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EC's Novels -

Book One:

Maragana Girl - copyright (2004)
Kimberly Lee, a young US tourist vacationing in Europe, learns the hard way that the Grand Duchy of Upper Danubia is the wrong place to smoke marijuana


Book Two:

The Freshman - copyright (2005)
Jason Schmidt, an 18-year old college student, finds happiness and fulfillment in his life as he submits to his girlfriend Cecilia Sanchez


Book Three:

The Pledge Mistress - copyright (2007)
Sorority Pledge Lisa Campbell's journey to becoming a true leader through discipline and love


Book Four:

The Wanderings of Amy - copyright (2002)
Amy Debbs, a college student from Chicago, makes the journey into young adulthood and self discovery through discipline


Book Five:

The Courier - copyright (2009)
Colombian drug courier Maria Elena Rodriguez-Torres ends up in Danubia by mistake and loses her freedom, but finds redemption


Book Six:

The Outsider - copyright (2010)
College students Mike Sinclair and Ruthie Burns try to find meaning in life, and love in each other


Book Seven:

The Servant - copyright (2011)
Heiress Trish Bousquet pushes her luck one time too many and is forced to learn how to be a good servant


Book Eight:

The Girl with No Name - copyright (2012-2013)
A bucket of stolen apples forever changes the life of Danubian peasant Danka Síluckt


Other Fiction by EC:

EC's erotic short stories - EC's erotic discipline stories
Original short stories and converted novel chapters


Guest Fiction by contributing authors:

The Stop Sign - 3 part short story
Running a stop sign in a small Arkansas town results in quick justice and a very strange court date for Diana


The Not so Secret Agent - A story based in Danubia - by Ed
Shady characters and an offer too good to be true land
Arthur Liggett in deep trouble in Upper Danubia


Arthur vs. ... - by Ed
Arthur Liggett's adventures continue...


Only Himself to Blame (F/M) - 6 part short story - by Marabout
William Maze learns some hard lessons at the hands of harsh female judges in the Republic of Azanga


The Tribulations of Eustace (F/M) - 5 part short story - by Marabout
Eustace Thimble runs afoul of local traditions in the Republic of Azanga


LOVE MATCH (F/M) - short story - by The Crimson Kid
Tennis instructor Bethany has a special way to motivate her favorite student


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