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My Sister's Tits

     By CactusJuggler, 1995

      My name is Pamela and this is the story of my sister's tits, and how she became the most powerful woman alive (and my owner). You see, my sister isn't pregnant, but her breasts produce milk. This isn't any ordinary mother's milk, though. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to taste this milk becomes my sister's helpless slave, incapable of disobeying her. But we shouldn't skip ahead, lets start at the beginning...

      I was surprised when my sister Nora called me and asked if she could stop by. We didn't get along, and rarely had any contact anymore, but she said she really needed to talk to me, so I agreed. Two years my senior, at 24, Nora lived just across town but we never even talked to each other anymore, so this was a real surprise.

      The doorbell to my apartment rang, and I got a much bigger surprise. When I opened the door and saw my sister standing there with her boyfriend Bob, I couldn't believe my eyes at the size of her chest! Growing up, Nora and I were both pretty flat-chested, and Nora had always been really hung up about the size of her chest. But the Nora that stood on my doorstep was far from flat-chested! She was wearing tight jeans and a sweatshirt that seemed to be struggling to cover her huge breasts! Her chest looked huge!

      I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she looked so different.

     I was totally speechless.

      "Can we come in?"

      I stepped back and motioned them inside. I couldn't take my eyes off of Nora's chest. How was she so huge? They stepped inside, and Nora's boyfriend Bob turned and closed the door.

      I turned and moved into the tiny "living room" of my little apartment, and Bob suddenly grabbed me from behind. His hands snaked up under my arms and then back behind my neck, trapping my arms helplessly in a full nelson. I began to struggle but he was way too strong.

      "Hey! What are you doing?" I managed to shriek at him.

      He didn't appear to hear me as I saw Nora step around in front of me.

      "Get her down on her knees." She told him.

      Immediately Bob forced me down, pushing my neck so far forward that I thought my arms would be ripped from their sockets. He forced me into a kneeling position, and then let up a little so that I could look up at her. I looked up at her, and, once again, I was astounded at the size of her chest.

      "Nora, what the hell is wrong with you? Tell him to let go of me!"

      She just smiled at me, and as I watched, grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt with both hands and pulled it up over breasts, showing her to not be wearing a bra. I forgot about Bob holding me down for a moment as I stared at her huge tits! They were massive, each larger around than a softball! They looked swollen and firm, and her nipples were hard. The mesmerized daze I was in, staring at her tits, ended suddenly as she leaned forward and used both hands to point her right breast in my face. She squeezed her breast and a fine white stream sprayed in my face. Her milk was all over my face, and as I turned my head to one side to avoid it, she moved and sprayed me again. She stepped back and looked down at me as her milk dripped from my face when suddenly I noticed how wonderful it smelled! Almost unconsciously I licked the milk off my lips, and as soon as I tasted it I wanted more! I hungered for it, I needed it.

      "Let her go." Nora commanded Bob, and hearing that voice I knew at once that I would do anything for her.

      Bob let me go, and I looked up at my sister with reverence in my eyes.

      "Stand up." She told me, and standing up, I rushed to obey her. I wanted nothing more in the world than to please her.

      She stepped closer to me, breasts still exposed, and with one hand pulled my head down to her teat. I eagerly took her nipple in my mouth and began to suckle. Drinking down milk from her breast, I was in heaven. It was the most warm, wonderful, safe feeling you could ever imagine. When I'd sucked for only a moment she pulled her tit away from me, and I felt the most profound sense of loss imaginable. I wanted to suckle at her breast, I wanted to drink more of her glorious milk.

      I looked up at my new master, her milk still dribbling from the corner of my mouth, and saw her smiling the most evil smile. I watched as she pulled off her sweatshirt altogether and unzipped her jeans. After stepping out of her jeans Nora pulled off her panties and kicked them aside. I was completely under the power of her milk, and I was awed by her beauty. Her huge milk-swollen breasts stood straight out from her body and on her face was the look an Empress might have given to a slave in some ancient time. She sat down in my armchair and spread her legs wide, motioning for me to come to her.

      "Get over here, and lick my cunt, you little bitch." She ordered me.

      Without any hesitation I knelt before my own sister and lowered my mouth to her sex. She was already excited, her pussy lips swollen and moist. I never thought about the fact that I was licking the pussy of my sister, who I couldn't stand. Her milk made me want to do anything she wanted. I spread her lips, finding her already wet with her own juices, and began to eagerly lick and suck at her cunt. She guided my tongue to her clitoris and held my head there, urging me on. I diddled her clit furiously with my tongue, faster and faster, until she began to uncontrollably buck against my face. Eager to please this goddess I worked even harder, pulling the little pink bud of flesh between my lips. I alternated sucking at it, and licking at it until she came, pulling my face so hard against her that I thought my neck would snap. I continued to lap at her wet cunt as she came down from her orgasmic high, until she finally pushed me away.

      Nora got up and got dressed, and then ordered me to follow her outside. I followed her out to the car and docilely sat in the back seat, hearing Nora tell Bob to take us to "the house".

     The car journeyed into an affluent suburb, the houses getting bigger and more extravagant as we went. Then Bob turned into to the driveway of a gorgeous house, and as we approached the door to one its garages began to open. We pulled into the garage and I followed Nora and Bob inside. The interior of the house was beautiful. There were about a half dozen people inside the house, and upon seeing Nora each one assumed a kneeling position.

      "Bob, take Pam downstairs to her room, and tie her to the chair."

      Bob immediately led me to the stairway leading down to the basement. As I passed Nora's kneeling slaves I saw one face flash a quick look up at me, unlike the other kneeling figures. I recognized the face, it was Nora's friend Anne. He took me downstairs, and I saw that the basement was also beautifully furnished. I was led into a room that looked like a bedroom, with a bed, a desk and a chair. There was another doorway in the corner of the room. Bob told me to sit in the chair, and I did. He left the room and returned a while later with some clothesline. After tying me securely to the chair, he left me, locking the door behind him.

      I sat there for a time, and gradually the effects of my sister's milk began to fade. I began to regain a sense of myself, as her power over me waned. As I regained my senses everything that had gone on at my apartment flashed through my mind. I began to cry as I remembered what she had done to me. I had suckled at my sister's tit like a baby! She had made me lick her cunt! My own sister had used me like a plaything, and I had happily been her slave! I was so humiliated. I felt so violated. How had my sister taken control of my mind?

      My crying began to subside as I thought about this bizarre situation. What was going on with Nora? How had her breasts gotten so huge? Why was my sister lactating, and more importantly, how did her milk make me her slave? I was still trying to figure out what the hell was going on when I heard noises at the door.

      I heard a key in the lock, and then saw Bob as he opened the door. I thought I had myself composed, but when Nora came striding into the room I almost lost it. Tears welled up in my eyes and I had to fight to keep from sobbing again. Once again I was astounded at the size of her massive tits.

      "Hello again, little sister. Bob heard you crying down here, so I figured you must have regained your senses." She began.

      "Why are you doing this to me Nora? What the hell is going on?" I began to ask her.

      "SSSSShh. Everything in good time. I'm going to explain everything to you. I want you to understand what's happening to you." She said, smiling at me as she began her story.

      "Do you remember Anne?" She asked.

      Anne was Nora's long time best friend in high school, and I'd seen her upstairs. I nodded.

      "Well, after high school, when I started working, Anne went to the university in the city. We've remained close all these years. Anne finished her biology degree, and was still at the university doing graduate work up until three weeks ago when this all started. Anne was working for a research team that was testing the development of a synthetic version of a particular body chemical. The chemical that sends the signal to a woman's breasts to begin lactating when she is having a baby. The theory behind the team's research was that by simulating the chemical that sends the signal, a non-pregnant woman's body could be tricked into producing milk. This would allow women who have small breasts a safer way than silicon to get larger. They could take the drug, their breasts would swell as the glands became active, and afterward some of the size increase would remain. From the moment Anne told me what she was working on, I bugged her every day about somehow getting me into the pool of test subjects. She wasn't able to, but when the first test of the drug proved successful, she decided to secretly remove a dose from the lab for me. Something went wrong though, and Anne accidentally stole a dose of the drug that wasn't the same as the drug that was administered to the test group. It was from an earlier attempt that didn't quite exactly match the body's own chemical signal. We didn't find that out until long after I had taken the drug, though." Nora explained to me.

      "At first it seemed to work perfectly. In a week my breasts had swelled from an A cup to a C cup and my bust measurement had gone up 3 inches. I was ecstatic, and Bob loved the way I looked with my new larger chest. My breasts were really sore at first, and I began having to pump off the milk. The whole milk thing really excited Bob, and soon enough he wanted to taste it. Once Bob tried it, I knew something strange was going on. He sucked the milk from my breast until I had to push him away, and then he begged me to let him empty the other breast! I quickly found that drinking my milk had done something to him, something that made him do whatever I wanted! I ordered him around, testing my power over him, until I found that he was completely subservient to me. He would do anything I told him to. I was still trying to figure out what was going on when Anne came over. I decided that I had to see if my milk would have an effect on other people the same way it had on Bob. So I used Bob to force Anne to drink my milk, about the same way we did with you. It worked on Anne just as well as it had worked on Bob. I was amazed, and thrilled. Somehow I had gained the power to make Bob and Anne do anything I wished. I toyed with them for a long time, enjoying my dominance over them. They were completely enslaved, totally at my mercy. I spent the next day playing with them, and thinking about what I should do. I decided I'd better start with the research team, to guarantee my supply of the drug, in case its effects wore off." Nora told me, continuing with her story.

      "By the end of the next day, I had the whole research team under my power. For the next week I spent my time testing my power, and playing with my slaves. I got some money, and this house. All by feeding people my milk. And every day, my breasts grew larger. It's only been just this week that the growth has started to taper off. Look at them now, they're huge!" Nora laughed, hefting her massive tits.

      "The whole time I was testing my milk, I wanted to bring you here. But I held off until I had everything going according to plan." She went on.

      "But Nora, what do you want with me?" I asked her.

      "You? I want to make you suffer. Suffer for all the attention you got from mom and dad that I didn't. You were always their favorite, mommy and daddy's little girl. It was always Pam-this, Pam-that, or 'Pam's so smart'. When you were around it was like everyone forgot about me. Well who's better now?" She ranted at me.

      I was getting more and more frightened. This was all so hard to understand. My sister had this incredible power, and she really seemed to hate me. It was beginning to look really bad for me.

      "I could just feed you my milk like all the other slaves around here, but what fun would that be? I want you to know what's happening to you. You are going to be my slave, without my milk. I'm going to break you down, until you beg to please me." She told me with an evil smile, waving in two of her slaves.

      The two slaves, men I'd never seen before, rushed into the room and awaited Nora's instruction.

      "Untie her." She told them, and they began to work at my bonds.

      As the men began to untie me Nora stepped close in front of me, and cupped her huge breasts with her hands.

      "You see Pam, we're not really sisters anymore. Because of these," she said, pausing and pushing her tits in my face, "you're my property now." She said, rubbing my face into her massive chest.

      I tried to resist her, but she just laughed and pulled my head down into her tits. Through the cloth of her sweatshirt I could feel her unbound breasts as I smothered in her chest. Unable to breath, I struggled to get oxygen as I heard my sister laughing above me.

      I was starting to black out when finally she let me go. The two men had finished untying my bonds. At a gesture from Nora they pulled me gasping up out of the chair and forced me to my knees before her. They stood on either side of me, each holding an arm, pinning me down as I tried to catch my breath.

      "I have other things to attend to just now, but I'll give you one last gift before I go." She said, almost giggling.

      Nora motioned, and a hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back painfully. Nora stepped in front of me and turned around. Backing towards me, Nora squatted slightly and my vision was filled her with her round denim ass as she sat back on my face. My face was buried in the crack of her ass and once again I couldn't breath. I felt her buttocks tighten as she suddenly farted! She farted in my face! I could hear her laughter begin anew. I was so humiliated. She rubbed her ass in my face for a moment more, and then stepped away from me. I couldn't hold back the tears, and as the guards let go of me I collapsed to the floor, sobbing. Nora gestured to her slaves and had them grab the clothesline that had tied me, and leave the room.

      Looking down at me, Nora smiled once again.

      "This is just the beginning. When your training is done you'll beg for the honor of kissing my ass. Tonight your training will begin." She told me, as she stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her.

      I heard the door lock and I just lay there sobbing in my humiliation. How could this be happening to me?

      I lay there for a long time, crying on and off as I thought about what had happened to me. Everything seemed almost unreal to me. It was like I was caught in some horrible nightmare that just wouldn't end. I must have been in shock, my mind just couldn't handle what was happening to me. Every time I tried to think about Nora and her story, I would just start to lose it again as I thought about the things she had done to me. I began to sob once more as I again remembered the things she had done to me. She had made me suck milk from her breast as if I were a baby. She had made me lick her to an orgasm, and the skin on my face still felt tight with her dried up juices. She had sat on my face, and farted! The worst of it was remembering how I had felt when I was under the influence of her milk. I had been her eager slave. I would've done anything she had told me to. Not just that, but I would have been happy about doing it. She'd had total power over me.

      Finally I stopped crying, and managed to get up enough energy to check out my cell. I stood up and inspected the room. It was almost as big as my whole apartment, and it was carpeted. The first thing I did was try the door, and I was unsurprised to find it locked from the outside. Looking to the back of the room I once again noticed the other door in the corner. Opening the other door revealed a bathroom, complete with a full bathtub and shower, also much larger and nicer than the bathroom in my apartment. In the cabinet below the sink I found towels, soap, and other toiletry items. I grabbed the soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and quickly washed Nora's juices from my face and brushed my teeth. Feeling a little better, I went back into the room. The bed was queen size and looked comfortable. I opened all the dresser drawers and the drawers on the desk and night table. All the drawers proved to be empty. Laying down on the bed, I curled up on my side and thought once again about what had happened to me. The bed was quite comfortable, and I drifted off to sleep with the lights still on.

      I was awaked suddenly by the sound of a key in the door. I sat up and watched as Nora and Anne walked in, followed by the two men who had held me down earlier. One of the men closed the door as Nora and Anne walked over to the side of the bed. Nora stopped in front of me, and standing with her feet about shoulder width apart stood smiling, hands on her hips. Seeing her smiling there in front of me I almost began to cry once more.

      "How are you doing Pam?" Nora smiled at me.

      "Did you miss your big sister?" She joked.

      I didn't have any idea what to say to her. I was just so frightened, it was like I was paralyzed.

      "Do you remember Anne?" Nora smiled down at me.

      "Anne isn't under the influence of my milk, but she still serves me. Don't you Anne." Nora said without looking at her.

      "Yes, goddess Nora." Anne replied.

      "Anne, why don't you show Pam how you feel about me. Get down and kiss my ass." Nora ordered Anne, still smiling at me.

      I watched as Anne flicked her eyes up at me, and then docilely knelt behind Nora and pressed her face to Nora's ass.

      There was something about Nora, something that frightened me. I was almost mesmerized by the sight of her. There were more changes in my sister than just the size of her breasts. She was so confident now, so sure of herself. It was like she was radiating power. Standing there with Anne kissing her ass, hands on her hips, her huge breasts standing out, my sister truly frightened me. She had such force of will now.

      "Okay, Anne, just kneel down in front of me." Nora ordered her, and she quickly obeyed.

      "You see Pam, Anne was my best friend, and I still wanted to have her to talk to, undrugged. But first she had to prove that she was willing to serve me, without the influence of my milk. So, for the last week Anne has served as my personal servant. To prove that she understood that I am the one with the power here, Anne served my every whim, completely free of my milk's power. We had a few problems at first, but she learned her place well. So I've decided that she is ready to take her place by my side, as my head slave. Anne you will be my second in command, you'll help run things by taking care of little details for me. Stand up Anne." Nora commanded.

      Anne stood up in front of Nora, and Nora reached out to her and pulled her close, hugging her. Anne began to cry softly as Nora hugged her.

      "I will instruct all of my slaves that from now on, you are head slave, and to obey your commands as if they were mine. You will be addressed as 'mistress Anne' from now on." Nora told her, proudly, as Anne stepped back.

      "I'm glad that you're with me now, Anne. But that leaves a little problem. I need a new personal servant, don't I?" She said, smiling down at me.

      "Your first job, Anne, will be to train my sister here to serve me willingly as you do. Teach her to show the proper respect to her owner. I have a lot of things to attend to, so why don't you devote your attention to training my sister. I think you'll find that the easiest way will be to teach her to serve you as if you were me. Use her the way I've used you this past week. I'll check you progress regularly. Feel free to use these slaves, and any others you need." Nora told her, pointing at the two men.

      "Yes Goddess Nora. I'll teach her well." Anne replied, wiping away her tears.

      I was still sitting on the edge of the bed, just a few feet from where Nora stood.

      "I've got things to do, but you may begin immediately. Before I leave though, why don't you have Pam kiss my ass." Nora told her.

      "Yes goddess Nora." She replied and immediately turned to face me.

      I had hope that Anne wouldn't be too bad. She had been taken control of just like I had, and had been forced to serve as Nora's slave. I hoped that this would make her sympathize with me a little. I found out immediately that this was not the case as Anne waved the two men over.

      "Kiss goddess Nora's ass, slave." Anne ordered me, harshly.

      I didn't even reply to her, I just backed away, up onto the bed. Anne motioned to the two men and they grabbed me and pulled me off of the bed.

      "Get her down on her knees." Anne told them, and once again the two men forced me to kneel behind my sister.

      Nora stood facing away from me, her ass only inches from my face.

      "Ask your goddess's permission to kiss her ass." Anne told me.

      I didn't say anything, and only a moment passed when I suddenly felt Anne's hand snake around me and take hold of my nipples. She just grasped them lightly as she growled in my ear,

      "ASK your goddess's permission to kiss her ass."

      Once again I paused, and this time I was plunged into pain as Anne cruelly pinched my nipples. I cried out involuntarily as she twisted them viciously. I could barely think, I was in such pain. Finally Anne let up. I couldn't bear the thought of her doing it again.

      "Can I kiss your ass?" I managed quietly, my nipples still feeling as if they were on fire.

      I was rewarded with an open-handed blow to the head from behind me. The sudden pain was startling.

      "You will always address your goddess as goddess Nora." Anne corrected me.

      I didn't want her to hit me again, it was all happening so fast. I wanted to resist, but I couldn't. I was just too scared.

      "May I kiss your ass goddess Nora?" I forced myself to say.

      "Louder, and say please this time, slave." Nora told me, enjoying the moment.

      "May I please kiss your ass goddess Nora?" I said, louder this time.

      "Go ahead, slave. Kiss my ass." Nora answered.

      As much as I didn't want to get hit anymore, I still couldn't bring myself to do it.

      "Do it!" Anne yelled at me.

      Seeing that I wasn't going to do it voluntarily, Anne began pushing the back of my head forward. I tried to fight her, but I only managed to hold my head back for a moment before she forced my face forward against Nora's denim-covered ass. Anne held my face deep into the crack of Nora's ass as she pushed back against my face. I was suffocating again until Nora moved slightly away and I could suddenly breath again.

      "Now what do you say?" I heard Nora ask.

      I was gasping for breath, and I had no idea what she meant.

      "Thank goddess Nora for letting you have the privilege of kissing her ass!" Anne yelled at me.

      Obviously this was some ritual that Nora had made Anne perform, and Anne was enjoying seeing someone else take her place. I was still gasping for breath as Nora suddenly pushed her ass back in my face. Once and again I was deprived of light and oxygen as my sister sat on my face. She smothered me much longer this time, until I began to pass out. My vision was beginning to flash white/black, white/black, when Nora finally stepped away and turned to face me. The moment her ass was away from my face I began to gasp in deep breaths. The men holding me let go of my arms and I fell in a heap at Nora's feet. I could hear her chuckling above me as I began to regain my wind.

      "Well little sister, what do you have to say now? Would you like me to sit on your face again?" Nora smirked down at me.

      "Thank you for let-letting me k-kiss your ass, goddess Nora." I managed to croak.

      "Well, that's a start, I guess. She's in your hands now Anne. Have fun with her." Nora told Anne as she headed for the door.

      The door closed behind Nora, and I was left gasping on the floor with Anne and the two men remaining.

      "Undress her." She ordered.

      I didn't have the energy to fight as the men unfastened and removed my clothes. The two men remained standing near me as I lay there naked before Anne.

      "Now we'll begin, slave." Anne began.

      "From now on, you will address me as mistress Anne. You will learn to obey my every command, to serve my every wish. I'm going to use you the same way your sister used me." Anne told me, obviously getting more and more excited with each passing moment.

      "And let me explain for you what Nora made me do. Because you're going to do everything that I did for her, for me. She made me go down on her all the time. I wasn't allowed to speak unless she spoke to me. She punished me by sitting on my face, like she just did to you, or by having her male slaves rape me. She made me worship her ass, her pussy, her tits. I had to feed her, and dress her. I even had to wipe for her when she used the toilet." Anne told me.

      "I don't understand why you're doing this, Anne. Nora made you serve her with her milk, but why are you still doing what she wants now?" I asked her.

      "Why? Because Nora is the one with the power. If I do what she wants, I'll be rewarded, I'll have power too." Anne told me.

      Anne waved at the two men, and they pulled me up off the floor by my arms. I was still breathing heavily, and too weak to even try to fight. Anne took off her pants, panties and t-shirt, and left them in a pile on the floor. Standing there naked, Anne's large breasts that Nora had always envied suddenly looked small by comparison.

      "But what about all the horrible things she forced you to do?" I asked, trying to reason with her.

      "Now she's got you! She was only teaching me a lesson, she really hates you. And besides, every humiliation I suffered at her hands, you and these other slaves are going to suffer at mine. I know how she felt when she was using me, and its awesome. I'm willing to be her slave if it means I'll have some power of my own. For every time I had to lick goddess Nora's cunt, you're going to lick mine. For every time she sat on my face, I'm going to sit on yours." Anne smiled evilly at me.

      "Speaking of which, lay her down on the bed." Anne ordered.

      They forced me down onto the bed, so I was lying on my back. I tried to fight but the two of them held me there easily. I watched as Anne climbed onto the bed and then straddled me, putting one knee down on either side of my head. Sitting back slightly, Anne lowered her sex until it was not quite touching my face. The hairs of her pussy brushed lightly against my nose and mouth, and I could smell her pungent aroma. Sitting down slightly more, Anne brushed my mouth and nose with her sex, leaving a wet trail that proved her excitement. I still had my mouth closed as she finally sat on my face, rubbing her wet cunt against my mouth.

      "Lick my pussy, slave."

      I kept my mouth closed, refusing to do what she wished, and she moved slightly forward so that my nose was also enveloped my the folds of her sex. I tried wiggle free, but she just put her whole weight down onto my face and smothered me in her wet cunt. Again I was unable to breath, and I was just too beaten to fight anymore. Unable to help myself, I gave in, and pushed my tongue up into her sex. As I began to lick her, she let up her weight and let me breath. She was already really excited, and her juices were already all over my face as she hovered over me. I licked up and down the length of her slit. As my tongue pushed deep inside her, she sat down, pushing my head into the bed as my tongue delved deeper and deeper into her opening. She moved herself slightly so that my tongue was at her clit and I began lapping at it, trying to keep her happy. Anne began to moan, faster and faster as I frantically worked at her clit. I licked and sucked at her until she finally orgasmed, crying out loudly.

      Anne made me lick her cunt clean of her juices and then she began to get up. Finally she was getting up, I thought, as she turned around so that she faced away from me.

      "Well, you didn't do too bad, but I think you might have enjoyed that a bit too much." Anne chuckled as I looked up at her ass.

      What could she want now, I wondered as she began to sit back down on my face! I was looking up at her back as she lowered her ass towards my face. I began to try to struggle once more as I watched Anne reach back and spread the cheeks of her ass, exposing her anus as she lightly touched it to my mouth.

      "Lick my asshole." She told me.

      I couldn't see anything but her ass as I struggled in vain against my captors. I wasn't going to do this. But even as I struggled, I knew what was coming. I kept my mouth tightly closed as Anne sat down on my face. Once more I was smothering under her, as she rubbed the sweaty crack of her ass down into my face.

      "You silly little bitch. You'd better learn to like this. Your sister made worship her ass all the time. You're going to get to know her ass very well." Anne laughed above me as she sat there on my face.

      Anne lifted her ass slightly and I gasped for breath. As my breathing calmed once again I tentatively touched Anne's ass with my tongue. I managed to bring myself to lightly lick the inner curve of her buttock, tasting her salty sweat.

      "I told you to lick my asshole!" Anne yelled, adjusting herself again so that her anus was directly over my mouth.

      Sticking out my tongue, I forced myself to do as she wished. I lightly caressed the tight wrinkled ring of her anus with my tongue.

      "Now kiss it, kiss my asshole."

      I brought my lips together, and did as she wished, lightly pressing them to her anus.

      "Good girl. It feels good to kiss your mistress's ass, doesn't it? Now, stick your tongue inside, stick your tongue up my ass." She ordered me.

      I knew she would sit back on my face if I didn't do as she wished. So, fighting my feelings of disgust and humiliation, I pushed my tongue up at her anus. I pushed my tongue up through the tight ring, forcing it past the muscles clenching inward. As I pushed it up inside of her, Anne gasped. As I thrusted my tongue up, Anne pushed down onto my face forcing my tongue even deeper into her ass. Sitting down hard on my face for a moment, Anne pushed off of my face as she climbed off of me.

      "Bring her." Anne told the men, climbing off the bed and moving to the door.

      She had one of the slaves unlock the door and she walked past him into the room beyond. The men dragged me along behind her and I saw that this room was some sort of living room. There were two couches and a large television and stereo. Anne sat down on the couch and flicked on the television, motioning to the men to bring me to her.

      "Get her on her knees." Anne ordered.

      They forced me to kneel before her. Looking at me, she leisurely stroked herself. It was obvious that this whole domination thing was turning her on.

      "Why don't you tell me how much you enjoyed licking my cunt." Anne told me.

      I didnt't know what to say. I wanted to keep her happy, but this was so humiliating.

      "I enjoyed licking you." I managed.

      Anne looked angrily at me, and motioned to one of the men holding me.

      "Take off your pants and underwear, and beat off." She told him.

      While the other slave held me in place before her, the other did as she wished.

      "You will call me mistress Anne. Now try again."

      "I enjoyed licking you, mistress Anne." I tried.

      "Tell me how much you liked licking my cunt." She ordered, amused with making me do this.

      "I really liked licking your cunt, mistress Anne."

      "You want to lick me some more, don't you. Beg me to let you bury your face in my cunt." She smiled.

      "Please let me lick your cunt, mistress Anne." I said quietly.

      "I know you can do better than that, lets try some incentive." She smiled, motioning to the men behind me.

      The man holding me lifted my shoulders up and forward so that I was on my hands and knees with my face only inches from Anne's crotch. In this position my ass was in the air, exposed, and I felt the other slave moving behind me. Before I could even try to react, I felt as the slave pushed his hard cock against my sex, spreading my lips. I cried out as he rammed himself inside me in one smooth thrust. As he rammed into me, my face was driven into Anne's crotch. He had to be huge, it felt like he was tearing me apart. He didn't keep stroking, he just forced himself inside me, and held there. Painful though it was, I found myself getting excited. I felt so full with his cock, I couldn't help myself. Suddenly Anne grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up painfully.

      "Now beg to lick my cunt!" She yelled at me.

      "Please mistress Anne, let me lick your cunt." I cried out, willing to do anything to get her to let go of my hair.

      She just rammed my face down into her crotch, holding my head there by my hair. I heard her say something, and suddenly the man behind me withdrew his cock until it was almost out of me, and then rammed it home once more. He began stroking smoothly in and out of me, driving my mouth against Anne's slit with each stroke. I began to lick and suck at her cunt as he fucked me. As he drove into me, I began to unconsciously push back to meet him, driving him deeper inside me. I couldn't help it, I was

     starting to enjoy it.

      "I think you're having a little bit too much fun." She told me.

      Suddenly the slave's throbbing member withdrew entirely from me. My clit was throbbing, and I wished he hadn't stopped. "This isn't for your pleasure, it's for mine." Anne told me, as I continued to lick her.

      Anne continued to hold my face to her crotch as I suddenly felt something wet touch my anus. Before I could react I felt incredible pain as the slave behind me forced the head of his cock past the tight ring of my anus. I cried out as I pushed forward, driving my face deeper into Anne's crotch, attempting to get away from the horrible pain. There was no escape, and the pain was unbelievable as he forced his cock slowly into my ass. His long slow thrust felt as if it was killing me. Finally his entire length was inside me. I felt as if I was going to die.

      "Keep licking, you little bitch, or it'll get even worse." I heard Anne order from above me.

      I did my best to ignore the incredible pain as I returned to licking Anne's sopping cunt. My ass felt as if it was on fire as the slave began to fuck my ass slowly. With each great stroke it felt as if the invading flesh was surely damaging something vital inside me. I couldn't help but cry out into Anne's cunt with each stroke. I could barely move, the pain was so intense, but I managed to continue diddling Anne's clit. My torment must have excited Anne incredibly, as she quickly came, pulling my face hard against her crotch as she cried out. A moment after Anne came, she motioned to the slave fucking me and he pulled himself out of my abused ass. I slumped forward against Anne's crotch as I tried to recover from the agony I'd just felt.

      "Get up. You're not finished yet. Give this slave some relief. Suck his cock until he is finished." Anne smiled down at me.

      I didn't have the energy to resist as the slave who had been holding me pulled me around to kneel facing my rapist. When I turned I saw for the first time the huge cock that had just ravished my ass. It had to be nine inches long and almost two across. He pulled my head down to his cock, and yanking my hair to open my mouth, forced its huge purple head into my mouth. I could barely fit my mouth around the monster as I tasted my own juices and the bitter taste of my ass. Holding my head with both hands he forced himself back until he touched my throat. I could take less than a third of it into my mouth. He began pumping his cock in and out several inches, fucking my head. His strokes began to come faster and faster. Suddenly I felt the first twitching spasm as he began to come. I felt his hot semen explode into my throat as he held himself deep inside my mouth. I could do nothing but swallow as his huge cock twitched several more times, shooting his load into my throat. Anne made lick his cock clean before she decided I was done.

      The rest of that day and night took an eternity. Anne abused me constantly. I lost all my will to fight, and learned to obey Anne quickly. I spent hours worshipping her ass and pussy, and licking and sucking at her tits. True to her word, Anne required me to wipe for her when she used the toilet, making me lick her afterwards to ensure I had done a good job. My torment seemed to never end as she enjoyed toying with her power over me.

      As the days passed it seemed like Anne had my face in her crotch at least once every hour while she was awake. While she slept I lay by the foot of her bed on the floor, only to be awoken whenever Anne felt horny. She taught me to always kneel in her presence, and to not speak unless spoken to. I licked and kissed every inch of her body. I was forced to worship her tits, her ass, and most of all her steamy cunt. My spirit was broken, my will to fight destroyed. The never ending chain of punishment and humiliation was too much for me to bear. And if what Anne did to me during those days was bad, it was nothing in comparison with the few times I saw Nora. Each time my sister found the time to check in on me, she took the time to humiliate me. Nothing could be more humiliating than my own sister forcing me to worship her ass, to service her with my tongue. Anne's training program was working, because as much as I hated her and my sister, I feared them even more. When Nora would strut into the room, I was stunned by her force of will, by her beauty. She had a sort of healthy glow about her, whereas I looked more and more bedraggled each day. When I looked at my sister and her huge breasts, I was really and truly frightened. So I was really terrified when, after a week of breaking me down, Anne told me it was time for me to become Nora's full time servant.

      Anne took me naked upstairs, my first time out of the basement since my arrival. The house was beautiful, obviously decorated by someone who had money and taste. It was late morning, and there were a half dozen people moving around in the house as we passed through the first floor. Climbing the stairs to the second floor, I was a walking zombie. Anne's week of deprivations had broken me down, I was meek as a mouse. Stopping at a door guarded by two muscular men, Anne knocked softly.

      Hearing a muffled "Come in.", Anne opened the door slightly and stuck her head inside.

      "Goddess Nora, I've brought your sister. She is ready to serve you now." I heard Anne say.

      Nora must have motioned for her to come in, or said something that I didn't hear, because Anne suddenly pushed the door wider open and dragged me inside.

      Nora was sitting on the bed, her back propped up by several pillows. She was naked, covered up to her waist by a thick comforter. My eyes were drawn to her huge breasts, exposed above the blanket. As I looked at her chest, Nora's eyes caught mine and she smiled that smug smile. She knew she had me. Knew I was terrified. I quickly lowered my eyes, and as I did I saw my mother curled up beside the bed. Our mother! She was laying naked on her side, all curled up. She looked like she was asleep, but she seemed to have a content little smile on her face.

      "Well Anne, does this little bitch know her place now?"

      "Yes goddess Nora."

      "Lets see." Nora smiled.

      Nora threw back the blanket and rolled onto her side so that we were facing her bared ass.

      "Pam, Kiss my ass." Nora ordered imperiously.

      I didn't even think about disobeying. I knelt by the side of the bed and pressed my face between the soft fleshy curves of my sister's asscheeks. As I kissed her ass I thought about my mother laying on the floor on the other side of the bed. What was Nora doing to her?

      As I thought about my mother I felt Nora grab a handful of my hair. She pulled my head up roughly so I was only inches away from her, looking right at her over her ass.

      "You pathetic little wretch. Why do you exist?" She asked me.

      Anne had trained me well, I knew how to respond.

      "I exist only to please you goddess Nora." I said.

      "That's right, you're nothing. You're on earth to be my playtoy. Nobody matters anymore but me. Every person alive is just as pathetic as you. Do you realize how lucky you are? You get to serve the most powerful woman alive. Me." She said to me, smiling evilly.

      Looking at her, I was totally beaten. She was in control of me and there was nothing I could do about it. And there was something even more pathetic than my inability to fight her will. As I kept my eyes away from Nora's face, I couldn't help but stare at the huge tits. Just looking at them I felt a touch of that warm wonderful feeling I'd experienced when I tasted her milk. Against myself I found myself wanting to suckle again, and it was humiliating to feel her hold on me working.

      Nora pushed my face back down to her ass, and I buried my face in her crack once more. Thinking about my desire for her milk, I was so humiliated and disgusted with myself.

      "Anne, you've done a good job. Pam always was a little ass-kisser." Nora said, laughing at her joke.

      "You've done well Anne, and I think you deserve a reward." Nora told her, pushing me away from her ass and sitting back down.

      "To reward you I think I'll let you lick my cunt." Nora told her, spreading her legs.

      I knelt down beside the bed as Anne quickly moved between Nora's open legs. Smart enough to act as if she was happy with her "reward", Anne hopped to her job. As Anne buried her face in my sister's cunt, I found myself unable to stop thinking about Nora's tits. Anne worked eagerly at Nora's crotch sucking and slurping as I knelt there wondering at Nora's power over me. I couldn't help it, I really wanted to drink from her teat. I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful it had been to taste her milk. The sounds coming from Nora began to reach a crescendo as Anne licked her to orgasm. Finally Nora pushed her away.

      "Thank you goddess Nora for letting me lick you." Anne said.

      Anne was really good at playing Nora's games. She was willing to take the abuse for the chance to ride Nora's coat-tails and get a little power of her own. I knew what a good petty tyrant she could be. She really enjoyed it. It was good to see that Nora still used her like she used everybody else. As much as I hated my sister, it was still nice to see Anne doing the licking for once.

      Nora let out a long sigh of contentment as she rested against the pile of pillows.

      "You can go." Nora told Anne, with a dismissive wave.

      "Get up mom." Nora casually ordered her.

      I looked once again at my mother. She was definitely under the influence of Nora's milk, she looked so happy and content to obey Nora's commands.

      "Who is better mom, me or Pam?" Nora asked our mother while smiling at me.

      "Of course you are, goddess Nora." She replied.

      "You see Pam, our dear parents now know which daughter is really better. How about you? Do you think you're better than I am?" She asked me.

      "No goddess Nora." I answered.

      "Tell me how you compare to me." She goaded me.

      "I'm nothing compared to you, goddess Nora."

      "That's right, very good. You're nothing. Just a pathetic worthless little wretch that kisses my ass. Isn't that right?" She continued, enjoying herself.

      "Yes goddess Nora."

      "What do you think about old mom here?" She asked.

      I was confused. What did she want to hear?

      "I don't know what you mean, goddess Nora." I tried.

      "Doesn't she seem happy to serve me? She's been doing your job for you, while Anne trained you. But I guess now that you're here I can send her away. Mom, come here." Nora said.

      I watched as our mother moved to Nora's side. Nora reached up and pulled our mother's head down to her chest. It was disgusting to see our own mother lovingly attach her lips to Nora's nipple and begin sucking, eyes closed. Even worse was that I wished I could be in her place! Nora watched her with amusement for a moment and then pushed her away.

      "Go report to Anne." Nora told her.

      Our mother looked happy as she moved out of the room, leaving me alone with Nora. I didn't even think about trying to resist her, I was too frightened and confused. It still seemed as if I was trapped in some horrible nightmare, even though I knew it was for real.

      Nora turned her attention to me. Swinging her legs off my side of the bed, Nora stood up. I feared and hated my sister, but I had to admit to myself that her body was beautiful. She towered over me with a confident healthy glow about her.

      "Stand up, little sister." She ordered me.

      We had always been the same height, but as I stood Nora seemed somehow bigger than I was. She was healthy and pampered and I had been abused and underfed for a week.

      "You have no idea how much fun it is to be me. How exciting it is to be able to do whatever I want. And I've felt like hitting you for a long time." She told me.

      I had kept my eyes lowered as I stood in front of her, so I barely started to see it coming as she slapped me hard across the face. She hit me so hard it rocked my head to the side. My cheek stung and my vision blurred. I tried to raise my arm and protect myself as she slapped me again, but it didn't help as the pain exploded once more along my face. Falling to my knees I tried to grab her around her legs and pull her down, but she just laughed at me as I struggled at her in vain. Reaching down she pried one of my arms from around her and forced it easily behind my back. Forcing my arm up painfully behind my back, Nora stepped aside and pushed me down to the floor. Wrenching my arm so hard I thought it was torn from its socket, Nora turned me over on by back and punched me in the stomach. I gasped for breath as Nora turned to face away from me and, carefully placing her round ass, sat on my face. I was already out of breath, and in pain, and I rapidly began to black out once more. I could hear Nora laughing above me as I smothered in her ass.

      "Remember, I can do whatever I want. I can do anything I want with you. Anything." She said, finally climbing off of my face.

      And she proved that to me constantly in the days and nights that followed. I was Nora's personal servant, making her life as easy as possible. I did everything for her. I was her gopher, servant, sex-slave and anything else she desired. Nora never missed an opportunity to humiliate me for her enjoyment. Day after day went by and I began to become accustomed to being my sister's slave. There was nothing I could do about it, I was constantly guarded. My sister had destroyed my life. She had become powerful beyond my wildest dreams, and I was reduced to being her servant.

      As I served my sister I gradually learned more about her power. She had done a lot of experimenting and careful testing of the effects of her milk. The research team had refined the drug she was taking now into a pill form that Nora took once each week. She kept the drug carefully guarded, in the only part of the house that Anne was not allowed. One of her slaves had the job of reminding her each week to take the pill. Her breasts would continue to produce the milk for a time after she stopped taking the drug, but taking the pill each week would maintain the optimum amount of drug in her system to maintain maximum milk production. Nora now knew much more about the effects of her milk. A person who tasted only a half ounce of her milk would be under her control for two or three hours. Drinking several ounces would put a person under her power for several days. Nora also found that there was a cumulative effect to the milk's power. Any victim who tasted her milk more than once was effected for a longer duration each time. She had slaves that she now only fed a dose of milk once every two weeks. And the research team predicted that those slaves regularly fed her milk would quickly become permanently effected.

      Her breasts produced a huge amount of milk, more than she needed for the slaves she fed regularly. Because her body was producing so much excess milk, Nora stored it for later use. The research team was busy studying how long the milk could be stored and still be effective. Nora enjoyed having me pump the milk from her huge tits. She loved having me handle each massive breast, she loved knowing how much I wanted to suckle at them. How much I wanted to drink her milk. Working at her breasts, smelling that unbelievable aroma of her milk, I couldn't help but long to taste her milk again. In my mind I hated her, but the smell of her milk washed all that away. When I smelled that smell I wanted to taste her milk again more than anything.

      She loved toying with me, playing with her power over me. Every so often she would allow me the tiniest taste of her milk. Never letting me have very much, so that I would retain my senses while she made me serve her. When I would taste her milk it affected me the same way each time. Just like that first time in my apartment. It made me helpless, it made me love her. It made me love the person I hated most in the world. Each time she did this, each time she let me taste her milk, I was more ashamed and humiliated when it wore off. I hated her so much. God how I envied her power. She had absolute power over me, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was just a toy to her. She could just stick her tit in my face and I'd gladly suck my life away. But that wasn't enough for Nora. What had I ever done to her to deserve this?

      I thought a few times about trying to escape, but it just didn't seem possible. I was guarded night and day. I wasn't even allowed to leave Nora's master bedroom when she away. There were always two men watching me, and more downstairs.

      And then one afternoon, it happened. Nora was out of the house, and through some mix-up I was left unguarded. There was no guard left watching me, what should I do? I had to at least try to escape.

      I wasn't allowed to wear any clothing, and I didn't have any anyway. Dressing Nora was one of my regular jobs though, so I began digging through her clothes. A pair of her jeans didn't fit too bad, they were just a little loose. But all of her tops were way too big for me. I settled on a large T-shirt. A pair of her tennis shoes fit me almost perfectly, and I was ready to try to find a way out of the house. I crept quietly down the upstairs hallway and peeked down the stairs. I couldn't see anyone. It wasn't far from the bottom of the stairs to the front door. As long as there was nobody in the hallway by the door, or at the door, I might be able to escape. At the bottom of the stairs I looked cautiously around the corner, and saw no one. Sneaking quickly to the front door I opened it quietly and slipped out into the world I hadn't seen in so long. I had been trapped in Nora's house for more than a month now. No longer caring about stealth I ran down Nora's long driveway and out onto her street. Where should I go? I continued to jog down the street as I thought about it. I couldn't go back to my apartment. I couldn't go to the police either. Imagine how well telling the police about my sister's big milk filled breasts would work. They'd think I was crazy. And that's when I decided I should try to get to my best friend Jessica's. But how?

      I turned onto a bigger street, and after about fifteen minutes of walking came to another intersection and here was a convenience store. There was a phone outside, and I quickly called Jessica's number collect. I waited anxiously as the operator rang through, hoping desperately that she was home. Finally the operator was connected and Jessica accepted the charges. She asked me where I'd been and what had happened to me, but I cut her off. I told her I desperately needed her help. That I was in big trouble and that I needed her to come and get me. Jessica was such a great friend that she didn't even hesitate, she just asked me where I was. I read the names of the streets at the intersection and described the convenience store and other surroundings. She told me she would be right there, and as I hung up the phone I felt relieved. I was going to be free of my sister, I was so happy. I sat down at the nearby bus stop bench to wait and began to think of what I could tell Jessica. I certainly couldn't tell her the truth. And what was I going to do?

      I didn't even notice the two cars pulling up behind me into the store's parking lot. As the doors of the first car opened and Anne and three men got out I realized too late that I had underestimated how quickly the search would be on. The men were on me quickly as I tried to flee, and they dragged me screaming back to the car.

      "Thought you could escape, did you? There's no escaping goddess Nora." Anne told me as they jammed me into the back seat of the car. Anne ordered them to take me back to the house and watch me carefully and then she got out and went to the other car.

      One slave drove, and the other two rode on either side of me in the back seat. Once we were back at the house they took me down to the room in the basement that I'd been thrown in the first time. I sat sobbing on the edge of the bed as I awaited my sister's return. I heard voices outside the room several times, and Anne stopped to check in on me once, but it was two hours before my sister finally arrived home. I bet Anne just couldn't wait to tell her what I had done.

      Once more I heard voices and then Nora strode into the room. She was wearing tight jeans and a shirt with a deep neck that barely covered her huge mounds. She looked really angry. I was terrified.

      "So you thought you could get away from me, did you?" Nora said to me, giving me an evil look.

      "And I was just beginning to think that you'd adjusted to being my servant. If you were any other slave and I found you'd tried to escape, I might just kill you. But since you're my sister, I'm going to let you continue to serve me. You still have to learn your lesson somehow, though. Bring in the girl." Nora ordered.

      It was Jessica! They must have waited at the store and captured her. I watched as two of my sister's slaves dragged my friend into the room. She struggled as they forced her down onto her knees in front of Nora. It was horrible to see my best friend get dragged into this. What had I done?

      "Push her down onto her back." Nora commanded.

      The slaves made her lay back as Nora wished so that she was lying on her back with her legs pinned awkwardly under her.

      "Pam! Who are these people? What's going on here?" Jessica cried out to me.

      "Since I've decided to let you continue as my servant, I'll give your punishment to this girl." Nora smiled at me.

      Jessica continued to struggle in vain as Nora stepped over her. Positioning herself carefully, Nora squatted down, lowering her round ass towards Jessica's face. Jessica began to say something, but her pleas were cut off as Nora sat on her face. I watched in horror as Jessica began to struggle fiercely as she smothered in the soft flesh of Nora's asscheeks.

      "Goddess Nora, please. I'll do anything you want, don't hurt Jessica. She never did anything to hurt you. Please let her up." I pleaded with Nora.

      "No slave, I think this is just what you need to learn your lesson." Nora laughed as she rubbed her ass in Jessica's face.

      I watched as Jessica's struggles began to grow weaker. Nora just continued to squat over her, smothering her with her ass.

      "Please goddess Nora, I'll do whatever you want!" I begged.

      Nora just began to laugh. Her huge breasts shaking as she laughed at me.

      "You'll do anything I want, anyway! And you can forget about your friend. She's worshipping my ass, and I don't think she even wants up. Think of the honor I'm granting her, letting her kiss my ass. It's your fault you know. Because of you, this girl is going to die kissing my ass." Nora explained to me.

      Jessica was barely moving now. I struggled at my captors, but I was unable to break free of their grasp. I watched in horror as Jessica's body gave one last twitch, and then stopped moving altogether. Nora had actually done it. She had sat on Jessica's face until she smothered to death. I began to sob uncontrollably as I thought about what I had done. If I hadn't called Jessica she would never have been dragged into this, she never would have died.

      Getting up off of Jessica's lifeless face, Nora told two of the men to get rid of the body and her car. I tried to control my tears, but I just cried even harder as I watched them carry her limp body from the room.

      "Stop crying and get over here." Nora ordered me.

      I slowly got up and knelt crying in front of her. She had won. I was hers.

      "You know Pam, you're really a pathetic little wretch." Nora told me.

      She reached down and grabbed my tits, squeezing them painfully.

      "I said stop crying. Look at these pathetic little things. You almost look like a boy!" She laughed at me, twisting even harder.

      Jolted by the pain, I managed to reduce my tears to a muffled sniffling. Nora stepped closer, pushing her crotch in my face. I tilted my head to look up at her as she spoke, but all I could see was the undersides of her massive breasts. I couldn't even see her face! Nora must have felt me looking up. Using both hands she cradled her massive globes above me, softly squeezing them.

      "Now these, these are the tits of a goddess." She gloated.

      And I had to agree, she was beautiful. I wished I had her huge chest. I wished I had her power, that I was the one in control. But it was Nora that had it all, and she was enjoying every minute of my humiliation.

      "Let her go." She ordered, and I was released.

      "Undo my top."

      My tears drying now, I moved like a zombie. I was totally cowed. I just got to my feet and stood before her. She stood imperiously, hands on her hips, watching me haughtily. Her shirt had buttons down the front. It was straining so tightly that I had a difficult time undoing the buttons, but finally I had them all free. Nora lifted her arms and I pulled the shirt off altogether. Now I was face to face with her massive chest, barely restrained by a huge bra. There was a small wet circle of her milk showing at each nipple, and I could already smell that wonderful aroma.

      "Now the bra."

      The bra was fastened in back, and I carefully undid it and freed her confined breasts. Stepping back in front of her, I found myself attracted against my will to her huge tits.

      "Lift them, feel what you don't have." She ordered, knowing that I was being affected.

      Following her orders I cupped the undersides of her softball sized globes and gently hefted them. The tiny bit of her milk that dribbled from each of her nipples was enough to excite in my body the memory of my previous experiences with her milk. I found myself being drawn to her chest. As I touched those perfect globes I found myself wanting more and more to suckle like a child.

      "You want to taste my milk, don't you sister? You need it, you need to soothed by my power. Go ahead, drink from my tit." She urged me.

      I couldn't hold out any longer, my mouth dove to her nipple. As I began to suckle, once more her power took ahold of me. In an instant, the person I hated most in the world became the complete focus of my attention. Under the influence of her milk I loved her with every fibre of my being. I was like a child, helpless, eager to suckle at its mothers teat. Nora let me taste only a tiny bit of her milk before pushing my head away. Helpless before her, I sank to my knees. Looking down at me she just laughed. Even as she laughed at me, I wished only to please this omnipotent being, this goddess before me. And she knew that, she gloried in the totality of her power as she laughed at my pathetic state.

      I hated my sister more than ever, but I was unable to resist her. I was just too weak. Seeing Jessica die had done something to me. Once more I was my sister's servant, and I was completely cowed, I was Nora's willing plaything. Day in and day out I served my sister's every whim. It was like the will to resist her had drained out of me as Jessica's life drained out of her. As many days passed, blending together in my memory, I was a better slave than ever.

      I was so submissive to Nora's will, so totally under her power, that she began to grow careless. She was so sure that my will was broken that she didn't worry about me at all. For the most part, she was right. I had chances, here and there, to attempt escape once more, but I was too frightened of her to even think about it. I was completely broken, I was her little toy.

     I was so beaten down that I couldn't even think about disobeying her, at least almost.

      It was a Sunday morning and Nora was asleep in her bed. I, of course, was laying on the floor at the foot of the bed. My sister had had my face between her legs on and off all morning, as she lay langorously in bed. She had spent a long night using me and some of her other slaves to please her, and she was spending a lazy morning in bed. Every time she awoke she had me please her once more. She was resting once again and that's when I got my big break.

      A slave rapped lightly at the door, and this roused Nora slightly from her sleep.


      The slave entered, carrying Nora's weekly pill and a glass of water. Nora saw what he had and motioned for him to set it down on the dresser. She didn't order me to get up and bring to her, and she didn't make any sound of movement. Just her usual steady breathing rhythm of sleep. Could she still be asleep? I waited a minute, and, gathering what little courage I had left I raised up to my knees to look at her. It looked like she hadn't really woken up at all, and had fallen right back to sleep!

      As quietly as possible I stood and looked at her pill. It looked just like the one she had shown me before, a small, round, white pill that looked very much like an aspirin. Very much like an aspirin! I picked it up, glancing once again at my sister's sleeping form. I crept over to the bathroom and ever so quietly found the bottle of aspirin and fished one out. I compared the two pills for a moment. They looked very much alike. Not daring to turn on the water and make a sound, I decided to swallow the pill dry. I put Nora's pill on my tongue and, tossing my head back, swallowed it.

      I crept back to the dresser and placed the aspirin next to the glass of water. Lying back down before her bed thoughts raced through my mind about what I had done. Would she notice? Would my breasts grow like hers and produce this powerful milk? How long would it take? Would Nora be immune to the effects of my milk, because she too had the drug in her system? Would she notice my breasts growing and figure out what I had done?

      I hadn't lay there very long thinking about all this when my sister awoke once more. I heard a groan as she stretched. My sister awakened and I began my morning chores as usual, licking her to an orgasm. When she was done with me she had me bring her the glass and pill. She didn't even look at it, she just tossed it back with a mouthful of water. So far so good!

      As the day progressed I served Nora as usual, but my thoughts centered around the pill I had taken. Would it work?

      Nothing unusual happened, and I fell asleep that night wondering how long it would take if it worked. When I awoke my breasts were sore, and they seemed a bit larger! I tried squeezing my breast, but there was no milk. Nora didn't seem to notice anything unusual and the day passed uneventfully.

      I awoke in the middle of that night to pain from my sore breasts. I felt myself and was amazed! They had actually gotten a little bit larger! As I felt my now larger breasts, I felt something wet a my nipple! I was producing milk already! I was amazed. I had no idea that it would work so fast. I lay there in the dark thinking about what I should do.

      Nora would surely notice my growing tits tomorrow. Especially if I was leaking. Shit. I had to try feeding her what little milk my breasts produced, tonight. If I didn't, she would surely figure out what I had done in the morning. But what if the milk wasn't effective yet? What if it just wouldn't work on her? I lay there in the dark for at least an hour before I got up the nerve to try it.

      Moving ever so quietly I moved to Nora's side of the bed. Looking down at her sleeping form, I was terrified of her still. Her mouth was slightly open, perfect for what I intended. I paused for a moment, building up my courage, and then I leaned forward over her. Holding my right breast with both hands I positioned my nippled just over her open mouth. Squeezing slowly I watched as a drop of milk formed at the end of my nipple. I jiggled my tit slightly and the drop fell into her mouth! I watched as her tongue moved slightly in her mouth, but she didn't awaken. Moving really slowly, I lowered my wet nipple between her lips. Squeezing slowly again I forced out a few more drops of my milk into her mouth. Still asleep, Nora tasted my milk and it must have worked as she began to suck at my nipple! She was still asleep, but she sucked hard at my nipple. It quickly became painful and I had to pull my breast from her mouth.

      Suddenly her eyes opened! She was awake! But as she looked up at me, she kind of smiled. I had seen that smile before, on the faces of her victims. Had it worked?

      "Get up and kiss my ass." I told her.

      Even though it was what I was hoping for, I was amazed to watch as Nora climbed out of bed and knelt behind me. As she kissed my ass I realized that she was mine. The tables were turned! I sat down on the edge of Nora's bed, and started to think once more. Realizing that I still had whatever milk was left in the other breast, I told Nora to suckle at it and she did. It felt so good to have our positions reversed. To have my hated sister humbled before me and willing to serve. Thinking about my situation, I realized that I wouldn't have enough milk to control very many people for some time. But Nora already had power over lots of people. So all I would have to do was keep Nora under my power, and have her make her slaves obey me. That only left Anne, and I was going to enjoy taking care of her.

      I pushed Nora's head down to my crotch as I began to formulate my plans for the coming day. Nora and Anne were going to wish they had never had their fun with me. Now it was my turn.


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