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October 2002

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This month's stories:
 *** indicates Canuck's picks
 A new way to study (f/m) - Peter *** 
 Halloween Hogtie - The Final Chapter (preview) (f/m) - Lisa 
 My Two Brothers (mm/f) - Angie Federico *** 
 The Basement Room - Part One (mm/ff) - Angie Federico *** 
 Tied for One (m/f) - dobbie 
 The Basement Room - Part Two (mm/ff) - Angie Federico *** 
 Tied for One part 2 (m/f) - ron 
 Wrestling part 2 (m/m) - mike 
 Tied up at School (mm+/f) - Conner *** 
 Led Into a Trap (ff/m) - Steve 
 My Only Semi-Bondage Story - Collin 
 Lindas Long Day (mmff/f) - Mic 
 As I promised (m/f) - Buzley 
 Hide, Seek, and Rescue (m/ff) - Jason 
 Another with Jessica (m/f) - Buzley *** 
 Jessica is Kidnapped (m/f) - Buzley *** 
 Boys in a Bind (m/mm, m/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 My Cousin Heather (mm/fff) - Angie Federico *** 
 Simon, His Sister, and an Uncomfortable Situation (mm/f, mm/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 Led Into A trap (continued) (ff/m) - Steve 
 Tables Turned (m/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 My One Story (mm/f) - K.S. 
Tied up by younger (mm/m) - bill 
 Tim gets his... at last (mm/f, mm/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 Party Tied Up (ff+/m) - KM 
 The Challenge - part 1 (mm/fff) - Angie Federico *** 
Led Into a Trap part 3 (f/m) - Steve 
 Messing Around... (m/f) - Vegeta 
 Simon's First Time (m/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 Simon Sees Something (m/mm) - Silent Simon *** 
 The Challenge -Part Two (mm/fff) - Angie Federico *** 
 A Little Game of Simon Says (m/f) - Silent Simon *** 
 Julie 10 years later (m/f) - Just Me 
 Halloween Prank (ff+/mm) - Steve 
 Some kids have all the fun (m+f+/f) - Mike 
 Rebecca's Revenge (f/m) - Silent Simon *** 
 A morning of bondage (ff/mm) - Sam 
 Babysitter Bound Again (mm/fm) - Silent Simon *** 
 My Brothers Revenge (ff/f, fmm/ff) - Angie Federico *** 
 Tied For The First Time (F/m) - Charlie Mason *** 
 The Captive Cousins (mm/fff) - Angie Federico *** 

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 12:09:49 AM

Anybody interested to play tie up game with me... Please e-mail me at

see you.....


Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 10:31:02 AM

Glad you're back! I'm glued to the message board looking for your posts!

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 10:12:02 PM

hey aunt bondage, sorry if this is rude but how old ARE you, im just wondrin, itd enhance the way i read the story and i wanna know, did he ever tie u up?

Wednesday, October 2nd 2002 - 02:07:04 AM

48 Hours of Ecstasy updated and completed
I'm posting this update notice on behalf of Greg, who, as some of you may remember, was the author of his excellent true story called "48 Hours of Ecstasy" appearing here where he relates how his best friend called Rachel and himself discovered that they both enjoyed bondage (amongst other things) and it was an experience he just had to share with us! 

Because it did not quite meet the criteria of this page, (that is, stories without sexual content) Greg asked me if I would post it upon Tied and True Tales. Anyway, he's finally completed writing "48 Hours of Ecstasy" and just check out the link to find out what happened after Rachel had her way with him!


Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 06:14:41 PM

Well I am 49 and yes Steven did tie me up - the story of that game will be posted soon.

Aunt Bondage


Friday, October 4th 2002 - 01:55:47 AM

A new way to study
This story takes place a couple of weeks ago. I was walking home from school with some friends: Dave, Brian and Amy. We’re all freshmen in high school, all fourteen and almost fifteen years-old, except Dave, who was a sophomore and was already sixteen. It had been a nice and warm day up until the end of the school day, so we were wearing pretty light clothing. However, almost as soon as school got out, the weather took a turn for the worst. The skies turned gray and cloudy. When we stopped at Dave and Brian’s house (they were brothers) it had started to sprinkle. Amy was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flop sandals (her favorite kind of shoe, since she didn’t really like any kind of footwear) while I had on a T-shirt, shorts, and some of those sandals with all the straps. Dave asked us if we wanted to just stay at his and Brian’s house, and maybe wait out the little rainshower, but Amy and I declined, figuring it had been such a nice day that it couldn’t get too bad, and our homes were only a few miles away. We were a little wrong. 

Amy’s house was next, and between Dave and Brian’s and her house, the rain picked up quite a bit, and wind added to the chilling effect. I still had a couple miles to go and we were so wet and soaked water dripped from all over our bodies, which prompted Amy to practically demand I come inside and at least get dry before heading out again in my clothes. Since I was shivering, and was hardly going to turn down an invitation from a girl, I followed her in. 

“Those clothes are wet,” she said, regarding my drenched clothing when we got inside.

“Wonder how that happened,” I said.

“Very funny,” she shot back, heading upstairs while I stayed in the living room. “Hey,” she called. “Come up here, and I’ll give you some of my clothes.” 

“That’s really okay,” I said. “These will be fine.” I was in no hurry to put on, say, a dress or a skirt.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said. “It won’t be embarrassing or anything. I’ll give you gender-neutral clothes.” She giggled a little as she said it, failing to complete the sentence with a straight face. 

“Oh, okay,” I said, realizing my clothes were keeping me from getting warm.

I followed her upstairs, where she presented me with a pair of sweatpants and a large T-shirt that said, “Grrl Power”. 

“Sorry,” she said. “But you’re taller than me, so I had to find one of my over-sized night shirts.” I turned to find a bathroom to change, but she said, “Ooh, wait, I forgot socks.” She poked around a drawer, and then said, “Umm, I don’t really like tube socks. I only have ankle socks, and they all have laces and stuff on them. I’m not even sure they’ll get to your ankle. You have bigger feet than I do. Is that okay?” 

“I’ll just do without,” I said. “Your house is warm enough to go barefoot in.”

“I agree,” she said. Ushering me to a bathroom, she ordered, “Now go change!”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. The sweatpants were actually long (she must like them baggy, I thought) and a little tight, but they had an elastic band so they fit rather well. 

Once I was changed, I found her in the family room downstairs, the TV on. She had changed into a long-sleeve shirt and a different pair of jeans, but was still barefoot. The weatherman was announcing a surprise storm that would probably last at least the rest of the evening and well into the night. “I’m sure my mom will come pick me up, but she doesn’t get off work for a while. Is it okay if I stay until then?” I asked, not wanting to go out there with only a T-shirt and shorts. 

“Sure, my parents won’t be back until later, either.” She laughed as she turned and saw me in her attire for the first time. “By the way, nice shirt, grrl.” She made an extra effort to pronounce the ‘grr’. 

“Thanks,” I said, making a face. 

“What should we do to pass the time?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“We could play a board game,” she suggested.

“We could,” I agreed.

“Or...oh!” She smacked her forehead. “We have that history test tomorrow!”

“Er, the one I haven’t studied for?” I said, sheepishly.

“Yeah, the one I haven’t studied for, either,” she answered, grinning.

“Well, then I guess we should get on that.”

We pulled out our history books and notes and sat cross-legged across from each other on the floor. After about twenty minutes of silent reading, Amy said, “So, think you’re ready to give me a practice quiz?” 

“Sure,” I said.

I asked her several questions, and she answered almost every one of them correctly. “Very good. Now quiz me!” I told her. She did so, and I didn’t do as well. 

“Okay,” she said. “Don’t worry. Study some more and I’ll ask you again.”

I did some more studying, but still couldn’t answer most of the questions she gave me (they were different from before). She took on an air of mock exasperation. “Do you need special encouragement to get these right?” 

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Something my brother used to do to me to help me study while I was in junior high.” I had never met Amy’s brother, as he had moved to college before I met her. But she told stories, and he sounded very strange. I should have known not to trust something he came up with, but... 

“And what was that?” I said, setting myself up.

“Here, I’ll go get the stuff we’ll need,” she said cryptically. She left and went into the garage. She returned, poking her head out from a corner leading from the family room to the garage. “Close your eyes.” 

“This seems very weird,” I said, suspicious.

“It’ll all makes sense soon. And it’ll work,” she said.

“Okay.” I dutifully closed my eyes. I heard her feet pad over the carpet to me. “Don’t be alarmed by what I’m about to do. Trust me, I won’t hurt you.” 

“Umm, okay?” I said, suddenly, despite her insistence, alarmed.

I felt her warm hands grab my wrists and bring them together in back of me. I had never been tied-up before, so the thought of it happening didn’t even crossed my mind. I was just confused. Suddenly, I felt something being wrapped around my wrists. Realization struck, but it was too late. She was surprisingly strong, and I was never exactly the World’s Strongest Man, anyway. I opened my eyes and found a long coil of rope wrapped around my wrists, tying them together. 

“What’s this?” I asked, still trying to recover from the shock.

“Come on,” she said, helping me up by my arms. “I’ll put you on the couch.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I said you’ll find out. Be patient,” Amy said. She had a little grin on her face. I knew she wouldn’t hurt me, she didn’t even have to say that, but I was a little worried nonetheless. What could this have to do with a history test, anyway? 

She helped me lie on the couch, stomach-down. Then, after commanding me to lie still, she grabbed another piece of rope and proceeded to tightly bind my ankles together. I was in no position to fight back, anyway. Although I never had a tie-up experience or anything before to judge from, this seemed like something she had done before, as the ropes were tight and snug, not allowing for much movement, but yet were not very uncomfortable. 

“Almost done,” she said. She grabbed a third rope and tied it around my ankles as well, but this time she brought it towards my wrists, and, after pulling my ankles as close to my wrists as she could without hurting me, she wrapped the rope around my wrists and knotted it off. As a finishing touch, she used a thinner and shorter rope, and used it to tie my big toes together. 

She let me continue my futile struggle against my bonds while she went and collected the history book and notes. “Now, answer my questions.” 

“Sorry, now I feel like James Bond, tied-up and being forced to answer questions,” I said.

“Well, Mr. Bond, I believe you are enjoying yourself.” She had a wry grin on her face. I noticed, by checking my pants, that it seemed I was. I blushed. “You’re cute when you blush like that,” she said, making me blush more. “Don’t worry. It’s not that weird. I think I enjoy it, too.” She sat on the couch, next to my bound and bare feet. “Now, Mr. Bond, can you name the thirteen original colonies?” 

I managed to name seven of them before I said, “Maine.” 

“Nope, sorry,” Amy said. “That wasn’t an original colony. You must get your punishment.”

“Punishmen-“ I started, but couldn’t because she had dragged a finger down the sole of my right foot, causing me to burst out laughing and struggle to escape, hopeless as that was. “Wha?” I asked, when she stopped. 

“For every missed question, you get a tickle. The more you miss, the worse the tickling will get!” Amy said, smiling deviously.

“I’m not sure I’m going to like this,” I said, although truthfully it seemed like it was going to be kind of fun.

“Sure you will!” Amy assured me. “Now...”

She asked me thirty or so more questions, and each time I answered one wrong, she would use her fingers and tickle my defenseless feet. True to her word, each tickle increased more and more in length and intensity. She started with just a light touch, her finger flicking over my apparently sensitive and reactive soles. Later she traced the lines on my feet, or worked a fingernail into the spaces between my toes. Finally, toward the end of the questions, she started to go all-out, with periods of 15-20 seconds of straight tickling on both feet with every finger and even, once, her own toes, (although this wasn’t as effective) while I laughed uncontrollably. Then she’d pause for an actual minute or two (she even checked the clock) before giving me the next question. I knew that I was ticklish where my older brothers tickled me, which was on my stomach, ribs and armpits, but these spots paled in comparison to the reaction I gave when Amy tickled my feet. 

Amy laughed every time I tensed and tried to wiggle free when she yelled, “Wrong!” after an incorrect answer. “Your feet are almost as ticklish as mine!” She remarked at one point. 

“We can test your hypothesis if we switch spots,” I said. The tickling was enjoyable, but I also wanted a chance at revenge. No such luck. 

“I’m not the one having trouble with the history,” she teased, giving a big toe a little scratch. 

When she was done with her questions, and I was breathing a little heavy, sweating and tearing up, she got up, saying she would get me some water and give me a nice break before Round 2. 

She gave me the water, and showed me a clean paintbrush and a hair brush. “It’s Round 2!” She said, making it sound like a game show, a bizarre form of Jeopardy! “I’ll ask you the same questions as before. You should be able to answer them this time.” She had given me the answer to each question I got wrong before tickling me. “If you can’t, you get the paint brush or the hair brush, since it may tickle even more. Plus, my fingers are getting tired – you answered too many questions wrong –and your feet are starting to sweat.” She stuck her tongue out to show her displeasure. 

“Should be able to,” I repeated, bracing myself for some more tickle torture.

“My brother used to do this to me all the time. You get used to it,” she told me. I groaned, and she laughed again. “You’re so cute!” I was beginning to realize she liked me as more than a friend, and that I could see myself easily returning the feeling. 

After a sufficient break, during which I feebly tried to undo the ropes tying me, which she seemed to find amusing, she started repeating her questions. I answered more correct this time, but still was subjected to a few assaults with the brushes. However, by the end of ‘Round 2’, I was starting to get really tired. My muscles were cramping, and I was laughing less as, despite the frequent lengthy breaks, the tickling was losing its effect. 

Amy noticed this and checked her watch. “You’ve been tied-up for almost one hour and twenty-five minutes!” She exclaimed. “I should have untied you during the break!” 

“It’s okay,” I said. “It wasn’t really that long.”

“I still feel bad,” she said, untying me. When she was done, she examined my ankles and wrists. Noting the rope marks, she asked, “Was it too tight? Did it hurt?” 

“No,” I said. “The marks will go away. Here, give me the quiz one more time, and we’ll see how much I remembered.”

She did so and this time I got twenty-eight of the thirty right. “I was right, that does work,” I admitted.

“Yep,” she said.

“Well, since it works this well, you can help me study this way anytime. At least, on one condition...”

“And what’s that?” she said, probably already aware of what I would say.

“You let me help you when you have trouble.”

“Fine,” she said, smiling.

“Like that math test we’ll have next week.” While history was not a strong suit of mine, Amy was weak in the math area. “No reason why I should have all the fun.” 

“Of course not,” she said, grinning.

My mom agreed to pick me up later, because the rain was not letting up. Amy and I started going out two days later, and have found ways since then to tie each other up and tickle each other, without necessarily having anything to study. But those are different stories. It was definitely the most fun I ever had studying, and I even got a 94% on the test. 


Friday, October 4th 2002 - 08:45:40 AM

Thanks, Peter.

One of the best, ever.

If only she had been dressed like a girl . . .


Friday, October 4th 2002 - 12:33:02 PM

Halloween Hogtie - The Final Chapter (preview)
Readers have e-mailed me about the ending to my Halloween experiences, so here's a preview . . . 

The evening outside was still cool, and a gentle breeze could be heard rustling the tall grasses in the nearby field. The moon was full that evening, and the crickets played a constant background symphony with their constant chirping. It was a perfect night for Halloween, and there could not have been a better place to celebrate it than at my girlfriend Kelly’s homestead. Being an old home, and situated the way it was out in the countryside, there could not have been a more perfect place to stage a Halloween party. The decorations were fabulous and spooky, and they were the equal of any scary movie or Hollywood party. 

There was one person, however, who was not enjoying the festivities, unable as he was to escape from his present predicament. The cowboy lying on the barn floor, inexorably bound in a strict, tight hogtie, could only glower at the five girls stood around him, tormenting him. In spite of his most valiant efforts, he was unable to loosen the ropes binding him. 


Friday, October 4th 2002 - 02:47:47 PM

Comments for Peter and Lisa
Hey Peter, nice story. But also, could you post stories of tying up Amy as well? I'd love to hear those!

Also, Lisa, didn't you say before that babysitting Malcolm was when you learned how to hogtie? I remember you saying that, and I checked the archives to see if it was true - and you did say that. So I'm wondering, did you ever tie up Malcolm as well?

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, October 4th 2002 - 05:04:05 PM

Is "Somebody else" here?
In February, there was a poster named "Somebody else", who posted about being a sort of "father figure" to a girl, and how one time she asked him to tie her hands behind her back, and later, she wanted to lock herself in the trunk of the car. 

After she got out, she said it would be more fun if she were tied up, since it would be like being kidnapped, and that she still asks about that adventure. Did anything ever come of that? I'd be real interested if it did happen. If you're out there, please respond!

Friday, October 4th 2002 - 05:38:19 PM

Fun in 1998
Aunt Bondage, back in 1998 you left off from a story saying that Steven's mother came home.....
Tell us Please. :)

Saturday, October 5th 2002 - 10:59:35 AM

Just to clarify it was me who suggested you should tie up your friend. Sorry my reply is late i havent been on in a while. No sweat if your friend would feel uncomfortable fine. (Can't see why she would but hey what are you gonna do) Hope you will post again though I'd like to know what you look like and all that. 
Back to my original point MORE FEMALES TIED UP PLEASE!!!!!!

Saturday, October 5th 2002 - 11:22:41 AM

Hi there

My name is Angie & I found this site the other day. I want to share some of my stories of growing up with two older brothers {I'm now Twenty-One, they are near Thirty), who were always finding new ways to tie me & some of my girlfriends up. I'll try & post my first story later today or tommorrow.(Really busy with classes!) 


Angie Federico

Saturday, October 5th 2002 - 07:03:00 PM

looking forward to it Angie!!

Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 09:05:42 PM

My Two Brothers
Growing up with two older brothers can be a trying experience. With the usual love & protection also comes being picked on, being called names & also getting "kidnapped" & tied up alot. When I was Fourteen, I still had a love for Nancy Drew books. I always wondered what would it be like to be her. In most of the books, Nancy was always getting caught by the bad guys & getting bound & gagged, only to find an escape. Well one day, my two brothers, Tim & Jeff who were both just out of high school, decided to make that a reality. Our parents were out one day, & that meant the boys had to watch me, which usually meant trouble. I was upstairs watching TV when suddenly I heard a large "bang" downstairs. "Tim!" I yelled "What was that noise?" but there was no answer. I hopped down the stairs where I saw Jeff only holding a sweat sock. "Jeffrey, what was that noise? where's Tim?" "Here I am Angie" Tim said behind me. I turned to face him. He was carrying rope. My first reaction was to run, but Jeff caught me & held me tight. "Let me go!" I yelled as Jeff forced me to the floor & pulled my hands behind my back & crossed my wrists. "Gag her" Tim ordered "We have to shut her up!", as he started to tie my wrists together behind me. "You two won't ge..ggmmmpphhh!!!" I tried to say before the sweat sock was tied in my mouth & knotted tight.(At least it was a clean sock!). As Tim was finishing with my wrists, Jeff tied my ankles together. 

"Now Angela, since you like Nancy Drew so much, let's see you get loose" Tim said as he picked me up & carried me up to my room & plopped me down on my bed. The boys left saying nothing else. I twisted & squirmed for about ten minutes, but Tim had tied me tight. Both of them had been Boy Scouts, so they knew something about knots, especially the ones they tied on their little sister! I wasn't even prepared for this, since I was barefoot, so the ropes cut a little into my ankles too. I thought of Nancy Drew in her struggles to get loose after the crooks had tied her up. But that was fictional, this was real. I was laying on my own bed, tightly tied up & cleave-gagged by by own loving brothers. 
About forty-five minutes later, the door opened. Tim & Jeff soon feed me from the ropes & gag. I fussed them out & threatened to tell our parents, but deep down I didn't want to. Little did I know, that round number two would be sooner than I thought & also involving my friend Nicole. 

I'll try & get this story up sometime this week, it's longer than this one, so it might be toward the end of the week.

Angie Federico

Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 09:50:34 PM

You're off to a great start Angie! I'd love to hear the rest!

Btw, one thing I was wondering, where's Tom Ford? It's been a while since we've seen stories by him.

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 03:50:35 PM

Go on Angela! You got more stories to tell?

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 04:09:29 PM

Hey. I'm a lurker. I thought I'd tell Angie to keep it up. It sounds like you have some interesting stories
not tellin

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 10:37:49 PM

my bondage chair fantasy 
hey all, there was one thing that i forgot in my fetish story. is that when ever i would look at a recliner i would imagine seeing it tying me to it. Like my dads brown leather one that he doesnt have anymore, but when i was a kid i would talk to myself about i would tell myself that there were buttons that would activate the clamps that were in the chair. none of this was real i just cooked it up in my head as a kid. i wish i could turn my recliner into a bondage chair. tell me what ya think. 



Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 06:38:00 PM

Hi Again!
Thanks for the comments about my story. If you all liked that story, the next one's WAY better! It has to do with my friend Nicole & her crush on my brother Jeff. (You can pretty well guess where us girls ended up!) Anyway, it's a little long & I decided to do it in two (or three) parts. I will post the first part by Tommorrow (Promise!). By the way, has anybody seen that new comedy show on TV called "Eight rules for dating my teenage daughter"? (I think that's the name) Anyway, the main girl (the blonde), was the same girl who was bound & gagged in that Russell Crowe movie "Virtuosity" a few years back. Thought I'd pass that along. 


Angie Federico

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 01:02:16 AM

tied up wrestling
One day my I was over my friend seans house. He is smaller than me at 5/6 120lbs. I am about 5/10 170lb. I challened him to a wresting

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 06:13:26 PM

Yo Angie, how's that story coming? I can't wait!

Friday, October 11th 2002 - 12:31:50 AM

The Basement Room - Part One
Sorry I'm a little late with this, but classes ran a litte long today. (Ugh!). Anyway, like I said in my last post, I'm going to have to put this in probably two parts - it's pretty long. In my last story, when I was Fourteen (I'm now Twenty-One), I was bound & gagged for the first time by my two older brothers, Tim & Jeff. At the time, they said they wanted to wait until I was a little older to play tie-up games. (I guess Fourteen was the magic number for them). They knew I loved to read Nancy Drew books, so they took it as a sign that I wanted to be like her in every way, including being tied up. But I hated it & threatened to tell our parents what they did, but I didn't & partially because of my best friend, Nicole, talked me out of it. Nicole was a year older than me & had this annoying crush on Jeff. Every time she came over, she ALWAYS wanted to know where he was. I guess you could say that she was a bit of a free spirit. I had talked to her about being bound & gagged,& she seemed to ask a lot of questions, like she was enjoying my story! Nicole basically told me to loosen up & have fun. (Like being tied up was fun!). Anyway this story begins on a hot summer day in 1995. Nicole's mother had picked us both up at summer cheerleading camp. (We were both going to try out for our school's J.V squad later in the summer so we were wearing the camp t-shirt, gym shorts & sneakers}. We pulled up to my house, when I noticed my Father's car in the driveway. Jeff's car was in the shop & Tim's car was gone. I guess they had went to work together.(Both had summerjobs),& my Mother was out of town on a business trip. We got out of the car, thanking Nicole's mother for the lift & walked to the garage door, which was open. Nicole was staying overnight with us & Lord knows what was going to happen if my father went out! I opened the door & we went inside. We walked into the living room, but nobody was around. 

"Dad?" I yelled out "We're home. Daddy?"

But there was no answer. 

"Perhaps he's downstairs, Ang?" Nicole replied

We walked to the den when suddenly Jeff jumped out from behind the door! We both screamed.


"Jeffrey Federico!" I scolded as I hit him in the arm. "You scared us have to death. Where's Dad?"

"He had to go into work, he took Tim's car, because it had more gas & he was running late & Tim's still at work."

I looked over at Nicole & she couldn't stop looking at him!
I elbowed her in the ribs, for she was really freaking me out. Then Jeff asked her if she wanted to go down to the basement & see the new stereo system he got. She couldn't move fast enough as I just rolled my eyes in disgust & went upstairs. Nicole told me she would be right up. 
I got up to my room & put down my bag. I untied my sneakers & rubbed my feet under the white footie socks I wore. Pulling the rubber band out that held my brown hair in a ponytail, I proceeded to brush my hair thoroughly & then put it in a ponytail again. By this time it had been about fifteen minutes & no sign of Nicole. I decided to go pry her away from my brother. I rushed downstairs & opened the door to the basement. 

"Nicole?" I yelled as I ran down the stairs. Then I heard something like mmmppphhing. My heart started to pound as I neared the small room in our basement where it was coming from. I quickly opened the door & saw Jeff finishing tying Nicole's ankles together! My best friend was sitting on the carpeted floor with her hands tied behind her back. She was also very tightly cleave-gagged with a red bandana. 

"Jeffrey Federico! What do yo..grrmmpphh!!!" I couldn't finish my sentence as I was suddenly hand-gagged from behind! It was Tim! He was there the whole time! They set up a trap & we fell right into it! 

"Hi sis" he said in his best psycho voice. "Nice of you to join the party!"

I fought him, but my brother was strong as he held a blue bandana in front of my face. Removing his hand, he forced the cloth into my mouth & pulled it really tight. 

"Sisters are better off if they can't talk!" he taunted as he knotted the gag under my ponytail.

"Mmmppphhh!!!! Grrmmmpphh!!!" was about the only thing I could muster as I felt like kicking him in the shins.
Tim quickly pulled my hands behind my back & tied my wrists together tightly. He finished the job with a couple of his Boy Scout knots. He then forced me to the floor & tied my ankles together. All this time, I looked over at Nicole. She looked like she was enjoying all of this! I couldn't believe it. Then Tim did something that made me squirm, literally as he pulled the footie socks off of my bound feet & started to tickle my soles. I squealed & squirmed at the touch of his fingers. {I'm VERY sensitive to tickling & he knew this) 

"One hour girls, to get loose or that will be your punishment"

Tim & Jeff left the room for us to struggle & get free.

To Be Continued...

(I'll put part two up sometime Sunday)


Angie Federico

Friday, October 11th 2002 - 05:35:24 AM

more girlfriends bound and gagged
i told you the story of tanya my bartenderess getting tied and gagged.i have other girls i,ve tied up so i,d like to post more.all probably have feet tickling going on.i,ll tell a few events if you like.
hawaii usa

Friday, October 11th 2002 - 06:32:28 PM

You were right Angie. You're next story is even better. Then again I'm a bit biased. I like the Damsel in Distress stories.
USA rocks

Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 10:14:38 AM

Hey Angie

Love the stories, they are AWESOME, can't wait for part two.
I hope you have a lot more.



Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 02:40:34 PM

is anyone on this site around 14 and want to chat, im 14. if so IM me at JordanScheremeta or email me 

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 01:18:47 AM

Tied for One
Frist time poster so take it easy on me please.
I have many,many stories but the one that stick to me is this one.

It all started when I was 14 years of age. I had this wonderful girl living next door to me, we talk all the time
well I found her name and it happen to be kris, we talk for awhile and she told me alot about her self 1 being that she was 14 too. "yes" I said. 

After 15 minutes I left and came back, hot that day it was the middle of summer. I ask where are her parents She said"that they were at work" I nodded and we kept taking and she invited me in sure why not. walk and sat on the couch we talk somemore and watch a movie. I ask if she had a boyfriend she"not yet " I ask why? She replied he is still tring to work on asking me. I said ok and left it at that. 

Later come to find out she was talking about me. How dumb can a person be. That what she told me. with that I left and went home. The next day she call me up and ask me if I was alone I said yes and could she come over Sure why not, she i'll be right there that she want to tell some thing. 
5 minutes later the door bell rang I open the door and there she stood in a blue night shirt and some sweat shorts com'on in I said what the matter well she said I have to tell you something, What I said well I realy like you I like you too I said. [the good parts are comming so hold on to your seat.] 

Well we goin out for a couple of days and theirs something I want you to do, what is it? she said I want you to tie me up. Iwent ino shock I could say a word. after afew seconds ok just pop out and off we went to get started. I ask her how she wanted to be tied? she the replied she want to play a roleplaying game I saild with a weird look on my face. I want you to kidnap me from my house alright. I said ok then She went home. After 30 min. I called her and ask if she had the stuff she said of course. I ask her if she has done this before? yes, now come and get me! one question How am I going to get you back to my house? she said you never done this? no I said so we went thruoght the details and we started. I stunk in from the back Iput my mask on and my gloves then found her in the living room closet, she had change into a pravite school uniform and added a extra touch a white garter belt to her nylons. dam when I saw that I got the, well you know what I mean. I walk up behind her clamping my hand over her mouth she let out a mmmmmph. I told her that if she keep quite she wouldn't get hurt and that she will do as she is told, she nodded. i took my hand off her mouth and she looked at me and said why are you doining this to me I said for many reason 1 you look rich. So I told her lets take a walk she said where. I said you'll see teh we left after leaving Iask her if that was ok she are you sure you haven't done this. I said why? said that sounded real. 

Will be back stay toon for part2 later

ronware52 @hotmail

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 09:03:22 PM

Yo Angie, how's part 2 coming along?

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 10:03:17 PM

The Basement Room - Part Two
As soon as my brothers left the room, I went to work on trying to get free. But like the time before, I was tied up extremly well. Tim was becoming an expert on tying up his little sister! It wasn't so much the ropes being tight (which they were), it was those knots - I couldn't reach them with my fingers & twisting my wrists to try, only succeeded in making the rope cut into my wrists. I looked over at Nicole, struggling as well. I mmmppphhhed to her & she mmmmppphhhed back. Then she managed to sit herself up & proceeded to hop over toward me. Easing herself down, Nicole pushed her back against mine & started to feel my wrists, looking for the knots. I did the same to her. Sitting back to back, we worked the best we could in trying to free each other. I looked over at the clock & Fifty minutes remained until Tim & Jeff would return to tickle us if we weren't loose. Nicole & I spent about fifteen minutes trying to loosen the knots on the other's wrists. The air-conditioner was running well in the room, but by the way we were sweating , you would have never known it. I had a good hold on one of Nicole's knots & I tried to tell her to sit still, but the gag muffled all of my speech to where you could hardly understand anything. I think she caught on, because she stopped trying my wrists. I think she tried to tell me to hurry up & I returned the reply saying I did not want to be tickled (In my best gag talk). Suddenly I felt the knots loosen. By this time Ten minutes remained until tickle time as just then, Nicole pulled the ropes from her wrists! She quickly untied the gag from her mouth. 

"We did it Ang!" Nicole replied as she started to free my gag. Finally I was free of the bandana which was tied in my mouth for almost an hour & dried it out. 

"Hurry up Nic, Untie me" I said hoarsely. "My brothers are in so much trouble!"

"Oh come on Angie, I think it was kind of fun...and Jeff tying me up!"

"Oh please Nicole, enough!"

"Not to mention the challenge to get loose from your brothers' knots & remember all of those Nancy Drew books. What about Nancy's dilemma's? I know you were thinking of that". 

Just then the door flew open. The boys had returned carrying duct tape.

"Well one got loose" Tim said as him & Jeff suddenly grabbed Nicole! Jeff then tied her hands in front of her. She just started laughing. 

"I think she's enjoying this too much!" Tim added

"Look who's talking!" I said "Look what are you doing now?"

Tim walked over to me with a cut piece of duct tape

"As for you Angela, silence!"

Tim pressed the tape over my mouth.

"Mmmppphhh!!!" Is all I could say.

Jeff then tape-gagged Nicole & with Tim's help, picked her up & flopped her on the couch in the room. They quickly tied more rope to her hands & tied the other end to one of the couch legs. Her hands were now tied over head while she laid on the couch. 

"I think you know what's coming next girls!" Tim announced
I started to squirm & squeal into the gag. It was tickle time! Jeff removed Nicole's sneakers & socks & started to tickle her soles. She was mmmppphhing behind the tape gag.(Probably loving every minute of it). Then Tim started with me. His touch was torture as I squirmed on the floor like a fish out of water. Squealing as loud as I could, his fingers raked my feet endlessly, it was torture as I could only endure it. My wrists were still tied tight. After several minutes, he stopped & said he had to go to work. What a relief! I guess I didn't notice he was gone for I was exhausted as I laid on the floor. Just then I felt the presence of Jeff & Nicole kneeling over me! 
I didn't even realize she had been untied. She just looked at Jeff with those puppy dog eyes.

"Ready?" She asked. as Jeff nodded his head. Suddenly Nicole tickled my body all over As Jeff worked my feet. I couldn't believe this was happening as I was too tired to squirm, only make squealing noises behind my gag. After a few minutes they stopped as Nicole was laughing up a storm! Jeff left & Nicole finally untied me. 
After regaining my senses, we went up to my room where we talked for hours about our experience. 

The next day I found out my cousin Heather (Who was my age, Fourteen}, was coming to visit us for a month from out of state. I could only wonder what was going to happen next? 

I'm going to really busy this week with school, but I would love to hear your comments on this story. I'll try & post the story with Heather sometime next week. 

Angie Federico

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 11:22:40 PM

Angie, your stories have been great so far! I can't wait to hear more. I'm also a 21 year old college student, please feel free to IM me sometime if you'd like to chat. My screen name is FCON151. 
New Jersey

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 11:46:47 PM

Tied for One part 2
As we walk a cross the street to my house we talk about what I should do her saying that I was doing fine and she was enjoying her self. We got to the door and I open it she walk in first and I follow shut the door and she open the closet and place her coat in it.[she wore it because she didn't want anybody to see the garterbelt she had on.] she close the door and we started the game again she scream not loud just so it can be heard in the house I quickly place my hand over her mouth and ask if she forgot what I told her about screaming she mmmph and squrim a bit and shuck her head no,I told her if she keeps quite Iwill take my hand for her mouth she nodded yes Idid she drop the bag she had in her hand and said here, whatis this she answered what do you think it is,6 peices of rope ductape and a pair of panties. I ask what are the panties for she said to put in my mouth. I said ok. then with my hand wrap around her body walk her to the couch and had her sit on it while Iget the stuff ready. Got the rope drop it in front of her and told her to stand up she did and Igrab one hand ,and told her to put the other one behind her she did criscross,then I begain to tie them criscross then loop the rope around them then loop one end one way the other the oppsite way. 

When Itied it she let out a squeal I ask was it to tight she said that it was find. then Itook off her tie and blindfold her she struggle a bit, then pulled out the panties and put them in her mouth Iheld them in place grab the tape tore off 6in and place them over her beatiful lips she mmmmph and struggle then I took the tape wrap it around lifting her hair so from keeping the tape from getting in it 2 times. then walk her to the wall turn her where she was facing the wall and said Ineed to check you for weapon 
she mmmmmph and I patted her down turn her around and the same to the front. walk her back to the couch and sat her down and tied her ankles. 

Then she mmmph and sturggle to test her bonds and mmmph again so Itook the blindfold off and ask if she want the tape off she nodded so I did. She ask what Iwas doing when I patted her down Isaid looking fo weapons she said yeh right weapons, more like cop of feel! and laugh good one she said then she look at my pants and said loos like your having a good time Isaid yes tring to hide the boner i got from the pat down she said good because she was to. Then we started talking and I and ask her why she was so short and she smiled and said most asian girl are 5ft 3 and then her cellphone rang Ipick it up and place it to her ear it was her mother she ask what she was up to she said watching tv at my house lie 1. then her mother told her that she wasn't coming home until late so she ask she could stay the night her momsaid Iguess so but NO HANKY PANKY,I laugh she shh me and then her mom said that it won't be until 1or2 til she gets home. Her mom knew that we wrer going out and she like so it was ok. But she told her mom that my female cousin was coming over lie 2., just to sweeten the deal. after that theysaid their goodbyes and hung up. Itold her that she lied. she said that she didn't want tostay at home by her self on a friday so it was cool. We went back to talking and she said that asian girls are very small, then she told me that she weight 110lbs. I said that is light. then she told me that her father didn't live with them and Isaid mine too. After that my phone rang it was my mother and she ask what Iwas doind Isaid nothing she why not Itold kris was here and if it was ok if she stayed over for the night she said on tow condisions 1 clean your room 2. do the dishes Iagreed then she said NO FUNNY STUFF! what you guys don't trust us. She said Iwas your age once and a boy in the house alone... I said I get it. Then she said that she knwe kris was theirand she just wanted to see If Iwould tell her,and that her and kris'smom were going out, I said going MAN HUNTING she laugh and said watch it. and hung up. 
Well we went back to our game just befor Igagged her she said that Iwas doing a great job and she want to kiss me so lean in kiss her [tongue action] and stuff the panties in her mouth. Then blinfolded her and untied her ankles walk her to the basement sat her on the edge of the bed and tied her ankles back together, then she struggled and mmmmph alot tring to free her self I tied her tights and just below her knees.laid her down on the bed she mmmmph and squrim so much that her skirt rode up and you could see it all Itold her that and she just kept doing so Ilook and their goes thatbulge in the pant again. so I pick her up and told to stop movind around so much are else she was a good actress because while she did all the squriming she started to shed a tear or two I ask are you ok she nodded yes, I said part of the act she nodded again. 

Here it was now 12o'clock and Iask if she had to go to the bathroom she nodded yes, so Itook her to the one in the basement I ask If she want to be untied completely she mmmph twice which ment no Iask just the lower half and your hands she mmmph once. But how are going to go walk in and went then mmmph when she was done she had lifted her blind fold to see and pull it back down, at that time Itold her to walk out and stop I help her out, then walk over to the chair while she was still standind I loop a long peice of rope around her twice Then found more rope on the floor glad almost ran out of rope, sat her down and tied her arm to the back of the chair then wrap somemore rope around her over and under her breast,wich made them poke out more. 
she started squirming and pull at the Itold her no use to tight she stoped then Ikneled down and started tied her leg up and just happen to get a good look under her skirt,holy shit! she mmmmph to say what, so tied her ankles up and took the tape off and pull out the panties she what I said 
Ihave to tell you something I have a little fetish of nylons and thighs she laugh and said you can see these legs in nylons all you want to oh you can look under my dress but don't drull on my legs I blush and she laugh so hard for a few seconds. then Ikiss her legs and felt her nylons she smiled and said I these legs can make you melt like butter. 


ronware52@ hotmail

Monday, October 14th 2002 - 01:52:26 AM

wrestling part 2
to continue the story now..

so i challegned this guy to a wrestling match because he was talking to his younger brother about how he is so tough.
So i wanted to shut him up. We were both in pants and figured this would be uncomfortble so we changed. Since it was his house he put on green shorts while i had to fight him in my boxers. I was now in blue baggy boxers and i had a kneebrace on my right knee from an injury i had and a white teeshirt. the match would end with a pin. when the match started i went right away and got him down..i locked my hands around his head and leg but he was on top of me. i tried to flip him onto ground but i couldnt so i tried to throw a knee to his back. he was quick though and quickly hooked the right leg and then put his other arm and got my had and i was cradled...He kept me in this move for what seemed like 15 minutes..eventuly i was whiped out and when i mean whiped out i mean exhausted to the poit where i oculnt move.. His brother got down and pounded the mat 3 times..i was pinned. I was pissed though and saw a shoelace on the floor and picked it up. i charged after him with it but he took me down and got me on my stomach..he proceeded to tie my wrists up behind my back really tight. he then grabbed a belt and tied up my ankels with it. he then grabbed yarn and tied up my thighs above my knee and about a foot above that..he then turned me onto my back and put on foot on my chest..again his brother got down and counted to 3. finally he untied me and i never challenged him again


Monday, October 14th 2002 - 09:51:59 PM

Tied up at School
This is something I remember from about 10 years ago from when I was in the 3rd year at secondary school. A group of about 10 of us were playing a game of 'tag' during the lunch break. The girls were at a disadvantage because they had to wear skirts as part of their school uniform. One of the girls called Clare was struggling more than the others. 

She was an attractive girl who was also very nice and got on with everyone. She was wearing a navy blue school jumper like the rest of us, a navy blue skirt that came to just below her knees and dark blue leg warmers over what I assumed were dark blue tights. Her skirt was very slim fitting, which showed off her great figure, but it also meant she had difficulty moving around fast. 

After a while she was 'tagged' and so she had to try and catch someone. Like the other girls she used a hand to pull her skirt up a bit so she could move more easily. However she still couldn't run fast so after a few minutes she used both hands to pull her skirt up even more, so much so that I could see that she was actually wearing long blue socks with black tights underneath. 

With her skirt pulled right up she eventually tagged me, although of course I half let her because like all the other boys we all wanted to be grabbed by her! I said to her something like "you only caught me because you hitched your skirt up!" to which she answered "well, how are you going to stop me pulling it up? You'd have to tie my hands". 

I couldn't belive what she'd said! "That's what I'll have to do" I replied. I quickly pulled my school tie off and used it to start tying her hand behind her back. Of course all the others came over to see what was happening and the other boys started joining in enthusiastically with their ties as well! Of course Clare protested but it was in such a way that we could tell she didn't mean it and was really enjoying herself. With a few minutes she was tightly bound with about 6 ties. Not only were her hands tied behind her back but she had ties wrapped and tied all over her upper body. 

"Okay", we said, "we'll untie you if you can catch us". Of course there was no way she was able to catch anyone but it was a sight I'll always remember - an attractive girl, trying to run around in her tight skirt with her body completely trussed up. 

After about 10 minutes the bell for the end of the lunch break rang so she said "okay you guys, I give up, you can untie me now"

"No way" we said "you didn't catch us!"

She started to struggle and try to get free but there was absolutely no way she could get loose. After a short while of watching her squirm and wriggle we relented and said we'd untie her. However when we actually tried to untie her we found that all the double knots we'd done when we'd tied her up had got even tighter due to all her movement and we couldn't undo them! 

"Come on you guys" she said "We're trying, we're trying" we replied "don't struggle, it's making it worse"

By now everyone had gone into their classes for afternoon registration and we'd made no impact on un-tieing any of the knots that were binding her. We realised we'd have to go back to class before we were missed. One of the other girls leant us her jacket, it was a sleeveless type bodywarmer, and we did Clare up in this so it was more difficult to see she was all tied up. 

Luckily we got back to class just before the teacher, so Clare sat at the back and when the teacher arrived she didn't notice anything admiss. 

The next lesson was music. We walked Clare to music, surrounding her so no-one would notice that her arms were behind her back rather than coming out of the arm holes of the jacket. 

She again sat at the back in the music lesson and initailly the teacher didn't notice that one of her class was all tied up. Infact the first thing she noticed was that one of tbe boys in the class weren't wearing their tie. This made her take a closer took as the class to see who else wasn't wearing a tie when she noticed Clare at the back all bundled up in the body warmer with no arms showing. It didn't take her long to see what had happened, that half the boys in the class weren't wearing ties and one of the girls was all bound up with said ties. 

She sent us all in to one of the music practice rooms and after about half an hour we had untied Clare and put our ties back on. Becasue Clare said it was a game and she hadn't minded, none of us got into trouble. 

Anyway, that's the first time Clare got tied up. I'm sure she enjoyed it. It wasn't the last but I'll mention about another occasion another day.


Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 04:46:38 PM

hey im back from my vaca, jes read ur story conner, boy it was a great story, it made me fall on the floor laughing, keep it going, angie ur stories are incredible

Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 06:19:13 PM


What a story! I can't wait for more great stories with you & Nicole.


Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 08:46:04 PM

Led Into A trap
At School That Day Shey Saw me Peeking Into her skirt seeing her panties and what shocked me: a garter belt. I was wondering, Arent garters for adults? She imideatly stood up and pulled her skirt back I think why they tied me was because of my peeking 

It was a Bright Autumn Day. I was walking Down My block From School when I saw some girls From My block (2 of them were in One of my other stories) Shey and Shannon asked me to come to there house to help them with some homework. Damn They looked so sexy in those tight skirts and stockings. little Did I know id soon be wearing them. I walked to there house with them and as we were walking They Pushed me down on grass. Shey Handgagged me While Shannon Tied My arms behind me After that Shey took her hand away and she Tied A cloth around my mouth cleave gaging me. When we got to there house they made me sit on the couch and untied me and stuff 
she asked me Why i peeked into her skirt and i said, Im 14 what can I do? she said to me in an angry tone, "YOU LIKE MY CLOTHES? THEN I GUESS YOU WOULDNT MIND WEARING THEM!!" she walked into her room and got out a shiny royal blue set of lingerie including Thong Panties, A bra, Garter belt and black stockings she also got her spare school uniform for me to wear. She gave me the clothes and left the room I undressed and started With the thong panties I pulled them up And Put the bra on I put the garter on and attached it to the stockings I put the skirt on and attached the bodyshirt 

I gotta Go Now Ill Finish if you like it so far


Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 01:59:13 AM

My only semi-bondage story
Hi, I'm Collin. I found this site with a search engine a couple of months ago and have enjoyed the stories. I was never fortunate enough to have any experiences like those described here and never got to play any games. I was also an incredibly shy child so it was hard enough for me to make friends much less bring up ideas like bondage. I didn't really even have a girlfriend until much later in life when I got to college. This is the one account I have of anything close to resembling bondage. I used to go to a teen bible study in high school with my church. On occasion we did several activities to build leadership and trust. One of them was a ropes course which is like an obstacle course you have to go through as a team. We also did another one though that you might find interesting. We were divieded into groups of 4. Each of these people were given a handicap. One person was not allowed to use their arms, the next could not speak, the third was deaf and 4th person was blinded. To simulate this, the blind person wore a blindfold (either a sleep mask or bandana), The deaf person wore ear plugs and a protective headset like you'd wear if you were at a shooting range, the person who couldn't use their hands would put them in either a loosley tied bandana or hair scrunchie. This was not to keep them from moving but more served as a reminder not to use their hands. They were allowed to shake them out occasionally if the circulation was getting cut off, but they had to put them back behind them in the scrunchie as soon as they were done. The last person had either a bandana tied over their mouth loosely or had a strip of masking tape across it. This was not really designed to gag anyone, just help remind them not to talk and keep them from mouthing anything to their teammates. Its main purpose was to keep the other members from reading lips basically. There were four people in my group. I was deaf person, my best friend Michael was the blind person, another guy I hung out with fairly regularly was the one who had to keep his hands behind him and finally Wendy, our youth pastor's daughter was the one who was not allowed to speak. We were given a variety of challenges to complete. The four of us had to have a part of each of these challenges and work through as a team with our handicaps. To be continued...

Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 12:51:00 PM

steve's story
very interesting long ago did this happen...was this a uniform she made youwear?



Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 05:45:25 PM

wow, collin, thats actually a pretty good story, keep it going

Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 06:08:58 PM

yeh keep going steve and collin

Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 07:19:47 PM

And Angie, keep yours coming too!

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 01:14:51 AM

I've had a few tie-up experiences in my lifetime. Most happened very recently when I got to tie up a 13 year-old girl that lived down the street many times, because she liked it a lot. I'll post some of those stories sometime. By the way, Elane if u want to email me we can talk about tie-up experiences. 

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 02:50:38 PM

To Buzley
Hey, I'd definitely like to hear about your stories. How old are you? Since you tied up a 13-year-old, I was wondering, since it would be a nice detail to note. 

Anyways, please post them!

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 04:39:29 PM

Lindas Long Day
This story took place over the summer. I was 15 at the time. 
It all started one sunny afternoon when I was riding my bike. Just as I was passing in front of my friend Carls house I heard my name being call out. "MIC, HEY MIC !! GOT A MINUTE?" It was my friend Carl calling from his front porch. I did a U-turn and came to a stop at the curb. "Yeah what's up" I shouted back. " Mandy and Patty are over and we could really use your help!" "Help doing what?" Then he beckoned for me to come closer, I pulled my bike up on to the side walk and went over; "Help with what?" I repeated. "Well---" he went on "It's just that we three are torturing Linda and we could really ues your help". Now Linda was his 13 year old sister who I must admit I had a tiney litle crush on. She was kind of tall for her age with a killer tan and legs that went on forever. I should also mention that Patty who was 14 at the time was indeed the girl next door. Long dark hair deep dark eyes and for her age was built like a brick block house. Mandy was Pattys 12 year old sister who was always getting picked on by Linda so I could see her investment in all this. 
Anyway, after hearing Carls invitation and knowing who all the players were I couldn't say no. I quickley locked up my bike and followed him into the house. 
He explained that his parents were both out at work and that they had plans after that so we had plenty of time for what ever. I followed him through the living room and down the basement steps. We passed through the rec room to one of the smaller back spair rooms. There they had set up his mothers massage table set up in the middle of the room. They allready had linda on the table. Cotton ropes around her wrists and ankles stretched her tight. She was wearing real short cut offs and a strapless bikini top. As we entered the room Paty was buisy removing Lindas sneakers , She looked up from her work long enough to greet me and then went back to her task. Mandy said "good more help" and handed me a wo of sponge. "Go wet this" she said. I went to the rest room and soaked the wod of sea sponge as asked. Wehen I returned Carl took the sponge from me and shoved it in his sisters mouth as Mandy tore off several strips of duct tape and pressed it acrocss Lindas mouth holding the sponge gag firmley in place. "So what exactley are we doing here" I asked with much interest. "We're still getting her ready" Patty said as she shoved a rolled up pillow under Lindas lower back. "There she's all stretched out now" Patty said. "Yeah just like on a rack" answered Mandy. 
"OK" Carl began to speak. "I figure we have about five hours before we have about five hours before we have to let her go. You can torture her as much as you want to just make sure she's alive when mom and dad get home"! HAHAHA!! We all laughed. 
Following Carls suggestion we each took up positions around our victom. Patty at her left foot me at her right Carl and Mandy on eather side of her. We flexed our fingers and waited for Carls signal to begin . 

More to come.


Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 05:39:47 PM

Just lookin
anyone around the age of 15 on this site that would like to talk over email or AIM? My sn is AkumaBomb and my address is seen below. Good stories, keep em up.

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 01:51:10 PM

Prank kidnaping
Check out the Northwest ARkansas Times website for earlie this week. On it you'll find a story of three members of a boys' high school basketball team. They staged a kidnaping. Two guys grab a third kid dressed in undershorts. They tie him up, gag him, and toss him into a 
car trunk. Some witness spotted it and called the cops. It was apparently interesting.

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 05:40:51 PM

Link to Prank Kidnapping
According to the website, this link should be good until Dec 2002

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 06:48:18 PM

Angie, where are you?
You said you'd post the next story this week. Are you still around?

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 09:49:56 PM

As I promised...
As I promised, I'd tell about some of my tie-up experiences I had with a 13 year-old girl. I'm 16, but was 15 at the time. It happened back in early January this year. The girl's name is Jessica. She has brown hair that reaches her shoulders, hazel eyes, and was very cute for being younger than I am. I normally didn't develop crushes on younger girls, but she was an exception. She wasn't very skinny, but she wasn't the slightest bit large, so I'm not sure the word to explain her proportions as. She was well developed in shape and smiled a lot too. I was sitting inside of my house playing on the computer when I heard some voices coming from outside my house. To my absolute astonishment I went outside and found a sweet-looking girl with her hands bound behind her back. She was falling over onto her side and trying to get loose. Apparently a neighborhood boy had done this. She was bound with some cheap red jumping rope. I asked her if she needed any help, but she refused with a shake of her head. I went inside of my house and brought out some twine and a pair of scissors. I cut a piece of rope and tied her ankles together over her jeans. By the way, she had on blue jeans, a blue sleeveless tee shirt and white sneakers. I added some rope around her knees and then some more around her wrists again. I tipped her onto her side and watched her struggle around. "Sure you don't want out?" She shook her head. "No," she added, "I can get out." "You like this?" I asked with a grin. "Yeah. It's fun… Okay, can you let me out now? I'm stuck." "I don't know." I went inside and got out a camera and took a picture of her, she smiled into the lens. "Can I tie you up again?" I asked her. "Okay," was her reply. I untied her and brought her to the side of my house for some better bondage. I sat her in a plastic garden chair and put her arms behind it. I crossed her wrists over each other and tied them firmly together. Then I tied her knees together, with about two feet of twine. I separated her ankles and tied one to each chair leg, then slipped off her white shoes and socks. "What's that for?" She asked. "Are you ticklish?" "No," she replied hesitantly. "I'll be right back." I went inside my house and got a roll of duct tape and a rag, then went back outside. I told her to open her mouth wide, but she refused, shutting her lips tight together playfully. "Don't make me force your mouth open." She immediately opened her mouth and I stuffed the rag into it. I added a few strips of duct tape over her lips, about three, and they crossed from one side of her face to the other. She made sounds through her gag, a lot of laughter mainly, and some words I guess she was trying to tell me. I stared at her in glee. She was mine to torture. "So you ticklish?" Her eyes lit up and she shook her head frantically. I tapped her sole and she jumped, the chair shook. "Can't have jumping." I tipped the chair slowly onto its back and she lay looking up at me. I sat down next to her bare feet and began poking around with happiness. She shuttered and twitched back and forth, trying to laugh but not being permitted to from the gag. She mmmphed loudly, and I decided I'd better stop - her, that is. I told her that she'd better be quiet, but then continued to tickle her. She didn't stop mmmphing, so I added another five strips of tape over her mouth. I also added a few of those on her chin up to her cheeks, to prevent the slightest jaw movement. Her bottom face was completely covered in tape. I could still hear tiny mouse squeaks when I tapped her soles, but that was okay. I didn't mind hearing that; just I didn't want to alert anyone else to our games. I kept up for around 10 minutes, then moved to her sides for another 2. She was shaking less and less, so after the 2 minutes I stopped and untied her. She smiled at me and asked if we could do this again some other time. I agreed. What she doesn't know is that while she was laughing and before when she was just tied to the chair upright I took a few more pictures of her. I stashed the ropes and tape behind some metal can on the side of my house, so I could get to it later, and I did - many times and again. If you like this I'll write more, but I'm not sure how good my casual writing skills are - I could do a full-written story with descriptions and such, but I don't have the time. I have some other stories of how I tied up a few other girls, including half of my babysitters on several occasions. Email me if you want to talk sometime. I have AIM but I don't want to list my sn public for personal reasons. 

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 10:36:32 PM

That story was excellent! Feel free to post more - I'll certainly be reading them.
PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 10:43:49 PM

Hide, Seek, and Rescue
Hey. Jason here. Most of my tie up stories are pretty boring, but I post just to try to give back to the site. My girlfriend and I have designed a sort of tie-up game that should be really interesting, but I won't give details, because we havent played it yet, and I dont want you all to anticipate it when it doesn't happen. Enough gab! 

My next door neighbor, (we'll call her Brittany Thompson) is about 4 years younger than me. She has two cousins. Their fake names are Aaron and Abby Thompson. Aaron is 3 years younger than me(but acts alot older)and Abby is 5 years younger than me (but acts a bit younger) I usually don't go over to Brittany's house unless Aaron and Abby are over. The four of us usually play pretty well, except Abby has some unrealistic ideas. Again. Enough Gab!! 

At risk of gabbing further (sry) I'll just get to the point. The four of us were in Brittany's bedroom. (btw I was 13 at the time. do the math from there)We were pretty bored so I made up an idea. I had brought some strings with me, because I'm always lookin for an opportunity to tie up Abby or Brittany (though of course I have no real interest that way in them. they're WAY too young) 
I suggeste we play Damsel in Distress Hide and Seek. Basically Aaron would be the villain. I'd be the hero. Abby and Brittany would be the damsels. I gave the ropes to Aaron and then stayed in Brittany's room with my eyes closed as Aaron went to hide the "damsels". Well, I went to look for them and Brittany in a matter of minutes in her parents' bedroom. To my surprise only one hand was tied. It was tied to a dresser. Obviously this would have been an easy escape. Oh well. I untied her. Then I told her to stay there. Then I went downstairs and I found Abby in the furnace room. She was tied the same way. I released her, and I took them both out. 
By the rules, I now had to sword fight Aaron. If I won, the damsels were safe. If I lost... well... I lost. I sword fought him for awhile and he beat me. What can I say? I'm no hero. Oh well. 
Most of the details probably aren't accurate. I can't believe how much you forget. Well, just thought I'd post a story. that's all. 

I encourage all writers. And I give special encouragement to the girls tied up stories. Just because I prefer those to boys bound. 

And I'm only gonna say this once cuz some nut in 2001 kept asking for stories of guys gettin' their feet tickled which was really annoying. But if anybody has a story where I guy rescues a girl, (be it in a game or real) please post. I personally like that kinda stuff. What can I say? I just like DiD stuff. Sorry for taking up so much space. And for my gabbing at the beginning and end.

GOD Bless America

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 11:00:35 PM

To Jason,

Did you ever get to tie either of them up for real, though? Or was that the only time?

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 11:57:09 PM

Hey Buzley, great story! But you need to learn to put paragraphs. It was a little tough on the eyes.

Love to see more!


Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 05:39:27 AM

Hi Everyone!,

Had to get up early today (It's been a lomg week!) I will post my new story by late Sunday afternoon. I'm not going anywhere, just very busy. 
Thanks to all the e-mails this week (It can make a College girl's week!). Oh & to Frank from New Jersey, My IM is not working right at the moment. I'm in the middle of changing it, so e-mail me if you want. O.k? 

Btw, with halloween just around the corner, does anyone have a great story(s) to share with us? I do, but it's a couple of years past the ones I'm posting now. (When I was Sixteen) 
I want to get the ones with my cousin Heather posted first. (There's three of them & I will have some more time coming up)


Angie Federico

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 08:39:37 AM

To Whoever asked

You asked if I ever tied up either of them for real. The answer is... not really. That wasn't really the only time, but the others just had to do with story games we'd play (like finding the lost continent of Atlantis) and one would get captured. but the tie-ups were never that elaborate and usually rushed. 

GOD Bless America

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 09:33:46 AM

a ticklish question
I have a psychological question to pose. As one who enjoys bondage and tickling (especially foot tickling), I wonder why those two fetishes seem to go together so often? I know the thrill of bondage is being powerless, and tickling fetishes I guess are like that too - any thoughts as to why so many of us enjoy this one-two combination?

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 10:23:27 AM

To Jason,

Even if the tie-ups were rushed, they were still there. Could you tell of how you did tie them, or the story behind it? Even if it's not elaborate, I'd still like to hear of it. I think it sounds cute.

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 02:53:08 PM

Another with Jessica
Due to the large amount of feedback I received on my last story I'm going to post another one. This involves the same girl Jessica, and happened just the next day after the last story did. Jessica was 13 and I was 15. 

I was thinking about tying her up again so I walked outside and headed to her house. I was met by her halfway, and she was smiling at me. It was a cold day, and she had on roller-skates (for no real reason), a blue plastic raincoat with a plain sleeveless blue tee shirt underneath and blue jeans. 

"Umm," she started, "can you tie me up again?"

"You want to be tied up again?" I asked in question.

"Yeah. It was fun."

"So you liked it?"

"Uh-hum." She nodded. I looked up at the sky. There were only three more hours of daylight remaining.

"Okay. Come around the side of the house after I go." I jogged to the side-gate and opened it, revealing the side of the house's walkway, then jogged into my backyard from there. I heard her skates following. I hid in the backyard behind the exit to the backyard, ready to pounce on her. I had the rag and the tape in my hands. I stuck the rag in my right hand and positioned it so that it would "chloroform" her when she came. 

I saw her head pop in, the she entered the backyard. I jumped out at her from behind and stuffed the rag into her mouth, hand-gagging her as well. I quickly knelt down and brought her to a sitting position with her head on my knee and my hand still over her mouth. She looked up at me with a grin. I ripped off a piece of tape with one hand and my teeth, and released my grip, then stuck the tape over her lips. I added two more, and this total covered her from her chin to her nostrils. I sat her up and removed her jacket, tossing it onto the ground and revealing her blue sleeveless tee shirt. She struggled a bit. 

"Mmmph!" She said. "Mmph-mm-mm-mmph!" Again she tried making sentences. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back and crossed them over one another. She stopped struggling and allowed me to proceed easier. I let go of her wrists to cut the twine, and her arms stayed where they were, awaiting the knots. After cutting off a long piece of twine I proceeded to tie her wrists together. They were tied crisscrossing and looped about 3 times. Examining the knots, I found that they were secure, then moved over to her ankles. I stretched her legs out and pulled her legs together, where I cut off another piece of twine and tied her knees together the same way I did her wrists. The twine pressed into her jeans on her knees and scooted her pants a little bit above the ankles. I had to remove her skates next. 

"I'm gonna take off your skates so I can tie your ankles." She nodded and made some more sounds at me. I untied the shoelaces on her skates and slid them off her feet, which took about a minute to do. I set them next to me. Her sock-covered feet still were there, dangling at me. She shook her toes a bit at me and mmmphed again. I slid off her white socks and stuck them in the skates. Her toenails were painted pink. I'll get to those later, I thought. 

I cut off another piece of twine and tied it over her ankles and the bottom of her jeans, not to hurt her skin. Her feet were dangling there and she was still smiling at me. I poked them and she shook a bit. I rubbed her soft clean feet with my nails and she went wild, bouncing back and forth. She fell over on her back, but got back up by rocking from the tickling. She was laughing "mmmph-mmm-mmph-muhph-mmmmmmmmmmmmmph!" through her gag, and I didn't mind that. After a minute of straight tickling her face was turning pinkish like her toenails so I stopped. She was breathing quickly through her nose. 

I thought then that I'd try something new. I folded her legs up and moved her chest against her knees, making her tucked into a ball. After I tied rope around and under her knees again, then around her back onto her wrists and knotted it. I looped around two more times and knotted it. I saw that her lower legs were still free to swing, so I tied another rope around her ankles and between them, then wrapped that too around her back and knotted it at her wrists a few times. I repeated this again to reinforce it. Done. 
She was wrapped up in a ball, and was rocking slightly back and forth. I laid her onto her side to let her struggle. She was singing under her gag some song, but all I could hear was "mmmph-mmph-mm-mm-mmh-mh-mmphh…" I didn't mind. 

15 minutes later I heard a voice coming from down the street; it was her mom calling her home. "Jeeeeeeeeeesiccaaaaaa!" It repeated twice, then stopped. I figured that was my sign to let her go for another day. I undid her knots, the gag last, then she ran off and back home barefoot, grabbing her skates and her jacket on the way out. I put the supplies back again and went inside. 

If you liked this story please send me email or post here. I'll write more if I keep receiving the same feedback. I also have AIM, so if you email me maybe we can set up a time to chat.


Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 03:52:31 PM

Well, I really liked your story and would love to hear the rest. You don't need to wait for feedback on every single story however. Most writers just keep posting their stuff, knowing (or hoping) we'd appreciate it. 

The silent majority appreciates your stories, trust me. If I honestly have to post every single time you put up one of your great stories, just to get you to keep going, then I will. I don't want you to stop. But come on, don't wait for feedback every time - that just slows us all down. Keep posting!

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 05:58:32 PM

To the one person who seems to show interest in my story: 

I'm glad at least SOMEONE liked my post.anyway. I really cant give very good details on how they were tied. (afterall it was Aaron who tied them)What I can tell u is that, as mentioned in the story, only one hand was tied. Aaron, unlike myself, was (or is) a boy scout. I believe the knot he used was the bowline (bunny) knot. I guess this because I didn't untie a knot I loosened the loop their hand was in. With a bowline u can do that. (he taught me the bowline) 
If we ever play that again (about a 50/50 chance)I'll post it if it's different. I'll try to encourage Aaron to tie them better. Abby at least cuz she seems to enjoy it more. 

Also. As far as Buzley I completely agree with P.H. Sweden's #1 fan. Your stories are great. You shouldn't need feedback everytime you post. And all the other stuff P.H. Sweden's #1 fan said in that post. 

Dang! Some of the stories aren't as long as this comment. I talk alot! 

GOD Bless America

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 08:25:32 PM

Jessica is Kidnapped
Back again with another story involving my neighborhood girl Jessica. This was actually one of our scenarios, a kidnapping. This happened, as I remember, the next morning from the last story. I went down the street again to her house on a clear day and found her simply sitting down in front of her house. 

"Do you want to come over again?" I asked her. She stood up and smiled at me.

"Okay." I walked back to my house once more and she followed. That day she was wearing a pink tee shirt with some cute green dinosaur on it, blue jeans and her white sneakers. We reached my house at the side gate. 

"When I say so, come through here okay?" She nodded and grinned at me. I opened the gate and went into my backyard and got the supplies, then ran back behind the gate and shut it. "Okay." I squatted down behind where the gate opens and waited. She was singing, as I recall, and casually opened the gate and entered. I slammed it behind her and it locked. She turned around, and I pounced. I hand-gagged her and lowered her back onto the ground, motioning her with my finger to be quiet. I released my grip and she started talking, what it was I don't remember. I got out the rag and stuffed it in her mouth, she grunted a bit and I forced four pieces of tape over her lower face. It stretched from ear to ear. I heard a few quiet mmmphs, but that was all for now. 

I sat on her stomach facing her feet while her arms were at their sides, pinning her to the ground. I cut off a length of twine and wrapped it over her ankles and jeans, pressing the rope into the material. I looped it again and knotted it. 

"Mmmph-mmm-mmph-mm-mmmm-mph!" She tried to say. I turned around and her eyes were wide open at me.

"Having fun?" She nodded the best she could, being that she was on her back. I got off her and brought her hands crossed over her head. I tied her wrists together with several knots and loops, probably more securely than the last time I did, then moved to her knees. I wrapped twine a few times around and between her knees, then knotted it securely a few times. I noticed my large gas meter right next to us, fastened into the wall with steel. I slid her upper body gently so that her wrists touched the poles on it, then cut another length of rope. I wrapped it around her wrists and the pole, securing her arms above her head. She moved her knees up into a pyramid and bounced her feet up and down a bit. 

"Like it?" She nodded a little.

"Mmm-mmmph-mmp-mmmpph… Mm-mmmmm-ph-ph-mm," I smiled at her and rubbed the tape firmer onto her mouth.

I remembered that I had some cement bricks on the other side of my house, so I quickly went and retrieved one (Well, it wasn't quick. The cement block weighed a lot, so it took about 2 minutes to carry it in short lengths at a time). I brought it to where her legs would be if they were stretched, then set it down, panting. She was also breathing rather fast. 

"Okay, now I'll need your legs."

"Mmph!" She opened her eyes at me. I grabbed her legs and stretched them out to the block, then held them there with one arm. I grabbed the roll of twine and started winding it around her ankle bonds again, then went between the ropes and into the block. I tied it around the block a few times, then knotted and cut it. However, I had to move the block a little bit farther back because her legs weren't stretched to their full length. I did this and watched her try to struggle. 

Her upper body shook a little, but otherwise only her head was free to look up at me and grin.

"Hmm, this new position offers some new grounds for torture." Her eyes lit up and she started shaking her body back and forth. I sat on the block, knowing that the gas meter wasn't going to move, and slowly untied her shoelaces. I then removed her shoes and socks right after, and watched her toes twitch around for a moment. "You can't avoid this Jessica." I waited for her reply. 

"Mmmph-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph! Mph!" I drew my finger over her toes and she shook side to side. I rubbed her smooth soles and watched her struggle. She was looking at me with a pink face, and I kept going for a few more minutes, with short second pauses between mad ten or twenty second rushes. Her feet were trying to avoid my tickles like wild, but they did no good at stopping her laughter. Her muffled laughter faded under her gag. She was temporarily losing her ticklishness from the repetitiveness of my torture. 

"Okay I'll stop now." She was panting through her nose frequently. I figured I'd let her calm down for a moment. I got off the block and sat down next to her side. "You know, with your arms up like that your sides are completely open." She began trying to scoot herself away from me, but I just moved into her curving. Finally, she could bend no more, and her further movement was stuck against my knee. 

I began to stroke her sides, and she shook, not up and around but her body shook. I had found her most sensitive spot. Then I took action and tickled both her sides slowly with both hands. She shook quicker, and I moved down to her waist, then back up under her arms. She seemed to be equally ticklish over her entire side. I tried tickling her arms, but she wasn't ticklish there. I also tried squeezing her knees, but she was immune to that spot also. I went back to tickling her sides for another minute, then stopped and let her rest. I untied her in the process of her calming down, with the gag first this time. She was panting when she was finally untied. 

"Oh no," she looked at her wrists, which had a few red marks on them. "My mom's going to ask where these came from."

"Just rub them, and try not to show them," I replied.

"Tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Okay," she said, and then left.

I tried to make this one longer, and I hope that's a good thing. It took longer to write, but I feel that it's worth it. Wow, this is my 3rd post in the last 24 hours! Guess I haven't felt inspired to write anything on this board until now, even with all the experiences I've had. Please email me with comments or questions. If you have AIM, you can send me your screen name and I'll see if we can do a chat sometime. 

And Elane, I'd still like to talk with you sometime. Could you email me if you're still there please? Thanks.


Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 10:56:00 PM

Guys tied up and tickled
There are plenty of us bondage enthusiasts who enjoy seeing a guy tied up, then have his shoes removed and feet tickled, everyone has their own taste, likes and dislikes, I certainly encourage any writers to post whatever experiences they have had under this topic, just as I scroll through those that are not of interest to me, this board should be diversified, don't limit people from posting because of your own individual preferences, just scroll past whatever does not suit you. Back to the subject, post any experiences whereby a guy is tied up and tickled, would love to read.

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 11:51:22 PM

Boys in a Bind
Kevin and Bryan lay on the floor facing each other, struggling in enforced silence against their bonds, knowing already that it was a useless endeavor. They had been tied too well, and I had done it. Getting them to cooperate had been no problem. Tie-up games were part of our regular ritual of “pliking” (play-liking), which we liked to do even at fourteen, and we had been doing it since we were nine. And I had been practicing without them recently—but that’s another story—so I had become quite adept at keeping my captives captive. 

It started out that night with a sleepover at my house. My room was upstairs, along with those of my older brother and younger sister. My parents slept downstairs, and when friends came over to stay or play, they didn’t think it unusual that we nearly always either went outside, or as in this night’s particular case, upstairs to play. The three of us had all changed into our PJ bottoms and t-shirts, and we decided to “plike” they were a couple of rich kids at home alone and I was a burglar who had found them unexpectedly at home when everyone else was away. In ski-mask with water-pistol in hand, I slipped out into the hallway and waited for the prearranged emergence of one of them. It turned out to be Kevin. 

He was shorter than me by a couple of inches (I was 5’5), and a whole lot lighter. As he turned away from me to go toward the bathroom, I slipped up and grabbed him from behind. My hand clamped hard down over his mouth and he MMMMPPPHHHed just a bit as I put the water pistol behind his ear and whispered, “Just do as I say and you won’t get hurt.” He nodded and tried to answer, but I hissed into his ear, “Not a sound, kid!” I propelled him quickly down the hallway and into the bathroom, where I had already stashed my supply of tie-up stuff. 

Inside with the door shut, I released him and he turned with wide eyes to look at me and said in a quavering voice, “Wh-what do you w-want?” 

I pulled a short length of white cotton rope out of the backpack by the sink and said, “Shut up and turn around!” He did, and I roughly pulled his hands behind his back and crossed them, looping the rope several times around his wrists before passing it vertically between his hands and tying a knot on the back side of his hands. 

He winced slightly and said, “Hey, that’s a little tight, don’t you thinnnggghh!” The rest was stifled as I stuffed an enormous wad of two white handkerchiefs into his mouth, clamping my hand over his mouth to keep him from spitting them out as I pulled a pre-folded red bandanna from my pack. This one had a large, triangular knot tied in the center, and as I let go of his mouth, I pressed the point between his teeth and jerked it tight, knotting it securely behind his head. He groaned into the gag, protesting its severity, but we both knew that I intended him to stay quiet. Taking him by the arm, I slung the backpack over my shoulder and opened the bathroom door. 

We marched down the hall and went right into my room. Bryan was sitting on the floor reading a comic book, and he started talking before he even looked up. “Well, what took you so long? I thought you fell in.” 

“Not quite,” I replied for my gagged captive, and when Bryan looked up I was pointing my water pistol at his head. “Just be quiet and no one gets hurt.” I dropped my pack on the floor and forced Kevin down on his knees, then forward onto his stomach. He dropped a little hard and I heard the breath umph out of him. 

Immediately I took another wad of handkerchiefs from the pack and said to Bryan, “Open wide.” He complied, and I stuffed the wad between his lips, forcing it back with my fingers as I held the back of his head. A blue bandanna knotted like the red one in Kevin’s mouth came out next and I tied it quickly around Bryan’s head, then ordered him to lie down on his stomach. I straddled him and pulled his hands behind his back, crossing them and tying them with rope just like I had Kevin’s. Then I moved down and tied some rope around his legs, first just above his knees, and then around his ankles. Using a shorter piece, I bent his legs up and tied his feet to his hands. A minute later, I did the same to Kevin, then sat back with a smile to admire my handiwork. Those knots were perfect, the ropes keeping their hands and feet well secured. And their stuffed and tied mouths were very effectively gagged. 

As they began their inevitable struggle, they flopped over on their sides facing each other and their eyes widened as each studied the other, making little grunts as their fingers fumbled for the knots, which of course were out of reach. I smiled and took my mask off. “Pretty good, huh?” 
Bryan glared at me and tried to say something I won’t repeat. Then his eyes brightened and he seemed to smile around his gag. I started to ask what he was smiling at when I felt a hand shoving me forward onto my stomach, and a much heavier body pinned me to the floor. My brother Tim straddled my back and said, “Well, well, well, Simon. Looks like you and your friends are in quite a bind.” 

“They’re the ones in a bind, Tim!” I snapped. “Now get off me!”

“That’s no way to talk to someone who has the upper hand.”
I struggled futilely between his knees, my arms locked at my sides. I had had a lot of practice with this in my childhood, too. I watched helplessly as Tim dragged my pack over and began to rummage through it. 

“Hey, leave that stuff alone! That’s mmmmpppphhh!” He crammed two handkerchiefs in my mouth—he was, after all, the one who had shown me how to keep a captive quiet—and yanked a bandanna between my teeth. This one had no knot, but it was thick and spread my lips wide around it as he tied it behind my head. He found more of my rope and used it to hog-tie me as I had tied my friends, only he also laced a rope between my elbows, pulling them almost together. 

With that, he stood and said, “I’ll leave you three alone for a while. If you get out of that, I’ve got a few other tricks I can show you. Have fun!” And despite our furious grunts of protestation, he walked out the door. 

Silent Simon

Sunday, October 20th 2002 - 04:27:05 PM

My Cousin Heather
Like I said near the end of my last story, after our tickling experience, Nicole & I went up to my bedroom & talked for hours about being bound & gagged in my basement. 
Nicole had Jeff untie her so she could tickle me as well. She was such a free spirit & had this crush on him, so she sweet-talked him into tying her up. I don't know what it was about her, but she would just flash those little island eyes at him. (Nicole's mother is half Hawaiian, half Japanese). Anyway, She just wanted me to loosen up & have some fun, & she knew I was VERY sensitive to tickling. I couldn't stay mad at her, I loved her like a sister. 
Well my cousin Heather called the next morning. She lived out of state & she was going to stay with us for about a month. She was my age (Fourteen), and was my mother's niece & a very shy girl, or so I thought. 

After Heather's mother dropped her off on a Thursday, my parents had to go out of town for the weekend, so that meant Tim & Jeff had to watch us. Oh great! More tying us up probably. Me, Heather & Nicole were sitting on my bed when it started. 

"So what do you guys do for fun?" Heather asked

"Look at Jeff!" Nicole added

"So you like my cousin?"

"He's is such a fox!"

I thought I was going to be sick as I crossed my eyes & looked at Nicole. But what Heather said next really floored me.

"Do you guys ever role play?"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"You know...Tie up games"

I almost fell off the bed. Nicole just looked at me & smiled

"We do!" Nicole beamed as she couldn't sit still "Angie's brothers tied us up in the basement the other day."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, as all this time I thought Heather was really shy, I guess it was just a front.

"Tim & Jeff tied you guys up?"

"Yes" I shot back "And gagged us, not to mention the tickling"

"Tickling!" Heather said "You guys were having way too much fun without me! I want to be in on it next time."

"I tried to get Angie to loosen up..."

"Angela Christina Federico! You need to loosen up!" Heather said as she put her arm around me. If there was anything I hated was being called by my full name. 

"Maybe your brothers can capture us this weekend."

With my luck they would probably anyway. First my best friend was such a free spirit & had a crush on my brother. Then my cousin loved to do this as well! Boy was I feeling alone. Maybe I had to loosen up like Nicole & Heather said? 

Anyway, the next day we decided to go up to the attic & clear some space for a sleep over. Kind of our space. (It was Nicole's idea). I needed to go to the store to get a new portable CD player for our little party. Tim offered to drive me, so I was suspicious of leaving Nicole alone with Jeff, not to mention Heather...Anyway, I put the thought out of mind & went with Tim to the store. After we got back, I rushed up to the attic only to see Heather & Nicole sitting in chairs. Their hands tied behind the chairs. They were mmmppphhhing behind the duct tape that covered their mouths. Jeff was sitting there reading a magazine. 

"Hi Angie, been waiting for you."

I started to say something, but Tim's hand quickly covered my mouth. I knew it was a set up!

"Mmmppphhh!!!" I could only say behind Tim's hand as Jeff walked over & quickly tape gagged me.

"Hurry up Jeff, tie her up." Tim said as he forced me into a third chair & pulled my hands behind it. Jeff did the honors as he crossed my wrists & tied them tight with the rope, adding a few good knots. I could mmmpphhh in protest as my flip flop sandals were removed & each of my brothers took a foot & tickled them! I screamed as loud as I could behind the tape gag, but it only came out as a muffled squeal. I almost turned the chair over in trying to get away from their touch, one brother was bad enough, but two? It was too much! 

"Don't knock yourself over Angie" Tim said as he raked my right foot with his fingers. I managed to glance over at Nicole & Heather trying to get loose. They were laughing behind their tape gags at my dilemma (At least it sounded like laughter) 

"I think we need to tickle somebody else!" Jeff said as he went over & tickled both Nicole & Heather. Tim then worked on both my feet. Nicole & Heather both thrashed about. Heather seemed to be as ticklish as I was! with her brunette ponytailed hair swaying about. 

During the next twenty minutes, the boys switched off from tickling us to reading magazines. Then they finally untied us & took us all out for Pizza & movies. Their treat! And I thought my brothers were really bad, they actually were really nice deep down. 

During dinner, Heather bragged that,with time, she could get out of any knots my brothers could tie. You should have seen their faces as she said this. This will lead into my next story for it was a couple of days later. 

I hope to post this story in the next few days. (I hope my schedule is not as hectic as this past week as been!)
Again thanks to all your comments & e-mails!


Angie Federico

Sunday, October 20th 2002 - 06:25:03 PM

Simon, His Sister, and an Uncomfortable Situation
The next morning, I was still fuming over being hog-tied and gagged by my brother Tim while my own captives watched on. They laughed behind their own gags at my predicament as I squirmed and grunted to no avail. None of us were able to get loose, and after about fifteen minutes he came in an untied us. I swore silently to myself that I would have my turn to do the tying. I would have my revenge—but a lot happened between my swearing it and it actually happening. In the meantime, Bryan, Kevin and I had a big weekend ahead of us. It was summertime, and the days seemed endlessly filled with our “pliking” adventures. 

Anyway, after breakfast, we all went back upstairs for showers. I went last, and when I came out of the bathroom, I could hear Bryan and Kevin laughing in my room. I wondered what could possibly be amusing them so much, so I hurried down the hall and opened the door to my room. Much to my surprise, my eleven year old sister Tiffany was sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. Bryan was kneeling behind her with his hand clamped tightly over her mouth, and Kevin was in front of her fixing the final knot on the ropes that bound her ankles. All three of them looked up at me as I came in, Bryan and Kevin smiling from ear to ear, Tiffany’s blue eyes wide and desperate as she tried to appeal to me for help. Of course, there would be no help for her from me. 

Kevin finished with her feet and grabbed another long piece of rope which he began wrapping around her thighs just above her knees. She MMMMMPPPPPHHHed in protest against Bryan’s hand, and I realized that they were the ones who really needed my help. Tiffany was small, but she was pretty strong. I reached into my back pack and pulled out a blue bandanna. Having been my victim before, she knew exactly what was coming and she started arguing as Bryan dropped his hand away and held her by the shoulders. 

“No, Simon! Don’t gag me! Please, donnnnpppphhh!” I must admit I enjoyed very much stuffing that gag in her mouth. I wadded it up and kept pushing with my fingers until the entire bandanna filled her mouth. Her eyes bugged and she breathed heavily through her nose, moaning her frustration at me as Bryan covered her mouth again to keep her from spitting out the wad of cloth. I pulled out two red bandannas and folded them together on the diagonal, rolling them up into a thick band of cloth. Once again, Bryan dropped his hand and I pressed the rolled bandanna between her lips, drawing it tightly around her head to tie it. She screamed into the gag, which didn’t amount to much, and I smiled sweetly as I backed off and watched them finish tying her up. 

Instead of pushing her over and hog-tying her, Kevin took out a long rope and passed it under her knees, then wrapped it around her arms and back. He did that several times so that her knees were drawn up beneath her chin and she was folded up into a neat little ball. While he secured her legs against her chest, Bryan grabbed another bandanna and folded this into a wide band he used to blindfold her. Grinning, both of them stood up and stared down at their little package of frustrated handiwork. 

I had tied Tiffany up before, many times, in fact. But I was amazed that these two had had the wherewithal—and that she had been willing—to tie up my little sister. I wanted to know how they did it and asked them. 

“Well,” Kevin said with a smile, “She came in and started pestering us, so we just did it. Bryan grabbed her hands and I covered her mouth, then after he tied her hands, we switched and I started tying her feet. You saw the rest.” 

I looked at the way they had tied her into a little ball with her feet kicking out in protest. She made little squealing noises into her gag and shook her head from side to side, but that’s about all she could do. “Is that very comfortable?” I wondered out loud, and immediately regretted. The next thing I heard was a mischievous chuckle from Bryan. 

“Want to find out?”

“No! Now wait a minute, I didn’t meannnnpppphhh!” His hand clamped down on my mouth as he spun me around, pinning me back against him. He was my size, only heavier, and I just couldn’t jerk free. Kevin grabbed both of my hands and quickly looped a piece of rope round and round my wrists, tying them in front of me. Then to my surprise, he got a long piece of rope and wrapped around my arms and body about halfway between my waist and chest. I couldn’t move my hands away from my body, and he was leering at me when he saw that I realized it. Then he reached into the backpack and came out with one of those wads of handkerchiefs I had used on them last night. Bryan’s hand slipped up to my forehead, pulling my head back on his shoulder as Kevin started cramming the wad of white cloth into my mouth. I grunted my protest, tried to resist with my tongue, but the handkerchiefs expanded between my jaws and filled my mouth from my teeth to the back of my throat. An instant later, Kevin jammed one of the knotted bandannas between my lips and tied it tightly around my fully gagged mouth. I glared at him, but that was all I could do. 

“Sit down, Simon.” Bryan held onto my arm as I squatted, then fell onto my butt on the floor beside my tied up, gagged, and blindfolded little sister. She was still struggling with her own bonds, and I wondered if she even knew I was in the same predicament. If she did know, she probably only wished she could be watching and enjoying my humiliation. 

Kevin had some more rope out, and he used it to wrap around my knees, then he tied my wrists down against my legs. I wasn’t tied exactly like my sister, but I discovered it was just as awkward. I was bent over with my forearms against my thighs, my wrists tied tightly together and my arms tied tight against my body. The wadded handkerchief gag was sufficient to keep me silent, and the knotted bandanna bound between my lips was aggravatingly effective. As a final touch, Kevin looped some more rope around my ankles and stood back to watch. 

“So, Simon, how comfortable is it?” What I thought I can’t repeat, but I did my best to communicate it through my gag. They laughed, and I can only assume they knew what I meant. It wasn’t very comfortable at all. 

Silent Simon

Monday, October 21st 2002 - 12:06:06 PM

A Few Things
Great Stories Angie And Silent Simon

Elane: Where are you?!?!?!
Tom Ford: Im officialy giving up after this please come back 
and post another story


Monday, October 21st 2002 - 12:25:44 PM

Led Into A trap (continued)
Oops I forgot Heres the rest of my story

I walked out of the room with the clothes on. Shey And Shannon saw me and said,"Well Do You Like them?" In My Mind,
HELL YEA but I said in a sarcastic tone, "Yes They are the best clothes Ive ever worn" She Knew I was being sarcastic so she decided to shut me up, She stuffed 2 socks in my mouth and duct taped it about 6 times. 

They Walked Me into The living room and Tied my ankles crossed and tied my wrists behind me. They sat me on there couch And acted like it was a normal day they left me there while they did homework together. After they finished they saw that there mom was home so they picked me up and stashed me in a closet and locked it 

I pushed and pulled And I got My wrists free and undid my ankles. I stood up and rammed through the closet door.
I just forgot 1 thing, I still had women's clothes on.
The second i rammed through I noticed No one was home and the front door was locked I couldnt find my clothes either
I looked For a way out but everything was locked and i wasnt about to break a window and go outside dressed as a girl.

Yet Again I have to go, Sorry about this Ill finish next time if You People like it


Monday, October 21st 2002 - 01:52:11 PM

Tables Turned
So there I was in the middle of my bedroom, my arms and legs bound about with rope, my mouth gagged, and my little sister in much the same predicament beside me, with my two best friends looking on and laughing. In no uncertain terms I told them to release me, but the wadded handkerchiefs stuffed in my mouth and the knotted bandanna bound around it made my words little more than garbled grunts and groans. I struggled in my restraints, pulling against the ropes that bound my forearms to my thighs, that held my arms tight against my body, kept my ankles secured one to the other, but it was no use. Kevin and Bryan had done their job thoroughly and completely. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

My sister Tiffany was also in quite a bind, with her hands tied behind her and her legs drawn up and bound beneath her chin. Her lips were spread wide around a gag I had put on her, one bandanna stuffed into her mouth, two more rolled into a thick band and secured around her head. Bryan had also blindfolded her with another bandanna. For a while she had kicked her feet and squealed into her gag, but now she had given up and was just sitting there in a tight little ball waiting to be released. I doubted she was going anywhere anytime soon either. 

As I sat there watching, I saw the mischievous glint in Bryan’s eye and I knew what was coming. I just wished I was in a little better position to participate—like on the other end of the ropes. While Kevin admired his handiwork with the ropes, I watched Bryan reach into the backpack for another piece of rope. I could have given Kevin some kind of warning, but this was just too much fun to watch. 

Like I said before, Kevin was a little guy, only about 5’3, and I doubt he weighed 110 pounds soaking wet. And Bryan was a couple inches taller, and a little on the husky side. When he grabbed Kevin’s arms and pulled his hands behind his back, Kevin’s fight was quickly over, but that didn’t stop him from shouting, “HEY! We’re supposed to be on the same side! What are you doing?” 

As he tied the rope around Kevin’s wrists, Bryan replied, “What do you think I’m doing? I’m switching sides.” 

He pushed Kevin down onto his stomach beside me and grabbed some more rope, looping it first around his ankles, then his knees, then he bent Kevin’s legs back and secured him in a tight hog-tie. All the while, Kevin thrashed around, protesting rather loudly until Bryan pulled out a couple of handkerchiefs and stuffed them into Kevin’s mouth. One of those knotted bandannas followed, and Kevin was silenced. At least we couldn’t understand what he was saying, and the sounds coming from him were pretty well stifled. His eyes were hot, though, glaring daggers at his turncoat friend. I just smiled in gloat at Kevin, then even more so at Bryan when I realized Kevin’s struggles at caught someone else’s attention. My brother Tim was standing in the bedroom doorway looking at the sight of the three of us bound and gagged. 

“You guys never quit, do you?”

Bryan spun around with an uncertain look in his eye, remembering what had happened to me last night. Upon hearing Tim’s voice, Tiffany started struggling again and calling out through her gag. Walking over to her, Tim pulled the blindfold from her eyes and squatted down next to her. She blinked against the light, then stared wide-eyed at me and Kevin. Just the look on her face told me she thought I had gotten what I deserved. 

“Tiff, are you okay?” Tim asked. When he was on the tying end, he was never concerned with our comfort, but now that he was on the rescuing, or at least observing end, he wanted to make sure she wasn’t being mistreated. As if… He was never concerned about me that way. 

To my surprise, Tiffany nodded, then started grunting vociferously into her gag.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Tim said, loosening the rolled bandanna and letting it fall around her neck, then catching the wadded one I had stuffed in her mouth as she spit it out. “What did you say?” 

“I said I was fine, but I’d be a whole lot better if you’d untie me.”

“Oh, okay.” Tim studied the ropes for a minute, then said, “Here, let’s see if this helps.” He fumbled with one of the knots, and Tiffany exhaled heavily as her legs stretched away from her body. 

Bryan didn’t like that too much, and he said, “Hey, these are my captives! What do you think you’re doing?”

Tim moved to quickly for Bryan to react, grabbing my friend and tossing him onto the floor. The rope he had taken from around Tiffany’s body he used to tied Bryan’s hands behind his back. Then he found some more rope in the backpack—we always had an endless supply—and he used it to tie Bryan’s legs and feet. He complete Bryan’s binding by putting him in a hog-tie, then sat back on his heels and said, “Well, now you are all my captives.” He laughed as he fished a bandanna out of the backpack and began wadding it up, then reached around and crammed it into Bryan’s mouth. Bryan tried twisting his head away, but Tim’s hand followed him, his fingers thrusting the packing deep into Bryan’s mouth. He tied another one around Bryan’s mouth, then blindfolded him with what I knew was the last bandanna. 

I turned my head back to Tiffany as she spoke up and said, “Hey, aren’t you going to finish untying me?” That was the wrong question for my little sister to ask. Bryan came over and knelt beside her, answering in a very soft voice as he picked up the bandanna that had been in her mouth. 

“No, Tiff. I don’t think so. I think I’m going to tie you back up and leave you to think about the perils of playing with the big boys.” 

“Whammmmppppphhhh!” She squealed rather loudly as he stuffed the bandanna back in her mouth, trying to avoid his hands as they pulled the rolled up gag back between her lips and tightened the knot. He replaced her blindfold, then flipped her over and used a piece of rope to hog-tie her. 

Surveying the three hog-tied kids, and me with my arms tied to my legs, Tim laughed and said, “Well, you kiddies have fun. You’ll never get free, but at least this way, you’ll stay out of trouble for a little while.” 

Silent Simon

Monday, October 21st 2002 - 03:07:06 PM

To Angela and Buzley
More! More! (Well, Angela did say she'd post hers in a few days, so I don't think she needs any encouragement)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, more!

Monday, October 21st 2002 - 06:16:29 PM

steve, please continue your story.
Mr. Ed

Monday, October 21st 2002 - 07:09:30 PM

My One Story
This is embarrassing, but my cousins are regular readers of your site and they insisted I tell this story. This incident happened more than 15 years ago, but my cousins still tease me about it. 

I come from a rather large extended family, and I am the only "girl" cousin in my generation. I’ll confess to being more than a little spoiled by my grandparents, aunts and uncles. When we were young, I was usually starting trouble with the two male cousins closest to me in age, let’s call them Bill and Bob. We were each in our early teens when this happened. There was a natural boy-girl tension back then, but to be honest, I was the troublemaker. And, I was always the one who complained to my mother or my aunts about my cousins. So, I used to get Bill and Bob in trouble almost every holiday. (They were actually great cousins even then and today are wonderful husbands and fathers.) 

Well, one Halloween weekend, we were all visiting my grandparents’ farm. True to form, I got into a fight with my cousins and, being the girl, received only a mild reprimand from my mother, while Bill and Bob's mothers grounded them for most of Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday after church, they plotted their revenge against me. While the adults finished a second cup of morning coffee, I decided to take a walk out to the pasture where the horses were kept. Bill and Bob ambushed me on the way and pushed me down into a hay pile. 

I always had this kind of Mrs. Peel/Avengers attitude when I was wearing my leather jacket. Kind of adventuresome and even a little aggressive. Often, I was happy to wrestle around with them and have them chase me. But, that’s not what happened this time. They both held me down and used a short length of rope to tie my hands behind me. After a little bit of struggling, I decided I could get loose in a few minutes if I really tried. So, I wasn't worried. I am only about 5' 2" and no match for two boys ganging up on me, but they usually went easy on me when we fought. 

With them flanking me, they pulled me by the arms into the barn, stood me up against a pole and then untied and retied my hands so my arms were still behind me but wrapped around the post. After a little bit of struggling, it was obvious that this time the ropes were tight enough so I couldn’t wiggle free. 

“You better untie me and let me go,” I said, trying to sound threatening.

Their response was to gag me with Greg’s bandana.

I kept up my threatening tone while gagged, “hrrmphing” and struggling to free my hands.

After a little discussion just out of my earshot, they left me alone in the barn. I struggled some more, but the ropes were beginning to hurt me, so I just stood there waiting for them to come back and untie me. But, when they returned a few minutes later, they were both carrying more lengths of rope. They tied me across the chest, waist, thighs and ankles. Then they used another bandana to gag me even more. 

There I was, in my Sunday dress and my new leather jacket, ribbons in my hairs, wearing my one pair of unscuffed shoes, and I was bound helplessly in my grandparents’ barn unable to even call for help. 

From under my gag, I tried to ask what they planned to do to me. But they didn’t answer me.

They left me there for I believe was the better part of an hour. (They claim it was only ten minutes.) When they came back, they each had an armful of water balloons. 

Bill pulled the gag out of my mouth. “Do you want to be blindfolded?” he asked me.

“You’re in big trouble,” I told him. “You better untie me right now . . .”

He stuck the gag back in my mouth. Then Bob took off his scarf and proceeded to blindfold me anyway.

I started to struggle again, not because I thought I could get away, but just so I wasn’t the passive damsel in distress. They took their sweet time about lobbing the balloons at me one at a time, laughing at me each time one burst on my head or shoulders. 

After a few minutes, they took off the blindfold and gag again.

“Look what you did to my jacket,” I screamed.

Greg placed his hand over my mouth, and said sternly. “If we have any more trouble with you, you’ll spend every weekend at the farm tied to this same post.” 

I didn’t have a response for that. They eventually undid all the ropes that were binding me and let me go. According to Bill and Bob, I was a lot easier to get along with after that. 



Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 12:00:53 AM

tied up by younger
just to tell u before hand this whole experiece turned out to be a plan to get initiated into a wanna be gang

When i was about 17 years old i went over to my friends house. his younger brother who is about 14 answered the door. he is a very weird kid and at times acts very sadistic. he has been in 2 mental hospitals before. anyways he told me that my friend was out and that he would be back in five minutes and that i should wait for him. i sat down on the couch where he and his friend brian were. his name is nick. he then asked me to do a favor for him. he said that he had to do a projet for school were he had to make a movie and he wanted to do a movie of him beating a bigger kid in a wrestling match. me, being a nice guy said sure. he then said that he wanted me to pretend to be the rock and handed me white speedos and kneepads. i was hesitant at first but eventuly said sure. i put them on and took of my shirt while brian got the camera. he said that i should just let him wit he was gonna pretend everything. the match strted and he by tripping me to the ground. however he then got me in htis hold that i could nt get out of . eveentully he got me tired and manageo pin me.that is when he todl me the true story of how he was going to humilate me to get into a club. he and brian jumped on me while i was on my back. nick pulled out rope and began tying my arms in front of me while brian sat on my thighs and began tying up my ankels. they then tied my neck to a pole i couldnot move. nick then left the room and came back with shavng cream and a razor. he covered my thighs with shaving cream and shaved them smooth. then my ankels. then he untied the rope on my neck rolled me over and tied the backs of my thighs and ankels. he then turned me back over and tied up my thighs. then he turned me again and hogtied me. braian then stuck an apple in my mouth and got the camera. nick dicated to the camera how they tied me up and sshaved my legs while brian zoomed in on my body. nick then said to end it they were going to roast me. he left room and when he came back he shoved an apple in my mouth. then he poured salt and diffeent seasonings on me coverng especially my thighs. finaly they untied the hogtie and tied me to a chair and left the house for my friend to find me


Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 09:34:12 PM

Keep on posting 'em! Looking forward to your next one, Angie! And Buzley, we haven't heard from you for a while! 

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 11:17:26 AM

Tim gets last
One of the good things about my brother Tim is that he was ornery, but not cruel. After he hog-tied and gagged my friend Bryan and left me, Tiffany, and Kevin in our bindings, he had a good laugh and went away. But fifteen minutes later, he returned to release us from our captivity. Of course, I was the last one he untied, which only served to aggravate me even more against him because of all the pranks he had played on me in the past and this particular weekend with my friends. On Friday night, Bryan and Kevin had been my victims, securely bound and gagged and unable to escape. Then Tim came in and made me a hostage with them. This morning, my sister Tiffany and I had been Bryan and Kevin's captives, joined later by Kevin at Bryan's hand and then by Bryan at Tim's hand. Now we all four had reason to get him back. So as soon as he untied us, we began plotting our revenge. 

It was quickly agreed that Tiffany would be good bait to get him in a position where we could capture him, so once again we subjected her to the ropes, only this time with her enthusiastic cooperation. We set her in the middle of the floor and I took some rope and began wrapping it around her wrists, her hands palm to palm behind her back. After several turns around her wrists, I passed the rope between her hands and looped it vertically a couple of times, cinching the ropes tight. That got her attention. 

"HEY! I thought I was supposed to be the bait?!" she protested. "I didn't know you were really going to tie me up."

"We have to make it look good," I replied, dropping a long piece of rope around her body and pulling her arms tight against her sides. Bryan was using some more rope to tie her ankles together, then he moved up to her knees. "If you aren't really tied, Tim will never fall for it." 

"But whammmmmppppphhh!" I stuffed a couple of handkerchiefs in her mouth, cutting off her question, and to my surprise she fought me, trying to keep the gag out of her mouth by twisting and turning in my grasp. Kevin had a knotted bandanna ready, and as soon as her mouth was fully packed, I let him force the enormous knot between her teeth and tie the gag around her head. She screamed rather forcefully into the gag, and even though she was well muffled, it was still loud enough that I knew it would get Tim's attention if he ever came back upstairs. If he didn't, well, at least we got Tiffany to cooperate being our captive again. 

With Tiffany secured, the three of us finished the rest of our plans for capturing Tim. When he came in to untie her, and we knew he would if he found her, we would be waiting out of sight. Bryan was the strongest, so he took a long rope that he would throw around Tim's shoulders and wrestle him to the ground. I wadded two handkerchiefs together, then rolled up two bandannas and tied a huge knot in the center to gag him with. Kevin had some rope for his feet. Just as we finished our preparations, we heard him coming up the stairs. Bryan went behind the door, I hid behind the dresser, and Kevin jumped quickly in the closet. Tiffany immediately began calling out through her gag, and for a minute, it was fun just to watch her struggling against her restraints before the door opened and Tim came in. 

He looked down at her from the doorway and said, "Did they do this to you again?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm" she moaned around the gag in her mouth. Her eyes implored him, and she made little frustrated grunts through the cloth as she struggled in the ropes. Tim just shook his head, still not taking the bait. 

"I thought I warned you about playing with those guys. I think I might leave you." He started to turn away and leave, but Tiffany screamed and seemed to start crying. He looked back and I knew we had him. 

"Where did they go, Tiff?"

"Nnnnggghhh-nnnnoooo!" I don't know, is what I deciphered from that. I had my wad of handkerchiefs ready, waiting for him to come in past the door. 

"They're not hiding in here waiting for me are they?" I swore silently, wondering if he really knew or if he just suspected. Thankfully Tiffany was a very good little actress. She shrugged and tried to voice her ignorance of our whereabouts. She didn't even try to look over at me, even though we could easily make eye contact. Instead she started grunting again and wiggling herself in her ropes?away from the door. "Okay, okay. I guess I'll let you go." Tim stepped into the room. 

Bryan leaped first, throwing the rope around Tim's arms, pinning them against his body. The weight of a hefty fourteen year old boy drove my brother to his knees, but he was far from captured. Bryan had just enough time to throw another loop around Tim's arms, and then the fight was on. Kevin dove for Tim's legs and caught a foot in the stomach. Then I was out in front of him, holding my wadded handkerchiefs in front of his face. 

"I knew something was up! I knew it! You better let me go now, while you still have the chance! I might only tie you up and leave you for an hour this time." 

"Shut up, Tim!" I said as I brought the handkerchiefs up to his mouth.

"Simon, dammmmmppppphhh!" I thrust the big wad between his lips, packing his jaws with the enormous wad of white cloth. Kevin had recovered and was passing his rope around Tim's thighs, and Bryan managed another turn of the rope around Tim's shoulders before knotting it off. Tim's hands were free but inhibited with his elbows against his sides, and he grunted angrily against my hand as I stuffed the last fold of cloth into his mouth and reached for the rest of the gag. I jammed the huge knot between his gnashing teeth and yanked the ends behind his head, tying it so tight it drew his mouth wide and made his cheeks bulge above and below the bandanna. Finally we managed to force him down on the ground. Bryan sat on his butt and pulled his hands behind his back to bind them. Kevin sat on his legs facing his feet to fasten them together with more rope, and I held his shoulders down, the three of us laughing hysterically at the knowledge that we had finally turned the tables on Tim for a change. 

Temporarily forgotten, Tiffany began struggling again, anxious to be turned loose. When we had Tim's hands and feet securely tied, I left Bryan and Kevin to hog-tie him, which they did with severity, and knelt beside my little sister. But instead of untying her, I flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her legs up behind her in a hog-tie beside Tim. "Thanks, Tiff. We couldn't have done it without you." 

"Aaaaaannnnnggggghhhhh!" She screamed angrily as I pulled the rope tight between her hands and feet. I pinched her cheek and grinned back at her glaring face, then quickly covered here eyes with a bandanna. For good measure, I folded another one into a wide band and pulled it over her already gagged mouth. It muffled her even more. Then I prepared a blindfold and a third gagging layer for my brother. He was not just angry, he was outraged at being outsmarted and outmaneuvered by a bunch of kids. But once he was bound, blindfolded and gagged, he knew he was going to stay that way until we saw fit to let him go. He had taught me too well, and I had taught them. 

"Well, Tim, looks like you're the one in a bind today. See you later!" And with that we left my sister and brother to struggle in their bonds - at least for a little while. 

Silent Simon

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 12:48:14 PM

comment and question
this is a great site, i love the stoires here, but i was wondering if anyone could or would email me some babysitter story(stories) , those are the best where the babysitter ( girl) gets tied , i had always wanted that to happen when i was younger, oh well. also if anyone could tell me the website that might have stories, a lot of them and i mean a lot, then please email the site to me, if you do put in the subject "to Jay dee" to make sure i don't delete it, thank you and keep up the good work you guys , great stuff
Jay dee

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 03:10:49 PM

Party Tied Up
Hi! I wanted to post a story of mine to see what any of you think. I have been very interested in tie up games for a while. I was at a party one night with some friends and there were a lot of girls there. I was talking to a group of them and they were very friendly. Three of them took me aside and said they had a prank they wanted to try on somebody. But they wanted to know if they could try it on me first to see if it would work. I am so gullible. I said ok before I knew what it was. They said they would have to tie me up. This sounded kind of suspicious but I said ok anyhow. They took me to one of the upstairs bedrooms and got out their supplies. They had 2 big rolls of duct tape and a pair of scissors. They had me put my hands behind my back which they secured with tape. They then proceeded to wrap tape around my mouth 3 or 4 times. I was effectively gagged. Then they stripped me down to my boxers and my shirt - which I did not agree on, but could not do anything about now, and taped my feet together. I was bound and gagged and all they did was laugh at what they had done. They said they weren't quite done yet. They took the tape and started wrapping it around me from head to toe until I looked like a mummy. They had left room where my knees where so that I could still bend them. They helped me lay down on the bed - I felt so helpless but I was sure they were done and would let me go soon. They took some more tape and brought my feet up to my hands and taped them together. I was taped like a mummy, gagged, and hogtied. I was starting to get a little nervous, and they just continued to laugh at me. I tried to protest but I couldn't through the gag. The next thing they did I knew I was in trouble. They took out a camera and started taking pictures of me laying there hogtied and helpless. When they got done they looked at me and told me the prank was on me and that this was there revenge on my girlfriend who had flurted with there boyfriends. They said they would tell my girlfriend that I was waiting for her in the bedroom when she got to the party. When she arrived she came up to the bedroom and opened the door and was she surprised. She didn't know what to do at first and then she took the gag off me. She seemed mad and then I could tell she had an idea. She regagged me and the rest I will leave till later. 



Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 06:44:52 PM

The Challenge - Part One
After my brothers had taken Heather, Nicole & myself out for pizza & the movies, we got home & us girls went up to our little area in the attic, where we had been tied up just hours earlier, & discussed what Heather had said during dinner. I was finishing putting my hair in a ponytail when the curiosity got the best of me. 

"Did you really mean what you said about getting loose of any knots that my brothers tie?" I asked 

"Yes I did Angie" She answered as she put in a CD in my new player. "In time of course"

"This ought to be good!" Nicole added as she sat on the floor next to my cousin.

"Now Nicole, my brothers have done enough, don't you think?"

"I've got to see this Ang, you know how they tie"

"Yeah Heather" I added "Tim has tied me up twice & neither time I could get free"

"Well, Tim hasn't tied me yet, tonight Jeff tied us & besides, they were up here tickling us, so I didn't have a chance"

I looked at her & her cocky attitude & just shook my head.

"I look at it as a challenge cousin"

Nicole started to laugh as I then took my pillow & hit her with it. The next thing I knew, we had a three way pillow fight going. 
Well the next day my brothers both had to work as us girls hung out at Nicole's house & played video games, played cd's & just hung out. A few days passed with nothing happening unitl Wednesday morning. Nicole was at her house & was going to come over later. I had been up for an hour, but there was no sign of Heather. My parents had both gone to work & wouldn't be home till late in the afternoon. (Although, they usually called to say hi & check on things). 
I had just changed into a yellow halter top & blue gym shorts when I heard loud laughter downstairs. It sounded like running thru the house. I just rolled my eyes & went to the top of the stairs. 

"Timothy! Jeffrey!, is Heather down there? What's going on?"

"Hey Angie!" I heard Heather shout from a distant room. It sounded like she was being chased by one or both my brothers!
I started to go downstairs when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around & to face Jeff. I stuck my tongue out at him & started to run, but he caught me & held me tight. 

"Jeffrey, you better..grmpphhhh!!!" My protest was cut off by his hand which clamped over my mouth.

"Now Angie, I know Heather said she needed a challenge, but I think she needs company as well!"

I was pretty upset by now, so I didn't notice Jeff taking a thick white rag out of his pocket. He removed his hand & before I could yell, he had forced the rag in my mouth. He pulled it tight & knotted behind my head. 

"Mmmpphhh!!! grrrmmpphhhh!!!" I tried to say behind the gag.

"Quiet down there sister dear" was his only reply.

Then suddenly Jeff picked me up & carried me over his shoulder! I yelled in protest, but my gag cut off any speech. Taking me downstairs, I slapped Jeff on his rear end as he was carrying me like a sack of potatoes! He then plopped me down on the couch! He quickly tied my hands behind my back, then tied my ankles. It wasn't as tight as Tim tied it, but still effective. Then I realized I was barefoot! "Oh no" I thought as I looked at him with a evil eye. The pizza & movies from the other night were now a distant memory.

Jeff must have sensed what I thought as his hand moved toward my feet! I squealed behind the gag & squirmed, but just then Tim showed up with Heather over his shoulder. She was bound & cleave-gagged as well! Tim flopped her down on the other couch. Heather was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jean cutoffs & was barefoot as well. We were doomed to be tickled! 

"Now Heather," Tim asked as he stood over her feet "You bragged that you could get loose from our knots, well now's your chance!" 

He started to tickle her soles. She was sensitive like me!
Just for good measure, Jeff tickled my soles. I could only squirm & squeal into my gag.

"Well girls, we'll be back in a little while to check on you"

Just then the doorbell rang. Tim & Jeff just looked at each other. How amazing it would be if somebody important was at the door & then saw the Federico's teenage daughter & her cousin bound & gagged on their living room floor! Then it hit me. Nicole! She was going to come over later. Sure enough, Jeff announced it was Nicole & answered it. I mmmpphhhed loudly to her that it was a trap, but it was too late. While Nicole looked at Jeff (As she usually did), Tim hand gagged her from behind! 

"I think there's room for one more!" Tim said as he kept his hand over Nicole's mouth. I could swear she was laughing behind it as she looked at me & Heather in our helpless conditon! Now we were all in trouble!

To be continued...

I'll try & post part two by Sunday afternoon.

Angie Federico

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 07:22:03 PM

Can't wait to hear the rest, Angie!!

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 10:56:43 PM

Great job Angie, I look forward to reading the rest

Thursday, October 24th 2002 - 09:01:11 PM

Led Into A trap (part 3)
So i wandered around the house looking for my clothes but it was hopeless, they were missing. I suddenly heard a car motor outside rumbling. It was shannon's so i ran back to the closet and hid. She came in the house and opened the closet door and noticed i had freed myself. She imeadiatly asked how and said her mom was coming in so she handed me a bag with my clothes in it. So Ient into the bathroom and put my clothes on and left her house like nothing happened 



Thursday, October 24th 2002 - 10:37:04 PM

Messing Around...
One time, at my cousin's house, I was unfortunate enough to be tied up and tickle tortured! It all started on a Saturday morning whem I kept in calling my cousin a freak because of her make up. I am pretty immature, so she said, "For a 12 year old, you sure are immature!" Shocked, I asked why. She told me to never mind, and that I would regret it later on that night. When I went to sleep that night, I was freaked out because of her attitude and warning. When I woke up, I tried to get up, but to my surprise, I was bound to the bed! My wrists were firmly handcuffed to my headboard and my ankles were equally the same, rendering me absolutely helpless! I screamed for help, but my cousin already took precautions and told me, "Since you like socks so much, why don't I just put one in your mouth?!" I begged her not to, but she did anyways. One by one, she stuffed my running socks, I like to run a lot, into my mouth, and boy did it taste disgusting! She then duct taped my mouth with at least 3 strips of the sticky stuff! Finally, she went to my feet, and since I am exceptionally ticklish, started tickling like mad! I was practically crying by the end of tha attack! All in all, it was about 3 hours, with at least 1 of those hours spent by myself, event though she was in the same room, she was on the opposit end. I learned to never tease her again.. Hope you liked my story!

Thursday, October 24th 2002 - 11:00:09 PM

Simon's First Time

Now that all of you have met all of us, I thought I would take us all back in time a bit to the very first time I remember being tied up and gagged as the victim of a tie-up game. As you might have guessed, it had something to do with my brother Tim. I was eight, he was eleven. I was a small kid, and I didn't really start growing for another five years. So I was short and skinny, and according to Tim, I was a bratty little brother. Of course, I don't remember it quite that way. I remember him being a big bully, as well as a big brother. At eleven, he was taller than me by quite a few inches and outweighed me by at least twenty pounds. He was always picking on me, calling me names, or provoking me into doing something extremely, and I do mean extremely, stupid for a kid my size. 

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and since it was raining, we were stuck inside. My brother Tim was in his room playing a video game, and since I was eight and bored with nothing else to do, I decided to bug him to let me play. Big, big mistake. No sooner had I walked into the room than he said, "Get out, Simon!"

"I want to play!", I replied rather forcefully. He turned to glare at me.

"Well, you can't I'm playing now!"

"I can take a turn." And to prove it, I sauntered over toward him as if to take the controls away. He gave me a small shove and I stumbled backward onto my butt. That did it for me. I came up swinging, only it wasn't much of a surprise. Tim immediately dropped the game controls - losing his game's life in the process - and caught me by the wrists. I tried to jerk away, but he slapped both of my hands into one of his and pushed me onto my stomach with my hands stretched up over my head. "HEY!" I shouted, trying to wriggle free as he straddled my legs and started looking around for I knew not what. "HEY! LET ME GO, TIM!" I shouted even louder, hoping to get someone's attention, preferably someone who would come to my rescue. 

"Shut up, brat!" he ordered me, reaching under his bed for a pair of gym socks. I watched wide-eyed as he pulled my hands down behind my back and wrapped one of the socks quickly around my wrists, tying it tight. I was shocked. I had never been tied up before, although I had seen people tied up on TV and had wondered about it. You know, like watching the Dukes of Hazzard when the Duke boys got captured by the bandits hired by the Boss? Or Charlie's Angels when one of the Angels got kidnapped by the bad guys? (I suppose I'm dating myself now) I had always wondered what it would be like to be tied up like them, and wondered if I could get away. Well now, it seemed like my curiosity was about to be satisfied. Even so, I was not going into captivity without a fight. 

I bucked my skinny little body up against him and tried to pull my hands free from the sock. It didn't work. I kicked my legs up, but that didn't do any good either. Frustrated, I said, "You better let me go!" 

"Or what?" he demanded.

"Or? or I'll tell mom!" I was suddenly desperate, not nearly as curious about this as I had been. I wasn't sure I wanted to be held captive by my brother. 

He laughed, and that bothered me a little bit. Threatening to tell mom had saved me from many a fine predicament. This time, he said, "Just try." 

"Mommmmmmppppppphhhhh!" What started out of my throat as a cry for all my worth ended horribly muffled in the palm of his hand as he covered my mouth, clamping down hard over my lips and forcing my head up. I looked desperately around, breathing heavily through my nose, and to my relief, I heard my mother calling up the stairs. 

"Boys! What are you doing?"

"MMMMppppphhhhh!" I tried to call her again, but I knew it was pitifully weak with Tim's hand practically strangling me. I jerked around and wiggled some more, but he had me, and we both knew it. 

"Nothing, mom! We're just playing!"

"Well, I don't want to hear you guys screaming up there! Tiffany's taking a nap!"

"Okay, Mom. We won't scream anymore!" I dared to differ, but was in position to say so. Instead, I moaned mournfully into the palm of his hand and tried to turn over. To my surprise, he pulled me up on my knees but kept his hand tightly over my mouth. Putting his lips close to my ear, Tim whispered, "Simon, we're going to get up, and if you make any noise and wake up Tiffany, you're the one getting in trouble. So just walk with me, and it will all be okay. Got it?"

I thought for a moment, knowing he was right. Nothing was more important right now in our house than letting my five year old sister get her afternoon nap. I nodded, and then felt him lifting me up by one of my arms, keeping my mouth covered as he walked me over to the end of his bunk beds. He shoved me down against one of the corner posts and reached over to his robe hanging on his closet door. The belt came loose and he passed it around my chest and arms and the bedpost, tying me to the end of the bed. It wasn't very comfortable and I told him so, but not too loudly. 

"Well, dummy, it's supposed to be tight if I don't want you going anywhere." He was rummaging around in the closet now, and when he came out he was holding an old bandanna and some rope and another pair of long white gym socks. 

"What are you going to do with those?"

"Finish tying you up, of course."

"But I'm tied up!"

"Not good enough. You could get out of that if you tried."
"How would you know?" I asked, really curious.

He smiled and said, "I've gotten out of that before." He used the socks to tie me legs, putting one around my ankles and another around my knees. Then he took the rope - it wasn't a very long piece - and passed it around my waist and the bedpost, knotting it very tightly in the middle of my stomach. Then he picked up the bandanna and folded it diagonally, then rolled it up into a long band. I knew what it was - it was for my mouth. They always got gagged when they were tied up on TV. 

"You don't have to do that! I'm being quiet!" I protested as it neared my lips.

"Well, this will make sure you stay quiet, then."

I gave up, resigned to being gagged since I was so securely tied I couldn't do anything about it anyway. I closed my lips and waited for him to tie the bandanna over my mouth, but he stopped and shook his head. 

"Open your mouth, Simon."

"Whymmmmppphhhh." When my mouth opened, he jerked the cloth between my lips and pulled it firmly behind my head. I gnashed my teeth around the rolled up bandanna, trying to push it out with my tongue, but that only opened my mouth wider and he pulled the gag tighter, pulling all the slack out of it before he knotted the ends behind my head. I shook my head furiously and looked up at him, "ey, ake is outta my mouf" My words were a little garbled, but I was surprised at how clear that really were. The gags on TV just made people grunt. 

"Not a chance, brat."

"immy!" I began to struggle and whine, at which point he pressed his hand over my mouth again and said, "Okay, okay. I'll take it out. Just be quiet." He pulled the folded cloth from between my lips and let it hang around my neck, then he reached back behind him into the closet. I saw him wadding up another bandanna and I wondered, but he didn't keep me wondering for long. "Wait a mimmmmpppppphhhh!" He crammed the whole thing into my mouth, then pulled the first one back up between my lips and tightened it. Now all I could do was grunt, just like on TV. It made me wonder if they always stuffed someone's mouth when they tied them up on TV. 

"There, that ought to keep you quiet. Now I'm going to finish my video game." And that's exactly what he did.


Silent Simon

Thursday, October 24th 2002 - 11:02:58 PM

Could someone help me
I was wondering why the dreambook messes up my punctuation. Anyone have any suggestions? And I was wondering about my stories too. What do you think? 
Silent Simon

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 12:36:19 AM

I love your stories SImon, I wish I had those experiences

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 12:01:45 PM


I was just wondering, has anybody else had trouble accessing this site today? Anyway, hoping to post part two of my latest story Sunday, although it could be sooner (Depends on time.

Angie Federico

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 01:52:37 PM

I just accessed the site right now, but I haven't tried before today, so maybe it was just a burp in the service. Besides, these things happen to this page a lot. Sometimes it's even down for days. 

To Buzley, do you plan to post more stories soon? Your others are great, and I'd love to see the rest! 

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 03:09:10 PM

Simon Sees Something
That first time my brother Tim tied me up, he left me bound to the end of the bed and gagged until he finished playing his game. I don't know how much time passed. It seemed like forever as I struggled to get my hands loose. I thought if I could just get my hands loose, I could get the rest of me loose, but the way he had tied the sock around my wrists made it impossible for me to get free by myself. So all I could do was sit there and struggle, grunting into the bandanna gag he'd stuffed into my mouth until he was ready to let me go. One of the things I wondered about as I sat there straining against my restraints was what I looked like. I wished for a mirror on the door of the closet, or that I could somehow be outside my body looking at myself all tied up and gagged. Anyway, I finally heard him win his game and a moment later, he was squatting next to me. 

"Had enough, Simon?"

"Ummm-mmmmppphhh!" I replied, wanting desperately for him to take the bandanna out of my mouth and let me go. To my surprise, he reached up and tugged the one bandanna tied between my lips down and plucked the wadded one from my mouth. I gasped for breath and licked my dried lips, then watched as he started untying my feet. After a moment of silence, I said, "Boy, you really had me tied up." 

"Yeah," he replied. "When I tie somebody up, they stay tied up." He released my knees, then reached up and started loosening the rope around my middle that kept me tied to the bedpost. 

"Do you tie people up a lot?"

For some reason, Tim blushed and he stopped untying me, leaning back on his heels. "Sometimes. Why?"

"Who have you tied up?"

He hesitated. "Some of my friends."

I knew all of his friends. Was it Mike, the fat kid from down the street? Or Robby, the tough kid who came over with his sister Lisa sometimes? Those four often disappeared into the woods behind our house, threatening me if I tried to follow. "Which friends?" I asked. 

"None of your business!" He tugged the rope loose and slipped the bathrobe belt off of my shoulders, then leaned me forward to untie my hands. "There, now get out!" 

"Do you ever get tied up?"

He looked sternly at me, holding the stuff he'd just used to tie me up with, and I wondered if I would find myself at his mercy again. Finally, he said, "Yeah, sometimes I get tied up." 

I grinned. "I'd like to see that sometime!"

Tim grabbed me by the arm and ushered me to the door. "Go play in the street, Simon," he said with a small smile, shoving me out into the hallway. I stood there for just a minute before running down to my room. 

It was a few days later when Tim's friend Robby came over after school to play, though this time he was alone. His sister Lisa didn't come with him. After eating a snack together at the kitchen bar, Tim and Robby ran upstairs and I stayed in the living room to watch TV. Scooby Doo was on, and it was one of those episodes where Daphne got kidnapped by the bad guys. I was fascinated with watching her wiggle around in the ropes, making funny sounds under the handkerchief that hung over her nose and mouth. I now knew from experience that a gag like that wouldn't keep anyone quiet. And that got me to thinking. I wondered what Tim and Robby were doing upstairs, so quietly as I could, I sneaked up the stairs and down the hall. Tim's door was open just a crack, and I couldn't hear anything. When I got to the door and peaked in, I knew exactly why. 

My heart skipped a beat with excitement when I saw that Robby was in the process of tying up my brother Tim. Tim was on his side facing the door, his hands behind his back and several loops of rope around his chest and arms. One of those long white socks he had used to tie my hands and feet with the other day was stretched tight over his mouth, and he was grunting beneath it as he watched Robby tying his feet. I thought to myself, he could talk through that sock, and then it occurred to me that he might have something stuffed in his mouth just like he'd stuffed that bandanna in my mouth the other day. Robby knotted the rope around Tim's ankles, and then he flipped Tim over onto his stomach and did something I had never seen before. He bent Tim's legs up and used a piece of rope to tie Tim's hands to his feet. My brother was looking directly at the door, and it was then with another skipping heartbeat that I realized he was looking directly at me. 

Suddenly he started thrashing around, and even though his mouth was covered and probably stuffed, I could understand him calling my name. He looked around at Robby, who was grinning at the sight of my brother twisting around in his tight bindings, and something about the way he looked or sounded must have caught Robby's attention. He reached over and pulled the sock down, and I saw that its mate had been wadded up and packed into Tim's mouth. Robby actually had to pull it out, and I wondered how he had gotten that whole sock in my brother's mouth. Then Tim said, "My brother's outside the door watching! Get him!" 

I didn't have time to react before Robby had jerked the bedroom door open and there I was on my knees, too stunned to do anything but stare up at a kid I had always thought had the potential to be very mean and nasty if he wanted to. He grabbed me by the shirt and hauled me into Tim's room, closing the door behind us as he shoved me down beside my brother. 

"What are you doing, Simon?" Tim asked, and when I looked at him I had to laugh because of the way his arms and legs were straining awkwardly because of the way they were tied together. He looked kind of funny all twisted out of shape like that. He glared and said, "It's not so funny, brat!" 

"Sure it is," Robby said, and I looked up to see him carefully wadding the sock into a tight little ball. He knelt beside us and crammed it back into Tim's mouth, then pulled the other sock up over his lips, tightening it as he finished. My brother began to moan behind the gag again, jerking his limbs against the ropes. But Robby ignored him and looked at me. 

"Now what am I supposed to do with you?"

I ventured a guess, the first thought that popped into my brain. "Tie me up?"

"Tie you up? Do you want to be tied up?" He was smiling.

I hadn't thought of it exactly in those terms. I had been tied up that once before, and I hadn't thought of it as actually wanting to be tied up. The idea had just presented itself out loud, and I didn't know if I really wanted what I had said. It didn't matter much, though, because Robby was already pulling my hands together behind my back. It was then that I noticed the pile of white cotton rope lying in the floor. He drew a length of it out and began tying my hands wrist to wrist. He wrapped the rope around my hands several times, then passed it vertically around between my palms, cinching it tight. I was craning my head around trying to see, and Tim had stopped his struggles to watch me being bound. 

Once my hands were secured, Robby pushed me down onto my stomach and started tying my feet. Then he tied my ankles, and then he pulled my feet up so that they were touching my hands and he bound them there with another piece of rope. I tried to watch what he was doing, and when I turned my head, I found myself looking into the amused dark eyes of my bound and gagged brother. 

"Do you like being tied up, Tim?" I asked innocently, wanting to answer that very question for myself as well. He made some indistinguishable sound, and then I felt myself being rolled over and Robby was standing over me with a bandanna and a sock. 

"Prisoners aren't supposed to talk. Now open your mouth." I already knew the routine, and I opened my mouth wide for him to stuff it full with the wadded bandanna. It was followed by the sock, stretched tight around my mouth and knotted at the back of my head. For the second time in my life, I was tied up and gagged, this time with my brother at the hands of his friend, and I found that I really was beginning to like this way of playing. 

Silent Simon

Saturday, October 26th 2002 - 11:31:09 AM

The Challenge -Part Two
Nicole couldn't stop laughing as Jeff was tying her ankles together, getting in a few tickles here & there. Tim had finished tying her hands behind her back. Then he pulled out a rag from his pocket & rolled it up. 

"You know Nicole, you enjoy this way too much" Tim said as he forced the rag between her teeth & tied it behind her head.

"I should have gagged you first knowing you're a chatterbox & can't keep quiet"

I could only look over at Heather & think the same thing, if she hadn't issued a challenge...we probably wouldn't be in this predicament, then again maybe we would. I twisted my wrists in an effort to get some slack in the ropes, but Jeff had done a good job. Hopefully Nicole & I could try & free one another again? Just then Tim picked Nicole up over his shoulder & carried her over to where I was. She was mmmppphhhing as Tim sat her down next to me. Suddenly Jeff moved me around to where me & Nicole were sitting back to back. Our couch was small so our feet had no where to go but to rest on the couch arms. Translation: perfect targets for tickling! Tim then tied more rope around our bodies to make sure we weren't going to hop around! Then Jeff stood over my feet. I heard Tim behind me talk towards Heather's direction. 

"Okay Heather, you have one hour. That should give you enough time to see if you can be Houdini. If you can, we'll let you all go & me & Jeff will take you all out again this weekend. If not..." I heard Nicole start to squeal & twist. Then Jeff tickled my toes. I squealed & squirmed, but the rope around our bodies kept us secure & vulnerable. 

"Our little sister & her friend are depending on you & oh by the way, Angela I wouldn't want you & Nicole to move too much, unless you two want to fall over sideways!" 

He was right. If Nicole & myself, twisted & moved too much, we were going over the side of the couch! Man my brothers had thought of everything. I could only hope that Nicole & I had enough leverage to find each other's knots. Because I just knew Heather wouldn't be able to get loose. The boys gave us a quick tickle & left the room. Nicole & I went to work & my worst fears were realized, we couldn't get enough reach on the others bonds. 
I mmmppphhhed into my gag at Nicole, as she seemed to know as well. Meanwhile, Heather was twisting & squirming her body in every way possible. This girl was determined to get free of Tim's expert tying. I just sat there amazed & watched. Heather was a cheerleader for her school, like us. She also had gymnastics training, so she was pretty athletic. 

About twenty minutes went by & Heather was still going at it. Twisting & squirming against the ropes & mmmppphing into her gag. She seemed to be a little tired by now, so she slowed down & rested a bit. Seeing this, I mmmppphhhed to Nicole to try & least make an effort to get free. She mmmppphed back & I felt her struggling. Just then, Heather started to pick up the pace. Five solid minutes of struggling got Heather nowhere, just off the couch onto the floor! I heard Nicole laugh hysterically behind her gag. I half to admit, it was funny to watch. 
Just then I heard the phone ring in the other room. I heard Tim pick it up. It was my Father!
A few minutes later, Tim walked in still talking to him. 

"You want to talk to her?" Tim said "Hold on"

Tim freed the gag from my mouth. I moved my mouth around, for it was dry. All I had to do was say to my Father that his daughter, her cousin & best friend was tied up & gagged in his living room & Tim & Jeff would probably be busted big time, but it seemed Nicole & Heather were having a good time in their helpless state so I didn't want to be the baby of the group. 

"One of these days Tim" I whispered as he put the phone up to my left ear.

"Hi Daddy...Oh nothing us girls are just hanging out, you know girl things. Heather...well she's a little tied up with something right now." 

I couldn't believe I said that as Nicole started laughing again. I tried to elbow her to stop, but my Father sensed something was up. 

"That's just Nicole being Nicole, you know real silly!"

I looked over & Heather was laughing as well laying on the floor as she was. I started to laugh as well, but caught myself. Then my Father wanted to talk to Tim again. 

"Okay... bye Daddy, I love you, see you later."

With that, Tim quickly regagged me & went back into the other room. Nicole was really laughing now as we almost fell over! I squealed & somehow we caught ourselves. 
About Fifty minutes had passed to this point & still Heather couldn't get loose. I came to the grim reality that we were going to be tickled to no end. 

Ten minutes later Tim & Jeff had come back. They looked at Heather, who was still on the floor, then looked at us.

"Well girls, I'm sorry but you didn't make it" Tim said as he produced a feather! 
Jeff had one too. I started to squirm as Jeff worked on my feet. I squealed as loud as I could as Nicole was also being tickled by Tim (I think she wanted Jeff to be her tormentor, but the boys knew this as well. Like I said, they thought of everything!) Just when I thought that it would never end, Heather had jumped up. She had did it! I couldn't believe it & neither could Tim who just froze. We had won. My brothers swallowed their pride as they untied me & Nicole. For the rest of the afternoon, us girls hung out at Nicole's house & talked about us (really Heather) defeating the boys. Heather's wrists were really red from the ropes, but she said she had to prove a point. Did she ever! We couldn't wait until the weekend when my brothers would take us all out again, but little did I know they were already plotting their revenge. The 1995 summer of bondage at the Federcio house was really just beginning. 

This next story with Heather is a really long one so I'll probably have to put it in three parts.
I'll try & get part one up sometime early this coming week.

Angie Federico

Saturday, October 26th 2002 - 05:09:32 PM

Silent Simon's stories...
Simply the best Silent Simon!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Sunday, October 27th 2002 - 12:03:46 AM

A Little Game of Simon Says
Everyone has played it, but one night when I was nine, I discovered a way to transform a simple game of Simon says into an opportunity to tie up my babysitter. At the time I thought I was the smartest kid alive. Now looking back, I know Rebecca was only humoring me. In fact, I wonder now if she actually enjoyed some of our tie-up times together. Hmmmm... 

It was my parents' anniversary, and they were going out for an evening alone on the town. My brother Tim was staying over at Robby's place (where I'm sure they were going to tie each other up, or maybe even Lisa), and Mom and Dad hired a teen-age babysitter from down the street to come over and watch me and my little sister Tiffany. They left strict instructions for bed time, Tiffany at 7:30, me at 9. For that hour and a half, I had only dreams that I hoped would come true. 

Rebecca was this dark haired, dark eyed lass from down the street, seventeen and stunningly gorgeous. I had actually had a crush on her for a couple of years, and I knew that my brother and his friends were always watching out to catch a glimpse of her in case she walked down our sidewalk or something. When he found out Rebecca was going to be my babysitter, he told me privately that he wished he was staying home to be babysat as well. Anyway, she was kind of tall and not fat at all, but round and shapely in all the right places. I was waiting for her near the door when she arrived, yanking the door open rather anxiously before she even rang the bell. She beamed down on me with a big smile and said, "Hey, Simon! I guess we're going to have some fun tonight." 

You have no idea, I thought, simply smiling at her as I closed the door. "My mom's in the kitchen fixing dinner."

"Oh, well I guess I better go take over so she can get ready to leave." Within minutes, my parents were gone, Tiffany and I were fed, and half an hour later, Tiffany had bathed and Rebecca was getting her into her jammies and ready for bed. I took that opportunity to run into Tim's bedroom and get our stuff. 

For over a year now, I had been a willing participant in Tim's tie-up games, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with his friends Robby and Mike, and sometimes with Robby's sister Lisa. Most of the time, I was the captive, or at least one of them. It seemed like they never played unless everyone ended up being tied up at some point, but I was the one who almost was always tied up, and if Lisa was playing, she was always tied up, too. A few times recently, they had let me have a hand in the tying, and a couple of times, Tim had even let me pretend to capture him so I could tie him up. So I had gotten some practice. I had also discovered that Tim and Robby had a small collection of binding material--lots of white cotton rope, a stack of blue and red bandannas, some torn up strips of bed sheet, and a roll of duct tape. They didn't use the duct tape much, and I didn’t care for it at all. It stuck too well to my skin and hurt when it came off, so I avoided the sticky stuff at all costs. 

I knew exactly where he kept it all, in a backpack in the back of his closet. It wasn't so much that he was hiding it, exactly. I mean, Mom and Dad had caught us in tie-up games plenty of times, and they had just laughed at most of our predicaments. They didn't seem to mind, but for some reason, Tim liked to keep his stuff packed up and tucked neatly away so it wouldn't be found. But he had shown me where it was, just in case…I guess in case of a night like tonight when I would need it and he wasn't here. I grabbed the backpack and ran downstairs into the living room to watch TV while Rebecca was tucking Tiffany into bed. Then I waited for Rebecca to come down. 

My heart was racing as I heard her on the stairs, and then she was standing just behind me. She leaned over the back of the couch and said in a voice that was soft and a little husky, "So, what do you want to do tonight?" 

"How about a game of Simon Says."

She giggled. "That's funny. I guess that means you get to say and I get to do."

I grinned. "That's right. Have you played before?"

"Yes, but not in a long time."

"Well, I'll bet you've never played my way before."

"Oh yeah? And how do you play?"

I didn't want to tell her and ruin it all. I wanted it to be a little surprising, after all, but I knew I'd better warn her before we played. "Well, you have to do whatever I say, and if you don't you lose." 

"Right, but only if you say, 'Simon Says.'"

I thought about that for a minute, then said quickly, "But since I'm always the one saying it, Simon always says."

She laughed again and said, "So what do I have to do first?"

"Well, mostly you just sit there and I'll do everything."

She screwed up her forehead and looked at me strangely. "This is a little different than I have ever played. What am I supposed to do?" 

"Well, how 'bout if you pretend you're my prisoner, and then you have to do everything Simon says."

Then she smiled a big knowing smile and said, "This sounds more like cops and robbers than Simon Says."

"Around here, it's all the same." I reached for the backpack and said, "So, still want to play?"

"Alright, but only until 9. Then you have to go to bed."

"I'll make you a deal. I'll go to bed at 9 if you are able to escape before then. If not..."

"Simon, your Mom said 9 was bedtime."

"Okay, okay." I decided to give up on that point, at least for a while.

"So what do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Well, first I want you to sit down on the floor."

"Aren't you going to say 'Simon says' first?"
I smiled. “Simon says Rebecca has to sit on the floor.” Rebecca sauntered around the couch and sat down in the middle of the floor. Finding that was easy, I said, "Simon says Rebecca has to put her hands behind her back." She laughed as she did so, and then I was kneeling there behind her with a piece of rope in my hands. I crossed her wrists and began looping the rope around them just like Tim had taught me. My heart pounded so loudly in my chest I was sure she could hear it, and I could hardly breathe. I wrapped the rope horizontally around her wrists and then vertically between her hands, alternating until I was out of rope, then I knotted it off and reached for more. 

Rebecca twisted a little bit, trying to pull her hands apart. When she found she couldn't, she looked around at me and said, "Wow, this is really good. Did your brother teach you that?" Suddenly it occurred to me. Rebecca had babysat here before, and a few times I was the one who had to go to bed early while Tim stayed up watching TV. I wondered if TV was actually what got watched. 

I didn't answer her. Instead, I said, "Simon says the prisoner cannot talk."

"Or what?"

The question startled me, and I said, "Or else Simon will make sure you can’t talk." She laughed, and I realized she knew exactly what I meant. I took a long piece of rope and dropped it around her shoulders. It fell on top of her breasts, and without thinking, I reached around and grabbed the rope, pulling it down over the swell in the front of her shirt. My young hands brushed her as I pulled the rope around her arms, and I blushed, shaking all over from the rush I suddenly had. She didn't say a word as I wrapped the rope around her several times before tying it off. Then I moved around in front of her and said, "Simon says to put your feet together." She did so without a word, and I tied them together with rope, winding it first around her ankles, then just below her knees. Finally, I wrapped some around her thighs, then I moved back around behind her and reached into my backpack for a couple of handkerchiefs. 

"Simon says open your mouth."

To my surprise, she protested. "But I haven't said a word! I was following the rules. You don't have to gag me, Simmmmmpppppphhhhh!" I was quick with the wad of cloth, stuffing it into her mouth even while she protested. She started grunting, but not too loudly, and started struggling, but not too strongly, and I kept my hand over her mouth to keep her from spitting the gag out. Finally she stopped fighting and huffed in exasperation. 

"Simon says you have to have something in your mouth to keep you quiet." I took my hand off and picked up one of the bandannas, folding it into a narrow strap and reaching around to place it carefully between her lips. I stretched it tight, and the folds pressed between her teeth, forcing the wadded handkerchiefs deeper into her mouth. Flattening the bandanna against her cheeks, I pulled it around behind her head and slipped a knot in it, trying not to get any strands of hair in the knot. I succeeded and pulled the gag tight, then doubled the knot. Now she was completely gagged, and I was enthralled. I moved around and looked into her dark brown eyes with my glistening blue ones and said, "So, what do you think of playing Simon says this way?" 

"Gummmm-ummmmpppphhh!" She replied. I have no idea what she said, but her eyes were smiling, so I smiled back.

"I thought you'd like it," I said. "Want to watch some TV while you try to escape?" It was 8 o'clock, and absently I wondered if she could really make me go to bed if she were still tied up and gagged at 9. 

Silent Simon

Sunday, October 27th 2002 - 06:15:07 AM

Julie 10 years later
I Had to post this story. I spent a good portion of the night trying to find this site to share it.

Yesterday, I was pulling into a parking spot of a local grocery store, and noticed a young girl trying to keep her daughter out of the way of traffic, and struggling to get her bags into the back of her car. As I got out, I offered to help. I looked at this blonde woman, and realized I knew her from a long time ago ( 10 years to be exact). 

I said "Julie"?? She looked at me, and realized who I was, and we hugged, and quickly put the rest of her bags into her trunk. She put her three year old Daughter into the car seat and we stood in the parking lot talking about old times. I knew Julie when I was a Police officer in another town nearby, she was a 16 year old kid then, but was always extremely good looking for her age, and looked 23 when she was 16. Now here she was standing in front of me, looking even better than she did then. Julie is about 5'6, 120, with long dishwater blond hair, babyblue eyes, and a smile to die for. I have always thought she looked like "Buffy the Vamipre slayer" I always remember her from her younger days, and she always had legs to kill for too. 

after we chatted for awhile Julie told me she had to get going, but wrote her phone number down for me, I wrote mine down and told her to call me sometime to. She told me to call her that night if I wasnt doing anything. I told her I would. After I finished my shopping, I went home and to my surprise, there was a message on my machine from Julie. I called her back, and she told me her daughter would be asleep soon. Then she said to come over for a drink. Well how could I resist. I pulled into her drive about an hour later, and she met me at the door. Julie was wearing skin tight hup hugging jeans, 3-4 inch sandals, and a tight black long sleeved pull over shirt. we went into her living room, and sat down with our drinks in hand. we started talking about when I was a cop, and Julie revealed she had a huge "Crush" on me. 

then she brought up something I had forgotten about. One day when I was on patrol, I had seen Julie and her then boyfriend, I was messing around with them in the driveway of her parents home, and ended up handcuffing her hands behind her as a joke. Julie told me she loved when I did that, and secretly wished her boyfriend wasnt there when I did. I looked at her, and told her "Yeah but you'd kill me now if I did" Julie giggled, and said "No I wouldnt, I'd probably like it" Now my blood was boiling, I told her jokingly "Well I dont have cuffs", julie looked at me and said, wait right there. she left the room, and came back a couple minutes later holding yards and yards of white soft rope. She looked at me with an impish grin and said "will this do?" I told her sure, but if I do this you have to do what I say. Julie agreed, and before we got started, excused herself to go to the bathroom. I waited for about ten minutes in her living room, and finally I could hear her coming down the hall. Julie came through the door wearing a black french cut leotard, black sheer to the waist nylons under, and 5 inch pumps. My eyes bugged out of my head!!!!! she walked over to me, turned around, and clamped her hands behind her palm to palm. I took a length of rope and tied her wrists tigtly. Julie looked over her shoulder, and said "I hope you like what I wore for you, I thought it would look good"..I just smiled, and grabbed more rope. I tied her elbows and to my surprise, I got them to touch behind her back. I then harnessed her upper body, and secured her hands to a nice tight crotch rope. I sat Julie down on the coffe table, and crossed her ankles. I tied her ankles, and knees, and upper thighs very tight. I asked her if it was too tight, and she just smiled back at me. All the while letting out little moans, and testing my ropework. when I finished tying her, she asked me to sit back in a chair while she tried to get loose. I watched her struggle like mad for about ten minutes. Julie then asked me a favor, she didnt want her daughter waking and finding her like this, and asked "can you take me to the basement"? I told her yes, and reached down to untie her legs. Julie pulled her black nylon covered legs back, and said "NO I like it this way, please carry me" So I stood her, and watched her try to balance in 5 inch heels, and with her ankles crossed. As I went to pick her up, she said, Some kidnapper you are, you didnt even gag me". I asked her where her room was, and then went there and pulled out some scarves she had tucked in a drawer. I took one scarf and wadded it up. Julie playing coy tried her best from keeping me shoving that wad in her mouth. finally I got it in, and tied the other scarf around and between her teeth. I took another scarf and blindfolded her. I picked her bound body up and carried her through the kitchen to the basement door, then I trew her over my shoulder, and carried her down the stairs. Julie feeling her role in the game we were playing began struggling, and "Muuuummmphing". 
I took her into the dark basement, and carried her to a pole in the middle of the floor. I stood her up against it, and took the rest of the rope she had, and lashed her to the pole. all the time Julie faught with all her might against the bonds. I stood back and watched her. I think she thought I left the basement cause she went nuts trying to escape. Her nylons running, and her ankles still crossed and tied made it more difficult for her to move. 
finally after watching her for a bit, I took her blindfold off. She looked at me with wide eyes, and muffled a few words throught the mouth filling gag. I removed the gag, and shelooked up at me. I said "having fun"? Julie looked back and said "God yes, I have always wanted YOU to do this to me". I laughed, and Julie said " I want this to seem real though, you can get a little rough if you want". Hearing this, I grabbed her hair, and stuffed the wadding back into her mouth then tied the other scarf tighter than I did before. Julie screamed, and began fighting again, pleading through the gag. and let me tell you, a girl with this kind of body, dressed in a Balck leotard, and sheer black hose under......she made it look sooooooooo good!!!. 

I told her I would be back, and went looking around her house, (Hey she wanted it to be real" after awhile I came back and told her I had a surprise for her. I found her camcorder in the closet, and a blank tape in the case, and began filming her. Julie went mad. I filmed her on the pole for about a half hour, then untied her from the pole. I picked her up, and layed her on the cold floor of the basement, then hogtied her tightly. I took a length of rope and tied it to the rope holding her hands and ankles together, I then strung it up to a rafter in the ceiling, and pulled her up until her back was arched, and she barely rested on her stomach. I filmed her in this position for about 20 minutes. Julie was feeling it by then, but put on a good show. I finally relased her form this position, and ungagged her. She lay there on the floor, still fighting the rope. I knelt down beside her, and began untying her. Julie sat up as I untied her legs, and ankles. Julie was rubbing on the crotch rope, and I could tell she was close to an orgasim. I grabbed the crotchrope, and began pulling on it for her. finally after only a few minutes, she came with force. I finished untying her, and we walked back upstairs. Julie still in her black attire, and heels. I sat on the couch, and Julie staddled my lap. she unsnapped the bodysuit crotch, and ripped a hole in her nylons. ( the rest is self explanitory) 
after we finished, Julie asked me if I would come back. I told her I would. and before I left...Julie looked at me rubbing her wrists, and said "do you think I would look good in white"??? I told already did 
when I got home there was a message on my Machine from her. She said "I will be home alone on monday night, the door will be open, come and get me" God I cant wait until monday.

Just Me

Sunday, October 27th 2002 - 09:54:23 PM

Haloween Prank
Hey Holoween is coming up soon so i thought id share one of my stories that has to do with it. In Haloween October of 1987, When i was 13 me and my friends Bill and Andy were 
trick or treating we didnt have costumes. we just wore scary masks. We saw some people in black costumes
and we couldnt see there faces they slowley aproached us. I was shit scared and so were bill and andy so we ran like hell till we were in front of a house. I said "I think we lost them" But just then more people in those black costumes 
came out of the house and grabbed us and dragged us in. I could tell they werent kidnappers since they were as tall as us. As we were being brought in there was a sleep-over going on in the houses living room. It was a girl from school name alexa's sleep-over. the black costumed people handgagged us and held our arms and brought us to alexa's room. I saw tape and rope on the bed. they shoved me and billy into the closet and grabbed bill. I didnt know what they were doing so i cant tell. After about 5 minutes they opened the door and let me out. I saw Andy hogtied and gagged in a white lingerie set, Bra, Panties Even a garter with full stockings. they took me to the bathroom and shoved me in and closed the door. I saw 3 hangars with lingerie sets hanging. 1 was empty im guessing that was andy's white set. there was a black set and a rose red set. I took down the black set not having much choice and put it on. I left the bathroom and the black robed people grabbed me and gagged me with pantyhose from alexa's dresser and wrapped duct tape over it several times. I screamed under my gag as they started to spread-eagle tie me to the bed once they finished they opened the closet and brought bill into the bathroom. He came out with the rose lingrie on and they gagged him using pantyhose also and they tied him to a chair at his legs, wrists, chest and upper arms they took scarves out of the closet and blindfolded us. suddenly i heard footsteps walk down the stairs. We were tied up in a girl's room in her underwear, gee i thought why are we wearing her clothes and tied in her room? DUH she set it up i knew it. Just then i heard footsteps coming upstairs. the door opened and suddenly a whole bunch of people started laughing at us. they unblindfolded us and we saw a shocking discovery they were all girls in lingerie. was this a fantasy?? (100% REAL I SWEAR) it was amazing they untied us and ungagged us but didnt let us take off the lingerie. We stayed a bit and talked to other girls wearing lingerie they all put there clothes on eventually and gave us our clothes back. we put them on and we still had the lingerie on with our clothes over them. 
we left her house and went back to trick or treating
At about 10:00 pm we went to our homes and just relaxed. I forgot all about the lingerie and fell asleep I took it off the next morning and returned it to the girls in a bag that day. 

That was my haloween bondage experence. I hope you liked it.


Monday, October 28th 2002 - 01:35:56 PM

Some kids have all the fun.
A few months ago (when it was still summer) I was out walking in the park near my home. AT one point I cut through a picnic area where some kids were hanging out. I don't know for sure but the all looked to be teenagers. 
There werre 3 guys and 2 girls sitting around a picnic table having sodas and such. Off frome anouther ditection I saw this young couple walking toward them. As the pair got closer I could see the guy walking slightley in front of the girl, he seemed to have something in his hand. As the got even closer I could see the girl had on some kind of a collar (Turned out to be a dog collar) and what he had in his hand was a leash. He was just casuallly leading her along as if he were walking his dog. She Has long blond hair tied back in a pony tail and was wearing shorts , a tank top and was bare foot. As the passed where I was I could see she had her hands tied behind her with some sort of rope. 
As they got to the table the others got up and greeted him but said nothing to her. One of the guys pulled some rope out of a sack and tied her elbows together. She then hoped up on the edge of the table while the guy tied her kneees and ankles together. They turned her over face down on the table and drew her legs up into a hog tie. One of the girls used a scarf to cleave gag her while the other girl tied her big toes together. WHen they were done they all sat down and started to eat their lunch all around her. 
I hung out as long as I could but when I left they were still lunching around their hog tied center piece.
I need to get out at lunch time more often.

Monday, October 28th 2002 - 07:02:52 PM

Rebecca's Revenge
Rebecca had been struggling in her bonds for about half an hour while I watched TV, and I knew she was not even close to getting free. Her hands were securely tied together behind her back just the way Tim had shown me to do it, and I had wrapped a rope around her arms and chest to keep her arms pinned against her body. I had used lots of rope on her legs, wrapping it around her ankles, knees and thighs. And lastly I had gagged her, stuffing her mouth with a couple of wadded handkerchiefs while she moaned in muted protest, then tying a folded bandanna tightly around her mouth to keep the gag in. I was really fascinated with the act of silencing someone, and had taken great care to make the gag as attractive and effective as possible. While she struggled, I watched her lips work around the folded bandanna, trying to loosen it or push the wadded handkerchiefs out of her mouth, but she could do neither, and all the while, she made these muffled little grunts that just enthralled me. 

Finally, she stopped struggling and looked up at me with those wide brown eyes, humming my name through her gag. "Hmmmmm-onnnnnnnn! Emmmmmeeee-ooohhhhh!" I got up and knelt beside her, slipping the folded bandanna from between her lips. Then I plucked the sodden wad of handkerchiefs from her mouth and grinned as she said, "Wow, you sure know how to keep a girl quiet." 

"Tim taught me."

"I'll bet he did," she said with a laugh. "He was always good at tying me up, too."

"Did you play a lot?" I had made no move to untie her further.

"A few times. Why?"

"I just don't ever remember seeing you tied up before."

"Well, I haven't babysat for you guys in over a year, and you were still going to be early the last time I was over."

"I know. So is that when you were tied up? After I went to bed?"

"Uh-huh." She wiggled around in her ropes and said, "Aren't you going to let me go now?"

I grinned. "No. Do you need a drink of water or something?"

She looked at me for a long moment, then said, "Sure. Water would be nice. Especially if you are going to gag me again." I hopped up and ran into the kitchen for some water, then brought it back and held it to her lips. She sipped from it, then took a longer drink. I tipped it and the water spilled over the rim of the glass and dribbled down her chin. I set the glass down and dabbed at the water on her face with one of the unused bandannas from Tim’s backpack. "Thanks," she said. 

"No problem," I replied. "Ready for you gag again?"

Her eyes gleamed with a hint of humor and a hint of annoyance as she opened her mouth wide and let me stuff it full with the wadded handkerchiefs. Then I slipped the folded bandanna between her lips and pulled it tight behind her head again. Satisfied with the gag, I got up and said, "I've gotta go to the bathroom. Will you be alright until I get back?" 

"Ummmmm-hmmmmmm!" She nodded, and I raced down the hall to take care of my business. I wasn't gone more than five minutes, but I was more than a little shocked when I came back into the living room and found nothing more than a pile of ropes, two soaked handkerchiefs and a folded bandanna where I had left Rebecca tightly tied up and gagged. I started to call out for her when I felt a soft feminine hand clamp down over my mouth and another arm wrapped around my body, pinning my arms to my sides. 

"Hi, Simon! Ready to play this game my way?" She asked, her breath hot against my ear. The unspoken rule of any tie-up game was if you got captured, you had to submit yourself to being tied up, so I didn’t even try to fight her. I just nodded and made an affirmative grunt beneath her hand. "Good," she said, leading me over to the middle of the floor and pushing me down on my stomach. She pulled my hands behind my back and tied them palm to palm, then moved down to tie my feet together. She didn’t bother with my knees, but when I looked back over my shoulder, I saw her wadding a blue bandanna with a mischievous glint in her eye. At least she was using something fresh to gag me. "Open up, Simon." 

I did as she asked, grunting a little into the gag as she pushed it between my lips, crowding it past my teeth until the entire wad was in my mouth. Then she picked up the red bandanna I had tied around her mouth and unfolded it, then refolded it into a wider band. Instead of tying it between my lips, she drew it over my whole mouth, covering my face from nose to chin and knotting it tightly behind my head. I tried to push the wadded gag out of my mouth and found that even though the cloth band was not in my mouth, it still kept me gagged effectively. I looked up at her, and she smiled. 

"Well, Simon, think you can get out of that?"

I started to struggle, thinking I probably could. At least until I saw how she had gotten loose herself. My brother Tim and his friend Robby were standing in the doorway to the kitchen, grinning from ear to ear. Then I knew that Rebecca and I both were going to be in a very bad bind in just a few minutes. 

Silent Simon

Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 02:53:23 PM

A morning of bondage
Hi im sam age 13 im new. I just found this page with google and i like it so far. I thought id post my first bondage experiance which happened on saturday at around 7-10 o-clock 
ok here i go.

It was a bright saturday morning. My friend bryan had slept over. Unfortanatly I have a bitchy sister who is 15 and pushes me around alot. She also had a friend sleeping over. At seven bryan woke me up to watch a show called Yu-Gi-Oh. we both loved it and didnt want to miss it. We ran into the living room only to see my sister forance and her friend cathy watching some other show. I grabbed the remote from the table and put channel 11 on. She got pissed and put back her show. I changed it back. This repeated about 5 times until she erupted."THATS IT STOP PRESSING THE BUTTON OR ELSE" she said. I said "or else what"? She told cathy to get rope and tape from the garage. She got up and grabbed 2 Socks from her drawer and sat on the couch with us I asked "what are you planning to do?" she said that we will see. 
Cathy returned with 2 big coils of rope and 2 rolls of silver duct tape. she gave my sister 1 roll and 1 coil while she held the other. I grabbed the remote and put yu gi oh on. At this point she was pissed. She tackled me down and stuffed a sock in my mouth and then she duct taped my mouth about 5 times around. I started to kick and scream under my gag. She Tied my arms to my legs putting me in a hog tie. This whole time cathy did the same to bryan. We were hogtied on the floor at the mercy of my sister. She pulled my socks off and tickeled me like hell for a few minutes. I laughed so hard that i tipped over. Bryan was tickled also but he wasnt that ticklish. She asked us if we had enough. I nodded yes. She untied us and ungagged us. She said "the next time you piss me off you and your friend are gonna get it". For about an hour we stayed in my room while they watched tv. 
I walked into the living room like an idiot and changed the channel. She was fuming She went up to her room and got out 2 sets of lingerie that included a bra, panties and something called a garter belt with stockings. She told me to pick which set i wanted or else. I knew what was else so i picked the Black and royal blue set she gave the other hot pink set to bryan.After being tied up before we were scared of her so i went upstairs to change while bryan went into the downstairs bathroom I changed into the strange clothes and slowley walked downstairs. I saw bryan already dressed. 
My sister held 2 wigs while cthy had a make up box set on her lap She gave me the blonde wig and gave bryan the brown wig. We put them on and sat down it felt strange wearing my sister's clothes for the first time. It kinda felt good. 
I asked "so.. what now?" and cathy opened the make up box
my sister brought up two chairs and sat us down. she tied our arms and legs and said "Just for security" cathy and my sister started aplying make up. They put more on for about 30 minutes and then started to do our nails. She did mine pink while cathy did red to bryan. They did our hands but not our feet because of the stockings we had on. They started to tie us once more. once they were finished they gagged us while we were hog-tied. They put their show on and left us there on the floor. Once the show was over my sister blindfolded us with scarves and I started to hear snapping noises "A camera" then she took our blindfolds off. afte another hour or so they untied us and ungagged us. My sister said " If you dont want to be tied up dont take the lingerie off. we lived our lives normaly in lingerie. We played ps2 and talked all in lingerie. It felt great especially the garterbelt thing at 1:00 they gave our clothes back and we changed back. Bryan left and cathy also. Our parents came home I played ps2. My sister said to me in my ear "act like nothing happened".The day went on 

Thats it i hoped you liked it


Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 06:26:48 PM

Babysitter Bound Again
I lay there in the middle of the living room floor, my hands and feet tied with rope—not too well, mind you. I think I could have gotten out given half a chance—and my mouth stuffed and bound with a couple of bandannas. My babysitter Rebecca had done this to me, after I had kept her tied up and gagged for over half an hour. And I was wondering how she had managed to escape when I saw my brother Tim and his friend Robby standing in the doorway of the kitchen laughing at me in my captivity. Then I knew. They must have come over and found her tied up while I was in the bathroom, and untied her, knowing she would do this to me. Those two always seemed to derive a great amount of amusement from tying me up and letting me struggle. I didn’t mind it myself, although to be taken captive by my own captive was not so funny at the time. 

Rebecca stood over me with a big smile on her face, and I looked up at her, knowing what was coming next. It was the part I could hardly wait for. She didn't have a clue--at least if she did, she never let on. She didn't even turn around to share in the gloating with Tim and Robby. She just stood there with her hands on her hips, and then she said, "So, how do you like playing Simon doesn’t say?" She giggled at her little joke at my expense. Tim and Robby had moved up close behind her. I made a little sound into my gag, my eyes wide as I watched what happened next. 

Each of them grabbed one of her arms and pulled them behind her back, and my brother Tim covered her mouth with his other hand. Her dark brown eyes went wide and she grunted angrily against his hand, then tried to fight as Robby wrapped a piece of rope around her wrists and pulled them tightly together. With her hands bound, Tim turned her around and pulled her back against him, keeping his hand clamped firmly down over her mouth as he wrapped his other arm around her to keep her still while Robby knelt down to tie her feet together. She was making some pretty noisy protestations against Tim's palm, but she didn't really put up much of a fight. Robby finished tying her feet, then reached for the wad of handkerchiefs they had undoubtedly pulled from her mouth a few minutes earlier. 

"Girls always make so much noise when you try to tie them up. That's why we have to keep them gagged." He grinned as Tim dropped his hand and held her by her bound arms, then put his left hand around the back of her head while his right hand brought the loose ball of white cloth up to her mouth. She never said a word, just dropped her jaw and let him stuff the handkerchiefs all the way back into her mouth. Then Robby reached for the roll of gray duct tape. "This will keep you real quiet." 

He ripped off a few inches of adhesive and slapped it over her mouth, sealing her lips with the handkerchief wadding behind them. Another strip went over the top edge just beneath her nose, a third went over the bottom edge almost to her chin. Her grunts of protest were now reduced to extremely muffled moans through the handkerchief gag and duct tape, and all three of us boys laughed. 

Helping Rebecca over to the couch, Robby and Tim made her lay face down, and Robby pulled her legs up, securing them with rope into a tight hog-tie while Tim blindfolded her with another bandanna. After that, they stepped back and watched her with great fascination as she struggled against her ropes. 

Thinking they had forgotten to untie me, I began to grunt into my gag to get their attention. It worked. Robby and Tim turned to look at me, and as Robby inspected the ropes, he said, "Hey, these aren't very good. You could get of these in no time, Simon." 

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Well, we'll have to do something about that." I felt him untying the knots in the ropes around my wrists, but just as the loops of rope loosened, he pulled on the ends, tightening my bonds and retying the knots out of reach of my fingers. Tim had moved to retie my feet, and then I felt him using more rope around my knees. Robby reached for another piece of rope and passed it beneath my elbows, pulling steadily until my arms were almost touching behind my back. I protested rather vocally through my gag, not enjoying the feeling of my elbows being forced together, and I liked it even less when they put me in a hog-tie. Then they both began to laugh, mocking me as I grunted and strained in my bonds. I had never been tied this uncomfortably before, and though I liked being tied up almost as much as I liked tying other people up, I wasn't sure I liked this new tight bondage at all! 

Silent Simon

Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 07:32:47 PM

Good New Stories
Let me say I really enjoyed some of the latest stories! Particularly the ones posted by Peter, about his study-session, and the ones posted by Angie. 

As a veteran of this site I can surely say these two posters are among the best ones in a long time. Good writing, interesting stories and tickling, what can one ask for more? 


Wednesday, October 30th 2002 - 12:56:28 AM

My Brothers Revenge
Well the weekend got here & Tim & Jeff took Heather, Nicole & myself out to a local amusement park. They bought us anything we wanted! I even added to my stuffed animal collection thanks to Jeff winning a game. We still couldn't get over Heather getting loose from Tim's knots. We couldn't help but brag about it in the boys faces. Big mistake. Underneath, they were plotting revenge against us & it would come at the unlikely of times. 
When they tied us up the last time, it was in our living room when my parents were both at work. What a chance they took! They're lucky that they called & not showed up out of the blue. Anyway, that was nothing to what they were about to pull off. 

It came a couple of weeks later, early July 1995 on a hot Friday afternoon when my parents went out out of town for the weekend again. Nicole was gone as well with her mom overnight to her Aunt's house. She wouldn't be back to late Saturday afternoon-early evening. So that left me & Heather alone with my brothers. But just when I thought the worst, they told us they had to go to an all day music festival & wouldn't be back till Saturday night as well. 
I guess my parents knew that, so they called a girl named Melissa to watch us. Melissa was my brothers' age & had house sit for us a couple of times. My parents really liked her. 

Anyway, on Friday night, me & Heather were talking the usual girl talk when Heather posed a question to me.

"Hey Angie, I got an idea,"

"What?" I replied

"What if we tie up Melissa & then tickle her!"

"Are you serious?"

"Very, and it would be change of pace, you know your brothers aren't here"

"I think it would be kind of fun, now thinking about it!, but what about Nicole. She's going to miss out"

"I know, but I'm in the mood to do it. What do ya say cousin?"

"Let's do it!"

We hopped off my bed & looked around upstairs for rope & some kind of cloth. Melissa was downstairs talking on the phone, probably to her boyfriend. Just then, Heather came out of my brothers room with a roll of clothesline, some bandanas & duct tape. 

"Wow Heather, was that in their room?"


"Those monsters!, just ready to strike again weren't they?"

"Come on"

We went downstairs & hid the tie up stuff out of view from Melissa , who was on the phone. She saw us & then hung up.

"Hey you guys, what are you doing?"

"Were bored Melissa, want to play a game?" Heather asked

"Like what?"

"It's called tie up the sitter" I added

"You mean tie me up, like your brothers do to you?"

"You know about that?"

"Yeah, and now that you mention it, it might be kind of fun, to see what you go through"

"Okay then, stay here"

Heather went & got the tie up stuff & returned

"Put your hands behind your back"

Melissa obeyed & I watched Heather tie her wrists together. She wound the rope around about four times & crossed it the other way, finally cinching a knot. 

"Wow, that's pretty tight, Heather"

"Prisoners aren't supposed to talk" Heather added as she took a piece of duct tape & pressed it over Melissa's mouth.

"Mmmppphhh!!!" was about the only thing Melissa could say as I secured her ankles with more of the clothesline. She wearing sweat pants, but was barefoot. So she was an easy target. 

"Oh & one more thing Melissa"

Heather then took a bandana & tied it over her eyes as a blindfold. Melissa shook her dirty blonde hair every which way & mmmppphhhed into the tape gag. Heather then looked at me with a evil look in her eye. 

"Ready?" She said as she looked at Melissa's feet. I nodded back. Then we proceeded to give Melissa a good tickling, both her feet were raked by our fingers. Melissa was ticklish somewhat, but I think she was suprised to be getting done in by a couple of teenage girls. 
We were laughing it up & having a good time. Then Heather tickled her whole body. Melissa bucked & started mmmppphhing louder. We were getting to her. We went on for about ten minutes & then stopped. We fell out laughing next to her. Heather told her we would be back to untie her in a little while. 

About a half hour later, we were both suprised to find Melissa still securely bound & gagged.
We then untied her.

"Are you allright Melissa?" I asked

"Yeah that was fun"

She didn't sound too convincing. Something in me told me we went too far. Saturday would prove me right.

Mid morning Saturday I heard Melissa on the phone again as I came downstairs wearing my long t-shirt which I wore over my bikini. We were going to go to the public swimming pool & I wanted Melissa to drive us. I had to go down to the basement to get some towells. When I was down there, suddenly the power went off! Oh great I thought. Maybe it wouldn't last long. I went to the stairs & called out to Melissa. 

"Hey Melissa! Shine the flashlight down here!"

But there was no answer. My heart started beating faster as I inched my way up the stairs holding onto the railing as a guide.


Still no answer. What was going on? I made it to the top of the stairs as my heart was in my throat. Then I saw Melissa. She was holding rope. 

"Your turn Angie"

"You scared me to death Melissa. What's with turning off the power?"

"Like I said it's your turn!"

"You're starting to scare me. You're taking us to the pooommmggrmmhhh!"

I couldn't finish the sentence as I was suddenly hand gagged from behind! The power came back on & I saw Heather being forced into the kitchen with a hand covering her mouth. It belonged to my brother Jeff! That meant Tim had captured me. Of all the dirty tricks they pulled on us, this had to be the lowest! I then noticed some bandanas hanging out of Jeff's pocket. 

Melissa started to laugh as she threw rope to each of my brothers.

"It looks like swimming's been cancelled girls!" Tim said as he kept his hand over my mouth.

"Revenge will be very sweet" Jeff added

"Revenge for what?" Melissa asked

"For getting loose of my knots" Tim said "I don't take defeat lightly"

And I thought they had gotten over that. Was I wrong! I could only mmmppphh behind his big hand.

"What happens now?" Melissa asked "Tie them up & gag them?"

"Right. And tickling! Right sister dear!"

I started trying to get free from Tim, but he held me tight.

"Okay Jeff let's get them downstairs."

I could only look at Heather. She didn't seem suprised. For her triumph in getting loose only fueled my brothers ego to make sure she couldn't get loose again! 

To be continued....

I hope to have part two up in a couple of days


Angie Federico

Wednesday, October 30th 2002 - 07:16:20 PM

The Famous Gagboy is back. 
I have had some majoy problems with my computer system but is now sorted out and I am back. For those who remember me of course.

I also have a new community up and running and hope that all old and new member alike will join. Canuck it is great to be back and if you are still waiting for the rest of your story, and I just know that Lisa will be then do let me know. 

Great to see that the story community is still great but now bigger and better than ever.

The hopefully still famous GagBoy

Mark Thomas
London England

Wednesday, October 30th 2002 - 10:45:17 PM

Tied For The First Time
This is my first post of what I hope will be several. Hope you like them.

I was ten years old and my Mother was going away for the weekend on a business trip with my Father. He had already left and she was catching an afternoon plane to meet him. Her sister, Mary, was going to baby sit me as she had done before. 

Aunt Mary was 18, had just graduated High School and was very attractive. I loved when she came to baby sit.
I was particularly annoying to my Mother this day. Finally she told me if I didn't stop we'd play a new game called Cowboys and Indians where she was the cowboy who captured and tied up the indian. I deliberately kept annoying her and she finally loosely tied me hands behind the back of a dining room chair, but tight enough that I couldn't easily escape. A few minutes later my Aunt arrived. She saw me tied to the chair, laughed, and said she'd get me later. My Mother came down, looked at me and told my Aunt I was a captured renagade wild Indian. My Aunt told her she knew how to handle renagades. My Mother kissed me good by and went out to the cab taking her to the airport. 

Aunt Mary came back in and said for a renagade, you're not tied very well. I'll have to mak sure you don't escape until the sherrif comes. She went and found some rope left over from the clothesline my father had put up. She tightened the ropes my mother used just enough that I knew I couldn't escape, and used the rope she found to tie my feet, legs, and the rest of me to the chair. I playfully squirmed to make it hard for her, but was really enjoying being tied up. Whe she finished, she said, well that will hold you until the sheriff comes. I said I'll yell for my war party to rescue me and scalp you! No you won't she said and got a scarf out of her suitcase, stuffed it in my mouth, and went to unpack her suitcase. I was really enjoying beig tied up like this and wasn't in a rush to be untied. She checked on my when she finished and said no sheriff yet. I squirmed some and mffffed, but she walked into the kitchen. Well, she said, I guess I'll have to feed the prisoner. She made me a sandwich and placed it on the table beside my chair. Go ahead and eat, she said. I mffffed, and she said, I guess I'll have to feed you. She untied the scarf and fed me lunch. 

After lunch, she said well I guess the sheriff isn't coming, so I'll have to let you go. She untied me and said don't let me catch you again. What she didn't know was waht I was planning to do to her, but that comes later if anyone wants to know. 

Charlie Mason

Wednesday, October 30th 2002 - 11:22:40 PM

Well, I liked the story. Go ahead and post more. I'd like to hear about you getting tied again, but keep your stories in order. Post away!

Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 02:04:02 PM

Hey Gagboy I joined your group and i was wondering, How long does it take to get aproved?

Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 06:49:49 PM

The Captive Cousins
The boys hustled us down the stairs with their hands still covering our mouths. Melissa followed behind. They forced us into the small room where Nicole & I had been tied before. 

"Okay girls," Tim said "If you promise not to yell we'll remove our hands"

I had no choice. I was caught again!
"Hmm hmm" I replied as I looked over at Heather. Jeff then removed his hand from her mouth.

"Hands behind your back sister dear" Tim added as he then crossed my wrists & took the clothesline that Melissa had given him & proceeded to tie my wrists together. I looked over at Heather. She had a grin on her face as Jeff tied her hands behind her back. Melissa couldn't help but be curious as she watched my brothers tie us up. 

"Make sure it's good & tight" she sneered, acting real bossy

"Don't worry, they ain't getting loose this time"

"I can't believe you're in on this Melissa" I said as Tim tightened his famous knots. It was tight. "How could you?"

"They talked me into it, It was easy."

"By the way, Angie? Where's Nicole?" Jeff said as he tightened the knots on Heather's wrists

"I'm not telling you any thing brother dear" I said knowing the gag was coming next.

"Okay" Jeff added as he tossed a bandana to Tim. "Gag her so she keeps that promise"

Tim took the red bandana, rolled it up & forced it in my mouth, pulling it really tight & knotting it behind my head. Jeff quickly cleave-gagged Heather, the blue bandana pulled tightly into the corners of her mouth as well. Her pretty baby face now gagged like mine. 

"Grrmmmmpphhh!!!" I tried to say behind it. Heather added a mmmppphhh as well

"Wow!" Melissa said, her arms folded in front of her. "You two don't play around. I was only gagged by tape."

As Tim sat me down on the couch. He stopped suddenly.

"When was this?"

"Last night" Melissa added "When these brats ganged up on me & tied me up & tickled me!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing as Jeff sat Heather next to me & started to tie our bare ankles together. Ganged up on her? She wanted to play along. I knew something was wrong last night. This was another set up, just as always! I started mmmppphing loudly in Melissa's direction. I couldn't wait until I got my hands on her! Was she going to get it. But at the moment I was the one getting it, along with my cousin Heather! 
Tim & Jeff didn't say another word as they tightened the knots on our ankles & then stood up. 

"So what's next?" Melissa asked

"Just watch" he said as he crouched down & moved his fingers over my feet. I could only squeal & squirm as always. He then did Heather's feet. She bucked & squealed as well. 

"Boy, they are ticklish!"

"We'll be back soon. You can watch them if you want Melissa, but don't touch"

Tim & Jeff then left the room & I heard them running up the stairs. We were suddenly trapped with Melissa. Hopefully she would obey Tim's orders & not tickle us. But she kept looking at her fingernails & had an evil grin on her face. We squirmed against the ropes, but we were tied tight. Suddenly Melissa jumped off her chair like a big cat in the jungle. She laughed as she tickled our bare feet! We could only squrim as our bodies collided on the couch. 

"Mmmppphhh!!! grrrmmphhh!!!" We both yelled, squealing loudly at her touch. Just then I heard feet running downstairs. I was never more happy to see my brothers in my life! 

"Hey!" Tim yelled as he pulled Melissa away. "What did I tell you?"

"I just wanted to see for myself"

"Well you're in big trouble now, get her Jeff!"

Jeff suddenly grabbed Melissa & hand gagged her! I was stunned as I looked at Heather & started to smile behind my gag. Melissa was going to get hers finally! 
Jeff then replaced his hand with a yellow bandana, which he used to cleave-gag her tight.
Melissa tried to fight, but was no match for my brothers who were also like jungle cats attacking some helpless prey. They had her hands tied behind her back & her ankles tied in no time. She could only grunt loudly behind the gag, probably calling them all kinds of nasty names (At least it sounded like it!). I think she was actually enjoying it though. 
They picked her off the floor & plopped her down next to us, I was in the middle as I looked at her & started to say stuff behind my gag. Heather started laughing to me as I was really chastising Melissa for crossing my brothers & us. Of course, my speech was garbled at best. 

"Well now, isn't this a pretty picture?"

"A kodak moment brother" added Jeff as took out a feather from a bag!

"I think you will be first, Melissa, since you let my sister & cousin tie you up"

"Grrmmpphhh!!!" Melissa grunted as she tried to free herself from the tight ropes.

Her lies came back to haunt her. Thank God! She was wearing the same pair of sweats she had on the night before & she was again barefoot! I wanted to be the boys biggest cheerleader as Tim approached her feet with the feather. 
Heather & I died laughing behind our gags as Melissa squirmed, twisted, grunted & squealed as Tim raked her toes with the feather. Jeff had lifted her bound feet & tickled her soles. 
I laughed so hard I was crying as I put my head on Heather's chest.
I swear It went on for about ten minutes, as Heather & I started to gag talk. I suddenly forgot about being tied up. I was feeling really silly, as for the first time, seeing someone else who wasn't your best friend, or cousin get the royal treatment from Tim & Jeff. But my laughing soon stopped as Tim & Jeff stood over us with the feather. Now it was our turn! 

To be continued....

Part three to follow probably Sunday

Angie Federico

Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 10:07:30 PM

Message for Steve USA + Thank you out there
Hi Steve hopefully it did not take you too long to be accepted. It all depends on the time factor as I live in London and it may be that it will take me hours more to put you through depending on the time difference. 

Apart from that, the answer is, no time at all. I have an assistant manager who will be known to some of you as Bennymax who should be able to cover the times I am not there as he is about 10 hours behind. Mexico. Perhaps someone will be able to give a more acurate time scale. 

Thank you for joining and to the rest of this great community, I have been away a long time but you have not forgotten me. I was really surprised to see my in box inundated with over a 100 requests to join. That is the measure of my friend called Canuck. 

Thank you Canuck for keeping the faith and thank you to your great members for rejoining.

All the best to you all, and keep those wonderful tie up stories going. 

The famous GagBoy 

Mark Thomas

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