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March 1999 - Part I

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Tue Mar 02 19:04:54 Arabian Standard Time 1999

During the second week of our mid term break, I was invited up to my friend Emma's house. Her parents were going out of town for a couple of days and they had given their consent to Emma (and her twin brother Mark) inviting a few friends around. Emma's house was giant so there would be little problem inviting a lot round. The two of them had inited Jenny, Jamey, Nicole, Louise and myself. I was the first to arrive, both Mark and Emma looked similar, they had black hair (but Mark's was shaved and Emma's only came down to her shoulders) they both had dark eyes and were quiet people, but they really enjoyed a good tie up game. In fact after we had all arrived and shown our rooms and took off our shoes the subject came up. We decided to take it in turns to be the captives. There would be four captives and the other three (all though Mark was always one of these as he was good at tieing up) would do the binding. Mark, Jamey, and I were the first to do the tieing. We then set the story line, it was that we were robbing their home and they had interfered, we then kidnapped them to teach them a lesson. The capture began smoothely enough and we began to bind our prisoners. We tied them in different ways. Jenny, was tied to a chair, we tied her wrists together then we tied her wrists to the back of the cahir. Wet then tied her body below her breasts to the chair. Her ankles were tied individually to the chair legs.


Tue Mar 02 19:16:39 Arabian Standard Time 1999

We then started on Louise. We pretended that we had knocked the girls unconscious so that we could tie them up properly. Louise had long blonde hair in a single braid, her eyes were a deep blue and she was always (like all of them) an easy captive. We decided to tie her to a large pillar, we tied her wrists behind the pillar, then we tied her waist to the marble structure. We tied her bare feet together and then just below her knees. Nicole and Emma came next, we placed them on the floor back to back. We tied Nicole's right wrist to Emma's left and then Nicole's left to Emma's right. We done the same just below their elbows but we also tied them to their bodies. We tied their bodies at about waist height. We tied their feet outstretched (which meant that Nicole's feet weren't tied to Emma's) in a tight knot then we tied their knees. We then inspected our victims, Mark went over to Jenny and took off her socks whilst tutting and said that it was unlike her to do that, but it was true, all the girls always went barefoot whenever they could, I went whenever I couldn't be bothered putting anything on my feet. The girls began testing their bondages. Mark chuckled to himself and then began on his usual tickling his captives, he didn't gag them as he enjoyed listening to their helpless laughing.


Tue Mar 02 19:27:36 Arabian Standard Time 1999

'Just you wait till we get yous' Emma screamed as she was being tickled. Then Jamey spoke with a develish grin, 'Well, I don't know if you'll get a chance to do that.' This flabergasted Emma, he went on: 'Now that we've got you, why should we release you?' Mark and I understood immediately and Mark got up from his tickling and stood by him. Jenny laughed at their stupidity at choosing three guys to be the kidnappers. At first the girls didn't agree but Mark, Jamey and I soon got them to agree, it was hard and Mark had to use ice on their feet to make them submit. Believe me, putting ice on your captives barefeet is a good torture. For the rest of the afternoon they remained in the same positions. We released them in the late evening, all except Emma and Jnny who we tortures some more. All the girls vowed revenge but it would have to be tomorrow as that night we were going to a 'under-15 disco.' And there was no bondage there.


Story erased by Canuck
Reason: non-consensual story

Aaron V.

Wed Mar 03 17:16:30 1999

That story was a bit disgusting aaron. :/ it seemed more like a homosexual orgy.


Wed Mar 03 17:21:10 Central Standard Time 1999

It was disgusting all right,but believe me,not enjoyable.Why didn,t you leave a name?

Aaron V.

Wed Mar 3 20:25:09 EST 1999

Aaron, I believe "Untitled" was actually trying to tell you that it was a little disgusting for this page. I understand why you felt the need to post it, or at least I assume you do, but it is very UNUSUAL to see that type of story on this page. While there are many stories in the archives that dealt with some kind of nonconsenual (I believe that is the word) tie-up games, they were never as, how can I say it, "different" as your were. I think it would have been better if you had just not told us exact details of your encounter, such as what went where, I am sure you know what I mean. If you read some of the other stories I hope you notice that most of our stories/tie-up games were all fun and games for the most part.


Wed Mar 3 23:51:24 EST 1999

I, too, think that what happened to Aaron and his friends was horrible. I certainly hope that, after that incident, Aaron didn't consider those losers as "friends." It was not only nonconsensual, but they showed no regard whatsoever for your personal safety. Someone could have gotten hurt. I fail to see how such behavior could ever be considered a way to become part of a group. If Aaron continued to hang around those bozos after all of that, then I would have no sympathy whatsoever.

It is one thing to have good clean fun when playing a tieup game, where everyone is in agreement and has a good time. But forcing it on someone against their will, and humiliating them to boot, makes such actions downright sick.


Thu Mar 04 09:31:09 Central Standard Time 1999

Don't worry. They were never our friends,and we did get them back. I,m sorry If I offended any of you with the graphic details of the night's events,but every thing i wrote was true & to tell you the truth It felt good to get it off my chest. perhaps It can serve as a lesson to other kids planning an initiaton as "what not to do".I agree with Keith that those guys could have hurt us and that they're shmucks. Thanks for your reply,Rocket & Keith. I welcome any others on the controversial,but true story. Such as what any of you would have done? What do you think of their actions?,What point did they go over the edge of good taste?,Or did they?,and Has anyone ever gone through something similar?Besides if it was their goal to hurt our friendship,they failed because making it through that night only strengthened our friend ship. I guess whoever said "what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger" knew what they were talking about. Those are words to live by.Once again GREAT website guys! Keep up the good work!

Aaron V.

Thu Mar 4 12:18:12 EST 1999

I will tell you where those jerks crossed the line....from the moment they tied up your friend Grant against his will...then when they took you to the bedroom and made threats to you. The entire ordeal was not done in the spirit of was in the spirit of pure meanness. They whould never have been allowed to get away with what they did, and my question to you is...did this tradition continue year after year? If so, SOMEONE should have reported it. They could have been arrested for sexual assault and criminal confinement. This is the type of thing that makes news headlines today, and some people have served jail time for this type of behavior.

Of course it is always easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but even through the gags, if it had been me, I might have squealed an mmphfed as loudly as I could when that guy's mother came in the room. She really must have been a stupid woman.

I realize that you and your friends might have been looked at as a "narc" if you had squealed on your friends...but in this case it would have been the right thing to do. You were both victimized, and what they did was clearly a criminal act. By doing nothing, they got away with it.

You don't say how old you are now, but I would hope that this tradition is no longer being followed. It is pure harrassment, criminal, and WRONG.


Thu Mar 04 12:41:09 Central Standard Time 1999

Aaron-age 18--Bobby & I hardly wished to drag the situation out into the open for obvious purposes,such as making it through school and life alive & with dignity.We chose to gain our retribution through our revenge.As for the tradition,I'm happy to report that the following year it evolved into a "controlled" atmosphere of competion. A Wargames (no paintball guns,just duct tape & rope) between those schmucks and all the people they humiliated,led by us.Everyone who showed knew before hand what could happen to them and conscented to the rules of the game(which was chaperoned by a HUGE and neutral 3rd party ref to make sure people who got caught were supervised at all times by a member of the capturing team.So even though you could be humiliated ,you knew it wouldn't go any farther than that and you knew what to expect coming into it. NO DAMN AMBUSHES! And those guys got theirs.Plus the Game took the place of their "hell night" and still lives on as just that.A warGAME between a group of friends due largely in part to Bobby & I. I look forward to hearing from all of you again soon,and trust me,I doubt anyone could have made a sound with those gags on.

Aaron V.

Sweet revenge Aaron. And I can understand the safety consideration, especially at a high school or college. I know that I have a lot of backup from my friends, but in a fight with seniors or juniors I'd be left to fend for myself.

As I said, sweet idea for revenge, though I would have come in a-blazing with paintballs :)


Thu Mar 04 13:59:51 Central Standard Time 1999

Since there was no paintball allowed Bobby & I decided to to impose the saying "Do onto others as they did onto you."Perhaps you'd like to hear that story sometime.Thanks for your kind words rocket man!

Aaron V.

Fri Mar 5 21:54:16 UTC+1100 1999

Burglars! (Part 1)

This was my first bondage experience and it happened when I was about 12 with my two sisters, lets call them Jill (14)and Cindy(10) and my two cousins, Janet (14)and Renee(11) (why is it always cousins). It was around 4 in the afternoon and both parents had gone to a wedding celebration and my sis Jill was left in charge. We watched TV until about 5, when my Janet suggested that we play a game that she and Renee had invented. The game was called 'burglars' and the rules were rather complex. There would be two burglars and three 'victims', the burglars had to somehow 'break into' the house and steal the money that was stashed around the house and get out of the house without getting caught by the occupants of the house. The burglars were given a one minute head start and had to get into the house before the victims came out of my parents bedroom. Cindy complained and said that it wasn't fair and that there were three people in the house and only two burglars and that it was impossible to break into the house, steal the money and get back out again before getting caught.

Thats when Jill came up the idea of tying up the 'victims' when they were tapped on the shoulder by the burglar. I was a little hesitant about the idea at first, but I agreed in the end.

We were then given our roles, Jill and Janet were to be the burglars and Cindy, Renee and myself were the victims. Jill and Janet gathered up a few scarves and some rope before heading into the backyard. We shut the door and locked it, we shut every window in house but we had forgotten to shut the front door.



Fri Mar 5 22:17:20 UTC+1100 1999

Burglar!! PART 2

Jill and Janet found that we had neglected locking the front door and that gave them plenty of time to find some good hiding spots. When the minute was up, Renee and me went downstairs while Jill stayed upstairs. Renee instructed me to look out the front windows to see if they were outside while she looked out the back. I told Renee that I didn't see anything and she told me the same thing. I told her to look out the side windows of the house while I went upstairs.

I called out to Cindy and asked her if she had seen anything, she didn't reply. I opened the door to my bedroom and looked out the window, but I saw nothing. By now, I was starting to get a little curious, I opened the door to Janets room and looked out her window, but again, I saw nothing.

Renee called up from downstairs and asked if I had seen them, I replied in the negative. I walked along the hallway towards Cindy's room and found her on her bed with her hands tied behind her back, her ankles and knees tightly tied, a rope that wound around her chest/waist several times and tightly cleave gagged.

I ran over to her and began untying the cloth around her mouth, I asked her what happened, but before she could answer, I felt a little tap on my shoulder and there was my sister Janet saying 'gotcha'. As there was a rule about not resisting when caught, I put my hands behind my back and she crossed them. At that moment, Jill came in looking rather suprised that I had been caught. Janet then sat my up on the bed and Jill tied my ankles and knees. Jill had been a cub scout so she knew how to tie a knot. My legs were completely immobilized but I still had some freedom in my hands. Janet then stuffed a long sock in my mouth and wound another long sock around my face, gagging me. Jill put the finishing touches on by winding a rope around my chest four times before knotting it at the back.




Fri Mar 5 22:39:08 UTC+1100 1999

Burglars!!! PART 3

I was completely immobilized, I tried to reach the knots that held the ropes together behind my back, but couldn't reach them. I looked over to Cindy and was suprised that she had not been re-gagged. She looked over at my bondings and found a little error in Janets tying. Janet had not tied my hands efficiently and Cindy told me that if I could uncross my wrists, I would be able to get out of the bonds rather easily.

I stuggled for about 5 minutes but finally managed to uncross my wrists and get out of my bonds rather quickly. I was suprised that neither Janet or Jill had come up to check on us. I removed the rope that was tied around my chest and removed the gag. My mouth had already begun to ache even though I was only gagged for about 7 minutes. I untied my ankles and finally my knees, then walked over to Cindy and began untying her, I was suprised at how tightly she had been tied, I undid the ankles first, then the knees. The rope pinning her arms together caused a few problems because it had about 3 triple knots. I undid those then untied her wrists then finally the gag.

I asked her if she was OK, she held out her hands and I saw the red marks on her wrists where they had been tied. She was obviously in a little bit of pain. I then stood her up and helped her out of the room. I told her to go to the bathroom to give them a bit of a wash while I went downstairs to check on Renee. I walked into the kitchen and found her tied to a chair. Her wrists were tied to the arms of the chair, her body was secured to the chair by a rope going around her body, her ankles had been tied together as well as her knees and thighs. She had a scarf around her mouth and I presumed that there was something stuffed in her mouth.


Fri Mar 5 23:29:20 UTC+1100 1999

Burglar!!! PART 4

She mmmmppphhhed at me and for a while, i enjoyed the sight of my cousin tied up and gagged. I walked towards her, undoing her ankles and knees. I took the rope around her waist off, and undid the wrists. I left her gag till last to enjoy the site for a while longer. When she got up, I asked her how long she had been tied up for, she said not long.

We walked upstairs and opened the door to my room and we were grabbed from behind, Janet had grabbed me while Jill grabbed her sister, we were ordered to lie down on the floor on our belly. Janet grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me while saying "I don't know how you got free before, but i'll make sure it won't happen again", with that she yanked at my ropes and pulled them tight.

I looked over at Renee and I could see that she was clearly upset at being tied up again. My ankles where then tied with scarves and my knees with rope. I was then ordered to sit up and she wound a rope around my waist pinning my arms to my sides. Finally, she took out a sock from her pocket and told me to open wide. I refused but then she gave me a pinch on the arm, hard enough to make me open my mouth, she stuffed it into my mouth and ran another sock around my face. I looked over at Renee and saw that she had been tied up identically to me.

Jill then positioned me so that Renee and I were back to back. They wound another rope around both our waists effectively forcing us together. Our elbows were then tied together immobilizing us.

Janet and Jill then stood up taking a long hard look at their victims and they complemented each other on what a good job they had done, and it sure was. Our elbows and waists were tied in such a way, that if one of us tried move, it would pull the rope, tightening it around the other.


Fri Mar 5 23:34:22 UTC+1100 1999

Burglar PART 5

Janet and Jill walked out of the room and came back a few minutes later with Cindy, her hands behind her back and tightly cleave gagged. They sat her on the desk chair and untied her wrists, which were immediately retied to the arms of the chair, her body pinned to the chair with a rope around her waist and her ankles and knees tied together.

There we were, laying helplessly bound and gagged with Janet and Jill looking at us. They giggled and whispered to each other, they then came up to me and started tickling me!! I was and still am extremely ticklish, I began to laugh behind my gag and tried to manevour myself so that my legs covered my ribs. In doing so, I pulled the rope tighter on Renee and she started to mmmmpppphhhh telling me to stop moving. I couldn't. After what seemed like an eternity, they stopped. I was trying to catch my breath under the gag.

Then Jill told Janet that it would be fun to leave us tied up until for a while. Janet laughed and said that it would be a great idea. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and judging by the mmmmpppphhhhs coming from Renee and Cindy, I think they couldn't believe it too.

They left the room and closed the door behind them, we were tied up for another two hours, before Janet and Jill came in and untied us. We swore revenge and we did get it but thats another story, i'll post it some other time. Look out for 'Our Revenge', coming soon. I'll post probably on the 8/3/99.

Hope you enjoyed the story folks.


Fri Mar 05 16:26:18 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Part 1
During the Xmas holidays, I was invited over to my girlfriend Jenny's house for the weekend. Jenny's father was out of town and Jenny's stepmother would be looking after us. Jenny's stepmom, was still in her late twenties. She was very beautiful and if you didn't know that she was only Jenny's stepmom, you would say that they were really mother and daughter. They both had short brown hair, usually tied back in a ponytail, dark brown eyes, an amusing personality. Their facial features resemble each other in many ways. The morning that I arrived, Jenny and I played a series of bondage games. Jenny's stepmom, Linsey, was at work so we took advantage of the free time. Both Jenny and I were well prepared to play tie-up games, we not only had ropes but several toy-handcuffs of different lengths (according to their manufacturer.) When Linsey returned we sat on the couch and watched T.V. I was dressed in a soccer strip and a white pair of shorts, Jenny wore a white tee shirt and black bycicle shorts and Linsey wore a grey tee shirt and black shorts. All three of us were barefoot, this was a rule of Linsey's that Jenny, herself and all of Jenny's friends had to take off their shoes in the house.


Fri Mar 05 16:35:57 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Part 2
'Isn't there anything you can do?' she asked, we replied there was nothing. She asked what we were doing that morning, we didn't tell her but she forced it out. When she heard she asked if we wanted to be tied up. I was shocked at the request and even Jenny was slightly taken aback. But we accepeted, she asked for all the equipment we used that morning and when she saw the large sports bag full of ropes, bandanas and handcuffs she laughed. She asked what theme we wanted, we replied any would do. She then said that she was kidnapping us for the ransom, we agreed and she told the story, she had knocked us out, she said, and continued to say that she would not only kidnap us, but force us to be her slaves. We promptly agreed and we lay on the floor, ready for her. She was actually quite good, she began with my wrists, she tied them securely together and then using a larger piece of rope she tied my bound wrists to my waist. She then did the same to Jenny and then proceeded to tie our wrists together, she than tied our outstretched ankles togther and then just above the knees. Once finished she said that at first we'd simply be the captives then we'd work. She then asked if she could tickle our feet or do any other kind of torture. We replied within reason.


Fri Mar 05 16:44:47 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Part 3
With that answere she asked what tortures we did, we replied the main ones of tickling and dabbing ice on our feet. Linsey nodded her head and began ferociously tickling our feet, it was as if she was an expert, we both gigled intil we were red in the face. She said she'd leave the ice for later. She then was about to walk into the kitchen when she stopped. She came over to us and with great ease she un tied us. But she quickly retied our wrists with the handcuffs, then she tied our ankles, she used two of the smaller ones on each of us, this allowed us to walk. She seemed quite pleased with herself and ordered us to clean the kitchen. We found it rather tough but it was soon finished. She smiled at the job and told us to complete the rest of the house. We finished it in about 2 hours. After that she said that our ransom had been paid and that we were free to go, under the condition that we could escape from her bondages in half-an-hour, if not she would torture us. She tied us up in the similar way to before, but when we finished, she rechecked our bondages. Happy with her work she sat and watched us for the remainder of the time. We couldn't get loose so Linsey went into the kitchen and came back with the ice. After she had sufficiently tortured us she released us. Much to our satisfaction.


Fri Mar 05 17:02:32 Arabian Standard Time 1999

James, good story, my friends and I sometimes play games like that (or used to.) There's only one thing I'd like to know. Were you and your companions barefoot?
Also this is a great sight everyone!


Fri Mar 05 09:50:45 Central Standard Time 1999

To Aaron: Though it must have really sucked,What happened to you & Bobby was one hell of an inthralling story. I loved it & am glad you decided to share it with us. As far as being graphic I've read far worse, some of which appeared on this page. I'm also glad those guys got theirs I know I'd love to hear about it. As far as what i would have done,I would have probably fainted being that I'm a coward. So you did better than I could have. Did you ever tell anyone about it besides this site? p.s. great page.I'll definetely be back!

Eric Keverting

Great stories from both Scott and James. I'm beginning to wonder however what happened to Mason...I can't remember...


Fri Mar 05 10:10:12 Central Standard Time 1999

As I said before you don't exactely jump at the thought of approaching a friend or loved one and saying,"guess what?" "My friend and I were forced to eat gummi bears out of each other's belly buttons without the use of our hands & feet,etc." let's just say there would be reprocutions to deal with later that we didn't want to have anything to do with. We've always wondered though,is there some way we could have escaped their taping methods? you people are the experts so as #5 would say,we "need imput!" Please reply!!!!also great stories James & Scott. What did you think of mine?

Aaron V.

Fri Mar 05 10:35:17 Central Standard Time 1999

I loved the sleepover story. But then any story where boys are helpless turns me on. especially 2 at once! My friend told me about this site & boy am i glad!What happened to the pics of that night? I'd love to see them!


Fri Mar 05 14:32:15 1999

It was the summer of '94 and I was 16, and my friend Anthony suggested a game of paintball. He had six, so we called some friends.
Mike, Brain, Sharon and Helen showed up, because they all basically lived in the same neiborhood. We took the bus to this really huge park a mile away. It was like a small forest once you got past the family area. We all were given the guns 9 which had 7 shots and goggles. Being hit only really hurts if shot at close range, but it could put and eye out. The teams were selected ( 3 on 3, for those who flunked math).
Since I liked Sharon, I volunteered to be on her team with Helen. We were given 5 minutes to hide before Ant's team would follow. Giggling, the three of us ran into the trees and bushes. That's when I wondered why Ant was carrying a duffel bag...
There was a lunch area in the center of the large park, surrounded by trees and bushes. We hid from behind a big red table, waiting for the ambush.
" Sure they'll come here?" I asked.
"Yup," was Helen's reply.
I was looking at Sharon...if we were alone...
I heard a rustle behind us, along with a stupid laugh that belonged to Brain.
" Crap! Them!" I think I said as I shot up.
We all backed off as Ant, Mike and Brain appeared from the bushes, shooting like mad.
Helen was nailed in the shoulder, Sharon in the leg. We were surprised, and failed to hit any of them. I ran off, behind a tree and watched.
They looked for me. "Wuss!" Ant shouted.
" You' re our prisoners now," Ant said.
The girls looked in shock (so did I). "You shot us already," Sharon said.
" Not in a fatal area, " Brain said. "You're POW'S".
Mike stood them up as Ant opened the bag of mystery......duct tape.
" We're gonna tie up all of you and execute you!" Ant said. Whether he was acting corny or being corny I don't know.
I watched. I was always into bondage, and I could wait a little while before rescuing them...


Fri Mar 05 16:05:38 1999


Brain and Mike held Helen and Sharon's hands behind them as Ant got out the tape, giggling like the Joker. By now, the girls were shouting for them to stop, and I wanted to help...but three on one were crappy odds. Ant wrapped the duct tape around their wrists behind them, palms touching. then, with great difficulty due to their struggles, wrapped the tpe around their ankles and knees. Soon, tape was wrapped over their arms under their breasts. Ant backed off.
" This really isn't funny, Ant," Sharon said, as he ripped a strip of tape.
"You're a jerk, Anmmmmmph!," Sharon said as she was gagged.
Helen was gagged, too. They were dragged to the table and sat down. Ant said something about finding me, so I left, not wanting to share the girls' fate. But, how to win? I decided to play dirty. We drank about three cans of soda on the way over, and no one went to the bathroom. So, I rocketed over to the red bathroom building and waited in an empty stall.
According to my watch, a half hour passed before anyone came. I heard the clack of a gun being put down, then waited for him to finish. when I heard the flush, I opened the door.
There was Mike, useing a wall toilet. I shot him in the back twice, and he winced in pain.
" Ow, man, quit it, I'd dead already, " Mike said.


Fri Mar 05 16:24:45 1999


I told Mike to hide in the stall with me while we waited for someone else. He couldn't argue because he was dead. Another ten minutes would pass before I heard anyone else enter. This time, I pounced right away, nailing Brian in the chest.
" That was cold, " was his reply as Mike chucked. Then, I ran off to take out Anthony. The run took a few minutes, but I snuk up behind a tree. Helen and Sharon were still taped up, only they had three strips of tape over their mouths. Ant was bitching about where the others were. I aimed from behind the tree for a few seconds before nailing him in the head. He let


Sat Mar 06 02:01:51 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

I really enjoyed the recent stories! Good writing James and Scott and Stalker.
I'm sorry to say, Aaron V., that I didn't like your story that much, but we all have different taste, don't we? It was brave of you to post it, though.


Sat Mar 06 02:26:52 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

Oh I forgot! A hint on the length of a posting is that you should keep them at apr. 25 lines if you write in "word" and then paste to the site.


Sat Mar 6 13:44:07 UTC+1100 1999

Yes, we were all barefoot that time, sorry forgot to mention it.


Fri Mar 5 20:02:28 PST 1999

Mason is on vacation for a month with his fiance.
He should be back before long.
Finish the story Stalker!
Cut Offs. If you have "Works" or "Word" on your computer use that to write in;both have a feature in"tools" on the menubar called word count that tells you how many words you have written. Use this to divide the story in sections, then copy the story and paste it in to the post section; this is how most of the rugulars do it. Any decent book on Windows or the Mac will tell you how to do it.
Nice to see so many new posters here. Takes the pressure off the regulars. I will have a Saint Patricks day Abduction story up by March the 17th.
Erin Go Braugh!


Sat Mar 06 12:30:24 GMT+0100 (W. Europe Standard Time) 1999

Has anyone got any good ideas about tying yourself
up with zip-ties?
I don't have anybody at home that can tie me up.
I think it is embarassing to ask...therefore I tie my self up.
Please, give me hints about the zip-ties!

Curious about zips

Sat Mar 06 07:13:33 1999

I have left a story on my first tie up experience before. I believe it is on Octobers archives titled Just like the Magazine. This is not really a story but in high school the boy I dated when I was in 10 th grade would come over and just watch tv with us and stuff. Eventually he met Gail my cousin and we talked with of course the games we played coming out. Well John couldn't get enough of her tales some of which were a little over the top but most were accurate.
Our next date on Friday we went to the movies and of course we kissed some in the theatre. I remember while we were in the theatre he held my hands behind me for a few secs. It was very exciting for me. After we left we went throught the drive in I had a coke. John had to bring up tying me up. He pulled out a piece of rope or something and tied my hands behind me. I really didn't resist and went along.
I remeber we left Andy's Igloo (the drive in) with my hands tied behind me. We drove around town and ended up on the bank of Lake Winterset. We had a very hot necking session. the entire time I had my hands tied behind me and he took some liberties with that. In fact I ended up substantially disrobed for the first time with a boy. I was so turned on by the whole thing. Gosh those are great times to remember. And before anybody asks we did tah same type of thing a number of times.


I was extremely bored today so I decided to check out the archives. I suggest everyone go to the...July Part 1 archives I believe...and check out Dudalb's "Prisoners of War" story. It's great! Though personally I would have fought like crazy instead of surrendering. Even though, like Dudalb I like military strategy, I can't help put appriciate the kamikazee actions in a water gun fight.


Sun Mar 7 22:43:11 CST 1999

tied up superhero

this my first time so this will be a little
sloppy,to make this quick i was 13 and my brother
was11 we would play pretend games where we were
superhero.i was shadow man who wore black leotards
and tights with black boots,my brother was ninja
man in a ninja suit.Well we happened to be playing
one summer day while my parents were gaone for the
day and we had a little battle and he said that
ninja man had won and i was to be taken hostage
i agreed and was taken to our dads shop outside
which he deemed his hideout i was told to sit down
in a chair as he pulled some rope out of dads tool
box.He then proceeded to tie my wrists tightly
behind the chair i was a bit nervous but it was
just a game right?.he then tied quite a bit of it
aroun my body pinning me to the chair,then tied
each ankle to a chair leg.there was no way i could
get free i was startled then as he shoved a scarf
in my mouth and wound tape around my head several
times.I sat there mmmpphhhhhing as loud as i coud
but to no use.then the shit left me there i mphhd
and struggled but couldnt break free and thats how
my parents found me tied,gagged and wearing tights


Mon Mar 08 15:46:20 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999


This is a follow-up on my previous posting (5 Mar)

Recap. My sister Janet and my cousin Jill, left me , Cindy and Renee tied up in my bedroom for two hours. This is the story of our revenge.

It was a week later that we finally extracted our revenge on Janet and Jill. They (Jill and Renee) had been dropped off when my aunt headed for work. My parents had gone out to dinner and watch a movie. My mum had left $20 on the kitchen table and told us to buy some pizza from the shops for dinner.

Our plan was to get one of the girls to get the pizza while we pounced on the other one. When the other girl got back, we would do the same.

Jill was dressed in a red mini-skirt with a tight black t-shirt while Janet was dressed in blue shorts and a greyish t-shirt with 'only the brave' written all over it.

I'd better tell you what each girl looks like. Jill has blonde hair, blue eyes, she was fairly tall and athletic. She was probably the prettiest of the all. Janet had brown hair, brown eyes, she wasn't that tall although she was very strong. Cindy had blonde hair, greenish eyes, she was about 5'4", Renee had brownish-reddish hair, blue eyes (like her sister) and very very slim.

It was about 7 o'clock when Janet decided to get the pizza and we (Cindy, Renee and myself) decided to strike.

Janet headed out the door and Jill was in her room listening to CD's. Renee and me went down to the basement to get some rope while Cindy went upstairs to my room to grab the duct tape and hankies that I hid in my closet (only she knows where they are).



Mon Mar 08 16:16:39 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999


We had gathered up all the neccesary materials and headed for Janet's room. We quietly opened the door, not that we needed to, the music was so loud Janet could probably hear it from the pizza shop, we found Jill sitting on the chair with her back to us, Cindy and Renee crept to each side of her while I crept up behind her. The plan was for me to grab her from behind while Renee and Cindy grabbed her arms.

The plan didn't go according to plan, just as I was about to grab her, she turned around and I fell in her lap, she pushed me away and I fell to the floor. Cindy and Renee grabbed her arms and forced her back onto the chair, I stood up and grabbed a long (probably 7 metre) rope and wound it around her just above her waist. There was enough rope to wind it about 5 times, her body was now pinned to the chair. She still struggled but to no avail. I asked Cindy and Renee to put her hands behind her back, I crossed Jill's wrists and tied them very tightly, she let out a little squeal as i cinched them.

Next, it was her ankles and knees, Cindy and Renee had a hard time keeping her legs still. I finally told her to co-operate or I would gag her (she hated being gagged, I was planning on gagging her anyway), she immediately stopped thrashing her legs and allowed me to tied them to the legs of the chair. She was now completely immobolised.

I asked Cindy to get me the hankerchiefs and duct tape.

"Hey, you said that you wouldn't gag me," protested Jill.

"I lied" I replied.

"Ooohhh, can I gag her, please," Renee was almost pleading me.

"OK, you know what to do?" I asked her.

"Do I" Renee grabbed the hankies and stuffed the in her mouth, Cindy kept her hand over her mouth to prevent her from spitting them out.

I gave her a long piece of duct tape and she stuck it on Jill's mouth.

"Maybe I should put another on, she could spit the out easily" Renee was enjoying gagging her sister.



Mon Mar 08 16:43:28 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999


I agreed and gave her another piece of duct tape and she sealed Jill's mouth.

We all stepped back and admired the sight.

"How long should we leave her like this," Renee asked me.

"Oh, I don't know, how long do you think we should leave her like this?" I told her.

"Can we leave her for four hours, double the time that we were tied up"

Jill mmmmpppphhhhed in disbelief as I said OK.

We then gathered up the remaining rope and walked out of the room, Jill was going crazy with the mmmmpppphhhhing as we walked out.

We walked downstairs, and sat down to watch TV and waited for Janet to arrive

Janet came in through the door about 10 minutes later, holding two pizzas in her hands. She walked into the kitchen and put the pizzas on the table and headed to the toilet, we decided to strike when she came out.

She went in and locked the door, Renee was standing to the left, while Cindy and I was standing to the right. We heard the flush and the door unlock, she walked out and Renee and Cindy grabbed her arms while I grabbed her knees tripping her and forcing her onto the floor.

I grabbed a rope and tied her ankles together so she couldn't get away, I tied her knees and thighs together as well.

Renee and Cindy struggled to keep their grip on her arms, as i said, she was very strong. Cindy lost her grip and fell back, Renee was pushed away when by Janets free arm. I reacted immediately and jumped on her as she was trying to get up. Renee and Cindy reclaimed her arms and forced them behind her back, I tied them together with a triple knot.

"You little brats" she shouted.

"Well, now you know how it feels to be tied up and gagged," I laughed.

"Just you wait, I'll get all three of you for this"

"Really? I think you talk too much, sis. Renee, get me some hankies and tape,"

"Your not seriously going to gag me are you?"

"Well, its the only way to shut you up isn't it?



Mon Mar 08 17:23:36 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999


Renee returned with some hankies and duct tape.

"Cindy, would you like to do the honours" I asked her.

"Would I," Cindy sounded excited.

She grabbed the hankies and shoved them into Janet's mouth, I put my hand over her mouth, preventing her from spitting them out. She got the duct tape and wound it around her mouth, at least 6 times I reckon and cut it.

"Would you like to see Jill now?" Janet mmmmpppphhhhed and nodded.

I grabbed her arms and dragged her up the stairs. Cindy pushed open the door to her bedroom and there was Jill, just like we left her, pinned to the chair, hands behind her back, legs tied to the chair legs and gagged with duct tape.

I threw Janet onto her bed and began hog-tying her. I pulled her legs up to her wrists and tied them together (she was extremely flexible).

"Hmm, I wonder what we should do with them now?" I asked the other two.

"Lets tickle them!" Renee sounded excited.

"Great idea!"

Both Jill and Janet mmmmpppphhhhed in disapproval, and struggled furiously to no avail.

We worked on Janet first, I tickled her rib cage while Cindy and Renee tickled her feet, since she was hog-tied, she couldn't do anything but move side to side. She laughed through the gag and let out loud mmmmpppphhhhs from time to time. Jill looked like she was giggling behind her gag.

"Its your turn now Jill" I said.

She mmmmpppphhhhed and tried to plead with us not to tickle her. Too bad. I worked on her ribs and the other two on her feet. She was even more ticklish than Janet. After about 5 minutes we stopped and told them we'd be back in an hour to check on them.

They let out loud mmmmpppphhhhs as we walked out.
I had a little rope left over and had the urge to tie up the other girls as well, but there wasn't enough to tie up two, so I whispered to Renee and asked her if she wanted to tie up Cindy. Renee answered in the affirmative.



Mon Mar 08 18:18:23 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999


We walked downstairs and sat down on the couch and watched TV. I could tell that Renee was getting a little fidgety and decided to act. I jumped on Cindy and forced her hands behind her back, Renee was surprised at my sudden action. i asked her to grab the rope and tied her wrists together.

"What are you doing?" Cindy was surprised.

"Just tying you up"

"Why are you tying me up, what'd I do?"

"Nothing, we just had a little rope left over and Renee and me decided to tie you up?"

"I'll get you for this"

"Your a gotta big mouth there, sis. Lets me help you fix the problem."

I grabbed a hanky and shoved it in her mouth and sealed it with tape.

I helped her stand up and ordered her to walk upstairs. I opened the door to Janets bedroom and put her beside Janet. There they were, three damsels in distress tightly bound and gagged and what a mighty fine sight it was!

I tied her ankles together and then her knees. I grabbed her by the arms and asked Renee to open the closet, I put Cindy in there and took one last look at my sister before closing the door. She mmmppphhhed like crazy, pleading me not to leave her in there.

Renee and I walked out, leaving them to struggle. We checked on them every hour until the four hours were up (yes, we were serious!!).

We untied them just before our parents came home. They did get us back, but thats another story.

I'll post it some time early next month.

Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading.


Tue Mar 09 04:44:31 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part I, Remembrance

After a long and happy summer, full of funny and exciting experiences, the last weekend finally arrived. In a couple of days my family would go back to the city. School would start soon and ten weeks of heaven would change for my ninth year in school. Joe and his cousins Sarah and Jenny would also go back to their schools. We all had parents that worked at various positions in the school system, therefore our families could spend these long vacations of ten weeks instead of the usual five people had in Sweden.

I was sad as the last weekend draw nearer. This had been the best summer in my entire life, and I hated to leave my friends. Joe’s family actually lived in the same city as mine, but we went to different schools and lived far apart. We seldom saw each other during school terms. Sarah and Jenny lived in a town about thirty miles north of our city.

We had all agreed to have a sleep over the last weekend. I had talked with Joe about having a really spectacular tie-up game and we discussed different ideas for a really fun game. The best part was that we would have their big house to ourselves. Joe’s, and Sarah’s and Jenny’s parents would go away to visit with some other relatives and they were considered old enough to take care of themselves. Jenny was fifteen and the rest of us were fourteen.


Tue Mar 09 04:48:46 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part II, Setting it All Up

We had decided to invite Alex over. We all wanted to get back at her for what she had done at our camping trip earlier. She had convinced a bunch of younger kids that played cowboys and Indians to capture us and keep us prisoners at their camp for several hours. Alex had showed up and organized some "real Indian torture", where they tickled us.

When we asked Alex if she wanted to come for the sleep over she was not so keen at first.
-You’ll only tie me up and tickle me, she said.
We promised her that we would not gang up on her, but we admitted we had some really funny games in mind. Alex had developed a taste for tie-up games and agreed to come.

On Friday afternoon we all stood on the porch and waved good-bye to the parents. After what seemed like hours of instructions and exhortations from the two Mothers, they finally drove off. We were alone and free to do what we wanted.
We went inside and started to make dinner. During the preparations of what would be a nourishing meal of frozen hamburgers we talked about what game we would play that evening. After some discussions we agreed to do a variation of "hide and seek", involving searching for a hidden treasure. During dinner we explained to Alex how the game worked.


Wed Mar 10 02:04:04 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part IIb, The Game

We would be in two teams, I would team up with Sarah and the others would be
the enemies. Sarah and I would hide a key somewhere in the house and then
hide ourselves. The others would try to catch us, and if they did, they would
"persuade" us to tell the hiding place of the key. The persuasion would of
course be done by tickling us. Then they would leave us tied up somewhere in
the house and hide the key themselves. We would have one hour to get free,
and if we succeeded we would start to hunt the others. This game had several
variations of it, and we had played it many times.

We gathered in the big spacious living room to start the game. We were
dressed as usual in jeans and t-shirts for Joe and me, jeans and sleeveless
tops for Sarah and Alex and gray sweat-pants with a short top for Jenny. None
of us had socks or shoes. (In Sweden it’s almost compulsory to take ones
shoes off indoors.) Joe had been out to the garage to gather different
lengths of rope and Jenny had brought some scarves and bandanas for gags.
Sarah and I would get ten minutes to hide the key and then the others would
hunt us down.
As we rushed away with the key I could feel the excitement and tension in my
stomach as the game begun.


Tue Mar 09 04:52:27 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part III, The Summer House

I will have to explain how this big house looked inside. It was very big and made entirely of wood on a foundation of stone and cement. It was constructed in the early 20th century by a great Grandfather of my friends. He owned a lumber business in the nearby town, and this was his "summer mansion" as it was called.
The house had three floors, a cellar and an attic. On the bottom floor was the kitchen, the living room, a library, a study and various smaller rooms behind the kitchen. On the second floor were at least six or seven bedrooms and on the third floor were "the servants rooms". Of course they did not have any servants in the seventies, but these rooms were handy as they got a lot of guests. The cellar was a bit spooky, dark and damp, with a myriad of passages and store-rooms. The attic contained every possible item not used, but not thrown away.

We ran up the main stairs and continued up the more narrow staircase to the servants rooms. We hid the key in one room, behind a painting. We had deliberately made a lot of noise running up the stairs to fool our hunters. Now we doubled back down another staircase at the back of the house, going silently and carefully. We continued down past the kitchen to the cellar. As we started down the stairs to the cellar we felt the cold stone steps beneath our bare feet. The concrete floor of the cellar was the same, but it was not uncomfortable to walk barefoot down there. Sarah looked at me with her special mischievous look, her eyes telling me she was as excited as I was. We decided to hide in a store room that had a small window with a little light coming down through it. We sat down on some crates and waited. The others would be searching for us now.


Tue Mar 09 04:59:42 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part IV, Caught!

We could hear them faintly on the upper floors of the house. Alex’ voice could be heard more often and louder as usual. Our trick of making a lot of noise going up had succeeded. We talked in whispers as we sat on the crates with our legs crossed. The excitement of the game was very present at that moment, and I can still remember how I thought right then, looking at Sarah across the room, that I was having the best time of my life. Sarah smiled at me and in the dim light her green eyes sparkled with excitement. She turned her head, listening to a sound, and her braids flapped about with the motion.
-Shhhh, they are coming, she whispered.
We quickly hid behind the crates as we heard the padded sounds of bare feet going down the narrow passage outside. As the foot-steps had passed, we darted out of the room and ran the opposite way. We heard Alex cry out behind us, calling for Joe and Jenny to come. Unfortunately for us, they came down the stairs just in front of us, and we were captured. The rules of the game said that if we were touched by an enemy, we would give up, and we literary ran into their arms.

As captives we had to surrender and we were ordered to kneel on the floor, bend over forward and place our hands behind us. Jenny tied my hands together with a cotton cord, making a good job. Joe tied Sarah’s hands and Alex tied bandanas over our eyes. We were marched upstairs and they teased us and happily told us how they were going to have such fun with us, now that we were at their mercy.


Tue Mar 09 05:00:59 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part V, Interrogation

Now it was question-time! They would use every way they knew to force us to give up the secret hiding place of the key. We had talked about this as we waited in the cellar, and promised each other to hold on as long as we could. We would not reveal anything. I wondered what kind of horrible torture they would use on us. Tickling was our common way of "having fun" with a prisoner.

We were marched up the stairs to one of the bedroom, I couldn’t say exactly which one because of the blindfold, but they pushed us inside and had us sit on a bed. They tied more rope around my upper body, and I could imagine they did the same to Sarah. Then they placed us on our backs, side by side, and tied my feet together and then lifted my legs and placed them on the metal frame at the foot of the bed. My feet were positioned at least half a metre up as they tied them in place. Another rope was attached to my upper body and one end was tied to the bedframe and the other to Sarah. We lay there completely helpless with our feet in the air, unable to move at all.

I could hear Jenny and Alex giggle at our helpless situation and they whispered together about what to do. Joe told us we had one chance to tell where the key was. He was given the Swedish equivalent to "get stuffed" in reply from Sarah. Suddenly a rag was forced into my mouth and a scarf tied over it. From the sound of it, the same happened to Sarah. She started making angry sounds from behind her gag.


Tue Mar 09 05:04:41 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part VI, Having Fun

Now they started to tickle us. They tickled our feet and bellies and soon we grunted and giggled, but the sounds were muffled by the gags. When I just couldn’t take any more, they stopped and the gag was removed. They asked us again, but we refused to say anything. This was repeated several times until we finally gave in and told them. Joe went to get the key while Jenny and Alex untied all the rope except the ones binding our hands behind us. The blindfolds were removed and they kindly gave us something to drink.

So now it was time for them to find a good place to leave us tied up for an hour. With our hands still tied behind us we were taken up to the attic. The roof of the house was supported by large thick beams, and in one corner of the attic they decided to leave us. They had brought several lengths of thick rope and started to bind our arms to our upper bodies. Coil after coil was tied around us and knotted off expertly. Then we had to sit down as they tied our ankles and legs with the same sort of thick rope. We were put down on the floor on our bellies and they tied the hands and feet together, leaving very little slack in the ropes. At last they placed us on our sides, with our backs to a vertical support-beam. They tied a rope around the beam and fastened the other end to our feet. As we were tied to two different beams, with about two metres between us, we wouldn’t be able to reach each other and untie any knots. This position, hog-tied on the side was not especially comfortable, but what could we do? Finally rags were pushed deep into our mouths and we were cleave-gagged with scarves. As our captors left us, wishing us a pleasant time, we could only respond with that classic reply. "MMMMPHF!"


Tue Mar 09 05:10:57 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part VII, Wiggling Out of It

The attic was lit by sunlight that was filtered through some small and dusty windows. It wasn’t very dark, but not very light either. As I lay on the dust-covered floor, hog-tied on my side, I looked over at Sarah. She was positioned facing me, and I could clearly see the determined look in her eyes, she was set on getting free. Her lips moved around the scarf that gagged her, but the sounds that came out were muffled. I could understand however, that she tried to tell me that she was trying to free herself. I tested my ropes and soon found out that I had no chance of freeing myself. Sarah, on the other hand, with her very flexible body, was to perform one of the best escapes I ever had witnessed.

She was in a tight hog-tie, but that didn’t stop her from turning on the floor and reaching the knots of the rope that tied her feet to the beam. Her hands hadn’t been tied to the small of her back, so she had a little freedom of movement there. After some minutes of struggling, she had untied the knots and rolled over on her stomach. I could see that her hog-tie was so tight that her fingers nearly touched her ankles. She turned and twisted like a snake on the floor and wiggled her way to an old sofa a few metres away. Somehow she managed to get up in a kneeling position by leaning on the sofa. She was now kneeling with her toes on the floor and her back arched so that her fingers could reach the knots of the hog-tie rope by her ankles. After some more work she had untied her hog-tie rope and could now get up in a sitting position on the sofa. From there she got to her feet, standing there swaying a little as her feet and legs were tightly tied. She stood on tip-toe to get a better balance.


Tue Mar 09 05:12:39 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer.
Part VIII, The Great Escape

And so came the best part. She started jumping forward, in short hops. Her braids flapped in the air at every hop, and other parts of her bounced as well. It was very interesting to watch. I had done this myself before, being tied hand and foot, and I knew how hard it was to keep balance. Sarah’s face was lit by a triumphant grin behind her gag as she hopped merrily towards the middle of the floor, some metres away.

There was the chimney, going up through the house from the kitchen. It was big and wide and constructed of very rough and rugged bricks. Sarah kneeled down by one corner of the chimney and put her bound hands to the corner. Her hands were tied side by side, palms out, and cinched with a couple of loops between them. Sarah moved her hands up and down, up and down, scraping the rope against the corners of the bricks. It took her some time, and she paused frequently, but eventually her hands were free.

Triumphantly she put her hands in front of her and undid the ropes around her upper body. Then she undid her gag and spitted the rag out. Laughing she told me:
-That was easy!
She untied her legs and feet and came over to me and removed my gag. I told her she had performed a masterpiece of escaping and she nodded happily. A few minutes later I too was free and we tried to figure out how much time had elapsed since they left us. That was answered as we heard steps outside the attic. They were returning. Quickly we hid just by the stairs, and as Joe, Jenny and Alex came in, we jumped out and gave them a really good scare. According to the rules of the game, they were now our prisoners.


Tue Mar 09 17:39:57 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Hell oeverybody. Sorry I've been away for a while but I was involved in a REAL kidnapping. As it is not fitting for this sight I shan't mention it, if you want the story e-mail me and I'll fill you in. Otherwise keep up the good work.


Thu Mar 11 16:21:10 1999

If anyone has any good stories where woman/girls tie up men/boys please email them to me, or if you know any webpages with these stories or have stories by someone else.


Fri Mar 12 02:02:36 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part X, Reversed Roles

With the roles of prisoners and captors now reversed, we had the pleasure of tying our victims up. We proceeded with the task, and soon all three of them stood before us with their hands tightly tied behind them. Sarah and I had decided to split the prisoners up and force each of them to tell the hiding-place of the key. This meant that we would have much more fun with each of them, persuading them to talk. Sarah really enjoyed the part of our games that involved torturing a tied up victim, perhaps because she was so extremely ticklish herself, and liked the idea of revenge. My own feelings regarding the tickling part were more neutral. Being tickled when tied up was something that happened, and I saw it more as a contest, where I would try to endure it as long as possible. To tickle a victim was of course very funny, and especially one of the girls.

We decided to leave Alex in the attic. We quickly secured Jenny and Joe by tying their feet, and then walked Alex over to one of the support-beams near the thatched roof. We placed her sitting with her back against the vertical beam and tied her body to it firmly. Then we placed her bare feet on top of a horizontal beam that was on the floor and tied them in place. This position was excellent for tickling her later on. I made a good gag by rolling up a rag inside a folded up bandana and pushed it between her teeth. Alex’ eyes widened and she grunted and looked very helpless as I knotted the bandana in her neck. We were going to leave her up in the attic until we had taken care of the other two prisoners. Suddenly Sarah had a bright idea. On the floor of the attic, near where the roof met the floor was some insulation of wood-wool. Long, thin strips of wood that were soft and fluffy. Sarah grabbed a handful and carefully placed some of it between Alex’ bare toes.
-Try getting that off if you can, she said with an evil grin.
Alex grunted angrily between her


Fri Mar 12 02:11:35 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XI, A Secure Place for Joe

The other two prisoners were now moved down-stairs. Joe was placed in one of the bedrooms. We tied his arms and legs securely with several lengths of rope, then we placed him on the floor of a big walk-in closet, sitting with his back to the wall, and his hands secured to a rack on the wall. We gagged him with an old sock we had found and placed a scarf over his mouth. We left him in total darkness as we shut the door.

Now Jenny was left. With her hands tied behind her she had witnessed the secure tying of her two friends. She had not said a word during the whole time, just watched us immobilizing her friends. Her blue eyes had that half-scared, half-excited look that told me she thought the game was as exciting as we did. She knew that her sister would perform some extra-cruel torture on her, as they both were very competitive in our games. Jenny had her long, blonde hair in a ponytail, and I remember I thought it would be fun to tickle her belly as her top was rather short and revealed some bare skin between it and her sweat-pants.

Where would we take Jenny? We had talked about different places as we waited in the cellar earlier, and come up with some good ideas, but most of them were more suited for just leaving a prisoner tied up. We wanted something special that was both uncomfortable, and suitable for tickle-torture. Suddenly I remembered a position Joe had tied me in the summer before, as we were playing cowboys and Indians. We would take Jenny down to the cellar and leave her in one of the storage rooms. To make her a little more un-secure we first blind-folded her. We took hold of an arm each and marched her down the stairs to the cellar. In one of the storage rooms there were some metal racks running along the roof. These had been used to hang things from in earlier days…


Fri Mar 12 02:13:22 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XII, Jenny Puts her Feet Up

We wouldn’t be so cruel as to hang Jenny from the roof, but the next best thing would do. First we tied Jenny’s arms firmly and secured her hands to the small of her back. We placed an old blanket on the cement floor and lay her down on her back. Sarah tied her feet together, looping the rope about ten times around Jenny’s ankles. She then threw one end of the rope over the metal rack by the roof and pulled it down. She made a slip-knot and fastened it around Jenny’s feet. Holding the other end of the rope, Sarah slowly pulled on the rope until Jenny’s feet began to rise in the air. Jenny squirmed on the floor and complained loudly, but soon she lay on her back with her legs straight up in the air. She had her hands palms out under her bum and the rope holding her feet had been pulled so hard that her buttocks nearly didn’t touch her hands. Sarah fastened the rope by tying it to a metal hook in the wall. We gagged Jenny and left her in the storage room, completely helpless. I can still remember the angry look in her eyes, above her gag as she stared at us when we left her.


Fri Mar 12 02:15:20 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XIII, Having Fun with Our Prisoners

We started interrogating Joe first. We would leave Alex until last, because she deserved to be tied up the longest, and we didn’t want to leave Jenny in that uncomfortable position more than fifteen minutes. We collected him from the closet and placed him on the bed, face down and tied his bare feet to the foot-board of the bed. We removed his gag and Sarah started to interrogate him. Joe is hopelessly ticklish, and she soon had him roaring with laughter as she tickled his feet. In just over ten minutes he had told us what we wanted. I got the key, while Sarah marched Joe down to the living-room. There she tied him securely to a chair and gagged him. He would stay there until we were finished with the others.

We returned to the cellar where Jenny was as we had left her. Being tied up with your feet in the air is not too comfortable. When Joe had tied me that way I soon had a tingle in my toes from lost circulation. We removed her gag and I felt her toes. They were a bit cold, but the circulation was OK. We tickled her feet and belly until she nearly lost her breath. She trashed about and cursed us, but after a while she told us what we wanted to hear. We lowered her legs and untied them. Jenny told us we would be sorry for this. She would do something awful to us for leaving her that way. We took her upstairs and tied her to a chair in the same way as Joe was. She sat with her hands tied behind the back-rest and her feet crossed and tied under the seat, with a rope connected to the hands. Loop after loop were tied around both the chair and her legs and arms. A tight cleave gag holding a rag inside her mouth completed the job. Now it was time for Alex…


Fri Mar 12 02:18:19 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XIV, Alex Gets the Giggles

When we came into the attic Alex was still sitting tied to the support-beam. She had been sitting there for about forty-five minutes now, and she still had some of the wood-wool between her toes. Her forehead was wrinkled from concentration as she wiggled her toes to try and get the wool off her toes. It must have been really irritating for her…he-he! We removed Alex’ gag and she started cursing us at once.
-And I thought you liked these games, said Sarah.
-You bastards!, screamed Alex, get that wool away from my feet!
-Oh, but don’t you find the tickling sensation a good one, asked Sarah in her nicest voice.
-You who enjoy to tickle us so much.
Alex didn’t answer, but simply looked angrily at us.
-Now you will tell us where the key is hidden, Sarah said.
-The others have already told you, said Alex. Why ask me then?
-Because we want to have some fun with you, and you can prove you’re not giving up easily, can’t you?

Alex’ bare feet were tied together and fastened to a beam on the floor. When Sarah started to tickle her soles and toes Alex immediately curled her toes and started to twist her feet about, but that didn’t help. Sarah grabbed her two big-toes and held them firmly and continued to tickle Alex. Alex soon screamed with laughter, but she kept her secret quite long. When she finally gave up she was sweating and her hair was hanging down in her face. We undid all her ropes but the one holding her hands tied behind her and helped her to her feet.
-Now you can join your friends downstairs, I told her.


Fri Mar 12 02:20:20 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XV, We Win the Game

Jenny and Joe were still well and good tied up and gagged in the living-room. Alex was tied to a chair in the same way as they were and gagged. We couldn’t help but tickle their feet a bit more before we left them. I tickled Jenny and Sarah altered between Joe and Alex. As they all were tied with their feet under the seat of the chair, and feet and hands connected, we had good access to their bare feet from behind the chairs. The sounds that came from behind their gags were very funny to hear. Joe screamed through his nose so that he sounded like a cow, and the girls giggled and laughed muffled laughs that sounded very funny. They trashed and threw their heads about, but nothing helped. They just couldn’t get away. When we were done they were red in their faces and panted with deep breaths. Jenny had chewed her gag wet. Sarah and I went down to the lake and had a nice swim before we returned an hour later, to find our three prisoners still tied to the chairs. We released them and of course they promised revenge. As this was the last weekend of summer, they didn’t have much time left. Sarah and I would have to sleep very lightly that night…


Thu Mar 11 19:02:27 PST 1999

All right, so the abduction did not take place until a couple of days after March the 17th.Big deal. It was a prank played on me by Melissa on St.Patrick’s Day that triggered her abduction But I am really getting ahead of myself.

My own background is German-Irish.. My dad’s German Ancestors had totally assimiliated. But my Mom was Irish-American, and her family maintained strong cultural links to the ould sod. My mom competed in Irish step dancing as a teenager in the late fifites and early sixties, a good 25 years or more before anyone heard of “Riverdance” or Michael Flatley. I grew up on the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. And when I was 12 my Mom took me to see the Chieftains in a small San Francisco theater years before they could fill huge Concert halls. She also made sure her kids had a general knowledge of Irish history. In my case a lot of it stuck:as I write this I’m listening to the Chieftains latest CD“Tears of Stone”.

At the time this story took place I was 17 and in my Junior Year of High school. Each year as St. Patrick’s day came nearer the more ‘Irish” I became---not unusual. I think I never sank to the depths of the Once a Year Irish on St Patrick’s Day and other Wannabes; but I must have been annoying. At our high school at the time I am writing about we actually had a couple of kids from Ireland who made no secret they thought I was making a fool of myself . One girl from Limerick named Kate but no bones about it But this yeat Melissa entered the picture.


Thu Mar 11 19:06:45 PST 1999

Oops I forgot the tale's Name:

If you have read my Halloween tale (archived for October.) you have met Mel. She was from England; her father had been given a three-year assignment in California. Melissa was about five seven, had brown hair , and had a general resemblance to Geena Davis. She was very funny, very intelligent, charming, and could drive you crazy at times with her love of pranks and jokes. She almost instantly was in the running for Class Comedian. I got to know her well soon after she arrived in Early December. She was having real trouble in American History. She had only had a few weeks of it in the UK as part of her world History course and a lot of her ideas of US history were derived from those wonderful sources of Accurate information, TV and the Movies. I was a star pupil in History and was asked by my teacher to tutor Melissa. Mel spent a lot of time over the Christmas Holidays at my house getting up to speed. in US History. Melissa ,when she wanted to be, was a very good student, and she charmed the hell out of my parents and siblings. Mel picked up quickly this was a pretty Irish oriented household and She very casually let my Mom know that Brit as she was, her grandfather had emigrated from Dublin to Manchester, and her Mom’s maiden name was as Irish as you can get. Mel need not have worried, Mom was a moderate on the whole mess in Ulster, despised the Orange Order and IRA equally as a bunch of homicidal maniacs, and whatever she though of British Policies in Ireland (not much), she did not let it effect her attitude toward people from Britain But still is shows what a smooth operator Mel could be. Actually, in retrospect, Mel’s Irish ancestry makes what followed all the more bizarre and amusing


Thu Mar 11 19:11:31 PST 1999

About the early part of February Mel and I begun verbal sparring on the topics of Ireland and England. It was on the whole pretty good-natured, with no more venom then Gina and I would exchange barbs on our opposing football teams, (SF 49ers vs. The Chicago Bears). (Gina was an Italian American girl from Chicago who was one of closest friends in a kind of Harry Met Sally relationship). But as March the 17th grew closer It became more barbed on my part. I told jokes like “Why did the Sun never set on the British Empire? God wouldn’t trust a Limey in the Dark” in Melissa’s hearing. She tried to ignore it for the most part, but I could tell she was irritated. At first I expected some prank in revenge but when nothing happened I grew complacent. I did not know that when Mel thought of a good idea, she could wait until the best possible moment to carry it out.
A few days before St. Paddy’s day, however, A prank war broke out between Gina and Mel. This was totally good natured unlike the Gina- Steffi run ins a couple of years back; Mel and Gina liked each other. (For those of you wondering, Steffi and I had a friendly mutually agreed upon breakup in November. By June we were back together.)
It reached its climax one evening when Gina came over (she just lived two houses down) and said “Know what that Brit Melissa did today?
“No, what?”
“Duct taped me to a post after Soccer practice!"


Thu Mar 11 19:15:50 PST 1999

I wormed the details out of Gina. Both Gina and Mel were on a girls soccer team, and during some fooling around afterward practice Mel repaid a joke Gina pulled on her a couple of days before (switching Bicycle locks on Mel’s bike) by duct taping Gina to a post. It was pretty simple and much less stringent then what Gina was used to in our tie up games. Melissa (with the help of a couple of other girls) wound the tape around Gina’s elbows and upper body binding her to the post; repeated this around her wrists and lower body (Gina's wrist were at her side); wound some tape around her ankles securing them to the post, and as a final touch a strip of tape across Gina’s mouth as a gag. Melissa let Gina twist and mmphh for fifteen minutes before letting her go. Gina was not really angry, she had been tied and gagged much more tightly and much longer in our tie up games, and Mel had been careful not to hurt Gina when pulling off the tape. (For all her love of practical jokes Mel did not have a cruel bone in her body.) But still, Gina did not let anyone friend or foe getting over on her. And revenge on Mel was only a matter of time. After getting over regrets that I had not been there to see it I filed away this information. I had been scheming to get Mel involved in a tie up games for some time; this indicated she might be an easy mark.
And I knew that unlike many pranksters Mel was a very good sport and prided herself on being able to take it as well as dish it out. But before I could plot very much St. Patrick’s day was upon us.


Thu Mar 11 19:25:29 PST 1999

On Saint Patricks’ day everything went fine until lunch. I ran into Mel in the morning and we exchanged a few good natured England Vs. Ireland comments. I had Physical Education right before lunch. Because my book lockers were out of my way going to the cafeteria I never went to my locker until after lunch. Mel knew this . After lunch –Mel ate with a couple of her friends—I went over to my locker to get my books for the next class. I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks.
There, in front of the whole school, God, St. Patrick, and everybody was , taped to my locker, a British Flag, the Much disliked Union Jack. Above it was taped a sign saying “Rule Britainnia”
And under it “God Save the Queen!” I then said one of George Carlin’s seven words you can never say on Television—at least on broadcast TV. “Who the *&%$# did this?” Just snickers in response. Quoting a then popular Arnold Schwarznegger film I shouted “Someone’s Gonna Pay!” I was already rounding up suspects in my mind and it did not take long to put Mel at the top of the list. It was her style;she was a good artist (she had paid back my tutorial by teching me enough basic drawing to get a decent grade in art), it was just so, well, Mel!
I noticed that Kate was laughing louder then anybody. So I turned on the sellout. “Mel did this, did’nt she?” (Kate and Mel were great friends.) Kate just laughed. The bell rang so after tearing down the Union Jack and throwing it in the trashcan I went to class.
In physics when on my friends came up and said “Boy, Melissa sure zinged you today!” I had confirmation of who had done the dirty deed. He had seen her waiting ,poster in hand, around th corner , until I left for PE. Then she taped it to my locker. She had timed it so , if I followed my usual pattern, It would stay up there for 90 mintues until I discovered it.In her practical jokes Mel was flawless in planning and execution.


Thu Mar 11 19:28:39 PST 1999

Gina had the same physics period I did, and we had a chance ,during the lab portion, to talk. It was brief—Gina took physics very seriously, she wanted to be—and became—an engineer.But she looked up from her graph paper, snickered when I came over and said “Mel the Brit 2, Dud the German Irish and Gina the Chicago Italian zip. Want to see about getting up on the scoreboard?”. We agreed to meet after school and plot.
The plotting took place at an Irish festival my Mom was involved in. Gina and I plotted and arrived on a plan over (What else?) Corned Beef and Cabbage. We arrived on a simple plan. We would stage a fake revenge to hide the real revenge. The fake revenge would be a retaliatory strike on Melissa’s Locker, the real revenge would be For Mel to spend a hour bound and gagged—for Gina payment in kind, for me a chance to lecture her on English Misrule in Ireland without fear of interruption. And of course I wanted to see Mel tied up and gagged anyway.


Thu Mar 11 19:30:25 PST 1999

The next day our diversionary strike went in. Gina got up early and painted a placard with the White, Orange, and Green of the Irish republic on it with the slogans ERIN GO BRAUGH! And UP THE REPUBLIC! (The battle cry of the 1919-1921 Irish war of Independence). Gina and I posted it up on Melissa’s locker and fled.
When we saw Mel that afternoon her comment was a sardonic “Very Funny, Chaps!” (We made sure plenty of people saw us do it) to which I gave reply in oneofthe great jobs of BS ing I have done in my life.
I acted like I was pleased with myself for having gotten even. Gina joined in. Then, to show we had no hard feelings, I asked Mel over on Saturday to watch a few movies. (Mel’s parents did not have a VCR; they were not quite the universal item they are now.). Mel agreed to come over.
I knew that my parents were taking my kid brother out to a circus that afternoon (I had no interest in going) and that my sister Chris would be amused by whatever happened. The trap was set.



Fri Mar 12 05:31:19 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

I can't wait to read the rest of your story!
Until then, I'll have a Guinness, (only in bottles here)and remember the last time I visited Derry.


Thu Mar 11 23:14:48 Est 1999

Wow! Dudalb and PH, I loved your stories! I can't wait to read what happened next.

you're on it!

Fri Mar 12 17:28:05 1999

Our favorite babysitter was a girl named Emily because she always played with us. Other babysitters would talk on the phone and ignore us. Emily was about 17 years old and very cute. Us 3 boys were 13, 11 and 10. One night I made a bet with Emily that I could tie her hands behind her back tight enough that she couldn't free them. She shrugged and said that she was willing to play along. I had a long piece of rope and even after I had tied her hands, there were several feet left. She tried to work her hands free, but my knots were very good. My youngest brother suggested that we tie her up the rest of the way. Emily was not very big, so the 3 of us were able to hold her down and wrap the rope around her, starting with her shoulders and working down to her feet. By the time we finished she was unable to move. We rolled her over so that she was laying face up with her hands still behind her back. She said that enough was enough and we should release her, but my youngest brother was kind of a troublemaker and he started gently poking her in the stomach, not hard but enough to make her laugh out loud. My other brother and I joined in, helping hold her down while we tickled her. She was wearing a t-shirt and we pulled it loose from her jeans so that we could tickle her bare skin. We tickled her like that for several minutes. I think she actually liked it because she didn't struggle very hard and just kept giggling. I was afraid that she would tell our parents, but she didn't mention it.


Sat Mar 13 01:40:34 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

PH and Dudalb: Boy, are you guys are back with a vengeance! Marvelous stories, gents! PH, I'm eager to find out what revenge you and Sarah endured. And Dudalb: Looking forward to see what happens when the hammer falls on Melissa. Great stuff, guys.


Sat Mar 13 17:34:46 AUS Eastern Daylight Time 1999


Just to let you all ( especially WHSRocket who was apparently wondering where I had disappeared to.... ) know that I am now back from my trip to the Philippines.

Great to see so many new stories and contributors..... I have MISSED reading this page!
But not as much as I'm missing G already......

Once I get over the jetlag, ( isn't jetlag such a horrible sort of thing? ) I'll pen another tale from my childhood days for you all...... Now to think of a suitably interesting yarn I can spin.

Hope to see all of you in the chat tomorrow.


Wow! I agree with Doug! Great stories over the past few weeks from EVERYONE!

And Mason, I knew you were gone, I remember you telling us, but I couldn't find WHERE you told us, so I wondered when you were expecting to be back, and where you had gone geographically.


Sat Mar 13 20:15:29 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Reading JT's story reminded me of a baby sitter I had when I was 12. Her name was Alison and she was 17, she was a friend of my parents so she would be babysitting us regularly (when I say us, it was because my best frined Jamey usually stayed over at my house.) She had a very athletic and thin body, short brown hair, tied back in a pony tail, and brown eyes. She seemed unlike the other baby sitters, she agreed to play with us whenever her boyfriend came over, he'd join in. One night her boyfriend, John I think was his name, was working late at his work so he wouldn't be joining us until later. At first we played with my toy soldiers but then Jamey suggested something else, she mentioned kidnapping and we agreed. I collecetd several lengths of rope and we began to tie Alice up. She pretended to be asleep so she didn't struggle. We tied her ankles behind her back and then pinned tied them to her waist. She was wearing a white sleeveless top that left her stomach visible and a pair of white shorts, she had removed her shoes and was now wearing her white ankle socks. We then tied her elbows to her back. We tied her ankles and knees together next.


Sat Mar 13 20:42:06 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Part two

She struggled for a while and then said we'd done a good job. We, being new to the game, asked what we should do next. She told us to phone John and demand a ransom. So we phoned him up and told him that we had captured Alice and that we wanted some 'Fruit Pastels' or else we'd kill her. After pleading with us he asked how she was doing. He then suggested we torture her. We asked how, he replied that we tickle the soles of her bare feet. We said our goodbyes and then sat beside her, she knew nothing of the suggestion and was surprised when we remover her bare feet. Eventually she figured out what we were going to do and pleaded with us not too. Too late, we began tickling her feet, she began squirming and giggling, we enjoyed it and began on her belly and under her arms. Evntually the phone rang, it was John. He was on his way over with the 'Loot'. Several minutes later he arrived and handed us the sweets. And then after a bit of tickling on his part, he untied her. In fact she enjoyed it and before leaving us that night swore her revenge.


Sat Mar 13 20:49:52 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Sorry, in my first part I mentioned that I was 12. I meant to say ten! Thanks all.


Sun Mar 14 05:39:55 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XVI, Getting Ready for Bed

At about eleven in the evening we all decided to go to bed that Friday night. The day had been very eventful and funny. We had played one of the best tie-up games of the summer. At first, Sarah and I had been captured by Joe, Jenny and Alex. Sarah had performed a remarkable escape-act in the attic, getting free from a hog-tie. Later we had taken the others prisoners and performed some good tickle-torture on them, and afterwards they had been kept tied up to chairs for the agreed hour. Sarah and I had tickled them some more as they were tied to the chairs, and they would probably take revenge on us. Their parents would be gone for the entire weekend, so we had Saturday and part of Sunday left to play some more during this, the Last weekend of summer.

As always, I would sleep in the spare bed in Joe’s room, and Alex would occupy a mattress on the floor of the girls’ room. We changed for the night. I always slept in a pair of sports shorts, as did Joe. The girls had big t-shirts and panties. We said good night and before falling asleep, Joe and I talked about the summer that was just about to end. We had had some really good tie-ups during the summer. We agreed that the clever kidnapping of Sarah and Jenny had been one of the best, and also that the incident when we had to "walk the plank", tied hand and foot, hopping out on the jetty had been fun. Just before I drifted off to sleep I could hear Alex’ voice chatter away in the other room. If anyone ever needed to be gagged more often, it was her.


Sun Mar 14 05:52:19 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XVII, Strange Dreams

I had a strange dream that night. As so many times before it involved some situation of being tied up. I remember that I was grabbed and held by many hands, I tried to scream, but couldn’t, I tried to see who attacked me, but couldn’t. It wasn’t really a nightmare, more of an exciting and thrilling dream. Suddenly I woke and realized that I was actually held by someone. I slept on my stomach, and someone was sitting on my back, in the process of twisting my arms behind me. Something was forced into my mouth and I couldn’t see anything. As I came all awake I realized that my dear friends had attacked me as I was sleeping. Joe was on my back and he was tying my hands behind me. Jenny or Alex had just pushed a rag into my mouth and was tying a scarf over it. They had also blind-folded me.
-OK, now you’re being kidnapped, Jenny said, don’t struggle or it will be worse on you!
I was pulled to my feet, standing there helplessly with my hands tied behind me, gagged and blind-folded, only dressed in a pair of sports shorts. I could hear Jenny and Alex giggle and I understood that they had seen that I was in that particular state that most teenage boys are when they awake from sleep. The sports shorts didn’t actually help to conceal this fact. I was very embarrassed and very glad I was blind-folded, so I didn’t have to look them in the eyes. They giggled uncontrollably, and that helped the situation to return to "normal".


Sun Mar 14 05:54:25 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XVIII, Sarah and I - Tickled Crazy

I was marched out of the room and downstairs. I was placed on a chair and my hands were secured to the back of the chair. My ankles were tied crossed and my feet drawn under the seat of the chair, connected to my hands by a rope that was pulled very tight. They tied ropes around my upper body, at my waist and around my legs. The blind-fold was taken off and I could see Sarah sitting tied the same way in a chair beside me. She was gagged with a cleave gag that obviously held a rather big rag or sock in her mouth. The others explained that now it was payback-time and started to tickle us.
They attacked our feet with their fingers and soon we were screaming with laughter.
This was really worse than what we had done to them, because they continued to tickle us until we nearly fainted. They had a really good time and at the end Sarah was so hysterical that she couldn’t get a sound out from behind her gag. As they finally stopped, I thought this was their revenge, but Oh was I mistaken!

We were untied from the chairs and marched out into the kitchen. Our good friends took off our gags and gave us something to drink. Sarah complained loudly that this wasn’t according to the rules, us being kidnapped in the middle of the night. Her red hair was hanging down over her face and she blew strands of it away from her eyes. Her t-shirt had slipped down over one shoulder and with her hands tied behind her she looked very helpless, although very angry as well. Jenny gladly told us that we would have to spend the rest of the night in the cellar. I hadn’t the faintest idea of what time it was, so "the rest of the night" could be many hours.


Sun Mar 14 05:56:50 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

-You’re only supposed to leave us for an hour, Sarah said.
-We’ve just changed the rules, sis, said Jenny with a big smile.
-Anyway, you two are such good pals, I don’t think you’ll mind keeping each other company for the rest of the night! You won’t be able to talk though…she continued looking very mischievous.


Sun Mar 14 06:02:03 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XIX, We Were so Close That Night

They marched us down into the cellar and the cement floor felt very cold under my bare feet in the middle of the night. Dressed only in shorts I shuddered as the cellar was rather cold and damp. In one of the storage rooms they had laid out a blanket on the floor, very thoughtful indeed! We were ordered to kneel side by side and they tied our ankles with thick rope, then connected this rope to our hands so we were in a kneeling hog-tie. They pulled on the rope so that we sat with our buttocks on our heels, our backs slightly arched. Then they moved us around so we were back to back. We were so close that the soles of our feet touched. They tied our hands together and also our feet. Our arms were connected in the same way and they tied several loops of rope around our upper bodies and waists. Finally they gagged us using the usual rags, held in by a tightly tied cleave gag. When this was finished they put us down on our sides, tightly tied together.
-You look very cozy together, said Alex. Have a good night!
Having said that Alex turned out the light and shut the door, bolting it from the outside. We were in complete darkness.

Sarah grunted loudly from behind her gag. She twisted and turned, testing her ropes. Every move she made, made me have to move too, as we were so closely connected by the thick, harsh ropes. I could feel that Sarah’s bare feet were cold as her soles were pressed to mine. We both had our hands tied with the wrists crossed, and they were tightly tied together. I tried to move my hands and make my fingertips find any knot, but I couldn’t find any at all. We tried to communicate by slowly pronouncing words, but the rags in our mouths made us sound like:
-Ga’goh mbl-mph.


Sun Mar 14 06:04:50 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XX, Thoughts in the Night

The room was totally dark. No light came in from the small windows, and the passage outside the door was also dark. All we could do was to stay put and move as little as possible. To keep the circulation in my hands and feet I tried to flex my fingers and wiggle my toes, and Sarah did the same. As her feet were smaller than mine, her wiggling toes tickled me, and I think she knew that and did it on purpose.

The hours passed slowly. We didn’t have any idea of how long we had been there, or when we had been left. After what seemed like an eternity I noticed that the sun was rising. A faint light started to drift in through the small windows up by the ceiling. Scandinavian summers have very short nights, only from about ten in the evenings to four in the mornings. It had been completely dark when we were brought to the cellar, so we could have been there for about two to three hours. Being bound and gagged didn’t make the time seem to fly, though.

When the room was fairly light I could take a look around. We were in a small storage-room with some crates and sacks of old junk. The room was perhaps three by two metres. I hadn’t noticed that as we were brought in. When I turned my head around as much as I could, I could se Sarah as she was tied to me. She had actually fallen asleep for a short while, but now she was grunting and mumbling from behind her gag again. She moved her fingers and toes furiously, and I thought she perhaps was fighting the same stiffness in her legs and arms as I felt. The ropes around my wrists and ankles had cut into the skin and I was rather sore from their rough finish. My mouth felt dry as a desert from the gag and the rag in my mouth seemed to have swelled to an extreme size. My jaw ached from being held open and the corners of my mouth were sore from the tightly tied scarf that held the rag in.


Sun Mar 14 06:07:41 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

The Last Weekend of Summer
Part XXI, Have You Learnt Your Lesson?

Although tie-up games were exciting an funny the present situation was getting a bit irritating.

Suddenly the door was opened and the single light-bulb in the ceiling was lit. We turned our hands and there were Joe, Jenny and Alex. They were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and barefoot as always.
-Rise and shine!, they said merrily. It’s a beautiful morning, why are you two lazy bums hanging around here?
This was met by a furious muffled outburst of profanities from Sarah.
-Well, guys, said Jenny. Do you think we shall untie them now? They have been down here for over four hours.

Slowly they started to undo the ropes. First they untied the ropes around our bodies. Then they undid the ropes binding our hands and feet to each other, turning us both over on our stomachs. They untied the hog-tie ropes and our feet. It felt like heaven to be able to stretch my legs. They stood us up and took the gags off. Sarah tried to talk but her mouth and throat were too dry. They gave us water from a bottle, and finally we could ask them to untie our hands.
-I think we should keep their hands tied for the rest of the day, said Alex, but then Sarah tried to kick her and they decided to untie us completely. When free we massaged our wrists that had deep red marks on them. We had actually been tied up for more than five hours, including the near hour on the chairs as they tickled us.
-Have you learnt your lesson now?, said Jenny.
But of course we hadn’t. There was still all of Saturday and the coming night to get them back…


Sun Mar 14 09:55:00 PST 1999


Saturday was nice and quiet. Gina and I made the preparations for Melissa’s abduction. We decided on our standard chair-tie for her. She would be held in our Basement/Recreation Room. My Dad had recently converted our basement into a Recreation Room complete with a space heater and an air conditioner. So it was not like we were going to hold Mel in a deep, damp dungeon. As soon as my parents and my brother left we took a kitchen chair down, and placed the ropes and gagging materials on the floor beside it. A pool table occupied the middle of the room. My dad had always wanted one and finally bought a used one in good condition. I think that was one of the reasons he converted the garage. I placed
A coil of rope in my pocket, and Gina put a bandanna in hers. All was ready.
Mel arrived, wearing a sweater and pants, and we put on the first feature, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” a favorite of ours. In the scene where Indy’s girlfriend Marion is bound and gagged, Gina and I exchanged glances. When the film was over, the ambush was sprung with a quickness that Michael Collins, the great Irish Guerrilla leader during the Black and Tan War would have approved of.
Mel had gone to the bathroom. When she came back Gina suddenly grabbed her and pulled her hands behind her. I pulled out the piece of rope in my pocket and begun to tie her wrists together. Mel was totally surprised. She finally Said ‘What are you doing” and Gina said, “Tying you up, what do you think? Did you
Really think I wouldn’t get even for the duct taping? Just call it a Sicilian thing”. (One of Gina’s Grandparents was Sicilian,Gina loved to use this to enhance her Tough Chicago Street Image}.
I said. “Really think putting a poster up on your locker was enough payback for another case of a Brit insulting the Irish?”


Sun Mar 14 11:52:18 PST 1999

Mel did not fight back hard, just struggled a little bit. . For one thing despite our words she knew us well enough to know we would do nothing to really hurt her. She also had picked up on the idea that being able to take it as well as dish it out was a basic rule of life in just about any American High School. And I think she was kind of curious to find out exactly what we had in mind. And she was still a little dazed by the speed with which we had grabbed her.
I finished tying her hands behind her. I did not do a really good job: they would have to retied behind the chair later so I just tied it secure enough so she could not slip out quickly. Gina then pulled out the Bandana and blindfolded her with it. “Can’t have a kidnapping without a blindfold!” Gina said.
“I’m surprised you aren’t gagging me”, Mel said.
“Don’t worry,” I said. “That’s on the agenda. Now just take it easy, and we might decide to let you go—eventually.”
“Give me a break!” Mel said.
We turned her around a few times to try to disorient her and then led her down into the basement.
“I cant believe I am letting myself be kidnapped by a Female Mafia Hood, and an junior IRA member!”
Mel said.
“Keep up comments like those and Melissa will soon be down there with Luca Brasi, sleeping with the fishes!” Gina said. Lucky for Mel Gina did not mind Mafia jokes, she was expert at throwing them back on the perpetrator. “The Godfather” was another one of the movies both Gina and I loved to quote.


Sun Mar 14 11:55:04 PST 1999

We reached the bottom of the stairs. Gina and I both were techies/stagehands in our High School Drama department, and so we had arranged the chair to which Mel would be tied for dramatic effect. It was placed away from the pool table, and we had put the ropes and scarves in a neat pile right beside it. When Mel faced the chair we took off her blindfold and let her see it. We then hustled her next to the chair and sat her down. I untied her hands, pulled them behind the chair, and retied them much more thoroughly then before. Gina took another piece of rope and tied her ankles together. Melissa watched with apparent calm; she had decided the infamous British Stiff Upper Lip would be the appropriate response. Then Gina took a long length of clothesline, and wound it once around Mel’s body and the chair just below her bustline. Gina gently but firmly cinched it. Then taking one of the two long pieces of the line left over she looped around Mel’s elbow and one of the back posts of the chair, and cinched it. She then brought the cord over and repeated the process with Mel’s other elbow. She then wound the remaining cord around Mel’s body and the chair, chinching each time a complete circle was made. After the final circle, Gina gave is a final cinch and tied a very secure knot. Melissa was securely tied to the chair. Mel had been silent, but now she said “You chaps have done a first class job of trussing me.”
“And” I said trying to sound evil, "we are going to do a equally good job of Gagging you1"


Sun Mar 14 11:58:24 PST 1999

With that I took a long scarf and tied a double knot in the middle. Gina then asked Mel
“Mel, are you feeling any pain from the ropes? We can adjust them if you are.” This was standard in our games to ask if the ropes were too tight before gagging someone.. We just wanted to have fun (at least for the people doing the tying!), and we did not want to really hurt or cause pain to anyone. Mel shook her head and, accepting her fate, opened her mouth. I put the knot in the scarf in Mel’s mouth, and pulled the ends of the scarf behind her head. I cinched it. There still a couple of feet left over so I pulled then around so they covered the knot in Mel’s mouth .cinched them in the back of her head, and put in the final knot. Mel was now securely cleave gagged. “Can you breathe OK?” I asked. Mel nodded. Having made sure Mel was in no danger or pain I said. “Well, We won’t be hearing your charming English accent for an hour or so!”(Mel’s accent was almost exactly that of Daphne on Frasier.)
At this Mel mmmphed loudly and gave me glowered at Gina and me.
Gina then said, “We’ve got a hour to kill. Want to shoot some pool?”
“Sounds good, but first a little music!”
I had decided not to lecture Mel on English Rule in Ireland. But I decided a concert of Irish music might be nice, with a very heavy emphasis on Irish rebel songs, a genre which told of the many revolts against British rule in Ireland, and most of which had very uncomplimentary things to say about the British Government.
I put on a tape I had made a few weeks before for my own enjoyment, not knowing it would be put a use dear to every Irish-or Irish American –heart. annoying the English. It was a dubbed and re-recorded with a mike selection of rebel songs from my Mom’s huge collection of Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, and Wolfe Tone tapes.


Sun Mar 14 12:00:26 PST 1999

I put it on and as Gina racked up the balls the tape played “The Foggy Dew” a song about the Easter 1916 rebellion We were hoping to get a rise out of Mel and at the second verse it happened:

Right proudly high in Dublin town, they hung out a flag of war....
And from the plains of Royal mead strong men came hurrying through,
But Britannia’s Huns, with their long-range guns, sailed in through the Foggy Dew!
(I recommend highly the version sang by Sinead O’Connor on the Chieftains Long Black Veil album, great stuff)

At “Britannia’s Huns” Melissa gave a long angry mmmph ."Don’t worry, there’s more” I said.,As I took my first shot. Gina and I were both good players, and were evenly matched. We played pool while after the angry mmmphs Mel tried to maintain a stiff upper lip.

A little later “O’Donnell Abu” came on. This one is about Prince Red Hugh O Donnell who led a guerilla war against Queen Elizabeth’s army in the late 1500’s. (Yes, that is the one that Disney made the not very good film about.)
The Final verse goes:

Onward, bold Donnell then, fight the old fight again!
Follow the standard of Dauntless Red Hugh,
Let the Proud Saxon Feel Erin’s Avenging Steel!
Strike for your country now, O Donnell Abu!

At “Proud Saxon” Mel lost her composer and gave another Angry mmmph. It was Gina the Italian American, Not Dud the German Irish American who twisted the knife in poor Mel: “Melissa I thought you would like this music! Your’re one fourth Irish, after all!” A really loud mmmphing protest from Mel. Later Mel said she bean feeling like Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” listening to Beethoven after being “rehabilitated”. (Stanley Kubrick will be missed badly.)


Sun Mar 14 12:02:24 PST 1999

Toward the end of Mel’s period of imprisonment the nastiest song of all came on. This one is about the Black and Tan war. If you have seen the fine recent Film with Liam Neeson “Michael Collins” you have a pretty good idea of what went on. (The Black and Tans were a special police force set up by the English government to crush the Irish rebellion and only ended up turning even more People against Britain.)

1n 1916 the forces of the Crown,
To put down the White Orange and Green, Bombarded Dublin Town.
But come 1921, Britannia’s Huns hand to earn their pay,
For the Black and Tans, Like lightening ran, From the Rifles of the IRA!

At this came the loudest mmmph of all.
A few minutes later the Hour was up, Gina and I had finished the game of Pool, so we untied and ungagged Mel.
“We’re even, No Hard feelings, Melissa?”
Mel Thought for a moment and said: “No Hard Feelings, but sometime, somehow, chaps, I will get even.”
This was not unexpected. We realized that a practical joke/prank war lay ahead. But we also knew there would be no malice or ill feeling involved, Just a kind of very unusual and physical kidding between friends.
“Just try it” Gina said.”Let’s have a beer”. (Mom did not mind us having one Beer, any more would mean severe punishment.).
“Not you American Slop” Mel said, so I took a chance and grabbed three bottles of my Mom’s beloved Guinness instead of the usual Bud.
So ended the St Patrick’s Day abduction. Mel did indeed get her revenge but that’s another tale.
Happy St. Patrick’s day to all—even the Brits!


Sun Mar 14 22:11:31 EST 1999

I started to like bondage first through comics then T.V. My first experience was with a girl named Wendy. It had been raining all day and she came over to borrow my pull wagon to deliver her newspaper route. A couple hours later she returned with the wagon,she was drenched from head to toe. I invited her in to dry off. She had blonde hair and a shapely body for a 12 yr. old, I was 15 at the time. I had the t.v. on so we sat to watch it.

She started to take her clothes off, she was down to her bra and panties. She seemed quite at home.

I gave her my bath robe and threw her clothes in the dryer. She layed on the couch in some sexy poses, I was turned on by all this but tried to be a gentleman. We both started to flirt with each other, this lead to some mild kissing. While we were kissing somehow we started to wrestle each other. She was no match for me but whenever
I had her pinned she would kiss me with a lot of passion. This made me ease up and the wrestling continued. Before it got out of hand I stopped her and said "I think your clothes are dry by now". I'll get be continued


Sun Mar 14 22:42:49 EST 1999

Wendy Part 2. I handed the clothes to her and watched her dress, what a body she had. We had just spent a fun hour together and I didn't want her to leave but I didn't want to have sex with her either. I excused myself and grabbed some belts from my room. As I walked back in the room she said she had to go, she also noticed the belts in my hand and smiled. I wrapped 2 belts around her mid section she struggled but in a playful manner. She never told me to stop. I grabbed her legs together and wrapped one belt
above her knees and another around her ankles.
I wrapped a few more belts around her body, now she could barely move. I picked her up and laid her on the couch and started to watch t.v.
She tried to writhe her way out of the belts but couldn't. We both laughed at her predicament.
10 minutes later,I stood her up and I started to release the belts around her arms before I could release her legs she hopped away from me laughing as she be continued


Sun Mar 14 23:03:33 EST 1999

Wendy Part 3. I caught her,threw her over my shoulder,carried her back and placed her gently in a chair. I took the belts off her legs. I rubbed her legs and arms and asked in she was okay. She smiled and we kissed. She asked me if I wanted to tie her up again. I wasn't prepared for this, I had no idea if there was rope in the house. I looked and all I could find was electrical extension cords. I wrapped the cord
around her wrists which were in front of her. I wrapped it around her mid section and worked my way down her body to her ankles. It took her 45 seconds to get lose. She had a way of twisting her body, she kind of slow danced her way out of the bondage. It was very sexy. She looked over at a clock and said she was suppose to be home an hour ago. She thanked me for the wagon and I thanked her for the fun and kisses. This was just the beggining of our bondage play, there would be more. If I get some positive responses I,ll tell you about them. By the way I,m suprised of how many kids tied up their Mom or their friends Mom,
it was taboo in my childhood......CHUCK


Mon Mar 15 18:31:12 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Great stories dudalb and PH.
Can't wait to hear more!
Also, this is a great site!


Mon Mar 15 19:00:38 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

By the way, if anyone has read my stories, I'd be interested in hearing some feedback.


Note from Canuck: Prankster's, Mr Flibble's stories were moved to the offtopic page.

Great stories all. As the veterans all know, I'm still waiting for my first tie-up expierience, but oh well, I've resigned myself to having a very bad and uneventful life. :( Ah well, at least I get enjoyment out of reading these stories. Like always, awesome stories by Dudalb and PH. Good stories James, Chuck, and Mr. Fibble. Interesting ways to play these games from Chuck and Mr.Fibble (luckily my maturity allows me to be okay with yours Mr. Fibble). Hope we keep getting some more awesome stories.

I'm out...


Tue Mar 16 02:33:19 Västra Europa, normaltid 1999

Some comments on the recent stories:

As I said in a posting some weeks ago, there have been some good and enjoying stories lately. I really enjoyed the ones by Scott and James. -You asked for feedback, James. These stories are to my taste! And Dudalb, your latest was as good as ever! I love your descriptive writing!

The stories on humiliation I find not so interesting, though. Everyone has his/hers own preferations. However, there was a discussion some time back about leaving victims unsupervised and gagged for a long time. As mentioned in Prankster's story, a guy is left bound and gagged with tape, and he's also very drunk. I find this particular part of the story not suitable for this site. A drunk and gagged person is not a good combination, my view is that bondage and drinks goes together just as bad as drunk-driving! But that's my oppinion.

Last but not least, welcome back Mase! I still haven't recieved any postcard...


Mon Mar 15 19:52:34 CST 1999

I would like to see the rest of DA MAN's story from november please.


Tue Mar 16 12:54:13 AUS Eastern Daylight Time 1999

Regarding the seemimg rash of 'humiliation' stories we have just received, I have to agree with PH. I'm not so sure about them either. I really do not enjoy reading such stories. Humiliation, M-M bondage of that kind holds very little interest for me.

With the greatest of respect to the writers, they are not only not nonconsensual but do not really fit the spirit or ethos of this site which is about recounting harmless and FUN child/teenhood bondage stories or "tie-up games" as we used to refer to them back then.

I also agree with PH's comments on the safety considerations. What they did was not only dangerous but stupid. If he ( Chase ) had vomited anytime after being left alone, tied up and gagged, he would have drowned - resulting in, at the very least, manslaughter charges. At the worst, murder.

Nuff said!


Tue Mar 16 09:00:34 EST 1999

Just to let evryone know (i guess I didn't mention it in my story) Chase was watched closely by me and Jeff closely all night as we took turns staying up and watching him. As for it not being consensual well this sort of thing happened a lot and everyone always knew of the possibilities when they came over. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, it was all done in fun (with safety, we wouldn't want our friend to die) so I hope that clears everything up if not let me know.


Note from Canuck: Prankster's story was moved to the offtopic page.

Tue Mar 16 22:43:23 CST 1999

Hey Steffan, I don't mean to be rude, but I think that if you read the criteria at the top of the page you'll find that your story is almost totally inappropriate for this page. Might I suggest that in the future you either post stories of a less sexual nature or find another site to post your stories on.


Tue Mar 16 23:52:35 Eastern Standard Time 1999

someone keeps removing my requests :P they
arent that innoppriote.
All I asked for was if someone could mail me
some stories of female babysitters tying up
helpless young men.


Tue Mar 16 23:48:58 Est 1999

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry if I've been quiet for a while and have not done a very good job at maintaining this page. I've been away for almost a week and had no access to the Internet.

I'm glad to see that stories were published during my absence. However, some of them clearly were not suitable for this page. I don't want unconsentual or S&M stories on this page. There are plenty of sites that accept these kinds of stories on the web. My site is not one of them. So I moved some stories (Steffan's, Prankster's and mr. Flibble's) to the offtopic page (you'll find the link below). They will stay there until someone creates a page where these stories would be acceptable, or until I need the space to put something else. In any case, this is just a temporary arrangment.

And now, on some unrelated topics:

Mase, welcome back! Hope you had a good time during your vacations.

Dudalb, PH and Scott: thanks for your stories. They were all excellent (I'm tempted to say "as usual", in Dudalb's and PH's cases :).



Wed Mar 17 00:05:53 Est 1999

Gillian (a regular contributor for those of you who are new to this site) has translated a story from the German story site (where I encourage you to go, you'll find plenty of excellent stories there also) and has sent me the story by email. So here it is for you to enjoy!

Thanks Gillian (and Jim, who wrote the story in German)!

You're on it!

Wed Mar 17 00:17:06 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 1 of 6)

Original German version by Jim

English translation by Gillian B

First I should introduce the cast of my story: Madeleine, my friend at that time, 30 years old, 1.60m tall, with a very feminine figure and shoulder-length, curly brown hair; my cousin Robert, 12, who was often sent on holiday from the country to the big city where I lived; and lastly myself, at that time just turned 20 and a student. It often fell to me to entertain Robert. This time I had planned a special attraction.

I had had already twice had the good luck to be able to tie Madeleine up and had been a treat for me each time. Both times, I took the trouble to devise situations where it would seem like a natural progression for me to rope her. However, I was too shy to ask her directly if I could do that. She did not seem to mind being tied up and sometimes gagged, but I noticed that she did not share my enthusiasm. Nevertheless, she was a wonderful woman, who joined in the game if the situation arose.

Jim (translated by Gillian)

Wed Mar 17 00:18:52 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 2 of 6)

One dismal November afternoon, my young cousin and I sat with Madeleine in her sitting room. In the previous two days we had been to the cinema and been out to eat burgers. Madeleine had volunteered to spend that day with Robert and me. While she was in another room, I mounted a frontal attack on our boredom. I asked Robert, "Would you like to tie Madeleine up?" I could see immediately that the idea appealed to him. He asked cautiously, "Do you think she would let us?" "Well, if you ask her nicely," I replied, and he did ask her! Her face betrayed no sign of surprise - maybe she had been secretly expecting a proposal like this. Practical lady that she was, she continued, "All very well, but I don't have any ropes in the house". Not an unreasonable reply. I had a good collection at home, but I thought it would look strange to have brought them with me. Fortunately, I had already put in some thought regarding the important matter of material for tying up (and very pleasant thoughts they had been). "If we just look round the house, I'm sure we'll find enough things." Madeleine was someone who kept lots of old things so discoveries were guaranteed. We rummaged around everywhere, selected some things, examined what we had and gathered it all together. In the end we had a good collection - two leather dog leads, a rough old skipping rope, a long thin washing line made of yellow plastic, a red silk ribbon intended for gift wrapping, a white cloth belt 2-3m long and lastly my own black leather belt. Madeleine was a good assistant and helped with the search. She accepted everything we collected except a roll of wire found by Robert.

Jim (translated by Gillian)

Wed Mar 17 00:20:04 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 3 of 6)

Madeleine disappeared and came back wearing a white blouse and old pair of jeans, practical for our project, but also showing off her figure to great advantage. In the mean time Robert and I had moved the living room table out of the way. Without another word Madeleine lay down on her stomach on the carpet and crossed her wrists behind ther back. "Don't want you to get on with tying up your prisoner?" And how I wanted to! Quickly, I took the sturdiest dog lead, made from old but supple leather and bound her hands firmly. She could do nothing about these knots and was quite secure. With my guidance Robert tied her ankles with the skipping rope. The rope was long enough to go round enough several times and could be tightened well. With the other lead we bound her legs just above the knees, and with the red ribbon just below the knees. Both were long enough to go around twice and seemed respectably secure. With my belt we secured her arms above her bust. A leather belt like this is easy to put on and is absolutely secure. With the white cloth belt we bound Madeleine's arms at elbow level. The yellow washing line would have very cut into her, so we didn't use it.

While we were binding her torso, Madeleine remained quite relaxed. I never heard her say anything like, "Not so tight, please." She also didn't object to being tied in so many places, when hands and feet would have been sufficient. For her being tied up meant to be as thoroughly tied as her partner wished. And I loved her for it.

Robert and I contentedly surveyed our work. There she was, tied fast in her own living room. The different binding materials we had used lent the whole situation a colourful, festive air. But each piece stayed firmly in place. Finally Madeleine's dog joined in, having watched these strange people playing, and licked its mistress on her wrist binding and on her face, but it didn't think of biting through her bonds. "What now, Robert?" I asked. He considered, then said, "Take her to the stake!" I thought that was a great idea, but sadly, the house wasn't equipped with one.

Jim (translation by Gillian)

Wed Mar 17 00:21:19 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 4 of 6)

I suggested, gagging her instead. Robert zipped off to find some cloths. While he was away, Madeleine looked at me with wide eyes and asked quietly, "Do you really want to gag me too?" I replied, "Oh, let the boy have his fun." (One may well ask which boy I meant.). "OK, get on with it," our prisoner said. Robert appeared with a mountain of scarves and cloths. Madeleine opened her mouth without being prompted - she knew the score. In went a balled-up silk scarf and a white cotton scarf was tied tightly over it. It looked wonderful. I spoke to her. The reply was music in my ears, "Mmmmppfff."

Madeleine now lay bound and gagged on the floor hardly moving. This was reasonable from her point of view - why should she make any effort to free herself when the perpetrators of her bondage were right beside her? I asked Robert and Madeleine whether they thought that she could free herself from her bonds without help. Robert said, "No," Madeleine said, "Mmmmppfff." We finally agreed that she would have a 15 minute time limit, during which we would not be allowed to re-tighten her bonds.

I examined everything once more and it was secure - she had no chance. Spirited girl that she was, she began to pull vigorously on her bonds and to move her hands about. As she did so, she rolled around and groaned - it was a joy to watch her struggle. But her bonds didn't gave way even a little. Finally she gave up and lay quietly for the remaining five or six minutes. Then we had to ungag her and give her something to drink. She seemed to be really quite exhausted. Now Robert with true fighting spirit said, "I bet I could do it in 15 minutes." My heart almost stopped. It really wasn't my ambition to tie up a small boy. What would I use anyway? The leads, rope and ribbon were almost all still decorating Madeleine's beautiful body and there they should stay - if it were up to me - for a while longer. Madeleine joined in, "I'll tie you up, Robert. But don't complain if you can't get free. Now untie me!" What could I do? I asked Madeleine weakly, "What happens once you've tied him up?" "Then you can tie me up again and we can have a competition." Wonderful woman! As if she could read my mind! "But, Madeleine, with can we use? You'll need these things for Robert, or what?"

Jim (translation by Gillian)

Wed Mar 17 00:22:13 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 5 of 6)

Robert nodded agreement. Madeleine said, "We can go to the hardware shop on the corner and buy more for me." I could have shouted for joy. So we untied her it, she briefly rubbed her slightly reddened wrists, then them took the same leather dog lead, with which her hands had been bound. "Let's get on with it kid." Somehow her approach was almost motherly. She took his hands and tied them in front of him. Surprising - it was always a matter of course that one's hands were tied behind one's back. Did she want to save Robert discomfort, which she herself accepted without hesitation? Anyway, she tied his arms, leggs and feet, but did not gag him. The bonds were firm - I was surprised again - but they were not quite as firm as they had been previously on Madeleine. We left our willing victim tied up in the house while went out and got a large roll of cotton rope, very supple, not too thin and almost white. It was especially exciting to be with Madeleine in the shop, examining the types of rope available and exchanging whispered comments! I wonder if they though we were behaving strangely?

Back home we has a surprise. It was quiet in the house, but when Madeleine switched on the living room light and went in, a triumphantly yelling Robert leaped on her from behind and dragged her to the floor. "It only took ten minutes! You women can't tie me up. Now it's your turn." He was quite conceited about winning too. Madeleine had already crossed her hands behind her back and I let Robert do the tying. After ten minutes she was once again well packaged, the new rope looked great and tied well. I made sure that Robert put the ropes in all the right places, pulled all the knots tight and cut the ends off with a knife. Madeleine looked great and tried to free herself a bit. Without success. We sat her down on the sofa. Robert began to about the stake again, Madeleine listened and smiled. It didn't frighten her now. Finally she said: "Boys, if you want to eat, you'd better untie me - or get the food ready yourselves." I had a quick discussion with Robert then we went into the kitchen. It was probably the longest time that two people have ever taken to prepare a few sandwiches - over an hour. Meanwhile our prisoner sat securely tied on the sofa and watched television.

Jim (translation by Gillian)

Wed Mar 17 00:24:45 Est 1999

Madeleine (Part 6 of 6)

I caught Robert and also myself using every opportunity to go into the living room to examine our prisoner's bonds. She bent forwards each time so we could test her wrist binding. Naturally, she had not made much of an effort to free herself. Once she said to me quietly, "Thanks for not gagging me this time." At last, we were all getting tired, so we untied Madeleine. The story ends as we ate our sandwiches.

It was clear that Robert had just as much fun in this adventure as I did and that leads to other stories. Madeleine proved to be a courageous, and now quite experienced "victim". I'm sorry to say that I failed to discuss the experience with her or to arrange further games with her without resorting to "diversionary tactics" again. We never properly spoke about our feelings during these games, somehow I could never bring myself to address the topic directly. However, Madeleine understood. Our games continued, always with cunning pretexts to create opportunities. I found that the planning and preparation of these situations was almost as much fun as their realisation. Perhaps a lady reader could cast some light on female feelings in these situations.

Jim (translation by Gillian)

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