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September 2002

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This month's stories:
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 Payback, Conclusion (ff/mm) - jon 
 Summer 1966 By the Dawn's Early Light... (mm/fm+ ) - Tom Ford *** 
 Summer 1966 - Turnabout is Fair Play! (mm+/fm+) - Tom Ford *** 
 Tied and Tickled (f/m) - tommy 
 My Cheerleader Experience (m/f) - Sherman 
 Found by Sister's Friends (self, m/ff) - D 
 Dream Come True (m/f) - homie 
 Summer 1966 - Tying-Up Mom and Aunt Rachel... and the Aftermath (mm+/FF, FF/ff+) - Tom Ford *** 
 Summer 1966 - The Island Adventure (mm/f, mm+/fm+) - Tom Ford *** 
 Lisa's Adventures in Babysitting - Part VI (m/f) - Lisa *** 
 Babysitting Adventures (mm+/f) - Trish 
 Bound At Friend's House (f/m) - Steve 
 Spreadeagle Hot-Tie (m/m) - wondering no more 
 A Mom Story (m/m) - Nylons 
 Scout Bondage (mm/m) - Vincent 
 A Mom Story (continued) (m/m) - Nylons 
 Bound by Brats (mm/ff) - Elane 
 Tied up Bartenderess (m/f) - jebb 
 Tied and Dressed by Cassandra (f/m) - Steve 
 Hide and mmmph (ff/m) - jimbo 
 Challenge (mm+/f) - Fred 
 Bound by Girlfriend's Mom (ff/m) - Jimbo 
 Will Andrea Take the Bait (mm+/f) - Fred 
 Aloof No More (mm+/f) - Fred 
 Lisa's Adventures in Babysitting - Conclusion (m/f) - Lisa *** 
 Games with Mom (mm/F) - Slim 
 Tie Up Game (in Pajamas) (m/mf, fm/m) - Peyton 
 Aunt Bondage (F/m) - Aunt Bondage  

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 09:53:23 AM
Payback, Conclusion
‘Now boys, you’re going to give us a fashion show. Firstly you need decent hair. Andy, you can have black, and Jon you can be blonde.’ So saying, she handed me a blonde wig, which i first put on backwards, which prompted lots of laughter, but when i had it on the right way round, i realised i was wearing a shoulder length blonde wig, which was really itchy! Andy also looked uncomfortable in his, but we both had worked out that all this was worth it to avoid the photos being made public. 

Firstly, Andy and I were dressed in school-girls clothes, and made to dance around to Britney Spears music, which the girls found hilarious. Then, when they had had enough, they decided we needed to be a lot more posh, so gave us posh prom-style dresses to wear, and told us to strut our stuff. The dress i had been given to wear was pink, and had straps over my shoulders and also had no back. It was quite long, and i tripped over the bottom of it as i walked around. After about ten minutes of parading around the girls got tired, and decided it was time to restart the film. I was more than ready for a rest, and was looking forward to getting back into my own clothes. 

As i headed back towards the bathroom to get changed, Laura stopped me, saying
‘Hey, where do you think you are going? Think you can run away with my clothes do you? You really like them that much huh?’ I tried to correct her and say how i was just going to get changed, but she wouldnt hear any of it. ‘You better come back in here mister, you’re not getting away so easy!’

She then started to tie me up, putting my hands venid my back, and looping rope round them before cinching it until it was tight enough to be inescapable, but not so tight that it cut off the circulation. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked, but before I could add to my question, Jen came at me with a pair of panties in her hand, and forced them into my mouth. Before i could spit them out, Laura had taken a roll of duct tape and wrapped it over my mouth, and round my head several times. I tested the gag by trying to shout out, but it just came out as a pathetic ‘mmph’. Laura then gentil pushed me to the ground, and tied my ankles together. She then looped rope between my hands and then between my ankles and completed the hogtie. I was gagged and helpless, and by the mmphing noises from across the room, so was Andy. I tried struggling, but all that achieved was dislodging the straps of the dress off my shoulders so it began slipping down to reveal the black bra, and also shifting the wig, so the blonde hair draped across my face, getting in my eyes. 

The girls then restarted the film, finally able to watch it in more or less silence – interspersed with the odd ‘mmph’. During the rest of the film, they took turns to reach down and tickle us, and when they removed our socks so they could get to our feet to tickle them, they realised they hadnt painted our tonails. ‘What an oversight!’ they exclaimed. Andy and I just groaned under our gags. The girls rolled us onto our sides, to get easier access to our nails, and begun painting them. They paused the film again, so they wouldnt miss much, and settled down to painting our nails. They put several coats on, claiming that no-one sees the toenails anyway, so it doesnt matter if it comes off quickly or not. They also made us promise that we would go round to Jens house the following weekend and show our toenails to them, before we could have the photos. We ‘mmmphd’ a lot, as the girls had originally said that we could have the photos before we left the house that morning, but as our gag talk was incomprensible to the girls, there was nothing we could do.

Andy and i remained tied up, and dressed up for the whole night, and were only untied and allowed to change back the next morning, after the girls had fed us breakfast. We also discovered that the girls had hidden our boxers, (or as i suspect, they had kept them as a momento) so we had to wear the panties back to our respective homes. We swore we would have our revenge, but first we would need those photos back, to avoid huge embarrassment at school!


Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 09:56:30 AM
sorry if there were any spelling mistakes in there, my dictionary is set to spanish for some reason and i dont know how to change it back! i will post my revenge soon when i have written it out, but i go back to college tomorrow so it might be a while!

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 03:01:05 PM
To Jon uk
To Jon: hey great story jon just there's one thing I need you to clarify, Are you sure you had to wear the panties the rest of that day because last i checked there was a part of one of my stories that had almost that same ending please tell me
Steve (Recently called mr ?)

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 03:26:23 PM
hey steve, we had to wear the panties back home, not for the whole day, just till we could get back and change. I know it is similar to your story, that's kindof what reminded me anyway. I suppose it goes to show girls minds are quite alike when it comes to cunning tricks like that!!!

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 05:56:55 PM
barefoot tickle bondage
Renee, If you don't mind hearing stories about a girl capturing a guy and tickling his feet from the victim's (guy's) perspective, I have a few from my high school days.
Let me know.

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 09:05:38 PM
jon - Great story! Please continue!!

Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 11:25:26 PM
Enjoy a guy unsuspectedly having his shoe(s) removed and feet tickled. Please post

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 05:38:04 AM
To Steve (Formerly known as Mr?)
I glad you changed your pseudonym. ‘Steve’ is much better that Mr? (to me at least). Anyway, hope you can share more stories.

To Dorain

Thank you for your posts regarding peristalsis (which turned out as nonsense because the author obviously didn’t type the right way, but thanks for the info anyway) and on the various HTML codes. I already know bold, italics, underline and whatever this one is called but I sure don’t know how to change colors, use other fonts (like the way you posted last), or types (like Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New), color and bullets. Now if you have the time, could I request that you list down all of the codes, so that I would know how to use them. And one more thing, doing so would not only serve me, but would also make other people in this forum who is afraid to ask but wants to know the various HTML and SHTML codes happy. Thank you.


William F. Somebody

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 06:13:32 AM

First of all, thanks for your complement. I’m glad to hear that someone who writes as good tie-up stories as you appreciates mine. I’m deeply honored.

With regards to crossed or palm to palm types (the or is purposely stressed) , I agree that it was contradictory. But I would say that ours is neither. Our type is a different type, and since I don’t know what to call it, I decided to call it crossed and palm to palm (again, the and is stressed).

To explain it would be a complicated matter. But here goes. Well, when we experimented back in the spring, we decided that tying them palm to palm, which as you said, is parallel, and also crossed, which as you said, the palms faced outward. Well, based on our experiences, we concluded (for no good reason actually) that it is easier to escape from palm to palm than crossed. (Our perception may be wrong, but we were kids then and then we aren’t exactly the most rational and logical group in town). So in the interest of good tying, we decided it would be crossed.

So we used crossed wrists most often and only palm to palm rarely. But a problem soon arose. We soon discovered that crossed wrists with palms facing outward have a danger of cutting off circulation. Now not all of us then were good knot-tyiers so we had to device a way. Bad tying has on many instances made it that either it is too loose that you couldn’t escape or too tight it would cut off circulation. And the bad tyiers don’t want to tie the hands palm to palm for the reason I already gave. Then we discovered that if we would invert crossed wrists so that the palms would face inward and thus be palm to palm, it would remove all dangers from cut-off circulation. So from then on, we most frequently use the technique crossed and palm to palm (again, the and is purposely stressed) instead of having to choose either crossed or palm to palm. (Again, the or is stressed). I was quite effective, but it is very difficult to be placed into position if the prisoner is struggling. But we solved it by agreeing that if the captor would want to tie the prisoner crossed and palm to palm, the prisoner should agree and in turn, if it was the prisoner’s turn to be the captor, he can also tie the prisoner crossed and palm to palm. But if that fails, we could usually do it by forcing his/her wrists in the appropriate position. From outside observers, crossed and palm to palm (again, the and is purposely stressed) would appear contradictory, but from our viewpoint, it is complementary.

Hopes that answers it all. I wished I had answered it earlier in one of my stories, but until now, I saw no contradiction between the two, until you of course enlightened me that that is not the case.

To Jon of UK

Excellent Story!

To Tommy
By all accounts post it. You are not the only author to post here of the same topic. If you read the archives, (which is very laborious if you started from scratch like I did on April, but worth it when you read the stories) you will find dozens, nay scores of stories just like yours. One of my favorites is a post by a guy named L who posted a story in 1999 (I forgot the month) and was reposted in September 2000, who wrote a story called Tortured by Claudia, which talks about Claudia tying up and tickling L until L was forced to reveal a secret he was sworn to protect. Post, post and post!

To readers

Well, I'm going to post another two of my long stories. So sit back on your chair and enjoy, for as usual, both are long!

Tom Ford

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 06:21:39 AM
Sorry about that. Next time, I will post more carefully to avoid such mistakes.
Tom Ford

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 06:41:25 AM
Summer - 1966
“By the Dawn’s Early Light…”

During the last game, Angela and I planned another attack on Andrew and company. The plan was successful. We were able to catch Andrew by luring him upstairs, then David when he suddenly and unexpectedly barged in. We then went downstairs, grabbed and tied-up Robert and Jerry. After which we marched them upstairs. We then tickled them, and when we left, they were not able to escape. Thus we won our Sixth Victory in a row, and our tenth total victory since our games started on the spring.

After all the boasting, bragging and promises of revenge, Andrew’s first statement surprised me.

“Where’s my comic book?” he asked. 

“What comic book?” I replied, surprised.

“The one you said was missing!” Andrew answered.

“Oh that! Angela took it. Ask her!” I replied.

“Hey Angela, where’s my comic book!” Andrew asked. Angela promptly returned it. I then borrowed it again because as you remember, I haven’t finished reading it. Surprisingly, considering what just happened, Andrew lent it to me.

But before I could read it, we have to eat dinner. It was eight in the evening already, so we went down to the dining area where we ate dinner. We boasted to our parents, while our opponents tried to downplay their defeat. Anyway, our parents just listened to us and on occasion ignored us. They scolded some of us for talking with a full mouth, and for our dreadful conduct at dinner, but not on playing the tie-up game. In fact, each of them gave tips on how to escape or how to make our bonds more escapable.

Anyway, after dinner, I went to my room to finish the comic book I was reading. Well, our hero was heading for the villain. The villain, who had failed to blast our hero with our blaster ray, then went to his plane to try to escape. He was able to take off but our hero, using his strength, was able to hold the plane. The villain then jumped out from the cockpit and in his rage, he decided to engage our hero in a hand-to-hand combat. Big Mistake for the villain!! He soon was clobbered, our hero stripped him of his suit that gave him powers, and was sent to Alcatraz Island.

I went to bed at the late (or early, depending from one’s viewpoint) hour of ten p.m. Frank followed at about ten minutes later. I was wearing blue pajamas with stripes, while Frank was wearing one with orange spots. Barney was already fast asleep by that time, while Frank and I talked to each other while in bed. We talked about our games. We generally agreed that it was fun, and that it would be a shame if it would stop. We also talked about Angela. We praised her and admitted that she caused our six victories, but she still a girl, and so on and so forth. Anyway, we soon talked ourselves to sleep, and we drifted into dreamland. Nothing (well, almost nothing) could have prepared me for what would happen at the dawn’s early light.

It was about 4:45 in the morning. The sun was beginning to rise. It is five days before Summer Solstice so the sun will rise this early. It was dawn, and unlike the sun, I had no plans to rise this early, solstice or no solstice. But the choice was not mine to make.

I was fast asleep, when something was inserted into my mouth. I was partially awakened by that, but before I realized what was happening, my mouth was duct taped. Then, they forced me to rise so that they can wrap more duct tape around my head. They then took hold of my right arm, twisted it so I was forced to turn and lie on my stomach. They then took my left arm and pulled it behind my back. One of them then began wrapping my wrists (which was crossed and palm to palm) with rope. They then turned me so I was again lying on my back (and on my bound wrists) and forced me to rise again. By that time, although it was still dim, it is still bright enough to recognize who my captors were. It was (not surprisingly) Andrew and David. Oh did they do well this time! They executed their plan without any noise, without any warning. I was caught off guard. They wrapped rope around my waist, cinched it and knotted it off, and tied the loose ends to my wrists, pinning my arms to my back. They then pushed me back to the bed. They then crossed my ankles and tied it with rope. They then tucked my entire body with a blanket, from neck down. They even tucked it even under the mattress to further tightened it. By that time, I was fully awake, but not in any position to do anything. I soon found out by the taste of what was in my mouth that it was a sock, not a handkerchief. I tried to struggle, but it was for naught, for they did their usual thorough tie-up job that it was impossible job. Anyway, except for the fact that I was leaning on my arms and hands behind my back, I was generally on a comfortable position on the bed compared to my positions on previous tie-up games.

They then went up the second floor of the double bed to tie-up Frank. They tied me up in a manner so quiet that they didn’t even disturb Barney and Frank. And my gag was so effective that my mmmpphhhsss were not very faint indeed. I listened. As usual, they did it in so quiet a manner that I was barely able to hear anything of significance, beyond the ripping of duct tape and faint mmmpphhhsss. And though I feel it in the bed, I heard almost nothing. Twelve minutes later, they came down the double bed. 

“Whew! At last they both were tied up.” Andrew remarked.

It was now dawn, at twilight. David, pointing to us, then gave a speech on my condition that I would never forget.

“Oh! Say can you see,
By the Dawn’s early light’
What so proudly we bound,
At the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad ropes and bright gags,
Through the perilous night
Over the sidelines we watched,
They’re so gallantly struggling?”

Both of them laughed after David’s “speech!” He recited the national anthem and replaced some words. I groaned at their audacity of using it. But what struck me is the almost literal accuracy of their statement. It was dawn all right, almost at sunrise. Oh I wish I could’ve thought about it. Especially on a date so near Independence Day. 

They laughed together and left. I, for my part, was so struck by the statement that I spent the entire time not struggling but trying to remember the exact words David used. But I was still sleepy, and I soon drifted off to sleep.

It was 5:30 when I was woken up again by Andrew and David. It was now bright. They somehow managed to get Frank down to the floor without removing his bonds. He looked just as I expected him to look. He’s hands were tied behind his back, and his mouth was covered with duct tape—in fact, like me, duct tape was wound around his head. His waist was also tied-up, like mine. The only thing that was different is that his ankles and feet were not bound at all. Something’s telling me that we were going somewhere. 

They then removed the blanket over me, and made me stand up.

“You think we could hop him over there?” David asked.

“No.” Andrew replied. “He might have an accident if we hop him in the stairs. Better let him walk. It’s safer.”

“Okay!” David answered.

They untied my ankles and feet, and David clutched my left arm using his right hand, while he clutched Frank’s right arm with his left. We were walked to the corridor, where Andrew and David separated. David stayed there, guarding us, while Andrew walked in the direction of Donald’s room. After about five minutes, he emerged with Angela and Donald. My heart sank. Now I know we definitely lost the game. Angela was wearing a yellow nightgown that hangs until the floor. Because of that, I can’t see any part of her feet. She was gagged with a scarf tied around her head. Presumably her mouth was stuffed too. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her waist was also tied-up. Donald was wearing blue pajamas. He was gagged with duct-tape around his head, and his mouth was also presumably stuffed. His hands were tied behind his back, and his waist, like Angela’s, was tied too. 

They marched us to the attic. We were barefoot, so by the time we reached the attic, our feet were filthy. And the hem of Angela’s nightgown was dirty. They (Andrew and David) were quiet, and didn’t talk among themselves. The attic was still dim, so it was necessary for Andrew to switch on the lights. I was led to an old couch. It was old, but was not dusty. There, they made me lie on it on my stomach. They then tied my crossed ankles. Then, they took a piece of rope, tied one end of it to my wrists, and tied another end of it to my ankles, putting me on a hog-tie. Angela was led to a post in the middle of the attic; there she was tied to it standing up. She was tied at the shoulders, at the waist, at the knees and at the ankles to the pole. 

Donald was led to a chair, and they bound his upper body to the backrest of the chair. They also tied each ankle to a chair leg. Frank was placed in another chair and David tied him there similar to the way they tied Donald in the other chair. Andrew and David then drew back to admire their handiwork.

“I think it’s time!” Andrew said coldly.

“Yea, let’s go!” David replied with the same lackadaisical tone. I expected them to tickle us, but instead, both of them left us.

What struck me about this game is the lackadaisical mood of our captors. They seem so serious, so quiet, that one gets the feeling that if this was not a game, but the real thing. Anyway, as soon as they left, we began to struggle. I twisted my wrists and pulled and pushed back and forth, but it merely irritated my wrists. After ten minutes of this futile exercise, I gave up. I then tried looking for knots, but Andrew and David managed to place all knots beyond the reach of my fingers, and I soon gave up that idea. And in my position, moving towards the others is out of the question. The other soon gave up. Donald long has given up, while Frank also gave up. Only Angela seems to persist, but after fifteen minutes also gave up.

Twenty minutes after they left, Andrew and David returned with Robert and Jerry. The lackadaisical mood seems to have vanished, and an enthusiastic one replaced it. 

“I wouldn’t have believed it until I’ve seen it.” Robert said. “Nice plan by the way.”

“Yup. Who would have thought at attacking this early in the morning?!” Jerry added.

“Hey, the early bird gets the early worn!” Andrew replied.

“Hey, let’s stop this useless talk and proceed with the tickling, shall we?” David interjected.

“Right on, David! Right on!” Robert shouted. “Let’s tickle them!”

With that, they began their tickle torture. To say that it was not a pleasant experience would be an understatement. Oh it was torture! They tickled us in the feet, in the ribs, in the tummy and in the armpits. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Fortunately, the 2-3 minute tickle breaks was able to prevent me from tearing up. But aside from that, it was pure torture. I laughed, I shouted, but it all came through the gag as mmmppphhssss. I struggled, trying to distance my body with their ravenous fingers. But my hog-tied position made it impossible. The others guys were in no better shape than I was. They tickled us for thirty minutes. They seem to relish every minute of it. I guess if you were on the receiving end of tie-up games for six straight times, you would act like they did. I guess that they wouldn’t have give us the 2-3 minute breaks, had not Andrew, who once again stood at the enforcer of our unwritten rules, restrained them. 

Well after a half-hour of intense almost non-stop tickling, they stopped. My face was red from all that tickling. I was sweating. I was breathing heavily. I was relieved that the tickling stopped. After that, they left. We were too exhausted to struggle. I decided to rest, and pretty soon fell asleep. I again woke a half hour later by Andrew, David, Robert and Jerry. They bragged, boasted, and proclaimed their 16th total victory. (That’s right, it’s their sixteenth win). They then untied us. We swore revenge of course, but they dismissed them. Then we congratulated each other for a good game.

It was about six when they untied us. It was already bright, and our parents were already awake. Andrew and David invited us to breakfast downstairs. We accepted but since we were still in our pajamas (or in Angela’s case on her nightgown), we went first to our rooms and changed into everyday clothes. We then went downstairs and ate breakfast with our parents. They seemed surprised that all of us are eating so early. Usually, they said, only Andrew and David wake this early, so they were surprised that we woke this early. 

So Andrew and company won after being defeated of six consecutive times. A game played at dawn, started at twilight, just before sunrise, until early in the morning. It was indeed a game “by the dawn’s early light.” In retrospect, it was a game that only they could play, for only Andrew and David can wake early this morning without the aid of an alarm clock. Subsequent attempts by us to beat them at their own game failed because none of us would wake up on time. 

So ends our string of victories. Our aura of invincibility that was beginning to be built around us crumbled like dust on face of our defeat. We expected revenge from them, but we expected that we could easily escape. We expected revenge, but not in the manner we just experienced. Maybe we’ve become too complacent, too confident in our prowess. And we once again underestimated the determination and resourcefulness of my brother.

Is this a start of a long series of defeats for us, or just a blip, an abnormality in a series of wins for us? Read the next part and find out!

Tom Ford

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 07:01:23 AM
Summer - 1966
“Turnabout is Fair Play!”

It was at dawn on the third Friday of our vacation that the last tie-up game happened. On that game, Andrew and David literally caught us asleep, and we were defeated as a result. Thus ended our string of victories.

It was six in that Friday morning that found us eating breakfast with our parents. I already gave the outline of our conversation on the last story. But I find it better if I’ll include the actual conversation that took place. 

“Tom, Frank, Donald! What a surprise!” Dad exclaimed. “I thought you were still asleep.”

“Usually, it was only Andrew and David who wakes up early enough to join us!” Aunt Rachel added.

We were at a loss of words, so we just smiled and joined them at breakfast. 

“That’s it!” Uncle Richard suddenly said, pointing at the rope marks at Donald’s hands. “You were playing tie-up games this early morning, weren’t you? How else could you have rope marks so early in the morning?! ” 

Faced with the direct question, we admitted playing a tie-up game. Andrew, like the honest boy he was, for his part confessed that he was the instigator of the game. He then told the entire story. Surprisingly, they were more interested than angry. (As I said, they didn’t disapprove of tie-up games. But there usually are limits. Example, you can’t play a tie-up game, or any game for that matter, on the dead of night. We feared that they would get angry at us not for tying each other up but for playing it at the wrong time.) They began to answer questions.

“Who was tied up?” Mom asked.

“Angela, Donald, Frank and I.” I replied.

“And Andrew, David, Robert and Jerry tied you all up?” Dad asked.

“Only Andy and David tied us up, Mr. James Ford.” Angela politely replied. (Since there are two Mr. Fords that time, Dad and my Uncle, our friends call them Mr. James or Richard Ford when they are together, and only Mr. Ford when they are separate.)

“Is that true Andrew?” Dad demanded of my brother.

“Yes Dad. We only called them when they were all tied up.” Andrew replied.

“Did you consent to this?” Aunt Rachel asked.

We all nodded or said yes. 

After further asking questions ascertaining our compliance for their rules and criteria and after satisfying themselves to their satisfaction, they only gave us a mild rebuke for playing too early in the morning. It was so mild indeed, that we took it as a recommendation and not as a command not to play at such an ungodly hour. In fact, I might not even call it a rebuke, for Dad and my Uncle even praised Andrew for his boldness, resourcefulness and shrewdness right before our rebuke. 

It was a harbinger for things to come, when we got so bold and went so far that we invited ourselves to trouble with our parents. But that’s another story.

Anyway, that morning, we decided to explore the farm. All seven of us boys ages nine and ten (meaning Andrew, David, Frank, Donald, Robert, Jerry and I) plus Henry, Angela’s eight-year-old kid brother will go. Angela for her part, decided to spend the morning with my sister Betty, and her friends Nancy, Maggie and the other girls. To our surprise, that seemed to have disappointed my brother, but we let it go at that. 

So we went exploring that morning. We felt secure from attack because of the absence of Angela would make any attacks by Andrew and company useless. Well once again, we underestimated my brother, to our regret. 

We went to a barn—the same barn where we surprised Angela in the Cowboys and Indians game we played on Monday. David wanted to go there again, while Frank has the “been there…done that attitude” towards it, and wanted to go to some other place. The rest of us, me included, wanted to go back to the barn. Robert and Jerry also want to go somewhere else. What was surprising is that Henry, who never explored that barn with us, also doesn’t want to go with us on the barn. David and the one’s who wanted to go to the barn dug their heels, insisting on going to the barn while Frank also dug his heels on the ground, refusing to budge. The disagreement threatened to split the team again, but at the last minute, Andrew offered a compromise.

“Okay, here’s the deal. Frank, you and Henry go wherever you wish to go, but be back after thirty minutes, and we’ll explore the rest of the farm together, okay?” Andrew proposed.

That seemed reasonable enough. So all of us accepted it. So Frank, Henry, Robert and Jerry (Robert and Jerry both took bags hidden in the barn and left with Frank with it) left the barn, agreeing to return after a half hour. Andrew, David, Donald and I soon went to the barn. We soon split into two groups. David and myself compose one group while my brother and Donald composed the other. We went to the second floor while they went to explore the first. We were at the second floor a few minutes already when David told me he wanted to go down.

“Tom, I need to go to the bathroom!” David explained. “Could you wait for me up here?” 

“Sure!” I replied. “Just be quick about it.”

So David went down and out the barn. I meanwhile continued to explore the barn. David, however, took too long to return. Finally, about fifteen minutes later, his absence so irritated me that I decided to go down to look for him. But just as I was about to go down the ladder, David unexpectedly appeared.

“Sorry!” David apologized. “I was stuck for a while!” 

“Think nothing of it!” I replied. “I think we should go down. We have seen enough up here.”

“Good idea!” was David’s response. So I went down. We went to another part of the barn, and I soon discovered the real reason why David took so long. 

On the wooden barn floor, alongside many scattered hay, is none other than Donald himself. He was hog-tied with rope, and gagged with tape. Based on the bulging cheeks, his mouth was also stuffed. Before I could do anything however, Andrew and David grabbed me from behind. 

“Hey what’s the big idea?!” I complained.

“Don’t play games!” Andrew said to me. “We’re just giving you a taste of your own medicine!” 

“What are you talking about?!” I said, playing dumb.

Turnabout is fair play, Tom.” David said while he was pulling my arms behind my back. “You were winning once, and now it’s our turn to win and your turn to lose.” 

“Ha!” I scoffed. “What are you gonna tie me with?” (All of us didn’t bring any supplies with us).

“You’ll see!” Andrew replied. “You’ll see!” And indeed I saw. For Andrew took a bag from under the hay and in the bag is a couple of ropes, socks, handkerchiefs, duct tape and other materials. I was doomed.

“But you still need to catch Frank and Angela!” I shot back. “And you can’t catch them!” 

“Well, let’s just wait and see!” David wickedly said.

Andrew then wrapped rope around my wrists (which were crossed and palm to palm) several times, cinching it, and finally knotted it off. He then took a longer rope, wrapped it around my waist, cinched it, knotted it off, and tied the loose ends to my wrists, pinning my wrists to my back, as always. I tested the rope. As usual, it is snug, tight and not uncomfortable, which means I am going nowhere. And as usual, all knots are beyond the reach of my fingers.

David then inserted a sock in my mouth, which I reluctantly accepted. He then duct taped my mouth to hold the sock. After that, they made me lie on a pile of hay (which is much cleaner than the floor) on my stomach. They then tied my crossed ankles. After that, they took a piece of rope, and tied one end of it to my wrists, and pulled till my wrists nearly touched my ankles. They then tied the other end of the rope to my ankles, hog-tying me. 

“Thirty minutes are nearly up.” Andrew remarked. 

“Yea. They should be here by now,” David added.

And sure enough, we heard the voice of Robert shouting.

“Andrew, David, we got Frank!” I heard Robert shout from outside the barn.

“Good, good!” Andrew replied. “We have Thomas and Donald too!” 

“Then all we need to win this one is Angela!” Jerry added.

“Yup!” David shouted. And sure enough, Robert and Jerry entered the barn with an attitude of a Julius Caesar fresh from victory at Zela. 

“We came, we saw, we tied him up!” Robert boasted.

Robert and Jerry entered the barn with the bound and gagged Frank between them. Frank’s hands were tied behind his back, his waist also tied and also his upper body. His mouth was gagged with duct tape. 

“Easy as taking candy from a baby!” Jerry boasted.

“But how do we get Angela?” Robert asked, snapping them back to reality.

“Well, if my plan works out just fine, we soon we’ll have her and win another game.” Andrew remarked.

Andrew then instructed to lay put make Frank sit on a pile of hay with his back leaning on a post. Robert and Jerry tied Frank on the shoulders, and waist to the post. After which they tied his crossed ankles. 

After taking care of Frank, their only problem before they can begin tickling is Angela herself. The problem is that Angela is at the house while they are at the barn. So how to lure her? Then I noticed that Henry was gone. Perhaps they used Angela’s brother to lure her in. Whether it will work remains to be seen.

Well, twenty minutes later, Jerry, who volunteered as a lookout, spotted Angela approaching the barn. 

“Angela’s coming!” Jerry shouted. “Now we have the game in the bag!”

“Good! Good!” Andrew remarked. “My plan seems to be working.”

They took their positions. Andrew and Robert hid behind the barn door, ready to pounce on the redhead once she enters. I mmmppphhh as loud as I can to warn her, but it was so faint that even my captors could barely hear it. Angela entered through the front door. Andrew and Robert immediately pounced. Angela was caught by surprised.

Andrew pulled her arms behind her back and began tying it with rope. Soon he was able to cinch it and knot it off. He then tied another piece of rope around her waist, wrapping it several times before cinching it and knotted it off. He then tied the loose ends to her wrists. Angela at first was shocked, but accepted her fate as soon as it became apparent she could do nothing about it.

“I knew there’s something fishy when Henry told me about this!” Angela remarked with resignation as her hands were being tied behind her. 

“What did Henry tell you?” my brother asked, a bit curious.

“Oh he said that you were playing a tie-up game and that because he was eight that he wasn’t allowed to play. I, wanting to join, asked Henry where you were. He told me you were here, so here I am. Anyway, it’ worth it even if I was tied up right at the very beginning.” Angela remarked.

“Boy, I knew that Henry’s smart.” Robert remarked. “But enough talk. Open your mouth.”

“Oh well! Okay, but mmpphhhh!” Robert inserted the gag, which cut her off at mid-sentence. He then duct taped her mouth. My brother then placed my sister’s best friend on a chair without armrests. David then tied her upper body to the backrests, pinning her to the chair. After which, he then tied each of her ankles to a chair leg. After that, they drew back to admire their handiwork.

Well, needless to say, they began their tickle torture. Like earlier tickle sessions, it was torture. We were tickled at the usual parts—the feet, the ribs, the armpits, the sides and the stomach. We gave the usual reactions—hysterical laughter, struggling, shouting which translated to Gaglish is mmpphhh, as all our verbal reactions. That we didn’t burst into tears is because of the 2-3 minute breaks. Well they tickle us for a full thirty minutes.

Anyway, after the tickling, we thougth that they would leave us for the usual thirty minutes. We were wrong. Jerry took another long piece of rope, tied my ankles with it, and tied the other end to the post beside me. (There are several posts in the barn.) Frank was also given the same treatment. David took another piece of rope, tied one end of it to Frank’s wrists, and tied the other end to the post just beside him. That removed all possibility of us going to each other and untie each other’s knots.

They left us. We started to struggle. But as in the past, we got nowhere. They tied us too competently for us to gain any slack or four our fluttering fingers to detect any knots to untie. We soon gave up. I gave up after ten minutes. Frank rested from the struggling after twelve. Donald after fifteen. And Angela at twenty. We just waited for the thirty minutes to come to an end. My dream of evening out the odds now seemed as remote as ever. Counting this game, they now won a total of 17 games as compared to our ten. Oh how can we ever catch up? We need to make another six straight miracle wins just to catch up. 

They returned after thirty minutes. They of course bragged and boasted at first before untying us. We then swore revenge. Then we congratulated ourselves for a great game, as usual. 

But we then set our eyes on bigger fish, specifically Mom and Aunt Rachel. Did we succeed, and what was their reaction. Read the next part and find out!

Tom Ford

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 09:37:48 AM
Tied and Tickled
OK, I've shared a couple of these stories before, but as a young lady has requested to hear about a guy being a victim of a girl's tickle torture, I'll enjoy retelling it for her, rather than sending her to the archives.

I'm the guy who played bondage games at TCBY when the store was closed after hours. This story was my second attempt at bondage play, with a beautiful 10th grader named Michelle (I was a senior). We were close friends, and had flirted endlessly, so the idea of pulling out some rope one night didn't feel too out of place. If she thought it was weird, it wouldn't have killed our friendship.

So, one night after closing, I had her sit down in the back and removed her shoes, under the guise of giving her a foot massage. She stopped me and said, 'you do this for me too much - it's your turn'. My plan to remove her shoes and tie her feet had been sidetracked by the chance at a foot massage from a beautiful girl - what should I do?

I said, "Well, I wasn't going to give you a full massage...", then I showed her the bag I had brought with rope and string in it. "You naughty boy", she said, "What were you going to do?" I said, "Just tie you up and see if you could get free..."

"Well", she said, "why don't I tie you up and see if you can get free instead?". that was even better and something I had hoped for after tying her. I decided to pass "Go" and collect my $200! 

She had me sit in the rolling chair and started by tying my hands behind my back, then lashing the extra rope to the frame of the desk in the office. She then took the ball of string and literally wrapped it around my chest, lap, and thighs - to the chair - giving me a real mummified look. Next were my knees - she used rope to tie them, and as she is really ticklish on her knees, she tickled them with a pinch and I thrashed. "Ticklish knees, huh?". I said, "Oh, that's not my most ticklish spot..."

She asked, "Then, what is?"
I said, "You haven't gotten there yet."
"Oh..." she said, peering at my feet. "Well, then..."

She sat on the floor and began to unlace my shoes. Once removed, she ran her finger up my sock-covered foot. I giggled, but said - "Is that the best you can do?" I had hoped she'd remove the socks, if she wasn't one of those girls whose squeamish about feet.

"Challenging me, huh? Well, you're in no position..."

She removed both socks slowly, as if hoping the actual removing would be ticklish to me as well. I cringed, as if she'd just found my Achilles heel.

She danced her fingernails along my bare soles, and I thrashed and giggled uncontrollably. 

"So, your feet are ticklish, are they?"

"Yes! Please stop!"

"Not yet. In fact, I should fix it so you can't move them."
She grabbed a length of rope and tied my ankles together snugly.

"There. Now I've got you right where I want you."

She began to search the store for tickling implements - a cleaning brush, a pencil, etc. I refused to laugh when she used these, letting her know her fingers were much more effective.

She finally conceded and said, "So, my fingernails drive you crazy, huh? Well, here goes..."

She tortured my bare feet for 10 minutes or more, laughing as much herself as I was. Her nails traced tiny circles along my soles, and she sought out between each toe to see what reaction she'd get. She even scraped along the tops of my feet and elicited laughter from me. I begged her to stop, but in a way that said, "keep it up!"

She took breaks from tickling to sit in my lap and run her fingers through my hair, talking softly to me about how helpless I was, then telling me my break was over, and she had to get back to my feet.

She finally untied me and told me I could tie her up next. That story comes later.


Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 12:05:45 PM
Help start this new group about boys being tied and/or humiliated! We already have a few galleries but if you have pics please add them!

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 12:48:30 PM
New Yahoo Group

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 12:50:40 PM
Unbelievably long tickling
Many of the stories tell about tickling for 10,15,30 or more tickling at one time. This seems almost unbelievable even with the 2-3 minute breaks mentioned. When we used to tickle when I was a kid almost nobody could take being tickled for more than 2-3 minutes without becoming so hysterical we had to stop. Peeing your pants because of the tickling was not that unusual. Why the exaggeration about tickling time? 

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 02:55:55 PM
Hello everyone, I have been a reader of this board for some time now. I was wondering if anyone has heard from "Aunt Bondage". If so please let me know. I enjoyed reading her stories.

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 03:36:10 PM
My cheerleader Experience
Hi Guys! This is Sherman. I haven't been around for a while so this story might be bad, but what the hell?

When I was a freshmen in high school I met a girl named Stephanie. From the moment I saw her I had the biggest crush on her. She had long blonde hair, green eyes excellent body, and was about 5 feet nine inches tall. To make a long story short, I one day mustured up the courage to ask her out to a movie. She said yes, which surprised me, but it turns out she is extremely nice. After the movie we ended up back at my place where my parents werem't home. We were cuddling on my bed and talking when suddenly I asked her, "I was wondering if you were ticklish?" She just blushed and said, "yeah." Stephanie was still wearing her chearleading uniform because there was a pep rally before the movie. I reached over and squeesed her side and she jumped and giggled. I then said, "You know, I really want to tickle you more but you keep squirming around, I'm going to have to tie you up." Stephanie didn't make a sound so I reached into my closet and pulled out several neckties. I laid on top of her and grabbed her hands, pulled them over her head and tied them together around the left bedpost. She started to giggle with anticipation, so I gagged her with another necktie. I then started to tickle her underarms ligthtly. She started to kick her feet, so I quickly tied her ankles together. I was very turned on by her cute little cheerleading shoes so I slowly untied them and took them off. Her feet smelled really good. I slowly pulled off her tight white sox to reveal the cutest toes I have ever seen. She had adorable feet! I began to stroke the arches of her feet with my fingertips. Steph went crazy and began laughing through the gag. 

oops iv'e got to go! If you want to hear more, post with your responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 06:10:42 PM
I was just curious as to whether or not anyone besides me has used washcloths as gags. I can never seem to find a website or anything like that dedicated to using them in that way.

Let me know if anyone else thinks the gag I'm about to describe would be effective. 

Start off by stuffing a damp 13" x 13" washcloth into someone's mouth. Then wrap another damp washcloth (same size) around their mouth using socks or duct tape or whatever. Tie the socks so that there's one in the middle to keep the "victim" from spitting the washcloth out, one tied above their mouth, one tied under their mouth and one tied over their chin. This can also be followed by wrapping duct tape or a bandage over all of it.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.


Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 07:19:36 PM
search on the terms HTML and specifications. The WWW consortium site has everything you need starting with beginner's tutorials.
Mike in Tampa

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 12:46:26 AM
Yet Another Comment...
Tom, thanks for clarifying the tying-technique you and your friends used. I might be a little thick, but I still don't get it 100%, but I'm sure it was effective.

I agree with your statement about crossed wrists rendering cut-off in the blood-supply to the hands. I have some experiences where too thin rope have cut in just above the upper thumb-joint, not too nice after a while.

I think the parallel binding of the hands, palms out, was the best way to go. At games we never wanted to hurt our captives, just keep them there! Three times around one wrist, knot, go three times around the other, knot. Then go criss-cross between the wrists a qouple of times and finally cinch the rope tying off the knot on the upper side of the bindings. Best used with additional rope around the waist.

To the guy talking about tickling time. Tickling is very personal, some people hate it and get hysterical right away. 
Those who are ticklish, but can endure longer periods of tickling, can usually go longer. This has to be a careful relationship between tickler and ticklee, where the tickler can "feel" the victim and how he/she are doing.

In kid's games the participants are usually not that sensitive, but if the same kids play several games involving tickling, this feeling will come to them too.

When we talk about 10 or 15 minutes of tickling, this is often not constant tickling, but short brakes are often given when the place of tickling changes.

I think you are right that authors tend to describe the time a person is tickled longer than it really was. That is certainly the case when you yourself are the victim, time seems to be eternal when you only have been tickled for a few minutes. Later when describing the incident, you might write:
-I was tickled for ages!

Just some thoughts, sorry for rambling on...


Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 02:19:11 AM
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  • Use <font face="times new roman" color="red">TEXT HERE</font>
    Substitute the name of the font you want to use, and either the name of the colour (red, black, green, cyan, etc.), or else the 6-digit Hexadecimal RBG code for it (i.e. Red is #ff0000, Black is #000000, White is #ffffff, Blue is #0000ff, Green is #00ff00, etc.) 
  • To do Point form, you use the <ul></ul> and <li> tags. The UL Tag, and its closing tag, /UL, go on both ends of the things you want listed in point form. Start each line that you want to be a new point with the <li> tag (this doesn't need an end tag) 
  • Numbered lists can be done as well, by substituting the <ol></ol> tags for the <ul></ul> tags. (UL stands for Ordered List, OL stands for Unordered List. There are other types of lists you can do in HTML, but I'm not going to get into them
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Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 02:29:26 AM
TV series 24 Hours
I had only watched it occasionally and with a marathon on FX I only caught a few new shows but I have now counted four episodes with serious bondage sequences. I think they involve three different women -- and at least one man if that is your taste. 

FX is a first tier cable system meaning you get all of the tier for about $15 a month and there are nearly a hundred these days. It also means you get commericials. 

Mike in Tampa
Florida USA

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 02:32:31 AM
wrists crossed palm to palm
Cross your wrists in front of you plams down. 

Now cross them one up and one down. 

Ateries are now on the inside.

Mike in Tampa
Florida USA

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 02:50:39 AM
Penny suggested That is a very good site and the server sucks the big one. Almost like it is a website operated out of someone's home over a phone line.

However it is GREAT! In addition try and if that spelling does not work just go to and follow the link. This is using the commercial POSER program for women in bondage. It is as G-rated as Dale Evans would have been in a short skirt. I would never advocate software piracy but I have heard POSER is widely available for your own enjoyment.

Put a skirt on the male model if that is your thing. 

Mike in Tampa
Florida USA

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 04:51:03 PM
Patty please post some tickle stories
I'm sure there are lots of people who, like me would Love to hear some of Patty's experiences of tying and TICKLING boys. All the TICKLY details please



Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 05:16:49 PM
Hi, i just discovered that i like bondage and tickling, but i don't know how i can fufill my pleasures. I am a male and i really really want to tie up and tickle females but i dont know how to approach it. i get really nervos and i think girls will think im weird if i start tickling their feet and try to tie them up! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 05:45:05 PM
Why were my comments deleted? Were they deleted or did they never go through? I just asked if Stanley Stimer or Vicky, from earlier, could post more stories, if they happened to be around. I don't see how I said anything inappropriate at all.

Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 11:34:51 PM
Found by Sisters Friends
I am 15 years old and this happened yesterday (September 2nd). My sister is 13 years old and her two friends are Sara, 13 years old and Cathy, 14 years old who is may I add HOTT. She looks about 16 or 17 years old and has a great body and a better face.
It was the Monday afternoon and 2 days until school started and me and my sister would be home for the day alone from about 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The night before she decided to have her two friends over for the day. They came over at about 10:00 and looked better than ever. I was really interested in the two girls but didnt know how to get to them.
I have been interested in being restrained and have selfbinded myself for about 2 years. I also have a thing for girls feet. They both had great feet.
I started to flirt with them a bit and push and shove them. I went into my room and locked the door. I got out a chain and wrapped it around my legs and tied it off tight so my ankles were tied together. I hooked a D-ring to the chain and put one ring of the Handcuffs in the D-ring, knowing this would be a really tight bind. I cuffed one wrist and layed on my belly. I put the key about 10 feet away from me and I pulled and pulled to cuff my other wrist but just couldn't do it. Than it happened, click-click and i was TIGHTLY bound and a bit nervous I wouldn't get out. The cuffs were hurting on my wrists and I finally reached the key and i strugged a bit but managed to uncuff myself.
I wanted so bad for the two girls to see me bound helplessly and for them to do everything they want but my sister was there and that would be embarrising plus she would tell my parents to make matters worse. I needed to get rid of my sister!
I kept thinking and thinking of what i could do to get her out of the way and into the hands of her hot friends. I was baffled so the 3 girls and I decided to play hide and seek and I wanted to see how it went to see if I could come up with a way to lose her. It was about noon so I had plenty of time.
The two girls even noticed me looking at their feet as I kept doing so. The phone rang and it was my mom. MY SISTER HAD TO SEE THE ORTHODONTIST FOR A 30 MINUTE APPOINTMENT!! I had forgot all about it. My mom showed up 10 minutes later and it was about 15 minutes to the orthodontist. My mom asked the girls, "So do you want to stay here or you can come with me and grab something to eat?" They decided to stay!
My mom said she would drop my sister back off in about an hour. I dashed to my room and got out my handcuffs, D-ring and metal chain. Sara seemed like the mean one and wouldn't let me out while Cathy seemed like the sweet one that would. I gave the key to the handcuffs to Sara when Cathy was in the bathroom and said "Here you'll need this in about 2 minutes." She gave me a puzzled look and said "Okay".
I did the same self binding as last time with my door halfway open. They were in the front room so they couldn't see me. The hogtie seemed even tighter and I could barely move out of my room on my stomach. I had also placed a small amount of duct tape over my mouth as a gag and had a blindfold I found and put it on. I just kept crawling along on my stomach until I heard "Who..what happened..who is that?"
The two of them bursted into laughter and took the gag and blindfold off of me. They were both standing right in front of me laughing and asking if I did it myself and I told them -yes. 
I then said to my liking "What are you going to do....MAKE me worship your feet and suck your toes?" They both told me that I am obssessed with feet. It felt so good looking up at them knowing they are in control and basically owned me. Cathy then sat on the ground and stuck out her foot and giggling said "Begin sucking."
I didn't stop for about 2 or 3 minutes when she pulled away. It was great. Sara did the same thing. They then let me out and they wanted to be tied! I tightly bounded Cathy and tied Sara and blindfolded her to a chair. I worshiped Cathy's feet again.

Wednesday, September 4th 2002 - 05:45:29 AM
Does anyone have any stories of being tied up by babysitters.

Wednesday, September 4th 2002 - 11:22:16 AM
for Robert from UK, "A Friend with one story" and Tom Ford
I was WAY behind in reading the posts here and just caught up today. 
Robert: The "Bet" story was a very enjoyable read. Thank you so much for posting it.
"Friend": You may only have one story, but it is a fantastic one. Thank you for posting. 
Tom Ford: As always your stories are very entertaining. Don't pay any attention to the complaints that they are too long. Thank you for posting.
If any of you would like to email me, I would like to discuss your stories. If not, that is OK, just please keep up the good work.

Wednesday, September 4th 2002 - 03:57:31 PM
this story happend 5 years ago im male just to clear it up at the start
i was 15 and i loved staring at the girls skirts in school. they picked up on this and one day i was grabbed at lunch break and was hand gagged. i felt my hands being bound. then some duck tape going over my face.
then i was turned round and standing in front of me were 3 girls whom i stared at sum times. they were laura stacy and yasmin. they were all werin skirts and black hose.
i was dragged into the girls toilets struggling then i was put in a cubicle and they took out some scisors and cut away my clothes. all of them. they pulled on some black hose and undid my hands but sat on me so i couldnt struggle they put on a white girls shirt and did it up then tied my hands then they sewed the shirt to the hose. then they pulled on a black skirt and put super glue on to the zip. then they put on some buckle shoes and super glued them.
then they dragged me out to the corridors and pulled me about saying things like " 

Wednesday, September 4th 2002 - 10:56:52 PM
D, could you tell more of how you got Sara and Cathy back? You elaborated on what happened to you, but I personally am more interested in the other way around. There are all tastes here after all. Please elaborate on the rest of the story as well.

To Lisa, is Part VI coming along? If you got Malcolm back, I'd love to hear of it!

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 12:16:08 AM
Does anyone have any stories of bien tied up by babysitters.

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 01:53:18 AM
Dream Come True
This story is about the dream of mine, coming true. this was a few years ago when i was in 9th grade.

i went over to my friend Mary's house, who i've been friends with for a little while and have a huge crush on. she has black hair, very thin, with a cute face, and about 5'4".

I came over to her house, and after watching TV with her for a little while, i asked if anyone was home. She said no, and the house was all to herself for atleast 3 or 4 more hours.

Now Mary and I always had a little "thing" for each other, but she's not like that...she's one of those girls that will only kiss until she's married. bummer.

I went to the bathroom, which was right next to the garage. i noticed a roll of clothesline rope, so i grabbed it and proceeded to her room. inside her room i found some scissors, and cut the rope into long and semi-long peices.
Mary, who was in the living room yelled "What are you doing?"
I didn't reply, hoping she'd come down to investigate. to my favor, she did! Mary was wearing a black tank top (with the belly showing), blue warm-up pants, and blue flip-flops. She walked into her room, and immediately i grabbed her and threw her on her bed (on her stomach). I then sat on her back and started tying her hands together at the wrists.

"What are you doing?!" she screamed.

I didn't answer until i cinched the last knot in her bind, and then got off of her. she then sat up on the bed, glancing at me, and trying to look back at her bonds.

"Why are you doing this?" she said, not really worried
"I'm kidnapping you for the day" i replied
"But what if i don't want to be kidnapped?" she asked.
"You're not supposed to want to!!" i replied.

With that, i grabbed her elbows and led her to the living room. i sat her in one of the dining room chairs very carefully as to make sure her hands were still tied behind the chair. (the back of the chair was thin, but went ABOVE her head, so it was quite hard to get her hands behind it). I then tied her arms around the chair (and her torso). then i tied down her thighs to the chair. i then tied her ankles together and removed her flip-flops to give them a quick tickle. Then, I tied more rope around her ankles, then ran the rope below the chair and up to her bound wrists and tied them together. i then cinched it off and her toes drug against the floor.

"ow! taht hurt!" she pleaded
"looks like i'm going to have to shut u up!"

"what? wait! no!" she pleaded

I ran off to her bedroom and found a light-blue bandana and grabbed a small "girly" sock. i then walked up to her and waved the sock in front of her face.

"No! you're not going to ga-mmmppphhhggg!"she cried

I stuffed the sock in her mouth, and secured it in place with the bandana. i cleaved gagged her so tight she mmmppphhhgg and her cheeks were smooshed in.

i then left her to struggle for a while, all the while her trying to say "untie me now!!" but all i heard was "uneye e ow". she then tried to struggle,but i did such a good job on tying her, she did morescreaming (mmpphhgging) than struggling.


Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 02:54:01 AM
I have a question for Tom Ford. Since most of the time you got tied up unexpectantly and usually for a long time, Did you or any of your friends find the need to use the bathroom while tied and gagged? You couldn't very well tell your anyone you needed to go since you gagged.

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 01:46:48 PM
For all of you who played tickling games when you were tied up, how could you get tickled for such long periods of time without wetting your pants?

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 03:21:13 PM
Caught by Sisters Friends 2
- I tickled Cathy and did nothing to Sara. After about 10 minutes I let them out and made them swear they would never tell anyone what happened or I would spread rumors about them.
They then had an idea that they wanted to put makeup on me so I allowed it. They handcuffed me to the bed and put stuff on my lips, eye lashes and face. I washed it all off before my sister came home

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 07:28:04 PM
Thanks, but more details on how you tied them? You go into a lot of detail about yourself, but how about how you tied them specifically? Hands behind? Legs to chair legs? Rope around torso? What?

Were they already barefoot when you tickled them?

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 09:48:48 PM
im just wondrin if anyone has any babysitter bondage stories, i like those the most by far,so post if u got em, otherwise, evry1 whos been postin, good job 

Thursday, September 5th 2002 - 11:39:20 PM
I agree, though I actually prefer the ones where the babysitter ties up the kid. There are a couple of those in the archives. "Babysitter kidnapp" (with two p's), and one by a poster named Glenn, are two that are on the top of my head.

Didn't Lisa say, earlier, that her experience with Malcolm was when she learned how to hogtie? So does that mean she gets him back?

Anyways, if anyone here has them, I'd like to see "babysitter ties up charge" stories.

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 04:36:32 AM
The Lord protects in Children
Some time ago I posted something I thought was circumspect enough without naming names and giving examples. A follow up post asked me to repost it in English. I thought that was only one person but the more I think about the more I think I should make it clear. 

At the risk of harming sensibilities here. 

Children can read these stories.

DO NOT!! make up stories. 

DO NOT!! post thing you imagine but did not experience as they can be dangerous.

DO NOT!! Talk about things which are physcially impossible like tied for 24 hours unless you are talking about a person who goes to a dialysis center every three days because their kidneys stopped working. Or mention peeing your pants while tied. 

I suggested prefacing such stories with "this is how I wish it had happened" or some such. Try some variant on that which does not break your fantasy. 

But there are people reading these stories with these kinds of fantasies and without the experience. It they were to copy some things in the stories here they are at risk of being hurt. 

Rule 1, ONE, UNO! never leave anyone alone while tied much less tied and gagged. That is an adult rule. A large fraction of these stories talk about being left alone while tied. That is forbidden. Nothing bad ever happens to those left alone in fantasy stories. (The Lord protects children but ...) That is totally irresponsibly and downright dangerous regardless of what the stories say. So do not post stories saying it. 

Adult bondage exchange sites ALWAYS talk of safewords and fast release methods and everything which puts safety first and foremost. Children never realize what can go wrong nor do those who only imagine and have not played. 

I have no desire to discourage anyone but the older I get the more I learn what can go wrong. This it not to discourage the game but to discourage "I was left alone and tied for the afternoon" kind of story if it was not real. 

As long at the games are voluntary, the tie-ee should know the tie-er and has no complaint. But there is no need to mislead in saying things occured which did not occur.

Mike in Tampa
Florida USA

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 06:07:02 AM
To Dorain

Thanks anyway, even if my attempt miserably failed. Oh well! I’ll just to have get used to posting like everyone else does.

To D

Great story, although I had a little difficulty following the thread of the story, so please, write it better next time.


With regards to your response to Tom, I would like to ascertain what the spelling of your country really is. I know this is off topic, but…Anyway, I would like to say that I always knew that Sweden is Sverige in Swedish, but on your last post, you posted it as Svezia which confused me more. Could you please clarify it, but if you chose not to, it would be OK to me since it is off topic.

To Shiznach

Please, please, write more of your stories.

William F. Somebody

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 06:26:30 AM
A couple of comments

A fully agree with Mike of Tampa’s comments regarding the dangers of leaving alone those whom you tied up and gagged. I admit they are many of my stories, if not most instances where the ones who are tied-up are left alone probably for thirty minutes or so. I know now that that is dangerous but back then, we were completely innocent of such dangers and don’t have an inkling that it is wrong to leave somebody alone tied up. There was no internet forum before that would tell us that it was wrong to tie and leave somebody alone for a long time. We were immature children and for us, it was just plain fun. I guess the only reason nothing bad has happened can be attributed to dumb luck. Yes, we were lucky. Looking at it retrospectively, I wouldn’t have repeated it, but still, even with all the unperceived dangers, it was fun back then. 

To Richie 

Regarding the need to go the bathroom while being tied up, I would say that the frequency of you needing to urinate depends on the water you drank. (To my experience at least), or other factors. But in most cases, there is a few hours interval between the need to go the bathroom. As you pointed out, we were tied for long periods of time, and you are right to point out the high probability that you might need to go to the bathroom while tied-up. In our case, that just didn’t happen during that time. I guess the only reason that it didn’t happened is plain dumb luck. As I said above, we were immature children. Luckily, our luck held.

Tom Ford

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 07:08:05 AM
Summer - 1966
Tying-Up Mom and Aunt Rachel…and the Aftermath

In the last game, Andrew, David, Robert and Jerry, managed to capture us in the barn by separating us and capturing us one by one. Thus, they won their seventeenth total victory and their second win in a row.

“Let’s tie up Mom!” Donald suddenly proposed after we were untied.

“Are you crazy?” Angela said. 

“Not really!” Donald replied. Donald then told Angela and the rest of us not in on it Mom and Dad’s stories. Well, after all of that, Angela seemed satisfied.

“Okay! Then it’s a great idea!” Angela enthusiastically said.

“But how about Dad?” I asked.

“Don’t you know?” Donald answer. “Dad and Uncle James will spend the entire day fishing!” 

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Frank said, enthusiastic about the whole idea.

“Wait a minute. Count me out guys!” my brother unexpectedly said.

“What? Did I hear right?” I said with derision. “My brother not wanting to go with us! Why?”

“I remembered that I was suppose to go fishing with Dad this afternoon.” Andrew said.

“Okay, but you’ll be missing a lot of fun!” David said, trying to coax him to join us.

“No, I won’t be missing anything.” Andrew replied. “You’re the one who’s going to miss the fun!” 

“Come on, Andrew!” David pleaded. “It’ll be fun!” 

“Sorry David!” a stubborn Andrew said. “My mind’s made up!” David still tried to convince his best friend to abandon the fishing trip and join us, but Andrew remained obstinate.

We soon returned home, where we ate lunch. Dad and Uncle Richard were already in their fishing outfits. Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandma and Great-Grandpa went to town early in the morning and won’t be back till evening.

So it was Mom, Aunt Rachel and the kids who were left at home that Friday afternoon. Andrew, as expected, went with Dad and Uncle Richard to fish. But what was surprising to the rest of us is that Robert and Jerry also went with them. So it was only Angela, David, Donald, Frank and I who will carry out the operation. 

It was at about two o’clock in the afternoon that we decided to carry out our operation. Mom and Aunt Rachel are at the living room watching TV while the tikes, unaware of our designs, were playing outside. Then, something happened which necessitated a change of plans. My aunt went to the kitchen while my Mom was sitting on a wooden chair without armrests beside the couch. Perfect! Not only would we be able to tie up Mom for its own sake, but also we could also watch another program that was playing at that same hour!

We then made our move. David and I quietly sneaked into the living room and into the chair Mom was sitting. We quietly sneaked behind the chair. Suddenly, we sprung. I took Mom’s left arm while David took Mom’s right, and then I held both hands behind the chair while David looped rope around her wrists. Soon he cinched it and knotted it off. He then tied the loose ends at some of the open slots of the backrest of the chair, pinning her wrists on the backrests. Mom was surprised. “Tom, David, what are mmmpphhhh!” Angela, suddenly went to the living room and popped a ball of sock into Mom’s mouth, while Frank who was with Angela, covered her mouth with duct tape. Frank covered her mouth with one strip of duct tape across her lips, and then added more strips to secure her gag. It was effective. She just mmmmpphhhed, which we just ignored. Donald then appeared and tied Mom’s crossed ankles. I then blindfolded Mom, making her completely helpless.

Now it’s my Aunt’s turn. We left Mom at the living room and went to the kitchen. 

“Mom!” Donald shouted. “I’ve got something to show you!” 

“What is it Donald?” my Aunt asked.

“Just come with us Mom!” Donald said. 

“Okay, okay!” Aunt Rachel replied. 

“First, you must wear a blindfold, or else it wouldn’t be a surprise, Aunt Rachel.” I said.

“All right!” Aunt Rachel then took a handkerchief and blindfolded herself.

“Okay boys!” my Aunt said. “Now where and what’s the surprise?” 

“But Mom, what if you remove the blindfold before it’s ready?” Donald complained. “It would spoil the surprise!” 

“I promise I won’t!” my Aunt replied.

“Okay! But just in case, could we tie your hands so to make sure, Mrs. Ford?” Angela asked.

“I’m not sure…okay, but promise to untie me if I told you, okay?” Aunt said.

“Okay!” we replied in unison.

Aunt Rachel then presented her arms in front for us to tie. 

“No Mom, it must be at the back.” Donald said. “Or you might still remove the blindfold if your hands were in front!” 

My Aunt was surprised, but she nonetheless did as we asked. She placed her hands behind her back. I positioned it so it was crossed and palm-to-palm. Angela then wrapped rope around her wrists, vertically and horizontally. She then cinched it and knotted it off, carefully placing the knots beyond the reach of her fluttering fingers. 

“You boys can really tie knots!” Mom commented. “I don’t think I could ever can get out of this!” 

“It’s not a boy who tied you Aunt Rachel, it’s Angela!” I said.

“Well, she really could tie a knot!” she replied. “Now what’s the surprise?” 

We led Aunt Rachel to the living room. Mom was quiet, occasionally mmpphhing, but otherwise not blowing our cover. We made her sit on the couch opposite the chair where Mom was tied. I went over to Mom’s, while Donald went over to his Mom. 

“Here’s the surprise!” at that moment, both Donald and I both removed our Mom’s blindfolds. To say that they were surprised to see each other like this would be an understatement. 

“So that’s—!” Aunt Rachel just stared with an open-mouth at her sister, not knowing what to say.

“Mary, whmmppphhhhhh!” I then inserted a clean sock into my aunt’s mouth, after which Frank duct taped her mouth with a single strip over her lips, then several more strips of duct tape to support the gag. David then lifted my aunt’s feet off the ground to the couch. He removed her shoes. Her feet were in stockings. David then crossed her ankles and tied it with rope. Angela took a longer rope and wrapped it around her waist, cinched it, knotted it off and tied the loose ends to her wrists. After that, Aunt Rachel was lying on the couch, her mouth gagged, her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied. She was mmmppphhhing a lot, as if she was trying to tell us to untie her. But how could we know she wanted to be untied? After all she was gagged.

I think I’ll explain why we used brute force to tie Mom while we used more subtle means to tie Aunt Rachel. The main reason is that Mom’s position was too perfect. She was already sitting on a chair that has no armrests. It would be very easy then to tie her up as she was. Aunt Rachel, however, was in the kitchen. We couldn’t jump on her like we do to each other because the floor was hard. If we did that, somebody would probably get hurt, so we have to use another approach. And as I have said, what we came up with it succeeded brilliantly.

We then gave each other a high five for such a brilliant operation. I for one in my wildest dreams never dreamt it would succeed. We then settled down to do what we wanted to do. After all, there was no adult supervision. The first thing to do is change the channel on the TV. I was still on the channel Mom and Aunt Rachel were watching, and both seemed to have settled down and accept the fact that they are not anymore in charge (at least temporarily). We enjoyed this new, if temporary freedom, for now we are in control. I then changed the channel so that the program would be a cartoon. That seemed to provoke reactions from our Moms. They mmpphhh loudly when we changed the channel, but we just ignored them. We then watched for about thirty minutes. Mom and Aunt Rachel just looked at each other and began to struggle. Of course, it was futile, for we tied the knots rather too expertly. We then locked all the doors to prevent the younger kids to go in and untie our Moms. 

After watching our program, we decided to go to the rec room and have some fun there. Untying Mom and Aunt Rachel was furthest from our minds. We want to maximize our enjoyment of being in control. Well, in the rec room, we ended up playing different board games. But soon, we were in for the surprise of our lives.

It was about three o’clock, an hour after we tied our Moms. We were in the middle of a monopoly game when an unexpected voice suddenly filled the rec room

“Are you boys having fun?” Mom’s voice suddenly said.

We were petrified. We were totally surprised and speechless. How could they have escaped? We turned and at the door of the rec room are Mom and Aunt Rachel. They were completely untied, and at their hands are bags filled with rope, duct tape, torn sheets of cloth, socks, scarves and other items used in tie-up games.

“Now, what did we tell you about playing tie-up games?” Mom asked. We were speechless. I tried saying something but the words seem not to materialize in my mouth.

“First, you should ask the consent of the person you want to tie. Is that right Tom?” Mom asked.

“Yes Mom.” I meekly replied.

“And did you ask my sister if she wanted to be tied up?” Aunt Rachel asked.

“No Mom!” Donald replied.

“Now, you shouldn’t tie-up anybody unless you ask his or her permission first!” Mom lectured. “Since you have broken that rule, you have to be punished in order to teach you a lesson. And that goes to all of you, Frank, David and Angela.”

I gulped, dreading what she had in store for us.

“You can choose your punishment. Either you all will be grounded for three days…”

“Will not play any more tie-up games for the rest of the vacation…”

“But Mom—!” I began to complain.

“Or, you get a taste of your own medicine for twice the length of time we were tied up!” Aunt Rachel finished.

We of course chose the third option. It is a small price to pay compared to being grounded for three days or losing our right to play tie-up games with our parents consent. “You can tie us up, Mom!” Donald quietly said.

They then gave Donald and me a bag. “Listen, Tom and Donald, tie up your friends.” Mom said “Tie their hands behind their back and gag them too with socks and duct tape or whatever you want to use. And don’t tie their feet yet!”

I then decided to tie Angela first. She placed her hand behind her back, and crossed her wrists palm to palm. I then wrapped rope around her wrists several times vertically and horizontally. I then cinched it and knotted it off, making sure that all knots were beyond the reach of her fingers. I then wrapped rope around her waist several times, cinched it, knotted it off and tied the loose ends to the wrists. I then inserted a wadded sock to her mouth, which she accepted. I then cleave-gagged her to secure the sock in her mouth. I tied a scarf around her head to further secure her gag. 

Donald meanwhile took care of David. He used almost only duct tape to secure David. He first wrapped tape around David’s wrists behind his back. He then duct taped his wrists to his waist. He then taped his upper body, pinning his arms to his sides. He then inserted a sock into his mouth—the only thing not duct tape that was used by Donald on David. As expected, he covered his mouth with duct tape. 

Frank was next. Donald and I agreed to divide the work. I would tie the wrists and the waist, while he would get the upper body and gag him. I pulled his arms behind his back and tied his wrists (which were crossed and palm to palm) using rope, using the same process as I did to tie up Angela’s wrists. I then pinned his wrists to his waist using exactly the same method. At the same time, Donald pinned Frank’s arms to his sides by duct tape. He then popped a rolled sock into Frank’s mouth and covered it with duct tape.

“Now both of you come here!” Mom commanded.

We did as told. I went to Mom, while Donald to his Mom. Mom pulled my arms behind my back and began to tie it with rope.

“By the way Mom, how did you escape? Did somebody untie you?” I asked.

“No, nobody untied us. We escaped by ourselves.” Mom answered.

“How?” I asked, surprised (I suspected that one on the younger kids managed to get in and united Mom). 

“Well, back when we were kids, as you know, your Aunt and I played many tie-up games. Because of our childhood experiences, we became very adept at escaping and tying methods. When you tied me up a while ago, I was at first surprised, but being gagged and all that, there’s nothing I can do to stop you kids. I then had a hunch that you would try to get you aunt too, and I was right.” Mom narrated.

By that time, my wrists were already tied up. She was already wrapping rope around my waist.

“Well, we have an escape plan ready even before you finished tying us up. We would first test the ropes to find out if we can get some slack by which we could work ourselves free. Well, you kids tie very well. I could not find any slack in your knots. Anyway, we then went to plan two, that is, to find any knots which our fingers could untie. Again, you kids did very well, for I found nothing.” Mom continued.

At this point, my Mom finished tying my wrists to my waist, and also finished my upper body, which pinned my arms to my sides.

“Any last words?” Mom asked.

“No Mom. I mmmpphhh!” Well Mom cut me off by inserting a sock into my mouth.

“Sorry Tom, I just couldn’t resist!” Mom said, then smiled.

“Well, your Mom and I then decided to wait for you kids leave so we can work alone.” Aunt Rachel continued, who by this time had already gagged her son. Donald’s hands were tied behind his back and his wrists were pinned to his waist, like me. “I watched the cartoons you were watching, and I guess Mary did too, having no other choice. Well, after you kids left, I went to work. I first stood up. It was difficult, but having already done that before, I was able to do it in no time. I then hopped to where my sister was. It was difficult but I was able to do it. I kneeled so that my fingers at my back would touch your Mom’s knots. Well, I soon found out where the knots were and I was to free her. After Mary’s wrists were free, it only became a matter of time before we were all completely free.”

So that’s how Mom was able to escape. Well, Mom and my Aunt had proved once again their skills as escape artists. Their tour de force impressed us, and our estimation of them, already sky-high, skyrocketed. They have proved that they can play our game at our terms.

Anyway, as soon as all of us were tied up, we were marched to the living room. They then positioned us to sit in the couch. I was sitted in the left extremity of the couch, David on the right. Frank was sitted in the center. Angela sat on the floor leaning on the couch between Frank and David, while Donald sat on the floor leaning on the couch between Frank and me. And they tied our crossed ankles after that. Our Moms then switched the channel to their favorite program and sat on two chairs at either side of the couch, watching TV and at the same time keeping a close eye on us. We just sat there and watched whatever they were watching, our chances of escaping nil. They were excellent knot tiers, and like I expected, there was no slack gained when we struggled and there were no knots that can be reached by our fluttering fingers.

Dad, Uncle Richard and Andrew arrived earlier than expected. (Robert and Jerry went home). They arrived carrying lots of fish. It was 3:45.

“Honey, I’m—”, Dad shouted, and then stopped when they saw us tied up.

“Aren’t they cute. They’re so quiet and well behave this past hour that I haven’t got any trouble from them.” Mom joked. This elicited laughter from all of the adults, even some of the kids laughed.

“But seriously, what happened?” Uncle Richard asked after the laughing stopped. Mom and Aunt Rachel told them everything that happened.

“Well, how long do you plan to leave them like this?” my Uncle asked.

“They still have fifteen minutes left!” Mom said, and that’s the end of it. Mom forbade Andrew to free us until four in the afternoon, while Dad and Uncle Richard kept showing off the fish that they caught. Andrew, meanwhile, in a fit of undisciplinedness that would rarely be found in my brother, took it upon himself to tickle us all. Soon, we were laughing our heads off. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh is Andrew going to get it when we get free! He tickled us for the remainder of the fifteen minutes, alternating between us five, which in effect gave each of us a minute’s break. Mom and Aunt Rachel went to the kitchen to prepare the fish, which would be our dinner.

At four, Mom told Andrew to free us. Andrew then untied us all. We vowed revenge on him for tickling us, but he was able in a clever way shift the discussion to another topic. Thus Andrew managed to talk his way out of our revenge, and he was so clever that we never were able to get our revenge on him for that particular incident.

This was the second time I tied up Mom and the first time I tied up Aunt Rachel. But it isn’t the last. But unlike this one, we used subtler means to tie them up next time, so we wouldn’t again break any of Mom’s rules and get punished as a result. But in this instance, I certainly enjoyed my “punishment”. In retrospect, our only punishment is the their disapproval of what we did, although we certainly a bit scared when they tied us up.

We ate fish that night, the fish that they caught. We slept early that night, at about 8:30, for tomorrow, early in the morning, we would go with Dad and Uncle Richard to the island in the lake. 

What awaits us on the island? Read the next part and find out!

Tom Ford

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 07:18:41 AM
Summer - 1966
The Island Adventure

Last time, on a Friday afternoon, we tied up Mom and Aunt Rachel. We got into trouble however, when they escaped and told us we broke some rules and got tied up as punishment. 

It was late Friday night. Tomorrow, Saturday, at about seven a.m., Dad and Uncle Richard will go fishing just off the island in the middle of the lake. Us boys had earlier secured permission to go along, for we wanted to explore the island. Now, it was supposed to be a secret, but Dad and my Uncle bragged about the trip during dinner. As a result, Angela got wind of it, and as expected she wanted to go along, thinking that somehow there would be a tie-up game.

Well, after dinner, at about eight, Andrew, Frank, David, Donald and I were at my brother’s room. We were playing monopoly, when all of a sudden, Angela entered our room.

“What’s up, Angela?” my brother greeted her.

“I heard you’re going to the island tomorrow. Could I come too?” Angela asked my brother. We all expected Andrew to say no. After all, he was the one who sneaked us out of Angela’s nose in the previous stories. Well, to our surprise, Andrew gave a different answer this time.

“Sure! Why not? Just be ready at seven tomorrow morning.” My brother answered.

“Oh Thank You Andy!!” she exclaimed, not believing her ears. She then darted out the room happy as a lark.

We could hardly believe our ears. And why not? He had consistently opposed her joining in our non-regular activities, and we considered us exploring the island not a regular game. His reversal on this matter stunned us.

“Hey what are you up to?” I asked Andrew.

“What do you mean what am I up to?” my brother innocently asked.

“Don’t play games with us Andrew. We know you too well! Why did you let Angela join us?” Frank asked.

“Oh that! Well, would you believe that I want to be fair to her?” Andrew evasively replied.

“No! We don’t believe you! If you only want to be fair, why the hell did you not let her join us in earlier activities!” Donald demanded.

“Look, what’s in the past is done and let’s keep it that way!” Andrew angrily replied. “If you don’t want her in, then go ahead and tell her that you don’t want her and maybe, just maybe she’ll relent and not want to join us. But don’t force me to tell her not to go because I would be lying if I did! Now Frank, since it’s your turn, roll the dice!” My brother’s statement effectively silenced us. He basically threw the question back at us and implied that we were the one who don’t want her in. Of course we could be guilty also of the same accusation for we basically followed what my brother decides with regards to Angela in earlier activities, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, since we believed Andrew anyway, that doesn’t mean that is the only reason he want’s her in! There must be a second reason, the first being the goodness in his heart, which we at first don’t believe.

We resumed our monopoly game. We decided not to finish it, and went to bed at exactly 8:30 p.m. Andrew, Donald and David went to their respective rooms. Frank and I hunkered down to go to bed. We did not immediately go to sleep, however, but Frank and I talked about what Andrew just muttereed.

“What do you think, Tom? Do you believe what he said to us?” Frank asked.

“Yes. He’s usually honest. But I don’t believe that that’s the only reason.” I replied. “He has a way with words which makes him say one thing and mean another but is unassailable when confronted.”

“Yes. But what is he up to. Why did he allow Angela to come with us?” Frank asked.

“Probably so they can win another game.” I replied.

“By golly that’s it!” Frank replied. “It’s crystal clear! Andrew, David wants to win another game, and they can’t win without capturing Angela. So what does he do? He let’s Angela join us, and therefore, he can win another game.”

Principle and self-interest! What an interesting and irresistible combination! Principle (Andrew’s desire for fairness) and self-interest (a desire to win another game) combined to make Andrew make his decision. 

“What if we go to Angela and request her not to come for the sake of the team?” Frank proposed.

“It’s a good idea. Come on!” I replied. Frank and I then headed to the girls’ room. (As I said before, Angela, Maggie and Betty shared a room.) We crept on the room and we literally frightened the girls by our sudden appearance.

“You boys almost gave us a heart attack!” Betty exclaimed. 

We apologized for our improper entry and told the girls of Andrew’s ‘sinister’, plan. (which by the way, we had no proof of. We only conjectured it as the most probable reason my brother made his decision.) They however, dismissed it.

“You’re getting paranoid!” Angela replied. “I’ll come tomorrow, and that’s it.”

“Okay, but wake-up at six to be sure you won’t be late!” I added. Frank and I then left.

“What was that all about?” Frank asked.

“Well, in the event that she persist in wanting to go with us, we will have to use drastic measures!” I said. “We’ll ask her if she still wants to go with us, and if she still insists, we just tie her up! By the time she will be untied, we’ll already have gone far.” 

“I like it!” Frank said with a grin. “I like it! I like it! Who said that only Andrew could be devious?”

Well, in one of the most unfair decisions we had ever made, we would literally use force to keep her from joining us. We knew it was unfair, but our self-interests—that is, our desire that our opponents would not get a chance to win another game in the island, outweighed mere principle. And what of her feelings? We decided we would just apologize immediately after it, and get it over with as soon as possible. Yes, our actions were immature, childish and grossly unwarranted, but we were just kids and acted like kids. Besides, we thought that it was no big deal because Angela would lose nothing while we thought we would lose a lot if she came. Besides, knowing Angela, we thought that she wouldn’t take it too hard, especially if there is a tie-up involved.

We prepared all needed materials for our modus operandi. As for Barney, we didn’t think he would be much trouble at all, since he wasn’t going with us, and would not wake up that early as a result. Our plan is to tie Angela up as early as possible, and keep her in our room so that she would not be discovered until we have left.

We set the alarm clock at about five, and immediately went to sleep. The alarm clock went off at five a.m., but we only rose at about five-thirty. We changed from our pajamas to our everyday clothes—jeans and T-shirts, shoes and socks. We then went downstairs to eat breakfast. As expected, Andrew and David were up earlier than us, while Donald was still in bed. 

We went up again at about six, and as expected, Angela rose at that hour. We saw her walking in the corridor, towel in hand, indicating that she was going to the bathroom. 

“Could we go to our room?” I said. “We would like to say something.”

“Couldn’t you just tell it here?” Angela answered.

“Well, it would be better if you went to our room.” Frank replied. 

“Okay. But make it quick!” she relented, and went with us to our room.

“Are you still going with us?” I whispered, not wanting to wake the sleeping Barney.

“Of course I am silly!” Angela replied, also in a whisper.

“And nothing we say will ever make you stay?” Frank asked.

“Yup! Nothing would. Even if you tied me up, I would still escape and join you!” she arrogantly replied, and that surprised us. Of course, we took full advantage of her indiscretion, which gave us the excuse to do our otherwise illegal operation.

“Oh really!” I answered.


“Then let’s see if you can escape this!” I replied, then immediately shoved a rolled sock into her mouth, while Frank immediately duct taped her mouth. The reason why we did the gag first is because we wouldn’t want to create much noise and thus wake Barney. 

We then dragged her to the bed, where we forced her to lie on her stomach and we then pulled her arms behind her back. Angela of course was completely surprised, never dreaming that we would take seriously her boast. Of course, we would have tied her up even if she hadn’t made that remark. She gave us a hard time just the same. Anyway, with Frank holding her arms, I wrapped rope around her wrists (crossed and palm to palm, as usual), cinched it and knotted it off. We then made her sit on the bed so we can tie her wrists to her waist in the usual manner. We then made her lie on the bed again on her stomach. We tied her knees and crossed ankles, then we hog-tied her. She was furiously struggling, angry at having been tricked and the prospect of missing the island adventure, but utterly helpless. She mmppphhh loudly, but it didn’t wake Barney, who slept like a bear in hibernation.

“See if you can still join us!” I remarked. Frank and I then high-fived each other. We then left the room Donald was by now awake. We decided not to tell Donald what we did. We don’t know what he’s reaction would be. So we decided to keep him in the dark. Anyway, Donald went down, and we accompanied him while he was eating breakfast. We also accompanied him when he again went up to change—we didn’t want him to accidentally discover a bound and gagged hog-tied Angela in our room. Besides, it would be for his own good that he wouldn’t be able to discover her—at any rate, we planned to tie him up too if he discovers her and refuses to go along. 

Fortunately, he didn’t even come close to discovering Angela. He just went to his room, changed, and immediately went down. It was now 6:30. We didn’t worry that it would be a long time before she was untied. Experience showed us that she could take more punishments than that, and would come out enjoying it nonetheless. Dad and Uncle Richard were by that time preparing the fishing vessel. We spent the next half-hour waiting, telling each other stories in the meantime. In the interim, Robert and Jerry arrived.

It was about seven when we were about to board the boat. Unfortunately, the engine broke down and we had to wait another half-hour for it to be fixed. 

“Where’s Angela?” Andrew asked. “I thought she wanted to come with us!”

“She probably changed her mind.” Frank suggested. 

“It isn’t like her to do that!” Andrew observed.

“Girls! You don’t allow them to something and they crave for it, and give it to them, then they refuse it!” David joked, and we all laughed at that. 

Twenty minutes later, Frank and I stopped laughing. For Angela suddenly and unexpectedly joined us. She was fully dressed for our trip, meaning that she wore jeans, T-shirt at the upper body, and her hair was pony tailed. And need I mention she was completely free?

“Sorry for being late!” Angela apologized, acting if nothing had happened that morning. “I overslept.”

Luck has been against us. We would have succeeded if the engine didn’t break down. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

“You’re lucky!” Andrew said. “If the engine on the engine hadn’t broke down, you would have been left.”

We boarded the boat at about 7:30 a.m., after the engine has been repaired, and we soon embarked. Frank and I were alone on the deck on the stern, when who should join us but the cool-headed Angela. 

“Look guys, just because I don’t seem upset doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you anymore!” she said, going right to the point. “Look, I promised to pay Barney three dollars for freeing me, and since you’re the one responsible for it, you are going to pay Barney for it. OR else I’ll spill the beans on your treachery!” 

“Look Angela, were sorry if…” I began to explain.

“Sorry is not enough! You’ll pay for it. And pray that we win the next game, or else…” she then left us.

The tone of her tone was enough to convince us that she was serious. Her or else statement left us wondering what she planned for us in the event that we lost. But we were pretty sure that whatever it was, it wouldn’t be good for us.

We arrived on the island at about eight. The island is large, about the size of Great-Grandpa’s farm. It has several sheds with taps in it, and is generally flat, even though there are points that would reach high into the air. Anyway, we soon divided ourselves into four groups comprising of two members each. Andrew and David comprising one group, Frank and Donald comprising another, Robert and Jerry comprising another, while Angela and I another. We soon separated and went on our different ways. But the separation was artificial, for we followed Andrew and David instead of doing on our own. Ten minutes later, they separated and we saw our chance.

We quietly approached David, who was nearer to us. We hid in the bushes and waited until he came close enough. Then we then made our move. We grabbed him from behind, with my hand clamped over his mouth to prevent him from warning my brother, and we dragged him to the bushes. There, I immediately shoved a sock into his mouth while Angela duct taped it. We then forced him to lie on his stomach on the grassy ground where we pulled his arms behind his back. Angela tied his wrists (which was crossed and palm to palm) and I tied his crossed ankles and knees. After that, we deemed him sufficiently trussed up so we left him alone so we could deal with Andrew.

But Andrew was nowhere to be seen. He had completely disappeared. 

“Where the hell did he go?” I asked.

“I have no idea!” Angela replied.

“Oh well! Let’s just drag David to one of the sheds so we could look for him.” I proposed. Angela agreed and we untied David’s feet and knees. We then marched him to the nearest shed. There, we wrapped rope around his waist several times, cinched it, knotted it off, then tied the loose ends to the wrists. We then sitted him to a chair where we wrapped more rope around his upper body to the backrest of the chair. Finally, we crossed his ankles and tied it with rope.

Anyway, we further explored the island, looking for Andrew or trying to have contact with Frank and Donald. Well, to our luck, we accomplished neither. We spent about a half-hour looking for my brother, Frank and Donald, but found neither of them. Instead, Andrew, Robert and Jerry found us, and it when they did, disaster struck.

We were walking along a pathway, going towards the shore, when suddenly three boys suddenly jumped from the bushes beside us and grabbed us. The ones who ambushed us are my brother, Robert and Jerry. Andrew grabbed Angela, while Robert and Jerry grabbed me. We were surprised and outnumbered, and as a result, we were easily captured. 

“Save your breathe! We already captured Frank and Donald, so it won’t do you any good to shout.” Robert said as he pulled my arms behind me. Jerry then tied my hands at the wrists.

“Well, we lose again!” Angela cheerily said. She should talk. She has it both ways. If she wins, well and good. If we lose she’ll still have her revenge on us for our prank. Andrew then tied her hands behind her back, then gagged her by inserting a clean handkerchief on her mouth and duct-taping her mouth to prevent her from spitting it out. As for me, Jerry didn’t bother to pack my mouth. He just sealed my mouth with duct tape. 

We then were marched to a nearby shed. Why we didn’t bother to check that shed a while ago is still a puzzle to me. Well, when we entered the shed, we saw Frank hog-tied on the floor while Donald tied to a chair. Both were covered with sweat. Perhaps it was the heat; perhaps they exhausted themselves trying to escape. We expected that we would be tied-up like them but instead we were tied up differently. They made Angela and I sit on the floor back to back, where Andrew tied our wrists together. That prevented us from untying each other’s knots. Robert then tied my left elbow and her right elbow together, and Jerry tied her left elbow and my right elbow. They then tied our waists together, as well as upper bodies together at the chest level. To further restrain us, they then tied our crossed ankles and knees together. 

“Shall we tickle them now?” Robert asked.

“No. I’ll look for David first.” Andrew replied. “Watch these four and don’t tickle them until David and I arrives, okay?”

“Sure thing.” Jerry answered. And so Andrew left to look for his best friend, who, had they bothered to ask us, was in another shed tied up and gagged.(Not that we would have told them David’s whereabouts if they asked.) Robert and Jerry guarded us for the next thirty minutes. To their credit, they didn’t make any attempt to tickle us. They for the most part, just talked to each other and occasionally teased us, and we for our part didn’t make any attempt to escape, for that would be as useless under Robert and Jerry’s watchful eyes.

A half-hour later, David and Andrew returned. Plastered on David’s face is satisfaction of having revenge within his grasps. Then without warning, they proceeded with their tickle torture. Unlike previous tickle sessions however, this tickle session was not as severe. Nonetheless, we laughed and laughed uncontrollably, and only the required 2-3 minute breaks saved us from bursting into tears. They tickled us only for fifteen minutes then left us. 

When we were alone, we tried to escape. It was a futile effort at best however. They did their usual thorough job at tying up that we gained no slack from our struggling and we can find no knots to untie with our fingers. So we just gave up.

Thirty minutes later, they returned and untied us. They then boasted as usual, and we promised revenge, as usual. We also congratulated ourselves for another good game, as usual. Thus, they won their 18th total victory, their 3rd in a row. After the game, we agreed to a truce for the rest of our island exploring.

But all was not business as usual for Frank and I. Angela’s revenge on us will now be carried out virtue of our defeat. How did we fare under Angela? Read the next part and find out!

Tom Ford

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 08:05:57 AM
Mike in Tampa wrote some things that had better be heeded by many. A very good and needed post.

But it included:

Rule 1, ONE, UNO! never leave anyone alone while tied much less tied and gagged. That is an adult rule. A large fraction of these stories talk about being left alone while tied. That is forbidden. Nothing bad ever happens to those left alone in fantasy stories. (The Lord protects children but ...) That is totally irresponsibly and downright dangerous regardless of what the stories say. So do not post stories saying it. 

I know this is not going to make me popular: but DON'T GAG AT ALL! A person can be killed this way, even while attended. Especially a person subject to shock, choking, respiratory problems such as asthma or hay fever, epilepsy, and many other things. And you never know whether a person falls into one of these categories.

People have died at a dinner table with ten other people present, by choking on a piece of meat, and they were not even tied at all, of course. A common item in every first aid curriculum is how to save a choking person: it calls for immediate action, which would not be possible if the person were tied and gagged.


Friday, September 6th 2002 - 08:15:43 AM
Is there any offence if there is undressing involved in the tie up stories?

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 08:43:49 AM
New Site
It's a forum to post stories and pictures about not-state-of-the-art tie up gear

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 09:22:59 AM
To Bud, Mike, Tom & Cal
Bud, Mike & Tom

While I agree with your comments on safety, I feel that you are all missing an important point. This site is for stories of tie-up games which have already happened. We know that no one was killed in playing the games, just because they are posted here ("snuff" is definitely off-topic here).

Your implication/statement that this board may encourage children to tie each other up in dangerous situations is irrelevant. Many of the stories being posted here date from well before the internet was more than a gleam in an engineer's eye. Children have been tying each other up for as long as anyone can remember. They will continue to do so for as long as children continue to exist, regardless of this board.

Will children die because of playing dangerous tie-up games? Yes. Children will also die from falling out of tall trees they have climbed regardless of all warnings.

We cannot wrap children in cottonwool and protect them from everything which may harm them. They willplay tie-up games.

In some cases, stopping children from playing tie-up games may be just as psychologically and emotionally harmful as any possible physical harm from playing the game. I know that such was the case for me. I had no one to play tie-up games with. I knew, instinctively, that my parents would be horribly disapproving of my desires. The conflict between what I wanted and my desire to be a "good" boy caused massive emotional harm which I am still dealing with.

I say: let children be children, despite the dangers.


Other people have mentioned nudity without having the story deleted. Erections have also been mentioned (in passing) without the story being deleted. I think mentioning both is okay, so long as that's as far as the story goes. Just don't give graphic descriptions.

Richard's #1 fan, who is very much missing Richard. :'-(

Jason Masters

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 10:51:30 AM
Lisa's Adventures in Babysitting - Part VI
A sudden noise at the front door startled me out of my reverie. I heard the screen door open, and suddenly I felt myself panicking, struggling frantically against the ropes holding me. It was only the local weekend paper, and I could see it out of the corner of my eye as it was pushed through the mail slot in the front door. I heard the screen door close, and the paper boy as he retreated down the walkway. 

I could feel myself trembling, and I took some deep breaths in order to calm myself. For a brief , scary moment I thought Malcolm’s parents had decided to come home early. I let my breath out, and could feel myself turning red as the prospect of them finding me there all tied up and gagged. I could just picture them stood there, his father in a classy suit, and his mother in the elegant evening gown, stood there in wonderment at the sight of their babysitter tied to a chair and unable to talk. I could just imagine what they would say to me as they removed my gag and started to untie me. Completely humiliated, I would have to explain to them that it was just a game, that their son had not been kidnapped under my care, and that he was the one who had tied me up. 

I writhed and strained some more against my bonds. It was totally hopeless. It had been nearly two hours since I had first sat down in this chair, and I was no closer to getting myself free than when I had started. What I wouldn’t do to know where Malcolm had gotten to! I suddenly felt a pang of concern. I hoped he wasn’t in any sort of trouble. I was beginning to think that letting him tie me up this way was a big mistake on my part, and completely irresponsible. 

“Mhhhhhccmmm? . . . . Phssss, wrrrrrarrrrreyuuuuu? Iwhhhnnnttobunthhhhd?” Malcolm, please. Where are you? I want to be untied. I tried to mmmphh this through my gag, but I was futile in my efforts. I slumped forward in my seat as much as the ropes would allow, and let out my breath in resignation. So here you are, Lisa, once again in a jam. The whole world is out there on a Saturday, having a great time, going on dates, or just hanging out. And where are you? Fantasizing about your perfect dream date with the perfect guy while trussed up on a babysitting gig. This could only happen to you, Lisa, only to you. 

Relaxing, I thought of Ryan some more. He was an avid kayaker, and had entered a few competitions. As a result of this, he had quite a nice physique. It was one of the things that I admired about him. He had a pleasant boy-next-door demeanor about him, not like the school jocks who could be egotistical and overbearing. 

As I wriggled against my restraints some more, I thought that it would be fun if he had been the one who had tied me up. I felt myself smiling behind my gag. Stop it, Lisa. Nice girls don’t have thoughts like this! I suddenly had another thought. It would be great if I had him tied to a chair. Of course, then he would not be able to run away. I would stand before him, where he could not help but see me. I would be the only one who could untie him. He would have to ask me out then, wouldn’t he? 

Okay, Lisa, knock it off. You have more pressing concerns at hand. You’re the one who is tied up, and Ryan is out somewhere in his ‘vette, or at some party with a bunch of girls present. 

I heard a sound. Someone was in the house. I suddenly felt a wave of relief. Malcolm had returned, and I could hear him coming towards the living room where I was held captive. In a brief moment, he popped through the door and came to a stop. He stood looking at me for a moment, appearing to be a bit sheepish. I wriggled slightly, indicating that I wanted to be untied. He then walked over to me, and started to loosen my gag . . . 

Coming very soon . . . the conlclusion


Friday, September 6th 2002 - 03:50:36 PM
To William
You asked PH for the Swedish name of Sweden. You are right, it is Sverige, short form of the older name "Svea Rike" (Svea's Country), where the Sveas was the name of the people living in central Sweden.
"Svezia" is "Sweden" in another language, I'm not really sure in which, but I think it is Italian, or perhaps some East European language.

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 04:42:26 PM
Anyone near Purdue?

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 08:25:53 PM
On Safety and Other Matters...
Mike In Tampa, 

thank you for clarifying your post on "God looking after the Children..." or whatever. I agree with you today that safety is very important when it comes to bondage. However, as some other members of this board have suggested, when telling about kid's games, we have to realize that we as kids, were not that "safety-minded".

One of the great aspects of the games was the thrill of being left bound and gagged for a period of time (usually one hour)and trying to escape in that period of time.

Yes, it can seem dangerous to leave a thirteen year old boy or girl hogtied and gagged in the basement or in the woods, but that was just thrilling to us.

Perhaps, in the name of safety, we should add a recomendation from the bondage-surgeon general that this might be dangerous;)

I know from experience that kids do dumb stuff sometimes, once I left a friend bound in a closet, with a noose from his neck to the coathanger-rack. He managed to get his feet free and ran out of the closet after having kicked the door open. Seeing him smash back after the rope was tightened was very funny then, but today reminds me of how dangerous it was. (never do that kids!)

So, why don't we go back to posting things like we remember them and stop worrying what was safe and what was not. We were kids and had fun, that's all folks!

William F. Somebody,

Sorry to have confused you. Sweden is of course Sverige in Swedish. Svezia is Italian for Sweden. I was thinking about Americans' lack of knowledge about the world around them and how American friends of mine often mistake European countries, placeing Stockholm in Switzerland and cheese in Denmark.


Friday, September 6th 2002 - 08:58:57 PM
Purdue here.

Friday, September 6th 2002 - 10:02:27 PM
Sorry to post off topic again but I know Canuck will moderate it out so I cant resist and I know it will bring a smile to the faces of many readers..

Love the comment re Americans.. But I must give them some credit. They know where Switzerland is - It's where the American Corporate companies and Government (and Bill Gates :) ) hides all the money from the IRS (Thats the Tax collectors to non US readers).

It also reminds me of some cartoons that apeared in a newspaper..

Clinton: "We're going to invade Afghanistan" 
The Generals: "Where's the Atlas?"

Child one: Why does Blair (UK prime minister) travel the world on behalf of Clinton?
Child two says: Cus Clinton can't find the Atlas.

Clinton : Where is Bagdad?
General : Texas, I think..

I won't go on but there are loads like these.


Friday, September 6th 2002 - 10:40:37 PM
well kidd here, jes wondrin, im more interested in younger girls, 14,15,16,17, being tied up as babysitters so if there are any girls those ages out there, leave a post with ur sn and we can talk, or just post wat u got!

Saturday, September 7th 2002 - 04:02:24 AM
I go baby sitting regularly and I've only ever been tied up once, infact it was the only time I've ever been tied up at all. It was about a year ago when I was 15.

I was baby sitting for some friends of my parents although I didn;t know them. Their regular babysitter couldn't make it. They said they had 2 chilren, a boy and a girl aged about 10 and 8 from what I can remember. However when I got there their parents said they each had a friend to stay over - would that be okay? I couldn't really say no as they were just about to go out.

The evening went okay, the kids played while i did homework. At about 10.30pm i said they'd better go upstairs and get ready for bed and i would come up in a while to turn the lights out.

I watched TV for about half an hour and then I went upstairs. First I went in one bedroom and there was no-one there. Puzzled I walked into another bedroom and just as I entered then 2 loops of ropes like lassos were dropped over me by the 2 boys who were hiding a chairs behind the door. they pulled them tight and they pinned my arms to my sides.

They then started pulling me and trying to topple me over onto the bed. If there had just been one or two of them I would have broken free but with all four they were too strong for me. It didn't help that I was wearing a long slim-fitting denim skirt and my knee length boots which have fairly high heels which put me at more of a disadvantage. Anyway they managed to put me over onto the bed and roll me onto my front where they tied my hands behind my back. They then wrapped the rest of the rope round my waist, chest and even over my shoulders putting in lots of knots as they went. Then one of boys went off to try to find some more rope to tie my legs while the others held me down on the bed.

I struggled as much as I could but they managed to hold me down. Eventually they found some more rope and tried to tie my feet together. I kicked as much as I could but my skirt meant i couldn't move my legs that much anyway so it didn't take long before they had managed to tie my feet together. Then they wrapped rope around my legs all the way up to my waist. After thay they left me saying they'd see me later...

They went downstairs and I could hear them playing. After a while I managed to move to the edge of the bed and roll off (luckily it wasn't very high up) and they I was able to wriggle gradually towards the door which they'd left ajar. I then started to shout downstairs to untie me know otherwise they'd me in real trouble with their parents. 

They must have got fed up with my shouting becasue they came upstairs again and got one the girls long socks which they tied around my mouth. They seemed surprised that I had managed to get off the bed to the door. They put me back on the bed and then used a couple of belts (because they'd run out of rope) to pull my feet up behind me towards my hands which meant I couldn't wriggle at all.

Then they left me again totally helpless. As much as I tied I could bearly move at all. I couldn't even call out to them with threats about what their parents would do. however it wasn't long before I heard the front door open and the kids rushing up the stairs. they grabbed me and quickly carried me out of their bedroom into another larger bedroom. Then they rushed out again I could see them turning their bedroom lights out. 

Their parents came upstairs calling hello.They I could hear them opening the doors of the children's rooms and finding them apparently fast asleep. Then they found me and were shocked. They untied me and were very apologetic although i was equally embarressed. Then the father took me home, he told me on the way that their usual baby sitter was a 16 year old boy so they probably didn't dare ever try to do to him what they did to me. He said that in the morning the kids would get severely told off for what they did. Despite coming home early they paid me a lot more than I was expecting - although they never asked me back, which was probably a good think as I wouldn't have babysit for them again anyway. Luckily no-ne of my friends or family found out what happened and I have never seen the children again. I just spent the next few months praying my parents would meet up with their parents who may have apologised to them and told them what had happened! 

Trish, UK

Saturday, September 7th 2002 - 05:15:32 AM
To Bud
No, I did not say do not gag at all. I advocated safety and attention to the tied person. 

I have also posted that Walgreens (a US drug store cum variety store chain) carries a three dollar chinese scissors for quick release that is hospital safe. The box is labeled like "as seen on TV" and can cut a tin can. That can cut any gag off quickly and not do any harm in the process even if used in a near panic situation. 

As to factual descriptions I have never understood how a gag "pressed my tongue down" when my tongue has always retreated behind a gag. 

In any event, if it does not into the windpipe meaning passed the gag reflex itself it is not clear what harm it can do BUT there are reports of harm therefore always watch and never leave the person. 

Besides all of that the uses of a gag are many and most go beyond the rules of this message group. With kids as I remember and observed being the eldest of 17 cousins in a close-knit family group the purpose dominance. The difference between boys and girls is that boys will do it for the shear fun of it while girls will do it only if it is a benefit to them. Girls will use equity, you did it to me, as an excuse. 

Bottom line is, it is part of the game. Behavior isn't completely differentiated before puberty. But the game is played regardless of the rationalizations or explanations. 


Mike in Tampa
Florida USA

Saturday, September 7th 2002 - 10:52:30 AM
e-mail me Boiler

Saturday, September 7th 2002 - 12:16:04 PM
Bound At Friend's House
When I was 13 I was sleeping over my friend Mary's house......

It was a friday afternoon I was walking home from school
with my friend mary. She asked me if I wanted to sleep over since it was friday and I said yes. When we got to her house
I called my mom to ask if I was aloud and she said yes.
So for the rest of the day we just hung out and played board games and stuff. When it came time to sleep Mary said to me:
"Steve You have no clothes to wear" I said: "I better go get some from my house". But she told me it was much too late to go get mine. I asked: well what will I wear?". She Gave me an evil grin and said You can wear some of mine. before I could say anything she pulled my shirt off me and pulled out a black bra bra and started to put it on me I struggled to get it off and push her away and it worked but she locked her door in her room pushed me on the floor. I hit it hard so it hurt. I didnt resist the rest.So she finished putting the bra on me and gave me black panties then sent me to the bathroom to put them on I took off my pants and boxers and put the panties on. I walked back to her room And i stood there in bra and panties waiting to see what she would do next She took out a black garter belt and black stockings from her mom's room and told me to put it on I couldnt figure out the garter belt so she helped me put it on she put it on maximum tightness and did all the straps I slid the black stockings up my legs and attached them to the garter belt She took a white top and made me put it on then a black skirt and i put it on.She ran to her closet and pulled out a brown hair wig and put it on me. I felt embarrased at this point. Once she secured the wig she ran to her closet again and pulled out duct tape and rope.
She put a pair of pink panties in my mouth and duct taped it 
shut. She pushed me onto the bed and tied me spread eagle to it she said to me: "sweet dreams" and pulled a cover over me and left the room. I tried to escape but i just tired myself out and fell asleep in her clothes tied down in the morning
she untied me and gave me all my clothes from yesterday and i took off all her clothes in the bathroom and put mine on and left. Little did i know she took pictures of me tied in her clothes and showed them to everyone i knew i was so embarrassed i stopped hanging out with her 

more stories on the way!


Steve (Formaly Known as Mr ?)

Monday, September 9th 2002 - 09:04:16 PM
Glad to see this site working again
And while I'm at it, I'd like to ask a few people if they could post more stories.

To Rich and Amy, I remember your stories from before. I thought they were very enjoyable and clean stories, and would like to hear more. They are similar to the ones that Vicky posted before, about tie-up games with her son Rob. If you're still around, I'm one of the people that would like to read your stories, if you don't mind.

To Vicky, are you by any chance still around? If so, I'd like to see any more stories you have of what's been going on.

To Lisa, great to see you again! I eagerly await the conclusion to your story.


Monday, September 9th 2002 - 09:28:26 PM
Two Sites
Anyone know what happened to Ed Harris's site dealing with being bound by robbers and also the MSN GRoup by a fellow
called Gagboy dealing with Teen bondage in the media or something similar? Any aid appreciated.
Bondage fan

Tuesday, September 10th 2002 - 04:32:16 PM

How do you get someone to tie you up?

Tuesday, September 10th 2002 - 10:24:54 PM

spreadeagle hog-tie
Only one person (anon) commented, and had the same opinion I did - that it was a contradiction. Now I can tell you it isn't, quite. I'd like to tell the entire story TomFord/RichardUK style, but not being that much of a writer I'll describe the main event. 

We were camping, and he led me to a sandy clearing about ten minutes' walk from our tent. It was ringed by a number of sturdy trees more or less in a circle. I explained earlier our "no place to hide a knife" rules so all I wore was a blindfold, which was our custom when anyone was tied face-down in sand. "Sam" removed it when we arrived at the clearing. This wasn't a good sign - it meant that he felt seeing what he was doing would be no help to me. 

Sam had me lie on my stomach in the circle while he tied a 10-foot length of rope to each of my wrists and ankles. If you can imagine that my head was pointing at the "12 o'clock" position, he pulled right arm down and across the small of my back to a tree at 8 o'clock - lower than for a wrist-to-elbow tie, higher than for a regular hog-tie. Then likewise for my left arm, pulling it down and to the right towards 4 o'clock. My arms now crossed at mid-forearm and the back of each hand rested on the opposite hip. 

Next he started on my feet, pulling the right ankle rope up and to my left to 11 until the heel touched my left butt cheek. Finally my left foot followed its rope in the direction of 1 o'clock until it touched my right butt. 

The end result was interesting - it felt like most of the tension was side-to-side instead of lengthwise as in a regular hog-tie. My back was hardly arched, and while my arms were pulled back, it wasn't as much as for an elbow tie. The ropes prevented any rocking or side-to-side motion whatsoever. All that ever accomplished for me while hog-tied was to fall on my side, but now even that was impossible. 

If I had been wearing anything with pockets (or even a waistband), they would have been within reach of my fingers, but that had been taken care of before we left camp. I could turn my head and wiggle my fingers and toes, but that was the total extent of my range of motion. I was seriously tied and definitely not going anywhere without help. 

Sam asked me a lot of questions about how it felt, where it could be tighter or should be loosened, and 'tweaked' the ropes from time to time. Normally we didn't allow such readjusting, but I certainly couldn't do anything about it which was part of the fun. We had a long discussion about whether it should be called a spread-eagle hog-tie, a reverse spreadeagle or a folded spreadeagle, but we kept the first. 

There's more, but that's it for the tie-up itself.

wondering no more

Wednesday, September 11th 2002 - 12:48:48 AM

I want to read some stories. Where the babysitter ties up the kid or kids.

Wednesday, September 11th 2002 - 10:16:03 AM

Joe: simply ask her to do it for you.

Wednesday, September 11th 2002 - 01:05:06 PM

Hi everyone, amazing site here with some great stories. Now as Im from England its very hard to find someone on these sorts of sites from the UK to talk to, so I was wondering if there are any females (any age) from the UK who would just like to email/chat about these kind of games, exchange experiences and possibly "play" sometime. If so Please email me! Would love to hear from anyone interested!! 



Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 07:06:47 AM

please post stories of being tied to chairs in womens clothing

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 08:10:34 AM

Re: jj
Try reading the policy for this site. ALternatively, explore the web, you'll find plenty of what you are after out there - not here though, I hope!

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 01:01:49 PM

Have any guys found themselves tied up, then have their shoes removed and feet unsuspectedly TICKLED? please post any true encounters, thanks

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 02:15:58 PM

For the love of God, JJ and F456tied, if you would just LOOK a little before posting requests, you should be able to find MORE than enough of what you're looking for. This sight has been around since 1998, and there are DOZENS of stories about "being tied to chairs in womens clothing" and especially about guys being tied up, de-shoed and tickled. Give a little effort! People aren't going to write stories because YOU ask them to.

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 02:53:37 PM

F456tied, Renee, and many other people who all ask, usually in one sentence, about guys being tied up and having their feet TICKLED (usually in all caps, too), are all the same person using like 20 different names for months and over a year now. 

I'm sick and tired of seeing that person repeatedly beg for stories. I have my own personal preferences, but asking if someone has stories to post on a certain topic doesn't guarantee that they'll get posted. With few exceptions, these are TRUE stories. 

I, for example, would like to see more stories of babysitters who tie up the kid they look after. But I don't repeatedly beg for it, and I recognize that a few such stories like that are in the archives.

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 06:18:22 PM

I for one welcome males getting tied up and tickled, so if you do not like anyones post, KEEP SCROLLING, otherwise, its a FREE COUNTRY, people can request anything they like providing it is on topic, which this one is. I second the request and would also be entertained reading a bit about a guy tied up and foot tickled.

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 08:33:17 PM

Yeah, I did just lose it there, Greg. That other anonymous person was echoing the thoughts I've had for months now. I just wish that person would post under the same name instead of using like 20 identities, or something. Or post anonymously. I don't think most people care if you have certain preferences, but to see the same person post using 20 different names just irks me, when you don't even have to hide your interest. 

Well, enough antagonism. Let's go back to posting stories, shall we?

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 10:24:30 PM

hey whoever posted about ppl posting with 20 diff. names, u sed u found places where babysitters tie up their kids, could u tell me some, just post!!!

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 10:37:56 PM

not that im rushing you or anything but PLEASE HURRY with the conclusion to Lisa's adventures in babysitting. you have me sittin at the edge of my chair here.

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 11:03:50 PM

About babysitters tying up their charges, there's a few on here.

Do a search in the archives for "Babysitter kidnapp" (that's right, with two p's) to find one. Or just click on Kidnap to go there.

Another one I remember is Glenn's stories. Go to and scroll down to Glenn's stories. She tied him up a couple times, and it was very lighthearted.

Anyway, I'd personally love to see more such stories on here, but I don't keep asking for them because I don't find it likely they'd come out of the blue. I only ask if it looks like someone around could be encouraged to post one, if you know what I mean.

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 11:04:44 PM

Oh yeah, the September 2001 archive has the end of Glenn's last story. Try August 2001 for the rest!

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 11:05:59 PM

I just checked the July 2001 archive, and his first story is at the end of it. It's a cute one!

Thursday, September 12th 2002 - 11:10:35 PM

I just found another!! Go to (the August 2001 archive) and scroll down to the ones about Misty!! Misty's another babysitter who ties up her charge. Plus she tickles his feet as well. Looking around the archives you'll find other stories about Misty...don't forget the search feature on the front page!

Friday, September 13th 2002 - 09:30:45 AM

How about a hogtie, girls?
Any good looking girls out there who would like to tie up a good looking guy nice and tight for casual fun? I would even pay handsomly . . .

Friday, September 13th 2002 - 11:18:18 AM

A Mom Story
First of all, this site is fantastic. Second of all, I've been into tie-up games for as long as I can remember-the tighter and more ROPE-the better! I have quite a few stories, but I'll start with this one: 
By the time I reached 18 years of age, my nextdoor neighbor Justin (16 at the time) had been tying me up and gagging me for fun for about 6 years. It is important to relay that I am a heterosexual male, and that he is as well. He enjoyed tying me tightly as much as I enjoyed squirming in front of him-often for a few hours at a time. 
It may seem odd that two heterosexual males could engage in this type of fun; it is a quite sexual situation. I would always wear skintight spandex shorts and pants; pantyhose and nylons over my shaved legs; satin running shorts over nude tights; etc. That fetish is a story in itself. And yes, his preoccupation with my extremely ticklish feet and toes often got the best of him as he'd challenge me to "no squirm" games (him tickling my feet seeing how long it'd take me to squirm), "the ABC game" (him tracing letters on the bottoms of my feet and me having to guess them), and so on. When the other kids were out at football games, dances, what-have-you, I'd usually be tied up and gagged, and Justin would be the one over me. 
It was always great fun being tied at his whims, always very tightly (ankles and knees-elbows and wrists behind me, sometimes hogtied, etc;) but never out of control. 
Our games kept up this way until we found that Justin's mom wasn't quite as comfortable with our games as we were.
Justin would often tie me tight, gag me, and leave me for a while. We never figured on being "caught", but one day as I lay tightly hogtied and gagged in his parents' garage, it was his mom that came to discover me. She removed my ping-pong ball and duct-tape gag and began her questioning: 
"What exactly do you get out of having my son tie you up? she asked, "and what is the story with these outfits you're always wearing?" 
"I don't know, I answered, "I guess we're just having fun."
"First of all, nylons are for girls. Second of all, there are other ways to have fun at 18 years old. Now if you like being tied up so much, that's good. You're going to stay tied up until I get some answers!" 
I remember her rabid words as if uttered yesterday. She just didn't understand the fun we had in our tie-up games. 
Sorry, have to go...I will continue...

Friday, September 13th 2002 - 12:46:44 PM

Scout bondage
Of course, it began with a game opposing two different patrols. The aim was to steal as many trophies as possible from the enemies, on a 24-hour period. And of course, one was allowed to keep in custody the scouts one would have caught. So, each patrol was divided into defenders, who stayed in their own territory, and attackers, who sneaked into the adverse territory. So, nothing but very classical. 

Of course, I volunteered to join the attackers’ team. The volunteers were two few, and one had to sort most of them. 

Secretly dreaming to be caught, I was ready to engage myself in the most “ “dangerous” exploration missions, until, as we say in French, “diving into the wolf’s mouth” (I’m sorry about my English, which used to be much better…). And two scouts caught me and made me their prisoner. 

For a reason I didn’t understand immediately, they wanted to take me back in their camp without letting the other ones find out that I was a prisoner, but letting them believe that I belonged to their own patrol and that I was being punished. Later, I understood they wanted the others to believe I was a “deserter”. 

The only distinctive elements of our uniforms was our sweaters (ours were navy blue, theirs beige). Thus, one of my captors took his off and made me put it on. Which was nearly enough to make me terribly excited: it was already like getting myself trapped in his nets, not to be free any longer. Only then did they tie my wrists together, in front of me, with a rope long enough to be used as a leash. Then, for my face not to be visible, the other one also took his sweater off and put its lower half over my head, before folding the upper half over my face, passing the sleeves behind my neck and tying them together under my chin. That was pure delight for me! I was having a hard on, but either did they not see it, or did they pretend not to see it. 

We walked about fifteen minutes, one of my captors pulling on the rope that was tying my wrists and the other one holding my shoulders and guiding my steps in a protective way. When we reached their camp, they said the others that I was a deserter and that I would be punished the next day, when the game is over. Then the took me into their tent. 

There, they made their bondage safer, placing my bound hands over my chest and binding a rope around them, my arms and my torso (I was in the same position as a recumbent figure on a tomb) and tying my knees and my ankles. 

Finally, they rolled me over an open sleeping bag, which they closed before tying more ropes around it. 

This is where my wool sweater fetish comes from. Since this time, I’ve had no other experience as exciting, but only bondage sessions here and there. But when I do self-bondage, I often wear a thick sweater and put another one over my head. Moreover, I like the obstacle it makes against breathing: one can breathe through several layers of wool, but just enough to remain quiet, not enough to struggle. It’s a feeling I like a lot. 

I’d love to find these sensations again, including that of knowing the sweaters used for your bondage were borne by my captor. But so far, it’s only a dream. 

Here is my scout bondage story. I’ve had others, but more classical, and overall in which I was the captor. But every time, I felt pleasure only imagining that I was in the captive role. I enjoyed tying a guy up to a tree, but I would have preferred one thousand times the roles to be on the other way. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this story, in spite of my poor English. 

Take care,

Vincent, Paris. 


Friday, September 13th 2002 - 02:03:40 PM

A short story - a true work of art ;-)
Take a look at this story - it's worth it.


Friday, September 13th 2002 - 05:13:55 PM


Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 12:14:28 AM

I think we handled that... Anyway, thanks Nylon and Vincent for posting. I'm glad to go back to the story flow once again.

To everyone, let the stories keep coming!

Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 02:22:47 AM

Maciek, Thanks for the link. Great Story!!

Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 02:38:30 AM

A Mom Story (continued)
Anyway, when I realized that she didn't right away set out to untie me, I knew she meant business and I knew I'd have to give her some answers. She sat down on a chair that was next to me, lit a ciarette, and said, "Well? What's the story? Aren't you a little old to be playing these games?" 
"I don't know...Can you untie me so I can explain it to you a little better?" I asked.
"Oh but I though this was fun for you!" she sarcastically teased.
"Yeah, but he really tied me up tight this time and-"
"What do you mean 'this time'? she asked. "How often do you talk Justin into tying you? Oh never mind! Look, I am going to cut you free this time, but I think it's time to knock this off." 
Justin did have me expertly and very tightly hogtied this particular time; my nyloned heels were actually touching my butt, and even with a very sharp knife it took his mom nearly 20 minutes to free me. 
"There, she said. Now maybe you should get home before you run your pan-tee-hose! Get dressed in some real clothes for God sakes!" 
Later that day I told Justin that his mom seemed really pissed. He laughed it off and said that she'd get over it, but that he probably shouldn't tie me up for a while. 
More stories to follow...
Bye for now...

Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 02:29:54 PM

Yahoo Groups
Hello There Is A New Group Started At Yahoo Groups.

This Group Is About Barefoot Boys And Tickling

Please Visit




Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 05:02:35 PM

Enough Asking!
So far this place has turned into a message board, and not a place to share stories! Go on, write what you want, but boy, am I tired of scrolling! Please take that into concideration. 


Chris Crust

Saturday, September 14th 2002 - 05:51:34 PM

agreed. much as i appreciate those who are in the middle of stories and have recently posted stories, we do seem to be going through a dry period. maybe a seperate board should be set up for messages, and this one kept just for stories?

Sunday, September 15th 2002 - 04:59:22 PM

I know i haven't posted a story (or even posted in a long while) but what has become of this site? If it's not male tie up games it's just conversations. 

Sunday, September 15th 2002 - 07:13:48 PM

Tie-up stories by gender
It ebs and flows. I personally don't think that it does much to ask for more stories of a specific gender. Male and Female tales both have appeal to anyone, and are appreciated. Sometimes, you just have to be patient, and eventually, stories of your prefered gender tie-ee will show up. 



Sunday, September 15th 2002 - 09:45:53 PM

i totally agree with pjz, there IS a lack of female tie up games, we need melissa back here, remember her stories earlier this year!!!! she was great, and others like sate, he tied up his babysitter(female) alot, so if u 2 are out there and u got anythin, post!!!but pjz is most definetly right, if its not male its convo, thanks for recognizing that pjz

Monday, September 16th 2002 - 10:59:08 AM

Still looking for "Aunt Bondage". Any leads?

Monday, September 16th 2002 - 12:00:35 PM

Enough With mesages,POST A STORY
I definitly agree with Chris. This place was designied for its name,STORIES OF TIE UP GAMES. Not as some message board filled with arguments. someone post a story!!!!

Monday, September 16th 2002 - 12:34:31 PM

Hey Cool
My name is Elane and im 15 and I just found this page and I love it I didnt think there would be a site out there that You could discuss and write stories about bondage and stuff so Im gonna Post for the first time 

This story happened just last Thursday

Bound by brats

It was a Thursday afternoon Me and me friend Melissa 15 were 
walking home from school together. While we were passing my mom's friend's house she asked me and melissa if we would be able to babysit her 2 boys while she was at a spa. Melissa said ok and i did too. She invited us in her house to call our parents My mom said yes and melissa's too. She said to come by around 5.It was only 3:30 at this point so me and melissa did Hw together untill we had to babysit. When it was 5 we went to my mom's Friend's House.We went in and she told us about her sons and told us what not to touch and what we could do. Once we cleared all this up and she left. I sat down on the couch and watched tv whie melissa sat in the kitchen and read a book the 2 9 year olds ran downstairs and enoyed me into making them sandwhiches so I went to the kitchen. Melissa Asked me in a Weird tone: "WE HAVE TO BABYSIT THEM?!?!?!" I said :"yea Why?" she whispered in my ear: "these 2 tortured my friend Gavy" I said that we can handle it better because gavy was only 13 but we are 15 and there are 2 of us. After I made the brats sandwhiches I went to the couch again. While I was sitting down one of the brats came to me from the back and stuffed a sock in my mouth but before i could spit it out he duct taped my mouth about 5 times around the back He struggled to get my arms together and he succeded he duct taped my arms behind me and 
wrapped duct tape aroud my waste and around my arms now my arms were pinned to my back he walked me down to the basement and sat me in a chair he binded my legs to the chair legs and binded my bound waste to the chair I strugled and grunted through my gag but i was stuck,Bound and gagged 
by now melissa was looking for me but I saw the other brat walk her down the basement stairs bound and gagged like me the two of them secured her to a chair same as me. one of the brats walked over to me and lifted my top up Uncovedring my bra he said "ooh Boobies" cool I struggled and grunted while he laghed at meI heard the front door open the brats' parents were home they quickly ran upstairs and left us down in the basement. We were completly bound they even taped our hands into fists so we couldnt free oursellves Just then The mother walked down the basement stairs and saw us bound and gagged She imetiatly took out scissors and freed us and paid us and we left. 

that was my first post and first bondage experiance I hope you like it!


Monday, September 16th 2002 - 04:36:06 PM

hide and mmmmph
Being tied up has always been fun to me. One day it was incoporated into a seemingly innocent game of hide and seek. I have 2 cousins Pearl and Connie (not real names). 

Monday, September 16th 2002 - 11:22:11 PM

To all the whiners:
Recently, I have been getting tired of hearing people say "Post stories" and "This board is for stories, not discussions." If your read the first paragraph on the page, you will see that the site is indeed also ment to be used for the discussion of tie up games. This recent batch of whiners is just a small part of a bigger problem, with people constantly saying "This board is for _______" or "_________ is too long for this board" or "_________ is not appropriate for this board" This board is for what canuck, it's (absent too long) owner, set it up as. Don't think this is your board, it is his. The only rules of this board are the ones canuck hase posted. So for all you whiners out there, Tom Ford can post long stories, discussions are allowed, and you cannot post stories that are too sexual in nature, or are not childhood stories. Unlike most of you, I am not making these rules up out of the blue, I am simply restating what canuck has already said.

Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 08:36:14 AM


Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 03:33:03 PM

Some words
Big shout out to Conroy, thanks for the nice words and a big HELLO to Elane. I know you might not have enjoyed being tied by brats but you should enjoy these games and maybe pull some pranks on your FEMALE friends like Melissa because i would definately enjoy more stories and maybe you could describe youself in the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UK (just to confirm)

Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 04:51:02 PM

Yahoo Groups
I made a group the other day called the webpage has now changed to 

sorry for the mistake it was due to a error. this group is about Boys Feet And Tickling.



Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 07:16:20 PM

Hey Elane
whats your Email adress.... Elene????? the 15 yr old from NY......???

Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 10:40:56 PM

yo pjz, holla back dog, i totally agree, Elane should get in on the fun wit melisa, tie her up, it'd be fun!

Wednesday, September 18th 2002 - 09:39:15 AM

tied up bartenderess
Her name is Tanya.long blonde hair 5ft 6ins tanned mid 30,s extremely sexy.Both of us worked this golf resort bar,though i am the senior employee.i always had fantasies of tying and gagging her at work.One day she opened that door for me.I came in at the very end of her shift on sept.evening in slow season so we were alone.I got round to saying jokingly i should hold the place up,tie her up and split the cash.She laughed at the idea but said she thought of being tied up was exciting.I,ve tied up girls a lot and know sometimes for no particular reason it just happens.SO i said "i bet you wouldn,t let me tie you up" .But she said sure.I said "i,d be back in a minute "laughing.In my car i just so happened to have two neckties some ducttape and rope.I got it and returned.Tanya had carried on breaking down the bar,we were closed anyway.Her hair was let down she wore a blue and yellow hawaiian shirt,grey short skirt belted white ankle socks and reebox tennis shoes.Seeing my ties etc..she laughed."oh you mean it""my kids will miss me"She has two little girls but no hubby."but this might be fun".So i knew i was going to tie her up.My heart was pounding with excitment."Tie me up then"she said.I took the rope piece and tied her hands behind her.She looked good.I sat her down on a chair and tied her feet together with one necktie.Her sneakered feet bound looked so cool.I next tied her knees,with the other tie.I wanted to kiss her."is the ductape to gag me?"I said yes."then gag me".this too good to be true.I gagged her with two strips of tape.i watched her struggle it was so cool.Her reebox feet rubbing and squeaking.her mmmpppphhh mmmmmppphhhhings with her blue eyes smileing.Now i had to do my other thing.I had to tickle her feet!i grabbed her bound ankles and pulled off her tennis shoes.I immediately softly tickled her white socked feet.She squealed and wriggled.Her eyes begged me to listen to her.SO i pealed her gag off."You didn,t say anything about tickling my feet!""sorry but they are so cute"i said."And they probably smell from working all day"she said."i dont care"i said."i do"she said."if you wash them i,ll let you tickle them,i like my feet tickled"Oh boy this is great.I untied her feet took her socks off and walked her to the female bathroom.Her hands still bound i washed her feet in wash basin.They are cute and small tanned with pink toenail polish.So pretty."Tanya you are sexy "i told her.I retied her barefeet,gagged her one more time,and kissed and tickled her.Softly on her baresoles and tiny toes.I watched her wriggle bound and gagged on the floor in her workclothes minus her shoes and socks.So you know we are and have been together for 4 and a half years and i tie her up as much as she wants which is a great deal.

Wednesday, September 18th 2002 - 10:57:33 AM

You have teased us with the premise of your story of "Hid and mmmph". Will you please post it? It sounds like a neat game.

Wednesday, September 18th 2002 - 03:42:54 PM

Good point Joseph but...
Canuck's rules also state you have to had been involved in the story. Everyone knows that doesn't happen in every story, for example someone might say, "my girlfriend told me this one." Well, the main purpose of this site (and let me restate it) is to tell stories of true tie-up games. I occasionaly leave a small comment. Maybe I'll say, "Hey, good story!" But I don't make a habit of it! Right now I feel obliged to leave this one comment because of the lack of stories you see anymore! Well, go on and bicker about this issue with me, I don't mind, bless you for using your freedom of speech, but don't leave multiple comments! 


Chris Crust

Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 05:37:43 PM

Thats a good idea whoever suggested to tie melissa upso ill try it sometime. But there might be just 1 problem, Im a big fan of bondage but she isnt and the fact of me tieng her might jepordize our friendship.
srry my mailbox is on my old internet and i closed my acount there so basicly i have no mailbox but u can reach me at

Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 05:44:20 PM

needing bondage assistance
Hi im tim 13 in staten island ny and no one i know likes bondage or tugs and self bondage is a bitch ,If anyone lives in the nyc area and wants to assist a 13 year old in a tug or bondage game email me at

Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 07:34:18 PM

elane, cant wait to hear ur stories!!!! i hope u get an oppurtunity to tie melissa up!!!! i really wanna hear bout that. thanks elane and jebb for finally telling stories as oppose to complaining!!!!

Friday, September 20th 2002 - 07:15:05 AM

Check these sites out. If anyone is interested in youg guys getting tied up by women, then this is a good place.


Friday, September 20th 2002 - 06:45:06 PM

Just a comment

Hi again, 

Just not sure if my other post managed to pass, i got frozen, and so i am just saying that i love this site, keep up the good work, and i may post a story or two about the few times i was bound when i was around 12 by my last babysitter, in my raincoat of all things. Anyways, sorry if i posted twice, figure that if i made the effort to post i`d like it to show :)


Friday, September 20th 2002 - 06:51:30 PM

Lisa's Adventures in Babysitting - Conclusion
Sorry to have kept everyone waiting. My conclusion should be posted in a day or so. I have been very busy lately. 

So, any guys out there who would like to tie me up, or vice-versa? I can be quite a challenge!


Friday, September 20th 2002 - 08:12:49 PM

The challenge is getting you to finish a story.

I'm still eagerly awaiting to hear your outcome with Steve, that first halloween.

But appreciate your contributions. They are a pleasure.


Friday, September 20th 2002 - 08:15:16 PM

Thanks much, for those, Scott.

The first has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

The second is mostly just incest and obscene filth, like most of what exists in this field.


Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 02:47:18 AM

Bad day at school
One day I was walking home from school and a bunch of jocks came up behind me and tackled me. I don't really remember what happened after then but I remember being tied to a field goal post. 

A bunch of girls saw me there naked.I was yelling for them to help me and they came over."What should we do?"Asked the girls

"Give me some clothes" i replied

"Okay" they snickered

They left and came back like five minutes late and put a pink bra and panties on my, put make-up on me and did my nails and left me there 

Anyone have similar stories?

Mike F

Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 03:50:56 AM

To Mike F
I find that story hard to believe. If I were tied to a goal post naked, my first request would be to be released then I would ask for something to wear in the same breath.

As presented, your "story" is very bare of detail. You failed to note several things which I would be interested in knowing. Just a few of these are 1. what happened to your clothes? 2. how were you eventually released? 3. did you ever get your clothes back? 4. if not, how did you manage to get home without clothes? 5. did you ever get revenge? 6. was this just a prank or were they bullying you (in your opinion)?

Now wondering if it's worth being Richard's #1 fan since Richard has left? :-(

Jason Masters

Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 08:54:58 PM

Nice to hear from you again Lisa. I really can't wait for the ending, especially if you got Malcolm back!

Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 09:41:15 AM

If anyone in New York wants to challenge me to escape their hogtie, just e-mail me.
hogtied in ny

Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 02:27:05 PM

hey just wondering, what happend to tom ford i havent seen one of his stories in a millenium, commom tom start postin.

elane im a little late on this but GREAT STORY! 


Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 03:22:28 PM

tied and dressed by cassandra
when I was 13 I was visiting my friend Cassandra who lives in NJ
I lived in Ny at the time and me and my friend andy (also in one of my other stories) was sleeping over his house for the 10:30 friday night. when we went to sleep 
i noticed cassandra was still up looking in her closet for some thing. I got up out of my sleeping bag to see what she was doing and she grabbed me and shoved panties in my mouth and duct taped it shut andy sprung out of his sleeping bag and said "OH NO NOT AGAIN" and she pushed me in her closet and locked it and put panties in his mouth too and duct taped it When she let me out of the closet andy was in a black bra and black panties hogtied on the floor she pushed me on the bed and undressed me. i was nude she said to me: "what would you rather do stay nude or wear my clothes?" I couldnt talk with the gag so i pointed to her dresser she said "thought so" she got out Hot pink panties and a Hot Pink bra for me I put them on and she hogtied me next to andy. She went back to bed and left us there. when we woke up in the morning she untied us but gave us some more clothes to put on Andy Put on his stockings, Skirt and top and so did i. She gave us platform shoes and each of us a wig she also stuffed socks into our bra's. My wig was brown and andy's was blonde she did my wig hair into a ponytail and andy's into curls she finally took off our gags and we cursed and started to take these clothes 
off but at just that moment she stoped us and said: "hold it 
while you were sleeping i hid your regular clothes from you,
if you want them back you will have to go along with what i do to you" not having much of a choice we went along with it without resistance she led us into her huge bathroom she pulled 2 chairs in and made us sit down, she tied our arms and legs to the chairs and told us to hold still. She put lipstic,mascara,gloss on us she untied us. I looked in the mirror i didnt recognize myself, i looked completly like a girl, andy too.she led us outside and said we were going to the store. while we were walking no one noticed we were boys 
when we got back from the store she said we had to spend the weekend as girls we ate lunch and went to her room she said we were going into the pool so she gave us swimsuits to put on. Mine was a 1 piece red spandex swimsuit, andy had a 2 piece black bikini set after the pool we went inside and dried off and put on the clothes we had on before the pool her friends were coming over so she led us to the basement closet and put the panties back in our mouths she duct taped it again and hogtied me then did the same to andy we stayed in the closet for hours trying to escape but it was no use. when she came back she said it had been 4 hours and that our parents were here so she untied us, gave us our clothes we put them on over the womens ones and shoved us out the door that quick during the long car ride we noticed we still had the stockings,panties and bras on when I got home I took off the stockings and stuff and hid them deep in my closet 

that was my story and i hope you liked it


Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 05:20:56 PM

Elane your email address wont work. Is there another way to get in touch with you?

Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 06:11:45 PM

Great story but what were u guys wearing when u went to the store?
Joe C.

Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 06:23:59 PM

Now, first of all... dont get me wrong, I love Steve's stories and i hope to see lots more in the future but how can they be real? They seem to good to be true. They all seem very similar also. Right down to the kind of clothing he's dressed in. 

Just a thought, i love them though, keep em coming!!!

No, YOU are.

Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 09:50:37 PM

Elane i tried your email address but it didn't work. Is there any other way to reach you. You could also reach me. Hope to here from you soon. 

PS your stories are great.


Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 10:31:42 PM

hide and mmmph

Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 11:49:31 AM

Andrea lived right across the street from me.She was 2 years older then us much more mature and she had great legs which we all admired.She was always very pleasent 
,but she remained somewhat aloof and rarely socialized with the neighborhood kids.
Ernie,Tony,Mickey and I were sitting on the curb in front of my house one day practicing tying knots for Boy Scouts when Andrea rode up on her bike,stopped abruptly right in front of us and asked what we were doing. 
Ernie replied, " Practicing tying knots for scouts why do you ask?"
She responded saying, " Oh I thought you might be planning to tie someone up."
Ernie being a fast thinker retorted,"Maybe we could tie you up."
Andrea laughed and said,"You better keep practicing besides you'll need a lot more rope then you have there."Then she rode off.
Ernie said,"I think that was an invitation don't you guys?"
Tony said,he wasn't sure.Ernie then suggested we get a bunch of rope and then confront her and see if she in fact had issued a challange.That night we stole some washlines from a neighborhood about 10 blocks from where we lived so we could confront her with several hundred foot of rope. 

I'll continue this if there is some interest.



Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 02:58:28 PM

please continue

Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 03:27:32 PM

To Fred
How old were you at the time? That small detail adds a lot to the story, you know.
And of course there's interest - you don't need to ask. Continue!

Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 08:32:49 PM

Where Is Tom??????
Tom, I really liked your stories and I look to hearing them again. I'm sorry to see others that don't look so fondly on them. I don't care that people found them long. Personally, I found them more well written then some of the stories on here. Please write more. 

Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 08:40:39 PM

A few things
To Joe C. Ok first I know they are all similar because im 25 now and most of these happened to me from ages 12-15 I use the same descriptions because I have a hard time remembering im sorry for the inconvenience but thats how it is 

To the guy who asked what I was wearing, Two things:Either read what Im telling to joe or read my story carefully

Elane: Keep the stories comin

Tom Ford: Where are you man? You got great stories and i havent heard one in a while


Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 08:44:36 PM

I forgot to also say
To The guy who wrote his story completly in caps: I loved your story in all but next time would you mind turning caps lock off?

To the Guy who needs intrest: Go on man you dont need to ask


Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 11:25:11 PM

bound by girfriends mom
Sorry about the all caps story. But here is another one that I didn't see coming. U was over ti my girlfriends house watching t.v. with the family. To this day my favorite way to watch is lying on the floor as i was that night. Everything was quiet except for conversation during the commercials. my girl friend was in a chair to my left and her mom for reaons I k now know was on the floor to my right a few feet away. during the movie she all of a sudden raised my ankled and began tying them with cord. Astonished by this actio i began to sit up. i made the fatal error of reaching toward my ankle bonds and her mom went swiftly from ankles to wrists. cheryl, my girlfriend was laughng to beat the band. I looked at her mom and said what the heck is going on? "what does it look like?" she asked. Now be quiet!! I began to ask a question when cheryl's mom clamped her hand over my mouth. she asked her daughter to get something to keep me quiet. MMMMMMph! when I did that she just tightened her grip with her soft yet strong hand. Cheryl came back with a dish towel which was tied tightly in place. I was reduced to mmmmphing, much to their delight. It took a while but I finally got out. I was wary of thes kind of tricks from then on, but confidentially, I loved every minute of it. 

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 04:23:50 PM

wats up, conroy here, got a couple things to say
elane-i really am looking forward to ur stories
fred-how old were u and ur frends and andrea
and does anyone have any stories about being tied up back-to-back with someone, i like those the most!!!!!

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 05:55:56 PM

just wondering
Anyone around Las Vegas, NV on this site?

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 07:26:02 PM

Lisa, please finish your story. Its one of the best I've seen in years.

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 08:32:20 PM

Will Andrea take the Bait
Andrea was 16,Ernie,Mickey and I were 14,Tony was 13.

We were able to steal about 400 foot of rope most of it was in 50 to 100 foot lengths so the first thing we did was cut it into more manageable lengths of 10,20 and 30 foot lengths. 

Now how to attract or approach Andrea.Ernie suggested we just do the same thing we were doing,tying knots,only make sure the coils of rope we now had was visable he likened it to setting a mouse trap saying the rope was our bait. 

We put the coils of rope on the curb in front of my house and proceeded to begin tying knots as we had the day before.There was enough rope to make a pretty good size pile so you couldn't miss it.We knew if Andrea just looked over she would have to see it since she was on her front porch reading.I don't know if she looked over or not,but she seemed to again remain aloof at least an hour went by and I thought she was going to ignor us altogether.I was ready to give up when she got up and came across the street. 

"I see your still practicing those knots are you getting any good at it yet?" she asked.

"Very good", Ernie replied,"And you can see we have a lot more rope in accordance with your challange the other day."

"Did you guys think I was serious?" she asked.

"Of course we did, your not going to chicken out on us are you?" Ernie responded.

Andrea paused a moment and said,"Well maybe if we can find a safe place to do it, we can't do it here,I sure don't want anyone to know about it." 

Ernie was always ready he suggested that we could ride our bikes to a wooded area about a mile from where we lived.Andrea agreed and we would go there the very next day. 

Andrea had taken the bait.


can't do it here


Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 09:19:53 PM

Aloof No More
Andrea didn't want to be seen going for a bike ride with us so she agreed to meet us at one o'clock the next day.I was ready to bet she would stand us up,but much to my surprise she showed up right on time.We went into the woods a safe distance and found a little clearing where we could safely and secretly tie her up. 

"Who's going to do the tying?" Andrea asked.Ernie replied,"I think I will." "I don't think thats fair shouldn't your friends have a chance too?" Andrea asked. 

Then she suggested we draw straws to determine who go's 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th.The long straw go's 1st and the short straw go's last. She pulled four straws broke them into different lengths and made us draw.I was 1st, Tony was 2nd, Mickey got 3rd and Ernie was last. 

Andrea then asked,"How do you want me?"

I told her to put her hands behind her back and I bound them there then Tony had her lie face down and he tied her ankles together. Next Mickey tied her legs at the knees and then Ernie finished off her bondage by running a rope between her ankles and wrists completing a very efficent hogtie. 

Andrea then said," I suppose Iam suposed to try to escape."

We encouraged her to try while we sat back and enjoyed her struggles.She was very entertaining and ended up being a real good sport,so good in fact that during her periodic rest periods she suggested some interesting scenarios for future tie up games.After about an hour and a half we released her and discussed our future games and made some plans for the very next day.This was going to be a great summer. 



Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 09:47:14 PM

Yah sry steve I missed it the first time, my bad lol!
Joe C.

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 09:56:21 PM

Andrea was the one who got tied up, but as you will see she was really calling most of the shots. She was quite a manipulator.



Wednesday, September 25th 2002 - 06:51:50 PM

Lisa's Adventures in Babysitting - Conclusion
Malcolm began to work at the knot securing my gag at the back of my neck. The knot was tight, but eventually I could feel the fabric loosen. Without further hesitation, he unwrapped the scarf from around my head and pulled it from between my teeth. I worked my jaw up and down and side to side, relieved after over two hours to be able to talk. 

“Where were you? I was so worried!” As exasperated as I was, I was also curious and a bit concerned with regards to his whereabouts over the last two hours. After being tightly gagged for such a long period of time, I had to enunciate carefully to make my words coherent. 

Malcolm made no move to untie me yet. “I was searching for the loot, and when I found it I went back to the secret hideout to count it.” He was still playing the game. He explained in further detail, “I was up in the tree house, making plans for the next heist.” 

I wriggled some more against my bonds. “Well, now that you have the dough, I guess I can be untied now, huh?” I was trying to be light and casual about it. I didn’t want him to know that I had been struggling frantically for the last two hours, and that I was still just playing the game myself, like it was no big deal and I could get free if I really wanted to. “I promise I will give you anything you want and won’t cause any trouble.” 

Malcolm looked thoughtful for a moment, as if calculating what the next move was. “Not yet. I wouldn’t want you going to the police. I could end up in the slammer. I’ll have to keep you tied up a bit longer while I think of what to do next.” 

This, Lisa, was never going to end. I could just see the headlines: attractive teenage girl disappears while on babysitting assignment. Film at eleven. 

“I tell you what,” I said, now trying to work my way around the game, “I have some more money stashed away in a secret hiding place. It’s too well hidden to find on your own, so if you set me free I will get it, and you will have even more.” I squirmed some more against the ropes. 

Malcolm looked thoughtful for a moment. “I’m gonna count the money. You can stay tied up for a little longer to keep you out of trouble.” 

With that he dumped out the loot on the living room floor. Glancing down, I could see that it was just monopoly money. Malcolm made sure that it was all accounted for as he sorted it into piles based on denomination. Anxiously, I awaited him to complete the task. I was looking forward to eventually regaining my freedom after being tied up for so long. It would be nice to be able to stretch out and walk around, or just to be able to cross my legs. 
“What are you going to do with all that money?” I asked, playing along with the game. Malcolm had just finished organizing the monopoly money, and it was stacked in neat little piles on the floor. I silently prayed that I was going to be untied at last. “You could buy a really neat getaway car, huh?” I squirmed a bit more. “So can I please be untied now? I’ve been good and haven’t given you any trouble.” 

Malcolm looked at me for a moment. “Okay. I guess you can go free now.” With that he got up and walked behind me and started to work on the loops of rope encircling my wrists. 

Joy! Bliss! I was finally getting free after all this time. I could feel him work on the knots around my wrists. After what seemed an eternity, I could feel the ropes unwinding, and finally I felt my wrists come apart slightly as the final coils were removed. Malcolm started to work on my arms, undoing the ropes from between the chair slats and around my arms. After the last of these were removed, he started to work on my legs. 

It took awhile – my struggles had tightened my bonds considerably – but finally I was free. I stood up and stretched out. I placed my feet as far apart as the hem of my dress would allow, put my hands on my waist, and did some hip rotations. It was great to be free! 

“Looks like I had you tied up real good, huh?” The little devil was actually proud of his handiwork. “Maybe we could play again some time.” 

I stood thoughtfully, looking at my young charge. “Well, let’s see. I think that I might just tickle you really good first.” I had raised my hands and was wriggling my fingers. Malcolm knew from previous experience what that meant, and his eyes grew wide. He turned and ran up the stairs as fast as he could. 

I chased after him, climbing the stairs as fast as I could in a dress. I topped the stairs just in time to see him duck into his bedroom. I followed him in. He was at the far side of the room, obviously enjoying this game of cat and mouse. 

“You gotta catch me first,” he laughed, obviously enjoying every minute of this. 

He tried to run past me, but I caught him, throwing my arms around him from behind as he tried to get past me. “I gotcha now,” I laughed as I swung him around and pushed him back onto the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed his wrists, pinning him down on the mattress. He struggled and bucked, trying to get loose, but the day when he would have been strong enough to resist me was still a few years in the future. 

“So whatcha gonna do now?” I taunted, leaning over so that my face was just a few inches from his. “Looks like it’s me who got you, this time.” 

“Okay, I give up. You can let me go now.” Malcolm realized he could not escape. He struggled some more.

I realized that it was getting late, and that his parents would probably soon be heading home. “Okay, I’m going to let you go. But if I do, you promise you’ll brush your teeth and go to sleep now?” I had him where I wanted him. 

“All right, you win.” Malcolm had stopped struggling. I let him up. “It was really fun, Lisa, pretending to be a burglar. “Maybe we could play again sometime. Maybe next time, you could be the bad guy!” 

I thought about this for a moment idly. Then a thought occurred to me, and I could feel myself smiling. “You know what, Malcolm, that would really be fun.” 

Yes, I think that would be fun, I thought to myself as I headed back downstairs. My purse and the pile of schoolbooks were waiting for me on the dining room table. And the tickets to the movies. The courage that I had mustered up while tied was slowly fading. And besides it was getting late. 

I sat down and prepared myself for the grind of schoolwork. Ho-hum!


Wednesday, September 25th 2002 - 07:08:36 PM

To Lisa
Hey, thanks for the conclusion, Lisa! But I want to know something - did you ever get to tie him up later? He said that you could be the badguy next time... If so, what happened then? 

Oh yeah, one question - how old were both of you at the time? The story didn't make it clear. I want to put it in context.

PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 11:34:24 AM

Can anyone refer me to a site where more adult type tie up experiences are shared? I would appreciate your help.

Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 03:32:44 PM

I've been reading this forum for some time but haven't posted any of my stories. As a child I was lucky to have played many "tie up games" with my various friends, but I think my most enjoyable games were with my mother, Liza. She was always more than willing to play with us and we had a great time. I'll post them from time to time as I get the opportunity to put them on paper. Hope you enjoy our little adventures. 

My mother Liza is so much fun!

Even though she was tired from her day working at the bank she agreed to play robbers & bank teller with us. The only thing she asked was permission to take off her high heels and hose so her weary feet could rest. We really wanted her to keep them on for realism but what can you say when she is so willing to play our games? 

Mom went into the living room and proceeded to remove her shoes and hose .. she was just beginning to relax when we burst into the room with our stocking masks on and said, stick them up .. this is a bank robbery .. everyone cooperate and no one will get hurt!” 

We had mom sit down on the floor as our captive. We chose to tie her hands in front of her, then we did multiple ties on her ankles and knees so she couldn't escape. She played the game so well .. she started begging for us not to hurt her .. to just take the money and leave .. then she started to scream at the top of her lungs ... help! help! help meeeeeee! 

We went nuts looking for something to use for a gag! What if the neighbors heard and came running and found mom tied up like this. We found an old sheet and quickly ripped it into shreads. We had done this before so we quickly knotted the middle and stuffed it in her mouth. All mom could do was sit and mffffffffppppffffff. 

We left her like that for over two hours! For about the first 5 minutes she struggled and attempted to free herself. Finally she just sat down and accepted her fate. We cleaned out the “bank” (that was the cookie jar) and made our escape 

After we let her go mom confided in us and told us that it had actually been a wonderful rest and except for her sore jaw from the mouth stuffing gag it was really fun and we'd play again soon! 

Wow, I love my mom!!!!! 


Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 06:48:53 PM

Tie Up Game (in Pajamas)
My tie-up game recollection hails from a family holiday, way back when I was 10. That would be 1978 or so. In this instance, my mother, father, younger brother and myself met cousins for Thanksgiving weekend somewhere in the Adirondacks. Memory fails but I believe it was near Blue Mountain Lake. 

The cousins had grown up with my parents, and thus the connection. Rarely, I had met up with the cousins’ kid, Kristy, who was about 11 at that time. They were from Pennsylvania, we were from North Carolina. My brother Ray was 8, I was 10, and Kristy was also 10, a nice grouping of ages for a family gathering in the mountains. The three of us got on well, in spite of the “three’s a crowd” axiom of childhood play. 

It was freezing and wet outside, which made the spacious rented cabin a cozy refuge in the evenings. I remember the smell of cedar and a pleasant aroma of ash from the big fireplace, stoked by my father and Kristy’s father while they sat with their wives and drank wine and beer. The cabin was big, with a huge loft upstairs where the kids could be stashed to play in the evenings while the parents caught up. 

After dinner (this visit lasted for a four-day weekend, an eternity to a 10-year-old), the kids would be dispatched upstairs. I can recall family gatherings when the evenings were a dull time, but Kristy was witty, sharp, played fair, and perhaps secondarily, quite attractive to my grade school tastes. We didn’t quarrel like so many cooped-up kids of that age group. 

We would get into our pajamas and play the old board games we found in an upstairs closet. The pajamas must be another reason I remember the weekend. That fall our mother had gotten Ray and I footed sleepers, probably Dr. Dentons or Carters or some such. In the 1970s this was not an aberrant clothing choice. Mine were all blue, with a zipper down the front and a button closure at the throat. Ray’s were all red. The feet had white vinyl soles. I liked how the pajamas felt, fuzzy and warm, and I liked the brisk scuffing sound the feet made on the wooden floors in the cabin. It seems like Kristy was wearing more ordinary flannel pajamas, with white socks and soft slippers like ballet shoes. 

Nightclothes aside, I think it was either me or Kristy who suggested playing tie-up. One of the spacious upstairs closets (good for hiding) had a lot of rope in it, presumably belonging to the Hobie Cat sailboat stored in the bushes in back. Since I was good at tying knots, I proposed that Kristy and Ray be on one team, and I would be my own team. I don’t think there was much point in it, only to see who could do the best bondage job on the other team. 

I offered to go first, and suggested the double bed in one of the loft bedrooms as a stage for the game. I laid down on my back while Kristy and Ray sorted through the collection of rope. After a short conference they resolved to tie me up spread-eagle. They tied lengths of line around my wrists and stretched my arms out towards the posts on the headboard. The thin cord cut into my wrists, and since our rules didn’t permit painful tying, I had them loosen the bonds, pull my pajama sleeves down over my wrists, and retie them somewhat looser. They tied my feet together with several wraps of line below my ankles and ran the extra to the foot board, so that I was stretched a little into a sort of cruciform position. There was some giggling and a half-hearted attempt at tickling my sides. However, the lines on my wrists were loose, and the knots poor, so I quickly wriggled my hands free, then released my feet, and thus stepped free. 

I was a little disappointed that I had found it so easy to escape, and I resolved to teach Kristy and Ray a thing or two. Ray would be the next victim. There was a light wooden chair in the room, and I sat him down in it and drew his arms behind the chair. I used thinner cord to tie his wrists and forearms together with many wraps. With another length of line, I tied his waist to the back of the chair, pulling him from a slouching position to a more severely upright position. This pulled his feet well up off the floor, as he was pretty short. Each foot was tied to a leg of the chair, and then I stood back to let him attempt his escape. He giggled at first, squirming energetically, but wasn’t able to make much headway, and as he pulled on his arms and wriggled his feet he began to frown and turn red in the face. I tickled his sides and this brought peals of high-pitched laughter. 

Hearing this, my mother called up the stairs “Is everything alright up there?” I padded to the door to reassure her that we were “Just playing a game,” and in that moment Kristy took pity on her teammate and loosened his wrists so that he could wriggle free. 

It was my turn again, and having seen my success in the chair, they attempted to do better with me sitting in it. My wrists were bound behind my back and my feet to the legs of the chair, but once again their “granny knots” came loose quickly and I got free before I could even be tickled. 

This made it Kristy’s turn, but feeling bold I suggested that I could tie them both up at once. I had them both lay on the bed. Kneeling between them, I tied their hands behind their backs, again using multiple tight wraps of thin cord, then tied their hands together so that they were held back to back. I tied Ray’s feet together, then Kristy’s. Kristy was a bit taller than little Ray, and to bring her slippered feet closer to his pajama feet she had to bend her knees. However, as they squirmed together to loosen the ropes, she straightened her legs. Pulled by Ray’s shorter legs, the loops around her ankles slid up off of her socks and onto her bare shins beneath her pajama pants. This apparently hurt, and she called for a “time out” so that I could adjust them, pain not being permitted. I tried again, but in polite deference I didn’t tie her feet very tightly and she quickly got them loose. She and Ray both had less luck with their wrists, and at some arbitrary point called time and I let them go. 

This was as much energy as we apparently had for the game. Ray tried hyperactively for the rest of the evening to tie up one or the other of us, but I think some strange, invisible boundary had been crossed and Kristy and I didn’t play the game again. 

And there we have it; the only worthwhile childhood tie-up game I can recall.

I’m now 34 and married. Ray now practices law. Kristy is married and has two kids.


Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 07:42:38 PM

story site
"Can anyone refer me to a site where more adult type tie up experiences are shared? I would appreciate your help."

Robin, try Tied and True Tales. It has more adult-oriented "Love-bondage" only (no gratuitously rough stuff or torture here) fictional and non-fictional (true) stories


Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 10:10:35 PM

holla up in here, jes wanna say a few things, lisa, BRAVO, great ending!!!!elane where u at,im anticipatin ur return and finally peyton, great story!!!nice details thanks for sharin

Friday, September 27th 2002 - 08:11:08 PM

Canuck, the August 2002 archives are missing at

Lisa...Thanks! That might have been the best babysitting adventure I ever read. You have a real talent!


Friday, September 27th 2002 - 10:24:23 PM

Can you tell me?? Where a story about a kid whose Mom goes out of town. And he hates soccer. So the lady who is watching him ties him up. So she can go to a soccer game.

Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 12:05:39 AM

Just another person wondering what happened to elane. I got a blank e-mail. and a wrong address to reply to If you are out there what is on your mind???? jimbo

Sunday, September 29th 2002 - 07:16:25 PM

hello everyone, its Aunt Bondage here!

Sorry for such a long delay in posting but im back now and have many more stories to tell, involving me and my nephew steven. For anyone who has not read my post stories please look at Auguest 1998 in the achives and you will see the background to these stories. 

Anyway the next story I have is as follows:

Steven is now 17 (in this story) and he still comes round to help me with jobs around the house, on this particular day however I had him doing some painting. He was, as usual looking for a way to get out of his job so he suggested a tie up challenge. I agreed but said "im getting bored of tying you up and you never being able to escape so I think we will change things abit. If you actually manage to escape I will let you tie me up and you can keep me tied as long as you want. But I will tie you alot tighter and more strict than before ok?" - It just added a bit more challenge to the game. He agreed and we went into the front room. It was winter and he was wearing jeans and a thick jumper and I was wearing a long brown skirt, tight fitting jumper and knee high black leather boots. I liked wearing boots they make me feel more dominant I think. 
Anyway I told him to lie on the floor face down with his hands crossed behind him, he did so, and I used a black stocking to very tightly tie his hands, he gasped slightly and I smiled. Next I used another stocking and pulled his elbows tightly together which caused steven to gasp again. I used rope to wrap round his upper body making sure he could not move his arms. Then I tied his legs above and below his knees, and finally his ankles. Now for the gag, I put a small strip of cloth in my mouth to wet up, then balled it up and placed it into stevens mouth. I used a pair of pantyhose to tightly cleave gag him, which left him mmmphing to his hearts content. He started rolling around on the floor but it was obvious he wasnt going to escape. Laughing, I playfully rubbed my boots in his face saying "told you it was going to be more strict! Doesnt look like you will be tying me up for quite a while" 
After about 30 more minutes I untied him, and the first thing he said was "wow auntie, that was really tight!" I laughed again saying "you havent seen anything yet..." 
So steven went back to painting and I began thinking of the next way he would be tied....

Aunt Bondage


Sunday, September 29th 2002 - 08:28:46 PM

cant wait to hear more aunt bondage...

Monday, September 30th 2002 - 07:59:33 PM

Not much of a tie up story, but its something
This isn't much of a story, but its something. I was at an autumn carnival Saturday for some church. One of the booths was a jail and they had sherriffs with white plastic cowboy hats and metal handcuffs. You could have someone arrested for 4 tickets. My friend had me arrested for 30 minutes and the 2 girls who looked to be between 12 and 14 handcuffed my hands behind my back. Unfortunately they unhandcuffed me when I was put in the cell, but at least it was a little bondage, even if it only lasted a few minutes.

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