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August 2005

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This month's stories:
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 Camp Counselor Tied (m+/m) - The Hooj *** 
 Harness (f, self) - Jane 
 Loverly Mates (f+/f) - kathy 
 Project (ff/m) - simon 
 Tied up on the Phone cause I said so (m/f) - Rad 
 Wholesome Nutritious Entertainment (m+/m) - Jess Lloyd 
 this is what fighting can do (f/f) - Kathy 
 Tortured by Ben and Alex (mm/f) - Danielle 
 Kidnapped (mf+/m) - Seb 
 Bound Best Friend (m/f) - Jamie *** 
 Jelly Belly Bondage (m+/m) - Buzzbuzz 
 I Just Can't Win Against Dena (m/f, ff/m) - Kidnap Boy *** 
 Spy who tied me part 2 (m/f) - Steven 
 How I learned that it's rude to stare (intro) - Graham uk 
 I'm Back... I think (m/f) - J Constantine 
 Kidnapped (ff/mm, m/f) - Sean 
 How I learned it's rude to stare. continued... (F/m) - Graham uk 
 My first ever tied girl (m/f) - StevieC 
 Hogtied (self) - kathy 
 How I learnt it's rude to stare - conclusion (F/m) - Graham uk 
 Last Time I Help A Friend (f/f) - Sam 
 How the hell did they get in part 1 (f+/mf) - scott 
 Loser gets tied (m/m) - Mr. Bragadoshous 
 Kristen... Kidnapped!!! (m/f) - Scott 
 Two Against One (ff/m) - Samuel 
 The Damsel of my Eye (m/f) - J Constantine *** 
 Rusty Scores (m/f) - Rusty *** 
 Torturing the Girls (m/ff) - Jason Smith 
 Not the way I wanted it... (f+/m) - the Walkster *** 
 Lisa Ties Me (ff/f) - Sandra Davis 
 Kelly Joins In (f*/ff) - Sandra Davis 
 Not the way I wanted it (part 2) (f+/fm) - The Walkster 
 Short Babysitter story (f/m) - darkness157 
 Not the way I wanted it (conclusion) (ff/fm) - The Walkster 
 Kidnapped by Kelly (f/ff) - Sandra Davis 
 Old News Hog tie the Rustler (cold case) - Drawscore 
 Hogtied pt 2 (?/f) - kathy 
 Sleepover Tickling (f/f) - Amanda 
 Studying (m/f) - Kim 
 Christa and Kelly hand me over (ff/f) - Sandra Davis 
 Taped to a Chair (ff/f) - Sandra Davis 
 Camp Tie Up - Pt. 1 (m+/m) - Mr E 
 4th of july... gone wrong! (f+m+/m) - Zack 
 All Tied Up - Movie and real life (f/m) - Mike Brown 
 im da bst (m/m) - denny 
 I was the baby sitter (m/m) - Edward 
 Blackmailing Blackmail (f+/m) - The Walkster 
 Feel Like a Jog? (m/mm) - Skate Shoe Lover 
 The Game (m+f+/m+f+) - The Walkster 
 Tied by Tammy (F/f) - Sandra Davis 
 The Night of the Party (mm/f+) - TheDesertFox 
 Not Fair! (mm/f) - ella 
 The Friggin Notebook (f/m) - The Walkster *** 
 The Night of the Party-Part Two-The Second Experience Part 1 (m/ff) - TheDesertFox *** 
 The most Marvelous game (mm/f+) - TheDesertFox 
 Revenge of the Girls... Sorta (f+/m, m/f+) - TheDesertFox 
 Battle Ends (m+/m+) - Nicholas H *** 
 A Fun War (m/f) - MaxMan 
 A night with the babysitter (m/f) - TheDesertFox 
 All I can say is murph (ff/m) - bob 
 Hostage (m+f+/f) - sarah 
 Capture the... Person - Maxman 
 Casual Tie up (m/m) - observer 2 
 Part 2 (mm/f+) - MaxMan 
 Tied After Practice (m+/m) - Jeff G 
 Workout Bench (f/f) - JiLLian 
 Cadets (m+/m) - Cadet 
 Daniel gets Kidnapped (m+/m) - CKLF  

Monday, August 1st 2005 - 11:27:03 AM
TIED UP/GAGGED and tickled
I enjoy reading some of these experiences where guys are suddenly surprised by being tied up, then have their feet tickled, love these stories, does anyone have any more experiences that they know of, witnessed or participated in whereby some guy is tied, then shoes removed and....

Monday, August 1st 2005 - 01:41:25 PM
hi all i have been a reader for some time here and would like it if some of you could e-mail some pics of your tie up games.
thanks to all who post,
bond 13
bond 13

Monday, August 1st 2005 - 03:54:27 PM
re: petticoat traing
your story about aunt kay is extremly well written and interesting,to bad the "petticpat censor"had to make that petty juvenile commentary.i look forward to reading more of your adventure,petticoated or a child i experienced being both tied up and petticoat trained, so its nice to hear from other with similar experiences.
petticoated janie
janie jupiter

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 07:07:03 AM
Camp Counselor Tied
I've been lurking on this page for a while and finally decided to post. This story happened a long time ago, so please bear with me, some of my memories have gone fuzzy over the years, but I'll never forget this experience.

Well, for the setup, I was a 14 year old male and I was a first year staff member at a boy scout camp. We always had a uniform of the day which consisted of the Boy Scout shorts, socks, hiking boots, and a scouting T-Shirt. As the new guy, I was put in charge of the Pioneering Merit Badge which mostly dealt with knot tying. The campers rotated out once a week, but one group in particular was obsessed with tying each other up. Unfortunately, it was my job to teach them all the knots in the merit badge book, so by the 3rd day, they were pretty profecient. They were hard to control for me as they were only 1 or 2 years younger and, since I was small for my age, most were bigger. I also had a problem with my smart mouth at that time which got me into trouble sometimes, but one area director had a special lesson in store for me. This director had been taking crap from me all summer. He was a friend of mine from before I worked there and had taught me the merit badge when I was younger (another story). 

Well, back to this story, this particular group of kids was obsessed with tying up people. I had let them tie up each other in class (just to practice their knots), but as I later learned their main objective was always to tie up me, their teacher. They had been hinting about how great it would be to tie people up, but I'd always been able to brush them off by having them whip up a quick project like a flagpole. Well, the 3rd day of classes, I always taught the slip knot, and finally one of the members of the class was brave enough to ask if they could practice it on me. Of course I told them, "No", but after much insistance I agreed that if they all passed all requirements, I'd let them tie me up on the last day of class (day 5) as a reward. Little did I know (until later) that they had already made plans for me with the help of another staff member.

The way my class outline was set up, most of the requirements were done by the 4th day, we just couldn't release the kids. Unfortunately, the above mentioned director knew of my class schedule and had already made plans. As far as I was concerned, the fourth class went without incident, but 20 minutes into the 2 hour session the director walked by. I got up and talked to him for a few minutes, but when I turned around, he screamed, "NOW!". Suddenly, I was swarmed by 5 12-year olds (my class) who tackled me to the ground.

Two of them pulled my arms together in front, while another pulled out a length of rope he was hiding. They then proceeded to cross my wrists in an 'X' and tie them up, down, and tighten them across the middle like a good scout lashing. By this time the other two classes in session had joined the fun, making me hopelessly outnumbered. They then picked me up and escorted me over to a picnic table where I was made to sit on the bench. I was basically sat with my legs facing away from the table and my crossed arms in my lap. My arms were tied to my lap with numurous loops of rope, and my ankles were bound and pulled back under the bench I was sitting on. At this point I was blindfolded, so I can't provide much detail except at least one loop of rope was used to pull me back against the table.

I was left to stuggle while everyone laughed and poked at me until the end of the class (about 80 minutes later) when I was finally released. Needless to say it was tough to explain the rope marks to the next class.

The Hooj

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 07:10:31 AM
Comments are always welcome, good, bad, I'm not sensitive.
The Hooj

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 08:57:45 AM
Cute story, the Hooj. Loved it.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 09:39:30 AM
Did they pull off your shoes and tickle your feet? that would have been fun

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 10:42:51 AM
i have more stores and a few pics but none from my glory days (1999-2003)

will post more later


Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 10:43:08 AM
i have more stores and a few pics but none from my glory days (1999-2003)

will post more later


Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 11:40:09 AM
My next door freind at my birthday party

my old friend from my old house for a visit


Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 03:55:37 PM
It took me a while to realize that I liked bondage. I guess for a while I tried to deny it and pretend that I didn't like it at all. Now I see that my actions were really unhealthy, because there's no denying that I like being tied up. After finding this sight, I found that it's actually kind of normal to like being tied up. I therefor commend all the people who are brave enough to post their stories, allowing girls like me to stand up and accept who we are.

Okay, now for my story. About a year and a half ago( I was 15 then), my cousin gave me a harness for rock climbing as a birthday gift. I love it for many reasons. Rock climbing is a lot of fun. I've also found however that it is really easy to use to tie someone up, including myself. One day, my parents work strange hours so I didn't have to worry about them being home, I put on my harness. I had on my jogging shorts. (Bad idea really when wearing a harness.) I took my set of handcuffs out and stuck them through a loop in the harness and then grabbed my duct tape. Then I went over to my banister and slid the main crotch loop over the edge. (there were pillers on the ends that went up another half foot) Then, using my stomach muscles, i flipped myself over, with my feet in the air and my head at the ground, while being suspended by the harness. I then ripped a peice of ductape and plastered it to my mouth, just before locking my hands into the hand cuffs.I did not realize then that I left the keys in the drawer. After i got both in and locked tight, my heart dropped. I realized what i just did. and I panicked. I tried getting my hands out, I tried tugging at the harness, my hands were shaking as I tried different tactics. I was scared. No one would be coming home until maybe 8 or 9 PM. It was 11 AM at the time. After trying different things, I was tired. So I decided to calm down and maybe think of a way.

i layed there for a while. I thought of screaming, but my dog couldn't even hear me through my gag. either that, or she didn't care...spoiled pooch...anyway, so I couldn't yell for help. Besides, what would someone think of me if they found me like this? i kept thinking. finally an idea hit me. i decided to try using my stomach muscles to pull myself up. then i could ease myself off the piller, and i could get the keys from the drawer. so I tried, and it worked. It took my roughly 2 minutes to get up, and i got out of my dilema safely and securely.

comments would be greatly appreciated.


sorry i ain't sharin

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 04:32:27 PM
Re: Stevens Pics
I was just looking through some random sites and I found one of "Stevens" pics. lol 
Just to show that (like we all suspected) it is probably not his neighbour at his house for his birthday party and that she is not the age that is says so on the picture.
*notice the link at the top*

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 04:49:40 PM
ok you cought me but this is what my freind looks like and i did tir her up i though i could pass it off, story later

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 06:00:30 PM
Well thats cool, just you could have put that in the first place cause its usually very easy to tell the difference between a professional phtograph that has been photoshopped and an amature photo. Looking forward to your story.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 06:03:12 PM
Oh and another thing, not to be mean but you have to be careful what you put on the pics whe you do edit them, since you put the supposed age of the person on that pic it can be considered child pronography (im talking mostly about the second one) so just be careful.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 06:07:08 PM
The Nat pictures were clearly real, the unusual tie-up (handcuffs, gun lock for the ankles, gag and blindfold) fit the description of the story to a T, and it definitely looked "real life" and amateurish.

Steven, we can all tell the difference between a real life pic and a professional site pic. If you have other real pics, we'd love to see them. But if not (or if you don't want to share them), please just admit it. You can simply tell stories of what happened, and stories are always appreciated here!

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 09:44:08 PM
Tied and True Tales updated 
I'm baaaacckkk! It's with somewhat less than great pleasure that I announce my return back home - mainly because I'm missing someone very much… a very special girl who shares the same special "interests" I do… However, it's not all bad news though - she'll be visiting Down-Under this Christmas before taking the plunge into the world of… *gasp* matrimony! In between, I'll be keeping busy with launching a new business as well as muddling along with Tied and True Tales - this week sees a small update with 3 new stories along with some links (on the Updates page) to see where I traveled during my Philippine sojourn. 

As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at


Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 10:43:04 PM
Off topic but worth a look see
I found this site, and had to share

it's about girls getting pantsd, but there's gome good tying thrown in - albeit maybe a few more details than some might care for.


IF you want to find good dreambooks (and we all obviously do) then do this:

go to google, and type "(what I want to see)"

example: "tie up games"

this will google search ONLY dreambooks. You can find ANYTHING. (and read for weeks.)


ropes n skirts

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 09:26:55 AM
I know its kind of silly, but anyone got a story about tieing someones shoes together?

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 10:12:51 AM
loverly mates
this is a true story that happend about a year ago i'am now 14 and this story happend on my last day of year 8 of school and i just finished my last day of year 9, now lets get to the story. my bst friends are jamie lee chelsea and suzanne they are all the same age as me. and on the last day of year 8 we went to the park and we was all just talking and stuff but then chelsea whisperd somthing to suzanne, suzanne then laughed and looked at me at that time i felt very nerverse and i shyly lauged and said what then suzanne whisperd somthing to jamie lee, at that time i didnt no what they was talking about and chelsea looked at me and said kath you better run, so i jumped off the climbing frame and ran across the field but suzanne and chelsea wasnt far behind me, then chelsea dived and landed flat on me i tried to get my self up but she had good hold of me, chelsea then made me stand up and told me to put my hands behind my back i shook my head to say no but suzanne grabbed my hair and twisted it and told me the same thing, so i gave her my hands behind my back and they started tien them up, suzanne then pulled me back to where we was oridonly sitting, they then got out some more rope and tied my hands to a pole thier there was a lot of people there so i started to scream and wiggle so chelsea took out some duct tape and rapped it around my mouth i tried to speak and scream but couldnt talk they then said ok see ya later then kath and they all walked off soon loads of people where coming up to me and tickling me and pokin me after a while chelsea came back and updone the tape as she done it she was laugjing when she had undone all the tape i asked her why they done it to me and chelsea just laughed and said dont no thought it would be funny so then she sat next to me leaving my hands tied and we just talked for about an hour about evrything me trying not to be nasty so she wouldnt leave me with my hands tied, but after a while she said ok i think youve had long enought then she untied me and we just never spoke about it again bbut my frinds do ocasinally tie me up but not so much in public any more



Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 10:13:59 AM
i have got these 2 friends called amber and sharnice and they are both busty. Anyway, we were at school and we all had to make a project for this visitor that was coming in. so we went to sharnices house and we thought about it all night. but when i was the only one that fell asleep they had a idea to tie me up. the things that they used were 2 pair os handcuffs, 1 ball gag and lots of rope.
when i woke up i went to rub my eyes but i could as u know. also after that i noticed that i was only wearing my boxers and they said:
"ha ha, we got u now".
so they stripped down to their bra+panties and sat and played with my thing. i was like that for the whole day and then at night the sat me down stairs and we watched sky channel 995 and they got some more idea for that.

to be continued


Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 11:04:55 AM
dose anyone here love being tied up, feeling helpless and unable to do anything if you do your like me and i dont no anyone els who likes being tied up so if you do can u email me plz plz plz just so i can have someone with the same intrest as me as all my friends think im realy weird

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 11:08:08 AM
Sorry guys about the pics but there both fake
but i will tell the story behind each of them at a later date is there anyway to delet them

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 12:08:06 PM
Mark T
Hey Mark T, do you have any of those pics saved on your computer? If you do I would like some copies if thats ok. I was on vacation when you started the site, and on vacation when yahoo shut it down, so I never got to see them.

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 12:45:51 PM
is there anyway Bulldawg would just stop posting altogether here?
Jerry Burns

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 02:22:46 PM
hey all u tie up freaks..........jus postin my new fun id on yahoo.

hey Kath dun worry ur wit friends on here...well apart from the fake pic posters lololol.

UK jus now

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 03:46:38 PM
Story deleted by Canuck

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 07:01:45 PM
This is a web sight about tie up GAMES
This is a web sight about tie up GAMES

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 07:44:06 PM
That does kind of get lost on some folk, don't it?

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 - 10:42:45 PM
Yup. We had some awesome cute stories not too long back. No reason we can't go back. Come on people! =)

Thursday, August 4th 2005 - 12:25:58 AM
I remember back there was a website posted that was most likely deleted due to inaprapaicy but eh... anyway I was just wondering If someone could send me that site... i think it was a movie galery on tied up women... one i remember there was 3 people down in a bsement covered in a sheet. another was tied to a tree lol... 

if u cant post it here e-mail it to me or send me a tell on yahoo. 
oh yea keep the stories coming, its nice the flaming has gone down :)


Thursday, August 4th 2005 - 02:55:41 AM
Klan of The Kidnappers is now on MSN groups and has been for sometime, feel free to join. :) 



Friday, August 5th 2005 - 01:04:20 AM
kidnap boy could you repost your story about the socks covered in dog.... seeing as how its taking a long time for the archives to be put up.

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 02:14:31 AM
Hey, here's some pics you guys might enjoy:

anyway, I have a question about gags: what's the most effective way to do one? I used to make a kind of cleave gag made from socks tied together, then putting tape over that, but you can still manage to lick off the tape somehow, so that doesn't work anymore.

Any ideas?


Friday, August 5th 2005 - 02:45:05 AM
Tied up on the Phone cause i said so
Hi im new and i want to tell yall a little about myself. I am a tie up master, ive tied up 3 aunts,my mom,my sister,4 girl cousins,and some friends and i have a ton of stories.I have a very beautiful girlfriend (u can see her on my profile) and she loves me more than anything and shell do whatever i tell her to do too. Tonight we were talking about me tying her up to a chair, bed, floor,a pole and hogtieing her and throwing her into the hated haunted closet which is really the reason ive tied up so many people, the closet is haunted by a little girl with red eyes if ur wondering. Well anyway we were talking and she said she didnt want to be tied up because it was gonna be boring for her to just sit or lay there, and since the only time she was tied up was when a her dads friend Lieann, whos a cop, handcuffed her and buckled her to the seat with the seatbelt for 2 hours she really had no choice but to sit there and be quiet. I told her to get a rubber band. So she did she said she used it for her hair and i told her to put her wrists through it which since she loved me she did. I told her to get another band for her ankles but the rubber band was really small so it broke and she said it hurt really bad. So i told her to get something else and she told me she was gonna get a pillow case.So she did and she wraped it arond her bare ankles then her sister came in she got really scared but untied her ankles before her sis saw anything. So she locked the door scared that shed return or her Mi-Ma would walk in and call her a freak. he then got a cord tied her ankles up with it, then she tied the pillow case over the cords.She said ok now what?. i said roll over on ur stomach. she struggled but did.i then said get the rubber band, put ur hands behind ur back and put both wrists through the holes and stay there for 2 min. While she was laying un covered her sis started banging on the door and she got really scared but time was upand i said she can untie her self. she told her sisto wait she was a bit tied up at the moment. she untied her self and laughed. Im gonna have her do again tonight and ask her if she enjoys it........Comments? want anymore stories posted?

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 02:50:03 AM
My email is

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 09:01:19 AM
To Jake
Hey Jake, nice pics! Is that you? About gags: one solution is the one shown in those pics, actually: if the tape is wound arount the whole head there's no way its wearer can lick it off. If taping it upon the person's hair is a problem, just add some cap before applying the gag in order to protect the hair. A very clever trick that won't include a cap is applying that part of the tape with the glue outside when you're making its first layer. As a result, the segmant of the tape that'd otherwise stick onto the hair will just be used as a fixing point. If the gagger is skillful enough, the gagged one'll think the tape IS glued to his/her hair anyway- that means more adrenaline! Good luck and make it TIGHT! I'll like to know if you liked the technique anyway. 

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 09:24:28 AM
I agree nice pics, but a few months old. Not trying to start anything just saying I've seen them before...still nice pics.

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 02:29:25 PM
Wholesome Nutritious Entertainment
One Friday evening after work, I joined some of my fellow comrades at the apartment of one of our good co-workers. We all worked at a foundry about 350 miles, give or take, just outside of Austin, Texas. 

We all made sure to go to our respective homes and clean ourselves from our glorious day labor before attempting to visit someone. 

After we all showed up at our friend's home, we sat down in what would be the living room of his cramped studio apartment. We watched television for a while until Randy almost ruined the evening for us. Randy works the tool crib checkout at work all to himself because he sometimes goes beyond the safe and pure region of social graces by asking about things we don't want to think about.

Randy up and says, "How's come we don't ever invite any girl-type women over to be with us?" That got Tom, our foreman, blushing, which is not easy to do. We chastised Randy for thinking impure heterosexual thoughts and called him a godless pervert. Hell's Bells, none of us wanted to risk losing a seat in Joel Osteen's stadium church! 

Anyone who reads these here boards knows that men and women are to stay innocent and separate, except for the fact that guys can wrastle and hogtie each other and force their captive buddies to eat sprouts, or just tie someone and leave them but "check on them from time to time." But society can't stomach the 2 genders actually having REAL ADULT FUN with each other--Lord God King Buufuu, forgive me for even pondering such horrible thoughts--else space providers such as Tripod, Lycos, and Yahoo will remove you from the rest of society.

So we decided to purge the sexual heterosexual beast out of Randy but we made sure it was consensual and all, so we asked Randy in a kindly nice and sweet voice if we could have "FUN" with him--wink wink nod nod--and he got the drift and said, "yeah okay, but don't let me get too excited, uh, down THERE, you know?" That earned Randy a violent punch to the head and a "shame on thee" chime from the rest of us. 

We took a length of 1/4" nylon weave rope and we tied one of the prettiest 6-diamond Nawa Shibari designs on Randy that anyone has ever seen. Unfortunately, it only covered Randy's left forearm from elbow to wrist. 

We all sat around Randy in a circle, staring at his arm tie, oohing and awwing it, nobody paying attention to the TV anymore. Then Randy had to go and ruin it again by trying to flex his forearm and moaning and groaning. Some of the sturdier guys in the group were getting flushed and bothered, and these were tough guys who could work double shifts at the foundry furnaces! 

The rest of us all huddled together, turning our backs on Randy, and prayed to Lord God King Buufuu to preserve our wholesome, bonafide, conservative Republican wasteland from devil tempters like Randy. 

Each of us then took our turns going out to the back patio to beat that unspoken-of area between our legs with 2x4s, making certain that we were keeping old spinster women, children under the age of 30, and small animals safe from the sinful devil loins and influence of deviate heterosexual men.

We all decided to go home then, but no one even bothered to untie Randy. Poor guy came into work on Monday, wearing a tank top and his arm still all tied up and sweaty... 

I must not think bad thoughts--WHACK!--I must not think bad thoughts--WHACK!--I must not...

Jesse Lloyd

Jesse Lloyd

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 06:51:56 PM
this is what fighting can do
this happend about to weeks ago. im a 14 female and i love pain ang getting tied up, anyway this is what happend

me and my friend chelsea have a lot of fights (play fights) chelsea is a lot stronger then me and is a lot better at fighting then me anyway i always fight with her anyway normally cause the deal is winner can do what they want to the loser so normally i dont mind losing anyway this one time we started a fight off and straight away she got my arm up my back and her arm arounf my throat (this is basicly impossible to get out off and it really hurts) so as she dont this tigher i screamed in pain and started to fall to the floor.once i had fallen to the floor she let go of my arm and used both arms to wrap around my neck i think that she was hoping i would submit (hit the floor as in to say i give up) but i just put both my hand on her arms and tried to pull her off me but she was way to strong for me so it was obvious i wasnt going to win this.

i fough i might try to wait it out but as time ewnt on the harder she pulled and she was starting to pull so hard that i could hardly breath and tears where starting to run down my cheeks so i gave up and begun to hit the floor so that she relised me. she threw me on the floor and i laid on the floor to get my breath back.

after a few minutes i sat up and chelsea was looking at me she said "core you waited that one out for a bit" i replied "i no but it didnt seem to have much point" she laughed and said "anyway i won so i can do what i like to you" i said ok and then said what do you want to do she looked at me lauhged then she grabbed her bag and took me into my loft it had a window and a light so it was fine and we used it often so it wasnt dirty and anything.

when we got in the loft she told me to sit against a pole on the side of the room so i did then she took out of her bag some rope,some knickers,some duct tape and a blindfold as she started to tie my hands up i asked her "you will untie me later wont you" and she said "maybe if you dont annoy me to much" as soon as my hands where tied she started on my ankles when she was done with them she tied a rope tightly around my body and the pole. she then sat in a chair opersit me and said "say somthing nasty to me" i wasnt sure what to say so i just said "umm your a bitch" she said "no somthing you really mean" she stoped a momment then looked at me again "why dont you say somthing about steeling my boyfriend or about me dumping you for him go on get your anger out" ( she had a boyfriend called anthony i had really fancied him for ages and oneday he asked me out and i agreed but i felt so guilty i told chelsea the next day and we used to go out as we are both bisexual) she bent down and said "the whole time i went out with you was a joke none of it ment anything it was just a game to f**k your life up some more" i said "you dont mean that i no you dont i dont no what this is all about but if its revenge for me and anthony ive al ready paid for that and you no it" 

she walked up to me and slapped me across the face say somthing, i lost my temper and said "i bet anthony enjoyed being with me a lot more than you" she looked at me with a sadistic smile "chels i didnt mean that" chelsea replied "if you didnt mean it you wouldnt have said it" she walked up to me and gave me a good slap then really beat me up i had a fat lip, a black eye, about 5 bruises on my body and one bruis on my face finerly after about 10 minuets of beatings she stop and sat on the floor right next to me "im sorry i didnt mean anything i was just angry by what you said your my best friend and youve done this to me" chelsea said "oh shut up" she tok the knickers and stuffed them in my mouth then rapped some duct tape over my mouth 2 or 3 times then she blindfolded me i hmmmmmmp! as much as i could but her knickers had made a perfect gag. after that i could hear her walk away i didnt want her to leave me so HMMMMMMMP!! as much as i could she said "whats wrong want me to stay" i nodded my head and i heard her walk back towards me and also felt her sit down rite next to me 

she lifted my blindfold and gave me a hug as she said "sorry" i tried to say its ok but all that happend was hhmmppp she den took the tape off my mouth and i spat out her knickers "its ok i said" (secretly i kind of enjoyed it but i wasnt going to say that) "are you going to untie me now i asked"yea she said" then she started to untie my wrists when they was free the first thing i did was lift up my top as chelsea had hit me in the stomach a few times and it really hurt it was bright red and really sore when she had untied me from the pole and my ankles i ran down to the bathromm and dabbed my bleeding lip and looked at my brusis 

chelsea walked n the room and told me that she was really sorry and gave me a massive hug she looked at my bruises and apolized over and over again i told her its ok im used to it and we havnt spoke about it sinces


Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 02:49:31 AM
J. Constantine, you still around? I hope you haven't been scared off by recent changes. This site goes in cycles anyway. Please post more stories when you can.

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 02:53:20 AM
Tortured by Ben and Alex
This happend to me earlier this summer. I am 12 and like the only girl on my street. 2 of my neighbors Ben and Alex decided to kidnap me one day. After going to Ben's backyard to see what they wanted i got a surprise. They wrestled me down and tied my wrists and ankles. I screamed to be let free but i was gagged with cloth and duct tape. They put me in their tent and then tied me up some more. I was hogtied quite tightly and now felt very helpless. You are now our hostage and we can do whatever we want to you, they said. They watched for a few minutes as i struggled to get free. I was tied up pretty good and could not escape. It's time to torture our hostage! they both said excitedly. Do you like ice Danielle? i squirmed as i could guess what they would do. They put some ice on my back and let it melt. It was COLD. i wriggled and it fell off. i gave them my saddest look but they were loving every moment of it. And it seemed like they had more in store. MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!! i tried to scream, as Alex began to rub ice over my barefeet. It felt sooo cold on my bare soles, my feet were numbing in some places. I wriggled my feet franticlly, trying to keep the ice and his fingers off. After like a minute they stopped though as i was getting a bit used to it and it was quite cruel! They then decided to tie my 2 big toes together so i could not move my feet for the next torture they had in mind. Ben dried my feet off with a towel as they were wet from the ice and it tickled but i tried not to show it, as my feet are very ticklish and it would be torture to have them tickled. However, that seemed to be what they had in mind seeing as how my ankles and toes were bound, i felt so helpless! Are your feet ticklish Danielle, said Ben. Oh no, i thought. I began to squirm like crazy, knowing what was coming. Alex ran a finger donw my foot and i tried to think about something else. Danielle your feet are so soft, said alex, and soo ticklish! I just MMMMPPPPPHHHed in anger. Both of them began tickling my feet for what seemed like ages, letting me get my breath about every 30 seconds or so. I squirmed so much that i fell on my side, making it worse as i was still hogtied and was even more helpless on my side. After like 10-15 minutes of tickling my sides and feet, they finally stopped, i was relieved. Alex removed my gag and they gave me some water from a straw. Now will you guys untie me....i pleaded. Okay fine, they said. I just had a few red marks on my wrists and ankles but other that that i was fine. They thought it was a blast and wanted to torture me again sometime. But i said it would be my turn to tie them up. They said fine but i could have swore i saw them wink to eachother. Until next time......hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 10:06:01 AM
Group again deleted...Why not Smartgroups ?!
I thing it´s better to try it at Smartgroups,because Yahoo allways delete the new Chanuck´s Groups very fast.Also the Last is gone again.
I thing it´s better to try it on Smartgroups,if the Group there have a longer live...

Greetz Jester 
(The quiet Reader)


Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 11:40:04 AM
Doug R's Tripod Site & Smartgroups
I've got two remarks.
1.) Doug R., the guy from Knotbuster's , had a true
story site on Tripod. It's gone now. Any idea why?
If Doug R reads this please post.
2.) As far as Smartgroups is concerned, they are a fine
bunch. I joined a while ago to join several groups that were closed. So I didn't go there daily after that but
I still belong to 2 groups. Last time I was there, I didn't have to put in a password or anything. Good service.

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 03:16:43 PM
project pt 2
any way to start of where i ended 
as we were watching 995 amber said to me" would you like to sleep in my bed or sharnices. they then un-gagged me and i said"yours so then they lead me up stair and tied me spread-eagle and with no gag. when i woke up i found that my underwear was down and so was ambers so i then thought "yes". half way through the day we went to the cinema and saw some love movie. and you never could guess what they brought with them. 'handcuffs'. then quickly the handcuffed me to the cup holders and said that they would be back later. so through the whole movie i couldn't go any where. c u soon.



Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 03:55:10 PM
Cute story Danielle. Love to hear what other things happened later. Thanks for sharing it!

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 05:07:38 PM
I just thought of something. Zorro, are you still around on this page? I realize you stopped posting stories since you ran out of interesting events in your adult life, and would only post once in a while when something interesting did happen to occur (i.e. encountering a tied-up teen in the woods, etc).

But do you have more stories from the distant past; i.e. your childhood and teenhood tie-ups? Even if they're simple, they're still cute, and I love your past stories. Please respond if you're reading this, man.

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 08:03:05 PM
The plan
Tomarrow im going to my BF's house and im going to tie up her little sister with her help
the story will come tomarrow or friday as i am back in school

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 08:52:50 PM
Could you get pictures too, or is that way out of the question?

Either way, good luck! :)

Saturday, August 6th 2005 - 11:17:05 PM
Pics and video will be availible

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 01:07:50 PM
I am not a writer but would like to convey to you a true story that happened to me when I was about sixteen.

When I was sixteen, I was pursued by a young lady, Elaine, who was much enamoured of me. While I confess the feeling was not mutual, I did have an interest in her and was polite and sociable with her, even though I did my best to discourage her from getting too close. I was a shy, though quite attractive young man who had no problem getting girl friends, even if I could not always get past my shyness to fully enjoy their company.
Elaine and her friends would usually find me in the hallways at school. One day she convinced me to come over to her house, which I did reluctantly. We sat in the living room, chatting for a bit, when her stepmother came home. The stepmother was in her early thirties and quite good looking. As Elaine introduced me, the stepmother said that I was just as cute as Elaine had described me, but that she was also a bit disappointed. She followed up her statement with " I was hoping to see him all tied up and gagged!" This greatly surprised and embarrassed me. Elaine and her friends giggled and said, " there was no need to tie me up because I came willingly." I sort of chuckled, and Elaine said "don't laugh, we had the rope and the gag already in the car"
After that I did go to her house a few more times. Her stepmother would make remarks like, "you need to be gagged, Seb" or, "don't you think he'd make a really cute girl?" Also, Elaine seemed to enjoy putting her hand over my mouth, much to my initial annoyance.
One evening I did go over to her house. There she had one of her boyfriends there, a guy from another school who I did not know. When I arrived they invited me in. Her boyfriend immediately grabbed me and pinned my arms behind my back, while Elaine put her hand over my mouth. Then she gagged me with a bandanna, while the other two girls pulled my clothes off. Her boyfriend tied my arms behind my back, then dragged me into the bedroom. Elaine tied my legs, then bent over me, crying. She said "I'm sorry I had to kidnap you, but I love you and I want you." Needless to say I was quite scared. I did not know what they were going to do, and her boyfriend especially unnerved me, as he was much more powerful than I.
He carried me in his arms into the bathroom, where the other girls were preparing something for me. He sat me on the edge of the bathtub, and the girls began shaving my legs. Elaine held my tight, and I was afraid to move, because I didn't want my legs cut, so I quietly endured this humiliation.
When they were through shaving me, they retied my legs, and her boyfriend carried me back into the bedroom, where he sat me on the bed, with my legs dangling off the side. At this point her stepmother came home. She was obviously quite elated seeing me like this. She fondled and caressed me, as did Elaine and her friends.
I was completelty embarrassed and humiliated by the whole thing, but I was also excited. Really not much happened beyond that. The boyfriend only served to carry me to wherever they wanted me. He wanted to do some other things but they would not let him. They fondled and caressed me, and even applied makeup to my face, but did not otherwise dress me further. I was kept bound and gagged the whole time, about six hours total.
They did eventually release me, and gave me back my clothes. I did not go to the authorities as I was too embarassed, and, really they didn't hurt me.
A few months later, Elaine and her family moved away, and I never saw or heard from her again. And though nothing like that has ever happened to me since then, I will never forget the feeling of helplessness, and the excitement I felt for those short few hours.


Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 02:15:53 PM
WWWAAAAAHHHUUUUU! way ta go Segio! Next time take pictures yo! I wanna see everything!
the unmentioned one

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 05:29:11 PM
I'm looking for a story that includes bondage (duh) and a lot of sock / shoe torture. anyone got any?

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 05:59:20 PM
Nostalgic, what is the address of the Women Bound By Youth site?

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 08:43:59 PM
Sorry guys but i didnt make it to my freinds house cuz of a 30 car pile up on the hightway
i did reschudle though so the week end after next im going to spen the night

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 08:50:57 PM
The Spy who tied me
This story takes place at my house during the superbowl this year
The SuperBowl between the Patriots and the Eagles was the reason my friend Tyla came up to visit me and my sister.
Both are familys are from New England so we had to celabrate (Pats Rule!!!!!) but the adluts and my sister were more into then me and Tyla who is dark skinned, about 100Lbs, and some were between 10-13 ( i have changed her name for this story as well) anyway so we go upstairs and she walking in front of me, so i do the right thing and Handgag her and drag her into my sisters storage closet. I had been kepping all of my ropes and stuff in there and theres a corner where noone can see you with out a flaslight, i force her on to her chest and let the fun begin TBC tommarow

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 11:25:04 PM
Good story Kathy. Hope to hear more from you.

Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 11:53:53 PM
Anyone know the Admin?
Hey does anyone know the admin for the site ?? Cause he/she seems to have dissapeared and the site is moving rather slowly.

Tuesday, August 9th 2005 - 12:26:31 AM
Bound Best Friend 

My best friend in my freshman year of high school was, and still is, a girl named Ally. It was unusual then for boys and girls to be best friends, but Ally and I did absolutely everything together. 

The day this story takes place was actually very random. I remember it vividly only because it was my first bondage experience ever. I was over Ally's house and her parents were out to dinner, and we were sitting on the living room couch, playing video games. I got bored with them after a while and was just lounging on the couch, while Ally was busy losing and shrieking her head off in dismay. We had at least two hours until her parents came home, as they had just left, and I wasn't entirely thrilled with the prospect of dealing with her shrieks for two hours.

"Can you just shut up?" I asked, somewhat irritated but trying not to let it show because Ally was easily miffed. She responded to my question by shrieking some more at the game and I was beginning to get a headache. I asked her (very politely, I might add) to shut up several more times and, finally, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I just pounced on her and covered her mouth tightly with my hand, pinning her to the couch, me on top of her. She squirmed a little and I'll never forget the look she gave me, which was this baffled look of utter astonishment and helplessness. She mmmphed a bit and I smiled, because I suddenly had an idea. 

I grabbed several tissues from the tissue box on the coffee table next to the couch and I stuffed them into her mouth, getting a secret little thrill as she mmmphed louder. I jumped off the couch and picked up a large roll of duct tape that had been laying on a carton in the corner. (I'm still surprised at the convenience of that.) I came back to the couch where, surprisingly enough, she still had the tissues stuffed firmly into her mouth while she mmmphed frantically, though I was pretty sure I caught a little mischievous gleam in her eye that led me to believe she was enjoying the ordeal just as much as I was. My smile widened as I gently took out the tissues, allowing her a quick "Jamie, what are you --" before I'd plastered several thick pieces of duct tape over her mouth. She seemed to realize then that there was no way she could speak now, and she really began to squirm, mmmphing loudly. Unfortunately having nothing else on hand at the moment, I took off my belt and quickly flipped her over as she mmmphed some more, tying her hands tightly behind her back. Amidst her incessant squirming, I also managed to tie her feet together with my sweater (a pretty lame bondage tool if I do say so myself, though) and then sat back to enjoy watching my best friend struggle and yell through her gag. 

After about a half an hour, I leaned over to her and asked her if she wanted me to take the gag off. She nodded yes, whimpering slightly, and I slowly peeled the tape off her mouth, allowing her to breathe and laugh at me under her breath. 

"Any more screaming and I'll have to put the gag back on," I warned her, feeling just like a comic book villain.

Another testimony to my premonition that she was actually enjoying this: she let out a shrill scream and with a "You asked for it!" I grabbed the roll of duct tape again and this time stuffed a wad of tissues into her mouth and wrapped the roll around it several times. She mmmphed as hard as she could and I teased her with several, "What? I can't understand you"s, while we both sat glaring at each other with the utmost contentment, both of us thoroughly enjoying the process.

At that moment however, unfortunately, we heard her parents coming down the hallway to the apartment. Not wanting them to catch Ally bound and gagged with me in the vicinity, I quickly picked her up and carried her to her room, amidst many a muffled squealing, where I locked the door, set her down upon the bed, and quickly proceeded to untie her. I'd enjoyed the whole thing so much that I was actually rather sad to have it all end so quickly. Still relishing my role as a comic book villain, I growled under my breath to her that I'd keep the gag on and tell her parents she was out of the house if she tried to scream, and a muffled giggling was her consent. I gently peeled the tape off and removed the tissues, and we both glared at each other before sharing a quiet moment of giggling and hurrying out of the room to greet her parents.

That was really when I decided that I liked bondage as a hobby. It wasn't the only experience I'd ever had, though. The next time, Ally tied me up (coming soon).


Tuesday, August 9th 2005 - 08:23:59 AM
I liked you story, Jamie. Nice one!

Tuesday, August 9th 2005 - 06:53:28 PM
Cute spur of the moment story, Jamie. I'm wondering if you ever got to tie her again? If not, well, part of the enjoyment of these little moments is not knowing when they'll happen. Best to relish it while you can!

Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 04:38:54 AM
handgag my boyfriend
hi folks,
i like to handgag my boyfriend ..... it*s cool to smother him by close his big mouth with two hands and then pinching his nose (often if he's bad...)
then he makes hmmpfff 
should i told the whole storie

your ursula panitz from germany

ursula panitz

Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 02:58:39 PM
Jelly Belly Bondage
Some people know that I’ve been in Florida on holiday for the past 3 weeks. While I was there I bought a BIG tin of Jelly Bellys. Back at home, Mike, George and Ben were waiting for me to return with such bounty.

It was about 2:30 am on flight VS076 and the entertainment system wasn’t working properly. There was still 6 hours to go so I looked in the overhead locker for something to eat. There it was. A tin of Jelly Bellys. I managed to keep my eyes off it for now though. After a long sleep I woke up to find that we were about to land. As it happens, some people get earache. People like me. Well, this was some BAD earache so I reached up into the locker and ate only the Cream Soda flavours. Nobody would mind. Would they?

One thing lead to another, and by the time we had landed I’d eaten all the Blueberry ones too. I decided to put back the Beans. We got home, and while everyone went to bed, I hopped on my bike to head to George’s.

I went over to ring the bell, when all of a sudden I heard a noise from the back yard. The noise seemed to be coming from the cellar door. (In England, the old houses have coal chutes. It’s an old thing, do a google search.) The padlock was off so I lifted the cellar door and went down. This is a 3 part cellar, George’s house is HUGE. I went into the middle section where Mike, Ben, and to surprise, George met me.

“Got the Jelly Bellys?” Asked Mike. “Yeah.” I told him. He lifted the lid off and inspected the tin. “Bags the Cream Soda flavour!” Shouted Ben. “Hey Matt.” Said Mike. “Where’s the cream soda?” “And the Blueberry?” Added George. This was a tricky situation. You probably can guess what happens now. All I can say is “Aww, not just as I’ve come back from holiday?” Mike tackles me and pushes me down. The cellar floor is old brick, which isn’t nice to fall on, let alone be tied up and gagged on. The three boys were on top of me and immediately pulled out a big silver roll of tape. I hear tape being ripped off, then I see and feel it across my mouth. It is wound and would around my head.

Just for the fun of it, I made a slight noise. I was gagged, but not tied up (yet). Again the tape is ripped off and it is wound round my legs 4 times. Still being tightly held down the arms, they lift me up and wind my arms to my side VERY tightly. At that, I’m put back down, they take the tin of JB, and go into the next room. They close the sliding door shut behind them, leaving me in the dark.

After about an hour of wiggling about, the doors reopen. Mike unties me and we all have a good laff. Then we continued to tie each other up. It was the perfect day for everyone.

That’s my latest story, more are to follow!


Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 05:25:18 PM
I Just Can't Win Against Dena
Sure, I’ll re-post the latest Dena story. This one has the conclusion too, which I didn’t include the first time.

I have a new Dena story to tell, and it’s a crazy one. It happened about 2 weeks after the exam one – where she tied me up and tickle-tutored me into an “A” – on a Saturday at her house. I can’t tell the whole thing now, so let me outline it and get back to it later.

1 – “The Scene” – 

This happened about two weeks after Dena tied me up to tutor me and then tickled-tortured me until I got every answer on her quiz right. I got an “A” on the exam, and once again Dena had her way torturing her “Kidnap Boy.” I was 15 and she was 18, and I was no match for her with her karate skills (tung su do, actually). But she was beautiful and affectionate I my best friend and I really loved it, mostly. Her footgags were smelly but I was 15, she was gorgeous, and I had no problem being that close to ladies’ feet. The tickling was awful – I was hyperticklish – but Dena was so sinister and playful that I couldn‘t help but egg her on.

I arrived at her house this day in sweatpants and a t-shirt with sneakers and socks. I got there about 9 a.m. and her Mom was working until 6 that night. It was just Dena and me.

“Hi honey!” Dena said as she opened the door and gave me a huge hug. She wore a black v-neck sweater with short sleeves, green cargo pants, and green argyle socks. Her usual look. Dena never wore shoes – she was in her socked feet. “We’re gonna have so much fun today. I finished my paper last night and I have all day to play with my best friend!! I could just hug you to death!”

Dena was really giddy. A few days earlier after my exam results I had a moment where I told her how much she meant to me and how much I loved knowing her, and since then she was just super affectionate to me. She was a softie for sentiment.

“Hugging me to death sounds better than tickling me to death!” I said after she stopped hugging and I walked into the hallway, dropping my backpack.

“No reason we can’t do both!” Dena said and ran at me from behind and sank her fingers into my ribs, screaming, “I’m gonna getcha!” I fell to the floor and Dena stood over me tickling me more. I reached up and tickled her above the knees and upper legs. She yelped and scampered off. She ran downstairs and jumped onto the futon and sat with her feet pressed together, giggling and grinning. I joined her and we cuddled on the couch.

“You know, YOU’Re just as ticklish as I am,” I told her. “Aren’t you afraid that someday I’ll kidnap you and tickle-torture you to get back for all the times you’ve done it to me.”

Dena laughed and reached one of her feet into my ribs, making it my turn to giggle and double over. “Oh Jess, how many times do I have to tell you. I’m the kidnapper, and YOU’RE my Kidnap Boy. You were born to be my victim! And there’s nothing you can do about it. I can tie you up like that!” she said, snapping her fingers and laughing more, wiggling her toes in my stomach.

(What I didn’t tell Dena was that I had bought real handcuffs at a novelty store a few days earlier and they were in my bag, awaiting a chance to be used on her. We never used handcuffs before. The dozens of times Dena tied me she did it with ropes, belts, pantyhose, or duct tape. The one time I tied her I did it with belts and rope. But how would I get her?)

“And if you don’t watch it,” Dena laughed, moving her foot from my stomach to my mouth, “I’ll tie you up again reaaaal soon!” I shook her foot off and tickled it through her sock. She yelped again.

We playfought a little more and we each tickled each other, and after that she showed me videos she rented, games we could play, and even talked about going to a small party that afternoon with some of her friends, who all liked me. Sounded like a good day and we started by watching a video for about an hour – there was no more talk of “Kidnap Boy,” though.

2 – “An Opening” 

A while later, around 1 p.m., after we had lunch, then we went upstairs to her room and Dena showed me the main reason she was so happy – her completed term paper, 30 pages and ready to go, 3 months of work done 3 weeks early. She was an ace student and often finished stuff early. It didn’t have to be turned in for 3 weeks still, but she was going to do it Monday anyway. She showed it to me on disk. Hmmm, I thought. I might have something here.

If I could get the disk and hide it, I could basically hold it hostage. And I could tie her up today as part of the ransom. And maybe 3-4 more times over the next two weeks before giving it back. It was risky, but I decided to go for it. I suggested we play “Risk” – we both still loved the game even though we were in high school – and Dena said OK and ran to the back of her basement to get it.

I quickly grabbed my bag from the front hall and put the cuffs and key in my sweatpants pocket. I grabbed the disk from the drive, put it in it’s paper case, and looked for a hiding place. In her Mom’s room, in the back of the closet, was a tall stack of old magazines about 4 feet high (Home Journal, Cosmo, Glamour – stuff like that.) I knew they were there because one time Dena tied me up (what else?) and had to put me in the closet because a friend stopped over to copy some class notes. 

(Dena had no idea I knew the magazines were there there – she had blindfolded me that time but I was able to manage to wriggle it off just a bit against the floor even though my hands were tied behind my back, looking for something to cut the ropes. No dice, though, and I replaced the blindfold before Dena came to get me that time.) 

I stashed the disk in the 3rd magazine from the bottom and covered everything back up just the way it was. Dena would never find it. I then got back to her room just before she got back with “Risk.”

3 – “My Upper Hand” 

Dena set the came down and sat on the floor to set up. Her cordless phone was in my other pocket. For a reason.

“You know?” I said, “ I think we should play something else to start.”

“Jess, I just ran down to get this – why didn’t you say something,” Dena said giving me an annoyed smile. “What else do you want to do?”

“Look what I’ve got,” I said and pulled out the handcuffs.

Dena put her hand over her mouth and laughed.

“You have handcuffs now? I don’t believe it,” Dena said, getting to her feet and walking toward me. “Are they real?”

“Yep – got ‘em a couple days ago. Cool, huh?”

“I’ll say!” Dena laughed and sat on her bed while I stood in the doorway. “But let me get this straight. You WANT me to tie you up? Usually I have to chase you down to tie you.”

“No. I want to tie YOU up!” I said.

“Oh really!” Dena said, getting up and slowly coming toward me again. “Well, maybe we should just see who captures who first, eh?”

“I don’t think so. Because if you tie me up, you may not find out what I did with your term paper!”

Dena gasped, stopped smiling, and went to the disk drive. Empty! She snapped, “Jess, that’s not funny! Where is it!”

“I’ll tell you after your handcuffed!” I snapped back. “Today is payback time, Dee!”

“Oh, you are sooo dead,” she said, but didn’t come at me. “Do you have any idea how bad I’ll torture you if anything happens to that disk? I’ll stay up late THINKING of new ways to torture you if that happens, you little…”

“You’ll get the disk back today,” I said calmly. “I told you what I want! If not I’ll call my Mom right now and have her come get me. You won’t have time to get me. And you won’t get your disk back. Your choice.”

Dena stopped and thought, glaring at me and then sighing.

“To tie me up – that’s all you want?” Dena said. “You tie me up and I get the disk back?”


“That’s it? You won’t tickle me?” Dena asked, sitting back down.

“No, I won’t,” I said, lying. “You let me tie you up for a while and I’ll release my hostage.”

“Jeffrey…you better know what you’re getting yourself into,” Dena said. “Because there WILL be a next time that I kidnap you. And I’m not sure that I’ll be showing you much mercy when I do!”

“Maybe, but for today, you’re mine!” I said. “I’m going to toss you these handcuffs, and you’re going to cuff your hands behind your back.”

“I have to do it myself?” Dena laughed. “What, are you too afraid of me?”

“Yes, actually, I am!” I said. “I’m not coming near you until your hands are tied! As a matter of fact…”

I carefully reached into the drawer where Dena kept all her kidnapping ropes and pulled one out, about 4 feet long. 

“Here sit down and tie your feet. Do it now,” I said, tossing her the ropes.

Dena shook her head and said, “You are something, you know that?” Then she sat down and tied her socked feet at the ankles, over her pants. She tied herself well with professional knots, just like she always tied me with.”

I tossed Dena the cuffs and she reluctantly cuffed he hands behind her back. She was now tied up, hands and feet, and on the floor in front of me. I sprang into action and grabbed a soft belt and tied it around her arms so she could move them to work her hands at all. I laid Dena down on the floor, faceup, and laughed as I closed her bedroom door.

“Here I am, Jess, all tied up! I guess I’m you Kidnap Girl today, huh?” Dena said as I stood over her. “Now where’s my disk!”

4 – “Dena Is Tortured” – 

“I’ll tell you later,” I said as I knelt at her feet. “All those times you’ve tortured me and made me beg. Ah! Who’s in charge now, Dee?”

“Jeffrey, don’t you dare…” Dena said, kicking her feet as I took her argyle socks off. Her bare feet smelled a little.

“How does someone as pretty as you have such smelly feet?” I teased, then quickly sat on her legs and started to tickle her feet. Dena screamed and I kept going.

“DON’T! DON’T! STOP! I’LL KILL YOU! I’LL KILL YOU! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Dena shrieked with laughter. “I’m gonna tie you up and never let you go when I get free!!!!” She threatened me with all kinds of tortures but soon the laughter got to much and the tickling got too intense and she instead just started to scream and beg. “ STOP IT!!!! PLEASE!!!”

“No!” I said, moving to her upper body. “Look how ticklish you are, Dena! Let’s see how much you can take!”

“PLEASE!! NO MORE!! NO MORE! NO MORE TICKLING! I’M BEGGING YOU!!! I’LL BE GOOD!!! I’LL BE GOOOOOOD!!!!!!” Dena was now shrieking with laughter. Her pretty face turned bright red and she closed her eyes and her blonde hair fell into her face as she thrashed around, but I kept right on tickling. She looked so cute – her face pink and so helpless – and I just kept right on tickling torturing her mercilessly. Minutes had gone by and I was laughing and having a great time.

I pulled up Dena’s sweater just a little and started tickling her belly with my fingertips. Then I moved to her exposed arms – her sweater had short sleeves, remember – I began tickling them in the same way, up and down slowly. “You taught me how to tickle this way, Dee. Remember? Remember the time I was tied down to the bed and you tickled my bare arms like this until I was crying? Remember?”

“YES!!!! YESS!!! I’M SORRY, HONEY!!! I’M SORRY!! PLEASE STOP!!! I’LL BE GOOD, I SWEAR!!!!!!” Dena screamed, her eyes jammed tight, her face pinker than ever, and a smile a mile wide across her face. I thought of blindfolding and gagging her, but I loved the laughing screams and she looked awesome like this, so I didn’t. Her bound feet stopped trying to kick free and were all but sapped of their strength. Dena was helpless and weak!

“Not so tough now, are you, Miss Black Belt!” I taunted, tickling her neck and making her giggle while she kept screaming apologies. “All those time your dirty socks were in my mouth! All that torture you inflicted! This is payback!”

Finally I stopped and Dena panted and gasped and laughed. Then she said she had to go to the bathroom. It came out, “I….(gasp)….haha…I…have to (gasp) Go…go (gasp) to the bathroom. Please, Jess! PLEASE!!! I’m begging you!!!!!”

This was a Dena like I’d never seen and I loved it. So submissive and helpless. I reminded her I still had the disk and demanded that I be allowed to handcuff her as soon as she was done.

“OK! I promise!” Dena panted, quieter but still obviously tickled out and giggling. “I promise. You can keep my tied up all day – just please let me go to the bathroom! C’mon! I’ve untied you and let you go to the bathroom! Jess, PLEASE!”

“OK,” I said, running out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall. “Don’t go anywhere!” I taunted and caught another look at her from the distant. Dena was bound on the floor and barefoot and all mine. Awesome! I placed the kept on the counter and came back to her bedroom. I got her to her feet and sat her on her bed, still tied tight.

“The key’s in there. Uncuff yourself and then recuff yourself after you’re done. And don’t try anything or you won’t see your paper!” I told her. “Now hop into the bathroom!”

“You won’t even untie my feet?” Dena asked. “But I won’t fight it! What can I do – you hold all the cards!”

“No, your feet stay tied – hop, prisoner! Or I’ll tickle you some more!” I said. And don’t even think of untying your feet in the bathroom!”

“OK! OK!” Dena said she hopped out of the room on her bound, bare feet and into the bathroom. She was amazingly coordinated and did it without much of a problem. She got in and closed the door. 

“Are they off?” I yelled in.

“Yes, they are. Thank you so much, Jess,” Dena said through the door. “I really had to pee.”

It was about 2:30.

I heard the toilet flush and heard the water running briefly. Then she yelled, “I’m putting the cuffs back on!” and I heard them jangle and heard a click. “Can you open the door for me please, hon? I’m tied up and can’t.”

“Sure,” I said, swinging the door open.

5 – “The Tables Turn” 

As I did, it took just a split second for me to she the ropes that bound her feet untied and on the floor. Dena, standing alongside the door, grabbed me in a hammerlock with one hand and covered my mouth with the other hand. I tried to cry out but couldn’t. Oh no!

“Looks like the tables have turned, Kidnap Boy!” Dena sneered into my ear. “Pick up those ropes, now!”

I complied and she bent me down and I grabbed the ropes with my one free hand. Dena’s hand was still firm on my mouth.

“Now you’re mine! Move it! Downstairs!” Dena said and begun to walk me down the stairs, still with my arm twisted behind me and handgagged. “I need my disk back, and we’re going to try this a different way. Keep walking, Kidnap Boy!”

Dena was incredible. I had her! And now her she was again, preparing to kidnap me!

When we got to the den Dena forced me to the floor on my stomach, her bare feet right below my face. She freed my mouth from her hand and made me drop the ropes that I carried.

“Put your hands behind your back, now!” Dena said sharply. “Try anything funny and I’ll put my foot in your mouth!”

I complied and put my hands behind my back and I lay on the floor. I tried to look up at her but her foot forced my head down and my face into the carpet. 

“What are you looking at, Kidnap Boy?” Dena demanded. “Put your face in the carpet and don’t let me catch you looking at me!”

I complied and Dena handcuffed my hands behind my back. 

“Kick your shoes off!” Dena ordered and I did, leaving just socks. “You hate having your shoes off, I know. But my prisoners NEVER wear shoes!”

Dena then quickly tied my feet with the rope, and she tied them tightly like the master she was. “Stay there and DO NOT MOVE!” she yelled and ran upstairs. I obeyed. What else could I do?”

Dena came back downstairs a few minutes later with her hands full. She carried the same green argyle socks I’d taken off her feet earlier, 2 more lengths of rope, and duct tape.

“You are a very naughty little boy, Kidnap Boy!” Dena said, sitting down and putting her socks back on. “That tickling you gave me was terrible, and you’re going to pay. But first, let’s try something we haven’t done before. I’m going to hogtie you!”

Dena got up with the roped and crouched down, grabbing my feet and bending them up at the knees. “Don’t you dare fight me!” Dena said before tying my feet to the handcuffs. I as now hogtied.

“I think I’ll gag my little Kidnap Boy for awhile – I shall torture him with my sock gag later!” Dena said, now in full kidnapper mode and enjoying herself, as she tore off a big piece of duct tape and gagged me with it. “Hogtied and gagged! Just the way I like you! Now I need to decide what to do to you!”

Dena walked around the room while I lay at her feet, helpless and defeated. She stood at the window and remembered she had to take in the laundry from the line from the previous day. She ran downstairs, came back with the laundry basket.

“When I come back, you will be so kind to tell me where my disk is!” Dena said. “If not, I will force you to talk! Your choice!” And she went outside with just her socks on to take in the laundry.

I laid there tied and gagged and considered my options, and came to this conclusion…I had to make it to 6 p.m. until her Mom came home. It was 3:15 p.m. now. If I could hold out, I could leave without telling her where the disk was and could tie her up again tomorrow! (If this sounds like a stupid plan, well, I wasn’t too bright, OK?)

I knew I would have to endure Dena torturing me, probably tickling me with no pity. But as ticklish as I was, part of me loved the thrill of it, so I decided to see if I could make it.

Just then I heard Dena yell outside, and then come through the backdoor a minute later with the laundry basket. Her feet were bare again. I looked up and “mmmphed” through my gag as if to say, “What happened?”

“Shut up!” Dena snapped and ran upstairs. She came down with a plastic grocery bag. “If you must no, the neighbor’s dog pooped in our yard again, and I stepped in it. My socks are covered with dog s—t!”
I laughed under my gag at Dena’s plight, and she again laughed “Shut up” and came inside with the soiled socks, placing them in the plastic bag. She was right.

“Gross! I LOVED these socks!” Dena laughed, then crouched down in front of me and held the plastic bag open just for a second, near my head. I winced and mmmphed “DON’T! into the gag and she giggled and took the bag away, throwing it into the garage. It WAS gross. Dena then ran upstairs again and came down with grey knee socks – I realized these were the same dirty socks she said she was saving for me after my last kidnapping. Uh oh.

“Oh, you remember these socks, don’t you? Hmmm,” Dena laughed as she sat down again and put the grey socks on her feet, then crouched down and ripped off my gag.

“So, where’s my disk!”

“NEVER!” I yelled back, hogtied but defiant!

“Kidnap Boy, you’re MY hostage now, and we can do this hard or easy. Tell me now and I won’t have to torture it out of you!” Dena demanded.

“Dee, I still have the big card, and I’m playing it. So do what you have to to me. You’ve tortured me before and it’s made me tough. I can take any torture you give me! I’m not talking!” I said proudly.

Dena sighed and stood over her captive for a moment, and then half-smiled and shook her head. “We’ll see how you feel after a little time in my torture chamber! Let’s go,” and Dena grabbed me and dragged be over to the cellar door, where her workout room was. She got me down the stairs, after a little effort, and put me on the floor. She then ran upstairs for a few minutes and came down with a bag and a clock. The clock said 3:35.

7 – “Dena Tortures Me For The Disk”

“I’ve got a little more than 2 hours to get you to talk. And I’m going to spend ALL that time tickling you! So let’s get started,” Dena giggled and crouched next to me. She fired her fingers into my ribcage and began tickling me with all she had. I screamed and laughed abut told her nothing.

“I’m going to tickle you to death, honey, if you don’t talk,” Dena teased, tickling my armpits and sides while my bound body could do nothing to defend itself. “Talk to me and I won’t tickle you anymore!”

I refused and screamed, “AHHHHHH!” but wouldn’t talk. I tried to roll away but Dena just said, “Where do you think YOU’RE going?” and grabbed me and tickling me more with her fingers while she laughed evilly.

Then Dena stopped tickling and went to her bag. She pulled out a white tube sock and brought it over to me. “Let’s take a break from tickling for a while,” Dena said, and rolled me onto my side so my face faced her. “Let’s try the socks!”

“Dena, no!” I yelled, but Dena just laughed.

“Tsk tsk, hostages can’t talk!” Dena said, standing over me, and clamped her socked foot over my mouth. These socks were pretty ripe, but then she held the other one and said, “I worked out in this yesterday. Here…smell it!” and bent down and thrust it under my nose. The only way I could breathe was into this sock through my nose. I tried to squirm away and scream but couldn’t.

“Are you going to tell me what I want to know?” Dena demanded, holding the sock under my nose with her foot squarely on my mouth. I shook my head no. It was 4 p.m. and I had just two hours left.

“Talk to me and you won’t have to smell this sock anymore, Kidnap Boy!” Dena demanded again, but again I refused. So Dena held the sock there as I tried to scream. This was amazing torture, but I was holding up well.

After a few more minutes Dena took her foot off my mouth and took the sock away. I gasped and moaned and said, breathlessly, “Torture me all you want. I’ll never talk! Never!”

“We’ll see how you’re attitude changes after I tickle your bare feet!” Dena said and took my socks off. Because I was hogtied my feet were straight up in the air and she just crouched down and tickled them slowly with her fingers. “I know a little boy who’s feet are very, very ticklish! Tell me what I want to know and the torture stops!”

I just screamed and laughed hysterically while tears came to my eyes and screamed, “No! No! No!”

“Then let’s tickle you harder,” Dena said, reaching into her bag and coming out with an electric toothbrush! OH NO! It was just the spindle with no brush and Dena turned it on with a sadistic grin and began to run it all over my feet. I want to jump out of my skin, it tickled so bad! But the hogtie held tight. Finally I screamed, “NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!!!!!STOP IT! PLEASE!!!”

“Are you ready to talk,” Dena asked calmly, keeping the instrument on the soles of my feet.

“YES! YES! JUST PLEASE STOP!” I screamed, almost crying.

Dena turned the toothbrush off and put it down, then stood over me with her hands on her hips and said, “Where is my disk!?”

“OK! OK. Just get me a glass of water and I’ll tell you, OK? I am so thirsty!” I panted.

Dena thought for a moment, then ran upstairs. I glanced over my shoulder and saw it was 4:45. I was almost there.

Dena came back with the water and held it to my lips and I took a long sip. She pulled it away and said, “OK, unless you want the torture to resume, you’re going to tell me NOW!”

I started to laugh. I was still half-crazy from the tickling, but now I was laughing at HER. “NEVER!” I boasted, gasping. “You can’t break me! I have just over an hour left. I’ll never tell unless I can tie you up 3 more times! So hahahaha!”

“AARGH!” Dena yelled and threw her hands up, and then reached down and grabbed my face in her hands. “FINE! YOU WANT TO PLAY THAT WAY? Then FINE! Because I HAVE OPNE TORTURE LEFT!”

8 – “The Unspeakable Torture”

Dena wasn’t laughing now but was frustrated with me. As much as she tortured me, I had clearly gotten to me. But she grabbed a folding chair and brought it over. She undid my hogtie and lifted me into the hair. She grabbed more rope from that bag and tied it around me to the chair, and wheeled a TV dinner tray over next to where I was now tied to a chair. She then wheeled a different chair over in front of me and I thrashed in my chair to free myself.

“You’re not going anywhere, so stop trying to untie yourself!” Dena sneered. “I don’t want to do what I’m about to do, but unless you talk, I have no choice! Last chance!”

I shook my head and Dena turned and walked upstairs. It was now 5 p.m.

“Only 1 hour left!” I yelled to her. “You’ll never break me!” I was loving this whole day!

But then Dena came downstairs carrying the plastic bag that contained her socks, covered in dogs—t.

“Oh, you’ll talk!” Dena said slyly, placing the bag on the table in front of me and opening it so I could see the soiled socks inside. GROSS!

I was terrified. “Dena, w-w-w-what are y-y-y…”

Dena went back to her other bag and pulled out a long red sock that she frequently blindfolded me with, and quickly walked behind me and blindfolded me while I panted, absolutely petrified.

“I don’t want to do this,” Dena said, her voice different and more nervous. “But you leave me no choice! If you won’t talk, I have to shove these socks covered in dogs—t in your mouth!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DON’T YOU DARE! NO! NO!” I screamed and thrashed, wondering where Dena was and unable to see. I was no longer joking!

“Shut up!” Dena yelled, grabbing my hair and pulling it back. “You made me do this! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! TELL ME HOW THIS TASTES!”

I felt the sock being shoved into my mouth and I screamed immediately, terror-filled, “AHHHHHHHHH! NO! OK! OK! It’s in your mom’s closet, the magazines!!!! PLEASE!!!! 3rd magazine from the bottom!! I swear!!! I SWEAR!!!! How could you do this to me???”

I was crying as Dena began to laugh hard and took my blindfold off and stood before me…with a clean white sock in her hand at my mouth. The soiled socks her 5 feet away on the table. She had bluffed me and I told her everything!!!!!!!

“Y-you mean, you didn’t…” I stammered, grateful.

“Of course not! I could never put dogs—t in your mouth, Jess!” Dena laughed and kissed me. “But fear is a great motivator. I had to get you to talk before 6 got here. Bye!” And she ran upstairs with the garbage bag while I yelled, laughing. “You stink! You suck! AHHH – why can’t I ever win???!!!”

9 – “The Punishment”

Dena came down with the disk and grinned at me and my heart sunk.

“You’re right, Jess. I ALWAYS win! And now, since we have about 20 minutes left, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll only torture you for 15 more!”

Dena sat in the chair in front of me and tickled me into hysterics, then put her feet up and gagged me with one socked foot at a time. I just laughed and screamed into her feet. I couldn’t do anything else!

“This is punishment for today!” Dena said, taking her feet off my mouth and coming behind me to tickle my ribs for 2 minutes straight. I slumped in the chair and gasped and finally the tickling stopped.

10 – “Freedom”

Dena untied me at 5:50, and then told me to go to the bathroom to run water on my hands to hide the marks.

She stood there triumphantly when I came out of the bathroom, barefoot again with her arms folded in from of her and grinning ear to ear.

“What a day, huh?” Dena said, and opened her arms. “Come here, sweetie pie!”

And we both laughed and laughed and hugged and her Mom came home and yelled hello up to us.

“The Aftermath”

Around 6:15 Dena decided to take me home when her Mom said, “Why don’t you and Jess go to dinner?”

We thought this was a good idea and I called home and asked my Mom if it was OK. She said sure and just to be home by 10 or so. Dena went upstairs and said she had to make one phone call while I put my shoes and socks back on and got ready. My handcuffs, Dena had earlier informed me, now belonged to her and they went into her drawer of kidnap tools. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the call Dena was making would change my night once again, and her Mom had opened the door wide for more torture.

Dena came running downstairs carrying her bag (like a purse only bigger) and a pair of white socks and sneakers. She put her socks and sneakers on – the argyle socks that had been soiled by dogs—they were now rinsed and in the laundry (Thank God!) – and we left for the car. Neither of us wore a jacket – it was unseasonably warm for early March. About 65. Dena still had her short-sleeved sweater and cargo pants on.

“Who’d you call?” I asked, putting my seat belt on.

“Marisa,” Dena said, her close friend who once had taken part in tying me and tickling me nearly to death. “I had to ask her a question for Monday.”

We pulled out and began laughing about the day.

“Whew Jess. You really got me there. You tied me up VERY well for a little guy,” Dena laughed while tousling my hair. “I have NEVER been tickled that bad before. Is that what it feels like when I tie you up and tickle you? Is it that much torture?”

“Of course it is,” I said. “You’re like the most expert tickler in the world. I have no idea why.”

“Long fingers and strong wrists,” Dena said laughing and reached over to tickle my wibs while she drove, causing me to yelp and jump away. “They let me get deep into your body, and the deeper I get, the more it tickles. Except the feet, of course. Your feet I tickle very gently with my nice long fingertips, fast and light. And I am good, you’re right, Jess. But I’ve also had LOTS of practice on my little Kidnap Boy when he’s all tied up. So in a way, you’re the real reason I’m such an awesome tickler!”

“Well, I’m glad I could help,” I said. “Damn! I should have KNOWN you would never put dog poop in my mouth. What was I thinking? You’re not THAT evil.”
“Hee hee. Live and learn, Jess. That was a brilliant psyche out, wasn’t it?”

“Where’d you get that idea, Dee?”

“That’s why I did the laundry without my shoes on. I knew there was dog crap in the backyard, so I walked out in just my socks and very carefully stepped in it! Ha ha!” Dena said.

“Oh, you suck!” I said, reaching to tickle her.

“No tickling the driver!” Dena said and we both laughed. “That really was a wormy little thing you did, Jess. Planning to steal my paper just to kidnap and torture me. I’m still not sure I’ve paid you back yet!”

After a minute more of driving, I noticed we were out of the main part of town and on a country road with lots of farms.

“Dee, where are we going to eat?” I asked.

Dena said “Hang on” and looked kind of concerned at the dashboard. Then she turned into a driveway with an old barn. She pulled behind the barn and stopped the car. She popped the hood, grabbed her bag, and ran out and started looking under the hood. I heard her say “Oh s—t” and then she called me to come to her. She was blocked from my view by the open hood.

“What’s wrong” I asked getting out of the car and walking around to the hood. When I got there I saw Dena with that old evil look in her eye, holding my (now her) handcuffs.

“Dinner, Kidnap Boy? No dinner for you! But YOU”RE going to me my main course!” Dena said. Then she pounced on me and wrestled me to the ground while I screamed for help. Dena put her hand over my mouth and easily then got me to my stomach, where she handcuffed my hands behind my back. Sitting on my back now, Dena reached into her bag and pulled out the duct tape while I thrashed around under her.

“I’ve got to get you nice and ready for Marisa!” Dena said, tearing off a piece of tape while I tried to scream “No!” and gagging me with it from behind. She then sealed another piece of tape over my mouth and said, “That should keep you quiet. On your feet!”

I refused so Dena grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. I struggled and struggled but she got me into the car and secured me in the backseat with the lap belt.

“You think I’m threw with my little Kidnap Boy yet?” Dena said, reaching down to take my shoes off. “Marisa and I are going to torture you to death! Hold your feet still!”

I didn’t but Dena got my shoes and socks off anyway, and then took the laces out of sneakers and used them to tied my bare feet tightly. She then laughed, kissed my cheek, and hopped back into the driver’s seat while I squirmed bound and gagged in the back. Oh no!

“Let’s go get Marisa, shall we?” Dena said, and started driving. I thrashed and thrashed but couldn’t go anywhere as she drove back into town and into Marisa’s neighborhood. It was dark now so no one could see me bound and gagged in the back of this pretty blonde girl’s car.

Along the way I tried to scream through my gag, but Dena just laughed and kind of half-sang, “Oooh, Kidnap boy! Tied up and helpless! Tickle torture! Smelly socks! You are sooo dead!”

I screamed and screamed but nothing came out through the gag and Dena pulled up Marisa’s house and honked the horn. Marisa came running out a few seconds later carrying a plastic grocery bag. She wore a white t-shirt, grey sweats, and flip flops. She got into the car, said hi to Dena, and we took off. Marisa turned to the backseat to see me bound and gagged and gushed, “Hi Jessie! I heard you were a VERY bad boy today and now Dena and I need to teach you a lesson!”

Marisa had long brownish red hair that had a slight curl to it and a beautiful face. She laughed and asked Dena, “Where are we taking him?”

“To the football field,” Dena said, which was only about two minute away. “I have the concession booth key and it’s the perfect place to bring him. Did you being sandwiches?”

“Yep,” Marisa said, holding up the bag and then looking at me. “Can’t let your Mom think we didn’t have dinner, can we?” Then they both lauighed and laughed like crazy.

“Did you know this little creep tied me up and tickled me until I almost peed myself?” Dena told Marisa as she pulled her car right up to the concession stand at the football field. No one was around as Dena parked the car and then looked at me in the back, squirming and helpless. “He thought there would be no consequences for his actions! Well , I tortured him plenty today, but didn’t quite get my full satisfaction. He told me, after we tied him up and tortured him a few months ago, that having you involved made it all the more worse because it was so humiliating. So I figured this was a perfect way to end the day. It was 7.

Dena and Marisa both got into the backseat on either side of me and I tried to scrunch myself up and avoid them.

“Where do you think you’re going, silly? You’re not going anywhere!” Marisa laughed and began to tickle my ribs in a very gentle and effective way. This was excruciating and Dena then tickled my other ribs on the other side and I screamed into that gag but didn’t make a sound.

“I have never, veer met anyone so ticklish. Have you, Dee?” Marisa said as she kept tickling my ribs.

“Never. Not even close,” Dena said, tickling me more and more. “It’s almost like the more we tickle him, the more ticklish he gets.”

After what must have been about 10 minutes in the backseat, Dena said, “Let’s get him inside. We have about 2 hours left before we have to untie him.”

Dena and Marisa dragged me inside the concession stand. The concession window/counter was closed and locked, and the inside was about 15 feet by 15 feet with carpeting and lots of boxes lining the walls. They put me on the floor and both Dena and Marisa took their shoes off. Dena had white socks and Marisa was barefoot. They stood over me with their hands on their hips and their feet at my head and looked down at me with nasty grins while I writhed and tried to get my hands or feet loose. I couldn’t.

Dena spoke slowly. “In exactly 10 minutes, Marisa will give me the high sign and she and I will start tickling you. We’ll tickle you everywhere for exactly 10 minutes, and then take a 10 minute break and figure out what do next.” 

“MMMPH! MMMPH!” I screamed with my eyes bulging, begging them not to.

“In the meantime, before those 10 minutes are up, I’m going to take your gag off and you are going to apologize for everything stinky thing you’ve done today. If I am satisfied, maybe we’ll go easy on you in a little while. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head and closed my eyes and tried to WILL myself untied. Dena reached down and pulled the tape gag off my mouth and Marisa sat on a stool and watched her watch for the time. Dena put her foot on my chest and said, “Talk!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I stole you disk, I’m sorry I tied you up! I’m sorry I tickled you and teased you! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t torture me anymore Dena! PLEASE!” I said this over and over before stopping.

Dena laughed and tossed her head back and shook her hair and said, “Very nice, Kidnap Boy. Very nice. Say it again! Only this time say it clearly and without stammering and panting like the scared little hostage you are!”

I did it all over again and Dena stood there with her foot on my chest and her arms crossed and smiled down at me as if to say, “You are ALL mine!” When I finished, she said, “Again!”

I did and this kept up until Marisa said “Time’s up!” In an instant she and Dena just pounced on me an started tickling me again. Dena tickled my underarms with her fingers sunk deep into my pits, while Marisa tickled my stomach and ribs. At times they would stop and wiggle their fingers over me to taunt me and then start wildly tickling me again. Marisa tickled down my legs too while Dena my chest and neck. I screamed with laughter until Dena got tired of hearing it and put her hand over my mouth. I was almost in tears when Marisa finally said, “That’s 10 minutes!”

Dena took her hand off my mouth and I gasped and laughed and rolled around on the floor pleading, “No more! Oh God, please no more!”

“I’ve had it with your talking,” Dena said, pulling the stool over, sitting over me and planting her socked feet in my chest. “Who’s ready for a foot gag?” she asked.

“Oooh, me! I love this one,” Marisa squealed. “Are you socks smelly, Dena?”

“Ask the Kidnap Boy here,” Dena said and put one foot under my nose and said, “Smell it.”

I did and they were at least moderately smelly. Dena laughed and said, “One footgag for my favorite boy in the world!” and planted her right foot over my mouth. This was awful. She and Marisa just laughed as I writhed and tried to get away to no avail.

“Maris, there are some very dirty grey socks in my bag. Bring them over, OK? I think Jess would love to smell them!” Dena said while I screamed into her foot. Dena looked down smiling and put her finger to her lips and said, “Shhhh.”

Marisa brought over those same dark grey socks from two weeks earlier and earlier today. They were awful! She crouched down at my head while Dena kept footgagging me and put them under my nose. I moaned and Marisa giggled hard and kept the socks right there on my face. “You torture Dena, she torture’s you 10 times worse!,” Marisa said.

“Tickle torture, footgags, and foot odor torture!” Dena said planting her foot on my lips as she said it. “Always stick with the tortures that work!”

Dena then leaned down with her foot still on my mouth and looked into my pleading, desperate eyes. “Have you FINALLY learned your lesson. Would you like Marisa to take the socks away from your nose?”

I nodded like a crazy man.

“Are you ready for my foot to come off your mouth? Are you going to obey us and NEVER trying anything so sneaky again?”

I nodded hard again, and Dena laughed and took her foot off my mouth and Marisa took the socks away from my nose.

“Well Jess, you’ve convinced me. Your torture is almost over. But let’s see how obedient you are,” Dena said, reaching into the bag and pulling out that electric toothbrush again. I screamed “No!” but Dena calmly motioned to Marisa and Marisa sat down and clamped her bare foot over my mouth. “Don’t you dare bite my foot,” Marisa warned.

Dena sat on my bound feet at the ankles and spoke in her evil kidnapper voice. “I’ve got you now. Now I shall see how obedient my hostage is. But to do that I must apply this small torture device. Hee hee hee hee!” Dena turned the toothbrush on and touched the bare spindle to my bare feet while I screamed into Marisa’s foot. God this was agony!

“Wow – great idea, Dee!” Marisa said and looked at me and said, “What are YOU looking at?” and placed her other foot over my eyes.

While Dena tickled my feet with the electric brush, she then said, “Say, ‘Dena and Marisa are my masters!”

Marisa took her foot off my mouth and I screamed, “Dena and Marisa are my masters!”

“Say, ‘I deserve to be tied up!” Dena demanded.

I did.

“Say, ‘I love being tickled!’”


“Say it!” Dena said, running the toothbrush threw my toes and tickling my stomach with her free hand. “Say it or I get the socks again!”

“AHHH! AHHH! I love being tickled!!!”

“Now say, ‘Please tickle me some more!”

OK, this went on for a long time and they probably made me say 15 embarassing things while Dena kept tickling my feet with that electric toothbrush. I was crying from all the insane laughter by the time Dena finally clicked the toothbrush off and Marisa took her foot off my eyes.

Dena and Marisa high-fived each other while I panted in agony on the ground, laughing so hard that my stomach and sides hurt and crying from all the laughing and the tickling. This had been some of the worst torture ever.

“Let’s eat!’ Dena said and ran to the car to get the food. Marisa walked over to me, knelt down, winked, and started to finger my entire body with this light, spider-like tickling. I just gasped and yelled “No!” more and more while she giggled and kept tickling me like this.

“I love tickling you,” Marisa said, tickling my bound body for a few seconds longer, “and I will do it again!”

Dena then brought the sandwiches in and I asked to be untied so I could eat.

“No way – we’re not going to untie you yet!” Dena said. “We’ll keep you tied up and feed you!”

And they did, feeding me a nice turkey sandwich and a Coke. We finished around 9:30 p.m.

“It’s probably time to untie Jess and get our little hostage home,” Dena sighed. “OK – I think he’s had enough.” Dena put her shoes back on and then reached down and untied my feet from the shoelaces she had tied them with, and put them back in my shoes while Marisa led me to the car, handcuffed.

“Can I keep his hands tied for the ride to his house?” Marisa asked.

“Sure, “ Dena said. “We’ll untie them when we get down his street.”

On the way home Marisa tickled my ribs while I pleaded with her to stop. She just laughed and Dena did too while she drove. “The funny thing is I didn’t even plan on kidnapping you and torturing you today, Jess. You started it!”

“I know,” I screamed while Marisa kept tickling my ribs with my hands cuffed behind me. “I KNOW!”

Finally, they got to the bottom of my street. Marisa untied my hands from the handcuffs and I put my shoes and socks back on and grabbed my bag. I was sweating and sore and exhausted!

“Goodnight, Kidnap Boy!” Dena said before driving off. “I hope you dream of my coming into you bedroom and torturing you tonight!”

“I probably will,” I said, bef

Kidnap Boy

Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 06:58:42 PM
Spy who tied me part 2
ok here's the last part
So once i get her in the storage room i force her back into the darkest cornner were you need a flashlight to see into it. i Handcuffed her hands behind her back but i agin put them throw her belt loop on her skirt andput the left wrist into the right cuff and theright into the left to criss cross them. then i pulled out my trusty gun lock and put it to her crossed legs and hogtied her with anther set of handcuffs. then i blindfoled her and walked away. i came back and undig the hog tie and she tried to get up, i layed done on top of her to force her down and man did it feel good! i stayed like that for about 5 min and then just sat up on her thighsmy hands on the small of her back and then i tickled her for about 3 min or so and untied her but she couldnt take the blindfold off till i was out of the room. after that we played viedo games and watched the rest of the SB

Kidnap boy that was a great story


Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 08:15:39 PM
Cute story, Steven. It sounds a lot like your other story, the one that had the pictures. Did you take pics of this girl too?

Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 08:16:06 PM
J. Constantine, you around still?

Wednesday, August 10th 2005 - 09:08:11 PM
Steven could you tell us where the new stuff comes in oin your last story
Canada, Montreal

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 06:44:20 AM
Kidnap Boy, you posted that story before.

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 06:45:36 AM
Oops sory. Somebody requested it. Sorry i'm being an idiot lol!

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 08:26:45 AM
How I learned that it's rude to stare - intro
In the year that followed my first lesson from my Aunt Kay (see july 2005), I did my best to settle down to school/home life as before. But, my life would never be the same again;

Throughout the year I attempted my best as any 12/13 year old boy might, to understand my newly aroused feelings, but I was still confused.

Obviously now, with about 30 years hindsight and experience I can give those formulative events some sort of Freudian analysis. But at the time I just knew I had 3 areas of enjoyment:

1. I enjoyed being tied up and seeing girls tied up. I longed to actually tie a girl u[p myself.

2. I was strangely attracted to girls/women who were assertive/dominant, particularly if they wore leather clothing, hence my crush on my Aunt Kay.

3. I was haunted by the 'peticoat training' with which Aunt Kay had so belittled me in front of my cousins Emily and Charlotte. I was petrified that this might ever occur in front of my parents or friends.

Anyway, as the months passed and the summer holidays drew close, my annual break to Aunt Kay's was only a week away. I was encountering difficulties sleeping in anticipation of how Aunt Kay , Emily and Charlotte would remember events of the previous summer, and, more importantly, would I experience any more of Aunt Kay's methods of discipline. I was very excited.

Disapointingly, due to my parents' work commitments I could only stay at Aunt Kay's for 1 week this year.

Now 13, I was trusted to travel on my own by train to the nearest railway station to Aunt Kay's house, where I would be met by my Auntie in her car.

I can still recal seeing Aunt Kay, emily and Charlotte waiting for me at the station: My cousins were wearing horse riding attire, but Aunt Kay was absolutely resplendent in her outfit:

She wore a long sleeved black satin shirt with the collar raised at the back, this was tucked into a pair of fawn riding jodhpurs, a wide leather belt accentuated her figure, which was completed with a pair of black leather boots.

We greeted ech other, as and you can guess , before we went to their house, we went to the nearby riding stables for the day.

Emily and Charlotte were keen on horse riding, and as we caught up how we were all getting on I discovered that they were now taking part in a lot of sport ( tennis, badminton, running etc.)

I also learned that my cousins and Aunt Kay had been taking lessons in judo for some time! This news certainly excited me.

Aunt Kay , in her superb attire, was like a magnet to my young excited eyes, on several ocassions I caught myself gazing at her, I wasn't sure if she or my cousins had noticed though.

I settled in on that first night just knowing that I wanted to be disciplined again, or somehow create a 'tying up' situation with one of my cousins, I just didn't know how.

However, matters would soon be brought to a head by Aunt Kay, who unbeknown to me , had noticed my 'staring', I will continue this account in the next part, which I hope to post in a few days.

Once again, any comments positive/negative whatever, will be well received. 

Graham uk

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 09:29:35 AM
who approves these stories
i wrote daught sleepover why didn't keep it on this site if you don't like my stories let me know where i can post them 



Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 02:52:45 PM
has any 1 ?
dose anyone here have a hand gag fettish or enjoy a lot of pain ?

if anyone dose email or I.M me


Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 03:20:41 PM
Graham I'm soo excited to hear your latest story sounds like its going to be a good one.
Canada, Montreal

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 06:18:41 PM
I'm Back.......I think
Hey bondage lovers, Constantine here,and has it been a long time or what? 
Sorry I couldn't write sooner, but work has been crazy and I've been taking care of my sick dog. 
Anyway I figured that I would get 2 short stories out of the wayso i can get to my longer ones, so enjoy! 

Story 1: 

I was really young probably 9 o 10. I was over at Jane's house, she was my age. I believe her mom and dad were home but 
they were in the kitchen, and Jane and I were in her room. We were playing a game, it was something like I was a superhero 
and she was my sidekick/girlfriend. Since there was only 2 of us we would pretend to fight bad guys and what not. Anyway, 
since she was my sidekick I wanted to give her a hint that the bad guy would kidnap her and hold her hostage, mainly 
because I really wanted to tie her up. We pretended to ambush the villian and his men in his warehouse a.k.a her room. 
So we were "fighting" the big bads when she pretended to get hurt. 
"Help!" she screamed. 
then she dragged herself into her room and called me in a minute later. 
"All right the bad guy got me, so tie me up so you can rescue me." she said 
All I thought was how great it was to play with her, I didn't even need to drop a hint of tie up games, because she wanted 
it anyway. 
"What should I tie you up with?" I asked. 
"Look in that box." she answered as she sat down in a chair. 
I quickly dug through the box and yanked out a tanned bandana and some jump rope. 
"Will this do?" I asked 
"Yeah that's great!" she exclaimed. 
So I started to simply wrap the jump rope around her in the chair and tried to tie it in a loose knot. 
After I was finished tying her, I notice it was nothing special, she was sitting in a chair and just had some rope around 
her upper body, that's all. Certainly not my best work but it worked. 
"I'll try to make a noise and you come in and help me." she told me as I was preparing her gag. 
I took the bandana and put it over her mouth and tied it into a detective gag. 
"MMMMPPPHH!" she tried it out and the gag worked. 
Then as I was about to get up the door swung open and jane's dad walked in. 
He glanced at me, then Jane and he looked pissed.(Jane's dad was VERY strict) 
"What did I tell you about this Jane?" he yelled 
Smiling I pulled down Jane's gag. 
"We were just playing dad." she said. 
"We talked about this!" he yelled once more, "Now that's it." 
he then walked away. 
I quickly untied her and she put everything away, i felt bad. 
But to this day I still wonder what Jane's dad talked to her about. it was just a playful bondage game, its not
hurtng anybody. But It doesn't matter because I tied up Jane a countless number of times after that day and 
she enjoyed every second of it. But I think you'll all agree when I say Jane's dad is a party pooper. 

Story 2: 

Well this is a pretty funny story mainly because, If I rememeber correctly the bondage in this story had absolutly 
no point. Anywho I was at my cousins apartment, Jennifier was her name. I was 11 and she was 12. I remember 
being frustrated because I used to tie up everyone I knew,for fun, except her and she was the one I wanted to tie up most. 
I remember being in her room and she took out 4 or 5 different jump ropes and put them on the bed. She then wanted me to tape
her mouth shut. So We walked into her kitchen and she went through a few drawers and all she found was that thin crappy 
clear tape. 
"What are you looking for?" her mom asked. 
"I want something to put over my mouth." she asked. 
Usually I'm embarrassed when someone finds out about my fetish but she didn't seem to care. 
"here take my scarf." her uncle said. 
He gave her this plaid scarf and we went into her room. She sat on I chair and I remember I tied her real tight with the
jump ropes from head to toe, I then wrapped the scarf around her mouth in another detective gag. The next few minutes 
I forgot. Then all of I remeber turning off the lights and stood outside the room for a few seconds and then jumped back 
in and turned on the lights.(I guess I was supposed to rescue her, duh) 
"MMpph." she squeaked. I walked over and took her gag off. I remember the ropes being a b***h to untie because I made 
them so tight. But the rest is blank. 

Anyway, I know those stories suck but I would want to share them sometime so here they are. 
I'll have a better experience next time. 

It's Good to be Back,

J. Constantine

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 11:04:30 PM
Welcome back J. Constantine. You're a sight for sore eyes. I can't wait to hear what other stories you've got to share with us. Again, welcome back, man.

About Jane's dad being upset about tie-up games, I think a lot of parents would feel very uncomfortable about the idea of their kids being helpless, or playing at helplessness. Think about it this way; how would you feel, seeing, say, your sibling or your parents tied up? When you tie up a friend, there's enough of a disconnect that you can feel more comfortable with it, but a lot of people wouldn't want to see that on a family member. That's why I think Jane's dad was so upset.

A shame though. His daughter clearly was having fun, but maybe he was afraid it would become an addiction/obsession with her? That could be another motivation of his.

But you two were lucky you had each other. Thanks again for sharing those stories. I like your Jane ones the best, but all your stories have a nice playful innocence to them that I find charming. Keep them coming!


Friday, August 12th 2005 - 08:29:07 AM
Kidnapping part 1

It was a sweltering hot summer day in june of 2002 and i was out with some friends (girls). we had all decided to go to one of the girls house. it was not long before the girls went off to do what they do, and i was left playing on the ps2 with rob (one of the girls brother), after about one hour or so we were shouted downstairs and into the basement by the girls ( we found this a little desturbing and didn't no what to excpect). when we had got to the basement we were greeted by the three girls with big smiles on there faces. Before we knew it the girls had sprung on us and we were on the floor, rebecca age'd 13 and charlotte age'd 12 begun to tie my wrists with tape, then moved down to my ankles and did the same with rob, before we new it we were both tied up helplessly, after a while of laying on the floor the girls were shouted up by robs mum, up they went and they left us. we both made a move as fast as we could to untie each other but before we could they were back with rope and more tape. they had noticed the half untied wrists of us both and jumped on us and retied are hands and feet, and steped back and looked at us both with big grins, sarah age'd 12 unfortunatly said we should gag them and the other girls agreed and then taped out mouthes with tape, at this pont there was no way of getting loose...we were helpless. they decided to go upstairs and leave us to cool off for a while they came back. about 30 minutes later they returned with drinks and food, the were teasing us with the food eating it in front of us and telling us how nice it was.. then they agreed to ungag us and give us a drink. after a while they decided to untie us well just our hands and then they made a run for it so that we could not catch them.. and we didnt

kidnapping part 2

we were all out side talking about the experiance we had just had. and Sahrah Robs sister had gone in the house for a drink and Rob had followed, i was sat outside with the girls but after about 10 minutes of waiting they agreed it was time for them to go home and told me to say goodby to Sarah for them ( i went into the house to go find sarah and rob to tell them that the other girls had left). I hered a scream from the basement so i opend the door at the top of the basement stairs to find that Sarah had been tied up by rob and he was taking his revenge, i could see that she was starting to get upset as she had been tied up for about 20 minutes and and rob had ice down her back ( this was fun to watch but it was not nice to see her upset) so i went down the stairs and told rob to let her go and he told me he was not going to. so i said to rob lets go and get a drink and leave her (hoping that i would be able to untie her without him knowing) which i managed to do . later rob had relised thats she had escaped , he came to me and asked me why i had untied her.. and i told him why( we were having a big argument about this for a while)

and thats it... a great summers day that turned out with me loosing my best friend.


Friday, August 12th 2005 - 08:56:27 AM
babysitter bondage 
i would always tie my babysitter Emily up whenever she would sit for my brother and I she would be tied with rope and duct tape over her mouth and he and I would leave her tied till my parents would come home 

i had fun if you tied your babysitter i would love to read your story

bondage heather


Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 04:00:08 AM
About the latest stories
I liked them all, specially the ones by Kidnap Boy & Constantine. Kidnap Boy, taking the disk was a dirty trick indeed, so I think you just about deserved what you suffered. Constantine, your stories are always fresh and candid. I just wonder--- why do most tie-up games happen during Summer time? 

Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 06:26:55 AM
How I learned it's rude to stare. continued...
I tried over the next day or so to provoke a situation whereby I might be disciplined, but to no avail I also chated at length with Emily and Charlotte about my 'peticoat training' the previous summer, and enquired openly about how Aunt Kay had disciplined them.

They were both mature and quite relaxed in talking about these matters, and there was certainly nothing sexual in our discussions. But I was getting more and more frustrated as nothing was actually happening.

It had been arranged that we would all spend the third day of my week holiday at the riding stables again:

Once again Aunt Kay wore highly polished black leather boots and riding jodhpurs, but on this ocassion she had a white cotton shirt with a black satin scarf tied as a chocker around her neck. Her waist was clinched by a wide patent leather belt. She looked so dominant that I could not prevent myself from staring at her for long periods. Obviously, I hoped that nobody noticed this infatuation.

That evening Emily and Charlotte had pre-arranged to visit the local cinema with Alison, a school friend of Charlotte, whom I had yet to meet.

Emily had teased me throughout the day that it was a 'girls only' evening, and both my cousins aroused my curiosity by continually remarking that I would be knocked over by Alisons good looks. They giggled that they couldn't wait to see my face when I saw her. This girlish banter frustrated me even further.

My cousins got ready for their 'girls night' with both wearing tank tops and denim mini skirts, they looked quite attractive.

At seven o'clock the doorbell rang and Charlotte led Alison into the kitchen where I was sitting:

My cousins had not exagerated when they said I would be knocked out.

In front of me stood this gorgeous 15 year old, with natural shoulder length blonde hair, sweet baby blue eyes, and the most kissable pair of rosebud lips I had ever seen.

She had a nice tanned complexion, and was wearing a pair of royal blue satin hot pants with bib and brace, a white tee shirt, and amazingly a pair of shiny calf length white PVC boots.

My eyes were all over her and I certainly made one or two inappropriate comments, she was undoubtably 'out of my league'.

Emily and Charlotte made fun of my attraction to Alison as they prepared to leave. But it was as they were saying their goodbyes that I sensed that my long awaited desire for disciplione was iminent.

Aunt Kay told the girls to have a good evening at the cinema, and then remarked in a noticably raised voice "make sure all 3 of you come back here after the film as I will have a little surprise for you. And don't worry about being late home Alison, I'll give you a lift".

She then looked directly at me " a certain young man hasn't leant how to conduct himself in front of young ladies".

The girls giggled and chattered as they left, leaving me alone with my auntie who was still wearing that fantastic outfit that she had worn at the riding stables.

I was about to experience my second lesson from Aunt Kay.

I will continue and conclude in a day or so, thanks for your patience...

Graham uk

Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 04:44:18 PM
my first ever tied girl
heres a story that happened to me a fews years ago.

At the time i was working at my local public swimming pool,i was 17.Many times girls would show an interest in me but one stood out,her name was Sophie she was i guessed about 14 or 15(later i found she was 14).Sophie was always being cheeky and splashing me with water whenever she got a chance.I realised very early on that she fancied me,and i thought she was really cute.

About an hour later when the pool had closed i was down in the boiler room which had a door leading to a yard and onto the side street.I heard some scuffling and giggling and went to check it out.WOW what a site,there was Sophie hands tied behind her but also attatched to the heavy cast iron gate.She was dressed in a short denim skirt a tight tee shirt and was wearing trainers,it was a dream come true.Until that day had only ever seen girls on TV tiedup and had fantasized that maybe one day i could tie a real girl.

I walked over to where she was tied and said oh the cheeky girl who likes to splash me,she just giggled.I asked her what was going on she said her friends had tied her and ran off.Well it looks like they did a good job,and you certainly look cute like that i said.ok i said have fun i have work to do and turned to walk away(there was no way i was going to leave her just thought i'd tease her a little).Hey you cant leave me here like this she shouted.I turned looked at her boy did she look good.Ok you can come with me while i finish off if you want.Anything just untie me from this gate.I untied her from the gate but used the the excess of the scarf to cinch her wrists a bit tighter.

She didnt say anything when i lead her into the building and through to the laundry area and sat her down,her skirt rode up a bit and even though i had seen her in the pool with just a bikini on she looked even better now.I went over to the the tool box,took a roll of ducttape,went back to were she was sat.hey what you gonna do she asked,just a little revenge for all the splashing and cheek i answered.
Boy was i nervous as i taped her ankles,she didnt seem to mind,in fact it didnt seem to be revenge i thought at the time she liked it or at least thought it was fun.Then it was time for the biggy a gag,i ripped a piece off, to my amazement she leant forward held her head up and closed her lips.Holy shit im in love i thought,i sealed her lips and smoothed the tape gave her a big kiss and told her she looked gorgeous.

Now you just sit there while i let the cafe lady out then ill be back.She looked at me a little worriedly,its ok i'll be back real soon i promise.

to be contunued................ 


Sunday, August 14th 2005 - 11:56:24 AM
this happend today at about 11 o clock 

when i woke up i found a note from my mum to say that she was going out for the day and wouldnt be back till about 7 i thought that was cool and went down staires to watch some tv i was watchin a film about this boy and girl and the boy was tieing her up then i started to think hmm ive got all dat i can tie myself up to day so i went to the conservatry (a small room at the back of my house where i keep all my bondage stuff) i got out of a draw a load of ropes and a set of handcuffs and some duct tape and a sock i put the sock im my mouth and wrapped the tape around my head once or twice (yes iam a girl and i do have a lot of hair and to take it off dose hurt a lot) then i tightly tied some rope around my ankles leaving a tied rap at the top to put the hand cuffs throw so i layed tummy flat to the ground then felt about for the hand cuffs and put one hand in then clicked the other shut so then at about 12 o clock i was totterly tied and helpless (my friend was coming over about 12 30 and she had a key so i though she would let me go. i waited for a while then heard the phone ring.

obviously i couldnt answer it so it went on to voice message i could hear it very clarly in the conseretry then i heard that it was my friend i wonderd what she wanted so i listhend and she said " hi kath its me jamie lee (shes my friend who was coming over)i forgot im really sorry but i can't come over today" when i heard that i paniced i started to try to scream and thras about when i stoped i heard her say "anyway im really sorry ok and ill see you later" 

to be continued 


Sunday, August 14th 2005 - 01:48:34 PM
kidnap boy
Did she ever make you smell your own socks, or shove one in your mouth?

Sunday, August 14th 2005 - 04:29:30 PM
is there a Mark Kalos here? because someone has mistaken me for you because we have the same first name...
Mark T

Sunday, August 14th 2005 - 06:36:04 PM
New Group
Since it seems no one is making a new group, I decided to make one. Its on smartgroups and I just have to hope it doesn't get deleted. If you have any pictures to post either email them to me or just go ahead and post them.


Monday, August 15th 2005 - 01:55:21 AM
Tied & True Tales updated
It's winter Down-Under now - real raincoat weather and I'm still having trouble coping with the cold after my 2½ months overseas - aaargh! However, it's not all bad news… This week it's with great pleasure that Priscilla (Tied & True Tale's resident roo and sometimes unwilling mascot) presents our biggest update for yonks with a new pictorial gallery (Rubber up! featuring rubber fetish & fashion), heaps of new stories - 13 in all; along with a great article about the history of villainy including a fascinating primer on the correct way of tying up your distressed damsel… (also includes essential materials, historical dates and other methodology) - enjoy!

As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at


Monday, August 15th 2005 - 03:53:05 AM
New Group
i've just joined and i can post loads of photos later in the week...
Mark T

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 07:18:09 AM
How I learnt it's rude to stare - conclusion
When my cousins and Alison left, Aunt Kay wasted no time in confronting me: She walked over to the kitchen table where I was sitting and lifted herself onto it directly in front of me. Now I could not avoid looking at her.

" Do you not know that it's rude to stare Graham?" she asked. I tried to lighten the situation by saying that I thought Alison was fantastically attractive, hoping that Aunt Kayhad not noticed my staring at her.

But Aunt Kay was several steps ahead of me; " Alison is not the only person you have been staring at is it?"

My heart started to jump as I realised that she had noticed me staring at her, I said nothing however.

" Do you remember last year when I had to discipline you?" I nodded as my Auntie confronted me, " well I think it's time you learnt that it's rude to stare at ladies and girls no matter how much you might like them".

As she spoke Aunt Kay removed the black satin scarf from her neck and laid it on the table in front of me, " I bet you are wondering what I intend to do to you arn't you?".

I said that I was , and begged that she didn't put any of my cousins clothes on me, I was getting emotional and expectant. Aunt Kay laughed " Ah just as I suspected my 'peticoat training' has certainly calmed you down, but no, I don't intend to use it on this ocassion, I think I'll keep that particular form of punishment as an ace up my sleeve".

She got down from the table, walked behind me and continued "do you see my scarf? feel it". I couldn't believe she was doing this to me, but I touched the scarf. It felt soft and luxurious. " In a moment I am going to use the scarf to blindfold you Graham, being deprived of sight will teach you that it is rude to stare, how do you feel about that?"

I mumbled that I was sorry about staring but offered no resistance. Aunt Kay went to a cupboard and came back with a pair of swimming goggles that had been painted black " I've used this form of discipline on Emily and Charlotte you'll be pleased to know" she said, the next thing I knew was that my eyesight had been deprived as Aunt Kay put the goggles on me.

I then felt her drag her scarf slowly up across by chin and face finally tying around my eyes completing the blindfold. "how does that feel?"she enquired.

I replied that it didn't hurt, but that I couldn't see a thing. "Good" Aunt Kay replied " this will teach you not to stare".

For what seemed like an hour or so, Aunt Kay sat talking with me about school and how I was progressing, my parents, my cousins etc. Then she got to the subject of girls.

Aunt Kay gave me a lecture about how she saw the role of girls/women in society , in hindsight she was certainly something of a feminist, explaining to me that she believed women were the stronger sex, and men/boys neded to understand this. Because of my blindfold every word held a special meaning and I believe was pivotal in my developement.

I heard Aunt Kay go to the cupboard again, but obviously I didn't know what for.

"Stand up Graham" she ordered as she returned to my chair. I obliged. "Right, put your hands behind your back, I think you know what's comming next".

I asked if she was going to tie my hands and if so why? Aunt Kay said that she wanted her daughters and Alison to see me like this as it would reinforce the lesson home to me. Also, she recalled me putting up resistance last year, so she needed a guarante that my blindfold would remain on , hence my hands were to be bound, I just put my hands behind my back and awaited what I secretly had longed for.

As Aunt Kay wrapped a rope around my wrists she gave it a little tug on each encirclement commenting "can't have any slack can we" she then crossed ti between my wrists and knotted it at the top out of the reach of my fingures.

She helped me back to the kitchen chair and fasted my bound wrists to the back of the chair, and without saying a word she tied my ankles together pulling them underneath the chair and securing them to a leg "there, that'll hold you, the girls should be home in a little while".

Once again, I had been systematically humiliated by my Auntie, but I was secretly enjoying it. I couldn't move . I couldn't see. I was truly at her mercy.

My cousins let themselves in, and I heard a huge outcry of laughter, obviously they had seen me in my humiliation.

"calm down girls, haven't you ever seen a little boy all tied up" Aunt Kay certainly knew how to belittle me. "Graham" she continued "is there something you would like to say to Alison?" I offered an apology , and Alison who seemed to be overcome with the giggles accepted this.

"Before I give you a lift home Alison, perhaps you'd like to give Graham a kiss, although he can't see you I'm sure he can remember how you look in those lovely blue satin hot pants" I couldn't believe it , Aunt Kay seemed to understand my feelings better than I did myself.

I felt a kiss on my lips, and heard Alison say "there, there, Charlotte has told me all about you having to wear a dress last year. Bye" and with this she burst into a fit of the giggles joined by Emily and Charlotte.

Aunt Kay offered Alison a lift home and was joined by Charlotte "Emily" she called out as she was leaving "you're in charge, look after Graham won't you until I come back".

I wondered what she meant by this, but without further ado my blindfold was removed by Emily " You'll have to remain tied up Graham, only Mummy is allowed to release us " I was informed.

Indeed, I chatted with an excited Emily until Aunt Kay returned with Charlotte. 

Aunt Kay untied my wrists and ankles, and said that she hoped I had learned that it is rude to stare. I said that I certainly had.

No further incidents happened that year, but the following year , when I had reached the age of 14, several occurances happened , which I will post in future. 

Thanks for your patience.

Graham uk

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 11:00:47 AM
Last Time I Help A Friend
Hey, long time reader 1st time poster...

A freind of mine (Yasmin) was studying art at college and she was doing photography as part of her project, one thing you should know about her is shes very different from most people, like her ideas and views on things. Anyway i got a knock at my door, it was Yasmin. I had the house to myself for the week, since my parents had gone away for they're aniversary and since i was an only child i had no one to talk to, so i welcomed her in with open arms, i was SO bored at the time.
"Hey i need a faveour, its really important" She said wasting no time.
"Erm that really depends on what it is" i said carefully.
"Well i need you to model for me no questions asked"
"me model?"
"Ah c'mon sam, you know you got a host of male fans after you, stop being modest it gets really boring after a while!"
"Shut up" i said playfully punching her in the arm as i started to blush.
"so will you do it?" she asked again
"oh alright, if i have to" i said with a smile
She threw me a little red dress a make up kit, pare of long red gloves and matching red high heels.
"put that on and meet me in the spare bedroom, i'll set up while your getting ready." she told me.
I went into the bathroom and slipped off what i was wearing and put the dress on, it was a little tight but it fit, it was a lovely dress though. I did my make up to make me all pretty like when i heard Yaz call out.
"What ya doin'?"
"just doing my make up"
"right, with the eye make up can you smudge the mascara a bit to make it look like you've been crying? Oh and make sure you make your lips nice and red!!!"
"Erm alright, your the boss"
I did as she asked and then sliped the high heels on, then i took a step back and looked at my self in the mirrior

(maybe i should explain what i look like here then.)
I'm about average height and quiet slim. I havent got the biggest breast in the world, but by no means the smallest, blue eyes and blonde hair (although i am not a natural blonde TeeHee, its a secret shhhhh!!!) I dont think im ugly, but i dont have that high of an opinon of myself either, but some boys seem to like me.

I came to the spare room where Yaz had put up a black cloth and some old candle stick holders and an metal frame chair, it all looked very gothic but it was cool.
"NICE!!!" Yaz shouted as i entered the room
"Thanks" i said smiling and making a little pose
"Wait hold that there" she said picking up her camera
"i want you to look sad, basicaly think about the time James cheated on you"
"oh that was low bitch" i said sticking my finger up, it was alright, she was only joking.
After a few shoots she told me to act scared, so i did it to the best of my ability.
"Right, now for the next part of the shoot."
"next part?" I asked
"Yeah, don't worry it'll be fun." she said pulling out a roll of silver tape.
"wait a second, i'm not sure if i wanna continue.." i said
"oh please, i really need this, please i promise i wont do anything evil, i swear, but if you really dont want to do it, i understand, im not gonna force you or anything"
"alright ill do it, but only cos we go way back"
"thanks, right just sit in the chair right there and put your arms on the arms of the chair and your legs at either leg of the chair, but bring your knees togther"
I sat down in the chair and got into the position she asked and she got right to work, taping my arms to the arms of the chair, it was quite tight and the tape was really strong, i wouldnt be able to break it with out a hell of alot of struggleing. she crouched down and taped my ankles to the bottom of the legs of the chair, she then taped both my knees togehter and then proceded to tape my theighs to the acctual seat of the chair and then just below my chest to the back of the chair.
"right ok, now we got you all ready, we can crack on" she said with a smile
She took a few more shots and then paused for a while...
"what? whats wrong" i asked
"nothing, i'm just thinking, i wanna try somthing.
"erm ok"
At this moment she picked up the roll of tape and walked over to me and got a hair band and tied my hair back
"what you doing"
"i want to try this for a different effect"
and then she stretched out the tape and pressed it over my lips before i had a chance to say anythingand then wrapped it around my head a good few times and then untied my hair letting it down again. And at this point all i could think about was how much that was gonna hurt to take off. I grunted at her and started to thrown at her.
"im sorry, but this is gonna look great" she said sounding excited
she smudged the eye make up down my face a bit more over the tape to make it look as if i had been crying, she then smoothed the tape out finding my lips and then taking the red lipstick and did the outline of my lips in the bright red lip stick.
"right" she said picking up her camera again.
She went to take the picture but nothing happened.
"shit, fuck it, i gotta get my other camera, i wont be 10 mins" she said as she quickly ran down the stairs.
I thought to myself, how bloody typical it was of her untill a shiver went down my spine as i head the front door shut. She hasnt got any keys and all the doors and windows were locked, how the hell was she going to get back inside?

To Be Continued...


Monday, August 15th 2005 - 11:12:53 AM
Perfect Hogtie
I found the PERFECT website for any of you who are into light self-bondage. Not the kind with a mistress and stuff but the kind where you cant get out without a knife. First, go to the website below and click on bondage life basics on the left when you get there. Find out how to create noose and slip knot from there. 
You dont need to put your hands in seperately like it says but then go to basic hogtie and do that either with soccer socks or rope, whatever you have. trust me, you will be satisfied, it took me about 3 tries to get it cuz i didnt read the writing on the website. READ IT ALL. if you do it right, YOU WILL NEED A KNIFE!!!!! put on on the opposite corner of the room you are in and it will take a while to scootch yourself over. THIS SELF-BONNAGE METHOD IS PERFECT!
Perfect hogtie

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 11:25:54 AM
the site
I looked at that site and you're right. It works really really well. and yes, you will need a knife, it took me 2 tries but it works really well.

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 12:39:30 PM
how the hell did they get in part 1
hi my name is scott and i was seein a girl called rachel in yr8. it was friday nite and we were talking on the computer wen rachel invited me 2 her house on saturday to stay over because her parents were goin to the lake district. i agreed. i went on saturday at 5 0,clock wen i knocked on her front door a girl who i didnt know answered . i said "who are you" and she replied "rachels friend im stayin 4 a few hours" wen i got in the hall 3 girls jumped on me from behind and tied my hands and then proceeded to hog tie me.
i was then dragged into the livin room and saw rachel tied simultaneously like me. they put us together and 1 of the girls said "awwww what a happy couple".
i then asked rachel who the girls were and she told me that she had a fight with 1 of them and somehow they knew that she was going to be homeless and i was coming round and followed her home earlier that day.
i asked the girls who they were they replied "katy , emily and claire" they later went onto say that i neednt be dragged in to this but it just so happened i was comin round 

to be continued


Monday, August 15th 2005 - 01:41:10 PM
Well, it's my first time posting a storie so i thought that i should say a little bit about myself. Im a 15 year old male and enjoy bondage. Ive enjoyed bondage ever since i was little. Ive only had a handful of TUG games but they were enough to tell a few stories.
Out of all the authors on this website, the best ones to me are J-mac, Mr. E. Nicholas H. and there are many other great writers on this page. I hope you all enjoy my storie and want to hear more.

Well in the storie previous before this one. Max and i were playin video games and got bored so i decided to turn it into a bet and by the end i lost. The loser got tied for the entire day. Well i got tied up first and it's time everyone found out how i got my revenge on Max. Even before I was untied I knew how I was going to get Max back. Max followed me out to my garage and my parents were gone for the day so we had nothing to worry about.IN the corner of the garage there's a pole and that's where the revenge would start.I told Max to take his shirt off and lean against the pole.He did and I took shite rope to tie Max's hands above his head behind the pole, criss - cross. Then i made him kneel on his knees and tied his feet criss cross also behind the pole. 
Then i gagged him by shoving a sock in his mouth and wrapped duck tape around him several times. Out of all my friends, Max was the most ticklish and having him tied up like this gave me clear oppurtunities for my revenge. He stuggled against his bonds for a good 5 minutes but it was no use, he wasn't going anywhere. I started by tickling his ribcage first. He screamed into the gag as i proceded the tickling for a good 15 mintues. He squirmed, writhed, and ducked but there was no excape and he knoew he was doomed. He mmmphhhhhed but that soon changed into screams as i tickled his stomach for a good 20 minutes and he screamed all 20 mintues as it was his most ticklish spot. When i was fially done tickling 30 minutes later you could see the sweat porring off of his bare skin. I soon got bored at making him suffer and went inside for about 30 minutes with Max still tied outside. 
After that 30 minutes i went to check on Max and he was gone! I thought he wasn't going to get out but he did. I was mad but more scared because i knew what he was going to do once I was Eventually caught by Max again.


Hope you enjoyed my storie.

Mr. Bragadoshous

Mr. Bragadoshous

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 02:20:04 PM
Some 'clean' tie-up sites
I came across these sites of pictures of tie up (no sexual content). Some of the sites even want models! (volunteers to be tied up and photographed)
Richard (UK site) (Germany) (Holland, has video clips of girls in handcuffs. Fully clothed, no nudity or sexual content)



Monday, August 15th 2005 - 03:57:56 PM
good story Scott !!!! go on !!!! 

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 07:41:05 PM
ursula panitz
I would love to hear about you handgagging your boyfriend!
Please go ahead, write here or mail me.
Hom lover

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 10:26:48 PM
Rick it is spelled... Braggadocious.......... lol but good to see you posting a story.
Jerry Burns

Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 02:45:37 AM
I'm going to tell you about Kristen,a 3rd cousin I "kidnapped" once. It was an early saturday morning,& I had spent the night at Kristen's house(w/ her brothers). We were in her room,talking when I asked her if she had ever been kidnapped. She said she hadn't. I went behind her, grabbed her arms,& clamped my hand over her mouth. I told when I released her arms & mouth, I wanted her to get some rope and some type of cloth. She nodded her head,& I released her. She went to her closet, got a jumprope & handed it to me. She then pulled a red bandanna out of her drawer & handed it to me also. I told her to get four shoelaces. While she got the shoelaces, I folded the bandanna into a thick band. She gave me the strings,& I ordered her to lie down on her stomach. She laid down in the floor & I sat on top of her legs. I grabbed her wrists and crossed them behind her back. I tied her wrists and then turned around,crossed her ankles, & tied them together. I tied her legs and began hogtying her with the rope. She asked me why I had hogtied her. I told her it was just a "security measure". I asked her if she would mind being gagged with a sock,balled up & stuffed in her mouth. She said she didn't mind at all. She told me to get a sock out of the drawer. I got out one pair of her pink socks,balled one up,& told her to open wide. She did, & I gagged her. I laid the bandanna down on the floor under her mouth. I folded the other sock in half placed it on the cloth & pulled both up to her eyes. I then gently pulled the ends of the cloth over her eyes. I tied the blindfold in place. Once she'd been blindfolded, I removed the gag from her mouth.

Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 03:51:43 AM
Mr. Bragadoshous
hey Mr. Bragadoshous, you got an email address? i really liked your story and i wanna chat with you!
Mark T

Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 12:33:26 PM
kristen,pt. 2
Kristen asked me why I had removed her gag. I told I thought she should be OTM gagged w/ another bandanna, holding a balled-up cloth in her mouth. Kristen said okay,and told me to get an old scarf out of the drawer,tear off a strip,and gag her with it. I took the cloth,wadded it up,and stuffed it in her mouth. To be continued...

Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 02:16:53 PM
why are the canuckstugs groups always overladen with pics of pubescent or more commonly pre-pubescent boys tied up? its like they're inhabited by closet cases and pedophiles only. are there other people out there who think this as well?
the new yorker

Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 06:29:30 PM
why are the canuckstugs groups always overladen with pics of pubescent or more commonly pre-pubescent boys tied up? its like they're inhabited by closet cases and pedophiles only. are there other people out there who think this as well?

Probably because the groups, like this site, are primarily about non-sexual, non-fetish TUGs, the innocent games we played when we were kids. I'd be more likely to suspect the closet paedophiles are the ones who think the pictures of kids tied up are supposed to be sexual, rather than just playful and innocent.


Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 09:17:38 PM
Two Against One


This is a true account of my first taste of being tied up.
It was a hot summer day and we were having a picnic in the backyard. My family and two of one of my sister's friends were there enjoying the food and the games we were playing.
I decided to go for a ride on my bike after I ate. When I got down to the drive way where my bike was I saw my sister's friends smoking a cigarette. I was pretty young at the time but not too young to notice they were both very pretty. One of them had long straight dark hair that came down to her waist. She wore jeans with holes in them and a halter top. She always had her long fingernails painted red and I liked that look on her. The other girl had long blonde hair not quite as long as the other girls. She had on a pair of faded blue jeans and a halter top. her fingernails were also long and usually painted pink. I guess this was how I became a nail fetishist as I am now.
I always liked it when they came to the house because they use to tickle me and flirt with me. They were always saying how cute I was and running their fingers through my shoulder length hair. They use to chase me through the neighborhood when my sister was not around and they would always wait to catch me when I ran somewhere out of sight. Sometimes when they held me down they would kiss me and tickle me. I was use to all that and I enjoyed it a lot. I never told anyone the things they did because I was always afraid they would get into trouble and it would stop. I enjoyed it all the time they did this to me and I never wanted it to stop.
They both stood on either side of my bike where it lay on the ground. As I walked over to them I asked them why they smoked. One of them told me it was because they liked to. The other girl said and there are a lot of things we like to do. One of those things was to hold me down and tickle me and kiss me. I started to reach down for my bike and the brunette reached around my head with her right hand and clamped it over my mouth. I dropped the grip I had on the handle bar and tried to pull her hand away. By this time she had reached around me under my arm and had a hold on my chest. The other girl quickly grabbed my legs and they carried me up the stairs to the front door. Once they got me inside they carried me straight up to the second floor and into my sister's bedroom. They closed the door behind them and locked it. While she still held her clamp over my mouth the other one got on top of me where they had me sprawled out on the floor. She dug her knees into my arms and put all her weight on them so I could not push her off. She began to tickle me and dig me with her long fingernails. I tried to yell for help but the other girl had such a hold over my mouth I could not make but a small sound.
Suddenly they stopped and heard foot steps coming toward the door. Then there was a knock at the door. "Hey what are you two doing in there"? "We're just putting our shorts on". Now she was holding me down with her hands on top of my hands with her legs tucked up under mine and holding them still so I could not struggle. The other girl still had her hand over my mouth and with her other hand she clamp it around my chin and held my jaw closed. I could barely move and I could not make one single sound. "Have you seen my brother Sam anywhere"? Quickly one of them answered. "Yes he walked down the hill to play with some of his friends". "Ok I just wondered where he was,see you outside". At the same time they both answered,"ok".
As they heard her walk down the stairs they knew it was safe to continue their tickle torture on me. "Wow that was a close one,if you ever tell anyone what we're about to do to you the next time we see you we will take you somewhere and keep you tied up for the whole day or even longer". I looked up at her as she told me this still holding her hand firmly over my mouth. They picked me up and put me on the bed. The blonde went over to the bureau and looked through the drawers while the brunette jumped on top of me digging her knees into my arms and holding my mouth shut with both of her hands.
Holding up several bandanas,"look what I found,now we can tie him up and gag him too". "Good idea,throw two of them to me". She threw them onto the bed and they landed right next to my face. "You're gonna use two of them to gag him"? "Yeah we can roll one up in a ball and shove into his mouth and tie the other one over his mouth and around his head". The blonde sat down on the bed and took one of my wrists and tied it to the bedpost. Then she came to the other side and did the same thing to my other wrist. "Roll this up and I'll stuff it is his mouth and then we can both tie his feet to the bed". The blonde took it in her hand and rolled it into a big ball. She handed it to her friend who took her grip from my mouth and tried to shove it into my mouth. I rolled my head back and forth and refused to open my mouth. She quickly put her hand back over my mouth while her friend pinched my nose closed. "So you don't want this in your mouth do you,well that's too bad you don't have a choice do you,you have to breathe some time". I started shacking my head back and forth because I couldn't breathe. They could see from the look in my eyes I was scared. Just then she removed her hand from my mouth and I opened it up wide to breathe. She immediately shoved the rolled bandana into my mouth. I tried to spit it out as the blonde took her pinch hold off my nose. Then they cinched some of the other bandana into my mouth and pulled the rest around my head tight and tied it in a double knot. "There that should keep him quiet for a while,let's tie his feet up now". I really thought I could fight them off with my feet but they took my shoes off and tickled the bottoms of my feet. One of them sat on me faced away from me and held my legs down with her weight on me. All fours hands from both girls worked on one leg to secure it tightly. They moved onto the next one and soon I was bound and gagged spread eagle on my sister's bed by these two lovelies while my family picnicked out back.
"Doesn't he look cute like that,don't you wish we could take him home and keep him tied up all the time"? Then they giggled as they stood there and watched me try to get away. "So what should we do to him now"? "I don't know,let's just play with him and do whatever we want to". I gave them both a dirty look after hearing that. The blonde slapped my face and the brunette reminded me of what they will do if I ever tell anyone what they did to me today. 
They kept me tied up for at least a half an hour. They pinched me and ran their long nails all over me. Sometimes it tickled and sometimes they were mean and dug me but only in places that no one else would see, places like under my arms and my inner thighs. They didn't hurt me much other digging and scratching me with their nails. The rest of the time they giggled and laughed at the situation they had me in. The last thing they did to me before they let me go was to tickle the crap out of me. They did it for so long and so hard that I could not catch my breathe. Finally they stopped and began to untie me and again they reminded me of what will definitely happen if ever tell anyone. As they took the gag off from me and then the other one out of mouth they kissed me all over my face and told me how cute I was and that this will not be the last time they kidnap me like this.
Here I am now years later with all these fetishes I have that probably stem from that one time in particular. The hand gagging,gags,being tied up,being slapped,threatened,long hair,long polished fingernails and last but not least the desire and fantasy of being kidnapped by one or two beautiful women. My only regret is that I wish I had gotten to play with them as I got older. To this very day I have not told anyone this story except others I now know in the BDSM scene. I have seen the brunette a few times since then and I have a crush on her and more than likely always will but I have never mentioned my memories of that day and other times as well to her. My fear is that she won't remember and think I'm some kind of freak or something.
I would like to thank her though,I'm not sure if I would ever come to know these pleasures without her. 


Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 09:55:18 PM
>why are the canuckstugs groups always overladen with pics >of pubescent or more commonly pre-pubescent boys tied up? >its like they're inhabited by closet cases and pedophiles >only. are there other people out there who think this as >well? 
>the new yorker

In addition to what Dorain said (the name is childhood tie up games, did you expect adult fetish pics?), the people who want to see or have pictures of girls tied up tend not to contribute.


Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 03:18:29 AM
Anyone care to provide some links to the aforementioned "canuckstugs?"



Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 04:33:38 AM
The Damsel of my Eye
Hey, Constantine here to bring you another experience of mine. 
But first to answer Andy_V’s question, Why does my bondage stories always happen during summertime?, 
Well, to be honest I have no idea, just a coincidence I guess. So moving on. 

Anyway, this is one of my favorites, it involves Rachel, my girlfriend, and me. We were 19 at the time. Rachel’s a really beautiful girl, if you want an image in your mind, she looks very much like the actress Amy Acker, she insists that she doesn’t, but I think she does which certainly is not an insult. Anyway one night we were sitting on the couch watching TV and some movie was on where there was a girl bound and gagged to a chair struggling around until the hero saved her. I was particularly quiet during the scene, so I figured I should say something. 
“I wonder how an actor prepares for a scene like that?” I said. 
“What being tied up?” Rachel answered, “ I’m sure they prepare like it was any other scene. Why? ” I started to stumble with my words, I never told her that I was into the whole bondage thing yet. 
I figured now would be an okay time to tell her. 
“Have you ever been tied up?” I asked her. 
She smiled, “I really can’t remember, maybe when I was a kid. You?” 
“A couple times, by a friend or something.” I answered. 
“My cousins tied me up in a game we were playing once, just for fun, I had to be 8 or 9.” she continued 
“Did you like it?” I asked. 
“Yeah, it was fun, I guess.”she answered. 
Suddenly a huge bell rang in my head, there’s my opening. 
“I love it.” I said, “I really don’t like to be tied up, but I like to tie up people.” 
“Really?” Rachel smiled. 
After that for like 20 minutes we went back and fourth discussing our past experiences, though I dominated most of the conversation. Rachel said she was only tied up once or twice for fun by her friends and cousins, but during the experiences she said she loved playing the “damsel in distress”. 
She thought it was fun, but she never really got into the whole bondage thing. I told her I was into simple bondage, not the whole dominating, pain, and leather dominatrix stuff. I first I thought she was gonna think I was nuts, but she really enjoyed listening and she seemed very interested. Well 10 minutes passed and all of a sudden I felt really awkward, like I shouldn’t have told her that I liked bondage. Rachel suddenly got up, walked to the kitchen, and got something to drink. 
“You won’t use tape or anything like that would you?” she yelled from the kitchen. 
She brought up the bondage conversation again, I sensed that she was pretty interested in it, and all my head was thinking was maybe I can tie her up tonight. I mean it would be a dream for me, I knew this girl since the 7th grade, we really got to know each other in high school and we started to go out towards the end of junior year, so at the time we were together for about 2 and ½ years. We were out of high school and in a great relationship, and I thought Do I really have to wait this long to tie up my girlfriend?. Rachel seemed interested, so why not show her what I like. So back to what she said,“You won’t use tape or anything like that would you?” 
“Well, if you don’t want me to.” I answered. 
“It would just hurt, you know, to get it off.” Rachel continued. 
I was a little bit disappointed right there, because the tape-gag is my favorite to see on a girl, but right now I just wanted to tie her up anyway PERIOD. 
The tension was killing me. 
“Can I tie you up Rachel?” I blatantly asked. 
I almost couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth, I was always so restrictive about my bondage fetish. 
“Why not, I’m open to new experiences.” She answered. 
I nearly died, outside I looked calm cool and collective, like a pro, but inside there was a miniature me screaming “YES YES YES, GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I’M GONNA TIE HER UP! AHHHHH!” and so on. 
“So what do you need?” she asked, “ anything special?” 
“Just you, and a scenario.” I answered. 
I always needed a scenario when I was gonna tie up someone, I always did since I was a kid, it makes it more fun, more real. 
“Like what, a kidnaping or something?” she said 
“Yeah, something simple like that.” I replied. 
“How about a home invasion.” she suggested, “I’m the helpless girl in peril and you’re the invader. Simple right?” 
“Yeah that’s great.” I said, “You go do something, I’ll get what ever I need and find you and tie you up. And pretend you don’t hear me or see me, even if you do.” 
“Gotcha.” she said as she walked away. 
I quickly went into the closet and got some things out. She obviously didn’t want tape, so I got soft things like scarves, bandanas, and this soft long rope-like thingie. I put them in a little bag and went to go outside the house. 
“All right I’m starting!” I said as I walked out the house. 
“I’m ready!” Rachel yelled back. 
I stood outside the front door for a few seconds and quietly reentered the house. 
I snuck towards the bedroom, but no one was on sight. I then tip toed over to the bathroom and peeked in. There was Rachel barefoot with these short tight blue shorts on and a white tank top. She looked AMAZING. She was combing here hair back into a pony tail. I ogled until she was finished, I knew she knew I was there from the cute smirk on her face. She finished and turned off the lights. I stood to the left of the doorway waiting for her to come out. A second later she walked out and I snook up behind her and clenched my hand over her mouth. She squeaked in surprisal. 
“Cooperate and I won’t hurt you.” I kidded. 
I took my other hand and wrapped it around her stomach and dragged her to the bedroom as she kicked and groaned in anger. Rachel was really getting into it. I threw her on the bed and kneeled over her. 
“Hel-“ Rachel said as I once again put my hand over her mouth. 
“We need something to stop that mouth of yours.” I said as I reached for my bag and pulled out a long blue bandana. 
Rachel’s eyes widened. I then placed the bandana over her mouth and she clenched it between her teeth. I then picked up her head and tied the back into a knot. I turned her over and held her down as she wiggled and squirmed. I reached for some rope and grabbed her wrists and started tied them together. She moaned through her gag and struggled as I finished tying her wrists. I took a step back and watch her struggle against her bounds. I then grabbed her legs and threw them on the bed. I took out a yellow scarf and began to tie her ankles together. After that I once again took a step back and watched her struggle helplessly on the bed. She put on a little show for me, whipping around and trying to talk, she really sold the whole helpless part. I then picked her up into a fireman’s carry(I think that’s what they call it) and carried her over to the couch and watched my cleave gagged girl struggle some more. I then put her into a hogtie, which didn’t last long because she signaled to me that it was pretty uncomfortable. She was tied up for about an hour. I did simple things to her like tickle the soles of her feet and her belly. Then we “made out” as the kids call it with and without her gag. And I must say, it’s a cool feeling “making out” with someone who’s cleave gagged. We also did some other things which are *explicit* for this site. After that I untied her and took off her gag. 
“Wow, your good at the whole bondage thing.” she told me 
“And your great at the whole helpless girl thing.” I replied. 
“I’m glad you introduced me to bondage, I really like it.” she said, “We have to do it again!” 
I smiled and shook my head, “Oh yes we do.” 
A beautiful girl, who loves to be tied up, and loves to be tied up by me, and loves bondage as much as I do. A total dream come true. There’s been a lot of talk on this board on how should they approach there boyfriend or girlfriend and telling them they like bondage. It’s simple just, tell them. It’s not like they’re gonna just run away frightened, thinking your nuts. And if they do, then they’re kinda weird anyway because bondage is a lot of fun, and as corny as it may sound
there are more fish in the sea, and your bound to find the one.(no pun intended) 

Write again soon,

J. Constantine

Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 12:20:37 PM
Hey, Mark T. my email address is
Can't wait to talk to you.

Mr. Braggadocious

Mr. Braggadocious

Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 08:09:35 PM
Does anybody and I mean anybody know the best way to tie up a person cause, it's my brother who's the rope master in my family, not me.
the unmentioned one

Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 10:05:27 PM
Awesome and cute story, Constantine. I love how you vary your stories, telling ones from both the distant past and your later years - your childhood, your teenhood, and your college years. I never know what to expect! Except for one thing they all have in common - they're all cute.

Can't wait to hear more!

Wednesday, August 17th 2005 - 11:29:27 PM
Ownage in its purest form.

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 02:04:23 AM
Rusty Scores 
Hey guys, I’ve got a story about tying up a pretty girl, if anyone’s interested.

She was wearing a skirt, so if that sounds like your cup a’ tea just let me know.

So just leave a comment or send me an email if that sounds appealing. That way I’ll know you want to hear my story about a pretty girl getting tied up…

You know what… I’ll just tell it now.

Astute readers may remember I posted a story maybe a month back about getting tied up by a silly indie rock girl named Gabrielle. That story took place about a year ago and I was seventeen at the time and she was nineteen.
We see each other a lot and hang out and are close friends now. She doesn’t tie people up that much anymore but she always reminds me about the time she had me tied up and at her mercy (that’s kind of melodramatic) and it’s a great memory of mine.
Actually that experience was an awakening of sorts for me as I’ve found myself increasingly enamored with the idea of tying up girls, and often on the lookout for potential targets. I’ve given lots of thought to how I’d bring it up, you know, it’s a delicate issue. Of course the most obvious candidate is Gabrielle because we already know she’s freaky, but I figure it’s a given that I’ll tie her up one day. I’d rather take on someone a bit more evasive, plus I don’t want to be a bondage virgin the first time I take on the master (mistress).

So this story does not involve Gabrielle. Except for that part where I was talking about her, which is over now.

I have another friend and her name is Maggie. She’s a real cool chick. We have a complex relationship. She sings me songs and draws me pictures and wears tee shirts with the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders and I like her arms a lot. She has two tattoos, one on her tummy and one on her shin.
Lately I’ve been sad because she’s about to move away to Michigan. Well she’s moved by now but this was last week. We were hanging out for the last time because the next day she was taking off. I’d been telling her that I wanted to record her singing this Rolling Stones song (I have a weird obsession with this song, partly because it plays in my favorite Martin Scorsese movie Mean Streets).

So we were down in my basement where I have a four track set up with some guitars and mics and stuff. It’s not much but it’s a convenient little set up and I get a lot of work done down there.

So I was bringing some stuff down there, chairs and stuff and also… dun dun dunnnnnnnnn… a roll of duct tape.

About this roll of tape. It’s possible that maybe I was actually going to need duct tape for some legitimate reason but also it’s more possible that I was thinking I might be able to talk sweet Maggie into a kidnapping scheme on our last day together. When She saw the roll of duct tape, it was like she read my mind, she smiled and asked if I was going to tie her up. I couldn’t believe she’d beaten me to the punch like that. I wondered if maybe she was hoping for the same thing as me.

I put on my best poker face and I said “I hadn’t thought about it but now I think I just might.” And I grinned a fiendish grin…

But first I wanted to get this recording out of the way so we went back to business. This was a good move on my part, I was a dedicated artist rather than I was some deviant who couldn’t wait to get her down in my basement and defile her.

So after we recorded my song we were sitting around and talking. We were sitting close enough together that our knees were touching. This was one of the few times I’d known her to wear a short skirt and she looked very nice, nice arms, nice legs. I’m a fan of all her extremities.

I went back to the roll of duct tape, grinning fiendishly again. And she rambled on lazily about something or another I began making a big production of peeling off strip after strip of tape. She noticed what I was doing and eyed me with suspicion but didn’t acknowledge it otherwise.

When I had a strip that was about 2-2.5’, I tore it off with my teeth (it was being difficult) and she looked at me and she knew where this was going. And I wonder if she’d regretted bringing it up in the first place but she was also noticeably excited. “Put your wrists out” I said but she blushed and said “but I have to go soon” she protested and I didn’t like the sound of that so I said “but I thought you wanted me to kidnap you” and she said “well, I never said it like that…”

This went back and forth for a little bit there but here’s the important part. All you lurkers who are always asking “how can I tie someone up” here’s how you do it:
I held the strip of tape taught between my hands and then looked at her with this practiced intense puppy dog eyes look and just waited patiently and without saying anything. Befor too long she crossed her wrists in a docile fashion and held them out to me. I wrapped them together really tightly (yeah, hands in front, I know) and while I was doing it she actually asked “Why am I letting you do this again” and I said “Because I can be very seductive and charming when I want” and I guess that was a good enough answer for her. So there you go, there’s your magic formula: 1. introduce duct tape innocently 2. tell her you want to tie her up 3. give her the intense puppy dog eyes till she melts 4. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I had her wrists secured I put her feet up on a crate and taped her ankles together very thoroughly. She said “oh no, how am I going to get out”, she kept making a fuss but she was never anything less than completely cooperative which I took as encouragement. “I’ll just keep you prisoner from now on I guess” and I liked that idea quite a bit.

When I had her bound hand and foot I sat back and admired my work while I anxiously tore off another, smaller, strip. "One more strip for you" I said excitedly. “Where are you going to put it” she asked. I like to think she knew the answer to this question so I just smiled and said “Where do you think babe?” and I took her silence as an admission that she knew exactly what I was going to tape up next.

I came next to her, so close that I was breathing on her neck, and I whispered in her ear “put your lips together” which she did very obediently, no protests at all and I pulled the tape tightly over her mouth, smoothing it down over her lips and fastening the corners. I think she was surprised how tightly I applied the tape and made a few “mpphhs” through the tape but it stayed on fine. All she could do now was look at me with pleading eyes and make sexy but otherwise ineffectual protest sounds through her gag. This was great, I couldn’t believe I’d gotten away with this much and best of all I was getting the impression she was enjoying this as much as I was. With this in mind I wanted to make her a bit more secure so I moved back down to her legs and wrapped some tape around her naked thighs. 

And now I’d like to take a quick moment to talk about music. No one ever seems to mention the soundtracks to there little bondage escapades but so far music has played a pretty important role in my adventures. When Gabrielle tied me up we were listening to the Shins, for no particular reason, and that was okay, there a good band and all. But while I was binding and gagging my hostage we were listening to Belle and Sebastian and I’d like to just go ahead and recommend that for all your deviant needs. Every song seemed to fit the mood just right. Plus if you’ve seen the movie Storytelling you already know that B&S is the music of choice for raunchy adolescent experimentation.

Moving right along, Maggie was taped up nice and good but I was starting to feel a little guilty. I decided I’d give her a chance to escape so I told her I was going to go upstairs and check on something and she should try to escape while I was gone. Except I didn’t play fair exactly. Her hands were taped in front remember, and I didn’t want her to be able to reach the tape on her mouth. So I had her sit on the floor (which she didn’t seem to like she was gagged so she couldn’t say anything about it) I put her wrists and ankles other and tapped them up, kind of a reverse hog tie, there’s probably a name for it.
I was upstairs for just a minute ( I really did have to check on something) and when I came back down stairs she was lying on her back, which brought her legs up in the air, and she was making lots of noise under her gag. I hated to do it but I immediately undid the tape on her mouth and asked if she was okay. She said she was fine but that she didn’t like not being able to move and that the tape was digging into her wrists (she had a bracelet on). I said “it’s okay, I’ll untie you”.
Even though it was the last thing I wanted to do (Gabrielle got to keep me tied and gagged for like an hour!) I immediately undid her wrists. I hated untying her but I was very grateful for having the opportunity to tie a her up in the first place and I didn’t want her to leave with a bad kidnapping experience.
“So I guess you didn’t like being taped up after all” I said.
“No I did” she said “I’ve never been tied up before. But I don’t think I’d let someone else do it.
“You just want me to do it”, and she nodded. I really like that she said that.
“You did a good job tying me up” she said.
And that’s the end


not today
http://maybe later

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 04:33:33 AM
Wow, great story Rusty. I really enjoyed it, to bad that she moved to Michigan, you could've made some more bondage experiences with her. Keep it up.
J. Constantine

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 08:13:22 AM
Torturing the Girls
This happened about 18 months ago, when i was 15. It was in October, and my family had gone away for the weekend leaving me with a free house. I decided to do some coursework, but got bored at about 4:30. There are these two good-looking girls who live down the road from me, Sarah and Michelle, both were 14, so i thought I would invite them over for some 'fun'. I knew they were into tying-up because we had talked about it before.

I invited Sarah over first, and waited in my bedroom until she knocked on the door. I called for her to come in, so she did and then came up the stairs.

As you come in through my door, you turn left to my bed which is where she expected me to be. But i had hidden behind the door. I had a scarf in my hand that i had folded in half. As she came in and turned left, i crept up behind her and handgagged her. I took her over to my bed whilst she was struggling and mmmppphing. I used the scarf to blindfold her and then i sat her in a wooden chair with arms. I went to a box under my bed which contains all my supplies for 'emergencies'. In there i have about 8 rolls of duct tape, all different colours, and some feathers. I prefer to tie up with tape because it doesn't leave burning marks. Anyway, i removed a roll of silver duct tape and tied her left wrist to the arm of the chair. Then i tied her right wrist. Then each ankle, one at a time, to the chair legs. I wrapped it round about seven times for each limb. Then i secured her thighs to the base of the chair, and her body to the back of the chair. Finally, i tore off a piece and placed it frimly over her mouth, followed by two more strips. She was securely bound, and i stepped away to admire my work. 

Then i went downstairs to phone my other victim, Michelle, and told to come round and that Sarah was already here waiting. When i heard the knock i told her to come upstairs. Again, i had a scarf in my hand. As she entered, she didn't even have time to comment on Sarah before i pounced. I tied her up the same way, with black tape this time, in a chair the same as Sarah. I put the two chairs back to back and secured them with some tape. I then closed the curtains. I have two stools in my bedroom, so i put one in front of each girl. I untaped their legs, one at a time, and re-taped them to the stools. Then i slowly undid their trainers and removed their socks which revelaed their dainty feet. I went to my box and removed the feather. I slowly ran it up Sarah's feet, causing a sudden jerk. I got the same reaction with Michelle. I went mad on the feet for about ten minutes. Then i went and got a feather duster from downstairs and an electric toothbrush, and alternated between the two. They both squirmed around but couldn't do anything. I left them there for ten minutes to go and watch some TV. When i came back, i untaped sarah. however, instead of letting her go, i decided to tie her up on my bed, with her arms above her head tied to the head board. I did the same with Michelle. I went mad with the feather duster on their stomachs and under their arms, as well as their feet. This lasted for about 15 minutes. I then let them go and we went downstairs to watch telly and discuss.

Hope You liked it.


Jason Smith

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 12:18:55 PM
to unmentioned
Isn't it obvious: ask/challenge *him* to tie *you* up, and pay close attention to what he does and how. Flatter him even, tell him how good he is at it, how inescapabe it is, the works. How even he couldn't get out if he was tied that well.... (see where this is going?) 

At the least, you get some lessons from this "rope master" ideas, at best he lets you try on him to prove he can/can't get free either. At worst, he tickles the cr*p out of you while you're helpless, but that's the price of education.

OK, at very very worst, he tickles the cr*p out of you while you're helpless, then posts the story and link to pictures on this board - your bad luck, our good fortune. ;-)

Go for it!

> Does anybody and I mean anybody know the best way to
> tie up a person cause, it's my brother who's the rope
> master in my family, not me.
> the unmentioned one

been there (not this time)

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 01:48:34 PM
Graham UK
Graham UK, you write excellent stories!! Please continue to post. Thank you.

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 08:01:22 PM
Not the way I wanted it...
I've been browsing these sites for a while now, because, like many of you, I dig people being tied up. Particularly with duct tape. I've always wanted to tie a girl up, but have never had that opprotunity(I'm rather shy about that stuff). I myself have never wanted to be tied up, only to DO the tying. But enough intro, this is true what happened to me a week or so ago.

I'm 16 first off, with short brown hair. I'm not muscular, not fat, not stick-thin, just kind of average build. As something I just feel like saying, heres a fun fact that I keep figuring will make it REALLY hard to get married: I hate nudity, I hate sex, I hate the IDEA of sex, therefore, I do not want to have children. That has nothing to do with this story, but it adds to my shyness around girls. Speaking of which, I have neve approached one to tell her that I like her, which means I never could tell if they like me.

Anyway, a whole lot of people from the community, youngest at 14 and oldest at 17, gathered to have a big unofficial field day. I was in attendance, of course, as were a bunch of other people. The games were set to continue late into the night, which was actually fine for once, because my parents(who are nice and lenient, don't get me wrong, but dont like me staying out late,) were away for five days yet, leaving me in charge of the house alone. Which means I could stay out until the next day if I wanted. So the games are winding down, people are leaving, its about 9:30 at night, that great time during the summer when its pretty dark, but still lighter than say, midnight. We decide to have one last game of capture the flag.

The teams are split, one team all boys and one team all girls. Sinec a lot of people had left already, there were 8 boys(including me, of course,) and 9 girls. One of the girls who was still in attendance was one that I have liked since I can't remember when. A mix of red and brown hair, slender body, uh...'well endowed', and wearing a tight white shirt and blue jeans.

The rules were classic CTF, (the flags being traffic cones, one with a green stripe, boys team, and one with a yellow stripe, girls team.) but with the classic cause for tie up stories: each team could take on hostage from the other team. The teams got several rolls of duct tape,(remember, this was an unofficial field day, organized/managed without adult supervision,) and the only rule was the hostages MUST be kept at your team's base, and they could be used only as bargaining chips, if say they wanted a hint for the flag or the hostage from their team released. 'Awesome,' I think, 'I'll finally get a chance to tie a girl up with duct tape!'

The game began, and our team split up to cover as much ground as possible. To be 'out' was to be tagged, and each person was given a scarf, which would be taken from them. I don't feel like explaining the territories and such, but that is just part of the game. Because of that, we had one person guarding the flag, and everyone else split into twos. Well, that meant one person would have to go solo, and we drew straws, and I ended up being that person. So I cross the boundary from boys turf, into no man's land, into the girls turf, (this particular route I was taking was in a thick woodsy-area, the entire course was very large,)slowly creeping my way along, not making a sound. I realized that, since I was not one of the people who had duct tape,(which made sense, one person alone would have trouble tieing someone up when they are struggling with all they can,) I would have to handgag and restrain a girl and drag them back to our base. Well, that idea turned me on, and I progressed further into girls turf.

Suddenly I felt arms wrap around me, pinning my own arms to my side. Another hand went firmly over my mouth, and someone began wrapping duct tape around my ankles. The hand on my mouth pulled my head back to look up, so I could not see who was doing this to me. At least three people were involved, that's all I knew. The arms holding mine pulled them back, and duct tape was wrapped around my wrists behind me back. Finally I was put on the ground, still handgagged, and I could see who it was. It was the girl I liked,(lets call her 'G') and two of her friends. G a wristband she was wearing off and shoved it in my mouth, then duct taped it in place. Since at this point, I was still in the game, my biggest concern was if I looked as aroused as I was.

G and her friends turned away from me and began whispering to each other, laughing periodically while I tried to loosen the bonds, in vein. Finally they turned around and looked at me, and quickly all picked me up, and began carrying me away. I 'mmmmmppph'ed all I could, but I made almost no noise, and they seemed to think it was funny. Finally we were out of the woods, but not moving towards the girl's team's base. The carried me down a street into a culdesac(sp?), and I read the name on the mailbox as they carried me into a house. This was G's house!

Once we were in, I was carried up to what I assume was G's room and thrown on a bed. G's friends left, and G closed the door behind them. G instantly jumped on me, laying down directly on top of me. "I've liked you since around third grade, but you never say anything to me." she said. "and I think that you like me, am I right?" I nodded my head yes hesitantly. With that she removed my gag, and the wristband, and kissed me on the lips. I'm sure she was aware of-felt how aroused I was, and we paused like that for quite sometime. Most teens want some wild 'making out with tounge' and all that garbage, what I got was something more sensual, and ultimatly more satisfying. Just a kiss.

After that, she put the wristband back in and re-taped my mouth shut, much to my confusion. 'Hasn't she just accomplished what she set out to do?' I thought to myself. She sat up, so she was strattling me. "My team is going to take another hostage, because as of now, you are out of the game." she smiled. "my parents won't be home for two more days, and I know yours wont be for more than that. I'll tell your team that you got sick and had to go home." she put a hand on the side of my face. "I like you, *im not saying my name*, but I LOVE you tied up." With that she jumped off me and left the room, locked the door behind her. 'Her mistake,' I thought, 'She hasn't restrained me to anything, I just have to get the tape off.' In addition to that, the fact that she even left two rolls of duct tape in here with me makes me think she wanted me to get free and tie her up. Well, lets just say I surprised her regardless.

Sorry if that was long, I'll finish the story later

The Walkster

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 09:04:28 PM
Great story Walkster!
I really liked it... I almost wish that would happen to me.., I'm kinda envious that you've known a girl since 3rd grade, I obviously haven't.

P.S. I'm back dudes!

U. S. A

Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 10:56:38 PM
Looking back on it I have to admit I enjoyed it, but as much as I liked her, I was terrified with the idea of being her hostage for days.

I'll try and get the rest up tommorow, right now I'm tired.

The Walkster

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 12:41:27 AM
Lisa Ties Me
Hi everybody, Sandra here sorry it took me so long to write, I’ve just been to busy this summer, but everything’s winding down and schools about to start, so hopefully I can write between classes and homework. I’m continuing my stories on the first bondage themed summer I‘ve ever had. The first of which I spent when I was 10 as my cousin’s prisoner.

My new friend that I had made during my stay in my cousin’s town, Christa, and I were at the local pool. Christa, who is going to be my roommate this year, was occasionally (sometimes unwillingly) pulled into these little games I’ve played with my cousin and her roommates. Sadly she wasn’t part of this one. Anyway we walked back to the neighborhood after a fun afternoon of swimming. I asked if she wanted to come over, but her mom wanted her home for dinner. So I was to face my Captors alone.

Usually it was all three of them, my cousin Lisa and her roommates Laura and Tammy, that tied me up. However ever since Laura one night was the only one who got to tie me (see story Welcome Christa), Lisa and Tammy wanted a solo turn with me. So they flipped a coin to see who would get me first. But I wouldn’t know who it was or when it would be. On this particular day, I saw only one car in the driveway to the duplex that my cousin rented. Sure enough, one of the three crazy college women without a doubt had something special in store for me, while the other two went partying. The question was who?

I started to walk to the front door, with a wet towel slung over my shoulder and clad in my blue two-piece swim suit with my sockless feet in a pair of shoes. The suspense was killing me as I knocked on the door. The door opened, but no one was there. Well, actually there was, I knew the game they sometimes pulled this on me when they wanted to take me by surprise they’d open the door and hide behind it. They would all be hiding and one of them would come out and grab me. I stepped in not expecting to be surprised at all somehow I was. I guess somebody grabs you from behind and covers your mouth you’re naturally surprised.

My captor picked me up off the ground and took me to the living room where she lay me down on the floor. I couldn’t tell who my captor was because she wore a ski mask. Before long my hands were handcuffed bind my back and I was cleave gagged. She rolled me on my back and tickled my stomach for a while.

Lisa then picked me off the ground and on to my feet, and led me to her bed room and took off the handcuffs. She then sat me in a chair and cuffed my hands behind it. “What are you doing wearing shoes?” she asked, “You’re not allowed to wear shoes.”

Lisa took off my shoes leaving me barefoot. She then took a piece of rope, made me cross my legs, and my ankles together. When any of these three women tied me up, it was obvious that there was no getting away, no matter how much I struggled, they tied me up good. While sat there Lisa put my hair into a pony tail.
When she was finished I was then untied from the chair and made to sit in a corner. Lisa made me sit there with my back to the corner, for couple minutes, with my hands cuffed behind my back while went in the closet. While she was in there, obviously getting more rope and probably a new gag, I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I tried to let her know but the gag in my mouth kept her from understanding any of my words. When she came back out I finally understood, so she untied me so I could go.

After I was finished Lisa took my gag off and put a new one in, this one had a knot in it. With the knot-gag in my mouth she led me over to her bed and made me lay on it face down. Then she tied my hand behind my back again, this time with rope, in an X-shape. She made me sit up, then took another piece of rope and looped it around just under my chest, and took another piece and same just above. She took what was left of the piece above my chest and tied it to the piece below my chest, between where my breasts would begin to develop a few years later.

Next, Lisa tied another piece of rope around my waist and attached to both arms just above where my wrists were tied. She was now done with my upper body; she was now going to do my legs. “Now turn around, and give me your feet” she said.

I turned around, lay on my back, and lifted my bare feet to her. She then wrapped some rope around my ankles and left about a foot of it dangling from my ankles. I knew what this meant, I was about to be hogtied. A hogtie was my favorite position to be tied in, but I never showed any excitement about it, because I couldn’t pull off my captive role if I did. Lisa then tied my thighs, my knees, and my shins together. Then completed my hogtie by rolling me on my stomach and tying the dangling piece of rope on my ankles to my wrists. Lisa then unlaced one of my shoes, took the shoelace out and tied my two big toes together with it.

I tested my ropes, no getting out of this tie. Here I was on a bed, in my two piece swim suit, hogtied, gagged with a knot in my mouth. Lisa did a little tickle torture on my feet and my sides, for the rest of the time. 

That night, I changed into my pajamas and was tied to my bed, eagle spread and the knot gag was in my mouth. I went to sleep wondering when Tammy’s turn was, and what did she have planned for me?

Sandra Davis

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 03:13:08 AM
Nice story Sandra! I'd love to hear about the other adventures you had with your college cousins when you get the time.

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 08:57:26 AM
Kelly Joins In
Another friend I’ve made during my first stay at my cousin’s place was Kelly. At the time she was 11 years old, a year older than I am. I’ve met her through Christa, and the three of us would play from mourning till night, that is if my cousin and her two partners in crime didn’t have anything “special” planned. Kelly was much taller than I was, about an inch taller than Christa. She has brown eyes, tan skin and long black hair.

Ever since the day Laura forced Christa into one of our games, for two weeks she was very tense about even coming near Lisa’s place. One day during one of those weeks, while I was at her house, Kelly asked me why. “Don’t tell this to anyone,” I said, and then told her about the event between me, her and Laura. I knew that I could trust Kelly to keep a secret, I knew this through Christa. Any little secret like the one I had would go to the grave with her.

When I finished telling her, she gave me that “No freaking way” look. “You’re serious? Your cousin does that to you?” She said. I nodded.

“Show me,” She said.

I checked the time, Lisa and her roommates would be home from work any minute. I told her, “Maybe later, they’ll be home soon. And besides, you might wind up getting tied up yourself.”

“I don’t think I’d mind, it sounds like fun.” She answered.

Couldn’t argue there, it was fun. So I took her to my cousin’s place. Once inside, I took my shoes off and we went upstairs, and went into Lisa’s room first. Lisa had the biggest closet. In the back there was lots of rope and cloth for gags. Kelly took a few pieces, saying she wanted to tie me up right now. I wanted to show her the other stuff that Tammy and Laura had in their room, so I just let her tie my hands in front of me. She agreed to that.

I then led her to the other room. There, with my tied hand I opened the drawer that held more ropes and handcuffs, then the one that held the gags. Kelly got anxious, so I sat down and let her tie my ankles. She could tie you up good. And no tie up was complete without a gag. She took one of the ballgags and commented that she had never seen a gag like it before. “Oh really, does that mean you want to try it on?” said a voice.

We turned our heads to see Laura in the door way. They were home. We didn’t even hear them enter. They all came in, Tammy grabbed Kelly, and Laura took the ballgag. Kelly didn’t even struggle; I guessed she wanted this to happen. “What shall we do with this one?” asked Tammy.

“She knows too much,” Laura replied, as she went into the drawer and brought out two homemade ballgags. One of the hobbies that my cousin and her roommates took up was making homemade bondage gear. The ballgags almost looked like they were done by a professional. They made these gags smaller, specifically for my mouth; because a normal ballgag couldn’t fit all the way in. These smaller ones on the other hand fit my mouth perfectly, and shut me up pretty good.

Tammy started tying up Kelly the same way I was tied, hands in front and ankles tied. They added an extra tie around our knees. Then they took us downstairs to the TV room, where they put a ballgag on both of us. They then sat us in chairs, and tied us together back to back. Laura then took a small piece of string, and as always, tied my big toes together. Kelly still had her shoes on, so Tammy took them off. Laura put her hand under my chin and turned my head up so that I could look at her, “Thank you for bringing another friend,” She said before heading up stairs with Tammy.

So there we were, two captives awaiting our fate. Bound together, gagged, and barefoot. Kelly was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Me, I was wearing jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. Kelly started making noise into her gag, but all that was coming out was a soft, “HMPH!”

We both tested the bonds. Tight and inescapable as usual. Laura and Tammy came back down with Lisa following. Laura and Tammy each had a feather in hand. Lisa propped our feet upon stools. Laura then pulled up a chair and sat in front of me. Tammy got another chair and sat in front of Kelly. The explained that Tammy and Laura made a bet to see which one of us could laugh the loudest. Apparently Laura was betting on me.

“Here are the rules,” announced Lisa, “You only do their feet, do anything else and you’re disqualified. There will be two rounds, first round you us a feather, second round you use your finger nails. If it end in a tie, we’ll untie them from the chairs and tickle their ribs. Is all that clear?” Everyone nodded. “Ready, set, GO!”

When Lisa gave the signal, Laura started stroking the tip of her feather up and down the souls of my feet. Me and Kelly’s muffled laughter was probably heard throughout the entire place. To sum it all up, I laughed the loudest in both rounds and Laura earned $10 from Tammy. Kelly wasn’t as ticklish as I was.

They untied us from the chairs and Lisa carried Kelly up the stairs while Laura slung me over her shoulder and headed in the same direction. Next they untied our wrists, and retied them behind our backs. Lisa took some rope and used it to tie my thighs and calves together, so now I couldn’t straighten out my legs. Meanwhile, Tammy put Kelly in a hogtie, I was a little jealous that they did that to her and not me, not that I had any say in the matter.

Laura, who had left the room, came back in with a Polaroid camera and snapped a couple pictures of us. After that they all just left the room and shut the door. I lay down on my back, relaxed, and tested the ropes. I looked over at Kelly, who was indeed having just as good of time as I was. Our gags were never removed so there was no conversation. I could only wonder our three crazy captors would be back.

I didn’t have to wonder much longer. Lisa came back into the room and untied the rope that bound my calves and thighs. She then did the same with Kelly’s hogtie. Next she scooted me to the foot of the bed, lay me on my back and tied my feet to me bottom left hand post, letting them hang off by only a couple inches. Lisa did the same thing with Kelly’s feet on the opposite post. Then she tickled Kelly’s souls with her finger nails and then did the same thing with me.

Tammy and Laura soon joined in and spent the rest of the time tickling us and tying us in different positions. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. It was 7:45 and Kelly had to get home. Our captors finally untied us and I said goodbye to Kelly, “Maybe you can come over to my place, and I’ll tie you up there sometime,” she said. I said, maybe. Little did I know just how serious she was about it. Kelly was the 6th of 7 people to be inducted into our little bondage circle, but I wouldn’t meet that 7th member until next year.

Sandra Davis

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 11:12:47 AM
Not the way I wanted it (part 2)
I sat on the bed struggling at the tape, and realized that this would take some work to get off, and I didn't know how much time I had. Luckily she had a clock in her room. It was about 10:15 now. I decided to mess with G, so I got off of the bed and shimmied towards her closet(hopping would have made too much noise, and alerted her to my movement). I managed to get it open behind my back, then got inside and managed to close the door. From what I could see of the closet, it was fairly big for what it was.

After I don't know how long I heard G come back in her room, pause, and start calling my name. She eventually got more and more panicked, and after looking behind the bed, under the bed, etc., i heard her run back out of the room. I laughed, but luckily the gag stopped almost all sound. After another long period of time I heard her return, talking to someone. She had brought her two friends back. Now I was a bit worried, since it would be near impossible to escape.

After they walked around the room a bit one of her friends opened the closet. I threw myself at her to try and get the advantage,(still not sure why, it was a spur of the moment choice,) and she fell to the floor. Of course, it would be hard for me to pick myself up, but that didnt matter. G picked me up, and threw me on her bed. G left the room, and quickly returned with a chair from her office. It was wooden with no arms and small pole-like objects making up most of the back.(Maybe that wasnt a good description..)

They sat me down in it, and untied my ankles, the quickly tied one ankle to one leg of the chair, then the other ankle to the other leg. one of G's friend pulled even MORE duct tape out of a drawer,(I guess they had every base covered,) bringing it up to about 5 rolls of duct tape. I swore under my breathe,(well as best I could anyway,) as they wrapped duct tape around my upper legs, then undid my wrists, and tied them to the poles on the back of the chair, going over the actual solid top of the back. They then taped around my waist, so I was almost completely immobile. I 'mmmph'ed as much as I could and struggled to get free. One of her friends approached me, saying "You scared (G's real name) to death, you asshole." She then slapped/punched me in the face several times, and G's other friend joined in too, giggling. Some people like pain in their relationship, I sure as hell don't.

Thankfully, G didn't either. She tried to stop them, but they didn't want to listen. Finally G convinced them to leave the room with her so they could talk or something, leaving me alone to struggle at my bonds. I could hear voices slowly getting raised outside, and finally heard someone scream. G's two friends quickly carried her in and sat her on the chair on top of me, facing me. They pulled her legs out and stretched them so they were taped to the legs of the chair behind me, then pulled her arms through two of the poles on the chair into a hugging position around me and taped them there. They of course finished with a gag similar to mine,(with G's other wristband, no less,) and taped her around the waist to me several times.

"Awww," one of them said, "The two little lovebirds together forever." they both laughed and left the room as we both 'mmmmph'ed furiously. Right now several things were going through my mind, such as: What the hell did she say to them or do to them that made them turn on her like this?, or: If they don't come back for us, we could be like this for two days, without food, water, a bathroom, or anything really. It was about 11:00 now, and G began to cry into my shoulder.

After about another hour of work, G was asleep and my gag was starting to come off. After another 45 minutes or so, I got the tape off and spat out the wristband. "(g's name)," I said, nudgeing her head with mine. She woke up and looked at me wide-eyed. "I got my gag off, I can try to get yours off too. Just hold still." She did, and I managed to work the tape off with my teeth, being careful to be gentle. After her gag was off, she kissed me and apologized for the whole mess. "No, We can be out of this by morning," I said. I wasn't so sure. It might have been a tad easier if we were on a mobile chair, one that had wheels, becuase would could rub our bonds against something, but no such luck.

I woke up, unaware that I had gone to sleep in the first place, to the same sight I saw at night. G's beatiful face. For a second I forgot where we were, but as I went to get up I remembered. G was still asleep, so I tried to work on my bonds without waking her. I must have been working for three hours or so before I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Either G's two friends returned, or her parents were home early. Either way I was scared out of my mind.


I'll keep going now, just splitting it into another part

The Walkster

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 12:43:42 PM
This is my first time posting so cut me some slack. Anyway, I had a baby sitter over.(I was 11).And she was into bondage.I was reading a story about a kidnapped girl when she walked in the room.Did I mention she was really hot? She flatly asked me if she could tie me up. I said ok and the next thing I knew, I was off the couch and in the chair. She got out some rope and tied me to it. Then she got out a hankerchif and stuffed it in my mouth and then put duct tape over my mouth. I started to struggle but the ropes held. then she got on top of me and started tickling me. I tried to laugh but the gag kept me silent.God was I tuned on!Eventually she let me go and I was so wound up I didnt get to sleep untill one o clock 

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 01:31:55 PM
Not the way I wanted it (conclusion)
The door opened and G's two friends entered. Before I could say anything, one of them quickly jumped behind me and handgagged me, while the other one re-gagged G while she was still asleep. She woke up just as the wristband went into her mouth, and didn't have time to react once the tape went on. I was also regagged, and both of us had much more tape applied. They first undid G's legs, then undid her hands and re-tied them behind her back. They decided to give us time to go to the bathroom, and get some food and water. However, all we got undone were our legs. After G was done, she was brought back and kept on the bed, under watch of one of her friends, then I was led out by the other. Once I was done, they had us both on the bed.

The whispered to each other for a minute, leaving us to squirm, then they turned back to us. "This has been a pretty weird experience, huh?" one said, laughing. "Here's whats going to happen, we're splitting you guys up." They both picked G up and carried her out the door. I could hear her 'mmmph'ing down the hall, the sound slowly dieing away. I wished to god I could have helped her, but unfortunatly, I was in the same problem. After a few minutes they returned for me, and carried me down into the basement of the house. They carried me over to a pole and quickly untied and retied my wrists to it, then my ankles and legs and chest. Then they wrapped tape around the gag and the pole, making me completely immobile. I 'mmph'ed for freedom, but in vein. The left the room laughed and turned off the light, leaving me in pitch black.

I still have no idea what the hell compelled them to do everything they did, but they sure wanted to ruin everything for me and G. I kept wondering what she had said to them to piss them off so much. I struggled as much as I could at my bonds. After some period of time my eyes began to make out shapes and such. I was in some kind of storage room, it was incredibly gritty and full of boxes and such. For all I knew there were rats and such, so I wanted to get out as fast as I could. After a while I managed to get one of my wrists free, and I immediatly went to work.

I got the other hand free, and ripped the tape around my chest, legs, and head, then got the gag off. I slowly opened the door and had to squint because of the light. Noone was outside. After a few minutes my eyes re-adjusted, and I saw noone was in the basement. I slowly made my way up the floors, looking and listening for G. It seemed like her two friends had left the house. I walked around listening for her, when I finally found her tied to her parents bed spread eagle. I untied her and we quickly left the house and went to mine.

As it turned out, she didnt say anything offensive to her two "friends". They had just gone of the proverbial deep end. They had been planning it for quite some time, to get her tied up one way or another after I was. They had planned to let G go when her parents got home but kidnap me by taking me back to one of their houses for another few days. They ended up getting sent to juvinelle hall or something like it for that incident in addition to taking out their parents car without permission - while they were drunk. 

Crazy what can happen in a weeks time. I ended up having a girlfriend, two of her "friends" got send to juvi., and of course, I got kidnapped. As a side note, I still don't know who won that game of Capture the Flag.


There, that was probably the most scared I've ever been in my life. Can I get feedback on how I wrote it in case i ever have another story to tell?

The Walkster

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 03:52:42 PM
Kidnapped by Kelly
Last time, my friend Kelly was inducted into our little bondage circle, when my cousins caught her tying me up. Kelly, for the next two days thought of nothing else, she liked to be tied up almost as much as I did. But Kelly was obsessed with tying me and Christa up. We didn’t know how serious until one day, I was playing with Christa in Kelly’s back yard. Christa was wearing sandals, a t-shirt and shorts, and I was wearing a tank top, jeans, and flip-flops. All of the sudden I felt a small jet of water hit the back of my head. I turned around to see Kelly, clad in a t-shirt and shorts, holing a squirt gun, “I’m kidnapping you guys,” she said pointing the toy gun at me, “Go get some rope from your place or else.”

I thought what the heck? So I ran back to my cousin, Lisa’s place, put some ropes and gags in a back pack, and hurried back to Kelly’s back yard. It was only five blocks away. Kelly had the perfect place for privacy; her back yard was so big that her dad built her a small cabin in it, mainly built for sleepovers. The cabin had about four mattresses on the ground and the best part was that her parents hardly bothered us. When they checked on us, they always spoke through the door and never walked in. Not to mention that it also had a built in restroom.

When I got back, Kelly said that it was alright to have a sleepover. I called my cousin’s place and told the news to the answering machine and was good to go. We went back outside where Kelly pointed her water pistol at Christa and I, and we walked to the Cabin.

Once there, Kelly led us inside where I set the back pack down and Kelly locked the door. The first thing Kelly told us to do kind of shocked us, “Take off your pants.”

“What?” Christa said.

“If you somehow make it out of the ropes you could just walk outside and escape, but if you don’t have your pants you’ll be too embarrassed to go out,” I wasn’t crazy about being tied up in my underwear all night, we argued about it for a couple minutes. But then I just got tired of arguing, so I kicked off my flip-flops and took off the jeans I was wearing. Christa eventually did the same with her shorts. Christa and I sat down on two different mattresses. Kelly then pulled my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together, then pick up my feet and tied my ankles together, and finally she gagged me. Christa, in no time was tied up just like I was.

Kelly proceeded to taunt us, and squirt at us with a squirt gun. We were tied like that for a good two hours, and I had to go to the restroom. So I inched myself over to the bathroom door. Kelly got the message and untied me. I came out and Kelly told me that she hoped that was the only time, ‘cause she wasn’t going to untie me again for any reason.

Just as she was about to retie me, but dinner came, so Kelly untied Christa. We ate, Christa was given her bathroom break, and then we were once again at Kelly’s mercy. This time, Kelly tied us back to back. She left us like that until it was time for bed. That’s when she separated us and tied us back to our original positions.

The next morning, I awoke to something scratching the souls of my feet. I started laughing into my gag. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that it not Kelly, but Christa tickling me!

To be continued…

Sandra Davis

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 07:09:49 PM
Old News
I had some time on my hands, and used it to peruse the archives. In this perusal, back in August 99, I came across a story by "Burke," which was criticized by a "Harmonizer45" for implying that there was some "official aspect" to a scout game called "Hog Tie the Rustler."

As someone who was involved in Scouts in the late 50's and early 60's, I found the reference to the "Boy Scout Program Quarterly" to be accurate. Such a publication did exist. But my curiosity was piqued, and, after several trips to the local scout council office, where they have a huge library of old scout publications, I finally found that Burke was speaking the truth, although his time frame may have been a little off.

The issue in question, is the Boy Scout Program Quarterly, Fall 1960. The game is on page 16.

OK, this is six years old, but there is a bit of a thrill in solving a "cold case."



Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 01:21:14 AM
if you haven't seen the movie "jaw breaker" then do so. In the opening of the movie, there are four highschool girls, and it's of their b-days. So three of them sneak in one morning and kidnap her. A jawbreaker is shoved in her mouth and wide duct tape is placed over it. There is some good mmmphing but the scene is not that short. She's wearing her bra and panties and is tied up too. She ends up choking to death on the jawbreaker in the trunk of the car, creating the plot for the rest of the movie.

Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 03:00:31 AM
To Sandra
“What are you doing wearing shoes?” she asked, “You’re not aloud to wear shoes.” 

I love that line right there. Tied up, then had your footwear removed. The barefoot feeling does kind of add to the submission, doesn't it?

I love the stories that have you as the prisoner of your older cousins best; I'm not that big a fan of the ones with you tied by friends, but hey, others like them of course, so keep telling the stories you've got.

Were any males part of the tie-up group at any time - were you the prisoner of, say, your cousin's male friend?

Your days of being kept prisoner are awesome. Ever get taken from one location to another, like in the trunk of a car?

Keep up the great work!

Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 01:01:13 PM
not fair you guys are lucky.
*playful friends
its just not fair

Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 02:25:36 AM
A note for Canuck
When will the stories from june be posted? I'm wanting to know, 'cause they are kinda late...

P. S. I'm still sorry about the ruckus I caused...


Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 03:36:16 PM
hoftied pt 2
sorri i took so long but i went away anyway im bac now

anyway so jamie lee hung up the phone and i was left toterly alone and helplessafter about an hour i heard someone ring the door bell i started to try and scream as loud as possible then i heard a key in the doot and somone walked in and shut the door i heard someone shout kath but didnt recoznize the voice it was a boy with a deepish voice then i heard then walk around finerly i heard then walk in the living room and i could see him (it was my ex boyfriend anthony i hadnt spoken to hom since last november and he was an prick 2 me 4 the last few days and stole my door key) he saw me on the floor and ran in he then took the tape off and said what happend i just told him to untie me and he stood up and said ow but i could have some fun with you like this i said to him don't you dare and he said ok only jokin he then found the key and untied me we stayed in there and i asked him wh he was here he just said that he felt bad about evrythin and came to talk and give me my keys back after a few minuets he left (i never wanted to see anthony but i was glad when he showed up then lol)

da end


Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 08:04:00 PM
Sleepover Tickling
I'll introduce myself first. My name is Amanda, and I'm 15. I'm short, 5'2'' pshaa. I have black, or almost black hair, freckles, and dark brown eyes. My friend Lizzie is about 5'5'' or 5'6'' and she's skinny with blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.

One night, a few months ago, I had my friend Lizzie sleepover. We ate some snacks, watched some TV, and a movie (don't remember which one), and then we got comfy t-shirts and shorts on, and went down to the basement to set-up our sleeping place. We chose my black futon, and set-up. 

We exchanged some playful tickles. We even had some tickle fights, and then I had an idea so I went to get a belt and a blindfold. So I said, "Lizzie, if I let you tie me up and tickle me, I get to do the same to you." She protested at first but then said, "fine." So I had her tie my hands behind my back, and blindfold me. I then got into a semi-comfortable position, and then it started. Remember, I was blindfolded so I couldn't see where she was going. Then, Lizzie started by tickling my stomach. 

I'm not the most ticklish of people, but it still really tickled so I laughed. "Ahahahahahaha!!" Then she would stop, but she still used all 10 fingers at once. Lizzie would only stop for a few seconds and then start up again. It was just tickling my sides and stomach, but it reaallly tickled. She would evilly taunt, "Tickle Tickle Tickle!" and then actually do it again! I think this went on for about an hour. I did a lot of wiggling around, that was basically all i could do, besides laugh. 

She finally stopped and untied and unblindfolded me. Finally I caught my breath and said, "Okay, Lizzie it's your turn!!" And she said, "Noooo, I don't want to be tied." But I said, "Come on, I let you do it to me, and I wont tickle you for as long." So, i tied her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. So of course she couldn't see, and I was silent the whole time so she didn't know what was coming. And then I started. I tickled her stomach first, and that got a laughing reaction and some wiggling. Then, I went straight for her sides, and that got an even bigger reaction. So, I kept that going for awhile, while she laughed uncontrollably. "Hahahahahahaha" I tried to tickle her feet, but she kicked me in the nose (which hurt I might add). So, I quickly decided not to anymore I think I kept this going for about 30-45 minutes. Then it all stopped, so I untied and unblindfolded her. We were really tired and went to sleep almost instantly. 

That's my first and only time with tie-up games. I hope to have more, because it really wasn't a bad experience. I hope you guys enjoy this story.

USA (NY state)

Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 08:11:03 PM
Hi im Kim a hot asian chick and this is my story (its true)

It was nice day at summer school my friends invited me to study at his house. I came and then we went to his room. Then he said to me "hey you wanna do something.". They wispered on about something. they said they were going to get somthing for me. so i went on studying. then my firends came back and then he gagged me with a duct tape. "mmmuuuppphhhh muph" i said. they tied my hands and with ropes. i was wearing a mini skirt so they took a peek. they kept me tied up for 3 hrs. they finally un tied me but by then they already striped me naked. i put my clothes back on and asked them "why did you do that!". they said they thought i was very sexing so they wanted to see me tied up and naked. i forgave them and i became he's girlfriend. and thats my story.


Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 09:59:22 PM
Tied & true tales updated 
Rainy days are here again and I've been out and about enjoying the wintry wet weather, at least I would be, if not for my lovely drippy cold… Guaranteed to raise your temperature though is our sensational - and sexy "Race Queens" gallery focusing on the uniquely Japanese cultural phenomenon of beautiful - and scantily clad girls promoting all manner of automotive products at car shows or race events. The only plastic you'll see here is their minimally short vinyl dresses or skirts! (next week: heaps of new stories to come…) 

As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at


Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 11:58:36 PM
Christa and Kelly hand me over
There I was bound and gagged in my tank top and underwear. Next thing I know Christa who was in the same state as I was earlier has now become my other captor. Christa explained that she wanted to help me get ready for that night when my cousin and her roommates did their number on me.

Kelly had brought in a chair and a stool of the same size, into the cabin. My so called friends tied me to the chair, propped my feet on the stool, and tied them down to it. They then started tickling me on the souls of my feet. Later they repositioned me, tying my hands above my head and sat me against the wall and tickled my armpits.

They retied my hands behind my back and tickled me a little more, then they just kept me tied up for the rest of the time, in the meantime Kelly had fun tying up Christa again. Then came noon, time to take me home. Christa took out my gag and Kelly untied my feet but left my hands tied. They said they were gonna hand me over. You see, they always pick on me because I’m the youngest and the shortest it’s been that way since we became good friends they still pick on me today

They helped me put my pants on but forced me to walk home barefoot. I felt like I was like a lamb being led to the slaughter. I was walking five blocks with my hands tied and my “friends” leading me. I was hoping that nobody would notice my hands.

We got to the front door where Kelly rang the doorbell, and we were greeted my cousin Lisa. Once inside I was untied, because today was going to be a day off from bondage. Lisa and I decided to have a girls’ night out. But my friends preparing me for later events were not entirely in vain, for the next day, Tammy would get off work early.

Sandra Davis

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 01:15:12 PM
Taped to a Chair
I sat in a chair, looking out the window. I was dressed in a short sleeved t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and was barefoot. It was 1:30 pm, and was such a nice day that I just wanted to be outside. But I couldn’t go out because I was taped to the very chair I was sitting in. Around lunch time, Tammy came home. I knew what this meant, Lisa and Laura already had their turns to have me all to myself, and now it was her turn.

The first thing she did when she came in the door was she picked up a roll of duct tape and sat me in the chair. Then she taped my hands behind my back, by wrapping the tape around my wrists about 5 times. Next, she took small strip of tape and placed it over my mouth. Tammy, then picked up both my feet and took off the socks I was wearing and taped left ankle to the chair’s left leg and my right ankle to the chair’s right leg. Seeing that I was totally restrained, Tammy picked up her car key’s and without a word, walked out the door and lefts for work.

I was left to just sit, and wait until she came back, I look at the clock; it was now 1:30 pm. I looked out the window and thought, It’s such a nice day, I wish could go outside.

To be continued...

Sandra Davis

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 05:56:10 PM
Awesome start Sandra! Please keep going!

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 07:06:08 PM
Camp Tie Up - Pt. 1 
Hey, I just got back from a camp saturday night. And we had a few tie up games and I wasn't even the one to bring it up. They are all mostly unrelated. Just 18 crazy guys who didn't know each other, all in 1 cabin up late. lol. 

The first one goes like this. Alright, there was the one kid, whose name was (really) Jake. And for some reason some of the guys gave him like 3 packs of Skittles and he ate them all in like 2 minutes. So either he go really hyper, or at least he acted like it. So naturally the guys got really annoyed. So they pushed him outside the cabin and held the door shut behind him. The door couldn't lock, so one of the guys held it shut. He was trying to get in, still being really hyper-like. 

Meanwhile inside, the guys were like "How are we going to sleep tonight?" And I said quietly to a guy sitting next to me "Well Stephen brought duct tape". Which was true, this guy came loaded with everything. We would uses his resources many times. He had more resources with him than the entire cabin had together. He must have been rich. Anyway, the guy next to me, Tim, was said "Yeah!" and he told everyone else. They were all laughing as they went through his stuff getting it. 

Outside, Jake couldn't hear us, as he was laughing and the guys holding the door was laughing and all the windows and doors in his direction were shut. He was just trying to get back in the cabin. Then Stephen and another guy walked up to the door. It had a glass pane like a window on it, so we could see him the entire time. Stephen pulled on the duct tape and Jake saw the strand, he slowly stopped smiling as the guys opened the door. Jake went running . It was actually pretty funny to watch. 

He made it about 12 yards before the guys got him. They knocked him down on the ground and some of the guys were holding him. Stephen then taped his hands behind his back. Jake was still laughing but he was struggling. About this time Tim joined the fray as I went out to watch. Tim got kicked, but he then held his legs together. Stephen wrapped 2 strings around his shins, but he broke through them. So they tied his ankles with several wrappings. 

Tim watched him as Stephen went in and got his video camera (I told you this guys had everything) and was recording this. One of the other guys suggested it, and that we show it to his girlfriend who was also at camp. Once Stephen came back, Jake was still laughing but now he was yelling "no" in his constant laughter. He was wearing a black shirt and some black camo pants and was wearing no shoes, only socks. The guys stood him up, and took him back to the cabin. They were still recording and throwing him on the floor and stuff. When some guys was like "He's being too loud." So naturally, they took some of the duct tape and put it over his mouth. He couldn't really laugh anymore, or even say "no" like he was. We caught all his struggling and mmmphing on video. It was so great, but for the most part, I just sat back.....this time. 

The guys put him in his sleeping bag. Where he continued to struggle and mmmfff. Well, that is until the counselors came in and started devos. They told everyone to be quiet, and when we did, they heard Jake mffffing. We all bursted with laughter. The counselors let him loose and told us how we probably shouldn't do that as some people get mad. Even though, Jake took it pretty well. Anyway, that was like the first 1 in 4 or so tie up games at we had at Camp. 

Mr. E

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 08:58:53 PM
4th of july... gone wrong!
I probably shouldn't post this one, just thinking about this incident angers me... severely.

Anyway, it was in 2003 when this happened, I went to a 4th of july party, and... I apparently talked to much.
(in some b*****s opinion... might I add that she talked more then I did!!)

It was some girl named... actually, I'm not sure what her name was. But she had long brown hair with blonde streaks.

What happened, was that she got her boyfriend and his friends, to take me up the stairs of the house, and into his bedroom, and use duct tape... first, I struggled, then they put a piece over my mouth, and then they tied my arms around a chair, then they tied my legs together.

When she came up, she said that I "talked too much", and that I needed to be punished!?! Anywho, they eventually decided too untie me before the parents caught on.

Later that night... I called her a b***h right in her face, then, when her boyfriend tried to run at me to wrestle me to the ground... I kicked him in the stomach... I almost got GROUNDED for that!

U. S. A

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 10:31:52 PM
"All Tied Up" - Movie and real life
Has anyone ever seen the movie "All Tied Up?" It's about a guy (Zack Galligan) who is a constant cheat on his girfriend (Teri Hatcher) and wants to convince her he's changed. Through odd circumstance, he wounds up being tied up by her roommate (tough, hot woman, can't recall the name) and kidnapped in the women's house. They hold him hostage for a few days, even capturing him when he tried to escape, and he's tied to the bed hand and foot and even tortured a bit (and I think gagged by the friend). The point is they want him to change his ways, as I recall. Stupid movie, mostly, but as good as it gets when it comes to girls tying guys in mainstream film. Galligan spends most of the movie tied up against his will nad begging for release.

The reason I ask is something similar actually happened to me BECAUSE of that movie. I was trying to win back my ex-girlfriend Amy, who was housesitting at a professor's huge house during our sophomore year of college. She ultimately came close to taking me back and thought I needed time alone and without interruption to think about things I'd done and what I wanted. That's what she was convinced I needed. That movie came up at that time - Amy said I had gotten so hopeless to her that "All Tied Up" seemed like a good idea to her now.

Finally, through detail I'll go into later, I offer to let her tie me up and put me in one of the rooms in the house for a few hours, to prove to her I was willing to devote that kind of time to quiet thought. She agreed and tied my hands behind my back(pantyhose) and feet (duct tape) and put me in the room to think for 3 hours.

Well, things went wrong because of something silly and dumb I did while in that room and tied up. Amy lost her patience and changed her tune, first refusing to untie me and then upping the ante bigtime. She gagged me with duct tape, threw me in the closet, and decided I needed punishment and imprisonment, and I needed to suffer at the hands of her and her somewhat sadistic friend Kyra (who kind of hated me).

I can't tell the full story now, but I wound up being bound, gagged, kidnapped, tortured, and basically held hostage in the house for a few days, just like the movie. Amy and Kyra set out on a mission to change me through force, and I guess it worked.

I would love to tell the story sometime soon - can't now because it's too long. It IS a college story and I know this board is mostly through high school - is it OK to tell it here? It's rated PG, tops, maybe not even.

ANyway, if you want to hear it, let me know.

Mike Brown

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 11:12:55 PM
Family Bondage
We and my wife shelley love to tie our kids and tape their pictures and love to have fun with them tied bound and gagged, Heather love to tie and gag our son Kevin and I love to tie and gag our two daughters Emily and Amy with duct tape rope and handcuffs to hear the story email us at my wifes email below our story is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick and Heather Bondage King and Queen 

Rick and Heather

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 11:53:16 PM
Nicholas H
Your stories are the number one in these site. Congratulations for your work.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 10:23:31 AM
im da bst
yesterday my mate craig and me was watchin the wrestling and muckin about and i said to him that i bet he couldnt make me tap so we started to play fight he ad me in an arm lock and had both my legs separated on the floor and i was very close to tapping it was very pain full, i was screaming in pain and craig was yellin tap but i wouldnt finerly he stoped that move and because i was in so mch pain it was then hard to move he left the room and came back in a minuet with is school tie and the dogs lead he then tied my hands behind my back and tied my ankles together he then put me in a sleepers hold it was getting very hard to breath cos i couldnt use my hands to lossen his grip i started to scream and try and wiggle my feet free but he had tied them well he was yelling come on say you give up but i wouldnt i was defermined not to tap after a while is losined his grip and let go as he stood up i asked him if he was going to untie me but he said not until i make you tap i tried to role over to look at him and say you will never make me tap im the best just say it he wouldnt and he finerly sat back down behind me he then rapped his arms around me into a massive bear hug (which didnt really hurt) i just layed there struggling finerly he gave up on that as well then he started to untie me and put his stuff back we then sat down and watched the wrestling but i did bug him threw it sayin come on say it im the best

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 04:37:35 PM
I was the baby sitter.
Well I am a horrible writer but I will do my best.

Firstly I am a 16 year old Guy. I don't normally babysit but I knew Kevin so it was cool.

I wont bore you with the details oh how I got the job babysitting but today I was asked to babysit Kevin an 11 year old boy at his house. I was told that I would be there until 3:20 - 3:30 PM. In the morning I took him to the local Skate Park (Hes not allowed in the afternoon because of the teenagers). After that we came back and Had a small snack. Then we watched a harry potter movie (The third one I think) After the movie we had lunch (Pizza Pockets). We then played Sorry which I beat him at.

After the game he showed me his computer. As he was showing me he mentioned that he likes to play Cops & Robbers, I tried to ask questions but didn't get a clear response (Either he just wasn't interested in telling me or he didn't want to tell me, I'm not sure which). While he was showing me his computer I tickled him a couple of times which I don't think he really minded.

Afterwards he got me to play Hide and Go Seek. When I found him the first time He was in a sleeping bag hanging upside down from the ceiling. I ticked him until he was able to get out. After we were don't Hide and Seek we went and watched TV during the commercial I tickled his armpits and in no time he was asking me to stop. During the next break I asked him what was wrong with his (Socked) foot and had he show me at which time I grabbed it and tickled it (I couldn't believe how ticklish he was even wearing socks). after that bout of tickling I mentioned that I should tie him up because he squirms so much. His eyes lit up and he hesitated and said "It would be cool if you tied me up like this" getting into a hogtie position on his stomach. I said I could tie you up like that if I Had some rope. He then said "I have rope". I asked him to go get it which he did. I followed him up to his room and he got two 2 - 3 foot length of 1/4 inch tick rope out and handed them to me.

When we got downstairs he crossed his hands behind his back I tied them and cinched them placing the knot away from his hands mentioning this to him. While he got on his stomach he mentioned that his uncle tied him up once but he was able to escape he also said that his uncle had given him an atomic wedgie. He crossed his legs and I tied them like his hands then tied them to his hands. He was definitely enjoying himself squirming and calling for help. After a moment the phone rang I went ant picked it up immediately he quieted down it was my dad just checking up. Once that was over he asked he to untie him his hands were hurting I obliged. Afterwards I showed him how to tie someones hands properly and he demonstrated his skill on me (I made him tie my hands in front not wanting a disaster). As soon as I asked him he untied my wrists. Since he was behaving so well I ended up with my wrists tied inescapably to the arms of a chair. AFTER I was tied we agreed to keep me tied for exactly 5 minutes. That I when I realised that we has at the least 30 min left. Once he untied me He got me to tie him the exact same way. He wanted to be tied up until 3:30 but I firmly said only until 3:15. He remained tied up till then after which we cleaned up and put everything away. His dad arrived shortly after and asked me what happened today I summarised the day and at the end Kevin added in "Then he tied me up and I tied him up" His dad either didn't hear or didn't mind. I decided not to mention it. We chatted a short while and then headed home.

There are ALLOT of small details that I left out (The story could be 5 times longer). Like the several "mini" lessons and tie ups as well as him mentioning that his dad wouldn't mind the rope marks, and also me telling him never to tie someone up alone or put things in their mouth.

If anyone is interested in reformatting this story so that it is more readable let me know and I will tell you about some of the extra details.

Canada, Montreal

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 04:48:10 PM
when is the june or july archives coming?
jack w

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 05:20:57 PM
Family Bondage
Rick and Heather,

It's only a Tie-Up GAME (and suitable for posting here) if the kids enjoy it, too. I'm not sure what kind of reaction you expected (though I do have some idea of what you'll get), but if it really is a game for them, post here. If not, don't go away mad, just go away.


Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 - 09:15:33 PM
Hand Gagged Boyfriend
Hi ursulapanitz,Please send me your story I'd love to read it and any other ones about the same kind of thing if you have more than just the one. I look forward to reading it. Thank you

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 12:20:54 AM
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Even though I hardly have any free time, I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as possible.

PS. Nice story Mr E. What happened next?

Nicholas H.

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 12:50:20 AM
Mike Brown please tell your story and Kidnap Boy please keep up the good work/

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 12:53:10 AM
Blackmailing Blackmail
Since the events that happened in the last story I posted became 'public', (aka caught wind of by the school's little rumor mill,) almost all of the kids in my community have come forth with bondage games, or tease me and my girlfriend about it. Because of that, I've got a few new stories to share here, and I'll go in order of their occurance. This was the first one to happen after the events in the first story.

My sister is a mean, lying person. Now, I HAD been using that to my advantage via catching her in the act of stealing money from my parents - on camera. I've been using that as blackmail to have her to my chores for me, get me things when I want, whatever, for the past while. However, that changed a little bit ago. And as you can imagine - it involves tie-ups.

My sister was having an over-night party with four other friends of hers recently, and my parents had turned in early. At around 11:00 at night my sister asked me to come downstairs, because she needed help with the computer. Thinking nothing of it, I walked down the stairs, and, once in the middle of the basement, saw that the computer wasn't on. At that point I put two and two together, just as one of her friends behind me wrapped her arms around mine, pinning them to my chest, and handgagged me. Now her friend was at least 18, and much stronger than me, giving me no chance.

"We can do this an easy way or a hard way," my sister said, "either you give me that goddamned video or we'll make you. its up to you." The handgag was taken off, and I immediatly tried to scream for help. I was quickly silenced, and I had hardly made any noise, anyway. "Alright, the hard way." she said, and I was dragged over to a chair. They tied my to it with duct tape, and cleave gagged me with a piece of cloth. They immediatly went to work applying make-up, curling my hair and applying lipstick to the exposed parts of my lips. When they were done, then gave me a mirror, and I was horrified. I look like Marilyn Manson. They took a picture and laughed.

"Alright, thats my blackmail." my sister said. "Now I'll trade you." I figured I could get her in serious trouble. Right now I wanted revenge, even at the expense of my embarrasment. I shook my head no, and her smile dissapeared. "Let's move him." she said, and he friends untied my from the chair, leaving the gag on though, I struggled, but they removed my socks, retied my ankles, then removed my shirt, and lay me down, tieing my hands above my head around a support for our rowing machine. So in case you can't picture it in your head, I was stuck laying with my bare armpits and feet easily available.

They removed my gag and quickly replaced it with a sock and duct taped it shut, which did a better job then the cleave gag. I 'mmmph'ed as best I could, since I did not want to be this venerable, esspecially at my b*tch of a sister's mercy. One of her friends sat on my legs, the other on my chest. Now I was already hurting from just thinking about what was coming. "Go ahead." my sister laughed, and the soles of my feet and my armpits/ribcage area/chest area began to be tickled mercilessly, all of them taking turns torturing me. I had never been or had the desire to be tickle tortured, and this only reaffirmed that in my mind. I could hardly breathe, I thought I was going to laugh myself to death.

After what must have been an hour or so of tickling, they stopped and decided to go to sleep. Of course, retied my wrists behind my back and locked me in a closet for the night. In the morning they took me out and tickled me again for another hour, at which point they removed my gag and my sister asked if I was going to give her the "goddamned video". I of course said no, since it was getting late enough in the morning they would have to untie me. They did, but my sister threatened to send the picture to everyone in school, including my girlfriend.

Well, long story short, I sold her the "goddamned video" for almost 150$(where she got it, I don't know. Probably my parents,) and I managed to steal the camera, erase the picture and get it back without her noticing. Still, it annoyed me that I had never gotten to tie someone up, and I STILL hadn't had an enjoyable bondage experience. Luckily several other things happened between then and now, which I will post here later.

The Walkster

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 02:00:54 AM
Nick H you truly are a legend in my eyes, at least as far as this page goes.
Jerry Burns

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 06:36:45 PM
Feel Like a Jog?
Hey, sorry it took me so long to post this new story, I’ve been really busy lately. This is how I got my DC Avatars back, after Andrew took them. Of course, I did take his shoes, but that was part of a bet.

So, a couple days after I got my revenge on Kevin and Andrew, I told them to come over to my house, and they showed up about fifteen minutes later. Surprise, surprise, Andrew was wearing my DC’s, which fit perfectly with my plan. He was also wearing jeans and a shirt. He didn’t have any socks on. Kevin was wearing DVS Profile shoes and white ankle socks. He also had jeans and a hoody.

I was only wearing grey ankle socks, and had hidden all my shoes. I had a shirt and shorts on. We went downstairs and I said that we should play some poker. Kevin and Andrew agreed, so I went and got the chips. I split them up and said, “Hey, you guys want to make a bet?”

Andrew asked “What do you have in mind?”

I said, “Well, I just got a new roll of duct tape today. How bout the winner gets to do whatever he wants with it?”

They thought it was a good idea, and we shook on it. Let’s just say that even though I’m not very good at poker, I’m better than them. Andrew was the first to run out of chips, so it was down to just me and Kevin. I took a while, but I eventually beat him too.

I took Andrew over to my treadmill and taped his hands to the bars. Then I gagged him, and took my DC’s back. He was screaming into the gag at this point, but you could hardly hear him. I put my DC’s on, and turned the treadmill on low, so he was forced to walk the whole time.

I brought Kevin over to my wheight bench and taped his hands to the bar, after putting a lot of wheight on so he couldn’t lift it up. Then I taped his legs and torso to the bench and his ankles together. Then I took his DVS off and hid them in my cubby hole. When I returned, I gagged him and started to tickle his feet, and he was going crazy.

I left them like that, with Andrew jogging and Kevin trying to lift the wheits for about 20 minutes. Then, after hiding my DC’s, I let them go and they spent the night. Nothing else happened though.

I hope you liked this story even though it was a bit shorter than my others.

Skate Shoe Lover

Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 06:41:54 PM
Good story Amanda, have you always been interested in tying people up or being tied up?

And good stories Sandra Davis, hope you continue them soon.


Wednesday, August 24th 2005 - 10:40:55 PM
The Game
To summarize if you haven't read my two previous stories, almost all the kids in the community had become bondage fanatics from a weird incident that spawned off of a CTF game. Anyway, this story is the next one to happen after the last one I told, it was something around 3 days later.

Instead of involving tieing people up in a game of CTF, a bunch of people did away with that to make a simpler game: One team had a hell of a lot of duct tape, the other team had to avoid being tied up. Kind of like hide and go seek. They called it Stalker or something like that. Anyway, when you caught someone who had to take them back to the little home base thing. The kids who were 'the hunted' could only do their best to run away, but not try to fight back and retaliate. They also had to all be loners, never teaming up with another 'hunted'.

Well, always being the one tied up and wanting to tie someone up, I joined the 'stalker' team, and was eventually 'promoted' to captain. Anyway, the game began, 'the hunted' people all ran away, and my team all put on bright green pinees(sp?) to identify each other and help balance the game. I had the team break up into groups of two, so I went with one of my friends while everyone else went their own way. 

We quietly moved around the wooded area the game took place in, and eventually hid in a small ditch that would be hard to see into, easy to see out of. Whether it was coincidence or choice of the people, the 'hunter' team mostly consisted of boys, while the 'hunted' team mostly of girls. Anyway, while we were hiding, we eventually, (whether she did this on purpose or it was luck,) my girlfriend quietly walked by. I signaled in her direction, and my friend nodded. When she was past us, walking away we quietly got out of the ditch and followed her, until eventually we caught up. I performed the trusty arms pinned to her side with one arm, handgag her with the other.

My friend worked on her ankles while she tried to call for help, but I wasn't going to let go. I quickly removed my hand as my friend taped her mouth shut. We then tied her wrists behind her back, then tied her upper legs together. I kissed her on the cheek and carried her back to our little hostage drop-off. Of course I carried her the genlte way people carry babies, not over the shoulder.

When I got back I saw one girl and one guy in the drop-off. (Which was, by the way, someone's backyard) They were taped to things, (a chair and a pole of a swingset) so they couldn't try and undo each other. I figured it was a good idea, so I set my girlfriend into a chair and secured her. I lifted up a bit of her shirt and tickled her lower rib area, but not too much. I knew how much being tickled tourtured sucked. 

My friend and I went back out, and we found two more kids, and after about an hour and a half the game ended when all the 'hunted' were caught. Some people left their friends tied up and were teasing them, but I let my girlfriend go and we ended up going back to her house and watching some South Park. Well, there was my first really enjoyable bondage experience. I'll get more up later.

The Walkster

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 12:23:51 AM
I'll stop complaining after this, you guys are so damn lucky! Each person here has great friends, they are nice and playful. Everyone here isnt ugly like myself. I have one friend, and I hate him after knowing him for 10 years. All I can say is its not fair(And that I'll stop complaining now).

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 10:46:59 AM
Tied by Tammy
When I last posted, I was tied to a chair with duct tape by Tammy. I was left like this for two and a half hours while Tammy finished the work day. I looked at the clock; it was now 4:00 pm. I sat just there a little longer, not like I could do anything else. I then heard the sound of a car pulling up. Then footsteps. They stopped as soon as they reached the door. Then the sound of a key inserting into the lock and turning. The door opened and Tammy walked in.

She shut the door behind her, “Did you miss me?” she asked.

There was duct tape over my mouth so all I could reply with was, “Mmmmmm.”

She took out her pocket knife, “Hold still,” she said as she cut my tape bonds.

I was taken out of the chair, my tape gag was taken off, and then I was given supper. After I finished eating, Tammy led me to her room. There, she told me to lay face down and put my hands behind me. I did as I was told. She then took a pair of handcuffs and snapped them around my wrist. Next, my ankles were tied together with rope; Tammy left a few inches of slack from the rope to tie around the handcuff chain, thus leaving me in a hogtie. Tammy then finished up by gagging me with duct tape, and (as always) tying my big toes together.

Tammy left me there for a couple minutes, while I got a feel for my bonds. She came back with a camera, and snapped my picture. She then reached over to the souls of my feet with her finger and started scratching. As soon as she did that, I started laughing. It tickled so much that I decided to roll on my side and try to hide my feet, but that didn’t work, Tammy could still get to my feet. Not only that but I also made my stomach an easier target, just too bad I realized that when she pulled up the bottom of my t-shirt and started tickling there as well.

She tickled me for what seemed like hours, that I was breathing pretty heavily. Tammy undid the hogtie and lay me on the floor, where she raised my feet and tied them to the bedpost, and started tickling me a little more. Again she tickled me for such a long time that I laugh so long and so hard that I could hardly breath. As I was catching my breath she untied me but left my tape gag on. I just lay there for a couple minutes then got up. Tammy told me to get ready for bed.

She helped me remove the tape from my mouth. I don’t mind being gagged with duct tape, but it’s getting it off that I hate, I always feel like my lips are being pulled off with it. Anyway, I got ready for bed and put on my pajamas. I went to my room where Tammy was waiting with a roll of duct tape. She once again took a strip of tape and gagged me with it. She pulled my hands behind my back and wrapped the tape around my wrists, then my elbows. She then taped my ankles, thighs, and knees together. Then finished off by tying a piece of string around my big toes.

Tammy then pulled the covers over me, shut out the light and walked out.

Sandra Davis

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 11:56:51 AM
I was just wondering if there are any other sites that show clean pictures of bondage without nudity... if anyone has any sites like that, that would be great

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 12:02:19 PM
I have always enjoyed being tied up, but the one friend of mine who seems to want to tie me up never does... does anyone have any way for me to get him into tying me up??

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 02:44:15 PM
what kind of gag do you think is the most effective?? I have only done duct tape gags and they arent very effective... other ideas??

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 04:06:40 PM
Hey, all. My friend's birthday is coming up. And on the day before/after I am going to do a day long tie up as a birhtday present. The question is, who should be tied up, me or my friend? 
Mr. E

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 08:33:33 PM
I Got HEr
i finally got my freinds sister last week end ill post ther story later BTW she's comeing to my house tommarow.........

Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 09:39:12 PM
The Night of the Party
The summer of when i was 15 I believe, was when my sister had a slumber party. My 13 year old sister and her 4 friends were going to sleep in the basement, so my friend Paul(fake name) and I hatched a daring plan. My sister and her friends settled down to watch The Ring while we prepared for the adventure.

First I must explain my sisters friends. Her best friend, Alex, was about 4 inches shorter than me(5'7''), and was blond with a narrow nose and a great,tanned body, older than her 14 years. Jewel was shorter with jet-black hair and a Mexican background, and she was the youngest who had just turned 13. Sophie was just shorter than Alex and was chinese with long, flowing black hair to her waist and a thin, figure-skaters body. My sisters last friend was Cassidy who was the shortest and the least strong, but she had brown hair in a pony tail that night and wore a rather masculine metallic wristwatch which would later prove a problem. My sister was actually in with us in this adventure, she was pretty short, with brown hair cropped short to just beneath her shoulders. 

Anyway, my friend Paul and I gathered our supplies in a duffel bag and stored them in my room. My parents were out for the night and the next day too, taking a short vacation in San Diego, and our babysitter, Lezlie, was asleep. Lezlie was 21 at the time, tall,blond, and had a great body, which i sheepishly admitted to my friend later.

Returning to the subject, Paul and I waited at the top of the stairs for my sisters friends to come up for various reasons. Soon enough, we heard Jewel say she was going to the bathroom upstairs. Paul and I waited until she was near the lightswitch(we had turned out the lights) and then we struck. I threw one arm around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides and used my other hand to muffle her scream of suprise. We hurriedly carried her up to my room, she was actually putting up a fair fight. We closed the door and Paul tied her wrists behind her back while i continued handgagging her. Paul reached into the bag and tossed a white shred of cloth to me, which i balled up in one hand and put into her mouth, allowing only a tiny yell to realease. We used another cloth to further gag her, in the Over-the-Mouth style popular in detective films. We then tied her ankles together and then completed the work in a firm hogite.

"Dont go anywhere now!"I joked, cliche but still funny considering the circumstances.

We then returned to the stairs to wait for the next victim, which turned out to be Sophie searching for Jewel. We silently followed her upstairs where she investigated a muffled thump from my room. She opened the door to find her friend Mmmmmphhingg through the white cloth over her mouth, with joy in her eyes of the sight of her friend and then horror as she saw us behind her. Paul handgagged and restrained Sophie as I bound her hands behind her back with duct tape. At this time Jewel is screaming in rage, shocked at our effieciency. Paul and I both had a fondness for bondage, which we had admitted only to each other. 

Anyway, I bound Sophie's feet with the sticky gray tape and then covered her mouth with 2 or 3 of the strips. We gently put her on my bed which was high up so she wouldnt fall off on purpose and free her friend. We checked Jewel's bonds and gag,the latter proved to be loosening. We replaced it with the more popular cleave style and she MMPPHHEEDDD and struggled in the tight hogtie in a way that delighted both Paul and me. We decided to remove Jewel's shoes and have a little funny with her ticklesshniss while we waited.She screamed in rage and what sounded like death threats as she lauged behind the red bandanna between her teeth.

Paul and I returned to the stairs for our next victim, Cassidy, who had gone upstairs to get more candy. Unfortunately, she was accompianed by Alex.
We decided that Paul could handle Cassidy and I'd get Alex.
I approached Alex and threw an arm around her waist in coordination with the one around her mouth. She screamed in shock and immediatly twisted around, but I was a year older and stronger. Still, Cassidy heard and turned around into Paul's hand which flew over her mouth and down her shoulder to her opposite waist, securing her effectively. We restled them upstairs and I set to work on Alex with the duct tape while Paul did the same to Cassidy. She mmmppphheed and actually got Paul's hand off her mouth to utter a short-lived scream before he stuffed it with cloth and covered it with duct tape. By now all of them had realized it was a joke and were playing along, mmphing and stuggling beuatifully. I bound Alex with duct tape but before i could gag her she screamed out loud.I quickly spread 4 strips over her mouth and she made no more noise for a while. While i handled this Paul cursed suddenly.

"Hell Desert(My nicname at school for my passionate study of Erwin Rommel), her watch, what do i do?"
It was actually huge for a watch worn by a girl, and binding it presented a problem. We eventually moved it down to the point where it was almost at her hand and then just bound ductape higher on her arm. Unfortunately, Cassidy's and Alex's shrieks were enough to wake the baby sitter.

Lezlie burst through the door and was taken aback. Four bound and gagged girls struggling and mmphing and two 15 year olds with rolls of ductape looked pretty suprising I imagine.

Paul and I nodded to each other and tackled the pajama-clad 21-year old, I handgagged her as Paul bound her stood her up and marched her to the bed, for Paul is taller and stronger than I am. I carried Sophie off the bed to the floor where the other girls were egging Lezlie on.

sorry im exhausted more to come soon


Thursday, August 25th 2005 - 09:39:46 PM
Not fair!
i was rung up at my by my friend danny to go to his house i went over and knocked on the door his mum answered it and said that danny and his friend ben were in his room i am goin out for tea wont be long i smiled and walked up the hallway then all of a sudden the lights went out and danny came up behind me he put his hand over my mouth and wrapped another hand around my stomach he began to drag me into his room but i kicked him and he dropped to the floor i ran to the end of the hallway but ben blocked it he grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth then danny grabbed my legs and carried me into his room they put me on the bed and blindfoled me then they tied my hands behind my back with duct tape ben sat on my ankles and began to tie them as well is sturggled and screamed but with the hand still over my mouth it was impossible to escape. danny stuffed cloth in my mouth and i remember a big strip of duct tape bein put over my mouth danny pushed down hard on it and made sure it stayed their then he said " we have kidnapped you you are a hostage" and he did an evil laugh then they picked me up and carried me out to the loungeroom i sturggled and tired to cry out but the gag was stopping me they put me gently on the couch and took my blindfold of danny sat on me and ben stared tickling my feet! i tried to laugh but couldnt so i moved around a bit they thought it was the funniest thing ever and left me tied up for an hour then they came back adn took my gag off i sat up and ben gave me a drink then danny said " be good and we wont put the gag back on" i nodded and ben untied me i streched abit and the boys got up and went to the kitchen i got an idea and ran up the hallway i hid in the shower and i heard danny say she espaced they looked everywhere for me and finally found me when a little sneeze gave way ben pulled back the shower curtin and smiled found her he called and i paniced i terid to run but ben grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder i hit him and screamed but that didnt help again they tied me up but this time with my arms above my head danny got on top and kissed me then they put me in the closet..... after about an hour they let me out and untied me his mum arrived home and let me stay the night.. in the morning we tied danny up 

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 12:21:13 AM
The Friggin Notebook
This is my latest and at the moment last bondage story I have to give. As you may or may not know by now, (depends if you've read my stories,) my girlfriend and I are open with each other about our mutual affection for tieing and being tied.

I was invited over to her house for a movie and to stay the night. Her parents were going to be out for a good eight hours yet. It was 7 PM when I arrived, which meant they werent coming home until 3 in the morning. I didn't know whether they were aware with or okay with out little tie-up games, but that didn't stop us.

While I'm on a tangent, my girlfriend is a bit of a tomboy. She and I like many similar musicians and movies and such, which usually meant we could agree on a movie to watch. However, she also has her feminine side, which could be a pro or a con in certain situations. I went to her house expecting a good movie and to just hang out with her. I got half of that, at least.

I arrived at 7PM as I said. We chatted for a bit, and she said I could pick out the first movie we watched if she could pick out the second. I agreed, and went to look at her pretty impressive DVD collection. I picked out Shaun of the Dead, one of my favorite movies, and one of hers too. She popped us popcorn while I got some drinks ready,(aka went to the fridge and pulled out two sodas,) and we started the movie at about 8. After it ended, we chatted for a bit more, and she went to pick out her film.

She browsed around for a bit, finally stopping and saying; 'As much as I love action movies, I do like a little romance film time now and then.' She pulled out The Notebook. I thought she was joking. I can't stand those friggin romantic movies. She insisted it would be, suprise suprise, romantic to watch it together. I insisted she pick something else. She rolled her eyes and went to get more drinks.

I heard she was coming back in the room, so I moved my old soda can and leaned back into her sofa which was, might I add, very comfortable. I saw a line of gray whip vertically downwards past me eyes, and didn't realize what it was until it was too late. She giggled as gagged me with the duct tape, then jumped on top of me from behind, knocking me to the ground. While normally I would have just let her tie me, this time I did try to fight, because I did NOT want to watch this movie.

She did managed to get my wrists secured with 'extra reinforcing', since she new I would try and get away. I 'mmmmmph'ed at her, but she managed to tie my kicking ankles, then upper legs. She re-inforced the gag, then picked me up and sat me back on the sofa and actually taped me to the sofa, preventing almost all movement. I tried to 'mmmph' her into changing her mind as she put in the DVD, and she giggled as she ran back to the sofa and sat next to me, putting her arm around me and resting her head on my shoulder. As much as I love her, I swear to god, she can be so evil sometimes.

I had to sit through the entire thing tied and gagged. When it ended I realized she had fallen asleep on me. I tried to shake her off, but I had little mobility. So I tried 'mmmph'ing as loud as I could, but still no avail. I wondered if she was just playing a trick on me, but after almost 2 hours I was pretty much convinced she wasnt. Finally I heard her parents coming home. I tried to move enough to wake her, or make enough noise, but I couldnt. Her parents walked in the room, to their daughter asleep on her bound and gagged boyfriend.

To my suprise, her dad laughed and said "Isn't that cute?" and walked over and woke up G.(what I call my girlfriend on this site.)She didn't seem to care that her parents were witness to all this. I assumed she told them all about it and they were fine with it, and I later found out I assumed right.

Anyway, she untied me and we went into her room. She apologized for falling asleep and kissed me. I told her she should apologize for make me watch the notebook, to which she laughed and said goodnight.

Hopefully I'll have more experiences to post later.

The Walkster

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 12:34:38 PM
my evil sister
my sister is SO evil! yesterday, i was watching t.v, and the little urchin sneaks up on me and ties my feet together! i'm all "what the hell?", and shes dashing forward! i tried to hop to the door, but she dragged me down and tied my hands so tightly i could have screamed! she then tape gagged me, took me outside, and tied my torso around a tree! and she LEFT me for 2 hours! 

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 05:50:31 PM
The Night of the Party-Part Two-The Second Experience Part 1
As i was saying, Paul marched Lezlie over to the bed and tied each arm to a post at the top while i gagged her with tape. At this point all the girls are laughing at the game and playing the parts of the heroines well.

We didnt finish tying Lezlie up as we were just getting tired of watching them.(For all of it being so great it got old)So we untied all the girls and they were a little mad understandably but laughed it off and we all went to sleep.

While the above story may seem fabricated i assure you it is true, as is the following

The Second Experience

Luckily, my sister's party was not the last night of fun for me and my friend Paul, although he was out of town during this second story.

Again, my sister was having friends over, and she(who understood my fondness for bondage) was in on the scheme.If I recall Jewel from the Night of the Party was there and so was Alex.She would have invited Sophie and Cassidy but Sophie was out of town as I recall and Cassidy moved away a few months after the first experience.

Anyway, the girls were in my sister's room, disscussing various things,(I really have no idea what goes on in those sessions) while I gathered my supplies. I had some white rope from the garage, white medical tape, and a few bandannas and belts. I waited inside my room(the door is on the other side of the hallway from my sisters room, and a little to the right, so I hid just inside in my bathroom. As luck would have it, my sisters toilet was broken so they had to use my bathroom, unbeknowenst to me. So I crouched inside the dark bathroom and heard footsteps outside, but it was too late too move. As my sisters friend turned on the light I had a split second to recognize her as Alex and hand gag her before she could scream in suprise. She actually laughed under my hand, she might have been expecting this considering the events of last time. I quickly sat her down in a straight-backed chair in my room and tied her arms behind it and secured her too it with ropes around her lower torso. I tied her legs to the chair's legs around the ankles and knees, then took up a bandanna and balled it up.

"Open wide, darling, this wont hurt a bit"I said with a bit of condescendence.

Alex pursed her lips defiantly until I held her nose to get her to open her mouth to breath.

"How dare ymmmmmmphhhhhh" Alex tried to say as the bandanna was stuffed into her mouth. 
I then stretched two strips of the white medical tape over her mouth and hid behind my bed to wait for the other friend. Alex was playing the damsel in distress beautifully, squirming and mmmmmphing to my hearts content. Soon enough, Jewel heard the muffled cries and came into my room.

"Hahahaah Alex, got yourself tied up again have you?"She jested.

Alex tried to warn her through the gag but Jewel removed it and Alex spit out the packing.

"No Jewel, run!"Alex warned

Then Jewel looked up to see me standing just to the right of the chair.

"Evening, Love!" i said with my best villian smile.

"Ahhhh" said Jewel"Please dont hurt me Mister villian!"

"Unless your allergic to tape i wont."

I then tied her hand-and foot on the ground with the tape and tied a dark blue bandanna between her teeth.
I regagged Alex and watched them squirm for a little bit, both taking to their roles as kidnapped victimes wonderfully.Alex was somewhat of a more convincing victim though, and I knew her better for she was in my grade in high school.(She had skipped) I untied them both and again we had a laugh about it but they said it was time for revenge.(I didnt really take that seriously to tell you the truth)

That was also true, and later that month I would start dating Alex, to my delight.


Friday, August 26th 2005 - 06:24:33 PM
Sounds good, Steven. Post the story when you can.

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 07:49:42 PM
Does anyone know of any sites where either men or women are tied up WITHOUT nudity?? 

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 09:03:21 PM
This is going at Amanda
I liked the story, a lot. :)

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 11:56:24 PM
Yo Constantine, got more stories to share with us?

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 11:46:01 AM
does anyone have any storeies that involve dirty socks, smelling,licking ect?

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 01:51:43 PM
Ive got another story involving the same people as above, except this one is much more descriptive i can remember it better shall i post it?

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 02:23:51 PM
The most Marvelous game
Ah forget it, ill tell it anyway.

So one night a year after my first story, my sister had another slumber party.The guest list had changed slightly though.
Alex, tall and with brown hair with blonde highlights, was the oldest and coincidentally my sisters second best friend and my girlfriend.
Jewel, who was also a normal contender, was Mexican with long black hair and was short.
Courtney, who had long blonde hair and was of average height. Her hair was done up in a ponytail that night, all the other girls were letting theirs hang free.
Laurie, who had brown hair cropped right after her shoulders.
I only remember what Alex was wearing that night.It was a tight T-shirt and a Jeans Jacket with a pair of very very very short jean shorts frayed at the end.
There was also Paul, my friend who shared my fondness got bondage was slightly taller than me(5'9") and had blond hair spiked in the front. My sister knew about my love for bondage and was usually in on the games but this time she didnt know what we had planned.
Anyway, all of us were sitting in the basement wondering what to do.

"Ive got a game,"Paul said, according to plan,"Let's play Predator!"

He quickly explained the rules. 
We were to move all the furniture in the basement to one side and then turn out the lights.Paul and i were to find the hiding girls and then tie them up in the center of the room.We had small flashlights.The girls were to try and find and free their friends when we had captured them.
They readily agreed, we had nothing else to do and they were coming to expect these games anyway i think.:)

So they hid and Paul and I split up.

The first person i found was Courtney, who has hiding behind a door in the bathroom. She uttered a small scream of indignation but i handgagged her before she could utter any more.I marched her to the center and bound her hands and wrists with black duct tape and then put several strips over her mouth. She made little grunts through her gag as I hogtied her on an air matress we had with some rope we had in our little piles on the floor. I left to find another person and continued searching until I heard the unmistakable muffled shriek to my right. I turned with my small flash light to see Paul handgagging Laurie and pushing her to the matress. I went over to the matress to see Jewel fumbling with Courtney's hogtie. She ran when she saw my light and then I reinforced the hogtied and followed her while my friend bound and gagged Laurie. I eventually found Jewel hiding behind a bench in the workout room so i secured her in a bear hug from the back with one hand over her mouth and marched her over to the center with the other two girls, who were still struggling and mmmphing on the matress.I tied Jewel's torso to a support pole and then secured her hands behind it. I further restrained her at the shoulders, ankles, and kness with some white rope. I gagged her with a bandanna between her teeth,(I had always admired her full lips) and watched her struggle for a moment to make sure the bonds were secure.(And for other reasons);)
Paul was off searching for more people but I,luckily, found Alex before him.
"Sorry love, gotta come with me"
I wasnt really sorry though for obvious reasons and I led her over to the middle to find Courtney had escaped or been untied and run off,but Jewel and Laurie were still secured. I bound Alex hand and foot with the rope and gave her a small kiss before i gagged her with tape. I then went off to find Courtney again but Paul located her first. I watched as he expertly hogtied her again and stretched a bandanna between her lips to secure her.It turned out my sister had gotten bored with the game and gone upstairs to watch TV.(characteristic of her) We untied them and then went off to do something else that I can't recall, I didn't really try that hard to remmber it at the time.
thats my last experience for a while, More to come if you want them


Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 04:45:33 PM
The imposter's back!
Whoever keeps impersonating me should die!!
U. S. A.

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 06:18:46 PM
Question to "Desert Fox":
Any additional descriptions of Lezlie (the 21 year-old babysitter you over-powered in her pajamas)?
What kind of pajamas? A better description of her?
Any additional details of over-powering your caretaker?
pajama-bondage fan

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 08:24:40 PM
there could be more than one person named zack here, so don't immediatly call him an imposter
The Walkster

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 08:52:21 PM
The recent postings have dissapeared.

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 08:57:09 PM
Actually, Lezlie was only involved in our games twice, the aforementioned one and one that I will tell soon.
Unfortunately, I cannot recall the kind of pajamas she was wearing accurately, only that it was a long sleeves-long pants type.
I want to say that they were black but im not entirely sure. 
I hope that helps, and another story will be coming as soon as I have the time.

Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 09:25:19 PM
Revenge of the Girls...Sorta
Alright then this is my one and only short lived girl-ties-boy story because after this experience they really seemed to give up on revenge.

Anyway, my sister had her friends over(Again!!!) and naturally I was contemplating ways to get them tied up.
Alex, Jewel,and Courtney were there that time.
So I was sitting in my room, thinking up ways to get them tied up when suddenly my door bursts open and the girls rush in. I am older than them and stronger but 4 versus 1 can only go so long. They tied my hands behind my back with a belt along with my feet,but their knots and overall ties were woefully inadequate.They giggled a little at my predicament and then left, but not before Alex gave me a little kiss and then walked out in her beautiful way.(that may sound stupid but its true) I quickly freed myself and put the belts back in my drawer where they belonged. I went into my closet and took out my bag of "stuff" for the games and hid it behind our downstairs couch.I walked to the opening of the basement and yelled for my sister to come because there was a phone call for her. She walked up and I explained my plan to her. As was planned, she went downstairs and asked Jewel to help her look for something upstairs.(A phonebook or whatever) She walked up the stairs with her friend in her wake and when Jewel reached the top i sprang out of an alcove and handgagged her.She made a little sound under my hand of suprise and laughter and annoyance,(this was the fourth time she had been involved) and I picked up the bag and took her too my room. I tied her to a chair in my room that I usually sit at to do my homework and gagged her with some electrical tape. She tested the bonds but finding them secure she resorted to mmphing for help. 
Sorry gotta go for now more to come!
pajama boy the story bout Lezlie comes next

Anyway,Jewel was tied to the chair and I was downstairs waiting for the next person to come up.It turned out to be Courtney who was coming up for a Pepsi or something. I used the trusty handgag-arm pin round the waist manuever and bound her with the tape right there on the couch. I carrier her upstairs as one who carry a child and hogtied her when i got to my room. Alex heard the kicking and was investigating the partially used roll of tape on the couch as well as the misplaced pillows, right before i handgagged her that is. 

"Sorry love, gotta come upstairs again" 
I discontinued the handgag and just carried her upstairs fondly as you see a man carry his bride over the threshold or something of the like.

I gave her a little kiss on the lips before i carried her into my room, then tied her hand and foot on my bed and gave her another kiss before i gagged her with tape(sorry about all the kissing, but it is part of the story) I watched them squirm a little and tickled Jewel a little before i let them go. 
"We need to learn some knots."Courtney said with a grin.
I agreed but didnt really worry, for good reason too nothing ever happened to me at least by them

Ahh my last story for a while then another involving my babysitter again.


Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 01:11:47 AM
If anybody has pictures of girls they tied up during a tie up game or whatever please email them to me...... thanks to anyone who will.

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 04:55:52 AM
handgag my boyfriend
hi everybody,

it`s cool to handgag a boy.....make my palm over hos mouth when he's bad (then he can just say hmmmpff) it makes a lot of fun bui it isnt real sm....iwant you to hear my story ??


mel "g"

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 06:34:32 AM
hi all, 

i am into foot worship and bondage

i offer services in which i worship ladies feet and/or get tie up by them or tie them up.

if you are interested, please visit my website

or email me


Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 10:37:48 AM
There are lots of people who wants to hear your story about handgagging your boyfriend. Please tell us!
Hom lover

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 04:25:27 PM
Hi everyone, the next part is ready. Just remember: 

We engaged in a battle against the boyscouts. Dan and Collin passed to our side, but instead, Phil betrayed us and told our plans. I escaped being caught. So the teams remained as following: 

Team1: Adrian, Collin(captured), Dan(captured), Tyler (captured), Chris(captured) Adam and me(Nicholas). 

Team2(boyscouts): Mike, Scott, Klaus, Rob, Gus, Doug, Justin, James, Billy and Phil. 

Battle Ends

              Engrossed in my thoughts, mechanically avoiding pine trees and holes and thick roots in the run, I only realized how distant I was when I spotted the creek. I came to a stop, surprised. Extenuated, while a thin layer of sweat began to form on my skin, I searched within my mind a recognizable spot I could associate with (remember it was a new territory for me). 

              Without a doubt, it was the same freezing cold, crystalline watercourse we had swum and played in the day before. More important than that, it was located right behind the boyscouts's camp. It was unexpected, truly, because between the two bases lay several amount of hundreds of meters, but for me it had only passed a few seconds since my escape. 

                 “ I have to get some stuff ,” I said to myself, taking deep breaths of air. I knew how defenseless I was without a water gun or any rope or duct tape. I also knew there had to be at least one of those three things in their camp. The only thing I did not know was whether it was protected or not. 

       “It's worth the risk,” I concluded, “because wandering like this will only get me captured. And that's stupid.” I was old enough, and had some notion of wrestling, therefore if an occasional enemy showed up, I would still be able to subdue him if I had managed to avoid his shots. Impossible is nothing. 

       There were only three physical obstacles: first, the creek; second, a low hill and finally a line of trees. Fortunately, from where I was, I couldn't be seen and - unfortunately - neither could I see anyone, because of the surrounding wall of high foliage that hid the camp inside with its tents. 

       As I walked through the shoreline scattered with rocks, the crushing sound of them from beneath my feet echoed in the woods. 

       “Too noisy, someone might hear it,” I said and removed my shoes along with, why not, my socks. Bad idea. I threw them to the opposite shore and prepared to jump. 

       Seeing that the narrowest part of the rivulet was not narrow at all, I backed a few steps in order to get a sufficient impulse (I really didn't want to get wet; well, at least not in that awfully cold stream). I did a great leap forwards, successfully arrived at the other side of the creek, avoiding the dreaded water, but landing with all my weight on my right foot - and since I was shoeless and sockless, a tiny sharp rock pierced my sole, one of the most frail parts of my body. I screamed in pain. My legs faltered; I lost balance, and powerlessly fell down backwards on the freezing cold water. DAMN IT WAS COLD! 

       Unimaginably fast, I escaped from that sensation of needles attacking my body by swimming to the shore, and with not little cursing - also blaming my stupid self - I checked my wound: it had penetrated the skin deeply and started to bleed. 

       “Great,” I thought, “now I'm getting tetanus.” I washed it but it didn't look nice. 

       “No wait, giving it second thought maybe gangrene.” 

       Well, if it didn't kill me, it'd make me stronger. My t-shirt was obviously soaked, and so was my underwear. Now, in spite of my living in a very, very hot country - and that day wasn't particularly cooler – the iced cloth that clung to my skin made me shiver with the first breeze. Therefore I had to remove it ( the t-shirt, not the underwear, for god's sake; I couldn't just go around like Adam in Garden of Eden! lol) 

       All of a sudden, as I put the socks back on and fastened the shoelaces, I heard steps. A torrent of adrenaline flowed through my veins; I raised my head. There, on the other side of the creek, stood Phil with a smirk on his face. In one hand, he held a pistol; the other was at his waist, panting a bit because of the chase, but still showing his characteristic, so-Phil pose of arrogance/cleverness. 

       “Gosh, Nick. I didn't know you were that worried about getting dirty,” he broke the silence and laughed. I was petrified. 

       “Ok, lie down, put your arms behind your back, and wait for me to get you.” He prepared to jump. 

       “Yeah, right.” I said with sarcasm, hurriedly got up, and made a run up the hill. Having forgotten about my injured foot due to the feeling of desperation caused when you know you'll get caught, I nearly collapsed again. It really hurt. For that reason, in a reckless manner, I started to hop on one foot, half-running, half-jumping – it must have been hilarious – as I heard Phil's voice behind me telling me to stop, that I had no escape. Well, in a certain way he was right for he would eventually get me, but I was not giving up. Stubborn me. Like I said before, I was the fastest one in the group – Phil the second – but deprived of one leg I was no better than a 64MB Pentium II trying to run Halo and Doom3 at the same time, if you know what I mean. 

       I could already see the tents in the camp. I only hoped that I could get there before Phil and that I could find something to defend myself with. However, still in the forest, no more than a last line of trees left to the clearing, and anxious, I paid no attention to the path I was going through. That was my error. I stepped on a trap - a booby trap, that's how it's called. It's quite primitive, really. I don't know how I could not notice it. A big loop of rope is laid concealed on the ground and its end is held by someone or a mechanism that pulls it when the person steps inside. 

       My foot was yanked by a rope, and since I had been hopping, I offered little resistance to my being knocked down. Luckily, there was a thick layer of leaves on the ground that diminished the impact but it wasn't pretty falling like a bag of potatoes. I lay on my stomach, breathing heavily, wondering what had happened. I tried to get up but a voice said, “Don't even think about it,” and put the barrel of a gun behind my head as the assailant pinned me to the ground again. 

       “Good Mike, you captured him!” exclaimed Phil who had just arrived carrying my shoes and damp shirt. Mike, giving me no chance of escape whatsoever, sat on my butt and reached for a rope inside his zipped pocket. 

       “Yeah, and I have the perfect plan for the other two,” he said grasping my wrist and wrapping the first loop around it. 

       In no time, they got me carried by the arms - I couldn't walk - to the campsite with my hands perfectly cross-bound behind my back. To my further embarrassment, they made all kind of derisory comments after I had explained how I had fallen in the creek. I could but mpphhh back at them because they had promptly gagged me afterwards, with my own t-shirt. After all, I was a prisoner and my freedom was in their hands. 

       The place was empty, except for James, another boyscout, who to my complete amazement was finishing tying up Billy to a pole! I just couldn't get it. He was also one of them! What had he done? 

       “Guys, look what we got,” said Phil in a haughty tone. James turned around and smiled triumphantly. 

       “Perfect, now we'll keep them both busy.” 

       He resumed by tying off Billy's last knot, with unnecessary tightness, which made the twin yelp: 

       “Hey, take it easy James!” 

       “Sorry, I got a little too excited.” He finally silenced the kid with a simple cleave gag. 

       Billy then tested the bonds and boy, he was going nowhere. He was tied in one of the most restrictive and uncomfortable ways I had ever seen – and felt. 

       Phil and Mike first untied my hands, whilst explaining James and Billy the previous events that had leaded to my – stupid – capture (they laughed as well). 

       They forced me down, in a kneeling position, my back against a small medium-thick wooden pole. Thanks to my long legs, my feet could be drawn back far enough to cross them at the ankles behind the pole and there be lashed together. The pressure on my lower back now forced me slightly forward. Seeing the wound on my sole, James took some time to cleanse it and put a band-aid over it before going on (they weren't that cruel after all!). 

       During the whole procedure, I stared unsympathetically at my captors even though in the inside I was truly apprehensive of this new method. 

       Mike fetched a new length of soft cotton rope. I duly put my arms behind in anticipation. 

       “Oh no, Nick,” Mike said amused, “not this time.” 

       Mike then brought my hands in front, pulled them above my head and tied them, crossed palm to palm, behind the pole as well. In an automatic reflex, I arched my back as my arms were drawn upwards, stretching my tanned skin as taut as a drum across my ribs, and exposing both my armpits and sides, which lost all protection and became frighteningly vulnerable. 

       Next Phil, the scrawny blonde kid, removed my gag, but I knew the relief it gave on my jaws would be only temporary. After he offered me some water – I refused for fear of tickle torture - he took something out of his pocket, which I recognized, widening my eyes, as a squash ball. 

       “Remember this, Nick?” Phil kneeled and held it in front my face. 

       “No! – Phil, you're not thinking of…” I answered fearfully. I knew he wanted revenge; I had used this same kind of gag on him back then in his house. 

       “Oh, yes.” A broad grin spread across his face. He picked one of my socks and put the ball inside; he rolled them in a bundle. 

       “Please Phil, not this. I won't make a sound!” I hurried to beg but he acted as if I had said nothing. 

       “Open up!” 

       I sighed and reluctantly did as told, receiving the wad without resisting, which filled my mouth completely and bulged my cheeks. The boy put his hand over my mouth to hold it in, while he searched with the other hand for the end of the duct tape roll. Using his teeth, Phil peeled a strip, which he plastered over my mouth and then wrapped unmercifully around my head until all the attempts to speak were mere mppphhhhhf s. As I've mentioned before, the effectiveness of this gag is great – of course, at the expense of the wearer's comfort: It opened the mouth wide; it couldn't be spat out or even work it with the tongue, and biting the bundle just made the captive's jaw increasingly tired. 

       The fact that they added no further ropes to my bindings, and stepped back to admire their prisoner, puzzled me, for – specially – Mike used to be very thorough in his rope-work. 

       Nevertheless, I should have known better. As soon as they finished I struggled against my bonds, and realized, with an expression of both horror and fascination, that I was utterly helpless – now even more than other times. The tying implied an understanding of human anatomy (or just lots, and lots of tie-up practice), because it hindered movement of limbs with the least amount of fastening material, and the most amazing thing was that it was impossible to relax! 

       Because of the way I was tied, I was unable to stretch my arms up! Neither could I lower them to gain relief! I had no choice but to strain the whole time, which wasn't a very nice position to remain in, I must say. The cords had been wrapped horizontally, then vertically tight around wrists and ankles; the knots, as always, were way out of the reach of my prying fingers. Come on, those were boyscouts' knots! Continuing to struggle was useless – and painful – so I gave up and gazed through the still wet hair that was now falling over my eyes, at Phil and Mike, who had devil smiles on their faces. 

       “Okay, maybe you're wondering why Billy is here to your left sharing the same ordeal,” began Mike pointing at the auburn-haired kid bound in the same way I was, shirtless. James tied a dark cloth around over my eyes and I was put in darkness. 

       “You know you're our prisoner, but he is still part of our group,” Phil barged in to set things clear. 

       “Yes, and as you also know the only ones from your team left to capture are Adrian and Adam. And, thanks to our highly persuasive methods used on Tyler ,” and here Mike giggled, “we could find out the whereabouts of those two.” 

       “We know they are coming here,” summed up Phil. 

       “So we prepared a little surprise for them,” the older boy said. 

       “What we're gonna do is –“ 

       “No, hahaha, wait Phil, I have an idea,” interrupted Mike who burst out laughing, “let him find it out by himself. It's going to be hilarious!” They both agreed. 

       “Yeah! Hahaha, I can't wait to see his face!” Phil removed the blindfold, swept my wet hair clear from my face upwards, and patted mockingly my cheeks. Grrrr! 

       I was still trying to adjust my eyes to the sunlight when, without more ado, they walked away west, disappearing behind the tents, which left me to ponder about the strange predicament I had been put into. 

       My mind was racing. Using me to lure Adrian and Adam was clear, but why had they set up a trap along with Billy as a bait too, if he was not in our team? Why would Adrian want to release him? It made no sense. Even more, it was way too suspicious, and my teammates weren't that dumb. I could find no answer. 

       Time passed by: ten, twenty, thirty minutes. We just waited in silence, which began to get irritable. Nobody appeared. Clad only in my underwear, those paranoid thoughts of wild beasts showing up to devour us haunted me again. Under the punishing mid-morning sun, the previous coolness of water was replaced by drops of sweat running down my body. Not to mention that my muscles were starting to get painfully stiff. 

       “Finally!” I said to myself with a pint of hope when I heard noises coming from the forest. Like Mike had said, Adrian and Adam showed up. They saw us, but remained cautious, standing still far and unable to make out who we were. 

       “Of course they're gonna realize it's a trap,” I thought. 

       I swung my head left. Billy looked at me and smiled the best he could under his gag. Then he started to mpphhh loudly. 

       “What's the matter with him?” 

       The boys started to walk in our direction. 

       “Eventually Adrian or Adam's gonna find out it's me and Dan –-err, I mean Billy and…” I stopped dead. 

       “OH MY GOD! The twins! That's it!” I was flabbergasted. Those cheating bastards! At that instant, it all fitted perfectly: Mike wanted them (Adrian & Adam) to think Billy was his brother Dan! Dan and Billy were identical twins, except that Billy was a little bit slimmer and boyish than his brother. Nevertheless, since we had met the twins only the day before and they were new players, neither Adrian nor Adam would be able to tell that slight difference, not yet. Even I, having hanged out with the twins for a longer time, got confused! Thus, Mike took advantage of Dan being in our group; he removed Billy's cloth to prevent recognition and tied him next to me as if he was Dan, their prisoner - the other auburn-haired boy. 

       Adrian and Adam got closer. 

       I had to warn them. 

       “MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHH!” I shouted my lungs out. 

       “Hey, it's Nick and that new one, Dan!” The blonde one told Adam. We were in serious trouble; we would lose if I didn't find a way to warn my friends! 

       Adrian stopped and asked, “Are you guys ok?” 

       “Yeah, ww're fine. Hrry up!” said Billy. I completely forgot that the boyscouts had deliberately put him a lousy, packless cleave gag, therefore he could make more understandable speech than I could. 

       “Dan, where are them?” asked Adrian in whisper tone, referring to our captors, as he untied Billy's gag – mine would have taken too much time. 

       “They went away just a minute ago. C'mon, untie us, quick!” Billy urged them. 

       Once more, I tried to say, “Watch out, is a trap! He's NOT DAN!” but Adrian just chuckled and asked, “What's wrong with Nick?” 

       “Oh, he wants to pee,” answered Billy smiling at me. Ahhhhh! Dammit!

       “Well, he's already undressed to his underwear,(laugh), so we could just-“ 

       “No! Untie us first, they may come back at any time,” Billy cut him off. 

       So Adrian and Adam did what he had wanted them to do: they put their pistol guns inside their pockets – both hands were needed -, squatted beside us, and started to work on our bonds: Adrian on mine and Adam on Billy's. The plan needed the two of them to be occupied and distracted, for if a shooting began, it was known that Adrian and Adam were the best shooters. At that moment, they became both unarmed, defenseless; and since the boyscouts had made sure to use complicated, sturdy, and triple knots, they were also having a hard time untying us. 

       Persistently I mpphed through my tape-gag at Adrian , but he just hushed me, “Hold it for a minute, would ya? I'm doing it as fast as I can! It's too damn tight.” 

       I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Bloody boyscouts, they had planned it all too carefully! 

       When Adrian began to unravel the rope around my left wrist, Billy cried, 


       Before our saviors could turn around, two shots of stagnant water coming from Mike and Phil's gun spurted on their backs. An expression of deep shock was printed on their faces, it had happened too fast for them to understand. Even more for Adrian , who saw his brother Phil playing on enemy side when he spun around. 

       “Hi Adrian ,” Phil said cunningly. The boys jaw almost hit the floor. 

       “Ok, drop your weapons and raise your hands,” ordered Mike. 

       “What the hell is going on here?” screamed the blond kid, slowly getting up after James had picked his and Adam's gun from the ground. 

       “We've just fooled you, and good!” Mike answered. 


       “The one over there is not Dan,” indicated Phil. 

       “It's Billy…” completed Adam, realizing it too late. 


       “No way!” said Adrian , examining the boy still tied to the pole, his auburn hair, his light brown eyes, for a hint of confirmation. 

       “Surprise, surprise!” Billy said. 

       “Why, bro?” Adrian asked Phil. 

       “Well, I don't want to lose again, you know. It was pretty humiliating last time, remain tied for that long - and they were less. Now they are nine.If you can't win them, join them!” he replied as if it was the most common thing in the world. 

       Adrian then, betrayed and tricked, the ego badly wounded, gave his brother the fiercest, blood-curling look I had ever seen.

       He was not happy. 

       “Phil, you have no idea how much this is going to cost you.” He gnashed his teeth at every word. 

       “Oh, shut up!” retorted Phil and forced a rag deep into his brother's mouth; he used Adrian's own t-shirt to hold it in place by tying it off savagely tight behind his head, which not only muffled entirely the blond boy's sounds, but also hurt the corner of his lips. 

       Soon both of them lay hogtied in front of me. I had the honor, according to Mike, to see “masters” at work, obtaining valuable knowledge, while I long-sufferingly watched how they tied Adrian and Adam's hands behind their backs, the elbows together as well, and finally linked them to beforehand-bound ankles. Phil then added comically, which made me blush, that I also had the pleasure, judging the growing bulge in my underwear (thank God it was of a dark color fabric!) 

       Once we were duly trussed up, and Billy was released, they couldn't help to torture us some. The new prisoners's footgears were removed. 

       “A good tie-up is not complete without tickling!” Mike pointed out, to our detriment. The others nodded happily, not to say ecstatically, and launched a relentless attack on poor Adrian and Adam bare soles. The strict hog-tie further reduced their mobility and they writhed and laughed as they went on to the most sensitive parts of their vulnerable bodies, like Adrian's skinny ribs or Adam's ticklish belly. 

       “Hey, Nick over there seems to want some too,” said James and the FOUR boyscouts surrounded me. I bit the ball hard and tensed my body, waiting hopelessly for it to begin. 

       I went completely berserk. That's when the helplessness of that kind of tie-up was noticeable: every muscle, every part, every little hidden spot was available for the thirsty boys to plunge their fingers on. I had never felt tickling that way - so intense, so… so… ah! I can almost feel it now. This was plain cruelty: tickling was available to extract information, not to please the captors! Maybe it was just me, but they appeared to have taken a special liking to my body, for it passed the eternity and a little bit before they stopped. 

       When they finished, I was exhausted and breathing heavily; tears had long begun to run down my face. 

       “That's enough, we don't want him wetting the only dry cloth he's got,” said Mike. Then he told James and Billy to go and call the other boyscouts that had remained at our base (the clearing) and bring all prisoners together, so they could pronounce themselves winners. By the rules, the losers would get to spend tied as long as the beaters wanted, with the limit of sunset. I was already imagining all kind of terrible tortures being played on us. 

       But how amazed Mike was, when, after twenty minutes, both kids returned all wrapped up in duct-tape chest to chest, hands bound behind the other one's back in a hugging lock, and tape-gagged. Mike almost had a heart attack. A white scarf was tied around the boys' necks, and he knew it was the sign for truce. 

       “Can it be possible that…” Phil muttered but Mike said, “Listen!” 

       Shortly afterwards emerged from the woods all of Mike's team (Klaus, Scott, Gus, Doug, Rob and Justin) with their upper bodies immobilized in rope, arms bound behind their back in a chain to the other boyscouts and silenced by their own t-shirts; following them came our teammates, pistol in hands, Collin, Tyler, Chris and Dan. I cannot describe the joy I felt at this sight. 

       Mike and Phil backed away as our friends invaded the camp and had their prisoners sit in a row on a log, and had their ankles tied. Collin at once put them at ease by saying, "Don't worry. We are not trying to trick you. We just think it's reasonable to get to an agreement because there is almost no way you'll catch any of us, and the only thing that could happen is for you two to be captured as well, like them." He swung an arm across the six bound boys. 

       “What do you propose?” asked Mike. 

       “As currently winners, we can take all of you as hostages for the time we see fit, even if you resist,” Collin explained. Chris went on, 

       “We don't care about winning. It'll be a draw, but we only demand one thing.” 

       “And that would be…?” 

       “Him!” Tyler pointed a finger at Phil. 

       The kid's blue eyes widened in terror, “What?!! Are you kidding?! Mike, please tell me you're not going to give up. We can still win!” 

       Chris continued, “We are also willing to return you the full six prisoners in exchange for that little traitor.” It was the best offer the boyscout leader could get. Not even a wise strategist and negotiator would reject that. 

       “So, what do you say?” asked Tyler . 

       Mike, a prideful kid he was, couldn't bear the idea of losing. 

       After a long silence, during which Phil pathetically implored for mercy, Mike finally went to where Adrian lay hogtied; he untied him completely, handed him a long piece of rope and said with a smile, 

       “Don't let him get away.” 

       Adrian instantaneously understood. Mike wanted Adrian to perform the cowboy stunt on his brother! He got up and made a quick knot to convert the rope into a lasso, waving a big loop of rope on the air. Phil panicked. If he fell in Adrian hands, the question wouldn't be what he would do to him, but what we would not do. 

       An exciting chase ensued; the younger kid ran desperately until his brother managed to rope his feet, thus falling down. Before Phil could react, Adrian reached down, turned him on his back, and lashed his ankles together. Without delay Adrian forced his brother's lean arms behind his back; and holding with one hand, used the remaining length of rope to bound the wrists – all carried out with an astonishing dexterity and smoothness. After completing the hogtie, Adrian knotted it off and put a foot on the kid's head. 

       “I always win, bro.” 

       “Oh shit. Now I'm dead,” was all Phil, staring blankly at the sky, could say before a hand pushed a scarf past beyond his teeth and secured it with a cloth tied around his head. 

       After Mike's part of the agreement was fulfilled, we duly released the boyscouts and soon, free at last!, we were untied. Apart from being extenuated and some nice rope burns, I was okay. 

       We then enjoyed a nice meal, for it was near noon , prepared by the scouts, no hard feelings. Phil had any; he just remained staked out, shirtless, gagged and continuously tickled, in front of us. 

       There was a general chatter about the previous events, where I got the opportunity to set things clear. 

       “There's still one thing I don't get, Dan. How on earth did you manage to untie yourselves and besides capture all the boyscouts that were guarding you?” 

       “That was easy. Actually, they collaborated on our freedom.” 

       I looked quizzically at him. 

       “You see, they asked us if we wanted some water. Obviously, because of the heat, we nodded yes. They wanted to laugh at our expense, so they soaked us to the skin by unloading two full buckets of water on us. What they seemed to forget was that duct-tape comes off more easily when wet,” he explained chuckling. The boyscouts lowered their faces in shame. 

       “We struggled against our bonds,” Collin continued in proudly tone, “got free, waited until they were not looking, and jumped them from behind. Overpowering them didn't come easy, but we're good. 

       “As the others came back, we captured them one by one; when we we're finishing securing them, Billy and James showed up, who were too confident about us being trussed up that they carried no water-guns whatsoever. We taped them together, put the flag around their necks, and sent them back to Mike. All we had to do then was follow their path!” 

       We broke in a general laughter – the other kids didn't seem to be happy! 

       With that ended our battle against the boyscouts, for it was getting late and we had to return to the farm – Mr. Silva wouldn't want us to disappear for two entire days! If I learned one thing from this game, was that you definitely, can't trust those scouts! They'll take any chance to fool you; for them, being disloyal was a common currency. Even Mike betrayed Phil, who had in turn betrayed us! Tell me if that's not most ironic! 

       Things were all messed up for Phil now; he had no idea what we had in store for that little rat. I almost felt sorry for him! Almost… 


So, what were our plans for poor Phil? Read the next part!

Please send your comments at my email-address below. Thanks.

Nicholas H.

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 04:37:26 PM
(note for Walkster)
Just look at it!! I could swear to God somebody made that specifically to insult me! And I know I'm not the only person on earth named Zack, okay?

And besides, why would they type it like that if they were somebody else? Wouldn't they wanna type it differently?

U. S. A

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 05:49:55 PM
A fun War
Once upon a time when I was 13 years old we had a giant neighborhood war. One team was one street and each team had a hideout, ours was a fairly large shack behind a teammates house.There were 6 people on each team.(giant in those days) My team was Anna,Jessica, Andrew,Josh,Cammellia and the team leader,me, Max.The object of the game was to take the other team prisoner with the water guns we had(I had a nice super soaker and a small pistol, the rest had normal supersoakers but Josh had a special contraption he and Jessica rigged up that launched water balloons.) The other team was Alexandra,(my girlfriend),Will,Cameron(girl if your confused),Micah,Jim, and another girl whose name escapes me. We had to shoot the other team then tie them up in the shack until all team members were captured, and you could rescue captured members of your team, if you could get to them.Anyway, we split up, I was with Josh and his giant gun and Jessica. andrew,Cammellia, and Anna were on the other squad. We searched for their team in small wood nesar their hideout, a small cave which had been excavated from a hill a while ago for some reason but due to budget cuts or strikes or something was never refilled after the project was cancelled. Anyway, We decided to split up further and Josh and Jessica would go one way and i the other. I quickly and luckily found Alexandra hdiing near the back of their hill and took her prisoner. I handgagged her and marched her through the woods to our small shack. I tied her to a chair in the shack, arms behind, legs to the legs, and additional rope around her torso. I then gagged her with some stretchy medical tape and gave her a kiss on the cheek before I left. 
I peered in the front of the other teams cave to see Micah standing guard over Anna who was squirming and mmphing in a strict hogtie, mouth gagged with tape.

Thats all for now, please let me know if you want the rest!


Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 06:00:48 PM
Yeah there is more than one of us, I apologise, I'll add my last inital to my posts,sorry man.
zack v.

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 06:41:27 PM

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 07:10:45 PM
Reply to MadMax
ALWAYS interested in stories of girls overpowering ("guarding" in your story) other girls.
Girls-Overpowering-Girls Guy

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 07:28:38 PM
(note for Zack V.)
No, I'm the one who should apoligize. I was quick to judge... plus I have anger issues. But that's no excuse.

Anyways, I think I might have another story, if anyone wants to hear it.


Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 09:24:12 PM
my name is penny 
i am 12 my best friend is cassie and i have a astory to tell you.
Cassie came to my house one day. we were sitting on the couch when cassie said she wanted to be tied up. i looked at her with ablank face and then said ok. i told her to wait in my room. by the way we were by ourselves for 4 hours. i walked into my room with a bag in my hand. i pulled over a chair and told her to sit down. then i pulled a roll of duct tape out. i tied each hand to one of the hands on the chair going around 12 times on each hand, i did the same with her ankles.
i duct taped her to the chair around her waist and around her thighs.
i tied her hair up with an elastic and then rolled th duct tape around her mouth about 3 times i told her i'd be back in about 1/2 an hour to see how she was doing. i left the room saying the old fashion line now don't you go anywhere. i closed the door then came the time to untie her then she went home, i had a great day!!

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 09:36:17 PM
A night with the babysitter
One night when I was 13, my babysitter Lezlie was over to watch us and hang out while my parents were out. We were sitting around the table(My sister and lezlie and I) and trying to figure out what to do. I suggested a game called Abuction,(which i just made up)Two people would hide and the other would look for them and tie the first one he found up.Then the free one would attempt to free them. I was of course chosen as the Seeker, and my sister and Lezlie ran to hide while I counted to fifty.

Now I must describe Lezlie.She is tall with blond hair and black highlights, a slender body will well-defined you-know-whats, and on that night was wearing a pink spaghetti strap tank-top thing and tight jeans. She is 21 at the tme of the other stories but at the time was 19.

Anyway.I found Lezlie purposely first, she was hiding in the unfinished basement.

I snuck up behind her and handgagged her, she mmmphed with suprise and tried to take my hand off her face but I was a fairly strong 13 year old and held firm.I wrapped another arm around her waist(something ive wanted to do for a longggg time) and took her to my room. I set her down on the floor and tied her ankles together with rope along with her hands. I then rolled her over on her stomach and procceded with a tight hogtie and then walked over to her face.

"Sorry love,"I said with my best evil villian smile,"Can't have you calling out can I?"
"Desert,(not my nickname then but Im reluctant to relinquish my name)we didnt say anything about gags!"
"Then that means we didnt say we couldnt, does it."

With an audible sigh, she opened her mouth and I stuffed a cloth into it and covered it with duct tape. She squirmed and mmmphed beutifully, delight spreading across my face and my..erm..pants, if you catch my drift.
After i changed boxers, I watched Lezlie a little more and then went off to do something else, rules said i couldnt stand guard, which i hated but was fair.
My sister eventually freed Lezlie but the rules also said the round started over and I could recapture her.
She was hiding in the downstairs now, in a large closet, when I turned out the light she let out an audible sigh, and began to trudge upstairs with me in tow.
I tied her to a chair this time, with hands behind her back and was about to gag her when she said,
"Looks like your enjoying this, hunh?"she said apprehensively, eyeing the bulge in my pants.
I blushed and went into the bathroom to correct, then tightly cleave gagged her.

this time i DID stay to watch, whatver the rules said, as she struggled against her bonds and mmmmmphed loudly yet incoherently, I eventually let her go, but that and the other experience was the last I would have with her, sadly.


Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 10:12:42 PM
Nice pic, Steven!

Sunday, August 28th 2005 - 11:37:06 PM
all i can say is murph
I was sitting down in my garden one day when my sister and her friends came over to me and started justtalking too me, like a fool i thought nothing of it.

my sister is 18 and her friends are too as i am only 15 i was never in with much of a chance.

eventually i realised my fate and when my parents called ok kids we're goin out for a bit then that was my judgment day, my shirt was ripped of and tape was put on my chest, they then ripped one of and that hurt. I was at they mercy.

They tied me up just free on the floor with my hands behind my back and my feet crossed, no gag...... yet

they then said this is for no reason by the way and proceeded to tie my knees together then my upper arms, all using rope, the my stomach to my arms.

after that they blinfold me with a nightcap and gagged me with duct tape.

they then thought it would be funny to rip the rest of the tape on my chest off, lovely....... not.

they left me like this for 3 hrs until my parents came home.

of course this unreasonable bondage meant war .........


Monday, August 29th 2005 - 12:02:32 AM
if any one has got a picture of a girl being tied up then that would be greatly appreciated cuz my girlfriend only ties me up and said if i can find a pic den she will let me tie her up.

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 02:54:12 AM
Well, I found out my lady is kinky tonight. I was over her house watching a movie, and I really didn't feel like watching it, so i said lets change it, than she got up and got a role of duct tape and said "i'll have to tape my boy to that couch if he doesn't stay put" she was about to tape me but her mom got home : ( maybe next time :p

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 05:08:45 AM
just dropping in to see if anyone is interested in chatting about anything. im a 17/ just hit me up on aim at IrishNCream, or email me and we'll work something else out. peace.

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 09:24:59 AM
My name is sarah and i am 14 i love to be tied up in loads of diffrent ways , but this time it wasnt expected. there is this girl in my school called jenny and a boy called tom , we was all best friends but we fell out over somthing stupid. 

I was walking home from school and i had to walk down an ally to get home (it was quicker) and i saw jenny and tom and another girl called amy , i just carried on to walk past , and tom came behind me and put 1 hand behind my back and gaged me with his hand. i was trying to hit him with my other hand and kick him.

jennys back garden leads out into the ally so they all carried me in to the house i couldnt make a sound i was struggling so much. When we got in jennys house they got a dining chair and put it infront of me wile amy locked the door. Tom still had hold of me an sat me on the chair i was struggling so much. amy then tied my legs to the chair and jenny tied my arms (both with rope with strong duct tape over them) then tom took my sock off and put it in my mouth and put duct tape over it.

They then wrapped duct tape round me about 6 times so i was secure to the chair. 

" now sarah its time for some payback , hmmm remember when i lent you that skirt? " were is it? " jenny said with her face close to me.

i shuck my head " MMMMUUUHHHMMMM" i was trying to tell her i left it at her house when i sleped over.

then amy said " its payback time " 

i was struggling so hard.

they went threw my school bag and took out all my money and books and ripped up my homework.

I was soo scared and helpless but i loved it. i obviously didnt show that. :)

So after about half anour they got bored and tom said " what do we do with her now?" then jenny said " my sister is coming home soon she will drive us , but we have about a couple of hours yet " (her sister is 18 and she never liked me)

So they untied me from the chair and blindfolded me with a scarf. my hands was still behind my back and they made me walk and one of them put a rope around my neck and if i stood still and she walked it would get tighter and one of them had hold of my hair. they took me down to the cellar. 

they put me on the freezing floor and hogtied me so my legs and hands would join behind my back. and they started tickling me. i riggled and laughed.

then they tied me to another chair but in a diffrent way so i was over the seat they tied my arms and legs to the legs of the chair. and strapped my whole body to the chair i couldnt move at all. and i was still blindfolded and gaged.

Then they left me saying " dont go anywere " 

i was like that for about an hour. Then i herd a car pull in the garrage it must of been jennys sister.

about 20 mins later they all came in (including jennys sister) 

They untied me and quickly tied my wrists together and my elbows and my legs and knees. and tom carried me like a baby and put me in the boot of jennys sisters car. then we drove for about 20 mins. and they untied me and we ended up in the carpark to go on the park , it was about 6:30pm so not mainy people was around. they untied me but left the gag on and tom hancuffed my wrist to his and put mine and his hand in his pocket (so it looked like we was holding hands) i was about to try and make a run for it but i was cuffed to tom and he also had tight hold of my hand.

we ended up in this bit of the park were there is lots of trees and no one goes there its like a little den. 

They got me to stand infront of the tree with my back to it andtom uncuffed me and jenny , her sis and amy was infront of me. they told me to put my arms round the tree so they was like behind my back i had no choice so i obayed. my arms didnt fit the whole way round the tree because it was so thick do they duck taped my hands and arms to the tree as tight as they could. jennys sister then taped my legs together and my knees and atteched my legs and knees to the tree by wrapping duct tape round me. 

they duct taped round my belly and round abouve my breasts. the only thing i could move was my head.

They was all taunting me and calling me names and then this other gang came to the den that we didnt know. and jenny tom amy and jennys sis made friends with them and they all laughed and drew on me.

i was so humiliated but i liked it. one of the boys out the gang took the gag off me and the sock out my mouth and snogged me (that i didnt like) 

then they all left me and went to the shop. with my gag on i couldnt scream. i could just make noises "hmmmmhhhpppm "
after about an hour they all came back and they braught me an ice lolly (not to eat) one of the boys smutherd it all in my face and all up my legs. i was all sticky. 

it got to about 7:30 and it was getting dark so they decided they would let me go.

i got free and jenny said " if you tell ANYONE about this it will be worse MUCH worse next time " i didnt tell anyone i really enjoyed it , i love bieing tied up and humiliated.(weard) but there is a limit. this happend 2 days ago. if you want to know what else they did add me on msn


Monday, August 29th 2005 - 11:16:17 AM
Reply to Hostage
Awesome story i would like to read more from email me anytime to share storys i have some good ones too if you have pics of your hostage ordeal or any other of tied bound and gagged send them over to me i love too see pics of girls and women tied bound and gagged i would love to tie you anytime 

bondage brian 


Monday, August 29th 2005 - 06:19:03 PM
A few things
First of all, great job to everyone posting stories, especially Nick H. Good Job guys.

Skate Shoe Lover, where in Michigan do you live?

Also, is there a current yahoo group or something for canuck with pics?


Monday, August 29th 2005 - 07:00:19 PM
Really need some pics of women gettin tied cuz shes findin new ways and dey hurt, ino its in da name of fun bt still HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 07:11:51 PM
I liked essentially every latest story, but I must say I particularly enjoyed the ones by Nick and Desert Fox. Nick, I read a story about mixing twins for a trick here in the past but the plot had been discovered because the twins were identical but not symmetrical. Too bad that didn't work with your situation! ;) 

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 07:55:54 PM
Thanks for the compliment, ill have another experience out soon i should expect.
Hope you enjoy it,its one of my favorites

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 08:13:49 PM
Capture the...Person
One fineee day in summer, we decided to have another neighborhood war, but this one was to be more team-oriented and involved capturing the other team's leader instead of just the whole team. The other members were to protect.
On one team was Me, Andrew,Camellia,and Sydney,
And on the other was Sheree(my new girlfriend,Alex had moved away), Josh, Jessica(they were going out), and Meghan.

Cammellia was short with brown hair to just past her shoulders, Sydney was tall with jet black hair almost to her waist, and Andrew was fairly short but strong with very very very short brown hair.

Sheree was as tall as me(5'5'') at the time with black hair and blonde highlights, she had a very mocking singsong voice(which fortunately for me she didnt use much during the game) and tan skin, for she was half and half.

Jessica was tall and with her blonde hair in a braid to her waist.
Josh was very very very very very very tall and was black with very little hair.
Meghan was of medium height and a little heavy set with brown hair cut to just beneath her shoulders.
Again luckily, Sheree was the VIP of their team, Sydney was ours.

Sorry have to go i will finish later!!


Monday, August 29th 2005 - 09:49:16 PM
Thank you all, t-man, Andy_v, for your support. Now that I think about it, actually it was a good thing that we got tricked by the twin then because, even if it did work out, we didn't lose. We wouldn't fall for it again! After that episode we made sure that either the twins played both in the same side or had something visible, a ribbon or a 'tatoo', to tell who was who!

PS. Great stories everyone, keep posting them!

Nicholas H.

Monday, August 29th 2005 - 11:38:57 PM
Hey guys, these are some great stories we got going on here. I was wondering, are there any girls and or guys in the Omaha Nebraska area, interested in chatting, or meeting up for some tie up "fun ;)" Im an 18 year old male. Leave a msg here on this forum, with an e-mail address/screen name/website

Thanks all.

Anonymous (for now)

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 01:30:10 AM
"Casual" Tie up
Hey guys, it's good to be back posting stories again here on the site. Anyways, some of you guys might know me for my tug's involving bets and my friends and/or father, lol. Thsi time however, I opted to be tied up on the living room floor for as long as I could stand it. So, my friend got some rope and tied my hands cross behind my back and then tied my feet at the ankles while I was in an "Indian" style position. You know, cross legged or whatever. I wore Champion crew socks, white with grey bottoms and my friend gagged and blindfolded me with my own socks. He proposed that if I could last for more than 2 hours, then I could tie him up next time. However, if I couldn't last that long, he would have the oppurtunity to tie me up whenever he wanted, lol. So, after about an hour and a half, I started to get really sore, especially my legs, but held out for 30 more minutes to win the bet! I'll post that story in the future, okay?
observer 2

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 08:24:57 AM
re: Nicholas H
I've really been enjoying your tales and am amazed by how some of your experiences parallel my own. Your description of being tied to a post raised particularly strong recollections. It was a technique my buddies(?!) were keen on using, although in our case we used trees rather than a post. I remember only too well how, after having your ankles crossed and bound behind the post, your captors would raise your arms above your head and then pull; them behind. The effect was immediately to cause the prisoner to arch his back (voluntarily!) to allow his hands to be pulled behind the post, where they were promptly crossed and securely bound. Only when his captors had finished did the victim invariably try to relax, only to find that it was impossible. He was restrained most uncomfortably on his bare knees (shorts were de rigour), unable to move his hands either up or down behind the post, and unable to relieve his arched back! All his muscles were taught, and every tender spot was exposed and available for the inevitable "tickle torture".

I look forward with anticipation to your next chapter - PLEASE don't keep us all in suspense too long!


Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 09:28:10 AM
Observer 2, of course I remember your stories. I'm sure I'll like your next one(s?) very much. 

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 02:56:15 PM
everyone on her is soooooooo lucky i never get the chance to tie up or be tied up by anyone except myself... and that's a bit boring. Anyone have any tips on games that could help me. i really like the idea of the hide and seek game whoever posted that.
u will never know

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 05:03:33 PM
To: Richard UK
I'm truly honored by your compliments. Your stories were the first ones I ever read about tie-up games and in my opinion they are, by far, the best. Too bad I discovered this board after you stopped writing, and never got the chance to tell you how much I liked your work. “The New Guys” is simply fabulous. 

Regarding the tying technique, I had the same impression when I saw it depicted in your tales - and I immediately wondered if any of the boyscouts had been reading Canuck's forum! 

PS. What about the other "informal patrol meetings"? I, and certainly a lot of people here, would be delighted if you posted some more of your incredible games. 

Nicholas H.

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 06:36:49 PM
Omaha guy...I live 100 miles away in Iowa but get to Omaha often. Feel free to message me for chatter. lcbobapple

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 07:40:33 PM
Part 2
So anyway, I was to stay behind and guard our VIP,(sydney) while the Andrew and Camellia went after Sheree.

We hid behind a rather large rock formation(Actually it was a pile of gravel)Until we heard someone coming.I whispered to Sydney to split while I went after them.

I walked stealthily through some shrubbery to the right of our hiding spot until I spotted Meghan behind a tree.
I stalked up to her and handgagged her while i threw an arm around her waist to pin her arms.She twisted but I was stronger and smaller and attempted to scream through my hand but was unsecseesful.
I put my mouth right next to her ear and whispered in my best evil villian voice.
"Good evening"
She screamed at that and twisted again but I held firm and walked her to a patch of more dense bushes. I tied her hand and foot with some of my rope from my kit and then gagged her with duct tape.I left her to squirm and went off to find Sydney.
I saw some rustling in a few bushes a ways ahead so I headed towards them.
I thought I heard a crush of leaves as it was fall and whipped behind a tree to see Jessica behind me. 
I swept her legs out from under her and caught her as she fell to the ground. She attempted to scream so I quickly handgagged her and with one hand and my mouth took off a piece of the sticky grey tape. I smoothed it over her lips and whirled her on her back to tie her hands. I finshed off this athletic blonde with a hogite and went over to my original destination, the bushes.

I was shocked to find Sydney stuggling with a strong hogtie and a trying to shout at me through a red bandanna between her teeth.
I untied her and she spit out the hankie in her mouth and muttered thanks. We went off again to a much better hiding spot,and we untied Jessie from her hogitie and I carried her with us.

I left Jessie with Sydney and went off to find Andrew and Camellia, well, Andrew, who was hiding behind a tree, looking at a bound and gagged figure on the ground with a fully free figure over her.
I supposed the restrained was camellia and to my suprise and chagrin it was Meghan who stood over her, apparently freed from her bonds by Josh or Sheree. Andrew decided to handle Camellia and Meghan while I continued onward to Sheree, who I never found coincidentally. What I did do first was check on Sydney, or rather, the bound Sydney whose face was being plastered with duct tape by Josh.
He then freed Jessica and they had a kiss(which I didnt really pay attention too)and fled off, stupidly not guarding the VIP like they were supposed to.
I dont think they knew Sydney was the VIP of our team.
Anyway I freed Sydney who gave me a hug for freeing her twice and then she found Andrew with Camellia in tow and bound Meghan in his arms. They decided to guard Syd while I went off for the VIP.
Again, my search was halted by a sudden feeling something was wrong.(It was probably the screaming I heard a ways away.)
I peeked out from my tree to see Camellia bound to a simliar one, white bandanna over her mouth, MMMPHING like no tommorow. I freed her and she told me that she was grabbed from behind while Syd and Andrew continued on with Meghan. They were in a cabin to the South.
She sprinted off and I heard a sound of a sneeze behind a clump of bushes to the left so i ran there, stealthily if that is possible, and got up to the west of them, therefore behind the person I hoped.

Sheree was crouched there, peering through a crack in the bushes where Camellia just was.
I put a hand over her lovely mouth as she mmmphed with suprise.

"'Lo love."I said with a grin. I bound her hand and foot and gagged her with a white bandanna and carried her as one would carry a baby to the cabin, where i was greeted wtih joy.
As much joy as you can have from two people who were bound, gagged, and hogited on the floor. 
I untied them and as I lashed Sheree to a chair and further gagged her with tape they explained that Josh and Jessica had burst in,grabbed Meghan, and ran out.
They didnt chance following them but were suprised when they came in a second time with Meghan with them and overpowered them, tied them up, and took Sydney too their base. 

We decided to all rush except for me who was to stay here and guard. They sprinted off to God only knows where and I gave Sheree a kiss on the cheek then hid behind the door.
Soon enough they came back in to find Sheree tied to the chair, mmphing away and trying to warn them. Only Jessica was there, however. and she removed the tape over Sheree's cleave gag as I handgagged her from behind. I hogtied her on the floor, OTM gagged her, and replaced the tape over Sheree's mouth.

Sorry im exhausted ill finish later.


Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 09:58:44 PM
good story, maxman, albiet a bit hard to follow.
The Walkster

Tuesday, August 30th 2005 - 10:49:07 PM
Tied After Practice
Hello, I found this site while browsing on google the other day. I was simply amazed by some of the stories posted here, and decided to post mine.

First of all, I'm a 14 year old boy, about 5' 8" tall, and have brown hair and eyes. I am a medium build, caucasian, and I am on my freshmen year of Cross Country.

Anyway, there were six of us (3 sophomores, 2 juniors, and me) talking in the parking lot after practice on Friday (around 10:30) am. We were talking about tomorrows race when my phone started ringing.

It was my older brother. He said that he had to go somewhere and asked if I could stay with one of the guys until after the pasta party tonight, when he would be back to pick me up. I told him it was fine.

Turns out, a sophomore named Jake said that his parents were gone for the weekend and I could hang out at his place until the party. This was fine with me, because he was a sophomore and all.

So anyway, we were all talking again about the race when a junior named Dan got up to leave. We bade him goodbye and continued on with the description of the course. Out of the blue, another sophomore named Mike randomly started talking about a story when a runner was kidnapped on her run. (kind of wierd, huh?)

After Mike finished the story, they all jumped on me. I fell to the ground and they started to pick me back up when I heard a car's tires sqealing in the background. In no time, I was thrown into the back of a work truck and the other guys hopped in. The truck sped off, and the four guys forced my onto my stomach. They pulled my hands behind me and duct taped them together. 

They then put a rag in my mouth and wrapped duct tape around my head. Finally, they taped my ankles together and propped me up in a seat. They buckled me in, much to my protest, and started tickling me all over my upper body. I was squirming around and mmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhing into my gag the entire time.

About 10 minutes later, the car came to a sreeching stop. The back doors flew open and there was Dan, grinning from cheek to cheek. The other sophomore, Alan, unbuckled me and the four guys picked me up once more. When we got outside the car, I saw the back of an ordinary house.

We walked down some outside steps to what appeared to be the basement. They carried me over to the opposite side of the basement to where there was a plain wooden chair sitting. They put me on the chair and took off my ankle tape. They removed my shoes and tossed them into the corner of the basement. Then Alex, the other junior, took out a rope from his bag (my guess is 70-100ft) and started wrapping one end of it around my right ankle.

After winding it about 15 times, he raised the rope so that my ankle came off the ground behind me (so my foot was facing the wall behind me) and tied the rope around a peg in the chair. Then he went over to the other side of the chair and wrapped the rope 8 or 9 times around the another peg. Then he lifted up my foot and wrapped the remainder of the rope around it, so that when he was done both of my feet were suspended by the chair. (if this confused you, click on the link below and you will see. it's not me though)

After he was finished, Jake came over and untaped my hands. He let me rub my wrists for a minute, and then he forced them behind my back again. He held them there while Mike removed my shirt. Jake then took a 20 foot long rope and started tying my wrists in an x form. When he was done, he had left about 1 foot of rope left over, of which he took straight down and tied to a peg running parallel to the floor, causing me to sit up straight.

Then, much to my relief, they removed my gag. I spat out the spitty rag, and they gave me a quick drink of water before producing a red bandanna and using it to cleave gag me. I starting moving around to test my bonds. They were really tight. It hurt to move.

I mmmmpppppphhhhh'd into my gag, and the others just laughed, turned around, and left the basement. As soon as the door closed, it tried to untie the knots. Much to my inconvenience, they were all aimed away from my fingers reach, leaving me no choice but to sit there, bound to a wooden chair and gagged.

It was cold in the dark basement, since they took my shirt off. I could see it in the corner with my shoes. I looked down. I was wearing low-cut Hanes socks, a ratty pair of jeans, and you could see the rim of my Joe Boxer boxers over the edge of my belt. 

My ankles and feet were starting to go numb, so I moved them around a little to prevent the pain. Because of the way they were tied, however, I could barely move them at all. After what seemed like hours, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"I hope you like my basement" said the familiar voice of Jake "but sad to say, the torture has just begun."

He then clamped two clothspins on each of my exposed nipples. It hurt like hell. The pinching sensation was too much. I mmmmpppphhh'd and moaned into my gag, but Jake didn't seem to care. He picked up my shirt, and tightly wrapped it around my eyes, blindfolding me and darkening the little light there was in the basement.

I heard footsteps growing farther away, and assumed he was gone. I wriggled and squirmed, but my bonds didn't budge. Now my arms hurt from being bent over the back of the chair, and my ankles hurt from dangling from the ropes. To add to it all, my nipples now hurt and I couldn't see a thing. 

I heard a clock upstairs chime 5, so I must have fallen asleep. I heard footsteps again, and my blindfold was removed. 

"It's time for the pasta party." Jake said.

He unclamped the clothspins, which hurt like hell, and I moaned into my gag, which by the way was now making me drool. He then undid the gag, gave me some water, and then proceeded to untie my. I fell from the chair as soon as I was free, and found it difficult to get back up.

Jake helped my up and gave me my shirt and shoes back.

"Come on, everyone's outside." He said as I got my things back on.

We walked up the stiars and out the back door and sure enough, there was everyone on the team, all happy as can be. I walked over, got a plate, and went to sit with the 5 other guys that had just kidnapped me.

"You were a good sport, Jeff." Alan said, patting me on the back.

"Next time you get to help us tie Jake up."

"Oh, I'm looking forward to it." I said, and began eating my food.

Thats it for now, because I haven't had my revenge yet. Give me some feedback so I know if I should post again.

Link to pic

I was tied like this almost exacty, only I wasn't wearing shoes, a thong, and had a bandanna gag, clothspinned nipples, and a blindfold.

Jeff G

Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 02:14:46 AM
workout bench
I wasa young teen at the time.. problly about 14. when me and my best friend were in her basement all alone siting playing super mario, eventuially we got sick of that and i went over by the workout machinery equip. her dad had. while i sat with my legs spread like an eagle and my hands and arms just above my head gripping onto the handle bars my friend was jumpropping and she then asked me if i wanted to jump rope and i replied yes but before i could get up to jump rope my friend came behind me and wrapped the rope around me tying me to the bench she then proceeded to grab the bungee cords and wrap them around my wrists and tie them onto the handle bars i replies what are you doing and she said oh i just saw this on tv the other day and it looked cool but before i could reply she took a sock and stuffed it into my mouth anxiousally and then finished me off with duct tape all around my mouth and legs. i was bound i felt helpless i sat there in awe. i now find myself attracted to these types of things ever since that one day.

Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 04:55:29 AM
*first time post*

During one of my summer camps I had gone too as a Cadet (im 15, same as the rest of my flight)there was this one cadet, tall but quite skinny who was claiming he could fit into one of our laundry bags, which trust me, is just BARELY able to hold our laundry. I didn't beleive him so he pulled his out and climbed in right in front of me and my friend, while I was standing in awe my friend got this evil grin on his face, grabbed the cord and closed off the top of the bag (He was fine cause the bags more like a net)then took the thing and tied it to the end of the bed. 

We could only laugh as the poor guy couldent get out at all, that was until one of the staff came in randomly and got really mad.

Didnt involve alot of tying up but I dont have any friends interested in it XDXD


Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 06:35:54 AM
Richard UK:
Fine to see that you are still around here. (or again?)
Does that mean we can look forward to new stories?

And, CANUCK: Could you please reformat Jeff G's story?
Like that, it's unreadable. Thanks.


Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 06:52:59 AM
Daniel gets Kidnapped
All this happened on one Sunday afternoon a few years ago when Daniel's(15) parents were out of town for 1 week. The people involved were Myke(15), Paul(16), Leonard(16) and me(15). (All names have been altered slightly.)(Well, my memory has never been quite good, so forgive me if some parts of this story seem hazy.) Anyway, on that day, we were waiting in an alley behind my house where Daniel always walked through when he was going home from his tuition class. Myke had done most of the planning; I knew that my parents would be out for the next two days, and since nobody would be at home with me, the four of us decided to keep the prisoner at my house. Paul had brought the equipment-2 pieves of rope, and 2 pieces of cloth (gag and blindfold). 
Paul said "So, what are we going to do with him?" Myke said "Didn't we go through already, tie him up, tickle him, probably poke him a few times." Paul replied "Riiiiight." I then whispered "Quiet, he's coming!"
We all fell silent as Daniel came into sight, walking down the alley. As he passed the place where we were hiding, Paul and Myke jumped out in front of him while Leonard and I popped out behind him.
Daniel (who had started to look uneasy) said, "Hey, what are you guys doing here?" I replied:"Nothing, just waiting for YOU!" At the point where I said the word you, Paul and tackled him from behind, knocking him to the floor, and also knocking his breath out of him, while Leonard and Michael pinned him to the floor as I got the rope. When I retrieved from Paul's bag, I saw that the other three were having problems with Daniel as he was quite strong. But then, Myke left the melee, and together, he and I manage to tie Daniel's hands behind his back in an x, then tied his feet in an x too, then blindfolded him. (I remember Daniel's struggling when I was getting the rope, he hit Paul pretty hard and Paul had a bruise for 4-5 days, and he also kicked me on my shin, it was really pain). 

Daniel was yelling, it really was piercing to our ears. Lucky everybody was out working. "Can't you keep him quiet?!" said Myke crossly. "Oops, forgot the gag." I got the gag from Paul's bag. "Open up." Daniel flatly refused to so I pinched his nose, figuring out that he would have to breathe some time. When he opened his mouth to take a deep breath, I quickly stuffed the cloth inside and then secured with some duct tape from my pocket, and after taking off his shoes and socks, brought him into the house.

After bringing Daniel into my house, we untied his hands, and took his shirt off. we then retied him in a tight hogtie. We then proceeded to tickle him, knowing that he was extremely ticklish, and we were rewarded with his muffled screams of mirth. We then worked on his feet, and found out that he was the most ticklish there, as he screamed his lungs out, but all that came out was a soft "mmmmmph!" Apparently the gag was working very well.

(to be continued if you guys liked it)


Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 07:19:48 AM
Yes, of course, continue! Great beginning!

Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 10:02:55 AM
Hummm .... if I go to the college site I find ....

Saturday, July 9th 2005 - 10:25:22 PM 
Hi Tied site 

My female dorm roomate loves to play around with me each night she is in to duct tape, rope and chains I am not sure about this somedays I don't mind it somedays I am really wondering about her 

single heather 

But over here I find this message ....

Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 11:12:55 PM
Family Bondage 
We and my wife shelley love to tie our kids and tape their pictures and love to have fun with them tied bound and gagged, Heather love to tie and gag our son Kevin and I love to tie and gag our two daughters Emily and Amy with duct tape rope and handcuffs to hear the story email us at my wifes email below our story is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Rick and Heather Bondage King and Queen 
Rick and Heather 

I wonder which is the "real" heather???????

I find this interesting

Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 11:51:42 AM
To Nicholas H.
Hey Nick.
As you already know I am a boy scout and I read this board all the time. I enjoy your stories and Richard UK's. I enjoy reading about groups of kids playing TUGs like in your stories and his. The fact that they involve boy scouts just make them better. I have tried playing such games with guys I know with only limited success. Most of my Tie ups come form either pranks or more often we just take turns tying each other up in a "Escape Challenge" type game. When you get a chance please contact me.
Georgia USA

Wednesday, August 31st 2005 - 12:27:35 PM
Desperate to be tied!
I have been involved in tie up games and situations for a while now. I love to tie people up but find that no one is interested in tying me up. All of my friends prefer to be tied up. So if anyone is interested in tying me up please contact me at my email address. I am 19 years old, male and five feet ten inches tall so please no small kids ok? I would look really stupid if I was tied up by a small kid. Anyway drop mea line anyone in England that is interested.
Mac Murphy

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