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April 2005

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This month's stories:
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 A Sleep over Abduction (f+/f+) - Evil_Chick
 Single-limb ties (bd advice) - Tienteaser
 Save the hostages (f/f) - Evil_Chick
 How it started with me (ff/f) - Evil_Chick
 Kidnapping Game 2 (f+/f+) - Evil_Chick
 Tied up as a girl (f+/m) - Anonymous
 Babysitting our neighbour's kids (f/ffm) - Evil_Chick
 Memories (f/mm) - Valerie
 Abducted from bed (f+/f+) - Evil_Chick
 Tying Dena...and paying for it (m/f, f/m) - Kidnap Boy ***
 Babysitter Tricks (m/mm, mm/m) - t-man 
 Shutting her up (f/f) - Evil_Chick 
 Films that contain tie-up scenes (list) - Elve 
 Capture the Flag: Part I (m+/m) - Magnus Writter *** 
 Tied Up by Girlfriend's Mom (F/m) - eric 
 Capture the Flag Part II (m+/m) - Magnus Writter *** 
 Kidnapped in my Friends House (f/f) - Kelly 
 My Cousin's Prisoner (f+/f) - Sandra Davis 
 My Tickly Torture part 2 (m/m) - J-Mac 
 Tricked and Tied (mm/m, f/m) - John 
 My Tickle Torture final part (m/m) - J-Mac 
 Just imagine what kids can do !! (ffm/f) - Evil_Chick 
 Welcome Christa (f/f) - Sandra Davis 
 3 Crazy Girls (f+/m, f/mf+) - Gared *** 
 My feet part 1 and 2 (m/m) - J-Mac 
 My Feet / Socks part 3 (m/m) - J-Mac 
 My niece gets Punk'd! (By me!) (m/f) - Some Guy 
 Tied in prep school uniform (m+/m) - David 
 Crossdressed by sister (ff/m) - slave boy 
 Can't trust family part 1 (ff/m) - Farsight 
 Forest Hunt pt 1 (m+/m+) - asa151 
 3 Crazy Girls - the Morning After (ff/mff) - Gared *** 
 My Feet / Socks part 3 final (m/m) - J-Mac 
 Tying up Jake (m/m) - Tie-dye 
 Forest Hunt part 2 (m+/m+) - asa151 
 Sarah's Revenge Part 6: Fashion show (f/m) - T&R 
 Dena the Tutor (f/m) - Kidnap Boy *** 
 Girlfriend's Birthday ( /m) - Jake 
 Tied Again (f/mmm) - John 
 My first proper bondage fun (m+/m) - Mark 
 Dena Tortures Me, Again (con't) - REPOST (f/m) - Kidnap Boy *** 
 I will have revenge (f?/?) - Cheeser 
 Can't trust family pt 1.5 (ff/m) - Farsight 


Friday, April 1st 2005 - 12:06:36 AM
Thanks for posting this great story...Hoping there will be some more.

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 12:45:47 AM
Hey Evil_Chick, I absolutely loved your story. Do ya have aim or something, I would love to talk with you. By the way I'm 13 from Jersey

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 01:46:06 AM
Hey guys for those of you wanting to know, i have just finished the 10th & final part to my story "Being Kidnapped in my tighty whities". I want to thank you all that have E-mailed me over the last few days wanting to hear the rest of my story. I even got an E-mail from canuck wow! But for any of you wanting to hear the final part E-mail me and let me know. Also if anyone wants it, i can send the full story out so you can relive it all at once.
Jerry Burns

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 02:15:20 AM
I'm exceptionally bored right now, does anyone want to chat? My AIM is IrishNCream and my MSN is the same. 17/m, so if your interested, please dont hesitate to send a message :P Good stories recently btw.
Cant think of a good one

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 04:16:50 AM
Hi guys, i'm back
Just wanted to know if theres any readers out there who is willing to send me pics of themselfs or your friends tied up and gagged.
Please reply with any comments to

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 10:05:48 AM
A Sleep over Abduction : ( fff/fffff )
hey all .. its me again .. i'm really glad u liked my story , sure there are some more stories JayEff , sorry matt i only have msn messenger if u'ld like. 

this story happened 2 summers ago i guess .. i was about 24 years old tby then .. because mai & angie are the same age , so they are not just cousins but also best friends , and have lots of common friends.

one day they told 3 of there friends to come and sleep over in the farm house .. cuz it was nearly empty .. all the parents were out , only aunt heba were around.

u know mai and angie from the last story , let me intrpduce aunt heba .. she the youngest among my aunts shes was 38 by then , shes an athletic blond , about 5'7 & 125 lbs , she has the most beautiful hands i've ever seen .. shes the one who introduced me to the kidnapping games & hand fetish stuff & tought me how to take care of my hands.

it all started after all the girls went to sleep , they were young by then , they were 13 i guess .. and there was 5 of them ( mai , angie , mona , hoda , nada ) .. and there was 3 of us ( me , aunt heba , and a friend of mine called yasmine) .. after the girls went to sleep , aunt heba suggested maybe we can have some fun around here .. yasmine asked her how , she said we can abduct the girls while they are sleeping and tickle them , we agreed.

but before i continue let me introduce yasmine .. she my closest friend .. she was 24 also , we are friends since KGs . shes a hit , shes 5'4 & 115 lbs .. shes petite and blond and has blue eyes .. shes also into kidnapping games and hand fetish , but always the victim .. cuz shes kinda petite to kidnap i guess .. but in this story she helped us during the abductions.

we set out plan .. the girls are not sleeping in one room , thats what made it easier .. mai & nada were sleeping in angie's room and angie & hoda were sleeping in my Uncle's room and mona were sleeping in karees's room .. so the plan was to work silently cuz we don't want the others to wake up be4 we tie'em all up.

we prepared the tie up gears .. and went up silently we reached kareem's room , there was only mona .. so we entered and closed the door behind us .. we stood around the bed .. then aunt heba clamped her hand over her mouth .. to stifle any yell & held 1 of her hands .. she woke up imediatly & tried to scream but aunt heba had an air sealed gag over her mouth and nothing came out but smothered "MMMMMPPPHHHHHSSSS" & tried to struggle i held the other hand and pinned her to the bed while yasmine tied her legs then we tied her hands .. then i opened a drawer and got one of kareem's boxers and stuffed it in her mouth then cleave gagged her with a sock , now it was 1 down and 4 to go.

then we went up to my uncles bedroom to get hoda & angie .. hoda was a petite so i told aunt heba that i can take care of her alone and keep her quite till they tie up angie & we entered the room then closed the door and moved silently towards the bed .. then i was next to hoda and aunt heba & yasmine were next to angie .. so i clamped my hand over her mouth , she woke up imediatly and started to yell and struggle hard but my hands smothered the sound and all what came out was just faint "MMMMMPPPPHHHHSSSS" & i pinned her down on the bed with my body weight and had my other hand around her waist pinning her hands towards her sides.. also aunt heba clamped her hand over angie's mouth and pinned her down and yasmine tied her up then they tape gagged her. then they tape gagged hoda and tied her up.

last was mai & nada .. nada was like an amazon .. she was a volley player ( tall & strong ) but we can manage her .. we reached angie's room we found that mai was not in the bed aunt heba guess she might be in the bathroom .. we checked it up .. she was there .. so waited for her around the corner , she came out of the bathroom heading towards the bedroom but i clamped my hand over her mouth to smother any sound , she tried to scream but my hand smothered the sound .. just faint "MMMMPPHHHHSSS" came out and she tried to strugle hard but aunt heba grabbed her hands & yasmine grabbed her feet while i kept my hands over her mouth and we carried her downstairs to the basement then we tied her up and gagged her.

then we headed for the amazon nada , we had to be ready cuz she'll put some good fight .. as we reached the room we gathered around the bed then yasmine pounced on her legs to pin them down and i grabbed her hands tight and pinned them down , she woke up started yelling "WHAT ARE U DOING ??!! HEEEEEEEEEELP HEEEEEEELMMMMPPPHHHH" then aunt heba had to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle the screams then told her in an ecil tone "scream all u want , no one can hear you now , cutie" then we tied her up and tape gagged her. then we carried all the girls to the basement .. and tickled them for 1 hour .. then we untied them and laighed all together and all went to sleep.


Friday, April 1st 2005 - 05:52:13 PM
SIngle-limb TIes
Z wrote as follows:

> Does anyone know a reliable way of tying somebody's hands in
> opposite directions? To be more specific, I'm looking at 
> tying somebody to a frame of some sort, where their legs and 
> arms each point to a different corner of the frame without 
> their legs or arms actually touching the frame. Any 
> knot/lashing suggestions?

And "helper" replied:

> hey why dont you just try a slipknot?

So let me chime in here. 

Slipknots are bad for this because they slip. When someone pulls on them they tighten up to the point of discomfort or even danger. What you need is a non-slip knot of some sort that be used to make a wide "cuff" on your victim's wrists and ankles.

There are lots of ways to do this. I'll just talk about three. 

The simplest of all requires almost no bondage skill. You'll need one a bandana or thin scarf and one length of rope (5 feet is plenty) for each limb. Tie the bandana so it is just snug around your partner's wrist. Fold the rope in half and slip the folded loop under the bandana. Then pull the free ends through the loop and snug it up, and you can now tie the free ends to your bed, with the bandana as a "cuff." Do the same with the other wrist and the ankles. 

Next simplest is what's called a "shackle tie" by some folks. It's hard to describe though, so check here to learn how to tie this knot: Remember to start with the middle of the rope, wrap around the wrist 2 or 3 times, then tuck one end over-under-through like the webpage shows. Then (and this is the only tricky part), you have to take the other end PAST the first tuck, and then go over-under-through with it as well. Check the website - the pics help it make sense.

The third method that I use is the French Bowline. Again, I won't try to describe it in words. See here:

The main functional difference here is that the Shackle Tie gives you two "tails" to tie off with, while the French Bowline gives only one. Also the French Bowline gives a much longer tail for the same length of rope, so if you're using a short rope it's a good choice.

Yes, I WILL be posting more of my bondage stories. :)


Friday, April 1st 2005 - 06:45:12 PM
Does anybody know of some movies that have some good bondage scenes?

Friday, April 1st 2005 - 11:23:50 PM
Save the hostages : ( f/f )
its me again .. this story happened last summer , aunt heba asked me to babysit a young girl, her mother had some important stuff to do with my aunt & would go out all day & needs some one to babysit the kid .. i told her it was ok.

the girls name is Didi .. shes 10 but appeared younger .. she was petite & cute.

i arrived there at 10 a.m. , the mother left with aunt heba , then it was me & didi all day till 7 p.m. , i fixed breakfast , we ate then we played some board games till lunch then there was a thriller movie on t.v. we started to watch .. after an hour there was the scene of a kid being kidnapped , i noticed that didi liked the scene , after the movie, we started to talk about it.

i asked her "did u like the movie?" , she told me "yes" , i asked her "which scene did u like most?" , she told me "the kidnapping scene" .. i thought "great, then she might agree to have fun !!" , then i asked her "would u like to play a game ?" , she answered "sure, what type of game ?" , i told her "a roleplay game" .. 

then i set the senario of it .. it goes like that .. shes a kid home alone on the house & i break in and kidnap her and tie her up .. she said "sure" ..

then i prepared my gear and went outside .. after 5 min.. i entered again silently and started searching for her all around the house .. then as soon as i entered the master bedroom , i heard some movement in the dressing room , so i approached slowly and silently then opened the dressing room door and told her in an evil tone "no where to run cutie , you are mine now" .. she panicked and started to scream for help and tried to run through me , i caught her and wrapped a hand around her waist pinning her to my body, she started to struggle hard but i dragged her back inside and clamped my other hand over her mouth to smother the screams , cuz we don't want the whole naighbourhood to hear us .. she struggled trying to escape but what can a 10 years old do with a 28 years old !! , i held her tight then took my hand off her mouth , she went "let me go, HEEEELP HEEELMMMMPPPHHHHSSS" , then clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose (fake chloroform cloth) tightly smothering her screams , then she lower her screams & decreased her struggles faking a blackout.

then i carried her out of the dressing room and tied her on the bed .. and starting tickling her till she nearly went out of breathe .. then i untied her & we went back to watch some t.v. till her mother came back.


Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 01:03:18 AM
Wow! Great stories again. How about when you were younger? When did you realize you had that fetish and start to play kidnapping games? Can't wait to hear about it....

Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 01:29:31 AM
Hey Evil Chick
Hey, MSN is fine, whats your screen name/email so I can add ya.

Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 09:47:16 AM
How it started with me : (ff/f)
hey JayEff .. thanx .. i'm really glad u like my stories .. well when i was younger ( preteen & early teen years ) .. i was the one usually kidnapped .. i used to play these games with aunt heba .. as i told u ,shes the one introduced me to such games .. i guess shes a pro. :-) , till i grew up alittle then i started to kidnap too.

this was in the summer of 1987 .. and my start with such games .. i was 8 years old & aunt heba was 24 .. she was the one babysitting me this day & there was also my sis. nancy in the house, aunt had a friend with her .. her name is mandi , she was 23 by then .. so while we where watching t.v. , & nancy was asleep , aunt heba was sitting on my right and mandi on my left .. all of a sudden she reached out and tickled my belly , i giggled and told her "stop it" .. she told me "what can u do about it !!" .. i told her "i would run & scream" .. i guess that was the mistake , as mandi tickled me under my arm pit .. so i jumped off and tried to run but aunt heba caught me and pulled me back pinning me to her body & wrapped her arm around my waist pinning my arms towards my chest .. and mandi grabbed my legs and started tickling my soles .. i went "HAHAHAHAHAHA , STOP IT , HEEEEELP HEEEMMMPPHHHSSSSS" , aunt heba clamped her hand over my mouth smothering my screams .. telling my "we don't want nancy to wake up" .. they sat there tickling me for 30 seconds be4 aunt heba release my mouth .. it felt as if it was 30 years cuz aunt heba has big hands so her hand was over my mouth and nose , clamped tight , i couldn't breathe at all & she thought my struggles were cuz of the tickling .. but u know what i loved it .. i loved her hand over my mouth .. that was the start .. then played a kidnap game every now and then .. she is my mentor in such games.


Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 10:47:03 AM
Kidnapping Game 2 : (fff/ffffff)
hey all .. this is another story about a kidnapping we played in the farm house .. this story was last summer ,it was all of us & some of our friends also ..i think u met them be4 in my stories , they are ( yasmine & nada & mona & hoda ) it was hot and we all jumped in the pool .. it was nice them after lunch mai & angie told nada & mona & hoda about the kidnap game we played .. they thought i would be fun .. & said "lets play" .. we all agreed and set the roles.

me & nancy & yasmine will be the kidnappers and kidnap mai & angie & hoda & nada & mona & firo .. kareem & sara will be the police , so we went to our HQ to get our gear ready , then every body hid away .. and the game started.

we came up & started to search for our victims ,we found firo in the ground floor behind the couch .. but she didn't notice us , nancy approached her slowly and silently from a side and i went from the other and yasmine was alert just incase if anybody came around .. then nancy pounced on firo to get her , but firo noticed her & tried to run in the other direction .. she just ran into me .. so i caught her and and pinned her arms around her back by wrapping my arm around her tightly pinning her to my body and clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose .. she tried to struggle but nancy caught her legs .. we had a good grip of her , the wet towel smothered her yells .. all what came out was faint "MMMMPPPHHHHHSSSS" ... she started to lower her screams and dec. her struggles till she faked a blackout .. then we tied her up & gagged her in our HQ .. by that it was 1 down and 5 to go.

then in the 2nd floor we found hoda & mona .. so we waited for them around the corner .. as they came out i clamped the wet towel over hoda's mouth and nose and wrapped my hand around her waist pinning her to my body then dragged her to kareem's room .. she tried to scream but her yells where smothered in the towel and she couldn't escape from my grip .. so she faked a knockout .. and yasmine held mona's hands while nancy clamped the cloth over her mouth and nose .. she struggled hard but the girls held her tight .. giving her no chance to escape .. by then it was 3 down and 3 to go .. by the third floor there was mai & angie .. but mai had to go to the bathroom .. so .. there where angie all alone in the guest room laying on the bed ( on her stomach .. giving her back to the door ) , so we enter silently and got ready and yasmine held her hands tight and nancy pounced on her legs and i clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose tightly .. she panicked and tried to scream .. but nothing came out .. just faint "MMMPPPPHHHHSSSSSSSSSS" .. & tried to struggle but couldn't escape our tight grips .. then mai came out of the bathroom , as she entered the room we all pounced on her pinning her down .. yasmine held her legs tight & nancy held her hands in a strong grip .. she struggled hard and went "HEEEEEELP HEEEEEELMMMMPPPPHHHHSS" .. but i clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose smothered her yells .. then she faked a blackout .. so we tied them up and gaged them and carried them to our HQ .. then it was only nada left.

we went back upstairs .. but she was comming down the stairs .. we waited for her behind the corner , as she came out , i clamped my hand over her mouth and tackled her to the floor cuz it would be easier to hold her down and nancy & yasmine pounced on her and held her tight .. she was struggling hard but the girls held her down tight .. she couldn't escape then i took my hand off her mouth .. she opened her mouth to scream but i gave her no chance and clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose .. smothering her screams ... all what came out was "HEEEEMMMPPPHHHSSSSS" .. after a while she faked a blackout .. and we tied her up and gagged her then took her to the HQ.

then we untied the girls and laughed about what happened .. its just the kidnappers won again.


Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 11:58:46 AM
Hospital Handgags Parts II and III Available
I am amazed that I am still receiving requests for the conclusion of a story I posted here in January! Part I of Hospital Handgags can be accessed and read under the January 2005 archives of this page. 

Because a few people felt that the story was "too erotic" for this page, I did not continue it here. I have since had the entire story published at a site called The Fetishist. I have been making the second and third parts of the story available to interested readers via e-mail. And the requests are still coming in. If you are one who enjoyed Part I of the story and would like Parts I and III to be sent to you, please send me a request and I will e-mail them to you. But PLEASE give me your FULL e-mail address, or else I cannot send. The computer allows me to reply to a person whose name appears in the e-mail, but I need a server in order to send any other material. 

When I wrote the story for this page, I received criticism from two readers that it didn't belong here. But yet Canuck saw fit to include it in the January 2005 archives. So it goes to show you what some people THINK they know. One of the critics sent me an e-mail asking me not to leave the site. Don't you just love that? After making trouble, people want to ask you not to leave! Go figure.

I vowed I will never again write any more stories for this page or Canuck's college/university site. Many have wondered why I do not finish the Hospital Handgags story here since it was apparently more popular than my critics would have you believe.

Simple. I do not mind criticism or legitimate feedback. But at Canuck's other site, people were viciously attacking me as an individual, not my work. The attacks were cruel, disrespectful, and mean-spirited. A few people even resorted to posting under several aliases to make it look like there was a public conspiracy against me. It got so bad that in the end Canuck chose to delete the ugly and vicious posts. But some people refuse to be stopped. They still make vague and veiled references to me, just testing and daring Canuck to notice.

One man has been heckling me for two years now, following me from website to website, making no end of trouble for me. He claims to be a valid critic of my work, yet all he does is heckle, harass, and attack me personally. Sure, Canuck can delete the posts. But before he does, people see them and read them. The damage has been done. One woman recently questioned my manhood and told me to "get a girlfriend." All because they don't share my erotic handgag fetish.

So that's why I can't post my stories here anymore. I am sick and tired of being disrespected and mistreated. Attack my writing if you must, but I do not have to stand for being personally attacked. None of you do either. There are rules of conduct at these sites, but some people choose to ignore them.

It's a shame we are not free to post our stories here without people attacking, criticizing, and disrespecting us. That's why I am making my stories available to you via e-mail and not here. I will post a notice here when the conclusion, Part IV, is ready. In the meantime, write me if you want the other two parts of Hospital Handgags.

To the many readers who have given me their enthusiastic support and interest, I thank you most sincerely. It's people like you for whom I write. 


Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 01:49:53 PM
Tied up as a girl.
I am a 16 year old guy. A few months ago, my sister had a sleep over with 4 friends. My mom was out of town on business, dad's divorced, so we had the house to ourselves. I went to bed early, like 9:30, and Allison(my sister)'s friends arrived at the house at like 10:00. I can't rememberall their names, so I won't be able to say who did what, except for a couple girls and my sister.

Here's the story:
At about 11:00, I heard a long creaking noise. I thought it was my door, so I looked over and no one was there. I thought it was just my imagination, so I went back to sleep. 5 minutes later, I heard some giggling, Then suddenly all the girls(four plus sister), jumped on me and grabbed my wrists and ankles. Then somebody stuffed a couple socks in my mouth. They then carried me to allison's room. One by one they let go of a limb and tied it to the near bedpost until I was spread eagle on the bed. At the time, I was just wearing boxers.

My sister then said, ok girls, it's time for his makeover. I thought oh god, 1. why are they doing this and 2. what are they planning to do. First, allison went into her laundry and looked through it until she found a dirty bra without underwires, then replaced the socks in my mouth with it. She then wrapped silver duct tape around my mouth and head like 10 times. Allison went over to her dresser and said, "let's start off with some cute bras". She went through her drawers and picked out five bras that she liked.
From what I could see, one was padded pink, one shiny silver, one sparkly, and two shiny gold ones. She brought them over to the bed and threw them on my face. The bras had removable shoulder straps, so she put the bras on me, closed the back straps, then attached the shoulder straps.

She then tightend them all the way. I could barely breathe.
She said, " look, now you are starting to become a girl, but you are way to flat. She went to her dresser and got 2 water filled bra cup paddings, and then put them under the bottom bra's cups. Now it looked like I had boobs. One of her friens said, how are we going to do the next part? She said April, you like him, so you do it. April said, alright. Two of the girls untied and held both my ankles, and very quickly, April pulled my boxers off, while Allison ran to the dresser to get some panties. She threw a shiny pink thong to April, who quickly slipped it on me, carefully not to hurt anything. Allison said, ok, now the hard parts over. Allison pulled the thong up really high, making sure it was as far up you know what and tight and uncomfortable as possible. She then did the same with 2 more shiny pink thongs. She the put 2 bluish pink boy shorts on me. Her friends pretty much were laughing the whole time, but were hysterical now that I was wearing more bras/panties than all of them put together. But it was far from over. They retied my ankles to the bed posts so that I was spread eagle again. So now I was wearing 5 really tight bras with water bra cup paddings, 5 really tight panties, was gagged with a dirty bra and duct tape, and was tied spread eagle to the bed. My sister went to her closet and pulled out a lacy, gaudy, shiny pink corset with garter belts atached. I swear she must be obsessed with lingerie or something. 

Then she wrapped the corset(which was from my waist to right below the bras) around me. They then one by one untied a limb and switch me over so that I was on my stomach. Then Michelle got on the bed and kneeled on my back while tightening the corset as much as possible. Now I really could barely breathe. The next part was just plain cruel. They got a big bottle of cement glue and poured it over the tie laces in the back of the corset, so that I could never get it off unless I cut it off. That also prevented me from removing the bras and water cup padding since they were under the corset.They then attached the garter belts and tightened them on my thighs right below the panties. Then once again they switched me over so that I was spread eagle on my back again. 

Something terrible happened, they took out a camera. One by one they each got the camera and took pictures of me tied up as a girl. They said, you tell anyone about this, we'll put these up all over you're school. And amazingly, they still were not finished just yet. They got a long blond wig from my sister's closet(probably halloween costume) and put it on my head over my hair. They then took out their purses, got the makeup from then, and put tons of make up on my face- foundation, red lipstick over the duct tape, black eyeliner/maskara, metallic silver eyeshadow, and some baby blue blush. They finished in about five minuites because the really wanted me to look like a girl. Allsion got a mirror, put it infront of my face, and my eyes opened wide. I really did look like a girl. I started getting aggravated because this whole ordeal was happening for like two hours so far, which upset them, so thy began tickle torturing me. I scremed, but only mmmmmmpppphhhhhssss came out. It lasted for more than a half hour until the worst happened, I started crying and peeing because the ticklig was too much. They erupted in laughter and started saying, "oh, I guess we made too much of a girly girl, we should toughen her up. They left the room and came back 1 minute later with a bucket. It was filled with ice cubes. They throug the entire bucket of ice cubes on me. I shrieked in my gag and my whole body started shivering. They said, "oh, you'r little accident is starting to smell." they got some perfume and sprayed it all over me until I smelled like flowers. They took some more picture of me and my "accident", giggled, and then left. They came back at like 10:00 the next morning. Untied/ungagged me, and led me to the bathroom. I was too exausted to fight them or swear at them for what they did. They pushed me into the bathroom and said, good luck getting your "wardrobe" off, and locked the door with the key. I then remembered that they glued the back of the corset, so I had a lot of trouble removing all the lingerie, but an hour later, I was finally out of. I called for them to open the door and bring me real clothes, and they did. They said the always wanted to dress up a guy and tie him up. And said that I could even tie them up, but that's another story.
The End. 


Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 02:41:20 PM
Anonymous... good damn story. I'd like to hear more from you!
Jerry Burns

Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 04:48:15 PM
hey evil chick i love your stories, whats your msn adres so i can add ya

Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 05:52:46 PM
hey, Anonymous, luved ure story! plz post mre if u and anyone els has any similar ones!
you r hogtied

Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 11:05:05 PM
Babysitting our neighbour's kids : ( f/ffm )
hey all .. thank u ric , here is my e.mail add. everybody .. this story happened by the end of last summer .. the day before i ran into our neighbour next door mrs. cameel , she asked me if i was free tomorrow , i told her sure ,got no plans all morning .. she asked me if i can babysit her kids for 6 hours .. i agreed , she has cute little kids (shereen 8 , omar 10 , layla 11).

i went at 10 am , and she left .. it was just me and the kids in the house, i fixed breakfast for the kids .. then we played monopoly .. after about 15 min.. all of a sudden layla & shereen pounced on omar and started tickling him , he laughed and struggled to get free but the girls pinned him down , so he started to laugh loud and scream . so i clamped my hand over his mouth smothering his screams , all what came out was "STOP IT, HAHAHAHA, HEEEEELP HEEEMMMPPPPPSSSS" & told him "scream all u want , no one can here , hehehe" .. we kept it about 5 min.. then the girl stop and i took my hand off his mouth , he was nearly out of breathe , we continued the game for a while then layla & shereen told me that they want to tie omar up .. i asked them would u all like to play a kidnap game , she said "sure" .. so i went back home to get my gear .. then came back to them .. and i told them about the rules but the only difference is there were no police & no going outside !! .. and they ran to hide .. and the game began.

there house is a two story house .. so i started searching the ground floor for them , but i found nothing , then i guess they went upstairs .. as i was going up the stairs i heard giggles .. it was one of the girls , hiding behind the couch .. so i approached her silently & looked through , it was shereen i pounced on her but she escaped and started to scream .. she alerted layla and omar who came running out of the guest room down the stairs to the ground floor and layla ran upstairs to the 2nd floor and shereen was going around to catch up with layla but i was much faster and caught her & wrapped my hand around her waist tight pinning her to my body , she struggled hard but couldn't escape , and screamed for help , but i gave her no chance and clamped the wet towel over her mouth and nose smothering all her scream .. all what came out was "LAYLAAAAA , HEEEEEELMMMMMPPPPPHHHSSSS" , she tried to pull my hand off but i had a tight grip on her face , and she faked a black out , so i tied her up and gagged her and carried her upstairs to the master bedroom .. which i considered the HQ , then it was 1 down and 2 to go.

then i went downstairs , as i went down i saw omar going down the basement , probably to hide .. so i went after him silently .. and hid in a dark spot right beside the staircase .. he just sat there for 10 min.. thinking i was upstairs .. so he wanted to check what was happening upstairs , he didn't know that i was watching him , i was totaly ready and as he started to climb the stairs i came up from behind him , giving him no chance to escape or call for help , and clamped the wet towel over his mouth and nose and wrapped my other hand around his waist pinning his hands to his sides and pinning him to my body .. he panicked and started to scream and struggle hard .. but i had a tight grip on him , he couldn't escape and all what came out was "MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHSSSSSSSS" .. he faked a blackout , and i tied him up and gagged him and carried him upstairs.

as i reached the 2nd floor i heard some talking in the HQ .. it was layla helping shereen to escape .. so i put omar down and hid behind the corner , they came out of the room and heading downstairs .. as they approached i came out telling them in an evil tone "where do u think u r goin , cuties !!" .. they screamed and panicked and ran but i was in their way .. i decided to catch shereen and then go after layla , so i caught her (face to face) , she struggled hard but i pinned her arms behind her back .. she started to scream again , i clamped the wet towel again on her mouth and nose smothering her screams .. all what came out was "HEEEMMMMMPPPHHHHSSSSS" .. She couldn't escapemy grip .. and after a couple of seconds she faked a knockout .. then i tied her again and gagged her .. and put her & omar back in the room.

then it was only layla left .. so i searched the 1st floor for her but she wasn't there .. then i went downstairs silently scanning the floor for her .. finally i found her drinking water in the kitchen .. then was my chance , i hid around the corner .. as she came out and passed .. i came from behind silently and clamped the towel over her mouth and nose giving her no chance to scream and wrapped my other hand around her waist , she stuggled hard and the towel fell from my hand she tried to escape but we fell on the floor , she fell on top of me , trying to get up quickly , i pulled her back down , she was struggling hard and screaming but i wrapped my legs around her waist pinning her hands to her side and her body to mine .. then i reached and got the towel and held her face up with one hand and clamped the towel tightly back on her mouth and nose with the other hand smothering her yells and told her "show how can u escape now !" .. she couldn't escape my hold .. and all what came out was "HEEEELP HEEEEELP HEEEEMMMMPPPPPHHHHSSSS" .. then after a couple of seconds she faked a blackout .. then i took the towel off her face and loosened my grip on her , and tied her up and gagged her.

then i untied them and we watched t.v. for a while till mrs cameel came back home .. then before i left they told me .. they had loads of fun & would really like to do it again.


Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 01:06:33 AM
Thanks Evil_Chick for your reply. I was wondering, since you enjoyed being handgagged when you were young, hope you will have a few stories of your childhood games (as a kidnapper). By the way, do you still like being kidnapped or would you let kids kidnap you? 

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 01:17:17 AM
To: everyone

Please guys, let's not start again. It's obvious that we're never going agree on this subject, but is it really necessary to quarrell and insult, and take space on the board where a story should be?

There's nothing wrong about giving your opinion about this or that story, it's your right to say whether you liked it or not. However, what you have to do is respect the preferences of other people, and do as I do, use that little arrow below the scroll-bar on the left side of your screen when you see something you don't like. Simple. 

Will an endless discussion lead to somewhere? No. What good does it make to be abusive with others?(and this goes for both 'sides') It only generates more anger and resentment; folks stop posting stories because of fear they'd be insulted and you lose some great writers like Buddy(I'm really sorry what happened to you). In the end, everybody loses. 
Please stop this. It's not a matter of how good you write or how many fans you have. We are here to share stories of tie-up games. That's all.

Nicholas H.

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 08:47:34 AM
hey evil chick , i love your stories , can you add me to msn messenger , i'd love you to kidnap me

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 09:34:59 AM
Mu husband and I read your site every so often. Many times it brings back memories. I have been amazed at how many of you remember vividly your encounters from years ago. While being tied up was a part of my play when I was growing up I don't have near the details about it that many of you remember. Today I am a 42 year old married mother of three. When I was growing up my little brother and his friend and I used to play tie up games. Usually I was the one wearing the ropes. I do remember one time when I got a chance to do the tying. I got my brother and his friend Chad to undress down to their underpants and tied them up. We were in my bedroom and they let me tie their hands behind their back and feet together. Then I put tape on their mouths. They both looked pretty cute. One of the thigs that made it fun for me was seeing their erections in their underpants (I wont go into details because I just don't remember them that much, but I peeked, I was a bad girl but neither boy seemed to mind). It was just so obvious they were enjoying the situation. I had them sit in chairs, lay on my bed or just stand in the middle of the room. I called my best friend and told her what I was doing, with them both standing in front of me. It was very erotic for me. I was maybe 13-14 ish and both boys were about 2 years younger. I head my mom come home and I went downstairs leaving the boys all tied up in my room. I talked with mom for a few minutes and the boys eventually got undone. 

That is my story, anyway if there is anyone in East TN who reads this site IM me. My hub and I would love to meet you ad discuss our old games.


Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 03:53:26 PM
I've asked before and I'll ask again. Sometime between Late November amd early December 2003 I posted the second part of of a story called "Tying Dena...And Paying For It." I've since lost it from my hard-drive - I didn't back it up and now don't hve it - and would love to have a copy back. Can someone find it and repost please?

I have more Dena stories to tell. I'll post another if someone can find this one for me.


Kidnap Boy

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 05:31:00 PM
Abducted from bed : ( ffff/fff )
hey all .. i'm really glad , u liked my stories .. and thank u all for the e.mails .. many people asked me for stories when i'm younger .. so here is one happened in the summer 1997 , i was 19 years old.

we were in the farm house , my friends came to sleep over , ( yasmine & samar & koki ) , u all know yasmine from my previous stories .. let me introduce samar & koki.

Samar , shes one of my best friends shes 26 now ,she has very beautiful hands, shes blond , about 5'8 & 135 lbs .. shes hot .. hehehehe

Koki , one of my best friends also , 26 years old , shes a red head , about 5'7 & 130 lbs.

they also are into kidnapping games & hand fetish stuff .. so .. this story happened when we were in the basement .. talking & playing around .. then koki suggested "lets tie up the girls" .. she meant by the girls ( mai , nancy , angie ) .. we all agreed , and we got prepared for action , and prepared the ropes and stuff.

then we went upstairs .. and there was angie all alone in her room sleeping .. a sleeping 8 years old girl .. we didn't want her to scream , cuz we didn't want the rest to wake up , cuz it would be harder to capture them .. so we went in silently and closed the door behind us then we approached her .. then samar held her hands tight and koki held her legs tight pinning her to the bed & i clamped my hand over her mouth giving her no chance to scream .. she woke up .. and panicked , and struggled hard but couldn't escape , what can a 8 years old do with 4 19 years old !! , she tried to scream but nothing came out from under my hand .. just faint "MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHSSSS" .. then yasmine tied her up , and samar got a towel , then i took my hand off her mouth and samar stuff the towel in it , she tried to spit it out but samar kept her hand over her mouth to keep it in .. then tapped her mouth shut .. then we carried her to the HQ .. 1 down ,2 to go.

we went back upstairs to the guest rooms .. and there was mai and nancy .. my cute little sisters .. hehehehe .. so we went back out to set a plan to capture both of them at the same time , then we went back inside then me & yasmine approached mai and koki & samar approached nancy .. then i pounced on mai pinning her to the bed , so she can't escape and clamped my hand over her mouth , in a reverse tight handgag , and yasmine started to tie up her feet .. she woke up & panicked but it was too late , she struggled hard & screamed but couldn't escape then yasmine tied up her hands and tape gag her .. also samar clamped her hand over nancy's mouth and koki pounced on her pinning her to the bed , nancy panicked and struggled hard and tried to scream but the girls held her down tightly .. she couldn't escape and samar's hand smothered her screams .. just faint "MMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHSSSS" .. came out .. then they tied her up and gagged her. 

then we carried them to the HQ and tickled them for 30 min.. they were almost out of breathe .. then we untied them and all went back to sleep.


Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 08:25:56 PM
Hi guys... love the stories!

Now, I don't know if there is anyone else out there who feels the same way, but I love when the tie-up victim is wearing Converse All Star shoes (if you don't know what they are, here's a pic of a kid wearing them: ). Anyone have any stories where someone wears them? Or anyone else like the same thing?

I'd love to talk... add me to AIM: wovenbetrayal



Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 09:27:14 PM
Tying Dena...and paying for it 

OK, heres the story of the time I actually got to tie up Dena, my blonde, beautiful, black-belted best friend. Sorry for the alliteration. 
Denas mom and my mom were best friends. She was 3 years older than me and basically an icon in my life. She could do it all sports, she was beautiful, she was funny, and she genuinely loved me. Like we were brother and sister. Everyone she knew, she made sure I knew and they liked me. Were still close today, and when I was 14 and she was 17, she was the center of my world. And she knew karate (tung su do the Chuck Norris kind) like an expert, meaning she could take me whenever she wanted). The catch was she was kinky and very aggressive and loved to tie me up. And, as you recall, she would torture me by gagging me with her socked feet and then tickling me into oblivion. Sometimes she would just tie me, but usually the torture would ensure. I was, as she called me, her kidnap boy. 

I pestered Dena for a while to finally give me a chance to kidnap her to tie her up and hold her hostage. We spent most days together after school and I stayed at her house once/twice a week when my Mom worked overnights at the hospital (she was a nurse). I just wanted one chance. 

You couldnt tie me up if you had detailed instruction how, Jessie, Dena teased me on the phone one night. My name is Jeff Dena and only Dena called me Jessie. You need to overpower someone to tie them up. I can overpower you with ease you could never overpower me! Even if you tied my hands, I could take you with nothing more than my feet. 

I just want a chance, Dee. Cmon weve been friends since we were little. Some day well outgrow this weird stuff. You tied me up, Ill bet, 40 times. At least. Youve put your smelly socks over my mouth time after time. Youve tickled me so hard I cried! Dont I deserve a chance. 

Dena giggled and I figured my pleas were falling on deaf ears. Then she shocked me. Alright, baby boy. One chance. Poker. Tomorrow night. Are you sleeping over? 

Yeah, my Mom is working straight through. 

OK, Dena said. Tomorrow night, bring $20. Ill do the same. First one to clean the other out gets to tie the other one up. 

Dena always won at cards. Again, she was great an EVERYTHING. 

Dena, you always 

Yes or no, Jess. This is your only chance. You beat me, Ill let you tie me up and hold me prisoner all night. 

I thought about it and realized this was my best chance. I told her she had a deal. 

She giggled. OK, hot shot, bring your money and your strength. Because if I win, I wont just tie you up. Ill torture you so bad you wont be able to get the words, Please out! 

Tomorrow arrived. Denas Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend. I arrived after school and we both got changed. I had jeans on with sneakers, socks, and a concert T-shirt. She wore a tight red t-shirt kind of like a leotard only it was just a shirt with sweat pants and dark athletic socks. 

Dena collected my money - $20 and gave me 20 pennies, each valued at a dollar. 

Here are the rules no limit on raises, Dena said. You can go all-in whenever you want. First one cleaned out becomes a bound hostage. And if its youwell, say your prayers. Because you jut might not live through the torture Ive got planned. 

She dealt the cards. I had a sick feeling like Id have her socks over my mouth any second. I was nervous and it showed. She dealt me two 4s and junk. (You get I remember!) 

Check, I said. 

I bet 4, she said. Bet or fold. 

I called it and she asked how many cards I wanted. I said 3. I got the 3rd 4 and nothing. Three of a kind is good, but this was low, and when she took 1, I had the sick feeling I was being played for a fool. 

Dena began to laugh evilly. Oh, Jeffrey, you have no idea how dead you are. You see, because I bet 1st last time, I bet 1st this time. And my hand is pretty great. So I tell you what if you concede the game right now, Ill show you mercy. Ill tie you up only not torture, no smelly feet, no tickling, no ice cubes on the skin. Deal? 

I wanted to run, but I had to take my chance. Just bet, Dee. Your trash talk does nothing. Youll be in just as much trouble as me if you lose. 

You know I could tie you up at will, right? Watch your mouth. 

Dee, please bet! 

She looked at me with a sadistic look in her eye, leaned in close, and said to me, OK. I bet it all. All in! And you, little boy, are dead! I am going to tie you up and make you SUFFER!!! 

I tell you, I came damn close to folding. But where would I be if I did that, folding 3 of a kind? No, I had to see it through. Maybe she only had 2 pair. Call, I said, nervous as hell. 

Dena smiled a taunting smile. Hand me those ropes and get ready, babe. Queens over Jacks. Two high pair. Quite a deal for myself, yes? 

I jumped off. You lose! 3 of a kind! Ha ha! Yessss!!!!!!!! You are mine! I WON! I WON! 

Dena was dumbfounded, but she gave in. Unbelievable. I NEVER lose! 

Dena had brought ropes, cloth elastic belts, and a roll of duct tape out before we played. 

On your stomach, Dena, I ordered, getting to my feet. Oh, am I going to enjoy this. 

You better not be a sore winner, Dena said, lying down with her socked feet together and her hands behind her back. Oh, one thing. Ive got a competition (karate) on Sunday - I dont want to hurt my ankles or feet. The ropes are too hard on them. Will you use the belts on my feet, please? 

She was sincere and of course Id honor her request. I took the ropes and tied Denas hands behind her back, and then I tighly fastened the belt around her feet at the ankles. It had a chrome-type buckle that I buckled in back. It was tight. Dena was now bound hand and foot on the floor. The duct tape I didnt use. 

You are my prisoner, kidnap girl! I growled. 

Oh my oh my. Why dont you watch some TV and Ill just lie here while you enjoy having a hostage for once, Dena said. 

Watch TV? And blow my one chance? Are you crazy? Hey Dee, are you ticklish? 

Dont you dare, Jeffrey! That wasnt part of the deal! Dena yelled. 

Deal? Youve tortured me how many times? Now its your turn. Im going to get you but GOOD! I yelled back. 

And with that I quickly sat on her legs and started to tickle the hell out of her stomach and robs. Dena shrieked. 

Wooooo! Stop it.hahhahahaha! Ill kill you!!! I WILL UNTIE MYSELF AND SLOWLY KILL TOU!!! YOURE DEAD!!! Dena screamed. I did this for a minute and she kept up with the threats. 

My big chance had now arrived. I took off my sneakers and revealed my sweat socks. I think I need to keep my little prisoner quiet/ But what with? Oh, I know 

No! No! Dont you dare, Dena screamed as I got up and she writhed on the floor with her hands and feet bound. 

Sorry, sister its time to shut you up, I laughed and lowered my foot. But Dena rolled out of the way and quickly rolled across the room. I didnt realize it, but the momentum had swung. She rolled to the other side of the room and very quickly, although she was tied up, got to her feet. 

Where are you going? I said. Come back and accept your punishment! 

No way, Dena said, and she literally hopped by me and fell onto the futon. She sat there tied up and I advanced on her. 

Big mistake. 

Forgetting, perhaps, about the skills Dena possessed with her feet, I moved in to tickle her unguarded. She saw the opening and kicked her bound feet into my midsection. Hard enough to knock the wind out of, although I wasnt too hurt. 

I fell to the ground and Dena pounced on me. I was hurting. Then she jumped off of me and, still bound hand and foot, got to her stomach , reached up her bound hands, and unclipped the belt holding her feet. Her feet were free! 

What was it you were saying, Jess? Dena asked, standing over me. Before I could get up she sat on top of me at my legs, her back and bound hands facing my face. I tried to get her off but was still a little reeling from the kicks. 

Untie me now! Dena demanded, and she then started to tickle my stomach with her bound hands. Yes, you heard me right! Her hands were tied behind her back, but Dena was tickle-torturing me anyway. I tried to fight her off my the longer her fingers stayed buried in my ribs, the weaker I got. Mind you, Im INCREDIBLY ticklish. 

Oh, you wont untie me? Gee, thats too bad. Because I can just tickle you to death with my hands tied behind my back Dena said and kept up the tickling. The whole while sheI panted and couldnt fight her off. Untie my hands now, boy! 


OK, but if I dont feel you untying me, you get worse! You cant get me off you, and my fingers are in perfect position to tickle you all day! Dena said. 

Alright alright, I said, practically in tears and stunned that Dena once again had gotten the best of me. 

Dena stopped tickling me and I reached up and untied her hands. She then jumped up, grabbed me, pinned me to the floor, and grabbed the roll of duct tape. 

You are a dead man! Dena said. You think you can torture me! You dont know what torture is! And she then very quickly tied my hands in front of me with the duct tape, wrapping it several times. She then turned around, still on top of me, and bound my feet with the duct tape. Good God, what happened?! I was Denas prisoner again! 

Dena then got up, looked down at her bound captive, and placed her black-socked foot over my mouth. Just to taunt, I think. 

Remember your favorite foot gag, kidnap boy? Just a little preview! Dena said. And she then crouched down, raised me off the floor, and flung me over her shoulder, first putting the tape roll around her wrist and the excess rope in her sweat pants pocket. She started walking with bound and over her shoulder upstairs (at the time, I was slim and weighed about 115. She was very, very strong.) 

What are you going to do to me? I yelled, scared. 

Im going to tie you to me parents bed, if you must know. Its a king-size and it gives me more room, Dena said. 

More room for what? I asked as we arrived in her parents room and she flopped me on the bed. 

Dena quickly climbed on top of me, pinned me, and tied my hands over my head to the headboard with rope. My bound feet, fully stretched out, reach the foot board, so she tied them down to the board with rope and tape. 

Dena then started to tickle me. More room to explore my sadistic urges, she said, fluttering her fingers in my rib cage. You are MINE for the whole night, my little kidnap boy. Lets hear you scream while I tickle you. 

I did scream until she hand gagged me. Then Dena tore off a piece of duct tape and gagged me with it. Poor baby, Dena gushed. Dont worry. I wont keep that horrible tape gag on you all night. Ill replace it with my nice, comfy feet soon enough. But I need to do something first. Wait here! 

Dena hopped to her feet and ran out of the room. I lay on the bed her bound, gagged, helpless, and scared prisoner. What did she have in store for me? 

Well, thats a story for another time.

kidnap boy 

Kidnap Boy (Not really, but it's his story)

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 09:31:31 PM
Oh and the problem is that there is no second part in the archives, Your next post skips straight to another story.

Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 11:01:14 PM
kidnap boy,just to let you know i searched my copy of the November 2003 and December 2003 archives and haven't found anything.
AIM Darkshadow74656

Monday, April 4th 2005 - 01:16:55 AM
Tied & True Tales updated
Your humble webmaster is a very HAPPY boy because he scored a lovely, lovely tax REFUND hubba hubba! (imagine that) - on top of a miraculous come-from-behind win after all seemed lost in the football yesterday afternoon sooooo what better reason to celebrate than another update of Tied & True Tales? 

Today brings Part Two of "Bed Bound - bedroom bondage!" picture gallery along with 5 excellent tales, including "The Sex Bomb" from my pen and 2 updated serials (including the latest chapters of "Donor") to round off a great start to the week 

Anyway, on with the show - As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at


Monday, April 4th 2005 - 04:44:30 AM
Thanks for the help so far, and for the effort, Darkshadow. I really do appreciate it.

The problem with Part II of my Dena story is that the archives here skip from November 22, 2003 until December 5, 2003. Somewhere in there is Part II of my story. If that helps anyone find it.

I obviously know the story but don't have it written down anymore on account of my hard drive got blown away last year. The other Dena stories I've written are archived here but I can't seem to find this one, an I'm not sure I could re-tell it with the same accuracy and vigor. (:-) It involves being tied down to the bed, as I was when Part I ended, and tortured with tickling, Dena's foot gags, and itching powder! Anyone remember it or have it anywhere? If so, please repost.

Thanks for the effort so far, though. I sincerely appreciate it.

Kidnap Boy

Monday, April 4th 2005 - 06:38:16 PM
Babysitter Tricks
This a really quick and short story.

I was babysitting for my neighbors again (the ones that are 11 (male), 10 (male), 8 (male), and 6 (female).) and I hadn't babysat for them in a long time. Truth be told, I think the kids had somehow let their parents know that I tied them up, so I tried to even things out.

I walked into the family room to see that I would only be watching the two older ones. This was prefect for my plan.

"Hey guys, whats up?" I asked

"Nothing much." They replied in unison as they stared at the tv like a pair of dummies in a trance. I walked over to the tv and turned it off.

"You know, I think it's kind of unfair that I tie you up all the time." I started saying. They agreed. "So what I'm going to do is give you the opportunity to tie me up, for the entire time I'm here."

They were awestruck. They couldn't believe what I was saying. Honestly, I could see the look of revenge in their eyes.

"But I want you to do this properly, so that way I wont be able to escape." I said, as a drew 6 shoelaces out of my various cargo pants pockets and started tying them into three shoelace long ropes.

"Here, come over here." I said as they willingly approached me. "Alright, turn around." I said to the oldest one. I pulled his hands behind his back and began to explain.

"Now (their names will remain anonymous, so we will call them Jack and John) Jack, I'm only going to tie you up to show John, and then I will tie John up to show you, so don't worry." I said.

"First thing it first, you get the hands behind the back, as I have already done. Then you put the two ends of the rope together to find the middle." I went on. "Then you put the middle of the rope where the two wrists meet. You then wrap the rope around the wrists, going both ways. After you have about 9 inches left (it was a rough guess) you go inbetween the two wrists, and then tie it off really tight." I said as I demonstrated.

"Then you do the same thing to their feet." I said (they were wearing grey and white Champions socks) "Then you go to gag them..." I said, looking around the room. Once I found a bandanna lying on the floor, I wrapped it through the teeth and tied it behing his head.

"Now I'll be right back Jack, I'm just going to tell John what he is going to need to tie me up." I said, as we walked out of the room. I sent John looking for a bunch of random things. He returned about an hour later (he had no idea where to find anything in the cluttered house). We went back into the family room to find Jack lying on his stomach. He was kind of mad.

I untied him and then told John to kneel. He did so and I repeated the same thing on him, explaining each and every last detail (he was wearing Hanes socks). When I was done, I left with Jack and told him to fetch the same things. He returned an hour and fifteen minutes later. We went back into the family room to see John lying on his back. He didn't mind as much, because he loves being tied up.

After I untied him I said:

"Alright guys, time for you to tie me up."

I kneeled down and put my hands behind my back. They tied them their pretty tight and then they tied my feet pretty tight too (I was wearing half cut Joe Boxer socks - they are white with gray bottoms). They then told me to lie on my stomach, and I did so. Using the bandanna, they pulled me into a tight hogtie. They then shoved a sock the got from their room into my mouth and used duct tape that they found to gag me. They wrapped it around my head about 5 times and then left me in that room for 7 hours while they did whatever they pleased. 

About 20 minutes after the parents returned, they came in and untied me and tidied up the room. They said they had a lot of fun and that they would like to do it again another time.


Tuesday, April 5th 2005 - 11:19:36 PM
shutting her up : ( f/f )
hey all .. this story happened 3 years ago .. i was 23 by then , don't u just feel that kids are sometimes noisy and annoying that u have to shut the up !!

i was sitting on the living room couch watching t.v. , there was an interesting show .. then firo came in , she was 6 i guess by then , and she started to sing , i told her to stay qiute cuz i can't the show .. she told me "no i won't , come and play with me" .. i told her "after the show baby, i'll come and play all u want" .. she told me "no , come now" .. i told her "after the show baby" .. she then told me "ok" and started to sing again .. then i told her "firo , stay quite or i'll just have to shut you up !" .. she just ignored me and went by the window ..looking outside as she was doing these stupid sounds .. then i thought ( ok , but u'll never go untill the show is finished ) .. then i went up to her , i guess she was day dreaming cuz she didn't notice i was behind her , then i clamped my hand over her mouth and carried her , and went back to the couch , then i sat down and put her in my lap , still with my hand over her mouth shutting her up , she tried to protest but all what came out was "mmphs mmmmmmmphs mphs mmmphs mmmmmmphs".

i tried to pull my hand away but i reached with my other hand and held her hands pinning them down , she struggled but couldn't escape my grip .. she then tried to scream , but my hand was like a perfect gag over her mouth completely smothered all the sound and what came out was just faint "MMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHSSSSSS" , so she just sat there helpless then after 15 minutes the show was finished .. i released her mouth .. she then told "what was that for ??!!" .. i told her "if u ever get so noisy and annoying again , u'll see nothing but the palm of my hand" .. then she told "sorry" .. i told her "its ok, lets go and play now"


Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 12:46:46 AM
Nice stories of Handgagging
To : Evil Chick

Hey, I think that you're one Though Sister, didn't your younger sisters tied you up?maybe another story to post?


Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 07:33:17 PM
Katy, it doesn't matter two shakes of a lamb's wotsit how good a writer you are, it's the experiences that are important so please don't let any of the recent agro stop you telling your stories.

There have been a few posts requesting films that contain tie-up scenes so will tell you a few from my enormous collection. (I'm English and we call them films not movies by the way!) Problem is that most of them are certificate 18 which I know will not be suitable to many posters here so will see if I have any suitable for younger viewers. Back in a sec...

James Bond films: Never say never again cert. pg
Live and let die. cert pg
The spy who loved me. cert pg
Dr. No cert pg

Charlies Angels cert 15 (1st remake with Drew Barrymore)
House 2 cert 15
The return of swamp thing cert 15
Raiders of the lost ark. cert pg
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. cert pg
Police story (Jackie Chan) pg
The mummy (Brendon Fraser and Rachel Weisz) cert 15
The mummy returns. see above.
Conan the barbarian. cert 15

A few for the oldies:

Hellraiser 3 cert 18
Black Mask (Jet Li) cert 18. (one of the best mainstream film bondage scenes ever)
Love object (Desmond Harrington) cert 18 (the best mainstream bondage scenes ever!)
Wrong Turn cert 18
Popcorn cert 18

I have many more films that have tie up scenes in them but most are suited for the adult audience. If any adults want a more detailed list then please let me know and if I can find the time I will provide a more detailed list.

In the mean time, live and let live people. Lets just let it lie and get back to the stories. After all, that's why we're all here...



Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 11:06:59 PM
Capture the Flag: Part I
After the first time I got tied, I begin to grow obsessed with it. I tried self bondage a few times but it really didn't do anything for me. So, for weeks I walked around, thinking about tie up games, without finding anyone to do it with.

One day, I was standing in the lunch line at school, when I heard two boys from my Algebra class talking.
"Man, this sucks. Everything was set up and then Sean just had to bail."
"Well, we can still have the war. We would just have to find someone else."
"Yeah. Right. Are we going to ask around if anyone wants to play in a game of capture the flag to be the flag? Most people are freaked out by being tied up."
"Well, why don't you do it then?"
"I hate being tied-up. Why don't you?"
"I hate being tied-up too!"

The boys got their food and sat down at a table by themselves. At this point, I was too excited to eat, so I went over and joined them.

"I, uh, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation over there, and I just wanted to tell you that i would be willing to be the flag for your game that you need. I like to be tied up."

Both boys looked stunned and said, "That would be great! Afterwards we usually have a kind of sleep over party type thing. you are welcome to come to that if you want. The war is tomorrow night at 7. Be prepared to be tied up until like 2 am though, ok?"
"That's fine by me." I told them. They gave me the adress and told em about the game.


I arrived at the adress at promptly seven o clock and we immediatley began playing. I was ont he same team the boys I talked to were on. Our team discussed strategy before the teams met in the field. I went over to there side and another kid went over fromt here side to our side. My captors and I went one way while my team went the other.

I was led to a wooded area, not far from the field. I pushed against a tree while a boy who was older than me by three years tied me securely to the tree.
"You are now the prisoner of my team, The Bandits. You will remain my prisoner until you are rescued, if that ever happens. If you cooperate, you will not be punished. Is everything clear?"
I nodded my head dumbly. I was too excited to speak.
"Where are the gagging materials?" the leader asked his team.
"Woops." One of the boys said, a rather fat one. "I forgot."
The leader rolled his eyes and said, "Fine." He looked into his duffle bag and found whatever he was looking for.
"There we go." He held up a dark blue bundel that was bigger than his hand. "This is a pair of socks I usually stuff intot he compartemnt where I keep my paintballs so it doesen't get wet. Terribly sorry. I am afraid I wore them for a few hours yesterday. None the less. You must be gagged." he then held up a roll of silver duct tape. "I keep this with me, just in case."

He stuffed one of the long, blue tube socks down my mouth as far as it would go and taped it shut by wrapping the tape around my head several times.
"If you become a problem, I do have means of tortuing you that are not pretty."

he then turned to his team and said, "You and you. You stay back with me and guard our little guest. As for the rest of you. Take no prisoners."

The team let out a battle cry and left while the leader walked round the group of trees I was in and two blunderin idiots were watching me. I was terribly excited.


I will finish this story tomorrow.

Magnus Writter

Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 11:29:08 PM
tied up by girlfriends mom 
hi i have a story to tell about being tied up by my girlfriends mom. the other day i was at her house and we where watching a movie where someone was bound and gaged with rope and bandanas and blindfolded and i think her mom noticed how quiet i got when the girl in the scene was tied up and bandana gagged cause i am a guy who likes to wear them and was wearing one that day well i started shifting a lot in my seat and was really getting into the part of the movie and i think her mom noticed so i said something like boy how come i can never find someone to do that to me cause i would be able to escape it. my girlfriend wasnt paying attention to what i said as usual and her mom looked over and i smiled so i think she understood cause she knew i was turned on buy that part in the movie. well later that night i was helping my girlfriend get ready for work and she was like you sleeping over cause moms going to be over at the neighbors till 3am playing cards and wont be back until 8am cause she was a third shifter so she called her mom and said i was at the house by myself watching tv so about 20 min later i heard a door and thought she forgot something i was still wearing my bandana cause it was warm out that day and i said hello but no one answered so i was like ok might have been the neighbors cause they where all outside. im siiting there watching stern and all of a sudden her mom pops up behind the couch and hand gags me i went to screem and she said if i made one more word it was over so i obeyed and she said remember the comment i made earlier and with me wearing my bandana i guess she liked guys like that she was wearing a black leather pants which i love girls in and a doo rag and sunglasses like a robber and she told me to open my mouth and tied two bandanas around it and blindfolded me then forced me to stand up and go upstairs and that resisting her would do me no good cause she knew i would obey her. well we finally got upstairs and she started rubbing her leather pants against my area and i was moaning like carzy through the gag then she said get one the bed and pushed up to the top and tied my hands to her bed posts and spread me eagle not knowing what was going to happen next with that she gave me the best night of my life and when she was done she tied me up till she woke up and 7am and then i feel asleep until my girlfriend got home and her mom said that whenever i am not with her daughter or she is gone for a day expect this and more i was like ok and since then its been our secret but i think her daughter new and never said anything so i just want to end my story by saying this is a great sight and if anymore cool bondage stuff happens i will let you know. talk to you later. 

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 12:01:58 AM
Does anyone know of that one website it was called bound it or something... it had all these movies hundreds of them with pictures of the tie up scenes and even monthly movie clips of 3 or 4... I used to have it but my pc crashed and i lost the address...

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 07:02:58 AM
The website u looking for is or

I think they are the links


Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 11:54:14 AM
Boundit Site
The 'boundit' site's address is:
Hope that helps?

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 12:12:18 PM
Capture the Flag Part II
I was tied up in that position for about an hour. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, so I tried to shift myself. When I finally felt a little more comfortable, I chewed on my gag. I tested it to see if it was possible to get out and discovered that if I moved my tongue in just the right way, I can say something intelligible.

I did this the first time I heard someone sneaking around. 
"I'm in the trees! Hurry!" is what I told the sneak that I heard. He ran towards me but one of the oafs that was guarding me seized him and took him away. The leader wasn't at all pleased...

He paced around me and said, "I gave you fair warning. I believe that it is time to punish you."

He ripped the tape off of me and pulled some of my hair off. That really hurt and I screamed in pain. He slapped his hand over my mouth and then said, "I know..."

He removed his shoes and socks and held the white crew socks up to show me. I begged him not to but he told me to stuff it. In which I did. He sure did stuff them in my mouth and put fresh tape on them. Then he added no cords to my bonds and decided to go join his army in the war.

Those socks tasted as awful as they smelled... I had only had this done to me once before and I still wasn't used to it.

Eventually, the taste became nothing and I was kept like that for another few hours when finally boys from my team came and released me. We half sneaked, half ran to the base. We didn't get too far. It was two other considerably small boys and me. We were all three seized and taken back to their base.

The POW rules in this game were as follows. You could keep a "soldier" for 10 minutes before you gave them the option of escape, usually in exchange for a peice of information of the flag's whereabouts. If that soldier gave information that you believed, you let him go, though if he lied to you, you can keep him as long as you desire. If a person refused to give up information you, as the leader, had three options of what you could do with them. One was to be a prisoner of the team, Two was to become a member of the team, and Three was to become a slave of the team. The slaves didn't do too much, usually they followed the orders of the leader. The leader could make them do anything from going and getting them something to eat, to entertaining him.

So, one of the guys that got captured by me was released after giving them information and the other became a slave who was to stand by the leader at all times so the leader had someone to vent his anger on. Slaves could be rescued as well.

At about 1 am, the other team got their flag safely to the base. We went to the over-night party and played many games and a few of them tie up.

The End

Magnus Writter

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 01:24:43 PM
Magnus Writter, Like the story. I really liked hearing about you being gagged with socks. Look forward to hearing more from you in days and weeks to come.
Jerry Burns

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 02:32:16 PM
MAGNUS: I liked your story about the capture the flag game are you going to tell us about teh games that happened at the sleep over? If they are improper to post here feel free to email them to me directly. Once again good Job.
JERRY: still waiting for part 10 of your story and wondering if you going to post anymore of your other story you started a while back.
AS FAR AS CANUCK GOES: I would say he is busy with other things and hasn't had time to check the board recently. We must keep in mind that people can post directly to the board so maybe he has just been busy with other things I know I haven't been on in a few days. So please lets all just get along.

Thursday, April 7th 2005 - 08:27:56 PM
kidnapped in my friends house
hiya i'm kelly , this story happened to me last yr wen i was 16 , i am a pretty blonde , blue eyes , curvy. My bf Rick and my other friend Sarah are my the only people i play bondage games with and share my fantasy of bondage. Anyway Rick has short brown hair,blue eys and has a great body , Sarah is a brunette with a very nice body and a cute face. On with the story , we were at Sarah's house because her parents had gone away for the weekend. We decided to play a kidnappin game.Sarah gave out the parts we had to play. Sarah gave herself the kidnapper role , Rick the Hero role , and me the kidnapped damsel in distress role . "why do i have to be a hero , that makes me miss out on the bondage " said Rick. "yea but you can tie up kel any time you like rick, and i hardly ever get to kidnap her"said sarah. "thats true , but once i rescue kelly i get to tie u both up" said rick. We all agreed. Now the game was that the kidnapper had to kidnap the victim (which was acted out) then after that the kidnapper has to hide with the victim , keeping their victim quiet and trying not to get found by the hero.The hero has to find the kidnapper and victim then the game is usually over . But we decided to let Rick to tie me and sarah up if he found us.Sarah chose what we had to wear. She chose jeans and a tight t-shirt for herself , trackies and no top for rick , and a short skirt and white blouse and high heels for me. The game started we acted out me gettin kidnapped , sarah came behind me clamped her hand over my mouth and ran off with me , "right i'll give you 3 minutes" said Rick , then he started counting. Sarah ran off with me up stairs , grabbin me by the arm. We had to act like our characters in the game so i started to be a damsel in distress. "where are you taking me" i said in an innocent voice. "keep quiet or i'll hurt you" replied sarah. (i liked her talking nasty to me and taking control so i talked more to make her say more stuff)"What are you gonna do with me" i said. Sarah stopped and looked at me with a cute angry face. "shut your lips and keep them like that" said sarah. i screamed loudly to make sarah do more stuff to me. She naturally did and tightly pressed her hand against my lips.
"shut that pretty mouth of yours or i'm gonna punish you"
sarah then got out a roll of black tape which was in her belt. she ripped a strip off and walked over to me. She slowly sealed the tape over my lips , looking me in the eye with an evil smile as if she had something kinky planned. She ran her fingers across my lips over the tape smoothing it down. she looked me in the eye and made a kissing noise to me. she then grabbed me tightly by the arm and clamped her hand over my gagged mouth , i had my hands loose and did a light struggle to make her realise. She stopped , and then got out a silk scarf and wrapped it tightly round my wrists. we heard rick coming , so sarah grabbed both my wrists and took me into a spear room. She pushed me on the bed and told me "stay right there". i nodded.Sarah locked the door and turned to me and said "Rick isn't gonna rescue ya , cos your staying in here" i mfffpphed, sarah tied my wrists above my head to the headboard. She got out her polaroid camera and took a picture of me. "i'm keepin these for myself" and giggled. she undone my buttons on my blouse amnd took another picture of me lying there. Rick heard her giggling and tried to open the door. "don't cheat sar" said rick. Srah said nothing and walked to the door and posted the picture under the door. "your gf is all mine and she's tied up naked on my bed " sarah joked to rick. I wasn't naked but i was tied to the bed with my blouse open . Sarah kept me in the room for about 15 minutes and made ricky listen to her tickling me and slappin my bum really really really hard lol , i found it fun being punished by my friend. Ricky eventually came in and got to tie us both , but i'm gonna leave it there. 

send feedback please

and if you wanna speak to me and ricky add this address


Friday, April 8th 2005 - 03:49:56 AM
My Cousin's Prisoner
My first bondage experience was when I was 10 years old. It was the first day of summer, and I was going to spend the entire summer it with my cousin in a place she rented at the time, with her two roommates. My cousin, Lisa, was at the time 19 years old, her two roommates, Laura and Tammy, were a year older. Little did I realize that my cousin and her roommates were such huge bondage freaks. They all loved barefoot bondage, but each had their own taste in gags. Lisa liked the old fashioned cloth gag, but she also on occasion liked to get creative with it by putting a knot in the middle of it or something. Laura was a ballgag fanatic. Tammy did duct tape; I guess thats why shes a big fan of Red Greens Duct Tape Forever movie.

Anyway, the weird thing about that first day was that, on the way to my cousins house, everything seemed to revolve around bondage, as if preparing me for the days ahead. The videos I watched in the car on the way to the airport were Inspector Gadget and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in which the main girl was always getting kidnapped then bound and gagged. On the plane over to my cousins place read a couple comics that had the same situation.

As I got off the plane there was Lisa, my best friend and favorite cousin. We hugged and in the van I got to meet her roommates. We arrived at their place and got me settled in. My room was in their guest room. We then went out. Tammy and Laura went out and did their own thing (Id later find out that they were out buying gags and rope), while Lisa and I went to the movies, ate at Applebees and all sorts of fun stuff. Later back at my Lisas place, we played a couple games with her roommates. The only thing that sucked was that my parents asked Lisa to send me to bed at a reasonable hour. So having to follow the rules I put on my pink pajamas and Lisa tucked me in. 

Later I would have to go to the bathroom, but as I was heading back to my room I heard the TV was on. I snuck down stairs to see what they were watching, and I saw that they were watching a bondage video. I didnt see anything that a 10 year old shouldnt see they werent that far into the movie just yet. But I saw a woman bound and gagged and went back to bed thinking about it.

The next day I woke up before everyone else and got myself a bowl of cereal, I wasnt the kind of girl that waited for my cousin to feed me, and she was well aware of that. Anyway it was Saturday and I watched cartoons as I ate. Irony came into play once again as one of the shows showed damsels in distress. About 9:00 am was when Laura and Lisa, were up Tammy would soon follow. 

Later it was near noon and I was still in my pajamas, and as I was choosing my cloths for the day I noticed some things were under the bed. I grabbed the objects and pulled out a ballgag and a foot and a half piece of rope. I didnt know what these were for but then I remembered that movie that Lisa and her roommates were watching the previous night, the woman in the movie was wearing a gag that looked similar. I stopped what I was doing and went to Tammy and Lauras room. They agreed to share a room while I was over, for the room I was in was originally Lauras room.

They were just about dressed for the day when I knocked on the door. They let me in and I showed them my discovery. Laura thanked me as she put the gag away. They explained to me what were for, proving my theory correct. They said that sometimes kidnappers used them. I asked if they were planning to kidnap anybody, Oh no, they said, We just like to tie each other up for fun.

As we talked the idea started to run through my mind, Ive never been tied before and was intrigued by the idea of being tied up. So I blurted out Can you kidnap me?

Tammy and Laura were shocked at what I just asked, and stared at me like a deer staring at the headlights of a car, What? they asked

I mean for pretend. I said.

Why, asked Tammy.

I want to be tied up.

Laura and Tammy thought about it for a couple seconds and Laura just smiled, and took some rope out a drawer and tossed it to Tammy who was getting the same idea. So you want us to kidnap you and tie you up? Laura asked.

Yes, I said.

Do you also want to be gagged? Tammy asked. I nodded my head.

Then youve got it! Laura said as came behind me and clamped her hand over my mouth and with the help of Tammy pulled both my wrists behind my back, where Laura held them both in one hand.

Laura and Tammy thought about it for a couple seconds and Laura just smiled, and took some rope out a drawer and tossed it to Tammy who was getting the same idea. So you want us to kidnap you and tie you up? Laura asked.

Yes, I said.

Do you also want to be gagged? Tammy asked. I nodded my head.

Then youve got it! Laura said as came behind me and clamped her hand over my mouth and with the help of Tammy pulled both my wrists behind my back, where Laura held them both in one hand.

They took me to Lisas room where Lisa was all ready for the day. Tammy spoke up, Hey Lisa, your cousin found a couple of our stuff under bed, She said gesturing to the rope in her hand. 

Lisa, who knew I was bound to find stuff lying around sooner or later, merely said Really.

And now she says she wants experience. Said Tammy. Lisa getting the picture now smiled and nodded, and went to her closet to get some more things. Thats when I started struggling and making noises into Lauras hand. She let me go thinking that was having second thoughts, but I explained to her that I was just acting so I willingly let myself be captured again by Laura.

Laura came out with more rope and a long cloth. I was handed to her and pulled the cloth between my teeth. I was handed to Tammy, who forced me to the floor and tied my hands behind my back in an X shape, with the rope she had in her hand. With another piece rope tied my ankles together and then my knees with another piece.

So there I was, tied up, in my pajamas, gagged and barefoot. The three elder women admired their handy work for a couple seconds went to put their shoes on. They had the idea that since I was barefoot, putting shoes on would make them look superior to me, and I agree. They came back and Laura picked me up and carried me down stairs, where I was tied to one of the kitchen chairs. I tested my ropes, they werent so tight that they hurt, but they were sure tight, no way was I getting out of that bind. 

They took another picture of me as they talked about what they could do to me. Now they werent going to do, nor did they do, anything that was sexual, that would have been sick and very wrong. They talked about just tying me into different positions an idea I really liked, and I nodded my head in approval, because so far I liked being tied up. They also talked about making me their tickle slave. They liked the idea of me being a tickle slave, but I didnt. At the time I was very ticklish, in my sides, my stomach, the souls of my feet, under the armpit. You name an area where person can be tickled; chances are I was pretty ticklish there. They decided to do both.

The tickling was going to come first. I vigorously shook my head no, but Laura told me that apart of being kidnapped was having things done to you against your will. I knew she was right, but I still didnt want to be tickled. So this is where I really started to struggle. I kicked my legs and twisted my body as they untied me from the chair and Laura, whom Id later nickname Ms. Muscles, slung me over her shoulder. She sat me on a chair in the living room. Suddenly I didnt want to be tied up anymore.

I kept bucking my legs, but Lisa brought a foot rest where I was sitting, and with a long piece of rope, tied my legs down to it. She took my gag out and I started to beg them not to tickle me, its amazing I wasnt on the brink of tears. But Lisa, who had just finished tying a huge knot in the center of my gag, told me that I should have known what I was getting into when I asked for this. She shoved the knot into my mouth and at that point, I knew my protests were useless and that they were going to do it anyway to I just gave up. Now dont get me wrong, my cousin wasnt trying to be mean to me, but she was a control freak sometimes and this was one of those times where she was just being controlling. The same went for her roommates. Besides it was all fun and games

I sat there for a couple minutes, which seemed like and hour, bound and gagged with the souls of my feet pointed away from me, vulnerable to any thing that dared to brush across them. Pretty soon, Tammy comes in with a feather. Lisa pulled a seat up in front of my feet; since she is my cousin she got first dibs. She taunted me for a few seconds, and then finally stroked my foot with the feather, and I flinched. She slowly started stroking up and down on with the feather on both feet. My toes were wiggling and I laughing into my knot gag. She soon resorted to passing the feather between my toes and then finished off by tickling me with the other side of the feather, which made me laugh much harder.

It was then Tammys turn to torture me. But before she started, she got a spool of string from out of her pocket and tied my big toes together, which they would all do from now on if my ankles were tied together. Tammy then took the feather and did the same things that Lisa did. This time I couldnt sway my feet apart thanks to the fact that there was a string attaching my toes, so now the feather was harder to avoid.

Then Laura stepped up. Laura, when it comes to bondage of any kind, is a sadist. Years later I heard she beat the crap out of her boyfriend while he was cuffed to the basement stairs (amazingly they didnt break up after that). How did she handle me? Well she only used the feather on the soft side for a half a minute then switched to the other side. Then she set the feather down and started scratching my souls with her fingernails. She started soft and then scratched harder and harder. I was laughing harder than ever, she was digging her fingernails into my feet. She tickled me the longest, but I remember how long. When she stopped, the other two thought it was time for a break from tickling.

They untied me from the foot rest, untied my wrists and ankles, which were tied for three and a half hours straight, and then they took my gag out. They gave me a glass of water, man was my toung dry. They also gave me a chance to stretch my limbs, but only until a couple seconds later when they tied me up again.

Laura made me sit Indian style; she then proceeded to tie arms behind me. She did a couple loops around my upper body, tied it off and used what was left of that rope to tie my ankles. Tammy then came behind me and gagged me with that fricking cloth, which no longer had the knot in it. After Tammy tied the gag off, she took a piece of duct tape over my mouth.

They left me in that position until it was supper time. They untied me, but they werent letting me loose, Lisa put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists, this time in front of me. As we ate the phone rang, it was my parents calling to see how I was doing. I talked to them, but didnt say one word about what we were all doing here. After I hung up I finished eating.

Then Lisa unlocked my handcuffs and told me that since I havent showered all day they would let me have an hour to shower, And brush your teeth while youre at it, she said, because weve got more plans for you. And if youre not out when the hour is up and youre not dressed, then tough well tie you up while youre naked. That quickened my shower because one thing I knew about my cousin was that when she said shed something, she meant it. But I didnt shower until after Laura forced the ballgag that I found into my mouth. I remember that thing was pretty big, its a wonder it didnt make my jaw ache. They also told me not to lock the door, or else theyd tie me naked weather or not I finished on time.

I first I brushed my teeth, when to the bathroom, and then took my shower. Ive finished my shower early, because if it was just my cousin I probably wouldnt have minded because were related. However it wasnt just my cousin, I was being trussed up by two other older women that I was just now getting to know so I felt pretty uncomfortable at the thought of being nude in front of them because I have this thing about being naked in front of strangers.

Of course Ive been known to take long showers at the time, and mine was about a few minutes longer than I planned for it to last, (hey I just said I quickened my shower, I never said I didnt cut it close). I had my underwear and my pajama top on before they came busting in. They caught hold of me again; I struggled only to put on a convincing show. I still wished that they gave me more time to put my pajama bottoms on but it was not like I was in any position to do anything about it.

They tied my wrists in front of me, then led me down to the basement. My feet were all ready cold for not having any shoes or socks on them all day, but walking on the concrete basement floor made them even colder. I stood there as Tammy and Laura tied my knees and ankles back together. It was about this time that I noticed I was drooling because of the ballgag, I couldnt even swallow my spit.

Lisa came from the back of the basement with more rope and some feathers. She told me to stand on a stool. I obeyed; when I got on I was almost face to face with her. Then she tied the rope around my bound wrists and climbed on a chair so that she could tie the other end of the rope to a pipe on the ceiling. Then the three women armed themselves with their feathers. They rolled up my pajama top, exposing my stomach and they started ticking. They tickled me for an hour without hardly any breaks. They tickled me on my stomach, and occasionally raised top further so they could get at my armpits.

They soon untied me from the ceiling and gave to Laura, which I would later in the summer find out was the worst thing they could do to me because she seemed to enjoy this stuff way too much. While Lisa and Tammy went back upstairs, I was left with the worlds meanest tickler. She tickled me everywhere; with and without a feather (it was worse when she did my feet because I was the most ticklish there). I was laughing harder than I was when she tickled me for one more hour and by the time she was finished, tears were rolling down my cheeks.

She untied me, and took me upstairs. Lisa was sitting on the couch and asked me to come over. I sat down next to her. Did you have fun today? She asked me.

I nodded, because it was the truth, When can we do this again? I asked her.

Well, she said, All summer if you want.

Really? I said excitedly. Lisa nodded.

It now official that I was my cousins prisoner for the rest of the summer. Lets get you ready for bed.

Lisa led me upstairs where she tied me up again, but this time with lost of rope. She tied my wrists behind my back. Then tied my ankles, knees, calves and thighs together with different pieces of rope. Then she looped rope above and below my breasts, which werent developed yet, and tied the remaining slack around my wrists. She used more rope to tie my ankles to my wrists, and proceeded to finish off my tying my big toes together (I secretly loved it when they did that).

I sat on the bed on my knees, and before my cousin left me she buckled a collar around my neck, Youre going to be my pet this summer, she said. Then I laid down on my side with my head on the pillow. She pulled the blankets over me, stroked my hair and said, Sweet dream, and with that she turned out the light and walked out the door.

That was my first bondage experience with my bondage obsessed cousin and her bondage obsessed roommates. Id have more fun during that summer. I might just post those stories someday.

Sandra Davis

Saturday, April 9th 2005 - 01:09:34 AM
Awesome story Sandra!!! Wow! It sounds like you had one heck of a time. I'd love to hear about the other experiences you had that summer!

Stories like yours are a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for more!

Saturday, April 9th 2005 - 06:08:21 PM

Great story, but a few questions: Can a 10 year old girl really wear a ballgag for more than an hour without ache? And how did you brush your teeth with the ballgag in your mouth?


Saturday, April 9th 2005 - 10:35:24 PM
So there I laid tied spread eagle to Jamess bed, in nothing but my Tighty Whities. Jamess twin brother was now laying on the floor tied up in only his boxers and socks.

I knew I wanted to be tied up and tickled and that is what was happening. But TJ coming in like this just killed the moment for me. I did not know what James was going to do to me now, or better yet what was he going to do with TJ.

James had left the room after tying up his twin brother and it seemed like he was gone for hours. TJ was getting restless. No matter what he tried he could not get free and he began swearing. I told TJ to just shut up and he should have just minded his own business. TJ then responded with you guys are the sickos I just walked in on my brother and his best friend in what sure looked like a compromising position. I said forget you TJ. And he said well can you blame me, your laying there tied up in your gay looking underwear, and my brother is over you - tickling your body. Shut up TJ was all I could think to say.

James soon returned and said awww are my two prisoners doing some bonding. TJ: let me go now James or I will tell mom. James: Tell mom what that I tied you up? TJ: yes, and that you took my shorts off in front of Jerry. James: lol go ahead mom will probably think that it is funny. TJ: what if I tell her you had Jerry tied to your bed in his Tighty Whities and was touching him when I walked in, she sure would not think that was funny

James looked at me and said have you had enough of his mouth. I said god yes. With that said James went over to his drawer and pulled out a pair of navy blue boxer briefs, and got down and shoved them into TJs mouth. MPHHHHHOPPP was all I could hear TJ say and I started laughing. The shorts were soon tied in TJs mouth with a huge long sock laying on Jamess floor.

That will take care of him for a while James said looking up and smiling at me. Now I went out to my shed and found some things I could tickle you with so lets pick up where we were when TJ here walked in.


Sunday, April 10th 2005 - 01:33:44 PM
Tricked and Tied
Hello everyone this is a story of how I was tricked into being tied up by a friend of mine and two ten year olds.
Anyway it was just like any day Amanda, a friend of mine who I have known since kinder garden were sitting on the couch in her basement (her parents would both be at work until around 5pm) we were both 15 she was wearing a yellow t shirt jeans and blue socks I was wearing a red shirt white shorts and was barefoot I had this thing where sometimes I would put my bare feet right on her lap and would keep them there until she would tickle them she seemed to enjoy being the tickler as I did being the ticklee. Around 11 o clock she went upstairs to do something I sat there waiting for her and then her little brother Brandon and his friend Nicholas came down and asked me if I could help them with something I said okay and they explained that they had been practising tying each other up and were interested in tying up someone else Brandon said we tried to get Amanda to do it but she didnt quite trust us would you help us to convince her otherwise I thought about this for a second and I was not one to say no to a little kid and I was thinking seeing Amanda tied up might be cool, so I agreed to help them.
I stood up and crossed my wrists behind me and Brandon tied my wrists while Nicholas tied my ankles I tested the knots Nicholas said hold on were not finished yet and Brandon tied a long rope around my body pinning my arms to my sides (going form my shoulders down to my wrists) while Nicholas tied my knees after the were done they lowered me onto the floor where I laid on my back struggling I said nice ropework boys I cant move a muscle good said Brandon as he took a feather out of his pocket I looked at it stunned for a moment then I started to struggle like my life depended on it but it was no use Nicholas sat on my legs to pin them down while Brandon sat in front of my soles any last words he said just wait until your sister finds out about this the both giggled for a second before I could ask what was so funny the tickling began Brandon put the feather in between my toes and worked his way up and down my soles I was laughing so hard I thought surely even the people next door could hear me so surely Amanda who was only upstairs could hear me and come to my rescue, I was half right in a few minutes she ran down and said in shock what are you two doing to John retreat they said in unison and ran past her up the stairs. 
She came to me and stood over me and asked can you escape? I said no why? well you were tied up by two ten year olds and you were saved from the tickle torture by a woman wouldnt having me untie you as well pretty much crush any kind of masculinity you have left I think I have enough masculinity to spare so cmon untie me she just sat down on the couch I turned over on my stomach and squirmed like a worm over to her she helped me up and laid me down on the couch my bare feet on her lap she turned on the tv I asked so how long will you be keeping me tied up well I know you used the washroom about 15 minutes before you were tied up so you should be good for a couple of hours, until then... and she started tickling my feet it was just like before except I wasnt asking to be tickled and I couldnt pull my feet away when the tickling became to much for me all I could do was wiggle my toes she said you should be enjoying this John this is like a dream come true for you just wait until I get free I said I thought you couldnt get free and I tickle you on a regular basis so you should be used to it by now and she started on the tops of my feet I laughed liked a madman.
She continued tickling all over my feet for about half an hour after which I was breathing heavily sweating and on the brink of tears of course I had to admit it was still enjoyable Amanda turned to me and said I think I should tell you it was me who told Brandon and Nicholas to tie you up I figured the tickling might be better if you were completely helpless Im sorry I hope you dont hate me for this I said weve known each other for most of our lives Id never be mad at you for something like this Thanks she said one question though why did you have those two tie me up does your ten year old brother tie better knots then youI asked chuckling of course notshe said running her fingers up and down my bare solesI just thought you might find it weird that I asked to tie you up out of the blue and those two are already weird I wouldnt find it weird at all in fact if you wanted to do this again Id be up for it I said Alright she said and put my feet on the ground so I was sitting and turned the tv on a movie was starting I forget what it was called after an hour I got bored and put my feet on her lap and started to playfully wiggle my toes she grabbed my feet and tickled them for ten minutes she kept my feet on her lap and would give them a tickle every so often after the movie she untied me and before I left I said I guess well be doing this again count on it she said I went upstairs and on my way out I went into the kitchen where I found Brandon and Nicholas, Brandon was tied to a kitchen char his arms at his sides covered in rope from the shoulders down Nicholas had removed Brandons socks and used them as a gag he also tied his bare feet down to a stool where they ready for tickling when I walked in they both froze I went to Nicholas and he handed me the feather he had in his hand and then I went up to Brandon and tickled his feet for five minutes gave the feather back to Nicholas went to the door and put my sandals on and I left.

Sunday, April 10th 2005 - 02:32:05 PM
to eric
I would love to hear more stories if you have them!!

Sunday, April 10th 2005 - 09:04:06 PM

Glad you like my story. (Though I think I should have specified that I exaggerated a few situations to make the story more interesting.)

And about the ballgag in my mouth. I actually brushed my teeth before they put it in, and as far the aching goes; 

TRUTH TIME: This was one of the moments I exaggerated. It wasn't really the one that I found, it was actually one that they made from a slightly smaller ball and I'm not sure what the buckle was made out of (probably a dog collar?).

Sandra Davis

Monday, April 11th 2005 - 01:35:32 PM
Appreciating a realistic down to earth story
Hi there Magnus_Writter,

I usually just browse through some random pages from canuck's tie up games story website and your story was nicely told and I can actually visually it easily, unlike the other stories in this forum which are just crap. The story finished off abruptly though, and it didn't completely satisfy the whole story in general. Sure i'm always on a look out for good scripted stories, one of which I would want to film with my friends, but its rare to have a kid story that nicely told out. Anyway, at least there's a proper story teller out there, and I believed in your dialogue; it was just as I would remember my classmates would talk like in 8th-9th grade (American highschool in Thailand). 

Arite take it easy,
Paolo Martin

Paolo Martin,

Monday, April 11th 2005 - 05:14:14 PM
Hi Sandra!

That makes things a bit clearer. I can't wear a normal sized ballgag for a long time without ache, and I'm a 20 year old guy.

I just wanted to add that I hope that you will post your other stories you said you might be writing. You are a good writer, and your story was interesting.


Monday, April 11th 2005 - 06:00:36 PM
James began to empty the bag that he had brought back with him. It was something like a book bag. He pulled out all kinds of things, but I would soon learn his favorite was the feather. He told me he had always wanted to tickle someone with a feather and he was now going to get his chance.

James ran that feather over my whole body. He focused most of his attention on my feet and in between my toes. This was driving me crazy and I was laughing so hard I had began crying. After James was done tickling me, he look down at his twin brother TJ, who was stilling laying there tied up in his boxers just staring at us. 

James: TJ would you like to tickled next? 

TJ just rolled his eyes and mumbled something before turning his head and looking the other way. 

James: I take that has a no then

James then looked at me and said he hoped I had fun, but he was tired and had now become bored. He said he was going to watch some TV and would be back later to untie me and TJ.

After he left the room I tried my best to get free but could not. I had to listen to TJ try to talk through the underwear that was stuffed in his mouth for hours, until James returned to un tie us.


Monday, April 11th 2005 - 07:00:13 PM
Whatever happen to Speedoboy? I miss your stories bro! Ypu still out there? Ever gonna return? Wish you would.
Jerry Burns

Tuesday, April 12th 2005 - 10:23:25 AM
Awesome story John!! one of the best Ive heard!! Hope to hear more from ya!

Tuesday, April 12th 2005 - 12:11:33 PM
Just imagine what kids can do !! ( ffm/f )
hey all .. 3 months ago i babysat the kids nextdoor but i had to babysit them over the night cuz their mother had to go out of town for the night .. i guess u know the kids from my last story about them ( shereen & omar & layla ) .. i went to their place at around 7 p.m. and their mom left .. i fixed dinner & we ate and watched some television ..then at around 11 p.m. , they had to go to bed cuz it was past their bedtime.

so i switched the t.v. off and told them to go to bed .. they went upstairs and i went in the guest room & changed my clothes to go to sleep , after everybody went to sleep or atleast as i thought .. at around 1 a.m. a hand clamped over my mouth , i woke up and panicked , tried to scream but nothing came out just faint "MMMMMPPPPHHHHHHSSSSSS" .. i tried to struggle but couldn't move .. suddenly the light went on and it was the kids pinning & gagging me , it was layla sitting on my chest pinning my hands to my sides and pinning me to the bed and omar sat on my legs pinning them under him and shereen had her hand over my mouth to stifle any screams , then layla told shereen "go and get the ropes" .. as shereen took her hand off my mouth .. i told them "what are ymmmmmppphhssss" as layla put her hand over my mouth and told me "shut up , you are ours now !!" .. then they just tie me up and gag .. and tickled me for 30 minutes till i was out of breathe then they untied me aswe all went to bed.


Tuesday, April 12th 2005 - 04:06:48 PM
Welcome Christa
I was the kind of kid to get around and meet other neighborhood kids. I made a few friends the summer I spent at my cousins place. The closest friend Ive made there was Christa. Shes my age (10 at the time), with long black hair, blue eyes, and was only taller than me by an inch. 

Since I havent described what I looked like in my last story Ill take the time to do it now: I was about the normal size for a 10 year old girl, I cant remember how tall exactly. I had dark brown hair, and green eyes.

On the day this little incident happened, it was about the third week of my stay. During the week because my cousin and her roommates had to work to pay rent, they didnt tie me up as much, however they did get Saturday and most of Sunday off so the weekend was pretty much the long period tie up time. Christa had no idea what I did on the weekends until the day she was inducted into this little circle I was part of. The thing is though, of all the people that had to do it to her, it had to be mean and sadistic Laura.

It was Friday at 4:30 when Laura got home. She got off work early so that she could tie me up sooner, and tonight was special because she had me all to herself. Lisa and Tammy went to a party, but Laura didnt want to go. As soon as she walked in the door she said a quick hello, went upstairs and came back down with ropes. She tied me on ground with my hands behind my back and my ankles and knees together. I never wore shoes in the house so she didnt have to take my shoes off, she could just go ahead and tie my big toes together. She gagged me with a cloth that had a knot in the center. She then rolled me on my back, propped my feet up on a footrest and tied my ankles down to it.

She already tickling me with a feather until the doorbell rang. Thats when I remembered that I had invited Christa over for the night, and here Laura was the only adult in the house. Keep in mind that Laura was so obsessed with bondage, its almost unhealthy. Oh boy, was the crap about to hit the fan.

Laura looked in the direction of the front door, and smiled evilly, Oh goodie, she said, I was hoping your little friend could join us.

She went to answer the door, and left me there tied and helpless to do anything about it. I could only shudder at the shear thought of the fate that awaited Christa. I had no idea how she would react to the situation at hand, but I would soon find out.

I heard Laura open the door, Welcome Christa, she said.

I turned my head to where I saw Christa walk around the corner. She had on a yellow sundress and sandals. She took a look at my current state and her facial reaction made her look as if she had just witnessed a murder. She said nothing, just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Thats when Laura, with movement as quick as the speed of light pulled a gag between her teeth. She was then thrown onto the couch, where her ankles and wrists were tied, she in no time she was hogtied. And as a final insult, Laura took her sandals off.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that Christa was scared. The screams she made into her gag were nothing more than silent cries. As a matter of fact she did cry, but only because she didnt yet understand that the situation at hand was for nothing more than fun. Laura soon tickled me for a little bit more, but then she switched to poor Christa. Now Christa was not as ticklish as I was, but she was still pretty ticklish. Christa just went hysterical as Laura tickled her feet. 

Laura took the feather and stroked it up and down Christas bare souls, and between her toes. It was about five minutes before she decided to go back to tickling me in the same manner. After about 45 minutes of tickling us both Laura thought it was time to feed the prisoners, so she untied all but our ankles and prepared us something. While we ate I explained to Christa that Laura tying us up was all just fun and games. We talked more about it, and she became a little more relaxed with what was going on. She didnt really like being tied up as much as I did, but she warmed up to it (eventually). After this incident, though she and Laura got along just fine, I dont think she ever forgave Laura for taking her by surprise like that.

It was 6:10 and Laura wanted to tickle us for a little more. She said that since Christa and I were such good friends, we should be tied together. She made us sit back to back and raised our arms above our heads where she tied our wrists together. Took more rope around our elbows to make sure we couldnt lower our arms, and then tied one last rope around our bodies. As you already know, Christa was wearing a sundress. Me I was wearing a white tank top and cut off jeans. Neither me nor Christa were wearing sleeves. That just left our armpits wide open, I thought to myself I should have known this shirt would make me a sitting duck. Laura started tickling us with the feather, then after a couple minutes tossed it aside, and started tickling us with her fingernails. Scratching and digging, she made us both laugh until our sides hurt.

Laura untied us from that position and tied our wrists behind our backs. She positioned us feet to feet, souls to souls. Ive found that Christa and I had the same shoe size. Laura then tied took our big toes and tied them all together, and secured our ankles to one anothers for good measure. She made us sit like that for and hour and a half when it was time for bed. 

We got ready, I put on my pink pajamas and Christa had on a light blue nightgown. As we entered the bedroom, and there was Laura with our restraints in hand. She again made us sit back to back. She tied my wrists behind me, in front of Christa. Then did the same thing with Christas wrists. She then wrapped some rope around our bodies, and tied our ankles individually. We lay down and she pulled the covers over us. Cant say we were very comfortable, but after a couple ours we found sleep. All in all, we both admit we had fun.

Sandra Davis

Wednesday, April 13th 2005 - 04:38:20 PM
3 Crazy Girls
In my childhood I always got to visit my cousins in the summer. They lived in New York while I lived in Utah, so you understand I only get to see them in the summer and I was excited. I was the only male among them, and the oldest at age 12.

They greeted me in a squealy girl fashion. Jene, who had long brown hair, May, who had short blond hair, and Erica, who had long black hair. Jene was 11, May was 10 and Erica was 11. The first day was pretty much haning out, catching up. At times they would little fights with eachother, and although they never said it out loud, was a clear who I liked better affair and I stayed out. They weren't fist fights or even real big arguments, just a stupid little thing they did. This had happened before but not as often.

The next day all the adults were gone to their respective jobs, leaving us alone. I couldn't find the girls, by this time I was fully dressed, and couldn't find them even in their bedrooms. When I arrived in the kitchen, breakfast had allready been served to me with a note. Strange as this was, I ate it, a bowl of cereal. When I was done, the girls came barging into the kitchen, yelling at me saying they served it. I kept to myself until eventualy, Erica calmed them down. "There's only one way to settle this. Gared, who do you like more?"she asked. I got up and tried to walk away but they grabbed me by the arms but I still didn't awnser. 

I tried to walk away again but they tackled me to the ground, picking me up, Erica and Jene holding my arms and they walked me to the living room, they told May to run off to get something. She came back with rope and ducktape. They spun me around and I felt Jene binding my hands behind me. "What are you doing?"I asked. "Making sure you don't go anywhere"said Erica. They were in Girl Scouts so of course I wasn't escaping. When my hands were bound behind me I was sat down. The rope was snug at least so it didn't hurt.

May then bound my ankles, while Erica pulled some rope around my body were the elbows were, cinching it close to my body. I was excited, being bound by 3 girls. When they finished they lifted my legs and now had me layed out on the couch. The shades were up so no one outside could see.

"Tell the you like me the best"said May. "Me"said Erica "Me"said jene. They got into another yelling match, me laying there tied up listening. I tugged at my bonds admist this but I wasn't going anywhere. After a few minutes May yelled. "Tell us"said May. "I like you all equaly. I sweat, that's the truth"I said. I was hoping they weren't hurt but instead looked at eachother and shrugged. Shrugged? Wow, don't think I'll ever understand them. "Excuse me, could you untie me now?"I asked. May picked up the ducktape, ripping a small strip off and putting it on my mouth, flattening out with her fingers. "rphaydo?"I asked. "You look cute like that"said Jene, scratching my chin.

They went upstairs with the rope and ducktape. I gave another struggle against my bonds but gave up. I yelled up at them through my gag as loud as I could but I could barely hear my own sound so I doubt they could hear anything. Finally Erica came back down alone, however instead of untying me, she dragged me up the stairs by the end of my shirt. When I arrived her room I saw May and jene sitting on two chairs back to back, rope encircled around their bodies, and more rope connecting the chairs and them. Their wrists were all bound together, seperately and together, their ankles tied at the chairs, tape gagging them. They yelled under their gags and thrashed. I learned later she conned May into helping her tie up Jenny and then she tied up May by herself from behind.

She got me up on the bed, laying face down. She sat on top of me and began maasaging me shoulders. I gave a sigh under my gag, this felt great. May and Jene were still yelling and squirming, it was priceless. After awhile she got off me. "Now, I'll remove your gags and give you all some water, but you have to keep quiet or else I'll leave you all tied up for mom and dad to find"she said. I nodded and so did Jene and May. She ripped off my gag first, then the girl's. 

"That was unfair, you tricked us"said May. "I know"said May proudly, squeezing her nose and moving her head side to side before going downstairs. The two struggled again, I merely layed and watched, I knew we wouldn't get free until Erica freed us. Keeping her promise, she gave us all a glass of water. She wiped our mouths dry and took some socks from the drawer, pulling them behind our teeth and tieing a knot. She untied my ankles but the rest of me was still bound. "You're coming with me"she said as I stood, grabbing me by the ear. The girls giggled under their gags as I leaft. Erica layed me out on her parent's bed, retying my ankles.

"I know you're liking this"said Erica, tieing my ankles. i nodded but she didn't laugh like I thought. She ripped off some ducktape, the sound of tape ripping sounded great when you knew it was being used as a restraint. She placed some just below my shoulders, then around my mid section, the the ankles, holding me to the bed. It actualy proved strong. "Comfy?"she asked now at my side, her hands on my shoulders. She gave a quick maasage again before kissing me on the nose and walking out. I heared the girls squealing in the other room, which I learned and suspected then anyway that they were being tickle tortured. Then all 3 came into the room, unbound, and instead of tickling me, each gave me a kiss on the cheek before untieing me. 

No one felt like tieing or being tied at this point. Later that night while Erica was showering, May and Jene allready were plotting vengance for the next day.


Wednesday, April 13th 2005 - 05:36:21 PM
Gared good work bro! I like your story.


Jerry Burns

Friday, April 15th 2005 - 03:17:49 PM

Friday, April 15th 2005 - 03:49:45 PM
can someone post a story about being tied up and forced to either smell or lick someones socks

Friday, April 15th 2005 - 05:41:32 PM
MY FEET PART 1 and 2
I saw the post requesting a story about smelling/licking socks/feet, and I just so happen to have one.

I can remember this day clear as a bell. I was sitting in my room with my friend James and we started watching a cool movie on TV. Well my little brother Robert, loved to bug me whenever I had company over. So the whole time James was over Robert did his best to annoy the hell out of us. It got so bad that James said he was just going to go home and watch the movie there.

I walked James out and told him once again I was sorry for my brother. When I came back in my brother was just sitting there in the living room watching TV like nothing happen. I turned off the TV and yelled look you little asshole I am so sick of you bugging me every time I have a friend over. Why dont you get a damn life and stay out of mine. 

I went to my room and laid down on my bed. The more I thought about what Robert did the more it pissed me off. I decided at that point I would get ravage and in the worse way. I thought of a plan to get Robert tied up. I thought and thought more and more what I would do to him once I got him like that. Then it hit me. I would make him Smell and worship my feet. I love to have my feet Kissed, Licked, Massaged you name it I love it!

Now all I had to do was wait for my parents to leave me home alone with and in charge of watching Robert. I would not have to wait but a few days. Once Friday night came my parent said they had a dinner party to go to and that I was to keep a close eye on Robert. I told them I would, and thats when I knew my plan would finally come to life.

My parents left around 6pm that Friday night, and I knew they would not be home before at least 11 or 12. So I had enough time to carry out my plan on my little brother and enjoy my time with him as my prisoner.

I made sure that afternoon that Robert had no plans so I knew he would most likely be home all night. I had also made sure I had all the supplies I would need to tie him up, and gag him if it came to that.

My parents left the house as planed, around 6 - 6:15 and I was now getting excited to take Robert and tie him down and then make him go to work on my feet. After Robert ate dinner it was about 6:45pm and he went into the living room and sat back for what he was hoping was a good long night of television but I had other plans for us on this evening. 

Robert was laying around on the floor going through the channels for a few minutes before he finally said god this sucks, there is nothing on. My responds was well watch this as I jumped on top of him and starting Wrestling him. He began to fight back and within seconds a wrestling match was under way. I looked at Robert and said lets bet on this one, if you can beat me, by holding my shoulders down for a fair 3 seconds then I will let you tie me up until Mom & Dad get home. He said OK! I told him but if I win, I get to tie you up. Robert had to think about that one, but finally said ok.

We Wrestled for about 20 minutes. I wanted him to think he may have had a chance of actually beating me. Finally I had enough and held him down for a fair 3 seconds before announcing that I was the winner. Robert laid there out of breath for a min and then said that was fun lets go again. I looked at him and said no way now I get to tie you up. Robert just looked and said do you have to and I said well a deal is a deal. Robert finally said ok, where at?

I lead him to his own bedroom and told him he would be tied up with his hands tied above his head to the headboard of his bed. He laid down and I quickly got to work at tying him up. Once I had his hands tied I said well better go ahead and do your feet, and Robert seemed to have no problem with that. 

There Robert laid, tied to his bed, spread eagle in just some black and gray basketball shorts, white ankle socks, and a black tank top. I was now ready to expose the part of the plan that Robert knew nothing about, it was time for him to get to work on my feet!


Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 10:14:53 AM
Has anyone ever witnessed or participated in a surprise tie up experience with another guy, then removing his shoes unsuspectedly and tickling the soles of his feet as he looses it/laughing hysterically? PLEASE SHARE

Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 04:11:31 PM
J-MAC do continue

Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 06:50:22 PM
As Robert laid there I began taking off my shoes. He watched me do this and had to be thinking that I was probably going to use my socks on him. I was going to do this but I dont think he quite knew how I was going to use them.

Now the socks I was wearing were blue, low-cut, no-show type ankle socks. Robert I said, are you ready to smell and kiss my feet? He looked at me like I was crazy and said hell no! I said wrong answer and pull my foot up on the bed and forced it directly over his nose. 

I began to move my foot about his nose making him smell them. He was trying to talk but my foot prevented me from hearing what he was saying. I finally moved my foot and said what was that Robert? He yelled untie me now! So without question I just placed my foot back up over his mouth. 

I told him look buddy mom and dad are not home so unless you want to be tied up smelling my socks for the next 4 to 5 hours you better do as I say! I moved my foot off of Robert and said are you ready to listen to big brother? He thought about this for a moment and it must have hit him that he was not going anywhere till I untie him, so he better just do what I say and get it over with. He finally said ok ok I will do what you say if it will get me lose. I said wise decision Robbie.

I put my foot back over his mouth and said I want you to kiss my socked feet saying the number and sir of every kiss. Robert obeyed and started kissing my feet. Robert kissed and kissed, finally when he reached 100 I told him to stop and I replaced my right foot with my left one and told him to do the same to this foot.


Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 10:34:15 PM
great stories j-mac
hey i only started reading the posts on here again a few days ago, and i've gotta say some of the best stories would have to be the ones j-mac has been posting (along with some others)

they really keep you on edge, waiting for whats gonna happen next, and they sound like great and fun tie ups too.

Thanks for sharing them with us J-Mac!

Chris M

Sunday, April 17th 2005 - 03:34:23 AM
My niece gets Punk'd! (By me!)
I just thought I'd share an experience that actually happened yesterday. I had my niece and nephew over to my place for the day. It was a normal day, we watched a movie, played some nintendo, etc. Now I have to say that before today I would always joke around with her about "catching her". Sometimes I'll grab her and lift her up, throw her over my shoulder, sometimes I've even thrown in a handgag or two. She always laughs when I do it. She's 12, almost 13 and her brother is 11, almost 12. Well, she started playing a game by herself and her brother started playing his game boy. I pulled him aside and asked how their relationship was. He said she bossed him around alot. "Well," I said, "How about a little practical joke to sober her up." I then outlined the plan and he agreed, since all he had to do was hide in the closet and be quiet. I quickly dressed up in clothing that I thought she had never seen me in before and put on a beanie and a bandanna. I opened the bedroom door and snuck around the corner where I could see her on the living room floor. She never heard me coming. (Or at least didn't think much of it.) I quickly threw one arm around her stomach and the other around her mouth. In a raspy voice, the best I could make up, I said, "Cooperate and you won't get hurt." I pulled her to her feet and dragged her towards the bedroom. She musta had a feeling that it was me cause she started to laugh under the handgag. I still tried to play the part of a robber. I told her, "The other two got the closet, you get the bed." I threw her down on the bed and quickly got down on her. I pulled her wrists back and wrapped some duct tape around them. Then I tied her legs together and turned her back around. She seemed a bit confused but she was actually still laughing. I then ripped off a little piece and placed it over her mouth. I then said, "Ok, you can stay here while I rob the joint." I left and started making noise to make it sound like I was ripping things out, leaving the apartment and re-entering it. After a bit I went back in and said, "Ok, time to relocate you." I picked her up and brought her into the living room and put her on the couch. I then just sat in front of her and stared her in the face. I pulled the gag off her and pulled my bandanna off. I then revealed the hoax. Unfortunately, I can't say it was all that success. Apparently, sometime in the middle of this she actually thought that it may INDEED be a robber. So by the time I pulled the gag off, she smiled that it was me but then broke down in tears. I quickly cut her arms and legs loose and held her and apologized ten times over about it. I never intended it to be to the point that she actually believed she was in any danger. I talked her down and took her out for a milkshake for putting up with it. In the end she became herself again and we just put it behind us with my promise I'd never attempt such a stunt again, she was laughing and having a great time by the time I took them home. So I guess it all ended well.....
Some guy
Planet Earth

Sunday, April 17th 2005 - 07:25:01 AM
I'm looking for boys or girls who want to talk about tyupgames and maybe trading some pics

Add me 

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Sunday, April 17th 2005 - 12:11:25 PM
I'm looking for the most recent e-mail address for
Doug, the guy from the Knotbuster's site. I tried the e-mail address listed at Knotbusters and it doesn't work.
Can anybody help me?

Sunday, April 17th 2005 - 09:16:32 PM
Before I start to tell you about this rather embarrassing little incident I need to give you some background. 
I lived in Greenwich, London until my Dad remarried. He and I moved into his new wife's house in a rather nice part of Sussex.Dad, at this time, had also got a promotion in his work and was going to be backwards and forwards to Europe. His new wife was Stephanie, I got on okay with her and also with her son,David. I was, at that time fourteen and he was eleven and three quarters. He went to a posh prep school and would be there until he went up into the senior section at thirteen and a half. Because it was convenient to my dad, as he would be away a lot, I was sent to the senior section of David's school. Both the prep school and the 'big' school were on the same site. I had not been away from home before but I soon settled into the system of boarding schools. Everything was different to whatI was used to in my London school but it was okay. The uniform was actually quite like the one I had been used to previously: Basically it was a white shirt, grey trousers, striped tie and navy blue blazer.
Now the start of the trouble was David's 'preppie' uniform. It was everything any self respecting boy would hate. The classic English prep-school boy uniform. It was Grey shirt, Grey shorts, Long grey socks with red stipes round the tops, a bright red wool blazer with gold braid all round the edges and pockets and the gold school badge on the pocket. The tie was red and gold stripes. All this was finished off with an old fashioned school cap also in red with a gold badge.The uniform had to be worn in its entirity except for the cap which would be removed indoors only.
Clearly it was usual for boys in the 'Big' school to tease the preppies about their uniform and that they were rather inferior to us older kids. I had a slight problem in terms of my own status as I was a comparitive newcomer and I have to admit that I was a bit of a short arse at that time. In fact David measured half an inch taller than me and he was only not yet twelve!!!
To compensate for this 'size defect'I tended to overdo the the jibing of the preppies (or 'shatters'as they were called for some reason that nobody seemed to know)David would get the worst of it from me, for obvious reasons and I would keep teasing him and his friends about the babyish uniform and their 'little boy' grey school shorts and their nobbly knees and of course the schoolboy cap.David just seemed to laugh it off and I have to say that we both basically got on very well.
In London at that time nobody would ever wear shorts past the age of about eight but the 'shatters' had to wear them until they were thirteen.
My two best friends Sam and Alan kept telling me to lay off the littluns a bit and said I was overdoing it. I put this concern down to the fact that they both had 'Shatter' brothers.
The school had a scout troop and because the scout age went from eleven, shatters and the seniors mixed in the scouting setting.
I enjoyed scouts (shorts were no longer worn)and once a month there would be a 'wide game' which was basically a flag raiding game or rescue the prisoner type of game.One way or another somebody would finish up tied up and gagged and invariably it would be the preppies, much to our delight.
It was a Thursday lunchtime when Sam and Alan asked me if I would be up for a widegame the following day after tea. They said that they had worked out a great game with their younger brothers and that mixed aged teams would be needed like in the scout widegames. They said it was nothing to do with the scouts and did I think it was a good idea. I said that it sounded great. Sam said that the teachers mustn't know or they would probably not allow it. We agreed to meet at Atkins Barn which was a disused barn on land left to the school when Mr Alfred Atkins died.
The barn was always the starting point of the scout wide-games and it was logical to start the 'unofficial ' game there. Sam, Alan and me went to the barn straight after tea taking our jeans etc with us . We had to have tea in uniform and we could not risk being seen slipping out in non uniform stuff.
We got to the barn a little late and the littluns were already there but there were only six of them. Even allowing for me, Sam, Alan and a couple of other seniors who were said to be to be taking part, there was only enough for one team. One of them said that the others will be here soon.
Sam started to get changed and me and Alan followed. I was about to put my jeans on when I was grabbed by my arms and legs and pulled to the floor. I was aware of Sam and Alan holding my arms and what seemed to be numerous littluns holding my legs. Something was pulled over my head and I was in total darkness.In that situation you become quickly disorientated and although I was aware of being dressed up by my captors, I was unclear quite what was happening as I continued to struggle but with little success. Suddenly the activity subsided and I was aware of what they had dressed me up in. My thoughts were interrupted by my hands being held together in front of me and being bound very tightly together. Similarly I felt ropes being bound round my ankles. The ropes were tightened by frapping turns (a scout term)which is the rope being tied virtically round the bindings of feet and hands and pulled tight and knotted off.
The hood was taken off my head and my worst fears were clearly a reality. I was trussed up helpless wearing the full prep-school uniform. The kids put the cap on my head, straightened my tie while they all laughed and jeered at me looking so infantile and stupid. I complained and threatened them, of course but Alan and Sam then told me that what I was about to get was the least I deserved as I had become a bully and needed a good lesson.I then started to plead and promise I would not do it again but was interrupted by my own school tie being tied into my mouth and knotted tightly behind my neck. Alan then told me to close my mouth a keep my little boy lips together. I obeyed and my mouth was securely taped up with strips of duct tape. The grinning face that sealed me up was that of David and he clearly enjoyed silencing me in this way. A little lad who I did not know except by sight carried a pole towards me that was about six feet long and two inches thick. 'we are going to take you on a little journey but you won't find it very comfortable',he said with a cute grin, showing the gap where he had lost his two front teeth. The pole was then pushed through my tied up hands and feet and with two lads holding the front and two,the back, I was lifted off the ground and carried off with the pole supported on the boys' shoulders. As I hung by my hands and feet from the pole, the pain was excruciating un. My discomfort did serve to some extent to obscure the taunts from my young captors and indeed my friends Sam and Alan.
Iwas carried into the copse which was about two hundred yards from the barn. I was put on the ground. Sam then told me that I was going to be a 'little preppie' for a few hours and will stay in the school uniform all the time. David then told me that the uniform I was wearing was his and made strong comments about how well it fitted me as a fourteen year old shatter. The smallest of the kids then told me to get up. I struggled to my feet and was told to go over to a large tree that was about 15 feet from where I was standing. With cries of derision from all the boys I bunny hopped to the tree. The little boy then told me to turn and face the trunk and to put my bound hands on my head. I obeyed him. Alan then said that I must keep my nose against the tree and stand still as if I was standing in the corner like a naughty little boy in the classroom. I stood there for what seemed like hours but was probably less than an half an hour. I listened to the boys talking about me, laughing at me and planning all manner of awful things for me to suffer. I knew that these were all being exaggerated but was worried about what they were going to do to me. At last I was told to take my hands off my head and was made to jump to a thinner tree about six feet away. A long rope was tied to the ropes binding my hands. The other end was thrown over a branch above me. They pulled on the rope and my hands were hoisted up over my head. David and another boy then pulled on the rope until I was lifted up on my toes. The rope was tied off and I dangled there helplessly. Andrew, a boy of about ten then........and you will have to wait a bit to find out what happened next 
Paul D

Sunday, April 17th 2005 - 10:15:26 PM
crossdressed by sister
My name is kay(15) and my sister's is mary(18). One weekend, my parents were out on a business trip so they figured that my sister was old enough to watch me, since she was a senior, and i was a freshmen. It was april break and my parents were gone for 4 days. Well, my sister is strong, she did karate and i a blackbelt, she is also the captain of the highschool swim team. Although im fairly strong myself, she could take me anyday of the week. 
So, my sister decides to have her friend spend the night, Cris. She was 18 and was on the swim team as well, and was again, strong. When she got there, i say jokingly to my sister, "you know im gonna tell mom about this when she gets home" She looks at me with a scolding look and ignores me. She must have not got the hint that i was joking. Around 11, i go to sleep, exausted from baseball practice, and waiting till tomorrow. 
It seemed like 5 minutes when i woke up and looked at the clock, it was 1 am. I heard a creak but thought nothing of it. All the sudden, i feel someone pounce on me, it was Cris. I look behind her and see my sister with 10 rolls of duct tape resting on her arms. It was the thick kind too, like 3 inches wide. before i know it, cris was tying my hands in front of me with a WHOLE ROLL of duct tape and my sister held up a ballgag in front of my face. She secured it on so tightly that it hurt to look up and down. then, she wrapped tape 10 times around my head on my mouth (just to enforce that i wasnt going to be talking). But she wasnt done with my mouth, she took 2 soccer socks and wrapped then from the bottom of my chin to the top of my head. that made sure that my jaw couldnt move up and down. Cris then taped the already tied wrists to the headboard of the bed so i couldnt undo my mouth tape. 
I then wondered why the left my feet alone when the finally brought an old corset out of my sister's closet. They fastened it with strings so i could barely breathe. Then, my sis taped the ends of the strings into a huge tape ball so that i couldnt undo it even IF i got out of my bondage. Cris then threw what i soon found out was 18 thongs on my face and took off my boxers. They put all of them on the taped the wastebands of each to the headboard so it gave me the worst wedgie i had ever had. Then, out came the bras, 8 of them. They rolled tape into a ball to make me look like i had breasts and put all 8 bras on me. They then put a TIGHT strapless shirt on me and a skirt over the thongs that bound my thighs together because of how tight around my legs it was. then, they brought out 2 rolls of serand wrap and wrapped them around my feet to my beltline a ton of times. By this time, i could move my head side to side and that was it. 
i mmmmmmmmppppppppphphhhhhhhed into my gag but nothing could be said, my sister and cris were laughing their heads off but werent finished. They came out with a makeup kit and started to put lipstick over the tape while cris held my head still. They then put mascara, eyeliner, blush, and made my short hair into little pigtails with elastic bands. Tears were still running down my face because of the wedgie but i soon learned that i needed to get used to it. My sister said, "there, i think we're done, anyting you can think of Cris?"
Cris just said, "well, how are you gonna keep him from tellin your mom about me being over?" My sister said, "oh i almost forgot" she took her camera out of her purse and told me that if i ever told, these pics would go out to the whole freshman class as her senior prank on her own brother." then, just to torment me the most, she took her digital camera, searched for the best pic of me, and took her cables from her room and plugged it up to my tv. I had to stare at myself as a girl for 52 hours. Thats right, over 2 days with that kind of wedgie and torture. They took absolutely nothing off the entire 3 days but my tape, not my ball gag, on my mouth to drink and eat apple sauce. Thats all i did. I layed there and undergoed her tickle torture and her making fun of me every hour.
So, 4 days later, i told my mom that ONLY my sister tied me up and i showed her the pics. My sister got grounded for 3 weeks and was not allowed out of the house unless school. I didnt break my promise tho, i said that i would never tell my mom that my sis had a friend over, i never said i wouldnt tell her what she did to me. My sister didnt find that too amusing...

part 2 will be soon

slave boy

Monday, April 18th 2005 - 12:12:02 AM
Funny story, but not the first time i have heard something like this. Dont think i have ever seen thet name before so welcome sisters slave! Good to have yea here, and keep up the good story.
Jerry Burns

Monday, April 18th 2005 - 10:15:20 AM
Can't trust family part 1
I have been watching this sit for a while but finally remember a story. 

I live with a big family. Two of my sister, Marina who was 12 and Rifka who was 16. They were my step sisters, but not evil, except for a couple times. This occasion was one of them.

It was a Saturday afternoon. We had nothing to do as it was raining outside, and we had nothing to do. Marina gave the idea of playing dress up. I was not completely thrilled with it, because I knew that dress up meant that they were talking about dressing me up and not themselves. However, it was a 2on1 and I had nothing else to do, so I went along with it.

In truth, it wasn't horrible, I got to actually be a pirate, a ninja, and even Elvis (okay I looked horrible in that costume truthfully). Then Rifka gave the idea of me as a girl. I told her that I didn't want to do that, but she wouldn't have it. She convinced me to "step into her office", or her walk in closet, and pick out an outfit. I simply told her that I didn't know which one to choose. Being almost her size then, I could have fit into anything in her closet. SO she simply asked me which outfit I wouldn't be caught dead in. Thinking she was just joking, I picked out what looked to be a sky blue dress that had no neckline and wrapped around the wearers neck. Rifka called in Marina and whispered something to her. Marina left for a few minutes while Rifka dug through the outfits, obviously looking for something.

Marina returned with a box filled with something heavy, from the looks of her straining to hold it up. Then Rifka slammed the door behind her and they both turned to look at me. "Wouldn't be caught dead in it huh?" she said eagerly. I started to back up; deeper into the trap that was the closet. "Wh..what are you doing Rif?" 
"Oh nothing just playing dressup" she said. Then I realized in horror of what they were going to do to me.

Marina dropped the box and I caught a quick glimpse of coils of rope. Then the two jumped me. Wont tell you all the details, but they eventually had me wearing a Ultramarine bra with matching panties. I tried to scream, but Rifka put a hand over my mouth while she and Marina held me down. 
"Marina hold him for a sec so I can gag him". Marina held me down as Rifka wrapped a bandana around my mouth, thus muffling my cries. "Mmmmppth mmmm" was all I could say. 
"Oh whats that you said?" said Rifka. "Oh my gosh, your right, you do look silly without boobs". I struggled even more frantically as Rifka placed socks and brest cups in the bra to give me boobs. Rifka noticed my struggling as she said "Listen, your not getting out of here no matter how you try, so I suggest you cooperate or I may not be such a nice person". I agreed knowing full well what she was like when Rifka got angry, and did not want to push her that far.

Still gagged, Marina lifted me up as Rifka brought over the same dress I picked out. "Well" said Marina, "looks like you'll have to eat your words". I groaned as they placed the dress over me, and then put a wig on my head and slipped a pair of high heels on my feet. 

At this time I finally was let free, and I ripped off my gag and tried to find something to say to Rifka, but failed. "Aww don't you look precious" Rifka said. "Rifka, I enjoyed playing this game, but I am not going to do this. I didn't ask to be a girl. So I am going to leave now I thank you". Still not feeling comfortable in my new clothes, I gathered up my old clothes and was about to walk out to change when Rifka said "Youre not going anywhere". "What are you talking about Rifk..." and that was all I could say before Rifka and Marina tackled me. Rifka brought out a coil of rope and figure 8 tied my wrists behind my back. 
After that they backed away to get some more rope and I almost lost my balance. "Rifka what are you doing, unite me right now!" then Marina gagged me again. "Sorry honey, but your makeover isn't done yet" she said. Rifka then took a 25 or 30 foot piece of blue rope and rapped it around my upper body. When she was positive my upper body was immobile, she tied my legs together above the knees and then did the same for my ankles. Then she and Marina gagged me again before I could get anything else out. Its too bad I dont have my camera right now Rifka said. You look so adorable all tied up like that, and the dress fits perfectly. She pretended to shed a tear of happiness, and then she and Marina took some clothes to get dressed up in as well. Dont worry honey, we will be right outside, yell if you need us Rifka said. Her sarcasm didnt amuse me right then. 

After what seemed like hours, they finally came in all dressed up for some event. They played a few damsels in distress games, with me as the damsel. Then they untied me and let me get dressed in my old clothes. I was mad at them, but soon forgot it. That was until a week later, the old dress up game came back.


Monday, April 18th 2005 - 12:22:07 PM
i like all these cross dressing stories at da mo! If any1 else has got any mre plz add them!

Monday, April 18th 2005 - 05:22:44 PM
forest hunt pt 1
Hi everyone i posted the story Scally Torture but i have a new Msn addy. feel free to add me.

Date: summer holls
Age: 16

Tom, Alex (both scallies from last story), Ben, Shane, Mark and I met round muine as my parents were out. I live right next to a small forest so we decided to play a game of hostages. it was 11am my parents were away for a few days so i was on my own for a few days.

We all took a small bag with us containing any materials we wanted to use. We split the teams:

Tom, mark and me were team 1. The rules easy

Keep any prisoners tied up as long as necessary (over 6 hours then take back the house and let use toilete and food/water)
Torture must not excete slapping the prisoner. (we were 16 and all agreed on the rules)

On with the game

We all set out and hid in the forest. Tom and I hid in a ditch. We waited for a few minutes until we heard footsteps. Tom peered over and very quickly came back down.

"who is i...". Tom clasped his hand firmly over my mouth. I nodded and he removed it. He mouthed "It's Alex". We waited until he had his back facing us, We both clambered out of the ditch and ran towads him. He turned round as I tackled him to the floor while pinning his arms as Tom stuffed a wad of cloth in his mouth before tying a scarf in between his teeth to stop him spitting it out. I began tying his arms behond his back while Tom blindfolded him with a black bandana. He checked it was on sp he could not see before we carefully took him to base making sure we were not seen. it was quite difficult as he kept stumbling. After a few minutes we got him to our tent where we tied his ankles, hogtied him and removed his blindfold. We checked he was ok before heading back out. Mark was heading back with Shane so that left Ben. Mark stayed and watched Alex and Shane.

What do you think?? ill post the rest soon


Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 10:13:53 AM
The morning after Erica had captured us all(see 3 Crazy Girls)I looked forward to my cousins getting revenge, as that one game gave me quite the like for tie ups. Little did I know...

I served myself breakfast after the girls had eaten, and Erica went out to see one of her friends. As soon as I finished breakfast, i turned around to see May with a strip of tape in her hand and she placed it firmly over my mouth. I was certainly suprised by this turn of events but I was also excited. Jene grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and began tieing my hands behind me, palms facing. Once she cinched her perfect knot(once again, girl scouts, not getting out) my giggly captors walked me to the living room while pulling out a chair. While Jene sat me down, May began pulling down all the blinds. "mmpher?"I asked.

"We're just making sure you don't try to help Erica"she said. While I was the least likely to free Erica, I didn't mind, being tied up is being tied up(by someone you could trust) More rope was tied around my upper body area, pinning me to the chair, at the same time May tied my ankles to the chair legs. Jene ordered May to get more rope. "Don't worry, Erican will be joining you soon"she said. She looked out the small window on the door. "She's coming, hide!"said Jene. I gave a good struggle and found I hadn't gotten much better at escaping. When Erica entered, her friend Jessie was with her and I was so embaressed. 

Jessie was 13, with long orange hair. She was wearing a pink shirt with matching shorts and sandles. She pointed over to me and I blushed, Erican looking at me. "Let me guess, Jene and may did this to you?"she asked. I nodded and Jene and May sprung. They tackled her down and brought her hands behind her. "May, hold her!"ordered Jene. Jene was on top of Erica who was face down so she didn't need help now. May locked Jessie's arms behind her and she didn't look to be resisting. Once Erica's hands were bound behind her, a strip of tape was plastered on her mouth and Jene, taking some rope went over behind Jessie and began tieing her hands behind her.

"Looks like we got a bonus"said Jene. While Jessie was being binded, Erica was sliding across the floor to me, it was quite a sight! May caught her at last moment with rope and bound her ankles together. Jene gagged Jessie with tape and walked her over to the couch, making her sit. Jene ordered May to take Erica to her room while she finished binding Jessie. Walking over with some more rope, Jessie put up no resistance as her ankles were tied efficently, then her knees. THen more rope was tied around her midsection, pinning her elbows to her sides. This was overkill, especialy one someone I assumed had never even heared of a tie up game, let alone played one but Jene didn't show any mercy.

Jene then untied me from the chair, leaving my hands bound behind me and sat me down on the couch. She tied my ankles, knees and midsection, in short just like Jessie. "You look so cute together"said Jene, pinching our cheeks like those gradnma's on TV. We both moaned under our gag. Jessie and I didn't know eachother that well, we were more aquaintences and the idea of us going steady at the moment was ludicrous.

May came back. "I tucked her in"she said with false innocence. "What should we do with these two?"she asked. "Fetch some more rope"said Jene. May nodded, I sweat she might as well have called May slave as that was what she was being, and May didn't seem to mind. She came back and Jene forced me and Jessie to sit back to back, tieing more rope around our midsections, binding us together, then bound our allreadys bound hands together so we couldn't undo eachother's knots.

"Behave you two"said Jene while she and May leaft. We squirmed a bit but stopped since it was futile, and we were embaressed to struggle like that, also embaressed to be so close to one another. We heared them giggling and laughing, and had she not been gagged, we probaly would've heared Erica's laughs. Sometime later they came back(leaving Erica tied up still no doubt)and removed jessie's gag, but not mine. "We'll tell you what, we'll untie you if you promise not to try and free Gared or Erica"they said. "Nope"she said promptly. This was a suprise, I'd expect she'd kill for the chance to be free but she just refused. The girls simply shrugged and regagged her with the same strip of tape, leaving us alone again.

We again heared them going to work on poor Erica, who must've suffered at least twice as much as they did the day before. I kept looking at Jessie the best I could, admiring how she looked bound and gagged, though being so close muddled it as she looked better bound and gagged seperate from me. Finally all three came out, poor Erica sweating like a pig. She went to get a glass of water while May and Jene walked over to us. "We'll free you as long as you agree you're still captives, we made Erica agree too"they said. Not that we had choice, we couldn't escape so either accept or remained tied up until my aunt and uncle came home, and I'm ure they'd be double displeased at me being tied up with a girl I barely knew. I looked at Jessie and we both nodded, being set free.

It would be later that day we were held captive again and by this point Jessie was an unooficial member of our little tie up group.


Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 12:53:41 PM
After another 100 kisses to my left foot, I told Robert it was now time to lick my feet. Robert at first protested saying he was done and wanted to be let go. I had to remind him that there was no way he was getting lose, and that he had agreed to do whatever I said. He rolled his eyes in defeat, and I placed my right foot up to his mouth and told him 100 licks saying the number and sir, then I had him do the same to my left foot.

After that I decided that it was time to show Robert how much he really liked my feet. I pulled down his basketball shorts, he was wearing gray boxer briefs. He said wait what are you doing??? I said well my feet wants to show you just how much you really enjoy them! 

I cant go into more detail because of the sites rules. 

To the person who requested this story hope you liked it. Would love feedback. On here or at my personal E-mail. post edited by Canuck


Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 01:02:18 PM
to "little bro"
hey i know this post is really late, but if your still out there "little bro" you raise a wise point, hope your feeling ok with what happened now.

Send me an email if you want to talk.

Chris M

Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 06:31:37 PM
thanks alot!
Jerry Burns

Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 07:36:26 PM
Tied & true tales updated - new gallery
Nothing spectacular to report this week (other than that we've had bugger-all rain since the February downpour) - so it's straight on with the good stuff. Today brings Part One of a new gallery, "Inxesse - Bondage and Fetish", along with the latest instalment of "Relaxation Therapy" from my pen as well as my thoughts and comments regarding a new ball gag I've just bought! :-)

Anyway, on with the show - As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at


Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 08:05:57 PM

Hey Sandra, plan to post more stories of your own soon?

How about you, Tienteaser? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Tuesday, April 19th 2005 - 10:15:23 PM
Whatever happened to Nicholas H?

Wednesday, April 20th 2005 - 12:09:12 PM
I have a few more stories here, and may post them, but I want to know if anyone liked my earlier stories?

Someone should post a series again.
I will post the second part to "Can't Trust Family" after the weekend. So read part 1 if you haven't yet.


Wednesday, April 20th 2005 - 04:20:56 PM
Tying up Jake
OK it's been awhile since I last posted, but here we go my names Peter and I'm 16 years old (I'll be 17 in July) WOOO
anyway, after school I ask Jake if he wants to swing by he does so he comes over. Jake was wearing Jeans a dark green T-Shirt and white socks with grey bottoms, if n e 1 is intrested and I kno u gurlies are jks I was wearin Khaki pants and a white t-shirt and white and grey socks.
So anyway we decide to watch star wars since the third movie is comin out pretty soon and were hyped for it so we decide to watch attack of the Clones.
Half way thru I run upstairs grab my ropes and demand that Jake be tied up. He looked at me made protest but in the end he put his hands on his head and kneeled like a hostage.
I tied his hands behind his back and pushed him onto his side and tied his ankles together. I left him squirming o the floor while I sat comfotably on my couch.
After awhile the battle scenes came up and covered Jake's eyes telling him he was to young to see this part (Jake is evidently younger than me only by a few months tho)
He yelled out some profanity and demanded that I let go of him I took my other hand and silenced him. He started licking my hand "EW damn you Jake!!!" I said and took my hand and wiped Jake's spit on his face. he squirmed and gave some sounds of disgust. I promtly regagged him with my hand and around his eyes of course saying its for the best Jake.
Jake started kicking his bound legs I got annoyed and remembered a trick my older brother Dan used to do to me. He would hold me down and wrap one of his legs around mine to keep me from kicking. I did the same to Jake I used my leg to restrain his bound legs. Jake stoped moving squirming and accepted total defeat except the odd struggle to keep himself comfortable I guess. The movie ended and I untied him. He demanded we watch the last part again I said no and he punched me in the arm and said "One day I'll get u Pete!" And then we went on with our day and I remain confident that Jake will never ever have his revenge. 

Wednesday, April 20th 2005 - 05:24:56 PM
Hey guys its been a long time but its good to be back!
I am glad to see my cousins Jerry & Cristine still post or write stories here.
I am glad Jerry has established himself as J-mac here on this site. Like him or not he will always be remembered here on canucks site. I personally love his stories. Is there any others out there that do as well??? Post and let him know.
Anyways I am thinking of writing some stories for the board also. 
Just like my cousins I am huge fan of male underwear, hehe as some of you will remember.
But anyways I am glad to see the site is still kicking. 
I went through and read the whole page today, and I also read the archives of the last 7 5 months to catch me up to date with whats going on here, and see some new and old authors.

Wednesday, April 20th 2005 - 08:20:47 PM
Sarah where are you from

Wednesday, April 20th 2005 - 08:36:06 PM
heyy.....alright..i love tie up games <3 i have expierenced it once..if you want to check some info on me you can go to my site..----->

well you can im me if ya want on (Aim): Childindarkness5 

my age is 14 just letting you guys know >^.^< Meow! 

ok later. 

the Bondage Slave:: -X-Lizzy-X-::<3X<3X<3x

United States,Carteret,Nj

Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 03:11:24 AM
forest hunt pt2
Tom and I decided to spit up to cover more ground

As Tom was walking through the trees he felt somting on his leg as he tripped up. (it turned out to be a trip rope)
as Ben pounced on him and grabbing hisd arms and securing them behind his back. Ben was a small but strong person. Herummeged in his bag before pulling out what looked like a horce bit gag butr it was a thick piece of wood with string on each end. After attaching the gag he put a small sack over his head and marched him to his tent where the torture began. 

The sack was removed and his face and chest slapped for a few minutes before asking him where his base was. He shuck his head so the tickling started. After mins he stopped and asked again. This time Tom nodded and the gag was removed. 

He told Ben he would take him there.


Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 11:18:46 AM
Hey, Lizzy, have you got MSN? If so, what's your address?

Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 03:06:41 PM
Sarah's Revenge Part 6: Fashion show
I hope to finish my story if not in this part, the next.

It wasn't long before she came back from her room.

"Alright. Let's go!" she said.

She undid my hogtie and dragged me into the other room, while I wondered what else she could do to me.

There was a pile of clothes on her bed, and her digital camera on a tripod. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was going to do now.

"I figured that I'd take advantage of you- I mean this situation, and put on a little fashion show."

The next thing she did was make a loop with a slipknot and cut the tape binding my ankles, shins, and thighs.
Then, she stood me up and tied my wrists with the slipknot loop, and removed all the rest of the tape except, my gag, and my crotchtape.

Then she started the show.

She first had me step in some blue short shorts and undid my wrists long enough for her to pull a tight fitting pink t-shirt over my head and tuck it into the shorts.

After she retied my wrists she forced me to walk around like a model on a catwalk.
When she decided she had enough pictures, she took off the shirt and shorts and started the process all over again with a short, red, one piece dress.

She did this with me in a navy blue evening dress, a white tube top and black pleather miniskirt,a red china dress, and just in a sleeveless pink shirt and the panties.

The last thing she dressed me in was a black Independent t-shirt and a denim miniskirt.

At this point she took off the wrist loop and re-taped everything she had undone, except my legs. 
When she re-taped my arms, she taped them one on top of the other, so I would fit better in the chair. This also made it impossible to get out by myself.

Then she sat me down in the chair and secured me above and below my "breasts" and around my stomach.

When I couldn't move my upper torso anymore, she went to work on my legs.

She took each leg seperately and wrapped tape to the chair leg, covering everthing between my knees and ankles. I glared at her because, A: I couldn't make any threatening sounding noise orally. B: Because it was going to hurt alot when it came off. And to a lesser extent, C: Because spreading out my legs in this position, let anyone who looked have a panty peek, which I knew she was going to take some pictures of.

Then she tied a rope over my lap, because as she explained to me, you'd still struggle if you had tape, but with rope you won't because, I know you don't want your panties showing any more than they already are.

After taking some pictures she put a sleep mask over my face.

It was dark now and my parents, like her's, wouldn't be back for a few days.

"Sweet dreams," she giggled.
And then I fell asleep.

I woke up hot from the clothes I was wearing and tried to remove the mask, when it was removed for me.

I saw the clock and I had only been asleep for an hour.

"I watched you because I didn't thnk this would work. It didn't right?"

I nodded my head at her.

"Well then, let's get you ready for bed."

She untied me from the chair and took off everything except the wig, bra, and panties.

She then pulled a nightgown over my head and re-taped my wrists behind my back.
Then, she sat me on her bed and taped my ankles, above and below my knees, on top of the sleeping gown over my thighs, and where my legs conected to my torso.

She asked if the wig bothered me and when I nodded my head she did it into a ponytail.

She then ungagged me, brushed my teeth, and regagged with another strip of duct tape, only without any packing.

Then she put the sleep mask back on, kissed me goodnight on my lips, and pulled a light sheet over me.

Then, I slowly fell asleep.

To be continued.


Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 04:13:40 PM
J-Mac, that's a pretty good and funny story you posted... I enjoyed reading your posts and it would be even greater hearing how you got your revenge. Again, I enjoyed your post and would like to hear other stories from you in the future!



Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 06:41:12 PM
o snap i live in newyork near the bored of nj by penn

Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 06:47:35 PM
Cute page Lizzy. It says you're 16 though, while you say here that you're 14. Which is correct? You look more around 16 to my eyes - just my opinion.

Thursday, April 21st 2005 - 07:08:47 PM
Hey T & R
Do you have the pictures, I would like to see them.
duct taper

Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 07:01:35 AM
Dena The Tutor
Heres a new story about my best friend Dena tying me up and torturing me. Well, not new, per se, but new to the list. A quick reminder Dena (18) was my closest friend and beautiful, blonde, brilliant and a black belt. I was 15 and her frequent captive and torture victim.

It had actually been awhile since Dena decided to kidnap and torture me about 3 months when midterms rolled around during her senior year and my freshman year. She was an A student and I was a B student but for some reason was having trouble with my history class. My Mom (Denas Moms best friend) asked Dena to tutor me before midterms and Dena of course agreed. We got together at my house one night and we made some progress but not enough I was easily distracted and my mind kept wandering. I was always like that. Dena said I did OK but needed to pay better attention when she would quiz me I would forget things. And her next tutoring method would be highly unusal.

We agreed Id stay at her house on a Friday night before the Tuesday midterm while both our Moms worked. I arrived there my jeans, boots, and flannel shirt over a t-shirt around 4 p.m. Dena met me at the door dressed like she always dressed in a red short-sleeved blouse, grey cargo pants ( I think she owned about 50 pairs of cargos) and grey socks with no shoes.

Tutoring you will be easy, but I need your undivided attention. Revolutionary War and War of 1812 are easy I can make you an expert in 2 hours, but you have to pay close attention, Jess, OK? Dena asked.

I agreed.

Come with me, Dena said and led me down to the den. I had a seat on the futon and she told me to wait there and ran upstairs. She came down with a text book, a notebookand guess what else?

Ropes, duct tape, pantyhose, and socks!

Youv got to be kidding me?! I shouted and laughed, getting up. Today youre going to tie me up?!

Hee hee hee, Dena sneered as she put down the books and duct tape. Of course, Kidnap Boy! How else to make sure I have your complete attention. The only way to do that is to make you my hostage!

Oh man, Dena I was laughing nervously now and backing a way. Once Dena had that look in her eye and was intent on tying me up, I was caught like a mouse. I knew that.

On your knees, Dena demanded with a grin.


On your knees or suffer the consequences, Dena said advancing on me with the ropes, socks, and pantyhose.

OK OK! I said dropping to my knees and laughing. Anything you say, Dena! Please note that I am cooperating fully!

Hee hee hee so noted, Kidnap Boy, Dena chuckled and stood over me. :ets make you comfy. And she unbuttoned and removed my flannel shirt, leaving just my undershirt t-shirt. It was plenty warm in the house anyway.

Dena then took one of the socks (a red knee sock) stretched it out, came behind me and blindfolded me as I kneeled before her.

Wandering eyes distract you, so for now you get blindfolded. Trust me, my methods are 100 percent effective, Dena said. I just knelt there. Put your hands behind your back.

I did and felt Dena tying them with what I guess were the pantyhose. Thesell be much easier on your wrists, she said and I appreciated that. And impossible to escape from, she laughed and I did too. 

Now blindfolded and with hands tied behind my back, I felt her push me to my back with her foot. I rolled to the ground as I felt Dena tightly tying my ankles with rope. Then she tied my knees and then my arms to my chest with another pair of pantyhose. Dena made me roll onto my stomach and lay there, tied up and blindfolded.

There, youre all ready to be tutored, Kidnap Boy. First, the Founding Fathers and the war. And I felt her sit at my head and she began to go over the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party and Massacre, and the Revolution. It took about an hour and she frequently quizzed me, and I did pretty well. Dena was satisfied.

See how ell you can concentrate when youre tied up and your mind cant wander? Dena said. You need to be forced to pay attention, sweetie, and thats what this is.

She was right my mind COULDNT wander when I was tied up and at the feet of a kidnapper who could make me suffer otherwise!

OK, Jess, that was unfortunately the easy part. The Presidents and the War of 1812 will take a more intensive effort, she said, correctly. 30 minute food and bathroom break, then Im tying you up again. Deal?

I agreed and Dena untied me. We ate sandwiches and I used the bathroom, and she joked that it had been a while since she had me as a prisoner Hmm, after midterms Ill need to take care of that, huh? she said with a sinister laugh - and then Dena tied me up in the same way, only no blindfold this time. And she was right the pantyhose felt much better than ropes on my wrists.

On my stomach? I asked rolling over at her feet.

No, on you back, Dena said rolling me back with her foot so I was on my back at the base of the futon. She sat down on the couch in the lotus position and opened a book.

Im not going to blindfold you this time because I need to entirely focused on me this is the part of the exam you need the most help with, Dena lectured. Unfortunately, I have to make it a little unpleasant for you. Its called conditioning. The harder I am on you now the easier it will be to retain. Understand? Dena asked me.

UhI guess I said nervously. What are you going to do to me?

Good, Im glad you understand. Because those are your last words for awhile! Dena said and then uncrossed her legs and put her foot over my mouth. The classic Dena torture the socked-foot gag! But I was no less surprised.

MMMPH! MMMPH! I yelled into her foot, which as usual did not smell great. Dena put her fingers to her lips and smiled.

Go ahead, get that out of your system. Scream for a few seconds, Kidnap Boy. My foot is staying right where it is while we learn this section and theres nothing you can do about it!

I finally calmed down and Dena pressed her foot firmly on my mouth and began to tutor me. If my eyes wandered off her she would say Ah aha ah up here and nudge me with her other foot. She occasionally changed feet on my mouth but really didnt give me any breathers for and hour as she drilled the first 5 presidents, Hamilton, Burr, the War, and that stuff into my head. She was right she had my complete attention!

She finished up and closed her books and kept her foot on my mouth. Dena grinned slyly and reverted to her evil kidnapper mode. Ooh, my little hostage doesnt like my smelly feet, does he? Does her? and put her other foot by my nose while I laughed and struggled. This was, as usual, torture.

After a short while she stopped and laughed and removed her torturing feet. OK, Jess, you did great. Now how about a break while I prepare a mock test I know this exam backward and forward. Stick with me and youll ace it. OK?

OK. I can honestly say Ive never been taught so well I said laughing.

Ill bet, Dena said laughing and knelt down to untie my feet and knees. Im going to keep you tied up for the test. Attention is still critical. Lets get you up to my room while I prepare it.

I agreed and Dena led me upstairs with my hands tied behind my back and sat me on her bed. She asked if I needed the bathroom for the next 90 minutes or so and I said no. She tied up my feet again with the rope and told me to wait on her bed. I said OK and she padded downstairs.

15 minutes later she cam back with a notepad filled with questions.

Seeing how your hands are tied, Jess, this will be an oral test of course, Dena laughed. Give me your feet.

Rather than ask why I swung my bound feet to her and she tied them to the footboard of her bed. The more you cant move, the better you pay attention, Dena said as she tied them there. You mind if I take your boots off? Itll be easier on by bed, and itll feel better to you, she asked.

Well I but Dena untied my boots, took them off, and left my feet bound to the footboard in just socks.

OK. Lets begin. 10 questions to start with. And Dena asked 10 questions about the earlier stuff. I answered them well, I thought.

Not bad, 9 of 10. But we want perfection, Dena said and then she stunned me by taking my socks off. George Washington defeated who at what battle at the end of the war?

Uhhelp me herethis one I dont know

Dena reached down with wiggling fingers and tickled the soles of my feet and I screamed. She asked the question again.

AHHH! DENA! Dont tickle me! I dont know! I dont know!

Yes you do! she laughed, moving her fingers up and down my feet. And I wont stop tickling you until you give me the answer!

I screamed for another minute before finally yelling out Wallis! Yorktown! I GOT IT!

CORNwallis, Dena said, giving my feet a final tickle as I panted and laughed and fell backward onto the bed. I knew you knew it you got it the other night. You just needed somePERSUASION!

No more! No more!

Oh no you dont, Dena purred and climbed onto the bed behind me. This comes on orders from your mother, Kidnap Boy. Help Jess get a good grade in history, she said. And thats what Im going to do. Youve endured being tied up, blindfolded, and footgagged. Now youll have to endure being tickle-tortured if you dont focus and get the questions right!

Dena sat behind me and wrapped her feet around me cross-legged so her socked-feet were on my lap. She pulled the roll of duct tape from a pocket in her cargo pants and said, Dont make me use this on you! No complaining! And then she placed her hands in my helpless ribs and began to quiz me. 

Name the first 5 presidents and vice-presidents! Dena demanded and I nervously began. When I got James Madison wrong she yelled No! and tickled my ribs for about 15 seconds while I laughed hard and begged. Then she asked again. Wrong! Now 30 seconds of tickling. Finally I got it right as I slumped into her and begged her no more.

Dnea! Please! Im begging you! Youre torturing me! PLEASE

Dena gagged me with her hand and giggled into my ear, Of course Im torturing you, but youre also learning! This is the best way for my short-attentioned little hostage to learn! You need to be tied up and tortured. And look at the results? You just got everything right!

I then aced the part about the Lousiana Purchase while Denas fingers stayed in my ribs, waiting for a wrong answer. For the final part, and essay on the War of 1812 (oral, of course!) she got up and knelt in front of me on the bed while wiggling her fingers and grinning. She asked the question about the causes of the war and as I started to answer she giggled hard and began to tickle me all over my upper body.

Focus! Dena laughed as she knelt over me and tickled me hard. Tell me the other reasons for the war or Ill tickle you to death!

AHHH! AHHH! I screamed and in between laughing screams I got more and more of the answer out. Dena laughed hysterically and get tickling me until she yelled, You got it! You did it! Thats perfect!

Dena, dont tickle me anymore! PLEASE! DONT TICKLE ME ANYMORE! I said while laughing maniacally, close to tears. Dena stopped tickling me and threw her arms around me, hugging me and we both laughed hard for a while.

Then, before she untied me she quizzed me again on this and that, this time without the tickling. I got it all perfect!

Im so proud of you, Jess! Dena said as she untied my feet from the bed.

Jess? I asked. Not Kidnap Boy? Does this mean the kidnapping is over? (Again, Id be lying if I said I didnt partly love being Denas hostage and victim.)

Almost! Dena said with that gleam in her eye and wrestled me to the floor with my hands tied behind my back. But my feet are a little lonely! she said and put her socked foot over my mouth again.

Tickle tickle, Kidnap Boy! Dena said wiggling her fingers and then tickling my stomach and ribs. My hostage is still so ticklish! Just like hes always been! And she just loves it when I gag him and tickle him like this!

I mmmphed into Denas foot gag for a few minutes and finally she stopped and untied my hands. What a tutor!

Later, as Dena took her socks off and got ready for bed, she stuffed them into a drawer instead of the hamper. I think Ill get these socks ready for next week, after exams, when I take my Kidnap Boy hostage again!

I groaned and she chased me in her bare feet and tackled me and we wrestled and tickled each other a bit and then just laughed and laughed, I dont think Ill ever have a friend like Dena.

I got a 90 on the exam, by the way. Not bad huh?

Kidnap Boy

Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 01:31:01 PM
Good to see Kidnap boy back!

Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 05:51:04 PM
Free Handgag Stories Available
Hi, everyone. If any of you are interested in reading some F/m handgag stories, I have quite a few to share with you. These are clean, wholesome stories--erotic, but not pornoraphic. No sexual sleaze or filthy language--I NEVER write that way. There are currently 10 full-length stories in the collection, a mixture of fictional and true experiences, and they can all be yours absolutely free for the asking. All but one have been published on the Internet. The exception is a brand-new story.

Just e-mail me your request to the e-mail address below. Please include your FULL e-mail address, including Internet Provider and the .com or .net. If I get a partial address I cannot send.

There are three chapters of Hospital Handgags and a two-part series about a neighbor girl who learned the joys of handgagging, called Gag Girl. The new story is called Girl Power! and deals with being handgagged in the classroom by teachers and female students. Plus a few stories from my teenage and college years with girls who enjoyed doing the handgag, called The Handgag Goddess and Amy Lends A Helping Hand. And two excerpts from the world's very first F/m handgag novel, called In The Hands of Angels. It's about a girl-gang of cheerleaders who abduct their victims in school and hold them hostage. 

All free, no strings attached. Just send me your request and I will e-mail all 10 of them out to you the very day I receive your request. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. 


Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 10:58:29 PM
To Buddy
Can you give me any free videos? And I'd like some stories, use my email address below to send me them
duct taper

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 12:08:19 AM
Kidnap Boy you ever had to lick her socks, if so tell us the story

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 10:34:12 AM
Hey guys and girls
Im looking for a story posted here in the last few months it was about a someone who was tied up and tortored (everybody at this point knows which story im talking about) more specifically it involved using a dice to determine if the person would be tortured i think the dice would be the time he/she would be tickled for ? and if they laughed they would get tortured?

Anyways if someone knows the name of it or what month it was posted could they let me know please?


Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 12:50:11 PM
Hey guys, I don't have much time, so I will be frank. My little brother is basically blackmailing me with some information that I shared on here about him, and information that I shared in some private instant messaging conversation's on yahoo with some of you guys. The bottom line is I cant risk or afford Robert letting this information get out to certain family & Friends. He has given me certain orders that I must carry out or he is threatening to show these stories and convo's to those certain People. My life would be over if this stuff gets out. One of my Brothers demand's were that I stop posting for this board. He has demanded that I post this letting you all know, that J-Mac is officially done. I don't know how long I will be under my little brothers control (in his words I'm his personal "slave" until he gets bored with me). I hope to return here one day when I am back in the driver seat of my own life. But until that day I have no choice but to throw in the towel here. I truly hope Canuck will not delete or remove this post, because this site means so much to me. I will truly miss posting here. I will miss sharing my stories with all of you, especially those of you who support me and liked the stories. In Robert's own words, J-Mac and his run with canuck is over! He says what the Right Wing & Canuck could not do, he is doing - Putting an end to my reign of terror here.
J-Mac AKA Jerry Burns

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 02:04:45 PM
One more thing, I just have to say it, my brother loves to lick my socks so I expect I'll be forced to let him over the next few weeks.
J-Mac AKA Jerry Burns

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 02:15:35 PM
Sorry nice try.. but that was not my brother. IP address can prove that if canuck wnats to go there. I dont like to lick feet. But anyways i will be shareing stories over the next few months of my tie ups on Jerry. I promise they will not be disgusting like his were. You have my word on that.

BTW the person who keeps posting about wanting stories involved with licking peoples socks, and the person who i think made that last post trying to play Jerry, is hak36 on yahoo. He is another sicko my brother had many sick convo's with.


Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 02:20:53 PM
As a matter of fact. any post made from here on out, done by J-mac or Jerry Burns, are not him, because i am not allowing him to post on here anymore. Now thats the end of that.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 02:43:22 PM
Oh quiet..
Jerry, quit throwing around "THE EVIL RIGHT WING!!"

It's goddamn stupid.


Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 02:50:51 PM
I went through and read some stories. I am really liking the ones by Sandra Davis & Evil_Chick. Do these girls still post?

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 03:08:28 PM
Man, if this site was on a forum like invision, things'd be a lot easier...

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 03:51:27 PM
He'll be back.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 04:04:17 PM
Answer to Marc
Marc -

The story you're looking for is called "Tied and Tickled" and is in the January 05 archives. It's written by Kyle. Part one has a link to it on the index for the month - Part II you have to scroll down a few days for. But they're both in the January 05 archives.

Thanks for the feedback on my stories. To answer someone's question - Dena never made me lick her socks per se, but many, many times she clamped her socked foot over my mouth and kept it there for torture. I'm sure my tongue must have touched her socks at some point. :) And as you'll see in the next story (hinted at in this most recent story) a pair of very dirty socks NOT on her feet were used to torture me on at least one occasion. Dena kidnapped me probably about 50 times between me being 14 and 17 (or her being 17 and 20) And on at least 40 of those times she put her socked foot over my mouth. 

I'll write more soon. And I'm still hoping someone can find Part II of the "Tying Up Dena...And Paying For It" story that I wrote. As I said earlier, I lost it when my hard drive fried and know it's out there somewhere. It posted between November 22 2003 and December 5 2003. Anyone help me out here?

Kidnap Boy

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 07:06:33 PM
Just a question...
Robert, how can a check of IP addresses prove that you are not brothers...? It isn't really like DNA, I mean, he doesn't need to use the same computer as you.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 08:28:32 PM
Not what i was talking about. I said checking an IP address will prove that J-mac did not post that dumb comment about licking my feet. That was someone who was passing there self off as Jerry.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 08:48:58 PM
Still doesen't mean a thing. He could have gone to another computer like at the public library or something.
Slytherin's Finest

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 08:56:06 PM
Well i will do my best to keep him away from one guys. I know how much you object to his stories. I kinda like this board now guys. there are some good stories. it's a shame Jerry tried to mess it up. But he wont anymore.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 11:24:22 PM
To J-mac and to his 50 other alter egos...
Please, just get lost. We're sick and tired of your "oh woe is me I must throw in the towel but I will one day return my friends!" rubbish. If you're going to leave then leave, stop making a scene.

Saturday, April 23rd 2005 - 11:46:37 PM
To Observer
You hit it on the spot. It is time for J-Mac, Robert and the other so called names of his alter egos to leave for once and for all. If you believe Robert I have a bridge I will sell you. All I see is enough b.s. to put over 50 acres to help the grass grow green. We do not need him and, for that matter, his stories. 

Somehow he reminds me of dog manure: it sticks to the bottom of your shoes and smells and is hard to get rid of.



Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 12:01:51 AM
From the looks of things he is gone. Why not give it a rest. You guys go on and on and all it does is upset canuck and he removes the post you make anyways. So let Robert or whoever make any post he wants. Who really cares?

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 12:38:08 AM
Compare the atmosphere of this place before and after Jerry's arrival. Nobody was egotistical enough to try and hog the spotlight, nobody had rivalries or sides, there was no politics or drama, Canuck never had to step in. Then a below-average writer with his template-written stories that were merely a conduit for his fetish demanded the place revolve around him, staging about 3 false departures/comebacks and praising himself with his army of pseudonyms.

Like I said, he'll be back and probably with yet another second coming-like fanfare denouncing the "Bomb-throwing right". Mark my words.

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 12:50:04 AM
I have to agree with Desmond on this one. But what i dont understand is, you guys got what you wanted. Jerry is now history. And thats not a bad thing, it's a good thing. You guys keep bringing him up, now thats not cool!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 02:41:10 AM
Thank you very much kidnap boy!

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 01:06:17 PM
Don't get my wrong, Jerry being "gone" is always a good thing, but whether he'll stay away forever is another thing...

I like your stories a lot kidnap boy, can't wait to read more of them.


Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 01:27:29 PM
Now Kidnap Boy - He's cool!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 08:18:57 PM
To J-Mac and a few others
I will truly miss your stories on this board. Hope to have you back soon. 

Maybe Cristine Rix and Catbox could fill the void for J-mac aka Jerry. (Please, do it for me!)

Mr. E

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 09:19:20 PM
Mr.E Thats not cool!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 09:38:53 PM
word to that..

Sunday, April 24th 2005 - 10:30:47 PM
Thanks for the nice words
Thank you.

I don't involve myself in these debates, as I'm sure you'd rather not as well. I enjoy the stories and sharing mine, and I prefer it when the board is left to the storytellers rather than the silly provacateurs. That's why I'm here. Perhaps you guys agree.

I just wish I could find that Part II of mine. Help!!!

And thanks for the nice comments. Appreciate it.

Kidnap Boy

Monday, April 25th 2005 - 12:58:02 PM
mason let me tell you, your site is cool!!!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Monday, April 25th 2005 - 01:06:01 PM
Mason let me tell you, your site is cool!!!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Monday, April 25th 2005 - 05:41:53 PM
Hey, Sandra Davis, are you still around? I love your two stories.

Monday, April 25th 2005 - 08:25:02 PM
GreenBeretWannaBe, Re your remarks about J-Mac, I can only add, "Amen!" and "Ditto!" How about a new story from you? It's been quite a while.
Larry Thorne

Monday, April 25th 2005 - 08:30:44 PM
Requesting to hear a story by GreenBeretWannaBe? Thats not Cool!
Robert Caribbean Cool

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 01:08:57 AM
I've been totally AWOL on that.

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 02:26:33 AM
Kidnap Boy missing story
I checked the archives for you a few days ago. for some magical reason the dates you mention are not archived. I can check my collection of stories but I rather doubt I downloaded your stories (sorry). I remove stories and such from my hard drive and put them on CD's every so often. 

Good luck and I hope someone out there has the story you're looking for. I am surprised that Canuck didn't back up those days for his archives.

One quick word: as I do with my files - back up back up back up. It might be too late now but in the future you won't have a problem like this.




Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 11:07:34 AM
Girlfriend's Birthday
It was a sort of cloudy saturday afternoon around 4:00 on Natalie's, my GF's 17th birthday. My parents were out for the weekend, so I was left to my own devices. I had spent most of the day with Nat and her parents, and was on my home. She was going to drive over to my house around 5:30 and spend the night with me. I was going to give her a surprise present. My best friend (name doesn't matter) was coming over to help me with it. He and I arrived at my house about the same time, and immediately got to work on her present. The present was to be me. I had played TUG's with him and my GF (not together) before so he knew basically what to do. All I was wearing was my speedo (Nat and I are both on swim team). Taking some white rope, he quickly tied my hands behind my back, then did my elbows, ankles and knees. I was soon hogtied on the floor, but we weren't finished yet. Next came a piece of cloth in my mouth, and another one tied around my head to hold it in. He then blindfolded me with a third cloth. A part that I didn't plan was the extremely tight crotchrope he put on me. Now it was time to wrap the present. We started with saran wrapping my hogtied body, and the rest of me, including my head, with just a hole for my nose so I could breath. Then he covered that all with duct tape. Finally I was wrapped up in wrapping paper, just like a present. My friend then managed to put me in a large cardboard box, and packed tissue paper all around and on top of me. He sealed the box with more duct tape, and wrapped it with more wrapping paper. Finally, her present was ready. By this time it was about 5:20, so my friend put my note on the front door, and left. The note said, 

"Come inside, and open your birthday present. Its in the basement. Love, Jake."

I could just barely hear her come down the stairs to come open her present.

Tell me if I should continue.

US (Cali baby!!)

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 01:11:44 PM
Anybody teenagers here live in the midwest? If yes, what state?

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 01:55:17 PM
Jake Great story so far please continue

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 08:16:30 PM
Jake, so far your story is cool!
Robert Cool

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 11:04:10 PM
Tied Again
Hey its John again with my second story any way this happened a week after my capture in the first story, I was walking to Amandas house when I walked in I saw Brandon and Nicholas tied up and gagged on the floor, rope wrapped around them from their shoulders down to their ankles only their heads and bare feet sticking out they lay there struggling futilely against their bonds I saw their socks on the floor and the sweat on their faces looked as though they had just been tickled I thought to myself this must be Amandas work and I was right she tackled me forced my hands behind me and tied them then she tied my ankles together then she took a very long rope a wound it around me from my ankles right up to my shoulders I guessed this is how she managed to tie Brandon and Nicholas.
Amanda reached down and took my sandals off (I immediately saw Brandon and Nicholas bound on the floor so I forgot to take them off) Oh John you know youre to take your footwear off inside the house running her fingers down my bare soles making me giggle such a bad boy youll never haha get away with this I said squirming like crazy and wiggling my toes furiously you sound pretty macho for someone who was overpowered and tied up by a woman before I could respond she taped my mouth shut, now that I was gagged the three of us looked almost identical (except for height of course) each of us cocooned in rope barefoot and worried about what Amanda would do to our poor feet while we were helpless.
Suddenly Amanda tore our gags and said Im going upstairs to get some things you three can talk while Im gone as soon as she left I turned to Brandon and Nicholas and said so why is Amanda doing this Brandon answered well you see this goes back to why she originally had us tie you up when our cousin Lily( same age as me and Amanda) came to visit about a year ago, me Nathan Angela and Lily were alone for a few hour and I guess we annoyed them too much they brought up a couple of blankets grabbed us and rolled us up then taped them up so we couldnt escape Lily then removed our socks and tickled our feet for about twenty minutes then she made us agree not to tell on them seeing as we probably faced much more torture if we told we reluctantly agreed Nicholas then added on to what Brandon had said even though it was torture we did enjoy it and it caused us to start tying each other up so why has she tied me up I asked well you seem addicted to tickling and you are almost always barefoot so I guess youre the perfect candidate to be tied up and tickled.
After they finished Amanda returned with several supplies first three pieces of string which she used to tie our big toes together she took three socks from her dresser and used them to blindfold us she then took out what I later found out was a pillow and placed our feet close together on it she then took more string and tied the pinky toe on my right foot to the pinky toe on Nicholas left foot and tied the pinky toe on Nicholas right foot to the pinky toe on Brandons left foot I remember her saying Oh yes 3 pairs of bare feet, 6 sensitive soles and 30 toes now boys what Im going to do is play a game with you helpless hostages for the next 15 minutes is tickle your feet you each start off with ten points every time you giggle I subtract one point every time you laugh I subtract two points every time you beg for mercy I subtract 3 points the one with the most points wins and will be instantly released the one who comes in second shall suffer another 5 to 10 minutes of torture before being untied and the loser will remain tied up until I decide to release him and just to be fair if any of you manage to keep your score positive Ill let you tie me up Amanda started the torture she went all over our feet in between our toes on the soles and tops while still making sure to give equal attention to each of our feet needless to say none of us had a positive score with Brandon at -3 and Nicholas at -4 an me as the big loser at -8 Brandon was released and Nicholas was as well soon after his torture they stood over me asking what are you going to do to him well that isnt any of your buisness now is it she answered well maybe we should just tie you up and interrogate you you sure you want to risk being tied and tortured again bye John your on your own they said as they ran upstairs.
So I guess its just you and me again she said yeah so when do I get to tie you up I asked well how about we make a deal whenever we are alone together whichever one of us is barefoot gets tied up hey no fair I almost always go barefoot and you wear socks whenever you can alright calm down Ill let you tie me up next week if you stay tied up another hour today okay I guess she gagged me again and rolled me onto my stomach sat on the back of my legs and tickled my feet harder than ever after 20 minutes I broke into tears my body was sore from the ropes I was sweating and I was totally exhausted she walked in front of me ungagged me and said Im sorry I didnt mean to go that far Im sorry dont worry Im alright just tone it down a little thanks for being so understanding for the next 40 minutes she massaged my feet and shoulders at the end she rolled me back on my back and put her foot on my chest and started to role play alright hostage your ransom has been paid and she finally untied me I got up and before I left I said be sure not to wear any socks tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 12:41:59 AM
Awesome story John!! Amazing!! Cant wait to hear about tieing Amanda up and more!!!

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 01:00:05 AM

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 03:04:05 AM
Chris M what you did to J-Mac, now that was cool!
Robert Cool

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 03:52:49 AM
This is a pretty funny site. I don't get here often enough, but every time I do, I'm always smiling at the end of it. 
-best wishes, val

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 05:42:17 PM
Now listen up sunshine! I did you and this whole Page a favor, by getting rid of "J-Mac". ok? Now I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, but I can tell by your comments you were not a fan of Jerry. And hell I don't blame you. But I refuse to compete with you over something this silly. I'm here to enjoy the stories just as much as you are. 

Now moving on, I have some stories that I want to share with you guys. I will post them if you want. Not all of them will be true, but I think you all will like them. If your wondering if I'm anything like my brother... I'm Not! My stories will be enjoyable and more importantly clean for all viewers to read. 

Now that's Cool!

Robert Cool

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 05:52:12 PM
more manure
It looks like it is getting more difficult to get the dog manure off the shoes with Robert and company. 

As I said, if you believe that Robert is not Jerry then I have a bridge I can sell. In the mean time the stench is getting to be overbearing.

Best thing is to get rid of them by checking their tcp/ip addresses to verify whether this crap is coming from the same PC or not. Once that is determined please ban once and for all so this site can get back to stories and not pissing contests between two "F"wits. In fact even if the tcp/ip addresses (DNS) is different get rid of them anyway, Canuck.




Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 05:53:30 PM
Enough Already!

Enough of this "cool" nonsense from Robert. Surely you can't approve of this childish, immature misuse of this site? If he wants to post stories--legitimately--fine. But we do not need this constant rubbing our noses in "cool" this and "cool" that. He's replying to virtually every post with this silly nonsense. i don't know what's going on with Robert and jerry--frankly I could care less--but let's see a return to maturity here and an end to this high school foolishness, and get on with the stories. I think I speak for a large number of readers who would say we've had just about enough of this "Caribbean cool" nonsense. Agreed, Canuck? I hope so.


Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 06:03:42 PM
I am in favor of getting on with the stories. Lets do it! Buddy you are cool!
Robert Cool

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 07:09:55 PM
I have thought about it, and i can take a hint. I do not have a right to come to this board, a board that has been around for many years now, and upset authors that have done so much for this page. To the people who just run there mouths to run it, not going to name anyone but you know who you are, i dont give a damn about you. But for the authors like Kidnap Boy, Gags R Great, Brian, Ted, Matt, Alex, Anomalee, Silent Simon, bondageguy, Ted Farrell, Eric, Old Timer, AJ, Nicholas H, Jimmy T., Boundhobo10, CuffMasterXXV, Shortie, Gutter, PH, Angie Federico, Scout Girl, and all the other authors who have worked so hard over the years to make this page what it is today, i will do the right thing and step aside. They dont need to go through this any longer. All these authors named, in my eyes are COOL! I am sorry if i brought down this page for any of them. Canuck if these authors continue to produces great work like thay have been doing over the years, your going to be around for a long long time. And to say that not cool, would be uncivilized.
Robert Cool

Wednesday, April 27th 2005 - 10:42:19 PM
Do you all really think you're adding anything to this site by your constant complaining about J-mac and Robert and whether or not they are the same person?

Now, Robert was just being stupid, agreed, but J-mac was actually posting stories. You were insulting a contributing member, and I thought that was shameful. You're still insulting him. Admittedly he did some stupid things and said some stupid things, but at least he was contributing, which is more than Slytherin's Finest can say.

I ask you all, once more, do you really believe that you are having a positive effect on this board by insulting somebody who actually posted stories? Non-pornographic, fitting the nature of this site stories?

Honestly, think about it.


Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:22:43 AM
Calm Down everybody ! 
I think, Personal Debatts about one or the other Poster, is going to Disturb the Forum very much.We are here to read Tie up Storys.If you have a Problem with a other User then write a Mail.





Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 11:20:15 AM
We'd complain less if certain posters didn't need gimmicks to post. For the unnlightened, Robert is mimicking two professional wrestlers from the WWF/WWE.

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 11:34:50 AM
Well he's not no more... so drop it!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 12:58:21 PM
Jake and John! Your stories seem to be great this far, please continue!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 04:34:42 PM
My first proper bondage fun
This is a story that happened with me and a couple of my friends a few days ago. I had finally got into a really select group of people who were all really into bondage, some of whom I already knew and a few I didn't. My friends are Russell and Richard, and the two I didn't really know are Kevin and Cecil, although I know them a bit more now. They were camping out at a scout camp and I had finally joined them. It was night now and we were all in the tent. I knew that they all liked bondage, and to be honest that was the only reason I had joined the scouts, and made sure to be in their troop!
Anyway, it was night and most of the other scouts had gone to sleep. But we hadn't. Bear in mind the conversation is not completely accurate, but quite accurate.
"Right," said Kevin. He's tall and had dark hair. "Mark's the new one in our group, and so I think we ought to welcome him."
We were all just wearing pyjamas, having got changed much easier. Kevin is kinda the leader, but no-one had decided that. It had just sort of happened.
"So Mark, this is our Bondage 101 guide, ok?"
I grinned nervously and nodded. The other three were sitting down, waiting. I noticed a pile of ropes in one corner.
Ok I said.
Right, said Kevin. Take off your top and well get started. Im going to show you a few basic ties, and youre going to be our volunteer. And also one or twoother things.
The others grinned, presumably knowing what this meant. I did as told, and so was kneeling down in the tent, lit just by a couple of torches placed around the room. Kevin picked up all the ropes on one side of the room and told me to sit in a chair he pointed to. I did so, and he passed a couple of the ropes to Cecil. Cecil bent down and began to tie my feet while I was told to put one wrist on each arm of the chair. I could feel something in my groin, and wouldve gotten embarrassed if I hadnt known that these four were all used to this.
Russell produced a roll of duct tape from somewhere and wrapped it tightly around my mouth, under my spiky hair at the back. I groaned something just to see if anything could be heard, and was happy if a little nervous that almost nothing could.
You ok? asked Richard. I nodded as they got more ropes and moved to my torso, wrapping it to the back of the chair. Finally they tied my knees to the top of the chair legs, and stood back to admire their work. Then they reached into a bag and produced two clothes pegs.
I opened my eyes wide, both with horror and a little excitement.
They stepped forward and grabbed one my nipples before putting the clothes peg on, and then did the same with my other nipple.
Now then, said Kevin, standing back. I struggled a little bit. Now you have an incentive to escape. But we rarely have just one person tied upwhos turn is it to not be tied?
Mine, replied Cecil. Its been four times since I last was.
Russell, Richard and Kevin then took off their tops and were tied up in the same way, with two clothes pegs each. Finally, Cecil said Right. You see Mark, we always have lots of people tied at once.
We all started to struggle to try and escape and relieve the pain. But Cecil stepped forward with some more rope, and tied a piece around all eight clothes pegs, two on each of us. We were in a circle of chairs by now. He took the rope from each clothes peg and looped it round another persons hand.
This is the final twist, he grinned, looking at me. You need to escape, but when you struggle you pull on someone elses nipples.
We struggled for a few minutes, admist a few groans of pain. That night was one of the most fun nights Id had. Finally when no-one escaped we were untied after an hour or so, and so from now on each week Ill be having some tie up funkeep tuned!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 04:53:53 PM
Mark i like that story. I hope you have more?

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 06:23:34 PM
At last a story again after all that junkmail - and even a good one! Thank yo Mark!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:34:22 PM
Found Lost Story
Well, after digging through my old archives, I happened upon kidnap boy's story that was missing. I will post it shortly. Since it had a bunch of Japanese formated characters here and there in it, I fixed the formatting. Otherwise, the story is exactly as it was posted, including the original times and titles. Normally, I lurk, but I figured I'd put this out here to help further the site. 
Mr. Tickle

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:38:52 PM
Dena Tortures Me, Again (con't) - REPOST
Original Title: Dena Tortures Me, Again (con't)
Original Post Date: Saturday, November 29th 2003 - 04:30:43 AM

Hi. It's Kidnap Boy again. I was supposed to fill you in a while ago on more adventures of being kidnapped, tied, and tortured by Dena, my beautiful, blonde, black-belt friend. But my computer crashed for a while. Sorry.

You remember the setup. She was 17, I was 14, and I was her constant kidnap victim.

(BTW Ethe first half of this story is in neverland right now. Stuck in limbo because the October stories haven't been archived yet. Will this happen soon?)

So here we go with the rest of the story that I started in October.

When we last left off, she had me stretched out and tied down to her Moms bed. I was sleeping over and had finally won the chance to tie Dena up after dozens of times of her tying me. But when I went too far and started tickling her, she fought back, escaped, overpowered me, and tied me up with duct tape, then tied me down to the bed. After a swift tickling, she tape-gagged me and left me whimpering in the room. She was wearing a tight red T-shirt, sweats, and black socks. As you may recall, one of her specialty tortures was the socked-foot gag, but that had only happened briefly so far. She exited the room for a moment promising a night of brutal torture.

"MMMPPH! DDDDMAAA!"I screamed into the tape gag, still suffering from the first round of tickling while I heard Dena down the hall in her room. I was wildly ticklish and Dena was about as top and expert as you could find when it came to tickling. Remember, we were like lifelong best friends Eshe loved and protected me. But her kinky, aggressive side just loved tyng me up and torturing me to no end. She NEVER hurt me. And here's the thing - sure, as much as I suffered, I kind of loved it. Oh well.

"Jess, you are such a bad little boy I simply do not know what to do with you this time!"Dena yelled from the other room. "Stop screaming! It does no good with a gag over your mouth. Plus, I'll give you something to scream about. I have a present for you!"

She re-entered the room with a small white envelope, no bigger than a packet of yeast. She carried a white sweat sock. She padded in and sat down on the bed by my head, resting her socked feet on my chest.

"DDDNNN! PLLLLLLMPPH!"I begged into the gag. She looked down at me lovingly and then slowly moved her fingers to my lips, fingering the tape gag.

"Sweet little hostage! Would you like me to take your gag off? OK. DO you promise not to scream?"Dena asked while I strained worthlessly against my ropes.

I nodded.

"Ooh, you are a liar. But OK,Eshe said with a grin. "But there's a trick to taking off a tape gag. Like this!"She said and she ripped it off!

"Ohhh! Ouch! That hurt! Dena!"I yelled.

"HEe hee hee. I tooooold you you would scream. Gooood. All the more reason to do this,"Dena gushed, raising her feet off my chest and lowering her right foot onto my mouth. "One smelly foot, coming up!!!E

"NOOOO" I cried, but my cries were cut off by yet-another foot gag. I mmphed and struggled. She was right - the sock didn't smell that good.

"WE had a deal, kidnap boy! You won fair and square and got to tie me up. But that deal didn't include tickling me!"Dena lectured, pressing her foot across my lips. "You know how ticklish I am! I'm almost as ticklish as you are. That is a no-no. NO ONE tickles me. I didn't spend all that time getting my black belt just to be tied up and tickle-tortured by some naughty little boy. That is why I must torture you in a way that you'll never forget. Understand?"

I nodded my head as her foot remained strong over my mouth. I was pleading with my eyes. Dena giggled and reached down and began to finger my neck while foot-gagging me. It tickled like crazy. I couldn't scream but tried anyway. Agony!

"You have no idea what torture is, sweetheart! This tickling is juuuust the beginning,"Dena purred. She stretched out each word to rub it in while her fingers kept lightly tickling my neck and face.

"Anyway,Eshe said, finally stopping. "Here's your first present. I have a few of these. My friend Deb brought it back from some novelty shop in California. Look!"And held the little envelope up to my eyes. Itching powder.

"See, she put some on me, just for fun, when she got back. It's amazing. Nothing permament, no marks, and stops itching once you simply wipe it off with a wet cloth. But oh, you won't believe how it itches! It feels like a combination of poison ivy and fiberglass.E

My eyes grew bigger an I vigorously shook my head NO.

"There, you've had enough of my feet for the moment,"Dena said and took her foot from my mouth as I gasped. I didn't dare scream too loud. Dena climbed on top of me, straddling my bound body between he knees, and then lifted my shirt up over my head, exposing my chest.

"There. This should be a good place to experiment on my little hostage,"Dena said, tearing open the envelope while smiling broadly.

"D-D-S-Dena, No!" I said, not yelling, but stammering loudly. "P-p-please! Don't do this to me! I can't move! It's not fair!"

"Hee hee hee,"Dena giggled, holding the envelope. "If I wanted you to move, I wouldn't have tied you up. Silly boy! First, some protection."Dena placed the open envelope on the bed for a minute and grabbed the sweatsock she brought it. She then put it over her left wrist and hand like a glove. I tried to buck, but her strong legs held me in tight. "Stop wiggling! See, no sense in me getting all itchy! Thus, the sock!"


"Ohhhh. Oooh, sounds like someone wants another footgag. Sure. Soon enough. But first,"Dena said, in an evil way, picking up the envelope, "We must apply the torture device!"And with that she poured some itching powder on my bare chest. Nothing happened.

I panted a few "Dena! No!"a few times. It didn't itch yet.

Dena said, "It won't itch until I rub it in. And don't worry. A warm wash cloth stops the itching in 5 seconds."

Dena then reached down with a wide smile and starting rubbing itching powder on my chest with her socked hand. "Wait for it; you feel it itching?"

In a few second I did and she was right! I don't know if you ever had an awful itch you couldn't scratch, but this was a bad one. It tingled and itched like crazy. Like poison ivy.E

"AAAhhh! Ooooh! Dena. That's bad. BAD! Stop STOP! MMMM! PLEASE! IT ITCHES! WASH IT OFF! WASH IT OFF!"

Dena just grinned, laughed, and climbed off of me, hopping to her feet and standin over me while I writhed and suffered on the bed. "Sorry. I have no wash cloths right now. Does it feel like torture?"Dena asked me.

"Yes. YES!"I screamed, half laughing and in agony as the itching continued. "Dena! PLEASE! I'm tied up! Have some mercy!"

"Good!"she announced. "Because torture is what is it is. Be back in a few minutes, sweetie. Enjoy the torture! Don't go anywhere!"And with that Dena left the room and headed downstairs. I continued to scream for a while.

"Aaaaah! Please Dena! Get it off! Get it off! It itttchessss!!!"But she didn't respond. I bucked and jerked against the ropes and tape, but she had once again tied me up like a pro. This was as bad as tickling! I was helpless and in agony for at least 10 minutes.

Finally, Dena reappeared in the doorway with a washcloth and bowl in her hands. She came in and sat down next to me on the bed while I moaned in itchy agony.

"Had enough?"she asked.

"Yes! Yes! Please! PLEASE!"

"Hmmm. Are you BEGGING me for MERCY?"Dena asked, putting the cloth and bowl down.

Again, I said "YES!"a bunch of times.

"Funny. I just wonder how much mercy you would have shown me if I handed gotten my feet untied and forced you to untie me. That tickling you gave ME sure didn't seem merciful!"Dena demanded.

"Dena, please. This is torture! Just wash it off,"I panted. "I can't...take..."

"Oooooh, my little kidnap boy. You have noooooo idea how much you can take. You know, I can hear you screaming all the way downstairs. It must be absolute AGONY to be tortured with itching powder while your all tied up! Is it?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Is this worse than when I gag you with my feet?"Dena asked. Is it worse than smelly feet?E

"YES! PLEASE, Dena!"

"IS it worse than when I tickle you? Huh? Is it worse than tickle torture?"Dena asked. God, she was brutal!

"Yes! I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! Please!"

"You don't know? Hmmm. Well, while your tied down here, we'll have to figure it out. But first, I think you've suffered enough."And finally, Dena took the wash cloth and rubbed it on the part of my chest that had the itching powder. It was like a fire being put out. Instant relief! She then rung the cloth out in the bowl, grabbed a dry cloth, and patted the area dry. Finally, she put my short back as normal. Ahhhhhh Erelief.

Dena sat over me again and smiled warmly. She tousled my hair lovingly. "You love me, don't you?"

I started laughing and so did she. "Oh, yeah. Do I ever!"

We both laughed and she asked me if she ever hurt me.

"Of course not! This is torture, but it's not like pain. Of course not. And I know you wouldn't ever do that."

"That's right, Jessie. You're practically my little brother and I love you. I just want to tie and torture you for fun. Be honest. In a way, isn't this fun?"

"I suppose sure it kind of is."

"That's right. I just looove to playfully torture you. Some day soon we'll be too old to do this, but we're going to have great memories, you know."

We laughed some more and Dena hugged me. It was a one of those great moments. But I was still tied down at her mercy, though.

"So, will you untie me now, Dee?"I asked.

Dena smiled, pursed her lips, and shook her head, "Uh huh. I can't untie you yet. And I'm sorry for what I'm about to do,"Dena said, climbing back on top of me.

"No! Not again!"

"Yes, kidnap boy! Break's over! It's tickle time!"Dena shouted, and with that her fingers violently shot into my ribs and started mercilessly tickling me. I screamed anew. Dena tickled my ribs and armpits in furious fashion.

"Tickle tickle, little boy! Ooh, my baby is just soooo ticklish! I just loooove tickling you half to death,"Dena giggled, wickedly. I screamed. What more could I do?

"Here, let's tickle your feet!"Dena said, leaning back and getting off me so her head was at my bound feet, which were tied to the footboard. Her socked feet were at my armpits. Dena pulled my socks off quickly. "I'm going to tickle your feet now! Bet you can'"And Dena tickled my feet like the expert she was. In between the toes, up and down the soles, everywhere. I was screaming myself hoarse and she looked at me from the foot of the bed. "Your feet are soooooo ticklish!"

"Fingers and toes!"she announced, and while tickling my feet, she jammed her feet into my armpits and wriggled her toes to tickle them. I was seeing stars by now. "Sorry. I know this is about the worst tickle torture you ever got. Sorry, honey,"she said, all the while tickling my helpless body.

Finally, with tears running down my face, Dena stopped tickling me. I gasped and screamed and laughed and couldn't speak.

"OK. NOW you've had enough! I think I broke you, don't you?"Dena asked, standing over me and walking to the foot of the bed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Good. I told you tonight would be special!"Dena said, and she untied my feet from the foot board. She then untied the ropes that bound my hands to the headboard. MY hands and feet were still tied in front of me.

"The torture is over for tonight. Come with me."And Dena got me to my feet and hopped me down the stairs to the futon, where she made me lie down. I was still bound with duct tape, hands and feet.

"Let's watch some TV. I'll untie you in a while,"Dena said, sitting down next to me at my head. She turned the TV on and we watched, I think, Gilligan's Island.

After a few minutes Dena looked down at me and said, Sorry, can't resist. One more for the road.EAnd she quickly placed her foot over my mouth. Ugh! I was really too weak to fight!

Just one more foot gag for you to remember me by, honey. Until the next time,EDena said, once again giggling. A minute or two later, she grabbed my feet and brought them up over my head, I began to thrash again.

Oh, don't worry, Jess. Im not going to tickle you anymore!EDena said, still foot-gagging me. And she untied my feet. Then my hands. I was free! Finally! I tried to get her foot off my mouth, but she laughed like a crazy woman and pressed down on my lips!

Hee hee hee! Nothing is easy, sweetie! OK, you've had enough of my feet!EAnd Dena finally took her foot off my mouth.

There. You're free! Kidnapping's over,Eshe said, hugging me as we both laughed. Until next time, of course.E

That's all. The end. There are plenty more stories. As always, feedback is welcome/appreciated.

kidnap boy


Mr. Tickle

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:56:08 PM
Great story!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 10:19:50 PM
Mr. Tickle -

You are the man!

Thank you thank you for finding the lost Dena story. I have cut and pasted it into my hard drive and added it to my collection.

More Dena stories to come soon. Thanks again!

Kidnap Boy

Friday, April 29th 2005 - 04:49:07 PM
i will have revenge
one day me(k) and my friends,lets call them P and a 
went to p's house after school because her mom was the girl scout leader and we had gs that day.

anyways, we were bored and after goofing around in the speheadii,the clubhouse in p's room,we came out
and i said "Let's tie A up." "No lets tie K up!"said p. i was like "no way" i hid in the bathroom doing my algebra homework.

then they said "K! come out here" "NO" i screamed they unlocked the door and dragged me downstairs an
i tried to get away but they pinned me down and tied my ankles and wrists together with scarves.
then they forced me into one of thise desk chairs with wheels on them and bound me to it.

A leaned the chair back onto her legs and i started freaking. P said "dont worry,she wont drop you"then a dropped me and they left 
the chair on the ground and then blindfolded me and started asking me weird questions about mr crow.

it was weird and they let me go 10 minutes b4 her mom came they deny they ever did it Cheeser 

Cheeser(formerly known as Pancakes6a7)

Friday, April 29th 2005 - 04:51:29 PM
can anyone email me some bondage pictures?

Cheeser(formerly known as Pancakes6a7)

Cheeser(formerly known as Pancakes6a7)

Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 11:52:25 AM
Can't trust family pt 1.5
(my name is to be kept anonymous, but in this story I am called Jack)

As you know my two sister's Rifka and Marina played dress up with me and then tied me up. I had been avoiding them for a while now, especially when I was alone. One day, my mom left to visit her brother in another town. She left Rifka in charge of the house. Everyone else had left also so it was just me, her and Marina. 

I went to take a shower, not knowing the danger that awaited me. I had gotten out, and went to my room when I was ambushed by then two. I could not resist them as I only had a towel on, and so was easily led to their room, and the closet which was all too familiar to me. 

Rifka must have been planning something like this for a while now, because she placed me in her closet, and locked me in there. I yelled at Rifka to let me out and to give me some clothes. Oh and she did give me some clothes all right. A pair of ice blue panties and matching bra, along with a robe, which ment that I would not be so exposed. Knowing that it was futile to argue, I put on the garments and the robe then they let me walk out of the closet. 

"Aww don't worry" Rifka said. "We just need a damsil right now and your it". I groaned loudly, noticing Marina holding something large behind her. "Look on the bright side though" Marina said, "You will actually look like a damsil this time". I knew what that ment, this wasn't just dressup, it was a full makeover game. I would go along with the dress up part, but if tried to tie me up again, I wouldn't go down easy. Then all thought went out of my mind as I looked at what Rifka was going to make me wear. It was a Crimson prom gown that was strapless and looked as if it would be an exact fit on me. There was also matching gloves, heels and a barret. 

"Rifka I am not going to do this" I demanded. "Yes you are, or the consequences will be much worse. But in doing this, I will let you tie us both up one time". That offer was almost too good to refuse as I still wanted payback from the last time. I submitted and was then turned into a 17 year old girl ready for the prom. The humiliation was unbeliveable, but then Rifka did what I knew she was going to do. She kidnapped me.

"okay you come home from the prom to find two theifs here". Then the two attacked me again. This time I was ready and knocked both down and began to tie Marina up when Rifka got me. She tied my hands behind my back with a long coil of rope, then untied Marina. Now they looked at me standing helplessly with my hands tied behind my back. 
The two then threw me onto the bed and tied my ankles and knees together. Then they picked me up and carried me to a chair where they tied me from head to toe in white rope. I was now a complete part of the chair. "What a beautiful girl we captured along with some loot" Rifka said. "Girl, I'm no girl, I'm a gu whose just been tied up in a...MMMPPPHHH!" I was gagged mid sentence. Then Rifka made my hair nice like a girls and placed the barret in my hair. Now I did look like a girl. "Aww dosen't she look cute? and that dress was an exact fit" Marina said. "Yep well she's all mine now" Rifka said. Marina was about to argue when Rifka tackled her and dragged her into the closet. I heard shuffling for a few minutes and then dead silence.

Rifka came out in a flowery Yellow gown with Marina in a pink gown, but Marina was bound and gagged. "Well now this just got more interesting. Two prom girls kidnapped. I think this calls for backup". Rifka went to call someone, while I looked at Marina on the floor. She was unconsious, probably from something Rifka did. Then Rifka came back in. "Well I just invited over two of my friends. They all know the story and will not tell anyone else". My heart sank I began to flail madly against my bonds, but Rifka really went overboard on the ropes and so I could not even move. And so we waited until three girls walked in. It was Tina, Jesse, and I turned white when I saw Daniel come in. 

Daniel was my girlfriend at the time, but I thought she was out with her parents. I thought wrong. All the girls were carrying a bag. but I only noticed Daniel. "Okay Tina, Jesse, your with me. Daniel he's all yours". I tried to whimper as Daniel Dragged my chair to the closet and then shut the door. All noise in the room was cut off. "Well Jack it just me and you". This was not going to go well.

to be continued...


Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 04:20:27 PM
ok.please dont send me n e more pics because my email identifies it as spam.and i have changed my mind about liking bondage.

Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 04:25:14 PM
Sounds like you got some issues.

Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 06:06:52 PM
Plz cud people e-mail me any bondage pictures and stories (especially cross-dressing ones) it wud be much appreciated, thanks alot! 

Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 11:37:52 PM
Hi guys,

Sorry for dissapearing like that. School's been really a pain in the *** and has allowed me little time for story-writing. I'm currently typing the next part of it though and would like to know if you still want to hear the rest of our battle against the boyscouts. If so, please post or email me. Thanks a lot.

PS. Great stories Mark & Gared! Would love to hear more!

Nicholas H.

Saturday, April 30th 2005 - 11:40:53 PM
Finally the return of one of the greatest of all time! Yes!Nicholas H. Please tell us more!!!

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