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March 2003

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This month's stories:
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What Happened to Aunt Mary (M/m, M/F) - Charlie Mason
A Good Morning (mm/m) - Newbie
Connies Cellar-3 (ff/f) - Trish
A Good Morning Revisited (mm/m) - Newbie
Connies Cellar-4 (ff/f) - Trish
Kidnapped Blonde (m/f) - Kelly
Sleepover (m/m) - Newbie
Held hostage in a minivan (FFM/m) - Brandon
Connies Cellar-The Camp Out Conclusion (ff+/f) - Trish
Thank you lord (f/f) - sophie
Girl's sleep over (ff/f) - Charlotte
Kidnapped by Boyfriend (f/m, m/f) - Charlotte
Keep your mouth shut (f/f) - Charlotte
First time (m/f) - Charlotte
Sister - Brother story (m/f) - Alex
Tied up by boyfriend (m/f) - Charlotte
Playing with my boyfriend (m/f) - Shana
Sarah's mum (m/f, f/m) - Carla
Kidnapped (f/F, ff/f) - Carla
Three Captives in the Evening (m/fff) - Dragon Warrior
Kidnapped 2 return of sarah's mum (F/f) - Carla
Mel's kidnapping (ff/f) - Carla
Wetsuits and Mummys (f/m) - Jay
To Frankie, A Story for You (m/f) - JC
Rob (m/m) - freebase
Kidnapped Cheerleader (Fff/f) - Carla
Barefoot, Tied, and Tickled (f/m) - Mac
My Friends Sister (m/f) - Freebase
Gagged (Ff/f) - Carla
Me and Samantha (f/f) - Carla
Restrained Roomates (m/ff) - Mike
Kidnapped (Ff/m) - Charlie Mason
Restrained Roommates 2 (m/fff) - Mike
People Do Things for Money (m/m) - Newbie
Tying up the au pair (m/f) - Alex
Jessie (m/f) - David
Excess Baggage (m/f) - Mike
Small Soldiers (m/ff) - David
Cheerleaders (m/ff+) - Mike
Babysitter (mmm/f) - David
Too Late to Play (m/f) - Silent Simon ***
The NCAA Rocks! (m/m) - Newbie
First and Best (m/f) - Kelly
Tying Up the Bragger (mm/m) - Vejjita
The kidnap game (m/f) - Girl Gagger
Daphne (Ff/f) - Carla
Another Sleepover (m/m) - Newbie
Friends with a great neighbor (F/m) - ew
Rachel (f/m, m/f) - Ross
Tied Together (m/m, m/f) - Silent Simon ***
Bondage Bargain (mm/m, m/f) - Silent Simon ***
Simon's Predicament (m/f, f/m) - Silent Simon ***
Tied in School Uniform (m/f) - denise
No Laughing Matter (f/m, mm/f) - Silent Simon ***
A True Childhood Tie Up Adventure (m/f) - Memo ***
Tying Tiffany... for the First Time (m/f) - Silent Simon ***
Amber's Captivity (m/f) - Memo ***
Babysitter (m/f) - Mike
Halloween Party (m/f) - David
Tied in Sleep (m/f) - Mike
Great Bondage Experience (m/ff) - Mike
Amber's Kidnapping (m/f) - Memo ***
Thoughts on Duct Tape - kreisleriana
Early Tie-Up Game (m/m) - PH ***
Just You Wait (mm+/f) - Beth

Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 08:36:41 AM


Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 03:50:45 PM

Awesome Stories Trish
Your last 2 stories are awesome, Trish. Plz!!! keep em coming!

Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 04:22:35 AM

Hey everybody! I have been searching the net for quite a while trying to find anything on clean bondage. No porn, no nudity just for fun. There is not a whole lot out there. I am very thankful for this site,and for all of you on here. I am a christian and I have loved to be tied up, handcuffed,or bound in any sort of way since a very young age. I am currently 17 years old and searching for some friends, maybe even a girlfriend that has the same intrest I do. Again, thank you for showing me that I am not alone in the world ,and having a site that proves that bondage can be fun. God Bless all of you!!! You can hit me up if you want to talk.

what a coincidence! I am a christian as well... I thought I might be the only one :( This is my first time posting... but then again, I just found the site... keep up the good work people!

name withheld

Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 04:32:25 AM

Sorry... I need to say a little more about myself... i suppose... I am an 18 year old GUY... despite what my email address is. I chose this e-mail when I was still bi-sexual... BUT I no longer engage in that form of lifestyle... My email is constantly being flooded... so it is possible that you won't reach me... but feel free to try
name withheld

Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 03:07:43 PM

Amazing how your age jumped a year in only one post...fascinating.



Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 03:21:50 PM

True Grit oughta read the post before being an arsehole. The top part of the post is a copy of a post from a guy named AJ, to which name withheld is responding. Name withheld posts a second time saying, i should describe myself: then says he's 18. the 17 year old is AJ. read before you spout off

Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 06:35:23 PM

sorta uncomfortable
Hey! I've been reading this site for the last month or so. Great stuff. I have some bondage stories that I could share, but most aren't very good, since i'm an "ameteur." I have one question though. Do I have to give you my e-mail? Because it gives away my identity. Well, if ou want I can post some stories

Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 06:37:28 PM

Hello Newbie.

Do not fear, you do not have to give out your email address in order to post here. Your posts can be anonymous if you wish.

If, however, you would like to get a new, completely anonymous email address, just sign up (for free) on or on .

Looking forward to read your stories.


Monday, March 3rd 2003 - 07:46:35 PM

a little shy about this
Hey! I may have already posted something, but I can't see it! This has pretty much the same thing as last message. I have some stories but not many. I refuse to tell you my e-mail because it gives away my identity. Please post comments/questions for me on the website!
Happy bondage!

Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 12:18:20 AM

Dont believe Canuck about the "anonymous" thing. He makes sure to log IP addresses, so its not completely true that you are anonymous. From your IP address its relatively easy to find out anything about you. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but I would like Canuck to stop advertising anonymity where none exists.

Saturday, February 15th 2003 - 10:13:35 PM

I NEED TO COMMENT!!! You say, in your Policy: "I have no record of who posted what so you are completely anonymous if you wish to be" Well what about this:

"Big Brother is watching you...

One of the reasons I recently switched to Dreambook is that it allows me to find out the IP address of the posters. Well, I can confirm that Granma and Maddog are indeed the same person: their IP addresses are identical. No wonder they agreed with each other...

I don't really mind a good discussion from time to time. It's by confronting established ideas that we can make things better. But this thread was a little bit out of control, so I felt the need to intervene and put a stop to it.

Some good things came out of this, though. For example, I like Desmo's idea to add a new field, so that it would be easier to browse through stories. I'll see what I can do about that. But don't expect a change in the posting system: I really don't like the kind of posting system used at Abductor's. I'll stick with Dreambook's posting system.

Speaking of Dreambook's posting system: have you noticed that it seems to work better that before?

Now, as Mason said, could we have some more stories please? :)

Well, how can it be anonymous, if you, BIG Brother, are watching us??? It doesnt matter, but i would like you to know that i would never be caught in the same situation as Maddog... Why you ask?? i'll prove it.

Little Brother who screws big brother


Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 03:08:08 AM

privacy issues
Regarding the logging of IP addresses;

I know Canuck, the webmaster and moderator of this board to be an honest person with a high level of integrity through the years I have known him. He does not log IP addresses in order to pry into other people's lives. He does so for a very good reason:

This is a public bulletin board.

If others haress, stalk or molest others on this board or uses it to solicit sex/whatever and there is trouble, then Canuck is in a position to ask the offenders to stop or face the consequences.

About four years ago, one young poster naively posted her real e-mail address for no other reason than friendliness between posting about her experiences and one guy took it upon himself to stalk her through the address given.

As it so happens, I was also writing to her at the same time and she came to me for help. I told Canuck and another computer literate friend (also another regular poster at the time) who helped trace the person responsible. I won't go into detail but in the end, we had to threaten him with exposure including giving his details to the police if he did not leave her alone.

There was a happy ending; the attacks stopped and Canuck removed her e-mail address from every post she made.

Therefore, as you can see, there are very good reasons for having the ability to trace IP addresses in case of trouble. They're like speed cameras - don't speed and you won't get in trouble. That's possibly a poor analogy but they are there for protecting people, the vast majority of whom are genuine, honest and friendly.

I hope this explanation helps set people's minds at ease here.


Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 02:56:56 PM

Well annon...
This page doesn't work that well, about every five days stuff people have posted just won't appear on my computer. So if you posted somthing on March 3, I didn't see it, did you?!? Maybe your computer works differently (this is a general question, not just for annon).
I probably won't list an E mail again!!!

Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 03:40:18 PM

Had i occured to you that Granma and Maddog could just be two different people sharing a computer. An IP address is specific to a computer not a person. Just a thought.

Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 05:36:21 PM

What Happened to Aunt Mary
I've had a couple of questions as to what happened to Aunt Mary when Fred carried her away. Here is the story:
To recap, Fred, Melony's brother, carried Aunt Mary away, tied to the chair at dinner time. a few minutes later we heard the roar of a car peeling out and Melony said that's Fred and Mary. He told me he was going to kidnap her and take her to the drive in (yes, there were still a few drive in theater's left in the late 50's and early 60's) and untie her there. I was still tied and gagged so couldn't ask any questions.
Well, since Mom and Grandma had to leave, I went over to Melony's until Fred and Aunt Mary returned. Melony and I both fell asleep watching TV, but around midnight, heard Fred's car return. He walked in, carrying Aunt Mary, who was still tied and gagged.
Hi guys, Fred said. Aunt Mary Mumphhed. I decided I'd untie Mary for the movies, but she was being bad, so I had to tie her up again and bring her home. Aunt Mary had a gleem in her eye, so I knew she was ok. Fred put her on the couch and took off the gag. Aunt Mary smiled and told us to go to bed. Melony's mom let me sleep in the spare room. We tried to peak downstairs to see what was going on, but Aunt Mary (still tied up) saw us and told us if we didn't go back to bed, we'd be in the same prediciment as she was. Melony and I ran to our rooms, and fell asleep.
More to come
Charlie Mason

Tuesday, March 4th 2003 - 06:45:51 PM

A Good Morning
Well, I'm a first poster here, so I hope you like it. First of all, I'll describe myself (hint: the names are different to protect the innocent). I am a thirteen year old, and in my stories will call myself Kyle. I am about 5'4" with straight dark brown hair. My eyes are hazel. The friends in this story I will call Sam and John. Sam is about 2 inches shorter than me with short, light brown hair. I've never noticed the color of his eyes, but I think they are brown. My other bud John is the same height as me with red hair and glasses. All of us are the same age. On with the story.

A while ago Sam, John and I were having a sleepover at my house. I had introduced them as to where the ropes I had hidden were as to hint them to tie me (i don't know if i like tying or being tied better, but I enjoy both). While I was showering and such, John and Sam were plotting against me (i didn't know until they told me). We had a great time laughing it up before we went to sleep at about one o'clock in the morning. Then, we went to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by the feeling of ropes being wound around my bed. However, trying to make them think I was not really into bondage and was only going to use the ropes against them, so I said, "Good morning to you too." They responded by taking the ropes away. I inwardly cursed myself, for I thought that they would keep tying me to "anger" me. However, I wasn't going to spoil a perfect opportunity.

"Actually, go ahead and tie me up," i said. "I bet I can get out." They yet again took the ropes back out and told me to lie face down on the bed. They tied one ankle with the end of the 20 foot rope, then tied the rope to the leg of the bed (my bed has two legs, but the legs are really more like stands. They are metal poles that are under my bed and connect by another metal bar almost buried in the carpet). Then, they wrapped the rope under the bed, wrapped it around the other leg, and then proceeded to wrap my other ankle in it. Then, after both my ankles were tied, they wrapped the remaining ten feet around the bed over my legs. Then, they asked me to turn over. Since my legs were tied, I had to rotate my upper body face-up. They then did the same thing that they did to my feet to my hands, both tied above me with the twin rope. I was tiedspreadeagle,only my legs were face down and my body face up. They did not tickle me, but they did do a good job tying me. I struggled, but couldn't get free. I tried to get out for around thirty minutes when I said to them while they were playing my game boy, "I give up." It's not that I got bored, I was just afraid my mother would come to try to wake us and find me tied in such a manner. At this the untied my feet, saving my hands until last. I haven't played any tie up games with John since, but have done failed attempts to Sam. There are other tie ups that I had during this same sleepover, but that's another story.

Hoped you like it, please post comments. Tell me how I could make it better. I'll try to post some stories later. Bye!


Wednesday, March 5th 2003 - 01:12:45 PM

Connie's Cellar
Trish! You HAVE to continue with these or any others!!!

Wednesday, March 5th 2003 - 05:32:29 PM

Connies Cellar-3
First of all I want to thank you all who have shown so much enthusiasm for my stories. It’s been fun recalling my teenage experiences and so I will continue here.

So far you have learned about Connie my bossy teenage tormentor who had decided to take me under her wing. You also met Cathy a friend and enthusiastic submissive who seemed to enjoy her torment. (You can re-read my posts of last week to catch up). Now I will introduce you to Susan. She was another neighborhood kid who became addicted to Connie’s method of recreation. Sue was 14 about 5’ tall and maybe 100 lbs. She had really short hair she wore in a boy-like style. She had small breasts and the most perfect ass of anyone I knew.

The day was another perfect summer day, bright sun, cool breezes and not a cloud in the sky.
By then I had started looking forward to my visits to Connie’s because they almost always involved bondage play or vary erotic conversations about methods to be used on prisoners in the future. I know its kinky but I was really turned on by it. This day proved to be no exception. I arrived just after noon to be greeted by Connie at the front door. She was dressed in her usual shorts T and flip-flops. She invited me in but this time instead of going to the basement she showed me back through the kitchen and out into the back yard. The yard behind their house was quite large. It was enclosed by a tall fence all around and divided in half by a tall wall of shrubs. On the far side of the shrubs was a section of the yard that had been set up as a playground with swings sandbox ect. As we entered that section of the yard it was no surprise to find Sue at a distinct disadvantage. She was dangling by her wrists from the end of a rope the other end of which was slung over the top bar of the swing set and tied off to a stake in the ground behind her. She was wearing red crotch huggers and a halter-top whose string had been undone and retied around her chest just under her breasts. Her arms had been drawn up high above her head yet not quite high enough to lift her off he old iron BBQ grate on which she was teetering. The grate was about 2’ square with hard rough edges that must have been terribly uncomfortable on bare feet.
I can’t explain why but the site of Sue hanging there really excited me and it must have shown. Connie let out a laugh and remarked that she knew I would like this rig. She went on to show me the grate and how she had sit it up digging a shallow pit under it incase we wanted to build a fire or something. We both laughed for Susan’s benefit even though we would have never done anything like that! Susan just hung there and MMMMMed as she was tightly cleave gagged.
We left her that way for about another ten or fifteen minuets while we lightly poked her with sticks from a nearby tree.

Deciding she had had enough we lowered her from her suspension.. We left her hands tied together and gag in place as we led her over to the sandbox. Connie called the torture pit. It was a sand box that measured about 4x6ft. And was indeed filled with sand. Connie had added several eyehooks around the old wood frame and she had added enough sand so that it was level with the top of the frame and it was graded so it formed a mound in the middle. We laid Susan down face up so that the highest part of the sand pile was squarely in the center of her back. Using some lengths of rope we stretched her out spread-eagle attaching her limbs to the four corners of the frame. Connie took great care to make sure she was stretched as tight as possible but in no real pain. When we were done her back and ass were all that actually touched the ground. Concerned about the strain on her neck Connie rolled up a blanket and placed it under Sue’s head. The only bit of comfort she would have for quite some time.

With our victim all staked out securely we decided to give ourselves a little break. We poured ourselves a couple of sodas from the cooler and went to sit under a nearby tree.

By now the sun was high in the sky and the temperature had reached about 90-degrees. The breeze that offered some comfort earlier had stopped and you could really feel the heat. As luck would have it the sandbox enjoyed no shade at all. While we sat under a big old tree sipping our nice cool drinks Susan was not so luck. Not only was she racked unable to do little more the wiggle her toes she was getting a slow roasting from the sun. I remember asking Connie how hot she thought the sand was. She just laughed and said HOT! We left her this way for about fifteen or twenty minuets. By then she was already starting to turn a bit red. Not wanting her to burn Connie handed me a tube of suntan cream and instructed me to “baste” our victim. I have to admit that did sound like fun. I wasted no time applying the cream on our prisoner. I started with her face and worked my way down to her feet. I applied a heavy coating of the cream to every inch of exposed flesh. When I was done she was glistening in the sun. Connie explained that the cream not only offered a layer of protection form the suns harmful rays but that it also contained some special mixture to condition the skin. She further explained that this special conditioning would make her super sensitive to tickle torture.
I actually heard Susan grunt when she said that.

We finished our sodas and sat about selecting some implements of torture. I selected a couple of pointy stiff feathers and a nailbrush. Connie picked a long thin dowel rod that had been sharpened on one end and a couple of stiff artists brushes. Connie being the head tormentor took her turn first. Using the dowel she dragged it point down Susan’s side from pit to hip. Susan mmmmmed as Connie ignoring her sounds and went on to explain how sharp and stiff can be as torturous as soft and fuzzy. She continued her demonstration on both of Sue’s sides for a minute before moving down to her feet. She wasted no time scratching little lines in the bottom of Sue’s left foot from heal to toe. This really got her going as she could be heard laughing and trying to scream form under her gag. After a few minuets of sole scraping and toe pushing Connie ended the demonstration by explaining that if the victim isn’t sensitive enough you can further sensitize “like so” and she gave her a smack across the bottom of her foot.

By that time I was pretty worked up and I really wanted to get started. Connie turned me loose on Sue’s right foot while she continued to work on he left. She switched to one of the artists brushes while I tested her sensitivity with a stiff feather. I decided that while the feather worked pretty good as she was really laughing and struggling against her bindings. After three or four minuets we gave her a five-minute rest before we continued. This time Connie attacked her pits wit a brush and her fingers. I returned to her feet. This time using the nailbrush to torture every inch of her hypersensitive soles, heels and toes. We really drove her nuts! We continued her torture for forty-five minuets with a break every five minuets or so.

At one point we ungaged her and let her drink some water. We kept checking her to make sure she was all right but we didn’t stop the torture until we had totally exhausted her.
When it was finally over we untied her and gave her some refreshments before we all went our separate ways.


Wednesday, March 5th 2003 - 07:39:49 PM

A Good Morning Revisited
Hello again! It's Newbie. I figured I'd tell you about the other time I was tied up at the same sleepover with Sam and John (see descriptions in my last story).

After I was untied from the spread eagle position, we had breakfast then headed back upstairs to my room. I was cold, clad in only a tee-shirt and my shorts, so I rolled myself up in a sleeping bag that was unzipped like a blanket. I rolled myself like it was a rug. My friends siezed the opportunity and got the ropes out while one of them restrained me so I couldn't get out of the sleeping bag. They then wrapped the ropes around many times, and the more I tried to get out, the hotter I got. After minutes of struggling, I gave up. I was still tied tight, my arms at my sides, and my feet together.

As soon as I stopped my struggle, my friend Sam came up beside me and leaned over me.
"You are so helpless aren't you," he said. Then, he started to tickle my writhing body. I laughed so hard, and I started to sweat form the heat.
"Warm enough?" Sam asked me. I replied yes, and he decided to tickle me a little more, then untied me. I unrolled myself and then heard the doorbell. It waws Sam's mom, who was also taking John home. I regretted that I couldn't get my revenge, and I am still looking forward to it to this day.

Well, that wraps up my second story. I would love some feedback for my stories. Oh.. and does anybody live in North Carolina? If so, tell me. Bye!


Wednesday, March 5th 2003 - 08:53:48 PM

Connies Cellar-4
Thanks again for all the positive feedback. While not all of the stories took place in Connie’s cellar it was the centerpiece of many of our games. It is for this reason I will keep it in the title of all the stories involving Connie.

A couple of days after our adventure with Susan my family an I went on vacation an I didn’t see Connie for two weeks. When we got back I found a message from her informing me of her plans to have a campout that following weekend and how she really wanted me to come. I took that to me that she had another bondage session planed so naturally I accepted her invitation. I didn’t know for sure who our next victim would be but I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

It had been a hot muggy August and that Saturday was on exception. It was in the 90’s at 4pm. When I left for Connie’s. I was wearing cotton gym shorts a short tank top and sneakers no socks. I brought my sleeping bag a couple of beach towels and a pair a change of clothes. I arrived at Connie’s to find her father working on his car. He greeted me and sent me around to the backyard. Connie was there with Cathy who I hadn’t seen since that day in the cellar. She greeted me like nothing happened and she and Connie walked me back to where we would be camping. She had set up a few tents around the play aria on the far end of the yard. She had strung up some lanterns and there was now a folding table under the big tree. I stashed my things in one of the tents and joined them for a cool drink. A short while later Susan showed up also dressed in shorts and T. Right behind her Tammy who was really Cathy’s friend showed up. Tammy was 15 average build with a brown Dutch boy haircut. A little while after that Connie’s mother came out with a tray’s of sandwiches and snacks. Her father followed along with a cooler filled with ice and more beverages. They put all the food on the table, told us to behave and disappeared into the house. Someone put on the battery-powered tape player and we all began to talk and eat. A little while later more people showed up, Amanda and her sister Anna. I knew them from the neighborhood and I liked them both. Amanda was 17 the oldest of our crowd. She had t haunting deep brown eyes and chocolate brown hair that usually hung down her back in cloud like curls. Given the evenings temperature she had it tied up in braids. Her sister Annie was 15, tall for her age and skinny as a rail. She two had deep dark eyes and brown hair but it was cut short and usually resembled a spilled bowl of spaghetti. On this occasion she had it tied back in a short ponytail. Connie showed them where to stow their gear and offered them something to eat.

Finally the sun sat and the lanterns cast an orange glow over the yard. Connie’s mother showed up to check on us. Seeing that everything was fine she cautioned us to keep the music down and not stay up to late. Then she wished us a good night and retreated back to the house where her husband was warming up the barker loungers in front of the TV. The back door had no sooner shut than Connie got up and turned off the music. “Ladies may I have you attention please” A hush fell over the campsite. “Thank you all for coming this evening. I hope you are enjoying yourselves. Now that we have fed our faces it’s time for a little entertainment.” Then she turned to me. “You all know Trish, now I would like you to welcome her to our group.” They all applauded. This was starting to sound like my mothers garden club. “No Trish you have already played with Cathy and Susan, but what you don’t know is that we all share the same interest.” I looked around at all of these familiar faces and realized for the first time that they were all players. WOW I was shocked but pleased at the same time. My mind was racing. What next? Who was going to make a move? Should I say something? What? Connie being the true leader that se was solved my dilemma. “OK Trish you’re it.” Suddenly everything stopped for a second. “What” I said. I must have been in shock. “I said you’re it” She tossed me something,”Now go into the tent and put that on”. By now I was the only one seated. All the others were standing forming a circle around me. Then Connie continued. “You didn’t think you were going to get to torture all these poor girls without consequence did you? Now go inside and change on your own or we will change you right here!” She was shouting. I knew there was no use arguing I was out numbered. Besides what’s fair is fair. I went into the tent and peeled off my clothes. She had given me a macro two-piece bathing suit. The bottom really hugged my crotch and the strapless top was little more then a Band-Aid. I put the suit on and stepped back out to meet my fate. “My god” I thought. There were six of them all waiting to have at me. Two of them I had tortured myself. They had a reason to want to get their hands on me. The others? I guess they were just sadistic bixxxxx-. Saying nothing Connie came over and tied my hands behind my back. She used more rope to tie my elbows together. It was really tight but didn’t really hurt. Cathy came over holding a balled up sock. She pinched my cheeks together that forced my mouth open and she stuffed the sock in. Standing next to her was Tammy. She had a role of duct tape. She tore off a long strip of tape and handed it to Cathy who pressed it across my lips. Next I was led over to the seesaw. (Remember this use to be a playground.) Cathy pushed me back and Connie caught me. Then they lifted me onto the seesaw. Someone, I don’t remember who handed them both several pieces of rope. My ankles were toed together and then to one handle of the seesaw. More rope was wrapped around my shoulders and hips and then wrapped around the seesaw. I was quite effectively tied to the seesaw. That was when their fun began. They started to push the seesaw up and down. Now I know that doesn’t sound like much but remember you are suppose to sit on this thing. I was laying on it. After a few minuets they stopped leaving me tilted with my head down toward the ground and my feet up in the air. They were having the best time.

I heard Connie speak. “OK we all agree that she is to be tortured, now lets decide how we are going to go about this.” They all began to talk among themselves. I don’t remember exactly who said what but it went something like. “Shall we whip her?” I know lets make her walk on coals!” “Wait! I know, we can put bamboo splinters under her fingernails!” or “Her toenails!” “HAHAHA!” The conversation was getting me excited until I remembered it was ME they were talking about! Then Cathy spoke.” I know lets see if she’s ticklish!” Then I felt some fingers on the bottoms of my feet. I couldn’t help but react. It was the I heard Tammy say “OH good I love tickle torture!”

Then they all took turns tickling my feet. Cathy and Susan got to go first since they had been my victims before. Over the next hour or so they each had a turn at tickle torturing my feet. They used every thing you can think of from feathers and fingers to chips of wood and a dinner fork. By the time they stopped I was a quivering breathless mass of jelly, and they were just getting started.



Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 12:17:51 PM

Kidnapped blonde
Hi every one my names kelly and i am 23 years old .I love kidnappings especially the gagging,my fantasies are just to kidnap tie up and gag sexy girls.
Im gonna tell u all a TRUE story about a girl i kidnapped.

There's this girl , a girl called Jess she is so beautiful ,
every one loved her.She had blonde hair and all ways wore a short skirt , which you could all ways see her shiny sexy legs.And she used to always show off her knickers to the lads , she said it was an accident but i knew she did it on purpose.

Any way my dream was just to kidnap her for a few hours so i could tie her up and GAG her.

One day on a friday night she was on her cell phone to her boyfriend and said she's got dancing lessons on saturday evening at 6:00pm and finishes at 7:00pm.The next day on saturday i followed her from her house to her dancing hall luckily enough it was very near my house.Finally it was 7:00 i waited till ten past until i realised , if i kidnapped her she wouldn't be dressed in her sexy clothes and wouldn't be washed, i didn't want to wait till she got home to do all that so i sticked with my plan.Suddenly she came out she was wearing a very short black skirt with a slit in the middle and was wearing a white blouse which i could see through. she also looked as if she had washed her hair , there must of been a shower in the changing rooms , my life was saved.
This was my move he was walking on her own and i think she was gonna meet her boyfriend but i came behind her and put my hand around her mouth to keep her quiet , your coming with me
i said i took her back to my house and threw her on the bed.She didn't know who i was but i got straight to work with her , i tied her up and GAGGED her with tape.She mmffpphhed through her gag i then heard a noise , i put my hand over her mouth to shut her up."keep your mouth shut" i said to her in a slow quiet voice but there was nothing there so i continued to tie up my sexy blonde hostage.Jess then wiggled her smooth shiny legs , and thats when i saw her pink thong. I stroked her legs an worked upwards but i won't tell you that. I then saw through her blouse and her pink bra came to view i then fondled her breasts. She tried to scream through her gag but i shut her up by putting my hand over her gagged mouth Shut Up i said once again to her.
But then i realised something she was enjoying being my kidnapped blonde ,i realised this when her breasts hardened and her knickers started to get a bit wet and sticky. but eventually i let her go , but i told her if she mentioned this to anyone i would kidnap her again.

getting one soon

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 04:24:12 PM

I love your stoies. I enjoy reading them and I can't wait to read the continuation of your last story. i'll be watching the page for it

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 05:45:32 PM

don't ever try this

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 06:57:57 PM

Just Wondering
Hey guys! Just a few questions. Hwy haven't I gotten any feedback for my two stories? I've been thinking you haven't told me anything because you don't like them! Sorry about being a pest, but I erally don't know how the posting of this site works. And one more question: do any of you live in North Carolina, USA? I need a "bondage buddy" that I know I and tie up or be tied by.
Keep the stories comin!

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 07:34:27 PM

No news is good news
Newbe. Your stories are fine. Don't worry about the feedback. Sometimes when you hear nothing it means you're ok. One thing is for sure if you screw up there will allways be someone ready to tell you about it.

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 07:57:38 PM

TO all
I forget who posted about not seeing things after five days or so... dont care enough to click back and search. Its probably just your computer, cause the way i see it, as well as how others see it, is all current postings remain on the board, none of it gets deleted unless canuck deletes it. And... something else........ i dont really remember. Oh yeah, maddog and granma were the same person, he admitted it after he was found out, i can search for that and show you, but i dont want to, its in the 01 or 99 archive (dont remember) probably around november... if you go to the 99 archive and there's only one link for november, its in 01.. there should be a nov 1 and a nov 2 page.

and....... "As it so happens, I was also writing to her at the same time and she came to me for help. I told Canuck and another computer literate friend (also another regular poster at the time) who helped trace the person responsible. I won't go into detail but in the end, we had to threaten him with exposure including giving his details to the police if he did not leave her alone." I dont believe that crap... A computer literate friend couldnt trace the guy without help from authorities, so either you did report the stalking or you didnt. Well, i shouldn't say that. If i can trace an IP number, then a good hacker can, but I dont believe you.
hmm, what else? canuck's a good moderator, i'll give him that. But i'd never post anything without hiding my IP address, even to such a harmless site, for fear of those stalkers!!!!. Ahhh, it doesnt matter. I'd just like you to know that each time i've posted (maybe once as "anon" and a few times as "little brother who likes to screw big brother" i've hidden my IP address, if you dont believe me, you can ask canuck to go into his "magical" log: which logs such things. You might think i've just been switching computers on a network, but it doesnt work that way. Computers on a network share the same IP address, and it would show up. If he were to search some public site that allows for "IP tracing" he'd see that each of those posts are from different servers altogether, and that i've posted them within mintes or seconds of each other. (or as fast as i can switch anonymous IP addresses.. it only takes a few seconds usually.)


Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 08:10:34 PM

Newbie the problem is guys tying up guys aint cool. Girls getting tied up is the shiznit.

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 08:39:36 PM

First of all, I do not have any girl tied up stories, but if I did I would post them, for they are my fave. I don't have any girl stories because I don't see any girls that I think would enjoy bondage.

Well, this is a story when my friend Andy and I were having a sleepover at my house (sleepovers are the best time cause noone is awake). Andy is about 5'2", with short, curly light brown hair. He has braces. Now, on with the story.

As I said, we were having a sleepover. I became bored, so I took out my ropes. We were both awake, and I said, "I'm really bored."

"Well, seeing you have the ropes, I guess you can tie my hands, but not too tight!" replied Andy. He placed his hands behind his back crossed, and I started to use my 20' rope. I wound it about three times, then crossed it between his hands to make the escape impossible, for I was thinking of actually tying him, not just pretend. He started to complain about the tight bonds when I knotted the rope off then I said, "Okay, legs together!" He groaned as I took the other rope to bind his ankles while crossing through his legs. I then took a shorter rope and began to hogtie him. I knotted it off when his hands were level with his feet. Then, I blindfolded him.

"Oh boy," he said sarcastically. Then, I took out a strip of duct tape, and gagged him, then tied a scarf-like rope around it. Then, I let him struggle for a bit. i decided it was a perfect time to get back at him for creaming me in tennis. I started to tickle him. He was writhing around, while I just smiled. I continied this for about a minute, then released him from the hogtie, but still not releasing his hands and feet. I let him struggle for another 5 minutes, then released him. He cursed me and such, but then acted as if he forgot in the morning.

I thought this was fun, but I don't think he'll be up for it again, so please, if you livein the NC area, post something so that I know! Keep the stories comin!


Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 08:50:00 PM

Newbie thanks for clearing up the fact that you like girls, you had me a little worried.

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 09:38:53 PM

Held hostage in a minivan
Hello my name is Brandon I'm a 16 year old white male and this is a true story of how I was kidnapped and taken for a ride. It was about 12:30 on a Saturday in April when the doorbell rang. I was the only one home so I opened the door and I saw a 30ish aged woman with shoulder length brown hair outside. She asked if my mom was home and I said no and that she was at a friends house. She said she was the mother of one of my mom's students and that she needed to talk to her and asked when she might be home I said she was not going to be back until late and that I would take a message. The woman fumbled in her bag and I thought she was looking for something to give me her number with, but instead she pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. I was shocked and I had no idea what she was going to do. She told me that we were going for a ride and that I was going to get in her van and not do anything stupid.

I shut the door and she pushed me infront of her gently, but firmly and I felt the gun in my back. I had my cellphone on me and I was thinking on how I could call the police if I was given the chance. As we got to the side door it slid open and a guy my age told me to get in. I did and he pulled me into the backseat of the minivan. The woman slid the door shut and got in the van and backed down the driveway. There was a girl in the passenger seat who told the guy to tie me up. The guy pulled my hands behind my back and I cringed as I heard the duct tape tear off the roll. He wrapped the tape around my wrists about eight times and then started taping my body and then taped my feet. After he taped my feet he took my phone and taped my mouth and pushed me back into the seat.

I hoped that someone had seen the kidnapping but inside I doubted that someone had. No one spoke to me as we drove in the van and I was scared because I had no idea why someone would decide to kidnap me. Twenty minutes of driving I we pulled into my girlfriends house and I was really confused. The guy untaped my ankles and the girl opened the side door and the three of them led me to her house.

Once we got to the door my girlfriend opened the door at was laughing at me. The four of them walked me into the house and untaped me and my girlfriens said that this was all a joke to get back at me for all the cruel jokes that I had played on her. my "Kidnappers" were her cousins Crystal, Adam and Lindsey. Crystal worked at a costume store and showed me that the gun was a fake. I laughed with them about my scary experiance but in the back of my mind I was planning on how to get back at my girlfriend Brandie.


Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 11:16:09 PM

Brandon: Great story. Did you ever get revenge on your girlfriend? If you did I would love to hear that story too.
Newbie: I like your stories too. Sorry that I didn't post anything hear sooner.

All of you guys are so lucky to have had these experiences. Can't wait to read continuations and new stories!!


Friday, March 7th 2003 - 03:04:50 PM

Hello everyone ,I've been reading this for years and its great. Unfortunately I haven't had any sugnificant bondage experiences. If any girls from Israel who like to talk about (or do some) bondage read this then please E-mail me.

Friday, March 7th 2003 - 05:56:13 PM

Connies Cellar-The Camp Out Conclusion
Here is the continuation of the story I posted on the 4th.
When we left off I was resting up form some rather intense torture on the seesaw. I was allowed to catch my breath for a few minuets. I could hear my captors talking and laughing among themselves but I couldn’t really tell who was saying what. I do remember that they were talking about me and exactly what was to be done with me next. After several minuets Connie Sue and Tammy came over to me. They untied me from the seesaw without untying my hands or feet. Two of them carried me over to the sand box where they dropped me face down in the sand. All at once they were on me. At least three or four of them worked together to untie my wrists from behind my back and turn me over. Then with a girl on each limb I was stretched out wide in a spread-eagle position, my arms and legs tied to the four corners of the frame. I was stretched at least as tight as Susan had been with no hope of escape. I recalled just how ruthlessly I had tortured her when she was in this position and looked forward to my impending fate with considerable dread.

I really did expect Susan to be the first one on me. Much to my surprise Amanda come over and straddled my hips. She had with her this long dangerous looking feather. She sat over me with a wide ear-to-ear grin but she said nothing. She started stroking my face ever so gently with the feather. Id didn’t really tickle but was strangely irritating. After a few minuets of this Annie approached from behind and knelt above me pinning my head between her knees. She took the feather from her sister and continued to tease my face and ears. As soon as she had handed over the feather Amanda began to dig her fingers into my armpits. I went wild. I never knew my pits were so ticklish but I was really going nuts. After a few minuets of that Cathy and Susan took up their places at my feet. They each had a bristle brush they used to sadistically torture my hyper sensitive feet. Finally Tammy got into the act as she started running a bora up and down my thighs. By then I was laughing uncontrollably to the point of shedding tears. All this time Connie was supervising my torture as she circled the pit shouting orders at the others. “Come on people press harder on those pits” Lets see some fingers on her sides”. And “Work harder on those feet, get that brush between every toe!” I don’t know how long this went on but when Connie finally gave the order to stop I continued to convulse with laughter even after my tormentors withdrew.

Once I calmed down Connie and Amanda came over and released me from my staked out position. My hands were re-tied in front of me and I was helped to my feet. I was a little shaky at first but eventually gained my balance as I was led over to a stool. My gag was removed and I was given some water to drink. I was also offered food, which I refused.
After a short rest Tammy and Anna escorted me to the center of the camp. I was ordered to kneel while all the girls stood in a circle around me. Always being in charge Connie spoke. “ You have done well tonight Trish, so far.” I didn’t like the sound of that. She continued. “ We have talked it over and we have decided that you are in good enough shape to stand additional tortures. Now you can refuse to continue but if you do you will no longer be a part of this group. What will it be?” I really didn’t want to continue but I knew if I were to quit I would never get my chance at revenge on any of them. So being just a bit dramatic I spit on the ground (yes guys girls can spit!) and shouted in my most defiant voice “do your worst”. Almost instantly Cathy approached with a bandana, which she used to cleave gag, me. She and Sue lifted me up by my arms and led me over to a nearby tree. As we approached the tree I noticed that a fresh layer of pine bark had been spread around the tree. I noticed this because it was especially uncomfortable on my bare feet. My arms were lifted above my head and tied to a rope hanging from a long branch. The rope was lowered just enough so that I could bend my knees. Connie came over with a clever grin on her face. “Here’s a new one for ya”. She said smiling. I want you to try to pull yourself up by the rope. When I adjusted my grip I discovered that I could indeed pull myself up lifting my feet off the ground. I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up for vary long and when I finally let go I dropped back down to the ground.. “OWWW” just came out as my feet came in contact with the pine bark. That really hurt and they were really enjoying watching me suffer! Connie explained that I was going to be left there for an hour. I could just stand there if I wanted or I could keep trying to pull myself up. I was told that I would be given credit for every minute I could keep myself off the ground and that my sentence would be shortened by that amount of time.
I was pretty good at sports and I could even climb that stupid rope in gym class. I really started to talk myself into it. You should have seen me try. I was pathetic. Every time I would get myself up off the ground someone would come along and poke me with a feather. I would giggle and loose my grip. This went on for a while then I finally just tried to stand as still as possible. Finally the hour was up and Amanda and Connie came to cut me down. Or so I thought. Instead of untying me and telling me what a good sport I was they simply lowered the rope until I could sit on the ground. The ground was still covered with pine bark and I was wearing a skimpy bathing suit don’t forget.
They sat me up against the tree and adjusted the rope so my hands were still overhead. My ankles were tied together and a second rope was thrown over the branch. One end of that rope was tied to my ankles and the other end was drawn tight until my feet were pulled up and I was in sort of a “V”. A second later Susan was standing in front of me with a cup. She removed an ice cube from the cup and pressed it against my feet. I wanted to pull out of the way but couldn’t. As she stood there focused on her amusement she looked over at me and said, “You should be thankful. I wanted to use hot coals but I was out voted”. I knew she was just being dramatic so I decided to play along. I started to scream bloody murder as if she were using hot coals. Even under the gag my screams got loud. That’s when Connie rushed over and made Susan stop. Connie took the cleave gag off and balled up the scarf. Shoving it in my mouth she taped it in real good. Seeing that I had been properly silenced Susan continued the ice torture. Over the next half hour or so they each had a turn icing my feet and “spanking” my soles with a ruler.

I was finally released and allowed to join the others for a midnight snack. Later that night as I lay in my tent I fell asleep to dream of sweet revenge on each and every one of them.


Friday, March 7th 2003 - 06:05:16 PM

To Grim
I couldn't help but notice your reply to Newbee that said guys tieing up guys "aint cool".
I just finished posting a four part story about girls tieing up girls. IS that cool? I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from readers who seem to think it is. If it works one way why not the other?

I am just wondering.


Friday, March 7th 2003 - 06:28:55 PM

trish, maybe you dont know this, but straight men like girls a lot more than guys.

Friday, March 7th 2003 - 07:14:37 PM

Comment on "Boys Tying Boys ain't cool"
When it comes to tie-up games where the participants are kids or in their lower teens I think that +90% are played by boys only.

Of course there are situations where a kid-sister is tied up, but still, it's mostly boys who play games that involves tying.

I have said this before, but will repeat myself only to be boring...

How we react to the stories here is very individual. I believe that those stories posted as straight recapitulations of events from our chilhood are posted with no sexual intent when it comes to the participants.

If someone who reads them wants to read them for their sexual content (in his own mind) then it's up to him or her.

When two boys tie each other up it doesn't necessarily mean that they are gay, if two men do, they probably are...

Newbie and Trish, your stories are good, each in their own way. Keep posting!


Saturday, March 8th 2003 - 11:13:17 AM

Ty I think you got issues.

Saturday, March 8th 2003 - 02:50:32 PM

Thank you LORD
Hey everyone i'm 20 years old,female, and i want to tell you a true kidnap story which happened after christmas last year.

Me and my mate kelly(the one who kidnapped jess)
are obsessed about GAGS and especially GAGGING girls.
And one day after college we saw a very sexy girl , who's two years above us. She's called Charlotte and she's abot 23 years old with blonde hair.When me and kelly saw her the first thing we looked at was her mouth , we were thinking about how much we wanted to GAG her.Charlotte was also wearing a short denim skirt , a white shirt and a denim jacket. Me and kelly discussed how we were going to get her to let us GAG her.So we walked up to her and greeted her.We were talking to her for about 6 or 7 minutes , then Kelly just asked , do you like bondage , and funnily enough she said yes ,(thank you lord).Charlotte said her boy friend always ties her up and GAGS her , as soon as she said GAG me and Kelly looked at each other , we asked what her favourite gag was and she said a hand gag.Then Kelly asked if we could kidnap her and tie her up.Charlotte straight away said "NO" she said she only liked being kidnapped by her boyfriend.But Charlotte then said go on then u can kidnap me , but only for a little while . Kelly and i were so exited , we immedietly took her home and then i put my hand over her mouth , she mmffpphhed (which sounded so girly) then i tied her to a pole with her hands behind her back Kelly then lifted up her skirt and gazed at her THONG for a little while.I then got some pink tape and taped her mouth up , i was starting to get horny."Yes i am a lesbian but i dont care what you think" i said to Charlotte kelly came behind and hand gagged her over her gagged mouth , mmffpphh mmmfffpphhh charlott screamed i took off her gag "i need to go now" she said i untied her and she had gone.
The next day i got a phone call , it was from charlotte she asked if me and kelly could come round her house for the night so we could kidnap her again.From that day we stayed friends and not only did Charlotte enjoy being tied up by boys , she enjoyed being tied up by every one.

Thanks for reading my story and if you liked it can you please write me a comment at the bottom because this isn't my computer.By the way me and Charlotte are sleeping round Kelly's house tonight and if your lucky enough you might recieve one of Charlotte's TRUE kidnapped , bound and gagged stories from her
Thanks for reading
Soph And Kelly


Saturday, March 8th 2003 - 03:03:18 PM

Great Story sophie
GREAT STORY sophie. Two girls tieing and tape gagging another girl, doesn't get much better then that. What kind of gags do you and Kelly prefer?? I always loved a tape gag myself.

Thank again for the GREAT story, cannot wiat for the next one!!


Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 09:01:19 AM
I'm looking for stories of girls tied and gagged when they are desperate to pee. Whether you were the victim or the mean dude, your stories interest me. So please, send me your stories as I want enough to make a forum site!

Looking forward to those stories!


Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 10:30:15 AM
Girl's sleep over
Hey everyone my name's charlotte and i'm the one who usually get's kidnapped by kelly and sophie.I am a very sexy college girl with nice legs (and breasts), blonde hair , and always wear a skirt and thong.

Me and sophie were sleeping at kelly's house last night and we had a hell of a time.

As i walked into kelly's house her and sophie greeted me , we went inside and had a girly chat about knickers(panties)
and other types of underwear.Kelly's paents had gone out for the night and the house was all ours.I knew straight away that sophie and kelly were going to tie me up but i didn't mention t to them.

"what colour knickers(panties) are u wearing Char?" asked kelly. I was amazed , kelly just flew at me . I was wearing a white thong and a black short skirt.I told kelly what i was wearing underneath.And straight after that Sophie jumped on me , i did a short girly scream but sophie put her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.Then all of a sudden kelly pulled me up and put her hand over my mouth.I mmffpphhed but kelly just told me to shut up.They both then cradle carried me like i was their bride and lay me on the table , kelly put her hand over my mouth once again , then sophie came with some rope and pink tape , kelly unbuttoned my blouse and took it off then she took off my skirt."nice thong"she said.Then sophie tied my hands above my head and then tied my legs up.Kelly then got one long rope and wrapped it around my waist securing me to the table."shut her up" said kelly and then sophie wripped off a strip of tape and sealed it on my lips."that should shut u up" said kelly. Kelly then started to stroke my legs.I wouldn't blame her because i have got very sexy legs. Then sophie fondled my breasts for a little while , i mmffpphhed through my gag "keep your mouth shut" said sophie as she pressed her hand over my gagged mouth. They kept me captive for about 40 minutes until they let me go but the thing is they had hidden my clothes so i had to sleep and walk around the house in my underwear.

Thanks for reading my story and if u want to ask anything then u can either email me or write a comment at the bottom.
If you email me i cant promise i'll write back , so write a comment below and i should probaly answer to that.

Hey ChillDice this is Sophie and kelly , u asked us what our favourite gag was , anyway we both love Tape gags and definately hand gags (especially on charlotte)
thanks for your message
Soph,Kelly and Charlotte


Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 10:57:03 AM
About us
hey everyone me and kelly thought that since we describe our kidnapped victims reasonably well we should describe ourselves:


age: 23 (same age as charlotte) blondish ,brownish hair, very nice breasts, wears skirts , jeans and short jeans,and thongs.
Favourite gag: HAND GAG and tape gag
Favourite captive: Jess , CHARLOTTE and Sarah


age:20, light brown hair ,nice breasts ,wears skirts ,jeans ,and thongs

favourite gag: hand and tape gag

favourite captive :CHARLOTTE and Kelly

sophie and kelly
get one soon

Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 12:56:17 PM
Kidnapped by boyfriend
Hey it's charlotte again , in my other stories i mentioned that i got kidnapped quite a few times by my ex- boyfriend
well nowi'm gonna share my stories with you. i get kidnapped later so dont think it's just about my boyfriend.

Near the end of november ,my parents were out so i invited my boyfriend (alex) over. I was wearing a very short skirt and pink knickers (panties) which were almost see through.
Me and alex were alone in my house and we were making out.Alex crawled his hand up my leg and as he reached under my skirt i stopped , i knew he'd put his hand up my skirt he always does.But i had a better idea alex is always tying me up and gagging me so i decided it was his turn. I told him i had a surprise for him , he was exited. he then saw the rope and tape i had.I took him and tied his hands behind his back.What r u doin he said , i put my finger on his lips and said "shut up alex or i'll shut u up my self"
"dont be stupid"yelled alex but i put my hand over his mouth to shut him up.He mmffpphhed "shut up" i said to him.
Then i ripped off some tape and stuck it on his mouth.I then removed his trousers , and now he was in his underwear.
He mffpphed again but i put my hand over his gagged mouth.
I was so exited this was my first time i'd kidnapped a boy ' because they usually kidnap me.My hand remained on his gagged mouth , then all of a sudden alex broke loose , he ripped off his gag and said "now it's my turn" i didn't mind he escaped because i like being tied up by him. He then cupped his hand around my mouth and said to me "keep quiet" i nodded he then carried me over the shoulder into my bedroom , he brought up the rope and tape then got to work with me , he stripped me down to my bra and knickers(panties) and tied me up and tape my mouth up i mmffpphed but he fondled me and other stuff.He then carried me in his arms like a bride and dumped me on the bed
i was tied up for about an hour (no exsageration) until he untied me.
that was a memorable night.

Write me a comment below and i promise i will answer .


Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 01:45:59 PM
RE: Charlotte
Great story charlotte. As you can see I'm from the UK too. Ive been trying to contact you for ages but I havent been able to post on the site and your hotmail address isnt working are you sure its E-mail me and we can chat some time. Where abouts are you from?

Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 01:52:36 PM
Um Canuck, or anybody?
Were the last stories in keeping within the spirit of the site, let alone the letter?

Just a question.

Nota Republic

Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 06:42:58 PM
I think we all know by now that knickers is the British word for panties...

Sunday, March 9th 2003 - 10:43:40 PM
About safety
I have seen people posting here about safety where bondage is concerned.

Not everyone may realize this, but if a gagged person will start to vomit and the gag will not be removed, chances are she shall suffocate. I have read about actual cases, and it was more than twice :(

So please be careful.

Jim Silver

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 07:40:26 AM
tie up games
hi we love tie up games my girlfried loves to be tie up she is 22 y.o. i have many pictures of our tie up games where she is all tied with rope so write to us we want to make new fries we can trade our pictures with you guys

Daniel and Sandra


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 09:02:25 AM
What happened?
It seems like this storysite no longer has the kind of stories that it used to. Where are all the great posters?

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 10:04:15 AM
keep your mouth shut
Hey everyone it's charlotte,we've got a 2 days off in college and all i did yesterday was get kidnapped by kelly.

Me and sophie went home from kelly's house, but i came back later in the evening on my own coz sophie had to go to her aunties. I came back to kelly's and knocked on the door, i was wearing a short skirt and red thong and a one buttoned white blouse ,there was no sighn of her parent's car so they must of gone out again , kelly hadn't answered the door yet , when all of a sudden kelly came behind me and put her hand round my mouth , "keep your mouth shut" she said , as usuall,then he put her hand up my skirt and started to feel my ...., i was starting to get embarrased because her next door neighbours(who were a bit younger than me)in their 20's or a bit older who were renting the house out were obsessed with me and were allways staring at my breasts were probaly watching and may think i'm a lesbian. Kelly took me inside and threw me on her sofa , as i fell on the sofa my skirt lifted and my "thong" came to view , kelly then came up to me and put her hand over my mouth."keep quiet"she said , as she stroked my leg,i did a girly mmffpph , but she said "keep your mouth shut" i did what she said. Kelly got some rope and tied my hands behind and taped my mouth up , i hadn't even said one word to her so far except mmffpphh.Kelly put her hand over my gagged mouth.She looked into my eyes and said, "how does it feel to be my sexy captive" i was a bit turned on by that ,she sat me up,but then there was a knock on the door,kelly cupped her hand over my gagged mouth and said "shush", she answered the door ,and it was her neighbours "hey urhh kelly can we speak to your mate with the blonde hair ,and the nice tits"his other friend shouted "no thanks boys as u can see she's a bit of a kidnapped victim here" kelly said ,"hey charlotte say hello to the boys"kelly told me,i mmffpphed."can we play with her?"asked one of the neighbours
nope sorry, and kelly slamed the door on his face."Right ,what shall i do with u now?"asked kelly.She fondled my breasts quite alot and other things , and she left me for quite along time before letting me go.

Thanks for listening and those were my latest kidnappings
i will tell u more about the good stories of when i got kidnapped by my ex-boyfriend ,there are alot of those stories.

PS PJZ thanks for your message ,unfortunately there is something wrong with my email , but i will be getting a new one soon , what did you want to talk about? if u want to ask about anything , my underwear,me tied and gagged,then write at the bottom , ps do u prefere for girls to be kidnapped or boys, hope you say girls ,especially blonde girls with nice legs and boobs
write back to me at the bottom
And another thing , how old r u? and if you ant to here stories about when i got kidnapped by my ex-boyfriend say so


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 11:50:48 AM
Reply To Charlotte
Well I DO prefer to read about girls being kidnapped. I am 28 and I would prefer more stories about girl napping girls or ladies if you prefer.

Keep up the REALLY good work ladies. Now I need to go tape myself up, laters.


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 01:26:04 PM
Connie's Cellar
"BRAVO Trish...BRAVO!!!" Keep posting ;O]!

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 02:04:37 PM
first time
this happened last august
I was getting ready for my date,he was taking me to a restaurant,i had never experienced bondage at this point
I wore a very very short mini red dress which didn't come down and which u could see nearly all of my legs.I was also wearing short black knickers.

I met my date (alex) at the restaurant and we talked for a while and we both flirted,he looked under the table to see my knickers ,but my legs were crossed ,i didn't know what he was doing ,but then he said ,"open your legs" i giggled and opened them,he gazed at my knickers for a while,then he asked me if i'd ever been kidnapped? i said no , then i got the strangest feeling that he was gonna kidnap me,he then asked if i'd ever been tied up and gagged , i got more suspicious i thought he was gonna take me home to tie me up and gag me,i said no in a funny way,he then asked if i liked bondage , i went along with him and said yes.

after we finished ,he asked if i wanted to go back to his house , i foolishly said yes , we then walked back to his house he had his hand up my skirt all the way,but i kind of liked it,he then cupped a hand over my mouth and said "lets go sexy"as he took me in the house ,he then tied me up and then tape gagged me, i started to get scared , my dress was so light it kept lifting so he could see my knickers.I mmffpphed,he then fondled my boobs,mmffpph,he didn't take off my dress but i swear he tookdown my knickers for a while,but he can't admit it ,he left me tied up for a while,then he took of my gag and started kissing me,we then started dating permenently and used to allways play tie up games with me,then i started to like it and get turned on by it.

We broke up later ,but he played with me quite alot.That's how i got into bondage.

when i next get kidnapped by my girls i will tell u the stories,if not i will tell u me and my ex-boyfriends tie up games.


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 03:27:06 PM
Sleepover kidnapping
I will be posting a true story that happened about 20 years ago. It had to do with me, when I was 17 and my younger sister and three of her friends. They wanted me to go out and rent a video for their sleepover. They requested either a horror story or a suspense video.
I saw a great opportunity and only pretended to go to the video store. I substituted my recorded version of a movie called "Terror Among Us", about 4 stewardesses who get captured in their apartment by a home invader.
Through some shrewed manipulation on my part, all the 14 year old girls at the party agreed to re-enact the tie up scene.
I will be posting as soon as I get the story and my memories together.
Reggie Dulop

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 03:45:51 PM
Looking for more ME stories
Oh Yea..... I just reviewed all the stories from a month ago. ( I don't visit here everyday) there is an author named ME, who's slumber story was outstanding. Hey ME if you are out there, how about some more.
Reggie Dulop

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 03:50:24 PM
"Sister R__pe" story
Itlooks like there is a new thread going on here about "Hostage Sister" stroies. I once wrote a stroy that has been on the internet for about 5 years or so. It contains much tie up and gagging. But it also has a lot of R-pe in it and I-c-st. Is it appropriate or not for this site?

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 04:00:38 PM
"Sister - Brother story
I did not write this story, but I thought it might go good with the current thread.
My earliest bondage experience happened when I was 16 years old I was watching TV with my younger sister Eileen (age 13). The show we were watching was called "The FBI" in this particular episode martin sheen played the bad guy who kidnaps a secretary and ties her up in a warehouse (she is a very pretty blonde and is also tightly cleaved gagged). I had always wanted to tie up a girl, although I didn't exactly know why, then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks.... Here sitting before me was a girl, available, and maybe even willing it took me about 5 or 10 minutes to work up the nerve to ask her. (Even though she was my little sister, and we had a fairly good relationship, I cared what she thought of me, and didn't want to appear too weird in her eyes when finally I did ask. She very flatly said "NO WAY". I was too far gone by now and had to lower myself to a little begging. When that didn't work, bribery did. I agreed to pay my 13 year old sister $3.00, if she would let me tie and gag her). Eileen was very shrewd for a girl her age. She said "you could tie me up, but, you are not putting a rag in my mouth.". I had to part with another dollar before she agreed to the gag quickly (I was scared to death that she would change her mind at any moment) I ran to my father's room (he was a suit and tie businessman and retrieved a bunch of his ties. Luckily at this time no one else was home, but I was expecting my mother in the door within the next half-hour. When I got back to Eileen she was sitting on the floor with a real apprehensive look on her face. Working quickly (again, she could go back on the deal at any moment) I instructed her to stand up and put her wrists behind her.

Eileen protested, that her hands should be tied in front, and that there was no reason for the "behind the back thing", after refreshing her memory, on who the bill payer was she reluctantly agreed.... At this point I guess I should describe how my sister looked in those days long dark hair, tall for her age, long legged. I guess she was in pretty decent shape, but she WAS my little sister and there was nothing sexual about this "cowboy and Indian" type of game. Eileen was dressed for bed in a short baby doll nightie (this was the early seventies). So working quickly (my mom was due home soon), and after two false starts I managed to snugly tie her wrists behind her. At that time when I told her to go sit on the couch something came over me. I really felt that I was in charge (especially when Eileen immediately went and sat on the couch when I told her to.) I grabbed another tie and tightly tied her ankles together. (The ties were very soft so I really wasn't too worried about hurting her. besides, she was wearing those little white ankle socks with the lace on them, so her ankles were pretty well protected.)

My only experience with "tying up" at this point in life was from browsing the magazine racks once a month and looking at "detective" magazine covers. Also TV shows like the FBI and girl from U.N.C.L.E. I remembered seeing a girl on one of the magazine covers with her knees bound so I grabbed a tie and did this to Eileen. She got kind of mad and stated that; "there is no reason to tie me up like I am a criminal or something." I shot back that I didn't think of her as a criminal but I did view her as a kidnap victim. To my relief Eileen grinned and said that "now I know what it's like to be kidnapped."...I had a Boy Scout, yellow neckerchief ready for the gag, and after promising to tie it loosely in her mouth I proceeded to break my promise and tie it on the tight side of things. (Hey, I wanted my moneys worth out of this game, and besides, I was feeling rather "villainy". My little sister actually took it like a trooper, and only gave me a wide eyed, but precious look.

So there I was the "kidnapper", with an 13-year-old girl dressed in a short nightie, bound and tightly gagged and at my mercy. Unfortunately this was my sister, so it wasn't as good as it could be. Still, I was rather pleased with myself. Eileen tried, but could not struggle loose.i told her to look scared, like she was in jeapordy. She rolled her eyes heavenwards and started to fake crying and begging. All the while making her big brown eyes wide enough to look like saucers. I look back on that particular tie up and wonder what it would have been like if I knew about hogtie's and elbow cinches, probably just as well. Anyhow, I had to release Eileen, after thanking her for the "co-operation." I managed to get two promises from her that day

Number one promise was that she would never tell anyone about what we did that night. (I still felt like I was the only one in the world who felt this way about ropes and the female species.) Promise #2 was that she would consent to more "tie-ups", when we were again home alone my little sister agreed to both of the promise with the stipulation that she would have to be paid each time, and that I would go easier on the gag next time. I agreed (yea...right). After a couple more sessions Eileen broke her promise about "telling". But, it was much to my delight, because the person she told was her best friend Mary lee. (The very perky Mary lee)!!


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 04:40:13 PM

Things kind of progressed from there on out, between Eileen and myself. I really thought that it was very cool, that we had our own little secret from the rest of the world. It seemed that I would try and tie my little sister up every time we were alone in the house. More often than not, she would say no, to being bound and gagged, but that just made it even better when we did get to play. I really wanted her to continue to play the part of the "unwilling" victim, just like in all the television shows of the late 1960's. Once in a while I would get home from school and Eileen would already be home, watching TV or just laying around. Because, I knew my mom was due home at any moment I would sit next to her on the couch pretending to get into whatever nonsense was on the boob tube. I would slowly slide closer to her (boy was I sly in those days). My little sister always knew what was about to happen and she would glance at me out of the corner of her eye.

Just when I couldn't move any closer I would whisper in her ear, "you realise that you are about to be kidnapped, don't you?" Eileen would just look at me with those expressive big, brown eyes. At this point she would either give me the go-ahead "pass-word" sentence or not. (We had somehow worked this out between ourselves without really ever discussing it) it just seemed natural for her to say, "please mister, don't hurt me". If Eileen uttered these words, then I knew that it was alright to "let the games begin."
While we both sat on the couch, I would gently put my arm around her shoulder and we would sit like that for a couple of moments. Then without warning I would put one arm around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides. I would than bring my other hand up and put it over her mouth. We would sit like this until my mom would just about come in the door. Eileen would often squirm; just the right amounts and would make pleading sounds into my hand. She would even maage a few fake tears as I would whisper in her ear all the things that a burglar would do to a young girl he found home alone.

I really felt that I had discovered something special with this "hand over the mouth", thing. It was a way of getting a tie-up "quick-fix", in when we didn't have time for a full game of "burglar' or "detective". A few times I would even get some real "daring" into myself. There were a few times when other people were in the house and I would notice Eileen going into the another room by herself. I would make up some excuse to also leave. While she was combing her hair in the bathroom or washing her hands in the sink, I would slowly stalk up behind her and grab her arms and tightly hand gag her. I would request that she really try and break loose from my grip or scream for help. In all the times we did this Eileen never did manage to break free, but instead would just end up limp in my arms from exhaustion.I would whisper things in her ear like "you are very lucky that other people are in the house, because the 'burglar' has his eyes on you. Eileen would just roll her eyes as if to say "oh god, not this again".

I recall coming home from school early one day. (I was a 12th grader, in high school, Eileen was in 8th grade.) Just as I was getting in the door, the phone rang. It was my mom and she told me that she wouldn't be home until 8:oo p.m. that night, and that I should make sure the house stays clean. She also said that I should take care of my little sister. My mind swirled with the possibilities. "Ok", I said the house will stay clean and I would surely "take care of my little sister". I hung up the phone and had to hold onto the kitchen counter, because my head started to swirl with anticipation.4 hours, alone with my 13-year-old "victim" and she had no idea. I had to get things together as quick as possible. Eileen was due to walk in the door at any moment.

At this point in time I should point out that I had started a collection of "detective" magazine covers. I studied them extensively, and learned new ways of tying a girl. There were a few things that I wanted to try on Eileen and with 4 hours of "playtime" this was a good chance to hone my craft. I had discovered that we had stretched my father's ties out quite extensively. In fact I had managed to throw out the ones we had used because I was afraid of discovery. (I only hoped that with 200 plus ties in his closet he would not notice 5 or 6 missing ones). One of the detective magazines's had a photo of a girl bound with torn bed sheets. This struck me as perfect binding material. They wouldn't stretch out nor would they leave any tell tale marks on my sisters wrists or mouth area. I had the bed sheets already torn up and hidden when I heard the back door open and close. Eileen walked in and placed her books on the kitchen table. "Hi kid", I said, "how was your day?" Eileen started talking about the test she took and how she was pretty sure that she got an A on it. (Big deal I thought, Eileen got an "A" in every subject.) "Is mom home yet", she asked. I just looked at Eileen as I locked the back door. "Mom won't be home for a little while yet", and I think you are in a bunch of trouble because, you are going to be kidnapped"...

My little sister just looked at me with a priceless look on her face and said, "Alex, we can play for only a little while. Mary lee is coming over in about an hour and we really need to study." I said that an hour would be fine, and that I would untie her in that time frame. I had other thoughts though.... I had many a fantasy about Mary lee and this would be a perfect time to act on these fantasies.

The ground rules were set. I would go to the back door and knock. Eileen would answer and we would pretend that I would be a robber posing as a repairman and talk my way into the house. Eileen had agreed to this but she wanted to know how I had planned to restrain her. I explained that a robber rarely gets permission from his intended victim on anything, let alone the method of binding and gagging. Eileen just gave me a look and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Oh that will really cost you, the number one rule when you encounter a burglar is never stick your tongue out at him, you might make him angry."
My little sister just replied with the same move. When I asked her if she was ready for our game, Eileen replied that it would be just a couple minutes, she wanted to change out of her school clothes and put on some jeans. I was too pent up, in anticipation and didn't want to waste the time waiting. (Like any typical 13-year-old girl my sister could take a long time getting dressed and "dolling" herself up). I talked her into just keeping what she had on. ...Her school clothes consisted of your basic every day boring catholic schoolgirl outfit of white short sleeve blouse, plaid jumper (which always seemed too short on Eileen because of her long legs), white ankle socks and black girlie type of shoes.

Besides I thought that this outfit kind of went with the scenario we had planned. We were ready to begin. I went outside to the back door and knocked. My little sister took her sweet time about answering. When she finally opened the door it was with the safety chain on.
"Can I help you", she asked.
Barely able to keep back a giggle, "hello", I said, "I'm with the Telephone Company and we are checking some lines in the neighbourhood, I need to come in and check your phones, are your parents home?"
"No", Eileen replied, "I'm just here by myself and I really can't let anyone in."
"Ok. But it might be quite awhile before we get back in this area again. I hope you could do without a phone foe a long time". Eileen looked at me and playing her role to the hilt said, "well, I guess it would be ok. I know we need the phone, for my daddy's business and everything, I guess I could let you in".

Eileen took the chain off the door, and I walked in the house. We made casual repairman/schoolgirl conversation. She took me to the telephone and I pretended to work on it.
"Is there another phone somewhere in the house", I asked.
"Yes, there is one in my bedroom, right this way".
At this point in "our games", I really started to get exited. I knew what would happen next but, Eileen would have no idea and therefor would have to play off of my acting. We both entered her bedroom and I pretend to make conversation with her.
" So, did you say that know one else is home except yourself.
Eileen took the cue perfectly and started to act a little nervous.
" My mom should be home within the next hour".
I looked at her and said, "well that gives me plenty of time to rob your house than, doesn't it? Eileen gasped and started to shake and cry, "PLEASE MISTER DON'T HURT ME". I thought to myself well there's the code sentence. I continued our little act...
"Do you have any rope in the house", I asked rather menacingly after grabbing her arm and holding her by it.

Eileen could have won an academy award when she looked at me with fake tears in her eyes and said,
" you need rope for mister?
"I have to keep you out of the way while I ransack your home", was my reply.
"Oh please I won't do anything please don't tie me up, we don't have any rope in the house".
I looked at her burglar to schoolgirl and said,
"Well I guess these will have to do"
as I pulled out the torn bed sheets from were I had stashed them in her closet. I commanded her,
"Put your wrist behind you so I can tie them".
"Please don't" she whimpered.
"Now" I yelled.
Eileen did as she was told pretend sobbing the whole way as I wound the torn material around her wrist. After I had tightly cinched them Eileen made a comment
" Hey, nice job, your getting rather good at this ".
I thanked her for the compliment but, told her to get "back in character, if she wanted the academy award for best 13 year old, in a tie up scene. I then grabbed her arm with one hand and picked up the rest of the sheets with the other. I made her sit on the bed while I tied her ankles and knees. When it came time for the gag Eileen really got into her role and asked,
"What are you going to do with that".
"I have to keep you quiet so I'm going to tie this in you mouth. Now lay down on the bed,face first."

She plead with me not to gag her as she struggled to lay on the bed from her seated position and hold her pleated skirt down. I asked her if she was scared as I prepared the long bedsheet for the gag.
"The day I'm scared of you, will never come, now either gag me or not". "Remember Mary lee is coming over in about one half hour and I have to study".
Well the "not scared of you" comment really set me off. How dare this little 13 year old girl not be afraid of my villainy? I put the cloth to my sister's mouth, she opened to receive it, and I put it between her teeth and lips. It was the first time that I realised how long the cloth was and I decided to do something that I never thought of before.

I wound the cloth around tightly once, than twice, than to my amazement (and judging by Eileen muffled comments, her amazement too), a third time before knotting it behind her hair at the nape of her neck. At this point I should point out that I was straddling Eileen's hips so I really was able to get some leverage into knotting the gag.
"Hey, honey", pretty decent way of keeping a young girl quiet so a burglar can make a living, don't you think"?
Eileen's only reply was a not so loud" MMMMPPPPHHFF". (But, believe it or not I think she was giggling under the muffling cloth.)

I told her that I would "look around for valuables", and that she should keep quiet and she wouldn't be hurt and that if she's a good girl I might come back and take off the gag. (I, at that point, had exhausted all the "bad guy phrases that I knew and besides I really had to go to the bathroom). I took one last concerned look at my little 13-year-old sister, lying helpless on her bed, and went to see a man about a horse.

It only took a couple of minutes but when I got back to her room Eileen was nowhere to be found. It absolutely scared the crap out of me. The bed was empty the lights were turned off and the room was dark. What if a real burglar showed up and helped himself to my helpless sister, what if he's still around and how would I explain this to my parents? Who would play tie - up games with me now? I walked into the room thinking Eileen rolled off the opposite side of the bed. I neglected to turn on the light, when BOOM. Before I knew it, I had tripped on something and landed flat on my face. I jumped up and quickly turned on the bedroom light. The something that I had tripped over was Eileen. She was giggling profusely behind her still very tight gag. She had somehow got off the bed, turned off the lights, and laid on the floor, just to play her trick on me.
Eileen was propped up with her back againdt the bed and her lags bent up in front of her. I remember this because I had quite the view of her fantastic, shapely legs and her white underpants.

I reached down and grabbed her around the waist, and proceeded to dump her gently on the bed again.
"I see that you have much too much movement young lady"; I said in my best and most menacingly burglar voice. "Let's see if we can rectify the situation." Eileen only gave me a very superior look as she continued to giggle.

It was then that I noticed that Eileen's plaid jumper had hiked up and I could see her white underpants. I said what any older brother would have said in this situation...
"I see London I see France I see Eileen's underpants".
She just giggled. Getting back to my role of the burglar, and not Eileen's older brother. I said
"You have the longest, loveliest set of legs that I have ever seen on a young girl, but, we're going to see if we can make those gam's useless," So there won't be anymore practical jokes played on me.

With those words, I took another length of bed sheet and tied them around Eileen's bound wrist. I then grabbed her ankles and threaded the other end of the sheet through the ankle bindings. All this time Eileen was trying to look behind her and made urgent muffled inquiries as to what I was doing. Although at this point in my life I had no idea what a "hogtie" was. I did just THAT to my sister. (I guess every guy growing up looks fondly back at his first ball game, his first date, and his first hogtie). I spared no strain when I pulled bare legs up. When I was done with the knot I noticed that her clenching fingers could actually touch her white lacy ankle socks. I got up off the bed and just looked down at my 13 year old baby sister dressed in her finest catholic schoolgirl attire. Her jumper had risen well over her underpants, very tightly hogtied, the absolute tightest gag I had ever applied to her. I really wanted to just study her for awhile so I told her to role around on her side. When she shook her head "no", I couldn't resist, and gave her a sharp but very loving crack on her exposed butt. With a yelp Eileen did as she was told. (Still giggling on top of all this). I made her move into every position available to her, giving her a crack when she didn't move quick enough.

Unfortunately, and true to my word, I had to untie Eileen. We had a good conversation afterward sitting on her bed. I kept my arm around her the whole time and helped her to massage her wrists and cheeks. (Her face cheeks, not the other kind). As I had hoped, the bed sheets didn't leave any tell tale marks. Eileen and I talked about what she had liked about this tie - up, and what she didn't. She really likes the acting part of our games. She thought the "hogtie" was pretty inventive (at this time I actually felt that I had invented the "hogtie") she teased me about the tripping trick. And when I told her that I was initially scared that someone had taken her after my bathroom trip she seemed generally touched. Eileen also asked me if I really thought that her legs were nice, or was that just "the burglar" in me talking. I assured her that her legs were magnificent and that if she wanted to keep them that way she should work out with me at the gym. She thought that it would be fun.

Knowing that Mary lee was coming over I told Eileen that we had better clean up. After cleaning up the bed sheets (they had to be cut off with scissors) and making her bed, I got up the nerve to ask my sister if she thought Mary lee would be interested in our little secret life. Eileen just giggled the way she always seemed to do and said that she knew, that sooner or later I was going to inquire about that. Eileen promised me that if I would leave them alone and let them study, she would ask Mary lee to participate. She also said that she couldn't make any promises. I agreed to this just as we heard a knock on the door. Before she could answer it I gave my little sister a very big brotherly bear hug and thanked her for "playing OUR game". She said that she had fun and that more times were coming in the future. Her parting words were "just relax a little on those gags please. (Yea...right I thought)


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 07:02:22 PM
What has happened here
I've just got back from abroard and thought I'd catch up with canuck..

Well IS THIS canucks site??? Looks like its been comandeered by the 'lets get our kicks out of tying up little sisters crew' all complete with the hidden (though not very well) inuendos. Where have all the 'innocent' tie up games gone?? Reading through this page all I see is obvious fake stories written not to share childhood games but for adult (and in some cases perverted) fantasies.

What a shame, Still these things happen from time to time. Maybe I'll come back in a month or two and see if changes have happened, and we are back to what I thought this site was about....

Sorry canuck but you lost another 'old regular reader'

Regards to all. Maybe I see you in the summer.


Monday, March 10th 2003 - 08:11:30 PM
hey any good pics or stories of girls getting kidnapped or handgagged plez send them to me.

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 08:37:34 PM
Well, SOMEBODY wrote that story, and it was one of the longest and most involved in recent memory (Though I do have a short memory). There's sexual inuendo in many posts, old and new. Mason never tried to hide the sexual aspect of tie up games, and he's a fan favorite! I doubt that many agree with the visitor anyhow. I'd vote this as story of the month if we knew who actually wrote it.
Second time caller

Monday, March 10th 2003 - 09:10:03 PM
I second that motion, and can't wait for part 2.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 07:54:52 AM
RE: Slumber Story
Hi. I have been involved with this site for 3 years now. I can verify that the long sister- brother story was originally written by a man named Alex Powers, who was a visitor to this site and "Bob's site" regularly. The name of the story was "Slumber Party Home Invasion". If I remember the story correctly, it never gets "perverted" but there is sexual innuendo in it. (I see nothing wrong with that. We SHOULD all be adults here.)
If Frank has all the chapters, and I remember there being at least 8 or 9 I would love to see him post them all. SEMI - SPOILER coming.... the story really gets involved and 4 girls wind up tightly tied and gagged. All in good fun.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 08:03:48 AM
Re: Alex's story
Yes, this is Alex's story. I didn't even want to have anyone think it was mine. I think I stated that, somehwere in my first posting. I also didn/t mean to create controversey. I will go with the majority on the "posting of the rest of the story".
If the majority vote is "No" than all I can say is your missing one hell of a story.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 08:09:39 AM
Yes, to the Slumber story
Of course, the story should be posted. I am really enjoying it. Maybe "Visitor" can just skip over it, and not read it, if it offends him so much.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 08:12:53 AM
One more thing; Just where do I sign on for the "let's get our kicks, tying up little siter" crew ? Is there a union involved?

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 08:14:18 AM
My little sister thinks that I should also be on the crew. At least I think she says that from her bedroom closet. All I hear is "MMMMPPPPHHH".

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 02:03:43 PM
Re: Charlotte
Yo Chilli Dice or whatever the hell your name is the girl was talkin to me!
Anywho, Charlotte, my favourite damsels are definately female blonds with big boobs and nice legs but I'd have to add one thing... Girls from my neck of the woods and by that I mean England BABY! I have a lot of questions which I'll save for when you get your new e-mail address and we can chat properly. I'll ask you one though, where abouts are you ladies from?
Write a reply at the bottom but preferably e-mail me on hotmail.
PS If you've got your new e-mail address by then come online thursday around 7pm and we can chat on hotmail
C U soon!!!!!!!!!!
UK (yeah baby)

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 03:04:42 PM
Nice story!
Hey everyone I’m a new poster but I have been reading the stories on the site for a few month now. Well any ways I just wanted to say that Frank I love your stories, I wish I had a sister like yours, anyways I would love it if you post more.

Also if there is any 15-17 year old girls reading this and want to chat E-mail me and leave me your E-mail or S/N and ill send you my S/N.


Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 05:38:42 PM
I agree with visitor, this site should now have an 18 and older warning. Some of these stories are a joke.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 10:23:29 PM
I've got a suggestion. Apparently there is a certain amount of sentiment amongst some in the audience that there are some more "adult-themed" tales cropping up here. Why not institute a second new section for more "adult" tales and let the individual poster decide where to post their tales.
The constant debate over suitability is becoming rather bothersome. This site could degenerate into a constant debating society with each side bringing up valid points. I thought this was a site for stories, not to debate content.

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 10:40:37 PM
how bout we start posting stories? as crazy as this may sound, this is a story site, no a damn chat room. apart from this, i also agree that these perverted stories such as getting off to tying up sisters need to go now

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 11:05:14 PM
Connie's Cellar parts 1 and 2???
Is it just me or are parts 1 and 2 of "Connie's Cellar" missing? I dont see them anywhere

Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 11:35:45 PM
Regarding Connie's Cellar parts 1 and 2
Hey mike i think its everyone cos i dont see it any were.

Also if there is any 15-17 year old girls reading this and want to chat E-mail me and leave me your E-mail or S/N and ill send you my S/N.


Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 11:36:00 PM
Regarding Connie's Cellar parts 1 and 2
Hey mike i think its everyone cos i dont see it any were.

Also if there is any 15-17 year old girls reading this and want to chat E-mail me and leave me your E-mail or S/N and ill send you my S/N.


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 08:32:18 AM
to chum
Canuck's site already has a section for more adult stories. It is the College/University Bondage stories section. To get to it, go to If you have an adult story to post, it will be more appriciated there, anyway.

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 10:35:12 AM
Hey everyone it's charlotte.
I haven't seen sophie or kelly yet but i'll hopefully be doing something in the weekend with them,i'm gonna tell u another story about me and my ex alex , it was in september,a month after we started dating , i was round his house at the weekend and was staying their for the night , we were alone in the house.I hadn't been tied up by him yet , but i was wearing ,black bra ,black thong with a garter belt. I was making out with him in that. Then at about 8:30pm i had my shower and got dressed,i wore a pink thong , a very short red skirt and zip up white fleece with just my bra underneath.
we were watching football ,then alex asked ,"what colour knickers ya wearing" i told him i was wearing a thong,and then i told him i was wearing nothing but my bra underneath my fleece.He then said that he would kidnap me in that.I tutted at him and threw a tennis ball at his privates ouch he said ,oh sorry i said shall i kiss it better .He said yes , so i did.I then spamed him write on the forhead.Ouch he said again.I talked to him like a baby "oh do u want mommy to kiss it better for u.He nodded.I then kissed him on the forehead."Mommy's little baby" i said in another baby voice.Then all of a sudden alex grabbed me, i did a girly scream , "oh look it's the girl i always kidnap"alex said , he then carried me over the shoulder to the kitchen.He stuffed some tissue in my mouth then taped it up.I mmffpphed .he then unzipped my fleece and took of my skirt.,and tied me on a chair he then blindfolded me with black cloth.About 5 minutes later he took me back to the lounge and dumped me on the sofa , and wripped of my blindfold.I was layed down on the sofa.Alex then kissed me from my feet and worked up words,he also kissed me on my .... and breasts.I was so turned on but didn't want to tell alex otherwise he would,ve stripped my underwear off.
My hands were tied infront,alex then got my hands and made me play with my self by touching my breasts and ....
He ripped my gag off ,and i spat the tissue out.Then he got a ball gag , a real ball gag.He fastened it round my mouth,i mmffpphed so loudly , i loved it ,not as much as a hand or tape gag but it was nice,he kept me his captive for hours. But when he let me go . I was so turned on and so hot i walked and slept in just my thong(no bra)Me and Alex slept in the same bed and alex had one arm on my boobs and one on my ...

We were a nice couple but he was too selfish.
But i miss our tie up games with each other.

PS PJZ i'm me ,soph and kelly are from london.
I should be getting my email by next week.
And one more thing if i was round your house what would u do to me , what would i be wearing etc
write at the bottom AS SOON as u get this message,and anotherthing don't make it to rude because of the little ones reading,and if u must do rude do it like this B**bs or something like that,if its too rude put it on the college bondage section
c u soon


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:06:05 AM
Hey ssjtrunks have u ever hand gagged your auntie and does she like being kidnapped by u
write back to me pplleeaasse

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:24:21 AM
To trish
How old r u?
Have u being tied up wearing your underwear or a thong
what do u look like(colour hair) and do u wear skirts and thongs?
What's your fav gag
PLEASE write back and please answere all my questions

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:26:07 AM
Hey charlotte could i kidnap you?
what colour knickers r u wearing now
why do u like being kidnapped?

please answere questions


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 12:34:43 PM
Playing with my boyfriend
Hi. This story takes place about twenty years ago. My boyfriend and I were both fourteen years old at the time.

We'd been discussing tie up scenes in comics and on TV. Both were chock full of it at the time with Heather Locklear getting the full treatment on " TJ Hooker " frequently. The episode where she was taken hostage by bank robbers and bound for almost the whole episode was fresh in our minds.

We confessed to one another a fondness for bondage, especially where a damsel was being held in a perilous predicament. You know--- Stick of dynamite with a slow fuse or timb bomb with the heroine " MMMFFFing " and struggling to no avail against her bonds and gag.

I asked him if he would like to tie me up one day. His eyes popped slightly and with a slow grin he said, " Sure ! "

We arranged to meet at a disused section of the railway station on the weekend. Trains passed it regularly, but no one ever went there.

On the day, I borrowed some soft towline from the garage and took two cowboy bandana scarves from my dresser. Perfect gags, I thought.

It was a cold autumn day, so I rugged up in jeans, boots, turtleneck sweater ( mainly to hide the hickey he gave me during the week ) with another heavier Vneck sweater over that would keep the chill away.

I arrived at the station to find him waiting for me. He was similarly dressed except he had on a quilted jacket instead of the extra sweater.

We didn't waste any time after greeting each over with a hug and kiss. We entered a shed and looked around. It sure hadn't been used for a while, with dust and cobwebs everywhere. I wasn't paranoid about spiders, but I wasn't exactly fond of them either. Although I imagined I'd be a corpse if a tarantula ever crawled on me !

We found the " cosiest " place at a support beam near the far end.

" What about this ? ", he gave it a slap and a cloud of dust rose around his hand.

" Hmmm... OK. But we have to clean it up a bit ", I answered.

We dusted it as best we could and I prepared for my time of damseldom. I opened my handbag and retrieved the rope and bandanas.

" OK, I'll be a kidnapping bank robber and you can be the innocent hostage ", he said smiling.

" I thought I'd be more like an heiress with a huge ransom on offer from Mama and Papa ! ", I giggled.

" OK... Spoilt rich bitch it is ! ", he laughed as he fended off my fist as it was about to hit his shoulder.

" Take that back, or you'll never be paid ! "

" You forget. You're the victim here ! " , he grabbed me by the shoulders and gently pushed me against the metal beam. I smiled and with some B grade acting type struggling and pleas asking him to let me go, I allowed him to take my wrists and pull them behind me.

He wound the towline several times around them and cinched it firmly. Not too tight, just firm enough so I couldn't slip either hand free. He had enough length left to wind around my waist twice and kotted it in front, holding me secure against the beam.

" I wonder if I should tie your ankles ? ", he mused.

" No unless you brought rope too. I'm all out, Mr. Kidnapper. "

" Not a problem ! A good villian always comes prepared ! ", he stated in dramatic tones. From his pocket, he pulled some nylon cord.

" More than enough, my pretty ", he said as he bent down and secured my legs fast. I tested the ropes and found he did quite a good job of it. I didn't think I'd be able to free myself unless I had scissors or a knife handly.

" Well, aren't you gonna gag me, you evil boy ? ", I smiled sweetly and fluttered my eyelashes.

" What kind of kidnapper doesn't ? ", he replied. He bunched up a bandana and placed it in my open mouth. The other one was folded into a cleave and he pushed it into my mouth until I grunted from the pressure. He knotted it behind my head and I squealed as he accidently pulled my hair.

" Whoops--- Sorry ! " I glared and made a indignant " mmmff ! " noise.

He stood back to admire his work.

" Not too shabby, huh ? "

I mewed through the gag and continued twisting and turning, trying to slip my hands free.

" You coulda been a boyscout ! ", I said.

He looked quizzical. I repeated the line slowly and got the same response. The gags made it impossible for coherent speech. He just shrugged and said, " What was that ? Babytalk ? Speak like you know what you're saying ! "

I responded to his teasing with a melodramatic angry grunt and threw some swear words for effect.

" OK... So, I'm a " Mmmahin' mmmahed ? "

I blushed, not expecting swear words to be so gag friendly !

We were both getting into it and enjoying every moment. I could feel a warm comfortable sensation come over me.

He approached and kissed me over the gag. I tried as best I could to kiss him back, hoping he'd pull the bandanas loose. He held my head gently and nuzzled my earlobe and neck. He pulled my turtleneck collar down and continued while I was gently moaning.

Oh no ! I was about to get another hickey !

I grunted " No ! ", hoping he'd understand. I was worried my parents would be suspisious I was wearing turtlenecks every day. Luckily, he relented.

" You enjoying your kidnapping so far ? ", he asked.

I nodded and made a " Yes ! " sound.

He checked my hands.

" Hmmm... They're a little blue and cold ", he said, a little concerned. They felt OK, but better to be safe safe than sorry.

He freed my ankles and arms before ungagging me. We rubbed my hands and wrists and gave each other a warm hug.

" What are you doing in here !? ", an officious voice asked firmly. We both startled and turned to look at a man in the doorway.

To be continued.


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 01:50:22 PM
Hey everyone it's charlotte , i'm gonna be babysitting in the evening,and it sure is gonna be fun,i have to look after eddie who's 7 ,but the problem is ashley who's 12,Glenn who's 14 and samantha who's 16.
All of u r probley thinking that they don't need a babysitter,and i agree with u.
Samantha and edd will probly be ok but the other two,BONDAGE.I will tell u all tommorow.


Hey "fan" i've seen your message , i suppose u can kidnap me,if u can find me.
I like being kidnapped because it makes me feel helpless and turns me on (thanks to alex ).
I am wearing just a t-shirt (no bra) and my red thong.
By the way PJZ you better save me from this mental flirting fan who wants to kidnap me otherwise you cant have for your self.


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 02:55:30 PM

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 03:19:31 PM
Well that was awfully rude of you, you may want to take your own advice joe.

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 03:22:02 PM
I Agree, Joe

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 03:29:32 PM
PJZ to the rescue!
First and formost, FAN take your pick Trish or SSJtrunks because Charlotte is safely tucked away in my closet saying nothing but MPPPPHHHHHHH!
Secondly, Joe you leave my London sluts alone!
Finally Charlotte, I know your not really in my cupboard but I can't wait! If your only going to get your e-mail next week then come on this site tommorrow at 7pm and we'll use this site to chat
C U then

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 03:33:43 PM
It seems it's true - this site has temporarily been hijacked by in appropriate discussion and adult-rated stuff. Really, post your stories and comments on the adult page, where they'd probably be more welcomed anyway. This page here is for more clean stories.

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 03:54:24 PM
To everybody whose got a problem and sticking up for trash then read what it says before you enter this page. It says you can write stories that are true about childhood and teen experiences and not about anything with sexual or intimate overtones. So Red you got the problem and pjz you can start your own site about UK sluts and this aint a chat room to talk about your fantasies with the UK sluts.

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 04:44:11 PM
amen Joe!!

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 06:30:13 PM
Fan re: your questions.
A. about my age. Lets just say I am old enough to have voted for Clinton the first time.

B.The material I posted rescently was about my young teenage experiences and had NO SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS what so ever.

C. If and how I might get tied up now is not suitable material for this particular page.

I know this is all in good fun but PLEASE don't include me in your head trip.
Please, please, PLEASE lets abandon the more adult material and return to the topic for which this page is intended.


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 06:31:41 PM
The Recent Stories About Knickers and Thongs...
I fully agree with Joe and others, these stories are better off in another forum, f.i. Canuck's College site.

Personally I have found Charlotte's, Kelly's, Soph's or whatever his name is, stories rather boring. Mostly because they are badly written and the author uses the English language as poorly as Beckham's haircuts look!

If PJZ or PJS or whatever your name was gets turned on by this, perhaps he should chat with Charlotte elsewhere?


Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 09:45:34 PM
I'd appreciate it if you didn't put words in my mouth joe. All i told you was that you could be nice about how you say things. Also speaking of the rules of this page you may want to read them before you post. Good work Canuk!

Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:43:29 PM
Nobody else seems to have commented on Shana's excellent story. That to me seems to be the ideal type of story here: kids tying each other up for fun, not all these other crappy stories that are obivously untrue. Realism makes it all the better. Thank you, Shana, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 12:20:46 AM
That was a good story, Shana. Yes, it was a bit more than PG-rated, but it was still much more clean than some of the other stuff we've had lately. Personally, I can't wait to see you continue it!
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 01:14:54 AM
I'm sorry for having caused so much trouble. Please forgive me. I'm just fond of fooling around with a good thing. Never again will I speak against the bible.

Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 01:15:44 AM

Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 03:26:03 AM
My opinion, in case anyone is interested
Just speaking personally, I feel that the latest crop of stories have gone a bit further than I would like to see on Canuck's site. Obviously others feel differently, but I am only offering my opinion.

As I have already made clear (I hope), ;-) I think the stories by "Richard" are practically perfect for this site. They have occasional sexual innuendo, but it is not expressed crudely and it is only mentioned in passing, not a constant theme.

Speaking of Richard, I'm still waiting for him to post his promised next story. Richard! Richard! Wherefore art thou, Richard? :-)

Richard's #1 fan (who has his email address on his web site) :-)

Jason Masters

Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 04:29:58 AM
frank. Please, please, post the Slumber story. I don't see the overt sexual innuendos that a few (very few) others do. It's a great story, and , heaven forbid it's "a boy - girl" story.

Sunday, March 16th 2003 - 02:18:44 PM
Sarah's mum
Hey it's carla, u met my friends from the last story,trish ,sarah,samantha and vicky.And we all LOVE bondage.Now this story's about sarah.

Sarah ,is a blonde haired with a nice athletic figure,i also have to mention she looks alot like sarah michelle gellar,and she's always trying to look and be like her.
But this story's about her mum,Mel, she also has blonde hair and looks a bit like sarah m gellar.Mel is a nice young attractive women,but is ALWAYS showing of her legs and wearing mini skirts.The thing is Mel Loves to kidnap and gag boys. Mel gets tied up later so keep reading boys!.
Sarah's neighbour Jack also loves bondage and is obsessed with mel. But jack loves to tie mel and mel loves to tie jack.Mel is in her late 20's and jack is 17,So it doesn't work out.But they still do it.This one time jack was round and so was i,Mel was talking,then she cupped a hand over jacks mouth which turned me on,"Keep that cutie mouth shut sweetie"said mel as she tied jack to a chair.Jack prefers to tie up girls ,but he didn''t have a choice.Mel then got a scarf and tied it round jacks "cute" mouth , which turned into a cleave gag."You are helpless now aren't you" said mel in a baby voice."MMMPPFFHH ,mmppffhhh ,mmmffpphhh" went jack but mel placed her hand over his mouth to silence him.Mel then took of the cleave gag and tape gagged him instead.I watched the whole thing and loved seeing jack getting GAGGED.Mel let him go later.
THIS IS THE GOOD PART for you boys out there.

It was in the evening and mel asked if we all wanted to play cops and robbers.We all agreed ."i'll go with mel " said jack."No your'e gonna be a robber so i can tie u up"said mel."Jack moaned and said he wouldn't play unless he was with mel.Mel felt sorry for him and let him go on her team.Me and sarah thought we were gonna be the kidnapped ones now!.We played for a little while until mel and jack cornered us,"hello cutie pies,how do u fancy being tied up now?" said mel,than all of a sudden jack cupped a hand over mel's mouth,"keep quiet cutie"said jack "your mine now",all of us then took mel into the kitchen,"what are you doing jack,your not ment to tie me up i'm on your team"moaned mel."A cop's the one who always ends up kidnapped mel"said jack.We sat her on the chair,"please jack don't gag me" whined mel "don't worry mum jack won't gag you but i will"said sarah."please sarah" said mel,but sarah placed a hand over her mum's mouth and said "shush mum" sarah then taped her mum's mouth up.Mel's legs were tied wide apart so her panties came to view ,and jack was probably looking.Mel hated being tied up especially GAGGED.She was so embarased to have being tied by her own daughter.We kept mel hostage only for about 10 minutes .

We have tied mel up much more times now since we started ,and she has started to like it,but she's still mad about gagging boys , but i don't blame her because i have the same problem she has , but the thing is i hardley ever get the chance to gag boys because i usually end up getting kidnapped my self ,which i like.


Sunday, March 16th 2003 - 05:28:05 PM
Kidnapped !
Hey it's Carla.

Last summer ,about a week after that other story i posted,We were all back again at vicky's house,Vicky's parents had gone off to California for a WEEK,and guess who they asked to take care of vicky,Sarah's mum Mel.It was no problem for mel because she was divorced,and didn't have much to do , she didn't spend the whole day at vicky's but kept popping over to check on us because she only lived down the block.But one day Mel decided to stay with us.

We were in vicky's garden in our bikinis, but it wasn't to hot weather.Mel was in the garden with us in her bikini as well.The whole gang was round me ,trish,vicky and sarah,but samantha had gone out."i want to play a kidnap game"said vickey"Who wants to be a kidnapped victim " ."ME"i said."okay,anyone else"asked vickey."no , just all of you kidnap me "i said. "everyone agreed",Mel got up and also decided to play with us.So this was it ,trish ,vicky,sarah and sarah's mum Mel were all gonna kidnap me.I decided to be a cop,like i always do ,because it's quite exiting and turns me on.Every one of us including Mel got changed into our mini skirts andand tank tops,but i wore a skirt and a denim jacket to be more of a cop.We were off.We had a good storyline where i rescue another cop who turns out to have led me into a trap where i get captured.We all agreed for sarah's mum to be the fake cop but she didn't want to (because she hated being gagged)but still did because it was only for a minute or so and she would've got revenge.
Any way we started,we played it in "captive park" (the forrest behind).I was walking around about to rescue sarah's kidnapped mum ,i found her In our den in the forrest
Vicky had tape gagged her really good mel mmffpphed.I untied her ,and as we walked out , she cupped a hand over my mouth and said "come on hun,we're going to have some fun.
She led me out of captive park and into vicky's house,where they were all waiting for me.They took of my jacket and my t-shirt ,and then my skirt , I was in my pink bikini , but they undressed me to pretend i was in pink bra and panties.Trish then sat me down,tied hands behind,then my thighs , than ankles.Then mel got some scarf and cleave gagged me.I mmffpphed just to play along , they pretended to phone the head quarters and said that they've kidnapped me.As they pretended to phone ,i joked and mmffpphed through my gag,"shut her up said sarah ,and mel placed her hand over my gagged mouth.They then untied my legs and ankles and arms.Then mel and sarah grabbed my arms and led me to the kitchen ,i still had my gag on to keep me quiet.Trish then got a wet cloth ,pretending its chloroform and placed it over my gagged mouth and nose.I gradually pretende to get knocked out,a minute later i pretended to wake up and they had tied my arms behind my back ,and changed my gag with a red tape gag,and tied my thighs up.I knew they done it but pretended i was knocked out and didn't know.They ungagged me.I looked up at mel and said "you'll never get away with this "(like they say in movies),"oh yes i will sweetie" said mel "shut her up",trish then taped my mouth again.About ten minutes later we pretended that the cops had came to rescue me,vicky and sarah pretended to be the cops.But trish and mel were still the kidnappers.They untied me,and grabbed me and held on to me whilst walking round the house "come out and surrender" shouted vicky.Mel had placed her hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming,mel then handed me to trish and trish then grabbed my waist with one hand and pressed her hand against my lips with the other "lets go"said mel,trish took me upstairs to the top floor,i mentioned vickeys big house in the last story ,and it's big enough to play cops and robbers in it.Mel then took me off trish and held an arm round me ,just below my kneck on my chest.She hadn't hand gagged me yet.Then i heard sarah and vick run up the stairs to the same floor,they shouted something like "carla" or something else,Mel then clamped her hand over my mouth and pressed her hand on my lips tightly so it was a proper hand gag and properly shut me up .I couldn't talk at all.MMFFPPH i went "keep your mouth shut" said mel,still holding her hand on my mouth.The footsteps came closer "keep quiet carla" said mel , mel and trish took me in the cupboard.The door opened,"ssshhh".Mel was properly making sure i couldn'tspeak and yet couldn't escape.Vick and sarah left the room,Mel told trish to stay on guard,mel took me back downstairs ,till with her hand over my mouth."mmffpph"i said
"shut up carla" mel said.Mel's hand was so tight , but sarah and vickey caught her at the end.And i was rescued.
That was one of my funnest games and we played with sarah's mum more often , since she liked to kidnap us.


Sunday, March 16th 2003 - 07:23:18 PM
Three Captives, in the evening
Hi again, everyone. It's me again, managed to find enough time to post the semi-continuation of the last post I put up on this site. And yes, it involves all of the girls (Amy, Deanna, and Jasmine... read the last post for descriptions).

During the afternoon we had watched a lot of movies, mostly old 80's action movies like Steel Dawn, Blood Sport, and Running Man... stuff like that. I cooked the girls a nice Italian dinner: baked ziti with Italian sausage and meatballs.

"Is there anyway I can steal you away from these two? To keep for myself?" asked Jasmine after she finished.

"Oh hell no," said Amy, coming up behind me and massaging my shoulders. Oh, man did that feel wonderful, and I closed my eyes and let my head loll forward a little.

"Yeah, we all get to share him," said Deanna, pushing my chair back and sitting inmy lap facing me, rubbing my chest softly.

"Mmmmmm... what did I do to deserve all this?" I asked, hoping they wouldn't stop.

"Cause you've always been so loving and gentle with us," murmurred Deanna, tilting my head up and kissing me deeply.
At the same time I felt Amy's lips brush along my neck as she massaged down my back.

After a minute or so Deanna broke the kiss. "Wait, D," I said. "What about Jasmine? I mean I thought you were more into her right now... I don't want to hurt either of you're feelings."

Jasmine walked over, I guess after having cleaned up, and put her hand on my cheek. "Hey there, big guy. Deanna loves you too, and since I love her I won't take her away from you. Besides, their is something I've been dying to do for a long time now."

"What?" I asked, looking up at her slightly confused.

"This," she smiled, tilting my head up and giving me a deep kiss. Man, was I in heaven. Three hot girls... one kissing me, one rubbing my chest, and one massaging my back.
"Mmmmm, nice," she laughed when the kiss ended.

I honestly had to gasp for breath a little when she broke the kiss. "Okay, I'm dead, right? This is heaven, isn't it?"

Deanna giggled. "Nah, but we are your little angels right?"

"And your angels want a little adventure tonight," purred Amy into my ear.

"This morning wasn't enough?" I laughed.

"No that just made us want it more," said Deanna, giving me another soft kiss.

"Well, far be it from me to deny the wishes of three beautiful girls." Deanna and Amy let me get up, and I went to the basement to get all the ropes and bandanas that we had left down there from the morning. When I got back upstairs all the girls had disappeared to go change.

I looked up when the girls came back and had to stare, as usual. They were all wearing bikini style underwear. Amy's was black, Deanna's was a dark blue, and Jasmine's was dark grey. I can't say enough how beautiful these girls are. Or how special they are.

Jasmine gave me a soft kiss, then turned around and put her hands behind her back. I proceeded to tie her up very tight, wrists behind her back and looping three coils of rope round her wast very snug. Then I tied her elbows touching behind her back, then wrapped rope round her torso just above and just below her breasts. I sat her down and crotch roped her nice and tight, enjoying her little moan as I drew the rope snug, then tied her legs at her ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. Then I stuffed two small facecloths into her mouth and cleave gagged her with a bandana so tight it pulled back the corners of her mouth a lot. I placed a gentle kiss on her gagged lips once I was done.

I tied up Deanna next exactly the same way, then Amy, kissing each of them on their gagged lips once I finished tying them. They looked up at me with big, expressive eyes, moaning behind their gags because they knew how much of a turn on it was for me.

For the next couple of hours I took turns softly kissing the girls and caressing them, and running my hand through their hair. Whenever I would pay attention to one, the other two would nuzzle each other. Then I teased them for I don't know how long, tugging on their crotch ropes enough to get them worked up each time, before moving on to the next, until they were all moaning and panting, whimpering to me.

Finally I took pity on them and sent them over the edge, holding them one by one until they stopped trembling. I sat off to one side and watched them for another hour, as they nuzzled each other and tried to kiss each other's gagged lips.

Slowly I untied them, leaving the gags for last. Great was my surprise though that when I went to ungag them, they pushed my hands away. They nuzzled me for a while with their gagged lips... man was that an incredible feeling.

Finally though they did ungag themselves and what followed cannot be posted... suffice it to say though it was the most incredible night I ever had to that point in my life.

Hope you enjoyed, cause more stories are forthcoming.

Dragon Warrior

Monday, March 17th 2003 - 10:56:36 AM
Kidnapped 2 return of sarah's mum
Hey it's carla and i've got my sequal to the story kidnapped,accept i was actually kind of kidnapped by my friends've met my friends ,but i'll introduce you to another,Jess,she's got light brownish blondish hair(same as me).I don't mean to be rude ,but she is bicectual and is into boys and girls,but at the moment she is in to me!.She also loves bondage! , i've known her for ages but this was her first time actually tying me up ,which she loved.
Me,trish,sarah ,samantha and jess were round vick's.Sarah's mum wasn't round yet.We were talking to sam about the time when sarah's mum kidnapped me (see last story) and then jess jumped up and asked if they could kidnap me again.
Everyone liked the idea but i didn't want to,but i had no choice,we were all in our bikinis (again) but i didn't even have the time to change , Trish just cupped her hand over my mouth and we started the game.They all brought me through captive park to our den ,which is a big space to play in,they sat me down and tied my hands behind then my thighs,not my ankles.Jess fancied me so badly.She sat on my lap and stared to play with my hair,"stop jess or i'll scream,i...." then jess put her finger on my lips to keep me quiet,"now carla ,keep your mouth shut or i'll have to gag you"said jess."Oh this is no fun"said vicky , "we need someone to rescue carla"."Trish and sarah can save carla ,and me ,jess and vick can kidnap" said sam."no ,me,trish and sarah will rescue ,and sam and jess can kidnap"said vick."I didn't want to even play but had no choice because they had already kidnapped me.Jess was holding my mouth ,so i couldn't speak.They told trish,vick and sarah to count to 3 minutes ,sam untied me and they both grabbed me and ran off with me into the woods.About 5 minutes later , they had taken me to a shelter.Sam got out the scarves and blindfolded me then cleave gagged me.They led me somewhere else,then sat me down,they took of my blindfold.We were back in our space.Jess took of my gag."Carla ,Carla"shouted vicky,"shut her up" said sam ,then jess got a pen from her hand bag and placed it between my teeth,to silence me.She then took out the pen and then tape gagged me.All of a sudden a hand clamped over jess's mouth!it was sarah's mum Mel,"i thought i'd check up on you all". "sam ,i'm not gonna take you hostage so you can help me kidnap these two if you like"said mel."sam agreed.Mel sat jess on the bench and tied hands behind,she was holding a small plastic ball ,and then placed it in jess's mouth,Then we heard trish and the rest coming to rescue us.Sam grabbed me and mel grabbed jess,they took us behind a big wide tree,Mel took the ball out of jess's mouth and threw it away,she said that she only brought it to gag someone with it.Sam cupped her hand over my mouth and it was as tight as mel's hand gag,mel also hand gagged jess (tightly).Mel then took me off sam ,and gave jess to her instead."I like gagging you carla" said mel,she put her tight hand over my mouth."CARLA,CARLA" said trish,"just be a good girl and shush carla" said mel,they came closer "just shush" mel said again."Sam let jess go and we'll just kidnap carla"said mel,she counted to 3 and they left jess but ran off with me,we ran into vick's house and vick and the gang ran after us.Mel still had her hand on my mouth.Vick ran up the stairs.But mel and sam carried me down.We ran to the back door ,and sam then said ,take her back to your house.......... to be continued.

I will post the rest when i recap on it


Monday, March 17th 2003 - 03:58:15 PM
Kidnapped 2 return of sarah's mum
Part 2

Sam then said "take her back to your house.......

"good idea samantha"said mel.Mel and sarah only live down the block from vicky , but mel had brung her car over,"why have you brung your car"asked sam "i came straight from the market" mel said.Mel opened her car door and pushed me in the car ,sam came in the back with me.Mel started the engine,then vicky and the rest came out and saw the car,Sam then ducked my head down.I screamed ,but only to recieve a hand gag from sam.Mel drove back to hers,and vicky and the rest ran after us. Vicky and everyone else came about 5 miutes after us,luckily sarah had her key.Mel has a big house but not as big as vick's .Mel and sam took me up to mel's room,mel got some duct tape out but heard vicky coming up,so she grabbed me and we hid in her closet.Mel hand gagged me.Vicky didn't have a clue where we were,mel has another room tucked away behind her door,they took me in their,they tied me to a chair with my hands behind,but they didn't bother with my legs.We heard vicky tell everyone to split up and try to find me.Mel then phoned sarah on her cell phone,and asked for a ransom of.......a mars bar ha ha.Then we heard someone come in ,she opened the hidden door,it was sarah,Sam grabbed sarah and tied her up."hello dear,welcome to the party"said mel.Mel than tape gagged both of us.Mel picked up sarah's cell phone and phoned vicky and told her that she'd kidnapped her own daughter.Mel took off our gags and then cleave gagged us both.Mel and trish went out to try and kidnap vickey too,Sarah then broke loose ,she untied me then we were off,we heard mel coming,and sarah hand gagged me to stop me from gasping,it was like a real kidnapping,and we were trying to escape it,we ran upstairs ,then mel was there!!!.Me and sarah ran but mel caught me ,but sarah got away,mel held one arm around my neck ,and cupped her hand over my mouth with the other.Sam was still looking for sarah,then all of a sudden "mmffpphhhh"came from downtairs,sam had been kidnapped,mel didn't care coz she still had me to keep.Mel walked slowly downstairs still with her hand on my mouth."SSShhhhh"she whispered.I actually felt like a kidnapped victim.I suddenly mmmffpphed ,but mel swept me away and told me to "shut up".
Mel opened a door and there was trish,jess,and sarah,laughing,we looked to our left and vicky and samantha were tied up to chairs and tape gagged.Sam had kidnapped vicky but sarah had kidnapped sam ,so they decided to tie them both up,mel then let me go and sam and vick got let go and we sat down and laughed about it.


Monday, March 17th 2003 - 06:18:08 PM
To: Canuck
Clearly, Canuck, you have your priorities out of sync. You created this site for innocent bondage stories from peoples' childhoods, but look at what's happened. Almost every story has strong sexual inuendo, and the people have horrible writing skills, bad grammer, and puncuation worse than fifth graders. You censored my comment, but you have yet to censor the awful stories other people write. It is clear to me that you enjoy reading the distasteful things people write about, many of which are obviously fiction. You censor those who bring quality arguements while allowing rated X stories to stand on your board. I better watch what I say, or you might censor this message too just because you probably won't like what it says. Well, here's a news flash for you "Canuck." The truth hurts.

Monday, March 17th 2003 - 06:44:10 PM
Re: J.C.
J.C ...... correct me if I am wrong but I have yet to read a story, whether it be true or false, by YOU. There are two things you probably need to do ...Quit whinning and start writing. It's easy to "Lurk" and not participate in the writing. It's also easy to critique other writers, when you have nothing to show for it. It would be interesting if you had the balls to try writing and let myself and others put you down. Who the hell are you , Steven King, or Ernest Hemingway?

Monday, March 17th 2003 - 08:45:31 PM
Amen to Frank
This will be the only message I post that is like this. I know JC's comments were directed to me, or at least part of them. I don't care whether or not people think my stories are fiction. I have three girls here who will vouch for me first hand. I have toned them down a lot from what happened.

JC, unless you have something to post, shut up and let those of us who have nothing to hide do our thing. I hate lurkers.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Dragon Warrior

Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 09:23:57 AM
My Two Cents
First off, Frank, as far as I can tell, the only story you've posted on this page wasn't even by you. It was posted once before either here or on a similar page. How can you criticize JC for not writing stories when all you've done is re-post someone else's? I'm sure he could do the same if he wanted to.

And Dragon Warrior, there's nothing wrong with lurking. Some people that enjoy reading the stories here don't have anything to contribute by way of past experiences. It's far better to lurk than to post inappropriate or fictional stories on a site whose policy is clearly set. If you had bothered to read this policy before posting, which is common courtesy, you'd see that Canuck has asked new posters to omit sexual content (say, crotch ropes and threesomes, for instance since you seem to be a big fan of those) from their stories.

I honestly agree with JC; the content of this page in recent times has gone steadily downhill and off topic.


Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 10:37:28 AM
Mel's kidnapping
Hey it's carla,Sarah's mum Mel told me about the time she actually got kidnapped,and i'm gonna share it with you.

Mel was in her house ,when the doorbell rang.She opened the door and a lady came to her house with a gun.She took mel into a van driven by another women.The lady taped her hands and mouth up.The van pulled over.The two women led her into a house.And kept her tied to a chair ,still gagged,the door rang and one of the women cupped a hand over mel's taped up mouth.The other lady answered the door,and heard someone coming up,the lady opened the door and said "sarah take her clothes off".... mel then heard a familiar voice agree,then a girl walked in,it was sarah.

I'm sorry it was short but i couldn't remember all of it.
I'll tell you another story later.


Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 10:57:36 AM
Tied Up!!.

Not long a go,about 3 months ago,i baby sitted ,danny and kieron.Danny was 10,and kieron was 8.
They asked if i would play cops and robbers with them,i agreed.I was a cop and had to catch them.I didn't think they'd think about kidnapping me ,but i thought wrong!.Danny came from behind and speared me onto the floor.I did a light girly scream ,as he took me by surprise,Danny is a ten year old ,but sure is bigger and stronger then some 17 year olds i know,infact he looks about 17.As he speared me to the floor,he straight away put his hand over my mouth.Kieron came with some rope,they tied my arms by my side and sat me on the couch.He then tied a scarf round my mouth."why are you wearing blue eye shadow" kieron asked in his cute voice" because she's a girl,and all girls do is babysit ,then get tied up"said kieron.kieron ungagged me,he then got a wet flannel and told me to pretend to get knocked out,i did ,then kieron stuffed the flannel into my mouth ,and danny sealed it with tape.Kieron then tied the scarf around my eyes blindfolding me.I mmffpphed,"shud ub" said kieron.Later on kieron ungagged me and pulled the flannel out of my mouth,he then got me a soda,i was still tied and blindfolded ,but kieron gave it to me,he then fed me some gummie bears ,then he gagged me again.I was tied for about 1 hour until they let me go.

Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 04:22:19 PM
To: Dragon Warrior

Well, lets start out by saying I believe your story. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. What I want to know is what's your secret? I mean, you've rolled up just about every male fantasy known to exist all into one. Lets've got multiple women, thats one. They enjoy some lesbian/bi-sexual action and letting you watch, thats two. They'll strip down to Victoria's Secret style skimpy undies for you at the drop of a hat....thats three. And they all want you to tie and gag them, and tease them for hours........thats four. Maybe there's a male fantasy I left out, but I can't think of it right off hand. Now, assuming this is all happening for you, congratulations. I'd like to hang around with you just for the fact that you're liable to hit the powerball lottery, strike oil, and find a gold mine all on the same day too. Bottom line is, I'm not being sarcastic. I just want to know how you do it.

Tallon Ord

Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 08:51:38 PM
Excellent stories Carla. I'd love to hear some more.

Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 10:14:46 PM
On Some Stories
A lot of people here complain about the sexual innuendo that is found in the stories. Well, I would like to ask Canuck to again post his standard on such, so that it would be clear what is and what is not. Please Canuck, be specific. Define "sexual content" so that some would not post very offensive posts while others will not whine. And delete anything that violates your standards. It is the only way we can resolve this issues.
William F. Somebody

Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 10:23:53 PM
To all posters
Please, I am asking that posters please try their best to maintain correct spelling, grammar and paragraph form for their stories. You know, more people will read your stories if it is pleasing to look at than if it is disorganized, and full of spelling and grammatical errors. That includes separating the story in different paragraphs, using punctuation marks properly and using correct spelling and grammar.

Now, in posting your stories, I would like to ask that you first type it in Microsoft Word, so you can use the spell check and grammar check and correct errors. And please, proof read it or tell somebody to read if before you post it. You'll be surprised at not only how pleasing it is to the eye but on how many more will read it.

Please, if you start doing this, the overall quality of the stories will improve, and so will this site.

william F. Somebody

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 01:15:35 AM
To: Frank
Maybe you don't mind the writing skills of these so called "authors." However, there are those who actually take pride in their writing. Like me, for example. It would be nice to see some of these people to at least try and make their stories presentable. If you're writing something for a webpage, you usually want to show it off by having it look like you spent time working on it. If having a story written with the sophistication of a fourth grader's suits you, Frank, then my writing would probably confuse you, for I actually put the concepts of capital letters and commas to use. I also wouldn't want any of my writing tainted with the stories on this site. If me not writing a story on this site is the best arguement you can formulate, then be quiet unless you have something of value to say.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 02:11:49 AM
Wetsuits and Mummys
I want to make it clear right now that my girlfriend is the coolest. We'll call her Amy. Amy is about 5' 6" with hazel eyes, brown hair, and a great body. I am 6' 2" with blue-green eyes, and no hair(SWIMMERS RULE!!).
Amy and I have been dating steadily for 5 months, and we have played tie-up games often. She is usually the one tied up. This time was a unique TUG. Amy called me at about 5:30 PM, and said that she wanted me to come over. Neither of our parents were in town. They wouldn't be back for a few days, so I was going to spend the night there:). I got there, and we watched some movies(we spent more time on other things:) than watchin the movie though).
She turns to me and says, "I've got a surprise for you."
Amy leaves the room, and tells me to stay there. "I found it!" she calls from her bedroom. Amy walks back in carrying a box with 3 things in it. Hers, and my wetsuits, and a pile of spandex. She and I both put on our wetsuits, and head to her basement. Along the way, we grab rope, duct tape, and 2 long karate belts. She ties my hands behind my back, and has me step up onto a chair next to a shelf. She then takes a karate belt, and ties it around my waist, and the support beam for the shelf, making sure it is above the shelf so that it cant go down, just using one end of the belt, so there is a long string of it left. Amy takes more rope, and ties my legs at the knees and ankles.
She reaches through my legs near my crotch(WOW) and grabs the long end of the belt and pulls it through and ties it off at my waist. She takes the other karate belt and ties it around her own waist, through her legs, through the belt around my waist, and ties it of on her own waist. Here we are, me tied, and both of us crotch roped together. The final stage, she takes the last piece of rope and ties it around our upper bodies tightly. Then the world goes dark as she blindfolds me with a bandana. I feel here moving around, pressing against me, and suddenly, the crotch rope is pulled tight, as she kicks the chair out from under us.
I grunt with the strain of the drop. "Are you ok?" she asks.
"Fine," I say with a little smile, "but how are we supposed to get down?"
"I'm not quite sure!"
"Oh great."
"Let enjoy ourselves anyways." We kissed for a long time, her hands wandering over my body. After about 30 minutes of that, she unties the rope from around our chests, and I hear the sound of a chair moving. Weird, I thought. How did she get the chair back. She loosens her crotch rope, and unties it from me. Tape rips, and I am put into silence, and she slips headphones on, turning music way up.
I am untied from the beam, and my ankles and knees are untied. She leads me back upstairs to her room, and strips my wetsuit off of me, leaving me in only my speedo she wanted me to wear. She leaves me standing there as she changes into her bikini, and returns. "Lift your left leg, then your right." she commands. As I do, I feel spandex underneath my feet. The head phones are put back on, and I feel the spandex being pulled up my legs. The strangest thing, was there wasn't any spandex on the front of my legs, all I could feel was amy. I felt the spandex go all the up my body, up to my shoulders. Somebody removed my gag, blindfold, and headphones, and pulled the spandex over my head. I heard the sound of a zipper and the click of a lock. The bedroom door slammed, but amy was right in front of me in this giant spandex bag we were in.
"Dont worry, James(my best friend) was the one who did this, and he will release us at 9:00 tomorrow morning. It is 11:00 right now." With that, she drew me close, and kissed me, and we fell onto the bed. It was weird, being able to move, but not able to escape. True enough, James let us out that morning, and I prepared to go home.

Or so I thought.......


Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 08:05:03 AM
To Tallon Ord
Since you put that little disclaimer at the bottom, I'll take your word that you were not being sarcastic. In answer to your question, I honestly don't know how I did it. I am by far NOT the best looking guy on campus. Amy I knew throughout high school, so maybe that explains her. As far as Deanna, I never asked her. Maybe they can answer you directly tomorrow, because they are on a trip to D.C. until 5 p.m. EST tomorrow.

All I know is that I love them. Not so much Jasmine, she is more into D than anyone else. But I do love Deanna and Amy with all my heart.

I apologise again for any trouble my stories may have caused. If it would make everyone happy I can move all of my stories to Mason's page.

Dragon Warrior

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 09:53:53 AM
Re; Put up or shut up
O.K. jc... since you started with the "Shut-ups", now "put up". You brag about a writing style that you posses, but as of yet ....NOTHING. I can say that I will be entering the N.B.A. draft next season, it doesn't make it truthful.
I will be one of the judges of your writing talent or lack of.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 09:57:16 AM
J.C and Frank
I have to agree with Frank. Come on J.C. put your money where your mouth is. I like Frank's stories.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 10:10:42 AM
To trish
Hey trish you still haven't answered carla's questions,i am dying to know.


Has connie hand gagged you?
Have you ever been kidnapped,or thought you'd been?
Why do you like being kidnapped?
What's your favourite gag?
Why does connie always kidnap you?
Please answere the questions , i need to know


Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 10:19:41 AM
Why do boys always get tied up?
There are so many stories of boys being tied ,there should be more girls getting tied ,boys are stronger and have the power to overpower girls and kidnap them,and girls look much hotter in a gag.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 10:26:50 AM
To Trish
Trish,i like your stories alot,but you should gag yourself,and let me kidnap you.I would like to tie you up and listen to your mmmmpppfffhs

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 12:13:38 PM
To Dragon Warrior
Let me take the opposite approach.

Assume for a moment your stories are fiction.

They are least readable, your own work, and keeping within the letter of this site if possibly not the spirit, but I'm not going to split hairs with a writer who's original stories I happen to like. Except for when someone posts blatantly expliciit stoies or asks a question I can give an informed answer to; I lurk. I know I'm no George Will or Allen Drury.

I have this grey bar on the side of my browser that lets me move the page I'm viewing past stories I don't particulary care to read, I wonder if I'm the only one that has one.

Perhaps moving off this site might be best, simply to give you the freedom to write what you really want.

If you go elsewhere and would like an illustrator, feel free to contact me. I have a project I'm working on for someone else but hope to finish that as soon as he gives me more specifics. I'm no Rembrandt or Da Vinci either, but its something I like doing. Sample portfolio on request.

That isn't my homepage by the way, its a spam catcher.

Nota Republic

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 01:31:57 PM
To: Dragon Warrior

Thank you for responding to me. And I'm actually not being sarcastic. The remark about the lottery, oil, and gold is because in my opinion, you must have a streak of luck a mile wide, and more good things may be on their way. I'd love to find out from "your" girls why you got so blame lucky. Also.....just for the record.....I chose to believe you because you're stories ring of truth. Some people tend to embelish things way too much, and thats something a person can spot. You don't seem to do that at all.

Tallon Ord

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 03:40:29 PM
There seems to be a lot of bickering once again, yes I am one of those who doesn't like all the sexual inuendos in stories, but this IS Canucks site. If he wants to allow these changes to happen, then it is up to him.

Yes, I feel that this site has degenerated into an almost XXX site and would like to see this page return to what it was many years ago, again though, that is up to canuck - He alone has the big delete button.

Please stop your bickering. If you dont like a story scroll past it, it is not that hard to do. If you feel very strongly you can always e-mail canuck.

NOW : BJ you posted....
Why do boys always get tied up?
There are so many stories of boys being tied ,there should be more girls getting tied ,boys are stronger and have the power to overpower girls and kidnap them,and girls look much hotter in a gag.

All I can say is hehe ROFL! where are the 'boys get tied up stories???? I must have missed some 'childhood games' stories whilst scrolling past the X rated smut. Note the sexual inuendo even in BJs comment: quote "girls look much hotter in a gag." BJ can I suggest that you visit the main ASSTR site, I believe they have stories which may suit you.

Incidently cross gender tie up games were/are actually very rare in CHILDHOOD games, the cross gender normally cuts in about the same time that certain horemones start to get .. well you know...

Generally speaking boys play 'rough' games girls dont.. ?? Again I refer to CHILDHOOD GAMES, not Upper High School or College shenanigans.

jc, (the old one the one thats been here for about 4 years)

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 03:47:49 PM

You say you want to do sketches/illustrations of stories.. I don't know if this would interest you, but Robert Masters has a site of 'childhood games' (sorry I cant remember the url off hand a quick search on google {asstr richard uk stories} should pull a link quite high) and he has been looking for someone to to do some artwork for the stories on his site.


Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 04:40:10 PM
One word jay. Kinky. Its nice to read something new and refreshing. While i do love this sight most of the stories are pretty generic. Excellent! I can't wait for part 2.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 07:47:41 PM
HI! I gotta question
Hi everybody, I'm a somewhat new reader and first time poster. Let me start off by saying how nice it is to find a site that isn't filled with porn. You have helped me realize I am not alone, and for that I thank you Canuck. Anyway I have a question for all you posters out there. I am currently abouth to become 18 and my friends have no idea of my little fetish as of yet. I need advise on if it might be a good idea to try to see if any feel the same way. This a big dilema for me as I don't want to lose any of my friends because I'm somewhat of an outcast. Any advise on what to do or how to do it would be much appreciated. Untill then rock on you crazy people

P.S. Anyone from the Midwest?

Outlaw John
United States

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 08:49:54 PM
To: Frankie, A Story for You
In an effort to make you stop sounding like a broken record, I've dug up an old story I wrote several years ago. It's based off of one of my childhood experiences.

Alicia expected the night to pass the same as the many nights prior. She was a babysitter, and she was rather talented. It seemed as if she had a knack for telling children how to behave.

It was summer, which meant it was a time of job opportunities as well as intense heat. In an effort to make herself as cool as possible, she wore khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. However, her attire did little to impede the summer warmth.

Alicia had just turned eighteen, and her beauty seemed to blossom with her age. Through her early teen years Alicia managed to lose her girlish figures and traded them for a fully developed, mature body. Her light blonde hair, cut just below her shoulders, framed her beautiful face. While her tan skin created an earthly glow around her, her womanly figure concluded her presence.

The child she was about to baby-sit, Chris, had a crush on her. Like many other eleven year old boys, Chris was just beginning to notice other girls, especially Alicia. Chris couldn’t wait for his babysitter to come over not only because she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, but because he had a special plan for her tonight. Though she was a good babysitter, she had been bossing him around recently, and he knew he needed to do something about it. .

Unfortunately, Alicia was running tardy. Her last client had been late returning home, which resulted in Alicia arriving behind schedule at Chris’ apartment. Usually, her system of block babysitting worked, but this was one of the few times where it hadn’t.

Chris’s parents had nonrefundable dinner reservations and didn’t want to be late so Chris suggested that they go on ahead. He said when Alicia arrived; he’d show her a lesson or two about being late. His parent’s laughed, and agreed their son could handle himself for a few minutes.

Five minutes later, Alicia arrived and rang the doorbell. When no one answered, she opened the door and came inside to find an empty apartment, or so it seemed. After Alicia closed the door, she turned around. She jumped and was startled at first, but then realized it was only Chris trying to scare her. He drew a fake pistol and motioned her hands up. Alicia was aware of this game as she had watched him play it with his neighbors many times, though she had never participated.

“Hands up!” he commanded.

She threw her hands up, faking a scared expression.

“Now, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

“Chris, is that necessary?” Alicia asked with her sweet voice.

“Do as I say or you’ll get a lead sandwich!”

To appease her usually well-mannered kid, Alicia put her hands behind her back. What can he do, anyway? It’s just a kid game, she thought.

To her surprise, she felt something sticky being wrapped around her wrists. It was wrapped again and again until she realized she couldn’t move her wrists. Panicking, she struggled to free herself, but what seemed to be duct tape held strong.

“That’s enough, Chris! Let me-mmpph!” was all that was heard as Chris gagged her with another strip of tape.

She was losing control. Alicia struggled, but found it hopeless. How did I get into this mess? Alicia thought to herself. How could I have lost control so quickly? I haven’t even left the entry way yet. Then, she felt something deep inside her. The more she realized how helpless she was; she began to feel a strange excitement bubble from within her. She forced the thought out of her mind, but it kept beckoning her. Finally, she admitted to herself that she was beginning to enjoy the experience. Usually, Alicia was in control. It was her art to control the children without them knowing, but suddenly, she had been stripped of her power.

“Don’t you look cute?” Chris said as he admired his work. He had wanted to bind his babysitter since the first moment he laid eyes on her. He watched her struggle with eager eyes, as she was eye candy. Alicia began to moan protests into the gag.

“I’m not done, yet,” he said holding the roll of duct tape in front of her eyes.
Holding Alicia against the wall, Chris gathered more tape. Alicia watched him rip off another large strand, and she didn’t feel like cooperating and longer. Chris lightly tickled her rips until she complied. Then, he began wrapping more tape around her ankles. Regardless to Alicia’s grunts and groans, Chris continued until he was satisfied she was going nowhere.

Alicia tested the new bonds and knew she wouldn’t be able to run away from her small captor. Chris turned her around so she faced the wall, and Alicia felt her elbows being held together while Chris applied even more tape to her body. In an effort to stop him, she made an angry grunt.

“Oh be quiet, Alicia. This is just a game,” Chris assured her.

Fun game, she thought. Just wait until you untie me.

Chris finally finished taping her elbows and stepped back to adore his bound goddess. He realized he had tied her standing up, and she couldn’t sit without falling. Being the mischievous little boy that he was, he didn’t bother helping her to the ground. Instead, he watched her sway and struggle with her bonds. He noticed her platform sandals and realized the slightest touch could make her fall. Pleased that she couldn’t go anywhere without the risk of falling, Chris decided to busy himself with something else. He told Alicia he was going outside and would be back soon, to which Alicia replied with a grunt into the gag.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be long. I’m just going to play with some friends. Now, I hope this teaches you a lesson about being late for a babysitting job. You have to learn to be more responsible, Alicia,” Chris scolded her while shaking his finger in front of her face. “You also can’t boss people around all the time. It’s rude.”

Alicia glared at the young man as he exited the door. How dare he lecture her and tell her what to do! She was supposed to be telling him what to do, not the other way around! If her elbows weren’t taped as they were, she might actual have had a chance of escaping. She couldn’t hop anywhere in fear of falling and hurting herself. Her ankles being tied while wearing her platform sandals made her barely able to stand where she was without falling. It would be hard to stand like this much longer, she said to herself. Still, her predicament sent morbid waves of freezing shivers down her spine, to her legs, then back to the rest of her body.

I’m his bound captive, Alicia thought. I can’t do anything now. I can’t even sit down without hurting myself. I can’t call for help either. He can do whatever he wants to me. I’m in such a desperate situation, so why am I starting to like it? Why do I struggle even though I know I can’t escape? Why do I like being helpless like this? Questions upon questions swarmed Alicia’s mind, but deep down she knew she was enjoying the experience. She liked not being in control, for once. She liked the feeling of being secure within the tape that held her together.

Alicia began to daydream as she stood bound and helpless in the entryway of the apartment. I’m an innocent babysitter bound and gagged by my client’s evil son, she thought to herself. He’s bound me for his personal amusement, and there’s nothing I can do about it. He’s captured me, his babysitter and I’m trapped. No matter how long or hard I struggle, I’ll have to wait for him to come back.

Alicia’s eyes popped open. He has to be coming back sometime! She struggled for a look at the window. Carefully positioning herself she was able to peek outside. Her fears were confirmed when she saw the procession coming towards the house. Chris hadn’t gone to ‘play’, as he so said. He’d gone to tell his friends he had his babysitter tied up in the house! Alicia struggled frantically and heard them come through the door. She backed into the corner as the line of boys entered the room. The four of them, including Chris, were all smiling.

“I hope you don’t mind me bring a few friends over, Alicia. It just seems we all need to take our revenge on babysitters for bossing us around,” Chris explained with a sly grin.

Alicia mmmpphed and struggled, but it only added the children’s delight. As she slumped forward in an effort to get free, she saw the boys coming towards her, hands outstretched with wiggling fingers. Alicia had the feeling she was about to receive the most intense tickling treatment she’d ever have in her life. In wide eye horror, she watched them inch closer because little did they know Alicia was the most ticklish babysitter they would ever meet.


Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 03:26:08 AM
To JC and all
As you can see, you have mixed up my name with the name of my fan site. I am Jason Masters and my site is the Richard UK fan site. The URL is below, in case anyone is interested.

I do want good artists to illustrate the stories. NO PORN please, although some illustrations may indicate certain "excitement" as mentioned in the story, so long as such "excitement" is not over-emphasised or otherwise prurient. I will review any pictures and will suggest changes if I think they go too far.

Unfortuately, quickmail has gone belly-up so my email address is dead. I will be checking my old nutscrape address occasionally, until I can find a new and better anon email server. I will remove my old email address from my web site as soon as I can. Don't expect a quick reply from me, as nutscrape mail is so crappy that I only check it about once a week or less.

Regular safety warning
Many of the games depicted on this site and other tie-up game sites mention very unsafe practices, such as leaving a tied and gagged person alone. Please read the Safety Tips for Tie-Up Games on my web site if you intend playing a tie-up game.

Richard's rather-miffed-at-quickmail #1 fan

Jason Masters

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 03:30:45 AM
Crap! I messed up! :-p
Canuck, could you edit my post to close that anchor, please?
Jason Masters

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 06:17:57 AM
Re... JC 's story
J.C... I stand corrected. Good story. Peace.

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 10:11:07 AM
A while ago now i had/have this friend called Rob who was this tall, thin, blonde haired guy, who was very popular with the ladies and had a number of fiercly patriotic Nazi relatives. Then there's me, average build, brown hair, considered a wierdo by most although part of quite a large crowd, not very popular with girls (although i've had my moments) and a child of the school of thought that the world is shit and therefore everyone is equal.
Anyway, one time when we were about thirteen for some reason(i forget why) we were playing in my bedroom,when i started tying his hands behind his back (with his consent) really tightly, were both laughing and joking. Then i pulled out an old football scarf and wrapped it around his mouth with him almost immediatley spitting it out saying it was impossible to gag him and that there was no way that i could do it. So i then got a small cloth and was just about to test his theory when he asked if he could tie me up. I agreed, untied his hands and let him get to work. Unfortunatley for him, he was really rubbish at it and it didn't take much effort on my part to undo them. Then i did it to him again, only this time making it really impossible for him to undo his hands. I pushed the sock in his mouth and wrapped it up with the scarf. But as he'd mentioned it was impossible to gag him and he quickly spit it out. Then for some reason i just started pushing him around my room and on my bed making it really hard to land successfully with his hands where they were. Shortly after i untied him and we had a friendly wrestle (again i forget why) and we totally felt like we'd got something out of our system. This was all after school by the way. So thats my story. There are more but you'll just have to wait. ooooooh, like you care. unless you do in which case good luck to ya'.

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 11:00:08 AM
Kidnapped Cheerleader
Me , trish and samantha were round sarah's.All of us had come back from cheerleading.We were watching television.Then her mum came home!!."Hey mrs wilson" said sam,"hello girls" she replied.She came and sat with us , "how was cheerleading girls" asked mrs wilson ( mel ).
"good" sarah said,we had a conversation.Mel then said , lets play a game. i knew she wanted to play a tie up game with me as the victim(again)."Do you want to kidnap me again mrs wilson" i asked ,"of course carla" she replied.But this time Mel decided to film it!!. I liked the idea,Mel and sarah and samantha ,were the kidnappers,i was the kidnapee and trish filmed it.Mel told me to wear my cheerleading outfit. We started filming,I was leaving for cheerleading practice ,then mel came and put her hand over my mouth,"don't make a sound" she said,i nodded,she then got a fake chloroform cloth and knocked me out with it.She then cradle carried me.The next scene showed me on the couch tied up and cleave gagged with black cloth.My shoes and socks had been removed.Mel then carried me over her shoulder into her dining room where samantha and sarah were sitting.They sat me on the chair. Mel took my gag off.All the scenes were mostly me tied and gagged.Near the end , sarah and sam decided to kidnap me from mel,but mel caught me and we ran around the house.Sam and sarah were looking for me.And mel had taken me upstairs,trish was filming us.Mel had cupped her hand over my mouth.she kept telling me to shut up and keep quiet.The last scene mel had tied my hands infront and had tape gagged me with silver duct tape,she lay me on the floor,and went off to catch sarah and sam. She couldn't find them but sarah and sam found me.They picked me up ,and took me to sarah's bedroom,they threw me on her bed .Mel then caught all of us ,at the very end it showed me and sarah tied and gagged.Sam doesn't like being gagged so trish didn't film her.


Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 11:14:59 AM
To B.J
You said there are too many boys being tied up ,so they should over power and kidnap girls , because they look "hot" in gags..Well B.J , If you've red connie's cellar ,by the brilliant trish , you can see ,trish is the one always getting kidnapped , and there's shana , there's charlotte and there's me,just read them before you open your mouth.Now i have to admit when i get kidnapped by my friends i usually get overpowered by them and can't fight them off , but were playing.And most of all , boys like being tied up so stop moaning ,if boys like being tied up ,that's fine by me,let them ,they are the hotter boys anyway. And you wrote "Trish you should gag yourself and let me kidnap you" well if your not careful me and trish will kidnap you and see how you like being tied up and gagged.

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 12:33:33 PM
My web site finally received a complete make-over and the number of stories doubled! Check it out if you are into more... ummm.. open-minded stories :)

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 03:47:14 PM
Reply to B.J.
I am glad you like my stories. You would do well to remember that they are from my childhood, That was a time of fun and games with my friends. A time I remember fondly and am happy to recount here.
As far as gagging myself now and letting you kidnap me, well not to be unkind but I dont think so. First of all I have NO DESIRE to play cyber games with anyone. Secondally if you read a preavous post of mine I have allready made it clear that I WILL NOT address any of my adult interests here so please stop asking.
I have allready delayed posting further stories because of all the biccering and off topic chatter. I am sure you are harmless and mean nothing bad by your remarks. If you really like my stories then please show enough respect for me and the otheres here not to ask anyone to contribute material that goes beyond the scope of this site.

End of lecture.


Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 07:32:46 PM
Alicia, the Bound Babysitter
JC, that was one of the best stories ever posted on this board. Congratulations!

It really proves that a well-written story always beats a crappy one. Even if the crappy one is full of sexual innuendoes.

I really hope that we will get to know just how ticklish Alicia was...


Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 07:41:56 PM
Barefoot, Tied, and Tickled
This happened last week. I've lurked here for a while so thot I'd share.

My girlfriend and I were just messing around when we decided to let her tie me to a chair. This particular chair is a folding chair with round metal braces and legs but a wood seat and back. Its not very large but worked better than either of us expected.

My hands were tied behind my back (with old ties) and roped of to the vertical bracing on the back of the chair. I could move them a little, but not much and certainly not enough to get loose.

My feet were pulled back and actually rested on the back horizontal leg brace. My big toe was in front of the brace and all my other toes were behind. Basically, the round metal bar when between the big toes and other toes on each foot. She not only tied my ankles (with padding) to the chair, but actually tied my toes off to the bar. I don't know exactly how they were tied because I couldn't see them. But I do know, my feet were completely secured and I could neither curl them or flex them. They were completely immobile!

The funny thing about my girlfriend was that the first few times she ever tickled me, she would do it for literally seconds, then stop because she felt bad. But I Have literally created a monster and those days are long gone. She actually scares me sometime with her ruthlessness!

Once I was secure, she just got very quiet and started by taking a small feather and slowly and lightly when up and down the sole of my left foot...over and over and over again. I'm very ticklish and I started laughing immediately. It was driving me crazy and I just wanted to crawl out of my skin! But she just continued, up and down, up and down for I don't know how long. All I could do was just sit and cackle my head off.

THEN she got to the right foot. Yes, there is a difference, at least for me. For some reason, my right foot is off the scale ticklish! Don't know just is. The intensity increased ten fold if that is possible.

After the feather she justed used one fingertip, not her nails, just the fingertip and lazily traced abstract designs all over my arches and soles. She knows this really gets to me. Sometimes just one foot, sometimes both at the same time. I started laughing and screaming for her to stop but she just laughed and said, "Oh come on, you know you like it!" It was really getting to me but she just tickled away.

Then her long nails came into play. She just started lightly scritching in my arches, then the ball and heel, then randomly. Not hard, just very lightly. She even got just the tips of my toes which nearly sent me into a panic. It was agony, fun, but agony none the less. Then she would rake up and down both soles at once. I was laughing, screaming, and rocking so hard that the chair nearly fell over. She started laughing, truly enjoying herself. Then she went in for the kill. She started scrabbling deep into the ball of my foot with her nails and didn't stop. It tickled so bad I began to see white and then honetly I saw plaid!!! I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced that or not. I couldn't even talk, beg, or plead. Thankfully she didn't do it too alful long though it seemed like and eternity! She would take me to that point and then start the fingertip stroking along my arch. She took me back and forth that way a few times, tickling and scrabbling fast and furious and then slow, light, delicate strokes. She was very methodical and merciless, tickling every inch of my very ticklish feet.

Finally, she went for the gold. I have a horrible tickle spot on each foot. When it is lightly touched, tickled, or stroked, I truly lose it from mad cackling to screaming laughter. She began to lightly stroke, with the skin of her fingertip, the little spot right in front of the heel, but in the arch. Its a spot no bigger than a nickle. I couldn't move, my feet could not move at all. I was completely helpless. She just layed behind me on the floor and tickled nothing but that spot. Very softly, very lightly. If I could have rocketed off the chair I would have. It was like a jolt of eletricity that went straight to my brain but wouldn't stop. Eventually, I lost all strength and sagged forward in my chair laghing and sobbing at the same time. She had really tickled me to my limit and beyond. I have been tickled a lot longer. This experience was about 25 minutes, but it was definitely one of the most extreme.


Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 08:23:17 PM
Really enjoyed it, love the tickling aspect, humiliating guys while tied up and tickling them.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 06:52:43 AM
My Friends Sister.
This is a story that happened to me not long ago now actually which i swear is true.

I'm seventeen and in this band, and one of the members is probably my oldest friend, so i know his family and he knows mine. And he has this sister called Kerry who is a little older than us by about a year who is pretty good looking, but only to the point where she makes a stunning rock chick rather than as a plain person in the 'popular' crowd. I've always liked rock women (sorry for calling them chicks earlier) and i'd always felt this air between us of which i naturally joked about with my friend. However nothing could prepare me for the phone call i got from her when she eventually asked if i still liked playing those little tie games i used to play with my friend and that occasionally she would join in with. I said not often but i still playing them, slightly hesitant to answer myself from nervousness. Then she asked something totally unexpected, "Do you want to play one with me?" My heart sank and my mouth dropped open. Trying to stay cool i said "What do you mean now?"
"okay, do you want to come round in about half an hour then"
"Okay, i'll be there."
i put down the phone and yelled for joy. Quickly i grabbed a small collection of things a roll of duct tape and bit of rope hidden at the bottom of my bag so that no one would be suspiscious. On the way however i began to doubt the simpleness of the situation and started to suspect them of playing a prank on me(which wasn't that unknown to happen)
but i figured if it is, it is.

It took me about twenty minutes to get there and i knocked on the door. Standing there was my friends big sister dressed in a baggy black T-shirt with i think 'slipknot' on the front or someone like that, 3/4 length cut off jeans and bare feet. Man she looked goody gum drops.
So anyway she invited me into the lounge where she MTV on and a chair in the middle of the room with some rope on it.
"i hope you don't think this is to wierd" she said.
"no" i said, still expecting them all to jump out at me.
"Is anyone in?"
"No" she said switching off the T.V. Then she stood in front of me asking "Now you are still into this aren't you because i don't you to embarrass yourself by trying to humour me."
"I'm into it believe me. Are you?"
"I invited you round didn't i". Something i will always remember is uncompromisingly straightforward she was with everyone. She went toward the stereo and asked what music we both would like. I suggested Nirvana and she said sure. So 'Nevermind' began as did our little session. She sat down in the chair waiting for me to make my move. So i grabbed the nearest length of rope and pulled her arms behind the chair, and tied her by the wrists to the sides. Then i grabbed another length and tied her shoulders together as far as they would go behind the back of the chair. She began to struggle a little saying, "you know what you're doing don't you." Then i moved round to her legs tying her knees together tightly. Then i wrapped her ankles together, and she looked like she was really enjoying it. I smiled as i pulled out my roll of duct tape. "What's that for?"
"Mind you own business" I said. Then ripping a small piece off, i attached her two big toes together.
"Very clever" she said slightly sarcastically.
I then grabbed another length of rope and looped it in with the ankles ties and lifted it up, attaching the other end to the top of the chair, so that her legs were lifted above the floor. Then i pulled out a small handkerchief (unused) and before i could do anthing she said "what's that for?"
"For the gag"
"Wait a minute i didn't say you could use a gag"
"You didn't not say it either. Anyway you can hardly complain can you?"
With that i inserted the cloth in her mouth, Holding it in with my hand, whilst i stretched out for the roll of duct, of which i proceeded to rip about five strips of placing it over her mouth.
"Now i can watch some T.V"
She then started mmmmmmmmphing as i sat down and watched T.V with her sat facing away from the screen. Eventually i asked what the problem was, asking if it was to do with the screen, she nodded and so i turned her round while she struggled. Better for me really as i now had a much better view. After a while i said that i had to leave and that she'd be allright when her parents found her. She mmmmphed lots. So i agreed to get her out of the chair instead. Once out i immediatlely tied her hands behind her back again, as well as her elbows but left the leg ties. Then i sat her on the sofa next to me andf she continued to struggle but to no avail as i knew how to tie knots. Again after a while i said " I really have to be going now. See you later." She didn't believe me at first but when i grabbed my bag and made the door slam, i heard her after a while start to mmmmph out for me. Really going for it eventually. I came back though i she looked at me with contempt but i knew she enjoyed it really. But then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my friend and walking down the street toward the house. I panicked inside while she wondered what was happened.

To be continued...


Friday, March 21st 2003 - 09:30:47 AM
Reply to John54
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. But I never looked at being tied and tickled as being humiliated. I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to that and actually as weird as it sounds, its very affectionate. I know it doesn't make sense, but I'm sure many people feel the same way.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 11:20:03 AM
I was sleeping round sarah's house for the night. Her mum ( mel ) greeted me , she offered me 20 dollars for me to be a gagged victim for her in the morning untill 4:00pm. I decided to do it. Sarah was even exited.In the morning , mel tied me on the couch. I had white tape over my mouth. You could see my lips through it.About half hour later they gave me something to drink.Mel then got some red tape and taped it over my mouth."i've got a surprise for you" she said , her and sarah took me out of the house and walked me down the street , we walked passed vickey's house, i had no idea where we were going. We were walking past town ( which is near by) and i got a bit embarrassed , mel saw alot of her friends , and kept saying , "this is carla , the girl i kidnapped", me and sarah then saw tom and joe, and they are into bondage aswell , "wow , you look great carla" they said ,they are always talking about kidnapping me and gagging me,and they won't stop, they also had a big grin on their faces, because they've always wanted to gag me and this was there first time seeing me. Mel then brought me to a house , she knocked on the door. Then a women in jeans and a sweater answered."hey mel" she said.
"hey kelly" said mel
" carla this is a friend of mine who's a police women , she has alot of gags in her house and wants to try them out on you" said mel. I was in shock yet exited , exited to be gagged by a real police women (whose role i play when i get tied up). The police women ( kelly ) , has blonde hair and is in her late 20's."so you like being tied up do you babe" kelly said
i nodded. "Me too" she replied. "i've actually been kidnapped before " kelly said ." me too" said mel.
Kelly then said " let's try on your gags then" , first she showed us in her spare room called "The Gag Room" , she had ball gags , tape gags , cloth gags , and cleave gags. She first ball gagged me and demonstrated it on me , mel then asked if kelly could wear it her self, kelly put it on. Kelly then taped my mouth , then cleave gag , then cloth gag , but then she took my gag off and demonstrated a hand gag , it was a really good one, better then mel's, but kelly said that she tries it out on women , because men at work usually do it to her. Then Kelly told sarah to hand gag her to show mel. Kelly looked really sexy in a gag ( i am not a lesbian by the way ). Mel asked kelly to tell us when she got kidnapped , she told us. Mel asked for pointers on how to hand gag me.Kelly told Mel to pinch my lips with her hand, and boy did that shut me up. Kelly also taught mel a normal hand gag and mel had a really good one , which she soon used permently , when we went home , mel walked back with her hand over my mouth,and she also pinched my lips a couple of times.

Kelly's kidnapping

I can only say what i heard.

Kelly was on duty when a hand clamped over her mouth , the man took her back and tied her to his bed , he taped her mouth and did some dirty stuff to her which i can't mention.
Then kelly got rescued by her partner kim.

I don't believe the story but that's what she told me.


Friday, March 21st 2003 - 12:58:13 PM
To Trish ,please answer
Trish i wrote to you a few days ago and you responded to my questions , but not my first ones , please answer

Has connie ever hand gagged you? please describe it.
Have you actually been kidnapped or thought you'd been?
Why do you like being kidnapped?
What's your favourite gag?
Why does connie always kidnap you?
Why don't you want me to kidnap you ( eventhough i'm joking)
your the only girl who gets kidnapped tied and gagged , the rest are mostly boys , how come you don't get overpowered by girls that often?

I do love your stories but i am dying to hear your answers


Friday, March 21st 2003 - 04:34:17 PM
Reply to BJ
BJ Here are the answers to your questions. First I have not really been hand gaged. It's was never a part of our games.
I understand that you are probably turned on by gags , especially hand gaging. I know some people get turned on by that. In our games gags were more a utility. A means to keep a victom from screaming her lungs out while being tortured.
Have I ever thought I was being kidnaped? No.
Why won't I "play" with you? Trust me B.J. it's nothing personal. As I have said many times before I don't cyber. Not here not in e-mail or in chat rooms. It's just not my thing.
On a more personal note I don't know you. Are you a kid an adult what?
Finally as we all know this forum is not intended to host adult material or material of a sexual nature. It is also not a place for grown-up's to hook up. There are a lot of places on the net for that purpose but this is not one of them.
One last note. I like this site for what it is . A Nice safe place for people of all ages to recall childhood tie up experiences ect. Most important it's a place where kids can come an learn about TUGS. Where they can learn that those "strange urges" to tie and/or be tied really aren't so strange after all. This is a special place lets not mess it up.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 04:39:19 PM
Only one comment to many posters.
It is terrible when there is the same story posted more times. Please post your stories only once.
Thank you.



Friday, March 21st 2003 - 04:43:58 PM
Now I have had the same problem. I am thinking that the advices after posting are not clear.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 05:25:08 PM
About posting
I think the reason for duplicate posts is because people hit the "sign guest book" button more then once.SOmetime it loads slow you just have to wait it out.
I have found that it is best to write your story in a word processing program ie. word ect. then cut and paste onto the submission form.
Hit the button only once and don't worry if it takes a little time to up-load.
If when you click the link that brings you back to current posts you don't see your entry hit the "refresh" button on your browser. The page will reload and your entry should be there.
If that doesn't work you can always try dropping your computer from a height of 14".

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 05:34:03 PM
About posting
For me with my trying there is another problem. When you have klicked "Sign the Book" only once and then press the "reload"-Button before returning to the site of current postings, your text ist posted a second time.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 06:35:06 PM
So don't press reload

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 06:50:47 PM
Me and Samantha
i was at samantha's house ,she hates being gagged and i kept teasing her from the other day when she got tied up by me and my boyfriend mark. " i thought you were tough sam , how come you didn't escape from us ?" i said, "shut up carla" she replied , i kept enoying her,"shut up" she kept yelling. "now carla ,if you don't shut that mouth of yours , i'm gonna have to gag it" whined sam. i didn't listen , only to recieve a hand gag.Sam held her hand over my mouth for about a minute ,and said "shut up , okay , j u s t s h u t u p, she said quietly,"now keep quiet or i'm gonna gag...., no actually i will gag you" she said, she then got cloth and rope , she tied the cloth in between my lips, then tied my hands in front."who's the damsel in the distress now?" sam said. Then all of a sudden , trish came from behind and clamped a hand over sam's mouth, sam hated it , trish threw her on the sofa , she tied her hands infront and then got her scarf and cleave gagged her , sam immedietly took the gag off, "naughty girl" said trish she then tied sam's hands behind her back to stop her from taking off her gag. trish reached down to fasten sam's gag. "no ,please trish don't gag me i ..mmmmpppffhhh , trish then put her gag back on." mmmpppfhhh" i went , to tell trish to let me go, but trish said "no carla you are both my captives". She tied both of us on the floor . Sam hated it , but i enjoyed it."mmmmmppppppffffffhhhhh" went sam , but trish ripped off some tape and stuck it over her cleave gagged mouth. Later trish untied me , but i told her to keep my gag on , trish thought there was no point on me being gagged without being tied up , so trish tied me back up. Sam hated it , especially when trish tickled her legs.

Friday, March 21st 2003 - 11:51:14 PM
Hi all. This is my first post here. It was during my 2nd year of college and I had an apartment close to campus. I shared it with 2 girls, Amanda and Dana. Amanda is a very hot girl. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a D cup. She liked wearing tight fitting clothing so she was always so sexy. Dana was a little shorter than Amanda but just as hot. She had short brown hair, green eyes, and also had a D cup. I had sexy roomates. One day after class, Amanda was acting very crazy and she was really annoying. (If you knew her, you would agree.) So I said to Amanda, "You had better calm down or you will need to be restrained." Being as curious as she is, she continued. "That's it, you asked for it." I said. I left the room for a minute and came back with a LOT of rope and duct tape. Amanda at this point had a very sexy look on her face. She was wearing a very tight long sleeve white shirt with blue sleeves. I jumped on her and turned her around. I started to wrap rope tightly around her crossed wrists and around her body. After that, I tightly tied her ankles and thighs together. "What are you doing?" she asked. I replied saying, "I told you to stop acting crazy." I sat her down on the couch and took more rope and wrapped it tightly around her big beautiful breasts. I made sure it was really tight. She looked so sexy and cute wriggling and struggling against her bonds. But I wasn't done there. I took more rope and wrapped more rope around her knees and stomach, securing her arms to her body. I took more rope and tied more rope cossing it across her breasts and around her shoulders. I then took the tape and wrapped it several times around her mouth. I layed her down on the couch and let her struggle for awhile. Dana was laughing her head off at Amanda. I then said to Dana, "What do you think Dana? Pretty good aye?" She nodded her head and asked, "Can you do that to me now?" I was shocked. I nodded and was about to get to work on her. She was wearing a tight red and blue t-shirt and tight blue jeans. I took the rope and wrapped it around her body from below her breats to the thick black belt she was wearing, without leaving any of her sexy tight shirt open. Then I did the same from the tope of her thighs to above her knees, and the same from below the knees to the ankles. She looked very sexy already. Then I took the duct tape and wrapped it around everything else. She was a great looking mummy. And for the gag, well I was in tennis so I had a tennis ball. I shoved it in her mouth and then wrapped the tape around her head to secure it. I looked back at Amanda and it looked like she was worn out. But then I picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I did the same for Dana.

I went back to Amanda and took her socks off. She had such nice feet, just like the rest of her tightly bound body. I unwrapped the tape from around her gag and replaced it with the gag that Dana had. I left them in their rooms for a couple hours and untied them after. They praised me on my binding skills and wanted to do it later that night again. I was excited. I'll talk more of them another time.


Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 12:38:12 AM
Hi, here is another story about my summer with Aunt Mary.

We hadn't played any tie up games for a couple of days, so when Melony and a few of the neighborhood kids sugested a capture the flag type game, I readly joined. Rules were this. Two people would be tied up and kidnaped to one of the other team member's houses. Aunt Mary and Melony's Mom were the "Generals". Melony and Joe, who I had met before, were the captains, assigned to guard the prisoner and protect the general. Melony's friends Ann, Sue,and Betty made up the soldiers on her team, and Bill, Harry, George, and I were the soldiers on Aunt Mary"s team. The object of the game was to rescue the prisoner, and capture the General and the captain. You also could tie up any soldier you captured. The captains were allowed to pick the prisoners.
Aunt Mary chose Betty, and Melony chose me. Aunt Mary and Bill who was chosen captain of our team took Betty into our house. Melony and her Mom proceded to blindfold me, and tie my hands and elbows behind my back. They walked me to Melony's Mom's car and drove around for a while. Melony said that by driving me around, I wouldn't know whose house I was out in case someone rescued me or if I got loose and escaped. I mummphed but Melony told me to be quiet since I was her prisoner and had to do everything she said or I wouldn't get lunch.
When we got to our destination, Melony and her Mom took me out of the car and into what they called Command Headquarters. Melony said that she and her Mom had a special way to tie me so that if someone came to rescue me and capture them, they'd have a hard time. (The order of rescue/capture was tie up the Captain who had to protect the general and stay and guard the prisoner no matter what. The General could run from headquarters. The prisoner could be recaptured and the captain rescued as long as the General was still free. Both the Captain and General had to be captured and the prisoner untied to end the game.)
When we got in the house, Melony and her Mom tied me from head to toe. Melony tied my hands and arms, and them used a separate rope to retie them again but this rope went also was tied around my body.
When Melony was done, her Mom said,we're not going to make your rescue easy. She proceded to wrap me in duct tape head to foot. I was laid down on a bed to the laughter of Melony and her Mom. Melony remarked that I looked like a Mummy, then put the radio on and she and her Mother said bye. Don't plan on being rescued!!! Then I heard the door close. I mummphed and tried to wiggle free, but it was impossible. Melony and her Mom kept checking in on me, and kept laughing and saying, see, we've made it impossible to save you. I kept trying to wiggle free, but to no avail.
Continued next time

, who I had met a few days before, were the captains, in charge of the "captured person and to protect the general.

Charlie Mason

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 12:58:35 AM
Hi again. Sry about my last post where I posted it three times. Anyway this story is about Amanda, Dana, and their friends Sarah and Krysta. Amanda, Dana, and I were in our apartment when we heard a knock at the door. Sarah and Krysta were there. Sarah was wearing skin-tight red leather pants and a very tight pink t-shirt where I could see her belly. Krysta was wearing tight green cargo pants and a tight white t-shirt. All the girls were talking around the tv while I was eating my lunch. After my lunch, I suggested we do something because I could tell we were all bored. Amanda said we should take turns having me tie them up. I was amazed becuase they all agreed. They all talked about how they've wanted to be tied up. I asked who wanted to go first. Krysta voulenteered first. Krysta had short brown hair and green eyes like Dana but she was taller. I went to my room and grabbed all my rope and tape. I had varying colored duct tapes so they'd all have a different colored gag. I started on Krysta by crossing her wrists behind her back and tightly wrapping rope around them. I then did the same to the ankles and then I tightly tied her thighs together. I proceeded to a well did hogtie and turned her onto her back. I took some more rope and wrapped rope around her C cup breasts over and over, above and below, continuously until her nipples were hard and protruded from her shirt. I then took my green tape and wrapped it around her head over and over. I turned her onto her front and called in the next person.

Dana was the first to come over. As you may know she had short brown hair with green eyes with a D cup. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt. For her I took some electrical tape (The thin, black tape) and spun around her over and over. I did a good job because she was struggling to no avail. I then took some rope and went around the rest of her body with it. I took the rope, went around the shoulders, crossed the breasts and through her legs and pulled it tightly so it made an effective crotch tie. I had already gagged her with black tape so she MMMMPPPPHHH!! through her gag. Like Krysta, I went around the breasts continuously and above and below the breasts. Her nipples were also hard and you could see them through the shirt. I sat her down on the couch and called in the next damsel.

Sarah came next with her skin-tight red leather pants and tight pink shirt where I could see her belly. She had short brown hair with blonde streaks and she had the firmest ass of all of them. She had blue eyes too. She was very hot. Anyway I started tying her up tightly with rope around the body with her arms at her side. I gagged her early with pink tape so I could hear her muffle words through the gag the whole time. I took A LOT more rope and wrapped around her breasts over and over again. I could hear her groaning and giggling through the gag as I continued to wrap more rope across the breasts and around the body. She was acting very bratty and trying to kick me off her. But I grabbed her legs and tightly tied around her ankles and thighs and knees. She writhed and struggled really hard and it made me want to tie her up more. Like Dana, I crotch roped Sarah and she absolutely screamed MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!!!! through her gag. She struggled harder than ever then. But I wasn't done. I took more rope and wrapped it around her big beautiful thighs and legs. I lied her down on floor with Krysta and went for Amanda.

Amanda has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a D cup. She was wearing a skin-tight blue t-shirt and skin-tight blue leather pants. She also had blue hand socks which I really liked. I quickly wrapped her up in blue tape like a mummy from her shoulders to her ankles, going over the breasts. I gagged her with blue tape and wrapped it around her head several times. I took a lot of rope and wrapped it around her breasts and she like the others were instantly MMMMMPPPPHHHHing! I had them all tied up. They were all very sexy struggling against their bonds.

I untied everyone but Sarah. Amanda, Dana, Krysta, and I played around with her. We tickled her, squeezed her beautiful breasts, put ice on her bare stomach and other things. She was having an absolute riot, struggling very hard but to no avail. We all picked on her becuase we all thought she was the best looking. Unfortunately, they left, all but Amanda and Dana anyway. More another time.


Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 12:38:37 PM
People Do Things for Money
Hey guys!
First of all, this story is about Andy again (names are changed to protect the innocent). Since my earlier stories are gone, I'm gonna have to describe him again. He's about 5'2" with short, curly brown hair. He is 13, as well as me. I will refer to myself as Kyle, being 5'4" with rather long, dark brown hair which is straight. On with the story.

Well, as some of you may know it is March madness, and Andy was doing some bettin with his friends on who would/wouldn't win. We were watching the tournament, and he had lost all of his bets, worth about $20. As he watched the final seconds of the game that he bet on, he said, "could you possibly give me, like, $3?"
"Why?" I asked.
"Well, I just lost a bunch of money, and I don't think I have enough."
"Well, you're gonna have to do something for me," I replied.
Then, an idea hit me.
"You're gonna have to let me tie you up," I told him. He smiled.
"Is that all?" he asked.
"Not quite. You have to let me tape your mouth shut."
"Why? I'll be quiet."
"You also have to let me do watever I want to you."
"Oh," he replied.
Then, we headed up to my room, where I prepared the ropes while he layed down and placed his hands behind his back. I took out two 20' ropes, a 4' rope, a 3' rope, and my duct tape. I then took one of my 20' ropes and started to tie his crossed hands behind his back. I tied them TIGHTLY, wrapping the rope about three full tiems before putting the rope in between his hands. I crossed the rope, and then started to wrap the rope around a couple more times. Then I knotted it off. However, I still wasn't done. I started wrapping the rope vertically between his hands about 2 times, then knotted it off. Then, I started to bind his ankles. I took my other 20' rope and put his ankles together. I started to bind them the exact way I tied his now immoble hands. After i knotted the last knot, I took the 4' rope and bound his knees together.
"What's the last one for?" he asked. I replied by bringing his feet and hands together, then using the 3' rope to hogtie him very tightly. He gasped, but then said, "Oh great. A hogtie again."
Then, I took out the duct tape. He protested, but I said, "It was part of the deal, remember?" Then, he reluctantly put his lips together as I ripped off a piece of tape long enough to cover his lips. Then, I took another piece of the same lenght and put it just below, covering the edge and going under his chin slightly. Then, I took two smaller pieces and put them vertically on the sides of the gag. Then, I said, "Let the fun begin."
He gave me a confused look, but then knew exactly what I was going to do as I took his ankle socks off.
"Are your feet ticklish?" I asked. His eyes widened. Then, I started to lightly tickle his feet. He writhed to the best of his ability, but couldn't hardly move let alone get out of the tight hogtie. I tickled him more.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed. I put my hand over his already gagged mouth to further muffle the screams. I then tickled his sides, and he was really writhing now. He was MMMPPHHing like crazy. I was laughing, because I was thouroughly enjoying this.
'This is the hardest $3 he'll ever make," I thought.
I tickled him for another 10 minutes or so, then recieved a call from his mom. Sadly, she was coming to pick him up soon. I released him from the hogtie and untied his hands. He took off his gag, then started to rub his hands and arms to return circulation. I proceeded to finish untying him, then realized how well I had tied him (before this I was practicing on my own legs). He was tied up for about 20 minutes, and I gave him $3.
"Thanks. I might need more later though," he said. I stashed my ropes and such and the doorbell rang. His mom picked him up.
I'm going to try to tie him again soon, so I might have another story in the near future. Hoped you liked it and keep the stories coming!


Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 04:01:44 PM
Tying-up the au pair
The story takes place a few years ago,I was about nine or ten. my little brother was five or six. We were horsing around with our French au pair Rachel in our basement one morning. At some point, we tied her hands togeter in front of her and gagged her with several strips of masking tape. The ends of her lips were still visible. We took her up stairs and tape her to an arm chair with a few strips of amsking tape (dumb). She jumpe out of the chair, tore her gag off and ran out of the room. We chased after her and found her tring to hide under the side table in the dining room. Rachel started laughing, so Harry (my brother) and I marched her back into the living room and retied her. This time we tied her arms to her bother with some rope. Harry loved to play with two strips of nylon limbers rope for years (he has show no signs of being into bondage. Unlike me.) Her arms were in on of her body, hands facing up. We re-appliethe gag and tape her to the chair again, with masking tape. We left the room and she ran off again before we returned thirty seconds later. We caught hiding in the same spot, but she was still tied. The gag limied her to a little giggling this time. That happened once more before Harry and I wrapped the tape all aroud her upper body.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 08:34:43 PM
Tying-up the au pair--addendum
I forgot to mention, after Rachel escaped the first time, she did not completely tare off her gag. When Harry and I caught her, it was hanging in the side of her face.

I have other stories about tying-up babysitters and au pairs. With varying success, if anyone wnats to hear them.


Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 08:11:16 PM
Hey this is my first post. This happened at my apartment a few months ago. My friend Jessie was there. She was one of the hottest girls ive ever met. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a great body. Weve known each other since high school and we were good friends. Anyway, while we were watchin tv, i asked if i could tie her up. She agreed since we were good friends and all. I left the room to get some supplies. I came back with a lot of rope, some duct tape, and a spool of yarn. She was wearing a tan sweater and tight blue jeans. My fav outfit by the way. I told her to put her wrists behind her back and cross them. I tied them tightly, crossing around them and around her stomach. I took some of the yarn and went around, over, and below her breasts. D cups by the way. She complimented me on my skill and thanked her. I took the duct tape and mummified her legs, leaving her knees visible. I took some rope and tied around her stomach and put the rest through her knees and went around above her breasts. I took even more rope and did a really good hogtie. She was struggling quite extensively since she was tied so tightly. I left to get a couple of bandanas. I rolled one up and stuffed it in her mouth. I cleave gagged her with the other one and she was moaning a lot. I took more duct tape and wrapped it around her head several times. She mmmmppphhed really loud, which was great to hear. I grabbed some more rope and started to tie up her legs with it, and left to get some handcuffs. I ended cuffing her hands together. I left her lying on the floor while i watched tv. After about 1/2 an hour i let her loose. I hope to do something else to her some other time.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 08:40:06 PM
Hi again. I added my e-mail so you guys can reply to my story. I would like some feedback. This story is when I was a little younger, a junior in high school. You remember Sarah from my previous posts. She was at her house, babysitting her 2 brothers, 8 and 9 years old. We were friends then and she called me over the phone. We talked for awhile and she invited me over to her house. I agreed and walked over to her house. When I got there, I knocked on her front door and she answered it. She was wearing a tight orange turtleneck with tight white pants. We went into her TV room and started watching tv. Her brothers were upstairs playing video games. We were flipping through channels and we came across a movie called Excess Baggage. It's a movie with Alicia Silverstone where she fakes her own kidnapping in order to get back at her dad. At the beginning of the movie, she took clear tape and wrapped it around her ankles and around her mouth and handcuffed her hands in front of her body. Sarah said, "It's so easy to get out of that. I could do it easily, even if I was tied up more." I replied saying, "You wanna try? I'll tie you up and see how long it takes you to get out." She jumped excitedly at the idea and immediately agreed. She left the room and got some stuff to tie her up with. She came back with clear tape, duct tape, rope, yarn, and 2 bandanas. She said, "I want you to use it all because if you don't, I'll get out too easily." I nodded my head and got to work. I took the yarn first and ran around her about 30 times, pulling each length really taut so she couldn't escape. I then took rope and tied around her body tightly. I must have wrapped the rope around her breasts at least 40 times. She had very big breasts and a very nice ass. I took the bandanas and rolled one up and stuffed it in her mouth, then took another and tied it around her head very tightly. I then took duct tape and wrapped it around her head. She MMMPPHHHed through her gag. Even her moans are sexy. I was just about done when her brothers came downstairs. Sarah was wide-eyed when she saw them and started screaming through her gag. Her youngest brother Tom said, "Wow, it's about time someone shut her up. Me and Alex were just planning to do it ourselves but I guess you beat us to her." Sarah was wriggling very furiously. I asked them what they wanted to do. Alex said, "Sit her on the couch. I have an idea." She was at our total mercy so I picked her up and sat her on the couch. Alex left the room and came back with a tray of ice. Sarah screamed really hard. We opened the top of her sweater and poured the whole tray of ice down her sweater. She wiggled uncontrollably, it was very sexy. After a couple of hours, the young kids told us that their parents would be home in an hour. We untied her and right after we did, she went to the bathroom. When she came back we talked for a few more minutes about her encounter. She invited me over next week too. I couldn't wait.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 09:20:19 PM
Hey again. A month after my experience with Jessie, Jessie and my other friend Rachel, which ive also know since high school. Anyway, we started watching tv, and we ended up finding small soldiers, my favorite scene from a movie. Kirsten Dunst ends up getting bound and gagged by toys. I know its kiddish, but oh well. Jessie said i sholud do something like that to her. I exited the room and came back with a chair, rope, tape, and yarn. I proceeded to tie her arms to the armrests with rope and duct tape. Rachel just sorta looked on. I started wrapping yarn around her whole body. Criss-crossing, above, below, between the breasts and body and shoulders. I started tying her legs to the legs of the chair with rope and duct tape. I ended it off with wrapping duct tape around her head.

After I was done, Rachel wanted to do it. She had long black hair and a good body, but not better than Jessie's. I got another chair and placed the back to Jessie's chair. I sat her down and started to wrap rope around her wrists while behind the chair. I used a lot of tape around her body, goin above and below her breasts. I started using the rest of the yarn on her legs, which were placed together. I wrapped duct tape around her head sevearl times. While they moaned and struggled, I got some more rope. I started tying the chairs together by tying their bodies to their chairs. i used some electrical tape i had gotten to do it some more.
I used some rope to tie around Rachel's ankles, then connect the rope to Jessie's. I did the same for the wrists.

After a while, I ripped off their gags, and proceeded to get a couple tennis balls and some bandanas. I placed one in each mouth and used the bandanas to tie around them. I got some gauze i had in my bathroom. I wrapped them up really tightly. I ended by using some of the yarn around their gags and around their heads, so they couldn't move them. They started mmppphhhing really loud and started struggling a lot more. I just stared at their beauty for about 1/2 an hour. I untied them and we watched tv again. Until next time.


Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 09:56:32 PM
Hi again. I hope I'm not boring anyone by my continuously postings. I hope not. Here's a story about my high school cheerleading team. I was a junior in high school and the cheerleaders are Chelsea, Kelly, Annette, and Alysa. These aren't all the cheerleaders, these are just the ones that were having a party. The party was at Chelsea's house and I was a friend of hers. They were all wearing their cheerleading outfits. I was out of the room while the girls were in her bedroom. Alysa called me into the room and when I entered the room, I saw Chelsea and Kelly tied back to back on the floor with a lot of rope and no gag yet. Chelsea had short blonde hair and Kelly had mid-size blonde hair. Alysa and Annette were holding more rope in their hands. "Ok, Chelsea and Kelly are tied up, what do I care?" I asked sarcastically. Alysa and Annette tried throwing a lasso around me but I caught them, yanked the rope from them and hogtied them both. Chelsea and Kelly were cheering for me as I gagged Alysa and Annette with their socks. Chelsea went on to say, "Good job Mike. Now can you let me out?" I ignored her and took some duct tape and gagged both of them. I knew Chelsea didn't like being tied up but I didn't care. They were all screaming through their gags as I left the room. They got out themselves about an hour later, so that's when I left. I'm always looking over my shoulder for their revenge. But they won't catch me. Please reply.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 10:17:36 PM
About a week after my last post, my friend Laura, invited me to go over her house while she babysat a couple of kids. She was bored out of her mind, at least thats what she told me. When I got there, she was watchin tv, while the kids were eating. I said hi, and told her I was goin to talk to the kids. I started talkin to 'em and said we should gang up on her and tie her up. Laura didnt like getting tied up. Well, while she was watching tv, we gathered a lot of objects in her room. We had rope and duct tape. Not too much but itll be enough, I thought. While one of the kids distracted her, I hand-gagged her from behind and led her to her room. She was a little surprised, and while she was asking why I was doin it, the other one was tying her ankles. She started to leave only to trip on her face. I carried her to her bed, and we connected the rope around her ankles to one of the bed posts. He proceeded to tie her wrists and connect them to the headboard. She was as straight as a pencil as i started wrapping her legs with the tape. She started yelling at me, so I used the tape to shut her up. One of the kids brought in handcuffs. Where they found it, I dont know. I cuffed her wrists and started tying her arms together. She was struggling alot and moaning a lot. We had some masking tape to use on her legs. I could tell it was tight, because as hard as she struggled, I didnt see movement. She had a mean look on her face. I realized she was mad at the kids. I sighed in relief. They were using some yarn to tie her shirt to her body, since it was a little loose. They were going around her breasts too. They ripped her gag off and she yowled in pain. She started to yell at the kids. That was when they put an apple in her mouth. She couldnt get it out, which looked pretty sexy. They used a bandana to make sure it stayed there. They used a toy snake around her ankles and some more tape around her body. She was struggling a lot, and we let her out. She was glad I "rescued" her, and only the kids got in trouble. Thats a good thing. Till next time.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 10:35:33 PM
As soon as I walked upstairs, I knew something was up. My brother Tim and his friends were supposed to be here, but when I couldn’t hear them, I knew there had to be a reason why. I’m Simon, remember? And the story I tell you now was when I was 12 and just beginning to understand the connection between ropes and gags and the funny little thrill I always got inside when I played with them.

Tim was three years older than me. He was the one who had started tying me up when I was kid, and then sometimes he and his friends would let me play. Eventually, me and my own friends started our own games, and occasionally we would all play together. We also had a younger sister Tiffany. By this time, she was my most regular victim, along with a couple of her sleepover friends. And then there was Lisa.

My brother Tim had this friend Robby, a rather mean-spirited bully who lived down the street. I had been tied up—most cruelly—by him several times. And Robby had a sister Lisa who was a year ahead of me in school. I knew that Lisa was a participant in Tim and Robby’s games, and I often wondered what it would be like to play with them—or really, with her when they weren’t around.

Lisa was slightly taller than me, very slender, and just beginning to get a shape that wasn’t quite so girlish. She had long blonde hair that she usually kept up in a pony tail, and enormous blue eyes. I loved her—or at least I had strong feelings for her that passed for love. I also wanted to know what it was like to tie her up like I did my little sister and her friends. In all the years of us playing, for some reason or another, I had never played with Tim and Robby when they tied Lisa up, although I was almost certain they did.

Anyway, like I said, as soon as I walked upstairs, I knew something had to be wrong. It was raining, so I knew Tim and his friends wouldn’t be playing outside. But there was no sign or sound of them. I put my backpack in my own room and began my search. It didn’t last long. I pushed the door to Tim’s bedroom open and looked in side, startled beyond belief at what I found.

Lisa was sitting on the edge of Tim’s bed, her hands out of sight behind her back, her legs tied together at the knees and ankles with several turns of white cotton rope. She was wearing denim shorts and a tight white shirt, and she looked fabulous. The sight of her was made more thrilling by the fact that a bandanna had been folded into a wide strip and tied around her eyes, so she had no idea that I was even standing there. Her mouth was spread wide around a thick roll of white dishtowel, her scarlet lips working to shift it out of her mouth, but I suspected that there was more to this gag than immediately met the eye. The little sounds she made were too muffled, and I guessed that a thick wad of cloth was stuffed in there somewhere. I had been a victim of her brother and mine too many times.

Walking quietly over to the bed, I sat down beside her and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She jumped, uttering a short scream that was lost somewhere in the folds of her gag. Then she nodded her head and moaned in the affirmative.

“Do you want me to take your gag off?”

Again, she nodded, and I reached up to untie the knot at the back of her head, letting the dishtowel fall into her lap, and then I plucked an enormous wad of handkerchiefs from her mouth. Once they were out, I unfolded them and counted three. I was amazed that they had left her like this. Lisa ran her tongue over her parched lips and said, “Can you get me a drink?”

“Sure,” I whispered, still not wanting to give away who I was. I slipped down the hall to the bathroom, listening carefully for any sound that might indicate my brother or his friends were coming, and filled the cup we always kept there with water. I hurried back to where Lisa was still sitting bound and blindfolded and held the cup to her lips. A little water trickled down her chin, but she drank most of it. Then she gasped for air. “How long have you been like this?” I said out loud, forgetting that I had wanted to keep my voice disguised.

She stiffened. “Simon?”

“Uh, yeah.”

Lisa actually blushed. “What are you doing here?”

“I just came home from Kevin’s.” Then I giggled. “What are you doing here?”

“Tim and Robby tied me up and then left me.”

“How long ago?”

“I don’t know, maybe ten minutes or so.”

“Well, I didn’t see them when I came in.”

“They’ll be back.”

I looked around, trying to figure out a way to prolong this conversation, even this moment with the prettiest girl I knew bound and practically at my mercy, thanks to someone else. I picked up the handkerchiefs, which were damp from being in her mouth. “I guess I should put your gag back on.”

“Do you havmmmmmppppphhhh!” I cut her protest off, cramming all three handkerchiefs back into her mouth. Poking with my fingers until cloth filled every crevice between her teeth, I enjoyed listening to her grunting furiously against my gagging effort. Finally, I reached around her and clamped my left hand over her mouth while I pulled the rolled dishtowel up with my right. An instant later, I had the thick roll between her lips and bound again at the back of her head, and she was twisting in frustration, trying to kick at me but to no avail.

I smiled and said, “Sorry, Lisa.” As I backed toward the door, I added, “I just didn’t want them to find out I found you.”

That’s when a hand slapped over my mouth, and I heard Robby say, “Too late.” I knew I was in trouble.

Silent Simon

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 10:03:37 AM
Good stories Mike, keep it up!
Simon, you have got to give us more about Lisa.

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 10:04:25 AM
The Play
Samantha has blonde shoulder length hair , i have a crush on her , we were in drama and had to perform a play on kidnapping , we had to pick partners , i saw samantha and asked if she wanted to work with me , she said yes.we were trying to think of a play , i got an idea , "shall i kidnap you " i asked , "yes sure" she agreed , "put your hand over my mouth" she said , we worked through the routine , when we performed , samantha was cleave gagged twice and hand gagged , about 20 times , we still play tie up games now.
girl gagger

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 10:14:57 AM
RE: to Charlie Mason
Hey charlie have you ever gagged melonie?
Can you also tell me story's about when aunt mary get's kidnapped and tied up and gagged , has she ever been gagged by another women? please also say what she looks like

Your stories are great but please reply to my questios


Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 04:40:24 PM
Uhh put an adult section? How stupid are you? You think horny lil teenagares are gonna stop at an "Adults only" warning thing? I sure don't >:) Heheh but anyways--keep up the great stories--I truly wish I had frineds and sisters liek some of ya'll :-( Do any of u live in Los Angeles? *Evil Grin* BWHAHAHA lolz

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 05:49:55 PM
The NCAA Rocks!
Hello! This is another story involving Andy and me (see descriptions in my previous story).
Andy and I were watching the NCAA tournament, and Andy had just lost more money from his bets. He quickly said, "Kyle, can you tie me up again so I can get more money?" (in my previous story he agreed to be tied up for money because of his betting losses)
"Of course, what are friends for?" I said with a sly smile on my face.
We went upstairs to my room, and I got my ropes ready. This time, I brought out my 30' rope, my two 20' ropes, and my 2 4' ropes. I started to tie his hands palm to palm in front of him with the 30' rope. I bound them tightly, crossing the rope in between his hands. I knotted it off, then started to tie it vertically in between his hands. I knotted it off, with plenty of rope left over, about 10'. 'Perfect,' I thought to myself. Then, I bound his ankles the same way as his hands with one of the 20' ropes, and when I knotted it off, I realized that there was enough rope to wind it around and make his calfs immobile. I knotted it off, and took a 4' rope and secured his legs above the knees. His legs were now immoble. I then took the remaining 10' of the 30' rope I used for his hands, and forced his bound wrists to touch his shoulder blades. I then ran the rope around his ankle bonds, then pulled his feet until they almost touched his backside. I knotted it off, then took the last 20' rope and wound it around his chest and stomach, attaching the rope that bound his hands and feet as close together as I could get them to his body, maiking him now totally immobile. I then told him to pur his lips together and he agreed, and I took a piece of duct tape and put it across his lips. Then, I took another piece and duct taped it just below the last piece, the tape going barely under his chin. Then, I took two more smaller pieces and taped them vertically on the side of this brilliant gag. I asked if he could get free, and I was pleased as his reply was to try to struggle, but couldn't get loose. Then, the fun began. I started to tickle his sides, causing him to writhe and mmmmmppppphhhhh like crazy. Then, I tickled his feet for another 5 mins, then let him free.
Keep the stories comin and I'd love some feedback. I'll tell you another story with Andy where I tied him to his bunk bed! See ya later!

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 06:08:22 PM
First and best
There was this one time where me and my friend, James, were just sitting around doing nothing. Plutonic realtionships between men and women do exist by the way. We were both about sixteen at this stage and we were watching a movie together at my house while my parents were out. Then he asked if he could ask something quite strange. I said "what?"
"I really like the idea of playing tie up games. And i was wondering if we could play one together."
"What you mean you tie me up?"
I was slightly reluctant at first but then i said why not. I always like to try something once.
So he went and got a roll of duct tape and i found him some rope from the kitchen and we both went back into the lounge. There he told me put my hands behind my back. Once i did he tied them tight, wrapping another length round my elbows and under my breasts. Then he took some tape and wrapped it around the palms of my hands. I was now totally imobalised from the waist up. And i really liked it. He then tied my knees together as well as my shins. Then he took off my socks and tied my ankles together. I could see he really enjoyed this, but so was I, especially when he wrapped a thin strip of tape round my big toes. I tried to wiggle them and other parts of my body but to no avail. I was completely unable to move and i was loving it.
"This feels really nice" I said.
"Yeah. But aren't you going to gag me?"
"Gag me. I want the full works."
With that he grabbed one of my discarded socks and put it in my mouth. Then really tightly put what must have been about ten strips of duct tape to keep it in.
"Can you speak?" He asked. Obviously i couldn't answer back but i gave it my best shot. MMMMMMMPH MMMPH was all that came out however. He laughed and then I laughed.
"Right now what you've got to do is try and escape. And to make it even harder, I'm going to blindfold you."
Really thoughtful as ever James got the other sock and put it under the tape so that i didn't rip off any eyebrows.
I felt amazing. The feeling of uselessness really made me happy. Even though it was impossible to escape anyway, most of me didn't want too.
Eventually James took the tape off my eyes, and the gag off my mouth. "Thanks James."
"What for?"
"I really enjoyed that."
"Oh great."
He went to undo my bonds. "No wait, could you leave them on. I want to be like this for a little longer."
"Can you put the gag back on as well."
He laughed. "Sure." He looked so happy and excited. With that he put the gag back on and we watched T.V for the rest of the night while i rested my head on his lap, nearly dosing off at one point.
Well that's my story. Me and James continued to have our little sessions, leading to some amusing situations. But i'll tell you about them later. Please reply to me.

(like i always say, you can never have too many tie up partners!!!!!)


Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 06:49:06 PM
NEWBY, GREAT STORIES! Keep em comming
tie those dudes up and tickle their it

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 07:44:11 PM
Regarding Gags...(once again)
Gags are always nice to use on beautiful girls, there are a lot of things one can use. The discussion about what kind of gags people prefer has been around this place many times before.

But hey! Putting a tennis-ball into the mouth of your victim? She must have a mouth twice the size of Whoopie Goldberg's!

I also enjoyed the description of using an apple...made me think of a roasted pig. If you are going to use fruit, take a lime, like Cameron Diaz gets in "Head Above Water".

Comment to Kelly on the story "First and Best". Your story was good and enjoyable to read. That good feeling of being tied up for the first time - and enjoying it came through very well. Please post more!


Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 08:32:29 PM
Tying up the Bragger
Hey everyone! I am relatively new to this page so please bear with me. Anyways, my story is about the time we tied up my friend Ivan. (Not his real name.) He, being an excellent bragger, was the perfect target for some tie-up revenge. Anyways, my friends and I invited him to a sleep-over. Take into mind that we had been planning this for a few weeks, okay? So, when it was time yo eat, just the four of us, we slipped a sleeping pill in his soda and waited for the effects to kick in. My friend, having an extra bed in their garage, thought that that would be the best place to tie him up. So, we slowly dragged him to the garage and started to get everything ready. At my request, we switched his white Hanes socks with some new, gray socks. (I have a major sock fetish.) Anyways, what we did was: we attached his handcuffed wrists, one on each, to the top two posts of his four post bed. Next, we attached his handcuffed ankles to the two posts at the bottom of the bed. After that, we put a blindfold on him, a gray sock, and then gagged hime, again, with a rolled up gray sock. We covered his mouth with some masking tape (duct tape) and then the three of us left turned on our voice distorters. With all of that, we turned on the video camera. We got a few minutes of him sleeping, but pretty soon, he was waking up. We started to interrogate him, asking him his name and other mischalaneous ?'s. At the end of our little interview, we told him who we really were and then threatened to show the tape to everyone we knew unless he shut up and not say anything about it. It was really funny because we watched the videotaape, and we got many screens of him looking very worried and scared.

Sunday, March 23rd 2003 - 08:34:55 PM
Another note- we are all 13.

Monday, March 24th 2003 - 01:09:02 AM
the kidnap game

I was round samantha's house , to remind you samantha has blonde shoulder length hair , she had her friend rachel round . We were board , i then got an idea.
"let's play a kidnap game"
They agreed.
The rule of the game is for a kidnapper to catch someone by tagging them , once you've been tagged , the object of the game is to not let the kidnap victim go , and to free them , someone else has to tag them. Sam wanted to be the kidnapper first , "once your caught u can't run away" she added , we started playing , samantha counted to thirty , she ran after me and tagged me , i was quite enoyed because this ment i had to be gagged. Sam took me into her room , she heard rachel coming to look for me , samantha cupped her hand over my mouth, "sshhh" she said , "if you scream i'll take your pants off" she said , the door opened , "sssshhhh" sam whispered , i then mmmpppfffhhed through my gag , rachel saw me and freed me , since i got caught first i had to be it , which i wanted. I counted , then ran after them , i didn't tag sam , instead i grabbed her , rachel gave me time to run before coming to rescue sam. I hand gagged sam and walked into a room , i started teasing her , "i think i'm gonna take your skirt off now sam" i said , since she was gonna do it to me i thought i should do it to her. i threw her on the bed , i took off her skirt and she had white skimpy panties on . i then stuffed tissue in her mouth to keep her quiet , i hand gagged her as rachel came , " if you scream , i'm gonna take your shirt off "i said , so she kept quiet , rachel left the room , i then tied a thick rope between her lips , and then carried her over my shoulder down stairs , i took her into a room and got my camera out and then took a picture of her , tied and gagged in her shirt and panties , rachel rescued her later.
Girl Gagger

Monday, March 24th 2003 - 01:10:28 AM

did u ever get hand gagged by james
have u ever been tied up by a girl before

please answer

Girl Gagger

Monday, March 24th 2003 - 03:25:18 PM
Hey it's carla , me , sam and trish were round sarah's house , all of a sudden we decided to play scooby doo( a kidnap game ), i was daphne who gets kidnapped , sarah and sam wanted to be my rescuer , trish wanted Mel ( sarah's mum ) to help kidnap me. We asked her and she was glad to play , i wore my very short skirt and blouse , because i was trying to be like daphne and dress like her. We plotted the kidnapping , i was solving a mystery and mel chloroforms me. I started , i was in the corridoor , mel then pretended to chloroform me. Her and Trish then dragged me to a room , Mel sat me very close to her nearly sitting me on her lap ,
" okay Daphne , you're gonna keep your mouth shut and be a good girl okay" mel said. Sam and sarah came upstairs , mel hand gagged me ( the tight gag which kelly taught her )
"gag her" mel whispered , trish then taped my mouth up. Mel then told trish to watch me , trish took off my gag , She then stood me up and hand gagged me. Mel came back in , "when i say now run to my room " "now" mel and trish ran off with me , trish still had her hand on my mouth. Mel then tied a handkerchief round my mouth , like they do in scooby . I mmmpppfffhhhed , "just shut up" said trish.

It was a fun was a game ,with lots of hand gags but we ended it quite quickly.


Monday, March 24th 2003 - 05:04:00 PM
very nice stories !

Monday, March 24th 2003 - 08:35:55 PM
Another Sleepover
Hello all! Thank you for the positive feedback Rick, right? Well, anyways, on to the story.
Andy and I (see previous stories for descriptions) were having a sleepover at his house. I was sleeping on his top bunk of his bunk bed, and he, of course, on the bottom for those of you who are blond ;). Well, I slaept in my shorts, as I do at all of my sleepovers, but Andy was wearing only his boxers. I was "bored" as usual, and I took out my ropes from my sleepover bag. (I didn't bring tape, but I wished I did) I pleaded him to ask if I could tie him up one more time, and I promised I wouldn't tickle him (much!). He finally agreed, but he asked me to give him a pair of shorts, which I did (he still didn't have a shirt though). The two ropes I brought were my trusty 20 footers. I took the first one and bound his hands together crossed in front of him. I did my famous crossing pattern, crossing the rope in between his wrists, then knotting it off, and tying the rope virtically between his wrists once or twice, knotting it off with more rope leftover, which was to be used later. I then bound his ankles in the same fashion, only his ankles were side-by-side opposed to crossed. I took the remaining rope form his wrists and tied it to the head of his buk bed.
"Oh boy," he said sarcastically.
"Can it," I said, "too bad I forgot my tape." However, I still couldn't have gagged him because he was wearing a special headgear for his braces, which he soon pointed out to me. I then tied his feet to the footboard...

to be continued...


Monday, March 24th 2003 - 09:46:30 PM
Carla, your stories kick ass. Keep posting! :-)

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 04:55:27 AM
i don't if anybody agrees with me, but a taped-gagged women is one of the best things ever. keep those stories coming. and i need to see more tickling stories. i have an extreme foot fetish with with women. but everybody's had great stories.

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 03:24:07 PM
friends with a great neighbor
one day last summer i was over at my nighbors house cutting her grass cause she is divorced 45year old lady with no kids who i do yard work for once in awhile when she cant get to it. well as said it was super hot that day i was wearing my bandanna around my forehead to keep the sweat from my eyes. as i was finishing up the yard she asked me if i would like to come in for awhile and have some ice t with her and of course i said sure it was saturday and i was off work till tuesday so i had no plans. as we where talking she puts a bandanna on around her forehead to cause she was also warm and me liking women wearing them i complimented her on it and she said thanks. well as we where talkig i noticed her looking out towards the back yard by the garage and asked her what was wrong and she said there is a back pack out there and was wondering if it was mine and i said no and she asked if i would go get it i said sure. as i bring the back pack back to the house she goes oh i am sorry it was mine i must have left it there when i got out of my car. anyway we got back to talking again and somehow she asked me if i liked the way she looked and i said yes and then she said please dont find this weird but i have been meaning to ask you if you like bandannas cause i have some i dont want and u can have them so being polite i said sure. so she goes upstairs and says hey you can come up and check witch ones you want i said ok and went upstairs to find her wearing a black leather skirt and bra with a bandanna and a scarf on. she said i was wondering if you would like to play a game my mouth dropped and before i said yes she pulled out rope and started tying me to the bed and drapping bandannas and scarfs up and down my body and hers. has i was secured spread eagle so tight that i couldnt even move she goes to me your are my hostage until i decide to let you free and of course i did not argue with her even if i did it would have done me know good. so she starts teasing me and rubbing me you know where then pulls out four bandannas and gags me with 3 and blndfolds me with one and leaves the other one around my forehead and softly says i hope you like they payment you are getting for doing my lawn and removing my snow and i moaned yes up and down. then i heard her shuffle through some things and i start to hear a vibrater which was taped to me at full power for an hour then turned on low for the remaining four hours i was tied up. after that she gave me a great blow job and we made awsome love together. to this day i stiil do her lawn and snow removal for her and know what to expect when i am finished a great after noon.

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 04:48:55 PM
My friend rachel is 29 , she has blonde hair and is real sexy , i am 17 and have brown hair.
I have a crush on rachel , she lives near me.

I was at her house , she asked if i wanted to be kidnapped , "sure" i said , she got scarves out , tied my hands behind and cleave gagged me with thick black cloth , " your mine now sweetie" she said she kissed me on my cheek , "your so cute tied up , especially with that gag"
"You are my helpless captive , and your stating with me"
I was looking at her nice tanned legs , her skirt was very short. "your trying to look at my panties aren't you ross" she said , she then took off my pants . "Don't worry i won't go to far" she said in a laughing way. "you look better in a tape gag" she then tookoff my cleave gag and replaced it with tape . I mffpphhed "shut up dear" she told me. she had tied my ropes loose , when she went to the kitchen , i broke loose , i took off my gag , "pay back" i said to my self , she came back in and i hand gagged her , "your my new captive" i said , i cradle carried her upstairs , threw her on the bed , and tied her hands and legs apart , her red panties came into view , i left her struggling for a while , about ten mins later , i had her tied up on the couch , with the black cloth she used to gag me with .I sat her on the couch and looked up her skirt again and gazed at her panties , she smiled at me , because she wanted me to look . She muffled through her gag "han gag me" she told me to hand gag her so i did , i took her gag off and placed my hand over her mouth , i thought she was gonna bite me but she was enjoying it ,she was sitting next to me ,and my hand was really tightly held on her mouth. "perhaps i should take off that skirt of yours " i whispered , "MMMPPPPFFFFFHHHHH"


Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 06:08:53 PM
EW your stories are bullshit. Quit posting fairytale boy.

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 06:27:35 PM
Tied Together
In retrospect, I’m really not sure what I wanted to happen at that point. On the one hand, I knew what was coming for me at the hands of Robby and my brother Tim. On the other, this was my first chance to be in a tie-up game involving Lisa, whom I had fantasized about tying up for a long time. So watching her squirm in her own bondage, I put out a small effort to get away from Robby’s grip, knowing that he wasn’t going to let me go anyway.

He had his hand tightly over my mouth, and he had grabbed one of my wrists, twisting my arm up behind my back. I flailed at him with the other, until my brother Tim came around us and grabbed that wrist as well. An instant later, they had me face-down on the floor. Robby managed to hold both of my hands behind me in a single-handed grip while keeping me sufficiently quiet with his other one while Tim rummaged in their bag of toys for something to gag me with. He pulled out a handful of bandannas, having used his three white hankies to stuff in Lisa’s mouth, and then reached back in for several lengths of rope. I knew I was in trouble.

Robby took his hand off my mouth, and an instant later, Tim shoved a wadded bandanna in. They didn’t tie it, thinking the wad would keep me quiet long enough for them to tie my hands, and then they would make the gag more effective. From experience, I knew I could spit it out, but I chose not too. They crossed my wrists behind my back and tied them with rope, then ran the rope through my belt loop a couple of times before tying it off. Robby moved down and tied my feet together as well, and I watched my brother begin to fashion the gag that would soon be in my mouth.

He put two large red bandanna together and folded them on the diagonal, then folded them carefully into a narrow band. Next he slipped the band into a knot and pulled it tight. The knot was enormous! By then, Robby was finished with my feet and he pulled me into a sitting position, reaching around to clamp his hand over my mouth. For some reason, he always seemed to have his hand over somebody’s mouth when we played. Not that I minded—much. But when he saw that Tim was about to gag me with the knot, he said, “Aw, that’s not enough! Stuff another one in his mouth!”

I would have protested had I been able, but my brother Tim ignored my grunts as he wadded another bandanna and quickly shoved it in my mouth. Robby took the knotted one from him and placed the huge knot carefully between my teeth, pulling so tight I thought I would choke as the knot pressed the wadded bandannas deeper into my mouth. As he tied it off, I let out a strangled moan and looked at my brother imploringly. He just laughed. Then they did something I will never forget.

Robby stood up and said, “Let’s get my sister down and tie them together.”

“Cool,” was all Tim said. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he wanted to be tied to Lisa, too. I was glad it was me.

First they took off her blindfold. Her blue eyes were wide and somewhat chagrined. She looked at me and made some sound that made me think she was telling me I deserved exactly what I had gotten. I could have let her go, but I hadn’t. They picked her up and set her down in the floor, positioning us back to back. Then to my surprise, they started tying our elbows together, her right to my left, my right to her left. Then they wrapped a longer rope around and around our arms and torsos, and there was absolutely nothing we could do. A minute later, I was bound back to back with the prettiest girl I knew, and my only complaint was that I couldn’t see her.

Silent Simon

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 07:14:46 PM
Simon that was a GREAT story! Post others like it. :-)

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 10:10:44 PM
So there I was, tied back to back with the prettiest girl I knew and having the time of my life—to a certain extent. I mean, I was still tied up and gagged, and while I didn’t mind so much, it became a little tiresome to be kept that way. My hands were crossed and bound behind my back, my ankles were secured. Two bandannas had been wadded up and stuffed into my mouth, and another two had been folded together, knotted, and tied with the enormous knot in my mouth as well.

Lisa was tied similarly, with the additional ropes around her knees. Three handkerchiefs had been stuffed in her mouth and kept there by a white dishtowel rolled up and tied across her open mouth. I knew that for a fact because I had taken her gag off and given her a drink, then re-gagged her before being caught myself. Our brothers had done it to us—my brother Tim and her brother Robby. And they had quite a laugh at our predicament, having sat us down together and tied our arms together before looping rope around and around our bodies to keep us together.

Finally, to both of our relief, they decided they had had enough fun at our expense. They untied us from each other, then loosened the ropes around Lisa’s wrists. “That should be good enough for you to get loose, Lisa,” my brother Tim said, and they both left laughing. I just sat there staring at Lisa, and she at me, as I realized they had just put me at her mercy.

For a moment after they were gone, Lisa just lay on her side looking up at me, then she began to struggle against the loose ropes around her wrists. Once her hands were free, she reached around and started untying her legs and feet, and finally, she untied her gag and spat out the large wad of handkerchiefs. Then she looked at me and I felt sure I was in for revenge for leaving her when I could have untied her.

“Well, Simon. What should I do?”

“Haaa-aaaah-nnnnnaaaaa!” I don’t know I answered as best I could. My jaw was beginning to hurt, spread as it was around the enormous gag. She laughed, and then bent forward and began untying my feet. I sat there watching her, feeling very strange as she unwound the rope from around my ankles. Then she reached for my gag and untied it, slipping the knot from between my lips. Her fingers darted in an plucked the sodden bandannas from my mouth.

“Is that better?”

“Much,” I replied. “You want to finish untying me?”

“I don’t know,” she said with an impish grin.

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t untie me when you had the chance.”

“Come on, Lisa. I—I just didn’t want to…”

“What? Get tied up too? But it happened anyway!”


She cut me off by placing her hand gently over my mouth and said, “I’ll let you go, Simon, if you’ll promise we can play again sometime.” My heart leaped, and as she untied me as her part of our bargain, I couldn’t wait to fulfill the rest of it another time.

That other time came a few days later, on Saturday afternoon. Robby and Mikey, another one of my brother’s friends, came over and they took off with Tim into the ravine behind our house. I suspected that they had a clubhouse of some sort hidden down in the trees, but I had never been able to find it, and the one time I had followed them, they caught me and tied me to a tree trunk. I was playing outside with some of my GI Joe action figures when Lisa walked into the backyard.

“What are you doing, Simon?”

“Nothing,” I said.

She giggled. “I can see that. What do you want to do?”

I shrugged, wondering if she had something in mind.

“Want to see where Robby and Tim have their clubhouse?”

“Okay,” I replied. I got up and she started toward the path, me close upon her heels. We walked down the path the three older boys had followed for about ten minutes before she stepped around a clump of shrubs and started down a steep incline at a very cautious pace. I followed her without a sound, not sure just how far away Tim and Robby and Mikey were, but not wanting to get their attention. At the bottom of the hill, I saw a very narrow and almost hidden trail that Lisa pointed down.

Very quietly, she said, “It’s about two hundred yards that way. But be quiet, okay?”

I nodded and she started off down the trail again. Just minutes later, we came to a thick row of trees, and I could hear voices coming from the other side. She put her finger to her lips and began to sneak between the branches. As we approached the other side, I saw a less heavily wooded area with a canvas tent, a ladder, and a tree-house built about fifteen feet off the ground. So this is where they always disappeared to! I couldn’t believe it!

I also couldn’t believe what I saw. Robby and Mikey had my brother hog-tied on the ground, and gagged with a thick wooden stick between his teeth, held there by a rope wrapped around his head. He was shirtless and sweaty, and was getting very dirty as he wallowed around on his stomach trying to get loose. They were taunting him, challenging him to get loose, but I didn’t think he had a chance. I was probably right, but I never knew for sure that day, because all of a sudden, I realized he was looking right at me. He shouted my name around the stick gag, and Robby and Mikey turned, searching the tree line for us. Lisa darted back up the trail, and I was quick to follow. We heard them shouting, but they didn’t come after us.

Lisa was fast on her feet, darting up the trail, up the hillside, up the first trail, and by the time I caught up, she was sprawled out in the grass where she had first found me. I collapsed beside her, and both of us burst out laughing.

After we caught our breath, she rolled up on her side, propping her head up with her hand, and said, “So, you think your brother will get out of that?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never known him to get untied when Robby had a hand in it.”

“Or you either, I expect.” I flushed. “It’s okay. I can’t get loose when Robby ties me up, either.”

“Does he tie you up a lot?”
Now Lisa blushed. “Not a lot, but…”

“Tim ties me up at least once a week.”

“Do you ever get loose?”


“Do you ever get to tie him up?”

I laughed. “Sometimes.”

“Does he get out.”

I laughed again. “Sometimes.”

“Do you think I could get out?”

Now I didn’t know what to think. She stared down at me with those enormous blue eyes and smiled innocently, as if she had just asked if I wanted to share a bowl of ice cream or something. I thought for a minute, and then said, “I don’t think you could.”

“Well, why don’t we try?” She leaped to her feet and held out her hand. “It’s been a long time since I was tied up by someone nice.”

We went in the front door, since I figured my Mom was in the kitchen. She heard me come in and said, “Simon, is that you?”

My heart pounded up into my throat, but I managed, “Yeah, Mom. I’m just going upstairs for a while.”

“Have you seen your brother?”

I snickered, exchanging amused glances with Lisa, who had paused just up the stairs. “Yeah! He’s down in the ravine with Robby and Mike.”

“Okay.” And that was the end of my conversation with my mother. I followed Lisa up the stairs and we went into my bedroom, where I closed the door and thumbed the lock. My sister Tiffany was around somewhere, and I certainly didn’t want her walking in on this. I went straight to the closet and pulled out my own bondage bag, with my small collection of rope and handkerchiefs. Lisa watched me curiously as I turned to face her and said, “Well, where do you want to be tied up?”

She shrugged, looking around. “On the floor, I guess.” And she went down on her knees. I dropped the backpack and knelt behind her, already pulling a rope out of my collection. I pulled her hands behind her back and placed them wrist to wrist, winding the rope several times around her hands, and then passing it around vertically to cinch the bindings tight. She kept looking over her shoulder to watch, which embarrassed me a little. I started to reach for a bandanna to blindfold her, but she saw what I was doing and protested.

“I never get to watch myself get tied up! Please don’t blindfold me.”

“Okay,” I replied, but I didn’t discard the bandanna. Instead, I pulled out another one and said, “Why don’t I gag you now?”

She smirked. “Why do the prisoners always have to be gagged?”

“So they don’t make any noise,” I said matter-of-factly, wadding the one bandanna into a loose ball.

“But I can still make noise, even with all that in my mouth.”

I hadn’t actually thought of it that way, so I considered for a moment and said, “Well, then I guess it’s to keep you from talking.”

“Why don’t you make it so I can’t make any noise.”

“I’m not sure I can.”

She smiled. “Why don’t you try. You’re going to need more than just that.” She nodded at the two bandannas.

I was eager to comply, so I pulled out all my handkerchiefs and bandannas, and selecting two of the larger ones, I folded them into a soft but enormous wad and held it up to her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and leaned forward to accept her gag, and I thrilled at watching her take the whole thing between her lips. I kept pushing until the entire wad disappeared, and then I picked up one of the other bandannas, folded it quickly and pressed it into her open mouth, cleaving her lips as I pulled the ends tightly together behind her head. She let out a little grunt, but when I leaned around to check her, she moaned and nodded, smiling with her eyes.

I noticed that there was a little room in front of the gag between her parted lips, so I wadded another handkerchief and pressed it in there, then held it with the palm of my hand as I folded another bandanna. This time when I tied it around her mouth, her lips were still showing, but there was no more room to stuff anything. She tested it with a grunt, and I knew I had to add still another layer to this if she really wanted to be muffled.

I folded one bandanna into a thick square pad and another into a wide strap. Placing the pad right over her mouth, I drew the strap across her mouth and tied it tightly, certain that this was as gagged as she was going to get. She tested it, and we were both satisfied with how little sound came out of her mouth.

There wasn’t much left to do. I gathered some rope around her ankles, then again around her knees. Since the gag was so heavy, I didn’t think I should restrict her more by hog-tying her, so I used the last of my rope to bind her arms down against her sides, looping the rope just under her breasts, and then I said, “There you go, Lisa. Let’s see if you can get out of that.” And what a time I had watching her!

Silent Simon

Tuesday, March 25th 2003 - 11:56:27 PM
Simon, amazing story!!! That was funny shit. Wow you are lucky.

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 07:57:18 AM
Great story Simon!!!
Nice story!!! This is the type of good clean fun that I like! I'd love to see the rest of your stories. (how about continuing what happened after you tied up Lisa? Or is that basically it - thet you just sat there and watched her, then freed her?)
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 07:59:45 AM
Oh yeah, and in one of your stories, you mentioned that there were times that you tied up your little sister and her friends. Could you elaborate on those, maybe tell some stories about them?
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 12:09:07 PM
Check out my stories from October 2002
Silent Simon

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 12:43:37 PM

Lisa struggled energetically in her bonds, trying to twist her hands out of the ropes that I had tied carefully and tightly around her wrists. However, the rope around her arms restricted her movements quite well, and she didn’t have very good balance because of the way I had tied her knees and ankles. After just a short time of struggling, she fell over on her side with a tiny—and I do mean tiny—grunt and looked at me.

Her blue eyes were extremely wide, but still smiling, and she made some indecipherable sounds beneath her gag, but that was barely even audible. I had gagged her well, according to the challenge she had given me to try and keep her quiet. She had an enormous wad of cloth in her mouth, held in place by a bandanna bound between her lips. In front of that, I had stuffed a handkerchief and tied another bandanna, and finally I had placed a folded bandanna pad over her entire mouth and tied a bandanna around her mouth that covered her from nose to chin. She could hardly make a sound.

I just sat back watching her struggle, knowing that she would never get out. Tim had tied me up like this so many times, so I had learned from the best. Of course, I don’t think he had ever gagged me as thoroughly as I had gagged Lisa. I let her roll around, moaning and straining, until her ponytail was coming out and her stray strands of hair were wet and clinging to the side of her face. Finally, she let out a heavy sigh that I knew was resignation, and I decided to untie her.

I untied her legs first, then her arms, but I left her hands tied behind her back while I began to pull the layers of her gag off. I did it rather slowly, teasing her as I pulled the widely folded bandanna away, and allowed the thick pad to fall into her lap. Next came the bandanna that very nearly concealed her whole mouth, and then the wadded handkerchief I had stuffed in front of the original cleave gag. Finally, I untied the first bandanna and extracted the wadded bandannas from deep within her mouth, and when I did, she drew in a deep breath of air and ginned at me.

“Wow! You really had me tied up good!”

I smiled my thanks at the compliment as I moved around to let her hands free. When she was completely untied, I started packing up my stuff, not sure whether I would need them again today. Then she said, “Wait a minute. Don’t I get a turn at tying you up?”

I paused for a second, looking at her incredulously. “That only works if you get out.”

She pouted her bottom lip out and said, “Come on, Simon. I let you tie me up!”

It wasn’t that I didn’t want Lisa to tie me up. The thought of it was just as thrilling as the reality of me tying her up. But I knew that sooner or later, our brothers were going to come home, or my Mom was going to start looking for me, or my little sister Tiffany was going to knock on the door and want to know what I was doing. None of those scenarios appealed to me. But looking at Lisa with her imploring eyes and her pouting mouth, I knew I couldn’t say no.

“Okay. How do you want me?”

“On the chair,” she said, gesturing toward my straight-backed wooden desk chair. Since most of my tie-up experiences had been after a wrestling match or a chase with my friends, or with my brother and his friends, I had never been tied to a chair. So I shrugged and sat down, awaiting my fate. Lisa picked up my bag of stuff and brought it toward me with a smile. “Put your hands behind you.”

I did so, reaching around the chair back and crossing my wrists with my palms out. She knelt behind me and quickly set about binding my hands together. Then she dropped a long piece of rope around my chest and arms, looping it several times before she tied it off, securing me to the back of the chair.

“Is that too tight?” she asked. No one had ever been so considerate in tying me up, and it wasn’t all that tight, so I shook my head. “Good,” she replied. “Any last words?”

“What do you meammmmpppphhhhh!” She cut off my words by stuffing a bandanna in my mouth. I protested into the gag, as I knew I was supposed to, but didn’t resist when she pressed another bandanna between my lips and drew the ends tightly around behind my head, tying the gag off rather tightly. I gnawed on the invasive cloth, working my mouth around it, trying to get it in a more comfortable position, but it didn’t budge. I just sat there and watched as she came around and knelt in front of me.

I have to tell you the truth. That was almost too much for me. I was only twelve, but I wasn’t much of a boy anymore. And being tied up and gagged by this pretty girl whom I really liked had quite an arousing effect on me. As she pulled my legs together and started tying my knees, I silently hoped that she would either ignore or not even see what was happening in my lap. Before tying my feet together, she did look up at me once with a huge smile and wink, so I still wonder…

She finished by pulling my feet up under the chair and tying them to the crossbar, then she said, “I’ve got to go get a drink, okay?”

“Hummmpphhh-mmmmpphhhh!” I said, okaying it as best I could, and then I watched in enforced silence as she unlocked my door and bounced down the hall to the bathroom, leaving the door wide open for anyone who walked by to see me in my embarrassing predicament.

Silent Simon

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 01:29:13 PM
LOL. Great story Simon. I just finished reading all of your stories from the October 2002 archive. They are almost too good to be true! You are one lucky lil biotch. How old are you now??

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 02:55:28 PM
its such a shame that agie fedirico has not posted for a while now that is one very exiting girl.
i hope one day that charlotte from london gets an email address as i would love to do some tie up games with her and any other girl from the uk
best wishes to you all cuffkey1
scotland uk

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 04:09:12 PM
to cuffkey
no sorry cuffkey we will not be seeing each other , so don't try and get sypathy from me coz it's not gonna happen.

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 06:15:28 PM
Thanks for pointing me to those stories Simon. You only really have one in which your sister gets tied up, though, and none in which her friends do. Could you relate those sometime? Still, I really enjoyed the stories you posted there. Especially the one about your babysitter - how not only did you tie her, but she tied you!
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 06:47:10 PM
Tied in school uniform
I am an 18 year old high school student from the Uk and this happened to me about a month ago. I was going straight to my Mark’s after school one evening. He is 24 and usually gets home from work at 5pm. I usually come home first, but this particular day I had after school detention (3.30-6pm)so decided to go straight to my boyfriend's Mark. I was not in the best of moods as I spent 75% of the silly detention standing with my nose in the corner, in the assisstant headmistresses' office. Added to this she gave me 500 lines for not keeping my hands behind my back at one point, after she had demanded that I do: 'When standing in the corner for detention, I must do so properly by standing with my nose in the corner and my hands behind my back' to be handed in the next day!
I am sure not many high school's give out these kind of punishments to student's my age. It is ridiculous. It is an all girl's catholic school if anyone is wondering, which explains a lot I suppose.

Anyway, I cheered up with the knowledge that this evening me and my boyfriend would have the whole night to ourselves as his flatmates were gone for 2 days. My plan was to actually stay at Mark’s nd go to school from his the next day. Little did I know what he had planned for me!

We had been going out for 5 months and in that time had never actually shared any episodes tying each other up. We had jokingly discussed it and the things we would like to do to each other. I always got the impression that he was very keen; one particuar time, we were kidding around, when he pinned both my hands behind my back with one hand (he is a quite a big guy!)and when I attempted to protest, clamped his other hand over mouth! He had me in this position for about 30 seconds and if I'm honest, I didn't really mind!

I got to his flat at around 6.30 and he rushed me in and made me some tea. I kicked of my shoes and fell into his comfy sofa. Mark did not hide the fact he was thrilled that I had come round wearing my school uniform. The strict and all items are compulsory. Hence I was wearing a white blouse, navy skirt above the knee, navy jumper, black tights, tie and navy puffa jacket. Mark also has a thing about my feet and I always catch him staring at my feet especially when they are clad in nylon.

We watched TV till about 8.30 and Mark said he was going upstairs and that he had a surprise for me. He came back in about 15 minutes with a sly look on his face.

“You know all those times we mentioned playing tie-up games?”

“Yes?”, I said nervously.

“Well today is your lucky day!”

“No, Mark, not today, I’m not in the mood”, I pleaded.

Too late. He forced me onto my stomach, on the sofa and grabbed hold of both my arms. He quickly tied my wrists securely behind my back with some rope he had obviously been looking for upstairs.

Got to go for now, but plenty more to come if people are interested!


Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 07:41:27 PM
We are always interested in stories. You never have to wait for a response, so don't worry about that. Please continue!

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 07:53:34 PM
Angie,where are you? Come back!! and Shana,I loved your story;Please continue!!
Lurker 45

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 09:29:59 PM
I would like to see more stories of guys tied up in girls clothes

Wednesday, March 26th 2003 - 11:36:01 PM
denise good story, first REAL good one in a while please go on
x man

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 06:46:44 AM
I'm sorry for not replying for such a long time but better late than never i suppose. To answer:

1) Within the many times that me and James have played together, he has handgagged me plenty of times. This is because often we will role play games where for example he the burglar and I'm the housewife. So yes is your answer.

2) I have wondered what it would be like for a girl to tie me up, however it has never transpired. James has always been good enough for me.


Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 06:52:52 AM
How can you cut off a story when it is just getting going?

Do you have no conscensce?

Great story however, so keep 'em cumming.

Aborted Siamese Phoetus

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 01:42:30 PM
For the Fans
Just so you know, I've been telling my stories in a fairly systematic order (at least to me) and I can only tell each one when I'm in the mood to tell that particular story. I have lots of good memories, and some very good friends.

I'm not going to tell how old I am or where I'm from, but if you pay attention to the details, you can make a fairly educated guess--at least about the former. Let's just say I have many years of practice at this thing--and leave it at that.

Thank you for your supportive comments. Enjoy

Silent Simon

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 06:52:17 PM
No Laughing Matter
I heard them coming long before I saw them, but I knew I was in serious trouble once Tim, Robby and Mike got upstairs. I struggled futilely against my bindings, the ropes that kept my hands behind my back or my feet up under the chair, the others that encircled my shoulders and legs keeping me in my seat. But Lisa had done an excellent job of tying me up. No matter how I struggled, I knew I had as much chance of getting out of this as she had had getting out of mine. But I struggled, nonetheless. I grunted into my gag, extremely frustrated, and then I saw movement in the door. I hoped that it was Lisa, but I was wrong.

My brother stood there grinning from ear to ear. “Hey guys, come take a look at this! Looks like Simon is in a little bind.”

Robby and Mike appeared in the doorway, crowding around him to get a good look at me. Robby laughed. “Hey, I think my sister did that to him! Simon, did you let her tie you up, or did she overpower you?”

I said something unrepeatable, glad Lisa had stuffed my mouth so well because I could get away with grunting furiously. I thumped the chair on the floor and struggled, hoping they would untie me, but I saw the look in their eyes. Robby whispered something I didn’t hear, and they disappeared down the hallway toward Tim’s room. A minute later, Lisa came back in. She had taken the time to wash her face and put her hair back up in a ponytail. As she came in, she laughed at the sight of me and said, “Boy, I’ve got you tied up good, don’t I?”

“Yeah, I taught you too well!” Lisa didn’t even have time to scream before her brother Robby clamped his hand hard down on her mouth from behind and shoved her into the room. Tim and Mike were right behind them, and Lisa began to struggle desperately against her brother. Mike came around and caught her hands together, while my brother grabbed her feet, and a moment later, they had her stretched out on the floor, Robby’s hand still tight over her mouth.

Realizing that one of them was going to have to let go, Robby told Mike, “Get some of that rope, quick, and tie her hands together!”

“In front of her?”

“It’ll be alright. Trust me.”

Mike let her go to get some rope out of the backpack, and all I could do was watch as Lisa flailed her hands at her brother’s face and moaned mournfully against his palm. He managed to grab one of her wrists and hold it still, but she still tried slapping him with the other. Then Mike was back, grabbing her hands and wrapping the rope around them. He tossed another piece to Tim, who was quick to tie her feet together, and then Robby said, “Let’s sit her up and tie her hands to her feet.”

They pulled Lisa up and my brother forced her arms down around her legs, using another piece of rope to tie her wrists to her ankles. In the meantime, Robby directed Mike to get a couple of bandannas. He wadded one up, and when Robby moved his hand, Mike shoved the ball of cloth into Lisa’s open mouth, then stretched the other between her lips and passed it around to Robby, who tied the ends together and pulled the gag as tight as he could, stretching her mouth wide. She protested as loudly as possible, which wasn’t very loud at all, and then they stood up and looked down on their furious captive.

I shouted into my gag as well, but they only laughed. This is no laughing matter! I wanted to say, but then they were leaving. I looked down at Lisa, and she looked down at me, and silently we wondered exactly how we were going to get out of this. Luckily for us, my brother was a lot nicer than hers.

Silent Simon

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 08:10:20 PM
A true childhood tie up adventure
I haven't been here in quite awhile. And yes, I have used another name in the past-never mind which one.

I came here, some years ago, because I thought this site would help me relive some portions of my childhood. I look back now and realize how much more innocent those days were. I, like many children, played "tie up" games, but they weren't due to some sexual perversion that I had (or have). Children experiment and look to experience lots of different things, mostly to find their place in the world.

I wish this board would go back to the central theme I thought it was created for, the sharing of childhood tie up games.

And as part of this campaign, I offer the following submission:

LONG, LONG a country, NOT so far away, really...
I was about 9 years old. My best "bud" in the whole, wide, galaxy was a cute little, brown haired girl named Amber. She was but a few months younger than I was, but was a year behind me, in school. I don't recall the reason; not that it matters.

Amber was the perfect stereotype for a "tomboy." While some girls her age were into the "finer" things in life, like learning to be young ladies, Amber preferred climbing trees, fishing (and cleaning the fish too!!), and splashing about in mud puddles the size of Idaho. At times, she would even aid in making those mud puddles.

She was a tough little bugger too. While a scraped knee or bloodied elbow would send most girls (and many boys) running for home for first aid and comfort, Amber hardly even noticed such inconveniences. It was not at all unusual to see her dashing about on her bike (we BOTH loved biking), blood draining from one or both knees.

My story opens on an early summer day, not long after school had dismissed for the year. Amber was seated on the top railing of a fence that surrounded my yard, her bare legs flailing in the light breeze. I think I saw that girl in something besides jeans or shorts only once in all the years I knew her. On this day she was dressed in a tattered t shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers. I won't bore you with the details of what led up to what happened. I don't recally remember and don't think it matters anyhow.

The two of us loved to play tricks on one another. You know, the harmless kind...a pin set upright in a chair, jumping out from behind a bush and scaring the other...stuff like that. On this particular day, I decided I would kidnap my best "bud" and make her my "hostage" for the day. Don't recall if I had ever tried that before. No matter. Why kids do what they do? Some things never change.

On this day, I crept up behind Amber, through my arms around her middle and wrestled her off the fence. Many might have been upset by that, but Amber just giggled and fought back, half heartedly. I found us both laying on the ground in my yard, with Amber sitting in my lap. I was a bit bigger than her; she hardly resisted and just lay there in my lap, her head rested trustingly against my chest. She giggled somemore.

I pulled her, gently, to her feet.

"Put your hands behind your back!" I commanded, then laughed myself when I realize how silly it all seemed.

"What?" Amber laughed again, then looked at me like I was nutso.

"Hands behind your back!" I repeated, trying to keep a straight face.

"What for?" She broke into more giggle fits. I think she knew what for... Amber had a way of "sensing" things...

I pulled some strips of cloth out of a back pocket, then gently, but firmly, crossed her wrists behind her back and began to lash them together.

Amber only laughed somemore. "What are you doing?"

I didn't reply, but Amber didn't offer any resistance and in a few minutes, I used the three or four strips of cloth to tie her hands securely behind her back. She turned to give me that curious "what's going on?" look, tugged a couple of times on her bonds, then realizing she couldn't get free (I am not altogether sure she really wanted to) simply stood looking at me, her bare legs set slightly apart. The faded red shorts she had on that day were rather brief and I remember thinking she was really cute, dressed that way. It wasn't a sexual thing (nor is it now); little girls in short shorts are cute; that's a given.

Next I whipped out a dark colored bandana. Amber's eyes got a little wide, but she still offered no resistance when I stepped behind her and bound the bandana securely over her eyes.

"Hey! I can't see!" she complained, then broke into more giggle fits. "What are you doin'?"

"I told you," came my reply.

Momentarily, she wore a puzzled frown, then chirped. "Okay. I guess!" She relaxed, and stood smiling, slightly, her feet set apart, calmly awaiting her "fate."


United States

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 11:12:55 PM
Does anyone else on this site live in Los Angeles??? If so please post/im/email me.

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 12:12:48 AM
Hey Memo, I would love to see the rest of your story. It's very clean and very cute, and that's what I like.

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 12:14:46 AM
RE: Denise's story
Don't you dare stop now Denise, your story has just gotten to the best part ;-). Great story so far!



Friday, March 28th 2003 - 12:40:21 AM
Thanks Silent Simon, Memo and others. Your recent crop of stories is truly enjoyable and for Canuck's site. It just goes to show that when the some disgusting and bad stories threaten to drag this site down the mud, a new crop of good stories will rescue it.
William F. Somebody

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 01:58:55 PM
Somebody ppooosst I sooo booreed
Los Angeles :-P

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 02:44:05 PM
charlotte from london
charlotte i like your stories and i would have liked to have met you one day.
but i dont need sympathy from anyone and i was not rude to you in any way so why were you so aggressive towards me ?
i am sorry if i have offended you i any way and i wont mention you again.
best wishes cuffkey1
scotland uk

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 02:54:10 PM
The rest is coming very soon! I am just a bit busy. There is more than one story by the way!

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 03:23:20 PM
Tying Tiffany...for the first time
My sister Tiffany was three years younger than me, which means she was only five the first time I ever got tied up by our older brother Tim. I suppose because she was so much younger than he was, Tiffany was never really a target of Tim’s tie-ups. He also favored her over me, so I was so often the victim, while she was the bystander, or even the helper when they captured me. Of course, as she got older, I know Tim tied her up a few times, but she was much more likely to be my captive than his.

I suppose she was about eight the first time I tied her up, and thereafter she became a frequent hostage at my hands. Eventually, we included some of her friends, and some of mine, but to me there was always something special between Tiffany and me and we preferred to play alone most of the time.

It was summertime, just before I turned eleven. Tiffany had turned eight at the beginning of the summer, and suddenly she had wanted to become my pal. Of course, I thought she was annoying, and she always managed to get me in trouble, so I really didn’t want her tagging around with me. Then my friend Bryan’s family went on vacation and my friend Kevin was gone for two weeks to summer camp, and I didn’t have any of my own pals to play with. So I resorted to playing by myself.

As you may have guessed, I had quite an active imagination. I was always dreaming up stories to write down and illustrate, or pretending like I was some action hero I had seen on TV. My friends and I would act out elaborate plots, from TV, movies, or my imagination, and they usually turned out to be the ones where someone got captured and tied up. But by myself, it wasn’t always easy to act out everything. In fact, it was that summer that I started experimenting with tying myself up. I eventually got pretty good at it, too.

I was alone in my bedroom one afternoon, with a few ropes I had gathered and a couple of bandannas I had snatched from Tim’s backpack. I successfully tied my feet together, then stuffed my mouth with a bandanna and tied the other one around my mouth. I was just studying how to tie my hands when my bedroom door opened and I looked up into the curious and startled expression of my eight year old sister.

“Simon?” she asked. “What are you doing?”

I whipped the gag out of my mouth and said, “Tiffany! Don’t you know how to knock?”

She grinned. “But what are you doing? Why are you doing that to yourself?”

Thinking furiously quick, I blurted out, “I’m practicing.”

“Practicing for what?”

“For the next time I have to tie somebody up.”

“You mean like Tim ties you up sometimes?”

“Yeah, like that. Only I’m going to tie someone else up.”

“Like who?”

With an eight-year-old sister who was infinitely curious, I knew that these questions could go on forever, so I said something I hoped would just make her leave. “Well, I could tie you up.”

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, and I thought she was going to run away screaming or something, and then she said, “You want to practice on me?”

You remember the story I told about my babysitter Rebecca? That was when I was nine, nearly two years ago, and that was the one and only time I had ever tied up a girl. For some reason, Rebecca had never come back to baby-sit—maybe she was furious about how my brother and his friend had left her tied up and gagged for such a long time—and I had never gotten up the nerve to ask any of the other sitters. Now my sister was practically offering herself as a sacrificial captive so that I could “practice” tying someone up. She didn’t have to offer twice.

I had tied the rope around my legs with slipknots, and an instant later, I was free from my self-inflicted captivity. When I stood up, I grabbed her by the arm and pulled my bedroom door shut, then told her to sit down on the floor. She did, and I knelt behind her, pulling both of her hands behind her back. She twisted her head around to watch as I crossed her wrists and looped a piece of rope around them, knotting it off with something a little more difficult than a slip knot.

“How’s that?” I asked, moving around in front of her with another piece of rope.

“It’s a little tight.”

“Well, it’s supposed to be tight.” I placed her feet together and quickly tied her ankles, then I took another and tied it around her knees. She was watching with the increasing fascination of an eight-year-old, and then she saw me reaching for my two bandannas. I started wadding one up and she balked.

“Didn’t you have that in your mouth?” she demanded to know.

“Uh—yeah. But it’s the only one I’ve got,” I explained, bringing it close to her mouth. She turned her head away.

“Get something else, Simon!”

I looked around, suddenly at a loss. Then I thought of something. Going over to my dresser drawer, I pulled out a pair of white socks and unfolded them. I knew they were too big to stuff in her little mouth, so I pulled a knot in one and knelt behind her. “Is this better?”

“Your going to put your sock in mymmmmmppppphhhhhh!” I slipped the knot into her moving mouth, turning her protest into an indecipherable grunt, and tied the ends of the sock tightly behind her head. Then I wrapped its mate around her eyes and fixed it as a blindfold.

“There you go, Tiffany. See if you can get out of that while I go get a snack.” She whined into the knotted sock gag, but I just smiled and walked quietly from the room, careful to close the door behind me so no one would just see her like that. I wasn’t sure how much trouble I would get in for tying up my little sister, but I couldn’t help but wonder that it had been worth it just to shut her up and keep her out of my way for a little bit.

Silent Simon

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 04:04:54 PM
Cool story Simon! Thanks for posting. Did your sister like the little "adventure" you gave her?
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 06:20:55 PM
Amber's captivity

Glad to see some other "childhood tie up game" stories...

Hope it continues.

Amber just stood there, hands securely tied behind her and blindfolded. She tilted her head back.

"I really can't see!" she said, sounding almost delighted. "Where are you??"

I crept up behind my captive and checked to be certain her hands were bound tightly, undid one of the strips and retied it.

"What are you gonna do with me?" Amber broke into more giggle fits. If she was frightened, it sure didn't show.

I took hold of her bound arms and began to steer her into my yard, looking about as I did. WAsn't sure would anyone would think of my tying Amber up and blindfolding her, and I didn't want any interference.

"Cmon," I said firmly, but gently.

Amber didn't resist, but tilted her head back again, trying to see under her blindfold, apparently with no success. She stumbled a few times and I caught her, pulling her back to her feet.

"Hey!" she complained, then giggled somemore. "Take it easy. I can't see anything!"

"Good! I don't want you to!" I said with a maniacal laugh. I was beginning to get into this kidnapping thing! I steered her for the shed in our backyard. No one should bother us there, I decided.

"What are you gonna do with me??" Amber still didn't sound frightened, but there was a plaintiff cry to her question. I decided I needed to say something.

"I'm kidnapping you," I finally said simply.

The puzzled frown returned and she said nothing for a few minutes, as I continued to steer her towards the storage shed. She again tilted her head back, trying vainly to peek under her blindfold.

"Where you takin' me?" She finally asked as we arrived at the back door of the shed.

"To my hideout!" I proclaimed, as I pulled open the wooden door and it squeaked a bit.

Amber broke into a big grin. "I know where we are!" the announced and punctuated that with more giggles.

I steered her inside, being careful she didn't trip over the threshold. More giggle fits followed.

"I think my shoe is untied," she said, suddenly semi-serious again. I halted my captive and squatted down in front of her to inspect her sneakers. A bit too late, I realized it was a ploy. I should have known. Amber tried to trap my head between her knees, but her explosion of giggles tipped me off before he could. Had she not been blinded and able to time her actions, I might not have been so lucky. Even little girls sometimes know how to pull crude tricks. Well...I guess it was no more crude than my tying her hands behind her back and blindfolding her.

"What are you doing?" I said in mild alarm. Amber giggled somemore but didn't answer. She didn't need to. I steered her to a corner of the shed.

"Sitting down and cross your legs," I told her. She laughed.

"I can't! I'll fall over!"

She was right. I assisted her into a sitting position then went around behind her to make sure, again, her hands were tightly tied. She beamed. It occured to me then that Amber hadn't even tried to get her hands free since the first time she tested her bonds. This was too easy.

"What you gonna do with me now?" she asked, again sounding almost delighted to be my prisoner.

"I told you," I said. "I'm kidnapping you."

More burst of giggles. I checked her blindfold.

"pull it down a little and tighten it," she suggested. "I can see a little big of light below."

I was amazed and puzzled at the same time. A willing captive that was now assisting me in her bondage? What was next???


United States of America

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 07:13:52 PM
The story's getting even more fun, Memo! I can't wait for the next part!
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 08:16:39 PM
Hi again. This story is about a babysitter I had when I was 10. Her name was Connie and she had short brown hair and blue eyes. One night when she came over, my parents would be out later than usual. She came over wearing tight blue jeans and a tight blue t-shirt. I was bored and I asked if she wanted to play a game. "What game?" she said. I told her it was a game where I tied her up in the basement and saw how long it took her to get out. She said, "Ok, but if I can get out in an hour, you have to go to bed early." We agreed and we went downstairs with some rope. She sat down on a wooden chair and I started to tie her up. First I tied her wrists behind her back and her ankles together and to the chair. "This is really tight Mike." she said. "But I'll get out easily." I wrapped rope around her body at least 10 times and crossed the rope over her shoulders so she couldn't lift them. I then tied her thighs together and to the chair. I didn't gag her yet. She struggled really hard but an hour passed and she was still tightly secured to the chair. "Well time's up Connie." I gagged her with duct tape and left her there for another hour. I released her but I couldn't wait for her next visit.

Friday, March 28th 2003 - 08:35:05 PM
Halloween Party
In 9th grade, I went to this great Halloween party. The best part was when I saw my friend Jessie, (from before), wearing a cowgirl outfit. I was wearing a Zorro costume. I snuck up on her and suprised her, friendly like. We started talking for awhile, and I got an idea. I asked her to come to my house after the party, since my parents were goin somewhere. She agreed, and after the party, we went to my house.

We talked some more, and then I asked her if I could tie her up. She agreed, and I went and got some bedsheets, rope and tape. I came back and tied her wrists behind her back with some rope. I layed her on her stomach, and hogtied her really well with some rope. I started taping up her thighs and below the knees. Then I got some more rope and tied her body up, going around her breasts and over her shoulders. Then I got some more rope and used it to hogtie her some more. I used some bedsheets around her legs, and her body.

I went and got some electrical tape while she struggled against her tight bindings. I came back and wrapped up her body with some, then I gagged her by wrapping it around her head several times. She was mmphhing into her gag, while I got some toilet paper. I stood her up, and mummified her, ending her experience. After I untied her, she left. (darn) Until next time.


Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 12:21:56 AM
Tied in sleep
Back to the college days. One night, I was watching TV and Dana and Amanda were sleeping. Dana fell asleep in her street clothes, tight blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt. I decided to play a trick on her because shes a really heavy sleeper. She could sleep through an earthquake. I got some grey and black duct tape and snuck into her room. I sat her up and wrapped her body up with the grey duct tape and wrapped her legs up with the black duct tape. I rolled her up in her blanket and wrapped rope around it so the blanket stayed around her. After that I gagged her with the duct tape and layed her down for the night. The next morning, she was in for a suprise. Let's just say that she wasn't very happy that morning.

Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 12:46:42 AM
Does anyone know some non-nude tie up groups on yahoo? If u do please tell me.

Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 01:19:45 AM
This was a great bondage experience for me. It was in college and in my apartment. Dana and Amanda were in Dana's room and they called me in there. They showed me several rolls of tape, each with differnt colors. They wanted me to tie them up with it. I decided to do Amanda first. She was wearing tight white jeans and a tight black t-shirt while wearing socks. I took the red duct tape and tied around her ankles, knees, and big beautiful thighs. Then I took hot pink duct tape and tied her wrists together, wrapping around them 5 times, then wrapping it around her body, above and below her breasts, then tying around her stomach several times. I took some white duct tape and went around her shoulders many times. I got a red ballgag and shoved it in her mouth, then pulling it tightly behind her head.

Then I heard a knock at the door and when I answered it, Sarah was standing there. I let her in and brought her into my room. She saw Amanda tightly bound and gagged on her bed and started laughing. Well I g2g, I'll continue this later.


Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 06:44:24 PM
Amber's kidnapping

Following my captive's advice, i pulled down the blindfold and cinched it a little tighter. Amber tilted her head back, then nodded and smiled a bit.

"Better?" I asked.

"uh huh..."

I thought a moment, then allowed a tinge of guilt to enter in.

"Your hands don't hurt, do they?"

She assured me they didn't then, tugged on the bonds that held her hands behind her back, the first time I had seen her do that. The strips of cloth held fast.

"What now?" she asked me with that knowing smile she was so good with.

I puzzled to myself. Indeed. Now what? I had my captive tightly bound and blindfolded. What would happen next? Did I really need to do anything else? I was having fun just watching her, cross legged, bound and blindfolded. She was completely at my mercy, but judging by the widening smile crossing her lips, it didn't seem to bother her at all.

"Aren't you gonna send a ransom note or something?" she suggested.

I balked. I hadn't even thought about any of that. Did I want to let anyone know I held Amber captive?? Would they be as amused about it as I was?

"I don't know," I finally said. "That might spoil it."

"Huh?" Amber seemed honestly perplexed. "but you gotta do the ransom notes. That's what you do when you kidnap people." She sat up a bit as though trying to see through her blindfold, and seemed to tug at her hands, then settled back down again. I decided she was just trying to be more comfortable. Amber giggled again.

"Who would I send it to?"

"My parents, ya silly!"

That brought instant images of Amber's Mother and her drunk of a "father" coming after me with a vengeance, not something I would have liked.

"No...they might get mad..."

"No they won't. My mom will think it's funny..."

I wasn't convinced. Somehow the notion of my being hauled off to jail in handcuffs (If I weree lucky) or being flailed half to death by her furious parents (if I wasn't) was disturbing.

What to do????

To be continued....

United States of America

Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 06:48:12 PM
For Mike

Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 02:30:31 AM
The plot thickens... Go on, Memo!

Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 04:02:41 AM
once more does neone else live in Los Angeles?
Los Angeles

Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 04:15:56 AM
Just a note - Jason and Jason Masters are not the same person
I don't know if anyone was confused, but I thought I may as well make it clear.

By the way, I have a new email address:

I will put my new address on my web site as soon as I can get the time.

Still Richard's #1 fan :-)

Jason Masters

Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 06:33:00 AM
Tied and True Tales updated 30/03/03
Tied and True Tales is now two years old and I'm celebrating the second birthday of my 'baby' with a very special double-size Gallery feature focusing upon 'Love Bondage'.

Bondage can be... fun! These pictures show that bondage doesn't have to be about whips and chains - and you won't see any ball-gags, leather straps, armbinders or other specialist bondage apparatus used for restraining people here either. What you will see, however, is plenty of fun, 'clean' bondage featuring fully clothed damsels and cleave-gags, the way it used to be during our childhood and this gallery attempts to recreate that spirit, the innocent fun (or otherwise?) of our early tying-up games whether as kids or adults. This is a page you could show reluctant partners new to this bondage thing. I've also added heaps of new fictional and non-fictional tales for your reading pleasure as well as a full review of Captive Culture. As usual, check out the "Updates" page for the latest here.

Lastly, thanks to all those who contributed pictures or stories for this update.


Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 11:36:46 AM
hi, i am a 14 year old boy and live in PA, i was very excited to find out the other day that my little nephew (he's 9) is into this stuff too. I was at my half brother's house and me and him vent into the basement. I saw a roll of duct tape and thought what the heck, so i started "jokingly" wrapping his arms in it. HE LIKED IT :) i finally found someone i can play tie up gamed with, im vey happy

anyone if anyone out there is around my age and wants to chat please email me or IM me at JordanScheremeta



Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 01:35:25 PM
just wondering, for those of you that use duct tape, how much tape (approx) would it take to totally mummify a body in tape, i always thought that would be a cool thing to try with my friend, but im wondering how much tape im going to need, im guessing about 1 roll?



Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 04:57:38 PM
duct tape
In response to the duct tape it depends on a number of factors.

The first thing, of course, is if the bottom is going to clothed or not. If not, then you might want to go and get some plastic shrink wrap to put on as a layer first over the bare skin. You do NOT want to put duct tape over hair or genitals or any other sensitive spot. If on the head the same thing appliesand never over the eyes directly - put either a cloth or a layer of plastic wrap over any spot that is delicate. Unless the bottom is a four star masochist you do not want to put that tape on hair and then try to pull it off. Ouch! Also, make sure that the bottom is not allergic to the chemicals in the duct tape.

As to the amount, that depends on how much of the body you're going to cover. When we use the shrink wrap - the same that is used in warehouses, the duct tape use is limited to a few places like around the shoulders and chest, lower arms and waist, thighs, below the knees and at the ankles. I Was mummified with the wrap first and then the tape - from toes to neck. I would guess that the tops used three rolls of the regular width tape. You can also get duct tape that is almost three inches wide that works as well. I prefer the wide tape as it has more sticking space than the regular width.

One final caveat: I was in that situation for two hours and loved it but remember, the body needs to ventilate its moisture. When one is wrapped up there are few, if any places for this to happen. Make sure the bottom has adequate water and try to limit the experience to two hours at the most. If the bottom lacks experience it might be wise to make the length of time even less. And, of course, make sure the bottom is always monitored!


Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 05:49:16 PM
Early Tie-up Game
Part I, Introduction

I must side with some of the recent posters who think there have been too many sleazy stories on this board lately. Some of you, Silent Simon and Memo (I have a hunch about you…) for instance, have tried to make the stories come back on track by posting GOOD ones about tie-up games. I will try to do the same by posting a story about me and my friends, a few years before most of my stories take place.

As introduction I re-post the first part of my first story of how I started to really get into tie-up games:

"My experience of tie-up games started at the age of about ten. I always spent
the summers with my parents at our summer-place in the western parts of the
country. We had a fairly big house on a large estate, just by a beautiful
lake. The place was surrounded by vast forests of pine-, fir- and birch-trees as well as fields and meadows.

In a neighbouring house stayed three boys, the elder was my age and his
younger brothers. Let`s call them Joe, Peter and Hank. At their place were
often also their uncle`s family with two girls, Sarah and Jenny. Sarah was
my age and Jenny a year older.

We used to play many different games, but mostly it was cowboys and indians
or pirates. Our "headquarters" was an old boat-house situated about half a
mile from their house. It belonged to some old great-uncle who had been a
part-time fisherman in the 50-ies. We were allowed to house a boat there,
an old but large wooden row-boat, our pirate-ship.

The boat-house was just a heavenly place for kids like us. It was large
with many storage rooms on the bottom floor and a room above where the old
great-uncle had made a "hiding-place" for himself. (We were told that he
used to retreat to the boat-house to enjoy his pipe and brandy and "hide"
from his late wife!)"

Part II, Cow-boys and Indians

This story takes place when me and Joe were eleven. Our favourite games were "Cow-boys and Indians" or "War of the Roses". In "War of the Roses" we would be two teams, one team the hunted, one the hunters. The hunted had a treasure they hid somewhere and the hunters were supposed to capture them and "torture" the captives to tell the hiding-place of the treasure. The torture nearly always was tickle-torture. Usually we played me and Joe against Sarah and Jenny.

(For those of you not familiar with the personalities of me and my friends, please look in the archives for the old stories!)

The "Cow-boys and Indians" games were mostly the same, but here everyone were fair game to be captured. We would sneak around the woods and the area around the boat-house and anyone who was "killed" by an enemy became a prisoner. The prisoner was tied up and left somewhere for his/her friends to find and rescue.

Joe was the inventive guy in our gang. He always tried to invent new tie-up techniques or gags and his favourite guinea-pig was me. One afternoon we were alone in the boat-house, the girls were off somewhere together with their mom. As usual we were dressed in jeans and T-shirts and were barefoot. Going barefoot was one of the good things about spending summer in a place just by a lake with a big beach. We seldom wore shoes, never socks, not even when we played in the woods.

Part III, The Coat of Ropes

Joe and I were talking about our recent game where we had captured the girls and left them bound and gagged in a small clearing in the woods. They had managed to escape, by getting close, back-to-back and un-doing each other’s wrists, they told us later.

Joe now declared he had invented a tie-up that would prevent that. He made me volunteer to be the first victim of his new technique, one he called the "rope-coat".

I was down on the floor with my wrists crossed behind my back. Joe tied them firmly as usual, chincing the rope between my wrists good. No slack there. He proceeded to cover the first rope with a second, longer one, winding it around my wrists, covering the knots of the first rope, then securing it around my waist several times.
When he was done with that he rolled my trouser-legs up a few turns and tied my ankles as firmly as my hands. Now tied hand and foot seemed to me un-escapable as it was, but there were more ropes to follow. Joe helped me to sit up with my legs bent. He got a very long and thick hempen rope and started to tie it loop after loop around my upper body, chincing it between my arms and body every fifth loop or so.
He continued like this until the rope was covering my entire upper body from my shoulders down to my waist. I must have looked like when Mickey Mouse or Goofy got tied up by the bad guy!

Joe continued by doing the same things with my legs, starting at my thighs and going down to my already bound ankles.

-Now there’s a coat of ropes you’ll never get out of! He said smiling widely, proud of his work.

It was true, I was totally covered in rope, and he had not made the mistake to just wind the rope around me, but chincing it as good as he could. I tried to twist my wrist, but I was totally immobile. I could turn my head and wiggle my toes, that was all.

Suddenly there was the sound of a bell ringing from the big house. Dinner time for the L-family. Joe quickly put a balled up rag in my mouth and tied a bandana over it, carefully adjusting it’s edges so they covered the rag and went behind my teeth. This made it impossible for me to spit the rag out.

-Bye bye! Joe said, I’ll be back in an hour and see how you are doing.

Part IV, Helpless

I was totally helpless, there was nothing I could do to escape, I thought. From my sitting position I rolled over on my side and then on my stomach. I turned my head as much as I could to see how my hands were bound, but my wrists were completely covered in rope. I lifted my bare feet and saw the same there, rope covering my legs from my ankles to my bum.

I tried to twist and turn, but it was nearly impossible with all that rope around me. Usually when we were tied up we could get to our feet using the sofa, and then bunny-jump around the room to find something to cut the ropes with. Not this time.

I could just lay there on the floor and wait to be rescued. When the hour was up I heard happy voices outside. It was Joe and the girls returning from dinner. The girls laughed at me in my impossible predicament. They immediately jumped me and started to tickle my feet. This was something they loved to do, tickle a helpless prisoner. When they were done I was breathing heavily from laughing and giggling behind my gag. Joe and the girls un-tied me, it took a very long time, and we all agreed that the "coat of ropes" was a very good tie-up.


Monday, March 31st 2003 - 12:37:51 AM
Good Stories
Go! Go! Go! Memo, Silent Simon and PH, thanks for your stories. They are what this site is for. Canuck's site won't degenerate into a porn site into the future after all. Great job!
William F. Somebody

Monday, March 31st 2003 - 05:54:00 PM
AIM screen names
Hi I was wondering what everyone's AIM screen name on here was - if you could just go around and quickly post some of them that'd be great - im sure everyone'd love to chat around sometimes. i have a few more stories to post - since the last one was last year with Jessica, but some of them are too short for this board (in my opinion) so if youd like to email me with a screen name i can tell it to u in detail over Aol isntant messenger. thx - look forward to hearing from all of u

Monday, March 31st 2003 - 06:53:29 PM
My AIM is TheLiLDuDe666
Los Angeles

Monday, March 31st 2003 - 07:29:21 PM
Yeah, post away, Memo and Silent Simon! (and PH as well, though your stories are repeats, they're also fun to read!! Got any new ones also, that you forgot to tell before?)

And Silent Simon, how'd your sister like the little kidnapping "adventure" that you gave her?

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Monday, March 31st 2003 - 10:57:59 PM
This happened to me a while ago.

A group of us had been teasing a boy at school in the year below us. It was all a bit of fun but he said to us "just you wait..."

Well the next day during the lunch break I went into our form room to fetch something. I got into the room and the door closed behind me. I turned and saw the boy we'll made fun of along with a group of his friends. "We're hear to get revenge" they said.

They took me to the sports hall. There was no-one because it was lunch time and everyone was outside and the teachers were all in the staff room. They said they were going to look for some rope to tie me up.

We all went into a store room and they hunted around and came across all the school climbing equipment which was used on outward bound courses and stuff. It was a large crate with rope and climbing harnesses.

They decided that they were going to put me in a harness and then use a rope to pull me off the ground so I would be hanging in the air. They pulled out a selection of harnesses of various types, but they could agree which one I would wear, so they decided I should put them all on!

They soon came across a problem. All of the harnesses had straps which went between your legs or had leg loops which you stepped into but because i was wearing a skirt they didn't know what to do. I reluctantly agree to take my skirt off so they could put the harnesses on properly. I was wearing thick black tights so nothing was exposed otherwise i wouldn't have agreed to it.

Eventually all the harnesses were on me and done up so tightly I couldn't stand up straight without the straps pulling up between my legs. I struggled back into my skirt - if anyone else was going to come in and find me like this I didn't want to be half dressed as well!

They then got a length of rope and tied my hands tightly behind my back so i couldn't take the harnesses off. It was a long length of rope so they used the rest of it up by tieing it around my body, pinning my arms to my sides.

Then they got another length of rope and tied one end onto the various harnesses I was wearing. The other end they threw over a beam in the celing. They then managed to pull and lift me off the ground and then tied the roof to the wall. i was left dangling with my feet at about head height.

Then they took my shoes off and said they were going to tickle my feet as revenge for the teasing I had done the previous day. As soon as they started to tickle I started shreking with laughter. they stopped immediately because someone would be bound to hear.

the next thing I knew was I was being lowered down. i was wearing a pair of long socks over my tights and before I knew what was happening, they had taken them off me, stuffed one in my mouth and used the other to tie around mouth so I couldn't spit it out. i was totally silenced.

They hauled me up again and started to tickle. Despite the fact my skirt restricted my legs somewhat I deperately kicked my feet around so there ticking was pretty pathetic.

They must have thought so too because they lowered me down a second time and got another length of rope which they used to tie my feet together. Again it was a long length of rope so they used it up my tieing my legs together right from the ankles to my waist.

They lifted me up a third time. I was totally helpless. Not only was I trussed up in several harnesses, i was completely tied up from head to foot and gagged as well. I couldn't move at all. They sarted to tickle. i shouted out but all that came out was a quiet mmmpphh. I struggled as much as I could but all my wriggling did was to pull the harnesses tighter between my legs (which wasn't an unpleasant feeling although i wasn't going to admit that to anyone afterwards).

Eventually they got fed up and lowered me to the ground. they untied my legs, put my shoes back on me and said that they hoped I'd leant my lesson. Then they said goodbye, see you and started to leave.

I mmpphhed frantically and struggled in the ropes when i realised they weren't going to untie the rest of me. I followed after them but they started to run but because I was wearing a skirt not to mention all the harnesses and ropes I still had on they were soon out of sight.

I walked back through the school to my clasroom. luckily there wern't many people around but there was still a lot of stares and laughter from the few people who did see me.

i got back to my classroom and before long my friends arrived who had been looking for me around the school. There was alot more laughter as I mmmppphed and struggled for them to untie me.

Before long they managed to undo all the knots take off all the ropes around my body and my arms were free. i pulled off the gag and took the sock our my mouth.

At that moment the bell went for the end of the lunch break. Quick i said, I've got to get all these harnesses off. Yet it was easier said than done. I was completedly strapped up in several different types of harnesses and it wasn't at all obvious how to started undoing them. Any moment the teacher was going to arrive.

We decided to cut our losses and quickly hid the rope that that all around the room. Then one of my friends lent me a jacket which I put on to cover up all the straps of the harnesses. I just had time to take my sheos off, put my socks on and then my shoes back on again before the teacher arrived.

So I had to go for the rest of the day all done up in the harnesses. It made concentrating in lessons very difficult - why did they have to put so many on me and do them up so TIGHT!!!

Eventually the final bell went and I went to my friends house who lived near the school and she helped my take all the harnesses off, which took the best part of an hour because they had all got muddled up with each other. Free at last!!

The next day I had to sneak back into the sports hall to put them back from where they came. Needless to say the boys that had done this to me didn't let me forget what had happened and they teased me about it for some time to come!


Monday, March 31st 2003 - 11:31:04 PM
Wow! Great story Beth!

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