggeg by a has notchanged to this day.i think it started when i was young playing kid games with my sister.we were playing hide and seek and she found me.she hand gagged me for sevsral minutes when she found me.i said let me do it to her but i did not like as much as when i was being shut up. later on i had a female teacher hand gag me and since then ihave always liked me incurable

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 05:59:09 PM
cuffkey, quit harassing Brooke. If you were a girl, just having fun with playing a "prisoner" role at a sci-fi convention, and wanted to show others, you might post a photo. But if a bunch of horny guys started salivating at the thought of more photos, what do you think you would do?

Try putting yourself in her shoes. What girl wants a bunch of guys possibly passing around photos of her online? 

Think about it.

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 07:39:40 PM
Part 1 Revenge
This story happened this past weekend ny sister sarah was anoying while i was watching TV so I locked her out of the house for a few hours. She told me that she woukd get back at me for this and for everyhting else I had done to her. Saturday I came home from surfing and there she was sitting in the living room with a couple of friends we just looked at each other. I went into the bathroom to shower and change and thats when Sarah had her chance to get back at me little did i know what they were going to do to me. When I got out of the shower i noticed all my clothes and the towel were gone I yelled Sarah! She said what Kevin in funny voice I asked her for my clothes she said what clothes and said you mean this and held up a green colored speedo i said very funny and told her to give my clothes she told me it was the speedo or nothing. Dripping wet and nothing else to do I ripped it from her hand behind the door and put it on. I came out and there was Sarah with a camera her friends laughed at me as I tried to take the camera away. Ohh no its payback time and you will do what we say or the pictures will end up in the wrong hands Sarah was smart and knew what she was doing. Dont worry Kevin you are going to be a good boy and coorporate Megan then gave Sarah a bag she put a bow tie on me cute Tina laughed i felt a little funny and said this was not fair and I was told to open my mouth i asked why and then I knew Sarah put a ball gag in my mouth she told me to bit down I refused because i knew it would become tighter. Tina and Megan tickled my sides i then was forced to bite and that I felt the gag become tight. They then said he is ready to be our slave they told me if i tried to escape they then reminded me of the pictures of me. I then spent the day making and serving lunches, giving foot massages and doing research for Megans paper all while they sat around and did nothing but order me around. By mid afternnon sarah wanted to go out side I was thinking that this will be over soon megan then said what about our liitle slave Sarah teh said dont worry abou that Sarah led me to the garage it was a little chilly I could feel it on my bare feet. Oh no i said to myself as we walked over to our dogs travel cage I just looked at them and Sarah said you got and opened the door. Tina was like just let him go Megan was on sarahs side they told tina to be quite or join me. Sarah told me to get in but first she tied my hands behind my back she tied my hands tight and allright she said in you go I got in with not much choice. Sarah then rubbed my hair and closed the door and locked it saying be back soon don go anywhere we still have plans for you the three then left me alone loocked in a cage. I just looked at Sarah figuring away of how i would put her in the same predicament. 

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 08:12:45 PM
"cuffkey, quit harassing Brooke. If you were a girl, just having fun with playing a "prisoner" role at a sci-fi convention, and wanted to show others, you might post a photo. But if a bunch of horny guys started salivating at the thought of more photos, what do you think you would do? "

I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not exactly flying through the walls wanting a picture like that. Stories, sure, that's great... pics, sure, that's also great... but no one needs to be demanding pics or pretending like it would be the only good thing going in their lives.


Monday, October 24th 2005 - 08:21:58 PM
Hey tadrinn! Like the story! Had to be pretty disqusting though... Any way I am going to try my first tie-up game this weekend. Any who... good story!
Shaun, other-

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 09:08:50 PM
I also liked Scott Greer's stories. Scott, are you still around too?

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 09:31:30 PM
Ps. One in near middle of page. (Apperince of scrull curser
Shaun & www.

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 07:05:53 AM
To Allison 
I recall seeing a post here a long time ago about two girls who were left home without their mom, an insurance salesman showed up for an appointment and they tied him up, then by surprise removed his shoes and tickled his feet. Does anyone recall the details of that story? OR DOES anyone have any similar tales whereby some guy was tied up and tickled on his feet. I concur with Allison, this sounds like a hot topic.

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 10:41:52 AM
Movies with bondage
I just watched Small Soilders this weekend and there was a great scene with Kirsten Dunst bound ang gagged on the floor,if you have any other movie with good gag and bound sences let me know

rick at the movies


Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 12:24:09 PM
i just wanna talk bout tie up games. you have seen my addy, so plz add me,
hail the king i like ure stories

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 01:16:56 PM
Hi i love this site! i ave lds of stories , if u wanna share them with me email me on and also if u have any pics 2 share id love 2. does anyone know any clean bondage sites? i just love bieing tied up! anyway hope 2 talk 2 somone soon bye xx

(also add me on msn if u hav it)


Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 01:24:46 PM
hey , ok you might take offence to this but brooke if you have taken offence to my request i appologise.
however there are a large number of people here that are members of my group.
brooke is a stunning girl and i thought i would ask but please do not have a go at me for asking .
i am not harrasing her and i will not mention the subject again.
so dont have a go at me as there was no intention to upset anyone .
so lets just leave it at that .
sincere appologies to brooke 

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 01:34:40 PM
hi laura
laura come to my yahoo group , there are lots of pics to look at .
the group lets people post photo's if they like.
sorry if this message offends anyone but its just for fun.
united kingdom

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 02:49:51 PM
Strange way to meet each other
This happened 10 days ago.

A month ago my next door neighbours moved and a new family moved in.
The family has 4 members: 2 parents, Duncan and Andy(both 15).
They came from the USA to the Netherlands.
I never met them until that day.

My parents went with their parents a day to Batavia Stad.
And around 10 am the boys knocked on the front door.

I showed them the house and at 10.45 we ate something and went upstairs.
We went playing Splinter Cell on my brand new 3.2 gHz PC.
After 2 hours we were getting bored and I said: Do you know something to do?
Do you like tie-up games or so?

I just finished my scentence and they throwed me on the bed.
hands on ya back, he said.

Where do you got rope or somethin' ?

Tape, under my bed, I muffled

Duncan got it and tied my hands crossed. Andy tied my ankles together and putting me in a hog-tie while Duncan sticked a piece of tape on my mouth.
Ok, now stay still or we will tickle you for hours. ( I'm pretty ticklish.)
So I agreed.

They went playing Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2 for 2 hours and then they untied me.
Then we played more games on PC and PS2.

The Netherlands

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 04:00:12 PM
An accident leads to my first bondage experience
This happened to me when I was still living with my parents. With my folks having gone out for the evening, I was home all alone. My parents had given me a list of chores to do before I could go out or do anything.

Well, in the process of dusting off some coffee tables, I accidently knocks o ver a very fancy vase that was a very cherished item in our family. My parents, Dad especially loved it.

So now what? Surely I could explain that it was all just an accident. And it really was an accident but I wasn't sure that would fly. My parents would criticize me for being clumsy or even accuse me of doing it on purpose. They knew how much I hated doing those stupid chores.

All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door. It's Harold my dorky neighbor. Harold is sort of a nice guy and a friend. More like a girlfriend than a guy friend even though he is a guy. Harold and I got to be close friends though and he confided in me a lot. In fact, he would tell me things that he would not tell anyone else.

One of his passions was bondage and he had this fetish for putting his hand over my mouth. I let him do it because he seemed to enjoy it, he was a loner and didn't have any real friends and no girl friends. But I also knew he was harmless. So suddenly, I got an idea.

I asked Harold how he always talked about bondage and wanting to tie me up. He nodded and smiled and asked what was up all of a sudden because I had always refused in the past.

So I leveled with Harold. I told him what had happened and that my parents were really going to be upset with me. They may even ground me and not let me talk to Harold for a long time. That got to him. So I told Harold that if I could convince my parents that we had an intruder come in, who broke in and broke that vase, that would get me off the hook. And if they found me tied up, that would be very convincing.

I was of course concerned because I knew how much Harold loved this bondage stuff. He was always telling me about movies that he saw with pretty girls bound and gagged and how much he enjoyed it. And he said he had a fantasy of being tied up by a girl as well. So I made a deal with Harold. I knew that I couldn't effectively self tie myself and make it look believable and one thing I knew for sure was that Harold had the knack for bondage. Or so I assumed and it turned o ut to be correct. So I told Harold that if he would help me out that I would tie him up, not that he minded tying me up either. He was all for it.

So Harold ran to his home which was right next door and hurredly came back with rope and banadanas. I told H arold that the best place to tie me would be right in the living room. Harold suggested using a high back chair from the kitchen. I thought that would be too unfortable and my parents would not be home for at least a couple of hours.

Before we started, I told Harold that I needed to made a run to the bathroom and get a quick snack and a drink since I obviously would not be able to move or eat anything for awhile. I also told Harold to wait for a little while and asked him to help me mess up the house a little so it looked like it was vandalized, but not to break anything. I would have enough to explain the vase.

So we both went around the house, pulling things out of drawers and messing things up. In a way, I was enjoying this. After all the cleaning I had been doing, it was a release.

I grabbed a sandwich and made one for Harold and we both had a drink. As best I could figure, my parents should be home in about an hour or less so I told Harold that now was the time to tie me up. Boy was he excited! His eyes were like saucers and he couldn't wait. 

After much deliberation, I agreed on the straight back chair. AS UNCOMFORTABLE AS THAT WOULD BE, it would be far better than having to explain to my parents that I broke that vase or have them figure out that this was a setup. They knew that I was a chicken for pain and that if I had tied myself up, it would be sloopy or I would put myself in as comfortable a position as possible.

So Harold told me to stand upright and put my hands behind my back. He started tying my hands with my hands crisscrossed behind my back. Then he had me sit down in the chair. Now he was tying between my arms and around my shoulders just over my breast. Harold commented how my breast stuck with me tied that way. I started to tell him off, but he quickly put his hand over my mouth and there wasn't anything I could do about it. He held it there for awhile and just stared at me. I started to tell him to move on with the tying but all that came out were mmmpphhhs. Harold got the message though and quickly got back to business.

Harold was running out of rope so grabbed another line and started to tie my legs over the chair and then my feet together. He then grabbed the rope and tied it from my feet to the ropes that interlaced around my torso. 

He asked me how it felt. I wiggled and squirmed and said that I was tied and wasn't going anywhere. My parents would be convinced that I couldn't possibly have done this to myself. I thanked him and told him that he better leave before my parents come home and asked him to give me one last sip of my soda before he left.

Harold so gently put the glass up to my mouth and let me drink. I sighed and told him well this is this and thanks. I also told him that I would make good on my promise and that I would tie him up, possibly even the next day. He liked that.

But before leaving Harold said he liked me this way. That he really enjoyed tying me up and was glad that I let him do it. But as he was walking out, Harold suddenly turned around with a bandana and said "I better gag you!"

"No way!" I responded. "I don't want to be gagged"

Harold told me that that would be my decision and he would respect it, but how realistic would it look if my parents came in, found me there and wondered why I wasn't screaming my head off?

Good point!

So rather reluctantly I told Harold to go ahead and gag me.
But not too tight. But before doing that, while I was stilla ble to talk, I told him to leave the door partly open to look realistic. Obviously, robbers would not be concerned with closing the door. Harold nodded and then grabbed his bandana. Harold then rolled up the bandana and stuffed it in my mouth. Then he pulled off a piece of duct tape and covered my mouth with it.

He smiled and left me like that. Now I had to hope that my parents would be hope on time. And I just had a revelation; what if some real robbers would happen by and come right in. The door was open and nothing could prevent them from entering my home and doing God knows what.


Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 04:45:20 PM
(From story in middle of page, by scroll marker.) Why is every one tieng you up in school??? How many times have you gotin tied up in school??? And how many people got caught?
Shaun &

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 05:20:20 PM
I went to the EXACT middle and found no stirys with such refrence (going up and down 3 posts every way) could you tell us the title or the first sentence of the story so we may see which we are talking about. Or you could give us the the date and time of the post.
Edward Nardella

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 06:06:27 PM
I must say, Stacy, that your story is one of the most refreshingly original stories I'd ever seen on this page. It's very interesting, and I would like to see how it turned out.

Knowing that Harold has a bondage fetish, and that he even commented on how much he likes you tied up; I hope that hasn't put a dent in your friendship. I realize that some people don't want to be too close over certain things.

Please continue your story. I am very interested in hearing the rest.

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 06:44:19 PM
Thats why you should use fedex. ;)

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 08:49:59 PM
It's a matter of if you want to post your experience or not. 

This is the internet, and you are as anonymous as you want to be. If you want to post your story, we'd be interested. No-one knows who you are anyway, so don't worry about that.

If you don't want to post your story, I respect that, and I'm sure the group will too. 

If people start bugging you in e-mail for stories, you can block them and also report them to their ISPs. 

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 09:27:10 PM
I have only been here for a few days so I am pretty much reading threw. So I am talking about pretty much In the middle of the page, What happend after home pase teacher bound you?
Shaun &

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 09:55:19 PM
Dose anyone know how to tie your self up in a sleeping bag i have tried but i cant seem to do it i have a hole bunch of other stories so just tell me how to do this

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 12:13:59 AM
Does anybody have any stories or pics of girls wearing tubesocks or legwarmers?

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 06:50:31 AM
To Shawn
Hello Shawn

Are you talking about my stories of being tied up at school??

If you like it ( or dislike ) please comment.
Also comment if you want details (as far as i can give you)

The Netherlands

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 08:21:15 AM
Antiad, may i ask how old you are??

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 12:24:15 PM
14 i am very small for my age
anti ad

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 04:33:34 PM
to: surfer15
what a great storie. is there more? did you ever get revenge? did they ever do this to you again? please post more.

bond 13

bond 13

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 05:25:31 PM
I tied Up My Baby Sitter
This happened to me many years ago when I was around 9 years old. I was at that time, the only child. So I had no older brothers or sisters to watch me when my parents went out. So my parents would often hire a babysitter for me, sometimes my next door neighbor or someone they knew pretty well.

My Mom had a good friend named Adele and she was my favorite. Adele was only about 17 years old at that time and as I said, I was only nine.

So one nite Adele comes over. I believe it was a saturday nite because my favorite tv show, TJ Hooker was on. I used to love that show and wow, what great bondage they had on there. Pretty Heather Locknear used to get bound and gagged almost every week and I loved it. 

My parents made up a list of my favorite tv shows and gave them to Adele. On this nite, Adele was dressed to the hilt. She looked hot. Even as a 9 year old, I was excited. She had tight jeans on and a white sweater with everything hanging out. She had light brown, almost blondish hair which she styled feathered back. She was a real cutie. I wished I was 6-7 years older. But stillhad an idea or two on how I cold have some fun with Adele.

So my parents leave us alone. Adele assures my Mom and Pop that she will take real good care of me. Yeah!

So once my parents leave and Adele and I are alone, Adele askes me what I'D LIKE TO DO. I just smiled and wanted to let her know what I really wanted to do. But at 9 years old, no chance.

Then I remembered that TJ Hooker would be on at 8pm. It was 7:30pm so 1/2 hr to go. 

She asked me why I like TJ Hooker so much and I told her like most kids, I really enjoyed a cop show. I was hesitant to tell her about my appeal towards Heather Locknear and bondage.

Little did I know at the time, but Adele was into bondage herself and she had planned to tie me up. She went out to her car and came back with a grocery bag. I asked her what was in the bag and she just smiled and said that I would find out soon.

Since I already eat, I refused Adeles offer to make me a sandwich but did say I would like a drink which I pronounced dwink.

She would squeeze my cheeks or pinch them and tell me how cute I was.

So Adele gets me a drink and we both sat in front of the tv. I don't remember anymore what was on but I did remind her that TJ Hooker would be on at 8pm. Adele assured me that she would turn that on for me at 8pm and meanwhile she just flipped the channels.

Then Adele looked me in the eye and asked me i f I was in the mood for a little fun. I nodded like a 9 year old would nod and she started to put her hands inside the bag. She pulled out a rope. I was looking and was quite confused and surprised. Later, I would find out that she wanted to tie me up and had planned to bring her boyfriend over while I was out of the way.

So Adele asked me if I was ever tied up. I looked at her and nodded no. Adele assured me that it would be fun and I would love it. I started to get nervous and was almost crying. Secretly, I h ad something else on my mind and was a great actor, even at 9.

So Adele indicates that there would be nothing to be scared about. That I could trust her and that it would be just me and her.

So I said that I didn't want to miss TJ Hooker and asked her how long she would keep me tied up. She said only for a short while and that she would keep me close to the tv and would turn TJ Hooker on so I wouldn't miss anything.

I started to say okay but then came up with an idea. I told her it would be okay as long as I could tie her up first. She had a surprised look on her face and more or less said that she didn't think I would know anything about how to tie somebody.

I told her that I had a friend in the Cub Scouts who showed me the knots. Now she was concerned and asked me how much my friend showed me. I just said that it was basic and that I couldn't even tie a knot. Was too loose.

She liked that and smiled, but it was a lie. I was better than that and Adele was about to find this out.

So Adele says okay to being the first to get tied. She no doubt figured that I would fail miserably. Boy was she in for a surprise. Aside from TJ Hooker, I also watched BJ and The Bear, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and more all of which had bondage on. I also used to watch through my parents through the keyhole and boy was my dad good at tying my mom up! And there was my buddy the cub scout. Of course I never told Adele how experienced I really was.

So Adele says when do you want to start. I said how about right now so I can get you tied up before TJ Hooker comes on. I then told her that because I was inexperienced, it might take me awhile so I wanted an early start. She just laughed and agreed.

Adjoining the parlor whichis where Adele and I were was a living room with a table all set up and classy chairs. This was my parents favorite room. And I figured as good a place as any, better than in the kitchen. It was also away fron the front door and windows in the kitchen so we could have some privacy.

I asked Adele to sit on the chair and put her hands behind her back. She was able to reach backward around the chair and get her hands close together. I gently started tying her hands, very loosely. Adele just giggled and said that this would be easy to break out of and then started to make a wager with me. The way this would work is I would tie her and as soon as she broke loose, she would tie me. Then as I broke loose, I could tie her again and so on and so forth. So now I started to think that maybe I didn't want to get tied. And I liked how girls looked getting tied up. Heather Locknear, Catherine Bach and the other chics. I especially liked them when they were gagged. I didn;t tell Adele this though.

So I continued tying Adele up wrapping the rope gently around her arms and inbetween openings in the chair. So far, it was a very loose tie and Adele knew this.

I then reached inside Adeles bag and found somemore rope. I started to tie Adele's feet. Meanwhile Adele was testing the ropes around her arms and torso and just giggling. They were so loose that they almost fell off. But I wasn't done yet!

So as I held one end of the rope that supportted her torso and the other end that had her feet tied I asked her how she felt. She just laughed and said that she was impressed how good a job I did and that she would never get loose. I knew she was lying, so I dropped the one line of rope leading to her bound feet and with both hands pulled on the line that had her torse tied. The ropes immediately snapped tight and Adele groaned and yelled "Hey!!!" She tested her ropes now and realized that she was in tight. I then did the same thing with her bound feet.

Now I asked her hows that? She moaned and tried to break loose but there was no going. I looked inside her bag and noticed that she had more rope. So I made a loop and now started to tie her around the chair from shoulders down. With what rope was left, I tied her upper thighs to the top of the chair.

Adela yelled and asked me how I learned to tie so well. I told her TJ Hooker and my Cub Scout Buddy. As I continued to tie her up, Adele was asking to be released. I looked at her and said no way. We're just starting. 

Once I was done I asked her to try to break loose. The deal was, that if she could break loose, she could then tie me up. She strained and made an awful face but it was no go. Adele looked down at her feet and saw coils of rope. She tried to move her feet and legs, nothing. It was like steel. She looked at me surprised and asked me again where I learned to tie so well and don;t say TJ Hooker. So I admitted that I watched my parents a lot peeping through the keyhole and that my parents had a chair very similiar to this one in their bedroom. 

Adele asked me how much I saw. I told her as soon as it got wild, I would go because I was afraid that my Dad would walk out and catch me.

Adele was ready to surrender and was about to aske me to untie her. Before she could, I said that we should have somemore fun. But...I looked at the clock and it was 8pm. TJ Hooker is coming on.

Adele yells to me to come over and not leave her like this. I told her that I was only going to the the other room and besides, what could she do about it?

So I turned on TJ Hooker, the music was playing and the credit were rolling. Heather Locknear hits her famous pose or series of poses. Meanwhile Adele is yelling so I turned the volume up.

Adele is wiggling and squirming and straining against the ropes, all to no avail. So she sighs and asks me to untie her.

I tell her I can't, TJ Hooker is just starting and this is a first run show (this was the early 80's) Now she was getting mad.

"If you don't untie me know David, do you know what I am going to do you?"

I just laughed and told her I could care less because she wasn't in a position to do anything to me and she h ad better think what she would tell my parents if I left her like that untill they got home in a few hours.

She looked amazed! "You wouldn't!"

I just smiled and said, "Yes I would and I will."

A commercial finally came on and I started to look inside Adele's bag to see what else she had in there. Nothing that I could see was useful for what I wanted to do.

I noticed that Adele had a scarf around her neck. I removed it and gently held in my hands. Adele looked at me and asked what I was going to do with this. I was thinking, but a little gunshy to follow through. I moved the tv set closer to where Adele was. TJ Hooker was back on and this was an episode where a Japanese girl gets kidnapped, bound and gagged. Heather, we would find out gets the same later in the show.

I looked at Adele and told her that I really liked watching TJ Hooker, BJ and The Bear, Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard and so on because I really enjoyed seeing the girls bound and gagged.

Then I looked at her and said that I wanted to gag her. Besides, she was getting too loud and I had the tv turned up to the max.

She looked at me and said "No you don't mister...mmmppphhh."

Too late. I put the scarf as a OTM detective gag but alas I was to find out that what is represented on tv is not always real. The scarf muted Adele to some extent, but I could stillhear her and she reminded me of that. I could make her calling me a stupid little kid and that I didn;t know what I was doing.

So I went back to watch TJ Hooker, now that the commercial was over. I saw the japanese chic again and on closer look, noticed that she was in what I was to find out is a cleave gag. I prefer the OTM type but was dissappointed on how ineffective it was. So while I was watching the show, I unggaged Adele, rolled the scarf up and then cleave gagged her. This worked much better. But I could still h ear her. So I lossened up the gag and then yanked on it making it real tight. Adele's head yanked backwards with the force.

Now she was mmmppphhhing but this worked much better. SO i TURNS DOWN the tv to a more normal volume level. There is a knock on the door. It was my nosey neighbor. He heard the tv so loud and wanted to make sure everything was okay. From where Adele was in relation to the front door, my neighbor could not see her, thank God. So I just told him that I had the tv on and accidently turned it too loud. He asked me where my parents were and I told them that they went out but my aunt was here. He asked where, and I told him that she was up in the bathroom. Finally he left.

After another commercial, I got another idea. Like I said, I like the OTM type of gag although the cleave gag is more effective. So I went upstairs to get some things from the bathroom and my parents room. I had found some duct tape, some coloring and makeup from my Mom's room and my old cowboy hat. 

I removed the cleave gag and quickly put the tape over Adele's pretty mouth. This worked as good as the cleave gag but gave the cosmetic look that I wanted. Adele mmmpppphhheed so I applied another piece right above the first piece and then one more just below the first piece. Adele was mmmpphhiing but barely audible.

I then my Mom's makeup out and started to paint and powder allover Adele's pretty face. I got too close to her nose and she sneezed. I painted her face up to make her look like my impression of an Indian and then put my cowboy hat on. I heard the music from TJ Hooker to coming on so went back into the room and watched my show although suddently the tv show lost interest and I was more interested in my own DID. 



Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 06:32:44 PM
nice one David
bond 13

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 08:15:35 PM
Cute story, David. What happened next? Were more tie-ups (of her or of you) involved?

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 09:26:49 PM
Hey cassie...guess you started having interest at about the same time as me. I also love red-heads..... Anyways....if you feel like it, go ahead and e-mail me and we could switch stories or whatnot....
Kurt Rambis

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 09:28:06 PM
If anyone wants to chat about anything, hit me up on AIM at IrishNCream or add me to MSN at

Would love someone to chat with, no one around here.


Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 09:50:18 PM

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 03:11:20 AM
To David
Nice story, but did she get revenge?

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 08:36:42 AM
We have a week vacation now and me and a couple of friends called: Kevin(14), Justin(14), Andy(15), Duncan(15) went to the forest to play a game called Hunter.

You gotta catch each other and tie them up in your territory.
We all carry: 100 ft. of rope, a role of duct tape, 30 tie-wraps.

Continue later, need to go. Cya.


Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 09:18:51 AM
Part 2
Back already...

I forgot to say, we also had a pocket knife in our back pocket.
The only rule is: A captor who is tieing someone up may not be caught.
We all wore jeans.

We set up our territory and spreaded out over the forest.
Duncan found me first, hiding behind a tree.
He pushed me into his territory and ordered me to stand against a 1 ft thick tree.
He put one tie-wrap round my left wrist and one on the right and uses another one to connect them behind the tree.
He cut a piece of rope off and tied me to the tree at my ankles and the hips. At last he gagged me with tape.
I couldn't reach my knife. Those things are too strong to brake and they weren't loosely connected.

Later on I saw Duncan coming back with Andy ( his own twin-brother). He tied him to another tree, exactly the same way.

I dont know what happened later on, but about 1.5 to 2 hours later he came back, untied us and we went all 5 to my house. There happened something too, but I'll tell you later.


Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 12:23:48 PM
So we got into my house and Kevin said, hey I got a cool game at home, I'll get it. So he went home and we set up a trap. He came walking back and we opened the door Duncan and Andy were hidden and Kevin walked past them. Wait here, I said. Need to get something from the kitchen. So I walked downstairs while Duncan and Andy jumped up from behind, handgagging Kevin. Justin got the tape and taped his wrists together.

We dragged him upstairs to my room and taped him to a wooden chair with legs and arms.
Duncan taped his wrists and elbows to the chairs arms and his ankles and knees to the chairs legs. They gagged him with tape and blindfolded him with a towel.

Then we dragged the chair into a corner and tickled him there for 30 min. We untied him and played his game.


Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:54:00 PM
How old Are you Daniel?
Shaun &

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 03:34:03 PM
I'm 14 years old.

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 05:31:14 PM
Daniel, Are you German?
Shaun& cody(friend still same peson) &

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 06:42:54 PM
Does any one know where I can find some pics of girls bound and gagged wearing tight necklaces around the neck? ex. chokers, ribbons, etc. please let me know.

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 09:05:49 PM
Daniel, I the middle of the page when you say If I was talking about you getting tied up in school, I was really talking about bondage Heather. But I would like to here more about yours too.
Shaun &

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 03:35:45 AM
Summer of Fun Conclusion
Hello again everyone, I'm sorry for disappearing without finishing my story, but I've been extremely busy, and have not gotten to use the computer for recreational purposes in quite a while. But I'm back for now, so I will continue. When I last left off, Amy was tied on her sister's bed, and though I had found her, I still needed to find Heather's hat to win the game.

I stood for several minutes inside the closet at the base of the stairs until I heard Heather heading back up to check on her sister. I had searched all the previous rooms and not found a thing, and since the only closed off area on the main level was a bathroom, I knew I needed to head to the basement. I quietly exited the closet and crossed the floor to the basement stairs and headed down them as fast as I could without making a racket. A quick search of the basement main area yielded nothing, and as I was entering one of the two rooms, I heard the door open. I quickly dashed inside and shut the door. I was pretty sure she hadn't heard me, and I decided to take a risk. Dropping to my hands and knees, I looked underneath the door into the outer area. I braced myself, ready to try and hide if I saw Heather coming my way, but she instead walked right past the door and to the other room. 'The hat must be in the other room.' I thought to myself, and I waited for several minutes. She finally exited the room, and without even checking the room I was in, headed back upstairs. As soon as I heard the door creak closed, I exited the room and headed for what I now thought for sure was the hat room. I looked all around the room however, and turned up nothing. I was sure that Heather was coming back soon however, so I turned to exit the room, and there, hanging on the back of the door, was Heather's cap. "Score." I said to myself as I grabbed it and exited the room, quickly heading upstairs and entering the closet near the top floor staircase just as Heather came thundering by. But I had to work quickly, as I knew that when she saw the hat gone, her patrol would quickly step up. 

As soon as I heard the basement door open, I risked stepping out of the closet, and I was lucky, as she didn't notice. I headed upstairs quick as I could, and began to untie Amy's ankles. "I got the hat, but she'll notice and start looking for me." I said as I finished untying her feet and helped her up. I took off her blindfold and helped her to walk. "We gotta get to the closet downstairs, I'll untie you once we're somewhere else." I quickly hustled Amy downstairs, and before I could get the closet open, I heard footsteps coming from the basement, and they sounded as though the person was running. I quickly lifted Amy a couple inches of the ground and dashed into the living room, rounding the corner just as Heather went bursting past us. Now all that stood between us and the outdoors was about 50 feet worth of walking, and so I lifted Amy into a more comfortable position, and made a mad dash for the door. We had done it. No sooner than I got out to the garage, Amy started to grunt underneath her gag again. I quickly untied the pillowcase from over her mouth and removed the tape once more. "Victory is mine!" I said (I was obsessed with Stewie from Family Guy). "The super spy always wins!" Amy giggled. "And don't forget me!" She said. "The trusty damsel, it wouldn't be a spy game without one."

Amy and I continued to chat while I untied her fully, and then after putting Heather's cap on my head as a bragging sign, we went back inside. "We win Heather!" We both called out, and she came barging up from the basement. "Aww man, I was afraid you'd already gotten out... oh well, lets play again!" Amy shook her head. "Not right now, I just wanna relax. How about tommorow instead? And this time, I wanna be the spy!"

"Fine, fine." Heather said, looking a little disappointed. "Then this time I'll be the prisoner.. and Dave can be the guard." I nodded. "Fine by me." I said, trying to be nonchalant, but really, I couldn't wait for the next day to come.

Hope you guys liked my story, I know it wasn't terribly good, but if you want to hear more from me, just let me know, I've had a couple other experiences.

Long time reader

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 03:21:17 PM
To Shaun
No i am not german. I'm dutch, but I do speak german pretty well.

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 03:50:38 PM
Long time reader, nice story, fun to read.
Hope to hear some more of your stories

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 08:46:20 PM
Anyone have clean sits of girls tied up and gagged and barefoot?

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 08:56:42 PM
hey guys im back
sorry for the long time no see

Friday, October 28th 2005 - 11:34:48 PM
Welcome back Steven.

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 01:15:28 AM
Alright, I've got a quick question or two about tying yourself up.
1) How can you even tie your hands up (Preferably in front)? I barely know any knots you can do. 
2) How can you tie your hands so that they're not super loose and you can break out of them, but still be able to cut the rope/string/yarn/etc. later?


Also, for some of the new posts, can some of your guys try to spell better? People don't want to read a story that's a wall of text and where every other word is mispelled. Typos and grammar issues are alright here and there, but in half of the post? I'll just skip over it when I read it, along with most other people.


Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 10:18:21 AM
When you have grammar-issues you cant really do anything about it... I know it is maybe hard to read.

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 10:37:57 AM
1) How can you even tie your hands up (Preferably in front)? I barely know any knots you can do. 

Take rope and wrap it around one wrist loosely and leave a gap so you can insert your other hand. Insert your hand and grip one end of the rope with your fingers while you grab the other end with your teeth. Then just pull. It will make it tight and you have to use your fingers and mouth to tie a knot.

2) How can you tie your hands so that they're not super loose and you can break out of them, but still be able to cut the rope/string/yarn/etc. later? 

read above.

Zack V.

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 12:44:47 PM
Self Bondage
The most effective way I know to tie yourself up securely is spread eagled on the bed. You set up two or even one tie for you feet and secure them and then set up two ties for your hands. You can merely slip your hands in and pull and presto. Your tied. There are other ways as well. This one is the easiest.

CAUTION: Never do this when you are alone or at least leave a little play in one of the ties for your hands so at least one hand can be broken loose. And I mentioned ties because mens ties or even a womens panty hose can be used very effectively for this.

One more time, exercise caution. I have heard reports of police who have found people dead from self bondage. Always leave yourself an out or at the very least, make sure you have a safety partner. 

But then again, if you can find a partner, why do you even need self bondage? For me the exhilaration is so much better when I am being tied by someone. And then the teasing really gets me going. You would be surprised how easy you can find a partner if you just look. I found one partner in a book store rear, you guessed, bondage books. I picked one up and stood right next to her. We starting talking about the books and one thing led to another and we had a good, clean time. Bondage doesn't have to be dirty either. So if you are having trouble finding a partner, go to a book store. That may help you as it helped me.

AND...I can't emphasize it enough, SELF-BONDAGE is dangerous. Always make sure you exercise caution. Have someone around or leave yourself an exit.


Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 03:40:20 PM
movie fun
when me and my gf were at the movies seeing dukes of hazzard we sat right at the back in the dark. as the movie got under way i felt some furry circles on my hand and u would never guess wat she did. emily had 2 pairs of furry hndcffs and she had cuff me to the drinks holder on either side. she then got some tape and gagged me so all through the movie i couldn't talk. then it got to the end and she took the tape of and kissed me. after the movie we went home and had some fun,( if u know wat i mean).

will post again soon


Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 03:45:34 PM
Thanks Zack! That's an easy way of doing it, and it works for what I like. Just light stuff.

And Malcolm, your way is good too, but I don't want to be found by my sister or my dad. Thanks anyways.


Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 04:19:14 PM
Last summer I bruised my ankle and wrist.
This morning, I joined my grandfather at work and helped him. We needed to take a 1000 kg thing apart.
The huge thing landed on my left foot.
Now it is broken and I can't tie someone up anymore...

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 05:01:14 PM
hey i have been looking for a place where i can find stories of girls tying guyes and puting makeup on them and other stuff. if you know of one please post

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 05:15:59 PM
any more sock stories?

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 05:43:04 PM
Abducted Part 1
Note: This story is written by all of us indicating what happened. Alysha will be telling the story though....

It was Halloween 04 and we were all out to a party. We are all 13 and all dressed up like fairy's in skirts,
shirts, and flip-flops.

We had the absolute time of our lives at the party...but that would all change soon as the party ended and we had
to go home. Little did we know what was in store for us.

As we left the party at 11:30 PM, a group of kids around 10 of them approached us from behind. We thought they were
from the party and thats all. That is until they grabbed us, held our hands behind our backs and shoved tennis balls in
our mouths and handcuffed us.. They then threw us in the back of there van and began to drive. Most of us were barefoot by now as well...

15 minutes later the van door opened and we were blindfolded and told to walk to the door. They then led us down a flight of stares into a room. The floor was icy on our barefeet as well.

We were then bound with rope at our breasts, wrists, and bare ankles. A cord was also tied around our necks attached
to the wall. Luckily it didn't strangle us....

The balls were soon taken out of our mouths and soon silenced by a cleave gags of bandannas. Each of us had a different color.

Alysha= Red
Alex= Yellow
Stephanie= Black
Megan= Blue
Dannielle= Green
Sarah= Purple

Then our captors left. It was around midnight now and our parents were expecting us we had school the next morning.

We all stuggled rigoursly, but Alysha managed to get her barefeet free around 1:30 AM. Then we heard the captor
coming and we knew alysha was in trouble...


Alysha, Alex, Megan, Danielle, Stephanie, and Sarah

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 06:02:14 PM

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 07:05:17 PM
The First Time,
Hey! I just played my first game of bondage. It was me and my friends, Denszell(12), Cody(11),Johnathin(12-13 not sure lol) me ofcouse(11) And myles(11). We first split up into teams,like usuall. After about a min of planing we split up.
I was the first one to be caught. He took the hand cuffs and keys I had in my pocket and used them against me. Then he tied my ankles together with rope. That was our secound game that day so myles had left.he held me in a full-nelson position,denszell then came up behind him and put him in a headloch, cody untied me and we took him back to my trampilene out back.He would not stop strugling And finnaly got him self lose, Then ran like hell. After a couple mins he came back and him and cody caught us.(Like always) They just had to hand cuff me, And teid us both up. They gaged denszell pretty good, but My tape was a lil lose. They used a spare shirt on denszell though. After a while cody had a plan to let me lose. I was tied up on top the tramplaine. Along with denszell, Johnathin was watching denszell so I turned around and he untied my feet then I turned again and he took the tape of my mouth. Then I got up and cody and me took of running with no time to help denszell. By that time the damn handcuffs were cutting of my circulation and hurt like hell. He caught me again andwith how wierd he is gave me and denszell noogies for 5 mins. After that he untied me and denszell and we went inside. He had to go home. And the same with cody. Denszell and bass both are probably stayin the night. Well bass for sure. I do not know about denszell. But out of it all there will probably be another bondage game tonight, and deffinetly tommorow. Tell ya then. see ya!
Shaun &

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 07:07:35 PM
Hey everyone, I created a site that's all about clean self bondage. You can visit it, but it is having some problems right now.

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 09:18:19 PM
Our story
Hey guys, our story will be continued tomorrow. Thanks for the enjoyment.

Saturday, October 29th 2005 - 11:05:57 PM
This is absolutley ridiculous.... does anyone have any good stories? I foyu do so plz post them... i might as well go back to old post and read the good ones. PLZ GOOD STORIES STEP FWD... THE REST OF YOU STUFF IT!

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 04:24:30 AM
Hey, I don't see you contributing with any stories. People here are recounting personal experiences (or they're supposed to be), and I don't think they'd be very appreciative of you insulting their stories just cause you don't like them. If they aren't "good enough" for you, then don't read them.
Long time reader

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 08:12:22 AM
Anano, I agree with long time reader, So what if you don't agree! Maybee other people do, I for one enjoy the bondage stories. So you could just go screw yourself!
Shaun &

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 02:18:33 PM
great site more hand gag stories please

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 07:42:42 PM
Kidnapping Dust 
Hello , 

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 08:01:09 PM
Hello What?
Shaun &

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 02:14:20 AM

Ben, what are "furry handcuffs" and "drinks holders"? 

Alysha, Alex, Megan, Danielle, Stephanie and Sarah, flip-flops on bare feet on October 31?!? I hope you girls live Down-Under--- ;) Anyway, please continue. 


Monday, October 31st 2005 - 05:16:38 AM
To Andy V
furry handcuffs are handcuffs with hairs on them and they dont hurt.
Drink holders are things were you can put you drink in. Then you dont have to hold them in your hand.
You got them in cars, cinema´s and loads of other places.<

I hope I helped you out.

The Netherlands

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 05:53:00 AM
He did not know what a drink holder is??? It is obviouse, It holds your drinks,lol.
Shaun &

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 12:15:03 PM
Dust????? What are you trying to say?

You're french right?

Aller ensuite avec ton récit, sil vous plait.


Monday, October 31st 2005 - 03:18:41 PM
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 04:45:49 PM
hi there, for tape gag lovers visit, feel free to post yours pictures, stories & stuff. by the way, awesome site Canuck

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 07:57:41 PM
kidnapped boy started to post a story not to long ago he didnt finish and i have to say one thing, you are have probly the best stories in the world besides the way you describe them i mean... plz post the rest

Monday, October 31st 2005 - 09:23:48 PM
Abducted Part 2
@ Andy_V, it's very hot were we live..:P

Anyway, alysha quickly hid here barefeet as the captor (in a jason mask) came in. He saw alysha and demanded her to lay flat. He then saw her feet freed and rushed over, removed the cord holding her to the wall and grabbe her.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHH!!!!!" Alysha tried to yell out through her gag, but it was too late. The rest of us listened in shock on what happened. All we knew is that we needed to get out.

So for bout a hour, we struggled so hard. The Alex got her hands untied and undid the cord. She then layed on her stomach and got her blindfold off but the gag stayed put. She then untied stephanie who got the rest of us free. The gags went off last becuase they were the tightest, we couldn't even get them off, we just pulled them down around our necks.

We then walked around barefoot through the cold halls searching for Alysha and hoping to not get caught. The creepiest feelings over came us.... 

Then we reached a door. We opened it and to our suprise, Alysha layed on the table, hogtied, gagged with duct tape
and blindfolded with her old gag.

We rushed in to save her until we heard..."Get them!"


Alysha, Alex, Megan, Danielle, Stephanie, and Sarah

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