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10-17-2009 - Site has moved. A new story is up. Please head over to my new site.

8-1-2009 - It lives. More to come.

3-31-2006 - I guess now I'm really back. I've just posted an ancient requested femdom fm facesitting story, titled "The Art Teacher". I say ancient, because this was actually requested years and years ago, I think sometime around 1999 or 2000. This is one of those stories (like so many others in my languishing pile) that I wrote most of and then just lost interest in for one reason or another. In this one I never really liked the way the alternating viewpoints worked, so it just stayed shelved for all this time. Regardless, I updated it a bit and here it is for your amusement.

Thank you to all who've written in support. I'm sorry that my circumstances haven't left me time to write any of you back, but know that your encouragement is still appreciated.

In other news, there are plenty of stories on the way. All sorts of strange and perverted stuff, including some long-awaited ancient sequels, requested stories, new stuff, and miscellaneous other bits and pieces from my giant folder of perverted prose =)

2-21-2006 - Update: I'm back. I've had some issues while I was gone. I'd like to apologize to all who've written and not heard back from me. I'd also like to apologize to the only two people I've really gotten to know well on the 'net, let's just call them G and J respectively.

G: I hope your current trouble doesn't have anything to do with me, I really do. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the years. I've worked out a new surfing/posting setup, and I think I have a solution for the other thing.

J: I'm sorry to have just dropped off the face of the Earth the way I did.

In other news, there will be stories. Nasty, mean-spirited, rotten stories ;) Give me a bit to get settled in and the stories will be along soon enough. I'm still busy as all heck, so I'm afraid I probably won't be too responsive to e-mail for a bit (not that I was ever a good correspondent to being with). I'll update soon with more info. Thanks again for all yours support!

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