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May 2004

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This month's stories:  
 Capturing the Girls (part two) - Ted Farrell 
 Fun with 3 Girls - the me 
 Babysiter gets hers - the me 
 When Cousins Attack! - D.J. 
 Tying Friends Little Sister - the me 
 Doublecrossed (part 1) - Alfie M 
 Doublecrossed (part 2) - Alfie M 
 The Hostage Game - Charon 
 Tying up Lauren - the me 
 Babysitter Tie up Games - anomalee 
 Cops and robbers - Michael 
 Emily and Molly - the me 
 Babysitter stories - Mic 
 I fell into the trap - C man 
 Tying my ex-girlfriend - cmr 
 Kari and Jen's Mom - Robert 
 The Sleepover Kidnapping - Alfie M 
 my babysitter michelle's revenge pt 1 - anomalee 
 Tied with Belt by 4th Grader - Pavel 
 My First Tie-up - Mandy 
  My Girlfriend the Traitor! - Chris 
 Caught Tying up my Sister - TW 
 Sharon's House - Gwen  

Saturday, May 1st 2004 - 02:23:23 PM
Capturing The Girls (Part two)
After leaving Mike’s sister Cassie bound & gagged in her bedroom, one of her best friend’s, Laurie had arrived. Mike then hinted that he wanted to take the girls down to the basement where there was a large mattress on the floor. Mike then ran upstairs to get Cassie as I opened the door. Laurie stood there smiling. Her brunette hair was back in a ponytail. I couldn’t get over how much she looked like Katie Holmes. Anyway, I invited her in, telling her that Cassie would be down in a minute, but I didn't tell her how! She was wearing the usual summer dress: T-shirt, shorts & flip-flop sandals, perfect for what we had in store for her!

In a few minutes I could hear Mmmppphing sounds getting louder & so could Laurie as she called out Cassie’s name. Then Laurie saw her best friend, who was bound & gagged being led down the stairs by her brother. Laurie I think started to protest, but I quickly stopped that by hand gagging her. She mmmppphed something under my hand which I couldn’t make out. Anyway, she & Cassie were our prisoners now & she knew it. We led the girls down the stairs, my hand still over Laurie’s mouth. Once downstairs, Mike flopped his sister on the mattress & re tied her ankles. I had managed to take a knotted rag from my pocket & used it to stuff in Laurie’s mouth. I then pulled the ends tight & knotted it. After cleave-gagging Laurie, Mike took over & tied her hands behind her back.

“I sure hope Kristi shows up soon” he said as he really tied Laurie good “If not, there’s more torture for you two!”

“Mmmmppphhh!!!!” Laurie tried to say as she looked at Cassie. She knew what was coming & like Cassie, was very sensitive to tickling. Mike then moved her down next to Cassie & I removed her sandals. Letting out another Mmmmppphh, Laurie’s feet were then tied by Mike. Mike then gave her the first tickle. She squealed & thrashed & I knew that it was going to be a very memorable evening, but little did I know that it was just getting started.
Mike then started in on Laurie. Man did she trash about & squeal, I think more than Cassie did! Wasting no time, I moved towards Cassie & started on her. Cassie just gave me an evil eye as she squealed & squirmed to my touch. In the next few minutes, each girl was tickled to the point to where both of them rolled off the mattress.

“They’re moving around too much Ted” Mike said as he grabbed more rope. Both Cassie & Laurie let out loud Mmmmppphing sounds when they saw it. Then I caught on to what Mike was doing, he was planning to tie them back to back. After helping him get the girls situated, Mike then looped the rope around the girls a couple of times. Despite their gagged protests, Cassie & Laurie were now tied together, so if one girl moved, the other did as well! Mike then started tickling Laurie again. She trashed about, moving Cassie with her. Soon I started on Cassie again. I swear the squealing was louder as each girl got our torture treatment. I looked at Cassie’s gagged face, tears of laughing rolled down her cheeks. She was being tortured well & she knew it. Mike then switched positions with me. He took over on his sister & I took over on Laurie. Laurie was really sensitive to my touch, maybe more so than Mike, who really gave his sister the works. I could tell he was working the outside of her legs, making her really trash about, making Laurie almost tip over! Just then we heard the doorbell ring. Was it Kristi?

“That’s probably victim number three Ted, go check” Mike said as he got up from the floor. I could hear the girls panting, tired from their tickling.
I ran up the stairs & looked in the peephole, sure enough it was Kristi. I ran back down stairs & told Mike.

“I’ll hide down here, you invite her in & get her down here”

I went back upstairs & answered the door. She was surprised to see me.

“Oh hi Ted, is Cassie around? She wanted me to come over”

“Yeah she’s downstairs”

If Kristi was suspicious, she didn’t let on. Like the other girls, she was wearing shorts & sandals. She started down the stairs & suddenly we heard mmmppphing.
Startled, Kristi started back up the stairs, but I just shut the door & blocked her way. 

“What’s going on Ted?” she asked going back downstairs

“What’s it look like” I replied in a sinister voice. I really don’t know if Kristi was scared or what, but if she wasn’t, I would have gave her an Oscar right there!

“Well you’re not going to catch me!” she yelled as she ran the last flew flights of stairs, right into Mike’s right hand, which covered her mouth! If my heart wasn’t pounding, it was now. It was a perfect set up. Kristi struggled like a perfect damsel, but she knew she was caught.

“Now were really going to have some fun Ted! Get the rope & a gag”

I went over to the other part of the basement & picked up two pieces of clothesline & a knotted rag. Mike then cleaved gagged Kristi with the rag, pulling it tight & knotting it. Mike then gave me the rope & told me to tie Kristi up. He was going to look for another thing to put on the floor. He returned in a few minutes with a sleeping bag. After tying Kristi’s hands snuggly behind her back, Mike then moved her down onto the sleeping bag. With the other piece of rope, Mike removed her sandals & tied her ankles together.

“Now Kristi” Mike said, “Me & Ted are really going let you have it! Your punishment for being late!”

Man Mike was sinister, but in a good way! Man was Kristi going to get it, right in front of her two bound & gagged best friends & I was loving every minute of it!


Ted Farrell

Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 06:36:42 AM
I've had a few great tying up experiences while growing up which I will post later but right now I'm looking for any girls who live in the Eugene OR area who might want to have some experiences. Just email me and we'll chat sometime.

Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 06:38:16 AM
BTW: just wondering if Doug R. is goona post anytime soon. I like his stories a lot.

Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 05:10:02 PM
To Little_|)4|\|
I once read that the best way to gag someone with an all-around tape gag is putting the first layer of tape inside out, that is with the sticky side of the tape on the outside. The next layers should be applied the correct way. 

P.S. I would like, if I may, to recommend a recently established Dreambook that's devoted to our favourite kind of stories in Italian. 


Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 06:41:48 PM
Malcolm In The Middle
An Italian TV network is at present featuring the "Malcolm In The Middle" TV series. There are some tie-up situations there. The title images themselves include a Dee Wee totally immersed in ropes, a scene that can be seen in one of the first episodes; another time Francis is tied up by his cadet fellows as a punishment for avoiding some demanding drills; in another episode Malcolm and Reese gang up and try to capture Dee Wee and bind him in electrician's tape (they don't succeed). Wonder if the people who created the series are followers of this board... ;) 

Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 08:35:40 PM
a little more info please....

You can tie a ribbon around his head first, then put the duct tape over top of it in back. Use the tension of the tape on the front to make the front stickiness the only necessary skin contact. Hem

I am not really sure what to do with this..... I was hoping to do this to my step-sister

already said it

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 08:49:04 AM
Tied & True Tales updated
Hi everyone,

Another day, another week, another update… Only a small update this week including more fiction as well as more hand-gagging fun with the latest instalment of Lisa the Hand: A Handy Girl to Have Around; Part 3 (True Stories)

As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at

Lastly, thanks for your support and contributions - keep everything coming please! :-)


Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 04:05:46 PM
more stories
alright then, i'll post some more of my short but fun stories as soon as i get a chance.
the me

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 05:31:39 PM
malcolm in the middle
regarding malcolm in the middle, here are some pics:

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 06:36:43 PM
Whats the Best Bondage?
A. Hands/feet/gag
B. Hands/feet/blindfold
C. Head to toe
D. Tied to bed, chair, post, etc.
E. Hands
F. Feet

Whats The Best Things To Use For Bondage?

A. Ropes
B. Handcuffs
C. Duct-tape
D. Belts
E. Odd things (ribbon, computer cord, phone cord, etc.


Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 09:12:31 PM
hey all you people...ive been gone on a camping trip for the last 11 days! i havent had time to keep up with the posts, so if youre writing a story, please include a little info about the people in the story and info from stories before. thanx!

and people who want to chat: msn -


Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 09:12:35 PM
we need stories

Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 10:53:39 PM
Just hold on, i dont have time to post the whole thing now, but between now and Friday i should have the story up...bye and God Bless!

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 12:25:52 AM
how do u tie yourself up?

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 07:21:56 AM
has anyone got any tips on how to escape from a hogtie

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 08:18:47 AM
escaping hogties
i dont know about other people, but what when im in a hogtie, try to undo my feet and then i am usually able to get up and walk around to find a knife or scissors or something. im a pretty flexible person though, so dont go and hurt yourself trying to hard.

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 11:37:38 AM
fun with 3 girls
Alright since you're interested in hearing some more of my stories i'll post some. This is one when i played some tie up games with 3 friends of mine.

They are sisters and their names are Elissa, Anne, and Amanda. I was about 11 at the time, so that would make Elissa 15, Anne 13 and Amanda 11. 

Anyway i'm friends with Amanda and I was over at her house hangin out. We where pretty bored and so where her sisters. We where the only ones around so we where trying to think of things to do. I don't remember how the subject came up exactly, but we decided to play a tie up game. One of the 4 of us would tie up the other 3 and give them 15 minutes to escape,or get tickled. We would rotate the one who gets to tie.

We set out around the house for supplies. We ended up with 2 rolls of duct tape, some leangths of rope, a really long clothsline, about 6 scarves, and about 10 bandanas.

We decided that the one tying would choose where everybody got tied up. We drew straws and it came out that Anne would tie first, Amanda second, Elissa third, and me last. 

"Perfect" I thought. Now i could make mine the longest,i could watch their techniquis, and i could do things to them without giving them any ideas to do them to me.

Anne first led me to a bedroom and sat me in a chair. she tied my hands behind it and my feet to each of the legs. She tied my torse to it as well, then cleave gagged me with a bandana and blindfolded me with one. 

She did a really sloppy job and i knew i would be free in no time. I could tell seh hadn't done this before. I wasn't aloud to try and escape until everybody was tied up so i waited for her to let me know. I tested my bonds whiel i was waiting and found some weak points.

After about 5 minutes she told me i could start. I had my hands free in under a minute. From there i got the rope off of my torso, took out the gag and blindfold, and untied my feet. It took me about 3 minutes totall. I walked out into the hallway and waved at Anne. She glared at me and stuck out her tounge. I opened the door to another room to find Elissa untying her feet. She was free to. I went in the room next to that and Amanda was just getting her hands free, so we all got free in under 10 minutes.

Next it was Amanda's turn to tie. She took Elissa and Anna into rooms to tie first, then led me to the room she had been in and sat me on the bed. 

"I'll make a deal with you." She said. "I'll tie you loose so you can get out on the condition that you don't tickle me if i can't get out of your tie in 15 minutes." 

She knew that she probably wouldn't be able to escape me because we had played a couple games in the past.

I agreed. She loosly tied my hands behind my back and my feet together. She didn't even gag me. I was free in less than a minute. I sat in the hallway for a while, then went to check on the others. Ellisa wasabout halfway free. I went to check on Anne.

She was tied spread eagle on a bed, blindfolded with a bandana, and rap gagged with duct tape. She was struggling but it appeared she had made no progress. After about 5 minutes Amanda, Elissa, and Me where all standing in the room watching her, waiting for the 15 minutes to be up. 

When they where up we came on her really slowly to make it scary for her. Elissa and Amanda ran their fingures slowly and gently along her stomach to let her know what was coming. She struggle like mad as i slowly intied her shoes and took them off. I slowly pulled off her socks one my one and then we all stood there waiting. 

She was practicly screaming with suspense. Then i hel my hand in the air and counted on my fingures down from 3. We all went to town on Anne tickling her with no mercy. Amanda and Elissa worked on either of her sides and armpits, while raked her legs and feet. 

After about 5 minutes we stopped and untied her. She was sweaty and tired from screaming and struggling. We waited about 5 minutes before Elissa's turn. She was going to do things a little differently. She took me into the kitchen downstairs and tied me to a chair in there. 

she gagged me with tape and blindoflded me. I could tell this would be more of a challenge. I heard her lead somebody else into the living room past me and after about 10 minutes she said we could start. I struggled against my bonds, lossening them bit by bit. after i had loosend my hands quite a bit i found a knot on them and worked to untie that. I finally managed to get it free. I tore off the blindfold and saw Elissa leaning against the wall looking at me. She smiled wickedly and tapped her watch. I could tell i was almost out of time. I franticly untied my feet and all the other ropes. i jumped out of the chair and removed my gag. 

"drat only 20 seconds left to." She said in disapointment. "I'll be right back." she added. She ran upstairs and about 30 seconds later carried down a hogtied Amanda. We walked into the living room and i found Anne hogtied on the couch. Elissa plopped Amanda down on the other couch and we stood over them. 

"Wich one do you want?" asked Elissa. 
Remembering that Amanda had tied me loosly i took Anne. I didn't tickle her to my full extent because she had already had some torture. After some torture it was my turn.

I got all the supplies together. I knew Elissa would be the hardes to hold. She was also the cuttest so i would concentrate mostly on her. But that didn't mean i woudln't make sure they where all at my mercy by the end of the hour. 

I decided to tie Elissa last to give her less time to test her bonds. I first took Anne upstairs. I sat her on the floor of her room and tied her hands behind her back with duct tape.i rapped several layers of tape around her torso pinning her arms to her back. i took a bandana and tied her fingures together to insire no picking away at the tape. I layed her on her back and tied her feet, knees, and thighs together with duct tape. then i took some rope and tied one end of a long length to her feet. i pulled the other und up and tied it to the bar for hanging cloths in her closet, hoisting her legs in the air. I stuck a bandana in her mouth and taped it shut. I blindofolded her with a scarf.she was now lying on her back with her feet sticking straight up into the air. She looked pretty hot. I pushed her into her closet and shut the door. I then exited the room and went back downstairs. 

I led Amanda to the living room and tightly hogtied her.before i gagged her she said "remember our deal." I nodded and gagged and blindfolded her. I picked her up and brought her to the kitchen. I put her inside the closet/cupboard. i closed the door then went to Elissa.

I led her into the basement where they had cement poles going from the gorund to the ceiling, and a workout area. I put her back against on of the poles and pulled her hands behind it. I tied them together with duct tape. I tied lots of tape around her torso and up and above her breasts, pinning her to the pole. i tied her knees and foot with tape, then tied them to the pole. she was completely immobilized. i stuffed a bandana in her mouh and gagged her with tape. i blindfolded her with a scarf, then tied her head to the pole with a scarf. If she could move any part of her body now i would give her a gold medal.

"Start struggling, if you can even get that far." i said. I walked upstairs and told the others to start. i spent most of the 15 minutes watching Elissa squirm. After they where up I untied her from the pole, but didn't untie her. i laid her back frist onto a weight lifting bench and duct tape her to it. This would make it easier to tickle. I ran upstairs and got Amanda. I untied her and told her to say that she has escaped. She said thanks and followed me upstairs. She laughed at the sight of Anne. i untied the rope on amanda and carried her to the basement. i tied her to the pole Elissa had been tied to.

I told Lauren to have fun with Anne. I walked over to Elissa and removed her shoes and socks. She was struggling and mmmmmmmmmmphing a lot. but she could hardly move. I tickled her feet, legs, sides, and armpits like crazy for ten minutes straight. 

After a while i carried Elissa and Anna upstairs and sat them on the floor. I tied them back to back with rope and said. "Now you can try to escape." 
They MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHED like crazy. I knew this would be funny because Anne was the only one with a chance of escaping but she had no clue how. after about 15 minutes Elissa managed to untie Anne's hands. After about 10 more minutes Anne was free. But instead of untying Elissa she tickled her like mad. I guess it was revenge, because she hadn't gotten to tickle anybody, and Elissa had gotten to tickle people multiple times. 

AFter about 10 minutes we untied Elissa and all the girls where breathless. We had some lunch and agreed that it was a fun day and we might do it again sometime, without the tickling. We never did though.

That;s my story hope you liked it. Feal free to ask questions.

the me

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 11:50:20 AM
"i told lauren to have fun with Anne." Sorry i meant "i told Amanda to have fun with Anne." I get my friends Amanda and Lauren mixed up sorry.
the me

Tuesday, May 4th 2004 - 10:42:07 PM
How To Tie Yourself Up.......
VERY carefully.
"Smart 4$$"

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 02:40:07 AM
escaping hogties
You will have a much more difficult time escaping if the knots are tied in front of your ankles by the top rather than where the hands can reach the knots. In addition the wrists can be made more secure by tying them first and then tigthly wrapping the rope a few times around the waist and then back to the wrists. It also depends on stringent the hogtie is as far as getting out. If the wrists can not move and the knot is tied in front of the ankles I think that the person will be tied up for a nice long time. If you wish to add a few more things you can also tie and cinch the ropes at the wrists and ankles as well as above the knees.

And as always, be there if there are any problems for safety sake.



Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 01:10:37 PM
Cool, the me. You got to have some games where people take turns tying each other up; many of us could only be so lucky.
My favorite stories are ones where a tie-up comes almost out of the blue, or where a scenario is played out, such as a kidnapping. Do you have any stories where one group of people got tied up (or one person), without retaliating immediately? Or more babysitting tie-ups?

Still, I enjoyed your story and would love to hear more from you. You're one of the freshest breaths of air this board has had in a long time.

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 05:23:46 PM
more stories
Yeah i have a couple more stories. None with multiple people but i got to tie up my babysutters a couple times. And some of them we role played a scinario, so i'll post one of those when i can.
the me

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 07:15:55 PM
Would anyone be interested in talking about being bound and gagged either in a chatroom or via msn?

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 07:21:57 PM
I'm tired of tricking people into tying me up, I wish someone would plan a kidnapping and do it, without my help!

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 08:48:16 PM
I would triple ?

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 09:36:34 PM
Sounds good, the me. Do you also have other times you tied up someone younger than yourself as well?

I of course still look forward to hearing about the rest of your experiences.

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 - 10:04:47 PM
I know that today im going to be hogtied and gagged for a few hours (because i lost a game and the winner gets to tie and gag the looser for a few hours however they like) and im fairly new to being hogtied and gagged on the floor eventhough I know im being hogtied though i've been told that I can choose what I am gagged with (arent they kind-not!) so I wanted to ask everyone what gag I should have I dont know exactly how many things i'll get to choose out of exactly though im guessing that there will proberbly be duct tape, rags, scarfs, hankerchiefs etc and what they refer to as a wrap gag with which they stuff a wad into my mouth and bandage my mouth up. and whether ive got any chance of getting the gag out of my mouth once ive been tied up eg should I do anything with my mouth or lips while the gags being tied to stand a better chance of working it out of my mouth and any way to work it out of my mouth while im hogtied also is there any type of gag that anyone thinks I should avoid because it would be impossible to work it out I've only been hogtied a few times and I havant managed to get myself loose and I dont expect to this time. im being hogtied apparantly because its one of the securest ways to be tied up so chances of me escaping are low. but any ideas about the gag and how to possibly get it out of my mouth would be appriciated and i'll post again when I get free and hopefully post a story when i get my own back

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 08:37:10 AM
tying youngers/reply to hogtiedgirl
I do have a few stories now that you mentioned it when i tied up my friends little sister. There weren't TO many of those, but i can past those as well. I'll be posting a story or 2 today.

Hogtiedgirl, if you want to be able to escape the gag then i think your best 2 choices would be a regular cleave gag with a bandana, or simple strip of duct tape over mouth. with the cleave it's easy and with the tape just move your mouth around alot and stick out your tounge. it'll be off soon as well. as for escaping the hogtie i recoment you try and free your feet, then walk around for some scissors-or try and pull your hands under and around your feet and use your mouth to untie the knots.

the me

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 09:12:31 AM
I recommend trying to escape your hands first. You may not be able to reach the knots but if its not tied correctly with some work you can work to pull your hands free.

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 10:28:03 AM
babysitter gets hers
Here's a story where I got my babysitter tied up for about half an hour. It's not to big but I thought i'd post it anyway. I'll post a few more as well after this. 

Well my I was about 10 I think, and my parents where going out to dinner and a movie. So they got this girl we knew named Jenny to babysit. She was probably about 16 or so. She was wearing tight cacky type pants and a striped sweater. She had long blond hair, blue eyes, and as far as i can remember nice curves. 

Anyway we where flipping through channels on tv and decided nothing good was on. So was sat on the floor and tried to think of a game to play to keep us occupied for the next few hours. We where going through some ideas and after a while she said
"Well what do kids your age like to play?" I told her cops and robbers which was true. But the thought had not yet crossed my mind that this was a chance to get her tied up. 
"Well then lets play that." She said. "How do you play?"
I told her I would be the robber and she could either be a cop or the person I was robbing. She decided to be the cop.

Anyway I set up the scenario. I put some fake money and jewelery around the house for me to take and turned out all the lights. I said we both sneak around the house and I try to get all the stuff before you find me. I told her to go to a bedroom and in 1 minute to come out and look for me. 

I ran to the basement and then stealthily came back upstairs and started sneaking around collecting cash. Soon I heard a door open and I saw Jenny sneak out of the room and look around. I ducked behind a cushioned chair we had as she passed by. It now occured to me what i could do. 

I snuck to my room and grabbed the toy gun i had from my closet. then i snuck to a good hiding position and waited for her to pass by. soon i saw her coming my way and as she passed my my hiding area i jumped out behind her and stuck the gun to her back. 
"Don't move copper." I said dangerously. She obidiantly put her hands in the air and i led her to the living room. I grabbed a kitchen shair and sat it in the living room. 

"Have a seat and don't try anything funny, cause i'm watching you." i said. she giggled a bit and sat down. i backed out of the room with the gun still pointed at her and ran to the garage. I grabbed all the roep i could find and a roll of duct tape and a scarf. 

I came back into the room with the scarf and blindfolded her with it so she couldn't see what i was doing.
"You'll never get away with this." she said, breaking into giggles. 
"Shut up you." i said. i ran and got my other supplies. 

i took some rope and started to tie her hands to each side of the chair. she stiffened a bit and said "not so tight."
I made no reply and continued to tie her up. i took some more rope and tied her feet to the legs of the chair. then i tied her knees together and rapped rope above and below her breasts tying her back to the chair. 

she was struggling against her bonds now but she wasn't going anywhere. I quitely tore a few strips of duct tape off of the role. I did it slowly so she couldn't hear and protest. when i had about 5 strips i promptly slapped them one by one over her mouth sealing her lips shut.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!" she screamed in suprise and struggled against the ropes.
"Now if you'll excuse me I have a job to finish." i said evily and exited the room. i quickly collected all the other money and such. Then i snuck back the living room to watch her struggle.

After about 20 minutes she gave up and just softly mmmphed into her gag. i snuck up next to her and started tickling her. she screamed in suprise and struggled around like mad laughing into her gag. i tickled her for about 5 minutes. then i decided i wanted to stay on good terms with her so i untied her-slowly. after i removed the gag and blindofld i smiled innocently at her and said "Well that was fun!"

I ran off to watch tv before she could yell at me and after a few minutes she joined me. she never brought it up or complained about what i had done and we had a good time watching cartoons.

That's the babysitting story i have. I've also got some where i played with a couple female friends and a few when i tied up my friends little sister. feel free to ask questions.

the me

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 05:18:18 PM
It was cute. Simple, but cute. Did you tickle her simply on the sides, or the feet (and if so, socked or bare)?

Anyway, please share your other stories as well, of your tying up of female friends and your friend's sister.

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 06:25:59 PM
When Cousins Attack!
All right guys... it's been awhile! Here it goes...

It was a Thursday morning, I was bored. Been online for awhile... nothing to do. Then I remembered what had happened yesterday...
We were on the bus almost to school, and my cousin, David, was being really mean. Calling me names and stuff like that. I just dealt with it because I knew that whatever I did wouldn't matter.
I thought that right now was a great time to get back at David. So I called him and asked him if he wanted to come over. He said sure and walked over. When he got here he knocked on the door. I answered the door and told him to sit down on the couch and watch some TV while I was doing some stuff.
He was wearing a plain red shirt, blue jeans, white socks (ankle length), and hiking boots. I was wearing a black shirt with buttons, black jeans, long white socks with grey bottoms, and no shoes (because I was in my house).
I went into the other room and got some Duct Tape and some white rope. I snuck behind the couch, jumped the shit out of David, and quickly put my hand over his mouth. I told him, "Be very quiet..." I stood him up. I brought him upsatirs and into my room. In my room was a chair in the middle of the room.
I sat him down in the chair and he did not move. He was wondering what I was going to do. Once I took out a piece of that white rope. Right when I did that he started jerking around in the chair and trying to get up. I quickly grabbed his hands and put them behind the chair. I wrapped the rope around them a couple of times. Then I looked at him but I couldn't even think because he was screaming so bad. I couldn't think of anything to do, so I took off both of my socks and shoved one in his mouth. Then I took the Duct Tape and wrapped it around his head 3 times.
Then I put some of the rope around his chest and the chair a couple of times. Then I moved down to his ankles, I wrapped the rope around his ankles in an 8 (you know what I mean).
Then he kicked me... HARD! I almost screamed until I slapped him across the face. Then I decided to take his boots off so that it wouldn't hurt me. I took them off and MAN O MIGHTY did his feet stink!!! I put a lot of rope around his leg, just under the knee.
I liked my work so I went into the Living Room and left him there to struggle. After about 3 hours I untied him and he went home. And he never told anyone about that. He also never made fun of me again! That was a +!

I hope all of you liked my story!

no 1 needs to know!

Thursday, May 6th 2004 - 10:16:26 PM
reply to the me / being hogtied and gagged
hey the me thanks for the advice I managed to see your reply just before I was hogtied and gagged 

so anyway I was very securely hogtied on a matress on the floor going with your recommendation I chose a regular cleave gag with a bandana but there was another suprise when I had chosen the bandana - before it was tied between my lips a hankerchief was stuffed into my mouth with the bandana then being tied between my lips and tightly double knotted behind my head of course I tried to protest about my mouth being stuffed as well but my pathetic mumbles through the gag fell on deaf ears so i concentrated on trying to work the gag out but my attempts at working the gag out were a waste of time despite all my attempts to push the hankerchief out of my mouth the bandana held it securely in place and I was left to struggle against the hogtie again I wasant able to escape - the knots were just far too tightly tied

I was left for 2 hours in the very tight hogtie then after the 2 hours the gag was temporarly removed from my mouth but before I could speak the roll of duct tape came out an was wrapped over my lips and around my head 6 times again I tried your advice i.e moving my mouth around alot and sticking my tongue out but I couldnt try that because the tape was in a tight band wrapped over my lips and around my head I could barely move my lips nevermind stick my tongue out and anyway I was left for another 2 hours tightly hogtied and with my mouth very tightly taped up
but I'll try to again as i know i'll be hogtied again soon
feel free to comment etc also would anyone want to talk about being hogtied and gagged via msn if you would then let me know etc


Friday, May 7th 2004 - 12:12:02 AM
Hi everyone;
finally got my msn working so please feel free to add me if you want to chat about being bound and gagged etc my address is

look foward to talking to everyone on there soon


Friday, May 7th 2004 - 11:19:37 AM
tying friends little sister
First of all i'm sorry I couldn't be ore help to you hogtied girl. Sometimes it's impossible to escape a tie.

Anyway, these couple short stories (which I will include all in this post) happened about a yeasr ago, so I was 13, and Amy (my friends sister) was 8 I think.

Anyway I was spending the night at my friends house and (as always) his little sister was following us around and bugging us all day. We couldn't do anything about it becuase his mom let her tag along. We usualy just rode bikes a long ways away to fast for her to keep up. 

Well one day I was sleeping over and it was raining really hard out so we couldn't go on bikes. We where tuck in the house with Amy bugging us all day, whining and asking if she could play to. (By the way i'll mention right now that Amy had a huge crush on me. Now that I'm mentioning it Jackie from my other story did to...this is possibly why I got away with these.)

Anyway sometime in the afternoon I was getting so sick of Amy that I turned around and said "If you don't leave us alone i'm going to tie you up and leave you." 
She laughed and stuck out her tounge at me-just daring me to do it. I drew myself up to my full height and towered over her, looking straight down at her. "Think i'm kidding?" I asked. The smile went off her face for a second. Then she stuck out her tounge and ran off.
Peter (my friend) high fived me. "Good call." He said. "We should to." 

We went up to Peter's room and lounged around listening to music. It wasn't long at all before Amy came into the room chattering away. I escorted her back out and told her this was her last chance, and if she did it again she would be tied up for a good long time.

I closed the door knowing it would be opened again soon. I set around the room for items. Peter loves to make things out of duct tape so her had a couple rolls in his closet. I grabbed those. I found some socks and some bandanas.

Then Peter hid next to the door ready to jump her. Sure enough she came into the room and Peter tackled her to the ground. I closed the door and Peter cupped his hand over her mouth as she screamed. "Warned you." I said simply. 
She giggled a bit. Peter removed his hand as I stuffed a rolled up sock in Amy's mouth. I taped it shut with several layers of tape. she mmmmmmmmmphed alot and I blindfolded her with a sock. at this point I didn't want to waste duct tape because we use it for so many things, plus we might need it for later if Amy didn't learn her leason. 

I tied her crossed hands behind her back with a bandana and her feet together with one. I knew she would prbably be free, but I was mostly doing this so she would know we weren't joking. I carried her to the top bunk and layed her down. I knew this would still take her some time. Even more with a couple modifications. I took the sheets off the bed and then re-mead the bed with her under the sheets. I didn't put any big covers on because she wouldn't have been able to breath. But i put asome sheets on and tucked them into the corners of the bed. I knew she could get out of there if she was untied. But this would also make it more difficult for her to untie herself. Especaily blindfolded. 

We left the room turning out the light and closing the door behind us, with our remainig supplies in a bag. We high fived eachother and looked for some more tie-up itmes. We found Amy's silk thing that ties her robe together and some scarves. Then we looked in the garage and found some rope. we put it all in the bag and put the bag in the room we where sleeping in that night. Peter's mom usualy let her stay in the room with us.

We turned on the tv and watched comedy central. About 10 minutes later Amy appeared with a big smile on her face. She threw the bandanas and socks at us and left the room. we put the suplies in the bag.

Sure enough that night Amy was going to sleep with us. Around 10:00 PM we where watching Zoolander and I looked over at Peter. He was already asleep so I would be doing things myself. As if reading my thoughts Amy climed from her sleeping bag onto the bed that me and Peter where sleeping on. 
"It was pretty fun escaping that tie." She said. "I just wish it had been more of a challenge." 
"You want another go?" I asked. She shrugged. "Sure." she said. 

I told her to sit back on the floor and I grabbed the bag.
After going through it I found what would be best to do what with. I put her hands palm to palm behind her back and tied them with the silk leangth we had found. I tied her knees together with a bandana. Then with the leangth of rope i tied her feet together and brought them up tying the other end to her hands, pulling her into a hogtied. I blindfolded her with a sock and gagged her the same way I had before. I watched her struggle for five minutes and I asked "Can you get out?" She shook her head no.

"Good." I said. Now you can learn to leave us alone when I we ask you to. I removed her pink socks and tickled her feet. she squirmed around and laughed like mad. I went to town on her, tickling her with no mercy, no breaks, and not feeling bad at all. I went on and on ticling her feet, legs, sides, armpits, and any ticklish spot i could find on her. I must have tickled her for 20 minutes straight without stopping. I only stopped when my fingures got tired. 

Amy layed there breathing heavily. I saw a little piece of string on the floor and grabbed it. I tied her two big toes together with it and covered her with a blanket. 
"Good night." I said. She was to exausted to protest. I meant to just lay there letting her think i was going to keep her like that but i accidently fell asleep. I woke up around 2 or 3 in the morning. I looked down at Amy who appeared to be asleep. I hopped off the bed and woke her up by raking her feet with my fingures. I untied her and removed the blindfold and gag. 

She didn't complain. I was amazed she still had the nerve to stick out her tounge at me before she went to sleep.

Me and Peter woke up around 7 and went to the pasement to play pool, bringng out back with us just in case. I told him about the previouse night and he laughed. "Maybe she's learned her leason then." he said. But just as he spoke those words the basement door opened and Amy came skipping down chattering away. We both started open mouthed at her. 

"Don't you ever learn?" I said as i grabbed a roll of duct tape. I put her back up to one of the cement poles coming from the ground to the floor. I remembered how years ago I had held the escape artist Elissa on a pole like this with duct tape. I knew if i tied Amy the same way she would have no chance. I taped her hands behind the pole. and rapped tape all around her torso pinning her to the pole. I taped her feet and knees together and taped them to the pole. I taped her mouth shut and blindfolded her with a bandana. I took a scarf and tied her head against the pole. She looked exactly like Elissa had-minus the hotness.

Me and Peter continued our game of pool with amy tied to the pole until we heard his parents getting up. We untied her and she skipped off. we ate breakfat then watched an r rated movie so that Amy couldn't bug us cause she wasn't allowed to see it. she didn't bother us very much more that day.

That's my story feel free to comment or ask questions.

the me

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 12:59:26 PM
"Me and Peter woke up around 7 and went to the pasement to play pool, bringng out back with us just in case." i meant to say "bringing our bag with us" sorry.
the me

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 02:03:01 PM
Years ago you tied the escape artist Elissa to a pole? I'd love to hear about that! When was this?

Another fun story, the me. Keep them coming!

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 02:50:40 PM
when i tied up elissa
scroll up a bit. the stroy i refered to in the amy one is called "fun with 3 girls" and i posted it a few days back. shouldn't be to far back.
the me

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 03:47:57 PM
oh yeah, got it. I just glossed over the story before, since mass tie-ups aren't as exciting to me as stories where one person ties one or two others.

Friday, May 7th 2004 - 04:50:46 PM
i got a couple more stories and i think the rest of them are just tying up one person, so i'll post those when i get a chance.
the me

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 02:57:15 AM
what happened to mr ?
what happened to mr ? his stories are alot like the one i posted WHERE ARE YOU MR ?

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 05:01:48 PM
Doublecrossed. Part 1 
Hi again everyone.Time for my next story.
My stories involve some of the following people for those of you who have not read any of my previous stories.Me, my 2 sisters Amy and Charlene and our friends Leanne,Stacey and Laura.
Normally in our tie-up games i was always tied up.

Following what happened in my last story i decided to put my plans for revenge on hold. 
The next time i was tied up though was going to be happening again soon after that incident.One saturday a couple of weeks after that incident,we all decided to play a game that would involve tying up.The rules were we would split into 2 teams of three and the aim of the game was to capture all members of the opposition team anyway you could.We were going to play the game in the woods behind our houses.
It was a pretty hot day so we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts except for Charlene who was wearing tracksuit bottoms.
The teams ended up as Me,Charlene and Laura against Amy,Leanne and Stacey.It was decided that we would all go into the woods and find a suitable home base.
About 10 minutes later the games began.
Charlene and Laura told me to stay at the base with all the ropes for when they capture the first person.
They left and about 15 minutes later,they came back with Leanne in tow.We then got the ropes and proceeded to tie Leanne to a tree.We tied her wrists crossed behind her back with some clothesline and tied them to the tree.
We then tied her ankles and knees to the tree with clothesline tightly as well.I then gagged her by stuffing some cloth into her mouth and then put duct tape over it.So there it was.Our first prisoner Leanne bound and gagged to a tree.
Me,Charlene and Laura stood there admiring our work when i heard rustling in some bushes behind us.I turned round to see Amy trying to sneak up to our base.I started to turn around to warn Charlene and Laura when i was grabbed from behind and tackled to the ground.My arms were held behind me.I turned my head to see who it was.I initially thought Leanne had got free and come up behind me,but it was Charlene and Laura! 

To be continued.

Alfie M

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 05:43:37 PM
Doublecrossed. Part 2
As i left it i had just been tackled to the ground and had my arms being held in place behind my back.The people who were doing this was my two team-mates who were supposed to be on my side Charlene and Laura.
Charlene was the one holding my arms behind my back.By this time Amy was at the entrance to our base.Amy then said" so our plan worked then"? Charlene answered"went like clockwork".I asked what this was all about.Laura said "that this was more revenge on me for trying to tie Leanne up the other time.Also we are going to play something else while you two lovebirds can stay here all tied up." Leanne hearing that last comment started to struggle and mmph into her gag but she was tied too tightly.I am sure that if she was free she would have slapped Laura for that comment because Laura knew that Leanne had a major crush on me.Laura then passed some ropes to Charlene who lifted me up and while i tried to struggle to get away Amy helped Charlene take me over to the tree next to Leanne.
Charlene then tied my wrists crossed behind my back around the tree with rope.She tied it very tightly.While Charlene was doing this Amy was tying my ankles tightly with rope.She did this pretty quickly.Charlene then stuffed a cloth in my mouth while Amy got the duct tape a wrapped it around my mouth and head.Charlene then got another rope and tied it to one of the ropes that was tied to my wrists.She then pulled the other end tightly down to where my ankles were tied and tied it to the rope that was tied to my ankles.
After she had done this i found that i could hardly move my arms at all.
While all this was happening Laura was tying more ropes to Leanne to make sure she couldn't escape.
Laura,Amy and Charlene then said goodbye with Amy shouting back as they started to leave" don't get up to anything now will you"? As if we could we were tied so tight i knew we were not going to get free on our own.
This didn't deter Leanne though who struggled with all her might.By the time she did give up i could see sweat pouring off her face.
About 15 minutes later Charlene,Amy and Laura came back.They had a bag with them.I couldn't see what was in it.
Laura said that they got bored so they are going to play another game.Me and Leanne both looked at each other as to say uh-oh.I mmphd loudly.Charlene said the game was called target practice.All 3 girls then reached into the bag and pulled out a load of water balloons.They started throwing them at us.They used all their balloons in 10 minutes.Me amd Leanne were soaking wet as most of the balloons had hit us.They then left us for another half hour when Charlene and Amy came back.
They untied us both and told us that Laura had to go home.I asked them" whatever happened to Stacey"? Leanne said that she had helped Amy,Charlene and Laura to tie her up at their base.They had then grabbed Leanne and taken her to my base.Charlene told me that her,Amy and Laura had planned this for weeks and that they may strike again when we least expect it.We then all went to our homes to dry off.

There it is i was doublecrossed by members of my own teams. Hope you all enjoyed this story.I will have another one soon.

As always any feedback is very much appreciated.

Alfie M

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 06:59:50 PM
I heard about this's a true story that happened to myself and a girlfriend a few years ago. We were at a loft party in NYC, where an up and coming band was playing. Band members were interested in both of us, and after a few drinks, they invited us to be a part of the live video that was being taped. We followed them through a series of hallways into a connecting building, unaware of their video plot. After talking and walking, the band members became aggressive, grabbed us each from behind and hand-gagged us. They led us into a small room with lights, video camera, ropes and tape. While tightly holding us, they gagged us both with yellow colored tape. Then they tied our wrists behind our backs and forced us to the floor. Our ankles were then bound and they sat us back to back. They tied us together, ropes around our chests. Our stomachs were all tied up with more rope. We were tightly tied, unable to move. Then they turned on the video camera and taped our struggle for a couple of hours until a friend of ours from the party found us and freed us. That tape is still missing.....

Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 10:43:53 PM
The Hostage Game
This was taught to me by two girls named Karen and Sissy. The idea is to draw cards among the players in order to get the higher ranked card. The player holding the lower rank card becomes the hostage. The game has to be played by at least three players in order to have one hostage, one kidnapper, and one seeker. Since the game's rules aren't written in stone, players can suggest new rules as they go along. Their mother, Eileen, knew the rules well because of Sissy and Karen having played the game before. Eileen, a lookalike for QVC's Lisa Mason, was about 110 pounds and stood 5' 3" tall. She worked as a secretary and wore the usual attire for such a position. Karen and I had been talking to each other while I waited for Eileen to come home in order to tell her I would look after her house while the family was on vacation. Sissy, the younger sister, hadn't arrived home yet. 

She was still at ballet class. We waited for her but she didn't seem like she would be on time. While waiting, Eileen showed up first in her business suit, flanel shirt, skirt, black pantyhose, and high heels. 

She noticed the deck of cards before us and asked if Sissy was home yet. We said, "No. Not yet."
"How else are you all going to play without a third member?", Eileen asked. Karen asked, "Why don't you play with us until Sissy comes home?". Eileen thought about it for a second and agreed to play along. We each draw a card and Eileen came out dead last. "Before we start, can I take off my coat?", she asked. Karen agreed to the request and went to get her game supplies. Eileen asked, "Who's going to be the kidnapper?" I replied, "Karen can do it." Eileen waited for Karen to arrive and Karen ordered me outside while she tied up her mother out of my sight. I went out back and waited for the signal for I don't know how long before going to the front of the house. Finally, Karen called out for me to return. 

My job from then on was to find Eileen and release her. No time limit was involved because having the kidnapper walking around with me might tip me off to where the hostage was. If Karen wanted to, she could time me but it didn't affect the game unless I agreed to her rules. I quickly searched the house  and found nothing. I decided to check the garage and search the family van. Since the windows were tinted, it was hard to see in them. Fortunately, the game required that all hiding places be left unlocked. 

I opened the side door and found Eileen bound and gagged on the seat just behind the driver and passenger seats. She was laying on her right side with her shoes on the van floor and staring me in the face with her mouth gagged by a white cloth, cleave style. Karen had tied her ankles together with white rope and also had tied her just above her knees. I had to turn Eileen over to see that Karen had crossed her mother's hands behind her back before binding them with the same white rope. Eileen tried to talk but all that came out was mumbled words. If you have ever read the Rocketeer comic book where Betty Page is kidnapped by Nazis, then you could image what I saw. I was going to untie her when suddenly I heard sounds coming from the full seat behind Eileen's. I turned her back on to her side to her disappointment. I asked Karen, "What was that?". Karen said, "See for yourself." I slowly rose and looked over the seat. There laid Sissy in her white leotard and white tights. She was bound and gagged just like her mother. Suddenly, I realized why Karen took so long to call me into the house: Sissy had arrived while I was outside. I lifted Sissy to a seated position and did the same to her mother and stood back and took in the view. Karen had gagged them both so tightly that both sets of their teeth were covering up the cleave gags in their mouths. The cloths were becoming moist with saliva. Karen stated, "Now, try me." What do you mean?", I asked. Karen said to take one or both of them and hide them while she's out of the house. I decided to take both of them and told Karen to wait outside. I carried Eileen first and then Sissy to a sliding closet in Karen's room, think Karen would look there last. I removed their cleave gags in order to give them relief from their gags. Karen had put two knots into each gag, which made it difficult to remove them. Finally, Eileen and her daughter Sissy could talk, but not for long. I knew that Karen would return soon, perhaps before I called her. I left Eileen ande Sissy tied up as Karen had left them but decided I needed to keep them quiet. I found two hankies and told the two of them to open wide. First, Eileen then Sissy. I then proceeded to spread out the white cloths in order to create detective
style gags. The hankies cut down on the noise they had made once I opened the van. I closed the closet but left it partial open in order to treat Karen. Surely enough, Karen had to search her room twice to find them. 
Karen asked them why they didn't hit their heads against the closet wall in order to get her attention. Both were afraid their heads would go through the wall if they did it.

The End


Monday, May 10th 2004 - 12:23:55 AM
to michelle
Did they just leave you alone and a friend found you, or did a friend walk in while they were videotaping you and let you go?

Cute story, though. I hope you're not shook up by what happened.

Monday, May 10th 2004 - 12:21:59 PM
tying up lauren
Alright guys i've only got a couple more stories but here's one where i tied up one of my female friends. 

Her name is lauren and this was one of the first real tie ups i ever experienced. 

to tell how this story really got start i'll first have to tell you how i got into bondage. i know i've always loved parts in movies when girls got tied up and i had playfuly tied up my babysitter in the pasr but i never knew that bondage was a real thing people got into.

anyway one day i was over at my friends house and somebody called him up. they where talking on the phone while i was watching tv and i heard my friend sat "why did you go to" that caught my attention and i thought "what the hell is that?" so when i got home i looked it up and i had found my first bondage website. i had to say i liked it and before long i was thinking of playing this with my friends. 

i called up lauren and she came over. soon we where bored and i said "i thought of this game where one of us ties up the other and the other tries to get free in like 10 minutes. she said it sounded interesting. we decided if we where going to do it we should do it someplace else cause my parents where home. i got some packing tape and duct tape and a bit of rope form the garage. 

we walked to the creek where we hang out alot discussing this new "tie-up game" when we arrived i really had no clue how to tie her up. i tied her hands behind her back with rope and her feet together with duct tape. i put a couple strips of packing tape over her mouth and she was free in litteraly under 30 seconds. she had to go home after that but i had found something i wanted to do more.

that's how i got into bondage so now with lauren i could casualy say "lets play the tie up game" and it wouldn't be weird.

so one day a couple years ago she was over and we where as usaul bored. this was around the time i started finding lauren attractive and she was starting to curve. after a while i found the stash of rope in my closet that i kept there and the roll of duct tape and the bandanas. my parents weren't home at the time so i pulled them out. lauren glanced at them but didn't say anything. she was sitting on my bed and i brought all the stuff over and dropped it on the bed. 

lauren pretended to ignore it. i casualy pushed her onto her stomach and pulled her hands behind her back. normaly lauren never lets me tie her up with duct tape so i took advantage of her silence and tied her crossed hands tightly with duct tape. i tied her feet together and pulled her into a hogtie. i got a huge pillow case and cleave gagged her with it. then i blindfolded her with a bandana. she didn't struggle much but just sat there.

what always pissed me off so much about lauren was that she was 100% NOT ticklish. you try and tickle lauren you get NO reaction. but that didn't stop me from trying everytime she was tied up. i removed her shoes and socks. she sighed. i tickled her feet with no mercy in every way i knew how. got nothing. i tried with a feather. got nothing. i tickled her sides and legs, armpits and neck. nothing. i gave up tickling and sat on the bed next to her. i put on a movie (tv in my room at the time) and she watched the whole thing with out struggling much. 

when it was over i took out the gag. she said she had to be home soon. i laughed and put the gag back in. that move got a reaction from her. she must have thought that i thought she was bluffing to get me to untie her. i would untie her soon but i wasn't about to let her know that. now she started struggling because she has a very strict mother and when she's home late she gets grounded. i turned out the ligt and left the room, closing the door behind me. i came back in 1 minute later. lauren was still struggling. 

she was sometimes hard to convince to play the tie-up game so i took advantage of this and removed the gag. "promiss we can play the tie-up game again when i want to and you're free." i said. "no way" she said and i put the gag back in and headed for the door. she mmmmmmmmmmmmphed like crazy "MMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!! WYT! WYT!" i came back and took off the gag. she agreed to my terms and i let her go. she put on her shoes and kicked me in the shins. then as always she gave me a hug (a friendly one, not a loving one) and left.

that's my story and sadly lauren in moving next month. ut she is actualy supposed to come over today and she agreed a few months agho to playing this game again before she moved because we haven't played it in so long. i'm a little rusty but i think i might get her tied up today. and the best part is (this is a dream come true) she IS TICKLISH NOW!!!! woohoo! she is so much more fun now. so i might have a lot of fun today. wish me luck! feel free to ask questions

the me

Monday, May 10th 2004 - 06:03:21 PM
to the me
Very cute story. How old were you (and Lauren) at the time? Makes me wonder why your friend's friend would visit a site named "" - he apparently is "into it" or "curious"?

I also noticed you and your friends play in mixed gender groups, which is always cool. When I was a kid, there was some degree of boys and girls hanging out together, but generally people preferred (by far) company of their own gender. Nobody really made fun of kids for playing with the opposite sex though, that I knew of.

Did you happen to think that Lauren had cute feet, as well? You often pulled off shoes and socks and tried tickling, it seems. Was that somewhat of an excuse to see girls' feet - even if it's not a big interest of yours, were you "curious" in that area as well?

Anyway, a very cute story, and thanks much for sharing. I'd appreciate if you could answer these questions.

Monday, May 10th 2004 - 11:15:20 PM
Please come check out my new dreambook! The name is Little Girl Bondage Stories and can be found at:


Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 09:27:33 AM
Well I don't remember EXACTLY how old we where...but i'm guessing 10 or 11. I have no clue why my friend's friend went to that website, i've never even met the guy. And I don't pull off girls shoes and socks as an excuse to see their feet. Just for tickling. Don't get me wrong I think that they have cute feet, but I don't have a foot fetish.

Hope these answer your questions, i'll post another story as soon as I can.

the me

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 09:57:33 AM
hi everyone. just going to say good story the me.
i will be posting another story soon.just one question there any feedback to my last would be very much appreciated.
Alfie M

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 10:03:25 AM
to Alfie M
yeah that was a good story alfie. did you ever get revenge on them for that? are there any time when you had them all tied up and you didn't get tied up?

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 11:21:52 AM
to commentor
i did manage to get some revenge on each of them,but not at the same time as i was always greatly outnumbered. i had to get them when they were on their own or i had to get help from one of the other girls.but those are other stories that i will be sharing soon.
thanks for the feedback
Alfie M

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 02:26:39 PM
babysitter tie up games
this is the next story of a series of tie up games that happenned 8 years ago, i was 10 at the time and my babysitter michelle, age 14, who i had a gigantic crush on, introduced me to tie up games
it had been 3 weeks to a month or such since the last time michelle babysat, thus tied me up, she had tied me up quite eloborately in my basement and tickled me out of my mind, I was begining to realise that she had planned on tying me up that way, and the thought of her thinking of her tying me up, even planning it, drove me wild, i couldn't stop thinking about it,
the time inbetween was maddening, i tied my self up or at least fantasized being tied up by michelle everyday, to quence my addiction i tickle tortured my best friend john's little sister amanda every chance i got, which she seemed to like for she'd coax me into it, i even went as far as to tie her up with her skipping rope and me and john tickled her into a mindless screaming mess, but it didn't completely help, i wanted michelle and tie up games with her, plus i couldn't find a way to get someone else to tie me up wih the risk of being thought a total weirdo,
i was getting very agitated that my mom wouldn't go away for even one evening the whole 3-4 weeks, i loved her and all, but i needed my michelle fix damn it, and i so missed her, my crush was so big, just the sight of her smile, just the sight of her anything would brighten my mood,
i would get my fix though, my mom was, FINALLY!, leaving, and not just for the evening, but the night, she was visiting family way out of town, my heart nearly broke and my head nearly exploded when she said michelle couldn't babysit so my aunt would, but luckily michelles schedule openned up,
it was friday, and knowing michelle wouldn't be by till dinner, i hung out with john and some other friends, when dinner time came, i rushed home, nearly dieing 3 times riding my bike like a maniac,
i openned the door, it was unlocked, that meant she was there! my heart was racing,
there she was in the living room dusting the tv, my mom made her clean while babysitting, which bugged me cause it took away from my michelle time,
"hey kid", she said with that killer crooked smile, her hair was dyed hot pink and pulled back in tails with sparkly scrunchies, she had her crazy jewelry on lots of bracelets and necklaces with trinkets hanging from them, her shirt was bright purple and tied behind the neck, leaving her upper back, arms, shoulders and armpits bare, it fortunately stopped just above her cute bellybutton, the shirt had some silly writting like keesh me or such on it, i was suprised she wasn't wearing her usual baggy raver pants, to my enjoyment she had on a black skirt and a pink belt, the skirt wasn't very long, showing off her skinny and sexy legs, unfortunately she had purple socks on which matched her shirt,
i was wearing a tanktop, blue jeans, and socks if anyone cares,
"come here," she said with a big grin, i felt kind of goofy, realising i was standing in the doorway checking her out with her looking right at me,
kicking off my shoes i ran over to her and she gave me a big hug, "i missed ya kiddo" her arms wrapped tightly around me, i wondered if she could feel my heart racing,
"missed you to," i said, but feeling awkward i started tickling her flanks, "AHH!" she squeeked, squirming free, "you little bugger!" she said, and her hands assumed the tickle fight position, the sight of those long nails gave me a shiver, i prepared for the tickle fight and she supprised my by tripping me, on the ground she quickly strattled me, fighting desperately i began tickling her ribs and stomach which nearly knocked her right off laughing hysterically, but she managed to grab my wrists, i fought to get free, but despite her being 5 feet tall and under 90lbs she soon pulled my arms under her legs, i was only 10 after all
now helpless i was soon screetching in laughter as she pulled up my shirt and her evil nails danced super light and super fast all over my stomach, i was bucking like mad, after nearly a minute of this it tickled so intensly my bucking knocked her off and to the side, she stopped,
"all right kid, i brought chinese food, lets eat it before it gets cold" she said hopping up and skipping into the kitchen, and the tickle fight was over,
we ate together, told stories and jokes, she had me laughing alot, i so admired her, hung on every word that came out of her mouth,
i ate quicker than even normal, and started doing dishes even before her, which got me another hug to my grand pleasure, i had to get this mundane stuff out of the way! one of us had to be tied up as soon as possible,
dispite all the rushing i was doomed to play my playstation while michelle finished cleaning, that hour of waiting seemed longer than the last month of waiting,
then she was done, she came over and messed my hair, i paused my game, noted that she was now barefoot, her toenails like her fingernails were pink to match her hair, noticing me glancing at her little super smooth feet, she stated, "stepped in water, it was gross, so what do ya want to do lee?"
"i dunno," i answered, wishing i had the guts at the moment to tell her exactly what i wanted to do,
"you want to put in a 2 player game?" she suggested, nodding towards the playstation,
"lets play blackjack!" i said, thinking quickly,
"blackjack eh? do you forget that you suck at that?" she teased, i saw that gleam in her eye, a slight mischevious hint to her smile, she knew damn it! she knew i why i wanted to play,
"i'm gonna crush you this time!" i stated boldly,
"you'll try!" she laughed and pushed me over on my side,
"Hey!" i protested but she was already in the kitchen, i quickly shut off my game and headed into the kitchen to get a glance of michelle on her tip-toes reaching up for the cards, she was sooooo beautiful!!
"Michelle?" i said, as she sat down shuffling the cards,
"let me guess, you want to make a bet," she said,
!!!!!! is all i thought, she really was making this sooooo easy, "winner ties up the looser?" i said, my voice shaky,
"sure kid, me the winner'll tie up you the looser," she said with a smile,
"2 out of 3?" i said, and she agreed with a nod
my heart was racing, there was something michelle didn't know as she dealt me my cards, i had marked them, it didn't guarantee i'd win, but it gave me a better chance, at winning or loosing, it was my choice!
with luck of the draw she won the first game, i knew even before she showed me, thanx to the little marks on the back of her cards,
"your going down mr. lee!" she bragged,
"2 out of 3!" i retorted,
and made sure to beat her the second time,
and this was it, the last hand, cards were dealt, i was nearly getting dizzy at the excitement, "be right back," i said, and went to the bathroom, once i was calm,
i sat down and picked up my cards, i had a 4 and a 5, michelle had a 10 and a king, hit me i said, and got a 3, and she supprised me and picked up a card!! "damn it, i'm over," she said, SHE LOST ON PURPOSE! i no longer cared that i was to choose who got tied up, she actually blew the game, she wanted me to tie her up!!! i was so excited,
"Looks like you won kid," she said, faking disappointment, she had no idea i knew she blew it on purpose, 
"ha ha! the victor! all shall fear mighty lee!" i cheered, but it was just to cover up that i knew,
"how we gonna do this?" michelle asked, the nervous anticipation in her voice nearly gave me a heartattack,
"go to my room," i commanded and i headed over to her back and rummaged through to find both pairs of handcuffs, she giggled and headed off,
i swung by my moms room to get the cloth bathrobe ropes and came to my room to find michelle laying on my bed on her stomach her bare feet rocking in the air behind her,
"remember the rules!" she said sternly, "let me go the second i tell you! or else!" i gulped, the only time i had tied her up, i went to far on the tickle torture, and her revenge was hell,
"get on your back," i ordered and she complied, kneeling on the bed next to her i grabbed her nearest wrist and put her original pair of fuzzy cuffs, 
click click click click, i set the safety, and left it dangling from her wrist, she went to pull on the cuff to test it but i grabbed her other wrist and put her other cuffs on it, the many knoched cuffs made a zip noise, i set the safety,
and left it hanging, i then move down by her legs and started tying the cotton belts around each ankle, making sure they weren't cutting off circulation, but making damn sure there'd be no escape, as i did this michelle was giggling playing with the cuffs, trying to pull her hands out hoplessly,
i kneeled again beside her and grabbed the nearest handcuff and pulled her wrist to the the far corner of my headboard, 
she complied, but as i clicked it around the bar securing her arm, she said, "remember the rules," the nervousness in her voice nearly made my head explode with excitement,
"of course," i said, crawling over her and quickly zipped the cuffs on the opposite far heaboard bar, she was giggling nervously pulling on the cuffs, realising her helplessness,
i pulled her legs, pulling her super taut along the bed, making her huff a bit, i pulled the one cotton rope to the far corner of the bed and secured it, then the other
Michelle was now tied totally helpless before me, spreadeagle on my bed, her shirt had lifted up far up her stomach when i pulled her taught, but her skirt lifted up too, and with her legs stretched apart i could see her pink panties, i got a dizzy spell realising how helpless she was, how much at my mercy, she couldn't even cover herself, kindly i pulled her skirt down to cover her up,
"thanx lee," she said, voice very shaky, she wasn't looking at me but up at each of her outstretched arms, testing the bonds hoplessly,
i had tied her up good, she could only move her head, her arms and legs and torso were pulled completely taut, it looked kind of uncomfortable, but michelle didn't protest, i admired her cute navel and stomach muscles as she tried in vain to move her body, i looked down those bare stretched out legs and to her bare feet which she could barely wiggle, i looked the length of her skinny taut bare arms, secured motionless and to her immobile totally exposed armpits, 
seeing me look her up and down michelle started giggling, nearly gafawing when i looked at her armpits, this was one of the best days of my life, michelle tied helpless to my bed, at my total evil 10 year old mercy, and she had blown the game, she WANTED TO BE THERE!!
it was time to have her now totally surrender to me, "tickle tickle tickle...." i said with a melody slowly climbing off the bed and stalking comically towards her feet,
"NO!!! wait!!" michelle yelled desperately, trying to struggle but not moving an inch,
"tickle tickle tickle..." i continued, standing at the end of the bed my fingers tickled air inches from her feet,
"tickle tickle tickle..-" and i started laughing at michelle, she was allready laughing and i hadn't even touched her yet,
her head looked up and down, side to side desperately, she was totally realising her full helplessness, that i could do anything i wanted, as long as i wanted and she couldn't do anything about it,
"Lee!" she blurted between giggles, "ok, it was fun, but,"
NO WAY i thought, no way was she going to ask to get out already, i didn't give her a chance to finish,
"tickletickleticklle!" i said quickly and my arms reached out, one hand attacked each foot, my fingers moving super quick and light, up and down her bare soles, her sentence exploded into screaming laughter, "tickletickletickletickle!" i continued,her muscles were taught as she attempted to buck against her bonds, her head shook back and forth, her eyes clenched tight, then wide in desperation, her mouth couldn't close, her hyper ticklish feet getting viciously tortured poured laughter out helplessly,
"tickletickletickle," i laughed, michelle was starting to sweat, i probly should have stopped, or even let her catch her breath but i didn't, my fingers danced viciously up and down her feet, from heel to toes, sometimes concentrating on certain areas, "tickle tickle michelle!", her hair was falling out of her tails and started to matt from sweat, i continued my relentless tickle assault, and didn't stop, she wanted to be tied up by me, and i was an evil little 10 year old with little conscience in a time of instant gradification, she was about to ask to get free, but she was at my mercy, the sight of her stretched across my bed, i never wanted to let her go, the sight of her laughing hysterically was heaven in my eyes, so i tickled and tickled, her laugh started sounding inhuman, tears streamed down her cheeks, a look of authentic fear and desperation was in her eyes, she was probly terrified i wouldn't stop, it must have seemed like an eternity,
then i stopped, and started climbing on the bed up her body, she was covered in sweat, she was totally out of breath, breathing deep, her eyes closed in releif, i strattled her waist, looking at her stomach stretched before me, that adorable inbetweeny-navel, taught stomach muscles, skin tight against her exposed ribs at i pulled her shirt up just bellow her small breast, which shape i admired through her shirt, i looked up to her bare armpits and arms, all imobile before me, not going anywhere till i chose, i was in heaven,
realising i was stratling her my eyes hovering over her body her eyes openned and she forced out speech,
"Ok....No more...Mercy...." she struggled to get out between breaths, i cleared her sweaty wet hair from her face and whiped her tears,
"Ok...Lee...Untie-" NO CHANCE! i interupted her quickly and viciously, my fingers danced quickly my hands moving in circles tickling her bellybutton and around, switching from one hand to the other over and over, god she was so ticklish! despite her exhaustioin she quickly exploded with laughter, so insainly ticklish and even more insane letting herself be tied up by a 10 year old tickle monster, "tickle tickle michelle! tickletickletickletickle!" i sang, my hands moving up and down her stomach, side by side, from sternum to bellow the belly button, then dividing to dance up and down her sides and ribs, taking a spit second i pulled her skirt low to expose her upper hips,
"MERCY!!" she burst out desperately in that spit second, i heard true desperation in her voice, even helpless fear, 
but i was lost in the moment, "tickle tickle tickle!" i sang tickling her hips and lower stomach lightly then grabbing her hips in a firmer tickle, then lightly,
"AHH!!AHH!AHH!AHH!!" is what her laugh sounded like,
i was starting to get off on the power trip, i was loving that i could make her turn to a complete wreck and she couldn't stop me, i know i probly had already crossed the line, so i might as well get the most out of it while she was still at my total mercy, mercy she wouldn't get,
i stopped to let her catch her breath, i was truely lost in my power trip cause i think she was actually crying, i couldn't deal with it, i felt guilty later, but i was to powerhungry at the time, it was obvious this was literal tickle torture at this point, but when she went to speak i didn't let her,
my fingers super fast and super light drew circles in her imobile armpits,
"NO-AH!AH!AH!" she started screaming, head rocking back and forth, eyes wide in desperation, "tickletickletickle!" my fingers danced up and down her arms, then back to her armpits,
Her laugh started sounding strange, it was mad and hysterical, i think she was trying to scream help, to hopefully get someone to stop this evil 10 year old from torturing her, but help wouldn't come,
"tickle tickle tickle!" my hands went chaotic, tickling an armpit with one, around her navel with the other, then switching, to hips with one ribs with other, reaching back with both to tickle her legs and knees, her laugh was just screaming at this point, her eyes full of desperation, looking at me for mercy, looking at me with fear, "tickletickletickletickle" i concentrated on her stomach for a bit, fingers ever moving, ever tickling, she was banging her head against the pillow, but it couldn't destract her brain from the tickling sensation,
"tickletickletickle," my hands dance all over her torso, the look in her eyes started to look insane, the look scared me so i decided to stop, she was still giggling, and trying to plead for help, and slowly started calming with the lack of tickle torture
michelle was struggling to catch her breath, she looked totally exhausted, i sat still, strattling her, admired her exposed midriff and armpits
"mercy!" she said weakly, upset clear in her voice, "please, mercy" she forced out, there was fear and desperation there, she wasn't even asking to be untied, she was to afraid i'd keep tickling,
which i was debating, this was just going to be a breather after all,
"i'm gonna tickle you.." i sang, my hands tickling cirlces above her stomach,
michelle looked horrified, "HELP!!" she screamed, out towards my bedroom door
i dug my fingers in, viciously tickling her stomach and ribs, her screaming laughter was full of helpless desperation, but i started to snap out of my sadistic moment and the tickling slowed to a stop,
i curled up next to her to let her know it was over,
"ok, i'm stopping, i'm stopping," i cleared the tears from her eyes, at that catching her breath she seemed to start relaxing, it took her over 5 minutes before she could speak, "please lee, oh god, mercy, please don't tickle me anymore," she pleaded helplessly,
"i won't" i promised, and fought the sudden urge to attack her feet and drive her back to near insanity,
"are you mad?" i asked her,
it took a bit for her to answer, which started making me feel bad,
"No, lee, i'm not, but untie me now, or i will be," she said weakly
"ok" i said, and headed off to get the handcuff keys which i left in her bag
i got back to the room, there she still was, stretched out helpless, sexy bare legs, feet, stomach, armpits and arms, only her chest moved breathing heavy in exhaustion, i was fighting very hard not to do it all over again, to tickle her senseless, for even longer, with less mercy, crawling on the bed with the keys, seeing her look at them desperately, realising she couldn't get free, i nearly gave in to my evil tickle torture urges, 
but i feared michelle not liking me any more way to much and untied her, she curled on my bed in a fetal position and i cuddled up to her putting my arms around her, "swear your not mad" i asked,
it took her a bit to answer, it was killing mE!
she let out a soft giggle and said, "no," which sent waves of releif through me, but her next coment made me afraid,
"but lee, revenge is a bitch."

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 08:02:03 PM
great story anomale! where there any other times you tied up michelle? if so i'd love to hear about them!

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 08:31:06 PM
to anomalee
great story.did michelle get her revenge on you?if so i would love to hear about that.
Alfie M

Wednesday, May 12th 2004 - 09:21:56 PM
A new tie up game
Join my new group corewar and get the rules to a fun new game for the summer.

Thursday, May 13th 2004 - 09:19:53 AM
its great to hear from you again, anomolee. and great story! that was probably my favourite out of all of the ones you have written.

Thursday, May 13th 2004 - 11:22:56 AM
thanx guys! glad you liked it,
she did get her revenge, i'll tell that story soon,
and i did get to tie up michelle again, and her me,
many more times

Thursday, May 13th 2004 - 10:19:42 PM
When I was about 13 my cousin and I, who was the same age, were playing with a video camera in his basement and decided to make a movie about cops and robbers. It was mostly fake fighting and fake guns and stuff, but inevitable there had to be a part where the bad guy tied someone up to rob them. We set the camera on the tripod. My cousin said he'd pretend to be all tied up as I played the villain and taunted him while stealing his money. There was a bunch of soft white rope in the back room. We used that. I tied his hands behind his back and tied his ankles together, too. 
"You should tie something around my mouth to make it look real," he said. "Like they do on cartoons so the people can't talk. "
"A gag?" I said.
"Yeah, that's it. A gag," said my cousin.
"What should we use?"
"Go up to my room and go into my sock drawer," my cousin said. "Get a long sock and just tie it around my mouth."
I went up to my cousin's room and rummaged through his sock drawer. He had mostly ankle socks, which were too short, but buried underneath everything were some old, longer white socks, very worn down and thin and soft. I took one of those.
I returned and tied it around his mouth, not too tightly. He obviously was able to talk through it, but once I turned on the camera to begin the scene he grumbled as if he couldn't say anything. I was surprised at how well he acted the part, struggling around and grunting madly into the white sock. I reminded me of when they tie someone up on TV, and their gag is obviously ineffective, but all they do is make "mmmm" noises. 

Thursday, May 13th 2004 - 11:01:57 PM
is there more?

Friday, May 14th 2004 - 02:04:10 PM
emily and molly
Yo yo, guys. I'm running out of stories here but this is one i can remember from when i was 12 i think. 

Emily and Molly are sisters that live 2 houses down from me and i used to hang out with them all the time. if i was 12 then emily was 13 and molly was 11. emily was tall and skinny with long dark hair and brown eyes. molly was short and skinny with short blonde hair and blue eyes. 

anyway we used to play a game where i would capture them and pretend to make them my slaves. we would play wherever we happened to be. one day we where hanging around in their house and we went into their basement where i found lots of cloths line and duct tape. 

we played this game all the time so i didn't even have to beg. if i remember correctly i didn't even have to ask. i just walked up to them with the rope and emily would hold out her hands. molly was always a bit hesitant to play but she usualy ended up playing anyway.

but i was sick of playing in their constricting basement. i stuffed the supplies in my pockets and suggested we go to my house. nobody was home at my house.

so we walked into the livingroom on my house and i pulled out the supplies. emily held out her hands but i really wanted to tie them up this time. i pulled her hands behind her and crossed them. i tied her like that and ordered her to sit down on the couch. i pulled a chair into the room and told molly to sit in it. after some hesitation she did so. i had her put her arms on the arms of the chair and i tied them securly. i knew once she saw me tie up emily she wouldn't want to play so i figured i should do her completely first. i tied each of her bare feet to the front legs of the chair. then i tied her knees together. she was struggling and she started to say she didn't like it this tight but i ripped off some duct tape and gagged her. she mmmmmmmmphed like crazy and struggled. i took some more rope an tied her torso to the back of the chair. 

emily laughed and i walked over to her. i rapped rope around her torso pinning her arms to her back. then i tied her feet and legs together and pushed her onto her stomach. i pulled her into a hogtie and gagged her with duct tape. she giggled into her gag. 

molly was screaming into her gag and rocking the chair around a lot so i figured i should let her go. i started to untie her and she calmed down. when i finished untying her hands she ripped off the gag and walked out of the house.

emily rolled her eyes. i watched her struggle for about 10 minutes then i tickled her sides a bit. she giggled. i moved down her legs and tickled her feet. she sqeeled and struggled, laughing into her gag. i picked her up and carried her to my room. i layed her down on the bed and untied the hogtie. i untied her feet and knees. i had her on her back. i raped some rope around each of her feet and pulled them to the bottom corners of the bed, tying them off.i untied the rope around her torso and hands. i pulled each of her hands to the top corners of the bed and tied them there. she was now spread eagle on my bed, blue and white striped tank-top, very short cacky shorts and bare feet.

i tickled her sides, armpits, legs, and feet for abnout 5 minutes. then i layed down on the bed and turned on a movie. i layed on the opposite side of her as the tv so she could turn her head and see it. every few minutes i would tickle her a bit and she would giggle. i wasn't really watching the movie, i was staring at her long legs and tanned body the whole time. after a while i turned of the movie and sat on her belly. she giggled and tried to buck me off, but she was tied down to tight. i pretended not to know she was there and laid down on my back right on top of her. she laughed and kept trying to buck me off. i pulled to covers over me and pretended to go to sleep. after about 5 minutes she was mmmphing into her gag. i slowly moved my arm towards her belly, and she couldn't see because the covers where over us. when i was really close i tickled her like mad, on her belly and sides. 

she squirmed and screamed into her gag. after about 10 minutes i got off of her and untied her hands. i tied them behind her again and untied her feet. i marched her downstairs and tied her feet together tightly. then i stood back and watched her. she was standing up, with her feet tied together so she couldn't move at risk of falling. she glared at me and tried to hop, she lost her balance but i was ready to catch her. i steadied her and after a bit more tickling let her go. she said everything was fun except for the tickling and went home.

i don't have very many more stories but feel free to comment or ask quesitons on this one.

the me

Friday, May 14th 2004 - 05:18:34 PM
to the me
do you have any messengers?

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 12:13:12 AM
To the me
Not a bad story. I don't have much else to add. I'd like to hear the rest.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 12:37:48 AM
Baby sitter stories
As a kid (ages 9-13)in the 80's I would often play cops and robbers/ tie up games with my babysitters.
As I recall,none of them ever minded the games...but actually seemed to enjoy them.
Nothing kinky or sexual ever occurred. it was your simple tv series type scenario.
One specific incident was with Susan, a college student who often babysat during the summer.
About an hour after she arrived, we were watching a TJ Hooker episode where the female lead was captured and bound and gagged.
After the show I remeber asking her to play a game where I was the bad guy who captured her and then later became the cop who rescued her.
She said "ok" with no hesitation, got up,kicked off her shoes and sat on the floor.
I had to go and find some binding materials, so I quickly ran off looking. I found several extention cords and came back in the room where she was still sitting on the floor watching another show.
I told her to lay on her stomach, which she did. She looked back and saw the extention cords and said "you're tying me up?" I replied "yes" and she put her hands behind her back.
As I tied her wrists she continued to watch tv.
I tied them pretty tight which caused her say "ow" several times. She told me not to tie them so tight, but I did anyway. I even looped the ropes through her belt loops on her pants to keep her from sliding her hands down over her feet as some had done in the past. (girls are very flexible)
I then went to her feet and tied her ankles also tightly.
I remember her saying "you better let me go when I say so"
I didn't reply.
I then tried to hog tie her and she struggled saying "no you don't...this is good enough". (Later, after the game she told me that she would have been too helpless if she was hogtied. She described a tv episode she had recently seen where the damsel was hogtied and could not escape) 

I did convince her, after several attempts,to let me tie her knees together. 

After she was tied, I became the bad guy saying "we've got you now lady". She replied with her dialogue something like "you'll never get away with this". This continued for a few minutes while she struggled to get loose.
I could tell that she was tied securely as each struggle became more intense with more energy. I thought she would get loose but she was not able to.
I wanted to gag her, but knew I couldn't ask or she would say no.
I left the room in search of something to use.
As soon as I left she yelled out "where are you going?"'re not gagging me!!!"
I knew I would have to hide the gag. 
I found several bandanas. I wound one up and hid it in my back pocket and then balled one up and placed it in my other pocket.
I came back in and found her struggling very hard. She was starting to sweat.
She looked at my hands to see if I had anything to gag her with.
I told her that I went to bathroom and asked her what she yelled at me about. She said "nothing"...not wanting to give me any ideas.
I continued my dialogue as the bad guy and she replied to every line as the damsel.
I then said a clsssic tv line about leaving the hideout and lighting it on fire. I pretended to pour gasloine and light a match. She continued her role and struggling.
I walked behind her and pulled out the balled up wad and stuffed in in her mouth catching her completely off guard.
She replied with a real life MMMMPHHH.
I then quickly pulled the other in her mouth and tried to tie it off. She struggled violently...but I did manage to get her on her stomach and tie it off.
Unfortunately, as we all know, A cleave gag is not very efficient....therefore she was able to chew on it and spit the wad out in about 15 seconds. But those 15 seconds were awesome as she MMMPHHHHED loudly with wide pleading eyes.
A few minutes later I untied her as she was sweating pretty heavy and I could see she was annoyed.
However, I could tell that she did not want me to know she that she could not free herself.
Susan played several more rounds of tie up games over the years until she moved on and I grew up. Years later I ran into her and her husband at a party. She introduced me as the boy she babysat for who often tied her up. It was embarassing but the husband seemed to think it was funny

Please share your babysitter stories.


Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 12:45:56 AM
I forgot to mention that Susan was a very attractive and nicely built brunette who often wore tank tops and jeans.
I also remember her being barefoot often which I thought was cool.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 01:11:40 AM
To Mic
Yeah, why is it people who are into tying up are also into barefootedness? Did you think she had cute feet, or was it just "cool" for some other reason?

Btw, did she ever tie you up?

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 01:38:16 AM
I knew the set I knew the outcome but I fell into the trap!
ever since my best friend and her friends tied him up and put makeup on him I have somehow been... like attracted to bondage. I have no clue why but I did, I told my cousin about him. when my sis and me were there my sis (15) and me (14) when to my cousins house (14 and 11). she would threaten me that she'd do the same to me as what happen to my friend... I laughed at her knowing she wouldn't with my sis along. last summer it happened.....
that spring my mom told me I had to stay at my cousins house because they had to go to Delaware (I rejected to go). I arrived there around 2. I stayed till Wednesday (it was friday). I talked to my 14yr old cousin i'll call a1 and a2 (11 yr old) we talked about general things like skool and it didn't come to mind about this attack thing. I had my laptop on me and I was on aim. I was chattin wit J (my best friend) about my wacko cousins. that night around 10 I started drifting off to sleep in a tshirt and boxers when a1 slapped me. "waa whats goin on" I was saying sleepily. she took my shirt and threw me (sort of more like push me) out of the room in my boxers now I was wide awake. I was banging on the door to let me in there. they let me in and I thought they were see things my way. WRONG! they gave me my tshirt and I put also shorts on and after I got my shirt on (my back was facing them) I was pushed on the bed. I felt a1 sitting on me. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" i yelled. she handgagged me saying "shhh" "i didn't wanna push her so I stopped yelling she threaten if I said one more thing she'd kill me. a2 tied my wrists behind my back with cottonlike rope. she then tied my ankiels and hogtied me. I was forced to watch a love movie when I thought of a plan. when it got to a kissing scene which was a1 and a2's favorite seen I made a loud fake barfing noise unabling myself to hearing the tv......
C man

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 01:43:08 AM
chapter 2: ummmm, I'm sry????
I got very angry looks followed by threat after i said "this doesn't look good" "shut up now" another love scene and fav part I did it again. a1 grabbed some pantyhose and stuffed in my mouth and wrapped duct tape around my head enabling me from much noise. "that should keep u quiet" "mmmph!" they tickled me once in a while and keep me tied all nite. In the morning they untied me. there is more to come on saturday and sunday.....feel free to share your comments.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 10:48:50 AM
Still going strong
Hi all, I see that Canuck's site is still going strong, great job Canuck and those who have posted here. If anyone has any stories/pictures they would like to share with me or to put on my private club then please e-mail or messanger me and we can talk. Thanks. Justin (aka the Immortal) - KTUAT
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Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 12:49:10 PM
tying my ex girlfriend
this story should probably go in the college tales part of the website, but i feel like more people read this instead. i have many more stories, but this is the most recent and most memorable thus far. 

the last girlfriend i had was quite possibly the cutest/prettiest/sexiest girlfriend i've had to date. i never knew how to bring the bondage thing up with her though, eventhough there were hints dropped by both of us that the curiosity was there. anyway, on to the rest of the details. she is hispanic (can speak spanish as well as english),stood MAYBE 5 feet tall and weighed 95 pounds. she worked out constantly as well as ran marathons. to top this off, she was "enhanced" up top to a 36D which is rather large for someone of her stature. 

as i said earlier, i never knew how to bring it up, so i didn't. we ended up not working out and actually lost touch for almost a year. we mutually started talking again as just friends and started to hang out much more getting closer again, eventhough she had another boyfriend at the time. needless to say, the old feelings of wanting to tie her up started to come back. she came over to my apartment a few times for coffee or lunch or just to hang out before i finally worked up the nerve to try something. i decided i wasn't going to tell her or even ask her, as i felt she was comfortable with me and whatever was going to happen. 

one summer morning we agreed to have coffee and breakfast at my house before she had to go into work. this left us with about an hour and a half to eat, talk, and for me to tie her up. i had the warmest feeling that whole morning.

i was going to tie her up that day, i had decided. no backing out or getting too scared this time. instead of asking her, i was going to "surprise" her with a gift that i had for her. 

she shows up, late and leaving us with only 40 minutes for everything now, wearing pink pants, a tight black tank top, and black sandal type shoes. now, she LOVED pink and even had her fingers and toes painted pink, and i being the observant one bought a pink bandana for her gag. the whole time we're having coffee i can't help but think of what is going to happen in less than 30 minutes, while she had no clue. this got me over the top excited and i was afraid this was starting to show with my lack of concentration. 

before she arrived, i had strategically put everything into place. i had all the rope stashed and the bandana in my back pocket and i knew where i was going to give her the "surprise". 

we finish breakfast and she starts getting ready to go. now, the nerves had really taken over. i had hot flashes like never before. i bought myself some "calm down" time by mentioning that she should go to the restroom before she left. she agreed and headed that way. her going to the restroom allowed her to put down her purse, which would have been in the way of the "surprise" and it allowed me to gather my rope and put it in my pocket. the door opened and i heard size 5 feet walking down the hall. it was time. i told her that she couldn't leave yet because i had a "surprise" for her. i walked her to my room and told her to wait there until i came and got her. this bought me more calm down time. i go back to get her and tell her to close her eyes as i led her down the hallway back to the living room all the while walking behind her holding her arms for guidance. she didn't know it, but i had the rope in my hands, and as soon as we stopped walking, i pulled her arms behind her, crossed her wrists and began to wrap the rope. her hands were tied before she knew what was going on. from then on, it was all fun laughter coming from her, and her saying that she had to go. she didn't protest too much though. next came the feet. i led her to the couch and laid her down. she honestly had no clue what i was doing. once she realized she was being "tied up" she really began to laugh. once her feet were tied to her hands, out came the pink gag. all of her words then became muffled. not quiet, just muffled. it was all i could do to stand back and admire what i had been wanting to see for the past 3 years. of course my senses came back to me and the shoes were removed for tickling. as she trhrashed around mumbling into the gag and soaking it with saliva, i was in heaven. i barely remembered to get my camera in all the excitement, but i got it and got one pic of her. 

untying her was hard to do, but i finally did what i wanted to do. besides i was thinking of how i was going to do this in the future if i kept her hogtied any longer. unfortunately, i didn't work up the nerve any more after that incendent, eventhough i had several perfect opportunities..... 


Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 01:22:24 PM
Ignore last message
Hi all, please ignore the last message about my private club, it seems that many of you are looking for the wrong types of sites to view and that makes me sick, therefore the private club is no longer open to new memberships via this site. I want to keep my club clean, thanks Justin.

Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 05:03:07 PM
yes i have yahoo, msn, and aim.
the me

Sunday, May 16th 2004 - 09:26:02 PM
to the me
whats your msn? im

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 10:01:10 AM
to jesse
i'm and if people are going to add me tell me first so that i don't just think you're another weirdo on my list.
the me

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 04:34:09 PM
Kari and Jen's Mom
I’m Rob, a 16 year old guy. Kari and Jen are two twin girls from my neighborhood, and I have been friends with them since first grade. They do not seem very happy at home and fight a lot with their mother. She is a very pretty woman and looks a lot younger than she is. This is a story about how they tied their mother up one day to keep her from going out on a date.

Their parents are divorced and Kari and Jen have some issues with that. One day I was walking by their house and Kari asked if I could come in a help them with something. Since there is no man living there, I thought they wanted me to lift something heavy. Kari asked me to help them keep their mother from going out with this biker. I said OK, thinking they wanted me to talk her out of going.

That’s not what happened. I followed Kari and Jen upstairs to where their mother’s bedroom was. She was inside her bedroom zipping up black leather chaps. She was wearing a fringed leather biker jacket and tied a bandana around her head. Even though she had all this biker stuff on, she looked hot.

“Come on,” Jen said, and I followed them into their mother’s room. As soon as they got in there, they jumped on her and pushed her face down on the bed. She didn’t struggle much and they twisted her arms behind her back and clicked handcuffs on her. Then she started to really fight back, but it was too late.

“Take these off me,” she said, wiggling around and trying to get her hands free. Jen walked behind her and I could hear her click the cuffs tighter.

“I’m telling you right now to take these things off me and let me go.”

“OK, but you have to promise not to go out with that Rick guy today,” Jen told her. They don’t seem to like any of their mother’s boyfriends. One guy they really hate used to take their mother for rides on his motorcycle. I think they argued about this guy every time their mother went out with him.

“You have no business telling me who I can see,” their mother said. “Now take these off me.”

She was still struggling to slip her hands out of the cuffs, and she was getting madder.

“Help us get her downstairs,” Jen said.

“No,” their mother said to me, “You get these things off me or I call your mother.”

“Come on,” Jen said. “Help us get to the basement.” Then their mother yelled at me to help her get away.

“I don’t want anything to do with this,” I told them. “This is like a Jerry Springer Show.”
Jen and Kari said FU to me and then started pushing their mother down the hall and down the stairs. She was dragging her feet and trying to push backward, but the two of them overpowered her and got her downstairs.

She kept yelling, “Let me go. Let me go.” Kari and Jen tried to gag her with her bandana. But that doesn’t work you know. She could talk almost normal. So Kari hand gagged her while they brought her down the basement. Kari and Jen were telling their mother that she acted like a slut and hung around with losers. It was intense.

Their mother kept losing her balance with her hands cuffed behind her back, so she stopped resisting and let them get her downstairs. But once they got to the bottom she tried to escape again. She was kicking at them and tried to run back upstairs. I was watching it all from up in the kitchen.

“You’re really useless,” Jen told me. I asked her what they were going to do with their mother, but she gave me another FU.

OK so I’ll kind of skip ahead. After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Both Kari and Jen came upstairs to answer the door. You better not untie her, Jen told me.

“What? They tied her up in the basement?” I thought.

It was the biker guy at the door and they told him their mother wasn’t home and they didn’t know where she was. He asked a couple of times if he could come in and wait, but they said no. But he would not leave and sat down on their front porch.

You could start to hear their mother trying to cry out through her gag downstairs. So Kari and Jen turned on the TV real loud and sat there watching. I wanted to see what they did to their mother so I snuck downstairs and followed her voice to the laundry room.

They had pulled their mother’s arms around the back of this metal kitchen chair and tied her down with a ton of rope. They had rope pinning her arms down and crossing her chest, rope around her lap and her feet were tied together. The also used a T-shirt to gag her and that did a better job keeping her quiet. They used the bandanna to blindfold her.

It was pretty cool to see her all tied up like that. And even with the handcuffs on she was wiggling around trying to get herself loose. But I felt sorry for her being all tied up and helpless. I walked up to the chair and started to pull the blindfold off, but all of a sudden she brought her legs up straight and kicked me right in the balls. I fell down on my knees. It hurt like hell. She could tell from my moans that I wasn’t her daughters and she started hmmmphing and wiggling around even more to show that she wanted to get untied.

Just sit still, I told her and I’ll let you loose. I pulled the blindfold off, and she was still hmmmphing through the t-shirt. “You’re not going start yelling if I take the gag off, right?” She shook her head no, so I pulled the shirt out of her mouth.
“Untie me quick,” she said.

“I don’t have the key to the handcuffs.”

“Just get these ropes off me. Come on. Fast. Untie me.”

She was so mad she was almost crying. I was freaking out. Some of the ropes were tied to tight to just untie, so I had to get a pair of scissors out of a drawer and try to cut them. That didn’t work either.

“Run up in the kitchen and get a knife,” their mom said. “Go on. You’ve got to get me loose before they come back down here.”

So I did and I cut the ropes off her and helped her stand up.

She pulled her hands around the side of her body. “Is there any way you can get these cuffs off me?” I don’t think so. “Well, come behind me a look.” I did, but there was no way to just slip them over her hands. 

“Alright, help me get upstairs.” I kind of held her arm and walked behind her so I could keep her from falling. It’s not that easy to walk up stairs with your hands binded behind your back.

Once we got up into the kitchen, she looked around for a minute to see what to do. Then she walked over to the back door. Kari or Jen could not see the back door from where they were sitting. 

“Open the door for me,” their mother said in a whisper. “Hurry up, let me out.”

She turned around and opened the screen door by herself and then went down the back stairs and started running around the side of the house. I didn’t know what to do, so I followed her. It was pretty cool to see her running with her hands cuffed in back. The fringe on her leather motorcycle jacket was bouncing all over the place. It was cool.

When we got to the front porch, the biker guy was gone. And then her mother was really mad. There were tears in her eyes and she kept swearing to herself under her breath. All of a sudden, Kari and Jen came around from the back of the house looking for her.

“Did you let her loose?” Kari asked me. But her mother started yelling at her before I could explain.

“Get these things off me right now. Come on. Let me go right now.”

She turned around and stuck her hands out behind her and kept saying “Get these off me.”

Jen took the key out of her pocket and undid the lock. You could see that the cuffs left red marks on her arms. Their mother told me to go home and told Kari and Jen to go in the house. They were laughing and threatening to tie her up again if she tried to hit them or anything. All the way home I was worried that their mother would call my mother and tell her I was part of their plan. Which I wasn’t. But she never called.

Monday at school I asked Jen what their mother said, but she just starting yelling at me for untying her, so I never got the full story about what happened after I left.


Monday, May 17th 2004 - 04:35:37 PM
Does anybody know if there is a games that you can buy or play on the internet where you can tie up people with duct tape?

Monday, May 17th 2004 - 09:06:15 PM
hi everyone.just posting to say that i will be posting my next story tomorrow and it should be a good one.
Alfie M

Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 10:21:24 AM
The sleepover kidnapping (part 1)
Hi again everyone.time for my next story.
My stories involve me,my 2 sisters Amy and Charlene and our friends Leanne,Stacey and Laura.
This next story took place about 2 weeks after the last time. 
It was a friday night that this next bout of tie-up games would happen.
Leanne's parents were going away for the weekend and leaving Leanne's older sister who we will call Nicola in charge of Leanne over the weekend.Leanne had managed to persuade her parents to let her have some good friends for a sleepover on the friday night.
They agreed to this as long as we all behaved ourselves and didn't cause her sister any problems.
We were all allowed to stay so we were all looking forward to a fun time.
So friday night arrived.I got home from school and started to get things sorted out.At 6pm me and my sisters went round to Leanne's house.When we got there we saw that Laura and Stacey had already arrived.
We started the night by watching t.v until 8pm.Leanne's sister also sat with us.
Now Leanne's sister was 17 years old at the time of this incident.She had medium length blonde hair and was quite tall.Everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts as it was quite hot.
Laura then said quietly to Leanne so her sister wouldn't hear "why don't play a game where we capture each other like we did last week"
Leanne said that she didn't need to keep her voice down as Nicola has played tie-up games with Leanne before.
Eveyone then got involved in the conversation asking Leanne and Nicola questions like who had tied who and so on.
Nicola said she wasn't going to get involved with this game as it wouldn't be fair.
The game would be that it would be 3 teams of 2 people and each of the 3 teams would have a room to themselves which would be their home base.There we could take our captives and tie them up there.The winning team would be the one left standing.
So the teams were Amy and Charlene,Stacey and Laura and me and Leanne.It was decided that me and Leanne would get Leanne's bedroom while Stacey and Laura the kitchen and living room while Amy and Charlene got the attic room that Leanne had in her house. 
The game then began.

Me and Leanne then went to her bedroom and started making a plan.It was decided that i would leave the room to find out where the opposition were hiding and if i got a chance,capture somebody.
I went outside the room and sneaked into the room opposite Leanne's which turned out to be her sisters room.From there i could see the stairs to the attic room clearly.About 2 minutes later I saw Amy coming down the stairs heading for Leanne's room.It was obvious she was checking to see if we were in there.
As soon as she started to go into the room i came behind her and put my hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming.I then pushed her into Leanne's room.
Leanne saw what was happening and immediately sprang into action.She grabbed a rope which she had prepared,we got Amy to lay down on the bed.Leanne told me to keep watch and make sure nobody surprised us while she tied Amy.
I did this.About 5 minutes later Leanne said that she had finished.I saw that she had tied her hands tightly behind her back and her ankles to the headboard.She had also gagged her with duct tape.
I then said to Leanne to keep a look out.Leanne asked why and i told her it was time for some revenge.
She said ok.So while Leanne went on lookout duty i went over to Amy.I said that it was tickle time.Amy's eyes went wide with horror as i started to tickle her sides.She started wriggling around trying to get free,but she was tied too tightly.All i could hear from Amy was her laughing hysterically into her gag.
About 5 minutes later Leanne said that it was time to capture the remaining people.We started by going upstairs to the attic room.When we got in there we were quite surprised.There spred eagled on the bed was Charlene.She was blindfolded and gagged as well.
What was surprising about this was that Laura and Stacey should have taken her to their base.I assumed this way was easier for them.We then went downstairs.When we entered the living room there was an even bigger surprise awaiting us.

As i left it me and Leanne had tied up Amy in our base which was Leanne's bedroom.we had then gone to Amy and Charlene's base and found Charlene bound to her bed.We had just got downstairs and entered the living room when we got a really big surprise.
There bound and gagged to chairs were Laura and Stacey.Leanne's sister Nicola was just sitting on the couch not taking any notice watching tv.
I asked her who had captured Laura and Stacey.Nicola said she didn' know.I then went over to Laura and Stacey.I was about to take Stacey's gag off when i was grabbed from behind and a hand placed over my mouth effectively handgagging me.They turned me round and i could see Leanne coming over.She grabbed one of my arms and started taking me upstairs with whoever had grabbed me from behind.As we got to the top of the stairs i managed to turn my head round to see who was holding me from behind.I saw it was Leanne's sister Nicola! They took me into Leanne's bedroom where Amy was still struggling to get free.I was told to sit on the chair that was in the room.I did as they told me.Leanne then passed a rope to Nicola.While Nicola tied my hands tightly behind my back Leanne tied my knees together and then tied my ankles together tightly.Nicola then got a sock and stuffed it in my mouth.Leanne then wrapped duct tape around my mouth and head about 5 times.

Leanne then got another rope.She pulled my ankles under the chair as far as she could.She used the rope to tie the rope binding my wrists to the rope binding my ankles.
Leanne and Nicola then stood there admiring their work.Leanne said sorry but that we were their prisoners all night now and they would torture us as they see fit.
Nicola said she was going to check on the other prisoners and left the room.
Leanne then started tickling my feet.As my legs were tied tightly underneath the chair i couldn't move them.
She tickled me for about 5 minutes.When she had finished i was hot and sweat was all over my face.Leanne then said bye and went out of the room closing the door behind her.
I struggled to get free but i couldn't.I was bound too tightly.Leanne's sister certainly knew how to tie well.
About 2 and a half hours later Leanne came back into the room.It was dark by now and i couldn't see anything in the room.Leanne turned on the light.She went over to Amy and untied her.She told Amy there was sandwiches and drink downstairs waiting for her.Amy left the room and went downstairs.
Leanne then came over to me and started untying me.After getting my arms and legs untied she took the gag off.
She said she was sorry and that her and her sister thought it would be fun.I said it was ok.We then both went downstairs and sat watching tv.Nicola then told me how it all happened.
When the 2 teams whose bases were upstairs went upstairs she captured Laura and Stacey and tied them up.She then sneaked upstairs and captured Charlene while me and Leanne were tying Amy.We all laughed about it and vowed revenge on Leanne and her sister.Amy also said she would get me back for tickling her and that i would be embarrassed beyond belief. uh oh.
Hope you all enjoyed this story.
As always feedback is very much appreciated.

Alfie M

Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 07:26:43 PM
Kevin, a friend of mine, and I used to play around with tying each other up just to see if we could get lose from the whatever we would tie each other up with. After a while we got pretty good at getting out of all but the most cumbersome retraints. He was especially good at getting loose and one time he started going on about how I tie knots like a girl (which, um, I am!). After he said that I was about to add another get another piece of rope before he got loose, but instead I decided to get even for the remark. So before he could his hands free I took away his glasses. Poor Kevin...can't see past his nose without them. He got out of his bonds a few seconds later but since I had his glasses I still had the upper hand "You are in SO much trouble as soon as I find you." he said as he felt his way around the room. Of course I had to taunt and tease him the whole time. All he could do was follow the sound of my voice and walk into furniture. After a few minutes his tone went from "You are in SO much trouble as soon as I find you." to "This is SO unfair!" He was more helpless without his coke-bottle glasses than when he was tied up! 
Miss Lisa
imthatkindagirl@yahoo dot com

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 09:05:14 PM
Pretty cute story Miss Lisa. Certainly an interesting twist!

Any more stories? Anyone else got more stories as well?

Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 09:22:16 PM
Hung up
When I was 9 my sisters were having a really bad time with me. It was the weekend and my parents had gone out of town. I was running around, yelling, getting in their way. Around early afternoon they had had enough.
They grabbed me and hauled me off to my room. "What should we do with him?" Pam said as I squirmed in her grasp. "Let me go or I'll tell Mamma," I said, but I knew that would never work. I just said it because it
seemed like the thing to say.
"I got it," Andrea said. They tossed me to the floor and blocked the door while they whispered to each other. I had on short pants and no shirt.
They grabbed me under each arm and took me to the basement. "Charlie, we are going to suspend you from the ceiling," Pam said. "Noooo," I screamed and tried to get away. No use. Pam held me while Andrea slung some ropes over the beams in the ceiling. They wrapped the ropes around me. I kept trying to get away, and finally Pam twisted one of my nipples and it hurt. I
stopped. They got me tied up really good and then hoisted me up so I was suspended in the air and tied up. I had ropes wrapped around me and through my legs around my crotch like a mountain climber. As they pulled me up I screamed again so Pam took one of my socks and stuffed it in my mouth.
I was a 9-year-old hung from the basement ceiling and gagged. The girls left. I twisted and squirmed and tried to get loose but no use. Because I had on no
shirt the ropes reallty dug into my tender chest and sides. They kept me like that about two hours before they let me go. I behaved the rest of that day.

Thursday, May 20th 2004 - 01:27:58 PM
to the me
the me are you a girl?

Thursday, May 20th 2004 - 08:50:45 PM
stories please...

Friday, May 21st 2004 - 02:50:19 PM
my babysitter michelle's revenge pt 1
upon awakenning i realised quickly that i was screwed, i awoke to the sensation of something being put on my wrist and found michelle was beside me on my bed and had just zipped a cuff around my left wrist and was beginning to pull it towards the far corner of my bedpost, i discovered instantly my other arm was already secure to the opposite post by her other pair of handcuffs, as i attempted to use it to stop her,
"Hey! Wait!" i stammered, still groggy from sleep but adrenaline was kicking in,
She just giggled at me, her hair was loose and hanging down,
she was dressed in a cotton tank top that she cut off half way up her beautiful stomach, showing her cute bellybutton off, she had on pj shorts and was barefoot, showing again her gorgeous legs and feet, 
i struggled as hard as i could, but she had two hands to pull on the cuff, and being on my back, she had the total weight advantage, putting all shy of 90lbs into it the cuff zipped around the bedpost and my arms were secured,
she pulled the covers off the bed and grabbed the cotton bathrobe ropes off my night table,
"Michelle wait! what are you doing?! i'm sorry about last night, wait!",
she just laughed at me evily and jumped on me pinning my legs, she then tied the belts around each of my ankles,
"michelle please!" i pleaded, i was getting scared, i had tickle tortured her viciously and this was going to be revenge i knew, and it wasn't going to be merciful,
she pulled my ankles stretching me taught down the bed i felt my hands snug against the cuffs as they were pulled out without slack,
despite all the strength i could muster, she pulled the first belt thus my leg tight to the corner of my bed and quickly wrapped it around once to prevent me from pulling on it any and getting slack, then tied it to the post in a unflinching knot, 
my next leg followed and i started to really recognize my precarious situation, seeing my bare foot stretching down the bed towards her and soon secured,
i felt some embarassment along with my fear, for i was only wearing pj pants, my feet bare, and my torso and arms totally exposed and now stretched out before michelle,
only able to move my head i looked to each outstretched arm imobolized, i wasn't getting out of this, i looked down at my taut outstreched body, realised i was helpless,
"Michelle! Please! No! Mercy please!" i pleaded, true fear in my voice to my embarassment, she was climbing on the bed from the end, with an evil smile, crawling like a cat, i remembered the last time she got revenge on me, it was hell, this time she was probly even more mad that i had not learned my lesson, she stopped strattling my waist, hands on hips, tipped with those evil long nails, tools of tickle torture,
"Michelle what are you doing! please, mercy!"
Then with her face totally serious with a vengeful look in her eyes she said sternly, "i'm going to tickle you lee, i'm going to tickle you out of your mind, without mercy, i'm going to do what you did to me times three,"
I was terrified,
Part 2 comming soon

Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 02:14:53 PM
michelles revenge pt 2
there i was age 10, tight hopelessly spreadeagle to my bed, pulled completely taut and imobolised, my major crush and 14 year old babysitter strattling my waist, 
"Michelle! please i'm sorry, mercy please!" i pleaded, i was scared, she wasn't just going to tickle me, but she was going to tickle me till i couldn't take it, then probly keep tickling, and i couldn't do anything about it,
she ignored me and her stern face changed to playful, with a big smile and an evil look in her eyes she began the teasing, "i'm going to tickle you lee..." she sang her fingers tickling air inches over my sensitive pulled taut bare stomach, "NO!" i said, starting to giggle, trying to pull free hoplessly from my bonds, but i couldn't budge, let alone escape,
"i'm going to tickle! you lee.." she sang, and on the word tickle her nails connected dancing lightly and quickly moving in circles up and down my stomach, the laughter exploded out of me, my tickle torture had begun
"tickletickletickle!" she said in a 'i'm gonna get you' tone, and her fingers continued and continued up and down my stomach, one concentrating around my navel as the other circled covered every inch of my stomach moving constantly, "NO!-AH!-ahh!" i tried to protest, but it tickled SOOOO much, laughter was the only sound i could make,
"tickletickletickletickle" she sang, and she wouldn't relent, she kept tickling and tickling my stomach, my muscles where already tired from struggling against my bonds, but i couldn't help the reflexive struggle, couldn't help but laugh madly, i look at her wide-eyed trying to plead, she just looked at my helpless stretched out body before her and tickled and tickled,
her hands kept changing patterns, moving back and forth, up and down, concentrating on an area, never leaving my stomach or navel,
"tickle tickle tickle!" she sang, she must have been tickling me for over 5 minutes at this point, the more she tickled the more ticklish i became, I COULDN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE! my head whipped side to side up and down, my eyes wide in fear and desperation for i didn't know how much longer she'd torture me, my mom wouldn't be home for ten hours, she said times 3 what i did and i tickled her good,
i closed my eyes to try to block it out, but not being able to see made it tickle even more, my mind scrambled, i had to get free, had to stop the tickle assault, i couldn't! i wanted to yell for help but i could only laugh
"tickle tickle tickle, lee's so ticklish! aren't you lee! tickle tickle tickle!" she teased and was laughing at me,
i was sweating alot now, and tears were forming in my eyes, she stopped for a split second hands hovering above my stomach, i could do nothing but catch my breath,
"Tickletickletickletickle!" she sang and her hands were back, fast and light, never stopping, the went up my stomach and chest to my neck, i tried to dig in my chin in defense, making my laughing sound all funny
she stopped for a second, "MERCY!" i managed to scream, my voice full of terror, i couldn't take it, she had to stop, god it tickled so much, 
She laughed at me, "No mercy! i'm going to tickle you aaaaall day! and you can't stop me," during the aaaall, it was hard to hear the rest over my laughter, her fingers tickling me all over, one tormenting hand went up and down each outstretched arm, down across my armpits, down my ribs and sides, then up my stomach and chest and up again, then down again, then up, over and over, "tickle tickle tickle!" she sang,
i was screeching like a girl to michelles amusement, i was covered in sweat, my hair matted, tears pouring, it was enough! she got her revenge! she had to stop had to!! i was soo scared, i had woken up to this, didn't even have time to think of it for hours, to get obsessed and even want it,
but she didn't stop, down my arms, across my armpits, ribs, stomach, chest, arms, she tickled and tickled, keeping one hand tormenting my bare torso, she'd reach back and tickle my leg and squeeze my knee, changing hands back and forth, always a hand on me, always tickling,
"tickle tickle!" she sang, "revenge is a bitch isn't it lee!" she laughed, i had a hard time understanding her, i was nearly out of my mind at this point, i was in a panic, Needed to escape, couldn't take it anymore! wanted somebody to come and stop her, but no one would, she just kept tickling and ticklling,
i swear she did this for an hour but i had no sense of time, just the tickling, helplessly laughing my head off,
she stopped for a moment, turning around and strattling my legs, 
"STOP! PLEASE! GOD! HELP!" i stammered, so out of my mind i couldn't form a sentence, my panic getting worse as she was hovering over my feet, so out of my mind i couldn't even enjoy the sight of michelles bare lower back, and bare soles on either side of my legs,
"say mercy!" she said looking back over her shoulder, her arms stretched before each of my bare imobile feet, those wicked nails nearly touching,
"MER-!!AHHH!AHHH!AHHH!" she didn't let me get it out, her fingers moving with a fury, on on each bare foot, my laughter sounded just like girly screaming at this point, my soft and sensitive 10 year old feet were now her focus, and she tickled and tickled, fingers super fast up and down, from heel to toes, changing patterns to circles, going up one side and down the other, focusing in certain area's, my arch, my heel, my toes, moving one hand over to one and tickling every inch front and back, holding my foot totally still and super focusing on an area,
"tickle tickle!" i heard her sing, but barely, my screaming was loud and in human, my mind focused, but barely, only on the thought 'please god make her stop,' 'please!!"
"tickle tickle tickle!" she sang, my prayers went un answered, i have no idea how long she tickled my helpless feet, i do know it was long enough to totally break me, i nearly thought hateful thoughts of michelle, wanted my mom to come home now and stop her, even though it would be an end to ever getting to see michelle probly, anything but the tickling!
but she stopped, i could only catch my breath as she turned around strattling my waist, i flinched as her hand came up to wipe my hair from my brow then wipe the tears and sweat from my face with my pillow case,
i realised i was crying between breaths, and slowly started to calm from near madness to terrified panic,
michelle strattling my waist, had her hands on her sides, and the same smile, and same evil look in her eyes, that was the power i felt over her when she was at my mercy, i could see it in her eyes,
"Mercy!" i said sobbing, and her face went more normal and she whiped the sweat from my face again,
she reached over looking at my alarm clock, 
"I figure you tortured me for about an hour, its been about two so far,"
I didn't speak, afraid i listenned obediently, breath nearly caught, i stopped sobbing and my muscles were totally exhausted,
She gave me one of her gorgeous crooked smiles, and with evil in her eyes said, "whats one times three?"
i nearly calmed down, thought it was over, but the terror returned, michelle the tickle terror, lunging her hands forward into my imobile bare armpits, her nails danced maliciously, and i was back again to laughing and screaming, NO!!! i thought, laughing to hard and too exhausted to try to scream it,
i was back to mentally begging god, my mom, anyone to stop her, another hour!! this was already even worse than the last time she truely tickle tortured me, and she wasn't going to stop, 
"tickle tickle tickle!" she sang, she was focusing on my armpits, drawing her nails up and down, then quick tickling circles and patterns, my arms were to weak to pull down to protect my armpits, not that they'd move from the cuffs,
she tickled and tickled and didn't stop, ocassionally one hand would leave and have a torture journey across my sides, ribs, stomach, chest and arms, but my armpits took 99% of her focus, i was looking at michelle in sheer terror, hovering over me, i couldn't even admire her as i normally did, couldn't appreciate her bare arms, legs, feet, and stomach, she was a monster in my mind at that time, someone causing me endless merciless torment that i couldn't stop, 
"tickle tickle tickle!" and she wouldn't stop, towards the end i wasn't in panic mode anymore, my brain released something or did something that calmed me, i was still super ticklish and laughing and feeling every bit of the sensation, but thats all there was, no michelle, no fear, no nothing, just the sensation of being tickled, i wasn't even crying when i realised she had stopped,
my eyes half open from exhaustion, my body totally limp, hanging from my bindings, i was covered in sweat, my face stinging with tears, michelle climbed off and cuddled next to me, giving me a hug,
"Revenge is payed," she said, i could do nothing but try to catch my breath,
she freshenned up and came back, standing over me looking at my stretched out helpless form,
"how about another hour?" she asked, my eyes wide with the terror that poured through every vein suddenly,
"just kidding," she said luckily, as she began untying me

Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 02:28:38 PM
True story, placed in mid 80’s, in eastern europe.

I was in 7th grade of elementary school (this means I was 14 y.o.) when my father got a video recorder. It was a big thing in my country this time and soon I became somehow famous in my class because of that. After school I used to invite some of my classmates to watch films we borrowed from Video Rental Store. There was also one kid who lived in the same block of flats and learned in the same school as me. We have known each other by sight but we weren’t friends really as he was three years younger than me. One day he asked me if he could watch a film on my video, because none of his mates hasn’t one. Most of my colleagues would say 'get lost' or something like that, but not me. After all he was my close neighbour and what is even more important... he was wearing a belt. For unknown reason I’ve always been very excited about boy’s belts. Unfortunatelly not many of my peers wore belts, therefore at one time I’ve paid some attention to him, altough he was much younger. I figured, it could be a good chance to look closely at his thick, light-brown, leather belt and told him to come on tuesday when I finish my lessons little earlier. I hoped he will wear his belt on tuesday like he used to, but I couldn’t be sure. Fortunatelly he did. 

Before we turned on video recorder I asked him to tie me up as hard as he can. I said he could watch the film only as long as I remain bound, if I mannage to release myself before the end, I will turn video off and send him home. In fact I was little afraid of his reaction but he just grinned and asked if I mind to be bound just with his belt. It was perfect! I prepared some ropes in my room, but idea of being bound with his gorgeous belt was absolutelly irresistible.

So, he tied my hands behind my back and sat me down on a sofa, right next to him. He did really good job. Bonds were tight and I didn’t think I could free myself soon. Belt was still warm of his flash and everytime I moved, it creaked in a characteristically leather manner. I felt wonderfull being helpless, bound with this thick, leather belt, by much younger and weaker colleague.

After 1,5 hour film came to end and my guest was going to release me. ‘Were you comfortable’ he asked spitefully. I’ve never been tied before, so tight and for so long. Both my hands were little numb but I belived it will soon pass so I said, I’m OK. He just smiled and began untie me. 
When I was free, I asked him not to tell anyone about all of this. I was afraid my classmates will laugh at me, because I was tied by 4rd grader, and what’s even worse, I was tied on my own request! I told him also, he can watch films on my video whenever he wants. He promised keep his mouth shut and said that he could tie me every time he’ll watch film here, if I’d only like to.

And so it began…


Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 02:30:25 PM
True story, placed in mid 80’s, in eastern europe.

I became fond of being tied with belt so much, that sometimes I borrowed films from Video Rental Shop especially for my neighbour. He was my guest every week and sometimes even more often. Everytime he tied me with his belt for 2 - 3 hours while he was watching his films on video. Usually I sat next to him on sofa, like by the first time, but one day he threw me out to balcony and closed door behind me. For nearly half hour, in late autumn, I was freezing there, tied and clothed only in sweater and thin jeans. Later he covered me with warm jacket but still left outside until his film end, one hour later. It was a mirracle I didn’t fell ill after that. But it was worth to see this sadistical grin on his face - it seemed he liked it as much as me. 

After three months however, his enthusiasm began to dim. He didn’t tie me as effectively as previous and soon I discovered that I could easily free myself, if I’d only wished to. Being bound like that wasn’t very exciting at all, so I decided to give him a lesson. One day after 20 minutes I mannaged to release myself. I stood up and turned video recorder off. Obviously surprised, he asked me just to let be tied once again, but I refused. He assumed I was joking and tried to bound me by force, however being three years younger and much weaker he had no chance with 7th grader like me. It was risky but I refused definitively both turning video recorder on and letting to be tied again. He get out very offend and I was really afraid, we will never play our tie-up games again. But to my surprise, he came back very next day, asking if he could try once again.

This time he tied me as hard as never before. He was still angry and deadly determined to finish watching this damn film. He ordered me to lie on a carpet in front of him, face to the ground, as he could see my hands. It was rather uncomfortable and very humiliating, because my face was right at his foot and I could smell his sox and rubber-soled sports shoes. Every time I was doing something suspicious with my hands, I got a mighty kick in my back or even head. 

After two hours film ended and I was still bound and helpless. It looked like the new manner of keeping me tied worked well, so from now on he did it this way every time and I’ve never mannaged to free myself again.


Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 02:32:55 PM
TIED WITH BELT BY… 4rd grader’s cousin - PART 3
True story, placed in mid 80’s, in eastern europe.

During the winter holiday all kids went for two weeks to mountains on winter camps. But this year I had to stay home, because of my poor grades. Of course all my colleauges were out and ground looked empty like after nuclear war. It was going to be most boring holiday in my entire life. I had no idea why my younger neighbour had to stay in the city too, but it looked he was my only companion for this period. 

To my surprise, we two weren’t alone as his cousin came to him for holiday from another city. I wasn’t sure I wanted initiate this stranger in our tied-up games but he told me that his cousin is a scout, has his own leather belt and know all about knots and tying. This convinced me completely :)

My neighbour’s cousin was exact in my age. He came clothed in his scout uniform, including boots and belt. Later I found that it was my little neighbour who told him to wear this. First of all he ensure himself that I’m OK to be tied and he warned me that I surelly won’t be able to release by myself. I said I accept this challenge. He took his younger cousin’s belt to tie my legs and connect them to my hands, allready bound behind my back with his own scout-belt. Other words I was hogtied. He didn’t bound me very tight, I mean it wasn’t painfull at all. However he did it so craftily that all knots, buckles and belt-ends was definitively out of my finger’s reach. I was grounded. But he did’t finish with me yet. He took his scout scarf and gaged me with it. His younger cousin was delighted, laughed at me loud and prommised to tie me in this manner too. I was surprised about how much joy he had.

Then they turned video recorder on and started watching the film. They didn’t take any notice of me. Of course I tried get free very hard, but it was futile. This scout was trully master of bondage. As I said, bonds were painless itself, but being hogtied is not the same as being just tied with hands behind back and after one hour I became feel pain in my knees. Nothing serious but more then uncomfortable. Half hour later film ended but to my fright they weren’t going to release me! They were browsing my video tapes considering which film they should watch next. I tried to tell them, through my gag, that I have enough, but they just ordered me to shut up. When I didn’t, my neighbour warned me, that if I won’t keep my mouth shut and let them watch film, he’ll throw me out to balcony as he did it before. It was about 
–20’C outside this day but I was sure he would really do this to me. By the way, his cousin heard all that story in which I spend 1,5 hour, tied on balcony and he laughed at me loud. 

If you ever have been hogtied for more then three hours, you know it’s not just a piece of cake. To the return of my parents still remained more then four hours and my guests obviously wasn’t going to end playing with me. ‘Would you mind if we take something to eat from your fridge?’ asked younger one and immidiatelly went to the kitchen without waitng for my answer. “Come on, he’s tied-up. He can do nothing to restrain us. And after all he’s gagged, he cannot even answer your stupid question.” – explained scout to his little cousin. 

They started to watch third film and I was preparing myself for next 1,5 hour being hopelessly hogtied. But my neighbour have seen this film before and after 15 minutes he got bored. First, he started to play with me, kicking me, tickling and generally making so much noise that his cousin couldn’t watch his film and warned him that he’ll be bound as well if he won’t stop. But this only stimulated younger one for making even more noise.

So, few minutes later, after short fight, he lay next to me on the carpet, gagged and bound by his older cousin. Fortunatelly to me, scout needed one belt to tie his little cousin, so I could rest from being hogtied. But my hands still remain tied behind my back with scout’s lether belt. Funny, that my neighbour was now tied with his own belt, gagged with his own sox and as far as I’ve seen, he could do absolutelly nothing about it.

After 20 minutes he gave up and we both lay silently, side by side, for the next hour. And then we spend another 1,5 hour in this manner as our scout-friend wanted to see part two of this film. Youngster tried to protest but quick got calm when his older cousin warned him, that he’ll throw him out to balcony if he won’t be polite.

And then horror began. 'Perhaps I should left both of you like this, until your parents came back and let you free' – said scout. Then he took our gags off so we could BEG HIM for mercy. And we both did. Meanwhile he statred to take his boots on, as he was really going to get out, which made us even more frighten. 'Please don’t do this to us. We will do whatever you want. PLEASE!' – we cried. 

And so we did. During next hour he ordered us to crawl through all the flat, make crouch jump, crouch and stand (all with hands tied behind our backs), knelling in front of him and singing silly songs, howling like dogs and many, many other humiliating things. And at the end he even forced us to kiss his boots. We were so frightened that we didn’t even think, that we could easily free each other if he left us alone :)

He laughed at us and said he hadn’t so much fun for years. Then, finally he released us. 'No offence' - he said shaking my hand. 'That’s OK, it was just for a laugh, after all' - I answered. But his cousin didn’t think so. In his opinion, kissing boots was a stupid excess. 

Both my guests took their belts and threaded them through the loops on the trousers. 'You’ll remember this belt, don’t you' – said scout smiling when he’d seen me watching at him – 'You had to do many stupid things because you were tied with this belt, completely helpless...'. And he was right, even now I feel uneasy when I see scout’s belts.


Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 02:36:00 PM
TIED WITH BELT BY 4th GRADER birthday suprise - PART 4 
True story, placed in mid 80’s, in eastern europe.

Hard experiences with my neighbour’s cousin didn’t stop us from continuing our tie-up games for long. But we did it on our own manner, without scout’s tortures. However, as in previous, there were some exceptions :)

In may I have my birthday and for this occasion my younger colleauge prepared his own, special surprise for me.

This day we both played truant. In the morning, we went to the forest which lies on a city border, less then a half hour from the place we lived. He led me to the one of those remoted, surrounded by high bushes and forgotten by most people clearings. I thought I knew this forest well, but I’ve never seen this clearing before. He asked me to stand against the tree and went behind me. I heard he was removing his belt and then he took booth my hands, pulling them back around the tree’s trunk. ‘Here’s your birhsday’s surprise’ - he said, binding my hands together with his leather belt as he used to do when we were wathing video in my flat. Well, at first I liked my birthsday gift, so I let him finish tying me. I didn’t suspect what he planned next.

As usual I checked my bonds at once and found that they were unbreakable. During last six months, this kid became master of bondage. ‘What now?’ - I asked. ‘Now, you’ll stay here and I’ll return to school’ - answered my younger friend. I had not much time to urge him not to do this and I failed. ‘Come on, I’m sure You’ll have a lot of fun staying here alone, tied and left like this by 4th grader. You like being bound very much, don’t you? Just keep calm and don’t panic. Right after school I’ll return and release You. I’m not my cousin, you know’. And he really did it, just turned around and went away, leaving me helpless tied to the tree. A 7th’s grader!

Fortunatelly for me he choosed quite thin tree so it wasn’t very uncomfortable having hands tied behind and around the trunk. I sat at the bottom of the tree and tried not to panic. You know, I just wasn’t prepared for something like THIS. This 4th grader took me by surprise and quickly overtook all the control. I couldn’t even beg him for mercy or something, because he went away, leaving me ALONE and didn’t even ask for my opinion. Yes, this was definitevely something different, quite frightening but also exciting. I really felt like a real prisoner. Time went very slowly and I was boring very much. What’s worse, I began to feel pain in my arms and couldn’t say to no one about it, because I was ALONE. Fortunatelly it was more uncomfortable then really painfull, so after short time I mannaged to adjust to this unpleasant feeling. As said my three years younger captor – keep calm and don’t panic. 

He returned and released me as promised, after about five hours. Just in time, because I badly needed to pee. I was really afraid I’ll make my trousers wet – it would be such a shame. ‘How was it?’ – he asked after releasing me. ‘Boy, I’m really getting to afraid of you’ – I said. ‘Goooooood’ – he answered and grinned.


Saturday, May 22nd 2004 - 08:46:13 PM
Not sure if first messige when through.
Since i have no girls to play tie up games in my naborhood if a girl would e-mail me so we can "play" tie up games, that would be appreshaded. If this was to formal plez let me know, and i apogise. Also is how do you bring up the topic of tieing up others. Not sure if this has been posed before.
Mop Top

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 02:30:21 AM
Tied & True Tales updated
Hi everyone,

Another day, another week, another update… but it's a beauty: Posted this week is the latest chapter of "Relaxation Therapy" featuring more bondage fun and games from Staiputt, the usual complement of stories as well as 53 new links.

As usual, check out the Updates page to find out what's new at

Lastly, thanks for your support and contributions - keep everything coming please! :-)


Monday, May 24th 2004 - 10:00:28 AM
Sorry it's been a while, I don't have any tie-up games to share with you as of now but I should soon. And no, i'm not a girl. Looking back on my other stories that would just be weird.
the me

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 06:37:53 PM
new fourms

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 06:45:23 PM
hey my friends call me kittykat if any of you live here in hialeah,fl(inside miami)and would like a little tie up game please contact me at or by kittykatryami at aim

Monday, May 24th 2004 - 08:03:26 PM
My first tie-up
When I was a little girl, I had an uncle who was a real tickle freak. practically my first memory is of laying across his lap in a big easy chair, looking up at his face through tears of laughter while he tickled me senseless. At first I was very mixed about this treatment. I didn’t like being tickled for so long or so hard, but of course I loved the attention. After a while though, I grew to enjoy the rough play itself.

I can trace my love of tie-up games to one such incident. Twice a year we would either visit my uncle (he lived out of state) or he would visit us for a week at Christmas or two weeks during the summer. This time, I remember, it was the Christmas I was ten. I was a solid kid, though not fat, and when on his first day there he tried to tickle me to extremes (like always) I discovered that I was getting strong enough to escape or prevent most of the torture. I was able to wriggle out of his grasp, or grab his hands and seriously hinder his poking, wiggling fingers. I still enjoyed it, mind you, but I was discovering the fun of frustrating my uncle’s attempts.

I guess I must have done too good a job at it since he left me alone for the next couple of days. Then one day while my parents were out doing some last minute shopping we spent the entire morning playing and talking and fooling around but not one tiny bit of tickling. I decided I had to take matters into my own hands. He had a favorite candy that he could only get around the holidays that was almost pure sugar (yuck!) with a little flavoring and colored and shaped to look like Christmas ribbon. I hated it, but he loved it, so it was usually what I got him for his gift. He had already cracked the box and had been eating a bit every so often, and this gave me an idea I was sure would work. I hid it. 

I was sitting on the sofa coloring when he came into the living room. I knew what he was looking for, but kept silent and pretended to ignore him. He looked on the end table, all around under the tree, and on the coffee table by his favorite chair. He finally asked me if I had seen his candy and I couldn’t stand it any longer. Instead of replying I lost it and started quietly and uncontrollably giggling. By the look on his face I knew that this had tipped him off that I was the culprit and if I didn’t come across with a box of ribbon candy pretty quick I’d be in trouble (which is exactly what I’d intended).

I decided to pretend innocence, saying “No” and going back to my coloring. But I couldn’t stop the soft little series of giggles forcing their way out. He started slowly approaching the couch, and I still couldn’t stop. He leaned over and grabbed both my wrists and led me, giggling still, to the clear area in the middle of the living room.

“Are you sure you haven’t seen it” he asked a mild tone still holding both my wrists. I knew that if I denied it again I would soon be flat on my back on the floor with him straddling me and tickling me to make me talk. While this was basically what I wanted I was still enjoying giving the appearance of fighting it off like I had the first day of his visit, so I unexpectedly yanked hard to free my hands. It must have caught him off guard because I succeeded. Not having thought this far ahead, I panicked and ran for my room, my uncle following close behind. Too close in fact for me to be able to close and lock my door after me. His expression as I leaped onto my bed had me hopeful, expectant, nervous, scared and giggling harder than ever.

“Noooooo” I whined through my giggles as he came nearer and nearer, and then in sheer panic reverted to a four year old and tried to hide under the covers. Next thing I knew he was on my bed straddling me, pinning my arms under my blanket.

“I think you and I need to have a nice long chat” he said, while working to free my left arm. It was then that I noticed he had grabbed the belt from my bathrobe as he got on the bed. I had no idea what he had planned, thinking it was going to be just the usual pin-Mandi-down-and-tickle scenario. I soon found out this time was going to be something different as he tied first my left wrist and then my right to one of the bars of my headboard. I ran a gamut of emotions- excited and scared and still nervously giggling. Part of me couldn’t stand the thought of being tied up and at my uncle’s mercy, probably getting tickled half to death, yet another part of me badly wanted it to happen. I was wearing fuzzy slippers but no socks, and a sleeveless blouse that was too short to tuck in and had a tendency to ride up, exposing my tummy (I’ve often wondered if I had dressed that way on purpose). That gave him an awful lot of targets, and I was more helpless than ever to stop him.

My uncle slid down to sit on my lower legs, pinning my feet to the bed. He reached behind him and I could feel my slippers being pulled away from my otherwise bare feet.

“Are you sure you don’t have anything you want to tell me” he asked, keeping his tone as mild as he had all through this build-up. I desperately tried to think. I had wanted to be tickled, yes, but not like this. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but with all the bare skin he could get to and my being completely helpless I was afraid I couldn’t stand more than a few seconds, if that. I would go insane. I was about to tell him where I hid his candy and beg him not to tickle me like this, when I felt some sort of evil twin take over. I didn’t say a word, just closed my eyes, clenched my teeth and shook my head no. “All right, then” was all he said.

If I had had some vague idea of holding back my laughter or resisting the tickling in some way I was soon disabused of the notion with the first feather-light stroke of his fingertips up my soles. I laughed and laughed and laughed as he continued tickling up and down, no breaks or variation, just a steady stream of intense electrifying sensations running up my legs from my feet. I was in hell, but strangely I was loving it. It was as though I were detached from my body, watching some other little girl get tortured and, even though I could feel everything she felt, I was on the side of her tormenter, wanting him to tickle her to death. I couldn’t budge the ties a bit. I was completely helpless, and it was FUN!

Suddenly he stopped tickling my feet, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I was still trying as he slid up to once more straddle my hips, pulling the bottom of my shirt up a little to expose my soft tummy.

“You know your mom and dad won’t be home until almost eight. That’s another seven hours. That’s a long time to hold on to a secret.” he said.

‘He wouldn’t!’ I thought as the concept of hours of tickle torture both frightened and delighted me. Again I didn’t speak, just gave as close to a shrug as I could manage in my tied up condition. I immediately found myself with two hands worth of quickly writhing, wriggling fingers wandering in random patterns around my tummy, sides and even part way up my ribs. This was worse than the tickling on my soles and my laughter was proportionately louder and more intense. I couldn’t stand it, but I wanted it to go on. After a while the crazy sensations all over my skin were too much, and this time I started to beg for mercy. I couldn’t help it. After what seemed like hours, but was, I’m sure only another few minutes he heeded my pleas and stopped.

“Well?” was all he said.

I had to think fast and hard. I knew his next stop would be my bare underarms- the most ticklish place on my extremely ticklish little body. Even the worst tickling he had ever given me (prior to this, that is) he had never tickled me there for more than a few seconds and I would go spastic. Now he could keep it up as long as he wanted. I was happy my evil twin had taken over and forced me to endure this. It was the most fun I ever had, but the stakes were getting too high. I had to give in.

Just then he said “You’ve had enough, Mandi, I can see it in your eyes. Why don’t you tell me.”

Somehow that goaded me into a superhuman effort. I laid there and gave him my most arrogant and defiant look. He grinned. “I was hoping you’d take that attitude.”

It was worse than my worst nightmare come true. He was rapidly scribbling his fingers light as a feather all around in my bare armpits. I arched my back, bounced on the bed and writhed around as much as the bathrobe belt at my wrists and his weight atop me would allow. I didn’t beg for mercy because I couldn’t. I was screaming with laughter far too hard to squeeze out a single word. Tears were poring down my cheeks. I couldn’t see him because I couldn’t open my eyes I was laughing so hard. It just went on and on until it filled my entire life. The merciless unrelenting tickling sensations were all that existed for me. It was horribly intense, but at the same time I found myself enjoying it. After a long time he stopped, got off and sat on the foot of the bed. I was dizzy and euphoric and couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. Finally I gasped out a confession that I had hidden his candy and that I would tell him where it was if only he would let me go.

He reached over and tickled my soles again, saying “Are you sure you don’t want to play some more?”

I laughed easily (this tickling was actually pleasant after the torment of my underarms)
and said “No,NO, I’ll tell you, I’LL TELL YOU.” He stopped and came up to untie my wrists while I confessed that I hid it in the silverware drawer.

As he left to find his precious candy he said “That ought to make you behave for a while.”

I stuck out my tongue at him, first making sure his back was turned. I didn’t understand what had just happened, but I knew that I had discovered a lovely new game. Somehow I enjoyed being tied up and helpless, and being tickled beyond my endurance while tied up and helpless to stop it was more fun than anything. I knew I was going to try to get my uncle to do this at least once each visit, and I did.



Monday, May 24th 2004 - 08:40:44 PM
Awesome story Mandi!
Awesome story there Mandi! It's really cute. I'm interested in the other tie-up games you played, and how they were different. Were you ever tied differently, or gagged or blindfolded? Did the game ever escalate into pretending to hold you prisoner, or was it just "tie and tickle"?

Either way, thanks very much for sharing!

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 04:47:31 PM
my bad!

Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 08:42:13 PM
to mandi
do you have any messengers and if so, what are they?

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 05:02:05 AM
Lots more NEW pics,NO nudity,"clean" pics of women all tied up :) Check it out :)

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 05:02:50 AM
Lots more NEW pics,NO nudity,"clean" pics of women all tied up :) Check it out :)

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 09:06:14 AM
Greetings all . I was just wondering if there was a listing of some kind , for all of the various Dreambooks . For me , they are very hard to find...I only stumble across them , when someone is kind enough to post a link . Since this is a very active site , I thought someone here might know . Thanks . 

Wednesday, May 26th 2004 - 06:34:35 PM
Re: my bad!
Looks like your pictures have gone kaput...
Tom Davis

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 07:32:56 AM
What's wrong with all the pics after 12/27/03? none of them appear? Are you able to put them up again after the site update?

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 07:35:40 AM
But don't worry, that's the only disappointment about the site, all the pics that are visible are some of the best that i've seen! keep up the good work!!

Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 01:44:13 PM
Hey, I've been reading stories on this site for the past 4 months. I've noticed that there's a lot of talk about looking at pictures. However, I was wondering if anybody knew any sites that talked about effective knot tying. Just curious.
Pleasey Reply Soon.
BTW, keep up the good stories.

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 12:27:25 AM
Alfie M, I love your stories. Are you a guy or a girl?

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 12:59:04 AM
Raid Prank.
Great story Mandi! MSN 
RangerofThe75th AIM

Any girls interested in damsel in distress scenarios, please contact me. Dudes can, too. Just be mature.


Friday, May 28th 2004 - 03:13:49 AM
My girlfriend the traitor!
Hi everyone wut a cool site. Im chris nad im 15.It was about 6 o clock when my girlfriend called me and asked me to come over. She lived right across the road so i went over. She told me to come up to her room to watch a movie. We just started watching Bruce Almighty when all of a sudden she yells "NOW!" I asked her what she was talking about when two more girls come running out of her closet with a full role of duct tape each. They told me this whould be much easier if i co-operated but when they tried to grab me i struggled but there was to many of them. Two of them pinned me to my girlfriends bed face down and my girlfriend(TRAITOR!!!) wrapped duct tape around my wrists behind my back. The other two girls made me stand up and when i did my girlfriend made me put my legs together. She then wrapped the tape around my ankles. She wrapped it around my legs again just below the kness, above the knees and about another half a foot up. She then wrapped yet more duct tape around my waist and my wrists keeping my wrists secure to my back. She wrapped more another half a foot up and below my neck at the top of my torso securing my shoulders. After ALL that i asked if they were done....."NOPE!" they replied and a peice of duct tape went over my eyes and i was shoved face dwn back onto the bed.I told her Id yell really lowd and make her mom come upstairs but that wuz a mistake. I started to yell when duct tape was wrapped around my mouth at least 5 times....but i heard her mom coming upstairs. I was saved!! But when her mom asked wut she was doing she replied that her and her friends were only tickling me. Her mom then said "well try to keep it down plz" and went back downstairs. The girls shoved me in a closet and didnt untie me untill after bruce almighty. After that my girlfriend told her friends to leave and we had a good night.

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 04:58:06 AM
to rich
Rich.thanks. i am male. i will be posting another story soon.
Alfie M

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 10:11:29 AM
Caught tying up my sister
This is a repost from my hyperboard site,for those who may not have seen it.Also I just posted a NEW story on my site today.Hope you enjoy them :) 
Well a small recap for those of you who dont know,what went on with me and my sister.I use to tie her up a lot! We never played 'games',I just asked her if I could tie her up,and she would almost always sayyes 
Now I also almost always used masking tape instead of rope.For one we always seemed to have plenty.And I could tie her up very quickly with tape,this was a good thing,unless I had to untie her quickly.On this one day,dad was at work and mom was about to go shoping,I always tied up my sister,or tried to when no one was home I never knew how long my mom would be gone,but I figured at least a good 1/2 hour.
As soon as the car was out of sight,I asked amy(not her real name)If I could tie her up,she said 'sure" Now I was not good at rope tying,that is another reason I mostly used masking tape.However this time I wanted to use rope,so I could get better. I had one very long pice of rope,and a roll of masking tape.I tied amy's hands behind her then working from her torso down I wraped and wound the rest of the rope around her whole body,till I got to her feet,then knotted the rope.
After she was tied I took the masking tape and put it over her mouth,gagging her. I gently sat her on the couch,I also almost always tied her while she was standing up. Amy squirmed ever so slightly,I then asked her if she could talk.She shook her head no. I asked her to try. She tried but nothing came out but a 'mmmm' sound. I was loving every minute of it.
All of a suden I heard this voice from behind me" Just what the hell are you doing?" it was my mom! I was SO busted! "uh just playing" I stammered."You untie your sister right now youmg man!" my mom ordered. "never mind,I 'll do it! you sit down mister" young man and mister,2 words mom used when she was very upset with me. My mom took the tape off of amys mouth"are you ok sweetie?"mom asked."yeah he ties me up all the time" My sister did not know what she had done 
After my mom untied my sister,she gave me the 3rd dgree: 'whats the matter with long have you been doing this,what I am going to do with you' and so on.Then mom asked me "how would you like to be tied up young man?"Now that was one of"those' questions,that pretty much no matter how I answered,I was going to get in MORE trouble.So I said what all kids say,and what parents hate to hear "I dont know" all this did was make my mom more mad. "" she stuttered.
Stand up mister" Mom said,then turned me around,pulled my hands behind me,and useing the same rope I used on my sister started to tie me up.She tied me up pretty much the same way.My mom then got one of her scarfs from the closet and tied it over my mouth! "there" she said"howdo you like being tied up and not being able to talk?" I mmm' just like amy."good,you can just stay like that until I think you learned your lesson,Your sister can watch you while I put the food away,maybe when I am done Iwill untie you,we will see" With that My mom left. Amy watched me for a few minute,laughed at me then started to watch tv!During the comericals,she would look and point at me and giggle! I tried to get loose,but not a chance.
About a 1/2 hour latter,maybe longer my mom came back into the room " well young man,did you learn your lesson?" I shook my head yes,and made as much nose as I could through the scarf."good" my mom said,as she started to untie me,but unlike when she untied my sister,she left my gag on to the end after I was free I went to take my gag off my mom was,"no,you can just leave that on until dinner" When my other sister came home and saw me watching tv gagged,broke out laughing.Luckly My mom was done with me before my dad got home. Did I learn my lesson? Well,um,no I tied my sister up a few more times,untill My mom caught me again,needless to say she was not happy,as a matter of fact she caught us twice,but one time she almost seemed happy when she found us palying... 

Friday, May 28th 2004 - 07:32:11 PM
Sharons House
Sharons house Part I

Eddy, Mike, Brian and I had agreed to play cow boys and Indians with Sharon and her friends Melony, Angela and Mia. Little did we know what we were in for. The plan was for all of us to meet at Sharons house where we would split up into teams. I knocked on the door. Sharon welcomed me in. I stepped forward only to find three super soakers trained on me. Angela was waiting for me behind and door with Melony and Mia on the other side.

“Wait you can’t start the game without the others…….. the teams haven’t even been decided” I exclaimed.

“oh but they have” said the devious Sharon. Aparently they had decided to gang up on us and take us out one by one.

“Ahh… that’s not fair.” I tried to explain when Sharon ordered the attack. “Get him”. They were all standing between me and door more or less with Mia working her way around towards my flank. So I bolted for the other side but it was too late; Mia had just caught hold my waist. Next all four took a hold and tackled me to the ground. Angela and Mia each took one of my arms while Melony had grabbed her arms around my legs. I was struggling against all three of them until Sharon sat on my waist straddling me to the ground. I could no longer move.

“now what should we use to tie him up?” asked Sharon. She though for a moment and then ordered them to turn me around. She then proceeded to take off my belt. They turned me over again whilst Angela and Mia held my wrists together horizontally in the small of my back. Sharon then coiled the belt around several times, tightening it and buckling it as tight as it would go. The two other girls proceeded to use their belts to tie up my ankles and knees in a similar fashion. Apparently they didn’t plan things out to well as they hadn’t even considered what they were going to tie us up with. It was pretty much spur of the moment thinking but then that was one of Sharons strong points; she was a master of improvisation. 

Mia was keeping a watch out by the window. “Brain and Mike are coming” Mia said.

Sharon had read my mind. Just as I was about to yell she quickly smothered my yell in her hand and kept it firmly there. “Help me get him into the dining room said Sharon, we have to take Brian and Mike by surprise.”. The four of them carried me over while Sharon kept her hand over my mouth. Sharon told Mia to get the kitchen towel. 

“Now we can’t have you screaming like a lunatic… can we…. hehe”. Mia held my mouth shut with forcefullness while Sharon was readying the towel. I was laying face down. Mia placed her knee behind my head and clamped both hands on my mouth. “Careful now…..don’t wanna rough him up to much” Sharon said and giggled too while she tied a knot in the towel and tied it around my head. They just got done with me while
Mike and Brian just about reached the door. Mia and Sharon got into position.

I mmmphed as loud as I could but the towel drowned out most of the sound and I was a good 60 feet and a wall away from the door. I was hoping they’d heard it but no such luck. 

Sharon opened the door and casually welcomed them in. At which point they were ordered to lay on the ground face down at gun point. Aparently they were’nt aloud to get wet today for Mike and Brian didn’t resist. I guess we could chalk it up to Brian being a wuss…. I mean Sharon could be pretty bossy at times. Once again no foresight; they began to talk about how they were going to tie up Mike and Brian…… They had no rope, they were all out of belts. Mike and Brian were’nt wearing any belts for they only had on shorts and a T-shrit with sandles. But this didn’t stop Sharon. She started looking around the room, looking at the furniture, the couch, the TV, the lights, everything. Till her eyes met the ground and saw that there were two perfectly usable carpets on the floor.

She had the two of them rolled up into each of the carpets tortellini style. She ordered them to place their arms at the side and rolled them up. She then got the two extension cords that gave the TV power and used them to tie the carpets closed. Now they couldn’t get unrolled. Brian looked pretty funny. You could just barely see his head, the carpet was way to long for him. Mikes feet just barely stuck out of one end and his head at the other. Well there wasn’t much he could do. He kinda lay there squirming a little here and there.

Meanwhile Angela was having fun with Mike rolling him around on the ground.
“oh cmon……stop already” complained Mike. She was getting quite a kick out of seeing him rolled up on the floor. She couldn’t stop laughing. “ohhhh….your to much mikey.” Said angela as she recovered from her laughing.

“Hey when’s Eddy going to be here?” said Mia. We waited and waited but Eddy didn’t come. When finally Mia said she was going to call him. Eddy told her he fallen asleep and he wasn’t sure if he was going to come or not. This wasn’t in Sharon plan. “Give the phone here.” Said Sharon……her mind was reeling.

“Okay look Eddie, I’ve got hostages and lots of em…… Wanna hear?”
She then told Mike and Brian to scream…….they did. It was kinda funny because it sounded more like a moan the way they were screaming, half muffled by the carpet that almost over their heads. 

“We demand 50 cookies! And no cops”. 
She proceeded to hang up the phone.
“If that doesn’t get him over here I don’t know what willl?

Mia started getting bored. “Lets watch some television until Eddy gets here”.
Sharon snickered sarcastically “We can’t …… Mike and Brian have the extension cords”

Brians all “We’ll be happy to give to you”.
Sharon walks over to him and bends down next to him.
“awwww how sweet of you but your still not getting out! hahaha”. 

They had some good laughs and came up with the idea. Of rolling him over towards the television set to plug in the TV to the extension cord whilst he was tied up. It was quite some job to position Brian just right so the extension cord reached both the plug and the tv at the other end. They had to put a chair next to the socket and lean brian against the chair whilst the other end ran towards the television set. Only Sharon would think of something like that. Well that was that and the television set came on and the four of them began to watch while waiting for Eddy to come over.

I was wondering what Eddy would do, is he really going to pay the ransom, or stay at home like a lazy boy. Sharon wasn’t to be trusted, I didn’t think she would hold up her end of the bargain.

To be continued….


Friday, May 28th 2004 - 08:53:24 PM
nice story gwen. please continue.

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 04:39:53 AM
Sharons House Part II
2 hours later Eddy finally arrived. He knocked on the door and handed over the 50 cookies in a Safeway bag. I was quite disappointed; Eddy just wasn’t this stupid normally. I mean he could’ve come up with a better plan then that. I remember Eddy used to have a crush on Sharon. I was beginning to wonder if this had clouded his judgment. Perhaps he was compromised. Hmmm…..

Eddy was tall and lanky and about 13 years old.
Eddy declared: “Release the prisoners as you have promised.”

“No can do.” Explained Sharon. “I’m not going to release anyone until all 50 cookies have been accounted for. The three girls proceeded to wrestle Eddy to get him pinned so they could tie him up. Eddy wasn’t exactly weak but the three girls had plenty of experience with this kind of thing. Mia finally got him into a full nelson pressing his head into the ground whilst hold his harms upward behind his back while Melony grabbed his legs.

“What should we tie him up with now Sharon?”
uh oh. What was she going to use next? 
“Use his shoe laces, one for his wrists and the others for the ankles”. Once that was complete Sharon finished it off by believe or not….. she dumped the cookies from bag onto the table and used the safeway bag to bind his ankles to his wrists in a hogtie. To do this effectively she had to bring his ankles to point of where they touched his wrists, which was quite hard on Eddy though he didn’t show his discomfort. There was just enough bag to make a double knot. 

Eddy started to plead: “ At least count all the cookies and let us go .”

Sharon told Mia to start counting cookies then Sharon proceeded to watch television. Mia looked a little annoyed from being bossed around so much. She started to eat the cookies all the while counting them too, eventually losing count of how many cookies she had eaten. “Hey Melony why don’t you and Sharon try some of my cookies?” spoke Eddy. For the next hour or so Eddy continued to try to convince them to eat the cookies. Melony had some cookies but Sharon was to busy trying to figure out what to do next. Those cookies did look delicious, I think they were freshly baked but I was still tied up with belts and had a towel gagged around my mouth so a cookie was out of the question for me.

After a bunch of cookies Melony and Mia fell asleep on the two couches. Sharon and Angela went upstairs to play video games. Mike rolled up in the carpet squirmed around on the floor as quietly as he could trying to get closer to the coffee table. My guess is that he was trying to get a nibble of the cookies. I was getting curious as to what Mike was trying to see. The belts around my wrists and ankles hadn’t gotten any looser so movement was difficult. Eddy began to whisper: “psssst…. Don’t eat those cookies”. He kept repeating it until finally Mike stopped trying to get to cookies.

Apparently Eddy had a plan after all. I didn’t find this out till later but the cookies were laced with night time Nyquil cold medicine. The idea was to make the girls fall asleep and then have his little brother tommy come to the rescue. 

So we waited and waited for little tommy to come. We had hoped that he would come to our rescue before the other two girls came down from upstairs. Finally he came. Smart as he was he tried the back padio door first but it was locked. He couldn’t get inside. “Oh great we’re screwed” I remember Eddy saying to himself under his breath. A minute later we see Tommy desperately trying to squeeze through the doggy door. He got his little head through and one arm but the rest of his body was stuck. For a minute there it looked like he couldn’t get in or out. The rubber thing that makes it close kept getting in the way, it was constantly annoying his efforts. He continued to contort himself wobbling with his little arms trying to pull himself forward. 

Then I heard foot steps. Angela was back. She walked down stairs and saw tommy, she immediately ran towards the door and wrestled Tommy to the ground before he could get away. Angela was much bigger then tommy, he didn’t even have a chance. “Well well, what do we have here. “ said Angela. 

She yelled upstairs towards Sharon awaking the other two girls:
“Hey Shaaaaaarrron… what do you want me to with this intruder?” By this time Angela had hoisted Tommy into the air by grabbing the back of his pants, holding him in the air. 

They didn’t really know what to do with little tommy. He was quite tiny and was only 8 years old but still….. he needed to be tied up somehow but with what? They were getting awfully low on tieing material so the three of them decided to bring him over towards the wall closest to the main couch. Angela held him in place while the three girls moved the couch closer and closer to the wall until tommy exclaimed “aaahhhh your squuushing me!!”. They had effectively wedged him in-between the Couch and the wall effectively making him helpless. He wasn’t going no where. It took the strength of all three girls to push the couch over. Little Tommy struggled valiantly but he couldn’t move the couch one bit. The couch made for a somewhat decent gag as his speech was muffled from being behind the couch. 

After a while Tommy started to complain that he couldn’t see the television; this was understandable, hehe I mean he was behind the couch (This might have been really funny under different circumstances). Geez and I thought I had it bad.

“Join the club” exclaimed wussy Brian who was rolled up next to the television set with the extension cords, still rolled up in the carpet, complaining about how itchy it was. Aparently he couldn’t see the set either. Brian couldn’t roll around much at all for any movement on his part would unplug the extension cord thereby cutting off the tv which at this point was our only entertainment.

Things seemed a little hopeless at this point but we hadn’t given up just yet…… given a little bit of luck and the tables would soon be turned. 


Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 04:50:42 PM

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 06:43:07 PM
just wondering
i was just wondering ... why did carla stop posting her stories about sara's mum ( mel ) she posted these stories in march 2003 ... these stories were great .. if anybody knows
Lost Soul

Saturday, May 29th 2004 - 08:32:30 PM
Is A Different Story
This story is a continuence of the treehouse story i posted yesterday. I hope you guys liked it.

Just so you all know there are only four people in this story, not six again. 

As you know at the end of my last story, the opposing team wanted revenge for what we did to them(see my story "the Treehouse"). We were in the treehouse still and it was about four in the morning. We were all reading or playing cards. It was so hot in the treehouse because the heater had been on the whole time. Finnally at about five we all decided to go to bed. We turned out the light and jumped into our sleeping bags.

At about eleven(im assuming) I woke up due to the fact that it was boiling hot. I tried to pull of my sleeping bag but I couldnt, all i could feel was my wrists being wrapped in rope. I soon found out that my ankles were already tied for I tried to struggle from the two people holding me down but it was usless to try. I looked over and saw that two of the six people had already gone home and the only people left were me and my partner and the oposing team.

The next thing I knew I could grab my heels. They had hogtied me the same way they did the night before. I started to yell for hoping one of my friends next door was outside but soon as I started yelling my mouth was covered with a very strong and. Very quikly the hand was released and duct tape wrapped around my head starting below my nose and down to my chin. I looked over and they started working their magic on my friend.

About 5 minutes later they had him tied the excact same way as me. The both of them laughed at us for a few minutes then they set for home. I dont know what on earth we were supose to do! AFter about three or four hours one of my next door nieghbor friends showed up. He laughed for a few minutes as well then he untied us. After that the three of us went and played some x-box.

Well I hope you all liked that story let me know what you think.

He Who Must Not Be Named(Chris)

Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 12:09:20 AM
does any one know what the link is to dorian's tickling site??

Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 09:47:41 PM
Summer Fun
Summer is upon us! And my ex, now-turned-actual-girlfriend, Danna decided to spend the summer with me in Minnesota. She brought her 2 friends Christina and Amber.

Three nights ago, I finished up some final History work and overheard a conversation from the 3 girls, soon-to-be-damsels. I place myself against the walla and lean over to the doorway and listen in.

Danna: Guess what I found in the Woodshop 
Amber: Danna! Leave it to you to find the rope!
Danna: Yep! 300 feet at least.
Christina: There's at least 5 bundles there!
Danna: Christina, you look really cute tonight.. c'mere hottie!
Christina: Get away!
Amber: Nope! Behave!

I could here rustling around and rope being unwound. I tilted my head and found Amber and Danna tying up Christina.

They tied her wrists and elbows together, then thighs, shins, and ankles. They tied a few ropes around her body to keep her arms motionless. 

Danna: And now, the cherry on top!
Christina: Oh please no gag!

Danna patted down a strip of grey ducttape over Christina's lips as she moaned.

Amber looked on and giggled. Danna got up on her knees and admired her work, when Amber slapped her hand over her mouth and pinned her down on the floor.

Amber: Ok, Danna Banana, you're turn missy!
Danna: Hrrrmph?!

To Be continued'd! MSN
RangerofThe75th AIM

Gals contact me to share bondage stories. Guys, too.


Monday, May 31st 2004 - 07:29:50 PM
Tickle story site
So long as you don't mind it being "Dorain", instead of Dorian, click the link on this message. 8¬)

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